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#sirius black x reader smut
silverdelirium · 2 months ago
SUMMARY ➠ the marauders fuck peter’s sister as revenge after they found out he betrayed them.
WARNINGS ➠ foursome, all boys are doms, triple penetration (vaginal, anal and oral), oral sex, nicknames (bunny, baby girl, princess, dove, etc.), light pussy spanking, overstimulation, there’s a little wolfstar moment where they kiss, degrading, praising. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing
A/N ➠ @angel4you here’s your tag bb
james wished more than anything that your brother could see you right now.
your tits painted in purple and blue hues after each boy took their turn in marking you up after they threw you down on the mattress, promising you the night of your life— which was by far living up to its statement.
your panties were drenched and the coil in your lower belly intensified by the minute. 
“what should we do with her?” asked remus, cocking his head to the side.
sirius leaned down to move the hair away from your neck, peppering soothing kisses to the flesh. “i say we all get a taste of her sweet cunt like we discussed earlier, and then we’ll fill her little holes up until she’s so cockdrunk she can barely even think” he sneered, his kisses now landing on your heated cheek.
james snickered as he saw your flabbergasted face, almost as if you did not thought of them capable to talk about you as if you weren’t in the same room.
remus agreed with sirius, coming down to run his hands over your hair. “what do you say, pet? you wanna be fucked stupid by your brother’s friends?” the word dripped from the tip of his tongue like poison.
your pulse quickened and your mouth felt dry (even though your pussy certainly wasn’t).
all you could manage was a slight nod— and seconds later remus’ palm was striking at your panty-clad cunt, the flesh underneath growing sensitive at the stinging, coaxing a whine out of you.
“you speak up like the good slut you are or you don’t get anything” he threatened, giving a nod to james, and before you could decipher what the expression meant, james was ripping the only material that covered you; tearing the lace underwear to the seam.
sirius massaged your inner thighs while the other two gazed longingly at your dripping hole as if they were starved men, sirius joining on the staring only a few moments later. making you feel timid and small.
james was the first to speak up, “told you she had the prettiest pussy ever, should’ve done this a long time ago” he grunted the last part in what seemed to be disappointment.
you weren’t stupid, you knew why they were doing this. and with the way they talked, you wondered if they started discussing the topic of fucking you senseless before or after your brother’s betrayal.
“lay down for us, bunny” whispered sirius, fluffing up the pillows behind you before letting you fall down on them, your legs being pried open by them as james came to his knees in front of you, the tent on his boxers almost had you drooling if it wasn’t for remus’ mouth coming down on yours into an impassioned kiss, his hand already coming to tug around his enlarged cock.
you felt sirius’ hand grope at your marked breasts, and you barely caught on james’ whisper, “i’m devouring this pussy for the next fucking month, that’s for sure”, before his plump lips were enveloping your neglected bud.
you forgot how to kiss remus back for a moment when you felt james’ tongue prod under the hood of your clit, your moans being swallowed by the brunette eagerly, whose hand was bumping against your side as he fisted himself.
“how does she taste, prongs?” interjected sirius, not stopping his assault on your tit as he lent down to plop one in his mouth, grazing the tender skin with his teeth, making you whine into remus’ mouth.
james groaned before answering, “like pure honey, mate— we got ourselves the sweetest pussy out there, i’m telling you” the compliment pushed you to the verge of ecstasy, three more swirls of the male’s tongue on your languid cunt and you were babbling like a baby, the mouth-watering orgasm washing over you like a tidal wave as he grunted into you while remus kissed down your neck.
your vision went white and in the blink of a moment, james was exchanging places with remus, who was still pumping his cock and by the looks of it, caressing the seventh heaven with his fingers.
ropes of hot cum sprayed on your outer lips, coating your pussy in a mess of slickness and drool.
remus’ groans hit your ears as he came down from his high, panting lightly as he looked up at sirius, beckoning him closer with two fingers.
“you’re gonna lick my cum off her little pussy, alright?”
a moan almost slipped out of you as you watched the two dark haired boys share a small peck on the lips, remus’ lower lip caught in between sirius’ before he was positioning himself between your legs.
“oh god, this has got to be the sluttiest fucking cunt i’ve ever seen— all drowned in another man’s cum. but you love that, don’t you, bunny? for us to use you like a mere hole and nothing more” he winked, patting at your sensitive cunt as james came to rest at your side, cock fully out of his boxers that met their fate in the floor.
you swallowed thickly, the way the three boys eyed your body was almost alarming, as if they were gonna devour you like no other— which hypothetically speaking was right— yet it lured a spark up your spine, deepening the hole of submissiveness you were spiraling down to.
“my god i cannot wait to split that pussy open, gonna have you all cockdrunk, my love” grunted james, exhaling a breath next to you, making you shudder.
a heavy and round-ish tap was felt on your cheek, and when you turned your head to the right, you were met with remus’ expecting glance, “gonna suck me off like a good whore or what, dove?” 
“yes i w— oh! sirius fuck!” you cried out shutting your eyes tight and letting your jaw get pried open by the impatient male at your side, who wasted no time to bury his cock down your mouth after james said “shut her up already, moony. don’t wanna hear her dumb baby blabbers”
you didn’t know what to focus on, it was either the spit dribbling down your chin as remus gave your throat merciless thrusts, or the pink muscle that your inner walls desperately clenched around, or the soft yet rough hold that james had on your hand as he wrapped it around his girth, feeling the foreskin push back and forth as you fucked him with your hand slowly.
“look at my little cumdump, so pretty when you’re a mess of cum and drool, could have you like this all day” cooed remus, fighting off the quirk of his lips as he felt you gag around him.
“ours” amended james, guiding your hand by the wrist to go faster as he felt his high approaching, the slurping and squelching sounds that came from sirius’ end arousing the three of you to no end.
your thighs shook and your muscles tensed as sirius continued to give your pussy heavenly-like tongue strokes, the tip of your nerves lighting up as you choked around remus’ dick, your peak catching up to you faster than before.
pleasure sparked through your body, your second orgasm of the night hitting you like a truck and making your vision dot with stars.
“oh shit i’m gonna cum— gonna make a mess on your hand, princess— shit!” moaned james, giving himself sloppy strokes with your hand as he cursed.
sirius blew one last kiss to your engorged and delicate mound, making you writhe and gag against remus’ cock, that was still buried down your throat whilst your lungs ached at the lack of oxygen.
“my turn” chanted remus, carefully pulling out his dick from the canal of your mouth as you coughed and heaved.
it was like a deja vu, seeing yet another one of your brother’s best friends settle himself in the space between your shaking thighs.
you could already feel the burn in your limbs for tomorrow morning, yet your body craved the animalistic bombardment the boys performed on your body.
“look at you, bunny. so wet and ready to take our cocks, you’re gonna feel us for days” he growled, not giving you any warnings before he was diving into your abused pussy, and your thighs went to instinctively lock around his head if it wasn’t for james holding them down.
“oh god just like that remus— fuck!” you whimpered, fisting the sheets in your hands as remus did wonders to your pulsating cunt.
you heard sirius snicker behind you “here we were, thinking you were the most innocent angel but all you want is to get your little pussy wrecked, huh?”
james scoffed at your side, “i always knew a little dollface like her would love to get her pussy torn to shreds, could see it in her eyes when she stared at us, she’s been wanting this for years, haven’t you, lovely?”
a pathetic cry was what you could get out, plus some mumbles of yes’s and want your cock’s.
even though your wails could drown out every other sound on the room, you still heard sirius loud and clear when he said, “i’m taking her in the ass, been dreaming about it for months now, plumpest little thing she carries around”
the confession had you flushing, and it also eased some type of relaxation into your muscles, knowing that you weren’t the only one who has wanted this way back before peter’s betrayal.
“ow you poor thing, you wanna cum? make a mess on rem’s mouth?” crooned james, brushing away stray hairs from your damp forehead.
“yes!” you winded “need it so bad” your eyes rolled back to cloud nine, mewls coming from your mouth nonstop as your walls fluttered around air, remus’ focus being on your overused bud.
you felt murmuring from between your legs as your high extended, “that’s a good pet, taste so good” which you could only guess that came from remus.
the (third) enticing orgasm had your senses turning into mush in a matter of seconds, and it was probably because you knew what was next.
sirius sort of warned you earlier, claiming they were all gonna have a turn at devouring your sopping cunt dry. 
they definitely got that done.
and you could only hope they lived up to the rumors you heard in your hogwarts years about how fucking good they were in bed, and how enrapturing the searing stretch of their girths felt.
“we’re gonna stretch you open so nicely, princess” grunted sirius, grabbing ahold of your arms and pulling you up into a sitting motion before tugging you into a harsh kiss, your whine echoing in his mouth.
the kiss itself had you going fuzzy, hence why you didn’t take notice of when was it that you ended up straddling remus, his weeping tip kissing at your slick entrance.
that’s when you felt a shadow creep from behind you, and it was easy to tell by the silhouette that it was none other than sirius himself, preparing your other hole with the lube in his hand, and when his cock-head prodded at your ring of muscles, not quite entering it yet, is when you realized.
oh. they’re all going in at the same time.
the thought itself might have seemed painful. but when you were anticipating this moment for years, pain is the last of your concerns.
james came to rest his knees beside remus head on the pillow, coincidentally making his crotch in line with your mouth.
“oh we’re gonna absolutely destroy your little pussy, bunny.” sighed james, sharing a look with the other two before you felt them all push at the same time.
it was a bestial pain. but it was also the most divine and mind-blowing stretch you ever felt, and you thought for a second your eyes might stay stuck behind your head with the way you rolled them.
the boy’s groans made you fucking squelch and gush all over remus’ cock as your hips involuntarily rolled forwards (thanks to sirius’ sadistic thrusts from behind you).
the room reverberated the sound of skin slapping, as well as your juices sticking to remus’ pelvis, plus your coughs against james as he curled his fingers in your hair and bobbed your head faster.
“such a pretty little face, too bad its wasted on a dumb cockslut that only cares about getting fucked everywhere” snarled remus, slapping your breast with one hand while the other stayed guiding you by your hips.
“hm but she sounds so pretty when she’s gagging on my cock, don’t you think so?” james tilted his head, sending you a smug smirk as you batted your eyelashes at him.
“oh she sure does, prongs. i wanna say i wish to hear her moans but i don’t like hearing dumb babies like her” chuckled sirius, gaze trained on your bouncing flesh as it clapped against his lower abdomen.
remus grunted from beneath you, “we should’ve done this ages ago. i don’t think anything can compare with her pretty pussy ever”
your eyes rimmed with tears as sirius approached his high, going at a brutal pace that would for sure leave you bruised for days.
“jesus— fuck! i’m gonna cum, baby, gonna paint your tight little ass. shit” he moaned, throwing his head back as he gave quick and fast thrusts that left your mind spinning and walls contracting around remus.
as sirius emptied himself inside you, remus hand snaked down to circle at your throbbing clit, “you greedy slut, can feel you throbbing on my finger even though you’re all full” he taunted
“well we best keep her like that, no?” added on james.
“mhm, and she’s about to cum too— can feel her clenching around my cock” he rubbed faster, watching the tears stream down your eyes as james released ropes of hot white into your mouth without warning.
“swallow, dove— all of it so you can taste it for fucking days” he ordered, not removing his cock in the slightest just to watch you struggle for breath.
the orgasm hit you like a trainwreck— leaving you like you were in one too— fire danced through your veins as you came undone around the brunette’s twitching length, his peak washing over him when your walls squeezed around him.
“that’s it, princess, take all of our cum— i love the way you look when you’re pumped full” whispered sirius, his teeth nibbling at your ear lobe as your whole body shook in the aftershocks of cloud nine.
and when the three boys made eye contact, it took no mind reader to know they were sharing the exact same thought.
fucking payback, peter.
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illiantt · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 3 ➯ poly!Marauders x reader // breeding kink
kinktober masterlist // navigation
Summary: James, Remus, and Sirius all want you to carry their cum in your pussy.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, breeding kink, creampie, foursome, clit slapping, choking, degrading, dirty talk, slut-calling, use of toy (plug), tity sucking, penetration.
Word count: 0.8k
a/n: Third day of kinktober. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated.
“So pretty”, James says as he kisses the inside of your tights.
“Isn’t she? Are you ready to be filled with some cock?” Remus says as he strokes your cheek with the back of his hand.
You nod as you feel Sirius lips sucking your neck.
“Can’t wait to be filled full with cum, huh?” Sirius teases you. You feel the vibration from his mouth on your neck.
“I want it”, you whine, as you feel wet by their teasing already.
“James, how is she? Is she ready to be filled with cum?” Remus asks James but doesn’t break eye contact with you.
“She’s soaked”, James chuckles.
A devilish smile is visible on Remus’ face.
“You’re wet already, baby? How cute. Or more likely such a slut”, Remus says and slaps you on your cunt—making your body twitch.
“James, want to go first?” Remus asks as he places a hand on your heat.
“I want to!” Sirius argues, but is soon cut off by Remus,
“Sirius, you will go last when her cunt is filled with cum already.”
Sirius bulge is hardening as he thinks of fucking you.
James lies in bed beside you, gesture for you to ride him. You climb up, and with your hand, you guide his cock to the entry of your pussy. Slowly letting your pussy swallow James’ whole cock—as you moan of the feeling of a dick inside of you.
“Good girl”, Remus compliment you as you start to ride on James cock. Bouncing up and down. James’ eyes are fixed on your boobs as they move in rhythm with your body.
James pushes you down so he can access your boobs with his mouth. He is changing the movement, so he’s the one that is pumping into you. His pace is so much faster than yours, so you start to moan.
James is fucking hard into you as he sucks and licks on your nipples.
“Jamsie—” you moan as you feel James is cumming in you—filling you up.
He won’t pull out his dick until he has emptied all his cum into you.
“Now it’s my turn. Lay on the bed, and don’t let any of James’ cum drip out from you”, Remus instructed you, and you did as you were told.
You lie down on the bed and spreading your legs for Remus to see your cum-filled cunt.
“Now going to put a baby into you like James”, Remus says as he strokes his cock on your pussy before thrusting it into you.
“Oh, Remmy—” you moan as this is the second dick pumping into you today.
“You like it that different guys put a baby into you, huh?” Remus’ voice is deep and dark, and he put his hands around your neck while slamming into you.
“Y-yes, I do, sir”, you say as Remus chokes you.
“So desperate for babies, that’s why you’re spreading your legs so wide for me”, Remus groans, close to filling you up with his cum.
“I’m going to fucking give it to you then,” he says as he moans.
Remus cum is filling up your pussy—mixing with James’ cum. You have now cum from two men in your pussy.
“Finally, my time to fuck a baby into you, y/n. I want to take you from the back,” Sirius excitedly says and strokes his cock—ready to fuck you.
You stand on all of you four and feel Sirius dick pressing into your already filled pussy.
He grabs your waist as he thrusts into you.
“How does it feel to fuck a filled cunt like hers?” Remus chuckles.
“So good. Can feel that she’s a fucking slut”, and they all three men laugh as you keep moaning.
Sirius presses down your upper body, automatically for your ass to be even higher up.
“Sirius—” you moan as you have already been fucked so much today.
“What is it y/n? Want me to mix my cum with James’ and Remus’ in your pussy?”
The thought that your pussy have had three different cocks in you and their cum mixed up in your pussy made you moan even more.
“Sirius, please cum in me. Please fill me up. I want to carry all of your three cum inside of me”, you whine, and Sirius takes up the pace—determined to give you his cum to fill you up.
Sirius groans as he cum—filling you up. You feel Sirius pull out, but right away, you feel something else pushes into you—making your pussy feel full again.
“It’s a plug—so our cum stays inside your pussy. We want you to walk around with it for the whole day. Because we are going to fill you with some more tonight”, Remus informs you.
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gotkindabored · a month ago
No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin
It’s October 31st, 1981, and Sirius was looking for his next meal when he bumps into a mysterious woman.
↳ PAIRING: Vampire!Sirius Black × F!Reader
CONTENT: NSFW 18+, smut, murder, blood drinking (feeding), P in V, mentions of child abuse, dom!sirius, sub!reader, obsessive thoughts, praise, slight degradation, fluff, crying, overstimulation, possessiveness, dubcon?, love confessions, religious imagery, slight manipulation?, plot
NOTES: It’s time for the #dietmonsterfuckers to RISE. And Happy Halloween everyone! I really hope you’ll enjoy this xx
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Silhouetted by the waning crescent moon, daunting walls rose from the shadows that towered over the dark alley. With every sharp twist and turn, loud panting rebounded throughout as a deep scorching sensation lashed at the man’s throat; lungs consumed in painful gasps as he sprinted.
With both his body and brain on overdrive, he was left with no other choice but to run.
Legs blurring together, his neck craned back to catch a glimpse of the figure chasing him until confusion clouded his mind rather than fear.
Because nothing was behind him. It was gone and far too quiet.
Coming to a slow halt, the man bent down, hiding behind a large rubbish bin. Through the dizziness and building nausea that threatened to rise, he attempted to even out his laboured breaths with little avail.
Clutching his shirt to find a grip on reality, ears on high alert for any approaching footsteps — any sign that suggested that the attacker was near — nothing was close. Nothing that seemed within proximity.
He swallowed hard; a cold sweat forming on his brow that made its way down the side of his face — mixing into the open gash on his forehead for a diluted substance. He hissed, exhaling sharply.
Quickly mapping out a routine in his mind; if he ran and was lucky enough, he could make it to Charing Cross in ten minutes flat.
Forcing himself out of his daze, the man stood, feet finding his footing and adjusted to begin running again — only to immediately be met with a crushing blow that struck at the centre of his chest.
He fell — flew backwards — a sickening crack resounded through the alleyway.
Thudding to the ground and too stunned to register the pain, the man’s eye latched onto the Italian leather shoes nearing him. The clicking of the heels mimicked a ticking clock; a countdown.
Click. Click. Click.
He could hardly breathe as all sense of panic returned.
“Nice effort,” the attacker drawled, voice dangerously low as he cast him a sinister grin.
Even then, the man was transfixed by the attacker’s beauty and charm; the figure had pale moonlight skin, his obsidian hair was waved and perfectly laid as if he hadn’t been hunting him — toying with him for the past hour.
Attempting to scramble back, a sharp kick was delivered to the man’s ribs, forcing him back on the wet ground.
“Wait! Stop —” he shrieked as the attacker stomped hard on his leg, bones shattering.
Any shred of hope of escape vanished as fretful tears flowed down his face, continuing to scream and grunt in pain.
Healthy, crimson blood seeped through the man’s trousers. The mysterious man above grinned wickley, bending down to fist his shirt as he lifted him, pinning him high against the nearby brick wall with unnatural ease and swiftness.
His eyes flashed a deep red; far too similar to pure black.
“Too bad, you’re a pretty one,” the attacker chuckled deeply. His accent was old and aristocratic, as if he were from a different time.
Jerking his head, he flicked locks of hair out of his face. With lidded eyes, he leaned in, inhaling deeply. He tsked.
“We could’ve had a little more… fun, too bad you ruined it.”
Another scream tore from his lips as the attacker gripped his shoulder, splintering more bones.
“W-wait!” He pleaded, staring into the man’s eyes. “P-plea-se don’t do t-this! I — I have a son!”
It was a mistake peering up. It was a horrifying sight.
Instead of a handsome relaxed grin, it was wiped with the contortion of teeth — sharp fangs poking out from its mouth: shining, glistening in the low light — perfect and straight and white as snow.
“Don’t do this?” It mused, smirk dissipating and grasp stiffened. “You didn’t stop striking that poor child when they asked you. Your son, right?”
He screamed again, his wrist snapping.
“Fuck! Shit! I’m sorry —”
“I heard the screams, you know. Heard them from miles away. Heard them for days,” it sneered. “But don’t worry, he’ll be with his mother.”
“I — how? W-what are you?!”
The attacker didn’t answer.
Instead, its sharp fangs sunk into his neck. The lifeless body fell to the ground within minutes.
A long sigh escaped him as he bent down to the slumped man, picking him up with one hand and hoisted him on his shoulder.
Discreetly, he managed to discard the body in an abandoned house, waiting to be found within a week.
There wasn’t anything to worry about. The man’s screams were covered by the shouting, blasting music and laughter from parties; countless horror movies playing and nearby pubs bustling.
It was why Halloween night was Sirius’ favourite time to hunt. He never had to worry about being caught.
It was always a feeding frenzy; the smell of lust, blood, sweet and fuck — he could perfectly tune in on the blood pumping, coursing throughout the human’s bodies. He had his pick; each beat clear in his ears. And with everyone too consumed with each other to notice that someone had disappeared from plain sight, never returning, it was too easy.
