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#sirius x reader
lupinpotterblack · a day ago
Is It Love?
Tumblr media
word count: 1.1k
trigger warning: underage drinking, arguing, and the word fuck.
sirius black x reader (no gender mentioned!)
summary: sirius broke up with you, will you ever know why?
Walking down the halls of Hogwarts, you were zoning out. Although the hallways were loud and crowded you heard nothing that your friends were saying.
“Y/N. Y/N. Y/N!” A voice called out your name.
You snapped out of a haze and turned to Dorcas who was trying to catch your attention.
“Are you okay babes?” She questions with a concerned look on her face.
“Yeah, I am fine.” You reassure her with a smile hoping she would buy it.
You continued to walk down to the Black Lake where you and your friends would laugh out a blanket, share some snacks, and talk about the chosen book for book club. As you walked down the grassy trail you spotted four boys at your normal spot. You froze, when you saw him and your friends too notice.
“Y/N it’s fine we can just ignore them.” Marlene suggested.
“No, no, you go ahead, I just realized I forgot my books.” Quickly walking the other way.
“But your book is in your hand-” Marlene tried to finish her sentence but you were running back towards the castle.
You thought you’d be fine. It had been two months. But every time you see him again old feelings come flooding back to the surface.
It was a Saturday Afternoon and you sat in the Library, alone cuddled up with your favorite book. You turned the page and read the passage each word in engulfing you into the story a bit more.
“Y/N.” A voice called your name breaks your concentration. There stood Tommy, a gryffindor boy in your year.
He had pretty blue eyes that reminded you of a clear sky and jet black hair like a raven's feather.
He looked nervous and he had his hand rubbing his neck.
“ I was wondering if you’d like to go with me to Three Broomsticks and get a butterbeer.” He wondered.
You let out a small sigh. If it had been anytime else you would have loved to go out with Tommy, but with a battered heart it just hurt too much.
“I’m sorry Tommy, I would love to, but I am just not in the right place to be going out with anyone right now.”
“That’s alright Y/N. I hope you feel better.” He says with a small smile.
His kindness made your heart swell. You wondered to yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for someone like Tommy rather than the playboy Black brother.
Your mind drifted off to a time where the two of you were happier. You and Sirius cuddled up on the love seat in the common room and the rest of the marauders sprawled on the surrounding couches. Your heads are thrown back in fits of laughter due to James telling a horrible dad joke. And you watch Sirius, as he closes his eyes as he laughs and his nose crinkles. In your eyes he was a masterpiece, but to him you were something less than permanent.
You loved Lily, you really did but at this moment you would rather me anywhere else than at a party. But your best friend only turns 17 once and you have to live like the world is ending as she says. It was a mixture of all the houses crammed into the Gryffindor common room.
Queen flooded the room. A bunch of semi-drunk students singing their hearts out with Freddy Mercury. You are among them with a cup of fire whiskey in your hand. You were dancing with Dorcas and finally letting go since your break up with Sirius two months ago. As the song finished something caught your eye.
Nearly 10 feet away is Sirius flirting with a sixth year Hufflepuff. The smile on your face turned into a neutral line in a matter of two seconds. You chug a drink in your hand and Dorcas eyes grows wide
“Y/N, is everything okay?” She asks and follows your eyes to the pair. “Oh honey, do you want to go somewhere else?”
You shock your head no due to a sudden surge of confidence. A smug grin spread across your face.
“I am gonna go say hi.” you smiled.
Mary’s eyes widened.
“Oh shit.” You heard her say as you left her behind.
You walked with a strut right up to the Hufflepuff and Sirius.
“Hi guys, enjoying the party?” You questioned and their heads turned to you. The younger girl’s eyes went wide.
“I-” The girls started but could not get the words out. “I’m gonna go.” She left the two of you in a hurried manner.
Sirius shook his head and pinched the bridge of your nose.
“What the fuck was that Y/N?” Sirius questioned you.
“I was just saying hi to you and your friend.” You said with a devious smile on your face.
“And why did you feel the need to do that?”
“Oh Sirius, don't be mad” You displayed a fake put across your face. “I just didn't want the poor thing to end up another one of your conquests.”
A look of shock came on Sirius's face.
“Y/N… thats-” Sirius couldn’t put the words together. He never intended to make you feel like a conquest. He never wanted anyone to feel like that.
“That's not what Sirius?” You questioned him, raising your tone.
Your tone was enough to catch James’ attention. He saw the look of hurt on Sirius’ face and a look of anger on yours. He knew things were not going well. He rushed to Remus and pointed to the scene in front of them. The two rushed over to you and Sirius.
“You were never a conquest.” He sighed out.
“That’s funny. Real fucking funny. We both know that is a lie.” You sneered angry with him.
“Y/N, don’t do this here.” You heard James call out to you over the music.
“He’s right Y/N if you want to know the truth then at least do it privately.” Remus agreed with his friend.
You sighed. No longer wanting to create a scene you nodded your head and followed your friends as they led you to their dorm room.
“We’ll be right outside. Please talk it out and don’t kill one another before then.” James commented. Remus rolled his eyes at James and closed the two behind the two of them.
“So…” You pushed.
“ You weren’t some conquest. It hurts me that I left you thinking that you were.” Sirius spoke softly.
“Then why’d you do it? Break up with me out of nowhere. Which conveniently was three days after we’d slept together?” You questioned him.
A guilty look spread across his face.
“ I ended our relationship because I was afraid, because I was a coward. I couldn’t face my feelings.”
“What feelings, Sirius?”
“I’ve tried to deny saying I don’t know what love is because of my family. But I do know what love is because of you. You taught me what love is and what it should be like.”
“Sirius, what are you saying?”
“Y/N, I am absolutely and consumingly in love with you.”
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scandalous-chaos · 20 hours ago
The Grimmauld Place Sirius Black x fem!Evans!reader
Summary: A plan gone wrong | mainly angst. | young!Sirius
[ muggleborn!reader, pre-established relationship, reader gets injured, swearing, mentions of underage drinking and food ]
requested by @marauder-madness​ | masterlist
Tumblr media
“Look, you can’t let them know that you’re a muggle-born,” Sirius said hurriedly, making sure his door was locked.
“Why not?”
Sirius looked at you with his mouth slightly open. “Y/N, they will—”
“Freak out?” You interrupted, bored. “I can deal with that.”
“They won’t just freak out,” he said seriously. “They will hurt you.”
“C’mon Padfoot—”
“You’re not listening! You don’t know my family like I do. They’re cruel, idiotic and selfish and they can’t know their oldest son is dating a muggle-born.”
Begrudgingly, you shrugged. “Fine, then. I’ll pretend to be someone I’m not. Happy?”
His fingers brushed against your cheeks apologetically. “This is only for thirty minutes. We’ll go to the Potters’ and be done with everything.”
Your hand covered his, then removed it from your face. “I have a feeling that’s not true, Sirius. And we should stay for dinner so it doesn’t get suspicious.”
“Do I have to remind you that this was your idea?” He asked, a bit too sharply.
In his defense, that was true. 
You were tired of seeing your boyfriend going through that pathetic excuse of a family so you asked him to stay at Potters’ indefinitely. James was more than happy with that idea. But before running away, Sirius needed to get his stuff from his house, and he still haven’t mastered how to disapparate on his own, so you decided to come with him under the guise of “meeting his family.”
He was adamant on saying no, but you pointed out that he didn’t have a choice. Getting his stuff required atleast an hour and disapparating required the basic knowledge on knowing the destination. Sirius has never even been to Potters’ before so you knew you’d help.
But when they reached the Grimmauld Place, Walburga thought you resembled a pureblood girl she met once in a party, and was more than willing to ask them to join for dinner.
Which for some reason you agreed to.
“We can stay for dinner, it’s only one more hour!” You said defensively.
“What if in that hour, mother suddenly remembers that you look nothing like the pureblood she saw?”
“She won’t.”
Sirius threw his arms up in frustration. “What is actually going on here? Our plan was to get the stuff and leave. What suddenly makes you cozy up to my mother?”
“I hate her.”
“Then why?”
You looked away from him, rubbing your left elbow with your right hand, a gesture you only did when you had plans. Usually stupid ones.
Sirius groaned. “Just say it.”
“I want to talk to your brother,” you said finally, giving up.
“Why on earth—”
“He knows I’m a muggle-born, okay? Yet he didn’t say anything so far. Maybe he’s not like the rest of them.”
“Y/N…” Sirius rubbed his forehead impatiently.
You sighed. “What? Is it cruel of me to think your brother might be going through the same pain you are?”
“Not everyone wants to be saved!” He snapped.
“But isn’t it unkind not to help? What makes you different from Regulus?”
“I’m not a goddamn death eater!”
You scoffed. “Do you think he had a choice? He doesn’t have anyone to run off to!”
“No, you listen to me! You just don’t want to admit I’m right. But sometimes the right thing to do is admit you’re wrong! Sometimes the right thing to do is lose!”
He opened his mouth to retort, but the door to his room opened magically and Walburga stepped in.
“Am I interrupting something?” She asked.
“No, mother,” Sirius said hastily.
“We’ll be down for dinner,” you added. “We were just discussing… things.”
“So I’ve heard,” his mother smiled. “So tell me, what’s your last name, Y/N?”
Sirius blinked.
“Uh, Redwood,” you lied, remembering a pureblood Slytherin of the same name at Hogwarts.
“Y/N Redwood?” She asked, pondering. “That’s funny because the last time I saw you, I’d have swore your name was something else.”
“That party was wild,” you said, shrugging. “Maybe I lied my name to a few people so they wouldn’t tell my mom that I’ve been drinking.”
“Ah, how clever,” Walburga did not seem convinced by your lies. She turned to Sirius. “You know locked doors never blocked Kreacher’s eavesdropping ability, do you not?”
Sirius went pale under her gaze and what she was implying.
“Turns out, your dearest Y/N is actually muggle-born,” she turned to you, and still talked about you in third person as if you’re a pet who won’t understand what she’s saying. “How dare you bring someone like her into my house?”
“Don’t talk about her that way,” came the firm reply.
Your heart started pounding at the way she was glaring at you, full of amusement and annoyance.
“Get out,” she finally said.
“You don’t get to kick her out—”
“This is my house, I get to do whatever I want!”
“I’ll go,” you interrupted.
“No, I’m coming with you,” Sirius said, but Walburga raised her wand to his son.
“You’re not going anywhere.”
“You can’t keep me prisoner here,” he hissed, his eyes full of contempt.
“I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far.”
“I’m going.”
“Then you leave me with no choice.”
You wanted to pull him out of her way, but when she muttered a spell, it wasn’t aimed at him. 
All you know was that you hit the floor with unbearable pain. Suddenly it was like you on fire, but instead of smoke, you couldn’t breath. You were drowning in invisible flames.
“STOP IT!” You could hear Sirius’s voice yelling.
“What’s so special about her anyway?” Walburga asked, her wand still high. “Doesn’t she look much more interesting while in pain?”
Sirius rushed to your side, clutching your arms and looking for the source of where the pain was coming from, which was hard to do as you couldn’t figure it out yourself. Every part of you was burning. The tears in your eyes didn’t help either.
You looked at Walburga instead of Sirius, the woman who looked proud and majestic, and you felt hate surging through your veins – more prominent than before. And the thing with hate was that the more you possess it, the more determined you become.
You really didn’t want to die proving your boyfriend’s point that they should have disappeared sooner. You were too stubborn for that.
One deep breath and you closed your eyes, imagining James’s house clearly in your vision. Shakily you stood up, then prayed to whatever ghosts looking over you, and turned on the spot, grabbing Sirius’s hand.
Walburga thought you’d make a fool of yourself, but for once, you saw shock in her face as you felt yourself disappearing.
When you reached the Potters’, you had instantly blacked out, and Sirius helped you into the couch and James called his mother, who was fairly experienced in magical medicine.
You were alive, though you did stay unconscious for the next three hours. When you finally came to your senses, you saw Sirius waiting in a chair, his eyes half-open.
On seeing movement, he rushed to you and started apologizing.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispered, chanting, and kissed your knuckles as you lay still.
“You didn’t do anything,” you reasoned.
“Wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t idiotic enough to realize you’d get hurt.”
“I think we both know that I’d have shown up anyway.”
He looked angry at your words. “How much danger have you been in because of me? The more important question is, how much more danger would you throw yourself in?”
“As much as it takes until the war’s over,” you responded softly.
“You can’t do that. I won’t let you.”
“Do I look like I care if you let me or not?”
“I will never forgive myself if something happens to you,” he said, gritting his teeth. “I love you too much to know you’ll never stop being stubborn too. You’ll jump into fire if it means saving your friends.”
“Which is what you’d do too!”
“I don’t want you to do that for me.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re breaking up with me,” you said, just as angry.
“Maybe I am,” he whispered, and you sat up on the couch in disbelief.
“Are you fucking kidding me? After all of that?”
He only nodded in reply, his eyes on anything but you.
“Sirius, you total idiot, that’s dumb! You can’t let your parents win, it’s ridiculous.”
“It’s like you said,” he said, walking away. “Sometimes it’s the right thing to lose.”
You blinked back tears, then looked at the bracelet he had given you two years ago, when you were both obliviously in love. You’d give anything to go back again, but it only meant reliving everything.
You looked up at the ceiling, wishing for the first time that you’d never met Sirius Black.
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aleksandersshadow · 19 hours ago
All That Was Left Unsaid Lies Between The Stars
Pairing : Sirius Black x Reader
Word Count : 1294
Warnings : Mentions of starvation, PTSD, reader drinks a sleeping potion.
A/N : Re-posting my old fics.
The stars twinkled above you as you walked barefoot on the wet grass of your garden. This was how you calmed yourself whenever you felt overwhelmed, and your night visits to the garden were getting more and more frequent ever since you had heard that the person that was your fiance what felt like a lifetime ago had escaped from Azkaban.
You knew he was innocent. There was no way he could betray his friends and you like that. You had begged Dumbledore to help you. To help him. But the old wizard had shown no interest in saving a life from being wasted if the life wasn’t of his use anymore. 
You would never forgive him.
Now Sirius was out after enduring twelve years of torture. When you first got the news, you had wondered if he’d visit you, but now you thought it was unlikely. Twelve damn years had passed. Azkaban changed people in the worst possible ways. Maybe he didn’t even remember you anymore.
Maybe you didn’t want to raise your hopes.
You looked at the stars, trying to make sense of the constellations. Your gaze moved to a particular star that was shining the brightest and you closed your eyes, sighing.
Twelve years and you still loved him.
You decided to head back inside. Reaching the door, you froze. Your heart started pounding in your chest. The sound was deafening. There was a dog sitting on the front step.
A big, black dog.
Judging by the scratches on the door, it was obvious that he had tried to get your attention, thinking you were inside. You had been so lost in thought that you hadn't heard or seen him arrive.  He looked starved and ready to collapse, probably why he hadn’t noticed you out there when he came in either.
But now you were staring into the deep brown of his eyes, which reminded you so much of the Sirius you knew and loved that you almost started to cry then and there. A whimper from the dog brought you back from the reverie . You quickly looked around, making sure that nobody could see him even though nobody except you and Remus knew about him being an animagus.
You opened the door by using your wand to remove the protective charm that renewed itself whenever the door was shut.
Stepping in, you beckoned him to follow because he was still as a statue, waiting for your permission. As though you could ever refuse him anything. You shut the door after you were both safely inside and turned to look at him. You were forced to hold back a sob as he transformed right in front of your eyes. You felt as if your breath had been knocked out of your lungs at the sight. He looked pale, sick, starved and so much older, but he still looked like Sirius. Your Sirius.
You swallowed. This was too much. You couldn’t handle this. Couldn’t move closer, even though all you wanted was to hold him in your arms for the rest of your life.
“Did anyone see you come here?” you asked and then internally winced at the detached tone you had used.
Sirius shook his head, a storm of emotions in his eyes. You hated the look of uncertainty in his face, which only increased when you took a small step back.
“You can go and take a shower while I cook something for you. I don’t have any clothes for you right now, but you can take the bathrobe. I’ll get you some new clothes tomorrow,” you said.
You were trying to appear put together for both your sake and his.
You flinched slightly at the sound of his voice. You had been staring at your feet but you forced yourself to look at him.
“What?”, you asked, voice barely above a whisper.
He gave you a sad smile and shook his head again.
With him showered and fed, you started thinking about the next problem. You didn’t have a guest room, so one of you had to sleep on the couch. You obviously wanted him to take the bed but soon realized that Azkaban had done nothing to reduce his stubbornness.
“I didn’t come here to kick you out of your own bed,” he frowned.
“I’m not making you sleep on the couch!”, you hissed back.
“Look, no offense, but I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the past twelve years. Your couch looks luxurious. “
“That does not make it any better!”
“Would it be so bad if we shared the bed?”, he smiled slightly.
“I--of course not,” you  murmured, defeated.
“Nox”, you muttered. Both you and Sirius were settled in your bed, using separate blankets to cover yourself.
You stared into the darkness, stiff and unable to shut down your brain. How the hell were you supposed to go to sleep after all that happened today?
After a few minutes of tossing and turning, you got up to go to the kitchen. You felt Sirius shift sleepily in his spot. He was out cold already. He must have been exhausted. The realization of everything he had gone through sent a sharp pang to your heart. 
