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#sirius black x reader
lonelyhe4rts · 2 days ago
✰ “Isn't it funny, how one minute you're trying to hex me, curse me, tell everyone about how much you hate me and then the next, you're begging for me to fuck you. As if you even deserve my cock." Based on this request. (1.5k)
Sirius Black x reader (Dom!Sirius Black x Sub!Fem!Reader) smut, hate sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, degradation, d/s dynamic, female receiving - oral and fingering, overstimulation, subspace, size kink, choking, dumbofication, dacryphilia, biting, dialogue heavy, no aftercare included, all actions consensual and safe word established.
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“Isn’t it funny,” Sirius starts, shutting the door with a kick of his foot, leaning back against it with a smug look plastered over his aristocratic features, “how one minute you’re trying to hex me, curse me, tell everyone about how much you fucking despise me and the next, you’re begging for me to fuck you, as if you even deserve my cock.” 
You trace the tip of your tongue over your bottom lip, internally suppressing the huff that’s aching to protrude from your chest. “As if, I’m not that desperate to be barely pleasured by you. If you can even achieve that.” You knew you were lying - the engorged irises of your pupils and the clenching of your thighs were proof enough of that. 
“Really?” The raven haired male muses, stalking towards you, his frame towering over yours from your sitting position on the bed. “So why can I smell your cunt from up here? Dripping isn’t it? Aching to be filled.” Your fingers twitch idly by your side, fidgeting with the grey ends of your pleated skirt. “Who says it’s for you, hmm? Could be for Remus, have you seen him recently? Or maybe James, quidditch is looking good on him too.” 
His jaw clenched as he grasps your own between his ring-covered digits, a grip so tight and harsh it squishes your face into a pout, making you look even smaller in comparison to him. “I’d be really fucking careful with how you’re behaving, little girl. I can easily make you hate me even more.” 
“I’d like to see you try,” you grit out through his grip, unknowingly igniting a spark within the animagus, your words tempting him to go above and beyond to show you how much he really can try - and how he can do even better than that. He brought his face closer to your own, grey eyes bearing into yours, menacing and tempered. “You’re going to regret saying that, sweetheart.” 
It’s a few mere orgasms later that you remain still atop the burgundy comforter, except this time it’s with the aforementioned male resting between your spread thighs. Whimpers and whines of pain and pleasure bleed from your lips as he toys relentlessly with your clit, having already brought you to release several times over with his tongue and his fingers. A slight sheen of sweat covered your nude figure, trembling and shaking and quivering as he played with you, tightening the pool of arousal that boiled over in your tummy. You weren’t sure if you wanted him to stop or to continue - the line between them was blurring with each and every stroke of his forefinger. 
Tears gather on the precipice of your lash line as he takes you over the edge once more, your cunt fluttering around his digits as your body squirmed over the sheets. You could barely hear anything over the blood rushing through your ears, the sound of your heart rate dulling and dimming down the wanton moans and groans that spilled from your lips. 
He arose from your legs, thighs covered in your slick and made his way until his face hovered over your own, his tongue lapping up the trails of salty tears that made their way down your face, salivating the taste of your tears and your cum on his tongue. “Y’taste too sweet for someone so bratty.” 
Your eyes felt foggy and hazy as you blinked up at him, the sensation of his warm breath against your sweaty skin almost overwhelming you. His palms gripped your thighs, pushing them up to your chest as he positioned himself snug between them, grasping his weeping cock at the base. He fisted at it languidly, spitting down onto the length to work himself up for you. “Y’won’t be having any more thoughts about pretty Remmy or Jamesie when I’m in y’darling. Gonna make you forget every other thing in that dumb little head of yours.” 
“No, no more,” you breathed out, tired arms languidly trying to push him away, but only succeeding in merely brushing against his toned biceps. He continued in his ministrations, knowing that if you truly wanted to stop, you’d use your established safeword. He slapped the head of his throbbing cock against your clit, making you jolt. “What, can’t you handle it. Not the big girl you thought you were, yeah?” 
“One more. One more little cummy from my cock and then we’re done, sweetheart.” He eased himself into you, groaning at the burning stretch of your silky walls. “How are you still so fucking tight? Y’such a fucking cockslut.” 
His hips rutted against yours, snapping against your figure, eliciting tendrils of pleasure to bleed and pulsate up your spine. Your legs felt strained with the pressure of having them bent to your chest, your figure folded in half as he pistoned his cock in and out of you, dragging his length through your velvety walls, the wet and warm feeling causing him to groan into your neck. His hand snaked up to your throat clasping the skin between his palms as he squeezed gently, your eyes fluttering closed and doing rotations behind the closed eyelids. 
You continued babbling nonsense as the pressure prolonged, the blurred line between pain and pleasure teetering closer and closer over to pleasure as the both of your orgasms neared. Your tummy was tight with the tightening coil, flames of arousal pulsating through your bloodstream, causing your cunt to tighten around Sirius’ length, the raven haired male biting and nibbling down on the curvature of your neck as you sunk himself into you. 
“Beg for it, silly girl. Tell me how much you want to cum on my cock, how much you want me to dump my seed into’y. Y’want it don’t you, need it to live and breathe. Pretty little girl’s life source.” 
You babbled words and phrases at him, desperate to finally cum on his cock after having been teased through empty orgasms that night. “Gimme it, please. Need it so much, only thing I want. S’hurts so bad, need to let go.” He bottomed himself inside of you, burying his face into the sweaty crevice of your neck as you both finally let go, his hips coming to a stop against your own as your release washed over you like a tsunami wave. Wanton moans and high pitched whines bled from your lips, your pussy spasming and dripping around the animagus’ length as he too grunted into your ear, burying his cum deep into the depths of your cunt. 
Your eyes blinked back open, swollen with leftover arousal and lust. Through the blurry hazes of your eyes, you caught onto his smirk, lips twitching at the corner of his mouth. “Count y’self lucky, darling. Remus and James wouldn’t be able to make you cum like that. How’s that for barely pleasured?”
hp/sb smut taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-mechant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol @kayleighh @uh-isabella @rinny-babe @certifiedhorny @wrongilbert @itsmentalillness @waszuka @brattypeony
© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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bellatrixscurls · a day ago
I love your blog 😫💦 could you pleeeease maybe write something for poly!marauders where the reader is the sub, and Remus and Sirius always tease James because he never punishes her (he’s the soft!dom of the 3) so then when she next breaks a rule he punishes her for the first time and she doesn’t expect it and gets all bratty because he’s usually the soft one 🙈🥲💕
im sorry james is actually a switch but- the whole plot is still the same :> all characters are over 18!
“M just saying—” laughed Sirius, rubbing at his eyes as tears welled in them, “You just never punish Y/n. They could even break your neck and you’d praise them for it.”
James’ brows pushed together in confusion, genuinely struggling to find a memory from when he punished you. Only one, he begged. But his mind was still empty.
He huffed, turning to Remus, “Moony!” he whined as he plopped down on the couch across from the lycanthrope. “Tell him that’s not true!”
But Remus couldn’t lie to him like that, especially when he could barely keep himself from barking with laughter. He gave James a tight lipped smile, shrugging as he went back to his book, hiding his face behind it. “Pads’ right, James. Y’just can’t do it— But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.”
James felt his blood boil as heat rushed up to his cheeks. What was he doing wrong? He never punished you, so what?
Sirius watched as James paced around their dorm, his hands twitching at his sides as he waited for you to finish your study ‘date’ with Marlene.
The bespectacled boy was determined to punish you today. He wanted to know how it felt like, and why Sirius and Remus enjoyed doing it so much. Maybe he would like it and then his boyfriends would stop laughing at him.
Three quick knocks on the door and it opened, and closed just as quickly. There you are, thought James. You were wearing the pink skirt and purple shirt — his favourite.
He cursed under his breath when he saw you, your wide eyes locking with his.
You dropped your notebooks with a thud. “Everything alright?” you asked, a tiny bit worried as to why the room was so silent when you walked in, and that it remained that way.
Sirius beckoned you over, his arms opening and wrapping around your waist, pulling you closer to him as his chin rested on your belly, “Pretty pup” he whispered and you smiled weakly as you looked down at him. “How was today, baby?”
You sighed, remembering the punishment Sirius had promised you earlier on the day. You were bad, you knew that. It all started when you woke up late and missed your first class of the day. Potions.
You really didn’t mean to, but it happened anyway. And of course, now they had to punish you. You knew all too well that James wouldn’t do it, so it was either Remus or Sirius. And although Sirius was a hard dom and a meanie — as you liked to call him, you prayed to God that he would be the one to punish you. Remus knew your pretty little brain like the palm of his hand, and he found immense joy in playing with it.
Chewing on your lip, your eyes moved from Sirius to Remus and then back to the raven haired boy. “Who’s... who’s gonna do it, Siri?”
And you wondered how those six words managed to make his face break into a grin, but you didn’t give it much thought, rather mentally preparing yourself for your upcoming punishment.
He turned to James, letting his hands fall from where they met around you, gently pushing you towards the curly haired boy. “I think Jamie would like to try too, puppy. What about that?”
Remus watched intently the scene before him — a flustered James and a confused Y/n. And he felt his heart triple in size at the prospect of watching the normally soft dom punish you. Fucking finally.
“I’m sorry?” you giggled, looking back at the other two boys, as if you couldn’t believe your ears. James? Punishing you? Oh please.
But Remus shook his head, shrugging as if he wasn’t able to do much about it. “I am sorry, bun. It is what it is.”
It was your turn to furrow your brows, looking at James in incredulity. “Y’not gonna punish me, are you? Just too soft for that.”
He groaned, looking up at the ceiling before his gaze returned on you. “Well” he said rather calmly, anger visibly boiling inside of him, “You broke a fucking rule, didn’t you?”
You took a step back at the severity of his tone, his baby blue eyes now a darker shade of blue, grey almost. “J-Jamie” you pleaded, your bottom lip trembling and James’ eyes softened at the tears forming in your eyes.
Sirius elbowed Remus, and he quickly stood up and stood right behind James, as if to guide him through the whole thing, and at the same time, Sirius stopped behind you, ready to put you in your place if needed.
The lycanthrope cleared his throat before whispering in James’ ear, although you could clearly hear what he was saying. “Don’t let them fool you, Prongs. That’s just a little act stupid sluts use whenever things are not in their favour.”
“That’s so mean, Rem-” “Shut up” Sirius’ right hand wrapped around your throat, squeezing at the base and pulling a strangled whimper from you.
James’ lips formed into a frown as he analyzed his boyfriend’s behaviour towards you. He had to be like that too.
“You choose the punishment,” Remus continued, giving his shoulder a little tap as Sirius basically threw you on the bed, “make them cry, don’t settle for less.”
His eyes were wide and he gulped as he approached you, his knees hitting the side of the mattress, his tall, muscular frame towering over you. You felt small, to say the least.
“W-what are you going to do, Jamie?” you asked timidly, your cheeks burning.
He laughed quietly as he leaned in, his elbows resting next to each side of your head. You thought he was gonna be gentle, that that little laugh meant he still had some mercy on you.
And oh, were you wrong?
The answer was yes. And you only realised that when his hand wrapped around your throat, just like Sirius’d done before, but some things were different between them. James’ hands were bigger, and he was squeezing right below your jaw, barely even allowing you to even breathe anymore.
“Did I tell you to speak?” he asked, feigning curiosity, leaning closer until you basically shared the same air, your lips almost touching his. “Your dumb baby brain really can’t get it, huh? This is a damn punishment. You get that?”
“Y-yes, Jamie” you reassured, nodding fervently as your tiny hand found his wrist, gently squeezing it as your cheeks grew redder.
James let go of your neck, his hands moving to undress you, all while he tried to distract himself from apologizing to you. You were breathless and James was more than worried, but little did he know that you actually enjoy every moment of it.
When you were left bare under his hungry gaze, James licked his lips as he ran his hands up and down your body, leaving goosebumps behind, your smooth skin sending shivers down his spine.
Your sopping folds were on full display for him, your clit already red from the whole throbbing caused by James, and James only. He took great pride in that, of course.
“Got such a pretty cunt, m’love” he praised but immediately added, when he heard Remus clear his throat, giving him a bit of a suggestive glare, “S a shame this pretty cunt has been wasted on such a dumb baby.”
You whimpered at his words, bucking your hips when you felt his thumb push against your clit, drawing lazy circles on it as he smirked down at you. “Your dumb baby” you said, even though it came out as more of a question.
“My dumb baby, dove” he repeated like a prayer, a soft smile playing at his lips but he immediately hid it as he lowered himself so his breathing fan your sensitive cunt.
“P-please do something, Jamie- Owie!” you whines when you felt his teeth sink into the flesh of your left cheek, his hand coming up to give your clit a harsh slap.
James hummed contently as he let go of your alarmed flesh, his hands now moving to caress the skin he’d hurt. “Baby” he mirrored your pout, “Only little sluts beg, darling, yeah? Are you a little slut, hm?”
“I’m- I’m good, Jamie. Not a slut, jus’ wanna be good f’you, p-please” you cried as he pushed two fingers inside of you, your warmth welcoming him in as quickly as possible.
“Yeah?” you nodded eagerly, “Then be good, baby” and with that he dove in, devouring your cunt like a starved man, like a wild animal.
You cried out, your muscles clenching as your legs closed around his head, your toes curling at the feeling of his skilled tongue against your most sensitive spot.
“That feel good, bunny?” Remus asked gently, subtly mocking you, not that you even cared right in that moment. You just nodded frantically, fighting back the moans that were involuntarily spilling from your mouth. “I bet. Jamie’s tongue is always so good, isn’t it? He’s so good to you, dove.”
You whined at his words combined with the thrusts of James’ fingers inside of you, his tongue pushing below your hood, just where you so often dreamed of him being.
“S yummy” James praised, his voice slightly mumbled as he refused to unlatch himself from your clit.
Sirius laughed, mocking the way the bespectacled boy’s eyes rolled back into his skull at the taste of you. “S alright, Prongsie. Just make sure you follow the plan, yeah?”
And that’s when it hit him. This was your punishment, you weren’t supposed to enjoy it, at least not for too long. You were being bad, and he couldn’t risk letting you get away with it and then getting out of hand.
He pulled his drenched fingers out of you, his tongue poking out and licking your arousal from his lips as he stood back on his heels, fully enjoying the view — your puffy cunt on full display, fat tears running down your cheeks.
“Oh, I’m sorry, poppet. But you were bad, honey. Y’understand?” he reasoned, his hands cupping your cheeks as he used his thumbs to wipe your tears.
You nodded bashfully, your thighs shuddering as you felt your clit throb, needing to get off as soon as possible.
