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soooo i did a thing 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

#no pics or fan art is mine btw

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Currently rereading ACOTAR just because I really want to reread ACOMAF, but I don’t like to start from the middle.

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“He’d wanted to bury her in Velaris. Somewhere full of light and warmth, full of kind people. Far away from these mountains.”

don’t ask me why this made me cry. cassian deserves the world. all of the bat boys do. literally cannot wait to read more about him and nesta

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You know what I love most about reading SJM books?  Those side ships that just melt our hearts.  

Just finished Crescent City and I’m trying to list all the characters I met in the first book while getting excited to learn about other places in the book’s world that we haven’t visited yet and meeting all the characters we don’t know exist yet….

Like, we didn’t know anything about Cassian until book 2, nor anything about Lorcan until book 5! (But it would be a healthy change of pace for me not to fall head over heals for an arrogant alpha-hole made of nothing but muscles & a heart of gold)

Anyway, dying to meet the characters in Crescent City 2….

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on the maastastic live the other day Steph (who does the Instagram lives with sarah) said that sarah possibly confirmed a theory about elain that a fan came up with and I can’t stop thinking about what the theory might have been.

She said it has nothing to do with romance! So I have a feeling it’s something about elain’s abilities. The only theory I know of about Elain’s power is that she’s a shadowsinger because of how she “stepped out of a shadow” to kill the king of hybern so I’m thinking it’s that one and honestly I’d loveee that (but maybe that actually could be seen as ship related bc of azriel?)

Does anyone else have any theories or ideas?!

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I bet that one of the reasons why Elain doesn’t want to get to know Lucien, is because of his Family !

She doesn’t know that Beron isn’t luciens father and I think knowing that he isn’t the son of this bastard, bringing all the bad genetics with him, would change a lot. It would probably change her to a point that she would give lucien just a little chance

I think she’s mostly afraid of Lucien being exactly like his fam at the autumn court

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Always lend a hand to others who struggle, you never know just how valuable a little bit of advice is. (Or just how far some charity can go)

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To all the talented artists out there:

Please draw the Whole Vanserra Family !! Like I need eris and his brother in one pic with beron and his wife and Lucien

I don’t know why but I want that

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“Darrow called me ‘Your Majesty,’ ” she said after a minute.

Aedion slid his red-rimmed eyes to her. But a spark lit them—just a bit. “Should we be worried?”

Aelin’s mouth curved. “I thought the same damn thing.”

- Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

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Empire of Storms

“Win me back my kingdom, Evangeline.”

Kingdom of Ash

But Aelin looked to Evangeline, the girl still beaming.

Win me back my kingdom, Evangeline.

Her order to the girl, all those months ago.

And she didn’t know how Evangeline had done it.

How she had changed this old lord before them.

Yet there was Darrow, gesturing to the gates, to the castle behind him.

Evangeline winked at Aelin, as if in confirmation.

Aelin just laughed, taking the girl by the hand, and led that promise of Terrasen’s bright future into the castle.

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nothing extravagant but I need a visual for this at some point in my life 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Still, the image haunted his dreams throughout the night: a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.

- Dorian watching Celeana, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

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