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#sirius black fluff
celestialevie · 2 days ago
Take a risk // Sirius Black x f! reader
Tumblr media
Pairings: Sirius Black x f! reader, Lily Evans x platonic f! reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Your best friend Lily Evans is getting married and you're the maid of honour. The best man? The nortorious Sirius Black.
Warnings: Swearing
Word count: 3.1k
A/N: Here I am once again with posting super late, lol. I am so sorry for not posting anything last weekend but I was having serious back pain I couldn't sit for long time and I just recovered from being sick. I hope you guys enjoy this!!
When the wedding invitation arrived at your adress, seeing James and Lily's names on it, made you the happiest for your best friend. Ever since she admitted to you about having feelings for James long before anyone from Hogwarts knew. The only thing that surprised you is how quickly they got engaged, but you couldn't blame neither James or Lily for wanting to lock it down after spending so many years wasted. Lily and you met back in summer of 1976 when The Evans family was on a vacation in France. You're also a witch but also half a veela, attending Beauxbatons. During the school year, we've sent each other letters but as soon as the summer starts, we're already planning how to meet up again. She became your closest friends and you were looking forward to finally meet the friendship group of James and Lily or as Lily said they like to call each other ' the marauders ', especially Remus since Lily thought you and Remus would be perfect for each other. About a month before the wedding you've arrived in England, staying at Potter's Manor per both bride and broom's request. The portkey sent you to the station 9 3/4 , from where you apparated just a bit around the corner where the Potter Manor is, incase some wandering muggles were to see you. As you walked up to the door, about to knock/ring the bell, the door flew open and the furry of red hair was all you saw before you were jumped. '' Y/n oh I'm so happy you're finally here!!'' she was hugging you tight as you laughed. '' Merlin, Lily you almost gave me a heart attack. I'm happy to be here. It would be lovely if you would let me inside so I can breathe properly. '' you chuckled as she released you from the hug. '' Oh right, sorry. Come in, everyone is excited to meet you. Well almost everyone. Sirius is currently out of town for a few days, but he's also excited to meet you. '' she leads you over to the living room where bunch of people are sitting and chatting. '' Everyone, this is y/n. Y/n this is everyone. '' Lily introduces you. A tall guy with sandy hair and scars on his face is first to get up and introduce himself. '' It's nice to meet you. You must be Remus, right? '' you shake his hand with a smile. He's definitely handsome man. '' Correct. It's nice to meet you as well. Lily told me a lot about you. '' he grins. '' Only good things I hope. '' you laugh as a slightly shorter guy with dark brown hair and brown eyes with glasses approaches you. '' Well if it isn't the famous James Potter. '' he laughs as he hugs you. '' It's nice to see you again, y/n. You look just as hideous as the first time I met you. '' you gasp in fake horror. '' Such a crude words to the only woman who's the bride's getaway driver. '' you wink at Lily, making her shake her head as she laughs. '' I forgot how riddiculous you two act when you're together. '' a shorter guy with dirty blonde hair approaches you and introduces himself as Peter. '' Oh it's so nice to meet the one marauder who is slightly rational. '' you smile at him as you shake his hand. The girls known as Marlene, Dorcas and Mary introduce themselves, before you finally get to the hosts of the house. Euphemia and Fleamont Potter. '' Hello Mr. and Mrs. Potter, thank you so much for letting me stay with you until the wedding. '' you approach them and shake their hands, but Euphemia brings you into a hug. '' It's very lovely to have another female in the house. Lily and me definitely aren't enough to keep these three boys in check. '' you laugh. '' I'm sure you manage just fine. Just wait until James give you an heir. It's gonna be even bigger mess then. '' Euphemia laughs and you all sit down and chat for a while, before Lily and James take you upstairs and show you where you will be staying. '' So this is your room for now. Sirius' room is right across from yours, and mine is just a bit down the hall. my parents' room is on the second floor so you don't have to worry about anything. I hope you like the room. '' James gives you a quick side hug before returning downstairs, leaving you with Lily. She closes the door, and the
minute she does it, both of you scream out of happiness and hug each other. '' It's still a shock to me you're actually getting married to the person you hated like three years ago. And the fact that you choose me as your maid of honour is just as crazy to me. I'm surprised you didn't pick Marlene or Mary or Dorcas.'' she gives you a mean look. '' Don't sell yourself short. While I adore all three of them, you're the one who knows all of my secrets. Of course you're the one I want to be the closest by my side. They're gonna be bridesmaids. Remus and Peter are groomsmen along with Frank Longbottom, Mary's boyfriend and he shared the dorm with boys, he's very close friend of ours. '' Lily and you sat on your bed for awhile and chatted before you decided to go back down and join the others.
That's how the next couple of days went. You would spend time with Potters, sometimes you would go on a lunch with Remus (who ended up being a very close friend, neither of you interested in other romantically). Until the day Sirius Black finally showed up, back from his trip. '' Hello family, I'm back home! '' but you were the only one there. Euphemia and Fleamont were working at the ministry while James and Lily decided to go on a date. They wanted to bring you with them, but you didn't feel like being a third wheel. '' Sorry, no family, just me. You must be the famous Sirius Black. '' you shake his hand. '' That I am. I assume you're y/n, Lily's best friend? '' you nod your head. ''Correct. I assume they didn't expect you to show up, because Lily and James are out on a date, while Fleamont and Euphemia are working. '' he nods his head in agreement. '' Yeah I was supposed to come back tomorrow but felt like coming home one day early. '' there's a moment of silence until you break it. '' Oh you must be exhausted from your trip, don't mind me. I'll be out of your way, I planned on going to explore the town. '' You quickly get your things and put on jacket and shoes. '' Oh you're not a bother at all. Would you mind if I joined you? I feel like Lily would bite my head off if I let you go alone. '' you laugh at that. '' I don't want to be a bother. I've been here once or twice before so I definitely know around the city at least a bit. '' He shakes his head. ' Nonsense. I would be happy to keep you company, let me just go quickly change my clothes and we can go then, okay? '' he smiles at you. '' Sure. I'll be waiting here. '' he quickly runs upstairs, changing into a different clothes, before rushing back down. '' Okay, I'm ready to go. '' and with that you leave the house, deciding to apparate somewhere closer to the center of town. As you're walking around the town, you're slowly warming up to him. You weren't immune to his charm, despite the rumours about him that even are going around in Beauxbatons. As much as he was charming you, you told yourself not to get attached during your temporary stay here. While it is definitely not a huge distance between England and France, it's just something you can't make your heart go through. '' Lily never told me she has such a beautiful friend. I'm surprised she kept you this long to herself. Well besides Prongs, I know you met him once or twice. '' Sirius winks at you, the heat rushing to your cheeks. '' Oh don't get too ahead of yourself. Didn't Lily warn you about me being half veela? Maybe I'm using my veela charm to seduce you. '' you wiggle your eyebrows, making him break out in laugh. '' I've been around some veelas and half veelas before, you're nothing like them trust me, I would've known if you're using your charm. '' his answers makes you raise your eyebrows in curiousity. '' Oh? I mean I heard some things about you back in Beauxbatons, I always just thought they were made up rumours, but now it makes me think, some of them might be true. '' he sighs. '' Well I did sleep with one or two of them, but nothing out of ordinary, not sure what kind of rumours you've heard about me. '' he shrugs. '' Wait are you implying they used their veela charm to seduce you in their bed? Because that is highly illegal and very wrong. '' Sirius shakes his head. '' Not at all, I was mostly just joking, both sides were consentual. '' '' Oh, okay. '' you keep walking around, just talking small things for about an hour before you decided to go back, assuming at least James and Lily have came back from their date.
The next weeks have gone by quickly. You've grown quite close to the group and it's definitely a good thing. Sirius and you have gone out a few more times on a walks, sometimes alone, sometimes with everyone else in the group, or with just the rest of marauders and Lily. He's definitely quite a flirty person and you're not sure how you feel about it. Today Lily, you, Marlene, Mary and Dorcas are going wedding dress shopping, along with the dress for you and the bridesmaids. Boys decided to go suite shopping as well, later on everyone meeting for a lunch. As you arrived at the bridal shop, you were surprised how many wedding dresses there actually was (which I know is to be expected in a bridal shop, but there's so many choices to pick from). '' Oh wow, this is a good shop you've picked Lily. Are you sure you won't be overwhelmed? Cause I'm not even the bride and I feel slightly overwhelmed. '' Lily chuckled. '' It's my second time here. I narrowed down the choices of dresses I like, so let's get to picking. '' everything was amazing, the shop assistant offered us champagne, we all enjoyed and everyone was all giggly. After deciding and agreeing with Lily on what dress she should pick, it was your turn to choose. There were many beautiful dresses to choose from, but once your eye caught the dress in y/f/c, you had to try it on. As soon as you tried it on, you knew it was the one. As you walked out to show it to the girls, they all agreed you had to pick that one. '' It's a no brainer, y/n. It looks amazing on you. '' Marlene said. While you were trying on your dress, the girls decided on a lilac colour but different styles of dresses. It was time to meet up with the guys for the lunch.
As the wedding day was coming closer and closer, the more Sirius and you grew closer. It was frustraiting that you allowed yourself because you're just waiting for one day to wake up and realise you've caught feelings for him. You going back to France the day after the wedding is the biggest reason you're refusing to allow yourself to fall for Sirius, no matter how lovely he is. Well as lovely as you can get considering all the shit he went through with his pureblood fanatic family. You adored your family, and you're too afraid what would happened if you were to move to England.
About a week before the wedding, Sirius and you were the first ones awake, so you decided to go get a breakfast for everyone together. As you're walking towards the bakery, he strikes up a conversation. '' How did you sleep? '' '' It was alright. You? '' Sirius gives a slight nod. '' It was good. So I was wondering what are your plans today, if you have any? '' he takes a short glance at you before continuing to look ahead of him. '' Well besides this short trip to the bakery, I don't think so. Why? '' you take a look at him. His shoulder lenght black hair is tied up into a ponytail, his beard neatly cleaned up, and it looks very soft, making you want to touch it. Shaking off your thoughts, you notice he's looking at you as well. '' I wanted to know if you'd like to go on a date with me. Tonight. '' It's safe to say you're shocked. You definitely didn't see that coming. '' Oh Sirius '' you let out a sigh as you stop and gently place both of your hands on each side of his face. '' I would've loved to go out with you on a date, but I have to be honest with you. I'm going back to France the day after the wedding. I can't allow myself to fall for you and then go back to France. I really like you, I do. '' you say as you gently swipe your thumb over his cheekbone. His beard was as soft as it looked. He nods, putting his hand on top of yours. '' Thank you for being honest with me, l' ange. '' You smile at him. '' You shouldn't speak french to me, it's gonna make me fall for you, we don't want that. '' he only smiles cheekily before placing a kiss on your cheek, continuing to walk forward to the bakery. It's gonna be one long week. After you come back with breakfast everything seems fine. Nothing out of ordinary, Sirius continues to act like you didn't say no to a date with him. It goes on until few days later, when right before you're about to go to bed, Lily barges into your room. '' What's going on with you and Sirius? He's not acting as his usual self around you. '' you look at her confused. '' What are you talking about? He's acting the same way he's been since the day I met him couple of weeks ago. '' Lily shakes her head before sitting on your bed next to you. '' He's different. I don't know what it is, but something must've happened between the two of you. '' rolling you eyes, a sigh escapes you. '' Fine. the other day when we went out to get everyone a breakfast, he asked me out. I declined because the day after the wedding I'm travelling back to France, I don't want to start something that would lead me to catching feelings. Which leads to heartbreak, the last thing I need. '' she sighs dramatically. '' If only you would only make your best friend's only wedding wish come true. '' she looks at you with knowing look in her eyes. '' Lily as much as I love you, my whole life is in France. And me moving is definitely not your only wedding wish. '' she scoffs playfully. '' Fine. But you will give in eventually. '' she places a kiss on your cheek and leaves your room, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
The wedding day is offically here. Since the moment we woke up, it's been hectic and chaotic. From getting your makeup done and hair, to putting on your dress, helping Lily get into her dress, taking photos. It's time for the ceremony to begin. The music starts to play and each bridesmaid gets paired with groomsman and walks down the aisle. Mary and Frank were the bridesmaid and groomsman walking before you and Sirius. '' I'm sure you've been told many times today but tu es magnifique. '' he whispered in your ear just a moment before it was your turn to walk down the aisle. '' Thank you. Tu es beau. '' a small chuckle escaped his lips, as you two walk down the aisle. The music changes and Lily along with her dad slowly makes her way down the aisle to James. The ceremony was beautiful, made you cry. Reception is amazing. James and Lily danced to the song that played on the party when she kissed him for the first time. Sirius and you danced couple of times throughout the night, you also danced with both James and Lily, even with Remus and Peter. One of your favourite slow songs started playing and you took it as an opportunity. Sirius had his back turned to you, chatting with Frank, as you tapped him on the shoulder. '' M'accordes-tu cette danse, Sirius? '' you grin at him. '' I would love to. '' he takes your hand into his and leads you to dance floor. You dance in silence, enjoying the music. '' Hey Sirius? '' you break the silence. '' Hm? '' you take a step back from him, looking him into eyes. '' I was wondering, if your offer to take me on dinner is still on? If it is, I would love to take you up on it. '' you laugh at his shocked expression. '' Are you serious? '' you bit your lip trying not to laugh at his pun. '' Dead serious. I have to give in and listen to bride's only wedding wish/gift from me. To move here to England. As long as I have all of you guys by my side, I'm sure I'll be okay. '' he picks you up in his arms and twirls you, making you shriek in surprise. '' Fuck yes, tommorow is alright with you? '' he puts you down, wrapping his arms around your waist. '' Yes. Tommorow is perfect. '' you say as you place a gentle kiss onto his lips. I guess some people are worth taking a risk for.
l' ange - angel
tu es magnifique - you look beautiful
tu es beau - you look handsome
m'accordes-tu cette danse - can i have this dance
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katmoonz · 2 days ago
Dialogue Masterlist
Characters I write for
Sirius Black
Calling Sirius Daddy for the first time
Sirius mocking you for whining
Telling Sirius that you want kids
Remus Lupin
Remus with a piss kink
Crying during sex with soft Remus and he panics because he thinks you’re hurt
Narcissa Malfoy
Narcissa calling you out for being a brat + degrading you
Draco Malfoy
Draco putting in your first butt plug and calling you a good girl
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scandalous-chaos · 9 hours ago
The Grimmauld Place Sirius Black x fem!Evans!reader
Summary: A plan gone wrong | mainly angst. | young!Sirius
[ muggleborn!reader, pre-established relationship, reader gets injured, swearing, mentions of underage drinking and food ]
requested by @marauder-madness​ | masterlist
Tumblr media
“Look, you can’t let them know that you’re a muggle-born,” Sirius said hurriedly, making sure his door was locked.