Remus and Sirius both gave James a sweet kiss —praising him with things like ‘that’s a good boy’ or ‘you did so well, pretty boy’ —before they entered the small bathroom of their dorm, drawing a bath for you.
James watched you intently and he almost started crying at the look of sadness in your eyes, avoiding his own as you sniffled into his palm.
He looked around for a second before he whispered, “I promise I’m gonna give you m’cock after they go to sleep, bubba. Jus’ the two of us. ‘Nd then you can get as many cummies as you want, baby. That okay?”
But before you could give a proper answer, a loud voice interrupted you. “Really, James?” Sirius exclaimed, though he seemed unbothered, as if he was expecting it to happen.
“They’re giving me the look! You know I can’t just refuse them like that!” he protested.
Remus sighed, smiling as he sat down and pulled Sirius onto his lap as he looked at you and James expectantly. “They’re gonna do it anyway, they might as well just give us a little show, hm?”
“You’re a genius, Moony!”
🪶 taglist; @silverdelirium @malfoy-girl @daddymalfoy-issues @teenwolfbitches28 @remusjlupinisdead @maybanksslut @mrs-brekker15 @elizabethrosedarling @gothboutique @tomriddles-wh0re @divanca2006 @acciodignity @nic0lodean @ginnysbabymama @kayleiggh @samaraaaaa @saintlike78 @yiamalfoy @indigoh4ze @justadreamyhufflepuff @someonetookmygin @mollysolo @nevilleismywhore @i-love-scott-mccall @pottahishotasf @daedreamss @spencervera @inlovewithremusjohnlupin @katmoonz @haroldpotterson
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
can you make a dialogue of poly!marauders with a reader who likes wearing their sweaters while getting railed? 😭🤚 and reader making little sweater paws and the marauders just fucking melting
“S’slipping off her shoulders, Pads,” Remus warns as he greedily devours your trembling cunt, and from behind you Sirius stops momentarily from thrusting into your back entrance to fix the ginormous sweater around you.
“Look at her, mates. She’s tryna act all cute for her daddies,” James marvels at the sweater paws you’d made so it didn’t sag down your arms as he starts tugging down his jeans so he could prep his cock to be shoved past your hungry lips.
Sirius growls lowly into your ears as he notices your moans get more and more intense at the remarks. “Well, it’s fucking working.”
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spiritualchange · 2 days ago
Poly marauders (without Peter) x fem!reader when they all are in vacation in Italy, at fem!reader manor, and they just fuck and eat all day because they are all alone.
Can u include size kink, sub!james and switch!reader? Thank u 🤍 love you’re work
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, morning sex
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
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You and James were in the middle of Remus and Sirius who were a little too eager that morning. James's arms were tucked around your neck, just craving more of your attention.
"Feel good." You smiled, kissing him softly. Sirius had a hand wrapped around your waist, keeping you still as his hips met with yours repeatedly.
You and James were just joking about waking up to your boyfriends fucking you, Sirius and Remus took it literally.
"'S so good." James moaned. Remus lifted himself over James, so he could kiss your forehead.
"Look at you baby, taking Sirius's cock like a good girl." You moaned at the dominant tone, even being James's dom, you loved being Remus's good girl.
"You gonna cum for me baby." Sirius kissed the shell of your ear.
"Yeah- gonna cum." Your legs closed, the sensation riding through as Sirius didn't plan on stopping anytime soon.
"Good morning." Remus smirked at all of you.
"Morning." You were pushed against James, the two of you holding onto each tightly, still recovering.
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pinkandblueblurbs · a day ago
kinktober day 20: anal
sirius black x fem!reader. first time, stretching, anal sex, d/s, praise, a bit of size kink. Light possessiveness at the end. This is probably unrealistic (i doubt you can go all the way your first time but idk maybe u can)
“Easy, pup.” Sirius murmurs as he traces your lubricated hole with his finger. His other hand strokes up and down your back in an attempt to soothe you. “Y’gotta relax, if you’re tense it’ll only be more uncomfortable.”
You nod, gripping the sheets below tightly and taking deep, shaky breaths, attempting to calm yourself down. You keep your back arched elegantly, ass pressed in the air so Sirius has access to your back entrance. He croons when your hole relaxes a bit with your breathing, unclenching and allowing him to slip the tip of his finger past the tight ring of muscle.
“Good girl doll, look at you. Calmin’ yourself right down.” He praises, cock throbbing in his pants at how tight you are, even around one finger.
He gently fucks you with it for a while, allowing you to adjust to the foreign feeling, before the tip of his ring finger prods alongside his index, vying for entry. You suck in a sharp breath.
“It’s okay, you’re fine.” His hand leaves your back, dipping down to toy with your clit. You let out a pleasured whimper at his cool touch against the tender nub. “That’s it. Feels good, huh? Focus on that, ease up.”
He’s able to slip in a second finger, and you let out a moan- somewhere between shocked at the odd feeling, pained from the slight stretch, and pleasured from his attention to your clit. He gently thrusts them in and out, and once your walls slacken enough, he begins to scissor them.
Soon enough he slips in a third finger, and you adjust to them, all while he draws slow circles on your clit, slowly turning you into a trembling, whimpering mess. Arousal churns in your stomach, and you find yourself feeling a desperate need to be filled.
“Please, Siri. I’m ready.” You whine, neck giving out and causing your forehead to collide with the soft mattress below.
“Yeah, puppy? Ready f’me to stuff your arse with my big cock?” You nod, and you can hear the arousal in his tone as he slides out his long, slender digits. He admires the way your walls flutter at the loss of his fingers. “Gods, y’little hole is hungry for it.”
He braces with a hand on your ass as he lines himself up, and your breath hitches when you feel the blunt head of his cock sponge over your tight entrance. Sirius lets out a soothing shushing sound and ever so slowly pushes forward.
Your head swims with the overwhelming sensation of him filling up your narrow cavern, the stretch deliciously painful as you clench around him, and you let out a long moan. Sirius himself is growling and grunting with the way you squeeze him.
“You’re so fuckin’ tight, bloody hell. ‘S like you’re sucking me in.” He grits out, voice strained. Your body is rigid as he continues to sink in, until finally you feel his pelvis press against your flank, and he comes to a stop, fully seated inside you. You both let out synchronized breaths you’d been holding.
“Feel good, pup?” He murmurs lowly, one hand resting on your ass, thumb stroking your skin, while the other moved up and down your back.
“So good.” You breathe out, mind foggy with bliss. Sirius hums.
“I’ve taken all your pretty holes, baby. Now you’re really all mine.”
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papillon-mechant · 22 hours ago
just a little tired| poly!wolfstar x reader
word count: 1708 summary: Sirius doesn't notice how deep y/n is into subspace, but Remus does warnings: oral (m and f receiving) subspace, dom/sub dynamic, threesome, soft smut, fingering a/n: I wanted to say thank you so much for all the love on the last wolfstar x reader fic i posted! I hope you like this one too. I tried to make it under 2000 words cause ik my fics tend to be on the long side.
“Fuck that’s it, swollow it all like a good girl.” Sirius groans loudly, lacing his fingers through y/n’s hair, holding her head still on his cock while he empties his load down his throat. Y/n whimpers around her boyfriend’s cock, relishing in his words of praise. She takes everything he gives her, swallowing around his cock and making sure to get every last drop. When he pulls back, y/n stares up at him with wide doe eyes, a familiar fog already settled in her mind. Sirius takes a moment to catch his breath, tucking his now soft cock back into his pants.
“Thanks pup, always so good for me,” He praises, lovingly petting her head, “I’ve gotta run but I’ll see you late okay?” He places a kiss on the top of her head before turning and walking out of the boy’s dorm. Y/n stays seated on her knees, the hazy fog in her head causing her mind to race. Why did he leave? Had she done something wrong? The fog stayed on her mind throughout the rest of the day. When she arrived at DADA her brain was nothing but a mush of sexual and subby thoughts. She took her rightful seat next to Remus, too much in her head to notice when he began speaking to her.
Remus places a hand on the inside of her thigh, roughly squeezing the soft flesh to gain her attention, “Puppy, don’t you know it’s rude to not pay attention when someone is speaking to you?” He whispers, a tone of casual dominance laced in his voice. Y/n looks up at him, eyes wide and brimming with tears.
“M’sorry daddy, just a little tired.” She whimpers, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together under the table. Remus is slightly taken aback by her choice of words, not used to her using such terms to address him outside of the bedroom. He lightly cups the side of her face, taking notice of the way she immediately leans into his touch. He examines her face, noticing the glossy look in her eyes and finally understands what’s wrong.
“Aww baby, you’re too far gone aren’t you?” He whispers lovingly, wiping away a stray tear that falls from her eyes.
“No daddy, I’m right here.” She whines. Remus laughs lightly, returning his focus to the front of the room. He kept his hand on her leg for the entire class, rubbing slow reassuring circles on the top of her thigh. Y/n barely understood a single thing that her teacher had said, as her mind was hyper focused on one thought and one thought only. To be a good girl for her boyfriends. On the walk back to their dorm, she stays close to Remus, mumbling quiet greetings to those who spoke to her. When they arrived at the room, she immediately moved to sit on her knees on the floor. Remus enters behind her, not at all surprised by the position his lover had put herself in.
“Pup, stand up.” He says softly, making sure to keep a loving tone in his voice. Y/n makes no move to disobey his order, afraid of a possible punishment. Remus wraps his hands around her waist, signaling for her to jump into his arms, to which she happily complies. Remus plants feather light kisses all over her face, eliciting small giggles from the girl in his arms.
“You’re silly daddy.” She giggles, returning the gesture and kissing every inch of Remus’ face.
“Only for you my love.” He chuckles, moving to sit on the bed behind them. When they sit, he keeps a tight hold on y/n’s hips, keeping her seated on his lap, straddling his waist. Remus opens his mouth to say something, but gets interrupted by the sound of the door opening and closing. Both him and y/n snap their heads in the direction of the disturbance, eyes settling on the black haired boy y/n had seen earlier that day.
“Well well well,” Sirius smirks, making his way towards his lovers on the other side of the room, “decided to have some fun without me?” He mocks, a look of fake hurt on his face. Remus rolls his eyes, lightly chuckling at the boy’s accusation. But y/n didn’t take too kindly to Sirius’ comment, burying her head into Remus’ neck, whimpering quietly. Sirius looks over at Remus with raised eyebrows, confused at the reaction of the girl seated in his lap.
“Why are you being a brat?” He questions sternly, believing her behavior was caused by her need to give him a hard time. Sirius moves to Remus’ side, grabbing y/n by her jaw and tearing her face away from Remus’ neck. He makes a move to speak degradingly towards the girl but quickly notices the look in her eyes. His own eyes soften and he lets go of her face, planting light kisses on each of her cheeks.
“M’sorry baby, I didn’t realize you weren’t feeling well.” He whispers, petting her head lightly.
“S’okay Siri, M’sorry I couldn’t be a good girl this morning.” She mumbles, face back to its original position resting in Remus’ neck. Sirius’ eyes widen, realization settling over his mind. He silently cursed himself for not noticing her state of mind earlier that morning. He slips his hands around her waist, pulling her onto his.
“You are a good girl baby, the best,” He praises in her ear, leaving soft kisses on the side of her neck, “I’m so sorry I didn’t take care of you this morning, but I’m gonna take care of you now, okay?” Y/n simply hums, too engrossed in the feeling of his lips on her skin to give a verbal answer. Remus sits in his previous position, watching the scene in front of him unfold with nothing but love in his eyes. He loved the two beings in front of him more than he had ever loved anyone or anything before.
Sirius moves to set y/n on her back, placing a pillow under head to keep her as comfortable as possible. Making his way down her body, he kisses every inch of exposed skin he can find. Remus moves to sit behind her, wanting to join in on the fun. He tugs at the side of her shirt, silently asking permission to remove it from her body. She nods her head, silently whimpering “please daddy” Remus wastes no time removing the garment from her body and planting small kisses around her newly exposed breasts. She moans at the feeling, arching her back into his touch. Below her, Sirius removes her skirt and underwear in one swift movement. He kisses his way up her thighs, hovering over the place she needed him most.
“Please Siri.” She whines, bucking her hips into his face.
“I know baby, I’m gonna make you feel good, I promise.” He whispers against her skin, diving in to feast on her like a starving man. He alternates between short kitten licks on her clit and long stripes over her whole cunt. Y/n was a moaning mess under the two boys, overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure she was receiving. Remus was still working on her tits, sucking and biting at all the right places.
“Does it feel good love?” Remus asks, voice slightly muffled as he hadn’t released her nipple from between his lips.
“So good daddy.” She answers, grabbing his hand and lacing their fingers together. Remus smiles up at her, squeezing her hand before returning his attention to her swollen nipples. Sirius rubs slow circles at her entrance, slowly pushing two fingers into her tight heat. Y/n lets out a strangled moan, arching into his touch. Sirius moves his fingers at a slow pace, taking his time in finding all of the right places to touch. He feels y/n squeeze tightly around his fingers, signaling that she was about to cum, causing Sirius to speed up the pace of his fingers and attach his lips to her clit, sucking lightly at the swollen nub.
“C-cum,” she mumbles, unable to form a proper sentence, “please daddy, wanna cum.” She can feel the coil in her stomach begin to snap, and when she hears Remus grunt a small “yes” of approval, she lets go. Her back arches high off the bed, her mouth hanging open in a silent moan. Sirius continues his movements, working her through her high before planting a final kiss on her clit, making her jolt at the overstimulation. Y/n’s mind is still hazy as she comes down, hearing the muffled voices of her boyfriends and their words of praise.
“You did so good puppy.” Remus praises, kissing lightly on the lips. She smiles, kissing him back and moving her hands to the waistband of his pants.
“One more daddy, wanna make you feel good too.” She whines, tugging lightly at his pants. Remus shakes his head, grabbing both of her small hands in one of his and pushing them away.
“No baby, we’re all done, you did so good for me and daddy.” Sirius coos, lifting her up bridal style and bringing her over to the bathroom. After many whines of protest, he finally convinces her to use the bathroom. When she’s finished, he lifts her up once again and carries her over to the bed where Remus is waiting with a fresh change of clothes. The room is silent as the two boys take their time redressing the girl, taking care of her like they always do. When she’s redressed, they all move to the top of the bed, settling in a comfortable position with Remus and Sirius situated under y/n’s small body.
“You feel better love?” Sirius asks, voice laced with concern as he checks on the current mental state of the girl on top of him.
“Much better, thank you Siri.” She moves to plant a small kiss on the boy’s temple before turning to the other boy under her, “And thank you Remmy.” She repeats her previous action, kissing Remus’ head before resting her head on their chests, the three of them drifting into a peaceful sleep.
tags: @waszuka @love-marauders
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peppers-analytics · 2 days ago
Ooo yayy, Pepper, you've made my night kchsk
What about poly!marauders dating a girl who gets flustered easily and so they make a little bet to see who could get her flustered the quickest?
