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#sirius black
squattingismypassion · 2 days ago
Please give me all the soft, domestic, cheesy, hallmark like Christmas fics. Established relationship, friends to lovers, meet cute, etc. I’m not picky. I just want to read about my favorite characters being in love around Christmas. I’m here for it all.
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slycassini · 2 days ago
Sirius: it smells like updog in here
James: what's up dog?
Sirius: nothing much what's up with you?
James *grins*: oh wow
*turns to Regulus*
James: it smells like updog in here
Regulus: what is that?
James: nothing, what's up with you?
Regulus: huh?
James: damn it.
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engie-ivy · 2 days ago
2021 Christmas fic, Wolfstar mistletoe fluff😉
When Loved Ones Are Near
It's the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year - Andy Williams
James thinks his charmed mistletoe is a great idea, Remus does not. By the end of the night, however, their opinions are completely reversed.
“Whatcha got there, Prongs?”
Remus eyes the cage James carries into the common room warily. It’s a cage that would normally host an owl, only what’s in there is certainly no owl.
“A mistletoe, of course!” James replies cheerfully.
“I see,” Remus says. “And it’s… trying to escape?”
James chuckles. “It’s quite a feisty one, this one!”
“James. Why is your mistletoe trying to escape?”
James looks at him innocently. “Why Moony, what would you do if you were put in a cage against your will?”
Remus nods. Fair enough. He’d be trying to escape as well. But then again… “I’m not a plant, Prongs.”
“It’s a Magic Mistletoe!” James exclaims. “A Magistletoe! A Mistlic? A MagicMistle? I’m still working on the name.”
Remus groans. “Please don’t tell me it’s another one of those mistletoes that traps people underneath until they kiss?”
“A repeat of last year?” James scoffs. “What do you take me for, Moony? An amateur?” He shakes his head. “I wouldn’t do that! And besides, I hope people have learned their lesson last year to not disrespect sacred Holiday Tradition and leave a mistletoe without kissing!”
“Okay, so what does this one do?” Remus stares at the mistletoe currently throwing itself at the bars of the cage.
“Oh, you’ll love it!” James says. “This one flies around the room, and only stops when, get this, it flies over two people standing together who are actually in love with each other!”
Remus frowns. “That sounds like quite an invasion of privacy.”
“No, that’s the beauty of it!” James says enthusiastically. “If you have a one-sided crush on someone, it’ll just fly over, and no one will notice a thing! Only when you’re feelings are reciprocated it’ll stop, and who cares about privacy when you have a love that is returned? It’s the greatest thing on earth! You’re supposed to shout it from the rooftops!”
“Not everyone might be ready to do that,” Remus argues.
James sighs. “Alright, we’ll tell everyone before the party tonight, then if a couple really wants to keep it a secret, they can at least stay away from each other, okay?”
Remus still looks hesitant.
“I’m telling you, Moony,” James urges. “Charmed mistletoe brings nothing but joy and happiness!”
“Charmed mistletoe brings nothing but pain and misery!”
James is sitting on the floor, his head resting on his arms. Remus is kneeling in front of him, trying to console him.
The Gryffindor Christmas Party just finished, and most other students are off to bed. For the most part, the mistletoe had just been flying around the room all evening, stopping above Frank and Alice ever so often when it needed a break. There had been an amazing moment when it stopped above Gideon and Emmeline, both of them looking delighted and the whole room cheering as they kissed. Remus noticed that Dorcas and Marlene, normally always together, were suspiciously avoiding each other all evening.
And Sirius, well, Sirius had been unreachable all evening. A gaggle of girls had surrounded him the entire evening, taking turns to stand beside him, letting out disappointed sighs as the mistletoe flew over without stopping.
But no one was as disappointed as James. He had managed to stand next to Lily, and had watched the mistletoe fly over their heads, not halting. He had looked so crestfallen, not even Lily herself dared to make a comment about it.
“Come on, Prongs,” Remus tries. “At least now you know. And there’s plenty of other fish in the sea!”
James lifts his head and glares at Remus. “Are you calling Lily a fish?”
“It’s an expre- Never mind. But honestly Prongs, what did you expect? What did you think all those times of her calling you a rude, arrogant prat were? Flirting?”
James just shrugs.
“Is he still moping about the Evans thing?”
Remus looks up to see Sirius leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. Remus smiles up at him. “He claims his ‘heart, hopes and dreams have been shattered’.”
Sirius sighs and slides down the wall to sit next to James on the floor. “Look, Prongs. All this means is that Evans isn’t in love with you… yet.”
