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#sirius black one shot
ddejavvu · 12 hours ago
sirius listening to reader ramble on about whatever she finds interesting and not being able to help the wide smile that takes over his face (for either a drabble or blurb)
god i love him
at first you don't realize you're rambling, you're just getting into what you want to talk about and don’t notice the way he puts down his quill, letting his head rest light on his hands as he grins at you. He knows you’ll go on for a while, so there’s no use in trying to continue his DADA essay
He nods at the right times, hums in agreement, laughs when it’s necessary, but all the while, the lovesick smile on his face is growing stronger. You finally register the mushy gushy look on his face, trailing off in the middle of your sentence as you try to figure out what you did
“What’s that look for?”
“Hm? What look?”
You scoff, “Sirius, you look like the physical embodiment of the phrase ‘puppy love’. What did I do?”
“Nothin’ darling,” Sirius’s grin sends butterflies swarming through your tummy as he gestures towards you with one hand, “Jus’ love it when you’re happy. Go on, tell me more.”
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lilahisntsadanymore · 18 hours ago
This wasn't requested. It's a bit of a toxic relationship with Sirius Black, what inspired me to write it is the song For your love by my very favorite band Måneskin <3
Pairing: Sirius Black x fem!reader
Words count: I forgot you can't copy the whole text so I wrote it here and it would take too much time to copy it to a words counter. I think it's a pretty short "fic" tho? More of a blurb?
Tw: ofc toxicity maybe? and sexual references but not explicit smut (I'm kinda trying to open myself up for writing nsfw things, but I also I don't wanna fuck up. I know how easy it is to turn eroticism into an unintentional grotesque)
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
For your love
I wanna be the first man you look at tonight
I wanna be stuck in your head and make you go wild
Without a doubt, Y/n was addicted to Sirius. To his presence. He was always on her mind. And it was his plan since the beginning. To make her obsessed with him.
I wanna drive you 'til the morning light and
I wanna leave you alone in the middle of the night
And so she was obsessed. She was there for him whenever he wanted. Usually, it was the evenings. Sirius needed Y/n for one thing. Did she realize that? Probably. Did she mind? Probably not.
I wanna be a good man and see you smile
All the nice things Sirius did for Y/n were to manipulate her into trusting him. She was like a puppy. And he was her owner. Even if he hurt her, she still saw a protector in him. A person who would keep her safe from all the evil of the world.
And I wanna swim between your thighs
I wanna fuck you till you scream and cry
Not to mention the sex. It was good. Both Sirius and Y/n enjoyed it. One of the not many times when Sirius wasn't selfish in the relationship was the sexual aspect of it. When it came to sex, they felt like they were made for each other. Just perfect.
I wanna hold you in my arms tonight
For your love I'll do whatever you want
But Y/n desired more. She wished Sirius would see more in her. She wanted him to stay a little longer. Why did he have to leave after receiving what he wanted? She hated herself for letting him take advantage of her like this, but at the same time she enjoyed it while it lasted.
For your love I'll do whatever you want
I'll do whatever you want, for your love
Y/n was ready to do anything just to make Sirius catch real feelings for her. She continued on letting him take advantage of her as if she hoped it will finally make him stay.
So baby why don't you please me now
So baby why don't you please me now
I've got so much I can give to you
I've got so much I can give to you
She had so much more than sex to offer, only if he was willing to take. But he wasn't. He was just going to keep walking in and out of Y/n's life. And she would keep acting like she doesn't mind it, while inside she was broken in milion pieces.
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My Little Pet
Kinktober Index
Summary: Stepdad!Remus shares you with his best friends after coming home from work. Kinktober - 6.
Warning(s): Smut. Dark Themes. Stepcest. Casual dominance. Daddy kink, Voyeurism, mention of anal towards the end, Ddlg. Age gap. Step!dad Remus. Dbf!Sirius and James. Sub!Reader.
Note: Reader is of age. Read the warnings properly and avoid if you feel uncomfortable
a/n: this fic is for @angel4you’s writing challenge. also im three days late to posting this fic. it's the worst thing ive ever written sorry lmao 💀
“Little love?” Remus calls out as he settles his coat on the hanger, his eyes searching for you around the house.
Sirius and James follow close behind him, shutting the door quick.
As soon as you hear his voice, you’re hopping off from your room and coming downstairs to address your stepdad.
“Missed you, daddy!” You chirp, arms already hanging around the base of his neck as you bury your face in his chest.
“Me too, bun” he murmurs, kissing the top of your head. “I bought friends over, y’wanna be a good girl and say hi?”
You nod lightly, craning your neck to get a better glimpse of them before whispering a small ‘hello’ and then hiding in Remus’ chest again.
They snort behind you, and you cling closer to him. “Why are they here daddy?” you question softly as he kisses your temple, “They’re here to play with m’little girl”
Your eyes widen in horror and you immediately back away from him, mouth agape in surprise. “W–whaddya mean play wi–with me?”
Remus sighs, his freckles stark against his pale skin as he stares down at you, “They already know everything, just wanted em’ to know what my girl’s like. But only if you want”
They’re looking at you with a avid gaze, and you’d be an idiot to deny that both were ridiculously attractive.
Sirius with a rugged look and tattoos spread across his alabaster skin, and James with soft curly hair and an impeccable glow arching over him in the dim firelit room.
“Whaddya say princess?” James grins, as Sirius raises a brow. All three eyes on you.
“M’okay with it, daddy”
The lycanthrope flashes you a grin, and then gives you a firm pat on your bum, “Gonna be a pretty fucktoy f’us?” Sirius taunts as his palm presses down on the small for your back. You could only nod and whimper.
You were going to be shared among your stepdad’s best friends’.
As you settled down onto your knees, the burn of arousal in your abdomen grew more and you ached faintly. There wasn’t a single thread of fabric on you, your hands resting on your thighs as they prepared to destroy him.
“You’re sure?” Remus said, kneeling beside you and peppering your shoulders with kisses. “I am daddy”
Sirius lit up a cigar as he sat on the couch clad in only black jeans, his eyes fixated on you “Fuckin’ hell mate” Remus snorts and pulls his lips to yours, caressing and teasing your wherever he could.
James suddenly cups your breasts, gently massaging the flesh and grinding his erection onto your arse. You arch into him, breathing heavily as his grips becomes more firm.
His warm mouth latches down on your nipples as Remus lays back with Sirius, watching intently as James feels you up. You squirm slightly, moaning as he reaches between your thighs and spreads your arousal.
“S’fucking wet” he groaned, thumbing at your clit and running the pads of his fingers across your folds, then he dives the fingers inside his mouth and sucks at them.
“How’s she taste prongs?” Sirius asks, leaning towards you two “So fuckin’ good, you should see for yourself”
Sirius bows and his fingers are suddenly buried deep in your cunt as you let out a broken whine. His fingers curl inside perfectly as he pumps them. He plays with your pussy a little bit more longer and then licks your sweetness off.
“Gods Moony. You’re so fuckin’ lucky. Got such a perfect little pet for y’self”
“She is perfect isn’t she? My little pet”
James puts his mouth to yours as Sirius lays your body down gently, having you rest in his lap. You can feel Sirius’ erection throbbing and hard and he open your legs wider, leaving space for James to lay between them.
You look up at Remus, and he shoots you a smile, encouraging you to be good for friends only through his eyes.
“Gonna be a good girl yeah? Make daddy proud?” he finally says.
“Yes daddy, m’your good girl”
James prods at your entrance, sliding his tip through your lips leaving you whimpering his Sirius’ lap. “Please oh my–” you beg, hips bucking up and then slowly he gives in as he slips inside you quick.
“Fuck–” you heave at the feeling of his long thick lenght entering you, filling in those spots in you perfectly, Sirius reaches down at kneads at your tits, palming them roughly.
He stars off slow, his strokes deep and gentle as it then progresses to something more aggressive. Sirius kisses down your throat as he pulls you to his chest, making James reach deeper inside you as the angle shifted.
You gasped, your walls clenching around him. The raven haired man slides his hand down to your bud, pinching at it lightly and leaving you squirming.
A sob leaves you he thrusts harder, slamming into your cunt deep “Oh gods, right there” you sob, shaking in Sirius’ arms.
He reaches down and palms himself hard enough to hiss, his cock so hard it was almost painful.
Remus lets out a groan as he watches his two friends completely wreck you.
His gaze his fixated at the point where you and James meet, his lenght driving into you over and over as Sirius assaults the nerves right above where you where connected with James.
“So fuckin’ good doll” James moaned, reaching out towards his orgasm as he pistons into your cunt faster and faster.
You’re sobbing from the bliss of it. Your stepdad watching from afar, as James slips into you, as your lying with Sirius.
“Just like that, such a pretty girl” Sirius praises.
Several more thrusts, then he lets out a groan and he finishes deep inside you, sharply thrusting before you fall apart on his too with screams and moans of ‘daddy’.
When he pulls out slow with a hiss, his eyes fasten down on your pussy. His white cum spilling out from you as he groans,
“Look at it dripping out of ‘er. Holy shit” Remus says, finally joining in beside you as your senses creep back.
Sirius chuckles lowly, and then he’s landing you on your stomach at holding your arse up high. He digs his nails into it and squeezes it hard enough to make your whimper. “Gonna fuck his pretty arse now, wouldn't you like that?”
You’re too much in surprise to say anything, eyes wide in horror.
“Bun” Remus whispers, soothing his thumbs on your curves and arches “Aren’t y’gonna let them play with you properly?”
You sigh, and then nod in obedience “Yes daddy. They can play with me however they want”
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hellounicorn · 2 months ago
little gift - mafia!wolfstar x reader
Hi!! Don’t ask me why I wrote this, just go w it. Also this gif makes me feral.
(Read first) —> But a little preface is that the ‘deal’ being referred to the whole way through the fic is that your dad fucked up somehow and caused an issue in the company and to protect his life and the life of your whole family, Sirius made a deal with him that he and Remus could have you for an entire week.
I don’t think it’s explicitly explained in the fic but yeah! Hope u enjoy and pls lmk if u did!
Reader is of age!!
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Warnings: smut, mafia!au, mean dom remus, very mean dom sirius, oral(male receiving), doggy style, degradation, pet names, lowkey dubcon, there’s def more so pls lmk of any other warnings I should add<3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Moons, come on in!” Sirius beckons, his stern face darting to you, a malicious wink in your direction making you meet his eyes with a pleading starlet underlying within them. “I’ve got a surprise for you,”
You know your dad fucked up. Your dad knew that he’d fucked up. But unfortunately, it had come to the thin line of decision, where the offer on the table was either life or death for the entirety of your kin.
With a heavy breath, your father had chosen the former, knowing what horribly licentious actions it would entail for you, thus sending you off to the mercy of his two bosses, merciless ones, might you add, for the duration of a week to make up for his wrong-doings in the company.
Well, now left was only six days, eight hours, 42 minutes..but who’s counting, right?
And in the time you’ve resided in their mansion of a home as the equivalent of an object, you’d grown fond of having Sirius, him being the one to seal the deal with your father, use you for his pleasure and sometimes yours.
Despite you’d only been there for a little over 12 hours, the raven haired male had utilized the time by trying out almost everything with you, finding this opportunity to be the best time to try out all his toys he’d been wanting to use on you for months on end, ever since your dad first introduced him to you when he’d gotten the job.
“The fuck is it, Pads? I’m still tryna fix the deal that y/l/n fellow screwed up on-” Remus’ storming footsteps towards the room had you curling into yourself atop the silk sheets, afraid of the powerful man and all he could do to you once he’d come to understand the circumstance.
To regain your attention, Sirius snaps his fingers in your direction, signaling for you to keep your gaze on him until the time Remus enters the space, then you were to do the same to him.
“You’re going to like it, trust me!” He shouts, sound traveling to the hallway where the brunette was furiously walking down to get to the room where you and Sirius were, him unexpecting of walking in to see you all dolled up in nothing but a tight piece of expensive lingerie.
“I’d better, Black. Otherwise I’ll- woah,”
And the shock hit him suddenly when he entered the abode, optics immediately falling to how you gave him a barely there ghost of a smile from your place on the bed, shuffling anxiously when you realized he was staring at the fact you were almost entirely naked, minus the thin covering the little piece you were sporting provided.
“What’d I tell you?” Sirius presses his tongue against his cheek, smirking pridefully at the way Remus tilts his head to get a clearer view of you, wanting to ensure this was real life and not just another sexual dream about you in his head. “Isn’t she a beaut?”
Remus’ line of vision travels from the strewn locks of yours splaying across the cotton pillow, down to the exposed curve of your tits poking through the material of the lingerie, then grazing his eyes across your hips and finally down to your swollen pussy, which had clearly already wrecked silly by none other than the man who’d been keeping you as his own for a good few hours.
“Quite,” Remus chuckles under his breath, unwillingly tearing his hungered gaze from you and spinning on his heel to now face Sirius, curious as to what the hell you were doing in their house, that too in such a compromising disposition.
He begins explaining everything to his friend, the deal he’d made with your father, what you were here as for the next week, the vague details mostly, but Remus got the gist and was more than pleased to have his turn with you.
All the while, you were fidgeting with small whimpers falling from your lips, not sure what to expect from Remus and his intensity when it comes to his way of fucking, given that you’d already been through hell and back with Sirius torturing you in the best ways possible.
“Fuckin’ hell mate,” he runs deft fingers through his hazel locks, cock already hardening from the mere thought of having you cunt wrapped around it. “So she’s like..our own personal slut? And we can make her do whatever we want to?”
Remus feels the need to clarify, knowing that if someone pinched him and he woke up back in his bed realizing this was just a figment of his imagination, he’d probably murder someone.
“Right you are, Moony. Y/n has no choice but to listen to what we want.”
And that has Remus, whipping his frame back around, now refacing you and the fixated pout that settled on your lips. “I can see you’ve already had your fun with her, yeah? Her cunt’s throbbing like mad,”
Sirius tuts, shrugging softly as he prides himself on how well he’d gotten you into submission with just a few dotes of disciplinary action. “Guilty. But I couldn’t stop m’self, mate. I mean fucking look at her, we’ve been dreaming of toying around with her for months, I just helped make it become our reality.”
You felt a wave of heat rush through you, abdomen coiling as you felt most exposed by the way two pairs of eyes now pierced into every inch of you, practically ravaging you just from the stare.
“She gonna fucking say something, or just keep staring at us like a needy lil’ puppy? I mean, I’m fine either way,” Remus jests, referring to the fact you’d barely uttered a word since he entered the room, given you were too nervous to say the wrong thing and end up with a punishment to your name.
“You heard him, y/n. Go on, I’m sure that pretty mouth of yours can do wonders when you try,” Sirius runs his tongue over the length of his pearly whites, making you cower into yourself.
Nonetheless, you plucked up enough courage to croak out in a low tone. “Hi, Mr. Lupin,” you addressed the man with a fond grin, unable to conceal the fact you were highly enamored with the two, albeit being their ‘guest’ was quite the toss-up on face value, they both had the capabilities to turn you on with just a flash of a smile.
And right now, you were craving his touch, seeing as Sirius had already left his permanent mark on you, it was only fair that Remus do the same.
“Well hello there, pet. S’nice to see you all prettied up f’me and Mr. Black.”
Your heart swells at the praise, letting out a delicate giggle that resembled that of an angel’s hum, making both Sirius and Remus look at each other with mischievous grins, silently telling each other how fun this was going to be.
“Have her call you ‘daddy’, mate. Hear it from her mouth and you’ll get fucking addicted to it.”
“Noted,” Remus quips, imagining how you’d cry out the formality when he’s stuffing you full with his cum. “And uh, does she flinch a lot? You know I like behaved little girls that stay still while I’m having m’way with them.”
He waits to approach you, loving how twitchy you were just by the anticipation of him coming up to you and giving you that electrification by even laying a finger on you.
Sirius thinks back to about an hour ago, when he’d tied you to the headboard and anchored you down because he thought you were squirming way too much for his liking.
“You pin her down hard enough, then no. But she’s a noisemaker, that’s for sure so you ever need to shut ‘er up, I’ve got the perfect thing for that.”
You furrow your eyebrows at this, lips jutting out in a pout at his accusation that you supposedly were being too loud. “‘M not, daddy! Mr. Lupin didn’t even hear us the whole time, I was being quiet, I swear!”
You defend yourself defiantly, wanting to get the point across that you had stayed silent enough that Remus wasn’t even aware of what was happening in his own house.
Or so you assumed, but your rebut only earned a dark chuckle from Sirius and a slow shake of his head. “Ever heard of a Silencing Charm, little one? Don’t give yourself that much credit, you’re quite a whiny thing, baby.”
This has you shutting up again, pursing your lips in a sneer as Remus makes a comment under his breath about how he don’t expect you to challenge Sirius so soon, considering it would only land you up in more trouble if you did.
“That was enough backtalk for the evening, wouldn’t you think?” Remus folds his arms across his chest, sauntering closer and closer to the bed which you were tucked snugly into, his trail intimidating and his stature practically untouchable.
You retract from your previous confidence, sinking back into submission. “Yes daddy,” you meekly whisper, the lycanthrope remaining displeased.
He touches a finger to his ear, acting as if he’d barely heard what you said and wanted you to repeat such, this time ridding yourself of the scared and innocent act. “Louder,”
“Yes daddy, no more backtalk,” you say again, sole intention on making a good impression for Remus, already guessing he was a harder dominant than Sirius was just by the way he presented himself, and this slightly frightened you, yet spurred you on.
“Such an obedient little girl already. Oh Merlin, I’m gonna have some fun with you, aren’t i?”
“I sure hope so, daddy.”
From behind Remus, Sirius concurs with him, reassuring his friend that you were much akin to a ragdoll that can be tossed around however they damn well pleased, even if you put up a fight at the start.
“Can I have a try? I know I’ll fucking cum on the spot if y/n keeps looking at me with those big puppy dog eyes.” He grunts, hooking a knee under his bum as he sits right next to you, the proximity causing a waft of his cologne to drift into your senses, invading them to make your head spin with the musky scent.
“‘Course you can, mate. Like I said, she’s ours for the week. But also trust me when I say she’s a fighter, but once she gets the message that you’re not there to fuck around and you mean business, then she settles.”
The way that they spoke about you in such a manner that it would have seemed like you were distant from the room and not sitting right there, hearing them speak about you so deplorably. “Hey! I’m right here, y’know!”
You huff, reopening your mouth to voice your discontent further before Remus’ palm is getting pushed against it, eyes narrowing down at you in a look that speaks but a thousand words, one phrase of theirs being for you to ‘shut up’.
“What did I say, pet? We’ve discussed this before.” Sirius chastises, reminding you of the comment he’d made a couple hours back when you were getting most agitated with the degrading tone he spoke to you with.
You sigh in defeat, Remus’ muscled hand prying away from your mouth. “When daddy speaks,” you bite your lip softly, coming to a halt when feeling pleasurable shame dawn upon you to continue the saying.
“Go on,” he snaps, you sigh again to draw a breath.
“When daddy speaks, I turn off m’ears, ‘n turn off my brain.”
“Good girl,”
Remus shoots his eyebrows up, giving an impressed nod and turning his head around to face Sirius. “I like that, Pads. Where’d you get that one?”
Sirius shrugs indifferently, remembering how the heat of the moment produced such a phrase. “Came up with it on the spot couple of hours ago when y/n was trying to defend herself to me, claiming that ‘she wasn’t a slut’. Utter bullshit in my eyes, so I set her straight for that.”
Remus disappointedly shakes his head at you, tutting at hearing that you’d slipped out of place and stepped up to Sirius. “Hm, I see. Anything else I need to know? Wanna make sure I’m doing all the right things to make our little present stays tame.”
You accepted that you were exactly that. A little gift given to the males for their own use, and to keep everyone in your bloodline safe and intact, you knew better than to defy them.
“Well, for starters she cums so fucking fast. Before I can even get something out of her, she’s already begging to cum like a weepy little bitch. Even though I’ve told her time and time again, this pleasure isn’t for her, she’s so hungry for it.”
You flutter your eyes shut, thinking back to how you were hellbent on refusing to let Sirius evoke a reaction from you, yet it was just too good to not want more of his affliction. Your cunt clenches at the thought, thighs magnetizing together discreetly as you slid under the covers to hide it.
“Now baby, you know that’s not right. Little girls are there as holes to make their daddy feel good, it’s almost embarrassing that you enjoy such a thing.”
Remus laughs at how you buried your face under the comforter, on the verge of tears at how they managed to edge you just with their words and how they made you feel so wrong and dirty for almost everything.
“Won’t do it again,” you sob from underneath the blanket, overwhelmed at how the two of them got you so vulnerable in the span of not even a day.
“Always throwing a fit, aren’t you?” Sirius grumbled swears under his breath as he stomps over, tearing back the sheets from above you, and being met with wet cheeks, puffy eyes, and a starved cunt; blazing with arousal.
“Pet, don’t be afraid of us. We’ll only hurt you as much as you want us to, so stop with these little tears of yours now.” He uses the pad of his thumb to flick away the crystallized tears that struck your reddening cheeks. “Because trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bawl your fucking heart out tonight.”
You screw your eyes shut and messily smear away the tears on your face, reopening them soon after to see Remus inches closer to you than he was before, a hand ghosting over the bend of your knee, nudging it such that your thighs parted.
You could hear the wisp of conversation exchanged back and forth between Remus and Sirius, the brunette inquiring what your boundaries were and the other replying that he hadn’t found them yet.
It was as if he was to drag his finger down the space between your legs, because he’d every so slightly tickled your sensitive skin and trailed his hand lower, indifferent to your low whines from his heated touch.
“Daddy,” you softly breathe out, heart beating against the confines of your ribcage that you were almost positive the males could hear it too. “What’re you doing?” Your voice hitches unevenly.
“Shh, don’t speak. You’re gonna like this, trust me.”
And that’s when you felt him fully move your legs apart, his muscled palm holding one of your thighs down so your bruised cunt was revealed to his darkening eyes.
Remus was slightly taken aback at your condition, being able to visibly see how wrecked you were, and if he were even to brush a digit against your folds you’d probably let out an earth-shattering scream.
“Aw, who did that to you, princess?” Comes Sirius’ condescending tease before Remus has the chance to ask it himself. “Who made your pussy all red ‘n purple?”
You couldn’t resist the second onslaught of tears that came about, attempting to hide it from them by shamefully covering your face with your hands, still being able to detect that Sirius was without a doubt egotistically observing what he’d done to you.
“Mate, the fuck did you do to her?” Remus lays his free hand on your lower abdomen, just now noticing the bruises that dotted your fragile skin, and the desire in Sirius’ eyes to create more. “I could give her a slap and the poor thing would crumble. You really used your alone time with her well, yeah?”
“Sure did.” He smirks, watching you tense every time Remus ran his fingers along the array of your marks. “But Rem, it’s your turn to have fun with her. And she clearly wants it, I mean look at her cunt, mate. S’fucking sloppy f’you.”
That’s when you uncovered your face, able to get your tears at bay as you peered up at your dominants, holding back the flinches at Remus’ calloused hand.
“Is that right, baby? Y’wanna be played with? Want daddy to fuck up your little cunt more than it already is?” His tone was that of one you would use when speaking to a toddler, which in his mind, you were utterly brain dead like one, and this was the only way he thought of to be delicate with you.
“Do I have a choice?” You sigh, but nod feverishly when you receive that certain glare from Sirius, the one that never fails to keep you in check. “I meant..yes please, daddy.”
Sirius licks his lips, fed up with your attitude that showed through every time they offered to satiate your needy self. “No. No you don’t have a choice,” he waves Remus away momentarily, taking his spot before you and hooking a hand underneath your chin.
“If you did, then you wouldn’t be here right now. I could very well send you into a cellar and keep you there for days on end until a week’s time is through. And I’m sure this morning you would have taken that option instead. But I didn’t ask you, because I know what’s best for you, and it’s this exactly.”
Your head gets tilted up by his hand traveling down to the length of your neck, gripping it just tight enough that you let out a pained gasp, but not so firm that you couldn’t breath..yet.
“And don’t lie, I know you enjoy it. So unless you want to be treated like the filth you are, then I’d suggest you take what we give you with gratitude and keep your complaints to yourself.”
Sirius’ words struck like lighting, pounding in your ears repeatedly until you were forced to let them sink in, his comment about you liking the pleasurable pain being undeniably true.
Your head goes dizzy at the way he coldly pierced into your soul, nearly giving in to the urge of tossing your arms around his neck and hopping into his lap, apologizing repeatedly until you just couldn’t anymore.
