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#six fanarts

Hi I’m bored

Ps: No humans please

All games - Skins - Book Characters included

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4 more character suggestions for 6 fanarts pls? 🥺👉👈

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SixFanArts Challenge

A six fanarts challenge I did last year. I ended up concentrating on female characters. 

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Part 1 of my six fanarts challenge that I’m having a lot of fun with but cannot say when it will be finished

(Please don’t repost/use my art without permission, reblogs are appreciated tho :)

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now that all my other queued posts are out of the way, i wanna try doing this!


send requests! (no nsfw)

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Hey guys! Feeling a little stuck at the moment so…

How about a few fanarts to stir some motivation?

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Remember me saying that I’d do this on here at some point? Well…here we are.

Please send me some Marvel, Spider-Man, etc. characters to make fanart of!

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6 fanart Challenge but DBZ! ✨

I haven’t started Super or GT get nor have I watched the original (I’m getting there I promise :’) binge watching DBZ took very long) so only characters from Z please!

That’s all I ask tbh, no ocs tho (I’ll do that another day!)

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I’m not trying to hate on anyone or anything in these fandoms (imo Zuko, Todoroki, and Harry Potter are awesome and well written characters) and they’re popular characters and all but someone had to point this out.

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Will I ever know what it is to have a consistent art style.

Big thanks to everyone who suggested characters! If your weren’t picked, we’ll see about next time.

SixFanarts Series

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6 Characters Challenge! I posted this to my Instagram awhile ago, I guess I forgot to post it on tumblr. Here are some of my favorite characters from popular animation!

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