“Padfoot...” Remus warns, but Sirius just continues.
“You still have, what? One and a half year to make her fall in love with you? The James Potter I know wouldn’t just give up!”
“I really don’t think that’s-” Remus tries to protest.
“You’re right, Pads!” James cuts in, balling his hands into fists, his confidence and determination returning. “There’s still time, and I’m going to show Lily how right I am for her!”
“But maybe if you just-” Remus tries again, as more advances from James are probably not what Lily’s hoping for, but the other boys don’t seem to hear him.
“That’s the spirit!” Sirius exclaims. “That’s the Prongs I know!”
“But the other fish…?” Remus says weakly.
“Fish?” Sirius blinks.
James shakes his head. “Moony’s got this weird obsession with fish all of the sudden.”
At least James does agree to remove the mistletoe from the common room before it can lead to more heartbreak. Unfortunately, the mistletoe is not only fast, but also great at dodging spells. When one attempt at stunning it leads to Peter lying unconscious on the floor (the poor lad had simply come down the stairs to see what was keeping his friends), they decide to just try and catch it with their hands, each boy taking one part of the common room and running and jumping after the thing.
Remus is first to give up, physical exercise never having been his forte, and sits down on the floor to catch his breath. After a while, he begins shouting the occasional encouragement to the other two boys.
Sirius is the next one to be done. Panting, he leans his hands on his legs. “I’m done, I give up.”
“What?” James says, still remarkably energetic with his Quidditch-stamina. “You’re just going to let me catch it alone?”
“Yes,” Remus and Sirius say in unison, as Sirius drops down on the floor next to Remus.
“Come on, Prongs! Are you a Chaser or not? Use those Quidditch reflexes!”
“If you can catch that Snitch of yours, you can catch a bloody mistletoe!”
Sirius grins at Remus while they watch James jumping around. “So, Moons, looking forward to going home for the hols?”
“Don’t ever tell my mum this,” Remus replies. “But lately I’ve been having such a great time here at Hogwarts, this is probably the first year I kind of regret leaving.”
“Aaaw, Moony,” Sirius says, placing his hand over his heart. “Is this your way of telling me that you’re going to miss me?”
“On the other hand,” Remus says, pretending to be thinking. “It’ll be nice to not be woken up by someone falsely singing ‘God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs’ on the top of his voice.”
“Oi!” Sirius pokes Remus in the side. “My singing is not…” He trails off as he notices James standing in front of them, staring at them with wide eyes. “What?”
Wordlessly, James points above their heads.
Sirius and Remus look up, and all the breath leaves Remus’ body. There, hanging above them in the air, completely still, is the mistletoe.
Now, Remus has known for a while that he’s a little bit in love with Sirius. He has accepted it, and it’s not something he really thinks about anymore. His name is Remus Lupin, he’s a wizard, he attends Hogwarts, he was sorted into Gryffindor, and he’s in love with Sirius Black. Just a fact of life, not something he contemplates often, especially not in relation to James’ mistletoe. Mostly because he would’ve never in a million years expected Sirius to feel the same. But this… This!
He turns to look at Sirius, who has moved closer, and is looking at Remus with a huge smile on his face. “You feel the same!” Sirius’ voice is filled with joy.
“I… You… You’re…” Remus stammers. “You have feelings for me too?”
By means of an answer, Sirius kisses him. And it’s a good answer. A very, very good answer.
Sirius cups Remus’ face, Remus wraps his arms around Sirius, pulling him closer and even closer. They fit together perfectly, their lips moving against each other, not hesitant or careful, but eager and passionate. The feel of-
Ashes rain down over Remus and Sirius, and Remus starts coughing. Luckily, he pulled away first, as it would’ve been embarrassing to cough into Sirius’ mouth during their first kiss.
Sirius brushes the ashes from his hair. “Way to ruin the moment, Prongs!”
“Sorry!” James holds up his hands. “But you know it would’ve started flying again the moment the kiss ended. I saw an opportunity and I had to take it.”
Remus scoops op the ashes and lets them fall through his fingers. “Did you have to burn it, though? I had kind of gotten attached to it.” He sighs regretfully. “It’s what brought us together.” Too late he realizes that may have been presumptuous of him, assuming Sirius and he are already together now.
Nervously, Remus glances over at Sirius, but Sirius just wraps an arm around his waist and pulls him against his side, and oh, that’s new.