Your response was wordless, in the form of a labored breath and an accepting nod, letting him know your behavior would now improve, especially now that Remus was here and offering to toy around with you.
“Go on,” Sirius says to Remus, who had two eyebrows shooting up, impressed with his friend’s unforgiving persona and seeing the flicker in your eyes turn fuzzy.
“You ready to be good f’us, baby?” Remus takes his spot again, cupping your tear-stricken face in his hands and laying a soft peck to your cheek, followed by a not so kind swat to the very same patch of skin, courtesy of Sirius telling him that you liked that sting.
“Pinky promise,” you pout, relishing in the feeling of his palm coming down on you, almost as strong as Sirius’, but definitely just as impactful.
“Yeah, now she’s acting all cute.” Sirius makes an irritated rotation of his eyes, picking at the inside of his fingernails, seemingly annoyed.
“Just needed some reinforcement on her,” Remus gives you a sympathetic pat of your knee, reminding you that you’d promised to be obedient now, and you’d better do well to remember it.
“Alright now, where were we?” He hums, talking to Sirius over his shoulder as he gave you time to steady your breathing from the fright he’d given you. “Tell me Pads,” he thinks, rapping his fingers against the mattress. “How is she at sucking cock? One of those impulsive gaggers, or can she take it?”
Sirius sucks his teeth, “Couldn’t tell you, mate. I know how much you used to rave on about wanting her dirty mouth put to work by sucking on your cock, thought I’d save that luxury just f’you.”
Remus becomes pleased at this, wanting to be the one to wreck your mouth and have you take down his load without question. “And uh, sweetie. You ever sucked a cock before?”
You widen your eyes, your own hands coming up to your throat and lighting dancing your fingertips on the skin anxiously. “Nuh uh,” you timidly shake your head.
“You wanna?” He snarks, curling his fingers around your wrist and yanking you to his chest with ease, your nostrils intaking his feral aroma as you get pushed to your knees by the man, quivering at the flash where everything occurred with you barely even realizing it.
“Nuh uh!” You squeal, scrambling back away from him on torpid limbs, only to be pulled back into his dark embrace once more. “S’gonna hurt,”
Remus scoffs, taking your hand in his and leading you off the mattress, the limbs beneath you failing you miserably. You come tumbling into his chest as he stabilizes you to the floor, understanding that since you’d gotten fucked raw by Sirius, you had barely moved off your spot.
“Ouchie,” every minor movement had you wincing out, your hands clawing into Remus’ forearm as he drags you to the middle of the room, pushing your shoulders down so you lowered yourself to the ground by his command.
“On your knees, little girl,” he sneers, no longer assisting you in getting you situated before him, ignoring the fact you’d told him you weren’t going to suck him off.
“Hands and knees, actually. I’ve got an idea.” Sirius corrects Remus, giving him a wink to indicate that he knew what he was doing.
“You heard the boss man,” Remus instructs with a shrug, watching you struggle to get in said position, both of the males laughing at your shaky attempt to do so.
You felt so disgraceful being in such a stance, the strewn piece of lingerie accentuating your arse that was wiggling out in front of Sirius’ eyes, flesh bruised and battered from previous ministrations.
“Said I didn’t know how, daddy.” You knit your eyebrows together, pulling out your most disgruntled look you could muster, though it was deemed useless in their eyes.
“And I remember saying that you’re here for our pleasure, so do us a favor and keep your babblin’ mouth shut.”
You barely register what he tells you, too caught up in the way you watched him impatiently tug off his leather belt, the clink of it giving you flashbacks to how Sirius had whipped you mercilessly with his a little while back.
You let out a moan as you come to remember it, immediately flushing in embarrassment when you realize how loud it was.
Sirius makes a remark to Remus, informing him why you were so mesmerized with the sight of his leather belt, and the lycanthrope returned his jest with one of his own about how he oughta use it on you too.
You watch as Remus begins ridding himself of layer after layer, your eyes glued to him in such a fixated way, you don’t even come to notice was Sirius was up to behind you, doing the very same as his friend but he was preparing himself to take you from the back while you receive a firm throat fucking in the front.
You nearly salivate at his exposed cock slapping against his lower abdomen, the muscles of his stomach rippling as the length stuck straight up, the tip red and pulsing, your mouth the only cure.
Normally he would instruct for you to take it in your hands first, get you familiar with the sensation, but given your arms were indisposed, being used as the only thing to hold you up, you could only stare blankly while your throat ran dry.
So he took the liberty of sliding a hand down, pumping the base of his length a few times to get him ready for the cavern of your mouth to choke around him.
“Daddy, I really don’t want to.” You croak as your lower lip wobbles, his size already appearing to be too much for you to handle. “‘M already all achy, and I dunno how-oh!”
And that’s the moment you were cut off of all basic luxuries, such as verbiage and oxygen, Remus thrusting his hips forward once and pushing his cock past the complaining opening of your mouth.
You struggle on your spot, squirming around indefinitely as you feel him immediately reach the back of your throat, his tip prodding angrily at it, eliciting an overwhelmed gag from you.
“That’s it, pet. That’s it, take my cock all the way, and don’t fucking stop.” A switch snapped inside of Remus, urging him to configure his persona into one of predatory captivity, where he was bound to use you until you practically shattered.
The unfamiliarity of your mouth being stuffed full had you letting yourself go limp, allowing the male to maneuver your actions in any way he saw fit; starting out by him dragging his nails across your scalp and gathering your locks between curled digits, scratching at them feverishly.
It was almost bestial, the way he sadistically grinned down at you before commencing a rigorous pace in the cavern of your mouth, your lips suctioning around him as his length obstructed your vocal cords.
Remus finally getting to gauge a reaction from you, he was dwindling in cloud 9 as Sirius watched with a haughty smile on his face, his cock twitching in the restraints of his pants from the view.
You flare your nostrils around his cock, getting in choppy breaths with great difficulty and peeling your waterlogged lashes back to reveal teary eyes to him, looking up at Remus in search of any reprieve.
Uncaring of your slip-up, he knew he could manage to control your actions such that all you needed to do was sit there and hold yourself up and he’d take care of all the hard work for you.
“Making me do everything on my own, aren’t you y/n?” His pearly whites sink into the cushioning flesh of his lips, groaning into air as he bobbed your head up and down his shaft, your whimpers cut off each time and your gags growing alongside. “Fucking useless, you are. I oughta get you a collar I can tug on instead, hm?”
The male puts out the offer, for your locks were slipping through his fingertips and he’d much prefer a concrete method to direct you without you having any way to escape it.
“Your ideas just get better and better, mate,” Sirius chuckles, unbuckling his belt for what could have been the millionth time that night, releasing his cock from the tight confines of his jeans and palming himself to the display. “And I’ve got one more,”
You barely notice Sirius’ next movements, too caught up in the whirlwind of having your throat wrecked beyond belief to see the raven haired male dauntingly strut behind you, kneeling down to where your barely-covered ass came into sight.
“Don’t tense up,” is all he said before gripping your hips bruisingly with his palm, lining himself up with your back entrance. Your eyes widened when you registered what his plans were, making you falter around Remus, who was more than thrilled to observe his friend occupying your second hole whilst he took control of the first.
You attempt to pull yourself off of Remus, wanting to voice your discontent, but you were shushed by him before you even had the chance to move away.
“Just take it baby. We’re not here to help you, doll.” It came out as a heartfelt tone, though it was his contrasted words that had you settling.
You flutter your eyes shut, the tip of Sirius’ cock moving up and down your clenching opening, euphoria striking from your lower abdomen.
You don’t see it, but the two males exchanged a nod, and suddenly you were stuffed to the brim, a simultaneous mix of torturing rapture hitting you all at once when Sirius thrusted in, and Remus returned to his prior potency in your mouth.
“I c-can’t,” you gargle around the brunette’s cock when Sirius began a robust pace, snapping his hips forward and fucking into your cunt like it was his own personal fleshlight.
You feel a hand behind you pressing against your lower back, making you arch into his touch. “Oh you can, bunny.”
Remus finishes for Sirius, gripping onto a nearby desk as stability. “And you fucking will,” A moan ripples through you at this, knowing you were in too deep to retract now.
“Make him stop-” you beg Remus in the form of a choking breath, thought it was cut off by another strangled cry from you.
Remus sighs dramatically, rolling his eyes as if he was over you and your chronic complaining. “We don’t control each other slut, we control you. And if daddy says you’re gonna take it and like it, then you’re going to do that exactly.”
It was as if your small request had frustrations building up further within him, for his intensity picked up by twofold, rendering it impossible for you to sputter out another word.
Your low sound of pleasure at the renewed vigor sent sparking vibrations up Remus’ cock, making his knees nearly buckle from above you.
“See how good you are, you’ve got daddy all breathless f’you,” Remus praises with a wispy laugh of approval, hips stuttering as every passing second had you more and more in practice with what he liked.
“Same thing with me, little one,” Comes Sirius’ raspy groan, pistoning into your cunt with a stabilizing hand to the globe of your ass. “I might even think about cumming in you this time.”
You whine at the prospect, wanting to feel both of them finishing in your holes and proving what they’d know all along; that you are and will be enjoying your stay at their house.
“Only if you’re good though, gotta prove to me you want it,”
And the easiest way to do that was for you to push your bum back on his cock, rocking your hips against him and feeling every vein of his, once again, use your cunt like it was a privilege for you.
“Want it,” you cough out, feeling your overstimulated cunt twitch around the cock pounding into you and the knot intricately tie itself from the grunts and groans the two of them elicited from the goodness of your body.
Remus’ thrusts become madly greedy, taking from you what he needed as Sirius angles himself behind you such that he was now sponging against your deepest spot, seeing as he’d already memorized where your pleasure point was.
“You want it, yeah? Well it looks like it’s your lucky fucking day,”
The grit was the final thing you’d manage to hear before the three of you came to the pleasure of one another. The coil intertwined in your stomach snapping with the final pass of Sirius’ cock inside of you. You worked Remus through his high, lazily suckling on his tip and relishing in the sensation of overstimulation never feeling both so good and so perfectly painful.
The two of them mumbled praises, degradations, everything you could think off all in a jumbled array of broken syllables and pleasured grips to any part of your body they could hold onto.
The room swirled with squelches and cries, all traveling back into your ears and causing your eyes to roll back into your head, the moment being so dirty, so wrong, but so fucking fulfilling.
Time turns to a mere construct, and someway, somehow you were now cockwarming Remus’ softened with your mouth while Sirius prepared a warm washcloth for you to rid you off the mess that both males had left you with.
It was the first time since you’d been brought into their abode that Sirius had provided you with supplemental aftercare, given the moment had been building up to this with Remus and he wanted to save the best for last.
You close your eyes when the heated towel touches your flesh, your cheek melding into Remus’ thigh as you let yourself be taken care of in a romantic way this time.
Given a choice, you’d stay like this all night; Sirius taking away the dregs of cum that stained your body and a comfortable use of your mouth occurring above you. But you knew it could only last so long before you were carried off to bed, tucked in until the next morning’s venture.
You were not allowed slumber without a sultry comment from Remus to Sirius, making another shock of excitement twinge right where it needed to.
“Mate,” he grabs his friend’s attention, giving a suggestive smirk to something else they could try out in the coming week.
“Wouldn’t you agree..that we oughta introduce our little gift to Jamie too, yeah?”
I hate this ending, goodbye and good night<3
taglist: @randomoutsiders @sapphicwhxre @pogueslandia @pansyslut @toxicmodernity @potionsclasss @wontlastimokwiththat @family-buisnes @littlemissnoname13 @starlight-writes-stuff @youreso-golden @indigoh4ze @emma67 @pinkandblueblurbs @quindolyn @daisyyy2516 @lillsthoughts @gold-russh @fredshufflepuff @tomhollandsslilslut @babydraco04 @dracoslittlesluttyprincess @dlmmdl @euphoria-injjsworld @emmaev @1-800-amortentia @groovynachos @itsmentalillness @kaqua @justadreamyhufflepuff @tranquilitybqsehotel @sprucewoodlover @angelsandsorcery @silverdelirium @qualitybelieverflower @crystal-dee @groovyherringbanditzine @onyourgoddamnleft @yiamalfoy @dr4cking @l0vely-lupin @wolfstar-lb @fandom-puff @prof-moony @riddlesia @cranberrypills @angel4you @mrs-brekker15 @lost-individual-voice @myshamalfoy @starlingelliot @ildm4ev @urgingforyou
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illiantt · 2 months ago
Working from home
sirius black x fem!reader [smut]
Summary: When you have a virtual job meeting while working from home, your boyfriend Sirius decides to challenge your focus—this by eating you out, and fuck you while still on the call.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, pet name, penetration sex, fingering, oral (female receiving), breeding kink, lightly choking
Word count: 2.1k
a/n: this is modern!au. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
“Good morning, babe!” Sirius raspy morning voice fills your ears as he kisses down your neck.
“Sirius!” you chuckle and keep on trying to fix your hair after the shower. Light kisses still place on your neck and shoulders.
“I wonder what would happen if you dropped your towel. I’m sure that I would like what’s underneath it.”
You turn around to face him. Sirius kept on kissing your neck and move his lips towards your collarbones.
“Mhmm, you smell so nice”, he mumbles into your neck.
His hands trace to the towel that wraps around your naked body.
“Not now, or we will be stuck here. You know that—” you say and stop Sirius’ hands from taking off the towel.
He smirks at the thought that it was true; when he begins to fuck you, you mostly won’t stop until you have orgasmed multiple times.
“I have a meeting at 9. Can’t be late when working from home”, you chuckle and give him a quick kiss on the lips.
“At 9? Y/n, it’s nine now” Sirius changes from his lustful expression to a serious one.
Panic came across your face.
You start to run to the room you called your home office quickly. On the screen of your laptop, you see that your team is calling you.
“Where is my shirt?!” you shout in panic as you try to find one quickly.
“Here, take mine!” Sirius says and throws his white shirt at you.
You didn’t care that it was too big for you. You couldn’t risk being late and that your manager would be mad at you in that case.
Quickly you slip in Sirius’ shirt and tries to carve up the sleeves.
“I don’t have any panties or pants!” you shout and try to look for them.
“It’s a virtual meeting. No one would see your naked butt—if you don’t stand up, of course”, Sirius smirks.
That was true. You would otherwise wear sweatpants anyway. So you hurry up and answer the call. Your team shows up on the screen.
“Thought you were going to be late, y/n”, one of your colleagues says.
“Sorry, I just got delivery before the meeting. So I had to go and sign it”, you lie.
Sirius sat in the same room, on the couch with a book. He smirks when he hears you coming up with excuses.
“Very well, let’s begin this meeting, shall we,” your team leader says.
Sirius looks over to you—how you engage in the conversation with your colleagues. How the fabric of his shirt sits on your perfect body—underneath that fabric are you naked.
His eyes follow down to your bare legs. The thought that your colleagues don’t know that you’re completely naked from the torso and down makes Sirius feel his pants getting tighter.
Sirius mind fills with the thought that if you hadn’t been so focused on your job, he would have fucked you insanely in the bathroom by now. How he wishes to feel your naked body pressed against his.
The way you look so focused in the meeting seems adorable, Sirius thinks. He wonders how focus you can be. Maybe you can still concentrate while he gets what he desires—a devilish idea plants in his mind. A fun challenge would that be, Sirius thinks.
Carefully, Sirius makes his way in your direction—getting under the table. You didn’t notice him as you were too focus on the meeting.
Sirius sees a glimpse of your naked pussy—making him even harder. How he wishes to see more, taste more, and feel more. And he is determined to get that.
Suddenly you feel hands on your legs, making you spreading your legs. The touch making you jump a little in your chair—but luckily not enough to expose your naked pussy to your colleagues.
“Y/n, are you okay?” your team lead asks you and raises their eyebrow due to your sudden movement. You have to come up with another lie quick.
“Yes, sorry! It’s just my dog trying to get my attention with his toy. Let me mute for a second and tell him off”, you gave a smile and muted your mic.
“Sirius, what are you doing?!” you hiss at your boyfriend.
“Don’t worry, puppy, keep focusing on the work that you’re doing so well while I make you feel good” a devilish smile crept across his face.
How are you supposed to focus on the job while Sirius has something devilish in his mind? But without any choice, you turn on your mic,
“I’m sorry about that. So where were we?” you say.
“Maybe you y/n can go ahead and present the latest result of the report?”
Sirius smiles—this was a perfect time for him to challenge your focus.
“Of course, we obtained it last week from—” but you were interrupted by the pleasant feeling on your naked pussy. You quickly look down to see Sirius’ head between your legs—stimulating your clit with his tongue.
How are you supposed to have focus without accidentally moaning in the meeting?
“Siri—no, I mean James Potter”, you say, close to moaning out your boyfriend’s name.
How dare you say some other guys name, Sirius thinks. The only name that can leave your lips now should be Sirius’. It made him more determined to challenge you to make you moan his name during this meeting.
You feel two fingers easily slide into your hole as you by now are soaked in the feeling that you can be exposed.
Sirius is fingering you while his tongue is still on your clit. All you want is to ignore everything and let Sirius put his dick inside of you. But you are on camera, and your mic is still on.
“The report showed—” you try to say without moaning in-between. Sirius is loving what he is doing with you now. He feels that he has so much control over you. He knows exactly what you like, and he is skilled to make you cum fast.
So, he now increases the pace of his finger thrusting into you, and he licks your clit quickly now. You are about to cum on camera while in the meeting. You couldn’t hold that much longer. But you couldn’t expose yourself.
Come on, puppy, cum while on camera, Sirius thinks. He increases the pace even more. It is too much; you have to orgasm.
“It was great! Omg, so so good!” you said while you orgasm. You were trying your best not to make it evident that you were having oral sex.
“Y/n, that’s great to hear! Glad that you sound excited over it,” your team leader says, and you happily nod while Sirius is licking up your cum.
“Moving on to the next topic—”
“Sorry, but my WiFi seems to be bad. Let me turn off my camera so it won’t be too much of a delay,” you say and turn off both your camera and mic.
You breathe out as it is too intense. Sirius climbs out from under the table.
“Puppy, you did good, and you tasted so good”, Sirius smirks.
“Fuck you!” you say and give him a death stare.
“Oh—yeah, sure if that’s what you want”, Sirius says and drag you up on your feet.
“What are you doing? That’s not what I meant”, you protest.
“But that’s what you want—” Sirius says and takes off the shirt you are wearing, leaving you completely naked while you could still hear and see your colleagues on the screen.
“Let me fuck you during your meeting. I want you to moan as much as you want. They are not going to hear anything if you don’t turn on the mic for them to hear you” Sirius voice is deep and dark as he whispers to you. You feel his warm breath on your neck, which is making you horny.
Sirius takes off his clothes and stands behind you. You look over your shoulders and see how hard he is.
“Like what you’re seeing? This is all because of your delicious pussy”, he smirks before stroking his cock a few times at the opening of your pussy.
“Puppy, spread your legs so you can feel my cock deep inside of you”, he whispers in your ear.
You do as he says, and you feel Sirius’ dick pushing inside of you—making you moan of the feeling of being filled.
“Does that feel good, doesn’t it?” a pleased Sirius says.
He can’t bear to wait for too long until he already starts pounding into you. He grabs his hands around your neck to support you not to move too much as he wants, thrusting into you hard and deep.
“Then we can go to the marketing side. Do we have any ideas?” you hear your team leader, who’s still on the call, asks.
You can’t believe it that you’re doing this—fucking your boyfriend at work hours, or let alone during a meeting.
“Puppy, this pussy feels so nice and tight for me—” Sirius moans.
All you can respond with are moans as the way Sirius cock slides in and out of you gives a feeling of pleasure in each thrust.
“What would happen if I turned on the mic? Or better, the camera?” you hear how the lust took over Sirius’ mind.
“Would you like them to see when you’re getting filled with cock?”
“S—Sirius”, you moan.
“Puppy, finally the right name. I was so jealous when you mentioned James name there earlier, while I ate you out”, you feel Sirius lips on your back while still feeling his cock inside of you.
“I—I was just trying to answer my team’s question”, you whined.
“I know, puppy, but it still made me a bit jealous.”
Sirius increases up the pace, which makes you moan more. You look at the screen to see your colleagues still discussing.
“Yeah, look at them while you’re being fucked. Does it feel good, baby? Good to be filled with my cock?”
“Y-yes, it feels so—so good”, you whine between moans.
You feel a feeling of orgasm is building up in you. Right now, you didn’t care if your colleagues would accidentally see or hear you. All you want is more of Sirius cock inside of you.
“I’m going to fill your pussy full with my cum inside of you. Fill you up full”, Sirius moans as you can hear him also being close.
“Y/n, what do you think about this?” suddenly, your team asks. You had almost forgotten that you still are in a meeting.
Sirius turned on the mic for you while still pounding into you.
“I-I think—” you start to say while trying your best not to moan.
Sirius put his hand over your pussy to stimulate your clitoris while still thrusting his dick inside of you.
Your team is waiting for your response.
“I like this idea”, you say with a cock inside of you.
“So you think this idea feels like to be a good idea?” your colleague asks you.
You feel Sirius cock twitch inside of you; he’s trying his best not to moan as well through his orgasm. His cum fills you up—making it even closer to your orgasm. Sirius is still thrusting into you and playing with your clit, as he’s determined to make you cum on this call.
It doesn’t need many thrusts until you can feel how your pussy hugs around Sirius’ cock even more tightly.
“Mhmm, feels so good!” you say while orgasming on Sirius cock.
“Splendid! Then let us go on with this. We have a plan.”, your team leader says, and everyone else nods.
Sirius sinks on your chair and dragging you with him. His cock is still inside you as you sit on his lap while giving you kisses on the back.
You say bye to your colleagues until you finally can end the call. Right away, you turn to Sirius.
“That was so crazy!” you say, and I can still not understand what you just did.
“Puppy, you should work more often from home so we can have this kind fun of all the time”, Sirius says and gives the same devilish smile that he gave before starting all of this.
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silverdelirium · a month ago
SUMMARY ➠ you’re sex demon!sirius’ favorite angel to take care of.
WARNINGS ➠ very light dubcon, breeding kink, humiliation, mentions of somnophilia, nicknames, rough sex, size kink, dacryphilia, fingering, mentions of hell, hand around the throat once, mentions of blowjob. don’t read if any of these sound unappealing or make you uncomfortable.
A/N ➠ after 2 business months of having this idea in the drafts, i present you this <3 shout out to “her soul to take” by harley laroux for putting this idea in my brain !!
you couldn’t see him. but you could feel him.
it was 10:23PM. he’s here early, you noted.
a pang of guilt washed over you; for anticipating this in a way. it was part of your daily routine at this point, to be in a hazy state of mind, usually in your apartment, and out of the shadows comes sirius lurking around. leaning down to brush your hair away, sometimes even giving you a small nip at the cheek, which probably meant to be a ‘kiss’ in his mind— not that you wanted to know what went on up there.
“sirius?” you questioned, looking around the empty office with furrowed brows and accelerated heart.
this wasn’t the first time he had taken you in the office.
on rare nights like this, he would get too impatient waiting for you, his cock aching at the thought of having you writhing braindead under him as you fought the sleepiness that occasionally overcame you.
you could see him now, standing at the very corner with crossed arms, his chest bare as always, black horns barely perking from his locks— the same ones you were tugging on just last night.
“i’m right here, lovely” he murmured, giving you the faintest of smiles.
his voice sounded like he was right behind you; that didn’t take you by your surprise, it was a trick he used almost every night, just to see the flash of fear that sparked behind your eyes.
he came closer, his presence invading you as the lights shut off, his doing, you realized. 
“i’m tired” you whimpered, trying to ignore the bubbling feeling on your lower belly as he jutted his bottom lip out in a fake pout, as if he was mocking you.
“that never stopped us before, did it?” he smirked, letting the light from the big window reflect on his godly features— ironically enough.
you swallowed the lump in your throat as he took your hands from your lap, bringing you up harshly as you shook with both urgency and fear.
his eyes darkened, “why are you afraid? i’ve told you multiple times i’d never do anything to hurt you. you’re my favorite little angel after all. always at my disposal, letting me wreck your cunt for hours on end” he sighed, connecting his forehead with yours as your back collided softly with the glass window.
he was doing it again, clouding your senses with lust as you struggled to fight them away, desperately attempting to ignore the arousal dampening your panties as he tugged harshly at the buttoned-up shirt with his clawed hand.
you gasped as you felt him tear the material off, the previously sewed buttons now laying on the floor freely.
“bunny” he chuckled “you’re all marked up from last night. so pretty” he noted, tracing the dark hues with his split tongue, coaxing a small wail out of you.