A/N: gonna be honest I didn't really know how to write this and it ended up not having the whole bet thing :( but at least I got it done! Here you go, Monique :)
Sirius practically exploded through the door, despite being so exhausted from the long day. He visibly relaxed after noticing you, already dressed in one of his shirts and reading on his bed.
“Well, hello there, bunny,” he greeted, throwing himself at you, causing you to laugh. You wrapped your arms around the boy, letting him cuddle up against you. “You smell nice,” he said, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “And you look so pretty in this.” he toyed with the hem of the shirt.
Remus and James walked in, smiling when they noticed you and Sirius— and how flustered you looked at the compliment.
“Hey, look at that, James,” Remus said. “Pretty girl’s all flustered.”
James chuckled, setting his books down before laying with you and Sirius. “I wonder what’s got her so worked up.”
“I’ve always got her like this, haven’t you noticed?” Sirius quipped, cockiness sure in his tone.
Remus scoffed while James laughed. “We've all got her like this, don't flatter yourself,” Remus said, moving over to his own bed.
“Yeah, well I have the most effect on her,” James said, to which you giggled. “I'm not worked up, I'm just tired.” you faked a yawn.
“Yeah, right.” Sirius snuggled closer to you, trying to push James away, to which he promptly shoved Sirius off the bed, taking you in his arms.
Remus laughed, and you hid your face in James’ chest to hide your wide smile. “Aw, poor girl, all flustered and doesn't know how to handle it.” He teased, and you just pushed yourself closer to him.
“Alright, alright. Leave her alone now, she looks as if she’ll cry if we keep this up.” Remus said, getting up to take you in his arms.
You squirmed as he tried to pick you up. “Want Jamie!”
“See?” James practically yelled. “I do have the most effect on her!”
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angel4you · 2 days ago
a dialogue for dbf!wolfstar visiting you while you’re away at college? it can be smutty or wholesome, totally up to you
feeling wholesome right now :D
“peanut” sirius’ voice echos down the hall while his jogs speed up. behind him, remus strides with a soft grin painted across his face. “we missed you so much”
sirius engulfs you excitedly, wrapping his strong arms around your waist. “missed you so so much siri” you giggle, breathing in sirius’ familiar cologne immediately comforts your anxious body.
remus steps behind you, placing his hands on your shoulders, making warmth flow down your spine.
“hey little one” remus’ deep voice mixes with his joyful chuckles. “how’s college peanut?” he now takes you in his arms, squeezing you close.
“amazing, got loads to tell you!”
“well, we got the whole day” remus let’s go now rubbing your arm. “and sirius has insisted on getting ice cream”
“hey! don’t pretend i was the only one”
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theemeraldjewel · 2 days ago
Rebel Love Song
Tumblr media
Summary: Based on this song. Sirius Black has had enough of his pureblood family and the way the treat people. His life long best friend Y/N Mulciber has also had enough. So they run away together and up falling in love. Slight AU as characters are aged up!
Requested: YES/NO (requests are open)
Warnings: Implied Smut at the end, mentions of abuse & death, smoking, drinking, toxic family relationships.
Pairing: Sirius Black X pureblood!Reader (possibly gender neutral reader? No features are mentioned? Or I guess no gender of the reader set?)
"You know maybe we should just leave, I doubt anyone would notice" Sirius chuckled. He was attending another obnoxious pureblood hall; he hated them. They were just an excuse for the elite to boast and brag about the amount of money they had. And then of course there was the topic of 'mudbloods' he hated the word; he'd always had. The only thing that made these balls worth while was you; his best friend since you were just six years old. You too were from another pureblood family, the Mulciber family, and you hated it just much as he did.
"Yeah take off on that loud bike of yours and never look back" you chuckle, lighting up a cigarette and offering one to him; he accepts of course.
"We actually should" The black boy says as he takes the cigarette from you, his drunken silly tone now gone he giving you that look that reads 'I'm not kidding'.
You'd both had a stupid amount of alcohol; you always had since you stole your parents stash at 16 and now here you were at 20 still doing the same old stuff, only you'd both grown up. You needed it to get through these stupid balls that were of course for select pureblood families only.
"Seriously?" You ask with a raised brow.
"That would be me kitten" he laughed.
"You prick" you shake your head.
"No but I'm am serious. You hate your family I hate mine let's go" Sirius said with a smile.
And that was how it started, a drunken conversation of dreams and hopes meant that just two weeks later in the dark of the night you ran away. Sirius had turned up, throwing rocks at your window like he did when you were children. You snuck out the window and hurried off.
It had been two weeks since you'd both run away from home and it was safe to say you'd both caused a stir. Of course you had; two of the elite pureblood members just disappearing. It was all over the papers.
Currently, you were in London still, only the muggle side of London so course your parents hadn't thought to look there. You'd been staying in some run down hotel since you'd left.
"You know I didn't actually think we'd do this" Sirius chuckle as you sat in the muggle bar, watching the muggles go about their day to day lives.
"We've only been talking about it since we were what ten?" You ask as you sip on the muggle cocktail you'd ordered. The boy nodded in agreement as he drank his own drink.
It was a Friday night and it was your final night in London; you'd booked flights to some popular holiday destination. You couldn't recall the name of the place but you didn't care, you were out and you were with you best friend. That's all you needed. As it was your final night you planned on having a total blow out, see how many muggle bars and clubs you could get through before the sunrise.
"To new beginnings" You say as your fifth cocktail of the night was placed in front of you. You were pretty sure it was called 'sex on the beach' but you were to tipsy to even care.
"To new beginnings" Sirius copied as he tapped his glass with yours.
Hours had passed, you were unsure of what bar you were in or how many drinks you'd had by now. You just knew it was a lot. "You know Sirius the night you showed up at my house you saved me" you told him; having enough of the mindless chatter you'd been making all night. You decided it was time to tell him. "Like seriously, my parents and I got into a massive fight. They told me they wanted me to marry Avery; as usual it ended in shouting and screaming" you started to explain, your eyes filling with tears as the memory resurfaced.
Sirius watched you with a worried look on his face "please don't tell me what I think you're gonna tell me" he said reaching out to touch your hand.
"They would have killed me..." you whispered, squeezing his hand.
In an instant the boy was holding you tight, you were taking in his sent. Sage, bergamot and Tonka bean mixed with alcohol and cigarettes; it was intoxicating. Just like everything about him. And then you realised you were in love with Sirius Black.
"You're safe now darling, you're safe with me" he soothed; still holding you close in his arms "I've got you" he said kissing the top of your head.
"Let's go home Siri" you suggested as you pulled away from his embrace.
You both stumble home, well back to the hotel room, you unlock the door and stumble through the door your head spinning with all the alcohol you'd drunk that night. You headed into the bathroom to change into your PJ's and remove the last traces of make up before you crawl into bed. "Sleep with me" you mumble as you hear Sirius come out of the bathroom.
"Of course darling" Sirius smiled as he crawled into bed with you, pulling him against you and breathing in your scent. He ran his fingers through your hair until he felt you fall asleep in his arms. For a while now he'd started to have feelings for you but he never dared to act on it because he was worried you didn't feel the same way.
Another week or so had passed and you were now on some island in Greece; you had tried several times to pronounce the name but the the locals had given up trying to teach you. As friendly as they were. You loved the island though, no one really knew who you were, your past or what you were running from and best of all there was no other witches or wizard around.
"James, Remus and Peter are coming to visit next week. Is that alright with you?" Sirius asked, the words snapping you out of the book you were reading.
"Yeah of course, it would be nice to see them" you say, putting the book down in your lap. You'd been in school with them all so of course you were more than happy to have them come and see you.
"Awesome I'll let them know" Sirius smiled "now come on and put that book down so we can go do something fun" he whined as he walked over to you, pulling you off the sun-bed you'd been lay on since the sun had risen this morning.
"What do you have in mind Black?" You laugh and let him pull you off the sun-bed.
"Let's go swimming" Sirius smirked, pulling you into the sea.
The water was fairly cold, considering the heat of the day. You splashed around playfully, swam on the water until your body had gotten use to the temperature. You swam up to Sirius, wrapping your arms around him. "Got you" you smirk, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
"You have indeed got me angel" Sirius chuckled, his hands tracing down you waist to your thighs so he could wrap them around his waist. "Now what ever should I do with you?" He said pressing his forehead to yours as he locked eyes with you.
"I could think of a few things" you say with a chuckle as you look back into those grey eyes that you'd come to love.
"Well how about I start with this" Sirius said and within a few seconds his lips were pressed to yours. He was gentle at first, his lips getting use to the feel of your lips on his. You tangle your fingers in his hair; kissing him back instantly.
The kiss grew more and more heated, his hands slipping to your waist and then down to your ass, giving it a squeeze. His tongue slipped along your bottom lip and you let him explore your mouth.
"Let's go back to the room angel" Sirius mumbles against your lips.
"Please" you whine against his lips. He carries you out of the water and then back to your shared room.
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griffxnnage · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: sirius black x fem!reader ft. remus lupin
word count: 2.0k
warnings: slight exhibitionism, degredation, dumbification, clit slapping, choking, spanking, slapping, size kink, daddy + sir kink
thank you @eloquenceflores for the idea!! and here's your tag @lonelyhe4rts!
reblogs are appreciated and encouraged!
don't read if you aren't comfortable!
“remmy, could you help me out with this paper? i just can’t seem to figure it out,” you sighed overdramatically, your shoulders slumping. if sirius wasn’t going to give you attention, you were gonna have to work for it. it was a bratty move, but in the moment, it seemed impossibly necessary.
you leaned to the side so remus could lean over your shoulder, and look at the parchment on the desk in front of you. he placed his hands on either side of you on the wood below, and your neck began to heat up. sure, you never really saw remus in a romantic way, but sirius hadn’t given you any attention in what felt like forever, so any attention was good attention.
“sure, y/n, what’s got you in a rut?” he peers at the paper before you and finds it blank. “you haven’t even started it? bad girl,” he teases, his tone wholly lighthearted and platonic, but a shiver went through you all the same.
“you know me,” you sent a wink his way, instantly causing his scarred and freckled face to go tomato red. he straightened out abruptly, and walked over to the tall, ebony-haired animagus that was leaning against the wall.
“you really need to work on her behaviour, pads. she’s getting out of control.” remus bumped his shoulder against your partner’s tattooed one, which directed your gaze to his face. his eyes were burning into yours, and you froze, your own eyes wide. you fucked up, there was no denying it.
“yes i do, moons, and yes she is.” he never broke eye contact with you while he was talking with his friend, making your heart race. remus seemed to pick up on sirius’ tone, and politely excused himself, grabbing his books and speed walking out of the room.
“so, pup, now that we’re alone, do you want to explain yourself?” sirius found a chair and sat in it, his legs spread, and his bulge more prominent than usual. you swallowed hard, your gaze falling on his crotch. your mouth began to water.
“i, um, explain what, siri? i did nothing wrong,” of course you did something wrong, but you wanted to have some fun. you were finally gonna get the attention you deserved.
your mind drifted to him fucking you from behind with his hand around your throat when he reached out and pulled you in by your waist. you cried out softly, when his hands traveled past your bum and hooked your knees out from under you. you came crashing down on the ground, your knees sure to bruise later.
“allow me to repeat myself, slut. what the hell is wrong with your attitude today?” he growled, his face inches from your own. you drew a shaky breath, and persisted. “i don’t know what you’re talking about, pads,” you tilted your head and furrowed your brows, feigning innocence.
he huffed, leaning in closer. “doll, you know i don’t like to repeat myself, and i’ve already done it once. do you have any idea of what you’re in for?” he tilted his head to match yours, except for his eyes. they were balls of fire, blown with lust.
“no, sirius, do tell me. what am i in for?” you looked at his lips boldly, speaking in a condescending voice, akin to the one he used for you.
“oh, y/n,” his usage of your name caught you off guard. “if only you were this bold when i had you across my lap, your ass just throbbing. if only, huh?” he stood up suddenly, and took hold of your neck to get a grip on you, and then both of your wrists in his large hand.
“siri, where are you taking me? we’re already alone,” your eyes darted back and forth, looking around to make sure no one else was in the common room with the two of you. “we’re going back to my dorm, pup. what, too dumb to comprehend the simplest things?” sirius scoffed, still pulling you along, up the stairs and into his room. thankfully there was no one else there, but you could still hear someone.
“siri, isn’t remmy in the next room?” your eyes widened as you slowly began to piece together his plan. he turned around and flung you on the bed. “wow, turns out my puppy isn’t just a dumb slut after all!” he mocked, climbing on top of you.
“but, siri-” you were cut off by a sharp slap to your cheek, the rings sirius had on accentuating the bite of his hand. “that’s not my name, puppy.” he glared at you, his hand poised for another slap. “daddy!! i’m sorry, daddy,” you shied away from an anticipated slap by it never came. instead, you felt his breath on your ear. “that’s much better.”
instead of kissing down your neck, he resorted to little bites. your body tremble under his mouth, and you whined whenever he bit you a little too hard. “ohh, does that hurt?” he mimicked your desperate, whiny tone. “good.”
he tore off your clothes, not caring about destroyed fabric, and resumed his descent down your body. he gave each of your nipples a firm tug and a little nibble, making you yelp. then finally, you remembered the lycanthrope that was just on the other side of the wall. “daddy,” you breathed, his bites making your brain foggy. “what about remmy,” you tilted your head up, as if looking through the wall at the lanky boy mere metres from the two of you.
“you think i bloody care? who was the one flirting with him earlier, huh? who was the one who got all wet when he called you a bad girl, hm?” at the mention of your throbbing cunt, you looked down to see him slowly dragging your panties down your legs. he never broke eye contact with you, and the look on his face and the way he held himself made you all the more soaked.
now that you were completely bare, he crawled back up your body and whispered in your ear. “you wish it was him between your legs, don’t you, slut? you want his hands to trace your body,” his actions followed his words, his hand now tracing shapes on your thighs, dangerously close to your dripping pussy.
you whined and arched your back at the idea of remus on top of you, with sirius in the room. ‘new kink unlocked,’ you thought to yourself.