“I’m sorry, Moony,” Sirius says. “But you know what the best way to honour a mistletoe’s memory is? Lots and lots of kissing.”
And to Remus, that makes perfect sense.
In loving memory of the charmed mistletoe.
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toujoursincorrect · a day ago
Sirius: I know a hundred different ways to kill a man with my bare hands. I'm a badass, a warrior and a fighter. And I—
Remus: *smiles*
Sirius: —am soft
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lonelyhe4rts · 20 hours ago
knock, knock
the one where nextdoorneighbour!sirius forms a plan to get you on your knees for him (1.4k)
Sirius Black x Fem!Reader, nextdoorneighbour!sirius, d/s dynamics, smut, oral sex, deepthroating, cum swallowing, innocence kink, size kink, kinda virgin!reader but not heavily implied, insinuations that reader has a lighter skin tone (blushing) insinuations that reader has hair that can be pulled, mentions of female receiving, based on this headcanon
you walk up to his front door, your pretty little sundress dancing in the cool, summer breeze, not noticing the raven-haired male who lurks behind the curtains. he’s eagerly anticipating your arrival, having ignored the postman earlier that morning, praying to god it would be delivered to you instead. i just want to meet her, he thinks - believing he’s just being neighbourly. well, neighbours don’t usually greet you half-naked now, do they?
the door swings open and immediately you find yourself becoming flustered under his gaze - you’d heard about the man that lives next door from the ladies across the street and had listened to their jealousy of you being able to live right next door to him over tea, but you’d never expected him to look this good. you can’t help but become shy under his gaze as soon as he opens the door, wearing nothing except his boxers.
he almost coos at your state when he opens the door, a flush licking up your neck until it settles on your pretty cheeks, your eyes dipping down until they hover over your sandal covered feet, trying desperately to not ogle his half-naked form. she’s adorable, he thinks - glad and proud of himself for fabricating such an introduction.
“hello sweetheart, what’s this? y’selling cookies or something?” your soft giggle spurs a glint to blossom in his eyes, a familiar tingle churning in his stomach. you’re even better than he imagined.
“no,” you chuckle. “here’s your post. got dropped off at mine this morning.” your hands brush as he takes the stack of letters from you and it takes every ounce of sanity in you to not sneak a quick glance at his boxer clad hips.
“well darling, i certainly wouldn’t mind you being the postal service around here from now on. especially if y’carry on wearing those little dresses. i’ll see you later, pet.” you definitely will, you think.
it’s a mere few days later the same incident occurs and you find yourself feeling all bubbly inside, as you approach his front door once again, his stack of bills and statements clasped in your hands. you feel as if you’ve forgotten how to breathe this time round, being greeted with the sight of your next door neighbour, dressed in nothing but a towel - droplets of water decorating his bare body. your eyes can’t help but drop down to his lower torso, seeing the towel clinging to his hips, a little trail of hair dipping down to something you’ve daydreamed about the past couple nights. suddenly, your knees feel weak and your tummy has a strange tingling feeling brewing inside it.
“oh hello again darling, sorry - just got out of the shower.” he greets, towel drying his hair off at the front door. “oh shit, did I miss the postman again?” he laughs, faking his surprise at not receiving his post yet again!
“don’t even worry about it - besides, i’m happy to help you whenever you need it. whatever it is.” oh, he thinks.
“whatever i need?” his tone is laced with some sort of implication, though you couldn’t exactly decipher it.
“of course, i’m always happy to help you, nothing too big can stop me!” really, huh?
“perfect darling, i’m sure you’ll get something out of this one too.” he leads you down the hall, one hand placed firmly on the curve of your spine, his strong arms sticking to your sundress with the dampness still residing there. “‘s just in the sitting room, sweetheart.”
you both arrive in the room, decorated with motorbike magazines and vinyls scattered all around. “so, what’s this big thing you need help with?”
“it’s a bit of a…personal issue. you see - i’ve been single for quite a while and I can’t seem to remember how t’get myself off. could you help me?” he can’t wait to see you drunk off his cock.
“get you off? y’mean you’re - ” you gesture to his body, still covered by a towel. that’s until he begins to unwrap it and what’s revealed is even better than the one in your daydreams. his cock is long and slender, though you know it will stretch you beautifully. it’s still slightly damp from his shower, but it’s hard and roughed and little drops of precum weep from the pretty slit at the top. you find your cunt throbbing at even a mere sight of it.