“how many times have i told you not to wear these stupid pants. so hard to fuck in.” he tsked, a scowl adorning his face as you sunk into yourself, feeling his nails leave small scratches down the skin on your thighs.
you mumbled a weak apology, sirius’ dick stirring in his shabby pants as you mindlessly begged for his touch.
he complied, giving your sensitive panty-covered clit a nudge with his thumb while you held onto his forearms, which were full of black veins that ran all over the length of it.
“poor little thing- so helpless and stupid when your aching cunt is being played with” he chuckled in a mocking tone, making you flush as your waterline moistened with fresh tears. “please” you sighed, rutting your hips against him as you fell deeper into a cloud of black bliss.
he cocked his head to the side, a smug expression— not quite a smirk— danced upon his mouth while he teased your gushing entrance with two digits that were heavily drenched from your slick after slipping your knickers to the side, not having enough patience to take them fully off.
“what is it, sweetheart? you want your little pussy filled, desperate slut?” he seethed, giving your fog of a brain zero time to even analyze the question before both thick fingers entered you at once, making you arch your back off the glass as you cried out in a haze, hating the way your walls fluttered around them because fuck did it feel amazing to have someone from the male kind to treat your body right.
your breath stuck in your throat as you nodded feebly. “yes— fuck. yes please”
“there we go… good girl, giving into me so easily, seems like i won’t have to tame the brat out of you this time.” he bellowed with a small caress to your sweet spot.
bursts of pleasure exploded behind your eyes, a dozen colors; as he watched you intently, soaking up the way you turned into a puddle for him. you, a sweet fucking mortal, the resemblance of an angel itself on his eyes. devoting to him, a sacred member of hell.
“you’re such a cute little thing” he said “the sweetest piece of ass everyone is thirsting over. yet here you are, clenching around my fingers like a common whore.”
he accelerated the thrusts of his fingers, making the welled up tears in your eyes threaten to spill as the room filled with your embarrassingly loud cries and squelches. only making sirius’ cock throb harder.
“i’m gonna fuck you so good tonight. gonna fill that pussy up with my cum and then take you all over again until all you can think about is how i fucking impregnated you” he promised, thumbing at your sensitive nub in circles as you chanted his name, slamming a palm on the glass behind you before coming undone with a small shout.
his lips tilted in a smirk as you dripped down his arm. “you’re so fucking messy” he squinted, forcing your mouth open with his free hand.
he didn’t even need to ask before your tongue was rounding his damp digits even in the high of the orgasm.
a glint of pride swam in his darkened hues, “there we go, good girl, you’re so obedient today, puppy.”
“sirius, want it” your legs shook as you struggled to hold yourself up after the inhumane (literally) orgasm.
“want what, you stupid slut? i told you i hate blabbering little babies” he seethed, holding your face in one large hand, making your swollen lips pucker up.
“your— cock! please, it hurts.”
his dick twitched in his pants yet again, it only took a quick motion of his hands for the large girth to be freed.
even after all this time of seeing and feeling it in places you never even knew existed, your mouth stayed agape at the view of his cock.
it was thick and long, with two hard ridges at the sides that pushed away all teensy doubts of him being the slightest of a human.
“you want it, sweetheart?”
you nodded your head yes, clit pulsing madly as he harshly turned you around, one leg being hoisted up and bent on the crook of his arm.
a whine slipped past your lips at the unforeseen motion, fists clenching at the side of your head whilst you stared down at the city.
“well keep those fucking legs open because you’re not gonna be able to sit on that cunt for days”
the thought itself numbed your hazy mind.
his tip pooled with pre-cum as he rubbed it on your slit, walls throbbing at the mere outside sensation.
“siri— oh! fuck-!” your words tripped over each other as the glass fogged with your labored breathing when sirius unexpectedly pushed into you, your cunt squeezing around him in mere seconds, still not used to his size.
you had no time to brace yourself before he was thrusting into you mercilessly.
“you like that, angel?” he growled, black optics trained on the bouncing of your ass in his thighs.
“mhm” you replied meekly, letting out a cry as his cock kissed your cervix.
tears ran down your apple cheeks as you begged for him to slow down, even though your veins screamed in protest if he stilled for a millisecond.
a palm came to wrap around your throat, constricting your breathing yet again as sirius pulled you to look back at him, leaving a perfect arch of your back.
“keep fucking crying, makes my cock ache so hard to cum inside you, baby”
a deep groan came from the depths of his throat at the sight of your beady eyes filling in tears for what had to be the sixth time that night.
“yes” you rasped, caving in. “cum inside me, please, you fuck me so good.”
“there’s my sweet girl” he praised, patting at your face before making you face forward, pounding at your snug pussy like there was no tomorrow.
he hummed in your ear at your broken moans and pleads. “promise you won’t try to do it again, sweetheart?”
“to escape me— you always try to as if that doesn’t make me wanna fuck you into tomorrow further. just wanna isolate you from everyone else so we can finally be together, baby. it’s truly all i want. so, promise me you won’t behave like a dumb slut?”
“i-i can’t— ah!” you slapped a palm on the window before the mouth-watering orgasm ran over you.
you burnt with euphoria as sirius’ grunts thumped in your ear.
not long after your inner walls were sprayed with his cum. it seemed never-ending. it always did. and this time you were not scared of it in the slightest.
you had truly given up. or in is more like it.
you knew you couldn’t deny the mind-blowing bliss sex with sirius provided.
his voice seemed distant, even though his damp chest was right in line with your back. “come on, angel, don’t forget your manners. get down on your knees and clean the fucking mess you made on my cock”
a slight tilt of your head backwards and your clit was drumming with need at the sight of his dick covered in a thin layer of slick.
your breath stayed caught in your throat as you sat up abruptly, cringing at the layer of sweat that covered your entire body.
the room was pitch black.
and again, you couldn’t see him, but you could feel him. and that was enough to sent you spiraling into an exhausted state.
he always gets what he wants, you thought. it’s not fucking fair.
sirius only smirked at you from his corner in the shadows, hidden from sight.
quick a/n if you didn’t understand the ending!
sex demons (or incubus) tend to manifest during wet dreams or sleep paralysis (mostly sleep paralysis) so yes, sirius did in fact fuck the reader, but he obviously will not show himself while she’s awake, simply because he can’t. dw tho, in my mind, they made a ritual to make him human and fell in love <3.
[follow my library blog and turn on notifications to know whenever i post a fic!]
🏷: @selenesheart @malfoy-girl @siriusblackwifeeey @alohastitch0626 @youreso-golden @remuslupinswhore @caosfanblr @whoreforgeorgeandfred @abbott27 @elizabethrosedarling @siriusbarnesslut @samaraaaaa @malfoyspov @ildm4ev @imjustanothernerd @pixaura@justadreamyhufflepuff @mollysolo @princess-jules47 @ilovejamespotter @arisblackhole @yiamalfoy @brattypeony @myalupinblack @slut4tamaki @nic0lodean @rylynn-m @harmqnia @pottahishotasf @soraya825 @sabrinathesimp @remusluvr @alic3cullenswife @underratedhotties @wolfstar-lb @lliasky @randomstufflol29 @akraziia @kieracass4lyfers @acciodignity @kayleigh @maeve-7 @simpforremuslupin
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gotkindabored · 25 days ago
Hi Ava!
First thank you for your fics 🙌🏻
How about Sirius hate fucking the reader? They are kinda ennemies? Slytherin vs Gryffindor or any other house (up to you) but when they see each other in another context (party - alone together) they are goiiiiing for it like damn rabbits okok I'm gonna burn in hell 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Losing Game
CONTENT: Switch!Sirius, Switch!Reader, hate fucking, angry and rough sex, they're mean to each other, Sirius is a secret simp, everyone is 18+, no beta; we die like sirius
NOTES: I can't stop making these into mini fics rather than dialogues / blurbs. I just can’t stop writing. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"I fucking hate you," she hissed, careless and mocking, sinking herself back onto his cock. Sirius' head rested on the board of his bed, hands gripping her thighs and waist hard.
Sirius didn't know exactly how it happened — how he, Gryffindor's Beater and she, Slytherin's Seeker — managed to have a screaming match to having her pussy clenching around his length.
Sirius chuckled lightly before being cut off with a sharp groan. They were loud, knowing the music thumping from the common room and through the thick walls was loud enough to drown them out.
And of course, Gryffindor had won. The ruckus from the party served as another cruel reminder.
"You're such a bitch."
"You complete arse. At least I'm not Gryffindor's slag."
"You’re just mad that Gryffindor's always win, unlike Slytherins. They don't buy their way in," he seethed, kissing her; hungry, impatient.
They always won.
And she — her house — always lost.
"Yeah?" She breathed, pace slowing. "Is that so?"
Her voice was deadly and Sirius' hand moved to grab her breast, running the flat his thumb against her nipple, pinching it hard.
She gasped — arousal crashing into her anger with the intensity of two tidal waves. They were almost designed to push each other's buttons.
A hand threaded through Sirius' inky hair, yanking his head to tilt up to stare at her. His hips bucked at the sudden pain, and she relished in his reaction. "You like that?" She gripped her hair tighter, rolling her hips, setting a harsh speed to match the anger that flowed off her.
He bit back a moan. "Ah — fuck you."
"Godric," she gritted, attempting to hold back her moans. "That's supposed to be happening. For someone who was begging to fuck me, you're doing a shit job."
He wanted her like a starved man — that never ending ache that roared in his veins and blood until his head pounded with the idea.
Sirius pushed her off of him, flipping her over before she had the chance to register it. He sank his cock back with a sharp, hard thrust.
He kept her in place, pinning her hips more forcefully to the bed as he set a fast, cruel speed — pouring out his frustration.
His heart hammered against his chest, wanting to buy himself deeper, faster, feeling her squeeze around him, pouring all the rage he had into her.
Fuck Slytherins.
Fuck her in particular.
It was always her — managed to worm her way into his mind that he could never get rid of. She latched herself on. Never letting him be.
He kept fucking her hard.
He kissed her, tongue running up the side of her neck and kissed just below her ear, sucking down. His fingers slipped between her legs, stroking her clit until she was a loss for word — whimpering replacing her harsh words and mocking lilt.
She finally gave in, moans high and sweet, and Sirius smirked against her skin. It was a sound he couldn't get enough of and he lost himself in the addictive sensation of the warmth of her soft skin, her beneath him — withering, grasping onto him.
The thought was too affectionate for what they were.
But he clung onto her, his feelings too tangled and wrapped around her. It was the one game he could never win.
Fucking Slytherins.
Tumblr media
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morozovastarless · 4 months ago
for you i would fall from grace
summary: sirius teaches you how to touch yourself
warnings: dom/sub dynamics (dom!sirius, sub!reader), guided female masturbation, innocence/corruption kink, a bit of religious imagery (seriously why is it always religious imagery?)
word count: 3k
a/n: i wrote this on a whim yesterday since it wouldn’t leave my brain. i also felt kinda weird writing it but i actually like how it turned out. i was thinking i could maybe do like a mini series of sirius teaching you different things, let me know what you think
Tumblr media
sirius black was first and foremost a gentleman.
he liked to pretend he wasn’t, covering up the long and boring etiquette lessons his mother drilled into him with lewd comments, flirtatious smirks and illicit escapades in broom closets with anyone who caught his eye.
but when he met you, all those courting lessons and gentlemanly behaviour came back to him like a broken dam. he hated you for making him rely on something his parents of all people taught him, yet he couldn’t help but want to treat you right.
he blamed it on that innocent and sweet aura that surrounded you. with your pretty summer dresses and skirts, your melodic voice and kind eyes, the confused look and cocked head when someone made a suggestive comment and your flushing cheeks when he explained them to you. you were simply too virtuous, completely untouched, and it felt wrong to treat you any other way.
but, for all his need to protect and coddle you, he couldn’t help the deep desire he had to ruin you. he wanted to be the one to teach you everything, wanted to be the only one who would ever see you on your knees for him while you choked on his cock, the only person you would beg tearfully to give you something, anything. the only person who would be able to see your quivering legs and hear your whimpers and moans.
his little angel turned devil, just for him.
the fall from grace of his angel began a normal tuesday afternoon a few weeks ago.
he had seen the thoughtful expression on your face, the furrowed eyebrows and chewed lips. you had been distracted all day, not focusing on your classes and disconnecting yourself from the conversations that involved you. he had asked you multiple times if you were okay, but you just muttered a small “fine” and receded back in your mind.
the answer came to him when you were alone in his room. you were leaning against his body while reading a book or at least trying to, but you couldn’t shake the echo of marlene’s words from your ears.
“what do you mean you haven’t done anything with sirius yet?”
you didn’t have an answer. you knew sirius was very experienced, the whispers between boys in the bathrooms reached your ears multiple times, and the comments girls made about him were very much impossible to ignore. but he treated you differently than he did them, full of chivalry and with a debonair manner that only added to the charm that was sirius black.
he never pressured nor asked you to do anything, and you didn’t either. it was just the way your relationship worked, and you had never been truly that interested in sex either. it just never really caught your attention as it obviously had with everyone else, but maybe with sirius, it would be nice.
but now you couldn’t help but wonder if he actually wanted to do stuff with you, and also felt a little guilty for denying him for so long even if it hadn’t been on purpose.
“sirius?” you asked, “can I ask you something?”
he tore his eyes from the pages in front of you two, “‘course y’can, angel”
you took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. “have you ever— I mean, did you— do you want to have sex with me?” you couldn’t help but blunder.
“what?” he sputtered. of all the possible things he thought you would ask him, that had certainly not been on the list. he saw your heating cheeks, “where’s this coming from, bunny?”
you sighed, “it’s just… marlene said something today and it got me thinking, and I just…” you shrugged, “I just wanted to ask because I know you enjoy it and maybe you were holding yourself back, but I just have never done anything like that so…”
“I don’t want to do anything that’ll make you uncomfortable,” he said, looking into your eyes so you could see the truth of his words.
“but I want to,” you whispered shyly.
he looked at you deeply, considering if he should give in to the beginning of his darkest fantasies or if he should keep you safe from them a bit longer. it was so tempting to finally chip at your pristine image but it still felt wrong to do it so suddenly, so he decided to compromise.
he nodded his acceptance. slowly, he started to caress your arms, uncovered since you were wearing a pretty green floral dress. he felt the goosebumps rising, the hair on your skin barely gracing his finger pads. “what do you want to do, pretty girl?”
“I—I don’t know,” you murmured, lowering your head to think. sirius smirked slightly, of course you didn’t. “well then we better start at the very beginning,” he said in a playful tone. “have you ever touched yourself?”
you shook your head. “fuck,” he muttered, closing his eyes. he should’ve known, it was so blatantly obvious he doesn’t even know what other answer he was expecting. he could already feel his cock hardening at the idea of being all of your firsts.
“is that bad?” you questioned.
“no, baby, there’s nothing wrong with that. it just means you have a lot to learn,” he explained, his hands now travelling up to your shoulders and toying with the straps of your dress. you nodded in understanding and looked up at him with wide eyes, “can you teach me, please?”
he had to clench his jaw to stifle a groan at your innocent question. “yeah, bunny, I'll teach you everything.” you smiled happily and climbed on his lap, “when do we start?”
he smirked at you, his hand lightly closing around your throat, not quite squeezing it just yet. he pulled his face close to yours and let his lips hover over yours, making you hazy with the need to kiss him, “right now” he mumbled and then he was kissing you.
it started slow, your lips moving in sync as he pulled you closer and closer, your senses completely engulfed by sirius. his cologne was the only thing you could smell, the toothpaste and ashy smoke the only thing you could taste on his tongue, and his smooth skin and soft shirt the only thing you could feel.
his fingers toyed with the ends of your dress, the fabric already riding up your thighs. he moved his hands further up underneath it, cupping your lace-covered breasts. then, he flipped the dress over your head and pulled it off, leaving you only in your underwear. his eyes opened wide at the sight, this being the first time he saw you almost completely uncovered. the farthest the both of you had gone was slight make-out sessions, sirius always stopping you before it could go any further, his guilty conscience overriding his desire to stretch you wide open. “my beautiful girl,” he said in admiration while cupping your cheeks, the pads of his fingers tangling themselves between the roots of your hair.
he kissed you again, more fervour and want in his movements. when he squeezed your butt, making you gasp at the unexpected touch, his tongue entered your mouth and started to explore the cavity that he knew would make the prettiest sounds. your hands played with his hair, letting him take control of the kiss.
from your place on his lap, he turned you around and positioned your body in front of him and the mirror on the side of his bed. he placed wet kisses on the side of your neck, slightly biting in some places so that red marks would appear later. his hands were all over you, teasing the edge of your underwear and the swell of your breasts.
you sighed in pleasure as your eyes rolled back, already slipping, drunk on his touch. he unclasped your bra, and with a kiss on your cheek he stopped touching you. the halt in his buttery touch confused you, wasn’t he going to teach you?
“gimme your hand, bunny” you raised your hand, his big fingers encasing your wrist. he moved it from your chest to your navel, up and down, only the tip of your fingers grazing your skin. you shivered at the slight contact, “that feels nice, doesn’t it?” his lips brushed over the shell of your ear.
“yeah,” you breathed, “s’nice.”
he chuckled, “it’s about to be even better. touch your pretty tits f’me.” you did as he said, palming and squeezing them and feeling your nipples harden underneath your hands. you hesitantly pinched them, moaning when you realised it felt good. “those are your nipples, bunny,” he said, “you can roll, flick or pinch them and it’ll feel good.”
you followed his instruction, increasing the pressure until— “owie!” you whimpered. you looked at him, brows furrowed and lips pouting, “that didn’t feel good, sirius, it hurt.”
“oh, you were too harsh, my love. you have to go slowly, or you’ll hurt y’self.” he explained, “try again”
your hands went back to your hardened nipples, alternating between rolling and pinching them, using the same amount of pressure you were using before your mishap. sirius just watched the movements of your hands, wishing they were his but controlling himself. he couldn’t just fuck you silly, he had to get you ready for him, teach you everything you would need to know before he turned you into his little cock slut.
breathy moans fell from your lips, and you could feel a slight pressure in your lower stomach as well as something wet against your underwear. your skin felt hot, a slight sheen of sweat on your forehead and something almost pulsing down there. “siri, I feel funny,” you said.
“what does it feel like, bunny?” he asked, eyes glued to the hardened buds between your fingers. “i-it hurts… down there, and it tingles” you worried.
“s’okay, angel, that means you are doing a good job!” he reassured. “you can use your fingers to touch your pussy, baby. go on, it’ll feel good, I promise.”
one of your hands moved south, going under your underwear and touching your clit. your hips bucked at the feather-like touch, short whimpers of pleasure leaving your mouth. “it’s wet, siri” you gasped.
he grunted, getting frustrated that he couldn’t see anything since you were still clad in your underwear. his fingers tapped the hem, “take these off, want to see you.” you raised your hips and pulled your underwear down your legs, gasping a bit at the cold air contrasting your scorching heat.
he opened your legs and made eye contact with you through the mirror. “look at that pretty pussy, angel.” you followed his eyesight, averting your eyes when you saw yourself. “don’t get shy, s’such a pretty cunt,” he soothed you.
“pretty?” you mumbled, your hand going back there to touch yourself again. sirius groaned at the sight, basking in the image of you needily looking for your pleasure. “yeah, baby, s’beautiful even. all swollen and wet, can’t wait to feel you around m’cock.” you whined at his words, moving your fingers in circles as your hips started to rise, “I wanna feel you too.”
“oh you can’t just yet, angel, you have so much to learn!” you pouted at his refusal, shaking your head, “no, siri, want it now.” he smirked, realizing you couldn’t even say the word. he mocked confusion, “what do you want? I can’t give it to you if you don’t tell me what you’re asking for.”
your fingers slightly slowed down, cheeks heating at the look he gave you. it didn’t help that you were completely naked while he was still wearing all of his clothes, leaving you completely exposed for his hungry eyes to feast on your image. “want your cock, siri” you mumbled.
“good girl, using your words to ask for something.” you smiled at his praise, feeling more tingles in your stomach after he complimented you. “but I can’t give it to you now, bunny—”
“why not?!” you interrupted him, whining like a child throwing a tantrum.
he scowled at you, grabbing your wrist to completely halt your movements. your hips bucked, searching for that pleasurable touch once more, and you whined again when you couldn’t get it. “don’t interrupt me, angel, remember who is in charge here,” he scolded, only letting up when you murmured a small ‘m’sorry’.
“as I was saying,” he looked pointedly at you, “I can’t give it to you now because I might hurt you. I gotta get you all stretched out before you can have m’cock”
you understood his reasoning, but that didn’t mean you had to like it. “but I want it now!” you complained. a tight squeeze on your neck as a warning had you pausing. “watch.your.tone” he snapped, his face close to yours as he spoke in your ear. “you can put your fingers inside you and pretend it’s my cock if you want, but I don’t know if you deserve it…” he trailed off, watching you squirm in front of him.
“oh please, siri! m’sorry for being rude, s’just… I wanna feel all of you.” you explained, trying to sway him. “can I please play with my fingers?”
if he had been a stronger man, he would’ve said no. but he was weak, for you and that honeyed voice and those big eyes with fluttering lashes. he was weak and desperately wanted to see how you looked when you came. did you open your mouth, or did you bite your lip to try and keep quiet? did you close your eyes and clutch at the sheets around you? he had to know, so he complied, reassuring himself that there would be time to scold you and turn you into his good girl who followed all his rules later.
“come on, I’ll help you,” he grabbed your wrist once more and raised your slightly sticky fingers to your mouth, “you gotta get them all wet, it’ll make it easier to slip inside.”
you slowly opened your mouth, hesitating, but he quickly pushed your fingers inside and pressed them against your tongue. “suck on them. think of it as practice for sucking my cock.”
at that you swirled your tongue around them eagerly, wanting to be able to make him feel good. the taste was a bit weird, but you didn’t mind it. you covered them in your spit, looking at sirius’s image on the reflective surface. “you wanna suck me, angel? s’that why you are suckling on m’fingers like that? are you pretending it’s my cock?” those words had you shivering in delight, a garbled ‘yes’ your only response.
he took your fingers away from your mouth, enjoying the way your tongue lolled out trying to bring them back inside. oh, what would he give to have that tongue up and down his length…
“use your other hand to play with your puffy clit,” he instructed as he moved your fingers to your entrance. you looked at the movements reflected in the mirror, eyes rolling to the back of your head at the slight stretch when he pushed one inside. “oh!” you moaned.
his hand left yours, leaving you to your own devices. “push it in and out, and make sure to curl them so it feels extra good.” you did as he said, starting slow but quickly gaining speed when you felt those tingles once more. the buzzing in your veins and the hazy feeling in your mind as your heart sped up was so good you never wanted it to stop. now you understood why everyone seemed obsessed with masturbating and sex, and your fingers sped up as you imagined sirius pressing his hips to yours.
“it feels so good, sirius,” you babbled, moans and whines interrupting your words.
“oh, I’m sure it does. add another, it’ll feel much better.” he moaned lowly as he watched you push another finger in, the image of you lost in your first taste of pleasure burning itself on his mind. you gasped at the slight burn caused by the stretch, but your movements on your clit were enough to distract you from the pain.
“siri, I feel—I feel strange… like I’m about to—to burst!” you cried, never once pausing your fingers. “s’so tight, too, can barely move.”
oh, and didn’t that last sentence make him go absolutely feral. he tried to remain stoic, reminding himself that good things came to those who were patient. “that means you’re about to cum. s’okay, angel, you can let go. I’ve got you.”
you were rising, basking in euphoria as your moans got louder and louder the closer you got to the edge. your back was arching, walls fluttering around your fingers as they moved in and out while your other hand rubbed small circles on your swollen bud. sirius watched you enraptured, hypnotized by your shaky figure as he held your legs open. you were so close, the pleasure rising and rising and rising and then—
you were falling, a broken moan echoing around the four walls as your body slumped against sirius’s, your hair bunching up a little against his chest almost like a broken halo. you closed your eyes tightly, scrunching your nose as you felt the tidal wave wash over you, small whimpers caused by the resounding pleasure leaving your open mouth. your chest was heaving, trying to breathe in any oxygen you could while sirius’s palms travelled along your torso and he whispered praises in your ear.
he removed your fingers from your still fluttering hole and brought them to his mouth, licking them clean as he watched your face in the mirror. he smirked at your dumbstruck face, “couldn’t help myself, angel,” he said, “taste so good, like syrup”
you pouted your lips, and sirius lifted your chin so you were looking at him upside down and kissed you slowly, his tongue circling yours and allowing you to taste yourself. he pulled apart gradually, letting your lips cling to his for as long as possible before they ultimately departed from each other. his fingers traced your cheekbones lightly, watching as you closed your eyes at the tender touch.
his little angel had finally fallen.