Reaching your kitchen, you opened a cupboard and took out a bottle of sleep potion. You poured out a few sips worth of the liquid into a cup and downed it in one go. It wasn’t much, it’d only give you an hour or two of dreamless sleep but you didn’t want to take more.
You returned to your bed and got under the covers. Already you could feel the potion doing it’s work. You closed your eyes.
You sat up, startled. A glance at the clock told you that you had slept for two and a half hours. You looked over at Sirius and realized what had woken you. He was thrashing around in his sleep, mumbling something incoherent. He looked terrified.
“Sirius”, you said loudly. His eyes remained tightly shut.
“Sirius, wake up! You are dreaming!”, you shook him slightly. When this didn’t show any positive outcome, you patted his cheek twice.
He woke up with a yelp and looked around the room, scared. 
“It was just a dream,” you said softly. He jumped, as if he had forgotten you were there. He released a shaky yet relieved sigh and hesitantly took your hand in his. You entwined your fingers without missing a beat.
That was it. You couldn’t control yourself one second longer. You gently pushed him back and wrapped an arm around him. Trembling, he brought his face to the crook of your neck and nuzzled it. You could feel the wetness from his eyes on your skin. You rubbed his back, trying hard to hold back your own tears. 
“I thought they had caught me”, he whispered and you almost didn’t hear it.
“What?”, you asked.
“The dementors”
You tightened your hold on him, feeling your heart break into a hundred pieces. You finally allowed yourself to let go.
“I’m so sorry”, you said in a shaky voice before you broke down crying.
He changed his position so that he could look at you. The moonlight coming through the window illuminated his beautiful features.Sirius wiped a tear on your cheek with his thumb.
“I’m sorry too”
For being reckless? For abandoning you? For leaving you feeling like the loneliest person in the whole world?
You realized that it didn’t matter. He was alive, and he was with you. Neither of you spoke as you basked in the feeling of being so close after so long. You could see the stars twinkling from the window.
 Damaged as you both were, you were finally together again.
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gotkindabored · a day ago
Vampire!Sirius AU
Tumblr media
The majority of works listed are based off of ‘No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin’
Tumblr media
My Pain Fits In The Palm Of Your Freezing Hand | gn!reader
After centuries of being alone, anxiety clouds Sirius’ mind at the thought of losing his lover.
Jealous Vampire!Sirius *
After Remus attempts to get with his beloved, Sirius gets a little jealous.
I Love The Very Blood Of You | ask game
Tumblr media
Marked Me Like A Bloodstain (coming soon)
Shaken up after a near death experience, Sirius finds solace in the arms of his beloved.
Tumblr media
Innocence Died Screaming *
It all started on October 31st, 1981, when Sirius was roaming around Soho after his latest meal when he bumps into a mysterious woman.
Tumblr media
More Vampire!Sirius
Tumblr media
Werewolf!Remus and Vampire!Sirius *
Tumblr media
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certifiedhorny · 2 months ago
show it | wolfstar
Tumblr media
pairings : wolfstar x fem! reader
summary : you notice that remus is turned on while watching you got eaten out by sirius, so you ask him to join.
warnings : nsfw, threesome, dom! sirius, switch! reader, sub! remus, oral (both receiving), riding, cursing, unprotected sex, degradation, face sitting, etc.
navigation | taglist
remus is not the type to follow to someone's command. in fact, he would be the one bossing every one else. he could just tuck his hand inside his sweats and jerk off to his own orgasm.
but why the fuck he find himself listening to his friend who hardly listens to him?
he watch intently. his hands are clutched tightly on the arm rest, itching to reach to the inside of his sweatpants to relieve some of the tension in his growing hardness.
your thighs shake on either side of sirius's head as you hold on to the headboard, his tongue enters you as his nose continues to bump your clit.
you squeeze your unattended breasts, arching your back in the air. it left remus stunned, unmoving in his seat as filthy noises fill the room which only made his hips thrust in the air, hoping to get the same relief you are getting.
you grab a fistful of sirius's hair, moaning his name sinfully as you shamelessly ride his face,
momentarily forgetting the presence of another person. it isn't until you hear remus gasp and you fling your head to the side.
you cast a look at his front, and the tent in his pants did nothing but to warm your insides despite having sirius's tongue shoved inside of you. the idea of him joining you and sirius isn't such a bad idea, knowing you'll break free hiding from his nosiness.
"fuck, siri-" you came undone with a quiet cry and remus swore it's the hottest thing he's ever seen.
remus shifts on his seat and clears his throat, catching sirius's attention, only remembering his invited presence.
"isn't she hot, moony?" sirius asks remus, who blankly stares back at him. "sit on the bed and why don't you find out yourself?" in a moment, remus finds himself seated against the headboard just as sirius instructed him.
his pride be damned listening to sirius just to see what he's been missing out. you're his freaking roommate for fuck's sake and it upsets him that this has been going on behind his back.
"did you enjoy the show? was it fun?" you giggle innocently as you crawl towards him.
"did you wish that was your tongue instead of padfoot's?"
remus's head nods on its own accord, his actions betraying his last ounce of self-control, inhaling sharply when your index finger hooked around his sweatpants.
your lips ghost along the expanse of his neck causing goosebumps to dot on his skin. "tell me, what do you want me to do?"
it feels like his tongue was gone in the amount of times he swallowed to wet his dry throat because he couldn't speak. even if he opens his mouth, the words won't come out.
you ask once his sweats are down to his thighs.
"do you want me to ride your face or ride your big cock?"
remus clears his throat, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallows. "r-ride my cock, please." his voice is a bit timid for his liking. he's the one who confronted you, but why does he feel like he's the one who got caught in the act?
you straddle remus's hips, placing your hands on his shoulders as you sink down on him. you sigh at the familiar stretch despite having his cock inside you for the first time.
you roll your hips on a steady pace, letting yourself adjust on his length. however, remus is still tense under you. the temptation is in front of him, swallowing him whole but his eyes refuse to look down below your neck.
"you can touch me, you know." you grab both of his hands and place them on your breasts.
he moves his hands on your breasts, the warmth of your skin spreading on his palm, finally absorbing the fact that this is all real.
finally, his eyes draw to where his hands are and it feels different from watching from afar.
it's even better-
"if you come before her you're gonna have to sit it out for the next show." sirius dares, his hand on his cock, getting relief but not enough for a release.
how could he not come when his roommate is fulfilling his fantasy by riding his dick and moaning his name like it's the only word she knows?
remus's hand comes down on your hip, his touches are light and feathery, afraid that he'll burn as if your skin is a pit of lava. he studies you-where your bodies meet- and his whole body catches on fire.
your slick walls are covering every inch of him and he's holding on to every willpower not to come right here and then, so wet, so tight, so warm-
"remus.." you moan softly as you lean forward, your lips grazing the shell of his ear. "don't tell padfoot, but i love your dick so much."
"fuck. fuck, y/n." remus hisses.
you're tantalizing and it feels like torture. he wants to retaliate, flip you over and fuck you the way he wants but he can't help but to fall into submission.
he leans in and catches your breast in his mouth. you push your chest against him as you roll your hips back and forth, the new motion causing you to hit that sweet spot.
"oh my god.." you shudder, his length is hitting the right places. "remus, fuck- you're gonna make me come."
you're gonna make him come. heavy breathing comes from the three of you, especially from sirius whose hand is busy jerking himself off,
beads of his arousal leaking from its tip as his cock twitches. but sirius just can't come yet.
with one last roll of your hips, you explode on remus's cock, your hips stuttered but it didn't stop moving to chase his orgasm.
he's there. he's nearly there, but there is something holding him back. remus grabs your waist in attempt to pull you off of him, but instead you grind your hips faster.
''y/n- fuck. condoms. we didn't-"
"calm down, i'm on the pill. come inside of me, please? i want your cum, remus." you clench your walls around him for better measure and it doesn't even last a second and his painting your walls with his cum.
sirius follows suit, shooting his load on the bed and some spurted on his chest. you pull out of remus's length and he watches how his cum oozes out of you. he itches to push his fingers in but sirius interrupts his thoughts.
"on fours, baby. ass up." sirius's knees dip on the bed as he positions himself behind you. he rubs the tip of his dick on your entrance, mixing his cum with remus's before pushing in.
"at the same time, why don't you show remus how good you are at giving head?" remus's pretty sure he can handle more. hell, he wants more.
but oh god, your mouth -the same mouth that he unconsciously stares at when you lick the back of the spoon to finish the remaining dessert off-will be now around his cock in a matter of seconds.
"you like that?" you look at him through your eyelashes as your hand strokes his dick. he's warm and yet hard again, and your mouth waters. "I'm gonna suck you off now."
remus sucks in a deep breath when you lick the underside of his cock, your tongue tracing the veins of his length as you pump him slowly. you continue doing this and he whines, bucking his hips in the air.
"she's a fucking tease," sirius says to remus, holding your hips as he slowly thrusts into you, your walls stretching for the second time that night. "but she won't hesitate to dick you down hard."
your stomach flutters at sirius's compliments. sirius always praises every single time you when you give him head and for him it's not enough that it's only him who knows that.
you wrap your lips around the tip, deliberately going in as you fully take him in your mouth. your mouth is warm around him and it's been months since he had someone suck him off, and right now, he's hoping not to come pathetically fast.
sirius picks up his pace and every time he thrusts into you, it pushes you forward to remus's dick, moaning in the process. he rubs your cheek before coming down to your ass, a stinging feeling erupting on your skin.
sirius takes his cue and prods his thumb deeper in your hole, but not deep enough to feel pleasurable, just enough to make you feel the stretch.
once the stars disappear from remus's sight, his cock still twitching. he reaches for your breast, tweaking your n1pples, and a wave of pleasure shoots through you.
you can only blabber incoherent noises, unable to make a decent sentence. sirius's deep inside you, causing his balls to hit your clit every time he thrusts into you.
"i guess moony's cockk wasn't enough to stretch this pussy hm, baby? still so tight as fuck." sirius grunts.
your eyes close when you feel another harsh slap on your eyes, only to pry them open when remus moans your name. his head is thrown back and his lips are slightly parted, gasping for air as his hand moves on his length.
everything-remus touching himself, sirius relentlessly fucking you, as he continues teasing your hole-consumes you and your walls flutter around him.
"padfoot.. i'm gonna-" your words are cut off by your own moans.
"you're gonna what, baby?" sirius taunts and you whine when he slows down. "'say it or else i wouldn't know."
you open your mouth to speak but he suddenly resumes the relentless movement of his hips, forcing you to grab on to remus's thighs.
"fuck.. I'm gonna come, paddie."
''yeah? you're gonna milk my cock, baby?" you respond in a hum but you doubt he's able to hear because the moment his hand comes down on your ass, you're clamping down on his cock with a loud cry.
at the same time, remus groans as he reaches his high in a bliss, coming the third time that night. you quickly wrap your lips around him, not willing to waste a single drop of his cum.
“holy fuck, y/n. sirius wasn't lying when you give the best head." remus fixes your hair as he watches you swallow him.
sirius finishes, releasing his load inside of you. “when was i ever wrong?" you shiver when he pulls out of you, feeling the mixes of your cum seep out of you. you shuffle to lay on the bed, too spent to even lift a finger.
"are you okay? what else do you need?" sirius says as he cleans you up.
"nothing. just.. sleep." you close your eyes in exhaustion only to open them again when remus stands up from the bed. "where are you going?"
he scratches the back of his neck. "thanks for today. i had fun."
"you can stay." you offer, scooting to the middle of the bed to give him space.
remus looks at sirius if he's fine with it and gives him a light nod. in a moment, he's joining you in the bed and sirius lays down shortly after.
"damn, prongs is gonna combust if he sees us. he always busts my door open in the morning." sirius purrs on the space between your jaw and shoulder, sleepiness evident in his voice.
"let him be.." you say groggily.
“maybe he can join too.”
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messers-moony · a month ago
I’m Losing You | S.B
Paring: Sirius Black X Fem!Twin Potter!Reader
Summary: Lily changes James for the worst.
Word Count: 5.4K
Inspiration: Click
James Potter was a bundle of joy to be around. He was the epitome of a Gryffindor. James Potter with messy brown hair that could appear to have caramel highlights in the summer. With his determined hazel eyes and tanned complexion that never seemed to go away even during the coldest winter months. He was muscular due to Quidditch, and he was tall, roughly six feet.
But his personality is what made him beautiful. He was kind, caring, and sweet. James took care of everyone around him. He gave Moony chocolate after full moons. He made Sirius hot chocolate after nasty letters from his parents. He provided Peter with tons of his mum's cooking after commenting that he loved Mrs. Potter's cooking.
He was also a trouble maker, a mischief-maker, and a talented teen. James could make prank material out of parchment and a quill. In short, James Potter was brilliant, but he was also determined. When James spotted something he wanted, he never gave up. Lily Evans was one of these things. When he laid eyes on her in his first year, he knew he wanted her. No matter how many times he had to get hexed, told off, or rejected. James refused to give up.
James and the other Marauders - Sirius, Peter, and Remus - played multiple pranks during their time at Hogwarts. They turned corridors into different biomes, made quills spray water, turning robes different colors, planting dungbombs all over the castle, and so much more. It was their idea of fun. Sirius even turned the central clock back an hour to get extra sleep - he got a month's worth of detention after that.
But James was so determined to get Lily that he changed himself entirely. To the point where his best friend and sister were noticing.
The summer before their seventh year, James got the Head Boy badge. Sirius and Y/n had been extremely happy for him. Little did they know how much that badge would ruin him. It wasn’t a surprise that Lily Evans got the Head Girl badge. It started after getting on the Hogwarts Express. James had gone to the front of the train with the Prefects and Lily Evans leaving the other four to the Marauders cart.
Continuing with their seventh year, James was around a lot less and stopping contributing to pranks. Sirius was flopped down on his bed, stomach against the plush mattress, while Remus and Y/n were studying on Remus’ bed. Peter had gone out with his girlfriend - a Ravenclaw nobody really cares about - and James was reading a Quidditch magazine on his bed.
“We need a prank idea.” Sirius announced, Y/n and Remus perked up, but James scoffed, “Isn’t that a bit childish?”
The three Marauders' faces scrunched up, “Pardon?”
“I mean,” James placed his Quidditch magazine on his thighs, “We’re seventh years now. Aren’t we supposed to be role models?”
“Who cares.” Sirius replied, “Besides, people already look up to us for being the pranksters. I like that reputation much better.”
“I’m Head Boy, Sirius.”
“And?” Sirius questioned, confused, “You’re supposed to use that to your advantage, you know, it gives us more freedoms for pranks, like Moony and Tails, does with their Prefect badges.”
James scoffed, “You guys do whatever you want. I’m not getting involved.”
“What’s wrong?” Y/n spoke up, and James looked confused, “Nothing.”
“You always wanna do pranks.” Remus pointed out.
James shrugged, “I’m over it now.”
Sirius, Y/n, and Remus gave each other looks. They ended up discussing a plan in the Prefects bathroom the next day with Peter. The goal was to turn the Charms corridor into a snowy tundra. Which, after a week of studying, they were able to complete. Remus got to perform the Charm while Y/n made sure no other Prefects were coming around.
The next morning snow was falling in that hallway, along with piles of soft snow was on the floor. People rushing to Professor Flitwick's class in the morning were sliding and tripping all over the place. Y/n and Sirius snickered from inside the class. It wasn’t until James Potter and Lily Evans came running around the corner for Charms did they both wipe out on the icy ground.
Lily’s books slid all around, and James’ glasses flew off his face. Both Marauders in the class grimaced. After five minutes of struggling, both James and Lily made it into the class. Sirius saw Lily whisper in James’ ear, and his expression turned dark. James walked toward them and looked severely disappointed in his best friend and his sister.
“You guys need to stop.”
“Why?” Sirius retorted, “Because your precious Evans got hurt?”
“Yes, you git.” James growled, “It’s not funny to watch people get hurt.”
Y/n crossed her arms, “You know what’s not funny?”
James turned to her, “To watch your brother turn into a prat.”
“Oh, forgive me for wanting a significant other and wanting to be responsible.” James said sarcastically, “Unlike you, who’s immature.”
Sirius raised their interlocked hands, “Pardon?”
“Of course.” James seethed, “You would date my best friend. What a low blow.”
Sirius stood up defensively, “Back off.”
“Both of you quit it.” Both boys continued to glare at each other, “James, go to your precious Evans and back the fuck off. Sirius, sit.”
James left the table with a glare at his two friends, and Sirius took his seat beside Y/n, “Sorry. I just couldn’t let him get away with that.”
“It’s fine,” Y/n replied, leaning on his shoulder.
Y/n’s mood dampened after that. She had never seen James so pissed off before at a harmless prank. It wasn’t even bad compared to the other stuff that they had done. Only one person had gone to the hospital wing for a broken ankle, but Madame Pomfrey fixed them up in less than five minutes.
It only got worse from that point. James got even worse as time went on. It was the Christmas Holidays, and James had gone to Lily’s home for them. Sirius and Y/n went to the Potter residence. Euphemia and Fleamont frowned upon not seeing James with them but were happy to have two children in the house.
On Christmas Eve, they were sitting at the dining table eating the multitude of foods that Euphemia cooked when Fleamont got curious, “Where’s James?”
Y/n rolled her eyes, “Where do you think?”
