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#sins of the fathers

It’s late in the month and I didn’t* forget to recommend a book, so here’s two.

Altered Carbon: Do I really have to tell y’all about this book? I mean, I kinda do because the book is different enough from the show. Takeshi Kovacs is a former Envoy soldier turned criminal who is resleeved into a “new” body after being killed on a distant colony and hired by a rich dude named Laurens Bancroft to solve his own mysterious death. So in that way, it’s similar to the Netflix show. Bancroft died because his consciousness was set to backup, so he has no idea if he was murdered or committed suicide.

I’ve never seen the show, but I highly enjoyed the book when I finally got around to reading it a few years ago. It’s funny, clever, and just plain brutal.

Sins of the Fathers: One of my favorite mystery novels. Matthew Scudder is a former NYPD detective turned unlicensed PI in 1970s New York City. Gritty NYC, not the cleaned up, tourist friendly NYC. The reason Scudder is a former cop is because during a shootout between him and two robbers, one of his bullets ricocheted and struck a 7 year old girl, killing her instantly. Scudder is cleared of any wrongdoing and he even points out to the reader that he knows it was a horrible happenstance - if the bullet had struck the girl a couple of inches above her eye, she would have survived with nothing but a scar.

However, this “breaks” Scudder who quits the force and separates from his family to live in a cheap hotel and spend his days getting drunk and occasionally taking on cases from “friends” who show their appreciation (wink wink) by passing him a few thousand bucks for doing them a favor. Scudder is definitely one of my favorite fictional detectives.

Important note: I need to point out that this book contains the following triggering content: Rape mention, homophobia (I think), and suicide. It doesn’t go into detail on any of these, but if any of it is triggering to you, then skip this book.

Anyways, Sins of the Fathers revolves around Scudder being hired by a man to look into the life of his just murdered estranged adopted daughter. She had recently been raped and murdered by her male roommate who committed suicide not long after being arrested. The case looks to be open and shut, so the father doesn’t want Matt to investigate it, but rather to investigate her in order to find out what she had been up to between the time she abruptly left college and moved to New York to the events leading up to her death. Of course, this being a detective novel, Matt Scudder ends up investigating the murder too and finds some very shocking things.

It’s a really, really good novel. It’s gritty in a way that’s not over the top or gimmicky. Scudder is a haunted man who knows deep down that what happened that night during that shootout was a freak accident, but has still decided to punish himself eternally by cutting himself off from his own life. I’d stack him up against other fictional detectives easily. Also, Lawrence Block is very good with words. Man knows how to write.

*I absolutely did. Shh.

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I can’t believe the story is over!  Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to read it, and for liking and reblogging my posts!  ♥️

And especially to @stjohn27, my awesome prereader and sounding board.  This story wouldn’t have been the same without you!

“Peter’s gonna be okay, Tony,” Steve said as they worked to change the sweat-dampened sheets and blankets. For someone who was almost always freezing cold, Peter really could work up a sweat when he wanted to. “He is. It’s just gonna take some time.”

“I know he will, old man,” Tony replied. “I just wish he did.”

“He does, Tony,” answered Steve. “But he just tends to forget sometimes. He doesn’t want to think that he’s still just a kid, that it’s okay to need help. He’s at the age where he doesn’t think he should need anyone’s help.”

Tony scoffed as he tucked the clean sheet under the mattress in such a perfect hospital corner that it would’ve made Jarvis proud. “Yeah, I know it. I mean, in a few short weeks he’s gonna turn seventeen, and then start his senior year of high school, and then—” his voice broke off as he felt the all-to-familiar tightening in his chest and he pressed his fist over his heart, trying to take deep breaths. “And then… he’s probably gonna leave, go off to college somewhere… and I’m not sure what I’m gonna do when that happens. I mean, wasn’t he just eight years old like a few days ago?”

Steve let out a grin, so wide his dimples started showing. “It does seem that way, I’ll admit. I still can’t believe how fast he’s grown up, especially in the last couple of years.”

“Yeah, you and me both,” said Tony as Peter emerged from the bathroom dressed in the bright pink Hello Kitty pajama pants Tony had bought him as a joke as one of his sixteenth birthday presents. He had expected to simply embarrass Peter for a few minutes and then send the pants directly into the donate pile, but Peter had grown strangely attached to them, saying they were really comfortable to sleep in since they were so warm and fuzzy. And to be honest, if Tony hadn’t disliked cats so much he might’ve even sprung for a pair for himself. “Well. Going for the retro look tonight, aren’t we, Pete?”

“Shut up,” Peter grumbled as he flopped face down onto his clean bed, one arm curling around his polar bear. “They’re comfy.”

Raising his eyebrows, Steve leaned over to pat Peter on the back. “I’ll head back downstairs now,” he said. “Let me know if you guys need anything else.”

“We’re still on for the Compound tomorrow, aren’t we?” asked Peter, his voice muffled in his pillows. “I wanna start training again.”

“As long as you’re feeling up to it,” Tony answered. Tomorrow was Saturday, and the plan had been for the team to drive up to the Compound in the morning and spend the weekend training and otherwise hanging out together. They hadn’t had the entire team together to train since the Infinity War, and now that Peter was back and had expressed an interest in resuming his training, Steve was eager to get back to it.

“I am,” Peter said. “I think—, I think it’ll help.”

Read more on AO3/ FFN :)

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