TAGLIST: @gxtitobxby @emmaev @dracoxgeorge @dracosafety @capsmischief (your blog doesn’t show up!) —if you want to be added tap here
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dracossweetprincess · 22 days ago
casual fucking | s.b
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist || masterlist
request: yes/no
preview: sirius casually fucking you from behind while you tell him about your day
warnings: smut!, established relationship (married), post hogwarts, vaginal penetration, casual sex (?)
sirius was home after a usual exhausting day at work. he was frustrated and horny, and to be honest, all he wanted was to fuck his wife. he took of his shoes at the entrance, got rid of his suit and pants and walked around only in boxers, walking upstairs to your shared bedroom.
he was met with your angelic frame laying down on the bed, your back naked and your breasts hidden by the sheets. the window was open and the soft early evening wind made your hair flow. “hi, darling.” he grinned, walking towards you and laying on top of you.
“hi babe. how was work? ow!” you whined at the feeling of his heavy body on top of yours. he mumbled an apology and braced himself onto his elbows, not wanting to crush you again. “it was shit, just wanna love m’wife.”
“mm, go ahead then. i’m all yours, do whatever you want.” you let him take the lead and tried to focus on the novel you were reading again, but the feeling of his warm hands sliding down your silky shorts made something between your legs tingle.
“gonna fuck my wife’s perfect, tight, little pussy.” he husked in your ear, his fingers drawing little hearts on your back as his other hand worked on getting you wet enough. the pad of his finger worked on your clit while the other slid up and down your folds.
“so ready for me already. my good little wife.” he got rid of his boxers, tossing them aside and groaning at the chilly wind hitting his erection. wasting no time, he buried himself inside you and let out a sigh of relief, starting to thrust in and out fast.
“tell me darling, how was your day hm?” he fiddled with your hair as if he wasn’t balls deep inside you right now. “i-it was g-good.” he nodded, kissing your spine making you shiver. “bet it’s better now huh?” he asked as his tip repeatedly hit your g-spot.
“princess loves m’cock, hm?” he delivered a few slaps to your ass. “love your cock.” he fucked your harder and deeper with every moan you let out, letting out all his frustrations from the long day. “mmm, love you. what are we gonna have for dinner?”
there he was the casual talk again, and it drove you insane, in a good way of course. “i-i don’t know, i was t-thinking maybe pizza, we can order take out.” he pressed butterfly kisses along your neck as he pulled your hair, making you look directly in his eyes.
it was an usual thing for sirius to just come home, walk into the room in only his boxers, sometimes even entirely naked and just slip into you, relaxing you both after dealing with the world for another day, and it was terrific.
“you’re such a mess for me, you better cum darling, cause i can’t wait any longer.” the feeling of your clenching walls was overwhelming, as sirius slid his hand down and started rubbing your clit, the pressure in your stomach suddenly exploding as you squirted all over him.
“that’s a good girl, let me hear your cute moans.” you could feel his length in your tummy, “i’m gonna cum.” sirius closed his eyes, filling you up to the brim and collapsing on top of you, his shoulders giving up. “s’good pretty baby, s’good.”
“gonna stay inside you for now.”
a/n: hope you liked it, if you did please reblog, it helps so much, ty! 🤍🫂🌱💭 εїз
taglist :: @l0vely-lupin @ilovejamespotter @harmqnia @angel4you @kpostedsum @gwlvr @fairydxll @ameliasbitvh @eunoniaa @dlmmdl @ruby-serpent @simp-for-cedric-diggory @ildm4ev @wintermorninghaze @wrongilbert @i-love-scott-mccall @haroldpotterson @hvgwartss @ms-heartbreak-queen @f4iryluv @weaselbrownie @lolooo22
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bellatrixscurls · 6 months ago
our little sirius
ღ pairing : marauders x reader
ღ warnings : smut, dom/sub, mommy kink, oral, bulge kink, dom!remus, switch!sirius, switch!reader, sub!james.
ღ summary : remus ‘teaches’ you how to dom sirius and james.
ღ word count : 8.7k
Tumblr media
“oh, come on, moony!” whined sirius as you heard the door of their dorm open, revealing an annoyed remus and a whiny sirius. the lycanthrope hurried towards you and james that were sitting on his bed, “that’s not fair!”
remus took a deep breath, already exasperated as sirius continued complaining, “she’s a switch as well, sirius. ‘nd she never got a chance to dom any of you” he covered his face with his large hands, closing his eyes tightly, “james’ not complaining, so why are you?”
without any idea of what to say but still strongly annoyed at the sight of you just laying in front of him, a small smirk on your face, sirius mumbled something that you couldn’t quite comprehend, scoffing as he turned around, his back now facing you and james.
but of course, considering that full moon was in a few days, remus had heard him, and he didn’t seem to happy with sirius, “wanna say that again, sirius?” he said nonchalantly, though his teeth were gritted.
at that, sirius’s eyes widened, visibly embarrassed that everyone was now staring at him, well — everyone but james. his curious gaze was shifting from remus, to you, and then back to remus, “c-can i? please, daddy” he begged the scarred boy as his bottom lip jutted out.
remus gave a small, yet satisfied nod, sitting on the bed and leaning back against the headboard, “go on, puppy” he instructed and james didn’t waste any more time, crawling to you until you were close enough. he placed his chin on your lap, looking up at you as he spoke, “hi, y/n/n” he whispered as you reached down to run your fingers through his soft, curly hair.
“hi, jamie” you answered quietly, smiling down at your boyfriend. his eyes wandered from your face all the way down to your lap, as if he was trying to gather courage to tell you something. but when his eyes were back on your face, he spoke softly, “c-can you please be my mommy?” he emphasized the last word, whining a bit because he had to actually say the word.
he hid his face on your lap, nosing at your inner thigh as he mumbled something unintelligible for you and the other marauders. your cheeks had turned a bright shade of red at the choice of words, the last one in particular, to be exact.
from your right, sirius scoffed, his eyes narrowed as he glared at you, “answer him, you stupid whore. you’re making jamie-” but he was cut off when remus’ palm collided with his face, slapping his smirk away.
“you are at her mercy today, sirius” said remus, his clenched jaw barely allowing his words to come out, “if she wants to fuck you, she fucks you. if she wants to edge you to death, she edges you. she tells you what to do, not you her, understood?” sirius nodded, clearly submissive to the boy as he muttered an apology to you.
remus nodded curtly, silently telling you to answer james, who was still looking up at you curiously. “mhm, i think i can do that, baby. you wanna be mommy’s good boy? yeah?” you mocked his fragile state, and he nodded furiously. “words” remus instructed quietly, moving closer to you two, so he was now behind you, fingers massaging your tense shoulders.
“p-please use your words, darling” you told him, and he obeyed immediately, telling you that he was utterly okay with your generous offer.
remus hummed contently, his lips vibrating against your skin as he sucked purple marks along your neck and shoulders, “now tell jamie what you’d like to do. let him treat you right, princess.”
your eyes shifted from remus and then back to james. you moaned at both remus’ lips on your skin and james’ puppy eyes. “eat my pussy, baby. come on, be a g-good boy” you struggled to say as remus pressed his tongue against the sensitive skin just below your ear, licking his way down.
in a matter of seconds, james was between your legs, his breath fanning your already wet cunt. he admired it like it was a piece of art, his eyes glistening, hungry as he lowered his face a bit more. in a moment that james felt like he couldn’t control himself any longer, his tongue made contact with your clit, as his lips wrapped around it, sucking the life out of you.
he would moan around it every now and then, sending vibrations through your whole body as you closed your fingers around his soft hair, tugging at it as the praises never stopped, “such a good boy you are, jamie” “fuck! you look so good down there, baby” and “fucking mommy so good with those pretty lips and tongue”.
and while james was trying to get you to give him cummies, remus didn’t stop once. his lips were wrapped around your skin as well, the skin of either your neck, shoulders and jaw. you could already see some bruises appearing as his large hand reached down to wrap around one of your tits, squeezing the nub between his thumb and index finger.
“jamie, do that thing daddy does when he eats mommy out, yeah?” remus asked the boy — more like told him, as the bespectacled boy nodded eagerly, his nose pushing at your bundle of nerves as he pushed two of his fingers inside your hole, pumping them rapidly in and out of you.
that earned a wave of loud moans and whines from you as you closed your eyes, fully enjoying the feeling of the two boys pleasuring you, “such...such a good boy, m’love...keep doing that and mommy’ll never stop giving her pretty boy cummies” at that, james only started sucking harder, his fingers picking up their pace as he started whining helplessly, but still being a good boy and not humping the bed.
after a few more moments of james eating you out, you could feel your neck turn all red, the redness spreading up to your face and ears as well. your release was closer than you’d care to admit, given how little time he had eaten you out for. your head started spinning and your vision went completely white as remus started rubbing your swollen nipples, his other hand travelling down to your belly and massaging there.
and you would’ve came right then, if it wasn’t for sirius who’d started whining. you opened your eyes only to find his naked, trembling figure as needy sound came from his plump lips. remus then left you and james to continue chasing your release as he approached sirius, talking about something you couldn’t really hear due to the state you were in.
“gonna...gonna cum, jamie. d’you want it, precious? you want your mommy’s cummies?” james whined at the use of the possessive adjective, you were all his — his mommy. he whimpered as a muffled ‘please, mommy’ came from his lips, now more focused than ever.
and seconds after you’d informed him of your release, you allowed your orgasm to wash over you, your fingers tugging at james’ locks to the point he’d started tugging at your wrists.
your legs were trembling as you tried to catch your breath, hand on your lower stomach while the other was scratching james’ scalp gently, who’s face was still resting between your open, quivering legs. “let mommy see you, gorgeous” you cooed softly, unclenching your thighs and allowing him to lift his head off your lap and look up at you. his chin was glistening with your release while he licked his lips, humming contently at the taste of you alone.
“your chin ‘s all wet with mommy’s cum, baby” you chuckled, rubbing your thumb along his cheek, “here- let me help-” but you stopped talking when he stuck his tongue out, wiping his chin with the back of his hand and bringing it to his mouth. the sight alone was pure sex.
“cum’s yummy” he giggled, his now crimson cheek resting on the palm of your hand as he closed his eyes, his plump lips formed into a smile, “am i your good boy, mommy?”
his question made you blush, and as you were about to answer, both you and james became aware of sirius’ and remus’ rather loud presence beside you. “but, daddy!” you heard sirius cry out, his hands trying to grab remus but he only kept a straight face, rolling his eyes every now and then.
“you’ve made daddy upset, sirius, he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore” remus replied coldly, as if it wasn’t his boyfriend that he was talking to.
sirius whimpered, as if his tears weren’t leaking out of his pretty eyes, but after just a moment, he couldn’t control himself anymore. you noticed how his body was trembling, his eyes dreamy but still narrowed, as if he had to do something right away, but couldn’t.
so you decided to let go of james’ face and instead shift closer to sirius, who was actually surprised that you’d come to him — as were your two other boyfriends. “what’s happening, pretty boy ?” you questioned as you stroked his cheek.
he sniffled into your palm, tears dripping down from his face to your bare arm, “n-needy, mommy...” your eyebrows raised involuntarily at the use of the name, “and bad-‘m being bad, mommy!” he cried, leaning closer to you and burying his face in your chest.
you swore that you could hear your heart break as he cried, hiccuping with every breath, “i don’t you’re a bad boy...just a bit of attitude, yeah? but that’s what makes you special, my darling” you assured him, leaning down to peck his forehead.
after a few more moments of silence, sirius’ face tilted up, giving you his best puppy eyes as he played with your sensitive nipple. he just kept staring at you with a weak smile on his face the whole time, so you raised an eyebrow at him, earning adorable giggles from your boyfriend, as his cheeks flushed. “zoned out a bit there, baby?”
he hummed, bringing his lips back to wrap around the nipple he wasn’t paying attention to just a moment before, “wanna have you, mommy” he mumbled against your skin, taking full advantage.
“hm?” you asked, smiling when his cheeks turned even redder, “couldn’t quite catch that, siri.”
he whined at the way you were teasing him. he had to say it, and was afraid of getting teased even more by you, but he still had to. “wanna have you, mommy” sirius spoke up, his voice trembling as he licked your nipple, sucking it and humming around it as if it was the sweetest fruit, “want...want you to ride me. please, mommy. please, i’ll be a good boy! pl-”
“siri...siri” you shushed him, running your fingers through his curly, soft hair, “you’re already so good, my’re my best boy, baby, yeah? and the best boys get the best rewards” his eyes were glistening as he looked up at you, a beautiful smile now replacing his previous pout.
sirius felt like he was in paradise, specially since he’d slipped into subspace without even noticing. you were all he could see, your tits on full display for him while you made that offer to him, an offer that he couldn’t ever reject. “lay down for me, gorgeous” you rasped, getting off his lap as he hurried to lay down on his back, his muscles completely relaxed as he waited for you.
sirius thought you’d suck him off and maybe tease him a little bit, but no, you had something better in mind, something you knew he’d love more than anything.
he was already completely bare as you hovered over him, and you took the opportunity, placing your knees on either side of his waist, squeezing a bit as you shifted, your heat pressed to his hard cock, making both of you shudder at the sudden hotness.
“mommy...m-mommy, please i-” “shh, siri. be good now, baby” you instructed, reaching between your legs to grip his rock hard cock, aligning it with your wet entrance. the pleasure became overwhelming as you lowered yourself on him inch by inch, taking it slowly as to not hurt any of you.
his moans and whimpers were your favourite type of music, as his hands went up to your hips, guiding you up and down slowly. “g-good, so so good to me, mommy” he breathed heavily, closing his eyes as he took his lower lip between his teeth.
you hummed thoughtfully, “the best, baby. mommy’s little boy’s making her feel the best” your words of praise along with how good you were making him feel, and sirius’ couldn’t help but buck his hips up into yours, in slow but hard thrusts.
you too had your eyes closed, taking in the way sirius’ beautiful moans mixed with yours. but that was until you felt his large hand leave your breasts and travel down your body until it reached your lower stomach, where it stayed, laying on top of the large bump.
your eyes snapped open at his sudden movement, looking down at where sirius was caressing your skin. whenever he slid out of you and thrusted back in, the bump would disappear and then appear again, making the raven haired boy moan loudly at the sight. “look at it, mommy” his other hand queezed your hip, making you look down at it again, “so small and pretty for me, so perfect” he whispered, moaning between each word as he continued his hard thrusts.
sirius’ words had an effect on you, one that had you over the edge, well, had the two of you over the edge. you could feel your second orgasm approaching, and by the tears running down the boy’s cheeks, even the blind could see that he was close too.
you leaned in, wiping his tears away as he took advantage of how close you were, latching his lips around one of your hard, swollen nipples. you giggled at the action, watching him in awe as he relaxed completely, but his thrusts never faltered. “you close, my darling?” you asked gently, feeling heat spread up from your neck up to your cheeks.
he hummed around your nipple, freeing it just for a second, “can i cum, mommy? i won’t be bad ever again, please mommy!” he cried as he began sucking at your breast again, his cries now muffled.
you gave him a small nod, along with a whispered ‘go on, honey. fill your mommy up with your pretty cum’ and that was it for him. in a matter of seconds, his body started spasming in pleasure, as his cries got louder. the feeling of him painting your walls with his sweet cum had you moaning and tightening around him as your body shook with pleasure.
he rode out both your orgasms as you cried in overstimulation, biting sirius’ shoulder until his movements stopped and you felt him pull out of you and start catching his breath as he held you close to him, caressing up and down your spine as you pressed hot kisses along his neck and jaw, whispering sweet praises in his ear.
you stayed like that for a few seconds until you felt a hand on the small of your back. you immediately propped yourself on your elbows, looking behind you only to find james, his eyebrows furrowed as well as his plump lips formed into a frown.
“mommy...” he whined, trying to get a hold of your waist and push you off sirius, only for the boy to get into a seated position and to grasp your waist, pressing you even closer to him. the action only made james start crying, as his hands went up to cover his red face.
remus sighed quietly, crawling across the bed to james and wrapping his arms around the younger boy’s body. you watched with a pout as james turned around, throwing his hands around remus’ neck and resting his cheek on his shoulder as his cries got louder. “mommy loves sirius more, daddy!” he cried, sobbing as he tried to catch his breath.
your heart broke at his words. you didn’t love sirius more, you loved each one of the three boys equally, they were your boyfriends after all. but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything and instead continued watching, letting remus take care of the situation like only he knew best.
remus shushed him gently, caressing up and down his back as he spoke quietly “sirius’ a little brat today, jamie. he wants mommy all to himself, yeah ? how about we teach him a lesson?” at the sound of the last sentence, james’ head shot up instantly, watching his daddy with his usual, big cerulean eyes.
but he didn’t get a chance to ask him about said ‘lesson’ as remus pulled him on his lap, motioning for you and sirius to come closer, which you did. “you think mommy’s all yours, siri?” he asked mockingly. sirius didn’t respond and instead buried his face in your neck, moaning at your sweet scent. “i’ll take that as a yes” he scoffed, “jamie’s been so good, letting you pleasure his mommy after he did, and now you won’t do the same for him ?”
but still, no response.
remus’ anger seemed to grow bigger and bigger as time passed and he still got no answer from sirius, not even a nod. “alright then, if that’s how you want it to be” he finally gave up, knowing that the chances of sirius answering were lower than ever, “here’s the plan. i’m gonna fuck jamie, make him feel so good. and you, you ungrateful slut” he pointed at sirius who’s face wasn’t buried in your neck anymore, but watching the scene in front of him, “will let y/n/n cockwarm you, no movements and you do not get to cum today. at all” although he knew it would make remus even more mad, sirius’ couldn’t help but whine at the mere thought of it, clearly not prepared for this punishment.
but the lycanthrope brushed him off, he was too focused on making james feel good. and while you sat down on sirius’ cock for the second time that night, he had made james sit on all fours, ass on the air as he waited patiently for remus to fuck him.
infinite whines were pulled from sirius as remus pushed his cock all the way inside james. his thrusts made even you moan as both boys seemed to be having the fucking of their lives. while remus’ cock was pistoning in and out of james, the boy rocked back on his cock, his ass crimson red as the scarred boy slapped him.
“daddy! fuck, daddy, f-feels so good!” screamed james, his pouty lips along with his squishy cheeks were now red as well. remus groaned in response, taking a hold of the bespectacled boy’s cock and pumping it, his hands working magic as his cries got even louder.
“you are so good, baby” remus growled as he leaned down, kissing down james’ neck and just adding to both their pleasure as james starting rocking faster and harder.
james was a sucker for praise, and all of you knew it. including him.
you were no longer in need of release and purely watched two of your boyfriends pleasuring themselves, enjoying each and every one of their pretty sounds. but sirius? he needed to move, he needed some sort of realease as soon as possible.
and you could tell by his body language. his hips were shaking as he tried not to buck his hips into yours, his hands were palming at your sides and his lips suckling on your breasts.
you tried to calm him down by doing every thing you could possibly do. but you just couldn’t do the only thing he needed : move. you knew that you would be in for a punishment as well if you did, so you just kept caressing and kissing your way down his hot skin.
a few more thrusts, and the boys on your right got more vocal than ever. both their faces were red as remus groaned and james cried out in pleasure. “so- so close, daddy! may i cum, please? wanna be a good boy f’ you! please, d-” “go on, cum for me, puppy.”
james moaned loudly as he felt himself on the verge of reaching his high. tears were streaming down his face as remus’ hand worked faster on his cock. “daddy!” he mewled helplessly. you moaned as well when you saw his seed shoot out in big spurts, painting his stomach at the same time remus delivered a particularly hard thrust, along with a growl of james’ name as he came inside of him.
the two boys fell onto the mattress, their breaths loud and heavy as they tried to relax from the mindblowing orgasm. you took that as your cue to get off sirius, but just when you were about to, you heard remus’ breathy voice, “i think he's learned his lesson, bun. how about you give our little sirius what he wants, hm?”
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acosmis-t · 6 months ago
his bunny || s.b. x reader
word count: 1.4k
warnings: smut, corruption kink, innocence kink, degrading, dumbification, overstim, loss of virginity, breeding kink, minor pet play, dacryphilia, rougher sex, there is a safeword in place—just proceed with caution and lmk if i missed anything
a/n: there is a safeword in place and all actions are consensual
decency was not something that had been lost on him. manners, proper courtship—he was raised well, after all. he attended to each of those needs, deigning to treat you special, unlike the other girls who had been a quick fuck.
you, he took care of. he coddled.
and, sirius black could say, it had been entirely worth it. since the first time he laid eyes on you, he’d felt that air of innocence. you were the image of naïvety, pure in the way you stared, acted, touched. your voice and your eyes and your lips—how they downturned at the slightest confusion.
his bunny.
it grew. with every remark, and with every jest, and with every crude joke from james. your cheeks would heat and your actions would stutter—and quickly, sirius became obsessed. seeing something so gentle, so pristine, hiding your face in his chest and that little giggle trickling into his ears—he couldn’t help but crave you.
for him and only him to touch. to take care of.
he found something addicting about teasing you, taunting you, making you need him. exactly how you were now, knees pressed to your chest, eyes screwed shut as every muscle trembled with uncertainty. he knew you had never done something like this before, been fucked and bred and corrupted. and that’s what made it so much better.
“siri,” you whimpered, tears streaming from the two orgasms he had already given you, your widened and pleasured eyes hazy. it was fear that had stolen your face, but behind that, he could see the desperation.
“not yet, bunny. you can’t take me yet,” he hummed. three fingers slid inside you now, and he could tell that such a stretch was unfamiliar.
“want you—”
but as soon as the whine left your mouth, he was moving to pinch your clit—holding it tight between his thumb and forefinger, and making you cry out.
“are you dumb?” he asked, dropping his grip but keeping a digit, carefully swirling the overstimulated organ. “dumb bunny?”
you shook your head, sobs breaking up in your throat, coming out as heavy exhales. your entire body was twitching from the overwhelming sensations, and his cock throbbed with the urge to be inside of you, to break you in half.
the bunny ears he had given you were bent, half-fallen; your mascara ran down your face in thick black streaks, courtesy of your waterlogged lashes; your lips were swollen and sensitive, not one part of you accustomed to such treatment. the white lace you donned was ripped, soaked in sweat and cum.
to put it simply, you were a wreck. just as he wanted.
he reinserted his fingers, watching you writhe as they curled, scraped, dragged another orgasm from you, paired with louder cries, messier looks. his free hand shot to your hair, bringing your face up to meet his gaze, then down, to watch him pull out the soaked digits.
“do you know what this is, bunny?” he asked, showing him exactly what dripped off his tips. when you shook your head, he moved it closer to you, right in front of you. “that’s cum, bunny. you fucking came all over my hand—three times at that. aren’t you going to apologize?”
you hiccuped, nodding, “sorry, daddy” already tumbling out. and you shook harder as he traced your lips with two fingers, the message clear. but you were shaking your head, never having tasted, touched, or known such obscenity.
but the hand holding your head slipped to your jaw, squeezing the sides, opening your mouth for you. you watched his eyes, held onto them like a life raft as his wet digits entered, reaching to the back of your throat and staying there. you gagged slightly, then remember what he had taught you before—during conversations only designed to evoke that throbbing ache from you—and focused on breathing through your nose.
“good bunny,” he cooed, dropping the grip on your mandible and starting to work at his cock, smearing precum.
you gurgled a response against the obstruction, hips jumping and knees straining as he kept you in the press. he looked nearly bored, dragging his length through your folds with ease, then tapping against your clit. you flinched, but settled as his brow raised.
slowly, he aligned with your entrance, then pushed in. inch by inch, you tightened around him, squirming from the smarting burn, a much bigger one than you had ever known. your thighs quivered, hips bucking up and down, despite the seconds he gave you to get used to him.
and then, he was pulling out, just halfway, then thrusting back in. you yelped at the sensation, but he only pushed his long fingers further down your throat, silencing you at once. you could feel every ridge and vein, each one in such detail that your crying was renewed. but that only urged him forward, increasing his pace.
your tongue that had previously been lining his digits paused, your lips fell open, spit gathered at the corners of your mouth. sirius watched your eyes roll back with clear satisfaction planted on his face. he would sheath himself fully, then stall, embracing your muffled, “so big.”