Granted, Sirius tried — he bloody tried to be good and live the rest of his vampiric life as a saint, surviving solely off animal blood. He even tried those shitty diets James loved to recommend before he had found his mate, Lily. Sirius even went as far as to follow the whispered trends amongst the rest of the vampiric community in Britain who had formed their own version of the hippie movement: vegetarian diets. Lion blood, lamb blood, rabbit blood — all sorts of animal blood.
Sirius scoffed. Hippie vampires, who would have thought?
Because at first, he desperately wanted to be good — to be as human as he could be. But how human could he be? With cold skin, a still heart and bloodlust churned inside him, nothing but the vessel he lived in was human. But he liked to believe.
So, he found an alternative: slaughter the worst of humanity.
Was it fair to play God? Morally no. But to him, he viewed it as serving a sick, twisted sort of justice that the law system failed to do. He never felt bad, hardly. It tugged on his consciousness a little, but at that point it was natural selection.
And God was it satisfying.
Stepping away, the back of his hand wiped across his chin as he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth to savour any blood remaining.
His face scowled at the taste.
Over the years of feeding, biting, killing, Sirius had come to discover and expand his preferences.
He preferred women’s blood over men’s. They were sweeter, more satisfying, softer and undoubtedly beautiful.
Men were nowhere as sweet. Their blood was thicker, held a strong metallic taste that was a little too bitter for his palette. However, they carried more blood and sustained him for longer periods.
Blood lust and arousal went hand in hand. Sex while feeding was taboo, but the best in Sirius’ opinion. That or cuddling, or rather during any intimate moments, came to a close second.
But then again, every vampire had their own preference and Sirius tended to run towards those of a sweeter taste. Unfortunately, he had yet to find anything that met his standards.
He had been hungry, starving, looking for the sweetest blood he could find. In fact, he’d been searching for over a century to fill that constant ache — an everlasting prickle at the back of his throat, one that was only temporarily soothed by the random men and women he found.
As he turned to leave the dingy house, he caught his attention in the reflection through a broken window pane.
“Fuck,” he muttered, huffing as he spotted droplets of scarlet that bleed into his loose white blouse. He liked that one — vividly remembered buying it with Regulus back in the late eighteen hundreds.
At least for Halloween, he could go as himself — let his fangs show and play it off as hyper-realistic prosthetics. It would even make feeding more accessible.
“Always one for the dramatic,” a voice came from behind him, emerging through the thick blanketed fog and shadows. “I still don’t think you should kill them.”
Sirius scoffed, pulling his long, fluff coat tighter around him to hide the blood. “You encouraged me.”
James smirked. “Because nobody particularly fancies child abusers.”
Clicking his tongue in agreement, they walked back onto the busy streets of Soho, bordering Chinatown.
However, yet expected, James shifted to a concerned state. “But remember our laws. No —”
“No mindless or unnecessary slaughter,” Sirius started. “Which, by the way, I think that was very necessary. No biting anyone under the age of eighteen; don’t turn a human against their will and blah, blah. Happy?”
James rolled his eyes, shoving him.
The main street was decorated with bright lights and props — intersections blocked off by transportable cones decorated as witches’ hats. Costumes, vivid makeup, bodies of all shapes and sizes roamed with smiles plastered on. Halloween music thumped loudly, the vibrations being felt through every fibre as doors were left open, people entering and exiting various shops. Some even danced on the street — small stalls selling pumpkins and hot drinks; all looking for their next paycheck.
As they passed, men and women winked Sirius’ way, thriving off the attention. If they knew what he was…
He could have laughed! Humans… They were so simple-minded, borderline stupid. Always so trusting and easily charmed.
James sniffed the air casually, moaning at the scent of food wafting from the nearby stands. “I think that’s what I miss most. Human food. Pasta…”
“I miss being warm,” Sirius added, playing with the rings on his fingers.
James hummed, weaving his way through the crowd until they found a wooden bench to sit on.
“So where’s Evans?” He asked, propping one leg across his knee. “Surprised she isn’t here.”
“With Lupin.”
Sirius’ head whipped to James, his nose wrinkling as disgust washing over him. “Why do you keep that mutt around?” He questioned bitterly. “Let alone with your mate.”
“If you get to know him, he’s not bad. I quite like him.”
“He’s annoying.”
“He’s terminally shy. Hardly speaks.”
“Smells like a dog.”
“I — okay. You’re right. But we also smell to them.”
“He tried to kill me!”
“You were on werewolf territory!”
“By accident! James! Come on, back me up! We’re sworn enemies,” he scoffed. “Vampires and werewolves.”
James sighed, ruffling his messy hair. “And you’re a part of the reason why.”
As he was about to respond, Sirius abruptly closed his mouth as a woman walked past. His head tilted curiously, nose scrunching as he fixated on her as she searched through her bag.
It was a grossly unfair statement in Sirius’ mind to only define her as beautiful. She was a carefully crafted masterpiece, fine art that could drive any artist mental with the realization that they could never achieve anything nearly as perfect.
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Before he could think twice, gauge his actions, Sirius stood, speeding up to her quickly as her shoe skidded across a particularly edged pavement. She didn’t have enough time to brace herself as she fell.
In a swift swoop, Sirius’ arm reached out, bracing the woman and cradled her to his chest in a protective manner. The odd sense to protect, to give, to have, flared through his mind as instinct took over. A shock, much like an electrical current, passed through them both, raising every goosebump and hair on their bodies.
Time stood still.
With touch alone, she managed to coax the cold right out of him, leaving Sirius fuzzy and warm; the purity of daylight’s last spark in its purest form, beyond a mortal keen — an angel — all in his very hands.
The hammering of her heart resounded in his ears, deafening him momentarily, forcing his brain to rewrite itself as she spoke.
“— Thank you,” she breathed. Sirius saw his reflection mirror in her wide eyes, both equally confused and starstruck. “I — wow. You actually swept me off my feet.”
He forced himself to cough, reluctantly letting go.
“Uh, yeah. No problem. I’m just glad I got to you in time,” he rasped. Wetting his lips, he bent down to pick up her fallen items.
“Oh sir, you don’t have to —”
“Please, I don’t mind.”
Truly, Sirius didn’t. He was completely and utterly fixated on her, a spell being cast on him.
With her belongings safely stored in her bag, countless thank you’s and her soft smile, if he had a beating heart, it would have thudded into overdrive.
He leant forward, wanting to get a proper smell of her blood but the wind blew the opposite direction. He lamented, instead, meeting her eyes.
She was already flustered.
“Really,” he replied, tone becoming silky smooth, hoping it would charm her. “It was my pleasure.”
But her sweet smile faded, a look of worry replacing it. “Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to go. I’m going to be late to work.”
No! No, no, no! The voice inside his mind screamed. A strange urge of desperation bloomed through his chest, panicked by the thought.
She pivoted, and Sirius had to grip his jacket to prevent himself from reaching out.
“But do you see that?” She pointed to the busy pub across the street. “Come with me. I’m a bartender and the drinks are on me tonight — as a thank you.”
Sirius grinned like a mad man, nodding feverishly. “I’d like that.”
“Perfect! I —” Her eyes darted behind his shoulder, presumably as James before returning to him. “I’ll meet you inside?”
“Meet you inside.”
She threw a fleeting glance at him before turning around. James came, clasping his shoulder, brows wiggling at him. “Caught your eyes?” He teased. “Pretty thing, isn’t she?”
“... Right?” Sirius said, voice coming out as a thoughtful whisper.
“Aw! Excitedly little puppy! You should have seen the way you were looking at her.”
Soon enough, a gust of wind flowed through the chill night, blowing past the mysterious woman and to Sirius, rendering him speechless.
The most delicious scent hit him like a wrecking ball.
The thick, sugary sweet scent of her blood caused that instantaneous ache in his throat to explode. The hollow yearning in his chest expanded — stomach twisted and turned, increased ten-folds as if he hadn’t just fed less than an hour ago.
There was an automatic tightening of his muscles, an excess flow of venom threatened to seep from his fangs.
Her blood sang, and he swore the song was for him.
Sirius could barely think; thoughts incoherent and irate.
Because fuck, what did she do to him?
Sirius watched her enter the pub, slipping behind the counter and began taking a dozen orders — completely immersed in her element. She charmed the customers, himself included, talked to a dozen men, a dozen women as a fit of burning jealousy flooded him.
Because that should be him.
The monster he’d beaten back with centuries of discipline sprang to the surface. It clawed and tore through his skin, bloodlust clouding any rational thought.
James had noticed the behavioural change, forcing him to sit back on the bench. Finding purchase on the metal handle, Sirius gripped it, denting it — nearly ripping it out of the wooden planks.
“Black!” James’ voice penetrated the thick fog.
It was punishing being that far away, to withstand something as sugary as her.
She smiled at a co-worker. Infectious.
He wanted her, needed her. Needed, needed, needed —
“What the fuck are you doing?” James tried again, prying his hands off the metal and shielding him from the passing crowd. “Are you good? We’re in public!”
He didn’t need to, but Sirius breathed in deeply, ragged, trying to calm down.
“Did you smell her blood?” Sirius asked.
“I — what? Who’s blood?”
He gestured to her.
James’ head tilted up, taking a deep breath, concentrating. “She’s healthy… really sweet. Young — probably mid-twenties? What about it?”
“Fuck, I don’t know. It’s — I — did you feel that too?”
His fangs popped out.
James snapped several times, even grabbing his face and tearing his gaze off her.
“Mate!” He exclaimed. Sirius’ eyes turned from a stormy grey to deep red. “Your eyes! And put your fucking fangs away!”
Sirius struggled to push James off as he tried to force himself down.
Never had he wanted someone’s blood so much since he had been rebirthed.
“Earth to Black! Did you not feed enough earlier? You were fine a moment ago.”
Want, need, want, want, need —
“I… I don’t know what’s happening to me,” he choked out, hands trembling. His fist squeezed into a tight ball, releasing several times. “She shocked me and I —”
It took James a second before relaxation dawned upon him. Smiling widely, he pulled back, clapping and hollering, catching the attention of a few bystanders.
“Blimey!” He yelled, shaking Sirius by the arms. “Do you think she’s your mate?”
The word bounced off the walls of his mushed brain, the idea not quite sinking in.
Sirius froze. Blinking. Not a single thought in his mind.
Could vampires go into shock?
“I can hear the wedding bells! Oh my God! You found her!” James cheered. “Do you know how rare this is? A vampire and a human! Lily’s going to have a field day! Wait — I better be best man — you were mine at our wedding! I can’t believe this! I’m so happy for you — shit. She invited you for a drink!” He sputtered, yanking Sirius up and pushing him in the direction of the pub. “Go talk to her — gonna think you ditched.”
Sirius blinked. Once, twice. Looked up at James. Horrified.
“I don’t know what I’m doing.”
James softened, a gummy smile replacing his features as he strided up to throw an arm around him.
“It’s going to be an adjustment, especially getting used to resisting the blood. But it’ll be fine. You were both made for each other, will understand each other better than anyone else… My life started when I met Lily — I mean truly started, and it will for you too.” He hugged him tighter. “Now go, have fun, and meet me afterwards. I want to know how it goes.”
Sirius gulped, the nervousness dimming slightly. “Thank you.”
“Just be careful.”
On autopilot, Sirius stumbled into the pub, passing through the crowd. It was busy, filled with all sorts of characters and clashing personalities but drowned out by his curiosity. He brushed up accidentally against a few, but none felt the same as it did with her.
Sirius hurriedly sped up to the counter, stealing another man’s seat which earned him a flurry of crass words.
Surprise was written on her face when she eventually noticed him there.
“Good evening.”
“Hello again! I thought you weren’t coming,” she teased, guilt immediately hitting Sirius. “Did your friend hold you up?”
“Sorry about that.” Taking a deep inhale, Sirius had to stop himself from groaning, fangs nearly popping out from excitement. In such close proximity, where the wind wasn’t blowing or mixing with other scents, Sirius was already drunk on the aroma alone. “And yeah, it was something… personal.”
“Personal, huh? Hard night?”
“Something like that.”
“That’s what I’m here for!” They both chuckled. “So, what's your poison?”
You, his mind unhelpfully shouted. “What do you recommend?”
As she spoke, he hung onto every word and Sirius couldn’t help but be enchanted. His eyes often drifted to her neck, spotting the prominent vein that popped out and let himself imagine the heat of her fine skin under his fingertips, how the hot flow of her pulse would feel. How it would feel under his mouth. It burned his throat like acid.
He refocused once she finished, waiting for an answer.
“Right — scotch?”
She beamed, hands reaching out for various bottles. “Coming right up.”
Keeping a watchful gaze on her, she worked on multiple drinks, chatting with a dozen people at once but never as long as she did with him. A deep satisfaction blossomed.
“And here!” She exclaimed, sliding him the glass on the table. “Hope you like it.”
Sirius flashed a quick smile, his mind churning.
He remembered vaguely how alcohol tasted like, remembered he used to love it — used it to forget about his problems.
How mundane, simple the human mind and body was.
Shit… he couldn’t drink it and she waited eagerly for his approval.
Fuck it.
Sirius tipped it back, allowing the tasteless amber liquid to swish in his mouth but never swallowed it. He forced his Adam's apple to mimic the rest of the patrons, swallowing, bobbing and giving a deep hum in appreciation.
But it was worth it, seeing her light up.
“Hey! Ms!” A group of women raised their hands, hailing her.
“Talk to you soon,” she winked. “Don’t miss me too much.”
His stomach flipped.
When nobody was looking, he spit the liquid back into the glass, managing to pour the rest of the liquid into the sink just behind the counter.
Her hands wiped on her apron, finally resting on the edge of the counter, giving him her full attention. “Already finished?”
“S’great, thank you,” he replied. His hand flexed at his side.
Touch, touch, touch…
“Would you like another?”
Sirius’ glanced at the large clock on the wall. He had only been there for less than twenty minutes. Her shift would surely last a couple more hours, and he was far from willing to leave.
Inwardly, he sighed, but externally, grinned. “I’d appreciate it. A lot.”
“Sure thing, pretty boy!”
This time, she worked in front of him.
“So,” she mumbled, “What are you supposed to be?”
A nod to his chest. “What’s that? Blood?”
Sirius froze, looking down at his shirt and recovered smoothly.
“Fake blood. I’m supposed to be a vampire.”
“A vampire? Want me to grab a wooden stake?”
“You’ll get the wooden stake and I’ll order a bloody mary next round.”
She giggled, Sirius relished in it.
Passing him the newly made drink, she leaned against the counter as he lifted the drink, lips barely touching the glass.
But as she tilted her head, giving Sirius the perfect view of the expanse of her neck, the scent hit him at full blast. He shifted back, too dangerous to linger there for too long. His nostrils flared, adrenaline and venom pumping through his veins.
For a second, Sirius had lost control and the cup shattered under his strength. It made multiple patrons jump.
“Fuck,” he rushed out, mostly from fear of startling her. “I’m sorry, I —”
She gasped, immediately cleaning the broken glass off the counter. “No, no! It’s not your fault. There must’ve been a chip or crack I didn’t see. Are you okay?”
“Got lucky,” he smiled, raising his hand and threw the rest of the glass into a bin. He fished out his wallet he kept on hand, sliding over twenty quid.
“I said it was on the house.”
“Consider it a tip then,” he insisted. “Or a replacement for the glass.”
She huffed, shaking her head with a tiny simper. “You’re impossible!”
“I prefer persistent.”
“You’ve convinced me.”
She was flagged down once more, a couple of other patrons waiting patiently for her to make rounds.
Moving to leave again, Sirius greedily wanted more. In an attempt, he reached over, grazing her hand and felt the warmth spread through him, wrapping him in a blanket of bliss.
Something he hadn’t felt in centuries.
He had met his soul mate, bound to them by an eternity. And whatever was left of his damaged soul, he would bare and give it fully to her.
“I’m sorry, but I didn't catch your name.”
“Shouldn’t I leave you guessing, wanting more?”
“I’m persistent, I’ll figure it out eventually.”
She giggled. “I’m Y/N.”
He smirked, liking the ring of it. “Well then, Y/N, can I get your number?”
Her head tilted down, a smile plastered on. “Well, what’s your name?”
“Well then, Sirius, of course.”
Tumblr media
The next several months was a delicate process as the years of outdated etiquette and boring courting lessons were re-installed to the forefront of Sirius’ mind.
In the sly and artful practice of pursuit, he used the reinforced behaviours every chance he got.
Sirius forced himself to learn how to breathe and blink regularly again, finding himself mimicking humans that it became second nature to pretend. He became a regular patron to that pub in Soho to let her acclimate to him and then, the dates.
He hadn’t remembered a time when he was that nervous going on dates. Hell — the last time he went on a proper date was with another vampire a few decades ago and he certainly wasn’t as downright nervous.
The simple fact was: he didn’t want to fuck up.
He used to enjoy breaking rules, rejoiced in making rash decisions that somehow always ended up benefitting him. He never gave much thought, simply doing what he wanted and ready to tag along with James and Lily.
But he didn’t want to risk losing her. The thought alone was enough to send him spiralling.
The need to treat her right — to do something by the books for once was overpowering. Everything he did was with calculated precision because the one thing he wanted when it came to her, their relationship, was something normal — ordinarily human. It was the least he could do, offer her something close to human normality.
He was brave, vulnerable, won her the old-fashion way and did everything right. He bought her flowers, took her to the cinema, hugged her from the back, kissed her knuckles, made sure to open every door; pulled out seats and loved her reactions to the little gifts and letters he gave her. He made sure to carry everything he deemed too heavy, even if it was a book or two — letting her know that she was a vision; a mirror of Aphrodite.
He made sure to do everything he thought she deserved and then some. Convinced her with words dipping honey, coaxing her to him with the sweetest of whispers.
Love… he was willing to do anything for it. Maybe Sirius was more of a romantic than James was.
However scary, the time they shared was some of the most fulfilling times of his life. The only one who had ever and would ever afflict him with pining and yearning.
Everything he learned about her made him shiver in anticipation. To hold, to love, to bite — it was a deep, sickening desire. The witty comments, eyes lighting up with passion — the sheer intelligence and humour and ambition stored in a single person floored him. In every way, she was perfect, even with all the little flaws.
Sirius had already fallen in eternal love; freshly dissolved in a frozen devotion.
But her blood sang to him like a choir, calling and taunting him. These days, he had to hunt more, and kept hundreds of blood bags in his house. The building ache in his throat was unbearable, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to control himself, to not want to sink his fangs into her soft flesh and — no.
He took a deep breath, controlling himself.
Toying between the fine line of love and abuse was difficult. But where was the line drawn between someone mortal and immortal?
Sirius sighed, pulling out a white cylinder from a box and placing it between his teeth. Y/N peered up to him, smiling as she grabbed his lighter, cupping her hands around the cigarette and lit it for him. He sucked on it, blowing out puffs of grey smoke, before leaning down to kiss the side of her head.
It was utterly tasteless, entirely for aesthetic, but he liked to believe that a small part of his human self, if there was any resemblance left, would appreciate him for still indulging in it.
“Dinner was great,” she said, words slightly slurring together. She beamed up to him, her hand resting on his chest as they walked down the pavement.
Sirius had gotten lucky that night; managed to use the excuse that he was driving and it would be wise to be the designated driver. He managed to shove his food in his pockets too, only to excuse himself to the bathroom and threw the scraps to a few stray dogs in an alleyway.
“You never have to thank me, angel,” he smirked, pulling her closer. His hand reached down, patting her bum a little as she squealed. He barked out laughing, a spark of electricity shooting down his spine.
Of course, a loving hand was a far cry from sharp fangs, but he liked to think it was the same principle. A fleeting touch still meant possession.
Snow danced around, clinging onto their eyelashes as strung lights hung from buildings. Valentines day neared, pink and red hearts were drawn on signs. The sound of distant music played in the background.
“Wait, Sirius,” she murmured, stopping to admire the music as Sirius observed her quietly, watching her eyes glitter.
She spun around out of his grasp dramatically, outstretching her arm and fluttering her eyelashes. “Fancy a dance?”
He couldn’t help but be completely and utterly charmed. Quickly, he subbed out his cigarette, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to her knuckles.
“Thought you’d never ask.”
But instead, she gasped. “You’re so cold!”
“It’s fine,” he casually played off. “I told you I have bad blood circulation.”
“Maybe we should go  —”
“Shh, I’m fine,” he chided. “Let’s dance.”
She wore a sparkly dress, just a glimpse was visible — hidden underneath her coat. Twisting with ease, sensual energy flowed, throwing flirtatious winks at him while flicking her hips. She pulled him close, dancing freely as he twirled her around before dipping her. She was a giggling mess in his arms, and Sirius wouldn’t have it any other way.
He stayed still for a moment, watching her dance with vibrant energy. Sirius pulled her close, swaying once the song switched, becoming of a slower tempo.
