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visd3stele · a day ago
young and tangled
Sirius blurb (long-ish)
summary: reader braids Sirius' hair... with a turn
A/N: did I just write something completely and utterly happy and fluffy? I want a reward.
check out other pieces of mine
Tumblr media
You were basking in the sweet spring sun in the green fields by the Quidditch arena at Hogwarts, waiting for your boyfriend, Sirius Black. He was supposed to replace one of his Gryffindor peers for the next game, as the poor lad has been kicked off his broom and was currently resting in the infirmary under stern orders from Madam Pamfrey. And, of course, you were there to cheer for him.
You watched as the players took off in the air, smiling as your eyes trailed over your boyfriend. The Quidditch equipment did him justice, you couldn't help but admire. The autumnanl red clunged to his body magesticaly, bright golden threads glittering in the light.
He played Beater, but after a couple of minutes was clear to you that something was off. Sirius Black, due to his position in the wizarding nobility, has been taught how to fly - amongst other magical atributes - from a rather young age. He was fast, unfaltering on his broom and confident like in every other aspect of his life. Sirius wouldn't shy from thumbling over in the sky, hoping to his feet on the wooden stick or speeding up only to sent your heart in a stroke.
But with all his skills, your boyfriend missed almost every ball. And the ones he didn't, he sent flying chaotically in the wrong directions, barely managing to not hit his team mates. Had it not have been a simple practice game, the Gryffindor would be in dire danger to lose in front of Slytherins because of him.
"Oi, mate!" James called when Madam Hooch called a break. "What happened up there?"
Sirius shrugged miserably and collapsed next to you. His hand immediatly reached for your knee, fingers brushing anxiously over the bare skin as he sunk in his thoughts. You gave him some water, which he drank absently and shook his head to clear the thick, long black hair out of his face.
A sound like fingers snapping ethusiasticaly echoed in your mind and you tapped Sirius on the shoulder. Gently, but commanding. He turned to you with a curious hum, passing his free hand to his hair to gst it out of his eyes. Again.
"I think I can help you improve your game, darling."
His brows shoot upwards in surprise as a smirk began to dance on his lips. "How so?" He leaned closer, resting his chin on your tigh and blinking up at you with gleaming, imposible to resist, grey eyes.
You let your fingers move through his long curls for a few seconds, silently musing over the idea you had. "The wind must be ferocious while flying," you said matter of factly. "Can't help much if it's messing with your hair."
Sirius stares at you for a couple of minutes, slowly straightening himself. Then, in a sudden outburst of joy, he cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips to yours. "Do you have a hair tie, princess?"
"Mhm," you smiled, the feel of the kiss lingering and sending tingles of happiness to every piece of yourself. You made a move to pick the thin, marron band at your wrist and hand it to your boyfriend when another idea caught you. "Sirius, darling? Can I braid your hair?"
The oldest Black brother scrunched up his nose. "I don't know, y/n," he said, playing innocently with the buttons of your shirt. He always did things like that. He needed to do something with his fingers, needed to touch you somehow. At the beggining of your relationship, you've been accutely aware of every move he made. But you soon realized he's making plenty of those unaware himself. And as you both relaxed into each other's company, you stopped minding them as well.
"Come on, please! I promise it'll look good and mainly. Please," you playfully whined. And Sirius just as playfully rolled his eyes, dragging a too loud, too pained sigh out of his troath.
"If you insist," he moved his back on you. "You know I can't say no to that pretty face of yours." He brought your hand up and kissed your palm, making his way up to your wrist where his mouth lingered and he pulled the hair tie off with his teeth.
Your grin could compete with The Cheshire Cat's when you pecked your boyfriend on the cheek in a swift thank you and split his hair in parts of handful of black strands.
Your legs wrapped around his torso as you worked on his hair, content to have his thumbs drow circles on your ankles. When you proudly announced you were done, Sirius leaned his head back, asking for a kiss. A wish you more than happily obliged.
Before it could turn into a short make out session, as Madam Hooch whistled the nearing restart of the game in five minutes, cruel, mean laughs broke the magic surrounding you.
"Would you look at that!" No other than Lucius Malfoy cooed derogatory. "The heir of House of Black. Or should I say the heiress?" His pack of friends snickered behind him. You were vaguely aware Sirius fired back. But his words have been smudged by the loud noises in your head. You played with the skin around your nails, feeling guilty for causing the motive behing your boyfriend's bullying.