“dumb bunny,” he drawled, picking up the tempo now, your backside and thighs bruised with such intensity. “feels like you’re gonna break into little pieces. is that what you want—for me to break you?”
you nodded, not that the dip was discernible, your movements half-focused. you were drowning in him, going limp in bliss. his third and fourth fingers were tucked into your mouth, and that became your anchor as another orgasm wound in the pits of your stomach.
and it only grew brighter as he leaned forward, now making the slightest contact with your clit. your breasts were bouncing with each movement, your tears falling; the lace did nothing to cover you now, merely there to amuse him.
this time, when the climax washed over you, your vision went black, and your body froze for a moment, before it resumed shaking with a new vigor. it was then that sirius sped up, chasing his own high and watching you mewl and crumble under him.
his thrusts turned sloppy, but they also turned harder, until each snap had you convinced of a new set of marks. you were choking on his fingers as he came, filling you with more than you expected; the warmth could be felt throughout your entire person, and your walls fluttered, milking him for all he was worth.
he halted inside of you for a few breaths, chest heaving and hair a tangled mess of black. he removed his hand, then pulled out, taking extra care so that the cum didn’t all go to waste. he did, however, apply his thumb to your clit, just to rub quick circles and make your walls contract, some seed following out.
and when you went to put your legs down, he stopped you, instead grabbing your arms and hooking them behind your knees. holding you in position.
“what?” you croaked, throat hoarse.
“keep it there, bun. actually—” he stood and walked to the nightstand, plucking a cloth gag you had never seen before, “—have this. gotta admire my work for a bit.”
he placed the gag in your mouth, and you linked your fingers, keeping steady. sirius smiled, then slid into a pair of boxers and sweatpants, so he could sit comfortably in the desk chair, watching your shaking, gagged, tainted figure.
moments later, he was turning to the essay he had left out. but he still didn’t tell you to let go. the cum began to leak out, and he only watched it from the corner of his eye, seeing the way your eyes fluttered shut, exhaustion lining your very bones.
he only waited a handful more minutes, soaking up the scene, before he was brushing the hair from your face, rousing you. you blinked up, bunny ears completely gone, terror filling your expression, then immense tranquility, realizing it was just him.
“c’mon, bun,” he said, helping you remove your arms and lower your sore legs. he massaged the thighs, hips, calves, then was picking you up and letting you fall into his side. he wasted no time in walking you to the bathroom and filling the tub immediately.
you sighed as he helped clean you off, murmuring his praises. you were limp, fucked-out and tired. corrupted. and he wouldn’t want it any other way.
tag list: @gingerspicetalks @amourtentiaa @elleofzephyr @randomoutsiders @eunoniaa @glossygranger @thecoffeelover @dracomalfoys-wh0re @inglourious-imagines @sambucky8 @sweeterthansammy @plutosdelacour @spencerreidsimp @wholebigboxofyikes @ambi-doo12 @daisymyangel @nerdishkiwii @90smalfoy @ccnicole02 @skaratjung @14etoiles @yumicloudshp @gxtitobxby @beauty-is-pain-pain-is-beauty @ang9lic @ronsbadidea @gryffindorgirl @dlmmdl @siriuslyslyslytherin @wwandavision @moreloveforluna @maybesandohnos @chaoticbisexualravenclaw @daisyyy2516 @o-rion-sta-r @msmimimerton @pinkandblueblurbs @slytherin-aesthetic2406 @whoreforoliver @notthatchhavi @asimpfortheweasleys @ronbrokemyheart @ronsonlywhore @draysslytherclaw @msmb @aetheralist @i-cant-stfu @artemis1orion @kaylieeq @ava-brooke-blog1 @drachoesimp @emmaev @miss-starkov @medalloway-blog @black-like-my-soul
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I Always Finish What I Start || Sirius Black
Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 4k
Requested: No, but don't be afraid to send em in!
Summary: When Sirius lands himself in detention yet again, McGonagall sets him up with a tutor. Unfortunately you're the one who finds yourself in that roll.
Warnings: Swearing, references to sex
Disclaimer: This gif is not mine, credit to the wonderful person who made it!
A/N: I just reread the Gallagher Girls if you couldn't tell lol. Thanks for the hearts and reblogs!
Tumblr media
Sirius sulked down that hall at eight that night, having landed himself in detention with Professor McGonagall yet again. This time though, it wasn’t the rest of the marauders who had gotten him there. Sirius himself was the one who snuck up behind his lovely brother in the hall with a rather large and very angry pixie from class and dropped it down his robes. It was incredibly funny to watch and Sirius and been doubled over laughing as the creature shrieked and clawed at the inside of Regulus’s clothes to get out. Regulus himself was also shrieking and jumping up and down wildly. It would have been even funnier had Professor McGonagall not been standing right there when he did that and promptly docked 30 points from Gryffindor and awarded Sirius detention that night.
He knocked on the large wooden door to Professor McGonagall’s office, a place he knew all too well.
“Come in,” she replied, and Sirius pushed open the door.
“Sit,” she said sharply, pointing to a chair in front of her desk.
Sirius did as he was told.
“What will it be tonight Minnie?” Sirius asked, slouching in his seat. “Grading papers? Cleaning windows? Helping Flitwick?”
McGonagall pursed her lips. “No Black, none of those. I’ve decided that detention will do more harm for you than good, so I’ve arranged for something else entirely,” Sirius’s face lit up in glee at the prospect of avoiding a night of manual labor, “I’ve decided that you need a tutor.”
Sirius’s expression turned into one of a scowl.
McGonagall held up a hand to keep him from protesting. “I don’t want to hear it. We both know your shenanigans have gotten in the way of your studies and you need dire help if you still wish to become an Auror. The ministry will not hire someone with only A’s in their last year of classes.”
“Remus and Lily help me plenty,” Sirius argued.
“Helping, Mr. Black, is not copying,” McGonagall corrected. “There is a reason I didn’t ask them to be your tutor.”
“I am not sitting down for an hour every week with some stuck up know-it-all Ravenclaw like Terrence Boot,” Sirius complained.
McGonagall had to hold in a smile. She did agree that Terrence had a certain, usually extremely bothersome, way of expressing his smarts. “It’s an hour and a half, three days a week,” she corrected, “and she’ll be here in just a moment.”
As if on cue there was a sharp rap on the door.
“Right on time. Come in,” McGonagall called out.
Sirius looked over to meet your eyes as you stepped into the room.
Sirius smirked.
You narrowed your eyes.
“You have got to be kidding me,” you groaned.
“Hello Princess.”
McGonagall raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t call me that Black,” you snapped.
“Your highness, I always treat a Slytherin Princess with utmost respect,” Sirius replied sincerely.
You turned to look at McGonagall. “Professor I am not helping this prick, this was not what I signed up for.”
“If I remember correctly Miss L/N you didn’t sign up for anything when you decided to hex Miss McDonald in the hall yesterday because she insulted you. So either sit yourself in this chair right now or I will arrange for detention every night scraping the gum off the bottom of every desk in this school!”
You let out what sounded like a snarl to Sirius and sat down in the chair next to him.
You had always disliked Professor McGonagall, even more when she told Slughorn she would deal with your detention since she needed you to help with another student. And of course that student had to be Sirius Black.
“Now that we have that settled,” continued Professor McGonagall, “I will restate what will be happening here. Miss L/N, you will be tutoring Mr. Black on Charms, Potions, and History of Magic until he demonstrates proficiency in the subjects and gets his grades up. Mr. Black, you will be respectful and studious at all times. I expect to see you make progress in all your classes. Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will spend at least an hour and a half in the library or another location approved by me from 7-8:30. I will make sure neither of you skip these tutoring sessions.”
Your face continued to make an expression of annoyance.
Sirius looked equally peeved.
“Now off with you two,” she said, making a motion as if to shoo them both away. “I will check in on you tomorrow.”
You briskly got out of your seat and left the room, already down the hall before Sirius had stepped out the door.
He quickly jogged to catch up.
“Excited for tomorrow Princess?” Sirius asked, resting his right elbow on your left shoulder.
You pushed him off. “No,” you stated dryly.
“Don’t lie to yourself darling,” Sirius replied. He smirked at the scowl that filled your face.
“You’re annoying, you know that right?” you snapped.
Sirius winked. “I know,” he replied smugly, “and I know you love that.”
“And I know you’re wrong,” you replied, winking in return.
You took a left for the stairs leading down to the dungeons.
“Princess?” Sirius called out behind you, “Tomorrow try to do a better job of hiding the fact that you fancy me, it’s rather distracting.”
You turned back to protest but Sirius was already gone. Your face burned red, though if it was in anger or because you were flustered you didn’t know.
The following day Sirius Black grudgingly separated himself from the rest of the marauders, grabbed his books, and sulked down the stairs to the library.
He stepped through the doors at precisely seven o’clock and began searching the tables for his Slytherin tutor. He wasn’t particularly excited to be there, but he figured he got the luck of the draw. Out of anyone he could be stuck with for an hour and a half three days a week, he would have picked you. Not necessarily because he thought he would like being tutored in general, but because he knew how quickly he could piss you off and make you blush. That alone was fun enough.
Sirius double and triple checked each table, and after not seeing you, decided he was going to call it and leave. That was, until you flew in, hair slightly wild and three textbooks in your hand.
You looked up and noticed Sirius on your way to find a table, and your eyebrows shot up in surprise to see him already there. Sirius winked back and your cheeks flushed red.
“Hello Princess,” he said, strutting over to where you had dropped your books at a back table.
“Hello Black,” you mimicked, taking a seat. You opened up your potions book. “Do you want to start here?”
Sirius sighed. “You know we don’t actually have to do work right? We can just sit and talk.”
You raised an eyebrow. “And what do you propose we talk about?”
Sirius thought for a moment. “What’s your favorite color?”
“Really?” you asked in surprise. That question was not what you expected. “Purple,” you replied automatically. “You?”
“Red. Favorite class?”
“Mine’s Defense against the Dark Arts.”
“The one place you want to travel to?”
Sirius thought for quite a few seconds there. “Germany. You?”
This went on for several minutes, and when Professor McGonagall came in to check on you two you had learned several different quirks about Sirius. His favorite animal was a dog, his favorite muggle sport was what the Americans called football, his greatest pet peeve was “hallway hogs”, and he wanted to have at least two children when he was older.
You smiled slightly. You never really considered Sirius one to have children, but now that you thought about it he would probably be a great father.
McGonagall though was not amused. She was wondering why fifteen minutes had passed and no work was being done.
“Sorry professor,” you muttered, reopening your potions book. “We’ll get started now.”
“Good,” she nodded curtly. “I expect you two to be productive.”
When she had left Sirius pulled out his Potion’s essay and quill. He had about eight of the eleven required inches completed.
“I don’t know what else to add,” Sirius complained, re-looking over his paper.
“Do you want me to read it?” you offered. “I can see what you're missing.”
Sirius pushed the paper over to you.
As you were reading it you felt eyes on you and looked up. Sirius was watching you.
“Don’t stare at me,” you grumbled.
“Sorry,” he muttered, turning away.
The moment you looked back down Sirius couldn’t help but let his eyes wander to you again.
He studied the way you bit your lip when you were thinking and drummed your nails lightly on the desk as you read. He picked up on how you were constantly having to brush your hair behind your ear as it fell into your face, and though there was a hair tie on your wrist, you never pulled it back.
You were entrancing to Sirius. There was something incredibly intriguing about you, the way you could be so cold and hard, then witty and charming depending on who you were with. Sirius had only ever received your rather harsh side, that is until today.
“You’re doing it again,” you commented, your eyes reading the last few lines.
“Doing what?” Sirius asked, only half listening. He was busy focusing on how you were twirling your hair.
“Staring,” you said, looking up.
Sirius met your eyes. “Couldn’t help myself Princess, the view was too good.”
Sirius grinned when your cheeks tinged pink.
“Like what you see?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I think it’d be better without the green and silver robes, maybe without any robes at all,” Sirius winked.
“Good luck with that, Black,” you scoffed.
“Don’t worry Princess,” Sirius replied smugly. “I can be very persistent.”
“That’s good then,” you said, handing his essay back to him. “This paper could use some persistence. It needs three more inches.” You flipped through your potions book until you reached the page you wanted. “Try filling that with the origins of the Draught of Living Death, you haven’t talked about that yet.”
Sirius made a face and grabbed his quill. “You’re no fun.”
“I can be fun when I want to be Black,” you winked.
Sirius wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Do I get to see this fun side sometime?”
You didn’t respond, though Sirius could see the smile playing at your lips.
Something strange happened in the weeks that followed. Sirius Black actually considered himself friends with a Slytherin. And that Slytherin was the girl he spent three nights a week with for an hour and half to do his class work. That Slytherin was smart and funny, sly as all the snakes were, and had somehow managed to capture a part of Sirius’s heart. But of course he would never admit that.
He ran into you one Friday night several weeks later, only fifteen minutes before you were to meet him in the library.
“What are you doing here Princess?” Sirius asked, surprised to see you in a wing of the castle so close to the Gryffindor common room.
“I had to deliver something to the owlery,” you replied simply.
Sirius winked. “Deceit is the root of all evil Princess, you don’t need to hide the fact that you were looking for me.”
“Looking for you? Now that was definitely what I was doing,” you replied sarcastically.
“I knew I was right,” Sirius said smugly.
You rolled your eyes, but there was a grin on your face.
“Since you’re here Princess, you better come up and help me get my books,” Sirius said, leading you towards the portrait of the Fat Lady.
“Did you just invite me up to your room?” you asked, placing a hand on your chest in mock shock.
“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. You’ll just have to come and see.”
You had to admit that you were curious. You had always wondered what the Gryffindor common room looked like. The Fat Lady complained when Sirius brought you with him to the entrance, but eventually she swung open and let you step in.
“Keep your head down Princess, you’re in enemy territory,” Sirius whispered in your ear, causing a shiver to roll down your spine.
You tucked up closer beside him, hoping you could somewhat cover the green and silver on your uniform. Sirius led you up the stairs to the boys dormitories with no problems and through the dormitory door labeled Seventh Years.
You raised an eyebrow, taking in the mess of clothes and alcohol, pranking supplies and school books that littered every available surface.
Sirius walked over to what you could only assume was his pile of possessions and began to sort through his trunk. You sat down on the nearest bed, hoping it was his. You really did not want to be on the one belonging to James Potter.
“Oi Sirius, this is yours right?” you asked, motioning to the bed you were sitting on.
Sirius looked over. “Yeah, why? Already picturing you and I in it?”
“That thought may have crossed my mind,” you said, smirking at the way Sirius’s eyes widened. “But I was more interested in who these belonged to.”
You held up a pair of boxers with little Gryffindor Lions all over it that had been sitting beside you.
If Sirius was embarrassed he didn’t show it.
You stood up and held them in front of Sirius, as if you were trying to picture him in them. Well you were picturing him in them, but he didn’t need to know that. “I’m sure you’d be such a cutie in these,” you teased.
Sirius stepped closer to you, leaning down so he could whisper in your ear. “I may look cute, but you would be so fucking hot in those princess, especially after I did you right here in this bed.”
You could feel your knees go weak and you looked up at Sirius with your eyes wide. There was no way he couldn’t hear your heart racing.
He tilted his head, moving it closer to yours, and placed his hands firmly on your hips. Your lips parted slightly and you glanced up at his which were getting closer and closer to you by the second.
Your breath quickened, your heart raced, and you closed your eyes.
“You know I’m going to kiss you now Princess,” Sirius said huskily, his lips brushing against yours.
And he would have too, if the pound footsteps had been a second later and James Potter’s loud voice hadn’t echoed up the stairs.
Sirius swore loudly, whilst your expression turned to one of panic.
“Under the bed,” he said quickly, and you did as told, diving under his as Sirius pushed the clothes on the floor to cover up the gap where you could be seen.
You heard the door bang open and James loudly declaring his presence as he thundered in. You hadn’t heard them before, but the soft chatter that followed told you Remus and Peter were with him.
Sirius made an effort to stand as much as he could in front of his bed, hoping the three boys wouldn’t notice that there was another person in the room with them. That other person being the cold hard Slytherin Sirius knew he couldn’t be caught dead with.
“Oi Padfoot,” James said, clapping his friend on the back as he went over to dig through his own trunk. “What are you doing here? I thought you had tutoring with the Ice Queen.”
James laughed at his nickname for you loudly and Peter joined in, always one to laugh along at James and Sirius’s jokes, no matter how bad they were.
“I do,” Sirius said quickly, grabbing a random textbook. “I was just getting ready to head down.”
Sirius tried not to gasp aloud as James walked over and flopped on his bed, looking up at his friend with amusement.
You could feel the springs sink above you, and you did your best not to panic. Your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest.
“How's she doing anyway?” James asked.
“What?” Sirius yelped, his focus back on James.
“How’s the Queen doing?” James clarified.
“Princess,” Sirius muttered under his breath. Remus's eyebrows raised in surprise.
James had heard it too and his eyes lit up in glee. “You fancy her mate!” he cried out in excitement. “You fancy Y/N L/N!”
You were so glad no one could see your face because your cheeks had turned a very vibrant shade of red.
You heard Sirius start to protest but James cut in again.
“Oh come on Pads, it’s obvious.” James said, and you felt the springs move as he shifted around above you. “I knew you couldn’t have failed that Potions test. You only did that so you could get more tutoring out of her. Damn mate, you have it bad for that Slytherin.”
Knowing that Sirius purposely failed a test so he could spend more time with you made your heart flutter. Merlin why did you find that so incredibly cute?
Sirius though had something else running through his head entirely. He really didn’t want to reveal to his friends that said Slytherin was below James right now and desperately needed to get out. McGonagall could come into the library to check on the two of them at any moment and neither would be down there. James wasn’t going to leave until he teased the hell out of Sirius over you, so he did the best thing he could think of to get his friends to shut up and leave.
“I don’t fucking like her Prongs,” Sirus said sharply. “I only see her because I’m forced to and the reason I failed that test was because she sucked ass at tutoring. I’d quit if I could.”
Your jaw dropped and your cheeks turned red for a very different reason.
“She’s just like all the other snakes, a self absorbed spoiled bitch,” Sirius finished.
James snorted in laughter. “You got that right.” He stood up from the bed where he had been lounging and clapped Sirius once more on the back as he walked back. “I was worried for you there mate, thought she had gotten to your head.”
Sirius didn’t respond as James passed him and Peter trailed after him out the door.
Remus was slightly behind, and when he reached the doorframe he turned and looked back at Sirius. “It’s okay if you like her, you know,” he said softly.
Remus could see there was conflict in his friend's eyes.
“I know,” he finally said quietly.
Remus nodded and followed James and Peter, leaving Sirius alone. Well as alone as he could be when there was a now fuming Slytherin under his bed.
“It’s clear Princess,” he said, turning around, but you had already crawled out.
Hurt and betrayal were evident in your eyes. “Do. Not. Call. Me. That.” you hissed, shoving past him.
“Come on Princess, you know I was just making that up,” Sirius protested.
You reeled around. “And that somehow makes it hurt less?” You marched towards him. “You could have said anything else Sirius Black, anything else to get them to leave. Why did you have to choose that?”
Sirius opened, then closed his mouth. He didn’t have an answer for that.
“That’s what I thought,” you said dryly, and you stormed out of the room. Tears were in your eyes.
You could tell by the pounding footsteps that Sirius was following you, calling out behind you. You ignored him.
Your efforts at hiding before were now useless as James, Remus and Peter had all looked up for the source of the ruckus from where they were sitting on the couch.
James’s jaw practically hit the floor when he saw it was you, the green on your robes a stark contrast to the warm red of the common room.
Peter too looked equally surprised, but Remus was only sitting quietly beside him, a knowing look in his eyes.
“Princess!” Sirius tried again, ignoring his gaping friends.
“Leave me alone Black!” you yelled.
And then you were gone.
Sirius was quiet for the next several days. He went to his classes like he should and for once did his homework. James didn’t know what to do for his best friend, he was powerless. He tried distracting him with quidditch and pranks and midnight exploring, but Sirius showed no signs of perking up.
It was Remus who eventually got through to him.
“You have tutoring tonight you know,” he said that evening. Sirius was pretending to be asleep on his bed.
“I know,” he muttered. “I’m not going.”
“No Sirius, you have to go, you need to talk to her,” Remus insisted.
“She hates me Moony, I can’t go make it worse.”
Remus sighed. “No she doesn’t Sirius, you and I both know that. You’re just ashamed and embarrassed. Sometimes though, the best thing you can do is apologize.”
“You say that like it’s easy,” Sirius grumbled.
“It’s easy when you know what to say,” Remus corrected.
And Sirius did know what to say. He had been playing the words through his head for the past three days.
That was how Sirius found himself walking down the hall, books in hand, towards the library.
There was a surprising amount of activity that Monday night, as Peeves had managed to create an ice rink in the Great Hall and lured all the house elves from the kitchen out to skate on it. Now most of the students were coming down themselves to give it a try and even Dumbledore had joined in on the festivities, his white beard flying behind him as he skated across the ice.
Sirius would have to make a mental note to come back afterwards if the teachers hadn’t removed it by then.
Then, Sirius suddenly caught sight of you coming up from the dungeons, a book bag on your shoulder. You were looking curiously at the crowd of students in the main corridor swarming into the Great Hall.
You were caught up on the sight of the giant ice rink that you didn’t even notice when Sirius walked up behind you and said softly, “I don’t think you're a bitch and I don’t think you're self absorbed. I think you’re the funniest and sweetest and smartest girl I’ve met. I love the way you laugh and the way you bite your lip when you’re thinking. I’m so sorry Y/N, I was an idiot the other day, and I regret every word that left my mouth. Please-”
“Even the part about me in your boxers?” you asked, turning to face him. Your cheeks were a light shade of red and there was a smile on your lips.
Sirius smirked. “No Princess, I don’t regret that one bit.”
But before you could reply your world turned upside down as Sirius dipped you in the hall. In front of everyone. But your thoughts weren’t on the people who could be staring or the rumors that would start. No, they were on Sirius and the fact that his lips had pressed against your own.
As he pulled you back upright you could see his famous smirk on his face.
In a tone that made butterflies explode in your stomach, he whispered in your ear, “I always finish what I start Princess.”
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selenesheart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1.6k
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: your roommate, sirius, helps you relax a bit after a stressful night.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: smut, roommate!sirius, college au, modern au, fingering, a bit of degrading, dirty talk.
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: after a month, here i am, writing a fic. i’m so sorry for making everyone wait, honestly i was really unmotivated these past few weeks so.
you huffed as your eyes scanned your laptop’s screen, all the information that you need not sinking in your brain yet.
your anatomy and physiology test was in less than a week, yet you still haven’t read the book you were assigned at the beginning of the year.
tears threatening to escape your eyes from the frustration, your muscles tensed as the words on the screen in front of you became blurry.
why was this so difficult?
you just wanted to take a nap and drift off this world, this stressing world. you took a deep breath before throwing your pencil at the wall in front of you.
the pencil landed on the floor as your roommate came in, he could already sense the stress off your body from the entrance.
your glossy eyes snapped up to him, suddenly afraid. your muscles relaxed a bit as soon as his warm eyes connected with yours.
you admired him like he was an angel, you could’ve easily drooled at the sight; a few top buttons of his school shirt were undone, his sleeves rolled up to his upper arm, showing off his muscled biceps, his long hair tied back with one of your hair ties, a few strands of hair falling in front of his face.
your eyes travelled from his hair to his arm, letting your mind do wonders. oh how bad you wanted to trace every one of his veins with your tongue.
“hey, ” he said softly catching your attention “my eyes are up here, y’know.” he joked while smirking while you closed your eyes in embarrassment.
you sighed while returning to your computer, you groaned when you caught the sight of the digital textbook you were previously studying with.
this was gonna be a long night.
“what’s going on there? you seem a little.. stressed” sirius broke your train of thoughts. before he approached you, the black haired man inspected the room the two of you shared.
papers everywhere, books and pens all over the floor, a pile of dirty clothes; specifically the red lacy bra on top that had his blood rushing south. stop it.
you sighed
“the anatomy and physiology test is coming up next week and i’m stressing out so much about it, that’s all.” your words gave a hit of tiredness. he watched as you cracked your knuckles in distress.
“god! i would do anything for a minute of relaxation, i’m so exhausted” you complained as you placed your head on top of the mini table in front of you.
sirius knew how hard this test was— seeing as he took the exact same assessment last year. he wished he could do anything to help you.
that’s when he watched you carefully, taking you in slowly; black spandex shorts, an oversized sweatshirt— his sweatshirt, and that intoxicating perfume that had him daydreaming about you all day.