“Why not?”
Sirius looked at you with his mouth slightly open. “Y/N, they will—”
“Freak out?” You interrupted, bored. “I can deal with that.”
“They won’t just freak out,” he said seriously. “They will hurt you.”
“C’mon Padfoot—”
“You’re not listening! You don’t know my family like I do. They’re cruel, idiotic and selfish and they can’t know their oldest son is dating a muggle-born.”
Begrudgingly, you shrugged. “Fine, then. I’ll pretend to be someone I’m not. Happy?”
His fingers brushed against your cheeks apologetically. “This is only for thirty minutes. We’ll go to the Potters’ and be done with everything.”
Your hand covered his, then removed it from your face. “I have a feeling that’s not true, Sirius. And we should stay for dinner so it doesn’t get suspicious.”
“Do I have to remind you that this was your idea?” He asked, a bit too sharply.
In his defense, that was true. 
You were tired of seeing your boyfriend going through that pathetic excuse of a family so you asked him to stay at Potters’ indefinitely. James was more than happy with that idea. But before running away, Sirius needed to get his stuff from his house, and he still haven’t mastered how to disapparate on his own, so you decided to come with him under the guise of “meeting his family.”
He was adamant on saying no, but you pointed out that he didn’t have a choice. Getting his stuff required atleast an hour and disapparating required the basic knowledge on knowing the destination. Sirius has never even been to Potters’ before so you knew you’d help.
But when they reached the Grimmauld Place, Walburga thought you resembled a pureblood girl she met once in a party, and was more than willing to ask them to join for dinner.
Which for some reason you agreed to.
“We can stay for dinner, it’s only one more hour!” You said defensively.
“What if in that hour, mother suddenly remembers that you look nothing like the pureblood she saw?”
“She won’t.”
Sirius threw his arms up in frustration. “What is actually going on here? Our plan was to get the stuff and leave. What suddenly makes you cozy up to my mother?”
“I hate her.”
“Then why?”
You looked away from him, rubbing your left elbow with your right hand, a gesture you only did when you had plans. Usually stupid ones.
Sirius groaned. “Just say it.”
“I want to talk to your brother,” you said finally, giving up.
“Why on earth—”
“He knows I’m a muggle-born, okay? Yet he didn’t say anything so far. Maybe he’s not like the rest of them.”
“Y/N…” Sirius rubbed his forehead impatiently.
You sighed. “What? Is it cruel of me to think your brother might be going through the same pain you are?”
“Not everyone wants to be saved!” He snapped.
“But isn’t it unkind not to help? What makes you different from Regulus?”
“I’m not a goddamn death eater!”
You scoffed. “Do you think he had a choice? He doesn’t have anyone to run off to!”
“No, you listen to me! You just don’t want to admit I’m right. But sometimes the right thing to do is admit you’re wrong! Sometimes the right thing to do is lose!”
He opened his mouth to retort, but the door to his room opened magically and Walburga stepped in.
“Am I interrupting something?” She asked.
“No, mother,” Sirius said hastily.
“We’ll be down for dinner,” you added. “We were just discussing… things.”
“So I’ve heard,” his mother smiled. “So tell me, what’s your last name, Y/N?”
Sirius blinked.
“Uh, Redwood,” you lied, remembering a pureblood Slytherin of the same name at Hogwarts.
“Y/N Redwood?” She asked, pondering. “That’s funny because the last time I saw you, I’d have swore your name was something else.”
“That party was wild,” you said, shrugging. “Maybe I lied my name to a few people so they wouldn’t tell my mom that I’ve been drinking.”
“Ah, how clever,” Walburga did not seem convinced by your lies. She turned to Sirius. “You know locked doors never blocked Kreacher’s eavesdropping ability, do you not?”
Sirius went pale under her gaze and what she was implying.
“Turns out, your dearest Y/N is actually muggle-born,” she turned to you, and still talked about you in third person as if you’re a pet who won’t understand what she’s saying. “How dare you bring someone like her into my house?”
“Don’t talk about her that way,” came the firm reply.
Your heart started pounding at the way she was glaring at you, full of amusement and annoyance.
“Get out,” she finally said.
“You don’t get to kick her out—”
“This is my house, I get to do whatever I want!”
“I’ll go,” you interrupted.
“No, I’m coming with you,” Sirius said, but Walburga raised her wand to his son.
“You’re not going anywhere.”
“You can’t keep me prisoner here,” he hissed, his eyes full of contempt.
“I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far.”
“I’m going.”
“Then you leave me with no choice.”
You wanted to pull him out of her way, but when she muttered a spell, it wasn’t aimed at him. 
All you know was that you hit the floor with unbearable pain. Suddenly it was like you on fire, but instead of smoke, you couldn’t breath. You were drowning in invisible flames.
“STOP IT!” You could hear Sirius’s voice yelling.
“What’s so special about her anyway?” Walburga asked, her wand still high. “Doesn’t she look much more interesting while in pain?”
Sirius rushed to your side, clutching your arms and looking for the source of where the pain was coming from, which was hard to do as you couldn’t figure it out yourself. Every part of you was burning. The tears in your eyes didn’t help either.
You looked at Walburga instead of Sirius, the woman who looked proud and majestic, and you felt hate surging through your veins – more prominent than before. And the thing with hate was that the more you possess it, the more determined you become.
You really didn’t want to die proving your boyfriend’s point that they should have disappeared sooner. You were too stubborn for that.
One deep breath and you closed your eyes, imagining James’s house clearly in your vision. Shakily you stood up, then prayed to whatever ghosts looking over you, and turned on the spot, grabbing Sirius’s hand.
Walburga thought you’d make a fool of yourself, but for once, you saw shock in her face as you felt yourself disappearing.
When you reached the Potters’, you had instantly blacked out, and Sirius helped you into the couch and James called his mother, who was fairly experienced in magical medicine.
You were alive, though you did stay unconscious for the next three hours. When you finally came to your senses, you saw Sirius waiting in a chair, his eyes half-open.
On seeing movement, he rushed to you and started apologizing.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispered, chanting, and kissed your knuckles as you lay still.
“You didn’t do anything,” you reasoned.
“Wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t idiotic enough to realize you’d get hurt.”
“I think we both know that I’d have shown up anyway.”
He looked angry at your words. “How much danger have you been in because of me? The more important question is, how much more danger would you throw yourself in?”
“As much as it takes until the war’s over,” you responded softly.
“You can’t do that. I won’t let you.”
“Do I look like I care if you let me or not?”
“I will never forgive myself if something happens to you,” he said, gritting his teeth. “I love you too much to know you’ll never stop being stubborn too. You’ll jump into fire if it means saving your friends.”
“Which is what you’d do too!”
“I don’t want you to do that for me.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re breaking up with me,” you said, just as angry.
“Maybe I am,” he whispered, and you sat up on the couch in disbelief.
“Are you fucking kidding me? After all of that?”
He only nodded in reply, his eyes on anything but you.
“Sirius, you total idiot, that’s dumb! You can’t let your parents win, it’s ridiculous.”
“It’s like you said,” he said, walking away. “Sometimes it’s the right thing to lose.”
You blinked back tears, then looked at the bracelet he had given you two years ago, when you were both obliviously in love. You’d give anything to go back again, but it only meant reliving everything.
You looked up at the ceiling, wishing for the first time that you’d never met Sirius Black.
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not tagging anyone for this one because it’s not even been 24 hours since my last fic and I don’t wanna annoy my loves :’)
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gotkindabored · 20 hours ago
SerialKiller!Sirius AU
Tumblr media
A quick note: I do not condone murder, stalking or the romanization of real life serial killers. Read with caution and check the tags. These are dark fics.
Tumblr media
Things That Are Bad Always Taste Nice *
Sirius would do anything for you.
Tumblr media
Don’t Blame Me * (coming soon)
What’s your limit to love?
Tumblr media
Thoughts on SerialKiller!Sirius
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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silverdelirium · an hour ago
roommate sirius finds you doing yoga and pretends to fuck you just to hear your laugh
Your shoulders untense as you place your palms flat on the yoga mattress, and you release a sigh as your back arches slightly in the extended puppy pose.
The bliss of the stretching pulled all sounds underwater, hence why you didn’t hear Sirius’ hurried footsteps as he kneeled behind you, fitting his crotch perfectly against your ass.
You squealed as he bounced your hips against him, “Sirius!” you laugh, smacking him playfully on the hands as he lets you go with a laugh of his own, not before giving your ass an enthusiastic slap.
“‘m sorry, peach, you’re just too fucking tempting,” he shrugged.
join my 4k celebration
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havenchy · 2 months ago
Marauders Fic Rec
Tumblr media
— sending my love and appreciation to all of these writers! <33
Tumblr media
🤎 - fav ❀ - fluff ❂ - hurt/comfort ✵ - angst
Poly! Marauders
mafia! marauders dialogue ❀ - @velvetcloxds
fifth ❀ - @earlgreydream 🤎
neglected ❂ - @saintlike78
the marauders' hair salon ❀ - @akraziia
x hufflepuff!reader ❀ - @thotbutpurple
picnic ❀ - @crystal-dee 🤎
tough love ❂ - @saintlike78
baby ❂ - @slut-4-rafe
reprieve ❂ - @acosmis-t
greedy ✵❂ - @saintlike78
exams ❂ - @anordinarymuse
"i hope you like back rubs then" ❀ - @yourlocalmaraudersbabe 🤎
S. Black
sirius dialogue ❀ - @saintlike78
his little songbird ❀ - @velvetcloxds
maybe i didn't lose after all ❀ - @shaynawrites23
countless nights ❂ - @thewinchestergirl1208
my little star ❀ - @daisycinema 🤎
baby boy & man ❀ - @soupandsimple
oh my lonely heart pt.2 ✵❂ - @bigvogues 🤎
hug ❀ - @henqtic
right here with me ❂ - @v1oletvenus
three fatal words ❂ - @wreckofawriter
tears ❂ - @once-upon-an-imagine
your dog ❀ - @wreckofawriter 🤎
J. Potter
golden retriver boy ❀ - @toms-diary 🤎
missing you ❀ - @m4r13l3y
present ❂ - @selenesheart
falling for him ❀ - @quindolyn
james coming to you for comfort on a stresful day ❂ - @siredtohayleymarshall
imitation ❂ - @randomoutsiders 🤎
hugs ❀ - @darthwheezely 🤎
helping him with his insecurities ❂ - @jamespottersmommy
never been more sure ❂ - @jamespottertheloml
helping with you sleep ❂ - @st0nesnglitter
four-eyes ❀ - @sarahisslytherin
i love you ❀ - @slycassini
R. Lupin
remus blurb ❀ - @themarauderstheoutsidersandpeggy
you and me, always forever ❂ - @sagepotters
"but you did insult my boyfriend, and that simply won't slide" ❀ - @hello-everyfandom
"look at us, dating a year and we already have children" ❀ - @hello-everyfandom 🤎
puppy ❀ - @messers-moony
i need you ❂ - @flower-chaser
g'night, my darling girl ❀ - @isolemlyswear
always with me ❂ - @spxllcxstxr
chocolates and love letters ❀ - @iwritesiriusly
spilling bear and secrets, dear! ❀ - @salazarslytherin
red noses ❀ - @sunrisefairy 🤎
soft like wildflowers ❀ - @nancybycrs 🤎
Tumblr media
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hellounicorn · a month ago
Hi! Can you do a dialogue where James is exhausted and he returns to his dorm and falls asleep while sucking on the readers t!ts and then Remus and Sirius return and they’re all “Aww was lil Jamie feeling subby.”