"Sorry, Sirius. I can untie it, if you want. I will untie it," you muttered, already touching the marron band. But your boyfriend stopped you.
"What? Why would you do that, love? I bet I look fantastic and Lucius is just a sad, envious prick. After all, he has no one to braid his hair." He said, dropping a kiss on your forehead when he got up to return to his broom.
He left you a blushing mess, but the Malfoy heir's mennance bit back when his own long blond hair kept him and his team from winning, while Sirius made up for the lost points. He waved at you after the game and you sent him a kiss, yelling he can keep the hair tie.
As you waited for him to come from the showers, you laughed silently to yourself. Your boyfriend was a one man show most of the times, but he loved you so genuinly, your heart skipped a beat every time you thought about it. You'll always be grateful for Sirius Black, even when he whispered to you at dinner he might need some more of your hair ties in the future, because he lost the one from earlier.
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loonyloopylupin5 · a day ago
What if the only reason Dumbledore let Remus attend Hogwarts was because he needed a werewolf on his side??
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andypads · a month ago
HI GUYS!! I honestly canNOT believe that the Remus post got so many notes. As in. WOW. You guys are so fucking awesome.
And since you all loved that one, I present to you all… SIRIUS FUCKING BLACK. Istg I’m so happy about this one rn AGHHH HAHAHA I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYYY!!
Also, I added 2 phone wallpapers already. I even made a Wolfstar iPad Pro wallpaper one too hehhehe and omgoohdd that one had me tearing *again 🥺🤧 ANYWAYS…Tag me if ever you use it!
Art made by: ME!// @anzara.nd on ig.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lunorichi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• Liar •
A short comic about Sirius and Regulus Black.
I wanted to draw something about the Black Brothers and their youth and this is the result ,sorry for the angst ,I'm still sad ;-;
(PD: I finished all my exams and commissions ,so I will be able to draw more for now 🥺)
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messers-moony · 3 months ago
Moony Wants, Moony Gets | R.L
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Slytherin!Fem!Reader
Summary: Moony has a natural wanting for his mate making his possessiveness visible the closer it gets to the full moon. 
He was always jealous. Blame it on the wolf in him, if you will, but Remus Lupin was highly possessive. Especially over what’s his - maybe not even what’s his but what he wants. She was gorgeous and his perfect mate—long tuffs of h/c hair and gleaming e/c eyes that glittered in the limelight. There was one problem with her, though—one major flaw in her mess of perfection. 
Y/n L/n, cunning, ambitious, resourceful, and charismatic. 
That was the problem. Y/n was a Slytherin, and Remus was a half-blood Gryffindor. To make matters worse, her closest friend was Regulus Black - Sirius Blacks brother. Remus’ best friend's brother. But Remus couldn’t help it. Her voice was like a siren's call, and her beauty was a rival to Aphrodite, but she had the wisdom of Athena. Y/n was a perfect balance of everything. 
Closer to the full moon, his possessiveness became more of a problem. Sirius was noticing the low growl that would erupt from Remus whenever someone stepped close to Y/n. James saw the lingering glares left on any male within a six feet distance of her. Even Peter observed his green eyes turn a shade darker as if someone mixed black paint into his usually bright eyes. 
Y/n sat at the Slytherin table, a cup of coffee beside her as she spoke intently with Regulus. Meanwhile, a Gryffindor across the Great Hall was glaring daggers at the younger Black brother's head. Sirius nudged him, grabbing his attention. 
“Mate, you’re growling again.” Sirius whispered, and Remus’ cheeks turned pink, “Am not.”
James gave an unconvincing grin, “Mhm, totally.”
“I was not growling.”
“I think you were.” James replied, “Definitely was.” Sirius added. 
Remus sighed, pushing his plate away to lay his head on the table, “What’s got Moony all wound up?” James queried, Remus, deadpanned looking at the laughing girl across the room. 
“I think I know.” Sirius simpered, “Do you now? Don’t be a tosser.” James stated teasingly. 
“Turn around. Slytherin, talking with Reggie.” 
He turned and looked back at Remus with his jaw dropped, “No- fucking- way.”
“She’s the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team, you tosser!” 
James snorted, “Yeah, oh.”
“Looks like Moony found his mate.” Sirius winked, and Remus groaned, “Shut up about it, will you?”
It felt weird. James wouldn’t shut up about how brilliant Y/n was, how the Slytherin’s Quidditch team was able to make plays that no one else would’ve even thought about. Sirius wouldn’t stop offering to talk to Regulus to see if maybe he had any intel on her. Strangely enough, Peter was silent but had a guilty look on his face. Guilty sufficient for Remus to comment. 