His head rested on hers, the hair tickling his nose. Taking a deep inhale, her scent turned his mind into a frenzy, mind dizzying and resolve weakening…
Despite his best intentions, Sirius was hungry… so hungry… and not just for blood. Fangs grazed the side of her ear, managing to nuzzle into her neck; just in perfect reach of a nice vein.
Bite, bite, bite, bite —
It was a testament to his will that he didn’t bite down then. She was so close, so warm, willing and inviting. Everything about her was suffocating him in the loveliest way possible.
Bite, bite, bite, bite —
He wanted her so badly that it hurt.
Bite, bite, bite, bite —
Sirius didn’t hear what she said, only felt the gentle shaking of his arm before she pulled away. He breathed out, carefully tucking his fangs back in.
“Oh! Hey, you. What are you doing here?”
The familiar deep baritone voice snapped Sirius out of his thoughts.
“Just running some errands,” Lupin said, his voice rough and strained — eyes trained on Sirius.
Fucking mutt.
He felt sick, utterly disgusted and revolted by the smell of wet dog.
“That reminds me,” Y/N blurted, hands gesturing between the two men. “Sirius, this is Remus. We’re…. good friends and used to work with each other.”
Swallowing his disgust at the newfound knowledge, Sirius forced himself to smile. “Is that so?”
“Mhm! And Remus, this is Sirius, my boyfriend.”
He glanced up to Remus who paled considerably; his face was dead and mouth smashed into a hard, flat line. His knuckles even turned white from how hard he fisted them by his side.
“Ah,” gritted Lupin. “Black and I know each other — acquaintances for the past few years now.”
“Really?” She questioned, smile somewhat faltering as she looked up to Sirius. Her hands, soft and warm, held his and the only thing that kept him rooted in reality.
“London isn’t so big after all,” Sirius gave a dry chuckle. “It was nice seeing you, Lupin, but we really should get going. Right, love?”
Her face scrunched slightly, weight shifting from foot to foot. “Yes, it’s getting cold now — but it was great seeing you, Remus.”
Being a vampire was hard enough. Being a vampire — a nice one at that — to a werewolf in front of your girlfriend? Even harder.
Lupin softened, figure becoming less tense and face softened at her. He ran his hands through his tousled brown hair, green hues sparkling at his name on her lips. “Goodnight, be safe.”
“You too,” Sirius added. “You never know what will be roaming out during midnight.”
They turned, walking in the direction of Sirius’ car until Lupin staggered forward, hand reaching out to, presumably to touch her.
Hunger was one thing he could control, but his fury was another beast entirely.
He wasn’t stupid — knew that look in Lupin’s eyes — saw how he looked at her. It was as if Sirius had looked into a mirror.
He managed to just graze her jacket as she turned around.
“Um… was there something you needed?” She asked.
“I -” his head shook. “Never mind, it’s nothing. I forgot.”
Sirius scowled as he processed his actions, turning his face and baring his fangs at the wolf in a hostile, triumphant smile. His hand slid around the span of her waist and pulled her close, away from that dog.
Sirius was a monster before a man, and it clawed inside him, scraping its long claws along the inside of his heart. Bitter and angry. It swelled, consuming every inch of his body in a fire that burned all logic and reason away.
With a jangle of his keys slipping from his pocket, a beeping sound echoed through the empty streets and unlocked his car. In a mild jealous daze, Sirius opened the door, waiting patiently for her to slip inside before closing it.
Sirius walked to the driver's seat, running a hand irritably through his hair as he looked up.
Lupin was there, still standing in the same spot, watching them carefully.
That dog… he was making sure he wasn’t going to hurt her.
Sirius opened the door and slammed it shut with a little too much force than necessary.
“You don’t always have to do that,” she muttered, turning up the heat dial and sighing once a gust of heat hit her.
Shrugging, he started the engine and pulled out onto the empty road, driving out of Lupin’s sight. “I know,” he whispered, mind reeling from their interaction. “But I want to.”
Good friends. What did that mean?
His stomach lurched, fingers twitching curling into a fist; irrational thoughts swarming him as his fingernails dug into his palm and would have drawn blood if he was human.
Had they — no.
Because that was bloody absurd. Something dangerous flickered in his gut, simmering at the thought of anyone — let alone Lupin— being near her. Anyone but him.
Though the thought seared through him like a branding iron, like it always does.
He could have laughed! Remus fucking Lupin leaving his mark with dirty paw prints on things that didn’t belong to him.
She was his. He was hers.
Sirius was left simultaneously miserable and furious. His sweet angel was too trusting and willfully ignorant of the way Lupin looked at her. He wasn’t even trying to be discreet.
She was mine. Mine, mine, mine —
Distracted, she slipped her hand into his, thumb rubbing gently over his smooth skin to try and warm her up to the best of her abilities. She even raised his hand, pressing a kiss to it.
It made Sirius momentarily stop, calming down as he reminded himself to breathe. His heart still fluttered, love replacing anger as he eyed her, grinning as he moved to rest his hand on her leg.
It was amusing, even to him and the likes of James, how an undead being like Sirius Black could crumble to his knees for a mortal.
“So,” he coughed, wanting to know more. “How do you know Lupin?”
She turned rigid. That wasn’t a good sign.
“I — like I said, we worked together, became close.”
He gave a gentle squeeze on her inner thigh. “What are you not telling me, doll? I can tell you’re lying.”
With a shuddering exhale, “Promise you won’t… react?”
A pause. “Doll, there’s very little you could do that would make me mad.”
She refused to look him straight in the eye. “We went on a few dates.”
The words cut through him with the precision of bullets and Sirius felt gutted, hollow.
Anyone but him.
The knowledge burned him with ferocious rage, eating him alive. His nostrils flare as rage coursed through him. He feels like a volcano, ready to erupt, so overcome with jealousy, with proprietorial.
The grip on her thigh tightened.
“We’re only friends. I stopped seeing him the moment we went on our first date.”
That monster returned; spiteful and angry as Sirius’ head shook with bitter laughter.
“Please,” she began, gripping his arm. “Say something. It didn’t mean anything and Remus has moved on.”
How wrong she was.
“As you said, it doesn’t mean anything. We both dated in the past, as long as we’re the only ones, nobody else.”
“Of course,” she soothed, touching the rings on his fingers. “Just you, Sirius. Only you.”
His grip on his steering wheel was so tight that he dented it with ease before he let go, regaining his self-control.
Jealousy ate him up within, feasting on his mind and poisoning his soul with the creeping rejection that blared through his mind.
Because no, she was — no is his. His. Not Lupin’s. His.
The car eventually pulled outside her small house, engine clicking off as Sirius turned to her in the seat.
“I… you’re not… mad, are you?” She mumbled. “I probably should have said something…”
“I’m not mad,” he replied. At least not mad at her.
In a rush, fueled with a jealous rage, he cupped her face and closed the gap between them. Feeling the plushness of her lips, he kissed her with a bruising force and had to remind himself that she was his, she wasn’t going anywhere.
Lupin didn’t matter. It was a few dates.
Still, that didn’t stop the building need, hurt and pure possession that sent signals firing in his mind.
The best he could do in a car, Sirius pulled her flush against himself, inhaling her comforting scent and used more teeth than what was probably enjoyable.
It was intimate — the feeling of her moaning into the kiss, letting him bend her to his will — hands grabbing and roaming each of their bodies as they could reach: their shoulders, arms, neck, waist, anywhere. Everywhere.
His cock twitched in his pants as he buried his face into the crook of her neck, enjoying the satisfaction he got just from touch alone. Sirius loved being taller, bigger, stronger — loved slotting together perfectly and he just knows — just knows — that they’re meant to be.
Her hands found their way to slip underneath his coat, past his sweater, and trace the outline of his belt.
In an unguarded moment, Sirius decided to bite down quickly on her bottom lip. He poorly stifled a groan while the trickling of her blood seeped into his mouth as his entire body became slack. A terrible sense of euphoria washed over him.
Everything about her made him feel human, hooked on her flesh — dizzy, addicted to her.
Her skin boiled, her mouth opening in a wordless moan as goosebumps pricked her skin, shivering and balling his shirt at the sharp prickling sting.
Yes, his brain chorused. Yes, yes, yes.
Sucking on her bottom lip, Sirius pulled away with a shy smile, cheekily feigning innocence.
Kissing her sent him free.
She licked her lips, head tilting at the metallic tang but didn't question it, only breathing deeply and frazzled.
“Sirius —“
It was a plea — the desperate lilt in her voice going straight to his cock.
“Do you want to come inside?” She asked. “M-my house, I mean.”
He wanted her so desperately that it caused a physical ache in his lower abdomen. “Yes.”
He rushed out of the car, jogging up to her as the door clicked open the door.
One advantage that Sirius had gained as a vampire was his excellent night vision. His eyes automatically adjusted to the darkened room, allowing him to see her perfectly.
It was better that way, it would obscure his teeth.
Sirius tore her coat in the haste of struggling it off, attempting to cover up the loud sound by pushing her against the front door, closing it as they feverishly kissed, ravaging their mouths and leaving each other’s lips bitten and swollen.
She fisted his jacket, keeping him pressed against her. Sirius groaned into the kiss, tongue swiping at her’s until it felt as if he’d taken the breath straight from her.
And he should, shouldn’t he?
“Jump,” he muttered in between. In a swift motion, he managed to scoop her up, strolled into the bedroom and laid her down.
As expected, it was pitch black — save the moonlight trickling through the windows and spilling onto them.
Never had she felt so seen and loved, as though the heavens were an extension of Sirius’ sight. He was a self-indulgent love of external regard and fixation. She could see him, sense him with blindfolds if necessary, and she couldn’t escape.
Willingly, she surrendered to the tempest that consumed her whole.
And Sirius couldn’t help but give and give.
“I love seeing you like this,” he whispered, crawling on top of her and kissed her neck longingly. “All mine, right?”
His knee pressed right against her clothed core. Lifting her dress to her waist, his hands placed on her hips to help her grind on his thigh; a wet spot already slowly forming.
She nodded eagerly, already sucked into a daze. “Yours. Always yours.”
She withered under him and he wasn’t sure how long they spent kissing, savouring the sweetness; greedy and parched.
As he discarded their clothes, she grinded against his thigh on her own accord and Sirius’ mind blanked as he heard her pretty gasps and cries. He leveraged his weight on one arm, blinking down at her; chest heaving and glittery eyes barely open — mouth parted slightly and slick with spit.
“Want to?”
She nodded, gripping his arm.
But Sirius frowned, fingers reaching to caress her soft skin, watching her melt into his touch. “Use your words, tell me what you want.”
“You know what I want,” she whined, frustrated at his teasing. Not having it, Sirius pinched her thigh. “I want to hear you beg for it.”
“Please —”
“Please?” He chuckled. “You can do better than that.”
“I want you to fuck me,” she replied, a little embarrassed. “Want you to touch me, please — Sirius, touch me —“
In a daze, hands trembling, his venom suddenly felt like liquid fire coursing through his veins. The heat of her skin and warm breath fanned his skin, making him feel alive.
She was his. Born for him. Or maybe he was born for her. All he knew was that they were meant for each other; mind, body and soul.
“What was that?” He mocked, enjoying the way she shuddered under him. “Say that again; can’t understand a thing.”
“Please, I want to feel you,” she begged, helpless, desperation laced on her face as her hips bucked aimlessly. There was a wetness in her eyes that Sirius groaned at, wanting to drink up. For the first time, he felt as if everything had finally fallen into place; he had her right where he always wanted her.
“You’re so eager to be ruined,” he exhaled. Hand travelled down her chest until his thumb brushed over her nipples. She shivered, whimpering out shamelessly for the small relief it gave and how badly she ached between her legs. “Should see how desperate and pathetic you look.”
His tongue disappears against the flesh of her breast, purling around a puckered nipple through the sheer barrier of flimsy skin.
She was nearly in tears by the time his head popped up to look at her.
“Ah — Sirius, it feels so good.”
“Does it, doll?” He asked, licking over her abused nipple before shifting to rest his forehead against hers.
In a moment, Sirius slipped off his rings, grabbed her hands and slipped them onto hers. “Keep them on.”
Just as she was about to reach up and kiss him, Sirius sneaked his hand back down, pushing aside her soaked panties and slid his long fingers inside her. She gasped, eyes widened in surprise as Sirius muffled whines as their lips met.
He curled his fingers scissoring them, slowly increasing their pace every so often.
One of her hands shot down to grasp his arm, the other hooked into his hair. A silent plea of his name scarcely made out while Sirus’ mouth found her neck, biting, not enough to break skin, but enough to leave marks.
“Looks like you need more, huh?” He said. Her nods grow frantic.
Sirius pressed a kiss to her jaw, moving down until his face was between her legs, forcibly spreading them wide.
Curious, Sirius runs his knuckles over her slit, coating himself in her wetness. Her reaction was immediate, a soft moan filling the silence of her house.
He kissed her thighs slowly, fingers still proding in and out. He smiled against the soft skin when she shivered. He kissed her inner thigh, again and again as he gnawed on the soft skin without breaking skin to get her used to the pressure. A series of left small bite marks trailed across her body.
Covered by the darkness, the tips of his fangs poked out, grazing them across her skin, pricking it like a thousand needles.
When her head was tipped back, Sirius took the chance and bit her thigh, making sure to keep back the venom glands, his fangs broke the skin deeply and neither could contain the loud groan that erupted from their mouths.
And fuck.
A burst of warmth spreads through him at the taste, has him gasping, mind reeling and almost whimpering against her skin. Her blood tasted as rare and sweet as cherry wine. Never has he tasted anything so delicious, artful. Her blood is searing hot on his tongue, sending electrical currents to thrum throughout his entire body.
He melted into putty, almost becoming sedated from her blood.
She flinched, yelping from the sharp pain before it was quickly transmuted into bliss and moans as Sirius positioned his thumb to massage circles onto the swelled clit.
Sirius was gone, eyes rolled back to his skull as pure ecstasy consumed him whole. The ecstasy shoots through his veins, his continuous grunting and moans spilling out of him. He had found his own personal supplier of every drug the world counted for.
And he’ll be using her for the rest of his life.
It put him into such a state, that he subconsciously rolled his hips down on the bed for momentary relief —
He moaned again, continuing to drink greedily. He knew he was being messy, little droplets spilling onto her skin and bed, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t care, not when he felt one hand grip his shoulder, the other threading through his hair to pull him closer against her skin.
He was delirious.
With all his self-control, Sirius retracted his fangs, panting heavily as he watched the blood seep out from the two dots he created on her thigh. His mouth moved to her other thigh, biting down again, less invasive and took smaller gulps.
“Please,” came her voice, small and weak. Her thighs were slick, desperation burning through her.
He couldn’t deny her anything. Not then, not ever.
He settled himself in the middle of her legs, staring at the mess he’s left on her neck, chest and thighs. He made a note to bite her more later.
Slowly, he leaned down, cold tongue flat and gave a kitten lick to her slit — nose bumping her clit before finally wrapping his mouth around and began sucking on it hard — as his fingers returned to slowly pump into her.
Her reaction was immediate, strings of broken and helpless whimpers coaxing from her in an intoxicating ecstasy.
“Love your pussy,” he said against her core, building rhythm, savouring her taste and heat and weight.
Every time she clenched around his fingers, he found himself moaning — the vibrations sending jolts of pleasure through her. The moans and pretty sounds she let out only ignited the spark in Sirius’ brain, further pushing him to that wonderful, mind-blowing edge.
She’s at her breaking point, he just knows. Lucky, his jaw couldn’t ache and began to slow down, drawing everything out.
Eventually, trembling pillowy thigh wrapped around Sirius’ head as she was subjected to that maddeningly slow pace — her pleasure so drawn out that it was borderline painful.
She was hysterical, crying but Sirius ignored it, sadistically continuing with the pace.
It felt like ages passed, feeling imprisoned by Sirius pinning her down. The tips of his fingers would drag along her folds, slippery and smooth, as he pushed in, tongue sucking harshly against her clit. But when her body would naively indicate to Sirius that her building orgasm approached, he would pull away.
“Sirius!” She sobbed. “Please, let me come — stop moving away. Fuck —”
“Watch your mouth,” he threatened, stopping yet again.
He could make her come. He could. It was tempting to pull on her little strings and send her into a tear-stained climax, to watch her crumble — tears brimming in the corners of her eyes finally falling.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry —”
Happy with the response, Sirius finally gave in, tongue moving in fast circles, fingers moving in fast.
Her eyes wept when he touched her, holy, making her sigh his name similar to revellers would at the feet of God at his throne.
A wave crashed over her, warm and soft and her thoughts were filled with only Sirius, consumed by every inch of him. He left her feeling radiant, energized, every inch of her prickling with electricity and an inexplicable glow that bloomed in the nightl.
Though, the soothingness and high was short-lived as he didn’t stop.
“W-wait — Sirius — no, wait… it’s too muc —”
She cried out, her hips bucking, trying to shake out of Sirius’ grasp which pinned her to the bed. She choked out the vampire’s name in a whine, darting her hands to thread through the tunnel of his soft hair to yank him away.
“You sound so pretty,” he moans reverentially against her. His fangs lightly, teasingly graze every inch of her, sucking maddeningly on her puffy clit.
Her head flopped back and forth on the pillow as her eyes shut, kneeing; the coil in her stomach tightening… body curling… arching… spilling and falling…
The pleasure swallowed her whole, rendering her speechless as her moans turn muted, drowning in the overwhelming sensation that wrapped her whole. She heaved, chest rising and rapidly falling — blessedly numb.
He gave her pussy a few quick slaps, which had her whining before pushing himself back up, cradling her face in his hands and pressing a sweet kiss to her lips.
“What do you say, doll?”
“Thank you.”
Tiredly, her arm looped around Sirius’ neck, pulling him closer, tighter, as if he would suddenly vanish.
Like he could. He would beg her on his knees to stay, to be with him.
“Up here,” he said, her expression fucked out — fuzzy. When her gaze stayed stuck on his chest, he tilted her head up to stare at him. “Ah, ah — look into my eyes.”
That seemed to snap her out of it, her focus returning to him. Her head craned to try and kiss him, but Sirius leaned back at the last second — only for her to huff frustratedly, yanking and pulling him back.
Positioning himself to rub his cock between her folds, making her gasp and wiggle from the overstimulation.
“Please, p-please, need you so bad,” she sobbed, too lost in her pleasure to realize the effect and control she has on him, moans pitching higher and higher.
Effortlessly taking control of her body, playing her like a puppeteer with invisible threads, Sirius spread her legs wide as he pushed the tip of his cock in, pleased with her shamelessness.
Unable to wait any longer, Sirius fully pushed into her, driving his cock into her tight core. He groaned at the way she sucked him in, made just for him. She withered beneath, head thrown back as she adjusted to Sirius’ girth and length. In an incoherent mess, her body slagged into the bed as his cock was still snuggly fit into her greedy pussy that hugged him, arousal dripping.
If he were to grip on her hip too tightly, he surely would break a bone. Instead, he reached up to grip the headboard, splinters of wood flying off as he tried to regain his self-control.
She gulped down large pants like she couldn’t handle him and it only stroked his ego more.
Not so talkative now, huh.
But rather than feeling a sense of ease, that familiar jealousy returned to him full force.
Pulling out excruciatingly slow, only to pound right back into her, Sirius’ pace became brutal, cruel, even, but he wouldn’t apologize for it.
He looked into her doe eyes, hand trailing up and wrapping around her throat, brushing the skin. There’s a steady squelching sound mixed in with her little gasps.
Fucking Lupin. He wanted to erase every part of him that still lingered in her mind or skin.
“Now, repeat after me,” he demanded, squeezing the side of her throat a little harder as the jealous rage that simmered returned to the surface. “No one fucks you like I do.”
“N-no — ah! I —” her head lolled onto the pillows, voice jumping, pitching higher from his thrusts.
He hiked up her hips, grinding into her as he held her closer, dazed and stupefied. “Finish the sentence.”
“No o-ne fucks me like you do!”
Sirius hummed, using his free hand to pin her wrist above her head. “Your body belongs to me.”
He continued to mock the inaudible blabber of her while ruining her.
“I — oh fuck — Sirius please!”
“Say it or I’ll stop.”
“No p-please don’t — my body belongs to you!”
“You belong to me.”
“I belong to you! I’m y-ours, I’m yours,” she cried through broken sobs, pitifully grabbing at his arms to bring him closer. “It’ll always be you.”
Sirius’ heart soared, feeling his heart construct and being wrapped into a vulnerable blanket at her words. “That’s right doll, that’s right. All mine…” He moved his hips even harder.
His hands freed themselves, moving to wrap around her.
“I love you.” He said truthfully, eyes closing and kissing her like he wants to devour her, take her piece by piece. And maybe he does. Maybe he would. She drove him mindless, to the point of sanity and any reason. “I have crossed oceans to find you. I’d do anything… anything for you.”
