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#sjm books

holy shit what if gwyn is tamlin’s daughter who he conceived during a calanmai rite

based off the fact that SJM in her live wouldn’t reveal anything about calanmai OR gwyn’s birthday in the next book

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Fandom: so, Sarah, who’s the next book about

Sarah: oh, I thought it was pretty obvious


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“Hunt had cursed up a storm as he knelt before her, and she’d bucked, nearly kicking him in the balls. But then he’d pulled off his helmet. Looked her right in the eye.

And told her to calm the fuck down.

She’d fallen completely silent. Just stared at Hunt, blank and hollow…. she just stared and and stared and stared at the umbra mortis.”

all the more reason to believe in quinlar being endgame

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Sht I can’t wait but am not prepared for

  • Realm Breaker
  • Acotar 5
  • Chain of Thorns
  • The Black Volume of the Dead
  • Crescent City 2
  • Six of Crows 3
  • The teased Solangelo series
  • The Wicked Powers

Anything by Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas and Rick Riordan really

I’m so invested in these universes I can’t imagine a day where I won’t be waiting for the books to come out

It’s been years and I can’t help but still be excited about their stories

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I don’t know if anyone noticed but Kallias and Vivianne are pregnant too. Nyx and their child are actually the same age

- I mean, imagine their daughter being mated to Nyx, I’m down for that

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Who wanted more Balthazar?

I really low-key wanted him to join them to the top.

Or at least we get to see the bat boys reaction to an Illyrian who was willing to help the girls. Like their thoughts and what they did about it.

Also, he was kinda hot and in my age range.

57 notes

Why it wasn’t “unrealistic” for Nesta’s group to win the blood rite.

A lot of people feel like Nests,Gwyn, and, Emerie should not have been able to win the rite but I think they had tons of advantages over the others

  1. The average age to go into the rite is early twenties so all those males were around the same age if not younger than the girls.
  2. Nesta knows how to handle human healing and wounds. The others have never had to face that
  3. They were personally trained by TWO Carynthians
  4. They were personally trained by the leader of the entire Illyrian army
  5. They passed a blood rite preliminary personally designed by those people.
  6. Emerie was an older fae and knew ALOT of stories about the rite.
  7. All the other males were soley trained with Illyrian fighting techniques. The girls had both Illyrian and Valkyrie under there belt
  8. Cassian gave Nesta specific personal details on what it takes and how he climbed to the top. Information the illyrians aren’t privy too because it’s so rare.
  9. Illyrians do not train their minds to focus
  10. Emerie is already used to not having use of her wings, and the others don’t have any. While the for males it’s something new.
213 notes

rlly into the idea that the autumn king from CC and beron are distant cousins

where berons like “we don’t talk about… them

8 notes

more feyre being a 20 year old things

  • living in rhys’ old sweaters
  • working at the art studio hung over but pushing through because she loves the kids
  • waking up 20 minutes before class and flying over, barely bathed and awake
  • pulling all nighters to finish assignments due the next day
  • rhys bringing her food during the all nighters
  • making friends with other young fae in different courts when on court business
  • forming a genuine friendship with a young fae female in the winter court, finding out they study the same course
  • sleep overs at the river estate with her uni friends, which rhys ‘chaperones’ (but really he listens in for the inter-court gossip)
  • exploring the other courts with her friends, which is really just going on bar-crawls through through the courts
  • having badly chipped nail polish on her toes, all the time
  • an abundance of take away food containers in the kitchen after a big night out (rhys is like “we literally have chefs who could make you food whenever” “but does their food come from a vendor in the dingy part of velaris made by a questionable looking male? i don’t think so”)
42 notes

nesta giving feyre and elain one of her smutty books to read and the next morning at breakfast all the sisters are so engrossed in their reading. the bats come in like “what are you reading?” and simultaneously the sisters are just “a book…”


“…a book :)”

124 notes

Some one on tiktok just posted a theory that

Gwyn could be Lucien’s granddaughter

And honestly,

I’m here for it

She was descendant by an autumn court high fae who had sex with a nymph, who is in the spring court.

26 notes

Does anyone remember that line where they refer to Azriels mother in the present tense?

Like Azriels mother is still alive. Why is no one talking about that?

It was something about convincing his mom to the library.

“He wondered if Azriel’s mother had ever considered coming here, or if he’d ever pushed her to.”

19 notes

Sjm editors decided to keep

  • Repetitive diction with certain words and phrases being used so much they lose emphasis (ie: breath she didn’t know she was holding, purred, snickered, growl)
  • Plot holes galor (Tamlin never actually offering Nesta to replace Feyre, Emeries mom, mother Archeron resenting their father etc..)
  • Relationship development (Feyre, Elain, Rhys, all had insta love with Nesta.)
  • The chunky plotline with 90% of action at the end
  • lack of thematic consistency (themes about choice, empathy,and self acceptance were only relavent when they needed to be)


If you were going to leave all that junk in the book I might as well have gotten more of Cassian’s cock to make it worth it.

48 notes

Nesta’s SA storyline with Tomas (if you can call it that) was so unnecessary.

I thought she was going to open up about it. I wanted to see Cassian hunt him down. I wanted to see how she emotionally dealt with it.

When Rhys went into her mind about the kelpie I wanted him to catch that glimpse of thought about Tomas and realize how insensitive he was.

But no.

It’s literally only brought up as another trigger for Nesta when she already has enough truama. I could handle her not speaking up and getting her justice, if it had actually contributed to her emotional journey. But it was just there.

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