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dealingdifferentdevils · 31 minutes ago
I missed the SJM live. What was all confirmed???
First, I want to say.. I almost didn’t answer this just so I could keep looking at this notification.
This is the first ask I’ve ever received, and you Anon, are the winner of a fantastic collection of prizes but only if you come off anon and let me hug you.
NOW, let’s get down to business, shall we??
Yesterday, May 5th started as any other day. But our Lady and Savior, SJM deemed us worthy of a new surprise. She decided she wanted to give us some crumbs.. and these days.. it doesn’t take much more to make us happy:
- She refused to give any information regarding Az’s shadows and only told us to wait for his story
- Azriel’s hobbies include brooding, collecting daggers and pretending he doesn’t apply hair gel everyday (kidding. She didn’t say this but she DID say he will sing and we know what that means)
-In other news, the friendship bracelet colors don’t have an special meaning. She just associates those color with the characters so, in Freud’s words... sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (my mom should feel so proud)
-Our fav fireboy, Lucien, was mentioned. She was asked if we were ever going to see his sass back. She said that he has a lot of stuff to work through (shocking), but he will heal and we’ll get his flaming firedick self back.
-Cassian is the honorary man of the year. He won the snowball fight and he won with style. Also, Az and Rhys were too busy being angry at each other throwing snowballs with rocks in them because what’s life without a little bit of pain, am I right??
-Don’t know how importan this is..but she mentioned that, right now, she doesn’t like Disney movies where the female doesn’t do much: so bye Cinderella and bye sleeping beauty. She’s into moana and frozen.
-Last, but not least. Gwyn is not a child. I, personally, was deeply worried about those indirect claims that we were supporting an old ass bat with a child. I knew she was not a girl but I needed verbal confirmation to put this behind me. So I’m glad sjm said “not on my watch”
And that’s pretty much all the information related to ACOTAR. She talked about CC but I’m not in that world so I can’t really help you there. And no, I won’t voluntarily start reading another unfinished series written by sjm. I’m not emotionally ready.
Was I helpful? If yes, subscribe to this channel and let me know what your hogwarts house is.
Thanks for being my first and treating me so gently. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and now I.. I think I’m in love with you.
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daisybrekker · 37 minutes ago
I feel like SJM's live yesterday has made me more sure than ever of Elriel being endgame, especially when she said that we'll get a scene of Azriel singing.
Do you guys remember these quotes?
Tumblr media
I talk a bit about these in this post if you'd like to read it!
So I think it's obvious they refer to the 3 Archeron sisters, teasing us about their fates.
"Rot and bloom and bones" - Let's talk about the word choice of 'rot' and 'bloom'. What do we know that does these things? Flowers. And who in ACOTAR is associated with flowers? 👀
"Sing me" - Not only is Azriel a shadowsinger, but he has the actual ability to sing and we'll get a scene including this, therefore hinting that this refers to him.
Some people believe that as Azriel was revealed to have a singing scene, it means he'll sing with Gwyn but as I said, I think it links to the quotes above and they definitely don't refer to her🤷‍♀️
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worldsnotsaid · an hour ago
Um...Has SJM forgotten the books she has written? Like both TOG and ACOTAR are loosely based on Cinderella. Like the first fourth of ACOTAR is literally Cinderella before it switches to a BatB retelling, and then meanders off into a Hades/Persephone retelling. Even one of F/eyre’s tasks is ripped right from the Perrault version of Cinderella. 
And what does F/eyre do? Like F/eyre makes only two active decisions in ACOTAR, and then she is just moved along by the plot. In MAF, F/eyre makes maybe two more active decisions, and then she is again moved along by the plot. Like what does F/eyre do after (and before) WAR that is of her own volition? That isn’t just needed of her by the plot, but something she actively does because she wants to? Because the only active decision(s) she makes don’t really paint a good picture for her character, and are kind of counterintuitive and one borders on s*xual harassment/assault. Like does SJM really believe she improved on the source material?? Like at least Cinderella is acknowledged in some of its outdated themes, but ACOTAR was made in the 21st century, with the same problematic themes included in the original. 
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cozisaidso · an hour ago
This Madja bitch reminds me too much of these doctors and nurses who go behind the wife's back and ask her husband to make her hoo haa tighter aka The Husband Stitch. I have never felt so furious in my life!
I'll never understand why do the so called feminist push for this useless nonsensical sacrifice for the unborn child; I am sick and tired of seeing so many medical shows never presenting abortion as a viable option; the woman almost always wants to give it a shot and if she dies, she dies. When will i read an actual feminist book that shows a woman who chooses herself?
Feyre was a hypersexualized vessel for curse breaking in the first. She was a hypersexualized vessel for power in the second. She was a hypersexualized vessel for wings in the third. She was a hypersexualized vessel for .....paperwork? in the fourth. And in ACOSF, she was a hypersexualized vessel for a baby.
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jennie-rubyjane · 2 hours ago
crescent city 2 aka ‘house of sky and breath’ comes out Jan 25th 2022 !!!! CAN U HEAR ME SCREAMINGGGGGH
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sturmmhond · 2 hours ago
I’ve read a post about this actually but Don’t you just dislike it when some authors are racially ambiguous when describing their characters.
[To authors] I don’t see you describing white characters as mayo or chalk coloured. Please say brown, won’t offend anyone least of all me (a brown person)
There’s better posts articulating it better than I can
oh my god, yes
describing a character’s skin as “tan” or “golden” is a whole new red flag these days
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twigoftrust · 2 hours ago
Lorcan, Lucien, and Tharion live rent free in my head.
Azriel does too, but I have him in timeout for being a clown. His clownery did make me a church of firedick follower, so there's that.
To think... those are just the guys.
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fromevertonow · 2 hours ago
Why are people surprised or whatever about the title reveal for Crescent City 2...
Did you- did you not put two and two together?
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malyenss · 2 hours ago
i kinda miss the days when i was a sj/m stan. like i was so invested in t/og, i dont think ive ever been as invested in a series since (tho witchlands and grishaverse came close i think) and idk i was so happy reading them😭😭 a shame she is a shitty writer
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spaceshipkat · 2 hours ago
Ok tbh I don’t even think that new title sounds good lmao
it definitely doesn’t! and there are four Houses of Midgard—House of Earth and Blood, House of Flame and Shadow, House of Sky and Breath, and House of Many Waters—so i think it’s safe to assume we’ll get at least four books in this series, if not more
also, still hate that House of Many Waters doesn’t fit with the structure of the other three
also also, why do the two words in the house titles not make any sense connection-wise? how tf do flame and shadow relate? it’s not as though every creature in the house creates flame and/or shadow, or even just one of those things. vampyrs (sigh that spelling) are in this house; do shadows and/or flame have anything to do with being a vampyr? i think not. tbh she should’ve just come up with a different kind of name structure/system than just go with the same old, same old we always get
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cassiannestas · 3 hours ago
i just remembered cassian built the cabin with his bare hands he’s a real man sorry
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