The concept of love was a funny thing — new and abstract to Sirius. Never had he felt so exposed, seen, naked and stripped down beyond just skin.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Sirius’ eyes flew open, forcing his head up from where it had been resting on her forehead.
“What?” He slurred, thinking he might’ve accidentally misinterpreted her — might’ve been too drunk on blood.
“I l-love you too,” she said breathlessly, causing him to slow his pace down. “For a while now.”
He was designed to be the perfect, deadliest predator. To love a monster…
Someone might call what he felt for her sin, but love cannot be sin. It was innocent, sweet and gentle. There was no sweeter innocence than their gentle sin.
In that moment, she was everything.
She feels herself falling off that edge again — swarmed with a flurry of emotions and undiluted love that coursed through her in waves. A connection so strong, so palpable.
Teary-eyed, she desperately clung onto him, nails sinking into his back.
He simply smiled, wiping the tears away. “Tell me what you want.”
“Wanna come so badly.”
“Yeah? You’ve been so good for me,” he smiled gently, his thrust slow, her tightening around him tightly. “Let me take care of you now.”
But he hesitated as the large mirror positioned directly across the room caught his attention. Hositerling her up into his arms, Sirius forced her to kneel, her back laid and slugged onto his chest. He holds her tightly, keeping her from leaning forward.
“Watch closely, I want you to see just how beautiful you are,” he said, grabbing her face to direct her to the mirror. His hips rocked into her, “My precious angel.”
She focused on the mirror, almost entranced by the image - watching how his cock slipped out of her, ruthlessly fucking into her with a primal need, how he managed to mould her to him. He knows her, every little crevice of her body — knows them better than she does herself.
“I can’t h-hold it anymore,” she cried. Begging and whining, hands clawing at his arms. “Close — I can’t - please, please, w-wanna —“
“I got you, little one. Come for me,” he breathed, “Make a mess all over my cock, angel.”
Her eyes rolled back, coming hard and clenching so tightly around his cock that he saw stars.
Sirius’ mind was dizzy, senses overwhelmed from his cock slipping out of her, nearing his climax. His mouth hung open, eyes wrenched shut.
She was mindless, her heart racing, tripping over itself.
Sirius moaned loudly, lips finding their way to suck harshly against her nick as he took complete control - guiding her hips and prolonging her orgasm for as long as possible. His hand snaked down, rubbing fast circles on her clit as she gasped. His fangs dragged up the columns of her neck, threatening to sink in as his other hand braced her chest, keeping her flat against him while his fingers trailed to feel her heartbeat undertaker the fine skin as he flattened his palm to her heart.
He tuned into the increasing heartbeat, her flowing blood: warm and alive.
Thump-tha-thump. Thump-tha-thump —
Finally, his fangs pierced the jugular, a loud moan being ripped from her before Sirius removed his hand from her chest, shoving them in her mouth as she gagged around them. He drank greedily, watching her body jerk from his hard thrust — blood running down from her neck, to her shoulders and cascaded beautifully down her chest and covered her breast.
It painted her skin the most delicious colour.
He came right after, with her name ending in a loud moan, muffled from her neck. His eyes shut, thrusting faster as his cum spurts inside, slowly seeping out and running down her inner thigh.
Eventually, Sirius unclamps his jaw, sliding his fangs out. Beneath him, she gasped, eyes rolling back and almost completely unaware of what took place. He licks at the neat holes on the nape of her neck.
They heal over instantly.
Sirius slowly stops, panting heavily as he peered up back to the mirror, his hands running soothingly over her body as she shook within his embrace.
He was swarmed with emotions. A lost soul that managed to find its destiny within her.
“I love you,” he said again, slowly laying her down, pressing kisses to her entire body, voice deep and smooth. He licked off the trails of blood, making sure not to waste it. “How are you feeling?”
She smiled lazily. “Tired.”
“Sleep, love,” he whispered. “I’ll clean you up.”
With that, her eyes closed, enveloping her into a deep sleep in his comforting presence, head on his chest.
Sirius tuned into her heart beating, and he forced himself to breathe, both syncing in perfect rhythm — and he can pretend — just for a moment to live in their reality just for a little longer.
Sirius might not have a God, a saint, or any belief in a sanctuary that could save him, churches or crosses, but he believed in her. Believed in what they had. However Godless and unholy he may be, if she would let him, would have him, he would worship her. Forever.
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earlgreydream · 5 months ago
swimming pool.
| marauders x reader | smut | fluff |
summertime smut drabbles 🦋
anon requested. marauders x reader smut, any plot but can they be friends first
Tumblr media
You laid next to the pool, the sun long set after your day of sunbathing. James sat next to you, drinking from a bottle of butterbeer, and Remus and Sirius were cheekily splashing each other in the water.
You were spending the summer with your three best friends, at a summer home in the states. You’d been lying by the pool in a bikini, enjoying the warm sunshine and the company of your favorite boys.
You’d be lying if you said you weren’t admiring their tan, sculpted bodies too. James was especially muscular, toned from years of quidditch practice. He’d caught you staring and teased you for it, but you just leaned into his teasing, running your hands up his smooth muscles.
“You wish, Prongs,” you winked, blowing him a kiss before walking inside to retrieve a drink.
The boys all watched you rub the tanning lotion on yourself, your hands sliding over the smooth curves of your body. They couldn’t tear their eyes off of you, wishing it was their hands rubbing your figure like that, especially when your fingertips dipped below the lining of your bikini. 
“Fuck. Look at her,” Sirius breathed, his eyes darkening as he watched you.
Remus had splashed water on you later, followed by Sirius drying off your chest with a towel, stormy eyes shining in amusement. He’d jumped at the chance to “help” you, though it was really an excuse to touch you. The four of you had always been touchy with each other, meaninglessly flirty, teasing and suggestive.
“Just an excuse to get your hands on me,” you accused, and Sirius didn’t bother to deny it. You knew what he was doing, even if the boys thought you were oblivious.
“Come in, bunny. You’ve been tanning all day!” James whined, pouting his full lips.
“You just want to see me all wet!” You laughed, flipping the switch to turn on the glowing string lights that hung above the pool and on the patio. 
You walked to the edge, sitting down and dipping your legs in to your knees. James swam over to you, wet hands coming to rest on your hips. You grasped his shoulders and let him move you down into the water, cold against your skin. You squealed and wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, clinging to him for warmth. 
“Jamesie, it’s cold!” you gasped, squeezing him tightly. 
He laughed and kissed your cheek, gently swimming with you. 
“Share, Prongs,” Remus growled, dragging you off of the dark-headed boy. 
You splashed water at Sirius as Remus hauled you back against his chest, and you giggled, slinging an arm around his neck.
“You look so fucking pretty.” It was Sirius that said it, recovered from having his face soaked in water.
“Thank you, Pads.” You reached your free arm to him, pulling him to your front so you were caught between the boys.
“Sirius…” you breathed softly as he untied the straps of your top.
“Tell me to stop, bunny, and I will. Otherwise, let us touch you.”
You closed your lips, leaning your head back against Remus’ shoulder. His hand closed around your throat, holding you still as the other two went to work on your now-exposed tits. You tangled your fingers into Sirius’ curls, tugging on them as he bit your tender skin. 
“Siri!” you whined, the sharp jolt of pain making heat pool between your legs. 
“Want to see you all marked up from me,” Sirius murmured, his tongue flattening against the abused area, soothing it. Remus ran his hand under you, cupping your sex and feeling how aroused you were getting from the three of them. 
“Remus...” you bucked your hips into his hand, making the boy laugh. You whined quietly and he untied the straps of your bottoms, leaving you completely bare between the three. 
“Beg for it,” Sirius grinned, teasing you. 
You started to speak, your words interrupted by a moan as James sucked particularly hard. Sirius pried him from your tits, hushing him by kissing the other boy. You were startled by seeing the two make out in front of you, your legs squeezing around Remus’ hand as Sirius jerked James off in lazy thrusts. 
“Oh gods, Remus, please,” you begged, unwilling to hold on to your pride as you tried to get some friction on your aching sex.
“Does it drive you crazy to watch them get each other off?” Remus asked, grinding against your ass, now bare like the rest of you. Remus was well-endowed, and the feeling of him left you starving to be filled. 
“Yes, I need to be touched!” you nodded fiercely, whimpering as he gave your throat a squeeze. 
“You’re all slick, bunny. Come feel her!” Remus called, and Sirius and James broke away from one another to touch you. A squeal caught in your throat as Sirius and James each pushed a finger inside of you, pumping in opposite rhythm that made you writhe against Remus. 
Your mind was still trying to catch up with your body, unable to process the way your three best friends were touching you. You’d always been flirty, but never so sexual. Now, you were running into it, chasing the pleasure they were able to give you. 
“Is she all stretched?” Remus asked when he felt your legs begin to shake from Sirius and James stroking your spongey walls. 
They nodded, and Sirius jumped out of the water, sitting on the edge of the pool. He opened his arms to you, and Remus pushed you forward. You thought they would get you out, but Sirius just pulled you up enough so that your arms and chest were on his lap. 
You gasped when Remus grabbed your waist, lining up behind you. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Remus swore as he pressed into your cunt, forcing your body to let him in. You tried to apologize but it just came out as a choked gasp. 
“Easy, bunny, it’s okay. Rem will make it fit,” James brushed wet hair out of your face.
“Be helpful, James,” Remus gritted, trying to get you to ease up so your body wasn’t so resistant. You wanted this, but your muscles were tight, unused to sex.
“Hey, be sweet,” Sirius snipped at Remus.
You barely heard their argument as Sirius dragged your mouth to his swollen tip.
“Y/N, love, help me?” Sirius asked, stormy eyes shining down at you.
You wrapped your lips around him, sucking him off. Your movements stuttered a bit as James circled your clit, Remus thrusting deeper into you. You tried to focus on pleasing Sirius as your body shuddered with pleasure, Remus fucking you from behind and James giving you a handjob to help you along.
Sirius’s fingers were threaded in your hair, gently guiding your head, contrasting the rough and desperate movements of James and Remus.
“Fuck, will you swallow?” Sirius’ voice was strained as he began to throb in your mouth, brushing the back of your throat.
You nodded, and a few moments later you felt him spill into your mouth. He gently pulled you off of him, supporting your head as you swallowed. He felt you jerk forward on his lap when Remus thrusted hard, your fingers gripping his forearms.
Sirius kissed you deeply, swallowing your screams as Remus railed you. James quickened his movements, and you teetered on a knifes edge, a brush away from letting go.
“Come for me, Y/N,” Remus begged, trying to hold out and let you come first.
You shuddered as pleasure seized your body, echoing through you. It spread to the tips of your fingers and toes, shooting down your spine and leaving you in a soundless scream.
Remus immediately followed, his forehead resting against your back as he buried himself fully inside of you. James let off your clit, kissing your cheeks before hopping up next to Sirius.
Remus lifted you up into the arms of the two boys, who took you inside to clean up. Every step on shaky legs made you ache, and you were thankful when they helped you shower off the pool chemicals. Remus took your place as you got out to dry off, and you found yourself staring at his soapy body.
“You can’t possibly still be horny?” Sirius teased, grabbing your ass.
You gasped softly, blushing and hiding your face in his warm chest. He apologized for embarrassing you, kissing your head with a smile.
“No need to be shy now, love. Let’s get you something to eat. I bet you’re feeling weak after all that, hmm?” Sirius spoke kindly to you.
“Clothes first?” You asked, your voice raspy from blowing Sirius.
“I’ve got them,” James helped you into shorts and one of Sirius’ oversized QUEEN shirts.
You spent the rest of the evening on the couch with them, draped over their laps as you ate delivery pizza.
“I love you lot, you know.”
They grinned at you, taking turns giving you little kisses.
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solemnly-mischievous · 26 days ago
Hi, this is my first time every requesting something on Tumblr so sorry if I word things weirdly. I was wondering if you would write a poly! Marauders x reader smut? (Don't know how to word it.) Where there's sub! James, dom! Remus over all, and switch! Sirius and reader. Only if you're comfortable of course!
i'm honored to be your first request, anon. fantastic prompt. hope you like it!
Contains: Orgasm delay/denial, degradation, begging, a bit of tears, mean dom!Remus, riding, blowjobs, slight spanking
Word count: 2.6K
If someone asked you what your favorite thing in the whole world to do is, you'd probably say teasing James.
Because there's something just so deliciously wonderful about the way he whines and pants and pleads when you dangle his pleasure in front of him, when he gets on his knees and begs for you to ruin him.
If someone asked Sirius what his favorite thing in the whole world to do is, he’d probably say watching you tease James.
Because he loves to tease, too, and he loves nothing more than to delight in watching you ruin James as he chimes in with comments and mocking coos of his own, making James fall even further into that submissive haze.
“Oh, poor baby,” Sirius murmurs now, reaching out to brush James’ hair out of his eyes as he keens when you pull away from his cock for the third time. “Is she being too mean to you?”
“Yes,” James breathes, bucking his hips up to meet empty air. “Siri, Sirius please, please touch me—”
“I am touching you,” Sirius reminds him laughingly, and you hum in amusement as James tries to glare at the two of you but fail because all he wants is to feel good, but you’re not touching him—
“Use your words,” you say to James.
At this point, you probably would’ve had better luck asking James to operate heavy machinery. But he tries, tries to be good, for you and Sirius.
“Please,” James whispers, almost mournfully, and you do take pity for him—you’ve been teasing him all day, giving him subtle glances and touches during class, pulling him into closets and classrooms and kissing him roughly, palming him through his trousers before leaving him there. Sirius helped, too—all but jerking James off during Potions.
James had been all too glad to get on his knees for you when you were back in your dorm, but then you still weren’t nice at all.
“Please touch my cock, please," James begs. You and Sirius are too occupied with teasing him that you don't hear the dorm room door open and close.
"This is an interesting sight."
You jump and Sirius stiffens.
"Remus," you exclaim, whirling around and finding your boyfriend leaning against the doorframe with a faintly amused look on his face. "You're back! I didn't think you'd be back so early."
"Clearly," Remus says, deadpan. He glances at you, then Sirius, then James, kneeling on the floor. Ignoring both of you, he leans down and lifts James' head up to meet his gaze. "How are you, baby?"
James lets out a frustrated whine, which is answer enough for Remus.
"Are they being mean to you, Jamie?" Remus' hand slips down, cupping James' cheek.
"Really?" Remus kisses his forehead, tender and gentle. "That's not very nice, is it? You think we should get them back?"
James' mouth slants into a crooked grin, and he tilts his head back, still lost in a haze of pleasure and denial. "Yes, sir."
"Oh, good boy." Remus ruffles his hair and straightens up, eyeing you and Sirius. "Strip."
"But—" Sirius begins to say.
Remus shakes his head. "Strip, or there'll be consequences."
You obey faster than Sirius, unbuttoning your shirt and pulling off your skirt, tossing them haphazardly onto James' bed. When you're down to your panties and bra, you look at Remus.
He looks back at you, expectantly.
Reaching behind your back, you make a show of unclipping your bra and letting it drop to the floor. You slide your panties off equally slowly, making eye contact with James—who's been pulled onto Remus' bed—as you do so, who stares at you with a kind of hunger.
You hear Sirius curse, and turn around. Your mouth goes dry at the sight of him—it's not that you've never seen him naked before, but Merlin, if it doesn't blow you away how attractive he is every time.
"Fuck," you whisper, taking in bare skin and dark hair and just Sirius fucking Black.
"I could say the same," Sirius murmurs, all but devouring you with his gaze. "Fucking gorgeous, darling."
You both turn to Remus, who's sitting next to James, a hand wrapped around the brunet's cock and stroking him slowly. James is breathing hard, and clearly fighting the urge to buck his hips into Remus' touch.
"Kiss," Remus says, barely even looking at you and Sirius—though that isn't true in the least; he'd gotten several long, good looks at both of you when you weren't noticing—as he works James expertly.
Sirius glances at you, smirking, and leans in to capture your mouth in his. The kiss is open and sloppy and utterly filthy, and when he presses up against you to sink his fingers into your hair, you feel his cock, half-hard, against you.
Of course you grind up against him.
He groans into your mouth and laughs, murmuring, "Oh, the things you fucking do to me."
"Just kiss me," you whisper back, and he obliges.
"Sit on Sirius' bed," Remus says, and the two of you break apart long enough to obey. Sirius' bed is right next to Remus', which means the four of you are facing each other on opposite beds—allowing for Remus and James to have a perfect front-row view.
Remus pauses for a bit, thoughtful, then says your name. "Suck him off."
"You heard me, pet. Go make him feel good with your mouth," Remus instructs, and Sirius exhales with arousal. "Be a good girl and suck him off for me, hm?"
Fuck, Remus could make you feel so submissive so easily. With James, it's easy to switch—both of you enjoy both roles equally, and it's almost second nature for you two to fall into opposing roles. With Sirius, it's more fun subbing, but when you do manage to have him on his knees for you, it's quite a sight.
But Remus?
Remus could have you on your knees and begging with a single word.
So you drop to your knees and Sirius spreads his legs, and you take him into your mouth, your tongue swirling around the head and working his shaft. He groans with pleasure, fisting your hair in his hands. "Fuck, your mouth's bloody magical."
James lets out a small sound as Remus' hand speeds up on his cock, going from slow, torturously teasing strokes to a rhythmic thrusting. Remus' own trousers are getting a bit too tight for comfort as he watches James fall apart, Sirius' head tilting back in pleasure, and you working Sirius' cock. It's a sight out of the world's filthiest wet dream.
"Sirius," Remus says. "You'll tell me when you're close."
"Yes, okay, oh, fuck—"
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, sir," Sirius pants as you take him all the way into your mouth, his cock almost gagging you as it pushes against the back of your throat. But you don't gag—the boys had made sure of that.
"Fuck her throat," Remus orders, and the words had barely left his mouth when Sirius tightens his grip on your hair and begins thrusting into your mouth, using your throat like nothing but a hole, and you moan.
"Oh, she fucking likes that," Sirius murmurs, chasing his own pleasure as he gives you yours.
"Such a little whore," Remus agrees. "Don't you think so, James?"
His hand speeds up on James, and the boy cries out. "I—"
"Answer me," Remus says, and he thumbs the tip of James' cock harshly, eliciting a sensitive gasp from the other.
"Yes," James exhales, "fuck, fuck, sir, can I come?"
"Mm," Remus says. Then he stops moving his hand. "No."
"Fuck," James whimpers, bucking his hips slightly to chase a touch that isn't there. Arousal sparks in your gut at your boyfriend's desperate sound, and you moan around Sirius' cock.
"So pretty," Sirius coos, fucking your throat without abandon—and then: "Fuck, 'm close, bloody hell—"
"Stop," Remus says, almost bored, and Sirius makes the same sound James did, only breathier and frustrated instead of mournful, and his hips still. "Good boy."
Then Remus says your name, and you pull off Sirius' cock, turning around to look at him. "I want you to ride him, love."
"Okay," you agree, breathless with want.
"Here's the catch." Remus' hand wraps around James' cock again, and the brunet gasps. "None of you can come until I give permission."
"Okay," Sirius parrots, eyes already flickering towards you in desire.
"I'm not done yet," Remus snaps. "I'll only give permission if two of you ask for me to allow the third to come. Doesn't work if you beg for yourself. Doesn't work if only one other person asks. I want to hear both, understood?"
"Yes, sir," you murmur, and you hear Sirius and James echo the sentiment. You're beginning to regret teasing James for so long earlier—no way he's going to be nice to you. The smirk he sends you now confirms that theory.
"Good," Remus praises. "Sirius, get on the bed."
Sirius does, and you clamber on after him, already soaked from the anticipation. You're so keyed up, you won't last long at all, and as you lower yourself onto Sirius' cock, the sound he makes is enough to have you dripping.
"You feel so fucking good, love," Sirius murmurs heatedly, hands coming to rest on either side of your hips, almost possessively. You lean down and kiss him, deeply, as you begin to move your hips, and he gasps into the kiss.
You can hear James moan from the other bed, and the sound of Remus' belt unbuckling. Pulling away from Sirius, you watch as Remus directs James' mouth onto his cock. Fuck, that was a sight.
Remus locks eyes with you, his gaze dark and turned on and ridiculously fucking hot. "Ride him faster, pet. Make him beg."
"No, be nice," Sirius objects, but then you start moving your hips in circles and he gasps with the pleasure that courses through him. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck."
James whines around Remus' cock as he watches the two of you, and Remus reaches down to grip the boy's soft curls of hair. "Getting all worked up watching 'em have fun, hm? Keep being good and make me feel nice, alright, baby? Then you can have your fun."
"Mm," James hums in assent.
"Fuck," you whisper, as Sirius' cock drags across that one spot that made you want to cry with pleasure. Combined with what was essentially hours of foreplay, you couldn't help but blurt, "Close, 'm close, fuck, please, can I come?"
