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lilisouless · 2 days ago
Nina: Look at this waffle, have you seen something so beautiful?
Wylan: Jes
Nina: huh?
Wylan: I mean "yes" anwsering your question , i have tecnically seen more beautiful things, but is not important!
Inej: Ah, this ship. Can you think on something more beautiful?
Jesper: Wy
Inej: Wylan?
Jesper: No! i said "why" like "why are you asking me this?"
Nina : Oh those shoes, i want them. They are so pretty
Kaz: Like Inej
Kaz: I mean! where is she? I need her for a job, i don't have time for this
Inej: This sunset, is so beautiful
Matthias: Like Nina
Matthias: What are you expecting me to take that back? I don't have issues like those loosers
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laian-hajomar · 10 months ago
Hello people who are seeing this, I just wanted to say that I'm making kanej, wesper, and helnik playlists, and I need some song recommendations. So, if there are any songs that remind you of wesper, kanej, or helnik, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks :)
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starstruckapathy · 10 months ago
literally the Crows' motto
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asexomantic · a year ago
you know what i love the most in the six of crows fandom (aside from the most beautiful fanart i’ve ever seen)
all ships are equal, there are no shipping wars!! you can ship both ninej and kanej!!! in fact,,, it’s encouraged!! you disagree with my ship?? that’s okay friend, have a nice day!!! i love it!!!
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fumo-de-la-santa · 2 years ago
entire fandom: *is in love with kaz, inej, and/or kanej me: how much would it break wylan if I had sex with jesper just like one time?
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adarkershadeofroyal · 8 months ago
I wish there was an app that worked kinda like spotify except with books,, like you could create a playlist of books with a specific theme/ aesthetic and it would give you suggestions for other books you might like
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fandom-101 · a month ago
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lunalivvy · a month ago
kaz and anthony 🤝 completely losing their cool because their girlboss south asian gf’s got badly injured but never visited them while they were in recovery because they were too worried
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kindness-ricochets · 2 months ago
Kaz Brekker, who cannot bear touch, whose leg causes him so much pain, who takes pride and amusement in his fashion choices, cradled Inej against his chest and ran on a re-fractured leg while she bled all over his shirt.
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midnightatwalmart · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“You'll get what's coming to you some day, Brekker." "I will," said Kaz, "if there's any justice in the world. And we all know how likely that is.”
a self-indulgent dirtyhands
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lilisouless · 4 months ago
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There are two types of shippers in the crows
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spiteandmytears · 3 months ago
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I can die happy now
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cressjacquine · 4 months ago
ah yes, the he hates everyone but you, trope
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mel-street · 5 months ago
“my beautiful beautiful makkari” and “my darling inej treasure of my heart” give the EXACT same vibes and you cant argue with me
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inejs-bitch · 11 months ago
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jesper fanboy moment
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chaoticsunshines · 6 months ago
what I sleep on:
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what you guys sleep on:
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clarkgriffon · 5 months ago
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ULTIMATE SHIPS CHALLENGE - [2/5] Gazing at Each Other Scenes ↳ “Kaz, if not Saints, what do you believe in?” “Myself.” “Why’d I even ask?” “And you. And Jesper. My crows.”
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fandom-101 · 20 days ago
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vintagehoax · a month ago
the thought of wylan and nikolai being science buddies never leaves my mind
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bittermelodiesreads · 3 months ago
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