“That Evans girls house?” Euphemia asked, and Y/n nodded, making Euphemia frown the slightest bit, “I wish he would’ve told us.”
Sirius shook his head, “He’s been a prat lately.”
Both parents looked confused, “Ever since he got that Prefect badge, he almost wants nothing to do with any of us, Remus and Peter included.”
“He gets on us about doing pranks and stuff.” Sirius added, “He sleeps in the dorm but is gone in the morning. The only other time we see him is after the full moons for Remus.”
“I didn’t raise him like that.” Euphemia muttered, “Mum, you can’t blame yourself.” Y/n held her hand.
“That girl is changing him.” Fleamont almost seethed, “If he was smart, then he should know that he shouldn’t have to change for her.”
It was quiet for a moment, “Y/n?”
“Yes, dad?”
“You love Sirius the way he is, right?” Fleamont questioned, “You wouldn’t change him?”
“Never.” Y/n said hastily, “I wouldn’t date him if I wanted him to change.”
Euphemia smiled, “At least you two are happy. I don’t want James to change for this girl.”
“We don’t either.” Sirius added, “He’s- It’s like I’m losing him.”
Y/n held his hand beneath the table, “I- I don’t wanna lose him. I can’t- I can’t lose another brother.”
“Sirius.” Euphemia’s voice was so gentle, “You won’t lose, James. Not like you lost Regulus. One day, it’ll click, and James will realize that he isn’t happy.”
Sirius was trying to swallow back the tears, “What if he doesn’t?”
“If I know James, he’ll come around.” Fleamont assured, “But if he thinks that we’ll approve of what that girl is doing to him, he’s wrong.”
Euphemia nodded, “Monty wasn’t the best student at Hogwarts when I met him. He was kinda like you guys, always causing trouble and always experimenting, but I wouldn’t change him for the world.”
“Euphemia was a goody-two-shoes.” Fleamont mumbled, “But she was my goody to shoes. She kept me out of trouble but still let me do the things I enjoy, like playing with Potion mixtures.”
“And one day,” Euphemia sighed, “James will realize that this girl isn’t worth him changing. That he’ll realize how unhappy he truly is.”
Sirius sighed, “I hope that’s soon.”
Euphemia let go of Y/n’s hand and took Sirius’ in hers, “Don’t we all.”
The Christmas Holidays went by fast, and soon enough, they were all getting back on the Hogwarts Express again. Remus and Peter opted to stay at Hogwarts. Lily and James sat in the front again together. Sirius and Y/n sat together on the same side. Her head was leaning on his shoulder, and Sirius’ arm wrapped around her shoulders, holding her close to him.
An hour into the ride, someone came knocking on the door. It jumped Y/n out of her sleep. Sirius allowed them to come in. It was James Potter who was now sitting in front of them. Y/n’s harsh glare was unmistakable.
“What’re you gonna lecture us about now?”
James didn’t say anything, so Y/n continued, “Mum wasn’t happy that you didn’t tell her about going to Evan's house for the hols.”
“She’ll get over it.” James muttered, and Y/n furrowed her eyebrows, “You’re a tosser. You know how upset mum was? You don’t even care, do you?”
“Listen, you can lecture me later. I need to ask you guys for a favor.” James stated, and Y/n put her back against the seat, crossing her arms.
“Lily won’t date me until you both change.”
Sirius looked appalled, “Excuse me?”
“She said that you’re both immature and irresponsible.” James continued, “She won’t date me until that’s fixed.”
“Well, I’m sorry, mate, but we aren’t changing.” Sirius said, “We are who we are. She doesn’t have to like it. I’m not changing for you to get a girl that doesn’t even like you for you.”
“What do you mean she doesn’t like me for me?”
Y/n scoffed, “Are you bloody blind? You aren’t like this, James. You’re fun and playful. You aren’t this strict, follow the rules, prat.”
“What happened to my troublemaker brother? What happened to the brother who always said, ‘I’ll never ask you to change’? Where did that James Potter go?” Y/n asked, “You’re losing yourself for her, and you don’t even realize it.”
“Or,” James started, “I’m just becoming myself.”
“No!” Sirius exclaimed, “This isn’t you!”
James barred his teeth, ready to reply, but Sirius beat him to it, “You’re becoming exactly like Regulus.”
“Excuse me?” James said dangerously low.
“You’re changing for someone else. You aren’t being you.” Sirius explained, “You’re changing for Lily like Reg is changing for my parents.”
“It’s disgusting.” Sirius seethed.
James huffed, “Will you do this for me, or not?”
“Absolutely not.” Y/n replied, “I’m not changing, and neither is Sirius. And if your precious Evans has a problem with that, tell her to talk to us instead.”
“Can’t you just please do this? For me?” James pleaded.
“No.” Sirius declared, “If Lily doesn’t like us for us, she doesn’t have to. Tell her to fuck off.”
James gave Sirius one last glare before leaving the compartment to go back to the front. The tension in Y/n’s shoulders deflated as she leaned back against Sirius, breathing in the smoke, leather, and sandalwood scent. Sirius leaned his head on top of hers, letting his soft hair graze some of her forehead.
“I wish he wasn’t like this.” Her voice sounded so hurt, and it broke Sirius’ heart to pieces, “I do too.”
Everything got worse from there. James didn’t even attend full moons anymore. He didn’t even sleep in the Marauders dorm. They didn’t know where he was sleeping - they assumed with Lily, but no one really knew. The war was only getting worse, and so was James. Soon enough, the remaining Marauders never even saw him for months until they graduated. Apparently, by that time, James and Lily had been dating for six months.
James had never bothered to tell them. Sirius and Y/n had decided to stay home for the summer months while they got a flat. James hadn’t even spoken to them since that night on the Hogwarts Express. Euphemia and Fleamont hugged both of them when they arrived at Kings Cross. James had planned to go to Lily’s, but Euphemia saw him and grabbed him by the ear.
He was dragged to Fleamont, Sirius, and Y/n forcefully until Euphemia let go of his ear; she crossed her arms, “What is wrong with you!?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Fleamont smacked him upside the head, “You know exactly what we’re talking about.”
James furrowed his eyebrows, “You’re coming home with us, and we’re having a long talk.”
“That’s not fair!” James sounded like a five-year-old, “I told Lily I would go home with her for the holidays.”
“I don’t care what you told her.” Fleamont replied, “We need to talk.”
James scoffed and grabbed his trunk away from Lily. He kissed her on the cheek before apparating home with his family. They all put their trunks away before sitting in the living room together. Sirius and Y/n on the couch. James in an armchair. Fleamont and Euphemia on the other couch.
“Explain to us why you haven’t been coming home.”
“Because I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend?”
Euphemia sighed, “You didn’t even tell us.”
“If I did, then you would be upset!” James replied.
“You made me more upset by not coming at all.” Euphemia said, “You’re a grown man, James.”
“Exactly.” He retorted, “So this conversation shouldn’t even be happening.”
Fleamont narrowed his eyes, “And yet here we are, having this conversation because you’re an idiot.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me.” Fleamont retorted, “You’re changing yourself for a girl.”
“I am not!” James exclaimed, “Why do people keep telling me that!”
“Because it’s true.” Sirius interjected, “And it’s making you unhappy.”
James scoffed, “I am perfectly happy.”
Euphemia and Fleamont shared a look, “Fine. If you want to be with Lily, go on. But we don’t approve her, and she’ll never receive our blessing.”
“I really could care less.” James snapped.
He grabbed his trunk from the second story, and then a crack could be heard of him apparating away. Sirius and Y/n turned to the parents, “See? He’s been like this all year.”
“Bloody idiot.” Fleamont cursed.
Y/n chuckled, “Tell me about it.”
Fleamont sighed, “On the other hand, Sirius.”
“You have our blessing.” Euphemia finished, and Sirius turned bright pink, “We know that you love our daughter for who she is.”
Sirius flushed, “Thank you….”
Euphemia stood up and cupped his cheeks in her hands, “I’ll always love you.”
She kissed his forehead, and Sirius looked ready to cry. He had never felt this love from a family before, and he never wanted it to leave. Sirius had been planning on asking for Monty’s blessing and planned on showing him the ring he had gotten Y/n. It was gorgeous. It wasn’t silver, but it resembled silver. Y/n was always around Remus, and Sirius didn’t want Remus to get hurt by being around her.
The war got only got worse. The Marauders went on many patrols together but never repaired their relationship with James. Remus was on missions by himself to try and get the werewolves on their side but to no avail. Y/n had been there to patch him up every time. James always went straight to Lily. He never even acknowledged the others.
One night Y/n and Sirius were sent to the Malfoy Manor where she had gotten caught. Bellatrix hadn’t hesitated when Y/n was seen. Thankfully, Regulus was able to get them all out of the room. Giving Sirius a sly wink, he allowed Sirius to take Y/n and apparate away. James hadn’t even batted an eye toward his bloody sister being healed by Euphemia.
Sirius was there holding her hand when he heard arguing outside the room, “James, that is your sister!”
Sirius could feel the rage coming from Euphemia, “You can’t say things like that! One day when she’s gone, or something happens, you’ll want to take it back!”
He stood up from beside Y/n and opened the door to stand beside Mrs. Potter, “She got what she deserved.” James retorted.
Sirius saw red. He pinned James up against the wall. Sirius was seething at this former Quidditch player as James looked vaguely scared, “Take. That. Back.”
“No.” James gritted his teeth, “She was being an idiot. She got what she deserved.”
Sirius pushed him up against the wall again, James’ head hitting the wallpaper hard, “You’re a dick, you know?”
“And you’re exactly like your family.” James retorted, and Sirius looked ready to kill, “You’re batshit just like your family. Such a shame that disowned you.”
“ENOUGH!” Euphemia screamed, and Sirius let James fall to the floor, “That was uncalled for, James!”
James looked offended, “Me?! What about him pushing me against the wall?”
“You deserved that.” Euphemia snapped, “And if I weren’t your mother, I would’ve done a lot worse.”
“Get your shit together, James, or get the fuck out.” Sirius had never heard Mrs. Potter curse like that, “Your sister came into this house almost dead. What happened to the boy I raised!? What happened to the boy who would beg to see his sister after she got a paper cut.”
“She stopped caring!” James yelled, “So I did too!”
Euphemia threw the bandages that were in her hand on the ground, “She never stopped caring! She just didn’t want you to be with someone who didn’t love you!”
“Lily loves me!” James growled, “Unlike everyone else.”
“I am your mother.” Euphemia said, “I will always love you even when you’re being a selfish prat.”
James walked off, and Euphemia felt like crying. She felt so hopeless that her son had turned out this way. This wasn’t supposed to happen. James wasn’t supposed to be a cold-hearted man because of a stupid girl. Sirius hugged Euphemia tight, and he could feel the water trickling from her eyes onto his shirt. He gently rubbed her back with his chin on top of her head.
“It’s not your fault.” Sirius assured, “It’s his. He’s being stupid.”
She continued to cry softly, “I just want my son back….”
A couple of weeks later, when Y/n and Sirius finally began settling into their flat in London, an owl came pecking on their window. Y/n placed the box in her hands down and opened the window to take the envelope from the brown owl.
“Sorry, hun, I don’t have any treats for you right now.” The owl pecked her arm before flying off.
Y/n stood at the kitchen island and began ripping open the package. Inside was a card, and she pulled it out of the white envelope. It was a picture of James and Lily at an altar, along with an ultrasound picture. Lily was pregnant. Not only that but James and Lily had gotten married without even telling them.
Sirius saw his girlfriend frozen and wrapped his arms around her waist, “What’s wrong?”
“Siri…” Y/n held up the pictures, and his mouth hit the floor, “He wouldn’t- No- he didn’t-“
She nodded, “He- He got married and- and didn’t even tell us.”
Sirius let go of her and began pacing in front of her, pulling at the strands of his hair, “He told me I’d be his best man… He promised me!”
“Siri…” Y/n repeated.
Tears collected in Sirius’ eyes. He couldn’t believe it. James was a prick, that much he knew, but this was taking it way too far. To get married without telling your supposed best friend and twin sister? That’s obscene. To announce that you’re having a baby by a stupid fucking card?! That was worse. Sirius wasn’t even mad that James hadn’t made him his best man. He was angry because Y/n deserved better than that.
It was just about a year later when Regulus had told Sirius about Peter being the spy. Therefore, Peter was in Azkaban for life, and Voldemort was gone. Sirius had proposed to Y/n only months after, on Christmas Day, in front of the Christmas tree. They were both sitting on the floor, opening each other’s presents.
“Okay, I have one more for you, my love.” Sirius kissed her cheek before standing up.
“Alright, I’m gonna make some hot chocolate.” Y/n smiled as she walked into the kitchen.
Sirius dug through the Christmas tree to grab the small black box. Carefully, he put it in his sweatpants pocket when she came back with two mugs of hot beverage. Y/n placed them on the coffee table, and Sirius grabbed her hands, holding them gently. He kissed her knuckles before getting down on one knee.
“I suck at speeches, and I’m not as poetic as Remus, but I’m about to try.” Y/n chuckled, “You’re the light of my life. You’re the moon to my stars. I love you to infinity, and I wouldn’t be here without you. My life sucked growing up, it was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever experienced, but then you showed up with your beautiful smile.”
Tears collected in Y/n’s eyes, “You lit up my entire world. You were the light at the end of my tunnel everyone kept telling me about. You’ve been with me through thick and thin. I want you to be mine officially. I want to be the one you depend on, the one you can always talk to, the one you have children with. I’m asking you to spend the rest of eternity with me. So will you, Y/n Potter, marry me?”
“Yes, I’ll marry you.” Y/n smiled, and Sirius slipped the ring on her finger.
He embraced her tightly, and she hugged back just as tight, “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Months later, before the wedding, Sirius had called Remus over. To the present day, Sirius had never missed a full moon. Padfoot always joined Moony, and they would come home where Y/n could take care of their injuries if there were any at all. Remus lived in Diagon Alley above his bookshop, which he loved to pieces. It was the last gift his parents gave to him, and he cherished it.
Y/n was out at the Ministry at work while Sirius and Remus were talking in the kitchen. The kitchen was a blue color with oak wood. Most of the furniture was the same color or grey color. It gave off a very homey feeling that everyone who went inside loved. Regulus often visited to see his brother and sister in law who he enjoyed a lot.
“Remus, I have something to ask of you.” Sirius began, and Remus quirked an eyebrow, “I want you to be my best man.”
Remus almost spat out the tea in his mouth, “You’re joking, right?”
“No.” Sirius shook his head, “You deserve the position more than anyone. You’ve been there for me more than anyone other than Y/n, of course.”
Remus was still gaping at him, “We made sure that it was in between the fulls so that way you weren’t still hurt from the previous one or antsy because the next one coming is. We wanted you to be as comfortable as possible.”
“Sirius, are you sure?” Remus asked, “Wasn’t James suppose to be your best man?”
“I haven’t spoken to James since the Winter Holidays at our last year at Hogwarts.” Sirius answered, “Unless you count me screaming at him a couple of times during the war.”
Remus walked around the counter and hugged Sirius tightly, “I’ll gladly be your best man, pads.”
Sirius was shorter than Remus, but he still hugged back, “You’ve been there for me more than anyone.”
They pulled apart, “What about Regulus?”
“He’ll be one of my groomsmen. He told me he didn’t want to be my best man. Said he didn’t deserve it.” Sirius informed, “But he’ll get to speak, just like you and Marlene, who’s being Y/n’s maid of honor.”
“Thank you for putting it in between the moons.” Remus said gratefully, “I didn’t think you guys would even consider it.”
Sirius scoffed, “You’re our best friend, Moony! We’d never forget about it, and we want you there.”
“Y/n would kill me if we chose any other day.” Sirius added, “I’d rather not get killed by her before we’re even married.”
Remus chuckled, “She’s a bit scary.”
“Honestly!” Sirius agreed, smiling brightly, “She gets terrifying when she’s mad.”
Remus took a sip of his tea, “What do you do to get out of that?”
“Turn into Padfoot and lick her face.”
Both men laughed and continued to drink tea in the kitchen until Y/n came home. She kissed both of their cheeks before going into the bedroom. Y/n was dirty and gross after working at the Ministry. But Remus stayed for dinner, and they all had a game night in the living room along with some fire whiskey. It was nice to finally have no worries about the war or anything else going on.
Two months later, Y/n Potter had officially become Y/n Black. Euphemia and Fleamont were older but so happy to see their daughter get married after missing out on seeing their son. Sirius had danced with Y/n for most of the night but also danced with Euphemia and Remus. Fleamont and Remus took turns with Y/n as well. Regulus even got to dance with his new sister in law who even made him laugh.
It wasn’t until five years later when Y/n heard a knock on the door. She and Sirius had been watching a movie on the couch together, a Muggle movie that Sirius begged to watch. Y/n got off the couch and walked to the door. She looked through the peephole to see familiar brown messy curls. Hesitantly she opened the door to see a man her age and a little boy around six years old.
When the man looked up, she met familiar hazel eyes that were glossy with tears, “Hey, Y/n.” His voice was broken and soft.
“Hey, James. What’re you doing here?”
Sirius jumped off the couch after hearing the name. He put a protective arm around her waist, “Lily- she- um- Lily left.”
“What do you mean she left?” Y/n queried, and tears spilled from his cheeks, “She left. All that was on the table were divorce papers.”
