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If there’s ever a marauders movie I want a scene where Remus takes off his shirt in slow mo and with rock music playing in the background and Sirius is just there drooling over him
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bananaspice · 2 days ago
Steamy mirrors.
Word count: 2.69k
The heat was unbearable, London summer times were not supposed to be this bad. Your thin crop top was stuck to your skin and dosed in sweat, your hair thrown up into a messy up-do in hopes of some sort of breeze getting to your neck and your denim shorts were chaffing at your thighs-your skin now irritated and red. The boys weren't much better as you all made your way towards the elevator to your apartment building.
Sirius had his hair in a neater up-do than yours, small bits of hair curling at his ears in his slick-back bun, his top had been abandoned and his shorts were loose-fitting, leaving his beautiful six-pack to glisten in the sun. James was wearing more clothes than the former boy, his glasses creating a barrier of sweat between his skin and the metal frames, his white vest top much like yours was stuck to him, outlining his toned body. You had to stop yourself from drooling at the sight of his love handles, wanting nothing more than to bite down on them, but quickly shaking any thoughts away before you got even hotter. Remus, was wearing the most clothes, he ran the hottest out of you all anyway and looked as though he was about to pass out if he didn't shed an item of clothing off, but he was too insecure. You thought he looked the prettiest when his scars glistened in the light, but he begged to differ, instead he had opted for a dark coloured t-shirt and a pair of shorts, his worn-out converse covering his feet.
You had, had to leave the park quite early due to Remus' worry of you all burning, him looking like he was about to pass out, Sirius complaining about the humidity of the air curling his hair into a messy wave and finally, above all, the main reason as to you all leaving-James Potter had fallen into a deep state of spontaneous submission after seeing Sirius strip himself and his eyes lingering on your breasts too long as you had for-gone a bra.
You all made your way towards the elevator, hand in James' as he tried to cling to every part of you, hands wondering to your bum as you pushed at the open button of the quiet building, hoping to be relieved once you turned the air-con of the apartment on. "Fucking hell, I did not expect it to be this bad today. I'm sweating like Merlin's arse." Breathed Sirius, blowing a hair out of his line of vision and panting softly, chest heaving heavily. He wiped at his eyebrow, leaning his body onto the wall as you all waited for the elevator doors to open. DING!
"Familiar with Merlin's arse, are you Pads?" Remus laughed at his boyfriend as you all made your way inside, hitting the button of your floor. The top floor. Sirius rolled his eyes at the remark and stood closest to the mirror, rubbing his hands at his toned stomach as he checked himself out. you sniggered, James standing closest to the door whilst you and Remus resided on the other side of the tightly compacted space.
"Merlin, if I wasn't hot before, I most definitely am now." You breathed out as you felt Remus' heat on your back, the boy practically oozed it. James nodded in agreement, his chest leaning on you causing your eye line to meet his chin and Sirius' body to be just behind you and Remus.
"I know, can't wait to get in and rid myself of these clothes." Remus chimed in quietly, he tried his hardest not to lean to much onto you but as the elevator started to move a heavy movement caused you to all wobble into one another.
"Fuck! What was that?" Sirius rubbed his forehead that had collided with the mirror in front of him, a red mark now circling it. Remus had held onto the bar of the mirror just in time, trying his hardest to stabilise you with his free hand by grabbing at your waist. James had not had such look, the smaller boy that had been feeling soft had instead ended up on top of you, face landing first in your boobs causing him to whine out in need. Remus stretched an arm over James, jabbing at the open button and realised the lift was in fact, stuck. He hit the emergency button frantically, wanting release from the hot space.
"Shit! We're gonna have to wait." He sighed heavily as a voice rang out that the cameras and electrics were down but someone was on their way to help. You tried your hardest to push James off of you as he cuddled into your chest more.
"James, it's too hot babe." You pushed his cheeks away from where you stood, his head still bowed down.
"Please Mommy, I'll be a good boy." He cried out, tears gathering behind the metal frames. you pushed back his curls, Sirius sniggering at the boy in sub space whilst sliding his way behind him and patting his back mockingly.
"Awe, feeling subby Prongsie?" He laughed out, a hint of something glistening in his eye as he looked at Remus.
"Leave him Pads, it's too fucking hot for this." You hissed back.
"Watch your mouth bunny." Remus remarked, pushing at the curly-haired boy, making him fall into you more and the domino effect soon causing you to stumble back into Remus.
