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#six of crows
Kaz Brekker really went out there and said in the Dregs, we practice inclusive hiring. LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, immigrants, convicts, addicts, veterans, women, racial minorities, all qualified may apply. A true model of a what a CEO should be like, tbh. 
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siriusly-into-scripts · 14 hours ago
the depressed girl urge to read fanfic instead of the untouched books on my tbr
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captain-ani · 2 days ago
According to Tumblr itself, Six of Crows is the #2 must read book
The #2
Only Harry Potter is above us. Kanej is #34/100 on the ships list and WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
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The Crows usually criticize Kaz’ “cruelty”, brutality and vengefulness but here are the moments Inej and Wylan understood.
"Well, how about this? Kaz is going to tear your father's damn life apart."
Wylan was about to say that didn't help either, but he hesitated. Kaz Brekker was the most brutal, vengeful creature Wylan had ever encountered--and he'd sworn he was going to destroy Jan Van Eck. The thought felt like cool water cascading over the hot, shameful feeling of helplessness he'd been carrying with him for so long. Nothing could make this right, ever. But Kaz could make his father's life very wrong.
Inej was moving before she thought of it. She couldn’t just watch him die. Her knives were in her hands. She’d kill them all. She’d pile the bodies to the rafters for the Stadtwatch to find.
Did you wonder what made Kaz like that? Helpnessless.
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 16 hours ago
"i'll get older but your lovers stay my age" alina starkov and"i'm a soldier who's returning half her weight" zoya nazyalensky and "you kept me like a secret" evelyn hugo and "i kept you like an oath" celia st james and "all i felt was shame" kaz brekker and "you held my lifeless frame" inej ghafa and and "you never called it what it was" severin montagnet alaire and "did the love affair maim you too" laila and "i'm in a new hell every time you double-cross my mind" helene aquila and "i'd like to be my old self again but i'm still trying to find it" laia of serra and "you lose the one real thing you've ever known" elias veturius and "check the pulse and come back swearing" roma montagov and "this thing was a masterpiece till you tore it all up" juliette cai and-
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shaensss · a day ago
Tumblr media
✨Another Six of Crows meets The Umbrella Academy quote✨
Just because this is literally what happened when Matthias freshly got out of Hellgate 👀
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emmaxkillianjones · 2 days ago
the mere thought of the fact that they will probably announce who was cast for Wylan van Eck in the next 4-6 weeks has me SWEATING through my shirt
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beeistrying · a day ago
Inej: I don’t really know Pekka Rollins, I’m not involved in his business, I have no idea what happened between him and Kaz
Inej, swinging a knife: but if I ever see that cheeky motherfucker-
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Jesper: Wylan and I are so in sync we finish each other's…
Wylan: *Staring into space*
Jesper: Ssssss…
Wylan: *snapping back to reality* SomeBODY ONCE TOLD ME-
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wylan-van-moonlight · 2 days ago
the spotify 2021 wrapped: grishaverse edition
top songs of the year
Nikolai: It's alright - Mother Mothet
Alina: Everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde
Zoya: I wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys
Mal: Face off - Dwayne Johnson
Aleksander: Your new boyfriend - Wilbur Soot
Baghra: All eyes on me - Bo Burnham
Tolya: Soldier, Poet, King - Jacob Cook
Tamar: Death Bed - Powfu
Genya: Up and Down - Doja Cat
Nina: Whip a tesla - Yung Gravy
Wylan: This is Home - Cavetown
Jesper: Without me - Eminem
Matthias: Face off - Dwayne Johnson
Kaz: All I want for Christmas is you - Moriah Carey
Inej: Paper Rings - Taylor Swift
Kuwei: Burning Pile - Mother Mother
David: Sunkissed - khai dreams
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desidarling123 · 2 days ago
The full Stuttgart panel is out! Credits to TeamFreddyCUK for the upload! 💕
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vicious-rhythm · a day ago
We drag Kaz for calling Inej an investment but like. Y'all we are looking at that through our own lense and not appreciating it for what it means.
The Most Important thing to Kaz Brekker (barring perhaps knowledge) is money. Regardless of whether he is particularly devout, Kaz was raised in a country that ties currency and industry to divinity, and some of that had to sink in. Money is the thing he would kill or die or risk everything for. He mocks religious fervor in others, but honestly, there's zero chance Kaz doesn't connect monetary success and salvation.
More valuable even than cold, hard cash is a quality investment. Kaz could call Inej 'treasure' and it would be taken more favorably, but hoarded gold isn't worth as much as an investment. A good one you can count on to have returns, to reliably give back more than what you put in if you steadily support it.
Kaz calls Inej a good investment and that's high god damn praise.
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