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#sixth tone
fyeahcindie · 2 months ago
Fascinating article/interview by Yuan Ye for Sixth Tone about the band 五條人 Wu Tiao Ren =D
They are probably unfamiliar to most of our recent followers, but we have featured them twice: five years ago HERE, and 10 years ago OVER HERE. They sing in Mandarin and in the local Min dialect - the 2 guys that started the band are from Haifeng in Guangdong Province (the band is based in Guangzhou).
仁科 Xu Renke-Accordion/Elec. Gtr/Voc, 茂濤 Hu Maotao ‘Ah Mao’-Acoustic Gtr/Voc, w/ 何俊霓-Bass, 苗长江/苗長江-Drums
The 'stunt' referred to in the link above was when they snuck in a song in their local dialect instead of the Mandarin song they had rehearsed for their first appearance on The Big Band 乐队的夏天2. They were voted off the show, but brought back a few weeks later by popular demand. Not sure if this was the performance in question, but the hosts have surprised looks on their faces as the singing begins:
This tune they performed with a horn section, and Renke switched from accordion to rocking out on electric guitar:
In The Big Band season 2 wiki, you see they finished 2nd overall, with Re-TROS 重塑雕像的权利 (Rebuilding the Rights of Statues) winning the 2020 season.
五條人 Wu Tiao Ren links: Facebook, Douban, Instagram, Spotify
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wanderingbandurria · 8 months ago
HI! So - this is for @violentthunder​, who sent me/rec’ed/prompted There Is a Light That Never Goes Out from the Smiths for my little game of songs with V - basically, send me songs that have a word that starts with V in the title. This song doesn’t xD but I’ll allow it because it’s SUCH a Sirius Black Song, that damn.
So - okay. I know the evident route was angst about Sirius in Grimmauld but I took a bit of a detour. The song makes me think of long, long car trips and I went with that - hopefully you’ll like it??? It still has a bit of Angst there for us because... the song, damn.
All my love here for @bubbebruja​ who helped me with the grammar!!!! Your comments were soooo nice <3333 thank you thank you thank youuuu
Okay so, about the content - there’s smoking here, references to sex, aaand... some illegal activities, you could say? Mild angst since this is within the canonverse/MWPP Era (we could call this a sort-of missing scene? yes?) in some points but I promise you a happy ending, loves! Oh, also there’s like this tiny, tiny metaphor that refers to suicide - but there’s no suicide ideation or thoughts or nothing! it’s just an "artistic” reference/joke... but yeah, please be safe if it triggers you.
Oh also here you have a moodboard too bc I had a bit of time as I waited for my beta and well, decided to put the picture that I had as inspo for it in a better place. IDK (:
Tumblr media
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
“Drive, drive, drive!” Sirius yells, bright-eyed and laughing, as he opens the door of the car, casts a spell over his shoulder and throws his bag onto the backseat before closing the passenger door.
Remus doesn’t need to be told twice - he hits the gas and grabs the wheel, his fingers pale as he fumbles with the gear lever. By his side, Sirius lowers the window and starts throwing spell after spell back towards the house, even though Remus doesn’t see anyone. He guesses the whole display of magic is not necessary, but hey, you won’t see him complaining about extra measures. Not when it comes to people like the Blacks.
Blood pumps furiously through Remus’ body as the car picks up speed on the dirt road, leaving yellow clouds of dust behind them. He can almost feel his dilated pupils and the roar of adrenaline in his ears. He’s so high on the moment that he thinks he would be able to sense a car chasing them miles and miles before seeing it in the rear-view mirror.
Not that any car is going to follow them. Not that the Blacks own anything Muggle. And based on what Sirius said when planning this hit, none of them should have been in the summer house that Sirius just stripped of some quality magical objects, Moony, that they absolutely don’t deserve.