"Please Rem, I can't. M'so hot and your both practically radiating the sun from your bodies." You exclaimed, eyes closing as you whined softly. A pinch made it's way onto your already burning thigh making you flinch. "Ouch!" You cried, glancing back at the tall boy who smirked at you.
"Prongs needs his daily fill, don't you James? Besides, you've not had your nutrients today Y/n, need to get them somehow and what better way than from Siri and I?" He hummed back at you, cooing at James as to egg him on. You knew exactly what nutrients he was talking about and it made your stomach coil with anticipation.
James whined heavily as Sirius pushed forwards into his backside, his cock poking at the boy and he rutted against you and cried out softly. Thank fuck the cameras were broke. You hissed out heavily as James pawed at your crop top, Remus helping him to push it down in one motion and realising your breasts into the air. Your head fell back onto Remus' chest as James wrapped his lips around his favorite body part, sighing in relief and delight as he rocked back and forth onto your thigh. The pressure of his body making its way on top of you caused you to stumble slightly, figuring Remus would hold onto you.
You were mistaken, instead Remus stepped back, causing you to collide with the floor and for Remus and Sirius to be stood above you with smirks plastered to their faces. James continued to suckle at your breast, hips now rutting against the floor as you had awkwardly ended up half-lying with your back up against the mirror and your bottom half spread out. Sirius made his way down, undoing the drawstring of James' shorts and lifting his hips up, legs spreading as he was exposed to the hot air that gathered in the hot box.
Remus worked on you, gangling arms trying to maneuver James in a way where he could work on peeling off your denim shorts, his own top soon peeling off of his scarred skin. James wasn't fussed in the slightest, continuing to whine and chase after your nipple when you'd make a sudden movement.
"Look at me Bunny." Sirius demanded, his ring-clad hand grasping your jaw to force you to stare at him as he pushed up James' hips and spread his cheeks, his fingers poking at the poor boys bottom. You moaned out softly, watching the boy push his fingers into him. James whined out around you, his hips jutting back onto his fingers and mouth going agape momentarily. "You like that Prongsie? Feel good baby?" He taunted, staring right at you.
"Fucking loves it, don't you Prongs? Bunny does to, little slut." Remus stroked himself as he sat beside you, hardening his cock and he found the gap under James' legs and stroking his way at your inner thighs. You gasped hard at the sensation on your purple, chaffed legs. His index and middle finger stroked gently, touching and gathering up your juices before moving them to his face.
You moved your eyes from Sirius' to his and watched as he harshly inhaled his fingers, then moving them to Sirius' mouth who practically deep-throated them, gagging as they touched his tonsils. He kept them there for a second, testing the long-haired boy before removing them and moving back towards you.
"Taste good Pads?" He questioned the teary eyed boy who looked at him and nodded.
"Really good. Tasted desperate." He taunted you, curling his fingers inside of James, rings now disappearing form sight and causing James to rut unexpectedly. You jostled at the movement, James biting you harshly.
"Think she needs some attention Pads. Don't you Bunny?" Remus smirked at your desperate eyes.
"Yes Daddy, please." You begged softly, panting out at the sight of all three boys. He laughed and pouted in a mocking manner.
"Hmm, beg me."
"Please, i'll do anything Daddy. Please, need you. Need you all." Your eyes shut heavily, scrunching at the sides as they tightly squeezed shut.
"All of us? Oh Bun, you don't know what you've just asked for." Remus laughed darkly. He pushed Sirius off of James, the boy crying out even more when Remus pushed him off of you. He whispered in Sirius' ear quietly, causing the boy to laugh deeply and agree with what he had said. Remus pulled up James by the arm and quickly tugging a the boys dark red-tipped cock, spurts of cum already oozing out and decorating his stomach. Sirius instead, moved towards you, in a swift manner he ripped off your top and pulled your legs forwards, moving you from the mirror and your back firmly on the ground. In a rapid tug, you were swiveled so your ankles were positioned onto the mirror bar, now your legs were spread and your leaking pussy reflected back at you.
Remus tugged at James' cock in rapid fists and whispered into his ear, James' begging out for what he had suggested. "Time for you to get your nutrients Bun." Sirius taunted, he pushed his cock from his shorts and sat right on top of your face. "Suck it you little slag."
You gasped out before he pushed deep into your throat and choked you with his cock, precum filling your mouth. He tasted the best out of all three of them and although you had no idea what was about to happen, you were excited. You sucked on Sirius, unable to see anything behind him r by your legs but instead feeling a sensation of your thighs again.
