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Sins Of The Father

That line can also be translated to “sins of the exes”. Why? Well none of us really did wanted to have bad experiences with our past relationships. So with that said, I believe that everybody here if not all then probably most of ua had experienced having a conversation with your current partner about past experiences with the previous partner.

Most of the time when we talk about it, we do not intend to compare and yes we do not intend to make the other person feel bad, but maybe what makes the conversation go south is the aspect of us “rejecting” the idea of doing it with your current partner. I mean why not try with that person you have now when you were brave enough to try it back then even if you did not really understand the reason for doing it.

We usually do this unintentionally reject the idea of reexperiencing things just because it may have made you feel bad now thinking about it. Or ust because the memories associated with it does not make it a significant adventure for you anymore.

Give your partnership a chance for relieving adventures. Might it be a small adventure or a big one.

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September 22, of 2008

A lot can happen in the span of a moment. Life routine unfolds. People laugh. People cry. People marry. People are born. People die. Some people lose everything in a heartbeat.

Not a lot of people are on the road on dark chilly nights in the countryside roads of Busan.

A storm struck the Busan region and a single car was making its way through the downpour. The windshield wipers were furiously washing the rain away from the driver’s view and the headlights trying to make out the road ahead – in vain.

It didn’t help the woman seated in the front seat that her thirteen year old daughter was hollering with all her might from the backseat.

“Mommy, please.” She cried in an attempt to reason her mother. “Why are you being like this? Where are we going?”

She willingly had left her home with her mother when the latter had urged her to come with her but soon had realized something was off when she saw her mom had packed both of their stuff in a rush. The suitcases were sitting next to her on the backseat.

The thirty-something woman shut her eyes out of frustration before answering. “We’re going to go to Seoul. I’ll meet someone there and then you and I are going to leave Korea.”

That only worsened the little girl’s cries. “But I don’t want to leave Korea; I want to stay here with you and Daddy!”

The woman’s hands gripped the steering wheel, whitening her knuckles. She locked her gaze with her daughter’s in the rearview mirror. “Your father is a bad person; do you understand me, Bora? He is a dangerous man; we can’t stay with him anymore.”

That made no sense whatsoever in Bora’s mind. “No, he’s my dad. He loves us. Let’s go back, please!”

“We must never go back. Ever.” She let out in a shaky breath. “Stop crying, sweetheart. Mommy knows what she’s doing.” There was a desperate edge to her tone. She seemed to be trying to convince herself more than her daughter.

“What are we going to do in Seoul?” Bora let out through her tears.

Her mother forced a smile in an attempt to soothe her daughter. “We’re going to build a new life together. I’ll protect you.”

“Protect me from what? Stop the car!” The girl was screaming now as she fumbled to unfasten her seatbelt. The woman turned around and she was screaming too now, tears rolling down her cheeks.

She looks crazed, was the last thought that passed Bora’s mind before two bright headlights coming from the opposite direction blinded her vision and a cry echoed, hers or her mother’s, she couldn’t recall. What she remembered was two vehicles clashing one another, her seatbelt digging in her shoulder, glass shattering, her head spinning around as the car rolled over multiple times before ending its way in a ditch. She thought she heard footsteps but she wasn’t sure because she was lured into darkness.

A lot can happen in the span of a moment. Life routine unfolds. People laugh. People cry. People marry. People are born. People die. Some people lose everything in a heartbeat.

Up next: What Used To Be

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She shitfed on the bed. It was one of very few things that she could do and don’t feel that itching instead of pain. Her sense of touch was still quite shut, thanks to her poor blonde apprentice. Lying in bed, all alone in the apartment was getting boring, more and more with every time she woke up, noticing that Elias left. This time was similar, she’d swear his moving around the kitchen woke her up, yet when she called him no one answered. Huffing in disapproval of such disappearing without a word she lifted herself on elbows, trying to stand up. Managed to sit on the edge of the bed, but it was all she could do with her muscles being in pieces. Rubbed her cheek, feeling the edge of the bandage under her fingers and leaned forward, blindly reaching for something she could lay on, trying to stand up. Found nothing, elias must have taken the chair back to the kitchen. With a slight wince she just sighed and slowly lowered herself back on the bed.

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