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#six sentence sunday
frenchmarshmalloww · 2 hours ago
Thanks for the tag guys @avenueofesc @orange-peony
Malfoy’s eyes glint dangerously and Harry almost takes it back.
The part of him that is strangely turned on by all the possible ways Malfoy could ask to be paid back clumps his mouth shut though.
“Fine. My place tomorrow at 7. Don’t you dare be late or the deal is off.”
Harry wants to deny the shot of arousal cursing his body at the show of bossiness, but the slight bulge in his pants makes it quite impossible.
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lifbitch · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Didn’t really have much to do this with yesterday, so you’ll be granted with it today.
Pregnancy was annoying. Between the morning sickness, and sore breasts, and swollen ankles, and the changes in the weight and shape of her body, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo was quite over the whole affair. And this was while completely ignoring the fact that she wasn’t supposed to be pregnant; at least not with a Jedi’s baby.
The few purposes it did serve were minor: she no longer had to worry about her cycle, her hair was healthier than ever… but that was about as far as that went.
Right now none of those things mattered. What mattered was that she missed her husband, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.
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noire-pandora · 5 hours ago
6 Sentences Sunday+Last Line Monday
I’m late! I’m sorry. I was too lazy this weekend.
I’ve stared writing for the StoriesofThedas event on Twitter and I’m already at the second prompt, yay! The prompt is Jail and I want to write about that one time when Elluin ended up in jail for stealing a few Elvhen books from the University of Orlais.
Elluin’s eyebrows shot up at the books lying on the table. “I don’t understand. You said you’re disappointed with me for stealing and now you’re giving me the same books I tried to steal?”
Hirum shook his head and folded his arms across his chest. “I said I’m disappointed with you for getting caught, little elf. The books are yours to keep. Next time you want to break into the University of Orlais, let me know. I know a few people who can do it without getting caught.”
She blinked at him for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. “You’re the worst father in all of Thedas.”
Hirum huffed. “You’re going to dust every single book in here for that, brat. This place better be spotless when I come back from the market.”
“Wait, no!” Elluin dashed after him as he opened the bookstore’s door and left towards the markets. “I love you, you’re the best father I ever had,” she yelled after him, her face split into a wide smile. She couldn’t care less about the passersby glaring at her.
Tagging:  @kita-lavellan @silvanils @ellie-effie @musetta3 @morganlefaye79 @dismalzelenka @kittynomsdeplume @inquisitoracorn (sorry for the late tag!)
Also thank you for the tag: @emerald-amidst-gold @oxygenforthewicked @roguelioness and @a-shakespearean-in-paris
I won’t tag anyone else because I’m late! Next time!
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mikkeneko · 8 hours ago
six sentence sunday
Jiang Wanyin glowered at the unmoving bulkhead. "Fine," he said. "We'll do this the hard way."
In the end the only way to get through the jammed airlock was to cut through it, even though it went against every one of Lan Wangji's ingrained safety principles. At least the inner door of the airlock cycled properly; they didn't need to worry about venting the entire station as soon as they broke away from dock.
Only once the airlock hissed shut behind them did it occur to Lan Wangji, looking behind them at the sealed door, what had happened to any people trying to get through that airlock from the inside.
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halwardpavushatersclub · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
@merrybandofmurderers tagged me for this so you’re all being subjected to more of my gay little traumatized elf fic bc it’s all i’ve been writing lately
“I wish you could see what a terrible waste tranquility would be,” Solas said.
“Would I really be so different? I have been told before that I am already as expressive as one. That I do not understand emotions—”
Solas cut him off before he could finish his thought, and the edge in his voice made Kiernan pause the constant tugging of his earring. “Whoever said that has even less of an understanding than you, that they could not see how much weight you bear and how graciously you bear it.”
as usual if you want to share a wip you can just say i tagged you! i would love to read what y’all are working on but i’m so bad at remembering who’s actively writing fic 😔
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isamijoo · 11 hours ago
Six Sentence Sunday
Thank you to @orange-peony for tagging me! Really loved what you shared.
I have just finished my latest WIP while the others haven’t been written yet (lol). So I’m also sharing something I just started working on today. Features Unspeakable Draco, Auror Harry and something to do with souls and soulmates (Soulmates AU?). I really don’t know what I’m doing with this haha. Enjoy!
“Potter?” Malfoy yelled, a hand shielding his squinted eyes from the harsh wind. His shiny navy blue robes billowed out around his knees. “What are you doing here?”