‘she looks gorgeous’ sirius thought, even when you looked miserable ‘gods the things i would do to— ’ he closed his eyes, dismissing all the naughty thoughts of his roommate from his mind.
then an idea popped into his head.
“well -- maybe.. i could help you relax for a bit, if you want” he offered, a specific idea craved in his mind while doing so.
you watched as his fingers played with his ring nervously, veins covering his whole hand. fuck, if only he could fuck you while his fingers were deep down your throat. stop it y/n.
‘god’ you thought ‘this man is driving me insane— and in a good way’ you smiled, remembering when he made all nervous just a few days ago, you remembered all of the butterflies erupting in your tummy.
“hmm” you hummed, “i’d like that” you answered him, maybe some relaxation won’t hurt you.
he smirked at your response, already getting behind you to get to work.
his hands wasted no time on going down to your shoulders, not even bothering to make get out of your seat.
his thick fingers softly massaged your tensed shoulders as you sighed heavily, you closed your heavy eyes while throwing your head back.
sirius rolled his tongue against the inside of his cheek, trying to suppress the low moan that was about to come right out of his mouth because of his view.
he took a deep breath before his hand travelled from your collarbone down to your chest, accidentally brushing his pinky against your upper boob causing your breath to hitch.
confidently your roommate made his way down, his hand finally reaching its destination.
“you— you’re not wearing anything under, are you?” sirius stumbled across his words, feeling his pants tighten up as his length twitched at the feeling of your nipples through your sweatshirt.
“no” you mumbled timidly, your nervousness level raising by the second. you knew where this was going, and you were enjoying every minute of it.
“c’mon,” he chuckled silently “‘s not like we’ve done this before, princess” he whispered against your neck making you gasp as memories of you in his bed with tears running down your face rushed to your mind.
this bastard is so good at this.
his dick throbbed while he played with your breasts, pinching your perked nipples every once in a while.
“sirius please,” you breathed “i need you— please!” you whined softly as his mouth covered your neck with love bites. the tall man groaned every time he felt your chest rise and fall repeatedly.
after a moment, sirius had enough of the teasing, he pulled you up by your neck, sitting down on the seat you were previously sat on after admiring the work he did to your neck.
you watched nervously while he took your seat, spreading his legs wide open as he moved forward, readjusting his position.
you eventually took the hint, taking your bottoms along with your underwear off. your roommate took you off guard when he grabbed your hips tightly and turned your around, ass directly in his eye level.
he smirked before pulling you towards him, sitting you in between his legs. you could feel his hard cock against your back.
the man behind you reached in front of him, he mumbled a ‘can i?’ against your lips before taking the hem of your his sweatshirt and pulling up and over your head.
now, you were completely bare in front your super hot roommate. and, even when your back was facing him, you didn’t dare to take your eyes off the floor, too nervous to make a move.
you held your breath as soon as you felt his cold finger trace circles in your thigh, and another one coming down to your pulsating cunt.
your hands flew to his knees, gripping them tightly when his finger found the back of your knees, bringing them up until the cold air hit your sensitive pussy.
the finger ghosting over your swollen clit as you cry, not caring anymore. your hand travelled to the back of his neck, pulling him down so his lips are touching yours.
you lean in the kiss as his finger starts to circle your clit, teasing your spit then going back to your clit again. you moan softly against his mouth making his hand to work faster on you.
your toes curled as he teased your entrance, clenching around nothing while he mumbled dirty words in your ear.
“you look so beautiful, spread out like this, just f’me”
“who made you this wet, sweet thing?”
“you— you did!” you gasped as his finger slowly sank into your tight hole. sirius started to move his finger in and out, curling them deep inside you.
your whined when a second finger was going in your wet cunt, hips bucking as he curled those fingers up to that spot that had your mouth wide open.
eventually, sirius started going at an animalistic speed, and you had let your hand travelled up to his curls, gripping his hair tightly as you moaned.
sirius bit your earlobe softly before diving in your sweet spot, sucking and licking.
your eyes were lost somewhere in the back of your head, a third finger joined in, stretching your needy cunt.
“hmm, you like that? having your roommate play with your wet little cunt like a needy whore?” he spat out, you sobbed loudly as you felt his fingertips pinch your nipple.
“oh god! sirius!” you moaned loudly, not even caring about the people next door.
he sped up his fingers’ movements, he massaged your tit while kissing the side of your face. the moment he felt you clench around his wet fingers, he whispered “gonna cum f’me, baby? just like that, yeah?”.
every word that left his mouth bringing you closer to your release, your muscles tightened as you felt something building up in your lower stomach.
you babbled his name along with a few feels so goods, nails sinking into his arm’s skin, whimpering nonstop.
your head lolled back to his shoulder as a long moan left your parted lips. the pads of his fingers playing with the valley of your beast. the pleasure was too much to take.
he fingered your swollen hole while you came, coating his fingers with your cum. he smirked as he slowed down, his hand covered in your juices while your breath was uneven.
you closed your eyes tightly, catching your breath, trying to control your shaky thighs. you sighed, you smiled as you turned to the side and kissed sirius’ tattoed neck up and down.
sirius bit his lower lip, trying to not smile at the little gesture. he heard as your whines when he removed his coated fingers from inside you, taking them up to his lips and licking them slowly.
“fuck” he laughed “i’ll never get over your sweet taste, darling” making the tip of your ears grow hot, feeling the embarrassment.
you brought your hand up to his face, tracing his jawline slowly until you reached his soft lips. thinking if it’s really worth saying your next words,
“how would you like if i returned the favor, mr. black?”
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ddejavvu · 24 days ago
darling mei, congrats on 50!!!!! is Sirius or reg an ass man?? Are they both ass men? cause I can't decide😭😭😭 I feel like they'd both be equally obsessed w your ass, just seeing your hips sway and your ass jiggle has their mouths watering and their brain just going to 'damn!' maybe even they leave a cheeky slap to your ass when they see you walking down the halls of Hogwarts
thank you sweetheart!!
okay okay but consider, sirius is a well-known ass man, regulus keeps it to himself
sirius will walk down the halls and smack your ass hard enough for everyone else in the hall to hear, leaving you a blushing mess as he strides away like nothing ever happened, but regulus will walk past you, just grab a handful of ass, but no one ever sees because he hides his hand behind your robes or something. that leaves you blushing not from humiliation/being in the public eye, but from the intimacy and oh my god did anyone see that feeling of his gesture
however, yes, both would bend over backwards to just look at your ass for five minutes, I swear if they were talking and you walked past they'd just trail off and 😵
In short, Sirius and Regulus are our designated Ass Enthusiasts™
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angelblacksmith · 5 days ago
Unfortunate prank. (s.b.)
Pairing: Sirius Black x fem!Reader
Summary: After an unsuccessful prank, the reader takes offense at Sirius and stops talking to him.
Warning: a little offense, a prank, easy ignoring
Word count: 514
Tumblr media
"Y/n ... Y/n ... Y/n...." Sirius was not silent for about an hour, repeating the same thing and also hoping that you would give up. After the prank that happened the day before, you made a clear promise to yourself not to talk to the annoying boy and have so far successfully followed this rule. Sirius and James decided to make a joke and gave you a cake in honor of your birthday. However, naturally, it was not a simple cake. There was a firecracker inside, ready to explode and smash the cake into small pieces. The cake got on your clothes, face, hair, and now you have announced a boycott to two boys, one of whom was your boyfriend. Naturally, the cake was nothing more than a joke, and you received your real gifts from James and Sirius on the same day. However, the apology in the form of which Sirius brought you flowers and sweets was not enough. And now Black has changed tactics and decided to make you talk to him in a more effective way. His method was to annoy you until you talked to him.
"Y/n I am very, very, very sorry! Y/n talk to me... "Y/n... Y/n... Y/n". Closing the book and turning to face Sirius, who was safely lying on your bed, you looked at him reproachfully. Sirius, on the contrary, was inspired and looked at you with puppy dog eyes. None of you were in a hurry to break eye contact.
"Just talk to me. Please." His voice sounded soft, melodious and gentle. Immediately getting out of bed, he walked over to the comfortable red chair where you were sitting.
"I'll do whatever you want. Honestly, honestly! Just, please talk to me." Sirius looked like a little puppy asking for affection. However, having managed to resist such a charm, you turned away from him. Sirius sighed wearily and went back to your bed.
After another hour or so, you couldn't stand it. It was clear that it couldn't go on like this anymore and it was impossible to ignore Sirius forever. Especially in connection with his persistence and desire to apologize.
"I will forgive you, but on one condition..."
"Oh my God, Sirius! What's wrong with your hair?" Mary's mouth dropped open in amazement. And not only she, a lot of people have told Sirius about his modified appearance today.
"I changed my image. Do you like it?" Sirius proudly waved his dyed green hair. "Y/n is now my personal stylist. And she recommended me to add a little unexpected charm to my appearance. By the way, how do you like the color? She also picked up this incredible shade of dark green."
Sirius was smiling happily and was absolutely unperturbed and proud. No matter how much he had to disgrace himself and go through a whole month with green hair, it is important that now y/n no longer ignores him.
However, Sirius was already starting to think about mixing blue dye into her shampoo...
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i can take you there but baby you won't make it back
Y/N and Sirius are about to graduate college. she's never been to a proper college party before, but Sirius is determined to bring her out of her shell. They've known each other for years and they've always been just friends. But why does it feel different now? aka best friends (idiots) to lovers. modern!au
a/n okay so as a lil backstory - I had planned this as a whole 5 part series back in March. Like the first half of this has been written for months. I just got so busy with other things that i never got around to finishing it. However, I really did like the idea, so I just condensed it all and decided to make it one long one-shot! so if some details don't make sense it's because it was meant to be answered later in other parts so just ignore that, also it's written in 3rd person pov, I didn't feel like going back and editing it out, lol.
warnings/contains: NSFW smut: oral fem receiving, unprotected sex, just soft morning/first time (together) sex; insecurities; partying and everything that comes with it; drinking; mentions of puke; mentions of drugs; mentions of tattoos and tattoo needles, lots of sappy siri in love.
word count: 6.6k
Tumblr media
“Come on.”
“No, Sirius.”
“Why not? You never get out of your apartment. You’re in college for fuck’s sake, have some fun.” He fumbles with the keys to his apartment, cursing as he shifts the bags of groceries further into his arm as he unlocks his door.
“Because,” Y/N starts, following him inside. She toes off her shoes before setting the bags of Sirius’ groceries on the counter. “I don’t need to get drunk off my ass to have fun. That doesn’t even sound like fun to me.”
“Well then don’t get drunk,” he says with a shrug as he unloads the contents of the bags. He shuffles around the kitchen, putting his groceries in their designated spots. “It’s more fun to watch people who are drunk off their asses, anyway.”
She sighs, opening his pantry to put a jar of peanut butter away. It’s not that she doesn’t want to go to this party, it’s just that she’s never been to one before. Y/N’s heard horror stories of things happening at them; people getting hurt, cops getting called, and even though she’s of legal drinking age, she still has a fear of getting in trouble. “Still, I just don’t think I want to be around all that.”
Sirius drops his head back onto his shoulders and groans. “Oh my god, Y/N, just come already. I’ll be with you the whole time.”
They look at each other for a few seconds as she contemplates her answer. Y/N can’t lie and say she isn’t curious, and she knows her best friend will keep his word and stay by her side the whole night. And besides, she does want to have at least one college party experience before she graduates.
“Fine,” she tells him. She puts the empty grocery bags away and grabs her car keys. She slips her shoes back on as she gets ready to leave. “When is it?”
“Sirius!” Y/N’s eyes widen as she gapes at him. She would have liked a bigger heads up - she’s not a people person and she needs time to prepare herself for her first party. “What time?”
“I’ll pick you up at nine,” is all he says. His back is facing her so he doesn’t see when she flicks her middle finger up at him as she opens the door.
“‘Kay. See you.”
She huffs as she walks out of the building, squinting at the sunlight that streams in her eyes. She and Sirius have been friends since freshman year; he walked in late to their English class and took up the seat next to her. He asked for a pen, and ever since then the two of them have been best friends.
They’re seniors now, and as the date of their graduation grows near, she can’t help but wonder if this friendship will last outside of college. The two of them get along so well it’s hard to imagine that they would ever be apart. Their other friends always joke that they’re soulmates - even though neither of them believes in such - and that it was a shame they weren’t attracted to each other.
And it was true, she loved Sirius deeply, but definitely not in that way. Besides, it’s not like Sirius would go for her anyway; he’s so popular - has the most perfect long black hair that looks amazing tied in a bun, skin littered with tattoos, and a charismatic charm that gets him tons of friends.
Y/N on the other hand, she’s the opposite. She’s not loud and outgoing like her best friend; she’s quiet and timid, preferring to stay by herself rather than go out. She doesn’t like big crowds, they make her uneasy.
That’s one reason she looks up to Sirius so much, as much as she hates to admit it, she’s happy that he tries to bring her out of her shell. He’s spent years trying to get her to go with him to parties, but she worries too much and drunk people make her nervous.
Therein lies another difference, Sirius is a risk taker; Y/N preferring to stay on the sidelines and live vicariously through other people. She’s fine with staying home all the time and doesn’t see a point in the party lifestyle that Sirius seems to enjoy, but lately she’s been feeling as if she’s running out of time and she’s scared that one day she’ll regret not taking these opportunities as they come.
She wishes she was as bold as him.
She hears three knocks on her door at nine-thirty.
Yet again another difference between the two friends; Sirius is always late - fashionably, as he calls it - whereas Y/N is always at least fifteen minutes early to any event. Being late makes her anxious; she doesn’t want to feel like people are waiting on her.
She gets up from her couch where she’s been waiting ever since she finished getting ready over forty-five minutes ago (she’s not lying when she says she likes to be early!). She walks over to the door, stumbling slightly due to the wedges on her feet.
She doesn’t really dress up, like, ever, but she figures her first college party constitutes a cute outfit and she thinks she looks decent for someone who’s only worn t-shirts and leggings for the past couple of months.
She grabs the knob, twists, and pulls open the door, revealing the smiling face of Sirius Black. His eyebrows shoot up as he looks her up and down, and a whistle escapes his lips as his eyes meet hers again. “Well I’ll be damned, you’re really going all out, huh?”
She blushes slightly as she takes her time to look at him. He’s wearing an old AC/DC t-shirt that she’s sure he just woke up from taking a nap in as it’s all wrinkly, a black leather jacket on top, and ripped skinny jeans on his legs. His hair is pulled into a messy low bun, front pieces framing his face. He really is quite pretty, she thinks, and she meets his eyes as she replies, “I wanted to make a good first impression.”
“Oh yeah? With whom?” He leans against her door frame, arms crossed as he cocks his head to the side.
“I don’t know, just want people to like me,” she mumbles and Sirius frowns. He knows Y/N has a hard time making friends - she’s too quiet for her own good sometimes - and Sirius thinks maybe that’s why they get along so well. They’re complete opposites; Y/N hardly ever cursing whereas Sirius lets them slip past his lips almost every other word; He’s covered in tattoos whereas Y/N would probably pass out if a needle came anywhere near her skin (trust him, she’s gone with him to the tattoo parlor many times and every time, Y/N looks like she’s going to barf) but she loves the way they look on Sirius, always admiring them and telling him how pretty they are. Her favorite is one of a black dog on the back of his left shoulder.
Sirius sighs, reaching to hug his friend as he assures her, “Don’t worry about what people think of you, Y/N. If they don’t love you immediately then they’re not worth it.” He strokes her hair, careful not to mess up her hard work. He’s always attentive when it comes to her; Sirius values his friends more than anything, and his heart calls out to the anxious girl.
Y/N takes a deep breath, and she can smell his cologne, a spicy, citrusy scent and the faint smell of cigarettes. Another difference; Sirius smokes, and it makes Y/N gag. He never smokes around her unless he’s stressed or angry, and Y/N’s thankful.
He really is a great friend.
They arrive at the party; it’s at some random econ major’s house, but it’s huge, and when Y/N walks in, her jaw drops.
Immediately upon walking in the front door they enter a big room with high ceilings and a chandelier in the center. The room is crowded - bodies moving along to a sensual song playing from speakers set up in the corners of the room. Everyone has a plastic cup in their hand, taking sips every so often as they bounce to the rhythm of the music. Y/N can see people playing beer-pong in the other room, players yelling loudly when they make a shot. She doesn’t realize she’s cringing until she feels Sirius’ hand on her lower back, looking at her with concern etched into his features.
“Okay so far?” He pushes her with his hand on her back into the other room, and Y/N guesses it’s the living room as there are a couple of couches and a TV set up where a bunch of guys are watching a football game.
Y/N nods her head slowly, taking in the scenes around her. Other than the people dancing in the main room, she sees a couple sitting at the bottom of the stairs engaged in a very messy lip lock. She looks to her left and sees a small poker table filled with people laughing and taking sips from beer bottles. As they enter the kitchen she sees people sitting atop the counter, laughing and drinking what she assumes to be punch from a bowl that’s on top of the counter.
“You want a drink?” Sirius asks her as he grabs a cup. He knows she probably doesn’t, knows she’s probably rethinking her decision to even come here in the first place, but he asks anyway.
“Um - I don’t know. What is that?” she asks, pointing to the punch.
“No idea, probably vodka and some fruit juice. S’usaually what Adam makes, anyway.”
Y/N wrinkles her nose; she’s never really been a huge fan of liquor like that, the only thing she really drinks are the fruity six-pack ones that are mainly just sugar that Sirius buys for her.
But she really wants to try to fit in, so she nods her head. “Okay.”
Sirius nods before he fills her cup. “Here, I only put a little in case you didn’t like it.”
Y/N gives him a small smile as she grabs the cup, lifts it to her lips, and takes a sip. She swallows, and it burns, most definitely not like the fruity drinks she’s used to. It makes her shiver, and Sirius laughs at the look on her face.
“You don’t have to drink it if you don’t wanna.”
“I’m fine,” she says, and she watches him as he fills his own cup. He takes a sip, but unlike Y/N he doesn’t make a face. He goes to these parties all the time, so she’s sure he’s used to Adam’s punch by now.
“Whatever you say,” he replies, looking around the room. It looks as if he’s trying to decide where to go next, and Y/N desperately hopes he doesn’t leave her alone.
She looks around the kitchen once more. It’s messy, empty cups are thrown everywhere, spills of punch and beer on the counter and floor. The whole house smells of weed and alcohol, and Y/N is kind of regretting her decision to come. It’s definitely how she’d imagined parties to be - loud and crowded - but she’s just not reacting to it how she thought she would. She thought inebriated people would be more forthcoming, welcoming her and she had always heard that drunk girls were always the nicest, but except for a few smiles and waves as they entered the house, no one has really spoken to them.
Y/N is brought out of her thoughts by Sirius’ arm draping over her shoulders as he greets a friend. She looks up at the man - he’s almost as tall as Sirius - and gives him a small smile as his eyes meet hers.
“And who is this?” the man asks, eyes barely open as she’s sure he’s heavily intoxicated.
“This is Y/N,” Sirius says, and his tone is more annoyed than Y/N expected it to be. She looks over at him with furrowed brows but Sirius stares straight at the man, jaw clenching in aggravation.
“Hi,” she says to the man, and she feels Sirius’ arm twitch around her.
“Hey,” the man’s smile widens, and Y/N notices he’s missing a couple of teeth. He’s definitely not somebody she would hang around with otherwise - although technically neither is Sirius - but she can tell straight away that this man is bad news. He’s wearing a plain black shirt with holes in it, and not the deliberate kind in the shirts that Sirius wears often, but these are big ugly holes that show way too much of his belly than Y/N wants to see. It’s covered in some sort of liquid and she can smell it from here. His pants are also wet, and she notices he’s not wearing shoes and now it makes sense why Sirius is annoyed.
He’s been protective of Y/N since the beginning, especially after she came to his door crying one night after a bad date with a guy who was mean to her. Every time Y/N tells him she’s talking to someone else, Sirius will roll his eyes and tell her “don’t make me have to kick another poor dude’s ass.”
Y/N doesn’t ask him to be this way, but she’s glad he is; she’s an only child and has always been jealous of her friend’s older brothers who would be protective over them.
“I’m Adam,” the guy - Adam - says. He gives her a nod, and Sirius sighs loudly through his nose as he tugs Y/N along with him to the other room. He doesn’t even offer a goodbye to Adam.
“This isn’t what I was expecting,” she tells him.
Sirius barks out a laugh, flashing his pretty white teeth at her as he replies. “Yeah? What were you expecting?”
Y/N shrugs against his arm that’s still over her shoulders. “Dunno. Just something else.”
“Are you okay, though?” He questions, protective Sirius making a return. “Do you want to leave?”
“No, no,” She shakes her head, grabbing the arm around her, giving it a squeeze. “‘M okay, really. Just need to adjust.” She lifts the cup to her lips once more, taking a bigger sip than last time. She still shivers, though not as much, and she can swear she already feels a light buzz coming on. She’s a lightweight, that’s for sure.
Sirius still looks skeptical - he doesn’t really believe her - but she’s grown, he thinks, and she’ll tell him when she’s ready to leave.
“Okay then.”
So they spend the night like that, glued to each other’s side as Sirius talks to his friends. Most of them Y/N’s met before, they’ve had one or more classes together at some point.
As the night goes on she continues drinking, even trying a sip of beer (although she doesn’t really like it, thinks she’ll stick to her fruity punch), and she never complains, not even once!
She’s very proud of herself.
They’ve been here going on two and a half hours now, and Y/N is feeling great. She’s had more of this tasty punch than she can remember, although it’s kind of lost it’s taste now and she thinks that’s weird. And the people are so much nicer now! Or maybe it’s just Y/N, since she hasn’t been able to shut up for the past hour. She says hi to any and everybody she comes into contact with, and Sirius thinks it’s adorable. He even let her play a game of beer pong!
He’s never seen Y/N like this; sure, he’s seen her drunk before, but that was when it was just the two of them at each other’s apartment. But Y/N is full on drunk now, giggling at anything and everything happening in the room. Her eyes are half-lidded and she hiccups randomly, and Sirius prays she doesn’t puke. He doesn’t want her to get embarrassed at her first party, and he’s internally scolding himself for letting her get this intoxicated.
A couple of Sirius’ friends are standing with them; three guys who Sirius has gotten close with over his college years. There’s James, a pretty brunette with round glasses who’s super funny and sweet. Remus is standing next to James; he’s probably the most similar to Y/N, he’s on the quieter side but make no mistake - he’s just as mischievous as the rest of them. Lastly there’s Peter, and Y/N has always been confused by his friendship with the other boys; he never really talks, just seems to go along with everything the other boys do.
Y/N isn’t really aware of the interaction, she’s too busy watching the latest game of beer pong, jumping up and down as her new friend Christian makes a cup. She grabs a hold of the front of Sirius’ shirt as she looks up at him. “Did y’see that, Siri?”
And she has this bright smile on her face, genuine happiness showing through her features over a stranger's shot, and Sirius can’t help but smile and nod his head. His chest is warm, and he can feel his cheeks heat up as his best friend smiles at him. He’s confused; doesn’t know where these feelings are coming from.
Y/N’s hands are still fisted in his shirt, her eyes focused on the intense game ahead. He can tell she’s getting tired, leaning the majority of her weight on him and he wraps his other arm around her front to keep her steady.
Later, when Sirius thinks back to this night, it’s this moment - bringing Y/N to this party full of people that are nothing like her, holding her close as a means to protect her and keep her safe - that changed everything for him.
And that scares him more than anything.
Sirius had left Y/N outside while he used the bathroom. He told her to wait by the door, but her new friend Chritsian had come up and started talking to her after he finished his game of beer pong and invited her to sit outside with him.
Sirius had to give him some threatening words of advice; something that went along the lines of “if you so much as lay a finger on her or try to take her away from here, I’ll break your fucking nose.”
Needless to say, Christian got the memo and promised the two of them would be sitting on the grass watching people play cornhole.
That’s where Sirius found them - well, found Y/N - once he walked out of the sliding glass doors into the backyard.
The backyard was a nice, fenced in area with shrubs along the edges and a nice sized pool in the center. There weren't many people around - it was well after midnight and many people had made their way home.
Y/N was sitting with her knees tucked into her chest, arms wrapped around them as her head was tipped back looking to the stars. The anger Sirius felt towards the bastard who left her alone dissipated as he watched her observe the night sky. He stood there for a couple minutes; he’s never taken the time to actually look at her, never watched her in a quiet moment such as this.
He realizes he probably looks like a creep, staring at this poor drunk girl, so he decides it’s time to call it a night. He makes his way to her with a small grin on his face.