“oh, you little whore, you like that idea, don’t you?” sirius chuckled, his hand inching closer and closer to your core. “you want him to be here, right next to me,” his fingers met your throbbing clit, tracing it gently. “playing with this soaked cunt of yours, hm?” you nodded, eyes closing and hips bucking. “well, too bad.” his fingers left you. before you had a chance to protest, they were back on your clit, only in the form of a slap.
you cried out, not expecting the sudden onslaught of pleasure and pain. he continued his attack on your hot cunt, slap after slap. you yelped at every hit, not caring that there was someone in the next room. “that’s right, slut, scream for me. want everyone to hear you moaning for me, and only me, you understand?” he ended the sentence with a particularly hard slap to your aching clit, and you answered with a yell. “only you, daddy!”
he finally halted his assault on your poor pussy, and flipped you over like you were a little ragdoll, like the little toy you were. “hips up, doll,” he gave your ass a light swat, and you flinched, expecting it to be a lot harder. “yes, sir,” you whimpered, your body shaky from its previous treatment.
“now, puppy, this time 'round, i want you to scream, but not for me.” he pulled you up by your neck, and grinned against your ear. “i want you to moan remus’ name. i want him to hear you moan his name like the little slut you are, m’kay?” your heartbeat quickened, and your eyes widened. you nodded, acknowledging your dom’s instructions. he held you against his chest, and bit into your neck as he lined himself up at your wet slit.
when he bottomed out inside you, he released his hold on you and pushed you back down against the bed. “come on, slut, you know what to do.” you could hear the smirk on his voice, and when his cock grazed the deepest parts inside of you with a few simple strokes, you cried out in ecstasy, “oh, fuck, remmy,”
in between the slapping of skin and the panting from the two of you, you were able to hear a gasp from the other side of the wall. “oh fuck, squeezed me so tightly there, did he hear us?” sirius smirked, slapping your ass occasionally, relishing in the way you clamped down on him when he did.
you managed to nod with your head against the bed, and you heard a “good,” from behind you. he resumed his brutal pace, reaching under you and pinching your swollen clit, causing you to scream out, “rem, fuck, remmy, fucking me so good,”
sirius kept pounding into your sensitive cunt, making you moan out his friend’s name countless times. when he felt you clench extra tight around him, he pulled you up against him by your neck once again, saying, “now, puppy, i want you to cum with his name on your tongue. can you do that for me?” you choked out a moan, his hand tightening, making your vision go blurry. he placed his hand on your stomach and you managed to croak out in bliss when you felt his cock impossibly deep inside you. “look it, puppy, daddy’s in your belly. if only rem could see you now.”
your eyes rolled to the back of your head, and a whimper escaped your throat. the coil in your belly kept on tightening, and tightening, and tightening, until finally…
“fuck, remmy, i’m cumming, fuck!!” you screamed, your cunt quivering around sirius’ cock. the feeling of you squeezing him so tightly sent him over the edge as well. the feeling of him painting your walls with his cum prolonged your orgasm, until you were left trembling against him.
he set you back down gently after pulling out, and he laid you down on his chest. “c’mere, pup,” he guided his semi-hard cock back into you, and you whimpered at the intrusion, your cunt now overly sensitive. he kept thrusting into you ever so softly, whispering to you that he needed to keep you stuffed full.
“you did so good for me, pup, such a good girl.” he ran his fingers through your hair, placing soft kisses on your temple. he pulled the blanket over the both of you, and started humming. however, he was interrupted by a knock at the door. “come in,” sirius responded.
the door creaked open, and none other than remus lupin was standing underneath its frame. your face heated up in an instant and you hid it in sirius’ chest, not wanting to face the man you’d just fantasized about.
“hey, bun,” he sat down next to you, his hand coming up to stroke your back. you whimpered at the touch, your skin on fire. the boys had a conversation, but it fell on deaf ears when it came to you, still in your post-orgasm bliss.
you felt a finger tap your nose, and looked up to see sirius motioning to remus. you turned your head and looked at him, wondering what was gonna happen next. “wanna play with me, bun? hm? want me to make you feel good?”
you gasped at the offer, and looked at sirius for confirmation that this was really happening. he gave you a curt nod, and lifted you off of his cock. “come on, pup, go play. i’ll be right here watching.”
general/hp nsfw: @mollysolo @midgardianweasley @horrorxweasley @batcat46 @nerdyblogger06 @ildm4ev @wlfstxr @scorpireads @amphxtrite
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leossmoonn · a day ago
12 Years [Sirius Black]
pairing - post azkaban!sirius x muggleborn, fem!reader
type - fluff
note / request - requested by @ssoldier-whoore “Sirius and you reunite after he was in Azkaban. — Time: 5th movie/book around the beginning of the summer break where all the others (but harry) come to his house Even though you are together he is really flirty with you and you get flustered/nervous. Then one evening you lay in bed make fun, Sirius is still flirty. also Harry does come and see you two and is amazed by your relationship, he and Remus like talk about you? also a muggleborn!reader” i literally dont remember anything from hp movies or books. its been 8 years since ive even watched the movies and read the books so literally the whole timeline in this fic isnt correct but pls deal lol
summary - you and sirius reunite after 12 years of him being in prison 
warnings / includes - mild language, food and eating, lots of kissing, cuddling, flirting, changing in front of him, light touching (goes w the flirting), no real smut just a lil saucey, alluding to sex at the end. lmk if i missed anything 
*gif isn't mine*
Tumblr media
your heart was racing, knees buckling in fear and excitement. your sweaty hands gripped the flowers as you stood behind the front door. this was the moment you had been waiting for for the last 12 years. 
“oh, he’s here!” remus exclaimed. 
tears sprung in your eyes as you heard his footsteps. he opened the door, his gray eyes shining with relief and surprise. you blinked rapidly, tears streaming down your face. 
“welcome home, sirius,” you spoke softly. 
a wide smile lit up his face; the smile you’d never thought you would ever see again. he looked so different from when you last saw him. worry lines were prominent on his forehead. he had grown into his nose and height. he wasn’t the young man you had loved; he was now a sapient adult. his hair was longer, thicker, curlier, and lighter than you last remember. it used to be the colour of coal, but now it appeared to be a fine chestnut. 
one of the more stunning things about him was his facial hair. his beard was short and sexy. you’d never ever seen him with a beard all throughout your hogwarts years. he kept well-groomed while in prison. although he looked older, wiser, and more tired, he still had that mischievous, boyish twinkle in his eye that you knew would never go away no matter how much torment he might be put through.
“y/n!” tears poured out of his eyes. he engulfed you in a hug, lifting you up and spinning you around. you let out a choked sob, dropping the flowers and wrapping your arms around him. you hugged him tightly, suffocating him with your arms, but he didn’t mind. for he, too, had been waiting for this moment for 12 years. 
you took in a deep breath of his scent, as he did to you. he set you down on the ground, holding you for a few more moment before pulling away and peering at you. he grinned as his hands cupped your face, lifting it up. you stared deep in his eyes, your heart filling up your chest.
his lips came down to yours, capturing you in a tender kiss. the weight of his lips on yours was something you’ve been craving ever since his disappearence. they were warm and rough, kissing you needily. a million words, apologies and affirmations, came with each kiss. unspoken words you both knew he had to say, that he needed to say. you forgive him and accepted him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pushing your body against his.
he pulled away after a few moments. both of your chests heaved up and down, smiles painted on both of your faces, lighting up the dim foyer. sirius then turned his attention to his friends.
“welcome home, mate,” remus grinned. “oh, moony! it’s so great to see you!” sirius exclaimed, more tears springing into his eyes as he hugged his best friend.
“i’ve missed you, rem,” sirius whispered. “i’ve missed you more,” remus sniffled, trying to gather himself.
sirius pulled away slightly, giving remus a pat on the back, looking remus in the eyes. they both nodded as they understood each other. no words had to be spoken between the two, all the words they needed to say were in their eyes.
“sirius, i’d like you to meet the new members,” remus said.
“new members? of what?” sirius asked, completely clueless. “the order of the pheonix, love,” you smiled.
sirius’s eyes widened, jaw dropped. “i-i thought -”
“harry, james and lily’s boy, has reactivated it. him and his friends are planning to defeat voldemort,” remus explained.
“ah! well, that’s brilliant! where is the young lad?” sirius asked.
“not here, yet, but here are the new members,” remus explained.
“this is molly, arthur, bill, and percy weasley. their son ronald is also a part of the order. he’s friends with harry.”
“lovely to meet you all,” sirius smiled kindly, shaking all their hands.
“it’s a pleasure to meet you! say, do you mind telling stories of your time in -” arthur stared to ask, but molly interrupted him.
“arthur! let the man breathe! jesus,” molly muttered. “molly weasley, mr. black.” she shook his hand.
“please, sirius is quite fine. and yes, i will most definitely tell some stories, don’t you worry,” sirius winked.
“fantastic!” arthur gushed.
“this is fleur delacour. her and bill are engaged,” remus introduced.
“well, it is nice to meet you ms delacour. my, i must say, you are beautiful,” sirius grinned.
“thank you, sirius,” fleur smiled. “lucky man,” sirius winked at bill.
bill smiled proudly, pulling fleur to his side and looking down at her lovingly. “indeed i am.”
“and this is nymphadora tonks. she is my, erm, girlfriend.” remus blushed.
“tonks is what i preferred to be called,” tonks smiled, shaking sirius’s hand.
“noted. well, you are a stunning woman. how long have you two been together?” sirius asked.
“just a few months,” remus said, grinning and looking at her. “ah,” sirius smiled. “that whipped already, eh?”
remus rolled his eyes, tusking. “you still haven’t changed, have you.”
sirius shrugged, “what can i say? i’m a fighter.”
“that you are,” you hummed. you slipped your hand over his back, bringing your arm over his shoulder.
“well, you are the one who kept me a fighter,” sirius admitted, looking at you.
“oh, hush,” you shook your head. heat crawled up your face. you began to feel flustered under his gaze.
“really. your letters helped me tremendously. you’re the only reason why i am still standing,” he said.
“well, i knew one day you’d come back to me. finally that day has come,” you sighed happily.
sirius smiled, his eyes lighting up with warmth and love. “i’m happy to be back.”
“are you hungry, sirius?” molly asked. “oh, famished!” sirius nodded.
“good to hear. there’s a feast for you in the kitchen,” molly grinned.
“oh, thank godrick. now i really am happy to be back,” he joked.
you all laughed, enjoying the light-hearted aurora sirius brought home. you and sirius followed them back to the kitchen, sirius’s mouth watering like a dog. 
“this smells amazing, molly. did you do this?” sirius asked.
“indeed i did.” molly nodded, standing tall with pride.
“do you mind teaching y/n to cook? if i remember correctly, she has a talent for burning water,” sirius winked.
“excuse me!” you feigned offense. “mind you, i have learned a few things in the kitchen since you have been gone.”
“can’t wait for you to show me, then.” sirius pecked the crown of your head, then sitting down at the table. you sat down next to him, holding your wine glass up so molly could top you off. 
“dig in, sirius. this is all made for you,” molly smiled. 
“thank you.” sirius grabbed the chicken, green beans, pie, everything molly had prepared for this night. after sirius got first pick, everyone began to take what was left. it seemed as sirius most of the food. they obviously didn’t feed him well in prison. 
“still has the appetite of a titan,” remus smirked. “you thought i would’ve changed, hm?” sirius hummed. 
“just thought azkaban would’ve calmed your appetite,” remus shrugged. “well, you’re a hopeful man, moony,” sirius chuckled. 
“well, i wished my hoping for you to come back would’ve worked 12 years ago,” remus sighed.
“i’m back now, brother,” sirius beamed. “so, how did you and tonks meet?”
“when i joined. it took a while for us to finally get together, though,” tonks explained. 
“ah, was he afraid of the ol’ wolfy thing?” sirius asked. “yep. you know, my patronus actually changed into a wolf while he kept denying me,” tonks smiled. 
sirius’s eyes widened, amazement lighting up his face. “well, that’s amazing. i haven’t heard of patronuses being like or same since… well, since prongs and lils.”
“may they rest in peace,” you held up your wine glass. 
everyone at the table raised their glasses, clinking them all together, repeating your words. you all started a happier conversation, staying at the dinner table until the early hours of night. everyone left grimmauld place, leaving you and sirius alone. 
“so beautiful,” sirius mused. 
you peered behind your shoulder, flashing a big smile. you returned to changing into your pajamas, un-hooking your bra and dropping it into the hamper. as you opened the dresser, sirius admired you from the bed. 
his eyes outlined your hips, your shoulder blades, your spine. he had spent all of 12 years in prison thinking about you; your scent, smile, funny coloured-clothes, your body. how your eyes lit up whenever you talked about something you were passionate about, how determined you were to change and save the world. the way you walked, how effortlessly your feet moved across the ground; you looked like you were floating. he missed the way your hips swung with each movement, inviting him for some fun. before prison you laughed at his jokes like he was the funniest man in the world, even if no one else was laughing. you always knew how to make him feel good. talking was your love language, something he himself was never good at. he was thankful you could read his actions and understand the words he was trying to say. it was the most romantic part of your relationship. 
his eyes widened as you turned around, your shirt still not on. he had definitely missed seeing you half-naked. his eyes raked down your upper body, eyes following the swell of your breasts, his mouth salivating. your lips upturned into a cheshire cat-like grin as you sauntered over to him. 
“like what you see?” you cocked your right brow. “oh, i love it,” he basically moaned. 
your stomach turned inside out. you had missed the way he would stare at you. his eyes held so many ‘i love you’s’, so many ‘gorgeous’ and ‘pretty’s’. he looked at you like a prized possession, something that was his and his only. you missed being wanted and needed by your soulmate. you even missed the way he would sometimes stare at you like a piece of meat - fitting since he technically was a dog. 
you slipped on your shirt, earning a whine of disapproval from sirius. you chuckled, climbing into bed with him. you tucked yourself in under the covers and set your head on his chest. the familiar fire whiskey and wet dog scent filled your nose. you were home.
“i missed this,” you mumbled into his chest. “me, too, darling,” sirius said softly. 
“is this okay? can i do this?” sirius asked as he slipped his fingers under your shirt. he started to lightly scratch and caress your skin. 
“of course it is,” you nodded, looking up at him. “feel s’good.”
“good,” he smiled sweetly, leaning his head up and kissing the top of your head. “blimey, your skin is so soft. i missed you.”
“mmm,” you hummed, nodding in agreement. you looked into his eyes, watching him as he drank in your face, your arm wrapped around his body, your legs wrapped around his. 
his eyes then met yours, fear clouding them. his hand movements stopped suddenly and his arm slipped out from your shirt, and flopped onto the bed. your lips came into a pout, questioning him with your expression. 
“when i was away, did you ever… you know…?” tears then sprung into his eyes. he tried to hide his sudden crying by blinking and yawning, knowing that yawning made eyes water. but you were smarter than that. you knew what he was trying to say. although he was in his early-to-mid thirties, he still fell victim to his insecurities that had been carved inside his his head by his family, peers, and himself. he felt stupid. like a teenager again. you made sure his worries were valid and that there was nothing to be worried about.
