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Billy (viliain) x Female reader (cop)


Prologue/Chapter 1 - CHAPTER 2 - CHAPTER 3 - CHAPTER 4 - CHAPTER 5 - CHAPTER 6 -  CHAPTER 7 - CHAPTER 8 - CHAPTER 9:  But mama I’m in love with a criminal

SUMMARY: You always wanted to become a police officer. And you became one of them, brilliantly and they offered you your first case. “The Ghosts” case. The case of fleeting people and one sneaky bastard parkouring around the town to annoy you. You swore to yourself to catch him them. 

WORDS: 1.6k

NOTE: Okay, this was a hectic week by any means, I came back home, I had my 21st birthday and now we’re starting a revolution in the world, this week was a long one. So as I said, I’m only updating today, I hope you’ll enjoy the update! 💕

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here for you | four x reader


A/N: here you go anon, the long awaited! :D i havent posted in 728337824738 years so :’) i also loved ben in 6D!! i hope you like this! <3


P.S: you’ll be called “seven” here hehe

WARNING/S: swearing as always, spoilers, death



Originally posted by eizagonzalezed

your brother’s death had you devastated.

after his passing, you had to act normal. no one knows about it, except billy, aka four.

THE DAY SIX DIED (pretty sure you know what happened)

“holy fuck.” you muttered.

“go, go, go!” one demanded, getting out of the car. you stared at six, your brother, feeling tears welling up your eyes as two pulled you out of the car.

“seven, we have to go.” she told you sadly, five looking at you in confusion as to why you looked like you were about to cry at any minute. you nodded slowly, walking to the truck with the rest of the team.

you passed by four, who looked at you with worried eyes. “where’s-“ then he saw your brother’s lifeless body. you frowned deeply, continuing to walk with two and five to the truck.


“(y/n)?” four called out your name, and you immediately wiped off your tears.

“h-huh- billy!” you forcibly smiled, and he looked at you with a worried expression plastered on his face. great. the blonde found you at the back of the boat, crying your eyes out. “hey.”

“you’re crying…”

“no shit.” you sighed, moving to give him some space to sit. he sat beside you with a sad look. “my brother’s gone, billy. and i didn’t even do something. i was at the backseat with two and five cursing my ass out and all of a sudden he died.”

“shh, it’s not your fault. it was unexpected.”

“and… i couldn’t dump him into the fucking ocean with you guys because-“ you stopped mid-sentence, covering your face with your hands as you felt tears filling up your eyes.

“hey, it’s alright.” he puts an arm around your shoulders, and you leaned against him as you sobbed.

“it fucking hurts, billy.”

“i know, i know. i know how much you love him. he’ll be always proud of you.” he stated, patting your back gently. you didn’t say anything as you just stared into the ocean. “and (y/n), know that i’m always here for you no matter what. i know that sounds cliché but i mean it.”

you raised your head and looked into his eyes. “you do?”

“‘course i do. with all my heart.”

you flashed him a small smile, putting your head on his shoulder. “thanks, billy.”

“always.” he muttered, kissing your forehead.

billy was the only one who knew about how six is your brother, and he was the only one who knew your real name. after that, he stayed by your side in every mission, and comforted you through rough times.

it’s quite short but yeah 🥺👉👈 i couldn’t write how six died bc it’s just- i didn’t know how to describe it. it just has alot of blood. but it was sad T-T (plus i wrote this at 3 in the morning pls bear w me)

tag list: @stardust-killer-queen [msg me so i can add you to my tag list <3]

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Billy (viliain) x Female reader (cop)


Prologue/Chapter 1 - CHAPTER 2 - CHAPTER 3 - CHAPTER 4 - CHAPTER 5 - CHAPTER 6 -  CHAPTER 7 - CHAPTER 8:  And even I know this ain’t smart - CHAPTER 9

SUMMARY: You always wanted to become a police officer. And you became one of them, brilliantly and they offered you your first case. “The Ghosts” case. The case of fleeting people and one sneaky bastard parkouring around the town to annoy you. You swore to yourself to catch him them. 

