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#sjm books
mindpalace05 · 2 days ago
Elain sat alone, knees to her chest , bony arms hugging herself tight. The scene that lay ahead of her was one from Feyres painting. The starts danced to the song of the moon. Not a cloud in sight. Below, fae lights glowed softly as to guide anyone who found themselves stumbling in the dark. All of this beauty yet she couldn't appreciate it a single bit. The tittering voices in her head driving out all sane thoughts. Too much. It was all too much. She wanted to rip her hair, fling herself of those thousand steps, unlatch the locks on the window and jump. Anything, to drown out the symphony playing in her head. The voices spoke of old bone and fresh flesh. They spoke of what had been and what is to become. She saw veils of golden threads: beyond them paths towards gardens made from thorns and bones.
The voices grew louder and louder until she could no longer see. They called her in their lulling voice. Held out hands made from wisps of death. Elain fought it. Fought against being dragged into their dimension where they ruled, where she was at their complete mercy. She tried and tried. She rocked back and forth throwing up the iron gates of her mind. But it was too late. The wisps went through the gate, gripping the edges of her mind. Their lullaby started again. The fight deflated out of her as she surrended. Her mind was no longer hers. It belonged to them now.
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catluvrr3 · a month ago
me??? obsessed?????? with the sarcastic, blond-haired character with daddy issues???? who uses humor and arrogance as a coping mechanism???? although i said i dont like blonds????? yes
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feyrearts · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
•Elide Lochan and Lorcan Salvaterre |
“I promised to always find you. I promised you, and you promised me..."
•on Instagram made by: iparwing and timelessprintsca
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Never forget that Feyre in ACOWAR said:
“I never got you a mating present”
In the middle of battle. And then proceeded to present Rhysand with the Bone Carver and Bryaxis on the field as if it were normal like roses and chocolates or a pony.
That’s MY High Lady 👏🏼
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elle-bo-illustration · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
soft Nessian sketch
I finally finished my thesis project for my illustration MFA so I’m rewarding myself with some fan art of the couple that always lives rent free in my head.
Should be noted this was *heeeeeavily* if not completely inspired by Embers and Light by @duskandstarlight which has been a biweekly blessing of escapism during grad school.
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emiliamildner · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Feyre Archeron and Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas
I apologise if there are any inaccuracies, I never read the book. The characters were chosen by my IG followers.
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saramirza-art · a month ago
Tumblr media
Painted a little sketchy, unrefined, rough portrait of Lucy Boy.
EDIT: someone mentioned that Lucien is biracial and he looks white in this rendition (spoiler for me because I am on the second book -_-) I did some research, his biological father is supposed to be middle-eastern or persian in appearance (according to the artist who officially worked with sj maas on the coloring book). Based on that I think I did okay with the facial features. I took care to make him look tanned but there is a certain way direct sunlight plays with skin and thats the effect I was going for (you can google outdoor photos of POC for reference).
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maaslove · 8 months ago
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mindpalace05 · 25 days ago
One thing I'll never understand about Gwynriels is how they contradict nearly every argument they make.
One minute it's "gwynriel are endgame because the shadows curl around her breath which indicates that the shadows know that Gwyn is Azriels true mate" which first of all yall they CURL around her breath...her breath which came from her mouth, the same mouth she uses to sing. The same songs that Nesta felt allured too. Honeslty SJM can write down on paper that Gwyns a lightsinger yet Gwynriels would still choose to deny it. Anyways, then when you mention that the shadows are ready to defend Elain it's "yh just because the shadows protect her does not mean they're endgame. Azriels shadows aren't a ship requirement"
Or it's "Gwyns not a lightsinger but she is still Azirels equal because she completed the BR we don't need Gwyn to have powers her being a warrior is enough" then when you mention the 3 brothers and the 3 sisters scene it's "Gwyn is a lightsinger and her powers compliment Az's better than Elains" or "Ooh I wonder what powers Gwyn has? Maybe she is like an oracle?" Which as a side note Gwyn being a lightsinger is not complimentary to Azriel being a shadows singer. Az can control the shadows. Gwyn can lure and hypnotise people. Second of all, this was why the whole 1/4 nymph was mentioned. Why her pliable bones were mentioned. Its a direct correlation to Gwyn and the lightsingers who are the sirens of the fae world.
Then it's "Lmao elriels actually believe that Elain is going to become a spy and train with Az? Bahah. Nope I'm sorry but Az is too busy training Gwyn a warrior that's stronger and better than that weak houseplant" when you show them all the foreshadowing and hints, how it's right there in the text, how if Gwyns a warrior than that's her completed arc. Sjm is not going to do another book on the whole warrior trope again. It's "you know what? I genuinely belive Acosf set up Gwyns path to become a spy. Az is going to be the one to train her and they'll both infiltrate the AC. It's going to be so cool watching Gwyn learn how to become a spy, they'll be such a good duo can't wait."