“Why do you look guilty, Wormtail?” Remus inquired, and Peter's cheeks flushed pink, “She- Y/n isn’t- um….” 
“What do you know that we don’t, Peter?” Sirius queried, his voice harsh, “She isn’t what you think. That’s all I’m saying.” Peter stammered out nervously. 
James tilted his head at the blue-eyed boy, “And you know this how?” 
“She’s my ex-girlfriend.”
“Woah! Hold on a second!” Sirius exclaimed in shock, “When did this happen?!”
“Back in fourth year.” Peter informed, “She seemed nice enough until you start to get serious with her. Y/n’s sharp-tongued and extremely ill-tempered.” 
Sirius sniggered, “Sounds like Moony.”
“So, what does this mean for Remus?” James questioned further, “It doesn’t mean anything. Just be careful. I don’t care if you date her. Means nothing to me.” Peter replied, putting his hands up in innocent. 
Remus stared at Peter with curiosity swirling. How much did he truly know about Y/n? How did he manage to date her? Nonetheless, it didn’t mean anything to Remus because Moony wanted her. What Moony wants is what Moony gets. Later that evening, after prefect patrol, he padded into the library to dismiss any working students. But there were only two students inside. They sat in a secluded corner of the library. Regulus Black and Y/n L/n. 
Was it envy? Was it jealousy? He didn’t have time to ponder. Y/n had her head laid on Regulus’ shoulder and both her arms wrapped around his one arm. Regulus had leaned his head on top of hers, wavy black hair intertwined with her h/c hair. Both their eyes were closed, apparent they were asleep—potion and Transfiguration books placed on top of the wooden table along with an open sketchbook. 
What was he supposed to do in this situation? Wake them up? If it was just Y/n, perhaps he could’ve, but Regulus was with her, and Regulus wasn’t too fond of Remus for being friends with his older brother. Madam Pince had already left for the night, either choosing not to disturb them or didn’t notice them. Remus saw the inkpot beside the Potions book, almost empty. It was Y/n’s inkpot because the ink wasn’t black. It was a deep grape color. 
Remus sighed and grabbed the ink from his bag, charming it the same color. Discretely he took hers and swapped it out with his. Leaving a piece of parchment on top. Remus left the library without another word. Waking them up was a risk he’d rather not take. But now, he laid in his bed wondering how she’d feel about the new ink on the table. 
The sun began to rise, and Y/n’s body felt stiff. Carefully she began to stir awake after noticing a body beside her. Opening her eyes, everything seemed blurry, but after blinking a few times, she recognized the library books and the person's scent beside her. Regulus, her best friend. Y/n yawned and pulled away from him, about to begin packing their belongings, but she noticed a piece of parchment that lay on top of her ink. 
“Noticed you were out. You can have mine.“ 
Y/n hummed appreciatively. She didn’t know who gave her their ink, but she was eternally grateful for them saving her a trip to Hogsmeade. Y/n poked at Regulus’ right side, and he eventually stirred awake. His curls disheveled and his body just as stiff as she was. Regulus opened his eyes and met her e/c ones. 
“Did we fall asleep?” He groaned, and Y/n scoffed, “What do you think, dingus?”
“No need to be mean this early in the morning, Merlin.” 
“Someone saw us last night, though.” Y/n stated, and Regulus noticeably jumped, “Who?”
She shrugged, “Not sure, but they left me a new pot of ink.”
“Lucky you.”
“Lucky me.”
Both best friends cleared their table. Y/n put her Potions books away, and Regulus put his Transfiguration books away. Y/n stared at the writing on the parchment she had received earlier that day. The handwriting was almost unrecognizable. It was messy and sprawled. Whoever this was did not have good handwriting or was in a rush. But the day carried on. In Potions, Y/n sat in the front while the Marauders sat in the back. Remus stared holes in the back of Y/n’s head. 
“She’s gonna notice if you keep staring at her like that.” Sirius muttered. 
Remus sighed and continued to write his notes. If he tried hard enough, he could make out her elegant purple ink from here. It always baffled him why she chose purple over traditional black - suppose it wasn’t really any of his business, but he couldn’t help but wonder. The familiar sketchbook sat on top of the desk as well; he could see doodles in the same deep purple color. Occasionally Regulus - who sat beside her - would nudge her to pay attention, gaining an annoyed groan. 