“no,” you said, looking straight into his eyes. “i never did and never will.”
“didn’t you get lonely, though? i-i know i definitely did - not saying i did anything in azkaban. i didn’t. but… i know you like to have someone there, emotionally and sexually. and you deserve that, but i was gone for so long. you never thought of -?”
you exhaled heavily, sitting up on your elbow. “i’ll be honest, sirius, i did think about it. i wasn’t sure if you going to jail meant our relationship had ended. i wasn’t sure if i was supposed to move on, or just have meaningless sex until you came back. hell, i didn’t know if you were ever going to even come back. but, the longer i thought about our relationship, moving on, falling in love with someone else, i realised that the only person i would ever truly love is you. i-i couldn’t fathom leaving you and moving on. a lot of people say that, but i knew that if i tried to, i would regret it because i would be letting someone that is the best, the most honest, loving, hilarious, and sexy person go. i would be letting my person go.”
sirius grinned, “you always know what to say.”
“well, it’s true,” you hummed. “no one could ever compare to you, sirius.”
“i believe you,” he nodded. “same with me, y/n. i-i know it may be hard to believe because all you can probably remember of me is the stupid, horny boy i used to be, but -”
“no, no,” you shook your head. “you are so wrong, sirius. yes, you were stupid and incredibly horny,” you smiled. 
sirius smiled with you, nodding for you to continue. 
“but you were never unfaithful. i know you loved me and still do. that is what is so special about us, siri, we’re unbreakable. not even 12 years apart broke us, and i know for a fact that even if it was 20, 25, 30 years, we still wouldn’t break. but, thank the heavens you came back when you did. i couldn’t stand being alone anymore. it was so painful.”
“i’m sorry,” he frowned. he hated seeing how much he’d put you through, even though he wasn’t actually there.
“it’s not your fault. it’s that stupid rat’s fault,” you spat. 
sirius smiled, nodding in agreement. “well, he’s long gone now.”
“hmm,” a smile lit up your face at his smile. “good.”
sirius leaned up from the bed, planting a kiss onto your lips. your hand tangled itself into his shaggy hair, your fingers weaving through his curls. his hand went around to the small of your back, his fingers digging into your clothed skin lightly. you moaned softly at how good it felt to kiss him again in your bed. oh, how you dreamed of this moment. 
you pulled away as you needed air, eyes opening to look at his handsome face. you put your hand on his face, your thumb caressing his cheekbone. he smiled softly, leaning into your affectionate touch. 
while you two were having a small, nonchalant staring content, harry had come into the house. he was eager to meet his godfather, but remus stopped him, explaining how you two needed time alone before anything else. 
“they went 12 years without seeing each other, and without seeing anyone else?” harry asked, absolutely flabbergasted. 
“yep,” remus smiled. “amazing, innit?”
“yeah. wow. where are they now?” harry asked. “upstairs,” remus said. “you can say hi at least.”
harry nodded, following remus up the stairs and to your bedroom. 
“sirius, someone is here to see you,” remus said. 
sirius tore his eyes away from you, jaw dropping. he sat up in the bed, climbing out and walking over to harry. 
“holy hell. this is - my, you look just like james, but you’ve got lily’s eyes. you must be harry.”
“and you’re my godfather,” harry grinned. sirius engulfed him in a hug, harry returning the gesture gratefully. you smiled fondly at the two, eyes meeting with remus, giving him a smile. 
“you’ve got lily’s looks,” sirius smirked as he pulled away to look at harry once again. 
harry chuckled, “thank you.”
“ah, you’re so big! you probably don’t remember, well, you most definitely don’t, but i used to stay at your parent’s house for a week in the summer. i would babysit you while your parents went out for vacation. we got into some real trouble, you and me,” sirius reminisced. 
“i’d love for you to tell me about it,” harry nodded. “oh, for sure. say, why don’t you come back for dinner tomorrow? i bet molly wouldn’t mind cooking another feast,” sirius suggested. 
“i-i’d love that,” harry grinned. “could you, um, tell me more about my parents, too?”
you watched with tears in your eyes as sirius’s face lit up. harry was like a son to him, even though he hadn’t seen the boy for more than a decade. the fact that he trusted sirius with something as beautiful as telling him the story of his parents was momentous to him. 
“it would be an honour,” sirius nodded. 
“thank you, sirius,” harry said. “of course, harry,” sirius smiled. 
“we’ll leave you and y/n back to your activities,” remus smirked, taking harry’s shoulders. 
“it’s been great seeing you, harry. i can not wait to have dinner with you tomorrow,” sirius said. 
“me, too,” harry agreed. “it was nice seeing you, too, y/n.”
you smiled, “you, too, harry. we’ll see you tomorrow.” 
harry nodded and headed out with remus. sirius climbed back into bed with you, sighing with the biggest smile on his face.
“he looks just like james, blimey,” he muttered. “just like a mini-me,” you nodded in agreement. 
as you and sirius talked more about the boy, remus and harry talked about you. 
“they make a great couple,” harry stated. “indeed they do. it’s amazing how love works,” remus agreed. 
harry peered into your room, smiling as the two of you were laughing. 
“i hope i can have that with someone,” he said. 
remus titled his head with a smile. “do you have a girl in mind?”
“yeah,” harry said, turning his head back to remus slowly. “you’re a great man, harry. she’ll be lucky to have you,” remus clapped his shoulder. 
“do you think that sirius could give me relationship advice?” harry asked. 
remus burst out laughing. “you do not want to take relationship advice from sirius, son. but ask y/n, she’d be more than happy to help.”
harry laughed with remus. “sirius isn’t that dependable, hm?”
“something like that,” remus nodded. he glanced at the two of you, smiling fondly as the two of you were holding hands, appearing to be talking about something serious. “he’s crazy that one. he’s lucky to have her. as she is lucky to have him.”
remus then turned back to harry. “let’s give them some peace, yes?”
“yeah, absolutely,”  harry walked away. remus followed him down the stairs, leaving you two alone for the rest of the night. 
“bellatrix is a heathen. i swear, when i see her, i’m going to blast her,” sirius muttered. 
“easy there, darling. you just got out of jail, no need to find another reason to be put back.” you stroked the sides of his face. 
“well, i escaped this time, actually. i could do it again,” he winked. 
you chuckled. “well, i’m happy i escaped from your family. i’m finally allowed to be here without your family commenting on everything i do, and where i come from. we have this whole place to ourselves now.”
“oh, yes! maybe it is a good thing i stayed in prison that long. i never will have to see them again after that,” sirius grinned. 
“they would be furious seeing you making out with a muggleborn, you know?” you smirked. 
“i bet they’d be even more furious if they saw me having sex with one,” sirius grinned from ear-to-ear. 
“oh, you think so?” you raised a brow. 
“oh, i most definitely do.”
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Dark!Sirius x Reader (she/her pronouns used)
Tumblr media
Y/N stumbled out into the garden holding her copy of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. Her eyes scanning the pages rapidly, with one hand holding her book and the other was lifting a part of her dress from the ground to avoid tripping. She never paid attention to her surroundings.
She called out to her best-friend Lily, since at this time every afternoon they would read a new book under the big tree in her garden. They were all in hiding, the war in full blast, there wasn’t much else to do these days. When she didn’t receive a response, she lifted her eyes from the book. Y/N walked closer to the tree in which they were said to meet, but as she whirled around the side of the tree she came to face a sight which would surely destroy her innocence.                        
Lily was dead. 
 She was lying in the grass underneath the tree. Her arms resting together on her lower abdomen. A flower crown was resting lightly on her red hair.
Her long white dress which Y/N saw only hours earlier was now blood red
  Lily was dead.                  
Y/N came to a halt at the sight and just stared.
 She didn’t scream, as she probably should have and maybe, just maybe, the nights events to come could have come to a stop, if only…  
 Instead she stood mouth agape. Her eyes watering and throat dry. Her eyes were flicking back and forth from Lily’s crimson stained dress, and her seemingly peaceful face. Y/N spotted a bloody knife resting next to her and then, it was like something inside her snapped.
A blood curding scream was heard in the background, one which surely frighten even the bravest of people. The book long forgotten and dropped to the ground. Tears clouding her vision, but she refused to let any fall… if she did, they wouldn’t stop. Her breathing sped up and everything around her span in circles, her heartbeat was loud enough she thought even the deaf would hear it. Her ears were ringing, and she could faintly hear a shriek of pain. But then finally, she realised that scream was of her own.
Slowly but surely, Y/N regained her senses. She noticed a note rested in Lily’s pale hands. Cautiously, she crawled a few inches to her best friends cold body. Gently moving out to tuck a loose hair behind Lily’s left ear. She leant forward and kissed her forehead gently. Running her hands through her soft ginger hair, knowing this may be the last time she could see her. Y/N reached for the note and her eyes scanned the words written down.
Her head whipped up faster than lightning. Her eyes wide and practically bulging out of her skull, her hands gripping the note tightly causing it to scrunch up a bit.
‘Turns out not all mudbloods are dumb, princess here knew all to much, so she just had to go. My apologies for the blood spillage I’ll be sure to clean that up later, Run while you can dear. All my love’
Y/N pocketed the note in her dress and quickly scrambled to her feet. Sending one last meaningful look to her best friend before scurrying off back to the manor. Y/N pushed the door open with all her might and bolted through the quite hallways. Panting heavily through to the kitchen knowing her favourite elf ;Greta, would be helping with the other elves today. After what seemed like forever, she pushed open the kitchen door only to see a sight that was even more horrifying than before…                                                                                                                                                    
The pots were overflowing and reached their boiling point causing some hot bubbles to leak through. Half the kitchen elves who were usually present weren’t there today anyway, since it was meant to be a slow day, nothing important going on. But the unlucky ones who happened to be, were laying motionless on the floor. Blood was splattered and it looked like a crime-scene. 5 elves dead. Her house elf Greta was one of them. Y/N felt physically sick and had to turn away from the sight. Her breathing still hadn’t slowed down from sprinting down to the kitchens, and now it was even more irregular. Y/N looked back at everyone once more and quickly left without investigating any further.                                                                                              
Y/N ran out the front door all the way over to the lake remembering that Sirius her betrothed fiancée would still be there, from when he left this morning with his brother (and also her best friend) Regulus. She darted through the trees and woods, resulting in some scratches on the lower part of her legs but proceeded to called out Sirius’s name.                                                            
 Suddenly out of nowhere Sirius appeared in front of her causing her to gasp from shock and stumble back slightly, before letting out a relived sigh since it was only him and not the killer on the loose.
‘Woah, you ok there dear? You seem out of breath… did you run all this way?’ Sirius asked
Y/N leapt forward to hug him making him chuckle slightly and pull back after a moment to softly rest his hand on her shoulders.
 ‘What’s happened dear?’ What’s wrong?’ He questioned gently
Y/N caught her breath before answering… ‘Help! it’s Lily, sh-she’s … dead. She was killed. And everyone in the kitchen, they’re all de-dead too.’ Y/N stuttered an answer. His eyes widened significantly.
‘Ok… it’s alright. We have to run. Now, come on’ Rushes out Sirius
Y/N halts in place when he tries to pull her along by her wrist, bruise surely forming due to the tight grip.
‘What are you talking about?! Run? Why would we run, we need to call for help, this is serious, how are you not freaking out right now!?’ Y/N rushes out, a sick feeling bubbling in her stomach thinking back to the sights she saw just earlier.
‘We could be framed for this, no-one else is present in the castle, your Mother and Father are out on that trip to Paris and someone will think… oh what would they think, this will ruin our reputation Y/N! We can’t be here!’ His voice is urgent and alarmed making Y/N off-put and frightened, but she pulls her wrist out of his grip quickly.        
‘How are you talking like this!?’ Y/N says flabbergasted, ‘People have been killed… murdered! This is outrageous, we must get help immediately, how is our reputation your first priority?!’ she cries out bewildered, urging him to see his error of thought.
But Sirius’s eye brow twitched so subtly she may not have caught it if she wasn’t staring directly into his eyes with such fright, but she knew he was probably just as scared as she and trying to be brave for her.
‘Oh! What about Reggie, is he harmed? Did you just leave him by the bay alone!? He could have seen inside and panicked, oh goodness, we must find him, come quickly-‘ But Y/N’s alarmed voice was cut off by a large hand grasping her yet again and when she looked up into his dark eyes which were seemingly growing substantially and blackening … she became worried.
‘Where is he?’ She asked  lowly, face void of emotion, but her eyes instead of growing darker were slowly reaching understanding.
‘It’s ok dear, just come with me. Regulus is just fine, he’s probably just taking a swim… look, we’ll go and see him now’ he said with an eerie smile on his face.
She nodded slowly and let Sirius pull their now interlocked hands along to the water, a few more paces through the high grass near the water and they were there.
She could see the fishing rods that Regulus and Sirius must have been using, along with two pull out seats. But Regulus was nowhere to be seen…
‘Where is he, Sirius?’ She asked almost at a whisper, slightly anxious to know the answer that he seemed to know.
The look on Sirius’s face, was… different, than before. Smiling wide and evidently calm, he reached out and cupped her face with both hands pressing a light kiss to her forehead before letting go gently and looking at the view from the lake.
‘Well, I told you dear… he’s just taking a swim.’ Sirius says evenly, no signs of a shaky voice.
Y/N’s breathing shallowed as she processed the information and thinking back to conversations long ago when Regulus and herself first met… he couldn’t swim…
‘W-what. But.. he- he cannot swim, Sirus. You know this! What is going on, tell me what is going on!!’ Y/N’s unnerved voice growing louder in volume each word she said.
But Sirius just turned around to look at her in all her beauty, hair glistening in the sunlight and carelessly whispered… ‘Oops.’ a smile she had seen a thousand times before.
And that’s all it took. Y/N charged passed him and into the water, pulling her long dress up so she could still takes long strides into the lake, eyes wide with panic and exhilaration she called out ‘REGULUS!! REGGIE!! WHERE ARE YOU, COME OUT PLEASE!!’
Sirius watched calmly by the side of the lake with a sneer and all knowing eyes.
Y/N hastily swatted away the plants and seaweed that would come between her as the water bubbled slightly as her dress swished it.
And she saw it, the dreadful sight of Regulus. Off to the side of the shore.
Y/N quickly moved, running as fast as she possibly could while still in water. When she managed to reach him and drag him to the land not too far beside him. She gasped with terror as she saw his face, pale and lips blue. His chest unmoving. She screams with all her force, arms pressing to his chest continuously trying to revive him. But after minutes, nothing.
Y/N still breathing heavily, and now wet from the lake water, darted up to Sirius’s, face in a rage and confusion still evident.
‘How could you?!’ she screams out in agony, ‘My best friend! Your brother! To think I trusted you, we were to marry! She took a breath and continued… ‘Why?’