WORDS: 1.9k

NOTE: An we’re back on a Friday schedule, yay! A strange week, abut here we are with a week-end and another week which will hopefully be a good one! I hope you’ll like this update!!! 💕

TAGLIST: @onceuponadetectivedemigod​ @natsficrecs​ @suckerfor-fanfics​(leave a comment to be a part of it!)
PERMANENT TAGLIST @suckerfor-fanfics​ (leave a comment to be a part of it!)

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I Have Loved You Since We Were Eighteen… [Blurb]


5. Look at me love please 15. Smile for me, please & I just want to feel pretty

Note: Long time to complete this, I’m really sorry! I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling better and I hope this will make you feel good too! 💕 (AAAAAH THANK YOU THANK YOU I’M SO SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE IT!!!)


On some days, just like this one, you knew that you wouldn’t feel alright. That trying to think about everything positive in your life was impossible, and that laying in bed while looking at the ceiling would be the best answer to any problem you had. You were sad, and nothing could make you feel better. Well, at least you thought that nothing would and that you would never feel better about yourself, about you and your self-doubts.

But Billy knew you too well to let that sink in. Billy and his adorable smile, shining like the sun above the sky full of clouds. Billy knew too well how to make you feel better, and howto show you how much he loved you since that infamous day. And he would pull out that card everytime he could, in front of everyone ready to listen to him bragging about this, and you would chuckle as he would tell your tale, and during the rainy days he would seize this chance to make you feel better.

And he came in, his hoodie on after a long day of work with his team, saving the world. But he always told you that his biggest mission was to save you, you were his world. And this was partially why he refused to die alone, as the other ones, and asked you if you would accept this, for him and for what he believed would be right. And he let you choose, he told you that was your choice: you could either die with him, or stay like this, with him working as he used to. And what you wouldn’t do for love, and for the adrenaline’s sake. And you loved him too much to let him go, and he loved you too much to leave you. So you became their eyes, being Four Point Five.

And during some days, you were sad, on the couch as you watched the tv waiting for Four to come back home from saving the world. He would come up to you, kissing your forehead and usually you would smile, but on that night you couldn’t smile. You simply hummed, and he caught that.

“Love?” His tone was concerned, but you refused to look up, feeling the tears coming right into your eyes. “Look at me love, please,” he asked you again, and this time you looked up, your eyes glistening and your head already hurting.

“What,” you asked, in an almost extinguished voice as he went around the couch and sat on the ground in front of you, his legs crossed as a child, and his eyes caring.

“I want to know who did that to you and how I can make you feel better love, it’s all I want.” His voice was soothing, as he put his head on the little space on the couch, his face so closeto yours, almost kissing you.

“It’s… I just want to feel pretty Billy,” you whispered. “I know you’ll tell me that you find me pretty, but I just feel that I’m not… And…”

“Love, do I need to use my secret weapon?” He asked you, looking right into your eyes as you closed them. He blinked a few times, his lashes brushing against your cheeks. “I do need to use my secret weapon then.”

You opened your eyes, looking at him, pouting already as he took a deep breath.

“So, I have loved you since we were eighteen,” he started and you rolled your eyes.

“Stop it already,” you said but he didn’t take into account your complaints and continued.

“I met a girl when I was at university, she was a cheerleader for our parkour competitions, and for every athletic competition in general, and she had beautiful eyes. Ans she still had these beautiful soulful eyes that are closed right now because she doesn’t want to listen to me,” he teased you and you only shook your head and opened one eye. “Great, what a beautiful eye,” he commented happily.

“You’re really unbelievable,” you sighed.

“And, well, this was my first year and hers too, so I decided to ask her on a date, because you know, it’s what teenagers do,” he stated and you opened both eyes.

“We’re only twenty-five, we’re not that old,” you complained.

“Will you let me finish my story or not?” You pouted. “So, I was saying, a date. So, I took her on a date and that was absolutely awful. I planned a picnic, but it was raining and we were sitting on a bus stop together because I had no money so I had no car, all wet from the pouring rain, and I was certain that she would never talk to me again. But she smiled, smile for me, love, please,” he asked you and you rose your eyebrows. “Pleaase…”

“Fine,” you said after rolling your eyes. And you smiled, and his eyes lighted up and he kissed your nose right after.