Potions class always smelt weird. It was a mixture of glue, seaweed, and salt. It was also constantly humid. It brought shivers down Remus’ spine. He noticed it doing the same to the Slytherin girl at the front. Remus craved nothing more than to wrap his robe around her, but he was too late. Regulus was already doing the action, which earned him one of her jaw-dropping smiles. Unconsciously he began growling again. This time, James smacked his arm. 
Dinner was even worse. Y/n had yet to remove Regulus’ robes leaving him in a button-down white shirt and the usual uniform. Sirius was surprised at his younger brother's chivalry but didn’t speak much. The full moon was that night, and as dinner progressed, Remus only gained more possessive. James and Sirius gave up on trying to scold him. It was apparent Moony wanted - no - needed her. Slytherin captain be damned, Y/n was going to be Moonys. 
A dry winter night. As usual, Remus walked to the Whomping Willow with his three friends following him. Tonight was normal in the sense of his friends turning into their animagus,’ but the odd thing was letting him out of the shack. The werewolf and the dog ran around the forest together. The rat and stag lagging behind, allowing the two animals to play together. But a stick-breaking brought the attention of the werewolves to the new person. 
He could smell them. Hear their blood running through their veins. Their heart pounding at a standard rate. The dogs barking could be heard, trying to distract the werewolf. The scent was female, and she wasn’t scared. Instead, the girl approached with confidence sticking out her hand to the wolf. Padfoot barked loudly. Prongs backed down, looking nervous. Wormtail squeaked loudly. But she came with confidence and assurance. 
Moony growled, “Shh, shh, it’s okay.” She cooed, “You’re safe with me.”
The h/c haired girl knelt on the grass, “No need to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you.”
Moony hesitantly put his snout in the girl's palm, making her grin. His fur was soft to the touch, and his eyes turned soft. Her smile was beautiful, and Moony nuzzled his hand into her soft palm. She chuckled and patted him more. Padfoot barked excitedly and ran to her, but the werewolf started to bare his teeth again. 
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m yours.” 
The wolf seemed to calm down at her words allowing Padfoot to approach her. Smiling brightly, she pet both animals, “It’s okay, love.”
“My name’s Y/n. I didn’t know that there was a werewolf here.” Y/n greeted as Moony curled up beside her, his head on her thigh, Padfoot doing the same on the other side.
She caught sight of the other two animals and whistled for their attention, “C’mere.”
Prongs and Wormtail approached nervously, but Moony gave no sense of protectiveness. Y/n’s words resonated in his head over and over again, “I’m yours.” The wolf fell asleep beside her, Padfoot doing the same. Prongs approached, and Y/n patted the top of his head. Wormtail sat in front of her knee. They seemed at peace. It was the first time Moony ever felt at ease. They’d be lying if it didn’t make them happy. 
Y/n stayed up all night with the animals. Despite the animals not knowing, Y/n knew that the stag, rat, and dog were animagus’. The werewolf was unknown to her. The following morning when the stag turning into James, rat into Peter, dog into Sirius. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to find out who the werewolf was. When he turned back into a human with his clothes tattered. Y/n continued to run her fingers through his hair as he slept. 
“Morning, Marauders,” Y/n commented. 
“You’re- you-“ James stuttered.
She laughed, “Apparently, your moony really likes me.”
“Would you mind petting me again?” Sirius teased, “Maybe.” Y/n retorted, winking. 
Sirius laid down on her other thigh that Remus wasn’t laying on, smiling; she ran her fingers through their hair, “You’re a godsend, lemme tell you.”
James and Peter sat in front of Y/n, “What made you want to take a walk in the forbidden forest last night?”
“Just wanted some air.” Y/n answered. 
Remus groaned and began pushing his head onto Y/n’s hand, “Morning, Remus.”
The Marauders and Y/n had never seen him jump up that fast, “What- you- I- uh-“
“Didn’t know you were a werewolf.”
“I- uh…”
“Sirius, for the love of God, get off her lap.” James interject, slapping the boy on the head playfully, “But it feels so good.” Sirius drawled. 
James grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the grass. In the process, Sirius got a mouthful of dirt and grass, “You wanker.”
“Did I- erm- hurt you?” Remus questioned shyly, “Nope, I'm completely unscathed.” Y/n smiled reassuringly. 
Remus turned to his friends, “Nope! Y/n saved us all.”
“Are you hurt?” Y/n inquired to Remus, who took a quick look at himself, “I- I don’t believe so….”
