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Lina peeked her head out of the bedroom in the hotel suite they were staring in. She walked out innocently, glancing at Kat, then at Joan, who was eating her ninth bowl of chicken noodle soup that day and listening to music as she worked at the bar table.


“You let her have soup again?!” Kat growled.

“Yeah.” Lina admitted openly.

“Why?!” Kat yelped. “She’s going to get a kidney stone! AGAIN! She needs to eat other food!”

“At least she’s eating!”

“But she still needs other food! Fruits and vegetables!”

“There’s actually carrot slices in the soup, so…”


Lina began to laugh at how much Kat was getting working up and Kat glared at her.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Lina said. “She was just too cute to say no to! Just look at that face!”

Kat looked at Joan, and found that she was opening yet another can of soup.


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Imagine an AU where Aragon and Jane are married and Aragon sometimes talks about an “old friend” named Elizabeth who weirdly cut off connection from her two years ago.

Jane doesn’t really think anything of it. That is, until a young girl, probably sixteen, shows up at their doorstep one night, shaking, soaked in rain, and crying. When Aragon sees her, she shouts, “Elizabeth!”

The girl, Elizabeth or Bessie, begins to cry harder and collapses into Aragon’s arms. When she finally calms down, she explains to Aragon that her boyfriend cut off her connection to Aragon. For two years, he controlled her life and manipulated her, but she finally got away that night and desperately needed a place to hide. She didn’t know where else to go. Of course, Aragon takes her in and Jane has to learn how to live with this shaken new tenant.

And things only get worse when they realize who exactly Bessie’s boyfriend had been and that Bessie was pregnant with his child.

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Imagine harpy eagle!Jane and phoenix!Aragon laying together, cuddling as couples do, wrapped up in their wings.

And then Jane feels something shifting across the blankets and she’s like, “Wtf????”

A moment later, there’s a fucking moth in the bed between her and Aragon, and Aragon gasps and goes, “My chick! There you are!” And wraps her wings around Joan lovingly while Jane growls and stews in rage because a goddamn moth was stealing her gf

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Imagine that Bessie sometimes drinks way too much because she likes how numb it makes her feel.

So, of course, she shows up to work one day drunk out of her mind. She’s stumbling around everywhere, a bottle still clutched in one hand, looking completely out of it.

“I didn’t realize she was drinking,” Maria says, looking anxious and worried. “I didn’t ever see her being any bottles in her room.”

Aragon frowns. “I think she hid them at some point.”

Maria pales. “I never though of that. I trusted that she wouldn’t have, but…” She glances at Bessie being softly spoken to by Cleves. “She’s doing a lot worse than I thought. Catalina, I’m worried.”

And worried they should be.

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Imagine Jane, who is dating Aragon, catching Joan staring at her gf (because she’s a Baby Gay and Aragon is Very Pretty) and confronts her angrily, accusing her of trying to steal Aragon from her.

And Joan, the stupid dumb idiot, innocently goes, “With all due respect, ma’am, just because I’m admiring the merchandise doesn’t mean I want to make a purchase.”

And then Jane beats the shit out of her

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Imagine going into work early and hearing screams for help.

When she investigates, she finds Joan on the ground, a fallen shelf crushing one leg and a rebar in her side. Upon seeing Aragon, Joan lets out a sob of relief. By the looks of her familiar overalls and yellow undershirt, she had been there all night. The blood dried on the cloth was now a shade of rust red, nearly brown.

“C-Catalina,” She chokes. “Help me! Help me, please!”

“How long have you been like this?” Aragon asks, her curiosity getting the best of her. She kneels next to the girl, examining the piece of metal sticking out of her side.

“S-since late last night,” Joan stammers. “I-I was walking out wh-when I bumped into a shelf a-and it f-fell in me.” She sniffles. “I-I tried calling you, because I’m sure Jane wouldn’t h-have picked up, b-but it went to voicemail.”

Aragon feels a pang if guilt, remembering when she had ignored Joan’s call the night before, writing it off as “unimportant.”

“A-and my phone died when I was dialing 999.” Joan looks up at Aragon, teary-eyed, “P-please help me, Catalina. I-I don’t w-wanna die!”

“You’re not going to die, Joan.” Aragon assures her.

Aragon manages to heave the shelf off of Joan’s leg, finding the limb an abyss of purple bruises, red blood, and crimson scrapes, but still intact. Getting the rebar out was a different story, however.

Joan cries out in pain when Aragon tugs at the piece of metal, begging her to stop, but Araon continues despite her pleas. After a moment, Aragon gets frustrated and rips the rebar out with all her strength. She looks at the ruby red blood dripping off the end, then the fresh blood spreading through Joan’s shirt, then Joan’s ghostly white face, and then Joan’s head rolls to the side and Aragon is left alone in the moment of the crisis before she finally gets her head on straight and calls an ambulance.