Grunting, Harry trudged across muddy soil until he stepped onto more solid land, several paces from Malfoy. “Saving your arse, obviously. What the fuck were you thinking? Sending your soul to another dimension? From China?” he shrieked. He could feel the rapid torrents of air around him and witness how the aerial currents blew on Draco’s long hair, but he couldn’t decipher where all the wind was coming from. “Where the hell are we, anyway?”
“A place where souls transit between life and death,” Malfoy replied, not having to shout now that they were within arm's length. “Some people call this place Bardo.”
Anger burned in the pit of Harry’s stomach, yearning to burst. Why did Malfoy put himself in danger like this? But his urge to scold vanished when Malfoy asked, “Why did the Department of Mysteries send you, an Auror? Why not another Unspeakable?”
Harry breathed heavily. The wind was picking up and he figured they should get moving, but he couldn’t move, not when Malfoy was gazing wide-eyed at him curiously. “They couldn’t locate your soul. They needed me to find you.”
Malfoy's face became even paler. “Why you?”
Harry gazed into his cool grey eyes. “You know why,” he muttered. “Apparently I’m your soulmate.”
So sorry I cheated and gave you 7 lines, but otherwise the snippet wouldn’t make much sense! And of course, this is the zero draft so it is far from refined. Apologies for any mistakes.
Tagging (but no pressure): @drarrymybeloved, @curlyy-hair-dont-care and @phoebedelia and anyone who wants to do this neat thing =)
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katnissmellarkkkk · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Heyyyyy, here’s another too long Six Sentence Sunday! This one is from my lowkey canon divergence jealousy fic, set during Everlark’s growing back together period 🥰😅🤗. This fic will hopefully be out soon-ish.
I thought nothing of the girl in front of me, at first glance.
Until she asks for directions to the bakery.
“The bakery?” I ask, my brows furrowed in confusion. The bakery had yet to be rebuilt, had yet to be resurrected from the pile of wood and smoke the Capitol had turned it to the night of the last Quarter Quell.
“Oh,” the girl laughs, the wind throwing her blonde locks over her shoulder as she flashes me an easy smile, her nose wrinkling up in a pleasant way. “Has it still not been rebuilt yet?”
My expression must only grow more bewildered. “What do you mean?” Hardly anyone knew that there were plans to recreate the structure. And those plans had yet to be even approved of by the district officials.
How could this complete stranger know more than most of Twelve?
Before the girl could reiterate her question though, something catches her eye over her shoulder.
Or someone.
I spin around too, plainly curious by whatever she’s peering at over my head, whatever captures her attention so fully.
Or whoever she’s peering at.
I don’t know why but the very last person I expect to see when I turn around is Peeta, walking over to us, his blue eyes lit up and bright at the sight before him.
Not at the sight of me.
At the sight of her.
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jesmme · 11 hours ago
six sentence Sunday
quick excerpt from something I've been chipping away at (and will actually finish someday) as another angsty & smutty extra to falls like this:
Buck opens his mouth to say yeah, of course, but the words don’t make it past his throat. Instead he just keeps staring at Eddie, now with his mouth partly open, and that’s ridiculous because having sex with Eddie is something he wants; it’s been the center of his fantasies for years, first wild imaginings based on fleeting, casual touches, then, after the night Eddie almost died, rooted in those memories. And Buck has no reason not to want what Eddie’s offering, no idea why he’s hesitating.
Eddie’s jaw stiffens, subtly, but Buck knows his face, and Eddie starts to shake his head. Buck can see him backtracking, can see the way he’s going to shrug this whole thing off and move on, and Buck leans across the space between them to pull Eddie into a hard kiss, hand fisted in the front of Eddie’s shirt to hold him close. Eddie’s hand cups the back of his head, but he doesn’t relax into the kiss so much as he presses back, just as hard.
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w-k-smith · 11 hours ago
06/13 Six Sentence Sunday
(OK, it’s eight sentences. Sue me.)
This is from Finn’s POV while he’s talking to Rey. I decided to put this up here tonight because this WIP is taking ages, but I liked this passage, and Finn and Rey’s friendship is very important to me. It’s not even a shipping thing (not all the time); I just want the Jedi cinnamon rolls to be happy.
Finn tries not to laugh too hard at her. But he likes laughing with her. Sometimes talking to Rey is natural, like they’ve been friends for several years instead of several weeks. But sometimes his brain takes a step back, and he savors the thought: She’s my friend. I have a friend. One of the first people I got to talk to and fight alongside, without our being conscripted or forced to compete with each other.
If trust is worth anything at all, he can trust her.
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Six Sentence Sunday - 6/13/21
God, when was the last time I did this? Well, in that time, I finally did it. I finished The Kids In the Dark! So this will hopefully be my last SSS where I use it. Please enjoy and soon, it will be on AO3. 