Sirius had not flinched from the screams or the hatred in her eyes, and merely smirked and leant down to whisper in her ear…
‘Friend, you say?’ He straightened back up to stand straight and scowl at the girl. ‘I am no fool Y/N, I know you see the way he looked at you. Eyes full of love, and the way he spoke of you… like you were the only person in the world! Right in front of me too, as if I didn’t notice!’ He glowered down at her.
‘He did not love me! No, no… not like that! And even if he did, I loved you! Now that’s a different story. I never would’ve thought I could loathe someone I adored with all of myself, so quickly. But you-you are an exception!’ She spat out in revulsion.
He laughed unphased ‘And that friend of yours… Evans. She knew of his love, supported it actually. I found them in conversation just the other day, she told him to confess to you before too late. Merlin, I've got no idea what James sees in her.’ He scoffed ‘I knew you would reciprocate. You couldn’t break his tiny childlike heart. So instead you would break me, and well… we just couldn’t have that could we.’ He asked rhetorically.
‘Oh… ‘ He continued, ‘The rest of the staff, the elves, in the kitchen, well they were just in the way of my day. They never liked me. Don’t ask me why, they just didn’t. I’m so likeable! But unfortunately they just didn’t fall for my charm, what a shame. It cost them their lives.’ He mocked a frown.
Y/N was in horror. Complete, absolute horror that someone she loved so dearly only hours ago could do such treacherous things to anyone. Especially people which he knew she loved so dearly out of envy.
‘You-you, are a wicked, horrible person’ She muttered out in disgust.
‘Yes, that may be true.’ He smiled down at her ‘But I love you dear, come with me, we can run away start a family! Away from everyone, away from consequences.’ He spoke hopefully and with pleading eyes.
Still in shock, Y/N did the only thing she thought right in that moment.
She ran.
Y/N ran through the long grass. Through the land, and though she was out of breath and with a stitch of pain from so much running… past the castle gates. She did what he said they would do… run away. But not with him by her side. She would never be seen near again.
Sirius though; he stays put, not willing to run an endless chase, a battle, in which he would not win. He had already tried and failed, to keep her to himself. With a frown decorating his face, deep down he knew she would not stay with him, not after this. But he hoped. He yearned for her love and requited affections. He had never had anything he didn’t have to share, except her. She was perfect to him, ethereal.
But he knew that Y/N loved Regulus greatly more, platonically, or not he could not decipher. But now even she was gone, and he was alone. For good. She left, like everyone else. Not that he would ever let anyone else see his loneliness, despair, sadness. His act would stay put and he would never show weakness for as long as he shall live. And so, he was not sad now, not really. He won in a way, his internal battle. Nobody would see him break his façade … because he lived as long as it stay put.     
So, with a hum… he walked slowly, seemingly with no care in the world. Into the lake. And so, for now and ever onward he will watch Y/N from above, smiling down at her as the sun glistens down on her once again in a better life.                              
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lonelyhe4rts · 20 hours ago
✰ Experience the sexual side of Sirius (5.7k)
Sirius Black x reader (Dom!Sirius Black x Sub!Fem!Reader) sexual themes throughout the entirety, all acts are consensual and a safe word is in place if required and/or needed. - content warning for mention of blood/knife/the term marred flesh. Also not proofread, as almost 6k words is a lot to get through.
navigation | library  
⇛ A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Soft words of affirmation and praise spill from Sirius’ lips after he’s done with you, sharing his most intimate and endearing thoughts about you. His hands gather your hair up, drawing the strands away from your face, smiling down softly at your tired eyes. One of his biggest concerns is your wellbeing, especially after being so rough with you. He’d draw you a bath, fixed up with the gentlest soaps and sweetest lotions, ready to lather your trembling and quivering figure up in the potions and lotions.
His hands grapple at your smaller hands, playing with your digits as your eyes blink back open. “And there she is,” he breathes out, grey eyes pooling with love as your own peel back, eyelashes fluttering open. His own body lays propped up beside your own on his elbow, his eyes tracing and marvelling at your post-orgasm figure, tired and sleepy, but needing to be cared for. “C’mon then sweetness, let’s get you all tidied up. Then, I promise we can sleep, okay?”
⇛ B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
His hands and hair are his favourite things about himself. The digits are decorated in swirls of jet black and rings, the veins straining against his skin when they smack against your own. There’s nothing he enjoys more than seeing his hand cover the expanse of your bum or your breasts, enveloping the flesh between the tattooed skin, groping and squeezing to his heart’s content. He relishes in the way your grasp at his hair, gripping and tugging on the silky locks as he laps at your fluttering cunt, wanton moans and whimpers spilling from both your lips as he basks in the serenity between your thighs.
Your eyes catch on to the way thick strands of his hair hover over his eyes, long lochs of onyx decorating and framing his face. Your mind was overwhelmed in pleasure, lust pulsating through your bloodstream, but it wasn’t enough to distract you from your attraction to Sirius, how pretty he was. His hands rose up to brush away the stray strands, hands veiny and decorated in tattoos and rings highlighting his hands, plagued thoughts filtering into your mind. How you wished he’d wrap those hands around you. His hips continued snapping against your own, rutting against your pubic bone, pleasure licking up your spine. “So fucking good Siri, so pretty, so nice.”
⇛ C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Seeing your backside painted in ropes of his pearly cum drives the animagus wild - almost feral. His hand presses down on the curvature of your spine, lulling your arched body into the burgundy fabric of the comforter as he fists feverishly at his cock, emptying his seed over your arched back. His figure sinks back down after, pressing soft kisses against the dip when he’s done, relishing in the sight of your body dripping in his cum.
Your thighs tremble under the weight of your pleasure, your back arched as the male above you fists feverishly at his cock, aching to release his seed over the fleshy globes of your backside. His grey eyes were transfixed on the hues of black and blue that painted you, small lines of ring indents embedding and ingraining the skin as he finally let go, painting ribbons and streams of his pearly release over your bruised and spanked skin. “That’s it, take it y’dirty girl. Just like a common whore.”
⇛ D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
His desire to share you with his best mate heightens every other desire he’s ever possessed. He wants to stand at the side as he watches his bespectacled friend have his way with you, enjoying the way you squirm under his cock, thick and rouged, driving in and out of your clenching cunt. He wants to see you grasp at his hair as he devours the sweet slick of your pussy, savouring the flavour of your arousal as you tug at his own hand, knowing that even when another male is bringing you to orgasm after orgasm, you desperately need him too - for no one else could ever bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction as him.
His back leans against the post of the bed frame as James lowers your frame onto his cock, the bespectacled male throwing his head back at the unfamiliar sensation that came with the warm and wet depths of your cunt. His toned hands gripped your waist, throwing your body up and down his length, fascinated at your breasts bouncing in his eye line, greedily suckling one of your tightened nipples into his mouth. Sirius watched on, palming himself through his slacks at the demonstration, enjoying the way you moaned and groaned for the quidditch captain to keep going, smirking at not only the sight, but also at how different you sounded. “C’mon darling, Prongs can’t be that bad, can he? Normally’have you sobbing and squealing on my cock by now.”
⇛ E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
His level of experience is something that worried you at first, the uncertainty of knowing whether or not you’d be able to please the aforementioned male worrying you. The thought of other girls and boys having had their way with him scared you and plagued your thoughts, but with his constant reassurance and your own experience with him, you found those thoughts morphing into something else, transitioning into completely different ideals. You found yourself becoming aroused - excited, by his prior experience, basking in his knowledge and experience, knowing that he most likely knew your body better than you did and that he could show you exactly that in many, many ways.
Your nude back lays splayed against the bed sheets, finger dipping in and out of your dripping pussy, aching at the way you just couldn’t seem to get it right. Nothing felt as good as when he did it. You looked up to the pretty boy watching you fail, a small smirk adorning his aristocratic features, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his lie loosened around his neck. His growing bulge hovered proud beneath his slacks, desperate and aching to be controlled, but he’d rather watch you suffer first. “C’mon, please Siri. Gimme some help,” you cried out, desperate to have him ravish you in the way only he knew how to do. “Alright, alright y’silly thing. C’mon sit forward, Siri’ll show you how. Needy girl.”
⇛ F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
Seeing your back arched against the bed, as he pistons his length in and out of your silky walls sends tendrils of lust to bleed down his spine. He finds himself engrossed in the sight of your figure squirming beneath him, your shoulders and thighs trembling under the weight of your pleasure and bones rippling under him, as you try to hold your orgasm, waiting for his permission to cum. It’s even better when the reflection of you is mirrored back, the tattooed planes of his chest rippling as he ruts against you, strands of his onyx locks falling in front of his face, his head falling back with the sensations rippling from your warm and wet cunt. He basks in the feelings;  the sights; the sounds; the sensations and nothing else could give him so much pleasure.
The reflection that mirrors your movements causes lust and pleasure to ricochet down your spine, the image of the tattooed male behind you driving his cock in and out of you making you cry out. His hands hold your hips in a grip almost as tight as your cunt on his cock, pushing you back and forwards on his length, edging you closer and closer to completion. His hips were angled in such a specific way, the spongy part residing in your silky walls being stimulated with each and every thrust, the entire night sky of constellations dancing across your blown out pupils. “Y’see that, yeah? Look at how y’making me feel. If only y’could see the way your cunt quivers over here, so fucking pretty.”
⇛ G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
The animagus loses himself in the moment, the line between reality and euphoria bleeding together until it forms a blurred barrier. He finds himself engrossed in the pleasure, unable to comprehend anything other than you - your cunt, your eyes fluttering closed, your mouth gaping slightly, your soft lips caught between your teeth. He can’t focus on anything else - the sweet sounds you make, the way you grapple at his bicep, how you cry out for more - for him, for faster, deeper, harder. There’s no time for jokes when he’s buried inside you, for he has no ability to think of anything with the way your cunt wraps itself around him, hugging him tight to completion.
The rouged head of his cock eases it’s way into the tight entrance of your backside, slowly and carefully edging his way into you. His hands are carded through your own, fingers grasping and clinging onto each other, as he bottoms out inside of you, groaning at the sensations and tightness of your arse. His head resides buried in the crevice of your shoulder, warm breaths oozing and panting onto your sweaty skin. “So fucking good, knew it would be. Took y’in every hole now, precious little slut.”
⇛ H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
His hair was something that remained one of his most prized possessions, except from you of course. The way the long strands of inky black hair framed his aristocratic features, highlighting the high angles of his cheekbones and outlining the sharp edges of his jawline - he loved it and as a result, looked after it as if it were his life source; his do or die, his life and soul. This is something that remains a common theme on his figure, the trail of hair that leads from his navel to his pubic bone is something he remains proud of, the section of dark, clipped curls looking all neat and tidy. He keeps the area clean and trimmed, perfect for when he buries himself down your throat, your nose buried in the tangles of curls, your pretty and pouty lips hugging his length, saliva dripping down from the soft cushions.
His hands grasp the sides of your face as he thrusts in and out of your throat, dribbles and drops of saliva and precum falling from your puffy lips. Your eyes are glassy and wide as you look up to him, marvelling in his flushed face and fluttering eyelids, the raven haired male basking in the feeling of your warm and wet mouth enveloping his length. You babbled nonsense around the base as he pushed you further down his length, your nose buried in the base of curls that lay clipped and trimmed on his pubic bone. “S’all y’good for. Little cockslut, exactly how y’should be. Cumsluts should be seen and not heard, so keep m’cock buried down y’throat, yeah?”
⇛ I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
As previously mentioned, Sirius loses himself in the act with you. He’s engrossed and captivated by the raw passion oozing from you, how you cling to him and resolve all your power and pleasure to him. He’s fascinated by your trust for him and through that, he remains lost in the pleasure. He’s always intimate, whether before, during or after - soft kisses traipsing up your neck as he unbuttons your blouse, flipping up the grey pleats of your skirt, juxtaposing the sweetness and intimacy with the raw words of filth he spews into the shell of your ear, echoes of dirty words and promises of pleasure making their way into your senses. Eye contact being present throughout when he’s feeling practically soft and sappy, grey eyes baring into your own glassy ones as you cling to his shoulders, he basks in it, relishing in the way you tuck your face into the crevice of his neck, the vibrations and tempo of your cries and whines penetrating his skin. Afterwards, soft hands caressing your skin, tracing dips and curves, kissing away tears and whispering affirmations of love.
Your skin is sweaty as he drags his cock in and out of you, slow and sweet and perfectly him. Your head stays buried in his shoulder, small whimpers and whines, words of love and endearment spoken into the tattooed crevice as he too repeated the same movements, the two of you tangled beneath the sheets with streams of sunlight bleeding into the room. Your limbs are a criss-cross of body parts, arms and legs wrapped around each other, the two of you as close as can be with messy bed hair, morning voices and sleep still present in your eyelids. “Love y’so fucking much, my lovely little girl.”
⇛ J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcannon)
The groans that spill for his mouth as you wrap your hand around the base of his length, could drive you feral. His fervour for the sight of your smaller palms enveloping his big cock fascinates him, sending tendrils and sparks of delicious pleasure to bleed up the base of his spine. He savours the sensations, keeping them locked away in his mind for when you aren’t there and for when you can’t pleasure him. He prefers for you to please him and tease him, however that isn't always possible. So with the thoughts and memories of you embedded and ingrained into his mind, he takes control of his own pleasure, imagining that it’s you grasping his rouged cock, pumping and fisting at the length until he empties his seed all over, thinking about you taking delight in savouring the taste afterwards.
His hand fists at his cock, dragging his palm up and down his length as you consume his mind. Thoughts and memories of your tongue working it’s way around his head, suckling at it like a lollipop edge him closer to completion. Images of you bouncing on his cock, tits bouncing and backside in his grasp make their way into his vision, tightening his balls even more, if possible. The sight of your fingers struggling to make you cum edges it’s way into his mind, groaning at the way his orgasm finally washed over him, remembering the way he helped you finally cum, his chest to your back as he dragged your small fingers over your clit, circling the pretty button and bringing you to orgasm, as he too finally experiences it. It would do for now, until you returned.
⇛ K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
The sight of heavy tears weighing down the precipice of your lash line sends Sirius into a frenzy, relishing in the way your eyes pool with tears, small sobs breaking from your chest, as he overwhelms your trembling figure. He finds pleasure in crawling up your body, his teeth nibbling at your cheek, his tongue lapping up the tracks of tears that tumble down your cheeks, almost as much as he enjoys the flavour of your slick.
His figure crawls over your own, until he’s hovering over your tear-stricken face, grinning at the way your chest heavy with little sobs. “Aw, pretty baby’s crying. Why is it? Can y’not take m’cock as well as you thought y’could?” The tip of his tongue peaks out to trace over his lips before he dives in, the edge of the languid muscle lapping up the sultry tracks of tears that fell from your lash line. “Mm, s’almost as sweet as y’cunt.”
