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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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- More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are by: Elaine Welteroth

- Becoming by: Michelle Obama

- You Are A Badass by: Jen Sincero

*some of these authors I haven’t made it to but still good!

If anyone wants to add their favorites/really good ones feel free to add!

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We have to create a space/community that brings comfort, peace and overall love. I really love how it create bonds and friendships too! It’s also, I feel, great way to break the ice. I definitely will keep doing it. I love that y’all love it!!🧡🧡🧡

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Where do I start?

First she talked about not wanting to date men who have a “9-5” on a radio interview. Which isn’t something to be knocked down. Ain’t nothing wrong with dating someone with a “9-5” imo. But to eaches own! Then went on a video rant about it.

Second everyone online found out that she plagiarized her book. And someone who had bought a copy of her book made a video about the physical quality of the book and how she found it subpar.

Thirdly, she went on a podcast called Whoreable Decisions (2017) and used the “T” word in regards to the trans community and called the LGBT community lettuce, bacon, tomato community.

Fourth, As I’m reading online rn to make sure i got everything she said, I find out she said something about the murder George Floyd and the tweet she made I didn’t realize that it was in reference to it.

Does this cover everything?

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I sure do!! Ain’t he fine😫. I still haven’t seen The Chi and didn’t know he was on there til I reblogged a gifset of him on here. These are the only people I know who write for him:

- i dedicate series- @brattywriters-anonymous (search: masterlist)

- mile high, late night, shea butter baby- @stripper-patrick (search: luke james x reader)

*if anyone writes for him here, wattpad, AO3, *let me know!!**

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Girl I did! It was a mix of everything!! My eyes were bugging out, jaw dropping to the floor. I couldn’t stop staring at it or his behind. I’m still thinking about it🥴🙃. It was refreshing to see full frontal from men on tv and film.

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