Sirius blew a raspberry, “Thank Merlin! Dragging you to the hospital wing is bloody exhausting.”
Silence filled the forest until Sirius smirked, “You know, mate when you were talking about Moony wanting her. I thought you were joking. Turns out you weren’t.”
“Oh, Merlin…”
Y/n chuckled, “Well, Moony is rather cute if I’m honest.”
Remus’ cheeks blasted with pink, and Sirius laughed. James shook his head with a big grin, and Peter looked amused with Y/n’s confession. Without hesitation, Y/n leaned over to kiss Remus’ cheek, making him hide his face flustered. She stood up and ruffled Sirius’ hand, gently rubbing her nails across his scalp, making Sirius try to lean into her palm. They all stared at her except for Remus, who was equally embarrassed and flustered. 
“If you’re looking for a fifth Marauder, I know the Slytherin common room password.” Y/n winked as she walked to the castle. 
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paddoony · 4 months ago
Remus: People say, ‘But Remus, Facebook is a great way to connect with old friends.’
Remus: Well, if I want to connect with old friends I need a Ouija board.
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mystical-marauder · 5 months ago
Sirius: I became friends with a dinosaur cow
Remus: wtf is a dinosaur cow
Sirius: and I adopted it
Sirius: *opens door and brings in pet giraffe*
Remus: tf-
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okayloki345 · 21 days ago
Sirius: *extremely drunk*
Sirius: *starts colouring Remus’ face in with a highlighter*
Remus: erm... what in merlins name are you doing?
Sirius: highlighting you
Remus: yes I see that... why?
Sirius: cuz you’re important
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gotkindabored · 2 months ago
Thrilled by the Still of Your Hand | S.B
She was on fire: the heat of her skin threatening to consume her whole. A thin sheen of sweat clung to her pliant body, surrendered to Sirius’ touch as she cried out for any sort of release. Any relief.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Sirius Black x F!Reader
CONTENT: P in V, bondage, pet names, dom!Sirius, no plot, unprotected, edging, denial, tears, choking, slapping, rough, praise, use of ‘Sir’ for Sirius, a bit of aftercare, toys
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: Do not use this story as an educational reference and always practice safe sex!
Tumblr media
Sirius Black thinks his brain is fucking broken. He’s sure of it.
The rational part knew he shouldn’t be enjoying the sight as much as he did, but she looked just so pretty. Just for him.
But she likes it too. So maybe they’re both a little fucked in the head.
The ropes, sturdy, spilled across her body. They overlapped each other, crisscrossed into a simple harness, arms bound behind her. The black ropes travelled down to her stomach and thighs, although she was still able to move her legs, albeit with difficulty, freely.
With one last meticulous knot, securing everything in place, Sirius stepped back, marvelling at his work. He ran a hand through his hair, observing his girl spread out across the bed. The ropes squeezed her breast together, making them bunch. Her eyes, wide and doe-like, were peering up at him shyly, making his cock ache.
He’s driving himself mental with anticipation.
“You look divine,” he says, chuckling as he watches her give an experimental tug at the binds, squirming to try and relieve the burning between her thighs.
His fingers run along the black ropes, shoving a couple of fingers in between where it meets flesh, giving a few tugs.
It bites into her skin deliciously, and she can’t help but give out a small mewl.
“Does this feel good?” He asks, checking for air circulation, rounding to see if her hands were fine.
“Perfect, sir,” she agrees quickly. She can’t help but try and bring him closer, struggling only to be reminded she’s at his mercy, ropes bounding her tight. Sirius only chuckles at this; bringing a large, heavy hand to stroke up and down her thigh until his thumb rested on the slit of her lips.
Their eyes finally meet again, and she watches as Sirius purses his lips together minutely, studying her. He leans in, voice soft, “Why don’t you remind me what your colours are?”
He’s giving her time for herself, to prepare, or to back out.
“Red, yellow, green.”
There was that Sirius Black smile.
Leaning in closer, his forehead rested against hers gently, eyes fluttering shut. He already felt electric.
“Care to tell me what they mean?”
“Red means stop, yellow means to slow down, green means go.”
He gives an appreciative hum. The vibration and breathy voice make it impossible not to be intoxicated by him. “That’s my good girl. Don’t hesitate to use them. What colour are you now?”
Sirius pressed a searing kiss to her lips. He’s fully clothed, her attire almost shredded in their haste and it gives him an edge. He’s beyond giddy, biting his lip, drinking in the power she gave him. It thumped through his veins before a dominant persona was woven on.