Suddenly, a lick was given between your thighs and you gasped, gagging and becoming teary eyed as you soon realised James was licking away at you like there was no tomorrow. Remus suddenly appearing in front of Sirius, cock sprung up and very much present as he made his way in his mouth. The sultry sight alone was enough to make you whine in anticipation as you felt Sirius suddenly start to fill your mouth, James' sucks and licks becoming more rapid and deep the more he continued on.
Remus thrusted heavily into Sirius' mouth as you suckled down the last of his juices, his face contorted making you realise Rem was very close to his end. The more you looked at them both, the faster your hips rutted up at James. Soon you both came together, James lapping you up much like Sirius with Remus.
"Thank Merlin for this bloody lift." Sighed Sirius, making you all laugh aloud. You all redressed, but before you could even think of putting on your bottoms, Remus pushed into a kiss, your arse making contact with the mirror.
"Forgot to give you that earlier." He said, he turned around and Sirius laughed, You glanced down at the mirror which now resembled the shower door once the condensation from the heat had built up and crafted perfectly into is was your arse cheeks. You looked at the sweaty boys and giggled.
Fuck, they were hot.
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earlgreydream · a day ago
crybaby!reader and Sirius who just wants her to go to bed but she's too cranky and can't get comfy at all💔
“sleep, bunny,” Sirius scolded softly, rubbing your back as you laid beside him.
you kept squirming, unable to get comfortable. you were so tired it was making you fussy, whimpering and moving away when Sirius touched a spot on your back you didn’t like.
“what’s got you all worked up?” he kept his voice quiet, finally laying down and moving you on top of him.
“can’t get comfy.”
“poor baby. just relax, I’ll help you settle down.”
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faetheforestfairy · 2 hours ago
Such A Flirt
Pairing : Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
Summary : Three times he flirt with her, one time she decided to return the favour
Warnings : a little make out session. Mention of sex. Sirius being flirty
A/N : GIF not mine
Fae's masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/N was walking down the train's hallway , peeking her head inside every compartment searching for her friends , Lily , Marlene and Dorcas.
She didn't look where she was going resulting in her bumping into something hard. More like someone.
"Well well well , isn't it the lovely Y/L/N"
Y/N tilt her head up only to be greet with none other than Sirius Black. His signature smirk decorating his pink lips.
"Why , hello to you too , Black". An annoyed smile on her lips. Sirius Black is the last person he want to meet on the train. He's been flirting with her since 4th years. But Y/N know better (or so she thought) that Sirius just want her to be one of his 'one night stand'.
"You should look where you're going puppy. Can't have you falling for other guy right?". He lean closer to her untill the tip of their nose are touching. "Right my love?". His grey eyes trailed down to her plump lips.
Y/N clear her throat and push his chest to created a distance between them. "You're in my way , Black. Why don't you move?"
"Why should I?". She wish nothing more than to wipe that smirk off his face.
Suddenly , the compartment door beside them been push open by Sirius's friend. James Potter. "If you want to flirt. Please not in front of this compartment"
"Why? You're jealous because I got her and you didn't got Evans?"
"Ok ouch pads. So much of a friends forever"
Shaking her head she decide to walk away. "See you at the great hall darling!"
"I wish not , Black!"
"Such a cutie" Sirius laugh to himself.
James shake his head. "She clearly doesn't like you , mate"
"So does Evans. But I didn't see you stop from bothering her" chirp Remus from inside their compartment.
"What the- okay what's wrong with you guys attacking me for no reasons?"
Sirius , Peter and Remus shared a laugh while James look at them in disbelief.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Lily was on their way to the library. They already ask Marlene and Dorcas to join but they refused. "They probably want to shag or snog each other face" as Y/N has said , receiving a giggle and a nod from Lily.
"So , how are you?" Lily suddenly ask. Y/N raised her eyebrow at Lily's weird question. "I'm good?"
Lily rolled her eyes "No , I mean you and Black"
"What's wrong with us?"
"He like you" Lily stated the obvious but Y/N denied it.
"No he act like he like me. But he just want me to be in his 'one night stand' collection"
"I know you're dumb. But not this dumb. He really like you Y/N/N"
Y/N look at her friend with and offended look. "Did you just call me dumb?"