“Daddy…” The little boy tugged at his sleeve, “Who are they?”
Sirius knelt to the little boy's level, “Hey there, kiddo.”
The boy hid behind James’ leg, “Harry, this is your Uncle Sirius and Aunt Y/n.”
Harry looked at Sirius with big green eyes, “It’s okay, buddy, I’m not gonna hurt you.”
Sirius smiled as Harry walked into Sirius’ arms for a hug. Y/n smiled down at them, and James looked empty at the sight, “Do you guys have any kids?”
Y/n shook her head, “No. We don’t really want any.”
“May- May we come in, please?”
She opened the door to allow him inside. James took a step into the hallway and the living room. He loved the way it looked. It was much different than his and Lily’s that they had lived in. The walls in the living room were a dark blueberry color with black furniture and oak flooring. Y/n led them to the kitchen, and Harry followed Sirius happily with them.
“Have you two ate?” Y/n inquired, and James shook his head.
Sirius opened the fridge, “Do you like yogurt, Harry?”
“It’s my favorite!” Harry exclaimed gleefully, and Sirius chuckled.
He took out one of the cups of yogurt, opening it, and handing it to the boy with a spoon, “It’s nothing much, but it’ll fill him till tomorrow morning.” Sirius explained.
“So, what exactly happened?”
James shrugged, “I came home from work to divorce papers on the table and a note telling me to leave the house with Harry.”
Y/n sighed, “So, you show up here. Why?”
“Because…” James muttered, “Because you and Sirius were right. So was mum and dad.”
“I- After the first couple months of being married, I realized how unhappy I was. I understood what you guys were telling me the entire time, but I was being stubborn, and I thought that Lily was the one for me when she wasn’t.” James confessed, “So in a way, I’m glad she broke it off but now, I have Harry, and I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think I can do this alone.”
Sirius and Y/n looked at each other. They looked at the little boy who was cheerfully eating the strawberry yogurt that had covered his face. His tousled brown hair and gleaming green eyes. His chubby little cheeks and toothy smile. Sirius turned to give Y/n puppy eyes. Sirius loved kids but never really wanted any of his own because of his grudge toward his family.
“James,” Y/n began, and James gave her a hopeful look, “I’ll let you stay here. But you aren’t forgiven. I’m doing this for your son, not for you. If you, alone, had shown up on my doorstep, I would’ve told you to screw off.”
He grimaced, “But your son deserves a good life. He deserves his family of which you deprived him of for the past six years of his life. Mum and dad never got to meet their grandson. They never got to see their son get married. How upset do you think they were?”
“I’ve never seen mum cry that much before. I sat beside mum in St Mungo's while she took her final breath, and barely a month later, I did the same for dad.” Y/n admitted, “They both asked me to make sure that you realized your stupid mistake. I have every card and gift they wanted to give to Harry in my house because every time they tried to send you the stuff, you sent it back. So they hoped eventually this would happen.”
“They wanted a picture of their grandson, and I couldn’t even give them that. Harry missed out on meeting his grandparents because of you, and you need to understand how much your decisions messed up your child’s life.” Y/n reiterated, “I’m doing this for my nephew, for Harry. Not for you.”
James nodded, “I- I understand.”
“Good.” Y/n said, “Sirius, you can show them where they can sleep, okay?”
Sirius nodded and kissed her forehead, “‘Course, love.”
Y/n went down in the basement, which had been conquered as her personal space. Sirius cleaned up Harry’s face and threw the yogurt mess away. They climbed up the steps, and Sirius led James to a room that they could share. Harry smiled and jumped onto the bed, cuddling into the bedding. Within minutes Harry was dead asleep.
“She was harsh.” James muttered, “She has every right to be.” Sirius retorted.
“You hurt her more times than I’d like the count. I mean, hell, at least Regulus came back to me. He came back and apologized. Not only that, but he explained his plan all along. He was on my side the entire time.” Sirius said, “You could’ve been dead, and we would’ve never known.”
James didn’t reply to that, “I saw your wedding pictures in the living room. Remus was your best man?”
“He was.” Sirius smiled, “And a hell of a best man, if I’d say. His speech made Y/n sob.”
“What about Y/n’s maid of honor?”
“Marlene.” Sirius answered, “Her speech was more funny than it was sentimental, but that’s just who Marlene is.”
“When did you guys get married?”
Sirius smiled; his eyes could’ve had hearts inside them, “December 22nd.”
“I’m happy for you guys.” James murmured, “I really am.”
“Well, I’m glad, but honestly,” Sirius began to walk out of the door, “I don’t really care.”
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v1oletvenus · 3 months ago
boyfriend swap
Tumblr media
imagine: you and lily debate who has the more annoying boyfriend - sirius or james. after a series of events, you end up agreeing to switch partners for the day.
mentions: sirius black x reader, platonic james potter x reader, james potter x lily evans, fem reader, smoking, injury, and being scared of heights, this imagine is purely shits and giggles we know lily and y/n would never talk shit about their boyfrjends ajsgsjsh
"You will never guess what I overheard our girls saying about us in the common room just now." James grinned, entering his dorm room. Sirius looked up and smirked at his best friend.
"They practically listed off every thing they find annoying about us - you should have heard them, nearly broke my heart." James joked, holding a hand over his chest.
"Whadd'ya say, Prongs, that we teach them a lesson? Get them to appreciate our efforts a bit more?" Sirius suggested, arching an eyebrow as he leapt off his bed to scheme with his mate.
"What's the plan, Padfoot?" James laughed, as Sirius glanced over to Remus, studying happily on his bed.
"Moony, would you help us out?"
"Oh no..."
You were all gathered in the common room, hanging out like any other school night, winding down for the day.
"Hey, why don't we do a round of truth or dare?" suggested Remus, who was never one to suggest playing such games. Ever.
"Excellent idea, Moony." James beamed, plopping down on the sofa next to Lily, slinging an arm around her shoulder as she shared a confused glance with you. Nevertheless, the game begun. Marlene had picked a fight with one of the portraits and Peter had told everyone about his embarassingly awkward first kiss before it was your turn.
"Alright, then, y/n. Truth or dare?" Remus asked, a playful look on his face. You narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously - what was he up to?
"Dare, of course." you shrugged, keeping with the Gryffindor spirit. Sirius couldn't even hide his smile when you said this, turning to face James with a grin.
"What are you-" you begun to ask, before Remus cut you off with your dare.
"I dare you and Lily to swap boyfriends for a day, starting now." He declared, leaning back against the armchair and folding his arms. You gawped for a moment, before shutting your mouth and turning towards James and Lily.
"Well, my love. Looks like I'll see you in 24 hours." James said, lifting his arm off of his girlfriend and stalking over towards you. You watched as Sirius stood up from his seat and gave you a mocking sad face as he took a seat next to Lily, who was utterly perplexed by the situation.
"Wha...? But-" You started, but James clicked his tongue.
"A dare's a dare, y/n." He said, stretching his arm around the back of your seat. You cringed, the thought of having to date your brother-like best friend a rather offputting notion to you. Not to mention having your own boyfriend and other best friend acting like a couple until 7 tomorrow.
Lily interjected. "It isn't even my dare, why do I-"
"Hold on- what are the parameters here?" Marlene asked, intrigued. Lily threw her a glare, before Marlene laughed. "I'm just curious." she justified, turning back to Remus.
"Hmm..." he pondered for a moment. "You can't talk to your real partner for the whole 24 hours, no contact. And you have to spend the free time that you have with your temporary partner for the whole period." Remus said, chuckling as you and Lily were practically writhing in discomfort of the notion of swapping boyfriends.
"Sounds alright to me. Think you two can handle it?" James teased, knowing you and Lily had never backed down from dares and never would.
"Easy peasy." Lily said, slumping back into her seat where Sirius was chuckling, looking at you. Lily sent you a worried glance, as if to already apologise for her boyfriend's antics. You sent one back, thinking that James could be nowhere near as annoying as Sirius could be sometimes.
"Fine." you muttered, reluctantly leaning into James' arm.
The three boys shared a knowing grin.
"James smells of sweat every time he comes into the great hall from quidditch practice - which is every morning!"
"Sirius takes longer to get ready for the day than I do - his hair always takes precedence over the day ahead!"
You thought it couldn't be too bad with James - you saw how well he treated Lily, and he knew you well enough to know your boundaries. How wrong you were.
"Gerroff, Prongs." You tried to shrug him off as you attempted to eat your breakfast and read your book, a morning routine he knew well enough not to interrupt with his sweaty body clinging to yours. "James!" you exclaimed as he ignored you.
"That's babe, to you." He mumbled onto your shoulder, closing his eyes as he wrapped both arms around your waist. You rolled your eyes, submitting to the torture. You looked up at Lily, who offered an apologetic shrug. "See what I have to deal with?" she mouthed, earning a laugh from you. So far, she'd been content at breakfast. Sirius hadn't shown yet, but Lily was getting impatient.
"Where's Sirius?" she pondered out loud, tapping her nails on the table. "He's supposed to be lending me some notes he took while I was out of class the other day in a prefects meeting before the lesson in 15 minutes." She explained her worries.
"Not to worry, Lils. I'm sure he'll be here soon." You said, a look of disgust on your face as James tried to feed you the rest of your porridge, laughing at your annoyance.
Sure enough, your real boyfriend sauntered in five minutes later, looking as gorgeous as ever. You didn't know if it was just because he wasn't 'officially' yours that day, but by Godric... he was looking very handsome indeed.
"Morning, everyone." he grinned, taking a seat next to Lily and grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl.
She stared at him expectantly, and for a few moments they held confused eye contact.
"Oh!" He exclaimed, "Yeah, it's a new shampoo. Makes my hair look great, doesn't it?" he said, mischief laced in his tone. You laughed under your breath - he was never usually this obnoxious. Something was going on.
Lily huffed unamusedly. "The notes?" She asked expectantly. He bit his lip, his eyes wandering for a moment.
"Ohh..." He said, frowning disappointedly. "I forgot all about them while I was getting ready. Sorry, flower." he reached out to put a hand around her shoulder, but she'd already got up to run and fetch the notes before her class begun. He quickly trailed after her, keeping to the rules set in place.
"Oops." you heard from beside you. You cringed as sloppy porridge made its way in sludge down the front of your cardigan, the culprit being James and your spoon that he was messing about with.
"James!" you exclaimed, grabbing some napkins and attempting to salvage your uniform.
"Sorry, darling, let me help you." he snatched the napkins out of your hands but instead of helping, he merely smushed the food further into your clothing, earning a groan of disgust from you once again as you got up and head for your dorm room to change.
"Wait for me, y/n!" you heard from behind you.
"James uses the most absurd nicknames with me - sometimes it's endearing but sometimes it's just cringeworthy!"
"Sirius calls me by the wrong name all the time, just because he knows it bugs me!"
Much to yours, and Lily's dismay, Slughorn set a partnerwork task that day in lessons. So naturally, your 'boyfriends' each went to work with each of you you, respectively.
"Hello, lovie." James greeted you with a grin.
"Hi, James." you nodded, slightly uncomfortable.
"Making living death today, aren't we, cupcake?" James said, reaching over to your advanced potions book. Cupcake? Bleugh.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, a frustrated Lily was being riled up even more.
"No, Sirius. We need lavender, not honey." she explained.
"Sorry, Laila. I'll go and get it now." Sirius said nonchalantly, as Lily did a double take, realising that he'd mis-named her.
"I have the lavender. You happy now, Lucy?" he rolled his eyes, rolling his bottom lip under his teeth to stop from revealing an amused grin.
"It's Lily."
"Whatever you say, Lauren."
You and James hadn't gotten very far with your own potion as he pandered over you. "You want to sit down, my little fluffy poodle cake?" He asked. You spluttered with laughter at that one, finally being able to see some of the light in the situation.
"What, don't you like that nickname, my perfect little sparkly teddy pie?" He said, deadpanning, doing surprisingly well at withholding his own laughter. You burst out laughing again, shaking your head.
"Lisa, I put in 2 spoonfuls like you asked me to!" Sirius exclaimed as Lily buried her head in her hands.
"Sirius, its three spoonfuls. Three. I said it, like, a million times." She said, her hair slightly frizzy now, exasperated. "And it's Lily."
"Okay, Laringitis."
"James is overbearing sometimes, he has made me believe that there is such a thing as too much of a gentleman."
"Sirius forgets what being a gentleman is sometimes, he just leaves me to fend for myself because 'I'm capable enough on my own'."
You had very much so lost the funny element to the dare after being called 'sweetie honey angel face' in front of a bunch of 7th years who laughed at the both of you as you walked, James clinging to you.
He had also taken to doing absolutely everything for you. Seriously - he opened doors for you, carried your stuff for you despite your protests of 'I can hold my books myself, James'. He ignored them, as a result, dropping the pile he'd accumulated of both your and his belongings on multiple occasions, causing a scene of scavenging to retrieve your pens and books that had slid away down the hall.
You pinched the bridge of your nose, sighing, as he stood up again, flushed.
"I'm okay, we're okay. We can keep walking now, sherbert sunshine."
On the other side of the castle, Lily Evans was struggling to keep all of her things balanced within her grasp.
She and Sirius had been late to lunch, for his incessant stopping to look at himself in any reflective surface that they passed on the way to the great hall - so late that all Lily could do was grab a banana that she planned to inhale before her next class. Trying to hold her heavy textbooks, bookbag full of pens and notes, and her single lunch item, she sighed finally, frustrated.
"Sirius, could you maybe hold my bag for me? These textbooks are quite heavy." she pleaded.
Sirius merely shrugged, biting into the sandwich he'd taken for his lunch.
"You're capable enough to hold it all, Lindsay. I believe in you." he cheered.
Not moments later, her books came tumbling down in front of her, the banana flying across the hall.
She and Sirius shared a stunned glance. He almost looked like he would help her gather it all up again. But all of a sudden, a bored expression returned to his face.
"Keep up, Lola, we'll be late for last period." he said, strolling off.
"He only ever wants to play quidditch - he thinks quality time involves mud and shinguards!"
"Sirius' troublemaking knows no ends - his idea of a date is doing something that'll get us detention!"
The overwhelming vertigo that flooded through your legs as you sat in the position of 'keeper' reminded you of one of the many reasons you never pursued quidditch - you hated flying.
"James, I don't think I can stay up here for much longer." you frowned, nails gripping the broom so tightly that the splintered wood begun to form marks. Your arm hurt, and so did your ankle, from the number of times you'd had to dodge an approaching quaffle that still managed to hit and bruise some part of your body.
"Just one more, treasure feathers! I've got a game next week, got to practice!" he yelled as he zoomed towards you, quaffle in hand.
As he flung the ball straight towards you, your face contorted as a shriek left your lips, darting to avoid the heavy ball that was about to do some serious damage to you.
"You're supposed to guard the goals, sugar plum!"
"I'm not a keeper, darling. I barely even know how to fly! " you shouted bitterly as you trembled on the broom, trying to lower it to the ground as gently as possible.
Upon reaching the ground, you swiftly got off the broom, waddling over to the changing rooms as fast as you could. Before you could even walk a few steps, though, you fell over, your trembling legs giving out on you.
All the while, Sirius and Lily were in the astronomy tower, somewhat enjoying each other's company for the first time that day. That was until Sirius brought out his pack of cigarettes from his robe pocket.
"You arent serious." she shook her head, eyeing up the packet.
"Well, as a matter-of-fact-"
"Save it, Black." she interrupted, standing up. "What are you thinking? It's broad daylight?"
"Ah, so you don't care about me smoking, you care if I get caught."
"As my girlfriend, you should care more about my wellbeing."
"Luckily we're breaking up in an hour and a half." she rolled her eyes as Sirius stood, lighting the cigarette between his lips.
"Sirius, put it out!" she hissed, pulling the blem from his mouth.
"Er, what's going on here?" they heard, turning to face where the stern voice was coming from. Not seeing anyone there, they looked down to see the new Professor Flitwick looking up at them crossly, arms folded.
"Sir, it's not what it looks like-"
"Detention, for the both of you."
"But, Merlin - regardless of all of that..."
"Yeah, no matter what he does..."
You waited impatiently in the common room, foot tapping on the ground as you sat, James' arm still firmly around your shoulders.
"Feeling better, lovebug?"
"Will feel a whole lot better when Sirius gets here." you mumbled, biting your thumb nail in anticipation.
When you saw the raven haired boy walk in, he looked rather concerned as you leapt up and limped on over to him, before attacking him in a desperate embrace.
"Hi, there, love. Miss me?" he muttered into your hair, smoothing your back with his hands.
"More than anything." you pulled back to take in your amazing boyfriend. Out of the corner of your eye, James and Lily were having a similar reunion, both of you girls regretful of ever saying anything bad about your respective lovers.
"I promise I will never take you for granted again. Although sometimes you can be kind of annoying, I adore you for it. All of it. Because I want all of you." you finished your speech, blushing as Sirius gave you a smirk, leaning in to kiss you.
Your lips locked and you felt whole again. You smiled against the kiss, before he pulled back to grin at his friend.
"Think that was a success, mate?"
"Result!" James laughed as his red haired girlfriend absentmindedly kissed his face all over. Sirius laughed, turning back to you.
"All is forgiven, gorgeous." he smiled, caressing a hand on your cheek.
"Im glad. I mean, I can sometimes be annoying, too, I suppose." you murmured, fiddling with Sirius' collar.