“Come on, time t’go,” Sirius says as he reaches a hand out to her.
Y/N shakes her head no furiously, she feels so good; so light and floaty, and why is Sirius trying to ruin that?
“Don’t wanna,” she replies, still shaking her head. Sirius sighs as he closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.
“Stop shaking your head like that, you’ll puke everywhere.”
She frowns but stops shaking her head, “‘M havin’ fun.” Her words are slurred, blending together and Sirius can barely make them out.
“You can have fun back at your apartment, Y/N. ‘S time t’go.” Sirius doesn’t reach out this time, instead grabs her wrists and pulls her up with him.
“Heyyyyy,” she pouts, jutting her bottom lip out. Her eyes are closed, Sirius reckons she can hardly keep them open. “Please don’t make me leave. ‘M having fun! Isn’t that what you wanted?” She opens her eyes then, still pouting, and the look has the air catching in Sirius’ lungs.
His heartbeat picks up and he forgets how to speak for a moment. She looks so genuinely upset that Sirius wants to get her home and of course he wanted her to have a good time tonight, but it’s past one in the morning at this point and while he could easily stay up later, he knows she will be thankful for him carrying her home at a decent (ish) time.
“Of course, bug, but ’s really late, and I need t’get you home.” He tucks her underneath his arm and makes his way to his car. He shakes his head, asking himself what the hell that feeling was back there. He just couldn’t think, she looked so cute pouting like that, and all he wanted to do was lean in and plant a sweet kiss on her bottom lip.
He’s sure it’s just the alcohol running through his system - it has to be. He’s never looked at her as anything more than a friend. Sure, he’d do anything for her, go to the ends of the earth to make her happy, but that’s just what friends do, right?
And then it hits Sirius, a feeling embedded in the fragments of his soul, that he loves her. Not like in the way he tells her often, because he does - every day almost - but he’s in love with her.
It should surprise him; he’s never thought about her as anything more than a friend - not until tonight night at least - but it doesn’t.
He thinks he’s loved her all along.
“Here y’go m’lady,” Sirius announces as he opens the door to Y/N’s apartment.
She’s half-asleep, barely standing as Sirius guides her through the living room and to her bedroom. She’s tripping over her feet as her eyes are closed and she’s trusting Sirius with her safe journey to her bed.
Sighing loudly, Sirius sets Y/N down on her bed, bending down to remove the shoes from her feet.
“Canyoutakem’makeupoffplease,” Y/N slurs, her words are quiet and meshed together and Sirius has to decipher them for a moment before he responds.
“Sure,” he tells her, standing to his feet and making his way to the bathroom to grab her makeup remover. He returns and sits beside her on the bed as he grabs her face in one hand and a makeup cloth in the other. Y/N turns her head towards him, looking up at him with glossy eyes.
Sirius pauses for a moment, his eyes catching hers, and the knot in his chest returns. He looks at her, really looks at her - her mascara started to run earlier in the night and it creates smudges underneath her eyes, black flecks strewn across her skin.
But Sirius thinks she looks beautiful like this - perfectly ruffled and not pristine whatsoever. He’s confused because of course he knew she was beautiful, but when did she get this beautiful?
“Close your eyes,” He whispers, raising the cloth to wipe at the remaining makeup on her skin.
Y/N complies, humming lightly as Sirius works to cleanse her skin. Her mind is buzzing - she’s so sleepy - but she also feels like she could stay up all night. Is this how parties always make people feel?
“Did you have a good time?” Sirius asks her, gently swabbing underneath her eyes.
“Mhm!” Y/N answers, opening her eyes. “It was super fun! I liked the punch, and I made tons of new friends, did you see?” She smiles, face lighting up as she recalls her night.
And Sirius can’t help but return the smile, chest warming at her happy visage. He’s happy he brought her tonight, proud he’s slowly bringing her out of her shell. She’s always been so important to him; someone who wormed their way into his extremely private heart and made a home in his chest. He sighs as he gets up from the bed, mind running, taunting him about the various revelations he’s had tonight. He knew he loved her, but when did he fall in love with her?
“Where y’goin?” Y/N yawns, hand slapping against her face as she brings it up to block her mouth. She giggles, scrunches her face up at herself and Sirius feels as if his chest is going to explode.
“Gonna go home now, bug,” he tells her, walking to her bathroom to put her things away. He hears her whine as he washes his hands; he looks into the mirror at himself - dark bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, hair a mess from where Y/N grabbed ahold of it as he carried her to his car. He sighs again, watching as his chest puffs out and back down again. He’s broken out of his trance from the water turning hot; the scorching temperature making his heart jump as he yanks his hands back. He dries them off before walking back into Y/N’s bedroom, eyes finding her’s as she looks at him from under the covers, her body a cocoon; the only thing visible of her is from her nose up.
He can’t help the way his lips tug upwards, eyes narrowing in a genuine smile the longer he looks at her. He walks over to her, brings a hand to brush against her forehead before his lips take their place, placing a delicate peck to the center of her skin a bit longer than he probably would do on any other day. He straightens his back out as he stands, opens his mouth to speak before her arm shoots out of the covers to grab at his hands.
“Stay,” she says, lowering the covers so it shows her pout, knowing Sirius has a hard time saying no to that. “Please.”
Sirius has a moment of internal panic - he’s just realized he’s in love with his best friend, and now she wants him to stay the night with her. He knows that if he sleeps here tonight the feelings will only fester more intensely, will bubble and build up until they’re pouring out of his lips and he won’t be able to take them back. Sirius Black is not a shy person - most people would say he’s the opposite - but what the hell is she doing to him?
Maybe it’s because he holds Y/N’s opinions in higher regard than others. There’s not many people that he’s this close to, so he doesn’t give a shit what they think. But Y/N; her opinion matters so much to him - everything she does matters to him, he’s realizing - and he can’t risk losing her, no fucking way.
“I’ll be on the couch,” he decides, grabbing the blankets to bring back up her arms, tucking her snugly back into the bed. And because he can’t resist, he leans down and presses another kiss to her forehead, let’s his lips linger on her skin as he whispers, breath fanning across her skin, and she shivers despite the covers. “Good night.”
As soon as he wakes, he makes breakfast. His hangover is not as strong as he’s sure Y/N’s is, but he makes food enough for two anyway. He pours a glass of water before tiptoeing into her bedroom, kicking against the door softly with one foot as a warning before he’s coming in, peering onto the bed to see Y/N’s sleeping frame.
She’s facing him, still wrapped up in her blankets, face devoid of any creases and wrinkles as it is during the day with her usual expressions.
Sirius looks at her for a moment, breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth before he makes his way to her bed. He sets the food and water on the bedside table before he leans back over to place another kiss to her unmarred forehead. He could barely sleep; mind reliving every moment the two of them have had before, trying to pinpoint the moment where friendship turned to something more - at least for him.
But he couldn’t place it. It’s just as if he’s felt them from the moment they met. Or as if they slowly built up that he couldn’t decide a single tipping point for them. He slowly got acclimated to the way that she drinks her coffee, or the face she makes when she finds something annoying, or the way she smiles when she finds something she likes on sale. He fell in love with them all, one at a time.
He watches as her eyes peel open, one after the other, and squint through the morning light that streams through the curtains. She groans, breaks her arms out of her cocoon as she stretches, groan breaking into a yawn as she wakes her limbs up.
Once she settles she grimaces, eyes squeezing shut as a moan of pain escapes her lips. Y/N looks back up to Sirius, “Ow.”
He realizes he must look stupid, just standing at the side of her bed staring, so he clears his throat and picks up the glass of water, “Here, drink.”
Y/N lifts herself into a seated position, rests her back against her headboard as she takes the glass from Sirius’ hand. Her shaky hand brings the drink to her lips and she chugs, drops slipping down her chin and onto the blankets in her lap.
“How y’feelin’?” Sirius questions, taking a seat next to her. He studies her as she gulps the rest of her drink down, giving Sirius back the glass. He holds it in his hand, fingertips pressed against the cool material as she answers.
“Little queasy,” she crinkles her nose, bringing the covers back up as she returns to her lying position. She looks at Sirius, “Wanna lay w’me? We can watch a movie.”
Sirius nods his head, habit sneaking it’s way into his system. They’ve done this countless times before, laying in the same bed, only a few feet apart, but now it feels too crowded.
He lies with her anyway, snatching half of the cover for himself. They’re both still in their clothes from last night and Sirius cringes, they probably smell like a dumpster.
Y/N doesn’t seem to notice though, scooting closer until their elbows touch, turning her head to him, “What do you want to watch?”
And her face is so close to his that he can’t help but to reach out to her, cupping her cheek in his big hand as he studies her face. She’s so close and he’s never been so in love before.
She furrows her brows, confusion etching her features. She whispers, “Siri?”
And it’s that stupid nickname that makes him do it, the one that he would never in a million years let anyone call him but this beautiful girl in front of him that pushes his head forward until their lips are centimeters apart, breath fanning across each other’s faces. He pauses then, takes a deep breath and when he realizes that she isn’t pulling back he eliminates the last bit of distance between them.
He kisses her hard because he’s tired of waiting, kisses her harder because he wanted to do this last night. And when her tongue licks at the seam of his lips he kisses her even harder because he realizes she’s wanted this too. Their tongues meet in the middle, tasting each other for the first time and then all bets are off; their hands grab at each other’s body, holding tightly onto each other because they’re finally getting what they wanted. And they’re not letting go any time soon.
They kiss as they remove their clothes, one article at a time, barely pausing to gaze at the other’s body before they’re kissing again, deep and passionate like they’re ashamed of all the time that they’ve wasted.
His kisses feel like home. His lips, the way they travel from her mouth to her cheek, from her jaw to her shoulder, planting little seeds of him within her bones; pieces that will root him into her like she did to him when she didn’t even realize it. He kisses her skin hard, leaving bruises with his delicate lips, burning her skin as they pass along her collar bone.
His lips travel to her breasts and he holds them with his hands, presses his face in between them and breathes her in. Maybe he’s trying to memorize her scent like he’s memorized everything else about her. Maybe what everyone said about them was right. Maybe they are soulmates.
His lips encase one of her sensitive buds, tongue flicking against it before his teeth catch onto it. He faintly hears her cry out, barely recognizes the feeling of his hair being pulled as a groan slips through his lips. He sucks her nipple, gently at first, and then when he hears the heavenly gasp she lets out he sucks harder, thumb pressing onto the other one as she mewls. Her back arches, pushing her breasts onto Sirius’ face and he growls, uses his arms to trap her back onto the bed.
He lavishes her breasts until he’s had his fill, sucks and bites both of them until they’re covered in the evidence of his presence. He continues his path downwards, nipping along the skin again, admiring every piece of flesh he runs across because it’s hers and it deserves the praise.
He’s angry that it took him so long to realize; that he’s had to wait this long to kiss all the soft, rounded spots of Y/N’s body, but as long as he gets to hear the whimpers she lets out as he presses his hand against her cunt for the rest of his life he thinks he’ll be okay. He cups her pussy, presses his heel down onto her clit as he sucks the inside of her thigh, and flicks his fingers through her slit. He feels how wet she’s become - how wet he’s made her - and she cries out as Sirius teeth pierce her flesh.
“Sirius,” oh, her voice sounds so breathless and it makes Sirius groan, makes him remove his hand so he can replace it with his mouth, tonguing the area where his fingers just were, collecting her slick on his taste buds. He licks into her core, tongues around her gummy walls and hears her keen, hands making a home in his hair. She tugs at the roots and Sirius groans.
He buries his face in her pussy, licks into her so hard she’s squirming under him. His hands plant her bottom half firmly into the mattress so that she’s only able to arch her back, cry to the ceiling as his tongue works against her. Next time he can go slow but he just wants her now, he’s so tired of thinking about how he could’ve done this sooner and instead worried about how much the two of them can do it later. Because now that he has Y/N, he’s not letting her go.
He brings his tongue to her clit as his fingers slip into her core, curling upwards as his tongue curls around her nerves, popping the bud between his lips as his fingers begin to pump. She’s not pushing his head away anymore, no, now she’s pulling him in; holding his head firmly in place as her hips stutter upwards to meet his fingers.
He pumps his fingers fast, one at first and then adding two, scissoring them within her to hear the way she chokes on a gasp, the way she tries to cover her mouth because she’ll wail if she doesn’t. The only words leaving her lips are his name and little oh’s when he curls his fingers and hits that extra sensitive spot on the roof of her core.
She cums once this way, her body seizing up and thighs closing around Sirius’ head as her cunt flutters around Sirius’ fingers, clit pulsing against his tongue as he licks against it. He travels back up her body the same way he descended it, kissing against her soft skin until he reaches her mouth, licking against her teeth before he meets her tongue, feeling the vibrations from the groan she lets out at her own taste.
He takes his cock into his hand, pumps himself a couple of times before he slips it inside of her, the pair gasping into each other’s mouths, her from the stretch of Sirius’ thick length, and Sirius from Y/N’s hot core squeezing him tight as he settles within her. His whole body grows warm as she acclimates to his size, the two of them still engaged in a heavy liplock, his hair between her fingers.
When he does move it’s electric; his whole body feels as if it’s on fire, pleasure sweeping up his spine at the way he drags his cock out of her, slow and soft; nice and even.
They move together, her hips chasing his as he pulls out, both of them joining together again almost immediately after. They’re whimpering and moaning too much to kiss now, settling for resting their foreheads against one another as they watch where they’re joined. Sirius is covered in chills from head to toe, body moving on it’s own accord as her cunt gushes around him, the way she holds onto him tightly and cries out his name every time his cock hits that spot within her has him on edge, so close to falling apart at her fingertips. Does she know that she has him in the palms of her hands? Surely she does, if the way she scratches her nails against his back as she climbs the ladder to ecstasy is any indicator.
She makes it there a couple of thrusts later, clamping down on his sensitive cock, crying out his name over and over like it’s the only thing she knows. She’s holding onto him like she never wants to let go, and Sirius doesn’t think he’d care if she never did.
And then he’s right there with her, balls tightening as waves roll up his spine, knocking the breath out of him as he takes himself out of her, grabbing onto his cock and tugging until he’s emptied all of his seed onto her belly.
He kisses her again, harder this time now that he can breathe, and holds onto her as they calm down from their highs. They lie like that for a while, unbothered that they’re both sticky with cum because there’s plenty of time to clean up later. They’ll probably be even dirtier soon.
Sirius doesn’t stop kissing her. He never wants to remove his lips from Y/N’s pillowy one’s, never wants to forget the way her sighs feel as they bounce off of his mouth.
He’s not sure where they’ll end up after graduation - whether it will be together or apart - but they’re together now, so he’ll make the most of every moment.
Tumblr media
tags: @crazypantlady, @hufflepuffsfordraco, @eunoia-kth, @ashlovesthemarauders, @siriuslyslyslytherin, @i-cant-stfu, @livs-xx, @emma67, @siriuslyblackblog, @irlpadfoot, @brattypeony, @juniebugg, @ftwert, @whaddyam3an, @m925, @alyathewhore, @wolfstar4lifee, @kaqua, @padfootswife, @pottahishotasf, @mackaywhore, @safetyhtom, @greengarsstuff, @chocolatesupplier, @azura-mist, @lunajoyce3, @hi-there-x, @bananas1234, @simpforremuslupin, @sprucewoodlover, @sunrisefairy, @partr1dge, @slutforremus19, @bby-camera, @ahsluva, @crucioonapussyhoe, @harrypottersslvt, @marimorena06, @medalloway-blog, @Cranberryc0caine, @set-myself-on-fire, @imjustanothernerd, @midnightmusings-et-moi, @harrypotter5sosslut, @teamleo2023, @princess-jules47, @666cookies, @kiaslily, @justmesadgirl, @wonderland-obrien, @remugoodgirl, @thebiggestsimponearth, @gxllqrie, @siriusblackwifeeey, @1800-SHUTUP, @xtoothlessx, @lunaiswifey, @kermiemoon
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silverdelirium · 4 months ago
SUMMARY ➠ sirius fingers you in front of a mirror
WARNINGS ➠ fingering, squirting, innocence kink, daddy kink, dacryphillia, mirror kink (?), praise, humiliation, begging, overstimulation
A/N ➠ its 1am and im super bored & horny so here’s a lil blurb that it’s probably super bad <3
“you think you can take one more for daddy, sweet thing?” purred sirius in your ear, his teeth grazing the shell of your hear as you heaved a squeaky yes in response.
the pad of his fingers lightly soothed the pulse in your swollen mound, a small mewl already slipping past your lips at the smallest bit of attention in your most sensitive part.
he shushed you with three quick slaps to your puffy folds, that had you gasping as you tried your best to refrain your hips from bucking up, all to prove to your daddy that you were his good girl.
you craved the praise, more than anything. and sirius knew, he could tell by the way you peered up at him, batting your lashes through the mirror as your jaw dropped slightly when two thick digits slid inside your overused cunt.
after three back to back orgasms your body was more than sensitized to any sultry touch.
“what’s wrong my pretty girl, your small cunt just can’t take anymore, huh?” he teased, a mocking pout adorning his face as you blinked back tears, embarrassment creeping up to the apple of your cheeks as the squelching sounds beneath you grew louder with every thrust of his fingers.
“you fucking answer me when i talk to you”
his movements were no longer sweet and praiseful, they were aggressive and unapologetic.
“sorry— sorry! didn’t mean to daddy, please” you sobbed, gripping his forearm in a weak attempt to stop his brutal ministrations to your delicate pussy.
“daddy’s fingers just make you go braindead, yeah? but you love it when i play with your little button” he tutted, eyes gleaming with amusement as you whined in protest at the humiliation.
yet the painful curl of his fingers against your g-spot did nothing but push you closer to the edge, and sirius’ chest swelled with pride as he felt you contract around his fingers, silently warning him of your approaching orgasm
daddy’s and pleas fell out of your lips like a chant, making sirius’ very prominent boner harden even more at the sight and hearing of your responsiveness.
your head lolled back onto his shoulder, and his free hand roughly planted itself to your face, holding your jaw still so your eyes stayed locked to the mirror. “i want you to watch yourself, watch how you take my fingers in this tight little cunt while you fucking beg me to cum”
“daddy it’s too much— i can’t hold it anymore” you cried out, eyes squeezing shut and toes curling as the electrifying sensation spread through your nerves.
“beg for it, pet. you know the rules” he spat, thumb flicking over your clit.
a small sob wracked through you, tears streaming down your face; “please daddy, i just want to be your good girl” you babbled, thighs shaking in anticipation.
“you can do better than that, bunny” he cocked his head to the side.
“i need you to let me cum, daddy, please— feels too good and it hurts”
sirius himself couldn’t deny you anymore, if you kept on speaking to him like that, he might even cum on the spot.
“that’s a good girl, cum all over daddy’s fingers, baby” cooed sirius, not slowing his fingers once as you unraveled in front of him, eyes rolling into the back of your head, nails leaving crescent moons on his arms and mouth agape.
“oh my fucking god” he groaned, blood rushing to his grith as he eyed your dripping cunt squirting right in front of him.
sirius stayed fucking you with his fingers through your high, connecting his eyes with yours through the reflection once again when you managed to get ahold of your sight that had clouded with small black dots.
“look at what you did baby” he spoke, softness lacing his tone as he slipped his dampened fingers out, making a path with them to palm at your tits. “made a mess all over daddy’s lap”
indeed you did, both sets of thighs were completely drenched with your juices, as well as the sheet bellow you.
“‘m sorry daddy” you whimpered, fearing he would be mad at you for ruining his bed-wear.
“it’s nothing to be sorry for, princess. want you to do that again all over my cock”
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gotkindabored · a month ago
Calling to Join
Away for a press tour for his latest film, Sirius finds another way to be with his fiancé at the Met Gala.
PAIRING: Actor!Sirius Black x F!Reader
CONTENT: good old fashioned fluff
NOTES: I was editing my Remus Met Gala fic when I thought of this idea so :) ! I hope you like it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Next question please.”
Low chatter spread amongst the crowd, the journalist and representatives moving onto another co-star on the panel, finally giving Sirius a break.
Sighing into his chair, Sirius rolled his shoulders back as he felt a few joints click and pop. He blinked languidly, eyes lidded with exhaustion as he reached out to sip on his now lukewarm tea. His nose wrinkled at the bitter taste; the leaves had been steeped for too long.
Panning up to the clock near the exit sign, Sirius’ head subconsciously shook. 9:12 pm. He’d been working for more than eleven hours at that point.
He felt like whining, which was nothing unusual. But for Christ's sake — all he wanted to do was sleep.
It had been a little over two months now that Sirius had been away from his house in London; flown across the world, busy with a worldwide press conference tour for the latest movie he starred in.
The flurry of questions he worked through was, at most, bland — nearly all of them he had heard a thousand times previously, and answered similarly. They varied from the standard set questions of the behind the scenes, favourite memories with co-stars, who they want to work with next and so on. The only thing that saved Sirius from boredom was being able to talk to the eager fans.
“— Sirius, unsurprisingly, took the longest,” James announced into the microphone. “We were constantly late to set because he couldn’t stop fussing about his hair.”
He blinked out of his sleepy daze, forcing out a dry chuckle. “You can’t rush the makeup process!”
Sirius was about to speak again, only to pull back from the mic and force the yawn that crept up his throat down.
Professionalism, he thought. Yes, because he was known for his pristine image.
James noticed, immediately patting his back before the journalists took control of the questioning.
“This one is for Sirius, again,” the young reporter said. “But it isn’t regarding the film.”
He perked up a little at this, but his shoulders remained slumped, preparing to be asked another generic inquiry.
“Really? Well, I’m curious.”
“The Met Gala in New York just began less than an hour ago.”
Sirius felt his entire body straighten, eyes widening and a smirk splitting into a large smile; elated for the turn in conversation. “No! It just started?”
“Yes! There were rumours that you were supposed to attend this year, no?”
He hummed in response. “I was until the tour was scheduled,” he rushed out, brain sparking and heart fluttering just at the mere thought of her. “Anway, did you know my fiance is hosting this year?”
Fiance… what a word.
“I do! Everyone is talking about her. I’m assuming you’ve seen her outfit already?”
If it was possible, Sirius’ smile stretched even wider across his face — hurting his cheeks as the flashing of a few cameras went off. Even James chortled, no doubt at his excitement.
His head shook. “Because of the time differences, it’s hard to find a time to properly talk. But last I heard there were a few changes. I didn’t get to see the final look. Have pictures already been released?”
“Yeah, just wait a moment,” the reporter said, fishing his phone out from his pocket. Sirius pushed his hair out of his face, leaning over the table, eager for a glimpse of his fiance. The rest of his co-stars, various journalists and the crowd giggled.
With a swipe of the man’s thumb, his phone unlocked with an article still open on the screen as he scrolled to the top. He handed him the phone.
Muttering ‘thank you,’ Sirius took it, knuckles cracking as the proud simper on his face was permanently craved on. His eyes flickered around the screen, staring at the images of her. “She looks bloody incredible…”
His eyes never wavered from the screen, only scratching his beard as he mumbled into the microphone. “I miss her so much.”
Mocking cooing from James flooded the room as he kicked him under the table, only for the room to erupt in laughter.
“Wait!” Sirius said, placing the man’s phone on the table and slipping his out. “Let me just —”
Sliding it open, he hovered his finger above her contact, taping to FaceTime and waited for her to pick up. He held the phone to his face, positing the microphone close so it would pick up the audio as they watched him with anticipation.
The screen flashed from black to her face, brow scrunched in confusion and Sirius could see just a peek of the red carpet behind her.
“Hi, angel,” he drawled, immense pride swelling in his chest.
“Erm — hello!” She said, the sound of chattering and camera shutters going off made it harder to hear her voice. “I thought you were in the middle of an interview? Did it end early?”
The crowd laughed.
“No,” he said, flipping his phone and showing her to the audience. They cheered, some even whistled as they clapped, bombarding her with compliments. Eventually, he put his face back into camera view. “Saw some photos of you, just wanted to say you look gorgeous tonight! I know you’ll do amazing — you know I miss you and love you!”
Her eyes lit up, smiling so widely that it made his heart ache.
“Thank you so much. I miss you too. I’ll make sure to send you some pics l  —” “I like the sound of that.”
“... Sirius!”
“Bye, darling!”
Cheekily, before she was able to get another word in, Sirius hung up the call as the crowd erupted into a fit of laughter. Quickly, he sent a series of little texts.
“Can you believe I’m engaged to that stunner?” He blurted.
“Black is what the kids like to say these days, whipped,” James added.