I’m giving a warning for violence but it’s not graphicly described.
Everyone turned to Lila.
"So what happened?" Nino asked.
"It was an enemy of humanity," Lila said, "It-" She paused, fidgeting with her fingers. She wasn't looking at them. "It looked like Jess. We thought she'd finally come back."
"That's horrible," Alya said.
"For a second, I thought it was Jess. But then I heard her inner voice." Tears sprang up in Lila's eyes. "It was so angry. I knew it was an enemy of humanity. So I tried to warn Kagami but it attacked me."
"With what?" Marinette asked.
"Jess grew long claws and slashed me." Lila put a hand on her chest. "I guess it thought I was as good as dead so it-" She sniffled. "It attacked Kagami. I could only watch it stab her."
Alya took Lila's other hand. 
Lila looked up and smiled at her. "After that, I heard Marinette and Adrien's thoughts. I guess it heard them too because it ran off."
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Six Sentence Sunday!
I was tagged by @adventuresofmeghatron ! Thank you! It's really late by me so I won't tag anyone, and that's okay :)
Some more Mass Effect AU content for you this week while I fight against Stimpacks for a bit. This scene is tense and I loved writing it.
Mac took a step forward, but Bray shoved a hand to his chest to stop him.
"Don't pretend to think that you can sneak anywhere on my station without my knowing," Aria said lowly. "You have a reputation. I had to keep tabs on you, in case anyone decided that I was going to be on your list."
"I was a sniper," Mac shot back.
"And you still are. And you came back. You might leave Omega, MacCready... But Omega never leaves you."
Apparently Mac didn't get the clean break that he thought he did, hm? Shepard is there too, he's just watching. Aria has a plan, and Mac isn't gonna like it.
Thanks! 😘
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tea-brigade · 12 hours ago
Six Sentence Sunday ✨
Thanks to @xivz @ninemagicks and @palimpsessed for the tags! I always forget to do these but I love getting tagged 🥰
While I’ve got some neat, serious, actually nice wips in the background, lately I’ve been trying to finish off a very strange/cracky/nonsense fic that refuses to vacate my brain until it’s done. Without any other info or context, here’s a very wholesome moment:
Tumblr media
Taggin back yall who tagged me, as well as some folks I’ve sprinted with lately like @snowybank @nightimedreamersworld @snowbaz-mama and also anyone reading this who wants to share your words! 🤍
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electricshoebox · 12 hours ago
six sentences sunday
Tagged by @adventuresofmeghatron, thank you!! I’m coming in late so I won’t tag anyone this time but if you want to share too, consider yourself tagged!
Made some more progress on Ch. 9 of The Eye of the Storm this weekend. I had hoped I might have something ready to post by now but it’s been slow-going. Here’s a snippet, probably more than six:
“I almost worked here,” Anthony says when the elevator doors slide closed. He keeps his back to Deacon. “When I was trying to get out of field work, switch to a desk job. They tried to put me here.” He lets out a noise that might’ve started life as a laugh. “They tried to bury me here.” 
Deacon swallows. The elevator hums. “What is this place?” 
“It’s a Listening Post. They’d keep a man or two here to tap into enemy radio frequencies, listen for anything useful.” Anthony turns a little, back toward the doors. It’s too dim to see his expression, but the glow of the elevator buttons catches oddly on his glasses. “That’s what it said on the tin. But the brass all knew, there wasn’t anything to hear. This was where they dumped the people they couldn’t find a reason to discharge. The people they wanted to get rid of.” 
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phlebaswrites · 13 hours ago
Six Sentence Sunday
Tumblr media
Whoops, forgot to do this yesterday so I’ll do it now - I’m sure it’s still Sunday somewhere in the world, so I hope it counts!
This is from Fire Flowers, the story of Akahana, daughter of Izuna. It's a little bit more than six sentences, just to get to the end of the paragraph.
Haruto knows he's in trouble.
Really, sending a team of ten just to chase them off is far too much, and it was an officially sanctioned escort mission too! He has no idea why his client was attacked by shinobi from Suna, but they've been forced to retreat all the way back into Hi no Kuni.
He's going to have to mention this to T&I.
Suna is not exactly peaceable, but they don't launch all out attacks like this without reason. They don't have a treaty with Konoha, but they're usually the kind to just nod and move along when their teams encounter each other. In addition, everyone is stepping carefully in an attempt not to antagonise anyone while Harris is stuck in Edo trying to negotiate his audience with the emperor, and Kitiara-chan is busy pulling strings with the other ambassadors in Kyoto.
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swtorpadawan · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I was tagged by @a-muirehen​ , thanks!