He’s not sure how long it goes before he realizes he’s smiling without meaning to, as he hums some tune that he doesn’t remember where he heard. Both his hands are on the steering wheel, fingertips tapping fast to the rhythm of a song he can’t pinpoint. The afternoon sun makes half his face and his right arm feel feverish, and his right eye waters from the brightness. When he looks at the passenger seat, Sirius is looking back at him with a big smile, his cheek against the headrest and his hair plastered to his sweaty skin. His feet are up on the dashboard and his fingers drum his knee with the same rhythm that Remus’ is humming. 
Remus wants to kiss him, to stop the fucking car and kiss him; he wants to climb on his lap, and kiss him short and dry, and then slow and dizzying, and then kiss him some more, but that’s not how this thing between them works. Sirius is the one that comes to him, Sirius is the one that climbs into his bed at night, and then loses interest for a couple of weeks; Sirius is the one that asks him to go for a fag so they can end up pressed against a tree in the backyard of the Potters’, panting and laughing, before heading back to the house and acting like nothing happened. Sirius is the one that apparates outside his home in the middle of the night to throw rocks at his window and make Remus’ heart beat like crazy and then graze their fingers together while they sit awkwardly side by side on Remus’ bed after a hushed fumble because my parents are right across the hall, Sirius, shut the fuck up, please.
Sirius is not the one with the wildest plans and adventures out of the four of them, and he is the one that decided he wanted Remus to plan this particular hit - because he’s the only one that drives and had a car he could borrow, he repeats to himself, to try to stop his mind reeling with idiotic ideas; and Sirius wanted a car because he knew that, in case we were followed, his family would actually have more trouble with a Muggle car than with brooms.
And still… well, Sirius was the one that asked Remus to go with him to the Black’s old countryside house, just a couple of hours away from Remus’ home, to retrieve some magical objects. He’s the one that made Remus wait for him as his getaway car, without telling James or Peter, because just you and me this time, Moony, what do you say?
And of course Remus had said yes.
“All good?” Remus asks Sirius, turning his eyes back to the road.
“Peachy,” Sirius answers happily, although Remus cannot tell if it’s because of the adrenaline or genuine emotion. Sirius is so fucking good at concealing. “Want a fag?” he asks then, already with two cigarettes playing between his fingers, so Remus just nods and watches out of the corner of his eye as Sirius lights them together in his mouth before putting one between Remus’ lips.
They smoke in silence as Remus keeps driving. Remus decides to turn on the radio. Sirius turns around to pull objects out of his bag and explains to Remus what they do or mean, what use he wants to give them. Remus can feel the changes of tone, from nostalgic happiness when an object makes Sirius think of Regulus, to anger when he implies one was used to hurt people, to hidden pain and misery when he talks about his parents. 
Remus lets himself relax, even if they are moving into topics they usually don’t talk about together - not just the two of them. Still, Remus feels that Sirius needs to say these things more than he needs any response, so he just falls into step, laughing when he’s expected, joking back when he remembers to do it, humming thoughtfully or furrowing his bows when he doesn’t know what to say. The adrenaline is still thrumming through his veins, but if twenty minutes ago his thoughts felt close to the surface, non-existent, just an echo of actions, movement sun-in-my-eyes-drive-drive-drive, now they feel like a buzz, an almost-there buzz, that has barely a form, but a form nonetheless.
They move from side road to side road, following a pre-established escape route through areas Remus has never been before. It'll take them almost three extra hours to get to Remus' home, but better safe than sorry, he thinks. From there, they’ll be able to Floo to the Potters where they can hide the objects better, given the number of magical protections in the house. Remus doesn’t care about the extra time - more time with Sirius is always fine. 
He sighs and glances around. The yellow-gold fields, the brown cropped-down areas, and the soft-looking patches of vibrant green make the drive feel like a dream, with a never-changing scenery of just countryside, countryside, countryside, where the two of them fit in like it was meant for them, with his mom’s tiny red car, uncomfortable seats and all, taking them through no-time, no-space, where not even words are needed. 
It’s a bit like a movie, a bit like a dream. It’s a feeling that not even magic can beat, he thinks.