"Don't even get me started..." he mumbled, grinning as if you hadn't heard him.
"I love James to the moon and back."
"I love Sirius with all my heart."
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remusluvr · 23 days ago
birthday boy || r.l. x s.b. x j.p. x reader
summary: Sirius's birthday starts off with his three favorite people. warnings: none note: One day late as Sirius's birthday was yesterday, Nov 3rd, but it's here now. A happy belated birthday to Sirius Black!
"Happy birthday!" you squeal as you climb on top of the sleeping boy, shaking him awake. You have a beaming smile across your face as you hold out a small gift, the first of many he'll receive today. His own sleepy smile crosses his own face as he carefully sits up, readjusting you on his lap as he does. Remus and James are beside the bed too, waiting for Sirius to open your gift so that they can give him their own.
His hands fiddle with the wrapping of the small box before flickering his eyes back up to yours, a shocked look in them. "You didn't," is all he can say before ripping open the box. He had told you about the watch a few weeks ago when he had seen it in a muggle magazine that someone had brought and left in the common room. What he wasn't expecting was for you to go and get him it. It was quite expensive and he never wanted you to spend money on him, that was his job to do to you.
"You said you liked it, do you?"
"I absolutely love it." He kissed you, holding your head to his as he did. James coughed and made the two of you part, not without a disgruntled whine from you. Remus and James gifted Sirius their own gifts, earning just as much love in return. Afterward, you curled up beside him, letting him comb his fingers through your hair as all four of you talked.
"Do I get any love today or is it all reserved for the birthday boy?" James pouted from his spot across from you and Sirius. Giggling, you moved to get up but said birthday boy pulled you back down.
"All reserved for me. She's all mine today," he growled playfully towards James. Remus rolled his eyes, making a face towards you that made you laugh. Sirius held on tighter to you, shooting both James and Remus dirty looks whenever they tried to get you to part from his side. All in good fun, though, and all was repaid later that night when you, James, and Remus surprised Sirius with a blowout party in the common room.
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indigoh4ze · 27 days ago
kinktober day thirty-one - poly!marauders
(dom) poly!marauders x (sub) fem!reader - pillow riding & humiliation
warnings: humiliation kink, pillow riding, crying, daddy kink, pet names, degradation, dumbification, a moment of pinching, d/s dynamic, kind of dubious consent? sorta exhibition, polyamorous relationship, lmk what else
a/n: last kinktober- it feel weird but we did it
reblogs appreciated!!!
“look at ‘er, she’s crying already,” sirius is almost laughing at you, eyes locked on your pathetic figure, hips rocking back and forth over the rough material of the pillow.
“‘m not surprised, she’s a little fucking slut, isn’t that right y/n? you’re our brainless little toy, yeah?” remus glanced at you, his head cocked to the side ever so slightly, eyes scanning over your weak hip movements and trembling thighs.
“n-no, not a slut daddy, not-“ a loud sob fled your lips, head tilting back and hand grabbing ahold of the strong one that was by your side, keeping you upright by the waist.
“oh, sweetie, ‘s alright, we know you’re just a stupid little baby, ‘s not your fault,” james’s condescending tone rang through your ear, his hand squeezing yours and serving as a strikingly comforting grounding base.
yet, it only caused more tears to spring to your eyes, fat droplets rolling down the apples of your cheeks in a feeble display.
thighs burning and abdomen clenching, you released whines that teetered between the lines of pleasure and pain. the gazes of the three males were full of amusement and apathy, barely an ounce of pity seen in their visage.
the lack of fullness must’ve been the worst part, the absence of one of their comforting girths inside your cunt causing you to spiral - your pussy clenching around nothing repeatedly, the friction against your throbbing bundle of nerves not being enough to satiate the growing desire.
“daddy- need you, need y’cock, this is too hard,” you cried out, another failed attempt at gaining sympathy.
to add onto the stimulation, sirius began tweaking your exposed nipples, soothing the mound and then rubbing over the bud rapidly with his thumb, his eyes flickering to yours every so often to gather your reaction and ultimately gain entertainment from your distressed visage.
unexpectedly, you felt something rub against your slit, and when you spared a glance down you realized remus’ hand was wedged between your pussy and the pillow, his slender digits gathering your slick roughly - which resulted in you twitching from the potent clit stimulation.
“look at that, you’re soaked, bunny. don’t act like you’re not enjoying it, our dirty slut loves us watching her get off to a fuckin’ pillow, doesn’t she?” the raven tresses male mused, one side of his mouth turned upwards, the animistic gaze provoking blood to rush to your cheeks, a silent whimper spilling from your lips.
“answer him, baby.” a warning pinch to your perspiring thighs from the boy with the bed of brunet curls had your attention snapping upwards.
“y-yes, daddy, i do,” you bashfully admitted, practically mortified in this moment; their eyes were all trained on you, watching how pitiful you looked moaning from the sensation the soaked material brought onto you, along with their demeaning words and taunts.
fingers slot around the column of your neck, steering your jaw to the side until you were face to face with james, his lips coming in contact with yours in less than a second, a full heated kiss being generated. his tongue ventured your mouth rousingly, your hips moving more frantically now.
you moaned into his mouth, disappointed when he separated the two cushions, a string of saliva webbing them together, his plump bottom lip still ghosting against yours, “go on, cum.”
general taglist - @xoxog0ssipg1rl @remusjlupinisdead @sprucewoodlover @wlfstxr @i-love-scott-mccall @koolllook @remuslupinsmoon @crystal-dee
both eras - @lonelyhe4rts @fredweasleylittleslut @animprxperworld @Nevilleismywhore  @malfoyswhxre @wolfstar-lb @callmemrsbrekker @yourlocalstrawberry @jrj2 @yumicloudshp @marv3lwhor3 @pinkandblueblurbs @silverdelirium @fairydxll @evesbiggestf4n @waszuka @kazuxmi @sunshinexweasley @elesoteri @arcaneslut @dilflover10 @wrongilbert @ambi-doo12 @emma67 @whoooooisthis @arcaneofdawn @theunwcnted @hvgwartss @blowing-mikey @wrongilbert @bby-gxrnet @ildm4ev @ravenclawwhore @saggyb1lls @kazuxmi @demirunner @mel119g @ronweasleysslut @veronicasawyersluver @arcaneofdawn @rav3nclawwhore @i-have-my-issues @momluvr123 @ferretboysupremacy @downbad4thewlis
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ronweasleysslut · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dom!Remus X Switch!Sirius X Sub!F!Reader
Prompt: Sirius teasing crybaby!reader and she gets super subby and goes to Remus for comfort and he lets her ride him in front of Sirius who isn’t allowed to touch (Requested)
Warnings: Degrading, praising, daddy kink, sir kink, polyamorous relationship, breeding kink, vaginal sex, oral (f & m receiving), punishment
Word count: 1.2k
࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊° ࿔₊°
“Siri stop it.” You cried at the tall man standing in front of you.
“You are so sensitive. You are just a dumb little baby aren’t you?” His condescending tone only making you whinier.
“s-stop I’m not dumb.” Your mascara was dripping slightly with the tears that leaked down your cheeks.
“Yes, you are. Just a dumb little toy.” He had a sadistic smile plastered across his face as he teased you.
“I’m gonna go get daddy.” You meant it as a threat but Sirius saw it as a challenge.
“Yeah? Little crybaby thinks daddy is gonna save her?”
“D-daddy!” You shouted as you walked through the house looking for him. “Daddy!”
Just then Remus popped out of his office, “What's wrong, bunny? Why are you crying?”
“S-Siri is b-being mean to me.” You buried your face into his chest, letting his scent calm you.
“Sirius!” Remus held you close against him, picking you up like it was nothing and holding you close to his chest.
Sirius came around the corner timidly, “yes sir?”
“Did you make bunny upset?” He had his stern daddy face on; one that both you and Sirius knew meant business.
“Tattletale.” He crossed his arms across his chest.
“Sirius,” Remus scolded.
“Yes sir. I did make her upset.” He held his head down not making eye contact with Remus.
“Now I have to punish you. You had been so good too.” You had your face buried in his neck as you calmed yourself down. “My bunny has been a good girl today, hasn’t she?”
“Yes, daddy I have. I’m always your good girl.” Your voice was soft and low, knowing if Sirius heard you he would mock you.
“That settles it then.” Remus set you back down on the cold hardwood floor. “Bunny I want you to go wait for me on the bed. Naked. Sirius, I want you to sit on the couch and wait for me to come to get you. Do you two understand me?”
“Yes, daddy.” A smile spread across your face as you turned for your bedroom.
“Yes sir,” Sirius’s voice was quiet and grim. It was kinda pathetic, you thought so anyway. Minutes passes and you sat on your bed stripped from all of your clothing waiting for the instruction of your dom.
“See y/n knows how to be a good girl and do what daddy asks, doesn’t she?” Remus and Sirius walked through the door neither of them had shirts on anymore.
“I was just having a little fun, sir. Just was playing with her.”
“Bunny come here,” Remus called you from your place on your bed. You stood immediately and walked down to where the men stood.
“Yes, daddy?”
“Finish taking Siri's close off.” You nodded and began taking his belt off of him. His pants and underwear followed, leaving him as vulnerable as you were.
“That’s a good girl.” He pets your head lightly. “Now my pretty angel, can you finish taking daddy’s clothes off?”
“Yes, daddy.” You smiled wide as you began taking his belt off. When he stood in front of you completely nude you could see his throbbing erection. You could feel the arousal pooling between your legs as your cunt begged to be touched.
“Go lay on the bed and spread your legs for me.” He didn’t have to ask you twice, as you did exactly as he asked. “Baby I want you to eat our sweet puppy out. Okay?”
“Yes sir.” He got on his knees next to the bed, between your legs. He kissed your clit lightly before licking it softly. A moan left your mouth at the contact your cunt begged for. His movements got more aggressive as he worked to get out of his punishment.
“Yes- please.” You whined as he licked the sensitive bundle of nerves. You felt the orgasm building “Don’t stop please.”
“That feel-good bunny?” Remus was enjoying watching the way your eyes rolled back when you were close to your orgasm. He loved the sweet little moans and ‘pleases’ that left your mouth.
“Yes, Daddy. Feels so- good. I’m so close. Can I cum daddy?” You felt yourself coming close to the edge, knowing your orgasm would hit any second.
“Yes, Princess. You can cum. That’s what good babies get to do.”
“Thank you!” Your cunt clenched around nothing as your orgasm washed over you. Sirius didn’t stop licking at your cunt till he got the word from Remus to do so.
“Now your doing better. Now Siri go sit in the chair. If you want to cum tonight you don’t touch. I’m not caving on that, do you understand me?”
“Y-yes sir, I understand.” He shamefully walked over to the chair and sat.
“Does my pretty bunny want to make daddy feel good?” He said staring down at you.
“More than anything daddy.”
“Good cause daddy wants you to ride him. I wanna feel your perfect little cunt wrapped around me.” Your face lit up as he climbed onto the bed and laid down. You saw his length covered in precum and aching to be touched as you had been only minutes ago.
“C-can I um can I suck you off first daddy?” Your mouth practically watered at the thought of wrapping your lips around his cock.
“Of course you can love.” You wasted no time, almost immediately wrapping your lips around the tip of his cock.
You swirled your tongue around his tip before taking his length down your throat. Your tongue pushed flat against the underside of him.
“So good at sucking daddy off.” His praises and moans only made you want to suck him off forever. You bobbed your head against his length earning a whine from Sirius as he watched you. “You ready to ride me, bunny?”
You released him from your mouth and nodded aggressively. “Yes, daddy. I need you.” You climbed over his lap and straddled his lap. You lowered yourself slowly onto his cock. Gasping as he filled you up.
“So big-“ you whined as he bottomed out inside you. Remus had a firm grasp on your hips as he moved you against him. You adjusted your legs and began bouncing against him slowly.
“Taking me so good bun. So pretty stuffed full of my cock.” You angled your hips so his cock hit your g-spot over and over.
“Doing so good. Gonna make daddy cum.” He grabbed your hips and held them against himself as he pounded up into you.
“C-can I cum? P-please daddy!”
“Cum on my cock angel.” With his permission, you let go and came. Your cunt clenched around him which sent him to his orgasm. Thick ropes of cum covered your walls as you both calmed down from your highs.
“S-sir.” Sirius’s voice was soft.
“Yes, baby?”
“I’m sorry I was bad,” he paused. “but I need you so much.”
“Are you going to be a good boy from now on?”
“Yes, I am I promise. No more punishment I’m a good boy!”
“Bunny do you think he’s learned his lesson?” Remus looked up at you still sitting on his cock. You didn’t say anything, your head still fuzzy from your climax. Remus thrust up into you again to gain your attention.
“y-yes daddy. I think he’s learned his lesson.”
“Perfect. Siri come here and fill our bunny up. She needs to be filled up till she really is our dumb bunny.”
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earlgreydream · a month ago
october 18
Tumblr media
🍁 Dumbificafion — Sirius Black
content warnings: degradation, dubcon, implied noncon, drugging, implied forced little
“Come here,” Sirius chirped.
You hesitated, shaking in the short frock he’d dressed you in. Dark eyes held you captive under their gaze, waiting for you to do what you’d been told.
“My dumb puppy, are you too stupid to follow basic commands?” His tone was warning, daring you to keep up the disobedience.
Your teeth sank into your lower lip, silencing a whimper as you forced your feet to carry you toward the sadistic man. He wrapped his hand around your wrist, tugging you down sideways onto his lap like a little girl. You started to turn your face away but he caught your jaw and pressed a kiss to your mouth, tasting like smoke and bitterness.
“Relax and drink for me. I don’t want a single thought in your pretty head,” Sirius hummed, brushing hair from your face and lifting a cup to your lips.
He helped you drink as if you were incapable, holding the cup and the back of your head, controlling your intake. Drowsiness slowly started to set in, and were left hardly able to form thoughts.
“There we go. Nice and quiet and dumb, just how I prefer my puppy,” Sirius smiled, pleased that the sedative was effective.
You laid on his lap, your head resting on his chest. Any desire to struggle had faded, your eyelashes slowly opening and closing as you grew sleepy.
Sirius gently doted on you, hushing you softly whenever you opened your mouth to say something, murmuring a comment about how dumb puppies don’t speak. Sirius pacified you with his fingers, gently rubbing your tongue to get you to suck properly.
You woke up wrapped in Sirius’ arms. The bed was warm and fluffy, your position in it earned by good behavior, the alternative being chained to the floor.
He was drifting in and out of shallow sleep, stirring when your breathing changed from its deep, even melody. The arm around your waist tightened, his fingers dipping into the skimpy cotton shorts he’d changed you into. Much to your embarrassment, there were no panties to protect your sensitive parts, a nefarious choice made by Sirius.
You didn’t remember the night before, and you were groggy now.
“Does my dumb puppy need a little help waking up?” Sirius cooed, swirling his fingers on your clit in figure 8’s.
You responded with a strained whine, knowing you’d only be reprimanded for using “big girl words” early in the morning. He smiled into your neck, promising he was going to take care of the ache between your thighs as he pushed his swelling cock into your hole, pulling the shorts aside. Your eyes rolled back at the stretch, never used to it after so many rounds of him fucking you.
“So fucking tight,” Sirius swore thrusting deep into your pussy, keeping up his quick movements on your clit.
You couldn’t help but squirm, writhing against his warm chest, trying to escape the too-deep thrusts and too-fast rubs on your little button. Your whimpers pushed Sirius closer to orgasm, the struggle turning him on.
“Be good, puppy. I know you’re too dumb to know when it feels good, but just stay still and let me take care of your cute little cunt.”
He throbbed for a moment before pumping you full of his come, staying buried in your pussy. He gave up on his efforts to try to get you to come, leaving you in worse misery as you waited for the edge to fade off.
He pinched your nipple hard when you squirmed, and you laid back against him in defeat. Your hole ached and you were still hungover from the sedative, feeling just as dumb as Sirius said you were.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dr4cking · a month ago
sirius black x reader | kinktober #3
dom!sirius with bondage kink (req by @acciorxses)
masterlist | taglist
(reblog and comment are always appreciated <3)
Tumblr media
“Siri.. what are you doing?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as Sirius lifted up your arms, breaking the heated makeout.
“Ssh.. relax love, I want to try something to you,” He grins cheekily at you before putting your arms to the headboard and tied them up with a belt.
“Is this okay, princess? too tight?” He asked with a full concern in his eyes.
“No, it’s perfect daddy” His eyes turned dark as the word came out so innocently from your mouth.
“Fuck, you have no idea what you do to me.” He groaned capturing your lips back, grinding his clothed boner against your bare cunt.
You watched how he shuts his eyes tightly in pleasure finally getting a friction on his throbbing cock. You arched your back and bucking your hips to meet his grinding but your move were limited due to your tied wrists.
“I’m gonna fuck you raw, doll. Make those tears wetting your pretty face as I fuck you senseless.” He smirked sitting up to pulled off his pants and kicking it to the floor.
His cock standing tall and proud, precum dripping out of it mocking at your small powerless body under him. He parted your legs wider, lining himself up against your aching cunt.
“P-please daddy” Your lips were quivering as you bit your bottom lip, he was teasing your sensitive clit.
“You’ll cum so hard on this cock baby, body shaking helplessly under the control of my belt” He chuckles lowly, not giving a warning as he pushing all of him into you, disappearing inside you in one snap.
