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Ink & Parchment

Friday, September 24th, 1976


Have I thanked you for your brilliance? And apparently your do diligence for going through a transfiguration textbook when you’re no longer taking that class! I was right, I’m going to have to keep my eye on your library hours. We’re not even through the first month of school and you’re already studying too hard. Though maybe now that we have an extra large bed to enjoy, you’ll be more apt for a lie in.

The looks on James and Peter’s faces when they saw our little love nest was hilarious! I guess I can see why it was so hard for us to convince them we aren’t shagging yet. Not that we won’t have use for those silencing charms James was so insistent that we use. He really can be dramatic sometimes.

Snuggly yours,


P.s. Hogsmeade this weekend! Do you want to go just me and you, or are we going all four of us? Either way, I’m treating you to all the Honeydukes you could hope for.

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I know a lot of people have pretty much established in this fandom that Remus is the one who rolls his eyes and shakes his head and facepalms at Sirius and his extra™ energy and I LOVE this trope, but please consider this:

  • Remus distancing himself from everyone during the first year even though he is friendly by nature and he yearns for human contact
  • He knows he has to be careful because if he lets people too close to him they might discover his secret blah blah blah we all know the story
  • He obviously makes friends anyway and we all know they accept him but liSTEN-
  • Dorky silly Remus finally feeling comfortable enough when he is around James, Sirius and Peter
  • He feels the most confident around Sirius
  • Dorky silly Remus dancing and singing to a broomstick that he uses as a microphone
  • He does the parody of Elvis Presley and his famous legs movement and everything
  • Sirius is in awe the first time he sees this
  • He stares at Remus’s huge cheeky girn and his messy hair and when Remus points at Sirius and sings “don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true, why should we be apart? I really love you baby, cross my heart” Sirius feels his cheeks turning red
  • Remus also gets bored sometimes, and he loves to prank Sirius more than James because when Remus pranks James, James laughs and hugs him and tells him it was a good and creative prank; but when he pranks Sirius, Sirius gets all competitive and sometimes he pretends to wrestle with Remus and he pins him to the floor/wall and they don’t know YET why it DOES THINGS TO THEM and they never discuss this
  • Remus and his sarcastic yet flirty wit??? Sirius getting flustered? Remus WINKING AT SIRIUS???? HELLO
  • Remus having a good day after a few days have passed since the full moon and seeing him all glowing and having his strength back is somehow so fascinating to Sirius
  • Remus sticking his tongue out when they argue and delivering some sarcastic and funny line, and Sirius going “shut up Moony” and Remus really having the nerve to say “make me”
  • Sirius having a really bad day because he has had a really tough argument with Regulus and Remus trying to cheer him up; Remus single-handedly ends toxic masculinity in the 70s by dressing up as Faye Dunaway and doing a spot on impersonation, with make up and everything, fakes her accent and movements because he knows that Sirius fancies her and Sirius’s mouth won’t close for the next 5 hours; it really DOES CHEER SIRIUS UP YA KNOW, seeing how pretty Remus looks, he forgets who Faye Dunaway is, more like Faye Dunnoher
  • Remus humming to himself and annoying Sirius and when Sirius tries to kill him Remus blinks all flirty and pouts and goes “don’t you love your Moony?” and oh BOY LITTLE DID HE KNOW
  • Them being equally flirty but painfully oblivious, leaving Lily and James all disappointed like HOW CAN YOU THINK THAT REMUS DOESN’T WANT YOU PADFOOT and REMUS I’M BEGGING YOU OPEN YOUR EYES
  • Remus and Sirius having karaoke nights singing Bee Gees
  • Dorks dorks dorky dorks in love
  • CHEEKY REMUS. CHEEKY. REMUS. He’s not always cheeky, not as often as Sirius and James, but OH SHIT Remus really DOES KNOW when to use his power and surprise everyone with it in a good way and Sirius just can’t breathe
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Requested by an anon, based on my prompt list! 

#25: “You met me yesterday.” “And I would die for you, next question.”

Send me more requests here, I’d love to write something for you!

First year Remus Lupin was so nervous about his first day at Hogwarts that he ate his entire stash of chocolate – a whole two months’ worth – within a few hours of boarding the train at Kings Cross. All the sugar made his stomach hurt, not like he already didn’t feel like throwing up once he left his mother standing alone on the platform, and he felt more than a little queasy looking up at the grand Hogwarts castle as the newest students paddled their canoes across the lake. His only comfort was the boy sitting behind him – the worst paddler Remus had ever seen – who had refused to shut up from the moment he bounded into the train compartment Remus had claimed for his own.

Sirius Black didn’t quite grasp how to row the boat without splashing water all over, so by the time they reached shore, both boys were damp and smelled faintly of murky pond. It didn’t deter Sirius one bit from commenting on quite literally everything he saw.

“Did you see how tall those trees were? I wonder how we get into the Forbidden Forest. Do you think it’s really forbidden? Wow, look at that castle. I bet there’s a lot of secret passageways we could find. Do you think we’ll be in the same House? We better be. I’m going to be in Gryffindor, definitely. You have a little chocolate on your cheek. Here, I’ll get it. What’s your favorite kind? I like dark. Or those peanut butter chocolate things shaped like Old Saint Nick. Ooh, look, we’re going in. Good luck! The Sorting Hat will put us together, just watch.”

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Ink & Parchment

Wednesday, 22 September, 1976


And a very good morning to you, sir. What a wonderful evening we had together. I don’t believe I’ve ever been this satisfied and content. Congratulations; you’ve left me speechless once again.