Awwww my baby
“Such a cute sight,” Sirius grins, observing the way the sleeping brunette sucked lightly on the skin of your tits. “My two little babies,”
“He was feeling subby, yeah?” Remus inquires, laying a soft kiss to your temple and an identical on to James’.
You sigh, running your hands through the passed out bespectacled boy’s locks. “Isnt he always?”
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x-raphawrites-x · 12 days ago
marauder era cuddling headcanons?
Cuddling Headcanons
a/n: of course! thanks for requesting
pairings: marauders (not peter), severus, lily + poly!marauders x gn!reader
warnings: mentions of remus' scars
James Potter
clingy as shit, let me tell you
he likes cuddling you fully in public
the common room sofas is a common place to see you two snuggled up with one another cause he simply does not care if other people don't like it
likes to sneak kisses on your cheek and giggle in your ear about stupid shit he did that day
secretly (not secretly at all) enjoys laying his head on your lap and having his hair played with
whines when you get up or move and pouts like a big baby so you often end up sleeping the way you are
Sirius Black
the fucking little spoon and you can't tell me otherwise
well no, he can be either but most of the time you're just a tangled mess of limbs anyway
most of the time you're on the bed or some sort of chair (he likes having you in his lap) listening intently while he talks about his day or you painting his nails
chances are, if you're together you're cuddling
sometimes, he just needs a little bit of comfort or you're a bit sad though and that's when you guys sit in silence, just basking in each others warmth and presence - these are his favourites
Remus Lupin
unlike the other two, he actually has shame and is way too nervous to cuddle you much in public - hand holding? sure. cuddles? good luck
that being said, he is an amazing cuddler! he smells good and wears soft clothes and always tells you how pretty you are when you cuddle
likes to sit in the oversized chairs in the common room and cuddle you while reading you books out loud
he seeks out cuddles after a full moon a lot, he needs to feel your touch just to remind him that he's very much a human and not some kind of monster
adores when you trace his scars while cuddling him, the way you look at them like art really boosts his confidence
a shocker? he also pouts when you get up from cuddles - just in a very distinctly Remus way
Lily Evans
she is a very busy girl honestly so there isn't an insane amount of time for cuddles
now that's not to say she doesn't enjoy them
most of the time it ends up with her sitting up, some book rested on her knee and your head in her lap, tracing your face
but when she is in the mood for cuddles, there's no escaping
most of the time it's while you're sleeping in her bed, your face tucked into her neck and her running her hand up and down your back
very wholesome
Severus Snape
please cuddle him, please, he is so touch starved the poor baby
at first? is not sure what to think about the whole cuddling concept but the more you tempt him into it, the comfier he gets
tucks his face in your neck to try and hide the fact he is flushing bright red but also because the spray you wear smells comforting to him
there isn't much talking when you cuddle, unless he needs a rant or something
in which case its very much you sat in his lap, tucking his face into your chest while he grumbles quietly
not that he would ever admit it, your cuddles are the highlight of his day and he wouldn't miss them for the world
cuddle piles are like... your thing
with so many people in a relationship, you're never left in need of a cuddle
James, Remus and Sirius have very distinct cuddling styles that you like for different reasons
James is good for if you need to sleep, because you're not leaving once he has you in his clutches, Sirius is good for a quick cuddle when you're feeling clingy and Remus is good for when you're sad and need reassurance
the best end to your day is when you come in to your boys dorms and all three of your idiots are already piled up on one bed
it's a mess, James' foot is in Remus' ribcage and Sirius hair is basically suffocating you but the sounds of giggles and soft snoring is something you would never complain about
hope you guys enjoyed! my requests are currently open and i will give you one small forehead kiss for every reblog or reply >3< ly guys!
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dr4cking · a month ago
✧.* My 1,5k Celebration Dialogues ✧.*
(+ the one in bold is the newest one as a bonus)
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy
Step brother!Draco
Best friend!Draco proving you he’s better than your cheating ex
Prof!Draco punishing you
Draco eating you out
Draco reacting to his back after a rough night with you
Draco with breeding kink
Stepbro!Draco breeding you after he got jealous of you flirting with Theo
Stepbro!Draco masturbating to you after he saw you changing your clothes
Angry fuck with Draco
Draco fuck you on your birthday
You watched your best friend Draco fucking other girl
You wake up to Draco in between your legs
Brutal sex with Mean!Dom Draco
Draco learned that you’re not as innocent as he thought you were
Being a brat in front of Draco’s friends
Giving Draco head for the first time
Having Draco’s friends watching how he fucked you dumb
Threesome with soft!dom Draco and Pansy Parkinson
Stepbro!Draco with innocence and breeding kink
Being pouty at Draco after he spanked you
Sexual tension with Draco
Boyfriend!Draco with corruption and innocence kink
Aftercare with Draco after a rough night
Admiring Draco while he’s get ready for work
Draco got jealous
You and Draco giving your son sex education
Draco helping you with your insecurities
Draco cheated on you and beg you to come back
Draco comforting you from crying
Kissing Draco’s dark mark
Posessive bestfriend!Draco
Bestfriend!Draco having a crush on you
Flirting with Draco
Soft Dom!Draco babying you after the rough activities
Cheering up Draco for his quidditch game
Tumblr media
Theodore Nott
Teasing Theo at the party
Theo lost a bet with you and has to pay for your prize
Dancing in the rain with Theo
Tumblr media
Sirius Black
Mutual pining friendship with Sirius leading to something great
Using safewords after Sirius being too rough then he gave you aftercare
Getting revenge on Sirius after he yelled at you
Tumblr media
Blaise Zabini
You being needy for CEO!Blaise
Blaise is tired and just want to cuddle with you
Tumblr media
James Potter
James craving to suck your titties
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin
Searching for comfort to Remus after Sirius yelled at you
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mystic-writings · a month ago
I Didn't Lie When I Told You I Loved You
Character/s: Sirius Black x Fem!Potter!Reader, James Potter, Remus Lupin (mentioned), Peter Pettigrew (mentioned)
Summary: Y/n Potter was never noticed by anyone– except Sirius Black. James is unhappy at their growing feelings and decides to sabotage the relationship before it even starts.
Warnings: Angst with a happy ending, slightly OOC James/James being a dick, slight panic attacks, etc.
Word Count: 5,478
Note: Edited version of an old fic, link to original post here
Tumblr media
You weren’t like your brother. Not even close. Sure, you shared a birthday and the same Hogwarts house, but that doesn’t mean anything. James was more of an outgoing type of person, and was technically one of the most popular students in your year, along with the rest of his friends. You, on the other hand, were reserved, quiet, finding that books and nature were often a better comfort than people.
When you’d first arrived at Hogwarts, James tried his best to drag you into his shenanigans, but you politely told him you didn’t like pranking innocent students, and he understood, but his friends and pranks kept him from spending much time with you, and so you drifted. Not in the way that most people think, however. You both were still close, spending the holidays like normal siblings do, but during school, his friends had all of his attention.
As for you, you didn’t have many friends, just a few girls in your year. Although, you didn’t talk to them often, either. You preferred to be completely immersed in the worlds printed in ink and tucked between precious pages that begged to be read, to be imagined, brought to life in your mind. You weren’t as well known around school as your brother was. In fact, when you tell students what your last name is, they often gasp and say, “I didn’t know James had a sister.”
And since last summer, Sirius had been staying in a room with James at your house. Since you were already shy enough around the people at school, you practically spent all your time in your room or reading in the garden, too nervous to say a word to your brother’s friend. But in those weeks, despite not even having looked him in the eye, you had managed to pique the mischievous boy’s interest.
Tumblr media
When you got back to school, Sirius found himself searching for you in his classes and the hallways and during breakfast, and when he found you, you were always alone, reading or carrying a book in your hand. He tried to approach you multiple times, but every time you saw him walking your way, you scurried off in the opposite direction. It was annoying at first, but Sirius never gave up on trying to talk to you. He so desperately wanted to find out what was going on in your head, to find out why you were so quiet and shy, to see what you were like when you weren’t so recluse.
But every time you looked at Sirius when he wasn’t looking at you, your cheeks would flush red and your mouth would upturn in a small smile. You heard what Sirius was like from what James had told you and your parents during holidays and what you had seen from him during his stay, and he was nothing like what the others thought. He wasn’t obnoxious or brash, but considerate and supportive of his friends - although a little bit wild at times - though, seeing as he was friends with James, it was to be expected.
It took Sirius weeks to be able to catch you outside of your last class of the week; Potions. You were good, of course, but not top of the class. That title belonged to Severus Snape. He caught your arm as you rounded the corner to the stairs, eager to get back to the Gryffindor common room to get all your homework out of the way so you could finish your current read, Little Women.
You admired the March women and found yourself especially admiring Jo. She was outgoing and courageous, funny and albeit a little bit selfish, but hadn’t any problems making friends with just about anyone she came across. She was who you aspired to be one day, you just had to gather the courage to be able to get there.
As you thought about the book so far, you felt someone grab your arm and gently tug you backward, spinning you around to face them. Your eyes went as wide as saucers when you were met with Sirius, although you weren’t sure who you were going to be met with, you weren’t expecting it to be him. Your face flushed red and your eyes darted to Sirius’ hand wrapped around your upper arm.
“Hey,” He breathed, completely blanking. He hadn’t thought this through, that was for sure, and now he was internally beating himself up.
“Uh… hey.” You stuttered in greeting, giving the boy an awkward smile. “Is there-” you nervously fixed the strap of your messenger bag, “-do you need help with s-something or...?”
Sirius pulled himself out of his thoughts and quickly let go of your arm. “Oh! No, uhm, actually I-I just wanted to talk to you. I’ve seen you a lot around the house and- and around school and you seemed a little lonely so I thought maybe you’d like someone to talk to.”
Taken aback by his words, you wracked your brain for something to say. You were flattered that someone like Sirius wanted to talk to you, and equally as flattered that he had noticed you. You had to be honest, he was quite attractive and funny, and you were just little old you. Y/n Potter, stuck in the shadow of her twin brother, books and music as her only comfort.
“Uhm…” You dragged the last letter, contemplating things. It felt nice for someone to truly see you for once. “Sure. I don’t think I have much going on. Just let me bring my stuff back to my room and we can go down to the lake?”
Sirius smiled and nodded at your proposal, walking with you to the common room before you temporarily went your separate ways. You changed and made sure you wrote down all the homework you needed to complete before heading down to the black lake, where Sirius sat, eagerly waiting for you.
Tumblr media
The few weeks after your and Sirius’ first interaction were fun. You spent more time with him, and you were glad about it. He often joined you in the library, where you were most comfortable, to do assignments or study for upcoming tests. If it meant he was able to get to know you and talk with you comfortably, he would do it. You helped him with his homework, too, and in that little amount of time, his grades had gone up a bit.
If you weren’t in the library then you were outside in the courtyard or sitting by the black lake, admiring what was left of the nice weather as it slowly faded from autumn to winter. He had gotten to know you quite well and usually walked with you to your classes and back to the common room.
He spent his mealtimes with the Marauders, but found himself glancing toward where you sat near the teacher’s table, immersed in a book and snacking on some toast or fruit. James had even picked up on the behavior from the two of you, and felt himself growing jealous of his sister. His sister, who stole his best friend away from him. His best friend, who was paying more attention to his sister than his best mate.
The ugly little monster reared its head and before James could do anything, he began to resent his sister, who hadn’t even done anything wrong. He should have felt happy that you were getting new friends and becoming more social, but he just didn’t understand why it had to be his best friend of all people. It infuriated him, how Sirius barely participated in pranks or hung out with them in their dorm or the common room anymore.
He was going to do something about it, and he was going to do something fast.
Tumblr media
As the weeks passed by once again, the air grew crisp and cold, and snow was falling to the ground every day. And in the time between seasons, you found yourself falling for Sirius, and he for you. He wished you had opened yourself up to more people, that you trusted in yourself to be happy with who you were. Because in his eyes, you were the most amazing person he’d ever met, and he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting to you every night before bed, or whenever he woke up, wondering what dreams your mind had conjured up.
Every time your eyes landed on Sirius, you were sure that your heart would stop beating completely. When he smiled at you or complimented you, butterflies arose in your belly, fluttering endlessly. Making him laugh felt like the best accomplishment in the world, and hearing it was your prize; the best prize in the world. You had only ever heard of feelings like this in books, and desperately hoped that one day, you would get to feel them, too. And now you did, and it was purely blissful.
Christmas break had arrived and you were going back home with Sirius and James on the Hogwarts Express, allowing them to joke around with their friends in a separate compartment, while you finished your book in another. The Picture of Dorian Gray was a book that had been sent to you by your parents, who heard great things about it from the muggles that lived down the street.
As you finished up the last pages of the book, your cabinet door opened and you didn’t look up as you said, “Occupied.”
“Ouch, N/n. I thought we were friends.” You looked away from the book with a laugh as Sirius closed the compartment door behind him and sat on the opposite side of you.