“So, the most beautiful smile and the most radiant laugh right in front of me, and she’s so beautiful with her hair all wet and her smile so bright and I can’t stop looking at her because I know that I want her to be mine forever. And then, she asks me for a sandwich and breaks the whole mood because she’s hungry,” he complained and you sat up as he looked at you with a smile.

“I was hungry, I was all wet from the rain and you had food, I had to ask you for these sandwiches man! And I had to tell you something otherwise I would have combusted right there, even in the pouring rain because I found you extremely attractive like this with this concerned look!”

“So you’re implying that I was cute,” he asked you with a grin and you blushed. “After all these years I’m making you blush by only telling you that you find me cute, and that it’s pretty and pretty adorable I have to say,” he said, both his hands on his knees while you sat on the couch.

“You’re the worst,” you told him, already forgetting about how you felt and he sat next to you, taking you into his arms.

“Yeah, I love you too, my pretty queen.”

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Billy (viliain) x Female reader (cop)


Prologue/Chapter 1 - CHAPTER 2 - CHAPTER 3 - CHAPTER 4 - CHAPTER 5 - CHAPTER 6 -  CHAPTER 7:  He is a bad boy with a tainted heart -  CHAPTER 8

SUMMARY: You always wanted to become a police officer. And you became one of them, brilliantly and they offered you your first case. “The Ghosts” case. The case of fleeting people and one sneaky bastard parkouring around the town to annoy you. You swore to yourself to catch him them.

WORDS: 1.7k

NOTE: Am I updating this on Thursday? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Did I began to write again? Probably yes. I hope you’ll like it!!! 💕

TAGLIST: @onceuponadetectivedemigod@natsficrecs@suckerfor-fanfics​(leave a comment to be a part of it!)
PERMANENT TAGLIST @suckerfor-fanfics​ (leave a comment to be a part of it!)

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I’ll try to be diverse lmao. List will be from favorite to least favorite + I’ll put the movie/show/general fandom they’re in behind their names. Organization on this blog? More likely than you think!

1: Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Marvel). I’m already living up to dumbfuck’s expectations. If you follow my main blog or just know me in general then you might’ve seen this coming. Johnny is like a big brother figure to me and I love him to death. He’s my favorite superhero in general.

2: Darth Maul (Star Wars). Tbh I don’t know why I love him so much, but Maul has always been one of my favorite SW villains. He’s powerful, he’s complex, and he’s a badass. I loved him in the prequels and I love him in the Clone Wars as well.

3: Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (Marvel). Once again, dumbfuck probably saw this coming. I simp SO hard for Kurt it’s insane. But overall he’s a really underappreciated character (maybe not by the fandom, but by the comic writers and whoever screwed him over in the movies). He’s a great complex character and I love him.

4: Thorn (The Inheritance Cycle). TIC is a fantasy book series focused mostly on dragons. And (surprise!) Thorn is a dragon. He’s also one of the more minor characters in the series, so I couldn’t tell you how I became so attached to him. But every time he was mentioned or described I was immediately like “oh! my boy is here!”. And he was always described so beautifully it amazed me. Love him.

5: Four (Six Underground). I highly recommend watching Six Underground if you have Netflix and can deal with violence and stuff. That movie slapped. Four was definitely one of my favorite characters just because of like small details about him I guess? Idk I just thought he was cool and he’s my favorite from that movie.

THERE boom that was a lot more diverse than I originally planned so I’m proud of myself.

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| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Pairing: Four X Reader

Angst or Fluff? It’s a mix: kind of like fluff with a heavy undertone of angst

Warnings: Spoilers for 6 Underground, mentions of hydrogen peroxide, mentions of a wound, mentions of death, dumping Six’s body, One being a hardass, champagne, cursing

Word Count: 1.9k

Summary: Zero knows she’s not supposed to get close to the ghosts since their line of work is so dangerous, but she can’t help but fall in love with one of them. Being “Zero” means the ghosts are her top priority. But when she almost dies putting them first, a certain blond wants her to rearrange those priorities.

[A/N]: I was literally overwhelmed by the amount of feedback on Part 1, I literally love you all!! This is basically me giving you guys closure from the last part. The next part is gonna have a shit ton more action and is hopefully going to end with fluff. Enjoy, lovelies!