Have you gotten a proper hero’s welcome from our peers yet? Shall we throw you a party? Everyone seems rather glad to have you back. I know I am.

Blissfully sated,


PS. I have it on good authority that if you look at page 143 in your Transfiguration textbook there is a spell that can combine two small beds into one large bed if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Wink wonk.

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Part 1

“Remus, what were you doing?! It’s been like an hour, we were worried about you and Sirius! I actually thought you got in trouble” Lily cried when the boy came back to the sofa. Even though his turtle neck wouldn’t let his friends see the marks in his neck, he was still self conscious about them realising who what he had done that night.

“I’m sorry, Lils. I lost the track of time… Well, are you going to finish the story you were telling?” He said trying to change the subject.

The girl looked at him. Then, she looked at Peter sleeping on the floor, next to them. Lastly, her eyes went back to Remus’. “What were you guys doing?” She asked.

“Oh- nothing, Sirius wanted me to help him with… Transformation’s homework” he lied.

“Of course! Because Sirius is horrible at transformation and he’s not at the top of the class for sure” She replied sarcastically. Remus knew she now knew. “What did you two do?” She insisted, but the boy stayed in silence. “It’s ok if you don’t wanna talk, but I’m curious-”

“He kissed me” Moony mumbled.

Lily raised her eyebrows and looked at her friend “nice”.

“It was- but please don’t tell anyone!” He cried.

“why would I tell anyone?!” There was a pause. “Ok, don’t answer that. But let me tell you I won the bet. I can borrow you some money for buying chocolate if you want. I mean, after all, you are the reason I’ll get the money” she said happily.

“You won a bet? What bet?!”.

“The bet! James said you would kiss before midnight, but I guess Sirius took his time”.


“Remus don’t be silly, I think you were the only one who didn’t know about Sirius’ crush on you”.


“Mate, are you fucking kidding me?!”

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Ink & Parchment

Tuesday, September 21st, 1976


I have but one simple request. Please grant me access to the prefects bathroom tonight—I’d love it if you joined me—as a celebratory, post week’s worth of detentions late night rendezvous.

Maybe Peter can nick us some pumpkin juice and a few butterbeers from the kitchens. We can make a long evening of it. Just you and me and our memories of the punch heard round the dungeons. I doubt Snivellus will dare to call you a poof again after that. And if he does, I’ll gladly spend another week scrubbing out the owlery.

Hoping for kisses and bubble baths,


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Hello!! This is sort of a late notice, but I’m going to be hosting a mini Wolfstar fest!! (please don’t let this flop aaah)

The main theme is going to be high school and/or college - this can be Hogwarts or an AU.

It’s going to run from Wednesday, October 28 (my blog’s six month anniversary!) to Friday, November 6 (ten days) and it’s totally fine to do all days, one day, a few days, anything!!

The Prompts (thanks @dannikathewomanika​ for helping me with these!!)

Day One (10/28): Back to School 
Day Two (10/29): Detention
Day Three (10/30): School Spirit Week
Day Four (10/31): Halloween
Day Five (11/1): Libraries
Day Six (11/2): Clubs/Societies
Day Seven (11/3): Theater
Day Eight (11/4): Vacations
Day Nine (11/5): Pranks
Day Ten (11/6): Prom/Graduation

If you’re going to participate for any of the prompts/days, tag me (@silversickles) in the piece on Tumblr and tag it #silversicklesminifest! Any form is allowed - fic(let), art, moodboard, headcanons, etc, as long as it’s Wolfstar. I’ll reblog all the works and make a masterlist at the end!! Also, please make sure to label each piece with the day and prompt!! (And if you wouldn’t mind reblogging this post, I’d be very grateful <3)

It’s fine if you get things done late or turn them in whenever, just tag me and label them with the day/prompt.


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Yes, this is a real thing that apparently happens on October 26th, and yes, Sirius Black goes all out when he hears about it, I’m absolutely sure. 

“C’mon, c’mon, hurry!” Sirius urged, pulling Remus along an empty hallway, faltering a little to keep the Invisibility Cloak around their shoulders. With one hand holding the cloak and the other interlocked with Remus’ fingers, they rounded a sharp corner and ran up a steep set of stairs, taking two steps at a time.

“Sirius!” Remus panted, trying his best to keep his feet under him. “Would you please tell me what’s going on?”

With a mysterious, terrifying gleam in his eye, Sirius shook his head. “I told you, it’s a surprise!”

Two spiraling staircases later, they reached the astronomy tower, unlocking the door with a quick switch of Sirius’ wand before they stumbled in. Remus leaned against the wall, heart ready to explode, and shivered as the cold October air bit at his flushed cheeks. Sirius discarded the cloak and guided Remus further into the tower.

“Ta-da!” He announced, holding his arms out wide.

Remus squinted, wiping the sweat from his brow, thinking for a split second that he might be hallucinating. Maybe this is what death from dehydration felt like.

Lily and James smiled back at him, each wearing a cardboard party hat on their heads with a silhouette of a slightly misshapen wolf painted on the front. Lily proudly held a cake in her hands, expertly frosted in white icing. A black smudge decorated the top, and if Remus looked real hard, he could sort of see a wolf’s head. At least, he thought it was a wolf. It could also be a spikey turkey. Sirius disappeared for only a moment before returning with a fuzzy set of dog ears sitting on top of his head and – oh my god – a fluffy tail sticking out of his trousers.

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