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Ink & Parchment

Friday, September 24th, 1976


Have I thanked you for your brilliance? And apparently your do diligence for going through a transfiguration textbook when you’re no longer taking that class! I was right, I’m going to have to keep my eye on your library hours. We’re not even through the first month of school and you’re already studying too hard. Though maybe now that we have an extra large bed to enjoy, you’ll be more apt for a lie in.

The looks on James and Peter’s faces when they saw our little love nest was hilarious! I guess I can see why it was so hard for us to convince them we aren’t shagging yet. Not that we won’t have use for those silencing charms James was so insistent that we use. He really can be dramatic sometimes.

Snuggly yours,


P.s. Hogsmeade this weekend! Do you want to go just me and you, or are we going all four of us? Either way, I’m treating you to all the Honeydukes you could hope for.

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Word Count - 1305

“Lily, your pregnant?” I asked putting my hand on my head as we sat around a table for the meeting, “Alice you are two?” I asked leaning back in my seat in disbelief.

“Which means you both will have a safe house to stay in for the time being, you’ll both have a secretkeeper of your choice, no one goes to the house,” Moody said standing up. “I have two house ready for you two, you’ll just have to choice when you wanna go,” Moody said walking out and leaving, Alice, Frank, James, Lily, SIrius, Remus, Peter and I to all talk.

“This is just great,” Alice said throwing her head into her hands. “We have to go right away, we can’t risk anything happening to our baby,” She cried out. “Maggie, your our secret keeper, your my best friend and i’d trust you with my life,” Alice said putting pressure onto my shoulders.

“I’ll do it, and i’ll make sure nothing happens to your baby,” I said to Alice grabbing her hand. “Everything is gonna be fine,” I smiled. 

“Peter, Sirius and Remus, your like brothers to me and i’d like you to be our secretkeeper,” James said putting his hand out, Sirius, Remus and Peter grabbed onto his.

“We’ll go tonight too, the sooner the better,” Lily said grabbing my hand. “Your our baby’s godmother, I know you’ll protect him with your life,” Lily whispred kissing my head in confurt.

“Come on then, we have to do this quick,” Moody said tapping his staff onto the ground. We all grabbed hands and were brought to different houses. 

“His names gonna be Neville,” Frank said sliding his hands against their new house walls. “He’s gonna grow up strong and brave, like us,” He mumbled looking around.

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HP Dark Art Day 27: Dobby

Fun fact: Sirius Black actually gets along with magical creatures, but sometimes Remus has to worry.

The actual story was probably something innocent as Sirius accidentally walking into Dobby finishing with his own bath. But who’s to say? 🤷

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Okay listen I know James Potter was a little bitch in hogwarts and so were his friends but I believe that he did change by his 7th year and then got with lily Evans. I know lily isn’t stupid to date someone like James if he didn’t change so if he matured and everything then okay. I also respect his bravery and everything so he’s not my favorite but I don’t hate him.

I fucking hate Peter petigrew though fuck that bitch for betraying his best friends,he was a follower and everything and to me was a coward. Like I thought James would be my lease favorite but nah it’s Peter at least James was brave and so was lupin and Sirius. But fuck him and his rat looking self.

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Thank you, you are amazing babe❤ I just want a soft Sirius who’ll love me, but I guess I’ll have to do with writing about him at night:)

Tangled in the sheets

The darkness had taken over every part of the room, hiding every shadow and making every object unclear in the black void. It was silent, not any sounds but the breathing of two people.

Cold air hit your bare legs as Sirius lifted the sheets and lied down next to you. In an instant his arms had found your waist. His cold hands rested flat against your skin and you shuddered lightly at the fingers of ice breaking with the heat of your skin. Sirius’ legs were resting along yours, his toes just as freezing as his fingertips, playing around your ankle.

But your warmth soon took over the coolness. Or at least you grew costum to the cold.

Sirius’ lips were pressed against your shoulder, his hot breath on your skin. Lying on your back with Sirius’ arm draped over your stomach, you couldn’t do much but place your arm over his and stroke it lightly.

‘I love you,’ Sirius said, his lips moving on your skin.

‘I love you too, Sirius.’

‘No, but really,’ Sirius said and he lifted his head from your shoulder. Using his one arm to hold his head up he looked at you. Even in the dark his eyes seemed to shine. ‘I want you to know how much. You are perfect for me in every way possible. You have made me a better person. You have showed me that true love can come in the shape of a human. You have learned me to love myself. I am so thankful for every moment I can spend with you. I love you.’

Sirius leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against your lips. He was never one to verbally express how much he loved you. He showed his love through little actions, like getting you flowers, giving you tea when you were busy or listening to you ramble about something you liked. His ‘I love you’s were whispers, rare to hear if you didn’t iniate. You knew Sirius loved you, but to hear the words and feel his soft touch reminded you of how lucky you were to be with him.