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Imagine another lady in waiting from history gets reincarnated.

The others flock to this new Lady, of course, and ask her if she was going to join the production. She says she is and would have liked to play the piano, but that spot was already taken. And everyone goes, “We would love to have you on piano! The person we have right now probably isn’t anywhere near as good as you! You should take her spot!”

All while Joan, “the person they have right now” on piano, listens with a wounded expression, saying, “Guys? Guys?” to try and stop them, but they just keep going, injuring her further with their words.

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Imagine Aragon picking up some things from the supermarket when she notices Joan.

She and Joan make semi-awkward small talk, both not used to seeing each other out in public. But when they’re checking out, Aragon hears: “I’m sorry, but your card was declined.”

Joan went very still, her body visibly tensing up more than it already always was. She opened and closed her mouth for a moment, glancing at the long line for the register behind her, ghostly pale.

“Oh,” She finally choked out. “I-I see. U-umm… Sh-should I just leave this with you?”

The cashier nodded with a sympathetic expression.

“S-sorry,” Joan whispered, sounding like she was on the verge of tears. Aragon couldn’t blame her- this must have even so humiliating.

Aragon watched as Joan shuffled out of the store, then moved up in line.

“Can you add that stuff to mine?” She asked the cashier, earning an appraising look. It’s not like she was spending much, anyway- all that Joan had was some paints, air dry clay, some caramel M&Ms, a bottle of shampoo, a loaf of bread, and a rather hideous pair of pajama with pinecones on them. Might as well do something nice for the poor MD.

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Imagine it being the day of Kitty’s execution.

It’s obvious she’s tense and upset, but the others notice that Joan looks more anxious than usual. She’s also following Kitty around, too, which makes Kitty paranoid and then agitated.

“What are you doing?” Kitty finally snaps, whipping around to the MD.

Joan jumps. “I’m, umm… Making sure you’re alright.”

Kitty snorts. “What for? You didn’t ever make sure I was alright before.”

Joan shrugs. “It’s just that today was the execution and…”

Kitty then realizes why Joan had looked to anxious.

“Oh my god.” Kitty says. “Are you scared because of what happened?”

Joan is quiet.

“Do you actually think you’re scarred by my execution?”

“Y-you don’t know what it was like watching it,” Joan whispered.

“Watching it? You don’t know what it’s like LIVING IT!”

By now the others surrounded them to see what was going on.

“Were you imprisoned for something you didn’t do?”

Joan winced. “No.”

“Were you forced down onto your knees before hundreds of people and humiliated because of it?”


“Did you ge tuition fucking head chopped off when you were only seventeen?”


“THEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS LIKE!” Kitty roared. “I don’t care what you went through or saw, Joan! Because in the end, it won’t matter! You had a perfectly good life! All you were was a lady in waiting, you didn’t have to marry an old king against your will! You weren’t killed like Anne and I were, you weren’t forced to divorce and get your life ruined like Aragon, you weren’t publicly humiliated like Anna, you didn’t live just to be the bearer of a male heir like Jane, you didn’t get your true love taken away like Cathy! You didn’t even go through the same things as the other ladies in waiting here!! You’re just some pathetic nobody who history forgot about, and it would have been so much better if you had just never come back!”

Joan flinched backwards, tears springing to her eyes. Kitty scowled at her, seething with rage.

“We all agree that Jane Parker would have made a much better replacement for you. Why couldn’t you have been her?”

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Imagine Bessie being very aggressive with Aragon at first after reincarnation.

Her temper towards Aragon is very noticeable. She snaps at her, glares at her, ignores her- she just makes it very clear that she hates the queen’s guts. But Aragon is always very patient with her and never gets mad, even though she has every right to be because of the way Bessie treats her. But she knows her Elizabeth, and she can tell something is wrong.

So, Aragon continues to be very kind towards Bessie, despite Bessie’s prickly nature. And after just two months, Bessie breaks down and finally lets Aragon in.

Through tears, she apologizes for being so mean and says that she was acting that way because she thought it would make it hurt less when Aragon would eventually send her away again.

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Imagine Tour!Anne daring Tour!Joan to not spend time with Howard or Aragon for an entire week.

Of course, Joan accepts. She’s always trying to prove herself to the others, so she thinks this’ll help. But then she realizes just how hard this challenge will be because she isn’t allowed to talk to Howard or Aragon at all. They can’t even hug her!!

Still, she tries.

The first day goes fine, but everything after that turns to shit. Joan isn’t used to being alone anymore. There’s so many times where she greets Howard or Aragon and they ignore her, and she’s so mortified until she remembers the challenge. And she hates it. She hates not being able to talk to them or he held. It reminds her of worse times.

She doesn’t even last five days.

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