Originally posted by dawn-quijote

“You two are fucking impossible!” Your eyes fly open to One yelling at someone but you don’t dare move, taking in your surroundings. 

You were resting your head on someone’s lap and they were gently running a hand through your hair. Four. You’d know those hands anywhere. You’re on your left side in the backseat of what should be the car you, Four, and Three had arrived at the garage in. The rest of your body is on another lap, no, two more laps. One was in the passenger’s and judging from the height and stature of the driver, it was Three. Which meant Five and Two were in the back with you and Four. Six always refused to sit in the backseat. Oh god. Six. You nearly throw up at the thought of him being in the trunk, zipped up in a bag.

“One, you’ll wake her up—”

“What’s the first rule about being a ghost?” He asks Four, ignoring his concern towards you. “Don’t get attached. What did you idiots do? Get attached!” Fuck One, keep it down. Your leg is still stinging from all the peroxide and something is binding it, but it hasn’t been stitched.

“We’re not attached!” Four’s voice falters, and you’re pretty sure everyone hears it.

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I know not many people are going to see this, but oh well, I’m going to start writing one shots on here, soon I’ll post a prompt list that people can request from.

I’m writing one shots for:


- Eric Coulter

- Tobais Eaton

- Peter Hayes


- Billy/4

- One

- Six


- Eggsy Unwin

- Harry Hart

- Merlin


- Ben Hardy

- Colin Firth

- Gwilym Lee

- Harry Styles

- Jai Courtney

- Joseph Mazzello

- Mark Strong

- Richard Madden

- Shawn Mendes

- Taron Egerton

- Theo James

I may still write requests for other celebrities if requested. When sending in a request please make sure it’s clear whether you want one based on the movies or the actors in real life.

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Billy (viliain) x Female reader (cop)


Prologue/Chapter 1 - CHAPTER 2 - CHAPTER 3 - CHAPTER 4 - CHAPTER 5:   I know you told me I should stay away CHAPTER 6

SUMMARY: You always wanted to become a police officer. And you became one of them, brilliantly and they offered you your first case. “The Ghosts” case. The case of fleeting people and one sneaky bastard parkouring around the town to annoy you. You swore to yourself to catch him them.

WORDS: 2.3 k

NOTE: Chapter 5, yay! I know, it was supposed to be published yesterday but… Well, me? Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it! 💕
Update: I had to reupload this again because it wasn’t showing up in the tags, it’s a thing that happens A LOT to me and it’s fecking frustrating so yeah…

TAGLIST: @onceuponadetectivedemigod@natsficrecs@suckerfor-fanfics​(leave a comment to be a part of it!)
PERMANENT TAGLIST @suckerfor-fanfics​ (leave a comment to be a part of it!)

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In addition to my last post, are all of the targets someone One has met with or seen the horrors they’ve caused.

Or was Rovach first mission just because One HAD seen what he’d done.

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| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Pairing: Four X Reader

Angst or Fluff? Apparently the only thing I know how to write is angst

Warnings: Spoilers for 6 Underground, basically everything related to getting a deep gash in your leg (blood, blood loss, description of wound, collapsing), a ton of cursing, Six’s death in detail, hydrogen peroxide on an open wound, mentions of stitches, passing out, lots and lots of pain :(

WC: 2.1k

Summary: Zero knows she’s not supposed to get close to the ghosts since their line of work is so dangerous, but she can’t help but fall in love with one of them. Being “Zero” means the ghosts are her top priority. But when she almost dies putting them first, a certain blond wants her to rearrange those priorities.

[A/N]: The medical in this should be more legit than made up but it’s called fanfiction for a reason also I rewrote the truck that Four and Three were in during Florence to be a black 5 seater with a trunk kind of like this one anyway enjoy this :)


Originally posted by joemazzhello

“That was… a shitshow,” you declare as Three pulls into the parking garage. Four just nods, resting his head against the window. You wince, trying to ignore the pulsing in your outer thigh. Looking down at your right leg, you hold back a groan as you see the pink flesh overlaid with a darker red that had soaked your black leggings. The wound had to be at least an inch deep. You had attained it from skywalking with Four but tolerated it as you ran; you didn’t want to slow him down or alarm the rest of the team. Five already had to worry about Two and you’re not sure who else; comms had gone dark after both cars had lost their trails so communication wouldn’t be intercepted. Plus, you had decided to go out in the field with Four instead of hacking or driving, like your usual roles. Big mistake, your throbbing gash reminds you. You shake your head to rid your vision of dark spots and wipe away the sweat on your forehead with the front of your cut out tank top.