‘I love you too Sirius, more than you let yourself believe,’ you said back. Your face was close to Sirius’, your hand in his hair. He was holding himself steady above you with both his arms. ‘And I’ll love you forever. I promise.’

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Marauders Headcannons: Baby Harry edition

Harry once called Remus ‘Dadda’ making Remus cry for an hour before Lily found him.

Sirius would tell Harry the same bedtime stories he would tell Regulus as a child.

James accidentally drank Harry’s baby formula and liked it

Peter would play Hide and Seek with Harry in his rat form.

Lily used up two rolls of pictures of Harry just making different facial expressions.

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Marauders Era

James: Yo what should I take for a Patronus

Sirius: You don’t choose your Patronus, it chooses you.

James: Which one does Lily have?

Remus: I think she has a doe.

James: Hmm, well a lion chases the doe…

Remus: …too eat it.

Sirius: Well you could try to make a stag..

James: No, I’ll ask Lily what would she want

James: Hey Evans, what animal do you think I can be?

Lily: A pig.


Peter: She didn’t even hesitate

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hello @prongsdamnyou is always a nice thing have you around here :)

do you believe i never read anything from them?

of course, the idea of ​​Sirius with Marlene, of the two being (in my head at least) a bit explosive but understand each other, it’s great
but (and I blame Vouyer for that) I LOVE sirius with Hestia, and as much as it’s almost impossible to find things from the two together, I love the idea of ​​Sirius with someone opposite him (that perfect old cliche! )

but it is not to be denied that the sexual tension that goes through my head of Marlene and Sirius hating each other in front of everyone, but kissing hidden in a closet, is GREAT 

so, imagining a world where Hestia doesn’t exist, I ship them hard

with Mary I don’t know, all the fanfic I’ve read, she almost didn’t show up and I have a little difficulty imagining how her personality is

so, i prefer Marlene, in this case

send me a couple and i will give an opinion :)

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I just realized that in Heroes of Olympus, Percy and Annabeth are the old couple. Like yeah they have life get in the way, but they are the ones who have been around the longest. They are the Silena and Beckendorf of Camp now. The Tony and Pepper of Camp Half-Blood. These two who took 5 years to figure out their best friend liked them back are who younger campers go to for advice and who they look up to. When I have headcannons for universes meeting, especially that one couple every fandom clings to, I wanted to imagine Will and Nico meeting Remus and Sirius somehow, and Will and Remus bonding over their boyfriends chaotic energy. But it works better for Annabeth and Remus. Because both couples have been through hell and back. Huh

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james: what’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

sirius: think about myself

james: haha that’s funny

sirius: i’m being serious

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watching an among us stream as i finish this among us fic 😌might post it tonight, most post it tomorrow, idk yet but i’m really enjoying it and it came easy to me so i hope y’all enjoy it if you decide to read

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Admissions Advice Corner
#announcements | Server upkeep + general information!

sapphic charms ✧・゚: * [mit ‘23] (Today at 6:03 PM)
@everyone the results of our annual meme contest are in and…drumroll please…the winner is the hilarious, the astonishing, the way too active @starman but like, COOLER! sirius dazzled the mods of AAC with his surrealist college admissions meme, and we’re proud to crown him as the meme king of this year’s halloween meme contest.

(as a side note, seriously, sirius, get more sleep.)

to claim your prize, please dm one of the mods! once again, congratulations to sirius, and thank you to everyone who participated!

padfoot (Today at 6:05 PM)
told you i was the meme king

moony (Today at 6:07 PM)
i guess you really are
congrats on the win lol

Sirius’s winning meme definitely fits the description of surrealist—it’s a deep-fried screencap of a Reddit post on r/collegeadmissions titled “Does college admissions make anyone else hate themselves?” Sirius has photoshopped in a skeleton wearing skull-shaped orange sunglasses and a speech bubble stating, “Joke’s on you, college admissions, I already hated myself!”

padfoot (Today at 6:07 PM)
thank you thank you
emmy being a judge probably helped
we basically have the same sense of humor

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)
what’s that?

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
incredibly depressing

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
anyway on an unrelated note i finally submitted my yale application ten minutes ago
now all there’s left to do is wait and hope i don’t get in

moony (Today at 6:09 PM)
you know
you’re probably the only applicant who doesn’t want to get in

padfoot (Today at 6:10 PM)
if i don’t get in that frees up a space for someone else that actually wants to go

moony (Today at 6:10 PM)
i guess
congrats on submitting your first app though

padfoot (Today at 6:11 PM)

“Remus? Are you ready yet?” His mother’s voice, slightly muffled by the closed door, comes from the hallway, and Remus sighs. Honestly, he’d rather be hit by a semi-tractor-trailer truck and spend the rest of the week in the hospital than go to this Halloween party with Peter, but it’s not like he can back out now, less than twenty minutes before he’s supposed to leave the house.

read more on ao3!

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