Elriels: "We can't wait to see Nuala and Cerridewean help Elain. So excited to see the trio dynamic. It fits so perfectly as well, her friends are spies and connected to Azriel just like Elain. Hope they are secretly training Elain"
Gwynriels very well knowing that no Canon evidence points to Gwyn x Nuala x Cerridewean
Gwynriels: "ya sure nuala and Cerridewean know Elain but I'm pretty sure they're only friends with her out of pity. When they meet Gwyn they'll love her at sight and ditch Elain and become friends with Gwyn instead. They'll teach her how tonsoy and bake. Can't wait to see ether friendship plus plus have so much in common"
At this point its plain desperation. An unplanned character who appeared in One book, who has had her character arc, is not going to have a main stream novel over a character who has now appeared in 5 books, hasn't had her arc yet, who is directly involved within sjms established plot line and world. Sjm chose to develop elriel within Acosf. Chose to have them both linked to each other. Sjm chose the scenes Elain appeared in carefully and all those scenes that she has appeared in are significant. Scenes that she can't change for a side character. Plot lines she can't change for a side character. Anti elriels need to realise this cause yall are going to set yourselves up for embarrassment and dissapointment.
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imakeangelscry · 21 days ago
'I'll have your back'
Soft AzrielXReader One-Shot. Enjoy :)
You barely heard him when he entered the living space that separated your individual bedrooms. It was still strange to you that he lived right besides you since you'd moved into Cassian's old bedroom. But it was not a tough decision, after all Cassian's old room was one of the biggest bedrooms in the house with one of the biggest beds you'd ever seen. And one could never have too much bedspace.
He quietly took a seat in the armchair opposing the sofa you were lounging on, giving you a quick glance before returning his view to the dim flame in the hearth.
You'd noticed the small interaction and offered him a quiet "Hi.", as you turned over fully to face him, trying to see if he was up for conversation or just here to silently brood. There were days where the two of you would just sit by the fire in silence. An unspoken agreement to let the other think, brood without the need to explain yourselves as neither of you were the talkative type. But today didn't seem to be that kind of day.
"Hey. How is your back?", he asked gently, worry lacing his tone. You hadn't seen him since early morning training, which is also precisely since when you'd been in this room. One of the exercises didn't go to the benefit of your back and a loud crack had signaled you to finally take a break. Both Nesta and Cassian had insisted you take the rest of the day off and you obeyed, knowing full well that the pain would restrain you from further training anyways.
"It's killing me. But I'll be fine, don't worry. How was the visit to Hewn City?" As you spoke, you tried to slowly sit up, unable to hide your pained expression tensing up more with every move.
"Let me se," he replied without answering your question as his own expression suddenly shifted into a serious one. You couldn't exactly tell if this was due to your awkward movement or the mentioning of Hewn City. A bit unsure of what to expect you made your way over to him.
"There is nothing to see, Az. I probably just twisted the wrong way and trapped a nerve," you uttered becoming more and more quiet as he carefully grabbed you by the hips to turn your back to him and lift your sweater to inspect what might cause you all this pain.
Patiently waiting for an answer or some other sort of reaction, you shuddered both in surprise and pain as you suddenly felt his warm fingers pressing down on your spine, a small groan leaving your lips.
"There might be a trapped nerve there but in addition to that you have a tense back from sleeping on that sofa." he concluded from his inspections. Before you could say anything, he gently placed you down in his lap and simply asked, "May I?" as he lay his warm hands on the pain-ridden area. The warmth of his scarred hands sunk deep into your skin and released a little sigh from your lips. You nodded quietly.
It didn't take him long to massage out most of the tension and though he had to apply a good amount of pressure, he remained gentle, careful not to cause you any more pain.
As he felt you relax more and more he slowly reduced the pressure. "Is it better now?"
You mumbled a little response, but neither of you really understood what you were trying to say as you had started dozing off a couple of minutes ago and we're nearing the dream world.
A little smile sneaked across Az' features as he realised how tired you had become. As gently as he'd taken care of your back he now lifted you up and carried you over to your bedroom. Covering you in your blankets he placed a small kiss on your forehead. After watching you for a moment to make sure you were alright, he silently returned to the living room, closing your bedroom door behind him. And though he was sure you were better now, his shadows lingered for just a little while longer.
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nesta-stan · 7 months ago
Why it wasn't "unrealistic" for Nesta's group to win the blood rite.
A lot of people feel like Nests,Gwyn, and, Emerie should not have been able to win the rite but I think they had tons of advantages over the others
The average age to go into the rite is early twenties so all those males were around the same age if not younger than the girls.
Nesta knows how to handle human healing and wounds. The others have never had to face that
They were personally trained by TWO Carynthians
They were personally trained by the leader of the entire Illyrian army
They passed a blood rite preliminary personally designed by those people.
Emerie was an older fae and knew ALOT of stories about the rite.
All the other males were soley trained with Illyrian fighting techniques. The girls had both Illyrian and Valkyrie under there belt
Cassian gave Nesta specific personal details on what it takes and how he climbed to the top. Information the illyrians aren't privy too because it's so rare.
Illyrians do not train their minds to focus
Emerie is already used to not having use of her wings, and the others don't have any. While the for males it's something new.
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bi-carli · a month ago
Tumblr media
All millennials pictured this worm while reading ACOTAR you cannot change my mind
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feyrearts · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 Defender of the Rainbow
on Instagram made by: _nizzy_art_
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nikethestatue · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Cassian and Azriel
(ACOWAR dust jacket)
Art: diabolical _victorian_cat
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vmiae · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
⚔️✨ EMERIE x MOR ✨⚔️
I was asked on tik tok to draw these two, and I finally got round to finishing it! Emerie is my babe, I love her so much. I NEED her and Mor to get together. They’re endgame—can’t be proven otherwise.
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