"That fast?" Remus asks patronizingly, then sighs with mock disappointment. "Well, it's up to them, isn't it?"
"Let her come," Sirius says, immediately.
"James?" Remus checks.
James doesn't pull off of Remus, but his eyes glint and he shakes his head slightly.
"No?" Remus sounds amused.
"James—" you gasp.
James pulls off long enough to confirm, "No."
"Stop," Remus orders you, and you whine, already chasing your own release with a vengeance. "Sirius, stop her."
Firm hands grab onto your hips and stop them from moving, and you could almost cry.
"Spank her a few times," Remus says. "Hard."
Sirius doesn't look sympathetic at all as he delivers several hard slaps to your thighs and your ass, each impact leaving a stinging red mark and drawing a whine from your throat. It leaves you aching, hurting, wanting more.
"Fuckin' pathetic," Remus scoffs, and James hums in agreement around Remus' cock. "So desperate for an orgasm that you're willing to disobey? Start riding him again. This time, you don't get to even ask for permission. James can ask for you."
Cruel bastard. Sly, genius, cruel bastard.
You start moving your hips again, and Sirius groans with pleasure at the stimulation. This time, you're careful not to let the tip of his cock brush that fucking spot inside of you, but Remus catches on. Of course he catches on.
"Sirius, grab her hips and tug her forward."
"No, no, please," you plead, because you know it's going to be too much, but Sirius only winks at you and tightens his grip on your hips and pulls you closer to him, and you cry out as his cock nestles right where it makes you see stars.
"I won't ask again, pet." Remus' voice is strained from pleasure, from the sight of you and Sirius and from James' skilled mouth. "Be good, or I'll ask Sirius to fuck James while he sucks me off and make you watch, and you won't get to fucking touch at all. Go to bed all needy and aching, and we might not even touch you for a week."
You want to cry. You want to kiss him. You don't know.
"Now ride Sirius, baby." You do, every movement of your hips and shallow thrust of his cock into you torture in and of itself, dragging laboriously against the inside of your cunt and sparking overwhelming pleasure with every twitch. Too much.
But you speed up, bouncing faster on Sirius' cock, until he's gasping and moaning with every movement and gripping your hips so tight they'll almost certainly bruise come morning.
"Can I come?" Sirius gasps.
"Yes," you almost beg. "Sirius, Sirius, please."
James nods around Remus, and Remus gives him permission, and Sirius moans as he spills into you, filling you up so fucking deliciously, and you help him through the orgasm even though the only thing you want is release of your own.
The sight is enough to have Remus groaning as well, releasing into James' mouth, who makes a show of swallowing every drop.
"Good boy," Remus praises him, and you whine—you want to be good, too.
Then Sirius is tapping at your hip and you're easing off him, his release dripping out of your swollen cunt and down your thighs.
"Oh, poor thing," Sirius murmurs as he watches how your eyes widen with desperation and want.
"Touch her," Remus urges him, and he does, sinking two fingers into your cunt in one smooth movement and making you gasp. "That's it, pet. Make those pretty, pathetic noises for us."
"Please," you whimper, flicking your gaze over to James.
"Please?" he echoes, mischief dancing in his eyes. Sirius crooks his fingers just right and you arch your back, whining from the pleasure and desperation. Tears prickle at your eyes and you let them fall as sensations overwhelm you, too much of everything all at once.
Finally, the brunet takes pity on you.
"Can she come?" he asks Remus.
"Let her come," Sirius agrees, even as he fucks his fingers in and out of you even rougher and you almost choke on a cry, bucking your hips into the sensation.
"Please," you gasp, shooting one last pleading look at Remus.
"She can come," Remus relents, and Sirius curls his fingers and you scream as you orgasm, almost blacking out from the ecstatic pleasure that courses through you. Your hips stutter and Sirius fucks you through your orgasm, until everything cools and you start whining with the overstimulation.
"Alright, enough," Remus says, and Sirius withdraws his fingers, covered in your fluids and his, and he licks them clean as he maintains eye contact with you. And then he winks.
Then Remus says your name, and you look over. "You gotta repay the favor now, baby. James hasn't come yet."
You look at James, whose cock is still hard and aching, whose eyes no longer sparkle with mischief but with the very same desperation you'd displayed minutes ago.
"Oh, baby," you murmur. "C'mere. I'll make you feel good, 'kay?"
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indigoh4ze · a month ago
kinktober day thirty-one - poly!marauders
(dom) poly!marauders x (sub) fem!reader - pillow riding & humiliation
warnings: humiliation kink, pillow riding, crying, daddy kink, pet names, degradation, dumbification, a moment of pinching, d/s dynamic, kind of dubious consent? sorta exhibition, polyamorous relationship, lmk what else
a/n: last kinktober- it feel weird but we did it
reblogs appreciated!!!
“look at ‘er, she’s crying already,” sirius is almost laughing at you, eyes locked on your pathetic figure, hips rocking back and forth over the rough material of the pillow.
“‘m not surprised, she’s a little fucking slut, isn’t that right y/n? you’re our brainless little toy, yeah?” remus glanced at you, his head cocked to the side ever so slightly, eyes scanning over your weak hip movements and trembling thighs.
“n-no, not a slut daddy, not-“ a loud sob fled your lips, head tilting back and hand grabbing ahold of the strong one that was by your side, keeping you upright by the waist.
“oh, sweetie, ‘s alright, we know you’re just a stupid little baby, ‘s not your fault,” james’s condescending tone rang through your ear, his hand squeezing yours and serving as a strikingly comforting grounding base.
yet, it only caused more tears to spring to your eyes, fat droplets rolling down the apples of your cheeks in a feeble display.
thighs burning and abdomen clenching, you released whines that teetered between the lines of pleasure and pain. the gazes of the three males were full of amusement and apathy, barely an ounce of pity seen in their visage.
the lack of fullness must’ve been the worst part, the absence of one of their comforting girths inside your cunt causing you to spiral - your pussy clenching around nothing repeatedly, the friction against your throbbing bundle of nerves not being enough to satiate the growing desire.
“daddy- need you, need y’cock, this is too hard,” you cried out, another failed attempt at gaining sympathy.
to add onto the stimulation, sirius began tweaking your exposed nipples, soothing the mound and then rubbing over the bud rapidly with his thumb, his eyes flickering to yours every so often to gather your reaction and ultimately gain entertainment from your distressed visage.
unexpectedly, you felt something rub against your slit, and when you spared a glance down you realized remus’ hand was wedged between your pussy and the pillow, his slender digits gathering your slick roughly - which resulted in you twitching from the potent clit stimulation.
“look at that, you’re soaked, bunny. don’t act like you’re not enjoying it, our dirty slut loves us watching her get off to a fuckin’ pillow, doesn’t she?” the raven tresses male mused, one side of his mouth turned upwards, the animistic gaze provoking blood to rush to your cheeks, a silent whimper spilling from your lips.
“answer him, baby.” a warning pinch to your perspiring thighs from the boy with the bed of brunet curls had your attention snapping upwards.
“y-yes, daddy, i do,” you bashfully admitted, practically mortified in this moment; their eyes were all trained on you, watching how pitiful you looked moaning from the sensation the soaked material brought onto you, along with their demeaning words and taunts.
fingers slot around the column of your neck, steering your jaw to the side until you were face to face with james, his lips coming in contact with yours in less than a second, a full heated kiss being generated. his tongue ventured your mouth rousingly, your hips moving more frantically now.
you moaned into his mouth, disappointed when he separated the two cushions, a string of saliva webbing them together, his plump bottom lip still ghosting against yours, “go on, cum.”
general taglist - @xoxog0ssipg1rl @remusjlupinisdead @sprucewoodlover @wlfstxr @i-love-scott-mccall @koolllook @remuslupinsmoon @crystal-dee
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eunoniaa · 3 months ago
imagine you being lazy and not taking your birth control so sirius just makes you take it by spitting it into your mouth HHHHHHH
i have no choice but to write this
cw // d/s dynamics, spitting (duh), a little choking if you squint, use of the word good girl
“did you take your meds, peanut?” sirius murmurs, turning to you with raised eyebrows.
“huh?” you look up from your desk, waving a dismissive hand when you spot the packet of pills in his hands, “that’s okay.” and with that, you turn back to your book.
“meaning?” he retorts with a gentle smile, already knowing your antics.
“meaning,” you glance at him, smirking “i’ll take ‘em later.”
a sigh. “no you won’t, my love- and we both know that.” the male muses, softly thumbing over the pill you were supposed to take yesterday, completely intact.
“take it now, doll- for me.” sirius tries once more, knowing how forgetful you can get and although he utterly adores you for it, he has taken it upon himself to help remind you of important stuff that tends to slip your mind -like taking your birth control.
“fine,” you whine dramatically, not letting sirius miss your teasing tone, “just let me finish this real quick.” and your back is already turned to him, turning all your focus to the papers in front of you again.
he raises a ring-clad hand to rake through his smooth hair while in thought, a crooked grin making its way onto his handsome face as a genius idea pops into his head.
popping the pill out of the packaging, sirius takes it into his mouth before sauntering behind you, and leans down so his head is right next to yours, his musky scent filling your nostrils has you biting down on your lower lip.
the boy starts kissing your neck, trailing along your jawline as his hands explore your upper body, slender fingers traveling up the valley of your breasts over your shirt until they reach your mandible, softly cupping it.
you giggle, leaning up with a slight pout, indicating to the male that you want him to kiss you. but to your dismay, he pulls back with a cheeky smirk, towering over you once again.
tilting your head back, you find yourself looking at him upside down and you vaguely wonder if this is going where you hope it is.
“open up, pretty girl.”
and indeed it is.
you happily oblige, presenting the lanky male the flat of your tongue with sparkling eyes.
it only takes sirius a moment to lean above you again, licking his lips before slightly puckering them, letting saliva drizzle into to open cavity of your mouth as you close your eyes, humming in delight.
the next thing you know is that you feel the pill sitting in the middle of your tongue, and your eyes shoot open in surprise, searching sirius’ gaze immediately, only to find him already smirking at you from above, as smug as ever.
“come on poppet,” he urges, voice getting an octave lower, “swallow.”
and of course, you have no choice but to oblige.
he smiles then, satisfied, hand coming up to smush your cheeks together in a pout, so he can lean down and capture them in a rough kiss, “good girl.” he murmurs into your mouth.
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messers-moony · 3 months ago
King and Queen | S.B
Paring: Sirius Black X Fem!Potter!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader
Summary: James goes through a lot during his time at Hogwarts but his sister is always by his side.
Inspiration: Click
A/N: If this comes off insensitive to anyone please let me know and I will remove this.
James Potter was a handful. From the minute he was born, he had this gleam in his hazel eyes that raged and burned with trouble. His twin, Y/n Potter, was almost the opposite. The soft smile that laid on her features and the glitter of calamity in her eyes. Euphemia and Fleamont were in for a lot the minute their twins were born. 
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is most comparative to having a web browser up with one too many tabs. James had always been unable to focus and was naturally messy. Truth be told, he thought it was normal, just as everyone else did. It wasn’t until his second year at Hogwarts did he realize something was genuinely wrong with him. 
Remus told him that he had this muggle thing called “dyslexia,” which was a difficulty in interpreting words, letters, and other symbols. However, it never affected his overall intelligence because everyone knew that Remus Lupin was indeed and wholly brilliant. It got James wondering, did his inability to focus, be organized, and hyperactivity have a deeper meaning?
His twin - Y/n - was quite the opposite. She made quick friends with Remus, Sirius, and Peter, who were close friends of her twin. Y/n was top of their class, creating a friendly competition with Remus, but she was always able to focus. Often she would hyper-focus, which would leave her working for over five hours at a time without realizing it. In those times, James would have to snap her out of it. 
Over the summer, James expressed his concerns to his parents. He was talking about how this could be a real issue he’s facing using Remus’ dyslexia as an example. Eventually, they gave in, letting James go to a muggle doctor. James had to fill out a questionnaire that would come back with his results in one week. That week was probably the longest week of his life. Nonetheless, his test results had come back positive. 
Fleamont and Euphemia would be lying if they were surprised. After hearing about the disorder, it was almost the definition of their eldest son. Fortunately for James, the muggles had come up with a cure - no, not a cure - dammit, what was it again?
Impede the symptoms! That’s what those muggle pills do. James was required to take two pills a day, one in the morning and once at night. Y/n was in charge of making sure he did so because - more times than he’d like to admit - he would forget everything if it wasn’t for Y/n. 
In third year, James was as energetic as ever while getting on the Hogwarts Express, “Aren’t you excited, Y/n?!”
She chuckled, “Yes, but Merlin, you don’t need to literally jump with joy.”
“But I’m excited!”
“I know that.”
They made their way to the compartment that held Remus, who was reading a book. James sat in front of him while Y/n took her seat beside Remus, “‘Ello Remus.”
“Hey, Potter pair.”
Y/n sighed, and James groaned, “That nickname needs to go away.”
“I quite like it.” Remus stated smugly, “Suits you both.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Y/n accused falsely, “It means that wherever one of you are, the other isn’t that far behind.” Remus replied. 
James had zoned out already, and Y/n snapped in his face, “Take your pills?” 
“Forgot.” James muttered guiltily, “Oh Godric.” She whispered. 
“James went to a muggle doctor this summer.”
Remus quirked an eyebrow, “Did you now?”
“Got diagnosed with ADHD.” James informed, and Remus looked amiss, “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.”
“Ah, I’ve heard of that.” Remus said, and James smiled sheepishly, “I feel kinda odd, like out of place.”
“Dunno, just, why can't I be normal?”
“You are normal, James.” Y/n reassured, “And anyone who says differently obviously doesn’t care about you.”
The compartment door slammed open, “Who doesn’t care about who?”
Remus snorted, “Ever the dramatics, huh, mate?”
“‘Course.” Sirius flopped down beside James, “It comes with my charm and devilishly good looks.”
“Ah, yes.” Y/n said, chuckling, “Don’t you see how I’m swooning for you?”
The back of her palm was against her forehead, “Come off it.” James swatted at her and then elbowed Sirius, “Better not make my sister swoon.”
Sirius chuckled and shrugged, “Can’t help it. I’m just that irresistible.”
The four of them laughed at Sirius’ dramatics and continued talking about the new term. Remus and Y/n were talking about books they couldn’t wait to read. Remus was even kind enough to gift her some muggle books he bought over the summer holiday. Sirius and James bickered about what pranks to do this year, along with which ones were better. 
Third-year was fun. It was a year of flooding corridors, turning Slytherin robes red and blasting music in the common room after a Gryffindor victory. James was a brilliant Quidditch Chaser, and Y/n was a fantastic Seeker. Nothing was quite like the Potter pair. Something about them was just unforgettable. 
Maybe that’s why Sirius was so fond of her. Something about the Potters made people around them smile on the hardest of days. They made sure that every moment was a night to remember. Every memory was worth reliving. So adventurous, so reckless, yet so kind and loving. 
By the time fifth year rolled around, Sirius Orion Black had fallen off a cliff into a lake called love. Sirius completely submerged himself in love for Y/n Potter. The younger twin by just 20 minutes, but something about her was so divine. Was it her silk and glittering h/c hair? No - maybe it was her gleaming e/c eyes. Perhaps it was for her strive for adventure and extreme kindness. 
Nonetheless, Sirius fell hard.
And who better to tell than James Potter himself?
Causally - as usual - Sirius opened the door to the Marauders dorm. It was empty aside from the brunet boy with glasses on the bridge of his nose. His hazel eyes were focused on a textbook - Potions textbook - maybe it was to impress Lily. Sirius couldn’t care less, so he pulled the chair out in front of the desk and sat before James. 
“Mate, I need your help.”
“Running from Filch?”
“No. Something- Something worse.”
“Something worse?” The textbook shut loudly.
Sirius nodded, “Way worse.”
“Alright then, come into my office.” James teased, and Sirius grinned. 
It was silent, “I’m in love with your sister.”
James sputtered, “Excuse me?”
“I’m in love with Y/n.”
“No, no.” James waved his hand horizontally, “I heard you.”
“Then what else would you like me to say?” Sirius asked. 
“Literally anything else.”
“Sorry, mate.” Sirius muttered, “I- I really didn’t mean to.”
James chuckled and wiped his hand across his face, “I suppose you can’t really stop love, huh?”
“You really can’t.” Sirius agreed, “I tried. I promise I tried.”
“It’s not that big of a deal late.” James assured, and Sirius looked at him with wide eyes, “I trust you just-“
“I’m worried about her.” James completed, “I- I worry about her every night.”
Sirius softened, “It’s like you with Regulus-“ James continued before Sirius could interject, “And don’t pretend. Your silencing charms are bloody terrible.”
“I know you still care for Regulus, you worry about him every night, and I do the same for Y/n, except my silencing charms are better.” James teased sightly, “I trust you, Sirius. You’re the brother I never got but always wanted. You know, the brother I can play Quidditch with, rough around with, the brother who’s just as sneaky and mischievous as I.”
“But Y/n is still my blood. She's my twin, my best friend, my partner in crime. She was the mind behind my pranks before Remus.” James elaborated and then smirked, “Remus and Y/n make a great team, ya’ know?”
“They are quite brilliant.”
“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, take care of her?” James looked like the eleven-year-old boy again, “Don’t make her a fling and don’t make this temporary.”
“Y/n is a strong woman, and she isn’t for weak men. I’ll be honest,” James chuckled, “She doesn’t need a man. She doesn’t even really need me. I need her more than she needs me. Regardless, take care of her. She deserves a man worthy of her. Someone that’ll get her ice cream at 4 a.m. because she’s craving it. Someone that’ll go on sporadic trips with her. Someone that’ll understand that after a hard day, all she wants is a book and coffee.”
Sirius was appalled; he’d never seen James look so passionate, “Growing up, mum always told me to be a gentleman. I know it may not seem like it sometimes, but she always raised me as one. To hold a door for them, push and push in their chairs for them, give them my jacket even if I’ll freeze.” 
“Those kinda things. Dad said I should practice on Y/n, and I did. From then, Y/n always got treated like a queen, and she deserves no less. I won't lie, my parents treat me like a king too, and I don’t want any less either.” James explained, “Be the king that’s worthy of my sister.”
“That’s all I ask of you.”
Sirius nodded, “I’d be honored to serve her as my queen.”
“And if you show her no less, she’ll spit you out like chewing gum.”
He shuttered, “I hate how accurate that phrase is.”
James laughed, “I know her more than you think.”
By sixth year they were dating. Sirius would be lying if he wasn’t eternally shitting himself when Y/n said yes to going to Hogsmeade with him, alone, as a date. In fact, James almost wanted to throw him a party for finally not being a little bitch and asking out his sister. This party consisted of a bottle of firewhiskey and chocolate because that’s all that was in the boy's dormitory. But a party nonetheless. 
When Lily rejected James for the last time before graduation, he was utterly heartbroken. He’d spent and dedicated seven years of his life to this gorgeous woman. Despite all his efforts and all his charms, she still wasn’t interested. James tried. He really tried. He wanted Lily so bad. His heart broke when she said her final words of goodbye.
“I’m sorry, Potter. Maybe in another life, just not this one.”
Tears had ebbed at the corner of his eyes as he made his way back into the castle from the Black Lake. In the common room, where he felt like he had just got dowsed in water. James made his way to the girl's dormitory. His hand curled into a fist and knocked lightly on the wooden door. Shuffling was heard from the other side, and the door finally opened, revealing his sister. 
Without warning, James crashed into her arms, forcing his nose in the crook of her neck, “Woah.”
“Are you okay, James?”
His body shook with sobs as he shook his head no, “It’s okay. Let’s go lay down, okay?”
Gently she led him to her bed. He curled up beneath the navy blue comforter and placed his head on the silk pillow sheets. If he tried hard enough, he could forget the way Lily’s hair smelt today or the way her green eyes glistened in the sun. Now engulfed in his sister's scent, trying to remove every feeling for Lily possible, he dug his nose deeper into the comforter. 
Y/n sat beside him, her back to the headboard, and ran her fingers through James’ already untied hair, “What's got you so worked up?”
“It’s done.”
“What’s done?”
“L- Lily and I.” James choked, “She- She really doesn’t want me.”
A new wave of tears overcame him, and Y/n continued to try and soothe him, “Well, she’s a tosser.”
James narrowed his eyes, “James, you know I love her. She's my best friend, but if she can’t see what’s right in front of her, then she’s an idiot.”
“Can I- Can I stay here tonight?” He asked hesitantly.
“You sure you don’t want me to stay at your dorm?” Y/n questioned, “Because you know who sleeps here.”
“Will you stay with me?”
“Till the end.”
After a couple of minutes, Y/n and James made their way down the steps to the boy's side. They walked up more steps and finally made it to the boy's dormitory. James collapsed on his bed in the left corner of the room, and Sirius perked up at seeing his girlfriend enter the room. 