“What are you doing here, exactly?”
“What, I can’t spend time with my close friend?” Sirius asked innocently. You sent him a pointed look, ignoring the daggers that embedded themselves into your heart as he called you his friend. “Okay, fine. The boys were getting on my nerves, and you’re much better company than those blokes.”
“May I remind you that those ‘blokes’ are your best friends and one of them just happens to be my twin brother?” Your book was closed and placed on the seat beside you now, your full attention on Sirius.
“I know, I know.” Sirius sighed, focusing his gaze on the snowy countryside outside the train. “But they’re being dicks again, and I don’t think I have the energy to deal with them right now.”
A downcast mood settled in the cabinet and you knew the reason why; because even though Sirius’s family was horrible and abusive, they were still his family. After a few moments of silence, you reached over and placed your hand lightly on Sirius’, getting his attention.
“I know, Sirius. They’re still family, and you have every right to feel the way you do.” You assured the boy. “But mum and dad love you, too, and James is practically your brother. It’s okay to feel like this during the holidays, but you have me to talk to, if you ever need to.”
His lips twitched into a small smile and he put his other hand on yours before Remus burst into the compartment and you both recoiled quickly. Panting, he said, “Sirius, you’ve got to come quickly. Peter got his finger stuck in one of my bloody Chinese finger traps and we can’t get it out.”
After he shot you an apologetic look, he allowed himself to be dragged out of the cabinet and you picked your book back up, finishing the last of the pages before letting your mind wander for the rest of the trip.
Tumblr media
Christmas had come and gone, and you were quite happy with the gifts you’d gotten. James gave you a pendant that opened to a family photo that was taken two years ago, your parents bought you some nice clothes to “wear on dates or to events” (their words, not mine), and Sirius got you Jane Eyre, a book you’d longed to have since you were young, but had been impossible to find.
You practically crushed the poor bloke’s lungs when you unwrapped the gift, but he knew how much it had meant that you had it. In the following days leading up to the new year, you spent as much time as you could reading the book, meaning James got some time alone with Sirius for once.
As they both laid on their respective beds in what had been just James’s room, doing nothing but laying down and staring at the ceiling, Sirius decided to get something off of his chest. He hated having feelings for you and not telling James about them; after all, you were his sister. It came out of nowhere and very suddenly, the words echoing in the room after they were spoken. “I think I have feelings for Y/n.”
James nearly choked on his saliva as he glanced at Sirius from his position. “What do you mean?”
“What else would I mean, Prongs?” Sirius asked, sitting up and looking at his friend. “I like her. More than a friend should.”
“Well, you shouldn’t,” James said bitterly. He knew what he was about to do was wrong, but he wanted things to go back to the way they were before, with all eyes on him. Including his best friend’s. “She’s awful.”
“Mate, I don’t think we’re talking about the same Y/n-”
“Trust me, we are.” James interrupted, a scowl forming on his face. “She’s downright horrible, Pads. Practically a pathological liar, you know. A snake. Of course, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. She uses people to get what she wants, then tosses them aside like they’re garbage.”
Sirius couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He gripped the edge of the bed, knuckles nearly turning white as James casually lay on his bed, listing off all these horrible things about you. The Y/n he knew was nothing like what James was describing. You were kind-hearted and passionate, especially about nature and literature. You loved treacle tarts and butterflies, you were incredibly smart and had way too much potential for someone your age. You congratulated him on even the littlest of things, there was no way you were a liar or a snake.
“James,” Sirius said, cutting him off. “That’s not her, I know it. She’s amazing, not some- some heartless monster.”
“But she is,” James insisted, although it was a lie. “You don’t see it, do you? She’s using you,” James sat up and mimicked the position Sirius was in. “She wants to be popular, to be noticed. Or she’s trying to get back at me for it, at least. You don’t mean anything to her. Once she’s got what she wants, she’ll abandon you.”
Tears sprung to Sirius’ eyes at his best friend’s words. He didn’t want to believe James, not one bit. But James knew you best, didn’t he? How could he not believe his best friend, the person who knows you best? “You can stay friends with her if you want, hell, you can even date her, but don’t come crying to me when you realize that I’m right.”
And with those words hanging in the air, James left the room to go God-knows-where.
Tumblr media
The day before the holidays ended and everyone would be going back to Hogwarts, you had decided to do something you never thought you would, or could. Sirius had been acting strange around you lately, and you wanted to find out why, and to hopefully confess how you felt for the wizard.
You found him staring at the fireplace in the living room, your father and James went into the back to do something, and your mother at the store to buy things for dinner. “Oh, Sirius, there you are.”
A smile graced your features as you approached Sirius, who couldn’t help but think how beautifully you wore a smile. He had to forcibly stop the thoughts, reminding himself of what James had told him. His expression went stoic and he stared back at the fire, listening as you asked if you could tell him something.
“Sirius, I-” You took a deep breath, wringing your hands in the hope that they would stop shaking. “I think I like you. And not in the way that best friends like each other, but in the way that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see you, or how every time you laugh I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be able to hear it.”
The boy remained quiet, the flames reflecting in his eyes and showing you that he was tearing up. He stood abruptly and faced you. “I don’t.”
With just two words, Sirius Black sent your whole world crumbling down. “Wh-what?”
“I don’t like you like that.” He spat. “James told me the truth about you, you know. I can’t believe you would try and do that to me! I thought you were a nice person, not someone who just wanted to use me and toss me aside when you were done with me, and lie about it, too!”
Your mind was reeling at his words as an endless pit formed in your stomach, making you feel empty. Where had he come up with this? Why was he trying to tear you apart? What the hell was so wrong in your brother’s life that he had to make you feel like garbage? You clamped a hand over your mouth as Sirius continued talking, trying your hardest to hold back your tears and sobs.
Gaining back a bit of your composure, you hardened your face as best as you could and wiped the tears from your cheeks. “I don’t know who you think I am, Sirius Black, but I am not a liar, and I would never do that to anyone.”
Without a second thought, you turned and ran from the room and let a sob break free as you leaned against your locked bedroom door. The room felt too small, too cramped for you to be able to breathe. In a panic, you ripped your curtains down in an attempt to make the room bigger and the rod came down with them, clattering to the floor along with them.
You tore your sheets from your bed and knocked things off your dresser before collapsing to the floor, wrapping your arms around your legs and tucking your head down, practically screaming.
Your parents tried to get you to open the door to eat something and hopefully talk to you about what had hurt you so much, but you refused. You cleaned up your room after you felt too tired to continue crying and had buried yourself in your sheets, staring out the window at the forest behind your house, covered in snow and almost too bright for your liking.
There were no beautiful, full trees to comfort you, no birds chirping or butterflies roaming about. It was dead and cold outside, almost mimicking how you felt. Where there was once a lush, green, happy environment, bursting with life, there was now an empty, gray, and depressing wasteland. You were going back to Hogwarts tomorrow, trunks already packed, and there you could dive headfirst into your work, without any distractions.
Sirius wouldn’t be there to distract you anymore, and burying yourself in work was what you felt you needed to do. And as you thought more and more, you realized you had proved a point to yourself. You didn’t just read books because they were good company and didn’t disappoint you, you read books and kept away from people as an escape. You closed yourself off and immersed yourself in books to keep yourself from getting hurt, and this was the perfect example of it. You let Sirius Black in, and he hurt you with lies that someone fed him.
Tumblr media
In the weeks that followed, your routine went back to the way it was before Sirius. Except, instead of feeling content as things were, you were simply empty. You went to and from classes and then straight to the library afterward, skipping meals to avoid looking at or hearing Sirius. You focused all your time into reading and doing your work, and leaving the common room to go to the kitchens to eat before curfew.
You stopped asking and answering questions in class, and by this point, you hadn’t used your voice for anything except making polite conversation with the house elves as they made your food. Of course, you knew it was unhealthy, but it’s not like anyone noticed, did they? You could do whatever you wanted, act how you wanted, and not a single person would intervene because of your brother’s overwhelming shadow.
Sirius would’ve said something as soon as you started acting weirdly. He would’ve slapped you lightly and told you to get it together because this isn’t how you acted, this was not who you were. But, apparently, Sirius didn’t know who you truly were anymore, so it’s not like it would have mattered. You beat yourself up at night for making such a big mistake as falling for your friend, who was also James’ best friend.
He was the first person to show you empathy, care, and love, out of all the students at Hogwarts. It’s not like he was forced to, he did it of his own free will. And you were sure that’s what pushed you over the edge.
But one night, as the seasons were changing and winter was turning to spring again, you thought over what he had told you. “I thought you were a nice person, not someone who just wanted to use me and toss me aside when you were done with me!” “James told me the truth about you.”
James. Of course, it was James that told him those things. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could he? He just couldn’t feel happy for you for once in his bloody life. As your thoughts grew angrier and more violent, you fell asleep, cursing your brother.
Tumblr media
Your head was too full of rage the next morning when you woke up to even process that you had gotten ready and went down to the Great Hall, seemingly on autopilot. By the time you had woken up from your early morning haze and silent murder plotting, you had taken a seat near the entrance of the Great Hall, piling toast and eggs onto your plate.
The vivacious and, quite frankly, obnoxious laughter of the Marauders had rang in your ears the whole time, and you were quite ready to hex the lot of them. Although, had they caught you on any other day, you simply would have minded your own business. You ate your breakfast as fast as you could before leaving, making an attempt to move on with your day and try to forget about what you had realized the night before.
Today, the weather had been more forgiving than the past few days. The snow was almost completely melted, and although the trees were still bare and the grass was extremely muddy, the sun had peeked out from the gray sheet of clouds today and there was no need for hats or gloves outside. So, when you saw your brother and his friends in the courtyard, you knew there was something you had to say.
Quickly and impulsively, you stormed over to the group and grabbed your brother by the back of his robes, dragging him from the other three and into the open hallways that surrounded the courtyard. “James Fleamont Potter, you are in enormous trouble.”
The anger and authority in your voice surprised James. You never talked that way with anyone, and you were acting completely out of character. He gulped and regained his balance when you tossed him ahead of you, stopping in an empty part of the corridor. “What in the bloody hell is all this? What are you talking about?”
“I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, James.” Your nostrils flared in anger but tears clouded your vision in pain. Behind your e/c irises was a sea of betrayal and hurt, and at the center, was James. “Lying to Sirius? Telling him that I’m- that I’m using him to get what I want? You truly are disgusting, James.”
“I didn’t-”
“Didn’t what? Paint me as the monster to the first person who actually gave a damn for the first time in years?” You said, voice thick with unshed tears. “Why did you do it, James?”
James sighed. He knew that his reasons weren’t acceptable, that doing what he did to both you and his best friend for his benefit was disgusting and cowardly. “I did it because… Sirius is my best friend. He has been for years, and then all of a sudden you came in and he barely paid attention to me anymore. I know how it sounds, I really do, but I’m just so used to everyone paying attention to me, I just got jealous.”
A scoff escaped your lips as you rolled your eyes and threw your hands up incredulously. “Of course. The famous James Potter can’t handle his twin sister taking the attention away from him for five bloody minutes! I can’t believe you could ever be so selfish, James. I can’t even start making friends with people you know because you can’t handle not having all eyes on you!”
Your voice had raised consistently throughout your rant and you knew that others were watching the scene unfold, but you were too angry to care. “Instead of thinking it through and talking to me and Sirius like a rational person would, you went ahead and sabotaged the only thing that I even came close to counting as a relationship! Did you know that he cared about me? He enjoyed talking to me about the things I liked even though I probably bored him half to death. He was my friend, and you took him away from me. I liked him and you tore it all apart!”
The tears you had been keeping in had now painted your cheeks, your emotions finally being released from the bottle you had them tightly trapped in. In the silence, you noticed that no one in the courtyard had moved or made any sound, including James’s friends. Peter and Remus were shocked that James would ever do something like that, but Sirius seemed livid.
He kept his eyes on James, nostrils flared and eyes dark. You held your gaze on him and, as your chest heaved from the yelling, you turned and rushed out of the corridor and through the courtyard. Once you entered the school, the corridors were much more densely populated, meaning you had to push past a few people to get back to where you wanted to go.
While your feet carried you up to the astronomy tower, James was leaving the open corridor. Sirius caught sight of him and before Peter or Remus could quite catch him and hold him back from beating up James, he was already marching over to his best friend.
“Sirius, wait, I can-”
“No, James, you won’t. I already heard everything from you.” The anger that Sirius held back was struggling to break free, and he was beginning to visibly shake. “I told you how I felt about her and you lied to me! I hurt her in the worst way imaginable because of you! I told her I didn’t feel the same way she did because I believed what you told me about her!”
James downcast his eyes and without warning, Sirius’s fist came into direct contact with James’s nose. Sirius landed two more punches to his face before Remus and Peter held him back, and James only took the hits, not daring to fight back. This was only part of the punishment, he thought, the worst would be yet to come.
He heard Remus calming Sirius down, telling him that he should go apologize to you and see if he can make things better, while James wiped the blood from his nose. He watched his best friend sigh and chase after you, while his other two friends gave him disappointed looks and took him to the hospital wing to see just how hard Sirius punched him.