Their cigarettes have long since burnt down, the ashes and stubs in the tray of the car, keeping the ugly smell around. They sat silently while smoking, silently after that, silently as the minutes slide by with just the music between them. It’s alright, things are sometimes like that with them. Remus doesn’t worry as he keeps his eyes firmly on the spindly and curvy road. He’s starting to feel like his body is made of lead, the adrenaline punch wearing off. Sirius seems to be dozing on and off, his face still turned towards Remus.
The light slowly turns orange and blue as the sun starts to set. Remus eyelids are heavy and his body is heavy and soft at the same time. He hums the songs from the radio, and at his side, he hears Sirius sigh.
“Cows,” Sirius says softly all of a sudden, as he quietly sits back up. Remus blinks back at him with a questioning look. “Cows, Moony - right there,” he says, still sounding half asleep and tired.
Remus takes a glance to his right, and indeed, cows. He furrows his brow, trying to understand what this is about.
“I’ve never seen cows up close,” Sirius adds, falling back down into the seat, a small smile on his lips. “Pureblood, remember? We Flooed everywhere, and wherever we went, it was always a wizards’ place. So no cows,” he says, shrugging.
“Oh,” Remus says, and he slowly stops the car. The herd of cows is so big that there are still some close by. One of them, Remus would swear, blinks back at them and seems to be debating if it wants to come closer or not.
Sirius doesn’t get out of the car, but stays sitting, looking at Remus. Remus shuffles in his seat and looks back at him, confused.
“Er. You want to… go see them up close?”
Sirius is looking at him intently, and Remus wants to laugh and frown and ask him what’s going on, but Sirius just shakes his head.
“Nah, not really,” he says, and he wets his lips with the tip of his tongue and Remus can only not think about kissing Sirius for a certain amount of time, with the help of the Gods. It’s not that his embarrassment at how immediate his thoughts go to kissing Sirius matters much though, because Sirius’ eyes spark as they follow Remus’ gaze and in a second, Sirius’ hand is on his neck, gently pulling him in, as he shuffles over the gearstick and handbrake.
Sirius’ breath is deep and fast, his eyes are dark and hard. He looks - he looks like a mystery, like some puzzle that Remus will never fully get. He looks tired and old, and young and happy. He has desire in his eyes and anger and pain under that, and there’s only so much that Remus can take of that.
They kiss sloppily and messily, hungry and desperate, and the break half stabs Remus as he shuffles to try to get closer and he slams his knee against the steering wheel, and it’s perfect, and it’s terrible, like a storm ready to shatter the Earth.
Sirius’ fingers are pushing against Remus’ skull, and his mouth tastes like tobacco and hunger and salt from his sweat, and as he pulls back to look into Remus’ eyes, his other hand grabs Remus’ leg like it’s the last log of a sinking ship. 
“I wish it were always like this,” Sirius says, against his mouth, dark eyes and harsh expression and Remus has never been more lost about what’s going on. The words take a second to sink in and when they do, they sting and push something ugly inside his guts - because Sirius is the one that leaves, Sirius is the one that comes but also the one that goes, Sirius is the one that leaves Remus wanting for always like this, so when Sirius leans back for another kiss, Remus pushes back, grabbing Sirius’ arms with a tight grip. He’s not pushing him away, not yet. Just showing, waiting, threatening.
“What do you mean,” he asks, but it’s harsh and cold and he’s tired after driving for hours in silence, so it comes out bitten down, bitter, desperate, full of longing - fucking pathetic, he thinks.
Sirius frowns but he doesn’t pull away.
“I mean that I want you,” he answers, firm and dry too, his chin raised and his hands still on Remus’ neck and thigh, but not applying any pressure anymore. His eyes move around Remus’ face, up, down, left, right, eyes, mouth, nose, eyes, mouth. His lips get tighter and tighter, forming a blood-drained line, but he doesn’t pull back.
Remus wants to laugh, or cry, or maybe take his wand out and throw Sirius’ bag out of the window and force Sirius out of his car and tell him to fuck off and drive back home to curl into a ball on his bed. Instead, he tightens his grip on Sirius’ arms.