“Whatcha doin’ here, love?”
“Staying with my brother.”
Sirius nodded and stood up to hug her, gently pecking her forehead, “If you guys need anything, let me know, ‘kay?”
“Thanks, Siri.” 
Gently Y/n pulled back the maroon curtain and sat down beside him again. James reached for her hand and intertwined their fingers. Something they used to do as kids. When a thunderstorm would go by, James would always seek sanctuary in his sister's comfort. 
He fell asleep that night, knowing he was safe, loved, and knew that someone cared about him. Even if Lily didn’t love him, at least someone else did. He had his boys, and he had his sister. Right now, that’s all he needed beside him: Screw Lily and her idiot decision skills. Y/n was right; she was a complete tosser. 
When Hogwarts was over, James and Y/n got a flat together. Sirius, Remus, and Peter got one only a floor above. Realistically this wasn’t the plan. James always planned to buy a house with Lily, but he was still healing, and after everything going on, it was vital for him to hold his sister close to him.
Euphemia and Fleamont barely lived to see their children graduate. Not too long afterward had died due to the horrid dragon pocks. It devastated both twins and Sirius. While Sirius wasn’t their true child, he very well could’ve. Euphemia noticed Sirius’s lingering stares on Y/n and the loopy smile that graced his features.
She was the one who got Sirius to man up. She was the one who gave him advice. She was the one who told him what books were her favorite, which chocolate she liked the best, her favorite quills. Euphemia was one of the main components in getting Sirius to date her daughter, and when it finally happened, the parents couldn’t have been happier.
James’ ADHD still remained even in his adulthood, making regular everyday tasks much harder and twice as long. Most of the time, the pills were able to help him complete those tasks. But sometimes, when Y/n wasn’t there to remind him, he would miss his days. When Y/n got home from work, she had barely taken off her shoes to see the apartment spotless.
It was a pleasant surprise, but James was never really one to clean, not that she really minded, but the apartment didn’t have a speck of dust on it. Hesitantly she put her keys on the island along with her bag.
“Yes, Y/n?”
He appeared in the kitchen where Y/n was, “Um, did you clean the apartment?”
“Yes, I did!” James nodded enthusiastically.
Y/n sighed and gave her brother a sweet smile, “What did you not do today?”
“So, you know how you told me to go to the pharmacy?”
“Mhm.” Y/n nodded, “Indeed I do.”
“Well, they were out of my meds.” James informed, “I have to wait a week.”
“Oh, Merlin.”
“On the bright side!” James was already causing her a headache, “It’s gonna be a fantastic week! I’ve got so many things planned for us! We’re gonna go-“
James continued to ramble as Y/n grabbed her keys, bag and slipped back on her shoes, “I’m going to Sirius’!”
“Thought you were my sister.” James faked pouting, and Y/n smiled, “I love you, but you’re crazy.”
“I love you too!” He yelled as she closed the door.
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v1oletvenus · 28 days ago
dialogue: sirius misses you, and decides to give you a call at 3am.
content: ur choice what the situation is (e.g. you're on winter break during your hogwarts years and in different places for the holiday / you're both on different missions for the order during the war / etc.)
ib: this tiktok and also the song bless the telephone by labs siffre
"Mmm." you groaned, hand reaching out from under the covers as you fumbled for the ringing rotary telephone on your nightstand. "Hello?" you asked groggily, sitting up slightly as you blinked drowsily in the mellow lamplight.
"Hi, love. It's Sirius."
Immediately, you woke up completely, your heart fluttering at the sound of his voice. From the shaky breathing you could hear on the receiver, you knew he'd not slept yet tonight.
"Hey, hey, hey? What's wrong, Siri?" you asked, cradling the phone handle as if you could hold his hand through it.
"I..." he trailed off, sighing. "Can you just stay on the phone, please? Can we just pretend that you're holding me right now?" he asked so softly you might have dreamt it.
"Okay, love." you whispered, closing your eyes. "I'm here." you promised, smiling softly as you heard him hum happily that you agreed to keep him company.
"I miss you." he confessed, feeling homesick for you - his comfort, his love.
His home.
Your smile faltered as you remembered how far away you were from each other. "I miss you too."
"I wish we could just sneak downstairs into the kitchens and just talk ourselves tired, like when we couldn't sleep at Hogwarts." he chuckled, his sheets rustling in the background as he turned on his back to face the ceiling.
"Or go to the astronomy tower and count constellations until we can't keep our eyes open anymore." you giggled, shuffling in your bed to do the same, your gaze wandering the dimly lit walls.
"Just having you close would be enough." he frowned.
"We'll see each other again soon, Siri." you reminded him, smiling softly. "But for tonight, I'll stay on the line until you fall asleep. Okay?"
"Alright." he grinned.
Not before long, you could hear soft snores from the other line, your presence having lulled him to sleep. You smiled, whispering a quiet "I love you", before putting the phone back on its handle and drifting off to sleep yourself.
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Tumblr media
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1.6k
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: your roommate, sirius, helps you relax a bit after a stressful night.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: smut, roommate!sirius, college au, modern au, fingering, a bit of degrading, dirty talk.
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: after a month, here i am, writing a fic. i’m so sorry for making everyone wait, honestly i was really unmotivated these past few weeks so.
you huffed as your eyes scanned your laptop’s screen, all the information that you need not sinking in your brain yet.
your anatomy and physiology test was in less than a week, yet you still haven’t read the book you were assigned at the beginning of the year.
tears threatening to escape your eyes from the frustration, your muscles tensed as the words on the screen in front of you became blurry.
why was this so difficult?
you just wanted to take a nap and drift off this world, this stressing world. you took a deep breath before throwing your pencil at the wall in front of you.
the pencil landed on the floor as your roommate came in, he could already sense the stress off your body from the entrance.
your glossy eyes snapped up to him, suddenly afraid. your muscles relaxed a bit as soon as his warm eyes connected with yours.
you admired him like he was an angel, you could’ve easily drooled at the sight; a few top buttons of his school shirt were undone, his sleeves rolled up to his upper arm, showing off his muscled biceps, his long hair tied back with one of your hair ties, a few strands of hair falling in front of his face.
your eyes travelled from his hair to his arm, letting your mind do wonders. oh how bad you wanted to trace every one of his veins with your tongue.
“hey, ” he said softly catching your attention “my eyes are up here, y’know.” he joked while smirking while you closed your eyes in embarrassment.
you sighed while returning to your computer, you groaned when you caught the sight of the digital textbook you were previously studying with.
this was gonna be a long night.
“what’s going on there? you seem a little.. stressed” sirius broke your train of thoughts. before he approached you, the black haired man inspected the room the two of you shared.
papers everywhere, books and pens all over the floor, a pile of dirty clothes; specifically the red lacy bra on top that had his blood rushing south. stop it.
you sighed
“the anatomy and physiology test is coming up next week and i’m stressing out so much about it, that’s all.” your words gave a hit of tiredness. he watched as you cracked your knuckles in distress.
“god! i would do anything for a minute of relaxation, i’m so exhausted” you complained as you placed your head on top of the mini table in front of you.
sirius knew how hard this test was— seeing as he took the exact same assessment last year. he wished he could do anything to help you.
that’s when he watched you carefully, taking you in slowly; black spandex shorts, an oversized sweatshirt— his sweatshirt, and that intoxicating perfume that had him daydreaming about you all day.
‘she looks gorgeous’ sirius thought, even when you looked miserable ‘gods the things i would do to— ’ he closed his eyes, dismissing all the naughty thoughts of his roommate from his mind.
then an idea popped into his head.
“well -- maybe.. i could help you relax for a bit, if you want” he offered, a specific idea craved in his mind while doing so.
you watched as his fingers played with his ring nervously, veins covering his whole hand. fuck, if only he could fuck you while his fingers were deep down your throat. stop it y/n.
‘god’ you thought ‘this man is driving me insane— and in a good way’ you smiled, remembering when he made all nervous just a few days ago, you remembered all of the butterflies erupting in your tummy.
“hmm” you hummed, “i’d like that” you answered him, maybe some relaxation won’t hurt you.
he smirked at your response, already getting behind you to get to work.
his hands wasted no time on going down to your shoulders, not even bothering to make get out of your seat.
his thick fingers softly massaged your tensed shoulders as you sighed heavily, you closed your heavy eyes while throwing your head back.
sirius rolled his tongue against the inside of his cheek, trying to suppress the low moan that was about to come right out of his mouth because of his view.
he took a deep breath before his hand travelled from your collarbone down to your chest, accidentally brushing his pinky against your upper boob causing your breath to hitch.
confidently your roommate made his way down, his hand finally reaching its destination.
“you— you’re not wearing anything under, are you?” sirius stumbled across his words, feeling his pants tighten up as his length twitched at the feeling of your nipples through your sweatshirt.
“no” you mumbled timidly, your nervousness level raising by the second. you knew where this was going, and you were enjoying every minute of it.
“c’mon,” he chuckled silently “‘s not like we’ve done this before, princess” he whispered against your neck making you gasp as memories of you in his bed with tears running down your face rushed to your mind.
this bastard is so good at this.
his dick throbbed while he played with your breasts, pinching your perked nipples every once in a while.
“sirius please,” you breathed “i need you— please!” you whined softly as his mouth covered your neck with love bites. the tall man groaned every time he felt your chest rise and fall repeatedly.
after a moment, sirius had enough of the teasing, he pulled you up by your neck, sitting down on the seat you were previously sat on after admiring the work he did to your neck.
you watched nervously while he took your seat, spreading his legs wide open as he moved forward, readjusting his position.
you eventually took the hint, taking your bottoms along with your underwear off. your roommate took you off guard when he grabbed your hips tightly and turned your around, ass directly in his eye level.
he smirked before pulling you towards him, sitting you in between his legs. you could feel his hard cock against your back.
the man behind you reached in front of him, he mumbled a ‘can i?’ against your lips before taking the hem of your his sweatshirt and pulling up and over your head.
now, you were completely bare in front your super hot roommate. and, even when your back was facing him, you didn’t dare to take your eyes off the floor, too nervous to make a move.
you held your breath as soon as you felt his cold finger trace circles in your thigh, and another one coming down to your pulsating cunt.
your hands flew to his knees, gripping them tightly when his finger found the back of your knees, bringing them up until the cold air hit your sensitive pussy.
the finger ghosting over your swollen clit as you cry, not caring anymore. your hand travelled to the back of his neck, pulling him down so his lips are touching yours.
you lean in the kiss as his finger starts to circle your clit, teasing your spit then going back to your clit again. you moan softly against his mouth making his hand to work faster on you.
your toes curled as he teased your entrance, clenching around nothing while he mumbled dirty words in your ear.
“you look so beautiful, spread out like this, just f’me”
“who made you this wet, sweet thing?”
“you— you did!” you gasped as his finger slowly sank into your tight hole. sirius started to move his finger in and out, curling them deep inside you.
your whined when a second finger was going in your wet cunt, hips bucking as he curled those fingers up to that spot that had your mouth wide open.
eventually, sirius started going at an animalistic speed, and you had let your hand travelled up to his curls, gripping his hair tightly as you moaned.
sirius bit your earlobe softly before diving in your sweet spot, sucking and licking.
your eyes were lost somewhere in the back of your head, a third finger joined in, stretching your needy cunt.
“hmm, you like that? having your roommate play with your wet little cunt like a needy whore?” he spat out, you sobbed loudly as you felt his fingertips pinch your nipple.
“oh god! sirius!” you moaned loudly, not even caring about the people next door.
he sped up his fingers’ movements, he massaged your tit while kissing the side of your face. the moment he felt you clench around his wet fingers, he whispered “gonna cum f’me, baby? just like that, yeah?”.
every word that left his mouth bringing you closer to your release, your muscles tightened as you felt something building up in your lower stomach.
you babbled his name along with a few feels so goods, nails sinking into his arm’s skin, whimpering nonstop.
your head lolled back to his shoulder as a long moan left your parted lips. the pads of his fingers playing with the valley of your beast. the pleasure was too much to take.
he fingered your swollen hole while you came, coating his fingers with your cum. he smirked as he slowed down, his hand covered in your juices while your breath was uneven.
you closed your eyes tightly, catching your breath, trying to control your shaky thighs. you sighed, you smiled as you turned to the side and kissed sirius’ tattoed neck up and down.
sirius bit his lower lip, trying to not smile at the little gesture. he heard as your whines when he removed his coated fingers from inside you, taking them up to his lips and licking them slowly.
“fuck” he laughed “i’ll never get over your sweet taste, darling” making the tip of your ears grow hot, feeling the embarrassment.
you brought your hand up to his face, tracing his jawline slowly until you reached his soft lips. thinking if it’s really worth saying your next words,
“how would you like if i returned the favor, mr. black?”
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Smut-Tember Day 3- In the Shower with Sirius Black 
Pairing: Sirius black x reader (era not really specified)
Warnings: shower sex, light degradation
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
“Can I not even get a shower in peace?”
The quip escaped your lips with a playful lilt as you rolled your eyes fondly. Sirius pressed himself up against your back, his arms around your waist, long hair tickling your bare shoulder.
“Now where’s the fun in that, eh?” He grinned, nipping your earlobe gently, coaxing a shuddering sigh from you, your head tipping back against his shoulder.
“The point of a shower, Sirius, is to get clean,” you murmured, eyes fluttering shut. Your resolve was quickly dissolving as Sirius’s elegant fingers made quick work of the zip on your jeans.
Smirking as you pressed your bum back into his clothed hardness, he switched to your other ear. “We can clean off after. We’re both pretty dirty already. ‘Specially you,” you moaned softly as his teeth grazed your pulse point.
“It’ll be slippery, Siri… don’t want to fall down,” you moaned, stepping out of your jeans and turning around to face him, cheeks hot and pupils blown with desire.
“Whoever doesn’t fall down gets to wear the naughty nurse costume,” he grinned and you nodded, beginning to tug at his jeans. With a little laugh and some help with the fly, both you and Sirius were completely bare, and soon the room was filled with steam as you stepped into the shower.
Now, normally, you would’ve reached for the shampoo (and robbed a bit of Sirius’s because he buys the expensive stuff for his precious locks), then the body wash. But now there was a six foot tall man in the way of the toiletry caddy. “What’re you up to, pup?” Sirius grinned down at you, the steam and the water making his damp hair curl.
“Gettin’ the shampoo?” You said, making Sirius laugh.
“Oh baby… we’ll get nice and clean after, okay?” He grinned, nudging you suggestively.
“Oh!” You said, cheeks flooding with heat. “‘Kay. But… how’re we gonna… do you wanna lift me? Or we could sit on the floor and-”
Sirius pressed his lips over yours, kissing you gently before looking down at you. “Easy, pup,” he grinned. “So eager for m’cock,” you pouted up at him, legs rubbing together. “C’mere,” he said fondly, caressing the outsides of your thighs slowly, before grasping the back of them and hoisting you up, pushing you up against the shower wall, his tall figure protecting you from the shower spray. You giggled slightly, looking down at him, feeling his hard cock resting against your bum. “Comfy, baby?” He asked, and with a bit of wriggling, you managed to get into a comfortable enough position.
“Please, Sirius, please?” You moaned quietly, scrabbling for leverage on his wet skin.
“You beg so pretty for me, puppy,” he smirked. “Want me to fuck you right here in the shower?” You whined and nodded, trying to lower yourself onto him, but the angle was ever so frustratingly off. “Even when anyone could hear?” He continued and you huffed.
“Yes!” You said. “Just- Sirius, please, need you-hm!” Mid way through your plea, Sirius had lined himself up with your entrance, allowing you to slide down on his length, aided by gravity. Your eyelids fluttered slightly and Sirius grinned, letting you adjust for a moment, bending his knees slightly to support the position.
“Aww, pup, don’t go all dumb on me now, haven’t even started,” he teased, and you groaned softly, breath already coming in little pants.
“S-so deep, Sirius,” you whined, the position allowing for much deeper penetration than even riding would, and the graze of his cock in your deepest pleasure points had you breathless and twitching already. “More, more,”
“Shh, okay, pretty girl. I’ll fuck you, don’t you worry,” he cooed, his arms tightening around you as he began to thrust his hips, holding your head in the crook of his neck to avoid you hitting it on the hard tiles. “Fuck, so good f’me, pup,” he grunted as you began to move your own hips, albeit a little clumsily, using your ankles locked around his waist as an anchor.
“Am I?” You whimpered, lifting your head and settling into a grinding motion that complimented Sirius’s thrusts.
Sirius stared into your desperate eyes as you fought to keep them open, grinning at you. “Yes, baby, so good,” he confirmed, kissing your forehead. “My good girl,” you moaned softly, burying your head back into his neck, his praise sending new bolts of arousal throbbing through your body. His hands reached to grope at your arse as he turned his head to murmur in your ear. “Can you rub your pretty little clit for me? Wanna feel you come around my cock,” You moaned, nodding, as you reached your hand down to rub circles around your clit, feeling yourself climb closer and closer to your release. “Fuck, good girl,” Sirius groaned. “Come for me, pup,”
You did not need to be told twice, your orgasm wrecking through your body as you clung to Sirius, moaning his name, the noise muffled by his shoulder and the pitter-patter of the shower water. “Sirius…” you whined, and he grunted, holding you still as he pounded up into you, before releasing with a long, low groan.
“Fuck…” he said panting, slowly easing you off his cock, holding you gently as you lowered your legs to the floor. “C’mon, darling,” he said gently, reaching behind him to turn the shower off. “C’mon, nice and easy out of the shower,”
You let him guide you out and wrap a towel around his waist, sitting on the closed toilet lid as he wrapped you in a towel too, carefully patting your dry, holding you in his lap. “We didn’t get clean,” you mumbled, still a little breathless.
Sirius gave a bark of laughter, kissing you gently. “Don’t worry, baby,” he said. “I’ll get you nice and clean with a charm. Then we can get into bed, yeah?”
“Yeah,” you mumbled. As promised, Sirius used a few handy charms to clean you both off, before helping you step into a pair of knickers and one of his muggle band shirts. As you settled into bed, you snuggled into his side, already drifting off as he kissed the top of your head. “Guess you’ll have to wait for another day to wear the naughty nurse outfit,”
“Damn,” Sirius grinned. “That stethoscope really brings out my eyes,”
Tags: @liliputbahn @lilymurphy03 @pinkandblueblurbs @remus-lupin-simp @dailyalanrickman @cremedelabrulee @simpforsnape @imareallygrumpyme @ithinkweallsing @lizlil @whizzbeesdukes @sassicaismysupreme @acciosiriusblack @highfunctioningfangirl19 @mypainistemporary @sociallyawkward-princess @pandaxnienke @once-upon-an-imagine @lazyotakujen @lilypad-55449 @rogertaylorismycar @lxoxtxtxi @wh0reforthemarauders @fullmoonshadowwrites
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“Show You” Part 3
post azkaban sirius black x reader smut
Tumblr media
pls read part 1 & 2 first !
warnings: age gap, rough sex, daddy kink, thigh riding, choking
The hours went by achingly slow. Sirius went back to not even looking at you and you were growing bored of Ron and Harrys constant Quidditch talk. The orgasm that Sirius had just gave you in the bathroom didn’t suffice, you were like a puppy that couldn’t sit still as every source of friction reminded you of what was to come.
Your eyes kept switching between the clock and the back of Sirius who was still stood a few feet away from you. His sleeves were rolled up with his forearms exposed. You felt yourself begin to throb as you took in the details of each vein and imagined where his large hands had been only hours before hand.
Eventually the guests began to disperse one by one and Ron had fallen asleep next to you, soft snores leaving his mouth. As soon as Harry noticed Ron was asleep, he took the opportunity to sneak upstairs with Ginny which left a few of the adults stood in the kitchen.
Sirius was having a conversation with Remus but caught your eye for a moment. He nodded his head towards his bedroom door swiftly, indicating for you to go there now before him.
Feeling yourself grow slightly giddy, you jumped to your feet without stirring Ron and quickly padded your way to his bedroom before anybody noticed.
You sat on his bed, but you were still restless, feet swaying off the edge as your legs weren’t long enough to touch the ground. The heat in your lower abdomen was already growing and he wasn’t even in the room yet, but the memories that laced the sheets of his bed from a few days beforehand was enough to turn you on.
It was around ten minutes before Sirius entered his room, the sudden noise making you jump slightly. He didn’t bother looking out you as he turned to place a charm on the door so no noise would be heard and the door couldn’t be opened, making your bottom lip pout slightly. The mere sight of him made you want to release a moan, the way his jaw tensed, and his eyebrows furrowed.
Sirius turned to you with dark eyes and sat down beside you on the bed. Without hesitating, you turned to sit on his lap facing him with your legs either side of his waist.
“You’ve been so fucking bad.” He groaned, placing his large hands around your waist.