Corellan Halcyon started to rise from his bed, his ‘inner alarm clock’ having gone off that it was time to prepare for another day as Commander of the Eternal Alliance…
Only to find strong but feminine arms grasping him from behind in a vice grip.
“Stay.” a half-asleep voice muttered.
Corellan sighed.
“I recall you agreed that we’d both keep up with work.” He made no attempt to struggle free from her grasp.
A groan barely recognizable as human emanated from behind him, as a head of red hair bopped up, glancing over at the chrono on the nearby table.
“You have ten minutes until the alarm goes off.” Kira Carsen grumbled, continuing to hold him even as she burrowed herself back into the blankets.  
Tagging - @sebachemu , @kartaylirsden , @shipping1addict and @dvrthncx ! No pressure!
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bloodiedpixie · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thank you for tagging me @xivz!!!
My snip is from a one shot I need to get finished before AWTWB comes out because it's about Baz and Simon back in their old room and they talk their feelings out, enjoy!
Tumblr media
I hope all is to everyone's likings lol
I'm no pressure tagging: @palimpsessed @caitybuglove23 @wetheformidables @trenchcoat-moth @snowybank @foolofabookwyrm @peachpit-gabe @annabellelux @ninemagicks @nightimedreamersworld @nick-eyre @stardustasincocaine
Absolutely no pressure but I love all your guy's works!!
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lizwontcry · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Y’all I’ve been writing this thing forever and will continue to do so but sometimes I just wanna share what I have so far - 
Walt sighs. He shuffles some papers on his desk because he doesn’t know what else to do. He knows Jesse well enough to realize he’s not going to give up that easily. So he says, “Pinkman, get in here.”
Jesse rushes in and sits down across from him, just as Walt knew he would.
“Look, Coach White, I didn’t do it, you know I didn’t do it, and I think I deserve some respect here.”
Walt scoffs. ”Respect? Are you kidding me? Respect is earned. I will allow you to be on this team as it appears I have no choice, but you have to work, Jesse. I’m not kidding. We’re going to be in that damn Bubble for nearly 4 months if everything goes as planned. If I see you even so much as take an Advil, I will kick your ass right out of Orlando as fast as I can. Do you understand me?”
“Yo, I get it, Coach White. I just… don’t think it’s fair,” Jesse says, pouting in that immature way Walt has not missed.
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curiousartemis · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tagged by @musetta3 Thank you so much, and so good to hear from you again!!!! 💗💗
“Is he going tonight? With you?”
I nodded, and her face lit up like faerie lights.
“How exciting!” she said, rising to her feet and even hurrying over to take my hands in hers.
For a second, we both stared at one another, her, bright and shining with excitement, me, flustered and confused. Then she started again and quickly withdrew her hands, blushing.
D... date?? 😤😤😤 Go, Imi, go!!!
Tagging: @tishinada @the-mushroom-queen-writes @maraleestuff @alxxiis @tallmatcha @translimen @silvanils @actualanxiousswampwitch and anyone else who has something to share!!!
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andrastesknickerweasel · 14 hours ago
Six Sentence Sunday
I was tagged by @barbex ! Thank you! I’ll get on that ask you tagged me in as well once I stop being distracted by work and Mass Effect 😅 Anyway when not overtaken by either of the aforementioned distractions, I’ve been chipping away at my obligatory Fenders a/b/o offering. It’s coming along, but only about 30% finished because I keep adding stuff to it. Here’s a snippet (technically 7 sentences) from one of the few more or less finished scenes, exposition disguised as an embarrassing conversation between Anders and Merrill.
“Mating urge? Oh for fuck’s sake. If anyone is stupid it’s Varric for filling people’s heads with that nonsense!”
“But that’s what all the dirty stories say, not just Varric’s! The omega goes into heat and the alpha can’t control his desire and the omega gets wet, you know, down there, and he begs the alpha to… you know… and they bite each other for some reason and they get tied together, though they never really mention any rope…”
Anders didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or be vaguely disturbed at the sheer volume of erotic novels Merrill seemed to consume. Either way, her halting description of his supposed sex life as an omega was something he could never unhear.
Look forward to it guys, it’s gonna be silly 😉
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agirlnamedkeith · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
"I have a bad feeling about this," she murmurs.
He tightens his arm around her back, pulling her more firmly into his side. "It sounds like it's standard repairs. You could do it in your sleep."
"It's never standard with us." She sighs, pushing up and hovering over Jack, taking a long look at his face. She can't help smiling at the impressions on his cheek from the pillowcase, the heavy-lidded with sleep way he's blinking at her. She kisses him, slow and deep, uncaring of the stale morning breath shared between them.
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