“I don’t know what you mean by that,” he says, and he wants to yell at Sirius when he looks back at him with disbelief, but he’s too tired, too done with all of this, whatever this mess between them is, so he just ignores Sirius and pushes forward: “what I mean is - we are already friends, and we already fuck whenever you want, so - what else is there to want?”
Sirius’ frown gets deeper and deeper as Remus talks, and this time, he does attempt to snatch his hands away. Remus lets him back away. He always lets him, so what’s one more time.
Sirius opens his mouth, but he then closes it. He frowns again, and tilts his head to the side, to push it against the headrest. 
Remus hates himself a bit for loving him so much.
“What I mean is that I love you, Remus,” Sirius says in the end, that frown still on his face. “I thought you knew how I feel about you. I mean I’m in love with you. I thought that asking you to raid my family’s house was a clear enough sign.”
Remus laughs at that - properly laughs. Sirius doesn’t, but there’s a glint in his eyes that tells Remus that he realizes how absurd this all is. Like this day needed to get anymore dream-like, like it needs more movie-like qualities, like it needs to turn into a fucking romantic movie instead of being an action one; or maybe a fucking film noir or some other pretentious genre where he ends up with his heart broken and society shunning him, where at the end maybe the camera zooms onto his face or the scene changes to a train leaving the station before crows start cawing, or a tree with a man hanging from it.
“What - let’s break the law together’ spells ‘oh, by the way, I’m in love with you’, somehow?” he says, air quoting with his fingers as he keeps laughing. 
Sirius grins back at him, nodding.
“I’m sure it does somehow. I think it might also spell something like ‘let’s be together’ and ‘let’s fuck in every corner of Hogwarts’, and ‘move in with me next year’, but I’m sure we can see if the letters fit like that later. Wouldn’t want to put that head of yours in a twist with too many anagrams at once,” he says, with a big smile that Remus knows - he knows. It hides uncertainty and fear and covers them with self-sufficiency and false confidence.
Still, Remus’ head swims with the words, and he can feel his mouth hanging open, but the only thing he can manage to say is “oh.” Sirius’ smile threatens to fall from his face, so Remus shakes his head and rushes, “alright,” he says, and swallows, looking at the hand break, dizzy with emotions and maybe magic and who knows what else. “Yeah, alright. I’m in. Let’s - let’s be together. Let’s - let’s fuck in Hogwarts' corners, and let’s… let’s talk more about all of this later,” he adds in the end, lamely, too scared of even thinking of a life together, made for the two of them - a flat, or a house, maybe even a fucking cat.
When he looks up, Sirius is smiling back at him, no longer against the headrest, but close enough for Remus to just shift his head and kiss him again, sweetly, softly, heavily.
“Backseat?” Sirius mumbles after a bit, his hair mussed and his breathing a mess. Remus nods, just as breathless.
“Backseat,” he says, pulling away to open his door and stumble out of the car.
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ghvstbldarc · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more   information   can   be   found   under   the   cut   .
Tumblr media
much   like   sidney   ,   luke   shows   not   only   the   passage   of   time   but   also   great   lengths   of   character   development   through   his   appearance   in   all   four   films   .    his   growth   in   age   is   not   the   only   thing   physically   presented   here   .   the   steady   ,   sometimes   subtle   changes   to   luke’s   appearance   are   the   strongest   signifier   of   his   growth   as   a   character   as   he   evolves   throughout   the   franchise   .