“I’m sorry, daddy.” You said sweetly, wrapping your arms around his neck and placing soft kisses on his jaw. Your mind was already foggy, so far in subspace you wanted to do anything to please him.
“I’m gonna have to punish you, baby.” Sirius said after a low sigh causing you to whimper slightly.
“I promise I can make it up to you.” You cried, lowering your hips to his to cause some friction between the two of you.
“Uh-uh, kitten. You don’t get to touch.” Sirius grabbed your hips and stopped them from moving against his, maneuvering you so you were now pressed against his thigh.
“Please,” You cried, your eyes wide and you searched for any sense of remorse in his. “Please, daddy I wanna make it up to you. I-I need to feel you.”
“Hmm, you want to cum, baby?” Sirius sneered slightly, making you nervous. You nodded your head eagerly at his offer to which he let out a small and sinister laugh. He guided your hips against his thigh and your cheeks flushed pink. You let out a moan as the friction between you and his thigh began to get you off. “No touching.” He smirked as he put his hands behind himself on the bed, resting on them.
You continued to jut against his thigh, feeling slightly pathetic but not being able to stop. You were a whimpering mess, desperate for any form of release as Sirius looked down at you with a smirk.
“Fuck, you’re so pathetic.” Sirius sneered. “Getting off on my thigh like the little slut you are, huh?”
All you could do is nod your head as you were so focused on finding your high. You were quickly brough out of it as you felt a pang against your cheek.
“Answer me.” He grumbled.
“Y-Yes.” You mumbled. “I’m your slut, daddy.” You moaned, speeding up as the pain from the slap had turned you on even more.
“Fuck,” Sirius grabbed your hips, not being able to contain himself much more. “Cum on my thigh, kitten.”
You did as you were told, your clit continued to rub against his clothed thigh as he helped you speed up the pace until your legs were shaking and you cried out against his shoulder.
Once you caught your breath, you looked up at him.
“Daddy’s being too generous, hmm?” Sirius mumbled as he pushed some of your hair off of your face. You shook your head and pouted your lip slightly. “But I still haven’t punished you yet, baby.”
Your eyes widened as you thought him embarrassing you by making you get off on his thigh was the punishment.
“Sit over my lap, kitten.”
You did as you were told, getting on your hands and knees over his lap. Sirius pushed your dress up so that your ass and thong were on display and he caressed his hands over it gently.
“You think you can be a good girl for me from now on, huh?” He questioned you as you rested yourself on your elbows.
“I promise, daddy.” You responded.
“You’re not gonna be a brat?” He continued and your eyebrows furrowed.
“I’m not a brat.” You bit back but regretted it as he swiftly lifted his hand and spanked you. You couldn’t help but let out a moan, you didn’t know what was wrong with you as instead of pain, the slap turned you on even more.
Sirius let out a low laugh as your ass raised higher as if waiting for the next spank.
“You like that, you little slut?” He said before hitting you again. You were sure you were bruised but you didn’t care. The spanks kept on coming until your ass was numb and you were in a complete daze.
Sirius threw you off his lap onto the bed before quickly pulling down his trousers and boxers, revealing himself right infront of your face.
“How the fuck am I meant to punish you when you’re such a little whore.” He spat, stood at the end of the bed.
You crawled over to him until you were level with his cock. You forgot how big he was, and you could already imagine the curves of his cock hitting your walls later that night.
“Can I touch you, daddy?” You nearly begged as his dick was millimetres from your mouth. He nodded, sighing heavily.
You wrapped your lips around his member, pushing down as far as possible as wrapping your tongue around him. You let out a moan as you bobbed your head up and down his shaft but soon regretted it as this turned Sirius on more.
He grabbed the back of your head and began thrusting into you.
“You’re such a little cock slut, huh?” Sirius groaned out as he continued to fuck your face. You gagged and cried onto his dick, but he didn’t care. He tugged and pulled on your hair, forcing you up and down his length.
You were throbbing at this point, so ready to be fucked senseless but it was no use as he continued to use your mouth.
“Brats don’t deserve to be treat nicely.” He mumbled as you moaned against his dick causing his head to fall back in pleasure. “You want to taste my cum, kitten?”
There was no point in him asking, he quickened his pace before you could feel him throbbing inside your mouth.
His moans were low as the white liquid sprayed down your throat and you swallowed it briskly.
Sirius removed himself from your mouth but didn’t remove his grip from your hair. He rubbed his swollen member against your lips before you stuck your tongue out, allowing him to lace it with the rest of his cum.
“Fuck.” He groaned as you sucked on his overstimulated end.
Sirius sat at the head of the bed, running his fingers through his hair. You were still so deep in subspace and still ridiculously turned on with desperate need of release. You whined as you crawled up to him, puppy eyes in full display.
“What?” He smirked. You furrowed your eyebrows in frustration as you didn’t want to beg. You let out another whine as you sat on your knees next to him. “Use your words, kitten.”
“I-I want you to fuck me.” You said under your breath, looking down at your fingers.
“You think you deserve that?” He replied, grabbing your hips and sitting you on his lap so your legs were either side. He was still hard, and you could feel him through your panties beneath you. You nodded your head eagerly.
“I don’t know, baby.” Sirius sighed. “You’ve been so fucking bad and daddy’s already made you finish twice.”
“B-But I need to feel you properly.” You nearly begged. You were passed the point of embarrassment, passed the point of feeling pathetic. You wanted one thing and you were going to do anything to get it. “I wanna be filled up.” You whined.
“Fuck, you are my little cock slut, huh kitten?” Sirius smirked. His hands travelled up your thigh until they were at the top, and his thumb rested on top of your panties before he began to slowly rub your clit. You let out a moan, it was better than nothing, but it wasn’t enough.
“Please fuck me, daddy.” You cried out, jutting your hips against his thumb. “I need to feel your cock inside me.”
“And you promise to be a good girl if I fuck you?” Sirius bribed me.
“I’m your good girl, daddy, please.” Tears were slowly running down your cheeks as you were so desperate for release.
Sirius flipped you over, so he was now on top. He pushed your panties to the side before rubbing his tip against your entrance. Your hips continued to buck forward against him as your head fell back.
You looked at his face that was laced with a sinister smirk and you whined once more, before he eventually pushed himself into you.
Without a moment to spare he was pounding into you, a loud smacking noise every time he thrusted. You still weren’t used to his size as there was slight discomfort, but it was quickly masked with the pleasure of him fucking you.
One of his hands rested on your thigh as the other wrapped around your throat, restricting your breathing as all you could focus on was the pleasure you were feeling.
Your hands travelled to his chest, palms resting against his muscles through his half-unbuttoned shirt as you took in every inch of him.
“Fill me up, daddy – please.” You whined, voice wavering every time he thrusted into you.
“I’m close baby, cum around daddy’s cock.” He groaned, moving his hand to your clit for extra pleasure.
It wasn’t long before your legs were shaking, and your walls were clenching around his cock. He continued to thrust into you until you could feel his cum inside you, his cock throbbing as you both were riding out your highs.
Sirius rolled over next to you and fumbled with something on his bed side table before pulling a cigarette to his lips and lighting it.
You both lay against the headboard catching your breath.
“Come here, baby.” Sirius gestured for you to sit on his lap. You did as you were told and as he held his cigarette in his hand, he pulled your dress over your head.
He took a long draw of his cigarette, taking in every inch of you before leaving kisses along your torso, over your breasts and up your neck. “So pretty.” He muttered.
You blushed from your place above him, your mind still foggy as you couldn’t manage to get any words out.
He took a few more drags from his cigarette before offering you some.
“Am I allowed?” You questioned with wide eyes. His eyebrows furrowed before he smirked slightly.
“Y/N, of course you are baby.”
“I don’t have to ask for permission?” You continued, feeling like it was some sort of test. He shook his head no.
“Only in the bedroom, kitten.” He chuckled. Still unsure, you took the cigarette from his hand and placed it against your lips. You quickly inhaled but it instantly caught the back of your throat causing you to cough. Sirius chuckled once again as you gave him the cigarette back.
“You’re so innocent, darling.”
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illiantt · 2 months ago
illiantt’s kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
I decided to try to join this year’s kinktober. I’ll be writing smut dialogues, drabbles or blurbs. So they all might differ in length.
Warnings: I’ll be adding warnings on top of each writing. Please read the warnings before proceeding. And keep in mind that all characters are over 18 years old—even if it’s set in school.
a/n: I will try to follow the schedule when to post, but be aware that I might postpone or change some writings, depending on my creativity and availability. So I might add or remove some of the writings.
Please remember that all my work are 18+ ONLY, so MINORS DO NOT INTERACT !!
1st Oct — Remus Lupin // size kink
2nd Oct — James Potter // public oral (female receiving)
3rd Oct — Poly!Marauders // breeding kink, foursome
5th Oct — Draco Malfoy // recording of act
8th Oct — Regulus Black // cockwarming, public sex
9th Oct — Poly!Marauders // mutual masturbation
10th Oct — Draco Malfoy // ice play
14th Oct — Remus Lupin // daddy kink
16th Oct — Sirius Black // piss kink
21th Oct — Draco Malfoy // praise kink
7th Nov — Hermione Granger // innocent/corruption kink
TBA — Poly!Marauders // dare game
TBA — Sirius Black // caught in the act
TBA — Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott // blindfolded
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gotkindabored · 2 months ago
band!au inspired by move me baby! ☁️ bassist!remus and singer!sirius fucking you while they smoke
𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐨𝐨 | 𝐑.𝐋 & 𝐒.𝐁
Tumblr media
CONTENT: smut, degradation, dumbification, P in V, oral (m!receiving), smoking, choking, sub!reader, names like 'whore/slut,’ tears... why is it always tears?
NOTES: I was writing this before it was requested so you're in luck! It’s definitely longer than the others.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chk! Chk! Chk!
As flint hit steel, a clicking sound resonated, only to be drowned out by moans, grunts and the slapping of skin. Muffled music helped to smother the sounds as the crew outside ran around, busy setting up while other bands and solo artists ran soundchecks and vocal warm-ups.
Sirius brought the lighter away from his face, tossing it on the nearby coffee table. As he leant back, his head rested against the soft cushions of the maroon couch he sat on with his arms spread to rest on the backrest. Fingers were now replaced with the newly lit cigarette. With a deep inhale, smoke exited from his mouth, a pungent herbal smell surrounded their dressing room.
“Mhm,” Sirius moaned, eyes fluttering close for a moment before spreading his legs wider.
The sight of her on her knees, plush lips wrapped around his cock, head jerking forward to take him deeper with every deep thrust from Remus behind her, sent Sirius into a mind-numbing state. Pleasure flooded his body while he continued to moan, albeit quieter than he usually would. He was trying to save himself for the upcoming performance.
Both Remus and Sirius had their suits on, only their zippers pulled down as her dress was discarded, leaving her completely at their mercy. Her lipstick was smeared, marks littered across her body from an eager Remus.
Sirius lowered his hand to pet the hair out of her face — only to maintain eye contact once he grabbed a fistful of hair to keep her in place as he snapped his hips, shoving himself further down her throat. Her gags were amusing to Sirius and even Remus gave a short chuckle before being cut off by a deep groan. His hips spead up quickly, slamming into her.
Sirius laughed mockingly again as he watched and felt her sputter around him. “How do you like fucking your boyfriend and his best friend?”
Muffed around his cock and brain slipping in and out of a high, fuzzy state, she was lost in pure unadulterated pleasure. She could do so much as moan, hoping that would satisfy his rhetorical question.
“Aw,” he cooed, “Dumb baby’s mouth is too full, huh?”
Sirius simply rolled his eyes. With another quick drag of smoke, he leant in, his body curling deeper into her mouth as she gagged, tears streaming down her face while he passed the cigarette to Remus. Slowing his pace, Remus took a moment to take a long inhale. He threw his head back, groaning at the nicotine flooding his body that increased the growing sensation that tingled over his body.
However, instead of returning to fuck her mouth, Sirius yanked her head back and lowered his face to speak to her. A loud cry erupted from her while his cock slipped from her mouth.
“I asked you a question.”
“... I… please… Sirius…”
Her nails gripped down hard on his leg, hiccuping slightly as Remus picked up his pace once more. He was rough, the grip on her hips impossibly strong and Sirius was mesmerized by her tits bouncing, eyes slightly glossed over and where she and Remus joined together.
He soon scoffs, shooting his focus to Remus who seemed to be as far gone as her. There was sweat covering his forehead, eyes clenched shut while he continued to mutter under his breath.
“Moons, I think you fucked her stupid.”
Remus’ heavy lids wrenched open, a large grin on his face. “Yeah?” He breathed breathlessly, passing the cigarette back to him.
“One cock couldn’t be enough for her.”
“Stupid whore.”
“Just wants to be used.”
Sirius tilted her head up, drinking any whimpers while smirking to himself. Taking himself again, he smeared his precum over her swollen lips and lowered her onto him. She squirmed in his and Remus’ grasps but accepted it without much thought, making sure to hallow her cheeks.
Remus stilled for a second, pulling out all the way — only to slam into her with newfound haste. She yelped around Sirius again, the merciless pace robbing her of any air.
Sirius felt his cock twitch and pulse and in seconds, he hit his high as sticky and warm cum filled her mouth. His hand shot to her head, keeping her in place.
“Don’t waste a fucking drop,” Sirius seethed, hips twitching up to bury himself deeper in her warm mouth. “Take it like a slut.”
“Our pretty little slut,” Remus grits out, correcting him. “Prettiest thing in the world.”
Sirius could only half-mindedly nod, bobbing her head manually onto his length before pulling her away, oversensitivity overriding him.
The puffs of white smoke slowly died down as the cigarette finally dwindled to a nub. The monitor that hung in the corner of the room flashed to a different camera angle, another act on stage being brought out. A set of distant screams rumbled through, travelling all the way backstage.
Then, there was a knock on their door, a loud voice booming, “You’re up in ten minutes!”
Sirius looked to Remus while tucking himself back into his pants. “Y’going to be done by then?”
Remus shifted to sit on his heels; hand wrapping around her throat giving Sirius a full view of her body, fucking into her harder. Her whines turned to breathless cries, head rolling to rest on Remus’ shoulder as she bounced on his cock with a harsh vigour. Her body was limp, having to be held like a toy as it moulded to his body. Now it was a race against time.
“Better be,” he grunts.
Tumblr media
Remember to always practice safe sex and do not use fanfiction as an educational reference.
Tumblr media
GOTKINDABORED © 2021. Do not repost or modify.
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griffxnnage · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: sirius black x fem!reader
word count: 0.7k
warnings: not proofread, degradation, slapping, a smidge of dumbification, size kink, breeding kink, orgasm control, porn with no plot. lmk if i missed anything :)
reblogs are appreciated and encouraged, but not necessary!
don't read if you're not comfortable!
“what were you saying earlier today, pup?” sirius chuckled as he pounded into your swollen cunt, your head lolling to the side as the bed creaked. all you could do was whimper as his cock grazed all of the right spots inside of your cunt.
“answer me.” he stopped his movements, and took your jaw in his hand, roughly. “what was that bratty fucking thing you said to me earlier, hm?”
you searched through the fogginess in your mind, but couldn’t remember for the life of you what he was talking about. you shook your head to communicate your obliviousness.
“wow, you really are a dumb puppy, aren’t you, hm?” he resumed his unrelenting pace, making your tits bounce, driving him absolutely feral.
“i believe you were saying that you were not much smaller than me, isn’t that right?” his hand drifted down to where the two of you were connected, his fingers brushing against your swollen clit. “but look at this, bun.”
he placed his large hand on your stomach, where a bulge kept appearing whenever he thrusted deep inside of you. you propped yourself up on your elbows to get a better view, but you fell right back down when he pressed down on your lower stomach.
“daddy, ‘s too much,” you whimpered, covering your face with your hands. whenever he pressed down on your tummy, or thrusted just a little bit harder, your mind went black, and all you could think about was him, and just how good you were feeling. your hands fell to your tits when he went back to your poor, overstimulated clit, in an attempt to ground yourself.
as he kept degrading you and fucking you senseless, he brought you closer, and closer to the edge. you felt your walls flutter around him, and your eyes rolled back in your head, only for you to feel a sharp pain in your cheek.
“no, slut. you don’t cum without my permission, understand?” he growled, his handprint now blooming on your face. you let out a whimper, but nodded all the same. you just wanted to make him happy, and cumming without his permission would mean a punishment for you. although you wouldn’t complain if it came to that.
“hold on for just a little longer, poppet. ‘m almost there.” he breathed against your neck, nipping and sucking at your skin. his thrusts quickened, albeit a little sloppy, but it made you get a whole lot closer all the same. every muscle in your body tensed, causing sirius to groan against your skin.
“want me to cum inside you, pup? breed you like the little cumslut you are? hm?” he smirked against your neck, loving the whimpers he was able to pull from your throat.
“please, breed me, please. need it so bad,” you moaned, the idea of him painting your walls with his cum bringing you all the more closer to your orgasm. “come on, dove, keep squeezing me like that. make me cum.” he groaned in your ear, quickening his pace a little more.
you did your best, and apparently it was enough, because before long, he came with a moan of your name, shooting his cum deep inside your cunt. the feeling of him cumming inside of you sent you over the edge, your back arching against his chest, and your legs shaking around him.
he slowly fucked you both through your highs, and after a little while of the two of you catching your breath, he smiled against your skin, kissing it gently.
“you did such a good job for me, y/n. such a good job. you were such a good girl.” he whispered in your ear, running his fingers through your hair. he rolled over onto his back, pulling you onto his chest.
“‘m not a brat, you know, siri.” you pouted, making doe eyes at him. “well…” he pretended to be deep in thought, until you started poking at his sides, leading to laughter from the both of you.
“you’re my good girl, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. on a few select occasions, you’ll be a little bit of a brat. to remedy that, i just have to fuck a little sense into you is all.” he smirked down at you, giving you a little wink, making your face heat up.
“‘m tired, siri. let’s just go to bed.” you groaned, eyelids heavy with sleep.
“fine then, if you insist. sleep well, darling.” he pressed a kiss onto your forehead, before pulling the covers over the both of you.
tags: @mollysolo @midgardianweasley @horrorxweasley @batcat46 @nerdyblogger06 @ildm4ev @amphxtrite
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eunoniaa · 6 months ago
sirius having a bad day and he’s all whiny, submissive— so he decides to suck on your tits 😋 would die. 
Rough Day
sirius black x fem!reader
Tumblr media
author’s note: okay this did start out as a sub!sirius blurb, i swear- idk what happened. perhaps me being the subbiest sub started to show through about 300 words in— n e ways hope u enjoy x
word count: 1k
warnings: tw // smut | cw // lactation kink, breeding kink, mommy kink, pet names, restraints, degradation, slight dumbification, fingering, titty sucking, i’m not really sure abt the dom/sub dinamics here but you’ll see
summary: “maybe i should make you a mommy, huh?” he muses, fingers deliciously dragging along your sweet spot, his palm adding extra pressure from the outside has you writhe shamelessly under his touch, ”want me to fuck a baby into your tight little cunt?” you’re pretty sure this is the sexiest, dirtiest thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life.
Tumblr media
the oak door of your dormitory opens then closes with a thud, your attention quickly shifting from the inked letters filling the page of your book to your boyfriend, sirius.
you take in the disgruntled-looking boy; ebony hair a complete mess, gryffindor tie leisurely undone around his neck as he practically throws himself onto you, effectively trapping your figure under his looming body and knocking the air out of your lungs.
“uh- hello, sweetheart. rough day?” your voice comes out slightly choked as you plant the heels of your hands onto the plush mattress beside you, trying to adjust your position and scoot upwards against the headboard.
sirius just nods and nuzzles his face deeper into your cleavage, hands tightening around your waist as your fingers rake through his ebony tresses in an attempt to distract him from whatever is on his mind.
