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#sir bertrand bell
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"Looking back, Imogen sees an older man, refined, walking proudly into the tempest... before he's gone".
Goodnight, Bertrand 🌙🪶
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stardustedknuckles · 24 days ago
The two times I’ve seen Matt disregard dnd rules entirely (as opposed to “I’ll allow it”) are 1) Yasha’s wings get to stay out longer than a minute because time is weird here and they deserve an epic kiss scene, and 2) the universe itself lends Dorian the aim in magical darkness to slap Bertrand fucking Bell against all odds, because he deserves it and so do we.
Legend status.
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itmustvebeenthefairies · 17 days ago
Doctor: you've been in a coma for two weeks
Me: I can't wait to see my favorite Campaign 3 character, Sir Bertrand Bell!
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bioswear · a month ago
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hey it’s Ashton and the Boys!!  Part 2 of my CR3 Fauxnime screenshots ~ 
Bioswear (c) 2021
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roseof-alltrades3 · 24 days ago
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So um,,,, how’re we all feeling folks-?
I guess you could say Bertrand has fallen and he can’t get up 😬
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stardustedknuckles · 28 days ago
The more I think about Bertrand refusing to help in the fight and hitting Fearne with the glass of brandy -
Dorian was unconscious at her feet, Orym prone on the ground, and Bertrand hit her from behind. For all any of them knew, this could have still been a trap he was in on and not a test - for all Fearne knew, her two closest friends were in mortal danger and there was a man who had led them here, who was refusing to help them, and had now actively engaged her attention in battle.
What I'm saying is Bertrand's goddamn lucky Fearne accepted Ashton's knife in his shoulder as enough, because whatever she would have done to him had she gotten there first would not have been half as kind.
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lorn-art · 27 days ago
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zsweber-studios · 23 days ago
I just realized why the Bertrand death hits so fucking hard.
A man is introduced to us early in the series. He’s a bit quirky and awkward, but also endearing and lovable at the same time, while also somehow very skilled in his own right. He becomes close with the protagonists, becoming part of their team, and while helping them with a quest of theirs, this team gets attacked by an unbearably powerful adversary that escapes after severely wounding the protagonists. As the team disperses to go about their own ways, the man slips off on his own in the night, where he is confronted by the very adversary his team faced. Rather than turning and fleeing, he prepares to fight back, only to be immediately murdered in cold-blood. The last word on his lips is that of his lover, before he is lost to the darkness. His murder, once discovered, will become a rallying point for the protagonists, as they seek to find his murderer and find out the reason for why he was murdered.
Now, taking all of that into account, tell I talking about Sir Bertrand Bell...or Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes?
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