“if y’don’t mind, darling.” he sits back against the sofa, spreading his legs just wide enough for you to be able to crawl beneath them, the angle giving him the slightest peak of your cleavage beneath your dress. he guides you in how to start off, sensing your hesitation at not knowing what to do. he grasps your hand and wraps it around the base, the size difference causing his cock to throb in your little hand. his eyes flutter closed as you squeeze a little bit, moving your hand up and down experimentally. fuck, she’s perfect.
he’s so pretty like this, you think, becoming more and more confident as you absorb his reactions to your touch. “there we go, atta girl. now y’gonna be a good little one and suck it a bit? s’like a lolly.”
your tongue darts out to the taste the head of his cock, the salty taste of his precum bleeding onto your tongue, stimulating your taste buds and leaving you wanting even more. your licks become more and more frequent, until you’re lapping up just his pearly release and nothing more. he can’t help but be captivated by you - who knew everything he wanted would be right next door? “now y’gonna wanna take it in y’mouth and suck it and you’ll get even more of that nice taste, yeah?”
you’re eager to do so now, having become transfixed and drunk on the flavour of his cock. his length bulges from your cheeks as you take him in, tears springing to your eyelids as you try and get used to the feeling. the sensation is weird - your mouth completely full and barely being able to breathe, but with the way he looks at you, you can’t resist continuing.
he has a dark look in his eyes as he watches you try your best to take his entire girth, saliva dribbling down your stretched lips until it resides in your chin, your eyes wide and glassy. “fuck, you’re the prettiest little thing down there.”
you hum around him at his praise, feeling arousal bubble in your cunt, slick beginning to dampen your thighs. fuck, he looks so good up there.
his hands play with your hair, grabbing onto the strands until he has a firm grip on your hair and that’s when he begins to take over. he moves your head back and forth on his length until you’re bobbing, your tongue licking up his length and swirling around the head. his hips begin to rise and fall at your bobs, until the tip hits the back of your throat, bruising the appendage to the point where you know little marks will be left behind.
his legs begin to tremble, his damp tummy clenching and quivering and despite your inexperience, you know he’ll be finishing soon. your pace quickens, your fingernails digging into his thighs, leaving little crescent moon indents behind in their wake.
“fuck, ‘m gonna cum. gonna take it all? fucking course you are,” he breathes, pushing your head down until your nose tickles the snatch of clipped curls on his pubic bone. you find yourself surprised as the first streams of his release hit the back of your throat, but then the taste stimulates your tastebuds once again and you begin to lap it up, milking his cock until he’s hissing through his teeth with the overstimulation.
his hand cradles your cheek, his thumb brushing over your swollen lips as you melt into his touch, craving the affection that comes with his gesture.
“y’look so pretty in that little dress, with y’mouth all over my cock. i might be tempted to divert all my post to your address if this is what the new postal service is gonna look like. now, y’gonna flip that skirt and show me that pretty cunt and i’ll help y’out?”
follow @lonelyheartslibrary to be notified when i post a fic !!
ty my darlings @wolfstar-lb & @bellatrixscurls for the help !!
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remuslupininskirts · 2 days ago
Regulus: Ugh, crushes are so dumb.
James: I know right! Whenever I’m near the person I like I just start acting stupid.
Regulus: But you’re always acting stupid?
James: Yeah, don’t think about that too hard.
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fruitcoops · 16 hours ago
okay this is a bit of a specific request, but i was wondered if you could write a coops fic based off of this video. maybe one of them is knocked unconscious during a game or has to undergo surgery and they’re super groggy and confused when they wake up and they’re just like “ wow, you’re my husband?” bonus points if it’s sirius and he’s like “when did i come out???”
anyways, no pressure i just saw the video and thought it was a really cute idea <333
This video is just so unbelievably cute. Oh my god. I have an angsty version of this fic in my WIPs but it felt right to do some fluff today! Hope you enjoy! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove <3
TW for wooziness/ memory loss from anesthesia, mention of minor surgery
Faint steady beeps made up most of the background noise, accompanied by shuffling sounds and a sigh as Sirius moved around and blinked at the camera in confusion from his hospital bed. “Where am I?”
“Still the hospital,” Dumo chuckled behind the screen. “Same as the last three times, mon fils.”
“Why are you speaking French?”
“Because I like it.”
“I can’t speak French,” Sirius grumbled, messing with the wires trailing from his pulse monitor.
“Sirius, you’re French-Canadian. It was your first language.”
Sirius sighed again through his nose and looked up at the ceiling. “Why am I here?”
“You had appendicitis.”