He grabs a nearby pillow, dropping it on the ground as his fingers snap, pointing to the ground: a clear indication that tonight he has little patience. “Down.”
On the edge of their bed, Sirius sat while she was slotted between his leg, knees on the soft pillow. With ease, he zipped his trousers down, reaching for his hard cock and gave a few quick tugs, hitting her face with his length.
Her mouth opens and with a small lick to the slit of the head, he hissed, prompting him to tilt her head to look him straight in the eyes. “Don’t tease me.”
She slides her mouth back on, bobbing away and she feels herself attempting to clench around nothing. But Sirius has other ideas as his hand, firm, pressed her head down on his cock, forcing her nose to touch his pubic bone. She gags. The pace he sets is fast, every once in a while he untangles a hand from her hair and leads her off before shoving her back on. A slew of low groans emit around her, as the image of his head thrown back is blurred with moisture, causing tears to flow down her cheeks.
“That’s it puppy,” Sirius mocked. He persisted, thrusting up as the head of his cock brushed against the roof of her mouth repeatedly. Her sputtering gags make something in Sirius nearly snap. Delighted; thrilled. “Shhh, you’re doing so well.”
He watches the way her neck bulged with his length; her mascara smeared down her cheeks, spit dibbling her chin. With a couple forceful thrusts, his hips snap upwards, firmly holding the back of her head as it triggers her to reflex. Nonetheless, he keeps her in place until pulling out with a loud groan, preventing himself from coming.
They take a moment to catch their breaths and she’s positive she’s dripping at this point. Her jaw aches, mouth hurts and he considers it before taking the sleeve of his shirt, cleaning up the spit around her lips.
“Fuckin’ filthy,” he mumbles, tracing her lips. He bends down, helping her off the floor; guiding her to sit on his thigh, still on the edge of the bed. With his hands on either side of her waist, leg straining; in an agonizingly slow rolling motion, he grinds her pussy down on him. His mouth trails over her collarbone and neck, licking a long stripe down her throat.
He breaks away, observing her messy makeup and it takes every bit of him to slow down. “What do you say?”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Thank you for...?”
Her face burns with embarrassment. Her voice drops to a whisper and his tone made her want to look away, but she couldn't. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock.”
“Sorry, puppy,” his lips were against her ear, the lightest edge of his teeth grazing. “Couldn’t hear you. Repeat that?”
But it’s a lot. His hands were everywhere. It was hard to concentrate on anything he was saying. He smelt so good, the utter confidence he exuded was overpowering, he felt even better, and even then, slipping into a fuzzy mindset, she felt safe with him. Secured. She always does.
The ropes made her skin tender, aching. His grip tightens, continuing to rock her back and forth.
“What, now you can’t speak?” This time his voice is harsh, gritted through teeth. He pulls away, a whine coming from her as he delivers a small smack onto her face. Eyes narrowing as he played up the character. “Answer me!”
“Thank you for letting me suck your cock!”
Happy, Sirius clicks his tongue, his hand wiggles down, pinching her nipples. A shock of surprise elicited a sharp cry as he turned, laying her down on the bed.
He looms over her, fingers, long and slender, filled with rings spreading her legs wide while he sucks down on the jugular of her neck before a trail of kisses descend down to her breast, mouth closing over one of her nipples, gently tweaking the other as she relaxes into the bed.
Soft moans leave her lips, a throbbing ache going straight to her clit and Sirius has to close his eyes, desperately trying to control his breathing; too entranced by her moans.
“Please,” she pleaded, earning a sharp tug to the ropes. They dig into her skin.
“Please what?” He mocks, lips pouting, jutting out.
“Please touch me, sir.”
“I am doll,” he croons, sucking harsher, “You’re going to have to be more specific.”
A frustrated huff leaves her, head thrashing around. She doesn’t want to give him that satisfaction but caves too quickly.
“Touch my pussy, I need you so bad.” But Sirius refuses to move, instead, he tugs on the rope again, just to hear her gasp and feel her jerk.
“Pathetic little thing,” he snips at her. However, he slithers down, his long fingers, slender, filled with rings trace her slit. And Sirius smiles weakly, feeling just how wet she was and he feels the dull ache of his cock, wanting to fuck her. And he wants to give in. He still purposely avoids touching her clit, can feel her body try to wiggle around and the whines make his cock throb.
His fingers barely slip in. But he makes a pleasing noise, a menacing glint in his eyes, he circles her clit with a slick fingertip. Teasing.