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Originally posted by mrbenhardys

So I found this in my drafts. Posting it out here to see if anyone would like to see this continued? Please let me know!

(Original idea was about Four getting anxiety and panic attacks when ambushed or in fights etc… But can change if any of you guys have a better idea which is very likely)

It was the prickling on the back of his neck that had Four contemplating his current situation. In theory, he was safe, probably the safest he had been in a while seeming as usually he was leaping from the top of a very tall building to another equally taller building, yet as Seven threw another punch, Fours heart leapt into his throat as he staggered backwards, a weak defence held in front of his face. 

They were sparring, getting a bit of a warm up before the next mission. It was not going to be anywhere near as dangerous as the one they’d just finished, but One had decided that they needed to get back out there and at least stop a drug ring which was using children as the runners. And anyway, Four needed to be back at his best, now that his arm was fully healed. So, he shook his head briefly, cursing under his breath before he box stepped once, twice, before throwing a punch. He followed with another, aimed lower, and he grinned as he hit Seven’s stomach. They had minimum body armour on, enough to avoid hurting too much and their hands were wrapped to soften the impact, but still, Blaine gritted his teeth. 

Amelia stood to the side lines and waved off the pained groan coming from Billys opponent as she chewed on another orange segment. The sparring ring was in the middle of a few shipping crates,  with some big rocks they found marking the four corners. If it got too much, they could just step out of the ring and call a time-out. Usually, the rest of the ghosts would jeer and heckle but in a joking way, slowly learning to accept each other’s boundaries. Camillie and Javier were sitting on some of the old plane seats they’d dragged out to watch the show, and Javier was now cheering for Billy, Camillie backing Blaine. One was somewhere further back, deciding the heat was too much and using the shade as a brief relief. But behind his sunglasses, he was observing both of their movements. 

One let a few more punches be thrown, winced when Seven caught Four on the jaw, but decided to call for it to come to a stop when Four went the defensive route, holding up his arms as he used his quick feet to try and avoid the well aimed punches.

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Hi lovely people!

Wow, I have been quite inspired lately so here is a new imagine whit Billy/Four. This time, I really wanted to do something soft and vulnerable. I really love how it turns out and I hope you will love it too! 

The song is “All is found” from Frozen II, sing by Evan Rachel Wood.


You watched the silver gleam of the moon hitting the floor of your trailer. Your gaze lingered on the new shadows it created. 

Everything felt whimsical and yet, you felt uneasy. Your latest mission was a fiasco and it shocked everyone in the team. If you weren’t hurt too badly, you couldn’t forget what you had witness. Four being nearly roughed up to death, his screams ringed inside your ears, your lungs burning as you ran to him, his body staying limply on the floor.  

You rolled on your back with a shaky breath and turned on the light string, that hanged on the wall behind your bed. You sat slowly and wiped the few tears that have escape. 

You knew for a long time that you had feelings for the blonde. It was pointless to deny it and lied to yourself. You know that you shouldn’t bound but One could go to hell with his concept of team. This team was your family and Billy, well he was special to you. You sighed and stood up to retrieve your bottle of water, when a knocking on the door startled you. 

You opened the door, and the cool breeze glided on your bare skin. You were met with Billy’s figure standing at your front door. Your heart sank a little when you saw the bruises and the dark circles around his mesmerizing eyes. You guessed the mark around his neck even if they were hide by his shirt.  

“Hi y/n.” He said quietly with a soft smile. “I was walking around when I saw the light from you trailer and…” He hesitated for a moment, chewing on his lower lips. “I just…” He shrugged his shoulder. 

“I don’t want to be alone either Billy”. You smiled tiredly as you let him come inside. “I am glad to have your company”. 

Relief flowed through in his eyes and he entered your trailer. He took a moment to observe your environment and, suddenly you felt very bare in front of him. He was in your intimacy, but it doesn’t feel bad or forced. It felt new and incredibly right. He moved over the shelves where your books were and ran his fingers on them.  