⇛ L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Pistoning his cock and in out of you behind the closed curtains of his four poster is something Sirius enjoys the most. He loves the dark ambience and the lighting, the intimate mood set by the enclosure, the soft candlelight filtering in by his wand or the streams of moonlight that break in, only adding to the experience. He relishes in the way the light beams and stretches over your body, how it glistens over your sweaty skin, almost like glitter; how it trickles down your cunt and sparkles your lust filled eyes. The dorm room would always be his favourite place to ravish you and your body, all because it’s where you can both be your most vulnerable selves and that is something he finds true joy in.
You both lay adjacently upon the silk bed sheets, covered away from prying eyes behind the drapes of the four poster. Sirius’ hand ran up and down the expanse of his cock, twisting and turning, teasing and tickling the base, as you too played with the puffy bud of your clit. You both moaned and whimpered into each other’s mouth, tongues exploring the caverns of each other’s mouth as you explored the idea of mutual masturbation. It felt intimate, exploring your bodies together, enjoying the most private act of masturbation with each other. “Almost as good as you princess, fancy helping me out over here?”
⇛ M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Your pretty little bum adorned in pretty little skirts sends his mind in a frenzy. He’d grasp and grope at the flesh in the corridors, finding satisfaction in the way he has such easy access to the fleshy globes. He trails behind you in the halls, enjoying the way your hips swayed and your skirt flopped up and down, the slightest exposure of your cotton underwear on display to him. He enjoys the simplicity in being able to flip the pleats up, exposing one of his favourite parts of you to him, taking the ability to spank your bum silly without even having to remove the article of clothing. Whoever designed the Hogwarts’ uniform, he’s very grateful for.
His hand presses down on the base of your spin as he lulls you over his knee, flipping the grey pleats of your skirt up, exposing the pretty cotton of your underwear. “Y’should have known you wouldn’t get away with it darling. C’mon, count 'em out for me,” he starts, before he starts raining down his palm against your backside, relishing in the jiggle of your flesh. He’d punish you for even breathing if he could get away with spanking you silly constantly.
⇛ N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Seeing your pretty flesh marred or dripping with blood is something he’d never be able to stomach. His life had been difficult, cluttered with trauma and horrors and terrors alike. He’d grown up with people who didn’t care for him, ruining his mind and body with wands and weapons and that is something he’d never want to do to you. The raven haired male would never be able to forgive himself if he hurt you in that way and that is one of the reasons he’d never even explore a blood or knife kink with you.
“S’important that y’know our safe words, birdie. Wanna make sure you’re comfortable and having a good time throughout it all.” He spoke, rubbing his palm up and down your thigh, as you sat side by side on the bed. “Green,” you started, counting off and naming your agreed and established safewords. “And what is green for?”
⇛ O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
The taste and flavour of your sweet cunt causes his mind to run around in laps, tendrils of arousal pulsating through his mind. He relishes in the drips and drops of your slick that glisten over your folds and lather up your thighs, soft kisses and licks lapping up the remnants. He loves the way your thighs tremble as he buries himself between your thighs, his veiny and ring covered hands holding your thighs apart as he devours you, savouring and basking in the tang and spice of your arousal. It’s something he’d bury himself in doing any time anywhere if he could and if you’d let him, he’d stay submerged between your quivering thighs and sopping cunt until the only thing he could think about is the flavour of your cum and for you, the feeling of him lapping away at your most precious place.
His hands gripped and left your thighs splayed open as he lapped at your folds, his pink tongue running up and down the slick clit of your cunt. He basked in the taste of your sweetness, his mind captivated by the flavour and aching with need for more. His eyes strayed away from your pussy, grey eyes pooled with arousal fluttering up to your own figure, chest heaving and body trembling with the weight of your pleasure, how you squirmed and writhed beneath his tongue. If that’s how you felt with his tongue, just wait until it’s his cock.
⇛ P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Not every time with Sirius is the same, each and every moment is a special and prized memory that remains ingrained in your mind. Soft sex in the morning is where his love and adoration for you truly comes out, where words of love and endearment spill from his lips, his hands threaded through your own, eyes gazing into each other’s as he pulls himself in and out of you, slow and sweet and perfect for the early morning sun. Sex in the evenings is a completely different experience, hard and fast and deep, his tattooed arms wrapped around your shaking figure, hands groping at your breasts and chin as he pulls you up to his chest, driving his length in and out of your depths. His warm breath mingles with the skin at the side of your face, sweaty and panting, his nose buried in the junction of your shoulder as he snaps his hips against you. It’s passionate and intense, but never the same.
He was rough with his thrusts, hips snapping against your own as his hands pushed yours to the walls, your back arched as he rutted against you. Your body faced the door, your head falling back onto his shoulder, eyes looking up to his own as he continued, quick and fast, fucking you hard and deep. Everything felt so overwhelming, your legs shaking with the power of his thrusts, and eyes fluttering closed with the inability to overcome the pleasure. “C’mon birdie, taking y’like a common whore. Standing up and everything.”
⇛ Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
While he loves the sensations of spending a night buried inside of you, the desire to take you between all hours of the day heightens with each and every glance at you. If he could spend all twenty four hours inside of your warm and wet depths, he would and he certainly does try. His large hands envelops your own as he drags you through the halls, his long legs striding towards an empty storage cupboard. As soon as the door shuts, he has you against it, hands in your hair, gripping your hips, his knee between your thighs as you moan into his mouth. Clothes are pulled off in a hurry, but he’d never let you leave the enclosed space without being satisfied. You’re his good little girl - his lover and baby and he’d never treat you any less, no matter the amount of time granted.
His hand tugged at your own as he pulled you into the abandoned classroom, smirking at the closed door as he lifted you onto the empty desk. He was quick in his movements, pulling feverishly at your uniform until your pussy was exposed to him, glistening and slick with your arousal. “Wow, puppy. All this for me? Isn’t this a treat.”
⇛ R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
The thought of someone walking into seeing you bounce on Sirius’ cock, sends his mind into overdrive. He stays fixated on the thoughts, his friend or even friends wandering through the unlocked door to witness the erotic sight, your breasts bouncing in front of your face as his hands grip your backside, pulling and pushing your aching cunt up and down his length. He wants them to see the way you beg for more, how you ache and whine for his cock, his little baby cockslut. He dreams about the thought and when it finally happens, he knows the wait will have been worth it.
He thrusts up into you, legs planted on either side of the bed, your hips gripped between his ring-covered digits as he drives in and out of you, relishing in the sensation of your tight and pretty cunt. “How does it feel, darling, to think that the boys might walk in any minute? For them to see you sob over my cock? How you’re dripping over the idea of them walking in?” He laughs at the way your walls tighten around his length at the words, grinning at the fact you wanted it just as much as he did.
⇛ S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Sirius doesn’t rest until the only thing left on both your minds is each other, the taste of your cunt staining his tongue and lips, your figure covered and melded in his mark. He’s not done or finished with you, until you're sobbing on his cock, crying out for what you can’t even comprehend, babbling nonsense to the beat and tempo of his thrusts. He’d go all night if it took it, for your pleasure is worth so much more to him than his own.
You’ve since came far too many times to count since the night began, pleasure blurring and bleeding into your babbled brain, not being able to comprehend anything else. Your legs and arms, limbs overall are strained with the effort of keeping them open, from being wrangled around the bed like a little ragdoll. Sirius doesn’t appear too fucked out, the aforementioned male content in burying himself in the tight channel of your cunt, not even too tired to continue. “One more pretty bird, then we can be done. Can’t handle it, y’cunts too good.”  
⇛ T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Though his cock can do so much to you, the sight of your cunt trembling and fluttering around nothing sends sparks to his eyes and causes his mouth to salivate. He aches to see you cry out for a toy, hips bucking and back arching from a bit of plastic, relishing in telling you, degrading you about crying out for a little toy, about how desperate you are. However despite that, his preferred option would always be his cock, for he was the only one who knew everything about your body.
He chuckled at the way you tried to close your legs, the vibrator clinging to your pretty clitty lulling your mind into a state of subspace, teetering over the border between reality and the deep depths of subbiness. He enjoyed the way you squirmed so much because of a simple toy - a piece of plastic shaking, stimulating you to your core. “C’mon y’silly thing. Just a bit of plastic. If you can’t handle this, m’cocks gonna be a nightmare.”
⇛ U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Witnessing you sobbing over his cock, his fingers, his tongue makes the animagus feral. He’d watch you wriggle and squirm under him all day every day if it was possible, taking his own pleasure from the sight of you even if he’s not being touched himself. He’d give you orgasm after orgasm if the day never ended, finding himself growing hard from your cries and begs, whimpers and whines from the endless amount of pleasure. It may be unfair, but Merlin did he enjoy it.
You can’t tell if his tongue flicking at your engorged bus and swollen folds are even pleasurable even more, not with the way you’ve been given so many orgasms. The male between your thighs basks in the wetness that pools on your tongue, how drips and drops of arousal dribble down your thighs, how you cry out for him to both carry on and to stop. He was captivated in the way his tongue and tongue alone could make you like this, so confused, so achy but so fucking wet. “Last one, then we’ll get y’all cleaned up.”
⇛ V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
It didn’t even have to be of his own receiving, Sirius was never quiet with his pleasure. He remained always vocal, always appreciative of your love and sensuality, soft groans and strangled grunts pulsating through the air around you. He continued in voicing his love for you, words of praise and affirmation, phrases of degradation echoing throughout the room. He was never ashamed of it and never would be. Thank Merlin for silencing charms.
The only sounds in the room are the sounds of skin on skin and the volume of your mixed cries, wanton moans bleeding from your bitten lips and grunts and coos echoing from Sirius’. He was a mixed bag it seemed, groans and grunts vibrating into the crevice of your neck and words of his love and adoration for you making their way into the shell of your ear, juxtaposing the pace at which he was driving himself in and out of you. “So pretty, m’pretty girl. No one does it like you, my darling.”
⇛ W = Wild Card (Get a random headcannon for the character of your choice)
It wasn’t just sharing you with James that he obsessed over, he wanted to see you be ruined by his other best friend. He craved to see you writhe beneath Remus, cries of pleasure and echoes of need spilling from your shredded lips, your entire figure overwhelmed by his lanky frame. He desired to see the way his back rippled as he drove himself in and out of you, how your own back arched into his own, sweaty flesh meeting sweaty flesh as the passion prolonged, words of ‘fucking hell Pads, could have told me she’d be this fucking tight’ echoing through the room. It wasn’t just a desire, it was a need and gods would he be thankful when it finally occurred.
He was entranced in the way you leaned forwards towards him, your back arched and bent, granting easy access to the lanky male positioned  behind you. Your mouth parted, tongue lolling out, eyes wide and innocent, desperate to feel the weight of his length on the muscle. “She always like this, Pads? All needy for y’cock? Got her disciplined and well behaved, haven’t you?”
⇛ X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
The slight curve of his cock caused wanton moans to filter through the room, your mind plagued with the delicious sensations of the burning stretch. You craved the feeling of his cock easing it’s way through your cunt, enjoying the way he hissed through his teeth at the feeling, basking in the warmth of your silky walls. It was the perfect fit, slightly curved, long and the perfect girth and he knew it, smirking at the way you breathed out at the initial stretch, fascinated in how you squirmed and wriggled, shivering with pleasure.
You breathed out at the burning stretch - the delicious stretch as the brunette eased himself into you, stretching and dragging against your velvet walls. You were fixated on the feeling, basking in the sensation of the male stretching you open, exploring your most private place, the slight curve of his cock brushing against the most sensitive parts of your walls, causing you to cry out. “So responsive,” he quirks, as he stretches his figure over you, hovering over your frame.
⇛ Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
He was always ready for you, aching with the need that pulsated through your body. He always desired you, always needed you and wasn’t afraid to show it. He’d take you anywhere and everywhere, empty classrooms, devoid bedrooms, his motorcycle, just because he needed to be buried inside of you, his life source being the feeling and taste of your cunt.
He nudged your back against the steering of the motorcycle, spreading your thighs and unveiling your swollen cunt to him, dripping with his seed. “Y’better have not gotten m’seats dirty, little bird. Or y’gonna be bending down to lick it all up,” he muses, fingering the escaping release back into your folds, his ring-covered fingers easing it back into you. “Oh, would y’look at that, the seat’s a bit dirty. Get to work then, y’know what to do.”
⇛ Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
The aftermath of your activities was almost as precious and satisfying to Sirius as much as the actual sex. He found a different sense of pleasure in helping you sit up, drying off your tears and cleaning up the dribble that pooled at your lips. He found himself falling even deeper in love with you at the way he carried you to the edge of the bath, setting you down gently and smiling softly at the way you reached back out for him, craving and desperately needing his touch. Only when you’re all cleaned up - all refreshed and tidy and ready to go to bed will he be content enough to fall asleep with you, tucking you pretty little head into the crevice of your neck, tangling your limbs together beneath the sheets, perfect and ready to watch the night slip away, dreams fading in and out of your slumber. Together.
The two of you nestle beneath the covers, figures tangled between each other. Sirius’ hand grapples the back of your head, tucking the mandible into the crevice of your shoulder, smiling gently at the way your breaths begin to even out. He could just make out the bruising which littered your collarbones and chest from that exact night, slightly looking down the covers to ensure it was all cleaned up. “Good night, my sweet girl. Forever, my love.”
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hellounicorn · 2 days ago
Could you pls do some more poly mafia marauders?Maybe the reader gets the leader of an opposing gang to fall in love with her but is actually with the marauders and did it because they ordered her to? (If that makes sense)
Ooh this is such a cool concept!
“Just remember who you belong to, love.” Remus confirms with a stern look, adjusting the scarf around your neck to prevent you from getting the chills outside as Sirius leans down to clip your shoes in place, humming in agreement with the brunette.
“And make sure he doesn’t try and get handsy with you, if he does you know what to do.” James reminds you as you wrack your brain trying to remember everything you needed to accomplish tonight undercover.
Despite how much it disgusted you to go out on a date(even if it was an ordered one), you had to keep your guard up and continuously tell yourself how just one more hour means time closer to going back home to be with your real boyfriends.
You inhale confidently, walking out the door and turning on the listening device implanted in the collar of your shirt. “This better be worth it.”