“Oh. Okay.” He frowned slightly. “Did I die?”
“No,” Dumo snorted.
“Huh. C’est bizarre.”
“You are so out of it right now,” Dumo muttered under his breath; Sirius showed no sign of hearing him. The camera wobbled as Dumo dug around in his pocket, then held something out to him to take with clumsy fingers. “Here, I didn’t want this to get lost.”
Sirius’ eyebrows furrowed in downright adorable confusion. “Qu’est-ce que c’est?”
“Your wedding ring.”
If anything, that seemed to make him even more distressed. “What? Why would you let me do that?”
“Get married?” Dumo asked around a laugh. “It was your choice, mon fils.”
Sirius slipped the ring on, though he didn’t look happy about it. “But—but I didn’t want to get married. Have I come out to you yet?”
“Then why would you let me get married?”
Sirius leaned back against the pillows, though he was still obviously upset. “Is my wife here, then?”
“You don’t have a wife.”
“Well if I’m married, then I have to, because I can’t get married if I’m gay and you knew that and I don’t like you anymore,” he huffed with a petulant tilt to his mouth.
There was a long pause behind the camera. “Sirius, gay marriage has been legal for seven years here. It’s been legal in Montreal for almost twenty. Also, what possible power do I have to make you get married to a woman?”
“I dunno.”
“You’re so high you forgot you have rights,” Dumo murmured in utter disbelief. “Mon dieu.”
Sirius rolled his eyes. “Well, I’m missing an organ, so pardonnez-moi.”
“Wow, you haven’t had that attitude in almost eight years,” Dumo remarked dryly. “Can I tell your friends they can come in now, or are you going to pout at me for a while longer?”
Sirius had the decency to look abashed. “Desolée.”
In the corner of the frame, Dumo motioned toward the door with his free hand; it swung open a second later and James poked his head in. “Hey, buddy, how’s it going?”
“Oh! I know you, you have a bab—” The puppylike excitement on Sirius’ face faded into total shock—his eyes went huge and his mouth dropped open slightly as the door closed behind the newcomers. “Wh—um.”
Remus crossed the room to sit in the chair next to Sirius’ bed, reaching out to take his hand and hold it between his own with a soft smile; the pulse monitor picked up speed. His shoulder obscured the camera for a second before Dumo shifted his own chair over a few inches. “You feeling okay?” Remus asked as he tucked the edge of Sirius’ blanket back in. Sirius stayed dead silent, still staring at him. “Are you drinking water?”
“You’re holding my hand,” Sirius said faintly. His gaze flickered over to Dumo, then back to Remus. “I—wow.”
James had to turn away to hide his laughter as a blush crept up the back of Remus’ neck. “You’re still loopy, huh?” he said, pressing the water glass into Sirius’ palm. “Gotta hydrate, baby.”
Sirius, who had just brought the rim of the cup to his lips, sputtered and blushed pink all the way to the tips of his ears. “What did you just call me?” he whispered, wide-eyed. “Do I know you?”
“I’m Remus, and you better know me,” Remus teased, though his voice was fond. “Drink your water.”
“Have I come out to you?”
“Well, not officially, but I got the memo.”
“You’re the prettiest nurse in the whole world.”
“Thank you. I’m not a nurse.”
“What are you?”
“Your husband.”
“My what?”
All three of them shushed him. “There are other people here, Sirius,” Dumo told him through his snickering. “Inside voices.”
“How long have we been married?” Sirius was looking at Remus like he was trying to memorize his face, though his blinking was considerably slower than normal and wonderment tinged every feature. “Are you sure?”
“Just over a year, and I’m very sure.”
“You married me?”
Remus bit his lip, fighting a grin. “Mhmm.”
“For real?”
“Holy shit.” Sirius finally looked away, turning to James in disbelief. “Holy shit. Did you know that?”
“Yeah, Pads, I was your best man,” James laughed.
“I won the fuckin’ jackpot,” Sirius whispered to himself as he ran his free hand down his face and tilted his head toward Remus again. “Dumo said I got married and I’m really glad it’s legal here because you’re so handsome and do you have pictures also I think I want to kiss you and you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.”
“Thank you, baby,” Remus said, trying (and failing) to stifle his laughter as James wiped tears of mirth from under his glasses. “I do have pictures, but you need to get some r—”
Sirius’ gasp was loud in the overall peaceful atmosphere. “We’re married. Does that mean we’ve already kissed?”