"That's not the point"
"Lily he just want to get in my pant. Or skirt"
"If he want to get in your pant. Or skirt. He will do it since 4th years. He really really really like you. Didn't you notice the way he look at you. Like a love sick puppy" Lily said while throwing her hand around (almost hitting Y/N's face).
"We're here to study. Not talk about my love life"
"I'm just stating the truth Y/N. Give him a chance"
"Yeah yeah whatever"
Entering the library , they found a table at a secluded area. Putting her satchel bag on the chair , she walk towards the shelves of book. Trying to find a book about Draught of Living Death potion that they just learn in Slughorn's class.
"Ha! There you are". Standing on her tippy toes she try to reach for the book only for another hand to grab it. Turning around she was met with Sirius freaking Black. An annoyed huff escaped her lips.
Sirius study the book before looking at her with a grin. "You want this?" He held it out for her to take. But just as her hand about to take the book , he held the book high above her head.
Sirius rest his left hand on the shelves behind her. Caging her. "Not funny! Give me the book. I have an essay to write". Sirius laugh at her angry face.
"You know , I love getting on your nerve. You look cute when you're angry"
"Give me the book" she said through grit teeth.
"Only if you give me a kiss"
"Not gonna happen"
"Goodluck with your essay then". He smirk at her frustrated face
"Well what do we have here?" Lily ask , arms crossed over her chest , a knowing smile on her face. "Hello there Evans" Sirius greet her.
"Lily please it's not what it look like"
"Sure it's not. Anyway , hate to break it to you Black. But I need my friend back so we can study together" Lily said , pulling Y/N away from Sirius. "Oh wait!" Sirius called making them stop in their track to look back at him.
He walk towards Y/N and held out the book. "Here. I believe you need this for your essay. You can give me the kiss later" he wink at her and walk away.
"Not what it look like my arse"
Tumblr media
Sirius was running down the deserted corridor. Him and his other three friends just done pranking the caretaker of Hogwarts , Filch by putting a lot of dung bombs in his office. They decided to split up and meet at the Gryffindor common room just to confused the old man.
Sirius was too busy to run as far as he can from Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris that he bump into Y/N who was busy reading a book.
"Ouch! Black! Watch where you're going"
"Oh shit , sorry love. Didn't see you there". He take her book from the dusty floor and give it back to her.
"Where is the boy Mrs. Norris? Did you see him?"
Sirius eyes went wide when he hear Filch's voice not too far away from them.
"What did you do this time?"
"Oh shit , oh fuck". He look around untill his eyes land on a broom closet. Grabbing Y/N's arm , he pull her in the broom closet with him.
"Black what are you-" he quickly put his hand on her mouth. Silencing her.
"as much as I love hearing your voice. Please shut up if you don't want to get caught"
Y/N squirm around. The closet was too small and cramped for them.
"what are you doing? Stop moving" Sirius whisper yell at her.
"This place is too small for us" her voice was muffled from his hand that was still clamped on her mouth.
"hey hey shushh alright. Don't want us to get caught aren't you? Or we will spend an entire week in detention together". Y/N was quick to shake her head no. She doesn't want to spend an entire week with the boy in front of her.
"Good girl"
When what feel like an hours (it's only 5 minutes) Sirius put his hand away from her mouth. He know Filch already went to another corridor. But he saw the opportunity to flirt with her. And he's not gonna let it go.
He look down , checking her out. She didn't fasten the top button of her shirt , revealing her skin and a little bit of her cleavage to Sirius.
"My eyes are up here"
He snapped his grey eyes up , staring into her e/c one. "I'm very aware of that Y/L/N" he smirk.
She narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh how I wish I can wipe that smirk off your face"
"Hmm really? Why don't you put your lips on mine then? 'M sure the smirk will gone". She rolled her eyes at him. Typical Sirius.
He lean closer to her. Arm snaking around her waist. "What do you say love? Wanna have a taste of my lips?". Before he could lean any closer , Remus open the broom closet's door with James and Peter on his side.
"Oops. Did we interrupt something?" Remus ask not so innocently. James and Peter snickering.
"Oh for fuck sake Moony. We're about to snog" Sirius whine. Y/N look at him , eyes wide "What?! No! No we're not. Let me go!" She push Sirius away from her and walk out of the broom closet.
"Well Pads look like your girlfriend forgot her book". Peter nod towards her book laying on the ground. Must have fallen again when Sirius pull her in the closet. Sirius pick up the book.
"Well you better give it back to her"
"Of course I will Moons. But not now" he give Remus a mischievous grin.