“Have you read all of those?”. He asked while glancing at you.

You held his gaze for a few second before turning your attention on your books. The way he sometimes looked at you made your heartbeat to fast. 

“Well yes.” You smiled with a little bit of pride. “I even reread a few of them”.    

“You look tired y/n.” He said as his hand came to push a strand of your hair away from your face. “Did you sleep?” 

 His gesture was so caring and, yet so natural, that you felt your heart vibrated with love. You leaned a bit in his touch. “I should be the one asking you that Billy.”

 “Tell me who was the one who took them all down?” His tone was playful, but you knew it was a facade. 

 “Three said it was some kind of demonio”. You said as you walked back towards your bed. “One said it was hysteria”. You sat on your bed and tapped down the mattress next to you.

 “And what are you thought?” He said as he sat next to you. 

 You watched the top of hands. Your eyes followed the bruises and cut that ran on your knuckles. “I saw someone I care for, lying on the floor. I… I just reacted and the next thing I knew I was at your side. Covered in blood that wasn’t mine.” 

  His hand came onto yours, covering it nearly totally. He ran his thumb slowly over your knuckles. “I saw an angel.” He said quietly. “An angel that saves my life.” 

 “I am not sure angels are supposed to kill people Billy.” You said with a small smile at your lips. 

 His eyes met yours and this time you held his gaze steadily. Fire spread on cheeks as your heart sang with love, and suddenly all you wanted was to hug him.

 “I don’t care. You are my angel.” His voice was soft, but you could see the fatigue on his features. “Don’t say it y/n… I know I should sleep, but I can’t.” 

 He didn’t have to continue. You could guess what was haunting him every time he closed his eyes. Memories running wild behind his eyelids, the feeling of being frozen in place when all you wanted to do was to run away. 

 “Maybe we can help each other to sleep.” You lied down on your bed. Your back against the mattress and you opened your arm. “I mean… We can comfort each other. Being the presence that keep the other at bay.” 

 Billy’s cheeks turned slightly pink and, for a moment, you couldn’t remember how to breath. 

He lied down next to you, and then he came into your arms. His head rested on your chest as his arms wrapped around your waist. Your whole body lighted up with an electric sensation and your heart sang in joy. 

For a moment silence filled the space and you noticed wet drops falling your shirt. Your hands went on his back, and you let your fingers traced pattern on it. His breathing was irregular, and you guessed that he was battling to keep his mind quiet. He needed an anchor, something to hold on. You took a quiet breath and started to sing quietly. 

Where the northwind meets the sea, there’s a river full of memory. Sleep, my darling, safe and sound. For in this river all is found.” Your voice wavered a bit, but Billy’s breathing started to slow, and it gave you a bit of confidence.

In her waters, deep and true, lay the answers and a path for you. Dive down deep into her sound, but not too far or you’ll be drowned.” The weight of his body helped you to stay grounded, and as you continue to sing, your body relaxed, and sleep wrapped slowly it’s fingers around your mind.

“Where the northwind meets the sea, there’s a river full of memory.” Billy’s breath was even and calm and you smiled to yourself. Before darkness overcame you, you pressed a kiss on the top his head. 

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound.”

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Hi lovely people ! 

I am back with anohter imagine ! The star of this one is Billy aka Four starring in the Netflix movie “ Six Undergound”. 

It’s also the frist time of my life that I have wrote some “action” in english so I hope it’s not too horrible. 

Feel free to let me know what you thought about it ! 

As always, I hoe you enjoy it ! 


“Eight, where are you?”. One voice asked inside your ear. 

You risked a look in the corridor and watched the two men walking towards you with their dogs. 

“Deep shit.”. You answered quickly while trying to find a way out. 

You were trapped. The only way out was behind the two coming guards, the guards weren’t a problem. You could easily handle them but the dogs, well it was another story. 

“What do you mean Eight?”. One was getting nervous and tensed. “Where the fuck are you?” 

You heard the dogs starting to growl and your heart raced inside your chest. Fear and adrenaline rushed through your veins and you held hard on your gun. 