Tumblr media
Leaning on the railing, you looked out at the black lake and the forest just ahead of it. You took deep breaths to calm yourself, feeling too overwhelmed and stressed for your liking. Even after that, you had stayed, admiring the calm, which was oh so different from the confrontation you just had.
As you thought it over, you wondered why you were so angry. You knew why, but it baffled you. You never got that angry at anyone, never. If you were being honest, you were terrified of yourself for a few minutes. You were the type to look at it from both sides and then assess the damage properly. But that… that anger wasn’t you. Not even close.
“Hey,” His voice startled you, causing a laugh to bubble up from his throat when he saw you jump.
“…Hi.” You shied away from his eyes, but he stepped up next to you, leaning his arms on the rail and looking over at you.
“Please, look at me.” He pleaded. You bit your lip nervously before meeting his eyes, his saddened eyes. “I’m so sorry, love. I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way, that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do to you, I promise.”
You listened as he poured himself out to you. “I didn’t want to believe him, but he sounded so sure that he was telling the truth, that I doubted everything. And now I wish I never did. I know that I can’t take it back, but I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”
A large breath left your body, and you found yourself tearing up at his words. He always knew exactly how to talk to you, another thing that you liked about him. There was never an awkward moment between the two of you. Tears welled in your eyes once again and you wiped them away with a laugh.
“It seems I can’t stop myself from crying lately.” You commented, hearing a breathy chuckle leave the boy’s mouth. Turning to face him, you laid your hand on his. “And for what it’s worth, I think I’ll be able to find it in my heart to forgive you, Sirius. It wasn’t all your fault, it was mostly James’s doing. I forgive you.”
His face lifted and so did his shoulders, relief flooding his body. He gripped your hand tightly and smiled. “For what it’s worth, I do like you like that. Listening to you talk about the things you love is all I wish to hear for the rest of my life, and being in your presence makes me feel safe, like coming up for a breath of fresh air after drowning. I want to be with you, Y/n, and I know you want to be with me, too.”
You stood in front of Sirius, breathless. These types of things only happened in books, you never thought you’d live out something like this. You took your support off of the railing and Sirius copied your action, taking both of your hands. Instinctively, your eyes drifted down to his lips, and he did, too.
Your body moved closer and closer to his, and soon, his hands left yours and found their way to your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him to you, pressing your lips to his. His lips were soft and warm, feeling perfect on yours. Your fingers played with Sirius’ hair absentmindedly as he pulled you as close as you could get. Your lips molded perfectly with his, and if it weren’t for the fact that you needed air to live, you could have stayed there forever.
With extreme reluctance, you pulled away, immediately missing Sirius’s warmth. He looked into your e/c eyes with adoration and whispered, “I think I’m in love with you.”
“I think I love you, too.” A wide smile broke on Sirius’ face and he kissed you again.
“Does this mean I can finally ask you to be my girlfriend?”
“I think so, yes.” You laughed.
“Well then,” Sirius kept his gaze on you and took your hand again. “Y/n Potter, will you be my girlfriend?”
“Sirius Black, it would be my honor to be your girlfriend.” A giddy smile found its way to your lips and Sirius pulled you in for a hug.
You were never a liar, and you never would be.
Tumblr media
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earlgreydream · 2 months ago
| mafia!sirius x reader | fluff |
Tumblr media
Sirius had a long day. You recognized his weariness when he walked into the living room, where you were sat with a sketchbook.
“Hi,” you said softly, setting it aside.
Sirius’s stormy eyes came to rest on you, the tension in his brow fading as his gaze landed on you. His tattooed arms reached out, prompting you to leap up and throw yourself into his arms.
The mafia boss hugged you tightly, exhaling deeply before pressing a tender kiss to your pouted lips.
“It looks great, baby,” Sirius murmured, picking up your sketchbook and seeing your drawing.
A soft smile graced your face, and you whispered a thank-you into his neck. He dropped his head onto your shoulder and you reached up and ran your fingers through his long curls.
“Don’t stress. You’re home with me now,” you said, trying to cheer him up.
“You’re so sweet to me,” he pressed kisses to your cheeks, loving on you gently.
“I’m sorry you had a bad day.”
“It’s over now. I’m with the love of my life,” he shook his head, leaving the day behind him.
“I’m so tired, my love. Take a bath with me?” Sirius questioned, tilting your chin up so you were gazing up at him. 
You graciously complied, kissing his hand and walking to the bathroom and turning on the faucet. Sirius stripped down before helping you undress, sinking into the bath with you. He leaned against the back of the tub, tipping his head to the side and watching you settle between his legs. You rested your head on his shoulder, your back melding against his chest, a tattooed arm wrapping around your waist. 
He smeared a kiss over your cheekbone, squeezing soap onto one of your fluffy loofahs. Sirius gently scrubbed your skin, the scent of sage and lavender blooming from his touch. 
“What happened today?” You asked as you leaned forward for Sirius to wash your back. The sound of his deep sigh made you glance over your shoulder, and he kissed the top of your spine. 
“James and Remus had some trouble at a business deal.”
“Are they okay?” You fretted, fond of his right and left hand men, men you’d spent an immeasurable number of hours with, men you considered family.
“They are. Not all of our guys were,” Sirius answered, followed by a soft explanation about the dangers of the business.
He poured warm water down your back, washing the soap suds away before focusing on your hair, massaging your scalp. You let him dote on you, though as soon as he finished you returned the favor. 
He helped you move to straddle his lap so you could wash his thick curls, dragging your fingers through the locks before dipping his head back under the tap to wash away the shampoo and conditioner. His stormy grey eyes fell closed, thick black lashes brushing his tanned cheekbones. Sirius seemed soft like this, not so much like the daunting mafia boss that ruled an underground empire. Like this, he was your Sirius, the boy with all of the tattoos that would make you hot chocolate and kiss the tip of your nose. 
“I love you,” you spoke, and his eyes opened to look at you. 
“I love you.”
You washed his skin with your hands, rubbing soap into his aching muscles. Giggles filled the air as he nuzzled forward into your chest, making it difficult for you to finish. Your laughter soothed his nerves, and he spent a considerable amount of time kissing you in the bath, until the water was no longer hot. 
The two of you dried off with warm, fluffy towels before slipping into comfy pajamas. Sirius suggested popcorn and films to unwind, knowing it was one of your favorite activities. You were waiting in bed when your boyfriend returned with a huge bowl of popcorn, as well as a bag of m&ms. 
“My love,” Sirius settled you between his legs, resting the bowl in your lap. The two of you decided on a movie, settling down amongst the covers. You snacked on the popcorn and candy, one of Sirius’ tattooed hands tracing mindless shapes on your skin. Little kisses were pressed to the back of your head throughout the movie, and you settled down with him as a calming comedy droned on in the background.
When it was time to sleep, you snuggled on top of Sirius, knowing your body weight relieved his anxiety. His strong arms wrapped around your back, rubbing circles under your shirt on your lower back. 
When Sirius awoke, you were no longer on top of him or snuggled against his side. After a split second, he shot up in bed, his eyes darting around the room as he searched for you. 
“My love?” he called, discovering you in the kitchen, pouring two cups of coffee. 
“Good morning. You were supposed to stay asleep so I could bring you coffee in bed.” 
“I appreciate it. We can surely go back to bed,” he promised, pecking your lips before taking one of the cups of coffee from your hands. 
He helped lift you onto his lap, holding your coffee as you got properly settled, your head resting securely under his chin. You quietly drank your coffee, listening to soft music floating through the speakers, his free hand resting on your head. 
“Do you have to go into work today?” 
“No, I’m staying home with you,” he shook his head, gently squeezing your cheek. 
“Good. I want to make up for some lost time,” you grinned, flipping to straddle his waist and wrap your arms around his neck. 
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saintlike78 · 2 months ago
Colour [S.B.]
Pairings: CEO! Sirius x Fem! Reader
Words: 1k
Summary: your boss and boyfriend Sirius wants to try having sex in his office, but you don’t like the idea of being in public. Magic exists in this au!
Warnings: NSFW! 16+, use of safeword, degradation, praise, oral (f receiving), semi-public. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“You wanted to see me, sir?” you poked your head through the door.
Behind his desk sat your boss, or actually everyone’s boss, Sirius Black; his black hair was tied back showing off his sharply sculpted face. His suit jacket was discarded, giving you a perfect view of his toned self in his crisp white dress shirt, your eyes turned to hearts just looking at him.
“Yes, come in,” his deep voice rumbled, his signature smirk on his face as he watched you enter, shutting the door gently behind yourself.
As the door shut, new energy settled over the large office; your back rested against the door as your eyes locked with Sirius, whose smirk was cemented to his face.
An authoritative bend of his fingers and a deep, “come here, pup,” had your legs moving you toward him without a second thought.
He had pushed himself away from the desk, making room for you to stand between his open legs. Your bum was pressed against the wooden desk, Sirius’ hands placed on your hips as he smirked up at you.
“What did you need from me, Siri?” You cocked your head. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Sirius to ask you to his office, but since the two of you got together it wasn’t a regular occurrence, as to not draw too much attention to your relationship.
Sirius stood, his figure tall and proud as he towered over you, “just couldn’t wait until tonight to see my best girl.”
He squeezed your waist, gripping it and hoisting you up on his desk, a surprised gasp leaving your lips.
“But…- hmph,” you started, but Sirius’ lips on yours cut you off effectively.
You wanted Sirius, you always did, but you just couldn’t put away the thought of your colleagues just on the other side of the door.
“Siri…-“ you mumbled, breaking the kiss to look at a now pouting Sirius, “… what if someone sees.”
“Bet you want someone to come into my office to see you getting fucked by your boss like a little slut,” Sirius smirked, pulling you closer to him on the edge of the desk.
You could only whimper, shaking your head before burying it in the crook of his neck, your hands fisting at Sirius’ white dress shirt.
The last thing you wanted was for anyone other than Sirius to see you in such a vulnerable state, especially the prying eyes of your colleagues.
“N-no,” you spoke quietly, voice slightly muffled and breathing shaky. Your body stiff in Sirius’ grasp, your hands holding onto his shirt hindering movement.
Your tone of voice and body language caused Sirius’ demeanour to change completely, his grasp turned comforting as concern took over his facial features.
“Hey hey, it’s alright, puppy… what colour?” he asked gently.
It took you a moment before you could muster up a meek, “red.”
“My darling girl,” Sirius cooed, coaxing your face out of hiding, “can you tell me what you’re thinking?”
You nodded, explaining your thought process, “I just don’t like the idea that someone could come in and see us…- I’m sorry, it just makes me uncomfortable.”
“Don’t apologize…- it’s important for me to know what your limits are, pup.”
“… but does it change things if I tell you I locked the door and cast a silencing charm as soon as you entered?” he asked with an eyebrow raised, the slightest smirk playing on his lips.
“… it might,” you answered once you’d thought it over, “what do you have in mind?”
A huge grin broke onto his face, “well, pup, I’m glad you asked.”
He leaned in to reconnect your lips, giving your body a squeeze of reassurance.
“You see, pup, I’m in desperate need of my favourite snack and I just can’t wait till we get home,” he smirked as he pulled away, awaiting your consent.
You chuckled lightly, “as long as you’re quick.”
“Don’t worry, sweetheart, it’s just a little pick-me-up.”
He slowly sank to his knees, pulling you forward by your hips so you rested on the edge of the desk. With a lift of your hips, he lifted your skirt up around your waist, and with another lift he was sliding your panties down your legs, pocketing the material as he gave you a slight wink.
You could tell he was starved by the way he threw your legs over his shoulders and dug right in.
“Oh my gods, Sirius,” you gasped, gripping his hair as leverage.
He swiped his tongue over your entrance, licking a stripe up and finding your clit. He used his tongue to flick it before taking it between his lips.
All you could muster was small whines and broken moans, the pleasurable sensation building up and leading you toward one of your favourite places.
Sirius smirked from between your legs, groaning at the sweet taste of your cunt, feeling like a child let loose in a candy shop.
Your hips ground against his face, hands falling behind you to keep you up.
“Come on, love…- cum on my face, give it to me,” Sirius purred before diving back in.
It only took a few more grounds against his face and his tongue against your clit, to have you falling apart on his desk. Your body tensed as you felt the warmth flow over your body all the way down to your toes, making them curl. Sirius smirked proudly as he worked you through the feeling, squeezing your thighs before removing them from his shoulders and standing.
He smacked his lips obnoxiously, wiping your cum from his glistening chin.
“Yummy,” he grinned, leaning down to place a long kiss on your pouting lips.
“I hate you,” you joked, rolling your eyes at his behaviour. How he ever came to be the CEO is a complete mystery to you.
He helped you stand, smoothing down your skirt and holding you to him. He held your face in one hand, squeezing your cheeks.
“I think we both know that that’s not true, little puppy,” he whispered in a gruff voice, the voice that always made you flustered.
You avoided his gaze as a pink blush decorated your cheeks, deeming Sirius successful. He gave your bum a quick smack,
“now get back to work, baby.”