You gasped loudly at the pain and pleasure at the same time, your walls weren’t ready to accept him as you pulsating so hard around him unsure of how to accomodating him.
“Fuck-” Sirius dropped his head onto the crook of your neck, his hot breath tickling you making you writhed under him.
You wanted to touch him so badly, digging your nails onto his back or grasped his hair but now all you can do is just accept how your boyfriend treated you right now.
Sirius picked up his pace, thrusting hard and fast into you, his tip already hitting your g-spot making your vision turned black. Your body bouncing uncontrollably due to his hard thrust, your wrists wriggling on its own around his belt that you sure it’ll leave marks.
“You feel too good, pup. So perfect for me, I’d never get tired of pounding into this tight little cunt.” One of his hand gripped your hips to steadying you and his other hand twirling your hard nipple in between his fingers.
“Too sensitive,” You sob quietly pointing at your sensitive nipples, his mouth latched onto one of them scraped it between his teeth and his hand still twirling the other.
“Stop your whining and enjoy what I give to you, pup. They deserve the attention too.” Your toes curled behind his lower back as your back arching higher, his cock hitting your spot over and over again.
“So close, please daddy” a single tear managed to fall down your face at the unbearable pleasure.
“Cream on my cock, sweet girl” He took out your nipple, now at your face level kissing away your tears, his hand doubling your pleasure on your throbbing clit rubbing eight figures on it.
You scream his name out loud as your legs shaking so hard, your walls clenching tightly around him as you came undone, covering his cock in your liquids.
“C-cant” You whimper as the sensitiveness take over your body as he hasn’t stop his sloppy thrusts.
“Hold on for me, I’m there,” He kissed you to calm you down, groaning into the kiss.
“-Oh yes. Fucking hell-” Sirius grunted before letting himself spill his load inside you, his warm cum painting your sensitive walls making the both of you moaned.
He collapsed on top of you, staying inside you for a while before lifting his body and untying your hands.
“There you go. I’m so proud of you my smart girl, lemme clean you up yeah?” He said as he kissed the red marks painted on your wrists softly.
Tumblr media
(i know i used my draco’s taglist in this, so sorry if you’re expecting draco’s content, but if you still like it please reblog&comment <3)
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papillon-mechant · a month ago
Oops pt 2 | r.l x s.b x reader
Tumblr media
part 1
word count: 2856 (ik im sorry lol)
summary: remus punishes you and sirius for playing together without him warnings: smut, threesome, rough sex, degrading, dom/sub dynamic, orgasam denial, slight cnc, slapping. lmk if i missed anything a/n: I went a little overboard with this one, it's kinda long haha. I put this marker (***) for where the smut starts if you want to skip to that. Thank you sm for the love on the last part. Also I kinda didn’t exactly follow the ending of the last fic but whatever. Again they have phones in this au. All characters are over 18, all acts are consensual, a safe word is in place.
After a long night of studying his ass off, Remus was finally ready to go back to his room. He was more than excited to finally see his beautiful girlfriend, his puppy. When he reaches the common room, he sees his best friend sitting on the couch, staring intently at his phone. Remus can hear his heavy breathing and smell the arousal seeping out of his pores. What the hell is he looking at?
“Oi, Pads, whatcha got there?” He questions, nodding to his head towards the animagus and his phone. Sirius doesn’t answer, he just smirks up at his best friend. His face is smug, as if he’s hiding something, but Remus can’t seem to figure out what. It’s never a good sign when Padfoot was hiding something, Remus knew all too well how much trouble the animagus could get into.
“What are you hiding?” He questions, ready to snatch the phone from the black haired boy’s hands. But before he makes the move to do so, his ears pick up on a small sound coming from up the stairs. Surely he couldn’t have heard what he thought he did. He shakes it off and turns back to Sirius, who’s smirk is even wider now.
“Why so tense Moony? Hear something strange?” He asks, eyes drifting towards the room at the top of the stairs. Remus turns his head, focusing his heightened ears on the sounds coming from the direction of Sirius’ gaze, and he hears it again. This time, there’s no doubt in his mind about what he was hearing. It was y/n. His y/n. He’d recognize those moans anywhere. Except this time, something was different. Instead of chanting his name like she usually does in bed, she was speaking the name of another man. More specifically, the man sitting right in front of him.
“What the fuck?” He growls, finally snatching the phone from Sirius’ hands and looking at the pictures on the screen. There on his best friend’s phone were pictures of his girl dressed in his favorite lingerie set sitting on his bed in his favorite positions. He should be angry, he should be kicking Sirius’ ass right now. But he wasn’t, instead, he was aroused. Partially due to the photos in front of him, but he was also aroused by the idea that popped into his head. Without another word, he tosses the phone on the couch, grabs Sirius and apparatus to his room.
When they arrive, y/n is seated in the middle of the bed, naked and frozen in place. She stares up at the two boys with a shocked and frightened expression. Remus takes a moment to admire the girl in front of him, no matter what happens, no matter how many rules she breaks, he always looks at her like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Her tits are spilling out from the top of her bra, nipples hard due to the cold temperature of the room, and her legs are spread open, putting her soaking cunt on display for the two maurarders.
“Remmy! When did you finish studying?” She questions, trying her best to sound and look as innocent as possible. She makes no move to break eye contact with the lycanthrope, ignoring the presence of the other male, who is standing right next to Remus, staring down at the floor. Sirius doesn’t know why his best friend took him to his room, but he’s sure he’ll find out soon.
“Just now,” he answers, slowly making his way towards the angel seated on his bed, “and imagine my surprise when I arrive at Pads over here stinking up the common room with the scent of his arousal.” He sits on the edge of the bed and slowly slides his hand up and down the insides of y/n’s thighs. She shivers at the touch of her lover.
“Do you know why puppy?” He asks, tilting her head up by her chin with his finger. His eyes are dark with lust and anger. Y/n whimpers at the sight, realizing how much trouble she’s truly in.
“I do,” the black haired boy finally speaks, another smirk forming on his face, “S’cause the slut couldn’t keep her legs closed for more than a few hours, she was pretty desperate for attention.” Y/n involuntarily bucks her hips at the filthy words that fell from the beautiful boy’s lips. Without warning, Remus lands a harsh slap on the insides of her thighs, causing her to let out a small yelp.
“Is that true?” He asks y/n, a stern look on his face that showed it was best for her to speak the truth.
“It was an accident Remmy, I promise. I was gonna send them to you and I accidentally sent them to Siri and I missed you so much and I was feeling achy. I’m so sorry Remmy please don’t hate me.” Y/n was hysterical, unable to hold back the tears that flowed from her wide eyes. Her statement caused Remus to slip into the role of the soft dom. He grabs y/n by her waist, pulling her naked and trembling body into his lap, and strokes her head lightly, shushing her cries.
“Love, I could never hate you. I love you very much,” He moves her head from his shoulder, wiping her tears and staring straight into her eyes, “but you broke rules. And you know what happens when you break daddy’s rules, don't you?” She nods her head, moving out of his lap to sit on the bed again, but this time on her hands and knees. She had forgotten the presence of the other boy, that is until she heard a quiet groan come from the other side of the room.
“Fuck she looks so pretty like that. Gonna punish her now Moony? Spank her ass till she can’t sit anymore?” Sirius remarks from across the room, enjoying the sight of her in such a submissive position in front of him.
“She's not the only one getting punished.” Remus states. Within seconds, he is standing in front of his best friend. Remus takes a moment to take in the sight of him. Remus couldn’t deny it, Sirius is beautiful. He’d be lying if he said he hasn’t always had a small crush on the marauder, and he was more than happy to jump on the opportunity to act on those feelings. When he finally makes eye contact with the other man, Sirius’ expression is unreadable as he stares back at his friend, waiting for him to make his next move.
“You haven’t been very good either Pads” he tuts, slowly tracing a hand up the other boy’s arm, to his neck, eventually making his way to the boy’s hair, threading his fingers through the black locks and yanking his head back, eliciting a low groan from the animagus. Sirius’ eyes grow wide at Remus’ actions. He too had secret feelings for the other, but he never thought they were reciprocated.
“M’sorry Moony.” he wines. Y/n watches the two males with a lustful glint in her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, and she really couldn’t believe how much she liked it. Arousal pooled at the space between her thighs at the sight of her boyfriend dominating her best friend in front of her.
“Oh you will be,” Remus remarks, backing away from the boy, “clothes off, sit in the chair.” He instructs, pointing to the chair that sat next to the bed. Sirius stands frozen in his spot for a second before laughing and cocking his head at the man in front of him.
“You think you can just tell me what to do and I’ll listen?” He questions, “I’m not that slut, I don’t have to do as you say.” Y/n’s eyes grow wide at the tattooed boy’s defiance, knowing all too well how much Remus hated repeating orders, especially when they’re met with defiance. She cranes her neck up to look at her boyfriend, curious to see how he would react to Sirius’ statement. He merely shakes his head before waving his wand, using a wordless spell that causes the clothes on the boy in front of him to disappear. Sirius opens his mouth to protest but quickly closes it when he sees the look on Remus’ face. He was angry. And Sirius knew, when Remus was angry, you do not want to make it worse. So instead of talking back again, he simply rolls his eyes and makes his way to the chair. He jumps when he feels a harsh smack land on his ass, turning wide eyed to the lycanthrope.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me.” He simply states before making his way over to y/n who was still positioned on her hands and knees on his bed. His gaze softens as he raises an eyebrow and motioning towards the boy in the chair, silently asking her if she was okay with what was happening. She nods and that’s all the confirmation he needs before his gaze hardens again and he lands a harsh smack on bare ass. She yelps at the sudden contact, moving forward to get away from his bruising hands.
“Now now puppy, you don’t want to make it worse do you? Be a good girl and count for me.” He grabs her hips, harshly tugging her back to her original position before landing another smack. To his right, Sirius watches in awe, moving his hand to give relief to his now achingly hard cock. But before he can even lay a finger on himself, Remus swats his hand away.
“No touching for you Pads. You’re gonna sit there and watch, and you’re not going to touch yourself at all. If I catch you, puppy over here gets one of these.” He turns to y/n again, stroking lovingly at her face and uses his free hand to land a harsh smack on her cunt, eliciting a painful moan from the girl. She turns to Sirius with a look that says “please behave.”
“Do you understand?” Remus asks, watching the boy intently. Hesitantly, Sirius nods his head. “I need words pup.” Sirius whimpers at the use of the pet name.
“Yes Moony, I understand.” He states, a fuzzy haze he’s never quite felt before settling over his mind. Remus nods his head before turning his attention back to y/n’s trembling figure. Her lips are parted as she lets out short labored breaths, and her arousal is dripping down her legs.
“As for you my angel,” he whispers, planting feather light kisses up her spine, till he reaches the shell of her ear, “you wanted to be played with so bad, so that’s what you’re going to get. Daddy’s going to play with his pretty little pussy any way he wants.” He bites her ear, cock hardening even more at the small whimper that leaves her parted lips. He harshly grabs her hips, flipping her onto her back and immediately attaching his lips to her swollen nipples. He roughly kneads her left tit in his hand while working his mouth to the right, before switching to the other. She arches into his touch biting her lip to hold in her moans. Suddenly, her head is whipped to the side and her cheek is burning with pain. Remus had slapped her. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes, being met with a disappointed look.
“Who told you to be quiet? You weren’t quiet before when you were fucking yourself on the phone with our friend like a slut. Don’t be shy now.” He remarks, giving her no warning as he plunges this hard cock into her tight cunt. She arches off the bed, a loud pornagraphic moan ripping from the back of her throat. She turns her head to glance at the boy in the chair. Sirius’ hands gripped tightly at the arms of the chair, knuckles turning white. His cock stood hard in his lap, the tip red and dripping with precum, just begging to be touched. She whimpers at the sight, drooling at the idea of having the boy’s cock in her mouth. Remus takes notice of this and grabs harshly at her jaw, forcing her to look up at him while he fucks her hard.
“Please,” She begs, sticking her tongue out as a sign, “wanna taste Siri.” Remus pauses for a second before moving his thumb across the head of Sirius’ cock, causing the boy to buck into his touch. He takes his finger and places it on the tip of y/n’s tongue, watching lustfully as she sucks the cum off his thumb, moaning at the taste. He hears another moan come from the other direction and snaps his head to see Sirius with his head thrown back in pleasure, slowly stroking his cock. Remus shakes his head, making his way over to the disobedient boy and ripping his hand away from his cock, causing him to whine at the loss of contact.
“What did I tell you?” The dominant male asks, narrowing his eyes at the boy in front of him. Y/n lets out a strangled whimper. Knowing what was coming, she tries to close her legs, but Remus is quick to stop her.
“Not so fast puppy,” He mocks, bringing his hand down to slap her cunt once again, “it seems Padfoot over here doesn’t care what happens to you.” Y/n turns to glare at the boy in the chair, who just gives her an apologetic look. Remus doesn’t slow his pace, fucking into her relentlessly. His hips snap harshly against hers, the head of his cock brushing against her cervix with each thrust. He uses his free hand to grip tightly at her throat, loving the sounds that she makes every time he moves his hips.
“You see this Pads?” He questions, motioning towards where his body was connected to hers, “This is my fucking cunt. She is my fucking witch. No one can make her feel as good as I do. Maybe one day I’ll let you fuck her just to prove it.” He teases the black haired boy, who’s on the verge of tears from the lack of stimulation. Y/n moans at Remus’ words. She loved when he spoke about her in such a possessive way. It made her feel loved, appreciated.
“Yours, Remmy. Only yours.” She whimpers, clenching around his cock. He takes note of the way she looks directly into his eyes when she says this. He knows she means it. He groans as feels her clench around his cock again, almost sending him over the edge. He removes himself completely, causing y/n to let out a small “no” in protest before he flips her onto her stomach and positions her so she’s staring directly at Sirius before roughly slamming into her once again. Y/n moans, making eye contact with her best friend, almost feeling bad for the boy as she notices how much he needs attention. Behind her, she feels Remus’ thrusts become sloppier, signaling that he was going to cum soon. She took this oppertunity to fuck herself back on his cock. Her head snaps up when she hears another groan come from the boy in front of her, eyes widening in fear as she notices him touching his cock again. Damn it, why couldn’t he just follow rules?
Without hesitation, Remus lands another slap on her overused cunt, causing her to scream. But this time, Sirius doesn’t stop. He just keeps going. And Remus keeps slapping her until her cunt is puffy and red. Each slap causes her to clench harder around his cock, finally pushing him over the edge with her following close behind.
“Fuck puppy, gonna cum for you.” He groans. But to y/n’s surprise, instead of cumming inside her like he usually does, Remus removes his cock from her tight hole, eliciting a small cry from the girl beneath him. “On your knees.” He instructs, and though she’s disappointed, y/n makes no move to break another rule, rushing to her knees in front of her boyfriend. “You too.” Remus says, addressing the boy in the chair. Sirius too makes no move to disobey, dropping to his knees on the floor next to y/n. Remus gorans at the sight in front of him, pumping his cock a few times before cumming, his cum landing on both of the beautiful beings in front of him. Y/n quickly moves to lick the cum off her face, and makes the decision to kiss Sirius’ lips, tasting both him and her love.
“Good girl.” Remus praises, lightly petting the top of her head. The boy next to her lets out a small whimper, looking up at the dom expectantly. “And you were a very good boy, Pads.” He smiles down at the two submissive beings before him with only one thought on his mind. We have got to do this again.
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gotkindabored · 23 days ago
Hi Ava!
First thank you for your fics 🙌🏻
How about Sirius hate fucking the reader? They are kinda ennemies? Slytherin vs Gryffindor or any other house (up to you) but when they see each other in another context (party - alone together) they are goiiiiing for it like damn rabbits okok I'm gonna burn in hell 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Losing Game
CONTENT: Switch!Sirius, Switch!Reader, hate fucking, angry and rough sex, they're mean to each other, Sirius is a secret simp, everyone is 18+, no beta; we die like sirius
NOTES: I can't stop making these into mini fics rather than dialogues / blurbs. I just can’t stop writing. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"I fucking hate you," she hissed, careless and mocking, sinking herself back onto his cock. Sirius' head rested on the board of his bed, hands gripping her thighs and waist hard.
Sirius didn't know exactly how it happened — how he, Gryffindor's Beater and she, Slytherin's Seeker — managed to have a screaming match to having her pussy clenching around his length.
Sirius chuckled lightly before being cut off with a sharp groan. They were loud, knowing the music thumping from the common room and through the thick walls was loud enough to drown them out.
And of course, Gryffindor had won. The ruckus from the party served as another cruel reminder.
"You're such a bitch."
"You complete arse. At least I'm not Gryffindor's slag."
"You’re just mad that Gryffindor's always win, unlike Slytherins. They don't buy their way in," he seethed, kissing her; hungry, impatient.
They always won.
And she — her house — always lost.
"Yeah?" She breathed, pace slowing. "Is that so?"
Her voice was deadly and Sirius' hand moved to grab her breast, running the flat his thumb against her nipple, pinching it hard.
She gasped — arousal crashing into her anger with the intensity of two tidal waves. They were almost designed to push each other's buttons.
A hand threaded through Sirius' inky hair, yanking his head to tilt up to stare at her. His hips bucked at the sudden pain, and she relished in his reaction. "You like that?" She gripped her hair tighter, rolling her hips, setting a harsh speed to match the anger that flowed off her.
