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Understanding the relationship between architecture and landscape on a plot with a strong slope. #sitges #barcelona #rardoarchitects #moderninteriors #architecture #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiorinspiration #contemporaryart #contemporarydesign #architecture #archdigest #architettura #arredamentointerni #adstyle #vogueliving #elledecor #homedesign #colourmyhome #homeinterior #designinspiration #vintagefurniture #midcentury #midcenturydecor #midcenturymodern #midcenturymodern #midcenturymodernfurniture #interieur #interiorismo #artsytecture

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#ImatgeriaFestiva #CulturaPopular #BestiariFestiu #BallDeLAliga (en Sitges)

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Sitges is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the Garraf region.

Since the 1890s Sitges has become a popular place for the artistic avant-garde.

Nowadays, couples, weekend families, tourists and homosexuals from all over Europe gather in Sitges.

The tourist activity is mainly in summer, it has 4 kilometers of good beaches, although its geographical location makes it have a good climate all year round and allows outdoor activities regardless of the season.

In winter it does not receive as many visitors, but in Carnival it is full of people and is known worldwide for the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

The nightlife in Sitges is very well known, the bars are concentrated in the Carrer del Marquès de Montroig and the Carrer Primer de Maig (Primero de Mayo, the extension), better known as the Carrer del Pecado.

The most characteristic landmark of the town of Sitges, the Church of Sant Bertomeu i Santa Tecla, stands on a rocky crag. It also separates the main beach, La Fragata, from the smaller, quieter San Sebastian beach.

There are several museums to visit, such as the Cau Ferrat Museum, the Romantic Museum, the Maricel Museum and the Stämpfli Foundation for Contemporary Art.

The Cau Ferrat Museum is located in Fonollar Street, where it was originally the house and studio of Santiago Rusiñol, co-founder of Els Quatre Gats and responsible for attracting avant-garde artists to Sitges.
You can see works by Rusiñol, Picasso, Ramon Casas, El Greco and Zuloaga, among others.

The Romantic Museum in Calle Sant Gaudenci 1 is located in a late 18th century mansion owned by the Llopis family and recreates 19th century Catalan manor houses and what life was like in the Romantic period in Catalonia.

The Maricel Museum shows works from different periods, from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, it also has an important collection of modernist and noucentista Catalan sculpture and a section of modern art with works by Rusiñol, Casas, Pruna…

It is housed in the Palacio Maricel, also on Fonollar Street, built between 1910 and 1916, and designed by Miquel Utrillo by order of the American industrialist and collector Charles Deering.

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[Video from Escola de Grallers’ instagram page]

Summer 2020 is being a strange one. As a result of the pandemic, the traditional festivities have been cancelled. Today would have been the festa major (local festivity) of Sitges (a city in Penedès, Catalonia).

The festivity starts with a toc de gralles, when a band of gralles (a traditional Catalan wind instrument used in festive music) and drums plays the distinctive song walking down the streets. After them, the firecrackers signal the festivity is officially started, and then the dances start.

This year, the streets are empty of dancers and musicians, but a group of grallers went to the Ermita de la Trinitat -a chapel on a mountain outside the city- to play this first song.

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