She moans, he grins, moving to slip his fingers in and out of her. His face lowers, but she giggles a bit. Sirius peers up, not knowing whether or not to be offended or laugh along.
“What’s so funny?”
“Your b-beard is tickling m-me!”
His persona slips a bit, his heart swelling at the noise but he hides his face before she could see, occupying himself with his tongue lapping swiftly. He moans. Her laughing comes to a halt while he adds another finger and she shudders when he pushes them in deeper.
He’s obsessed with her. She was so beautiful, and all his.
And she revels in him.
But as she approaches her impending orgasm, Sirius can sense it, feels her walls squeeze his fingers and becomes wetter. Regrettably, he retracts. A broken half-choke, half-sob leaves her, chest heaving.
Once he knows she’s edged herself down, his hand slips between again.
He moves fast, focusing on her swollen bud as the pleasure hits her instantly. Every touch sent shockwaves of sensation through her, feeling the pure need to finish this time.
Sirius grinds against the mattress a bit, a hunger consuming him as he watches his girl jerk and squirm, noticing the trembling of her legs and blissed-out expression. He’s left searching for friction.
“Fuck,” she moans, lifting her hips off the bed as best as she could in the restraints. Her muscles flexed, feeling the frustrated tears as she realizes he’s about to move away again. When he does, this time he ghosted delicate touches over her clit, just enough to make her react.
She was on fire: the heat of her skin threatening to consume her whole. A thin sheen of sweat clung to her pliant body, surrendered to Sirius’ touch as she cried out for any sort of release. Any relief.
And he stops and sits up. From the corner of his eye, he sees the white vibrator, on their bedside, cleaned and brought out if they wanted to use it. He leans over, grabbing it with a dark smile returning to his face as she babbled beneath him.
“Sirius! Please don’t s —”
This results in a slap across her face before he rubs his hand to soothe out the pain. “Not my name.”
“Sir,” she corrects herself, “May I cum? Please? Please, please —”
But she’s cut off when a soft, trilling buzz flows through the room. Sirius’ hand stills on her thigh, spreading them further apart.
Her heart is thrilled by the still of his hand.
“I can give you more,” he breathes, “Just be good for me.”
At once, he positions the device directly on her sensitive bud; a shock shooting through her. She cried out, the switch from his mouth to the toy was grand and it caused him to click it up another dial.
Sirius is exhilarated; a cruel smirk spreading wide on his lips.
She tries to writhe around the restraints. Tries. The ropes bound her, and Sirius pressed her body down, rendering her helpless.
She hiccups, cheeks burning in humiliation as salty tears begin to escape again in anticipation that he’s going to move.
But he doesn’t.
“I — I can’t,” her chest thundered, body aflame. A panic builds because she wouldn’t be able to hold it off. And they both know it. “I’m so close.”
Sirius doesn’t move, only nodding as a sign of permission.
A rush spreads across her body. Her moans surround them both. She’s more than pleased to hear groaning ringing in her ear from Sirius, knowing he’s getting off on this too as she loses herself to the sensation.
“You should see how pretty you look right now.”
But when the orgasm is over, the vibrator still going, pressed even firmer against her oversensitive bud. The helpless position and Sirius' unrelenting, his nearly cruel presence has her panicking.
“Sir!” She shouts as the sensation slowly mixes with pain. “It’s too much.”
“Hush, puppy,” Sirius dismissed, voice bordering on indifference. “I thought you said you wanted to come? You’re fine.”
She lets out a sound between a whimper and a choked sob. At this, Sirius fucking laughs at her.
“It — ah! It hurts!”
At this, his voice turns somewhat gentle, reminding her of her safe word. She refuses to use them. With that, he clicks up the speed dial two notches up
This time, the pleasure subsides quicker than last time. It’s tenfolds sharper, intense and Sirius can’t help but appreciate how fucking beautiful he thought she was.
Her thrashing did little in attempts to get away from the continuous sensation.
“Sir!” She chants as the torture pursues. Her babbling came out as nothing decipherable.
This time, Sirius does give her a moment to breathe, grabbing the glass of water left on the stand, giving her a moment to relax, to replenish. But he flicks the toy back on, pressing her thighs together and settles the vibrator in between, holding it there for him.
“Now, I’m going to get undressed and if this slips —” He turns the dial-up again, this time to the highest setting which has her nearly screaming. “— Then you’re going to have to come another two — or maybe three times.”
It’s nearly impossible to stay still, not when every fibre of her is shaking from the previous orgasms.