Tumblr media
"Lily have you seen my book"
"Which book?"
"'It' by Stephen King"
"Nope. Didn't see it anywhere. What about your Marls?"
"Dunno. When was the last time you saw it love?"
"Well , I can't remember. I'm sure I put it on my nightstand last night" Y/N whine. It's hard when you have a memory of a goldfish sometime.
"Can't help you if you can't remember darling" said Lily. Y/N let out a huff and decide to just do her Transfiguration's essay that was teach by her favourite professor ; Professor Minerva Mcgonagall. She can find her book later.
Making her way to the common room , she sat down on the floor , right behind the table. The sound of fire crackling bring her comfort.
She start on the first page of her essay , unaware of a certain raven hair boy who just come down from the boys dormitaries with her supposed missing book in his hands.
"working hard Y/L/N?"
"Not now. I'm busy"
"You're always busy". He sit on the couch behind her and watch her do her work. He was smitten for her.
"Stop staring , you creep" said Y/N without turning around. "I think this is yours". Y/N turn around and she gasp when she saw her book that was held by Sirius.
She got on her knees and tried to snatch it from his hand. But Sirius is faster than her , he hide it behind his back. "Sirius give me my book"
"Oh first name basis huh?"
An idea suddenly popped in her head. She get up from her knees and straddle his lap making Sirius eyes grow wide a bit. She lean closer to him , lips brushing against each other.
Sirius's breath hitched in his throat. He was unaware of Y/N hand sneaking behind his back to grab the book. When the book was already in her hand. She smirk at him and peck his lips before getting up from his lap.
He look at her with a confused face before realising that the book wasn't in his hand. Sirius stood up from the couch cupping her face and smash their lips together.
Their lips molded together , moving in sync. He bit her bottom lips only for her to let out a moan. Pulling away , their chest rising rapidly , trying to inhale air as much as their lungs can take. Eyes never leaving each other. Sirius let a smile broke onto his face before he lean in for another kiss.
Tumblr media
Reblog , likes and comments would be much appreciated!
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remus: you’re so hot
sirius: aw thanks moony!
remus: oh sorry i was talking to my reflection..
sirius: …
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jamesevanspotter · 2 days ago
Ok but Sirius painting Remus like one of his french girls.
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ourdogfathersstuff · a day ago
Bitches be like "I have a comfort ship" and than their comfort ship is just 2 fictional gay men from the 70s. I am bitches.
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Sirius:*showing Remus different dueling techniques*
Now let me take you from behind-
Remus: Let you what?!
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nasa · 6 months ago
The Stellar Buddy System
Our Sun has an entourage of planets, moons, and smaller objects to keep it company as it traverses the galaxy. But it’s still lonely compared to many of the other stars out there, which often come in pairs. These cosmic couples, called binary stars, are very important in astronomy because they can easily reveal things that are much harder to learn from stars that are on their own. And some of them could even host habitable planets!
Tumblr media
The birth of a stellar duo
New stars emerge from swirling clouds of gas and dust that are peppered throughout the galaxy. Scientists still aren’t sure about all the details, but turbulence deep within these clouds may give rise to knots that are denser than their surroundings. The knots have stronger gravity, so they can pull in more material and the cloud may begin to collapse.
The material at the center heats up. Known as a protostar, it is this hot core that will one day become a star. Sometimes these spinning clouds of collapsing gas and dust may break up into two, three, or even more blobs that eventually become stars. That would explain why the majority of the stars in the Milky Way are born with at least one sibling.
Seeing stars
Tumblr media
We can’t always tell if we’re looking at binary stars using just our eyes. They’re often so close together in the sky that we see them as a single star. For example, Sirius, the brightest star we can see at night, is actually a binary system (see if you can spot both stars in the photo above). But no one knew that until the 1800s.
Precise observations showed that Sirius was swaying back and forth like it was at a middle school dance. In 1862, astronomer Alvan Graham Clark used a telescope to see that Sirius is actually two stars that orbit each other.
Tumblr media
But even through our most powerful telescopes, some binary systems still masquerade as a single star. Fortunately there are a couple of tricks we can use to spot these pairs too.
Since binary stars orbit each other, there’s a chance that we’ll see some stars moving toward and away from us as they go around each other. We just need to have an edge-on view of their orbits. Astronomers can detect this movement because it changes the color of the star’s light – a phenomenon known as the Doppler effect.