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Marauders Era x reader ft. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Regulus Black, Marlene Mckinnon and Lily Evans
Warnings: one suggestive comment depending on how you look at it, mentions of Black household abuse, mentions of bad self esteem, however apart from that it’s just fluff, but as always please lmk if there’s any i’ve missed!
Summary: Documenting the many love languages from the Marauders Era Word Count: 2.5k (i’m so sorry for this) 
an: ahhh. finally some fluff after around four fics of smut i think? i really hope y’all enjoy this, it felt so sweet and wholesome to wrote. enjoy babies xx 
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quality time
Remus expresses his love for you through quality time together. He doesn’t mind if it’s a walk by the lake when the sun sets across the wide horizon, or curling up on the couch with you, books grasped in the palm of your hand. His lycanthropy makes him believe that he’s not worth anyone's time; anyones love; anyone’s care. However, through the simple act of spending time together with you, he felt his fears and insecurities melt away, the weight of his heart resting in your hand as he would bury his face in your hair, inhaling the sweet scent and feeling the tension lingering on his scarred figure fade away.  
You spotted the way the lanky male manoeuvred through the crowds in the hall, the floppy honey head of his hair peeking over the students in the corridor, meandering his way over to you. His hand clutched the strap of his shoulder bag to his body, preventing the bag full of books and quills from being brushed off by a large group of wizards and witches pushing past him. “Heya lovie,” he calls out, his long legs bringing him to you even quicker than you’d expected. He approaches your figure at the end of the hall, his large hand coming forward to card through your own, craning down to smear a sweet kiss across the crown of your head. You both turn towards the doors, walking out together towards the path leading to the lake, watching the way the sky bled into a smooth plethora of colours, hues of pink and orange blending into one. “Hey Remmy, how was your lesson?” you asked, your steps quicker than his to keep up with his brisk pace. “Was good sweetheart. How was my pretty girl’s day?”
“S’even better now that I’ve got you. James and Sirius are gonna have to wait till tomorrow t’see you. Want you to myself all night,” you responded, whispering the last part into the shell of his ear, watching the way his cheeks blushed with the slightly suggestive comment. 
He gulped before replying, “whatever you want my love. Just as long as I get time with my best girl all night.” 
physical touch
Throughout his childhood, affection towards Sirius was sparse and very few and far between. Except for the occasional hug from his brother Regulus, he grew up touch-starved, never knowing how the feeling of one’s arms wrapped affectionately around another’s could blossom a love so deep to nestle within his chest. You’d made sure that throughout your relationship, he’d never go touch-starved again. You’d fill his day with fleeting touches; brushes of your hand against his; soft kisses wherever you could imagine. His day consisted of his eyelids peeling back in the early morning, eyes watching the way you slumbered peacefully against the skin of his pectoral, your hand threaded through his own as his arm pulled you even tighter to him. He felt his cheeks flush with a twinge of pink as you’d brush your soft lips against his cheek; his jaw; his forehead, peppering his blushing face in your love. The weight of his day melted from him as you’d hold each other close in the shower, arms wrapped around each other tightly, heads buried in each other’s skin as the shower water poured over your bodies, drips and drops of water running down his long hair. 
He felt the way your breathing evened out, smiling softly as your eyelids fluttered open, cooing at the way you yawned ever so slightly, snuggling your tired face back into his smooth skin. His hand came up to brush through the tangled tresses of your hair, massaging your head as the dim light breaking through the curtains broke you from your slumber, your face nestling even further into Sirius’ torso, your breathing tickling the small tufts of hair sprouting from his chest. “Morning, dovie,” he whispers, his voice so soft and barely there, it felt as if he hadn’t even said it. It wasn’t a usual occurrence that people were ever witness to the soft side of Sirius, them rather observing his snarky and confident nature. You felt privileged to see the side of such a sweet boy, so dedicated to loving you. “Morning Siri,” you replied, the soft skin of your eyelids peeling back to gaze into the grey depths of his eyes, smiling tiredly as he leaned down to kiss your temple. “How was y’sleep?” He inquired, shuffling his body down the bed to be face to face with you, his breath tickling the skin of your cheek. “So good, y’know I sleep better when I have my best boy beside me.” You lean in ever so slightly, lightly brushing your lips over his, before he takes his own initiative, connecting your lips once more in a harder kiss, pouring his love and adoration for you into every fleeting moment of it. 
acts of service
Expressing his love through acts of service, was James Potter’s favourite way to evoke his deep and irrevocable adoration for you. They didn’t need to be big or expensive, fancy or rare - the thought and tenderness he put into each one, only helped in growing the deep pool of love you had for each other. He’d see something in a store at Hogsmeade, his face pressing up against the glass to watch the dainty ornament, lagging behind as his friends ran into Zonko’s. He’d see a flower beside the black lake, blossomed and contrasting beautifully against the dark water of the lake. His fingers would pluck the petaled-flower from the ground, twirling it between his fingertips before he’d place the flower behind your ear, tucking the pretty petals in the smooth strands of your hair with a dopey smile. It would never matter to you what it was, whatever James had plucked from wherever, would always be enough for him to express his love for you - love from the boy who was known to love so deeply. 
Your heart jumped at the way the bespectacled male burst through the room, his excitement and eagerness to see you pulsating from his body into the air around you. You laughed at the way he smiled after swinging the door open, your hand rising to clutch the skin about your heart, feeling the rapid beating beneath the palm. “God James, you scared me,” you laughed, eyes crinkling at his excitement. He clutched something in his palm, striding forward to sit adjacent to you on the burgundy bed. “What’s that you’ve got?” you asked, fingers brushing away the stray curls that fell over the arch of his eyebrow. His palm opened, the dainty petals of the flower he’d plucked from outside standing out proudly against the calluses on his hand. “S’a flower. Thought of you when I saw it.” Through his explanation, he never once stopped to dim the smile stretching across his face, his eyes twinkling with pride as he marvelled at the way the daisy tucked itself so perfectly behind the bend of your eye. “S pretty. Y’so pretty sweetheart.” 
words of affirmation
Akin to his brother, Regulus never grew up with much love. He’d grown up with etiquette lessons and crazy cousins, never knowing what it was like to have someone tell them they loved him. Of course he had his brother, but when the time came for Sirius to go to Hogwarts, the only love he’d ever known moved miles and miles away, not even turning back to wave as the train took off from the station. When the time came again for his brother to run away, he believed he would never experience even a smidge of love again, until you came into his life. His family believed they were doing him good, making him feel powerful with what they’d call ‘praise’. With the way they’d claim he’d ‘make the family great again’ and that ‘the dark lord will love him’. Their words didn’t feel like praise to him, they were reminders of his transgressions; reminders of the monster they were turning him into. Their words and phrases didn’t help him feel loved, they made him feel sick, unwanted, worthless, only the necessity of dark magic. Your words however, cast a light on him that outshone the dark. The way your lips would move as you’d casually compliment him, brushing the pad of your thumb over his plump lips, whispering about how pretty he looked. Lying in bed, your fingers twirling the dark ringlets of his hair, softly humming about how sweet he was; how much you cared for him; how much you loved him. The words you used and the gentle tone of your voice was more than enough to help him feel loved and even the dark shadow cast by his blood family could and would never be able to dim the light of your own words. 
You watched the way the shimmering light bled from his wand, beams of glittery light twisting and turning around the frosty sky, bleeding into the shape of an animal, gliding over your heads. The wings of the bird formed over your head, fluttering over your heads, as the both of your eyes followed the wondrous creation around the astronomy tower. You witnessed the way the entire body glistened into place - a head and legs and a body bleeding into place, your mouth gaping open with wonder and adoration at the raven flying over your head, giggling as it swarmed and dived over your amazed figure. “Oh my Merlin,” you breathed out, shaking your head slightly side to side, a wide smile stretching over the expanse of your face. You shifted your eyes away from the image, looking back to the dark-haired boy who had created it, almost chucking at the way his face was etched with disbelief, his eyes wide with amazement and wonder. “I can’t believe I just did that,” he said, the tone of his voice gaspy as he watched the way the bird dissolved back into the autumnal chill surrounding you. “Really? I had every faith in you, you’re so smart Reggie,” you gush, rushing forward to envelop the Slytherin boy between your arms, smearing soft, slow kisses onto the curvature of his jaw. “My smart boy.” 
physical touch
Similar to Sirius, feeling your fingers brush against hers only amplified Marlene’s love for you. She’d be enamoured in the way your fingertips would trace the detailed ink of her tattoos, following the dips and dives of the swirly ink embedded into her skin. Her eyelids would flutter closed as you’d kiss your way up her neck, ending the affection with a gentle snuggle there, ticking your nose against the curvature of her jaw, as you’d bury your face in it. The way you’d grip her thigh at the Gryffindor table, needing the creamy skin of the limb in your palm, as your head would lay against her shoulder, craning your neck to look up into hers, as she would look into yours. Marlene was ingrained with a sarcastic personality; snarky in nature, sexy in attitude. She’d tease and taunt others; decorate her body in tattoos and piercings; be tough against prejudiced Slytherins, but nothing would ever give her more satisfaction than the feeling of your skin against hers, tickling the surface as the weight of the world fell from her shoulders. 
Her features were etched in a sense of deep serenity and peace, as you brushed the face cloth over her face, gently washing away the layers of dark liner she decorated her lash line in. Her lips were puffy and glossy as you brushed the warm cloth over them, colour bleeding into the fabric from the day’s wear. You pulled the cloth away, observing how drops of water clung to her cupid's bow, making the small swell glisten in the candle lit light. You leant forwards, clinging her lips in a sweet kiss, sensual and sweet, as her hands pulled your hips towards her own, letting out small giggles enhanced with glee as she did so. The tips of her feathered eyelashes tickled the skin of your face, heightening the elation and sweetness of the situation, the experience of such a domesticated moment with Marlene causing an even greater love to blossom within your heart. When you parted, she threaded her hand through your own, rubbing her thumb across your knuckles, keeping your body close to your own, as she still sat atop the bathroom counter. “Let’s just stay here a bit longer, m’kay? Then we can snuggle,” she whispered, her eyes looking up into your own, desperate to keep your touch as close to her as possible. 
quality time
Picnics by the lake, library dates hidden away in the corner - it didn’t matter where or what you were doing with Lily, just as long as it was done together. The woman expressed her love in many ways - she was a born sweetheart, always kind and helpful, sweet and sultry, but spending time with you was her favourite way of showing it. It felt like each and every time she looked at you; spoke to you; kissed you, the love in her heart blossomed even further, bursting with adoration with you and the way she loved you. It was a love she’d never experienced before, not a love she’d ever want to forget. Wherever you were; whatever you were doing; however you looked like, she wanted to always spend time with you, no matter the occasion. 
You both giggled with delight as you ran through the halls, hair blowing back and air brushing over your face, in your rare moment of disobedience. The paintings stared down at you, as you huddled past, looking down at you in disdain. The two of you made your way up the stairs of the astronomy tower, hands clasped and smiles matching, as you took the long journey up to the open tower But you knew once Lily would see it that she’d love it. You turned back to look at her before opening the door, a wide smile stretched across your features as it swung open, the red head behind you gazing in wonder at the sight before her. “Oh dovie,” she gasped out, gripping your hand within her own and looking at you with the slightest sheen of tears in her emerald eyes. “For me? Y’did this for me?” The disbelief in her words made you chuckle, finding it funny that she’d think you’d ever do anything less for her. “Of course Lils, you’ve been so busy lately and I just wanted to spend time with m’best girl.” You’d never forget the way the small track of tears weighed down on her lash line, threatening to flow over with the weight of her love for you.
hp/marauders era taglist: @cupids-crystals @mirclealignr @slvt4fakerealities @barksexybark4u@demirunner @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleiggh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @larix999 @tasteofyourlight
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randomoutsiders · 2 months ago
request : poly marauders blurb where reader and rem and james comfort sirius because he’s sort of left out and he thinks no one wants him?
i love your writing so much omg i’m so happy requests are open
warnings/content: feelings of insecurity, a little bit of swearing, mention of smut but no smut, otherwise, fluff
word count: 1.3k
Although the adoration for the three males shares equal portions in your heart, you often find yourself traipsing over to the tallest of the trio, slipping into his open embrace and accepting the doting that he never fails to provide.
Otherwise, in the rare case that his presence is elsewhere, you're to be found between the broad of arms of the quidditch player, your nose nestled in the bend of his clavicle as he hums you to sleep or toys with stray strands of hair.
It's a subconscious action on your part - an action completed not by malice but rather by repetition written into your daily schedule. However, this action is not one that is unnoticed, for the third of the three, the boy with the broken past and unrestrained worries is very aware of this fact.
He watches with sorrowful dread in his heart as you hum dutifully in the arms of your dominant, and giggle plaintively as the bespectacled boy pinches at your hips.
However, after years of turmoil, of spiteful words, and snarled words of hatred, it's easy for Sirius to paint a feigned smile over his lips. But to obscure the anguish that drowns out the light in his irises is a whole different story. And it's something that, regretfully so, takes a little bit too long for the three of you to catch onto.