An anguished cry spills out. Three was too much.
By now, Sirius is impatient, dying to feel her walls around him as he sheds his clothing. And he’s more than happy when he settles between her, seeing the vibrator still being held by trembling legs.
He leans over, rewarding this with a kiss and removing the toy. He opens her legs, falling limp to the bed. He takes his length into his hand, hissing at the touch after being unattended to for so long. He drags the tip of his cock through her folds, slapping her clit a few times with it. It’s practically drenched already.
“Colour —”
“G-green! Just fuck me!”
Sirius doesn’t need to be told twice as he slips in. Her twitching body, walls closing in on him, clenching tightly has him breathless. At this rate, he wasn’t going to last.
“Stop moving,” he says through gritted teeth, attempting to calm down. His jaw was clenched, hungry eyes roaming over her. But it’s fruitless as she continues to rock herself onto him, completely fucked out now. “Fuck,” he tugs on the rope that caused her to yelp, “Do you ever listen?”
Sirius is getting impatient, wanting his own release as he ditched his effort to ground himself, only to set a rapid, punishing pace.
“Y-you feel — ah! So — good!” Her voice jumped pitches from his pace.
She feels heavenly.
With the forgotten vibrator, Sirius clicks it back on as his hand wraps around her throat, pressing the sides of her neck. He regularly releases the pressure, bringing the vibrator to where they meet, angling it just above her clit.
Fuck, he can feel the vibrations second-hand, the sensation making his heart thump harder. She can feel his cock twitch inside, body quivering, jerking, unable to touch him how she really wants. And it makes her mewl pathetically.
He pounds into her, losing himself in her pulsing around him, combined with the vibrations that send him into a frenzy.
When Sirius finally reaches his orgasm, he knows for sure that this was the best sex he’s ever had in his life. He pulls out with a groan, his cum shooting over messily on her stomach as he watches her come with silent moaning, shuddering. His eyes are torn between closing shut, riding out his high or watching her head loll back onto the pillow behind. Even with the ropes, he has to hold her down. He milks it out, pace slowing and he immediately clicks off the toy, resting his head in the crook of her shoulder to continue to trust in. When he feels her body begin to shake, his hands tug at the ropes, pulling them loose.
Her leg twitches, unable to stay still as Sirius takes just a second to himself until moving to gently remove the ropes.
He gently rolls her to her side, making sure to untie the rope securing her hands. He quickly rubs softly over her wrist to lessen the burn, turning her again, letting her back hit the bed.
“Doll, you’re precious. You did so well. So good. I love you,” he murmurs, smoothing out any hair from her face. He can see the faint tear tracks on her cheeks and the only response he gets is a small, weak nod.
He leaves a few kisses to her temple, soothing her with sugary words that make her float high, still slipping in and out of that floaty, clouded headspace.
“What’s your colour, my love?” She mouths out green and Sirius takes that as a good sign. “Is it okay if I can touch you?” Another nod. He sits up, bringing her to his lap, holding her tight against his chest. Her head was tucked into his neck, a warmth spread across her body as he grabbed that glass of water, making her drink all of it.
“You’re amazing. I’m so proud of you,” he continues to whisper, knowing the deep vibrations from his vocal cords assist to reassure her. “You’re so, so, so good for me sweetheart. I love you.”
“That…” Her voice was quiet. “Was… amazing.”
Sirius chuckles, she joined along, both basking in a warm, hazy feeling.
“Was there anything you didn’t like?” He quickly askes, keeping his voice no louder than a murmur to prevent her from growing too overwhelmed. “Are you hurt?”
She shakes her head, facing him. “I’m okay.” His hand moved to cup her cheek for a fleeting moment before she pressed a series of kisses to his skin. As much as this was aftercare for her, he needed it too.
Sirius, feeling a giddy, almost schoolboyish excitement jumped through him, leaned down, attacking her skin with dozens of pecks across her face, making her giggle, filling her heart with nothing but the feeling of love. She's floating in that deep calm, more profound than any sleep. Almost with a swirling graze, butterflies fluttered, tendons wrapping around them in the pits of their stomach.
She wonders if she could drunk on the lips of a god.
“Doll, do you want to get cleaned up? Put some of that cream where those ropes were?”
Sirius barks out a laugh, his ego swelling up a bit. “A shower? Can you even walk?”
She softly slaps his chest, eyes-rolling. “Shut up.”
And she feels safe with him. Secured. She always does. Both of their hearts were thrilled by each other.
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