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theoreticslut · a day ago
「 control 」
sirius black x fem reader
requested: no
summary: In trying to get Sirius to do his homework, you take control which he isn’t too fond of.
word count: 2k
warnings: 18+ smut, oral (m receiving), slight orgasm denial, cock warming, rough-ish sex, mentions of prior overstimulation, degradation, use of the name ‘pet’ and other various pet names (hon, baby, babe, etc), mentions of squirting & creampie, slight subspace if you squint
A/N: hey, hi, hello. it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, and even longer since I’ve really posted anything. i’m super sorry my blog is so inconsistent. i’m trying to write more, but it’s been difficult w/ little motivation, busy class/work schedules, still trying to get used to writing with someone else in the room (or god forbid in public in btn my classes). basically, i’m trying, but it’s not going very well. have this beautiful sirius smut though while I try to write more. I had originally planned on getting a bunch of autumn/halloween themed content out to you guys this month, but it’s not going too well. hopefully you’ll all still like it if it’s a little past halloween when it actually gets posted. anyways, I love you guys bunches & i hope you’re all doing well Xx
Tumblr media
“But this is so boring!” Sirius whines about his homework. He’s never been one to want to do his work, but that doesn’t means he’s not brilliant. Godric, he could easily be top of the class if he only put in the effort.
“Siri, hon, you need to get it done though.”
“But I don’t want to. Not right now at least. I wanna be with you.” He pouts.
“You are with me Sirius,” you chuckle. “But you need to get this done. It’s due Monday.”
“So? It’s only Saturday, darling. I’ve still got tomorrow.”
“If you do it now though, we’ll have all day tomorrow that we can spend together.” You try to persuade. Honestly, it was rather painful trying to get Sirius to do his work.
“But I want you now.”
You sigh, not even sure how to try to persuade him anymore. You’ve used practically every reason and encouragement you could. There is one thing though that you haven’t tried, and you have a feeling it might work.
“Alright then.”
“Really?!” He beams, shocked that you’ve given in so quickly.
You shrug, smiling lightly at him as you walk towards him. Once in front of him, you kneel down and start undoing his slacks.
He just watches you, not believing that you’ve gave in so easily. Usually he has to nearly beg you to do anything when he’s supposed to be doing something else.
“Oh godric, babe. That’s it.” He moans as you free him from his underwear and trousers.
You innocently smile up at your boyfriend as you lower your mouth towards his cock. If he wants you so bad, then you might as well give yourself to him.
“Oh fuck, y/n. That’s it, darling. Feels so good.” He praises as you kiss down his member and then back up before gently sucking on his tip.
Slowly sinking more of him into your mouth, you don’t miss the way he hisses at the feeling of your warm mouth. This man surely knows how to make you feel proud of yourself.
A few minutes pass as you bob your head against him, loving the weight of his cock in your mouth, even though it barely compares to the sounds he lets out.
Just as you can feel him start to reach the edge, you pull off of him, swallowing the spit that’s built up during the process, and wiping whatever’s dribbled onto your chin off.
“Baby, why’d you stop?” Sirius all but whines.
“You’ll see.” You smile, slowly standing back up.
With hazy eyes, he watches as you slide down your panties, carefully stepping out of them before dropping them haphazardly on the floor.
You teasingly run a hand down the front of your body until you reach the end of your skirt, delving your hand underneath the material to palm your own cunt to make sure your wet enough to take him.
“Fuck, darling. You know that cunt is mine. I should be touching it.” Sirius huffs, lazily reaching a hand out towards you that you only slap away with your other hand.
At this, you gain his full attention again. You don’t slap his hand away from what’s his. You don’t deny him anything he longs for. No, he’s the one in control here. Not you.
Sitting up some in shock at your action, he merely watches as you continue palming yourself, eyes fluttering shut every now and then. When you finally feel wet enough, you pull your hand away, your slick clinging to it which practically drives Sirius feral. What he’d give to shove his face down between your thighs, licking and sucking at your pussy until you’re screaming.
“You ready, hon?” You question, looking to Sirius for approval. At his careful nod, you climb onto his lap, straddling his thighs as your dripping cunt hovers over his angry cock.
He watches as you carefully grab his member, lining him up with your entrance before ever so slowly sinking down on him. As much as he wants to stay angry with you for slapping him, he can’t help but let his head loll back as his eyes shut at the feeling of your warm pussy enveloping him.
“Godric, y/n. Y’feel so good.” He mumbles, carefully trying to thrust up into you only to have you stop his with a tsk.
“Nuh-Uh, Siri. That’s not how we’re doing it today.” You chide, ignoring his gradually more irritated look.
“The fuck we aren’t.” He huffs, trying to buck his hips again only to have you lift up off him.
“No. I’m going to sit here all pretty and warm for you while you do your homework. Only after you get it done can you fuck me.”
“You’re kidding me. You don’t tell me what to do, baby. If I want to fuck you, my pretty girl, I’m going to fuck you.”
As he tries to thrust into you again you simply lift yourself up.
“I’m serious, Siri. You’re going to do your homework before you get to fuck me.”
At that, you simply lean back a little to motion him to start. You’re quickly letting out a small squeak though as he wraps his arms tight around your midsection, pulling you into his chest.
“I don’t think you heard me the first time, darling. If I want to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you.” He growls beside your ear.
“I’m in control here. Not you. It’s cute that you thought you were, though.” He teases, drawing a gasp from you as he nips at your earlobe.
“Siri-ohhh!” You moan as he slams his dick up into you.
“Don’t ever try that shit again, yeah? I tell you what we’re doing and you just follow orders like an obedient little pet.” He snarls, all his anger seeping out of him in the form of his hips pounding steadily into you and the words rolling off his tongue. This is the last time you ever do that again.
“Siri! Oh, fuck. Sh-it. I-it’s too much.” You cry, grasping onto him to try to keep any semblance of sanity.
“Shoulda thought of that before you tried taking control, huh?”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I-I won’t do it again. E-ever, I swear.” You sob, finding yourself quickly overwhelmed with the pace that he’s going at.
He doesn’t slow down though. No, you’ve pissed him off beyond belief and he’s going to make sure you learn your lesson. Even if the lesson leaves you unable to walk for a week.
“Fuck, it feel so good, siri. Feels so good! I-it’s too much.”
“It’s never too much, darling. You know you love being pushed over the limit. Remember the night I gave you orgasm after orgasm?” He taunts.
You can’t help but whine at the pleasure. It’s far too much, yet not quite enough at the same time. You can feel that you’re right on the edge, but you can’t quite fall over it.
“Please, Siri. Please.” You beg, although you’re not quite sure what for. You can’t tell if you want him to keep going or if you want him to stop.
“What, y/n? What does my little pet want?”
“Cum. Please. I wanna cum.” You cry, wanting to fall over that edge more than anything.
“You wanna cum? Do you think you deserve to? You haven’t been the nicest today, have you?”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. So so sorry. Please let me cum. I need to cum.”
“You need to, huh? Then go ahead. Show me how sorry you are.” He smirks, slowing down his movements and loosening his grip on you slightly as you unconsciously fuck yourself on him, trying to find any release you can.
Crying in frustration, you can hear him chuckle as he watches you.
“You need some help, darling? Can’t cum on your own?”
Whining out a barely coherent ‘no,’ Sirius chuckles again before bringing a hand down to where the two of you meet, letting his fingers brush against your clit as you ride him.
“Ohhh, Siri…”
You try bouncing on him faster, trying to get him deeper in you’re aching cunt, but you quickly find yourself rutting against his hand in search of that final stimulation to get you over the edge.
“That’s it, baby. Doing so good for me, y/n.” He praises, helping you to rut against his hand ever so slightly by bringing it closer to you so you get more pressure when you rock against him.
Feeling you clench onto his cock with a grip like you’re life depends on it, he knows you’re dangerously close. Feeling a little bit nicer he starts roughly rubbing your clit, never letting you pull away from his hand as you still rock against him.
“Come on darling, I know you’re right there. Cum for me and show me just how sorry you are. Show me just how good of a pet you are by following my orders. Cum.”
With one last bounce on his cock, you can feel him hit that special spot inside you which has you creaming immediately with a scream of his name.
You can feel yourself gushing around him, but you don’t register that you’ve squirted until you come down from the high and feel the wetness all over the insides of you thighs.
“Holy Godric, babe. You feel okay?” Sirius asks, amazed by just how strong your orgasm was. You’ve never cum like that before.
“Mhm. Feel gr-eat.” You hum, thoroughly exhausted.
“I’d hope so. You fucking soaked my pants. Not to mention the puddle you left on the floor.” 
“I’m sorry.” You pout.
“Don’t be sorry for the mess, darling. Fuck it was hot.” Sirius chuckles, hard again by the fact he could ever draw such an orgasm from you.
“You apparently like rough sex, huh?”
You lazily nod, your head resting against his chest as you nearly pass out in the exhaustion of it all.
“I love you, y/n. So much, darling, but don’t try to take control again, yeah? Not unless I give you permission.”
“Yeah. Won’t ever do it again, Siri. I promise.” You mumble. He nods, kissing your forehead as you quickly start to fall asleep on him.
“Come on, darling. Let’s get cleaned up and then we can lay down, yeah?”
You nod in response, not bothering to say a word as you yawn and slump against him.
“Alright, here we go, baby. Gonna lift you off of me, okay?”
“No, wait.” You mumble. “Want you in me. Wanna stay full of your cock.”
“I know, baby, but we gotta clean you up. Alright? We’re going to lift you off me in 1…2…3.”
As he pulls his dick from you, you can’t help but moan, nor can you stop the squeezing of your thighs as you start to feel his cum drip out of you.
“It’s alright, baby. You don’t need to hold my cum. If it wants to drip out, let it drip out.”
“But I wanna hold it.” You pout. “Wanna be full with your cum if I can’t be full with your cock.”
Chuckling he mumbles an okay as he presses a kiss to your forehead before he carefully fingers his cum back inside you, making sure to catch all of it dripping on your folds.
“Yes. Feels so good.” You mumble, barely with it anymore.
You only barely register the bath that Sirius places you In. Much the same with the soft cloth he uses to sponge you down, careful to not overstimulate you.
It’s not until you’re in a pair of clean undies of yours you’d left in Sirius’s dorm before and a soft, way-too-big sweater of his that you fully start to come back.
“Are you sure you’re okay, baby? I’ve never been that rough with you.”
“I’m good, Siri. I promise. I just really need a nap.” You say, punctuating the sentence with a yawn.
“Then take a nap. I’ll be here when you wake up, and maybe I’ll even have all my homework done.” He teases.
“I’ll be holding you to it, Black. I love you.”
“I love you, y/n. Get some rest, you need it.”
With that you close your eyes and quickly fall asleep beside your boyfriend as he begins work on an assignment.
Tumblr media
Hey! I hope you guys all liked this! I’m honestly too tired/lazy to tag my taglist rn, but maybe later on I’ll do so. If you could please like & reblog though, that’d be great!  ♥
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scandalous-chaos · a day ago
🦋Sirius Black
“Sirius Black, you listen to me right now!”
"There is something tragic about living everyday, but at the same time, dying everyday,” Sirius sighed dramatically.
Remus looked up from his book with a frown. “I don’t think that makes sense.”
“Leave him be,” you said, rolling your eyes. “My boyfriend’s going through his philosophy phase.”
“Phases of the moon are beautiful. The phases of life are the same way too, is it not?” Sirius asked, looking outside the window.
“Sirius Black, you listen to me right now! Say one more deep shit, and I’ll find some other room to study in!”
“Fine, I’ll stop.” He said quickly. “You’re lucky I love you too much. Love. Such a strange thing, isn’t it? Wait, Y/N- WHERE ARE YOU GOING, COME BACK I’LL SHUT UP!”
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mrs-brekker15 · a day ago
It's Three In The Morning...
requested by: anon
“Do you like… like me?”
Y/N groaned and turned around to look at Sirius, confused by his words, “We’re married…” He sighed and rolled to his back before waving his hand around as he spoke, “But did you marry me as a friend or as a husband?”
Y/N paused and tried to think through his words, “What’s that even supposed to mean?” Sirius turned his head to look at his wife, “You’re not leaving me are you?” She rolled back over to her other side and groaned into her pillow, “It’s three in the morning… Babe, I’m not gonna leave you. Okay? Now go to sleep.”
Sirius chuckled quietly and wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her neck, “I love you.” She sighed and moved her head to kiss his cheek, “I love you too, idiot.”
{sorry it was really really short... hope you liked it<3}
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peppers-analytics · 19 hours ago
🍒-nsfw w/ poly!wolf star where the reader is being super subby and the boys mock her for it
Warning: 16+ please! Smut, Sirius and Remus being dicks
A/N: using this as a kinktober thing. Just wanna get caught up with kinktober days
Celebration closed!
“I just want you too, Remmy,” you whined. He held your hand as Sirius rutted up into you, and you nearly fell weak as he began to rub slow circles on your clit.
Remus chuckled. “Well, You’ve got Siri right now. You’ll have me later, okay?” you whined again, but listened. “Okay, daddy. I'm sorry.”
Sirius hid a scoff in a groan. “Quit being so whiny,” he said. “Always so fucking whiny.”
Remus laughed again. “Oh, don't be so mean. She's just a baby.”
You gave a low whimper. “I'm not a baby.”
The boys bit back a laugh at the childish tone. “Sure you are, love.”
“Doesnt change how fucking whiny she is.”
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solemnly-mischievous · 9 hours ago
late night with the marauders, lounging together on a couch, remus with his head tipped back and a book cast aside as he smiles at the sound of your laughter. james has his head in your lap, looking up at you adoringly, and sirius has a cigarette in one hand and the front of your shirt in another, bunching it up as he pulls you close and exhales smoke into your mouth.
it's cold outside but the four of you are more than warm enough together, casual touches and murmured affectionate nothings lingering in the air between you. james tugs at your shirt and you lean down, kissing him, and he tastes smoke and chocolate and sirius on your breath. remus does the same with sirius, biting the black-haired boy's lips teasingly, and sirius smirks back at him.
"we should go to sleep," you murmur after the fire quiets down and the moonlight shines into the window, the crescent moon still bright enough to cast pale shadows on the floor, in sirius' hair, reflecting off james' glasses.
sirius takes one last drag from his cigarette and extinguishes it with a wordless spell, leaning back onto remus' chest.
"mm," remus hums agreeably. "yeah, maybe we should."
the four of you stay there till morning, where the early sun finds you all asleep on each other - sirius against remus, you leaning against sirius, james resting on your lap.
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10-things-fics · 14 hours ago
part i
cast | playlist
Tumblr media
chapter I: honey, honey
chapter II: money, money, money
chapter III: mamma mia
chapter IV: chiquitita
chapter V: our last summer
chapter VI: lay all your love on me
chapter VII: super trouper
chapter VIII: s.o.s.
chapter IX: does your mother know
chapter X: slipping through my fingers
chapter XI: the winner takes it all
chapter XII: i do, i do, i do, i do, i do
epilogue: i have a dream
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