Tumblr media
at   the   start   of   the   series   ,   lucas’   grief   is   conveyed   heavily   through   his   wardrobe   .   he’s   eighteen   at   this   point   in   time   ,   with   nowhere   to   go   but   downhill   .   he’s   been   spiraling   since   his   mother   died   ,   and   his   wardrobe   ,   especially   when   compared   to   that   of   sidney’s   (  or   any  of   the   main   cast   ,   really   )    shows   this   .
throughout   the   first   film   ,   luke   is   found   strictly   in   dark   neutrals  -  blacks  ,  greys   ,   dark   blue   jean   .    his   signature   staple   wardrobe   pieces   are   leather   jackets    ,   dark   baggy   jeans   ,   oversized   hoodies   that   he   can   practically   disappear   into   ,   and   t - shirts   displaying   the    years’   popular   rock   and   metal   bands   .   his   fashion   choices   not   only   convey   the   literal   darkness   of   the   hole   he’s   dug   himself   ,   but   also   allows   him   to   practically   hide   in   his   clothing   the   way   he   hides   from   others   due   to   his   quiet   nature   .
it’s   also   in   the   first   film   that   we   get   a   glimpse   of   a   particular   luke   accessory   .   whereas   the   other   characters   have   some   iconic   jewelry   and   accessory   pieces   to   convey   their   characters   ,   luke   wears   a   single   silver   necklace   hidden   almost   completely   under   his   shirts   .   fans   will   only   ever   notice   the   chain   ,   and   will   never   know   the   significance   of   the   piece  until   much   later   in   the   franchise   ,   in   scream   three   .
Tumblr media
scream   two   marks   the   tradition   of   giving   luke   less   and  less   screen   time   .    while   he   undergoes   quite   a   lot   of   development   through   the   remainder   of   the   films   ,   most   is   done   off   screen   in   favor   of   putting   sidney’s   character   at   the   forefront   .
luke   finds   himself   stuck   in   woodsboro   ,   aiding   his   father   after   the   grueling   events   of   the   first   film   .   sidney   is   away   at   college   ,   something   luke   knows   he’d   be   pursuing   as   well   if   it   weren’t   for   the   undying   dread   he   feels   in   the   pit   of   his   stomach   that   something   bad   might   just   happen   again   .   he   shows   up   at   the   college   once   he   hears   about   the   murders   at   the   movie   theater   ,   set   on   checking   in   on   and  protecting   sidney   ,   though   his   character   is   hardly   utilized   in   the   film   .
his   wardrobe   brightens   ,   becomes   more   mature   and   refined   .   luke’s   wardrobe   shows   his   subtle   aging   ,   his   path   into   adulthood   and   finding   his   place   as   more   of   a   caretaker   character   .   less   black   is   utilized   in   his   clothing   as   he   opens   up   more   as   a   person   ,   though   still   remains   big   enough   to   curl   into   as   he   hasn’t   completely   shedded   that   shy   nature   quite   yet   .
Tumblr media
speaking   of   hardly   utilized   ,   lucas   is   practically   a   side   character   by   scream  three   .   his   appearance   in   the   film   is   basically   just   a   quick   cameo   role   ,   fan   service   much   like   randy’s   involvement   with   the   film   .
by   this   point   luke   is   living   in   new   york   ,   finally   in   college   like   he’d   hoped   for   earlier   —   it’s   a   big   step   for   him   ,   leaving   his   father   and   sidney   behind   to   give   himself   the   opportunity   to   grow   and   fend   for   himself   ,   something   that   he   hasn’t   had   the   chance   to   do   before   now   .
he’s   matured   greatly   since   the   first   and   second   film   ,   opting   for   bright   neutrals   in   his   closet   with   hardly   any   black   .   he   no   longer   hides   in   his   clothing   and   is   much   more   open   and   approachable   .    we   see   how   luke   has   changed   drastically   from   a   broken   kid   to   someone   who’s   much   more   confident   and   sure   of   himself   .
within   the   last   act   of   the   film   ,   roman   gets   his   hands   on   luke   —   obviously   ,   because   there   was   certainly   no   way   he’d   target   one   twin   and   leave   the   other   be   ,   right   ?   it’s   in   the   final   act   ,   during   the   altercation   with   roman   that   fans   are   finally   given   an   answer   to   what’s   centered   on   luke’s   necklace   ,   hidden   under   his   shirts   for   two   whole   films   before   this  :   a   small   silver   charm   that   once   resided   on  a   bracelet   of   his   mothers’   with   the   letters   L   &   S   engraved   into   it   .