He bit back a moan. "Ah — fuck you."
"Godric," she gritted, attempting to hold back her moans. "That's supposed to be happening. For someone who was begging to fuck me, you're doing a shit job."
He wanted her like a starved man — that never ending ache that roared in his veins and blood until his head pounded with the idea.
Sirius pushed her off of him, flipping her over before she had the chance to register it. He sank his cock back with a sharp, hard thrust.
He kept her in place, pinning her hips more forcefully to the bed as he set a fast, cruel speed — pouring out his frustration.
His heart hammered against his chest, wanting to buy himself deeper, faster, feeling her squeeze around him, pouring all the rage he had into her.
Fuck Slytherins.
Fuck her in particular.
It was always her — managed to worm her way into his mind that he could never get rid of. She latched herself on. Never letting him be.
He kept fucking her hard.
He kissed her, tongue running up the side of her neck and kissed just below her ear, sucking down. His fingers slipped between her legs, stroking her clit until she was a loss for word — whimpering replacing her harsh words and mocking lilt.
She finally gave in, moans high and sweet, and Sirius smirked against her skin. It was a sound he couldn't get enough of and he lost himself in the addictive sensation of the warmth of her soft skin, her beneath him — withering, grasping onto him.
The thought was too affectionate for what they were.
But he clung onto her, his feelings too tangled and wrapped around her. It was the one game he could never win.
Fucking Slytherins.
Tumblr media
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eunoniaa · 6 months ago
sirius having a bad day and he’s all whiny, submissive— so he decides to suck on your tits 😋 would die. 
Rough Day
sirius black x fem!reader
Tumblr media
author’s note: okay this did start out as a sub!sirius blurb, i swear- idk what happened. perhaps me being the subbiest sub started to show through about 300 words in— n e ways hope u enjoy x
word count: 1k
warnings: tw // smut | cw // lactation kink, breeding kink, mommy kink, pet names, restraints, degradation, slight dumbification, fingering, titty sucking, i’m not really sure abt the dom/sub dinamics here but you’ll see
summary: “maybe i should make you a mommy, huh?” he muses, fingers deliciously dragging along your sweet spot, his palm adding extra pressure from the outside has you writhe shamelessly under his touch, ”want me to fuck a baby into your tight little cunt?” you’re pretty sure this is the sexiest, dirtiest thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life.
Tumblr media
the oak door of your dormitory opens then closes with a thud, your attention quickly shifting from the inked letters filling the page of your book to your boyfriend, sirius.
you take in the disgruntled-looking boy; ebony hair a complete mess, gryffindor tie leisurely undone around his neck as he practically throws himself onto you, effectively trapping your figure under his looming body and knocking the air out of your lungs.
“uh- hello, sweetheart. rough day?” your voice comes out slightly choked as you plant the heels of your hands onto the plush mattress beside you, trying to adjust your position and scoot upwards against the headboard.
sirius just nods and nuzzles his face deeper into your cleavage, hands tightening around your waist as your fingers rake through his ebony tresses in an attempt to distract him from whatever is on his mind.
“wanna talk about it, baby?” you attempt once more and you take the boy’s long, dreadful sigh as an answer ’no’.
his hand slides up and under your shirt, a contempt puff of air leaving his lips when his rough palm makes contact with one of your bare breasts, and you give yourself an internal pat on the back for freeing yourself of the miserable cage of wires and clasps most people call a bra as soon as you entered your dormitory.
sirius’ lean fingers caress the soft flesh, feeling, kneading the skin, and the more fervor the boy tugs at your breast with, the more you feel him relax into you; a contempt yet aroused sigh leaving your lips as he continues his ministrations.
soon enough, your loose shirt is scrunched up against your collarbone, your jaw keeping the fabric in place so sirius can adjust, now laying against the exposed mound of your breast; his hand absentmindedly playing with the nipple of the other one, your spine arcing at the appeal of his silky touches.
the boy tilts his head so his mouth is just above your skin and starts trailing his feather kisses, occasionally lingering in favor of leaving his marks that you oh-so-loved.
by now, your legs are straining with the force of them clashing together in favor of relief.
relief of the unforgiving tingling behind your navel — ignited by the one and only sirius black.
no, not only ignited but fed into with every kiss, nibble, lick, and soft breath against your wet skin.
and soon enough, with his tongue now swirling the rosy bud, you feel your spine lift off the mattress in an unnatural way, breathing getting labored and fingers tightening in his ebony locks as you try to keep your hands to yourself — or despite the irony, perhaps keep them from yourself.
but as sirius latches onto the now painfully hard nipple you let out your first whine; caving in, your hand practically shoots down to your cunt; successfully alleviating the burning need with just a couple languid swirls of the pad of your finger against your clothed clit.
though, your relief isn’t long lived as the boy’s hand trails just behind yours, gripping your wrist and bringing it back up; now not letting go and pinning it against the plush mattress next to you, making you let out a disgruntled whine as you peer down at his nonchalant expression; eyes closed in contempt, a slight smirk lacing his handsome face as he continues to loudly suckle on the abused nipple.
his hand that isn’t occupied with restraining you, roams your figure under him, not leaving a single inch of flesh untouched; painting a picture on your body, telling a story on your nipples as if you were his very own canvas, or perhaps blank page of parchment he could fill however he pleased.
sirius grins up at you and you moan out, your hands now fisting the wrinkled comforter. “want your milk so bad, mommy,” he cooes, gurgling at your other nipple and showering it with attention. “want it so bad.”
your breath catches in your throat at the prospect of the boy’s filthy words, legs naturally falling open as an invite for him, shoulder blades digging into the mattress as you try to get his attention to shift from your now aching nipples down to your equally aching cunt, a string of pleads leaving your lips in desperation.
sirius looks down, feigning disappointment and clicking his tongue, “this is all you think about? my fingers? my cock? the way i fill you up and make your dumb little brain go blank?”
“yes, please.” you don’t even know what you’re agreeing to.
neither does sirius, though he does have a pretty good idea. so letting go of your wrist, he snakes his hand into your panties, the material sticking to your drenched folds as his fingers push it to the side and feel around, the languid sound his ministrations make has your cheeks blush furiously.
the male sits up, other hand pressing down your belly as his fingers slide into you with ease. a choked sob the sound of your approval, sweet tears lingering in the corners of your eyes thanks to the intense and long awaited pleasure coursing through you.
“maybe i should make you a mommy, huh?” he muses, fingers deliciously dragging along your sweet spot, his palm adding extra pressure from the outside has you writhe shamelessly under his touch, ”want me to fuck a baby into your tight little cunt?” you’re pretty sure this is the sexiest, dirtiest thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life.
“there.” he whispers, caressing the skin of your tummy. your cunt viciously clenches around his digits, trying to keep them inside your slick walls.
“ohh, you liked that didn’t you, pup?” sirius chuckles,
“felt it.”
Tumblr media
© eunoniaa 2021, do not modify or repost
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messers-moony · 3 months ago
King and Queen | S.B
Paring: Sirius Black X Fem!Potter!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader
Summary: James goes through a lot during his time at Hogwarts but his sister is always by his side.
Inspiration: Click
A/N: If this comes off insensitive to anyone please let me know and I will remove this.
James Potter was a handful. From the minute he was born, he had this gleam in his hazel eyes that raged and burned with trouble. His twin, Y/n Potter, was almost the opposite. The soft smile that laid on her features and the glitter of calamity in her eyes. Euphemia and Fleamont were in for a lot the minute their twins were born. 
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is most comparative to having a web browser up with one too many tabs. James had always been unable to focus and was naturally messy. Truth be told, he thought it was normal, just as everyone else did. It wasn’t until his second year at Hogwarts did he realize something was genuinely wrong with him. 
Remus told him that he had this muggle thing called “dyslexia,” which was a difficulty in interpreting words, letters, and other symbols. However, it never affected his overall intelligence because everyone knew that Remus Lupin was indeed and wholly brilliant. It got James wondering, did his inability to focus, be organized, and hyperactivity have a deeper meaning?
His twin - Y/n - was quite the opposite. She made quick friends with Remus, Sirius, and Peter, who were close friends of her twin. Y/n was top of their class, creating a friendly competition with Remus, but she was always able to focus. Often she would hyper-focus, which would leave her working for over five hours at a time without realizing it. In those times, James would have to snap her out of it. 
Over the summer, James expressed his concerns to his parents. He was talking about how this could be a real issue he’s facing using Remus’ dyslexia as an example. Eventually, they gave in, letting James go to a muggle doctor. James had to fill out a questionnaire that would come back with his results in one week. That week was probably the longest week of his life. Nonetheless, his test results had come back positive. 
Fleamont and Euphemia would be lying if they were surprised. After hearing about the disorder, it was almost the definition of their eldest son. Fortunately for James, the muggles had come up with a cure - no, not a cure - dammit, what was it again?
Impede the symptoms! That’s what those muggle pills do. James was required to take two pills a day, one in the morning and once at night. Y/n was in charge of making sure he did so because - more times than he’d like to admit - he would forget everything if it wasn’t for Y/n. 
In third year, James was as energetic as ever while getting on the Hogwarts Express, “Aren’t you excited, Y/n?!”
She chuckled, “Yes, but Merlin, you don’t need to literally jump with joy.”
“But I’m excited!”
“I know that.”
They made their way to the compartment that held Remus, who was reading a book. James sat in front of him while Y/n took her seat beside Remus, “‘Ello Remus.”
“Hey, Potter pair.”
Y/n sighed, and James groaned, “That nickname needs to go away.”
“I quite like it.” Remus stated smugly, “Suits you both.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Y/n accused falsely, “It means that wherever one of you are, the other isn’t that far behind.” Remus replied. 
James had zoned out already, and Y/n snapped in his face, “Take your pills?” 
“Forgot.” James muttered guiltily, “Oh Godric.” She whispered. 
“James went to a muggle doctor this summer.”
Remus quirked an eyebrow, “Did you now?”
“Got diagnosed with ADHD.” James informed, and Remus looked amiss, “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.”
“Ah, I’ve heard of that.” Remus said, and James smiled sheepishly, “I feel kinda odd, like out of place.”
“Dunno, just, why can't I be normal?”
“You are normal, James.” Y/n reassured, “And anyone who says differently obviously doesn’t care about you.”
The compartment door slammed open, “Who doesn’t care about who?”
Remus snorted, “Ever the dramatics, huh, mate?”
“‘Course.” Sirius flopped down beside James, “It comes with my charm and devilishly good looks.”
“Ah, yes.” Y/n said, chuckling, “Don’t you see how I’m swooning for you?”
The back of her palm was against her forehead, “Come off it.” James swatted at her and then elbowed Sirius, “Better not make my sister swoon.”
Sirius chuckled and shrugged, “Can’t help it. I’m just that irresistible.”
The four of them laughed at Sirius’ dramatics and continued talking about the new term. Remus and Y/n were talking about books they couldn’t wait to read. Remus was even kind enough to gift her some muggle books he bought over the summer holiday. Sirius and James bickered about what pranks to do this year, along with which ones were better. 
Third-year was fun. It was a year of flooding corridors, turning Slytherin robes red and blasting music in the common room after a Gryffindor victory. James was a brilliant Quidditch Chaser, and Y/n was a fantastic Seeker. Nothing was quite like the Potter pair. Something about them was just unforgettable. 
Maybe that’s why Sirius was so fond of her. Something about the Potters made people around them smile on the hardest of days. They made sure that every moment was a night to remember. Every memory was worth reliving. So adventurous, so reckless, yet so kind and loving. 
By the time fifth year rolled around, Sirius Orion Black had fallen off a cliff into a lake called love. Sirius completely submerged himself in love for Y/n Potter. The younger twin by just 20 minutes, but something about her was so divine. Was it her silk and glittering h/c hair? No - maybe it was her gleaming e/c eyes. Perhaps it was for her strive for adventure and extreme kindness. 
Nonetheless, Sirius fell hard.
And who better to tell than James Potter himself?
Causally - as usual - Sirius opened the door to the Marauders dorm. It was empty aside from the brunet boy with glasses on the bridge of his nose. His hazel eyes were focused on a textbook - Potions textbook - maybe it was to impress Lily. Sirius couldn’t care less, so he pulled the chair out in front of the desk and sat before James. 
“Mate, I need your help.”
“Running from Filch?”
“No. Something- Something worse.”
“Something worse?” The textbook shut loudly.
Sirius nodded, “Way worse.”
“Alright then, come into my office.” James teased, and Sirius grinned. 
It was silent, “I’m in love with your sister.”
James sputtered, “Excuse me?”
“I’m in love with Y/n.”
“No, no.” James waved his hand horizontally, “I heard you.”
“Then what else would you like me to say?” Sirius asked. 
“Literally anything else.”
“Sorry, mate.” Sirius muttered, “I- I really didn’t mean to.”
James chuckled and wiped his hand across his face, “I suppose you can’t really stop love, huh?”
“You really can’t.” Sirius agreed, “I tried. I promise I tried.”
“It’s not that big of a deal late.” James assured, and Sirius looked at him with wide eyes, “I trust you just-“
“I’m worried about her.” James completed, “I- I worry about her every night.”
Sirius softened, “It’s like you with Regulus-“ James continued before Sirius could interject, “And don’t pretend. Your silencing charms are bloody terrible.”
“I know you still care for Regulus, you worry about him every night, and I do the same for Y/n, except my silencing charms are better.” James teased sightly, “I trust you, Sirius. You’re the brother I never got but always wanted. You know, the brother I can play Quidditch with, rough around with, the brother who’s just as sneaky and mischievous as I.”
“But Y/n is still my blood. She's my twin, my best friend, my partner in crime. She was the mind behind my pranks before Remus.” James elaborated and then smirked, “Remus and Y/n make a great team, ya’ know?”
“They are quite brilliant.”
“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, take care of her?” James looked like the eleven-year-old boy again, “Don’t make her a fling and don’t make this temporary.”
“Y/n is a strong woman, and she isn’t for weak men. I’ll be honest,” James chuckled, “She doesn’t need a man. She doesn’t even really need me. I need her more than she needs me. Regardless, take care of her. She deserves a man worthy of her. Someone that’ll get her ice cream at 4 a.m. because she’s craving it. Someone that’ll go on sporadic trips with her. Someone that’ll understand that after a hard day, all she wants is a book and coffee.”
Sirius was appalled; he’d never seen James look so passionate, “Growing up, mum always told me to be a gentleman. I know it may not seem like it sometimes, but she always raised me as one. To hold a door for them, push and push in their chairs for them, give them my jacket even if I’ll freeze.” 
“Those kinda things. Dad said I should practice on Y/n, and I did. From then, Y/n always got treated like a queen, and she deserves no less. I won't lie, my parents treat me like a king too, and I don’t want any less either.” James explained, “Be the king that’s worthy of my sister.”
“That’s all I ask of you.”
Sirius nodded, “I’d be honored to serve her as my queen.”
“And if you show her no less, she’ll spit you out like chewing gum.”
He shuttered, “I hate how accurate that phrase is.”
James laughed, “I know her more than you think.”
By sixth year they were dating. Sirius would be lying if he wasn’t eternally shitting himself when Y/n said yes to going to Hogsmeade with him, alone, as a date. In fact, James almost wanted to throw him a party for finally not being a little bitch and asking out his sister. This party consisted of a bottle of firewhiskey and chocolate because that’s all that was in the boy's dormitory. But a party nonetheless. 
When Lily rejected James for the last time before graduation, he was utterly heartbroken. He’d spent and dedicated seven years of his life to this gorgeous woman. Despite all his efforts and all his charms, she still wasn’t interested. James tried. He really tried. He wanted Lily so bad. His heart broke when she said her final words of goodbye.
“I’m sorry, Potter. Maybe in another life, just not this one.”
Tears had ebbed at the corner of his eyes as he made his way back into the castle from the Black Lake. In the common room, where he felt like he had just got dowsed in water. James made his way to the girl's dormitory. His hand curled into a fist and knocked lightly on the wooden door. Shuffling was heard from the other side, and the door finally opened, revealing his sister. 
Without warning, James crashed into her arms, forcing his nose in the crook of her neck, “Woah.”
“Are you okay, James?”
His body shook with sobs as he shook his head no, “It’s okay. Let’s go lay down, okay?”
Gently she led him to her bed. He curled up beneath the navy blue comforter and placed his head on the silk pillow sheets. If he tried hard enough, he could forget the way Lily’s hair smelt today or the way her green eyes glistened in the sun. Now engulfed in his sister's scent, trying to remove every feeling for Lily possible, he dug his nose deeper into the comforter. 
Y/n sat beside him, her back to the headboard, and ran her fingers through James’ already untied hair, “What's got you so worked up?”
“It’s done.”
“What’s done?”
“L- Lily and I.” James choked, “She- She really doesn’t want me.”
A new wave of tears overcame him, and Y/n continued to try and soothe him, “Well, she’s a tosser.”
James narrowed his eyes, “James, you know I love her. She's my best friend, but if she can’t see what’s right in front of her, then she’s an idiot.”
“Can I- Can I stay here tonight?” He asked hesitantly.
“You sure you don’t want me to stay at your dorm?” Y/n questioned, “Because you know who sleeps here.”
“Will you stay with me?”