“I fucking mean that je suis dans la merde One.” ( I am in trouble or literally in shit). You finished your sentence in French, your native language “So could you shut your mouth up so I could avoid dying in horrible pain”. 

You watched the shadow of the dogs moved on the floor and focused. You needed to kill them first then the guards. You started to count mentally all the while arming your guns. 3, 2, 1. 

You raised your gun and shot the first the dog in the head. You jumped out of your hiding and slammed yourself in the opposite wall. The guards screamed and the dog barked. Your body was whizzing with adrenaline and you got ready to take down the second dog. 

“Four for Eight, I’m coming to help you”. 

Your heart missed a beat as you heard his voice. 

“No! Don’t come there’s…”. You couldn’t finish your sentence before you heard gunshot in the corridor.  

You moved without thinking. You couldn’t let Four being attacked by the dog while he was trying to help you. You just couldn’t let him die so you jumped in the middle of the corridor, right in front of the dog. 

Bonjour petit chien” (Hello doggy). You said in French to the dog. He started to growl and prepared to jump at your throat. Fear grabbed hold of your heart, but you didn’t show it. “Ready to go for a run?”. Before the dog had the time to jump on you, you turned and ran.  

“Y/N NO!”. You heard Billy screamed at you, but you didn’t stop. 

You could hear the dog’s breath close behind. Too close for your liking but you knew very well that you couldn’t outrun him. Your action was reckless, but love obey to no logical rules. 

Your legs were burning like fire was running in your veins instead of blood. You fell onto the ground as the dog jumped on your back. Your head slammed hard on the floor and the metallic taste of blood filled your mouth. You tried to roll on your side, but you were dizzier than you had thought. Your vision blurred and your stomach lurched. 

“Y/n answer me!”, Billy voice was worried, yet it sounds like satin into your ears. 

Then pain exploded in your left shoulder as the dog’s teeth sank deep into your flesh and bones. You screamed in pure agony as the dog started to shake his head hard. He bite on and on and you answered each new bite with a scream. You heard a gunshot and the dog fell on the floor; his mouth opened and the pain in your shoulder eased a bit. Your breathing was chaotic, and your mind was losing grasp of the reality.  

“Shit y/n why have done this?”. Crisp blue eyes filled your vision and you smiled. “Fuck y/n… Why are you smiling?”

“Because you are here.”. You answered as you watched every features of his face. “And I did this because I couldn’t let you get hurt.”  

You saw Billy’s hand moved around you and vaguely noticed that they were cover in blood.  

“Whose blood is this?”. You mumbled quietly. “Are you hurt?”  

He huffed a scoff and sighed. “You are stupid y/n and it’s your blood on my hand.”. His face was worried. “I am going to carry you love.”. You would have blush at the nickname if you were not in such hazy state. “You are going to keep your eyes open for me, right?”  

He slipped one arm under your knees and the other around your waist. He lifted you easily and you let your head fell on his shoulder. You inhaled his scent and it made your head turned, or maybe it was because of all the blood you lost. 

“Talk to me love.” His voice was tensed. “Say something anything even in French but talk to me.”  

You battled to keep your eyes open. His scent, his arms around you and his comforting presence were lulling you to sleep. His word finally made their ways to your clouded brain.  

“I should get hurt more often.”. Your voice was a whisper. “So, you would carry me more and call me sweet nicknames.” You frowned. “But… It would mean nothing at least not to you.”.  

Your last sentence break your heart and you let your eyes closed. Darkness surrounded you but your heart was still hurting you. 

L’amour est injuste…”(love is unfair). You said as you started to lost consciousness. The fear of dying wrapped its fingers around heart and tears ran down your cheeks. “Billy… I… If I die just know…” 

“You will not die!”. He said but you could hear the panic inside his voice. “It means something for me y/n. You mean a hell lot for me.”. He was breathless. “Please don’t die y/n.” 

Deep in the dark you held onto his words. They were your anchor on life but for now you couldn’t fight the darkness drowning your mind.  

Je t’aime Billy.”. You were not sure if you really said the word or if it was just inside your mind, but you felt more at peace. 

“I love you to y/n”. He said. “I will be here when you wake up, because you will wake up and then I will take on a fucking fancy date.”

In the darkness, your heart filled with warmth and you knew that your eyes would open again. 

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