That was it—the straw that broke the camel’s back. The camera trembled for a moment before Dumo rested it on his knee while all three of them lost it, leaving Sirius with a mixture of confusion and genuine excitement on his face. Remus rested his forehead against Sirius’ shoulder and nodded after a moment, breathless. “Yes, we have,” he managed. “On multiple occasions.”
If anything, that only seemed to make Sirius happier. “Can I have one?”
“Yeah, sure, why not,” Remus said with an amused shake of his head. He leaned up and placed one on his cheek—Sirius’ chest visibly hitched and a soft exhale left his mouth.
“Hopeless,” Dumo whispered behind the camera. “Absolutely hopeless.”
“Is it legal to get married twice?” Sirius asked, still watching Remus with unbridled affection.
“To the same person?”
Sirius shot Dumo an offended look. “Obviously. That’s my husband.”
“Why would that be legal?”
The offense turned to exasperation. “I forgot about gay marriage, so pardon me for not remembering this, too.”
Remus kissed his forehead and Sirius returned to his previous awestruck state. “You’re going to take a nap and then I’ll show you wedding pictures if you still don’t remember, okay?”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
“I love you,” Sirius repeated with a lopsided smile.
Remus closed his eyes and fought back his laughter. “I love you, too.”
“Bless your patience, Remus Lupin,” Dumo snorted.
Sirius seemed unaffected by his interruption as he toyed with his wedding ring. “Do we say that a lot?”
Remus shrugged one shoulder as he pulled the blanket up to the base of Sirius’ ribs. “A normal amount, yeah. Usually before we go to bed.”
“I love you.” Sirius closed his eyes when Remus smoothed the front of his hair off his forehead. “I’m going to take a nap, so I can say that.”
“Do you want Dumo and James to stay with you?”
“Will you stay?”
“Course I will.”
“Then they can do whatever.” Sirius tried to shift onto his side, then winced. “My side hurts.”
“Sleep,” Dumo reminded him. “You’ll feel better when you wake up.”
Anyone believe in love at first sight? read a curl of text as the screen went dark. If you’re Cap, you’re lucky enough to experience it twice (this video was published with consent from all parties).
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gotkindabored · 2 days ago
Bats can purr, a little fun fact, and since bats and vamps are connected, imagine Vamp!Sirius purring without even realizing it while getting some extra loving.
Tumblr media
CONTENT: fluff, no spell check
NOTES: I just looked it up and apparently they’re also affectionate + cuddly!! I couldn’t help it & quickly wrote a blurb. Thanks for sending this in! It’s so cute!! :’)
Tumblr media
The average human woke up during the day, slept at night, and after finding his beloved, Sirius was forced to switch his sleeping schedule. And he was struggling.
Understandably, it would take a toll on anyone. Even for a vampire who didn't need to sleep often, an adjustment is an adjustment no matter if they were immortal or not.
But after centuries of waking up just before midnight to sleeping before dawn broke, the cycle had been hard to break. Additionally, Sirius hadn’t realized how sensitive he had become to the sun; his eyes burned, felt deeply uncomfortable; it was as if he could actually be set aflame, burned by sunlight alone like the lore in children's fairy tales.
It was as he was jet-lagged, but without the jets or aeroplanes.
But as the eighteenth day came of Sirius' poor attempt at modifying his sleep schedule, he was becoming sluggish as fatigue dictated his every action.
Eventually, he caved, walked up to his lover making a cup of tea, picked her up, walked to their bedroom, tossed her on the bed and immediately latched on and cuddled her.
His arms shot out to wrap around her waist, basking in the warmth from her skin. His smile only widened when he felt her finger trail along with the patches of tattoos on his shoulder blade that lead to his neck until they threaded through his hair.
Sirius wiggled, trying to press himself as close to her as possible. His face nuzzled into her neck as his body curled to mould to her side. His eyes fluttered close as he breathed in, taking in her comforting — almost therapeutic scent.
“You okay?” She asked, continuing to stroke his long hair.
Sirius let out a muffled hmph! while the feeling of bliss encapsulated his body. Everything in his body seemed to relax, shutting down until he turned to idly press quick kisses to her neck.
By nature, he was a predator, but in the arms of his beloved, he was nothing more than a lovesick fool — to be toyed with and at her mercy. A domesticated pet.
“I'm tired, that’s all.”
The feeling of her nails lightly scratching his scalp put him into a heavenly state while the beating of her heart was hypnotizing. 
But unguarded and tired, Sirius hadn't realized the deep, yet soft vibration that rolled off him.