It's a Friday afternoon, one where the typical inhabitants of the Gryffindor common room are off to either complete unknown tasks or to reconcile with old friends and amuse themselves. Thus, that is where the four of you are to be found, but only momentarily.
You're tucked neatly into the large armchair that's placed right beside the blazing hearth as you lean over, fingers pulling dutifully at the ties of your shoes while you prepare for your departure.
"You done, angel?" Remus is the first to inquire of you ask you complete your task and straighten your spine to admire your work.
"All done." You chirp, lips curling up in a satisfied simper, your fingers curling around the lycanthrope's outstretched fingers.
"Y'wanna hold my hand too, puppy?" Sirius hums, one hand slipping through raven locks with the other extends out in question.
"No, it's alright." You decline, your actions not intending to hurt the male, but they're a piercing dagger through his poor, palpitating heart. "I've got Remmy."
To further emphasize your point, you curl in closer, your other hand slipping around the smooth muscle of Remus' bicep, pressing your cheek there. Thus pushing the dagger in further
Although minimal, the syllable pulls James' eyebrows together until a visible 'v' is found between them, for the most sympathetic of the three isn't accustomed to such dejection from Sirius.
"What's wrong?" He muses, slipping his wallet into his back pocket because the four of you are due for an overdue date at The Three Broomsticks.
"Nothing. Nothing's wrong." The brunet's words are cut as he slips the dejected hand into the pocket of his jeans. "Can we just go?"
"Hold on." Remus slips his hand away from your own, despite the begrudging whine that tugs at your vocal cords. "There's obviously something wrong. What's wrong?"
"I don't see why you keep asking me the same question after I've fucking answered it. Can we just go?"
Although it's a slip of the tongue, the curse word pierces the air. Yes, he's known to use such foul language but not in such a concerning context.
"Sit down, angel," Remus instructs, and you wordlessly obey, slipping back into the armchair and observing as the three boys converse.
"We're not going," James states, crossing his broad arms over his chest as a frown finds its way onto his lips. "Not until you tell us what the fuck is up."
"Nothing is-"
"Just-" A sigh slips from Remus' tongue as his fingers pinch at the bridge of his nose. "Can we just calm down about this, please? It's going t'do us any good if we're yelling at each other like fuckin' gits."
"Oh sure, let's just all listen to Remmy." Sirius scoffs, his optics making a full rotation in his skull. "Because we all know that a certain someone only listens to him. Or James."
"Well-" You're standing up, refusing to sit behind while Sirius brings up your name. Well, refers to it, at least. "That's not true. I listen to you!"
And then the dam is collapsing - the only form of restriction that's keeping Sirius' emotions at bay, for tears are teetering on the precipice of his rouging lids as he sniffles angrily. "That's not fucking it. It's not just the fucking listening."
"Mate, it's not like that-"
"Well, obviously it is because out of the two of us, or should I say three, because even then I'm the last one, she picks you. And then James. And then me? There is no me. How the fuck do you think I'm supposed to feel about that? Let me answer that for you. Shit. I feel like absolute shit."
At this point, the wobbling tears are making twin paths down his rouging cheeks, the warmth of them so intense it's as though flames are searing in his cheekbones.
"Siri." Your voice is dropping into that of a sympathetic octave as you step forward, hands coming up to touch him, to show him that you're there, but he flinches, shying away from you with a dirty glance.
"Hey." James notices as he tends to always do, placing a delicate hand against Sirius' shoulder so that he can gain the male's attention. "Mate, she's not going to hurt you. We need t'sit down."
In moments, you're all sprawled out on the larger couch in the room, surrounding the weeping boy with your three beings. "Sirius, you are everything to us. Everything. My heart wouldn't beat without you." You simper, your bottom lip wobbling with the mere prospect of one of your favorite males being hurt due to your doings.
"Yeah, well, you're not very good at showing it. You want a hug? You go to Remus. You're sad? You go to James. I feel like a pawn in this stupid game you're playing because I'm always the tough guy. The mean one. What if I want t'be more?"
"You are more. You are. You're my everything. I'm sorry, Siri. I'm so sorry." Now you're blubbering, cheeks gleaming with tears as guilt swarms every available inch of your being. "I love you. I love you so much."
Sirius passes a glance in your direction while his hands smear anxiously at your cheeks, desperate to rid of the tears that once resided there. He's not accustomed to showing so much emotion, especially in such a public area, despite the fact that you're alone.
"We love you too, pup." Remus coos, scratching softly at the nape of the boy's neck before the latter is leaning into his open touch, sniffing languidly.
"C'mere, baby." Sirius hiccups, beckoning you forth until you're curling up into his lap, your arms winding around his torso and holding him close.
"I love you. I love you so much. You are so much more than the hard-ass. I just thought you didn't like hugs as much." You mewl, peering up at him through waterlogged lashes.
"Who the fuck told you that?" He chortles through the lump in his throat, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head.
"I did not!"
"That's what you say when you want me to hug you first!"
Sirius glances over at the aforementioned male, eyebrows furrowing with disdain. "You little-"
"I didn't think you would take it that seriously!"
You let out a low whine, prompting the attention of the three males. "Alright, alright." Sirius hums, his grip on you tightening a bit.
"I'm really, sorry, baby." You hum. "Promise to give you so much more hugs and kisses. But maybe next time you don't give me so many spankings."
There's a curt pinch to your backside. "I'll think about it."
eh it's ok but it's something to get me out of the shlump. i hope you enjoyed <3
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gotkindabored · 19 hours ago
Innocence Died Screaming
Tumblr media
VAMPIRE AU — It all started on October 31st, 1981, when Sirius was roaming around Soho after his latest meal when he bumps into a mysterious woman.
PAIRING: Vampire!Sirius Black × Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
1 | No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin *
It’s October 31st, 1981, and Sirius was looking for his next meal when he bumps into a mysterious woman.
2 | I’ll Tell You My Sins (coming soon)
As their first year anniversary approaches, Y/N reflects on the little things about Sirius — especially things that weren’t quite… right.
3 | Worship Like a Dog (at the Shrine of Your Lies) * (coming soon)
The feud between vampires and werewolves were at an all time high, and after Sirius’ beloved had found comfort in Remus, an irrational jealous was starting to consume him.
Tumblr media
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jimshandholder · 3 months ago
Jenga- Sirius Black
summary: You insist on playing Jenga with your best friend, and he decides to change the rules for fun. Until you decide to backfire his plan on him.
genre: smut, some fluff
warnings: smut, nudity, stripping, language, oral sex (m. receiving), penetrative sex, cum swallowing, teasing, slightly dominant reader, slightly dominant sirius, praise kink implied smut again.
a/n: okay this is literally inspired by a k-drama idr on yt and i suddenly remembered it and decided to write a fic about it. anyways, i hope yall like this and I'm sorry ig this is terrible!!!
Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
You were sitting in Sirius’ shared dorm with his best friends, who were out in the common room, not wanting to spoil your “cozy” time with the Black. It was a Sunday, so none of you had any classes, meaning you could relax and do whatever you wanted to do. Sirius was combing his hair for the millionth time for today, and his eyes followed you through the mirror, where you took out a board game he was absolutely scared of.
“Hey, Sirius, look what I’ve got!” you looked up at him and smiled, and he groaned turning to face you.
“Y/N, you're not seriously asking me to play that game with me, are you?” Sirius groans, watching you unbox Jenga for the millionth time.
Since you were in your first year at Hogwarts, you made your best friend, Sirius, play jenga with you. Jenga was a muggle game that you taught him to play. He had a hard time understanding it, but at the end he got his grip on it. Sirius would much rather enjoy watching your face talking to him and explaining it to him, though.
It was your favourite game, and you loved to get competitive with Sirius. As for him, he wasn't as crazy as you for the game, but agreed to play with you every time, not having the courage to say no to your pretty face.
“Yes Sirius, I am. You love this game!” You exclaimed, placing the blocks on each other to make a tower. Sirius groaned, not expecting this and just wanting to spend some quality time with his best friend.
Sirius sighed, before an idea strikes his mind. He smirked to himself, watching you pay attention to your block tower. Maybe jenga wouldn't be so boring after all.
“Alright, I'll play,” he stopped as you squealed, a big smile appearing on your face. “But, I have a condition,” he continued, and you shook your head confusedly at his words.
“Condition? What condition?” you asked, raising your eyebrows at him.
“My condition is that every time someone loses, they'll have to strip one piece of their clothing. Whoever ends up having the most number of clothes on will be the winner,” Sirius explains and you simply widen your eyes at his words.
“You want me to play strip jenga with you?” you yell and he grins, nodding his head at your words. “I am your best friend!” you shout, not believing his ridiculous offer.
“Come on, Y/N! It will be fun!” he argued, and you eyed your outfit. You were wearing a simple tank top with a bra underneath, and your sleeping shorts, along with your mickey mouse socks, Mickey Mouse being one of the many muggle things you told Sirius about. If you were lucky, you’d win the game and wouldn’t have to expose yourself to your best friend. Sirius was still looking at you, asking you a silent question with his eyes. His brown eyes softened at you and you let out a defeated sigh, and he knew he won.
“Fine. But you don’t tell anyone that we played something like this.” You state and Sirius nods, sitting in front of you to help you with the tower.
“No cheating Y/N,” Sirius whispered, and you threw him a sarcastic smile, making him laugh.
“Alright, I’ll go first,” you said and he nodded, gluing his eyes to the jenga. You carefully removed a block from the tower, and placed it on the top, cheering when it didn’t fall apart. Maybe you did have luck this time.
“You got lucky this time darling,” Sirius smirked, seeing you grin at him.
“Whatever. It’s your turn now, Sirius.” You said and he hummed, before swiftly taking out a block and placing it on the top.
“I’m so good at this game,” Sirius bragged and you scoffed, shaking your head.
“Are you forgetting the fact that I taught this game to you?”
“Shut up and play.”
You rolled your eyes at his words, before scanning the tower. You sighed, before taking a hold of a block at the bottom of the tower. You slowly pulled it out, being careful to not knock over any pieces in the process. You failed miserably though, as the minute you pulled out the piece of wood completely, the tower tripped, and the blocks scattered around your feet.
“No! I was doing so good!” you groaned in frustration, as Sirius burst out laughing. “And that is strike one!” he joked, while you glared at him.
Your eyes flew to your socks, and sighed, before pulling out one of them from your feet.
“And that is one piece of clothing gone.” you rolled your eyes, as Sirius set up the wooden tower again.
“Your turn.” you said, and he hummed, slowly taking out a piece, before placing it on the top. “Look at that! I won!” he teased you and you scoffed, not buying his words.
“There’s still a lot of turns yet to come, Sirius. Don’t get your head up in your ass,”
“You’re just jealous that I won two rounds and you didn’t,” he tilted his head and rolled your eyes at his words.
“Whatever you say,” you shook your head, before taking out another block out of the tower and placing it on the top.
You smirked at your success, before looking up at Sirius.
“It’s your turn.”
He nods, trying to pick out a block carefully, but the tower doesn’t co-operate, and it falls apart, and you burst out laughing.
“What were you saying again?” you mock him and he pursed his lips, before sighing and shaking his head at you.
“You were the first one to lose.” he grumbled and you nod sarcastically.
“Take off your clothes, Black.” you ordered, and Sirius raised his eyebrows at you.
“You’re being too desperate now, aren’t you?” he teased and your eyes widened.
“No I’m not! It’s a part of the game!” you were quick to defend yourself, making him chuckle in amusement. He copied your actions, and removed one of his socks and threw it away, making it fly and land on James’ nightstand.
“Play your turn.”
You nodded at his words, and your hands flew straight to the structure of blocks, trying to pick one out. You failed yet again, as the tower collapsed again. You groaned in irritation, losing to Sirius again.
“Take off your clothes, L/N.” he mockingly said, and you gaped at his words.
“Shut up!” you glared, before taking out your other sock and placing it away. Sirius was laughing, as you started to help him with the tower again.
The game went on like this, and you and him were definitely enjoying it. By now, you had lost your tank top and Sirius had lost his other sock and his belt.
“And there goes the shirt!” you giggled, as he grumbled and took off his shirt, leaving him half naked in front of you.
His flawless skin flaunted itself in the light, and you sighed dreamily looking at his chest. His pants were hanging around his hips, just loose enough to expose his v-line.
A familiar tingle made its way down your core, and you clasped your thighs together to stop the throbbing you knew all too well.
You had lost count of the times you had touched yourself while thinking of Sirius like this.
“Staring is rude, darling.” Sirius brought you out of your daze, and you looked up at him and shook your head cluelessly, realizing what you were doing, and sighing embarrassedly.
“It’s my turn now,” you ignored your thoughts, before picking out a block and putting it on the top. Sirius nodded immediately, before picking out another wooden block and placing it beside the one you kept on the top.
As the game went on, Sirius finally lost his pants, revealing his plaid boxers that might or might not have been uncomfortably tight because of him staring at your breasts, half covered by your red bra, shamelessly since the minute you stripped out of your tank top.
Oh, how he wished to come on them and cover the skin with his warm, white juices.