“Till the end.”
After a couple of minutes, Y/n and James made their way down the steps to the boy's side. They walked up more steps and finally made it to the boy's dormitory. James collapsed on his bed in the left corner of the room, and Sirius perked up at seeing his girlfriend enter the room. 
“Whatcha doin’ here, love?”
“Staying with my brother.”
Sirius nodded and stood up to hug her, gently pecking her forehead, “If you guys need anything, let me know, ‘kay?”
“Thanks, Siri.” 
Gently Y/n pulled back the maroon curtain and sat down beside him again. James reached for her hand and intertwined their fingers. Something they used to do as kids. When a thunderstorm would go by, James would always seek sanctuary in his sister's comfort. 
He fell asleep that night, knowing he was safe, loved, and knew that someone cared about him. Even if Lily didn’t love him, at least someone else did. He had his boys, and he had his sister. Right now, that’s all he needed beside him: Screw Lily and her idiot decision skills. Y/n was right; she was a complete tosser. 
When Hogwarts was over, James and Y/n got a flat together. Sirius, Remus, and Peter got one only a floor above. Realistically this wasn’t the plan. James always planned to buy a house with Lily, but he was still healing, and after everything going on, it was vital for him to hold his sister close to him.
Euphemia and Fleamont barely lived to see their children graduate. Not too long afterward had died due to the horrid dragon pocks. It devastated both twins and Sirius. While Sirius wasn’t their true child, he very well could’ve. Euphemia noticed Sirius’s lingering stares on Y/n and the loopy smile that graced his features.
She was the one who got Sirius to man up. She was the one who gave him advice. She was the one who told him what books were her favorite, which chocolate she liked the best, her favorite quills. Euphemia was one of the main components in getting Sirius to date her daughter, and when it finally happened, the parents couldn’t have been happier.
James’ ADHD still remained even in his adulthood, making regular everyday tasks much harder and twice as long. Most of the time, the pills were able to help him complete those tasks. But sometimes, when Y/n wasn’t there to remind him, he would miss his days. When Y/n got home from work, she had barely taken off her shoes to see the apartment spotless.
It was a pleasant surprise, but James was never really one to clean, not that she really minded, but the apartment didn’t have a speck of dust on it. Hesitantly she put her keys on the island along with her bag.
“Yes, Y/n?”
He appeared in the kitchen where Y/n was, “Um, did you clean the apartment?”
“Yes, I did!” James nodded enthusiastically.
Y/n sighed and gave her brother a sweet smile, “What did you not do today?”
“So, you know how you told me to go to the pharmacy?”
“Mhm.” Y/n nodded, “Indeed I do.”
“Well, they were out of my meds.” James informed, “I have to wait a week.”
“Oh, Merlin.”
“On the bright side!” James was already causing her a headache, “It’s gonna be a fantastic week! I’ve got so many things planned for us! We’re gonna go-“
James continued to ramble as Y/n grabbed her keys, bag and slipped back on her shoes, “I’m going to Sirius’!”
“Thought you were my sister.” James faked pouting, and Y/n smiled, “I love you, but you’re crazy.”
“I love you too!” He yelled as she closed the door.
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simoncowellsjuicytit · a month ago
Kinktober Day 4: Casual/Clothed
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x reader
Warnings: smut, penetrative sex, no mentions of protection used, mentions of masturbation, clothed sex, conversation while having sex, casual sex, mentions of orgasm denial
Sirius looped his arms around your waist, pulling you back onto the bed and halting your efforts to tie your shoelace.
“Sirius, come on. We have class in fifteen minutes.” You felt him smile against the soft skin on your neck.
“I think I can get the job done in that time.” He murmured, beginning to unbutton your shirt. With a sigh, you halted his fingers, standing up again.
“No, you can’t, because you always want to make me wait hours and hours to get what I want.” At this, he laughed, but stopped immediately when you glared at him. “Besides, you have two perfectly good hands of your own.”
Sirius looked indignant. “Are you telling me that I should resort to masturbation? I’m hurt. Really.”
You narrowed your eyes at him. “Just because you don’t let me do it, doesn’t mean you can’t.”
He huffed dramatically. “Baby. The only way I want to get off is inside you.”
You pressed your lips together, contemplating. “Okay, fine, but I’m not getting undressed again, so no more unbuttoning.” You said firmly, sliding your panties down and hitching your skirt up. Sirius rolled his eyes, although you noticed the tent in his pants.
“I don’t want to fuck you if you aren’t going to be enthusiastic about it, darling.” He said flatly, leaning back.
“Oh, so now you’re not into it?”
“I didn’t say that.”
You grinned. “I’m in a rush, Sirius. That doesn’t mean I’m not turned on.”
He didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that his gaze had now lowered to meet an entirely different part of your body.
“Yeah, you have a point there,” He sat up again and grabbed your waist, pulling you down to kiss him. You undid his pants and palmed his cock, lopping your legs over his when it was hard enough.
As you lowered yourself onto his hard length, you both gasped, your hands squeezing his shoulders. You moved him in and out of you a few times, then let Sirius create his own rhythm, thrusting up into you and hitting your g-spot every time.
“S’that good?” He asked, brushing your hair out of your face. You opened your eyes and nodded, smiling slightly distractedly.
“It’s really nice, yeah. Hey, how long was that- oh, fuck- um, how long was that charms essay meant to be?” You bit your lip as you leaned forward, letting him hit new spots inside you while his right thumb rubbed small circles on your clit.
Sirius’ eyebrows furrowed. “You’re thinking about charms right now?” He said, somewhat hoarser than he usually spoke. At your hesitant nod (you couldn’t speak between gasps), he cocked his head. “I reckon it’s around the same as the potions one. Want to switch positions?”
“M-hm.” You let him handle you easily, swinging both your bodies around so that you were now on your back, legs curling around his waist as his thrusts grew deeper and faster and his pubic bone bumped your swollen clit. “Oh, yes, please. Keep doing that!” You gasped, back arching off the blankets.
“Got it.” Sirius continued his movements, and a strangled whine spilled from your open mouth. “Gryffindor team’s looking strong, Prongs says. Cant wait for the game this week.”
You hummed your agreement. “Marlene said so too, but they- yeah, right there!” You interrupted yourself, eyes fluttering closed. You were pretty close to finishing, now, and it was harder to maintain conversation. Sirius seemed to enjoy your struggle, lips curving in a confident smirk.
“You gonna cum?” He teased, speeding up and groaning slightly as he neared the edge as well. “Fuck, baby, m’gonna finish inside you, that ok?”
You garbled a response, thoughts now rather far away from the quidditch. “Yes, I’m gonna-“
With a moan muffled in the pillows and blankets nearby, you came around Sirius’ cock, your walls spasming around his length as he emptied himself into you with a short grunt. He continued to fuck you until neither of you could continue, then pulled out and lay beside you on the bed, panting.
“See? Told you I could get it done.” He grinned. You sat up and began re-doing your hair in its usual ponytail. “How’re we going for time?”
You checked your watch. “Two minutes, we’re all good. So what I was saying: Marls thought that they needed to work on their communication as a team more. Y’know, to work on strategies and stuff.”
Sirius sat up as well and rubbed your biceps gently. “Yeah, for sure.” He said.
You paused, allowing yourself a moment to bask in the after-effects of sex. “That was really nice, Sirius.” You said. He smiled. “I’ll give you a longer timeframe tonight, ‘kay?”
“Sounds perfect.” He smirked, smacking your ass as you bent down to finish tying your shoelaces.
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certifiedhorny · a month ago
riding his jeans | s.b.
Tumblr media
pairings : sirius black x fem! reader
summary : sirius notice that you get turned on when your clothed cunt brushing against his jeans material, so he ask you to ride his thigh.
warnings : nsfw, not proofread, heavy makeout, thigh riding, teasing, pet names, kinda soft dom! sirius, short imagine
navigation | taglist
the two of you making out, you sitting on sirius lap, his thigh placed right between your legs.
so he'd be shuffling around, the rough material of sirius's jeans brushing against your clothed heat and inner thigh. you'd gasp at the feeling, biting your lip to bite back a moan.
he pull away from the make out session, his breath getting mingled with yours as he realized what had happened.
a smirk pull on his lips and he'd repeat his actions, his clothed thigh and material of your thin underwear brushing against your sensitive clit causing a whimper to pass your lips.
he'd groan quietly at this and place his hands on your hips, pulling you closer, his lips nipping at your ear. "you wanna ride my thigh, baby? huh, does that's feel good?" he'd whisper, his words a little breathy.
you'd whimper at his suggestion as he attached his lips to your neck. "c'mon, doll, fuck your pretty little self on my thigh."
his fingers slip into your panties, pulling the material down your legs, leaving you in just his oversized t-shirt before placing your bare heat against his thigh.
you'd moan quietly at the small amount of friction, sirius hands returning to your hips to help you get started.
he'd help you move your hips against him until you found your own rythm, a whine leaving your lips.
"let me hear your beautiful moan, doll. let me know how good it feels to fuck my thigh."
his hands roaming all over you, touching every part of your body
"fuck, siri" you'd moan, your hands tugging at his hair.
"atta girl" he'd praise as more moans and whimpers passed your lips. a rather loud moan would pass your lips when he'd start to bounce his thigh lightly, the feeling adding to the pure bliss you were in.
"s-sirius" you'd mumble quietly, the knot in your stomach beginning to form.
"you gonna cum, pretty girl? you gonna cum for me? all over my thigh?" he'd ask you in a sultry voice that made your head spin.
"y-yeah, fuck!" you'd whimper as your orgasm grew closer.
"please, daddy." you'd beg, knowing better then to cum without permission.
he smirk at you, his hands finding your hips again to help aid you on.
"look at me. look at me when you cum, doll" so you would, peeling your eyes open to look at him.
he'd give you a small nod which would send you over the edge, whimpers falling from your lips as your rode out your high.
sirius would be in complete awe as he watched you, loving the way you looked when you'd release your cum.
after finally calming down, you'd rest your head on his shoulder, your breathing labored.
his hands run across your back, his lips pressing gently to your neck. "you did so well, baby. so fucking gorgeous”
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saintlike78 · 2 months ago
Colour [S.B.]
Pairings: CEO! Sirius x Fem! Reader
Words: 1k
Summary: your boss and boyfriend Sirius wants to try having sex in his office, but you don’t like the idea of being in public. Magic exists in this au!
Warnings: NSFW! 16+, use of safeword, degradation, praise, oral (f receiving), semi-public. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
“You wanted to see me, sir?” you poked your head through the door.
Behind his desk sat your boss, or actually everyone’s boss, Sirius Black; his black hair was tied back showing off his sharply sculpted face. His suit jacket was discarded, giving you a perfect view of his toned self in his crisp white dress shirt, your eyes turned to hearts just looking at him.
“Yes, come in,” his deep voice rumbled, his signature smirk on his face as he watched you enter, shutting the door gently behind yourself.
As the door shut, new energy settled over the large office; your back rested against the door as your eyes locked with Sirius, whose smirk was cemented to his face.
An authoritative bend of his fingers and a deep, “come here, pup,” had your legs moving you toward him without a second thought.
He had pushed himself away from the desk, making room for you to stand between his open legs. Your bum was pressed against the wooden desk, Sirius’ hands placed on your hips as he smirked up at you.
“What did you need from me, Siri?” You cocked your head. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Sirius to ask you to his office, but since the two of you got together it wasn’t a regular occurrence, as to not draw too much attention to your relationship.
Sirius stood, his figure tall and proud as he towered over you, “just couldn’t wait until tonight to see my best girl.”
He squeezed your waist, gripping it and hoisting you up on his desk, a surprised gasp leaving your lips.
“But…- hmph,” you started, but Sirius’ lips on yours cut you off effectively.
You wanted Sirius, you always did, but you just couldn’t put away the thought of your colleagues just on the other side of the door.
“Siri…-“ you mumbled, breaking the kiss to look at a now pouting Sirius, “… what if someone sees.”
“Bet you want someone to come into my office to see you getting fucked by your boss like a little slut,” Sirius smirked, pulling you closer to him on the edge of the desk.
You could only whimper, shaking your head before burying it in the crook of his neck, your hands fisting at Sirius’ white dress shirt.
The last thing you wanted was for anyone other than Sirius to see you in such a vulnerable state, especially the prying eyes of your colleagues.
“N-no,” you spoke quietly, voice slightly muffled and breathing shaky. Your body stiff in Sirius’ grasp, your hands holding onto his shirt hindering movement.
Your tone of voice and body language caused Sirius’ demeanour to change completely, his grasp turned comforting as concern took over his facial features.
“Hey hey, it’s alright, puppy… what colour?” he asked gently.
It took you a moment before you could muster up a meek, “red.”
“My darling girl,” Sirius cooed, coaxing your face out of hiding, “can you tell me what you’re thinking?”
You nodded, explaining your thought process, “I just don’t like the idea that someone could come in and see us…- I’m sorry, it just makes me uncomfortable.”
“Don’t apologize…- it’s important for me to know what your limits are, pup.”
“… but does it change things if I tell you I locked the door and cast a silencing charm as soon as you entered?” he asked with an eyebrow raised, the slightest smirk playing on his lips.
“… it might,” you answered once you’d thought it over, “what do you have in mind?”
A huge grin broke onto his face, “well, pup, I’m glad you asked.”
He leaned in to reconnect your lips, giving your body a squeeze of reassurance.
“You see, pup, I’m in desperate need of my favourite snack and I just can’t wait till we get home,” he smirked as he pulled away, awaiting your consent.
You chuckled lightly, “as long as you’re quick.”
“Don’t worry, sweetheart, it’s just a little pick-me-up.”
He slowly sank to his knees, pulling you forward by your hips so you rested on the edge of the desk. With a lift of your hips, he lifted your skirt up around your waist, and with another lift he was sliding your panties down your legs, pocketing the material as he gave you a slight wink.
You could tell he was starved by the way he threw your legs over his shoulders and dug right in.
“Oh my gods, Sirius,” you gasped, gripping his hair as leverage.
He swiped his tongue over your entrance, licking a stripe up and finding your clit. He used his tongue to flick it before taking it between his lips.
All you could muster was small whines and broken moans, the pleasurable sensation building up and leading you toward one of your favourite places.
Sirius smirked from between your legs, groaning at the sweet taste of your cunt, feeling like a child let loose in a candy shop.
Your hips ground against his face, hands falling behind you to keep you up.
“Come on, love…- cum on my face, give it to me,” Sirius purred before diving back in.
It only took a few more grounds against his face and his tongue against your clit, to have you falling apart on his desk. Your body tensed as you felt the warmth flow over your body all the way down to your toes, making them curl. Sirius smirked proudly as he worked you through the feeling, squeezing your thighs before removing them from his shoulders and standing.
He smacked his lips obnoxiously, wiping your cum from his glistening chin.
“Yummy,” he grinned, leaning down to place a long kiss on your pouting lips.
“I hate you,” you joked, rolling your eyes at his behaviour. How he ever came to be the CEO is a complete mystery to you.
He helped you stand, smoothing down your skirt and holding you to him. He held your face in one hand, squeezing your cheeks.
“I think we both know that that’s not true, little puppy,” he whispered in a gruff voice, the voice that always made you flustered.
You avoided his gaze as a pink blush decorated your cheeks, deeming Sirius successful. He gave your bum a quick smack,
“now get back to work, baby.”
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v1oletvenus · 25 days ago
dialogue: sirius misses you, and decides to give you a call at 3am.
content: ur choice what the situation is (e.g. you're on winter break during your hogwarts years and in different places for the holiday / you're both on different missions for the order during the war / etc.)
ib: this tiktok and also the song bless the telephone by labs siffre
"Mmm." you groaned, hand reaching out from under the covers as you fumbled for the ringing rotary telephone on your nightstand. "Hello?" you asked groggily, sitting up slightly as you blinked drowsily in the mellow lamplight.
"Hi, love. It's Sirius."
Immediately, you woke up completely, your heart fluttering at the sound of his voice. From the shaky breathing you could hear on the receiver, you knew he'd not slept yet tonight.
"Hey, hey, hey? What's wrong, Siri?" you asked, cradling the phone handle as if you could hold his hand through it.
"I..." he trailed off, sighing. "Can you just stay on the phone, please? Can we just pretend that you're holding me right now?" he asked so softly you might have dreamt it.
"Okay, love." you whispered, closing your eyes. "I'm here." you promised, smiling softly as you heard him hum happily that you agreed to keep him company.
"I miss you." he confessed, feeling homesick for you - his comfort, his love.
His home.
Your smile faltered as you remembered how far away you were from each other. "I miss you too."
"I wish we could just sneak downstairs into the kitchens and just talk ourselves tired, like when we couldn't sleep at Hogwarts." he chuckled, his sheets rustling in the background as he turned on his back to face the ceiling.
"Or go to the astronomy tower and count constellations until we can't keep our eyes open anymore." you giggled, shuffling in your bed to do the same, your gaze wandering the dimly lit walls.
"Just having you close would be enough." he frowned.
"We'll see each other again soon, Siri." you reminded him, smiling softly. "But for tonight, I'll stay on the line until you fall asleep. Okay?"
"Alright." he grinned.
Not before long, you could hear soft snores from the other line, your presence having lulled him to sleep. You smiled, whispering a quiet "I love you", before putting the phone back on its handle and drifting off to sleep yourself.
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