However, she did. She could feel every slight tremble and reverberation that tickled her neck as he clutched her tighter.
“Sirius… I — are you purring?”
“Hm? Sorry?” He muttered, exhaustion laced in his voice and on the brink of dozing off.
“I think you just purred?”
Never had she felt or seen Sirius tense as quickly as he did.
Immediately, the soothing vibrations stopped and with a beat, he pulled his face from her neck, peeled himself away and stared at her wide-eyed.
If he had proper blood rushing through his veins, his face would be bright pink.
“Huh?” He tried to play dumb. The need to sleep vanished and was replaced with an overwhelming wave of embarrassment. “Purring? What are you on?”
She chuckled and pointed an accusing finger. “You were just doing it! You were purring like a cat!”
“No, I wasn’t! Stop lying!”
Tumblr media
I was imagining Sirius’ face to be like how cats raise their face when they bump into something. That >_< face!
He’d also def get irrationally upset if you hugged/cuddled a pillow rather than him
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anguishhb · 2 days ago
A normal day at Hogwarts.
MCgonagall:you did good work on your transfiguration homework, Mr. Black.
Sirius: Thanks, mom.
utter silence in the classroom
Sirius: why is everyone staring at me?
Peter: you just called professor Mcgonagall mom. you just said 'thanks, mom' ."
Sirius: No, I did not! I said thanks ma'am.
Mcgonagall: Do you view me as a mother figure, Mr. Black?
Sirius: (sweating) noooooo, I view you as a bother figure because you're always bothering me.
Remus: Hey! show your Mother some respect.
James: It's not a big deal, I called Lily mom once, and she's my girlfriend.
Sirius: Guys, jump on that! James has psycho-sexual issues.
Lily: old news. but you calling professor mommy.....
Sirius: Hey, Mommy is not on the table here.
Snape: But you did call her Mom, Black.
Sirius: you shut up. you've done nothing but lie since the class started.
Snape: Alright, I lied about you copying lupin's work, but the Mom thing happened.
Sirius: AHA! He confessed! He admitted his accusation was a lie. It was all a lie. A part of my crazy, devious plan.
Mcgonagall: I believe you.
Sirius: thank you...
Mcgonagall: Son. would you like to have some biscuits in my office?
Sirius: (quiety) I would like that.
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*After Sirius is disowned*
Regulus: I’m going to the bathroom *holding back a sob* not to cry uh.. *sniffling* poop..
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axxnniee · a day ago
i wanted to write about it for quite some time already and i actually mentioned this topic before (not that deeply as i'm planning to now) and that made me realise something. still big hp tumblr community believes snape was good. and you have no idea how surprised i was by that (one of the very few good things in hp tiktok is more snape slander comment).
beginning with this shit
the way snape grew up was indeed sad and i do feel sorry for that cause no matter what, no matter fiction or real life, no child should go through so many parents' fights.
but that's not the excuse.
snape is not the only character abused in childhood. the best example is harry and we can see how he turned out. there's also a very important difference between those two.
snape had lily.
i don't like nor really agree on comparing traumas cause everyone goes through those things differently, but we all have to agree that snape had it little better by having this one person that loved him (platonicly) and wanted to help him. this person he could talk to. he had lily, while harry had no one.
snape had his best friend yet turned out to be a death eater while harry who never had anyone in childhood turned out to be an amazing person.
yes, snape had one friend before hogwarts, but not in hogwarts. he was stated to be part of the slytherin boy group aspiring to become death eaters (together with mulciber for example).
snape didn't become a death eater by accident. it was a long process of him changing his views and priorities already at hogwarts. i do believe that the group friend he got himself into might have been partially responsible for changing his views, but it does not justify snape's views.
lily wanted to help me. snape was stated to be getting deeply interested into dark magic already as a teenager and lily noticed it too. she noticed the people he's hanging out with and didn't approve it as she knew what type of people they are. yet she was still there, she cared for him. lily said herself she tried to ignore things he was doing even though others didn't approve it.
yet he called her a mudblood. it isn't a random slur, that's what death eaters called people they mainly wanted to kill. who they believed to be less skilled, unworthy even living. i've seen a lot of people calling lily too sensitive but it wasn't just a word. it was as if he believed her to be worse sort, someone unworthy magic or even living. after all she did for him, after being there for him since before hogwarts.
and i think one of the funniest hypocrisy in hp fandom is how snape's fans bash lily for marrying a bully, yet they forget how back when snape and lily were friends, she confronted him about being friends with mulciber (a literal death eater) who did a nasty thing towards mary macdonald. and snape just said it was a joke.
