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Beckton Gas Works, London

For and on behalf Castlemore Securities Limited (£59.3 Million)

Considered pioneering, leading and unique at the time, winning various multidisciplinary awards for Planning, rejuvenation and decontamination of a brown field site.

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Skyscraper to be built at site of Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport

Skyscraper to be built at site of Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport

Prior to the Kowloon-based airport’s closure in 1997 — it was replaced by the current Hong Kong International Airport — buildings constructed in the area had to adhere to strict height restrictions to ensure the safety of the facility.
That’s what makes this new skyscraper all the more exciting. Standing at 200 meters above ground, when completed in 2022 Airside will become the tallest landmark…


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PLACEMENT 4 - Going in against Holtrop with plans on the recreation restort Kluisbos

Om nog meer in te gaan tegen de planstijl van Anne hebben we dit beeld gecreëerd. Deze, voorzien van zowel materiaal als kleur, geeft veel meer een voeling met de site dan welk ander plan van Holtrop dan ook. Door de uitvergroting en willekeurig uitgesneden beelden, lijkt deze net een collage van al wat er te vinden is rond het Kluisbos zwembad. De route die de gebruikers nemen rondom het zwembad en de site wordt hier wel meer duidelijk. Er wordt namelijk een soort ‘snede’ in het landschap gemaakt door het wandelpad, en dit laat een unieke vorm over. Deze vorm zullen we in de volgende post ‘vervormen’ tot een sculptuur gebaseerd op Annes werk.

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[Building sites in Ryogoku, Sumida Ward]
Today’s Tokyo is a bit chilly and cloudy.
 Work is scheduled for rebar construction.
 It’s hard to move when it’s cold, so we’ll do our best and safety first!


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You can see the #beauty and comfort of #working with #elementor. Down pointing backhand indexRed question mark ornament
Doesn’t that help you produce every page that is compatible with all screens like tablet and phone?

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16 steps to increase #WordPress

1. Continuous WordPress Update
2. Regular WordPress backup
3. Enhance the #security of the wp-config.php file
4. Increase the security of the .htaccess file.
5. Increase the security of the wp-admin folder
6. Use strong password and access level
7. Increase WordPress login page security
8. Hide WordPress username

9. Change WordPress tables prefix
10. Use #SSL in WordPress
11. Disable viewing of folders
12. Disable #template and #plugin #editor
13. Disable #PHP file execution in WordPress
14. Disable #XML_RPC
15 . Check user activity in WordPress
16. Use WordPress #security #plugins

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Auction script is one of the hottest businesses on the internet. After the success of online business concept, many people would like to buy and sell new and used goods and products through online. These auction sites provide a common place where the bidders and auctioneers can bid and sell any kind of products.

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