“wanna talk about it, baby?” you attempt once more and you take the boy’s long, dreadful sigh as an answer ’no’.
his hand slides up and under your shirt, a contempt puff of air leaving his lips when his rough palm makes contact with one of your bare breasts, and you give yourself an internal pat on the back for freeing yourself of the miserable cage of wires and clasps most people call a bra as soon as you entered your dormitory.
sirius’ lean fingers caress the soft flesh, feeling, kneading the skin, and the more fervor the boy tugs at your breast with, the more you feel him relax into you; a contempt yet aroused sigh leaving your lips as he continues his ministrations.
soon enough, your loose shirt is scrunched up against your collarbone, your jaw keeping the fabric in place so sirius can adjust, now laying against the exposed mound of your breast; his hand absentmindedly playing with the nipple of the other one, your spine arcing at the appeal of his silky touches.
the boy tilts his head so his mouth is just above your skin and starts trailing his feather kisses, occasionally lingering in favor of leaving his marks that you oh-so-loved.
by now, your legs are straining with the force of them clashing together in favor of relief.
relief of the unforgiving tingling behind your navel — ignited by the one and only sirius black.
no, not only ignited but fed into with every kiss, nibble, lick, and soft breath against your wet skin.
and soon enough, with his tongue now swirling the rosy bud, you feel your spine lift off the mattress in an unnatural way, breathing getting labored and fingers tightening in his ebony locks as you try to keep your hands to yourself — or despite the irony, perhaps keep them from yourself.
but as sirius latches onto the now painfully hard nipple you let out your first whine; caving in, your hand practically shoots down to your cunt; successfully alleviating the burning need with just a couple languid swirls of the pad of your finger against your clothed clit.
though, your relief isn’t long lived as the boy’s hand trails just behind yours, gripping your wrist and bringing it back up; now not letting go and pinning it against the plush mattress next to you, making you let out a disgruntled whine as you peer down at his nonchalant expression; eyes closed in contempt, a slight smirk lacing his handsome face as he continues to loudly suckle on the abused nipple.
his hand that isn’t occupied with restraining you, roams your figure under him, not leaving a single inch of flesh untouched; painting a picture on your body, telling a story on your nipples as if you were his very own canvas, or perhaps blank page of parchment he could fill however he pleased.
sirius grins up at you and you moan out, your hands now fisting the wrinkled comforter. “want your milk so bad, mommy,” he cooes, gurgling at your other nipple and showering it with attention. “want it so bad.”
your breath catches in your throat at the prospect of the boy’s filthy words, legs naturally falling open as an invite for him, shoulder blades digging into the mattress as you try to get his attention to shift from your now aching nipples down to your equally aching cunt, a string of pleads leaving your lips in desperation.
sirius looks down, feigning disappointment and clicking his tongue, “this is all you think about? my fingers? my cock? the way i fill you up and make your dumb little brain go blank?”
“yes, please.” you don’t even know what you’re agreeing to.
neither does sirius, though he does have a pretty good idea. so letting go of your wrist, he snakes his hand into your panties, the material sticking to your drenched folds as his fingers push it to the side and feel around, the languid sound his ministrations make has your cheeks blush furiously.
the male sits up, other hand pressing down your belly as his fingers slide into you with ease. a choked sob the sound of your approval, sweet tears lingering in the corners of your eyes thanks to the intense and long awaited pleasure coursing through you.
“maybe i should make you a mommy, huh?” he muses, fingers deliciously dragging along your sweet spot, his palm adding extra pressure from the outside has you writhe shamelessly under his touch, ”want me to fuck a baby into your tight little cunt?” you’re pretty sure this is the sexiest, dirtiest thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life.
“there.” he whispers, caressing the skin of your tummy. your cunt viciously clenches around his digits, trying to keep them inside your slick walls.
“ohh, you liked that didn’t you, pup?” sirius chuckles,
“felt it.”
Tumblr media
© eunoniaa 2021, do not modify or repost
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messers-moony · 3 months ago
Tomorrow | S.B
Paring: Sirius Black X Wife!Reader
Summary: James is nervous to marry Lily so he asks his best friend how he managed to marry his wife.
A/N: I know that this is vote number one instead of number two (which won) however, I decided to scrap what I had for number two because it wasn’t good. This is better and I’ll continue to rewrite number two until it’s to my standards. I hope you understand.
His hands were sweaty. He was nervously pulling his hair which received multiple slaps from his best friend for ruining his hair. James stepped foot in the full-length mirror readjusting his bow tie while Sirius stood behind him, chuckling at his nervous best friend.
James sighed, “How’d you do it, Pads?”
“How did you marry Y/n?”
Sirius chuckled, “Have you turned daft?”
James tilted his head in confusion, “You were my best man! You were there the entire time.” Sirius replied playfully.
“No, no, I mean, how did you really do it? Like step on the altar and marry her?”
“I just did?” Sirius answered, and James gave him a look, “Bullshit.”
“Okay, fine! Fine!” Sirius relented, “I was practically shitting myself. Y/n means a lot to me, ya’ know?”
James was silent, letting his best friend rant about his wife, “Y/n means everything to me. She’s been with me through thick and thin. There’s nothing more I wanted than to marry her even if it was in the midst of this war.”
“You’ve been chasing Lily for years, mate. I can promise you that she wouldn’t have said yes if she didn’t really want to.” Sirius assured.
“You’re sure?” James inquired insecurely, “I’m one hundred percent sure.”
A knock resonated on the door with a soft voice on the other side, “It’s just me!”
The female voice on the other side of the door walked in, styled h/c hair and makeup placed upon her face. She was greeted with Sirius, and a hug pulled tightly into his chest. She saw James looking at them nervously, and she let go of Sirius to hug James tightly.
“You’re going to be okay? I promise.” She stated, pulling apart to look at his hazel eyes, “Lily loves you. Godric, she loves you more than anything!”
“Thanks, Y/n.” James smiled softly, and Y/n pulled her lips to his ear to whisper, “Lily’s liked you since second year.”
James and Y/n laughed as they pulled apart, “But that stays between us!”
“Oi!” Sirius interjected playfully, “Taking my wife, are you?”
“Never.” James replied smiling, all nerves having left, “Thank you both for being here. Seriously it means a lot to me.”
They smiled, “Anytime.”
Someone cracked open the door and spoke, “We need the maid of honor and the best man so we can start.”
“Suppose that’ll be us?” Sirius questioned teasingly, “I think so.” Y/n smiled.
Y/n kissed James’ cheek, “You’ll do fine, and we’ll see you soon.”
“Of course, Mrs.Black.”
Sirius wrapped his arm around Y/n as they walked out to the aisle and altar. Sirius took his spot on the right and Y/n on the left. Smiling at each other from the side, remembering what it was like only a few months ago when they got married. When Lily was in the maid of honor spot and James was in the best man spot. Now roles were reversed.
James stepped out, gaining a reassuring smile from them both. Lily following not too far after with her father. James and Lily looked like lovesick puppies. It was adorable. Vows were exchanged, and tears were shed, especially from James and Lily. On the alter, someone took pictures of the four of them together. Sirius told an absurd joke making them all laugh. A picture was taken at the exact moment.
It was nice. Y/n and Sirius sat at a table together. His arm was around her shoulders as they watched their best friends dance together and laugh together. Sirius took the clips out of his wife’s hair and scratched her scalp, causing her to move into his hand. Multiple hours of clips in Y/n’s hair gave her headache, and Sirius was relieving it.
“Feel nice, love?”
“Yes, these bloody clips. Make sure you save them. I’m going to throw them at Lily later.” Y/n stated, and Sirius chuckled, “Mhm, okay.”
Hours later, James and Lily began to act like fools. Y/n picked up one of the clips from the table, aiming precisely with some help from Sirius - a former Quidditch Beater - and threw it at her. At first, she didn’t notice, but after the third one, she did. The smile on her face was unmistakable.
Lily picked up the three clips and turned toward her maid of honor with her hair down completely. Another one was thrown at her, and Lily laughed loudly. Then one was thrown at Y/n and Sirius. Fortunately, Lily threw it and missed Y/n completely, instead hitting Sirius right in the face. James, Lily, and Y/n were laughing like the only people in the building.
“Oi!” Sirius yelled, “Control your wife, Prongs!”
Y/n stood up, reaching a hand out for Sirius, “C’mon Siri. Let’s go join them.”
Sirius smirked and took her hand, joining their best friend dancing together, jumping around like fifth-year Gryffindors in the common room. They looked like complete idiots, but that didn’t matter. Lily and Y/n holding hands, twirling each other around, laughing together. James and Sirius began to throw the clips at each other. Remus and Peter were on the side watching the idiots.
Lily and Y/n traded. Y/n danced with James, and Lily danced with Sirius. The girls could remember back in sixth year complaining about their boyfriends in the girl's dorms but always remembering that they love their idiots. When the night was over, just the four of them at Godrics Hollow, they just laughed the night away.
“So, Mrs.Potter, how’s it feel?” Y/n teased, “Surprisingly, it feels great.” Lily replied.
“How about you, Mrs.Black?”
“Being married to Sirius is a dream.” Y/n joked, “No, no, but in all seriousness, he’s delightful, sweeter than I imagined.”
Lily’s eyebrows quirked, “What’s he like?”
“Perfect?” Y/n replied, “Does laundry, cooks, cleans, makes my coffee every morning before order stuff?”
“Mother of Merlin! I never would’ve expected-“ Lily exclaimed, “I know! It’s crazy!” Y/n interrupted.
“We got lucky, didn’t we?”
“Indeed we did, sister.”
They clinked their glasses of firewhiskey together. Both girls finally married, finally together. Lily and Y/n hit the motherload with their husbands. Both were gentlemen and chivalry experts. Both girls fell asleep together on the couch, leaving both boys to bring them to bed. Sirius and Y/n in the guest bedroom. James and Lily in their bedroom.
The following morning the four of them woke up. Lily and Y/n were making breakfast while the two men tried to help despite having no knowledge of cooking. Two hours later, breakfast was made and being eaten at the dinner table. Clinks of forks and sounds of chewing were the only sounds coming from the table.
Until Sirius spoke up, “So, how was yesterday, newlyweds?”
“Perfect.” James answered, Sirius then turned to Lily, “Despite everything going on, I think we really needed it.”
Y/n nodded, “Completely agree. It was nice to let loose for a couple of hours.”
The conversation then went quiet, “I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.” Said James solemnly.
“Yesterday was great, but what we don’t know is the future, and I know that right now it’s a dark time. It’s probably one of the lowest points I’ve been in my life. My parents being terribly sick, the Dark Lord on the rise supposedly. Everything seems to be going in a downhill spiral.”
“But for the first time in months, yesterday I felt like a first-year at Hogwarts performing my first prank. I felt like that second-year who blew up Y/n’s cauldron for fun. The third-year who decided it’d be a brilliant idea to dye Sirius’ hair pink.” James stated as everyone laughed, “Let’s just say I didn’t have hair for a week.” He murmured.
“Fourth year when I stole Remus’ book, and he nearly killed me. Fifth-year, when I turned into an animagus for Moony. Sixth year when Lily finally decided to give me a chance. Seventh year when we blew up fireworks in the Great Hall for the graduating class of 1978.”
“Not knowing what tomorrow brings leaves us anxious and nervous. But there’s one thing I’m sure of.” James informed, “That if anything ever happens to me, just know, that every second we’ve spent together, every memory we have together, I hold them close to my heart. They all mean something to me. Even if it’s as simple as sitting in the common room together.”
“I’m not finished.” He interrupted, “This is a scary time, but I’ve always been certain of one thing, that thing is you guys. You guys have always been constants in my life. Always been there for me through thick and thin. Sirius being my brother, Lily being my wife, and Y/n being the little sister I never got and my shoulder to cry on.”
Y/n chuckled, “Hey!”
“I still love you.” James replied teasingly through his tears, and she smiled, “I know, Prongs.”
“I’ll eventually have to repeat the same speech to Moony and Wormtail, but for right now, I haven’t felt happier. I wanted to say all of this at the wedding, but Lily didn’t want to dampen anyone’s mood, which I understand. Yesterday was a breath of fresh air for what’s to come.”
“But tomorrow, we will all go back to our Order missions and meetings. One thing I can be sure of is that I can always trust you guys, through and through. If for some reason something happens to me, just know I love you guys.”
“We love you too, James.” Lily replied.
Sirius sniffled and smiled through his teary eyes, “Nothing will happen to you guys. Not with me here. You guys have given me too much to let you guys go without a fight.”
“And that’s why we love you, Padfoot.” James stated, smiling at him.
“Everything will be okay. We’ll get through this.” Y/n said with hopeful optimism that would always brighten her friend's days.
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v1oletvenus · 2 months ago
blurb: the morning after your first time with sirius
content: sirius black x fem reader, you can decide where the setting is (dorms, room of req, one of their home bedrooms, etc.), EXTREME FLUFF, kinda long for a blurb but its literally all one scene so <3
Light filtered in through the gap in the curtain, illuminating the two lovers entangled in each other.
Sirius had been awake for a short while, fingers caressing your cheek as you slept through the early daylight, your soft breathing and relaxed features causing him to smile at your mere existence.
It had been perfect.
From the candles flickering around the bed, the white lacy lingerie you'd picked out prior, to the kisses trailed all over your body throughout the night.
Not to mention the comforting words exchanged between the two of you all the while; he had made sure you were enjoying yourself with sporadic 'you okay?'s, 'so beautiful's and 'you like that?'s, to be met with breathless replies of 'mhm', shy giggles, and hazy kisses of affirmation.
He'd taken care of you afterwards, too, making sure you knew how much he cared about you and loved the intimacy this brought.
Though you were sensitive, you melted into his balmy touch as he ran a cloth along your skin, and peppered kisses where he didn't. You weren't sure there was a single inch of your body that he hadn't kissed that night.
Everything about last night was perfect. And it didn't stop in the morning either.
He was still in a trance, admiring this beautiful creature he called his girlfriend, when you awoke. Your eyes fluttered open, your sleep disturbed by a faint breeze floating in through the open window.
As soon as you met his gaze, you felt home.
"Hi, Siri." you said in a tiny voice, smiling up at him dazedly as you came to.
"Morning, angel." he greeted, his gorgeous morning voice raspy and honeyed.
At the sound of that voice, the memories of the night before flooded into your mind - the way you had explored each other's bodies for the first time, the amorous words you had said, the lustful looks that you'd exchanged as pleasure washed over you both again and again...
All of a sudden, a shy smile found its way to your lips as you evaded his gaze, instead opting to stare at his chest upon which your hands were resting.
You felt him chuckle as one hand came to caress your cheek, lifting your head slightly to look back into his eyes.
"You alright?" he asked sincerely. The simple reminder that he cared about you was enough to snap you out of your momentary bashfulness.
"Mhmm." you hummed, snuggling into him further. He turned on his back, allowing you to rest your head on his chest as he traced circles into your shoulder and held you close.
"Last night was incredible." he whispered, a faint trace of a smile on his lips as his gaze wandered the ceilling.
He couldn't help but feel all the more intimate with you after that night - all the more in love with you.
He couldn't believe that someone like you had walked into his life - he'd always thought of sex as something disposable, quick, meaningless.
But with you, all that changed.
Every touch, every kiss, every moment - he cherished it all, wanting to stretch the seconds into infinity. Even now, the sounds of your soft moans played over and over in his mind like a broken record he had no intent on fixing.
"Really?" you asked softly, your fingers absentmindedly wandering Sirius' toned chest.
He'd had a sex life before you - you knew that. And though of course it didn't matter, it did contribute to the reason why you were somewhat hesitant to do it with him in the first place.
What if you weren't good for him? What if he didn't enjoy it as much as he did with previous lovers? What if you simply... weren't enough?
But all those doubts were immediately dispelled with the uncontrollable grin on his face.
"Really." he assured you, shifting slightly to hover over you, meeting your eyes again. "You were perfect. You are perfect." he hummed, softly nudging his nose with yours.
You couldn't help it - you needed his lips on yours. And with the slightest lean forwards, he was doing the same - just like magnets.
Your lips connected, sending waves of warmth through your body once again at the simplest of touches. Sirius set you on fire and yet calmed you all at the same time - the feeling was utterly perplexing, but that was just love, you supposed.
The both of you were smiling into the kiss when you both pulled away, small giggles escaping you as his fingers began to dance on your waist.
"Siri, you know I'm ticklish - Stop it..." you murmured through quiet laughter, trying to pull his relentless hand from your lower abdomen.
This only spurred him on, his tickling attack growing more merciless by the second.
"S-Sirius! Please!" you spluttered amongst your giggles, trying to swat him off you.
"Pleaaaseee..." you drawled, giving up on your wriggling and instead taking a different approach - reaching up and enlacing your hands in his dark hair to pull him down for another kiss.
His assult stopped almost immediately as he melted into you - this position of him hovering over you incredibly familiar from the night before.
When he pulled back, he looked at you again.
But he didn't just look.
He saw you.
He had seen you in your most vulnerable state and in your strongest, and everything in between - yet, the pure adoration in his eyes when your eyes locked never faded.
He watched as your features softened, your brows almost furrowing as he noticed what looked like to be tears in your eyes as you looked up at him.
"What is it, princess?" he asked, sitting the both of you up and onto his lap. "You okay, my love?" he asked, his arms securely around you as he looked up into your eyes.
You gave him a watery smile as you ran your thumb along his features; his cheekbones, his temples, his jaw, his lower lip, his chin, his adam's apple - you loved every detail about him.
And while it didn't scare you, it was still quite intense for a teenager to feel.
You didn't know feeling like this was even possible before you met him.
"I'm... It's just..." you trailed off, getting lost in those grey irises that were fixated on you. "Nobody's ever looked at me the way you do." you whispered.
He sighed softly in relief, reaching a hand up to tuck your hair behind your ear and resting your foreheads together.
"I love you so much, Y/n." He told you.
"I love you too."
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solemnly-mischievous · 4 months ago
"you are naked aren't you" with Sirius? I'm curious with how you're going to use this prompt lol
thanks for the req anon! hope you like it :)
Contains: Banter, dirty talk, d/s undertones, (kind of) orgasm denial
Word count: 754
There's a joke that goes, "Is it just me, or do people only start texting you when you're jerking off?".
Yeah. No, that's probably a universal experience. And you're not exempt from it in the least.
"Jesus Christ," you swear as your phone buzzes with a call for the third time. You're laying on your bed, the blinds drawn and door locked, at four in the afternoon, naked and freshly out of the shower.
And you have a finger buried inside of you, your head thrown back against the pillows as you fuck yourself slowly.
Your thumb is rubbing your clit slowly but surely, working your way up to a well-deserved orgasm after what's already been half an hour of build-up.
You're well aware that four in the afternoon isn't an ideal time to get off... but, to be fair, it's been a really fucking stressful week. This is the first time all week that you've had time to yourself, actually.
So when your phone rings for the third time, you're really pissed.
Without looking at the caller ID, you grab your phone—with your free hand, of course—and pick up angrily. "What. What."
"Oh, er, bad time?" Sirius' amused voice drifts from the other side of the line, and you freeze.
"Sirius!" You can't help but grin, your boyfriend's voice a welcome thing at any time.
"Afternoon, sweetheart. Care to share why you sound bloody murderous?" Belatedly, you realize you're still touching yourself, and you remember why you're upset.
"Oh. Yeah. I'm... busy," you say, which is a terrible excuse. "You better have called me for a good reason."
Sirius huffs out a laugh. "What? Can't it be that I just missed you?"
And then your phone vibrates with the request for a video call, and you could almost throw it, cursing Sirius for being someone who actually uses the video call function. Instead, you settle for declining the request and managing a, "I can't video call right now."
"What? Why? You're home, aren't you?" From his end, you can hear that he's sure not—he sounds like he's making his way home on public transport. Even more the reason why you can't video call.
"Yeah, but..." Excuse. Now. "I'm cooking."
"You can pop your head in and say hi, can't you?" Another request. You decline it, frustrated and still annoyingly turned on, because Sirius' voice is not helping.
"Sirius," you complain.
"Sweetheart," he mocks right back. "What? Are you naked or something?"
You take too long to splutter and come up with an answer, and you hear him draw in an intake of breath. When Sirius speaks again, his voice is lower, clearly trying to not be overheard by anyone else on his bus or the Underground.
"You're naked, aren't you?"
Sighing, you concede. "Yeah."
"Why are you naked, baby?" Sirius sounds knowing. Of course he does.
"I'm touching myself, okay?" you say, exasperated. Without another word, Sirius hangs up the phone, and you blink in surprise.
But then your phone lights up with a text from Sirius, and you tap it hurriedly.
Sorry, hung up because this old lady just shot me a dirty look. I think she overheard, he texts, and you can't help but snicker.
For the best, though.
What does he mean by that? You start typing, but then he sends a third text.
Can't have the rest of the Underground hearing what I want to do to you.
Oh. Oh.
I'll be home in ten minutes. You better not get dressed. Gonna fucking ruin you. It's been a long week for us both, hasn't it?
You don't know how to respond—you're torn between Sure has and Oh bloody hell please fuck me, but you settle with a very expressive Yes.
What's that now? and you can practically hear his smirk, know just how bloody smug he gets when you start getting needy for him.
Yes, please, fuck me, you plead. Your fingers almost have a mind of their own—you start pressing in and out of yourself, imagining it was Sirius doing it to you, prepping you for his cock.
Aw, begging already. That's cute. We haven't even started yet.
I'll be home in five.
Five minutes. You could wait five minutes. Your fingers quicken, as if in anticipation, and you whimper to yourself as you start getting close to the edge. You were already close with your earlier touches—now, you feel like you're a harsh thrust away from coming.
Your phone buzzes. Sirius is typing.
And, sweetheart?
Hands off.
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