and i do agree marauders (mainly james and sirius, as this is what we mostly got to see) were bullies towards snape. but snape wasn't any better and even dumbledore himself said this. let's not forget that it was snape who was obsessed with finding out the truth about remus. he wanted them to be expelled. and yes, what sirius did was higly dangerous and stupid, i fully agree, but snape played his part in it too, let's face that. and the damn sectumsempra. a curse for enemies. remus stating it was snape's speciality. we all fucking know he made it for james. both marauders and snape were bullies for each other.
but you know why it's marauders who are more commonly considered better? cause even though we had a very little content of them in canon, at the end of a day they were better people (not counting peter obviously). they joined order of phoenix, stood up against pureblood supremacy, fought against death eaters. james died for his son and wife, all that trying to protect them.
i once saw a good summary. the thing snape and james had in common is that both of them would let james die for lily.
in the same time snape joined death eaters. it was fully his decision. he was a half-blood after all, there wasn't really any pressure for him to join there.
he heard the damn prophecy and gave it to voldemort immediately. and got two families with little babies in danger. and you know what? he didn't give a damn about longbottoms. nor he did for harry and james. all he cared was to save lily. even dumbledore was disgusted by that. he didn't care that lily would be devastated after james and harry's death. he just wanted her. that shows his selfishness. and i think this comes to that line between healthy love and obsession. he didn't care what she wanted, he later said to hide them all cause dumbledore wasn't happy with his previous words.
if longbottoms were targeted instead of potters snape would never resigned from being a death eater and never become a spy. the whole spy persona was just for dumbledore to agree on helping. not that he cared much about changing the views. he regretted being a death eater because he got lily and lily only in trouble, not because of all the bad things he did towards other people.
he didn't change after becoming a spy.
he kept bullying children. he had a great knowledge for potions but all he did on the lessons was writing instructions on the board, without trying to help the students more - while potions are indeed dangerous subject. he kept favoring slytherins by taking away points from gryffindor for all the little things, slytherins never got scolded on the lessons, golden trio would get super long detentions but slytherins only when he really had no choice but to give them. even during the duel between harry and draco in 4th year he was way nicer to draco. he was the only teacher whose newt's class required O (everyone else wanted at least E) and with the way of teaching he made it almost impossible to get to this class. by this he probably ruined some future careers. he bullied neville to the point of being his boggart, all because his parents didn't die, but lily did. he made fun of hermione's physical appearance. screamed at students several times. kept bullying harry only because he looks like his father (cause in fact harry has a lot of lily's personality), which only showed his immaturity.
things he did during the war really don't count. he wouldn't have done them if not for sake of promise to dumbledore. if not for sake of obsession towards lily. jkr herself even stated that if harry wasn't lily's son he would give a fuck about him. let's begin with the fact that he wouldn't have to do anything if he simply didn't tell the prophecy. his fault.
he was the one who told the whole school about remus being werewolf. because he didn't get his order of merlin. due to that, remus again didn't have a job. he was ready to give both sirius and remus to dementors without even knowing the truth and he ignored golden trio trying to explain him that. all for sake of old rivalry, even though remus treated him like a civil. cause despite remus having flaws too, at least he grew up from the teenage rivalry. unlike some others.
oh, and i've seen people saying that he was rude cause he was a spy and he had to. well, no. rationally looking at this, he would make a better spy if he acted nice towards student. i can assure you if students were asked who out of teachers is most likely to be a death eater everyone would pick snape. honestly from his behaviour since beginning of the book it was obvious he did work with voldemort. anyone who thought of this rationally knew that, golden trio literally suspected that since 1st year before the knew he was a death eater. if he acted nice then he would make people surprised by joining voldemort after killing dumbledore. it's not like he was rude for spy's job, he was just overally rude.
as much as i love alan rickman, the movies changed snape's character much. they made him so stoic all the time while in canon he had some severe anger issues problem (even fudge stated that in poa). not to mention how they cut off a lot of moments of him being an absolute asshole.
i hate him with passion, i'm glad he's dead and i'm just crying over the fact what's albus' second name. i see what jkr's intentions were but she should have given snape a redemption in order to make this work. but she didn't. snape had no redemption, he never regretted things he did to people other than lily. he wasn't a grey character, he was just a bad character who later worked on a good side for sake of obsession after dead love and promise he made to an old guy
waiting for snape's fans to come at me again ✌🏻
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