Tumblr media
Stars we can find this way are called spectroscopic binaries because we have to look at their spectra, which are basically charts or graphs that show the intensity of light being emitted over a range of energies. We can spot these star pairs because light travels in waves. When a star moves toward us, the waves of its light arrive closer together, which makes its light bluer. When a star moves away, the waves are lengthened, reddening its light.
Tumblr media
Sometimes we can see binary stars when one of the stars moves in front of the other. Astronomers find these systems, called eclipsing binaries, by measuring the amount of light coming from stars over time. We receive less light than usual when the stars pass in front of each other, because the one in front will block some of the farther star’s light.
Sibling rivalry
Twin stars don’t always get along with each other – their relationship may be explosive! Type Ia supernovae happen in some binary systems in which a white dwarf – the small, hot core left over when a Sun-like star runs out of fuel and ejects its outer layers – is stealing material away from its companion star. This results in a runaway reaction that ultimately detonates the thieving star. The same type of explosion may also happen when two white dwarfs spiral toward each other and collide. Yikes!
Tumblr media
Scientists know how to determine how bright these explosions should truly be at their peak, making Type Ia supernovae so-called standard candles. That means astronomers can determine how far away they are by seeing how bright they look from Earth. The farther they are, the dimmer they appear. Astronomers can also look at the wavelengths of light coming from the supernovae to find out how fast the dying stars are moving away from us.
Studying these supernovae led to the discovery that the expansion of the universe is speeding up. Our Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will scan the skies for these exploding stars when it launches in the mid-2020s to help us figure out what’s causing the expansion to accelerate – a mystery known as dark energy.
Tumblr media
Spilling stellar secrets
Astronomers like finding binary systems because it’s a lot easier to learn more about stars that are in pairs than ones that are on their own. That’s because the stars affect each other in ways we can measure. For example, by paying attention to how the stars orbit each other, we can determine how massive they are. Since heavier stars burn hotter and use up their fuel more quickly than lighter ones, knowing a star’s mass reveals other interesting things too.
By studying how the light changes in eclipsing binaries when the stars cross in front of each other, we can learn even more! We can figure out their sizes, masses, how fast they’re each spinning, how hot they are, and even how far away they are. All of that helps us understand more about the universe.
Tatooine worlds
Tumblr media
Thanks to observatories such as our Kepler Space Telescope, we know that worlds like Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine in “Star Wars” exist in real life. And if a planet orbits at the right distance from the two stars, it could even be habitable (and stay that way for a long time).
In 2019, our Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) found a planet, known as TOI-1338 b, orbiting a pair of stars. These worlds are tricker to find than planets with only one host star, but TESS is expected to find several more!
Want to learn more about the relationships between stellar couples? Check out this Tumblr post:
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:
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earlgreydream · a day ago
“You’re okay, I’ve got you”
For Sirius!
Love all your stuff <3
:) thank youuu
“hurts,” you weep, holding your skinned knee.
Sirius knocks his skateboard aside, running to you and kneeling down to take a look at the injury. he frowns, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you back inside the house.
“you’re okay, I’ve got you. Let’s clean that up.”
you sniffle as he sets you down on the cold bathroom counter and gently dabs at it with a washcloth.
“sorry, puppy, this is gonna sting a bit,” Sirius apologizes before putting alcohol on the minor injury.
you yelp and grab his tattooed forearm, and he shushes you before putting a pink bandaid over the spot.
“look at that, all fixed up,” he says before planting a kiss on the bandaid.
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jamespottersrug · 23 hours ago
lily: do you not think twice before doing something stupid?
sirius and james: ...
remus: lils, with all due respect, they don’t even think ONCE.
lily: 🧍‍♀️
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a-titty-ninja · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
「耳かきシリアスさん ♪」 by Shiun | Twitter
๑ Permission to reprint was given by the artist ✔.
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jabberwockyface · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Heard it was my boy's birthday. 🎉
I find it amusing how quickly Harry, a young child, goes from actively trying to murder a grown man and escaped convict with his bare hands, to physically attacking one of his own teachers and being willing to die fighting off legions of Dementors to protect him.
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fidellius · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@dailyhpgifs | scenes event - prompt ten: a scene you think is underrated      ↳ Sirius offering for Harry to live with him </3
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rrremusly · a month ago
Tumblr media
just take a minute between academy exams and goddd i missed drawing them so much?? anyway that's chaotic cause i missed chaotic things too
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