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#sirius black

Wolfstar after Remus got annoyed with Sirius but he desperstely needs some attention

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Sirius:Holy shi-

Sirius:I HATE headache.

Remus:Want a massage? Maybe it’ll help.

Sirius:It won’t help.

Sirius:But i like being touched so yes plz.

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we can have a little wolfstar~ as a ✨snack✨

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Ok but hear me out,


Matthew gray gubler as young sirius black

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Sirius & Remus: *cooking*

Remus: *cuts himself*

Sirius: oh my god you are bleeding

Remus: yes. That’s what happens when one cuts themselves Padfoot. You should be concerned if no blood came out

Sirius: i see blood loss doesn’t affect your talent for sarcasm

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Harry: *getting in trouble*

Remus: I’m going to have to step my foot down.

Sirius: It’s down. Now what?

Remus: I actually never got this far. Usually this is a scare tactic.

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Ok but, you guys, uk how the OG 2012 Marauders fancast is too old now cuz they’re all in their late 30s? (Nevermind me crying bcz they all lived much longer than the Marauders ever did)

How about, and I raise the following for consideration:

Side note: they’re all British and in their early 20s

Lucius Malfoy


Severus Snape


Regulus Black


Sirius Black


Remus Lupin


Peter Pettigrew

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regulus: no one ever gets to me

sirius: i did

regulus: you’ve come the closest, now your in my way

sirius: thank you

regulus: didn’t mean it as a compliment

sirius: yes you did

regulus: yea ok i did

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James: life could be so much worse

Sirius: it could also be much better

Peter: at least we are alive

Remus: whether that’s a good or bad thing is debatable Peter

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i have a headcanon that james potter would be a huge swiftie… i feel like he’s the type of guy to appreciate well thought out lyrics and loves to hear stories because his parents read to him a lot as a kid (and all of taylor’s songs have a story behind it.)

he would keep it a secret during his first five years because his friends are all rock and roll and punk or whatever but then sirius catches him listening to some great taylor love song and sirius asks what song it was because he wants to dedicate it to remus and james just lights up because his best friend likes taylor now too.

remus and sirius would definitely be on his case about it at first but then they’ll end up giving it a try for james because well… james is the best person they know, it’s the least they could do. eventually, remus and sirius grow fond of taylor and most nights you’ll find remus blushing and telling sirius to “be quiet, pads” while sirius sings the most over the top rendition of you belong with me to remus in the middle of the common room.

lily would find out about james’ love for taylor swift after peter lets it slip one day and she’d spend the entire duration of their prefect rounds teasing him about it. but james wouldn’t mind because hey, at least she’s talking to me.

before they go their separate ways for the night, james laughs and says, “i know you think it’s silly but if you ever wanted to listen to one of her songs, and i mean really listen, listen to enchanted. i think of you whenever it plays.”

james walks away with a smile and lily’s curiosity gets the best of her and she listens to enchanted for the first time that night. then she listens to it again. and again. and again. and again. until the sun is up and she realizes she’s spent the entire night thinking about james potter and his love for taylor swift and now she thinks she’s falling in love with him too.

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i did my waiting! twelve years of it! in azkaban!
ups driver
no need to shout, sir, here's your package
sweet, thanks
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one shot requests:

requests for one shots are currently open

the list of characters i will write for:

  • james potter
  • remus lupin
  • sirius black
  • tom riddle
  • cedric diggory
  • draco malfoy

this list will be updated in the future


  • send me your request in my ask box
  • give me the character, era, and an idea for me to write with
  • i will write fluff and/or angst, but i don’t currently write smut
  • if i don’t feel comfortable writing your request, i will not write it, sorry
  • i don’t currently have a prompt list

ship requests:

requests for ships are currently open

the list of fandoms i can ship you with:

  • harry potter (golden trio era)
  • harry potter (marauders era)

this list will be updated in the future


  • send me your request in my ask box
  • tell me what fandom you would like to be shipped with
  • please include: your personality, hobbies, gender preference, a brief understanding of yourself
  • you may also include: zodiac sign, mbti, height, physical appearanc, hogwarts house

thank you :)

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If JKR didn’t want Sirius and Remus to be interpreted as gay, maybe she shouldn’t have associated them with the moon and the stars, or left them as the only two remaining friends from a tight-knit group. Or like, maybe they shouldn’t have given Harry a joint Christmas present like a pair of gay uncles would do for their beloved godson. One was a rich punk, the other a poor nerd — perfect for an “opposites attract” storyline. 

Literally, everything about them is extremely gay, and yet she takes issues with them being interpreted that way. Bitch, the only way you could have made them gayer is by explicitly stating that they were a couple.

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If you took a shot for every time you made a bad decision, how drunk would you be?
Maybe a bit tipsy
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I mean they have an exceptionally close, borderline codependent friendship in canon, if one of them was a chick it seems very likely that it would be a romantic relationship.

I can’t see Sirius’s parents much like her making a spectacle of herself with a Potter, in any case.

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Sirius: *comes to visit James and Lily*

James: This is great my favorite person in the entire world and my wife in the same room.

Lily: *leaves room*

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Sirius: Oh c'mon I didn’t drink that much last night!

James: You were flirting with Remus.

Sirius: So what? He’s my boyfriend.

James: You asked if he was single…

Remus: And then you cried when I said I wasn’t.

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