Sirius ignored him. Any trace of boredom or sleep was wiped away completely, filled with a new sense of buoyancy. He lent back over the table, handing the phone back to the report and shook his hand. “You just made my day. Thank you.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
GOTKINDABORED © 2021. Do not repost or modify.
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morozovastarless · 3 days ago
broadcast the boom! boom! boom!
summary: sirius always needs a quick fuck before going on stage
warnings: face slapping, choking, kinda public sex, gagging (with underwear)
word count: 1k
a/n: me? not posting a james fic? whaaaat? i also could've proof read this much better but i'm exhausted and my brain is fried so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it is what it is
Tumblr media
“S-Sirius,” you whimper, your back pressed against the wall of one of the hallways backstage. With each thrust, the grainy material digs itself further into your skin, the slight burn only adding fuel to the fire inside you.
Even from here you can hear the crowds’ cheers and chants, eager for the show to start.
Sirius’s cock is buried deep inside you, stretching your insides wide. His fingers dig themselves on your ass, lifting you up as he keeps pounding into you.
You know there will be marks there tomorrow, an arrangement of blues and purples that will decorate your skin and make it painful to sit down. You also know Sirius doesn’t care about that.
He enjoys it, in fact. He likes seeing your face scrunch up whenever you try to sit and he loves your tiny whimpers whenever he presses down on them, both being reminders of what he did to you.
“Shut up,” he groans.
“Please,” you whine, moans ripping from your chest with every perfect roll of his narrow hips.
You shut your eyes tightly, tears springing in the corners of your eyes. He sets an unforgiving pace, racing against the clock. He only has half an hour before the show starts, and he had been rock hard since rehearsal started after seeing you on the front row with that tight short leather skirt. The one you wore only for him.
Your eyes fly open when he stops moving, whines of complaint falling from your mouth. One of his hands leaves your ass, and you wobble a little, losing support.
With his now free hand, he gives you a harsh slap on your cheek, your head lolling to the side.
Despite your small whimper, he feels you clench around him. He smirks darkly, grabbing your cheeks and squeezing them until you’re pouting. “I said shut up,” he snarls.
His hand leaves just as quickly as it came, leaving you confused until you feel something soft against your lips. You move your eyes down, widening them when you see your panties. “Open,” he commands.
You shake your head, teary-eyed. “No, no, Sirius. I’ll be quiet, promise.”
Your hips roll against his accidentally, and the hand that still holds you up pinches your ass in warning. “Don’t make me repeat myself, angel,” he warns.
Begrudgingly, you open your mouth enough so he can stuff your panties inside the cavity. You can taste yourself, your arousal having seeped through the fabric since the guys started rehearsal.
“Perfect,” he praises, caressing your cheek, and you preen. He starts moving again, leaning down to nip at your neck and chuckling at your muffled moans. “Such a whiny little thing. Look what you made me do, angel.”
He groans into your neck. You’re squeezing him so tight it won’t take long for him to cum, and you’re so wet it’s smearing his black jeans. It’ll stain, that’s for sure, but he can’t bring himself to care when he thinks about dancing and singing on stage with your mark on him.
He stands back straight and strains his neck to look at your wrist that’s resting on his shoulder. His eyes zero on your wristwatch, his brain straining to understand what the handles tell him.
Five minutes left.
The roaring crowd gets louder and you know the lights have gone out. They must be adding the final touches to the stage, plugging the loudspeaker for Remus’ bass.
Sirius pounds into you faster and deeper, aided by the ticking of the clock. His thumb rubs your clit at almost the same pace and you cry out, but it’s barely heard thanks to your makeshift gag. One of your legs unlinks from the other around his waist and dangles in the air at the sudden stimulation, kicking at nothing.
There are tear tracks staining your flushed cheeks and spit dribbling from the sides of your open mouth. “Y’look beautiful like this, baby. Such a pretty girl,” he coos.
You shiver at his words, the wonderful feeling only intensifying when he wraps his ring clad fingers around your throat, applying the perfect amount of pressure to have you dangling over the edge without letting go completely.
You just need one more push, one more gentle nudge. You beg him with your eyes, doe-like and teary.
“Y’like it when I use you like this, don’t you? Like my little groupie, just here to take m’cock? And you take it so well. Your pussy’s made f’me, angel.”
You lose yourself in Sirius’ ministrations, in the sweet stretch of his cock and his merciless thrusts. In the scratching of his teeth on your burning flesh and the filthy words he snarls out.
He won’t have time to go clean up after this, and just the idea of going on stage with his cock soaked in your sweet juices makes him hover over the precipice. The thought of being in front of thousands of people with your secret mark on him makes him delirious.
“Cum f’me,” he groans.
Sirius’ thumb presses down on your clit and you keen loudly, your whole body convulsing between his sweaty tattooed chest and the dirty wall.
Your pussy flutters and clamps down on his cock, his own release impossible to avoid when you dig your nails on his back. A moan mixed with a grunt comes out of his pretty lips, swollen and red from your frantic kisses once he left the stage. He spills inside you, coaxing a blissful sigh out of you the moment you feel the warm white ribbons filling you up.
Sirius pulls your panties out of your mouth and kisses you slowly, trying to calm both of your racing heartbeats. He pockets the spit-soaked underwear, letting a bit of the lacy red poke out.
Tenderly, he lowers your legs, holding you up by the waist as they tremble. “Y’did so good, angel,” he whispers softly, a stark contrast to his previous treatment of you.
You offer him a dazed out smile.
He hears scrambling feet coming from the left side of the hallway, so he quickly lowers your skirt and tucks you on his side. He smiles when he feels your arms wrap around his waist.
“Sirius!” A panting James appears, wearing a tight white sleeveless shirt and holding onto his drumsticks with one hand. “C’mon, we’re already 2 minutes late!”
“Yeah, yeah. M’coming, Prongs,” he drawls out. Then he lowers his face so he can whisper in your ear, “Don’t you dare clean up. I’ll fuck it out of you later.”
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hellounicorn · 6 months ago
Daddy’s Dumb Puppy - Sirius Black x Reader
Hey hey! Idk how I feel abt this fic just because idk I think my writing is painfully repetitive, like the verbiage I use tends to be very similar to a lot of my other fics so- but I digress, let’s hope this doesn’t suck!
Special thank you to @quindolyn for helping me pick this idea! Hope u enjoy!!
Warnings: smut, dom sirius, dumbification, lingerie, collar, mirror sex, pet names, degradation, mentions of choking, mentions of oral fixation, finger sucking, dirty talk, daddy kink, lmk of any other warnings I should add<3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Can’t do it, I dunno which one.” You took your thumb’s fingernail into your mouth, biting down anxiously as you eyed the armoire with despondency.
You struggled to pick out just one lingerie piece to wear for Sirius tonight, for each time your optics flickered over a set, your mind would wander elsewhere—usually settling on the ebony haired male’s intense ogle towards you.
Sirius scoffed softly, hiking himself up from where he was previously seated upon his desk chair, padding over to stand right behind your naked figure that was staring at the thin air separating you from the wardrobe.
His hands resting on your hipbones, he laid his lips bruisingly onto the junction between your jaw and collarbone. His rasping voice fell to your ears, pushing you farther down into your safe haven of submission.
“Sit down pup, I’ll do it. I forgot that dumb girls like you can’t think long enough to pick out a simple outfit.” He used the grip on your waist to spin you in your spot so your bare chest came tumbling flush against his. “On the bed bunny, I’ll get one f’you.”
Your blank gape at him had his voice strengthening by twofold in order to get his message past the barrier your mind had unknowingly set.
“Don’t get all mopey now, daddy just doesn’t want you exerting y’little brain too much.”
You peered up at him through glossy eyes that held no emotion other than insatiable lust. “Yeah,” You mumbled incoherently, barely registering the words Sirius was instructing you, your ears stuffed with a metaphoric cotton that disconnected you from reality.
With a roughing swat against your bum, you were sent on your way to walk the diminutive distance to his mattress that was prepped nicely with an array of pillows and blankets to keep you nice and tranquil.
“Let’s see,” Sirius absentmindedly tapped his foot upon the carpeted floor, his hand twiddling with various lingerie sets that had all been purchased for you by him—each one you donned made him weak in the knees.
He reached for the hanger that had an angel white lace two piece dangling from it. He cleared his throat as he envisioned you adorning the lace, the fabric pulled taut against your skin and your body on display for his hungered view.
His elongated fingers ran across the length of the revealing material that when placed upon you, would leave very little to the imagination.
His visualizations came to a halt when his erect cock began painfully throbbing behind the restraint of his denim jeans.
“How’s this one puppy?” He whipped his stature around to show you, but your attention had shifted to the soft cotton of Sirius’ sweats that were hanging inches away from falling off the bed.
Your eyes never met his, they remained locked upon whatever material your hands could find.
“Puppy,” he sternly warned, his fingers snapping twice in your direction making your line of vision shoot up to rely back on him. “Yes or no? I need you to cooperate here.”
You squinted from across the room in an attempt to clear the degenerative haze that sheened over your visage. “Pretty. I like that one daddy,” You beamed when you saw Sirius nod pridefully, instinctively giggling at the sweetened sight.
“I knew you would poppet, can you put this on f’me? I’ve gotta find one more thing,” He tossed the lingerie over to the bed which you were laid upon, the fabric landing right at your feet.
You picked up the set and eyed it in confusion, your gaze then falling down to see your nude body, then flickering back up to his backside. “Daddy?” You chirped as Sirius was rummaging through the cupboard to find the last piece he thought would top off your outfit.
“Yes bunny?”
“Don’t know,” The cut in half sentence was all the boy needed to switch his focus back onto you who was lightly toying with the lace in your hands.
“What don’t you know bun?”
“Can’t put it on, don’t know how.” You bashfully admitted, flustering became an instinct as you spoke timidly.
He chuckled heartily, leaning idly against the hard wood of the closet with his muscled arms folded across his firm chest. “Whatd’ya mean you don’t know? Doll, you just wore this no more than a week ago—you don’t remember?”
You shook your head no, holding the outfit out to him with a hopeful jut of your lips.
“You’ve fallen so dumb y’cant even dress yourself without daddy? S’cute but pathetic, princess.”
You indifferently shrugged, the admittance barely grazing through your thoughts before becoming forgotten. “I know daddy.”
He pivoted on his heel to dig himself nose-deep into the armoire, clatters of objects, clothes, the lot all barely being detected by your clouded ears.
“Bunny?” He quirked an eyebrow, yet again turning to meet your distracted mumbles directed to nothing. “Where’s your collar?”
You whined at the mention of the ‘daddy’s girl’ emblemed neckpiece that was your signature segment you found great solace in wearing. Unfortunately, you had no knowledge of where it had gone.
“I dunno,”
He sighed heavily, searching fervently for the aforesaid accessory. “How do you not know? Y’gotta keep track of your things bunny, daddy can’t always find them for you.”
“I told you daddy, I don’t know.” Your momentary annoyance was not difficult to decipher, an apparent huff falling between your words.
“Keep that tongue in check pup, if y’not going to be respectful then I don’t want to hear you talk.”
The corner of his eye glanced over the silver glitter of the collar, he let out an awaited breath and plucked it from its sedentary spot.
“You see love, daddy got it for you—meaning that it’s something you have to take care of it okay? Now c’mere,”
He waved you over, prompting you to slide off of the bed and began stumbling over to where he was standing stoically, the collar hanging from the tip of his pointer finger, making a jingle sound as he swayed it back and forth.
You obediently smiled up at him, a glint of innocence sparkling behind your hooded irises as you reached out for the collar, only to have it be snatched back into his iron grip.
He chuckled darkly, entangling his free hand through your tousled locks, his sharpened fingernails brushing against your scalp. “Silly girl,” he hissed quietly into the shell of your ear, “Why didn’t y’bring your pretty little outfit? I thought you wanted daddy to help you put it on.”
He jutted his head towards the lace that lay discarded beside one of the pillows you were moments ago coddled in.
“I just forgot daddy,” You sniffled feebly, shuffling your feet distractedly as you averted the harsh glare your dominant had on you.
His licentious words pricked through your muscles, alerting your senses so it finally became clear to you that the unknown sensation upon your thighs was in fact your wetness, dripping from your attention-deprived cunt.
“I’m sure you did puppy, that brain of yours can only think so much. I bet you’re so far gone y’can’t even remember your own name.”
His lips sponged against your temple that pulsed with rapture when you mustered the ability to recollect on your disregarded thoughts.
You pushed the frustration of his little comment, creating your rebuttal. “I can remember my own name daddy, you’re wrong.”
You grinned in satisfaction at your minuscule defend to the boy, unabashed of his hardened eyes searing marks into your skin.
He saw your new found confidence as an opportunistic for a little game, one that was ensured for his victory. “Enlighten me pup, tell me how smart you are.”
“I’m daddy’s girl obviously,”
You saw no issue with your response that was said with amused credence, but it was when Sirius began sniggering that you knew it wasn’t the particular answer he was expecting—albeit it was fairly gratifying to him, knowing that in this mindset, you had no urge to disagree with him as your superior.
“That’s right, but y’not just daddy’s girl, you’re daddy’s dumb girl. Remember that okay?”
Failing to register his notion due to the obstruction that diverted your attention down to the dull throb that caused affliction on your cunt, going on autopilot you nodded in faux-acknowledgement.
“Well daddy now my head hurts!” You cried as your voice fluctuated upwards, your volume much louder than intended.
“Ease up doll. And why is that bun?”
“Cuz you made me think, it hurts to think.”
Sirius reached an outstretched hand to your cheek, patting it condescendingly. “Is that right? It hurts anytime daddy makes you use your brain?”
“A lot daddy, why can’t you just do it for me?”
“I do poppet, and I promise to help you only if you’re being dutiful.” He knowingly threw in a word he knew would get you all twisted up just thinking about.
“M’kay, but can I have my collar now? I wanna wear it.” You ignored his poor attempt at getting you winded up in vexation, his ‘promise’ falling upon deaf ears.
Your rushed forbearance had a sinful smirk tugging at Sirius’ dampened lips, his tease increased as he tucked away your accessory into the pocket of his jeans, relishing in the disgruntled whine you let out when he denied you the comfort.
“You’ll get it after you get dressed in the set daddy picked out for you, so go get it bunny.”
You obliged without a beat of silence, swiftly making your way to and fro in order to hook the hanger that held the lingerie on your two fingers.
He tenderly took it from your significantly smaller hands, leading you back to the plush mattress, delicately dressing you in the lace as you laid back upon the bed, his fingers dancing a ballet on the supple skin that reacted softly to his touch.
You muttered incomprehensible nonsense as you watch him hover above you, slipping the angelic white onto your s/c flesh.
He gingerly clapped his hands together when he got you all suited in the outfit, a treat to his eyes you were. The second he stepped back to admire your ethereal beauty decked out in the snug material, an animalistic growl tore its way through the base of his throat.
While you looked so pure and innocent on face value, his juxtaposed thoughts knew that all he wanted to do was ruin you with his wicked ways.
“Get on up bun, you can have your collar now.”
His benevolence created shocks of life within you, your lace already seeping with the waves of arousal that swallowed you whole. You leaped up from your spot, clutching onto his hand as if he would run away if you loosened your grip.
The lack of sensory you held was the culprit for your loss of footing. Your knees concaved inwards as you so desperately reached for his full arm to stabilize you.
“Don’t worry, we’re almost there poppet.” He reassured you as he interlocked your fingers with his, his other arm slung around your waist to keep you upright.
He assisted in bringing you just a few steps forward, so you were met with the mirror placed a mere yard or so away from the foot of the bed.
Stepping behind you, he retrieved the collar from the confines of his pocket, displaying it in front of you causing a cheeky simper to bleed across the canvas of your cushioning lips.
“Bunny, can you move your hair out of the way for me? Or should daddy do it for you?”
You felt as if his words were the inarticulate ones, all you could hear was cut offs of the phrase he was trying to ask you.
When you didn’t reply, he took initiative to move all your hair to one side—so he had room to tightly fit the collar around your neck. “My dumb baby can’t even listen, can you?”
He brought the piece around your front to pull it behind your neck, the tension jolting your head backwards so he could clip it where the two ends meet.
You winced as he did so, the pink silk of the band pressing against your skin so tightly stars twinkled across your fluttered shut eyelids.
You felt intense heat blooming from your cheeks as he secured it tighter, your struggle to remain standing resurfacing.
The little metal heart dangling in front made clinking noises whenever as you performed even the slightest of actions, even your exhales had it jingling gradually.
“What’s wrong pup? Is it too tight?”
The choker was doing exactly what it’s intended for, but you were able to manage—the restriction of breath had your core tingling cautiously, awaiting the elation you had been so patient for.
He couldn’t remove his stare from you, his heart beating with rapidity in his chest as he fell victim to your inebriety that you didn’t even intentionally portray.
When Sirius knew that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself much longer, he needed to repeat his rules for you one last time before you would be forced to obey them.
“Here’s what we’re going to do okay? Daddy’s going to do all the thinking for you. All of the work too.”
He searched your eyes for any sign of attentiveness, but when he found none he decided to take a more potent approach. His fingers rapped roughly against the surface of your bum, massaging the flesh with vigor in his hold.
“You just have to let me ruin you, and use that pretty body however I want. But you have to be a good girl, insolent brats don’t deserve daddy’s cock. So behave for me.”
The emphasized word rang in your ears as the one you knew you had to follow through with, if you act duteously then you wouldn’t have to worry about making it up to him.
“And remember if it ever gets to be to much, what do we say?”
You sanguinely said with an affirmed subtle nod of your head. Even in the headspace Sirius had lulled you into, you never failed to forget the safety rules.
“Good puppy, now c’mon—daddy wants to have some fun with you. But first what’s your color?”
“Green, hurry up daddy.”
Sirius shook his head gladdenly with a delighted spasmodic laugh at your incessant urgency. “If you insist, on all fours f’me okay?”
You hummed boldly, situating yourself onto the Gryffindor’s mattress in the position he had requested. You felt the bed dip with the weight of Sirius as he came to kneel behind you, his calloused palms melding against your arse that complimented the deep white of the lingerie.
He shuffled the both of you atop the bed so you were now eye level with the mirror before you, he wanted you to see yourself fall apart.
A belligerent hand hooked around the minuscule space between the collar and the nape of your neck. He used it as leverage to manipulate your head movement, along with the pace of his thrusts. With a trying tug, you moaned at the foreign feeling bleeding through your body.
“What pretty sounds you make, can you do that again for me?” His teeth gritted as he echoed the action, this time with more vehemence that had you crying your dominant’s surrogate name.
“Daddy please,”
You begged for reprieve on your cunt, the foreplay had become too much to handle and you were now reduced to nothing but a pile of mush, your comprehensive thoughts shutting down until all you could do was feel.
With one hand he continuously yanked on the collar, emitting gags from your throat that inevitably spilled into moans and cries. With his other hand, he was ridding himself of his jeans and boxers, letting his cock slap against his lower abdomen.
An unyielding wrench of the collar had your head snapping up to meet just where he wanted you to.
The mirror.
“Keep your eyes there and only there okay? I want you to see yourself break into a million pieces when daddy fucks you.”
You let out a maestro of whines as he teased the tip of his cock between your folds, his precum spreading across the bare expanse of your arse. You pushed your bum back into him, begging for much needed friction which he was not willing to grant just yet.
“Stay still. Merlin, you can never get enough can you?”
He splayed his palms against the globes of your ass, both of his thumbs parting your folds to bless his eyes with the mystifying sight.
His lips swooped down to press pliable kisses down the curvature of your spine that arched with every mark his mouth left. His tongue ran the length of your vertebrae, goosebumps pebbling under his softened licks.
When he retracted, Sirius kept his visage locked on both of you in the mirror, specifically the whimpering blubber of your lips.
“Stay patient for me now,”
He lifted his hips up slowly and sheathed himself entirely into your snug hole that clenched around him like a vice.
You both let out a simultaneous sigh of repose when he slid in, inch by inch as his grapple on your skin tightened profusely.
The part you sensed as the most enlivening, was the fact you both could see what the other was doing through your reflections.
Once your eyes met with the view of you and Sirius, you lost all balance.
Your hands shook from underneath you, struggling to keep yourself up. You allowed your body to drop completely into the mattress from the waist up, your lower half held up by Sirius who had impatiently began rutting into you at an inexplicably zealous pace.
You pressed your left cheek into the mattress and let your arms stray down the end of the bed, your hips lazily moving against his robust thrusts that had you shaking ardently.
You buried your face into the mattress, screaming his name from the depths of your chest, his skin slapping spiritedly against yours.
He leaned down to press his chest against your back, his pants reverberating in your ears as he spoke through his grunts. “Did I fucking say you could look away?”
He peeled his lips away from your heated face, returning his force to the collar. With a single tug of fury, your upper half was torn from the mattress, only to be met back with your reflection.
You looked like an utter mess, gripping the sheets below you like your life depended on it, the duvet slipping from your fingertips each time he roughly pounded into your cunt, the curve of your arse being met by his sharp hipbones—digging into your skin.
“H-hurts daddy, hurts in m’belly.”
You were shoved into silence when a hand hooked around your face, his fingers infiltrating the warmth of your mouth to the back, where you gagged torturously, your verbiage leaving your throat to be replaced with desperate whimpers from the fervidity.
“Daddy can make it hurt a lot more if you don’t stay quiet for me, you understand? Then again, I wouldn’t expect you to register anything ‘m saying to you.”
He seethed with venom lacing his thickened voice, you took his fingers in your mouth not as a temporary way to keep you silent, but as an invitation to suck enthusiastically on them—your oral fixation taking over the last slice of sensibility you had.
“Who would have thought? Such a nice and proper little girl being such a stupid cockbunny in private? Without anything to say except for her daddy’s name.”
The rush that spiraled from limb to limb sprouted from his incorrigible words and his unforgiving thrusts, your body faltering almost pathetically under him.
You rocked your hips back into him, being met with his rugged thrusts that put your arduous efforts to shame. “Dumb puppy,” You repeated choppily. “Just a dumb puppy f’daddy.”
“Can’t do anything without daddy can you?”
You felt your orgasm rapidly approaching, your teeth sunk into the flesh of his fingers as your eyes screwed shut to focus on the pleasure that had you drooling from both corners of your lips. You gargled around his roughing digits, “It’s so much daddy, need to c-”
You were quieted with a thrust of his fingers into your mouth, prodding at the back making your throat burn with covetous bliss.
“What happened to letting daddy do all the work? I told you to stay quiet,”
You choked on your response, you couldn’t do anything but yelp when you knew he was ushering you into your first orgasm of the night, the knot forming in your tummy strengthened as his thrusts sped up.
The onslaught of tears that spilled in twin streaks from your heavy eyelashes were result of the implausible pleasure that overwhelmed every burnt nerve.
You cried for lenience, unable to stand the suspense, for you knew you were about to cum at any given moment.
His cock twitched inside of you, his own orgasm just a hairs breadth away. He too could barely taste the release that beckoned out to him convincingly.
“I can feel it building inside of you bunny, s’like you may explode. Go on, be all dumb on m’cock and cum.”
With the permission, you willed yourself to withstand the force of your release, your cunt squeezing his cock, and your abdomen muscles contracting heatedly. Sirius did the very same, he released his thick load within you, coating your inner walls with his cum as his high sent him floating off the ground for a split second.
He muttered words of appraisal directed to your fucked out state, his own tumble towards the paradise of pleasure had his head spinning in every which way.
You had no room to settle down from your high, for Sirius had increased his ruts into you, a renewed avaricious persona returned when he refused to let up his aggression on your cunt and on your neck—his hands still pulling avidly against your collar that was a seam away from ripping under his hold.
You shook your head with a breathy cry, his hips pistoning into the very bruises he had left in his rapacious wake. “No more daddy, can’t do another,”
“Puppy, you’re fine, no complaining when daddy’s being so generous.”
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head when your second orgasm simmered under the surface, preparing to re-drag you back into the undertow of pleasure’s grasp. “But ‘m achy,”
“I said you’re fine, which means you’re fine. Rules, poppet. Remember daddy’s rules.”
He slipped a third digit into your suctioned mouth, his fingers mapping the cavern of your hollowed cheeks as they travelled with your tongue’s movement.
You choked on the length of his fingers as he remained stationed in the back of your throat—but barely managed to shakily gag, “Don’t want another,”
“Shh, you can go a few more. Daddy’s not done with you yet,” he mused, dragging out his strokes inside of you, your twitching thighs bumping repeatedly against him.
“I’m still busy breaking my dumb puppy apart.”
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