“Oh Merlin! Why does it always have to be me!” you yelled at the scattered blocks, not believing that you had lost yet again.
“Well, you know the rules Y/N.” Sirius taunted, and you huffed annoyedly, before hesitantly standing up and slowly slipping your shorts down your legs, revealing your matching red panties, as Sirius barely controlled his drool at the sight of you. You kicked the fabric away, and sat down against the boy quickly, being almost bare in front of him.
“Sirius! It’s your turn to play now!” you snapped your fingers against his face, to bring him back to reality. Sirius shook, before mumbling out a “yes, of course” to you.
He won the round quickly, and you laughed, seeing him cheer about his victory.
“Play your turn now, Y/N.” he coughed, doing anything possible to divert his eyes from your boobs. “Y− yeah,” you muttered, moving your attention towards the game.
The tower unsurprisingly collapsed, and you groaned, throwing your head back in frustration, while Sirius took his time admiring your neck and your body, his eyes quickly flying away when you looked back at him.
“Do I really have to remove my bra?”
“Do you really want to cheat in the game?” Sirius smirked, and you frowned.
“But− it’s my bra!” you tried to reason and Sirius just shook his head at your words.
“You should’ve thought of that before you agreed to play, Y/N.” Sirius teased you, and you sighed, looking down for a moment, being lost in your thoughts. Suddenly you looked up at him, and the look in your eyes was completely different.
It wasn’t the same old innocent and sweet look, but rather a much more wild and raging look. Something which told him that you were about to do something that was completely crazy and stupid.
You completely knocked over the blocks, and crawled towards the brunette, stopping when your face was only a few inches away from him. Sirius’ breathed heavily, locking his eyes with yours.
“You’re a little bit too excited to see my open my bra aren’t you, Sirius?” you whispered near his lips, and he opened his mouth to speak, only for no words to fall out. You put your legs on his sides, and took a hold of his neck.
“How about you do that for me?” You suggested and Sirius’s mouth fell agape.
“Fuck, Y/N. You’re−“
“Remove my bra, Black.” you breathed, before pulling his face towards yours, and placing your lips on his. His hands went behind your back, and immediately unclasped your bra, letting your breasts bounce freely. You smiled into the kiss, before slipping your tongue into his mouth, and rocking your hips against his covered bulge.
Sirius moaned into your mouth, feeling his boxers getting tighter. You removed your lips from his, only to attach them to jaw and ear. Placing feather light kisses on his earlobe and the side of his face, you pushed him on the floor, before getting on the top of him and kissing his neck.
After finding the sweet spot of his neck rather quickly, you started sucking on it, grazing your teeth ever so lightly on his skin, only to make him grip your hips tighter. You continued rocking your hips against his, before moving down to his chest. You were kind enough to leave marks on his flawless skin, and your lips soon reached the waistband of his boxers.
“Are you sure Y/N?” Sirius looked at you, his voice laced with concern. You nodded, and slowly pulled the clothing down his legs, his veiny cock standing up right in front of your face.
“You− you’re big,” you sputtered out, eyes widening at the sight of his erection.
“I know,” he answered and you smiled. You kitten licked his pink, swollen tip, which had pre-cum leaking out of it. He moaned and you smirked to yourself, before licking up a stripe on his length.
Sirius hissed loudly, thrusting up his hips into your face. You were a tease though, wanting to get the most fun out of it.
Slowly, you wrapped your lips around some of his length, and Sirius sat up, wanting to see your face as you sucked him off. You took more of his length in, starting to bob your head around his cock. He moaned loudly, as you rolled your tongue against him, making him feel as if he was in heaven. You then decided to gag around him, as his tip reached the back of your throat, making guttural moans fall out of your mouth, only adding more pleasure to him.
“Fuck, you feel so good Y/N!” Sirius groaned, snapping his hips into you. His hands went into your hair, as you bobbed your head up and down, the walls of your mouth squeezing around him.
Sirius knew that with the magic you were working on him, he wouldn’t last long. “Darling, I’m going to come,” he breathed, and you nodded along, ready to take all of his juices.
And a few seconds later, Sirius finally shot his load into your mouth, moaning loudly, as he rode out his orgasm into your mouth. He sighed loudly watching, as you pulled away from him with a pop, swallowing his juices as his some of it fell out of your mouth, dripping onto your collarbone and your boobs.
“You want more?” you asked him again, only for him to nod, and help you to stand up. Sirius stood up, and softly pushed you on his bed, as your head hit the soft pillows. His hands went to your panties, fingers tracing around the lining, and then he finally pulled them off of you, leaving you bare in front of him.
“You are so beautiful,” he whispered against your lips, making you smile and peck them with yours. His hands went down to your core, his fingers checking how wet you were, while the pad of his thumb grazed against your clit, making you whimper.
Sirius noticed this, and did it again, just to get another reaction out of you. He slowly started rubbing circles on your bud, and you felt as if you were about to explode from all the tension.
“Sirius, stop teasing!” you whined, not wanting to get teased by him any further. “We play fair, darling. You do deserve a little bit of teasing,” Sirius reasoned, making you frown and throw your head back on the pillow.
He lined himself up around your entrance, rubbing your folds with his tip, smearing your arousal around as lube, and drawing blissful moans out of you.
“Sirius, please,” you breathed, not being able to handle the tension anymore. You just wanted him to fuck you, and even though he wanted the same, he decided to tease you for what you did to him before.
“Please what?” He raised his eyebrows at you, and you whined again.
“Say it.” he ordered. “Please. Sirius, please fuck me,” you said and that was all he needed to push inside you, stretching your walls out to his own liking. “Fuck!” you hissed, as he filled you completely, you fitting him like a glove.
Sirius pulled out of you completely, and before you could even complain about the empty feeling, he thrusted into you again, this time being rougher than before. You screamed out in pleasure, while he rolled his eyes back, feeling you tighten around him already. He waited for a few moments to let you get adjusted to his size, before starting to move inside you.
Sirius’ thrusts were slow, as he drew out a few moans out of your mouth, before resting his head in the crook of your neck.
“You feel so good,” he whispered against your skin, and you moaned at his words. His pace got faster, and he hooked your legs around his waist to get him better access into you.
Sirius hit all the right spots inside you, going deeper into your pussy after every time he thrusted out of you. His hands flew to your clit, and he rubbed the nub between his fingers, overstimulating you easily. You moaned against his ear, and he pounded into you, hitting your g-spot with his tip ever so lightly.
“Don’t stop!” you breathed, struggling to keep your eyes open. You felt a familiar churning inside your stomach, but this time it was stronger.
“Sirius, I’m close,” you babbled out, as he hummed, spreading your legs further apart. The knot in your stomach was tightening, as you dug your nails into Sirius’ shoulders, leaving crescent shapes on his skin. Your pussy clenched around him, and his movements creating the filthiest noises ever. Sirius moaned into your ear, intertwining his fingers with yours.
You arched your back as your orgasm finally slammed into you, and you shuddered as you came all over his cock. “Sirius! Oh my god!” you moaned out, gripping his shoulders tightly. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear you moan my name like that,” he grunted into your ear, and you nodded along to his words, too hung up on pleasure to respond to him with actual words.
Your walls squeezed around him, and that was what he needed to finally shoot his seed inside you. You both rode out your orgasms together, as he pulled you into another kiss, swallowing all of your moans.
The mix of your juices seeped out of your hole like a stream, and Sirius watched you in awe as your chest heaved up and down, trying to recover from the orgasm you’ve just had.
Once you finally calmed down, you opened your eyes, to find Sirius smiling at you.
“What are you smiling at?”
“You look so beautiful,” he smiled again and you giggled.
“I’ll look even more beautiful when I take a shower.” you rolled your eyes, getting up from the bed.
“You could use some help with that,” Sirius smirked suggestively, making you smile and shake your head.
“I guess I could.”
Feedback is appreciated!
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shaynawrites23 · 2 months ago
prompt number 64 (Being Unable To Open Their Eyes For A Few Moments Afterward) with sirius black sorry i like sirius now
sorry pheebs
like the reader kisses him for the first time in front of the marauders and when she moves away his eyes are still closed and he has a dreamy smile on his face and the marauders are cheering and teasing them and for the full day he has the same dreamy look and keeps asking her to kiss him
Maybe I Didn’t Lose After All
Pairing: Sirius Black x reader
Word count: 513
A/N: hiii love ofc! this was such a cute idea and i hope i did it justice!
You watched with an endearing smile as Sirius and James played wizards’ chess; it was always entertaining to see just how into the game they could get. Both boys were seated so close to the edge of their chair, it seemed as though the tiniest nudge could bring them to fall, but neither seemed to realize as they barked order after order at their respective miniature armies.
“You’re trying harder than you usually do,” Remus observed, barely looking up from his essay, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. “Trying to win a kiss from your girl, Pads?”
“What?” Sirius whipped around to face him so quickly, it would have surprised you if he hadn’t gotten whiplash. His mouth fell open as he gaped at Remus, sputtering. “Moony!”
The scarred boy now put down his quill, facing Sirius with a smirk. “Sirius Black, flustered by such a simple idea? That was easier than I thought.”
Sirius opened his mouth to retort, but was interrupted by James’ triumphant cry of “Checkmate!” at which he spun around again to stare in dismay at the chessboard. Sure enough, his king couldn’t escape by any means.
“That- that’s not fair, I was distracted by Moony-”
You laughed, setting your book aside and opening your arms to him. “Aw, c’mere love, I’ll make it up to you.”
“James and Remus cheated,” he pouted as he crawled into your embrace. “I got distracted.”
Running a hand through his soft dark hair, you hummed in response, unable to keep the smile off your face. “Aw, you poor darling. I think I have something that could cheer you up though.”
“Yep.” And with that you placed your hand on the back of his neck and leaned in, pressing your lips to his for a short, sweet kiss. James and Remus- well, especially James, cheered loudly in the background, but neither of you paid them any attention.
You pulled away soon enough, giggling at Sirius’s dazed expression. His eyes were still closed, and he didn’t move for several seconds. Then those beautiful gray eyes fluttered open again, gazing at you with love and adoration as a dreamy smile spread over his face.
“Oh would you look at that, Padfoot has forgotten what a kiss feels like,” James teased, trying and failing to hold back laughter.
Sirius just ignored him, turning his attention back to you. “Can I get another?”
“Of course, love,” you chuckled, but obliged, pressing another kiss to his mouth. Again his expression shifted to that same dreamy look, though this one was more short-lived than the last.
“Rematch, Pads?” James asked, already resetting the chessboard.
Sirius sighed dramatically as he scooped you up in his arms, now apparently in the mood for cuddling on the couch. “Can’t you see I’m busy, Prongs? Go bother Moony, he’s good at wizard’s chess too.”
“Okay, okay, if you’re too busy cozying up to your girl..”
This time he threw a pillow at the back of James’ head, who wasn’t quick enough to dodge it.
“Oh, shut up, Prongs.”
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hellounicorn · a month ago
i just love the thought of everyone referring to reader as the “marauders’ girl” because they’re all so protective over her 😭😭😭
“She’s their girl, there’s no question about it.” Lily shrugs when Marlene had asked how come you were hanging around the Marauders 24/7.
“S’true, McKinnon,” comes Sirius’ hum from behind her, listening in on their conversation.
“Kind of a lost puppy without us.” James adds, pleased to hear that the point made about you being theirs was across. “Here we’ll show you.”
And all Remus has to do is call out your name with even the slightest of raise of voice, and suddenly, you’re scrambling over from your seat on the couch, leaning into his arms as you sway with him on the spot.
“Told ya,”
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robiedreamland · 2 months ago
Remus: "So we took her on a date-"
James: "I gave her my jacket because she was cold even when she said she's fine!"
Sirius: "I bought us food! And changed into dog for her!"
Remus: "I read to her everytime she wants."
James: "I annoy her all the time."
Sirius: "I take naps with her!"
Remus: "We are literally together for two years."
All together: "And she asked if we love her!"
Y/N: "And do you?"
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quindolyn · 4 months ago
Poly!Marauders Masterlist
Creature of the Night
The Marauders go to see their girlfriend in a muggle production of Rocky Horror over the summer and they did not anticipate it being that sexual. No smut but suggestive
She’ll Never Learn
With obedient sub James and bratty sub reader they get caught by dom Remus and Sirius, one of them takes their punishment while the other gets rewarded
Armfuls of Sunshine
Fluffy Marauders x fem reader where she James and Sirius wait for Remus to join them at the lake for the afternoon
Weeks Without
Angst, fluff, and smut, more or less in that order with an insecure reader worried about what will happen to their relationship after they leave Hogwarts
Poly!marauders smut with a focus on sub James x reader where all he wants is to suck her titties
Jams cums accidentally without permission and the reader, Sirius, and Remus show hun he’s still their good boy
The Little Slut Did It
Band!Marauders (more or less) where during a song writing session the reader distracts Siri’s simply by virtue of their being and smut insues
Comfort Headcanons
Super quick headcanons on the boys comforting you
She’ll Never Learn Part 2
Fluffy aftercare follow up blurb to She’ll Never Learn
Celebration baby blurbs
Sub Sirius and James
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