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luke   ,   much   like   sidney   ,   wears   more   refined   ,   matured   pieces   come   scream   four   (   for   obvious   reasons   )   .   and   also   like   sidney   ,   the   pieces   feel   like   him   ,   changed   to   fit   with   the   time   and   his   age   but   still   have   similar   color   schemes   ,   fits   ,   and   styles   to   his    outfits   in   the   first   three   movies   .
the   fourth   scream   film   shows   an   incredible   amount   of   character   growth   for   luke   .    he’s   become   much   more   confident   ,   remaining   in   new   york   after   the   events   of   the   third   film   and   becoming   an   emt   .    he’s   a   dedicated   father   ,   especially   considering   he’s   a   working   single   dad   and   has   broken   his   dependency   for   sidney   in   a   healthy   way   .   fans   were   happily   surprised   by   the   change   for   luke   .    only   time   will   tell   how   his   character   will   expand   in   the   future   ...
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oldearthaccretionist · 6 months ago
Some days I see a stupid thing on a post and just block the user. Other days I feel like attempting a public service and scroll through their blog briefly to see if my instinct is right and they have shit that violates the TOS and is reportable before I block.
Today is the second kind of day.
When I do this I generally don't have ti go more than 2 pages in (and honestly never do because I do not enjoy hate scrolling) to find stuff. And for this one the first page alone had multiple instances of suicide baiting people they disagreed with... so reminder telling people to kill themselves, threatening/encouraging or glorifying violence, denigrating people on the basis of protected classes and hate speech are actually all violations of the TOS. Is Tumblr always good at actually getting rid of this stuff? No. But if it crosses your dash you can always report it with your block and give them a chance of experiencing a consequence/inconveniencing their continued pattern of being shit to other human beings on this platform.
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inkjadestudio · 5 months ago
A new Chinese movie is casting a spotlight on a long-debated question: Should personal values be prioritized over traditional family values?
The family drama “Sister,” which topped the domestic box office during the recent Qingming Festival holiday, tells the story of An Ran, a young woman who is suddenly faced with having to take care of her 6-year-old brother after their parents die in an accident. The movie follows An’s trajectory as she struggles to balance her own life choices while becoming her brother’s caretaker.
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interiorlulus · 6 months ago
I've seen a post I agree with but it slightly misses the point and it's bothering me but I got a feeling it's not worth starting a discussion over. Also the tone makes me think this person unconsciously didn't want to realize the whole deal about what they were discussing for whatever reason. Probably because if they did, it would make them realize they've done something similar to what they are criticizing in the past.
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taterztots · a year ago
Chase + 1. First pleaseeeeeeee
01. First - Chase
The first time he laid eyes on her, he knew he was done for.
He’s been in love before, many times, but this was different. She was special.
She had short hair, lots of it, a beautiful golden color that seemed to change depending on the light and angle. Sometimes red, sometimes blonde, sometimes brown, always shining.
And big, curious blue eyes, full of life and wonder.
Oh, how she had him wrapped around her fingers already.
He was in love once, then he fell in love twice more, then sadly he fell out of love one time, then fell hard again once and three more times after meeting his kids.
Today he falls in love again and his heart could not be fuller.
“What’s her name?” a stranger asks, standing next to him, admiring the array of newborn babies bundled-up comfortably in their bassinets, in the hospital’s nursery.
“Adelaide” Chase smiles, his focus on the doctor showing off the most beautiful baby girl in the lot through thick glass. “Adelaide Brody-Schneeplestein”
“Is she your first?”
“No” he huffs, and a nurse comes out to tell him his husband and daughter are ready for him. He turns to the stranger, grin plastered on his face, “she’s our sixth!”
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iit-s-kitty · 2 years ago
Knowing my two favorite sixth rangers, Merrick Baliton and Cam Watanabe, never had the chance to interact because Disney was the reason the Wild Force/Ninja Storm crossover never happened still makes me bitter to this day
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