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#sjm critical
parcaia day ago
s//jms blatant lesbophobia when writing mor... "yeah i dont like men no i dont yes i do no 鉂わ笍" jesus fucking christ sarah just say u hate gay people and go -aditi
just to be clear that was a joke GFDJHDHJGFK but that was so confusing... im all here for bi characters/questioning characters but what?? what???? -aditi
like it's SO clear she's FINISHED the questioning phase, and mor herself says so, but sjm is scared to let wlw become a full thing for her 馃槶
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When you just finished a series of life-changing books three days ago, so you spiral down hard and out of control and read standalones every day since because you don鈥檛 know how to cope.
P.S.: I might just have to break out Twilight. @smeyer I don鈥檛 know what else to fucking DO SARAH!!!!
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worldsnotsaid3 days ago
I think that the 鈥渕orally gray鈥 character trope has been completely misused and taken out of context. Take Tywin Lannister (he鈥檃 a villain, but sometimes likable 鈥 which is probably credit to Charles Dance鈥檚 performance 鈥 but stick with me), he knows he鈥檚 a pretty crappy guy, understands that he鈥檒l do anything to prolong his familial status and wealth, but is not cruel. He鈥檚 charming and authoritative, but he is still a villain. He is nice to Arya because she doesn鈥檛 represent a threat to his goals (as he didn鈥檛 know who she was), considering the fact that he spoilers: literally just murdered her family. He does nice things for her, feeds her, plays with her, but these acts of kindness do not change the fact that he is a villain. He is not cruel to those who do not earn his ire, but he is cruel to those who he feels deserve it. He killed her family, but in little moments that we see on the show, is not unnecessarily cruel. It made him compelling, even when you wanted to hate him.
Rhysand is a villain. He does bad things to further his goals. He aligned himself with bad because he wanted to keep his citizens safe. And yes, he went through trauma and hell doing so, but that does not take away his villainy. You cannot introduce a character, have him do villainous things, and then say he is actually the hero, not when he actually does the evil acts. How far does pretending go? Because I could pretend to slap someone, but if I slap someone and then say I was pretending, I still inflicted that slap. What difference does it make whether or not I meant by it? I can鈥檛 then go on and say that everyone else is bad, and become self-righteous when I am a horrible person my self. Rhysand never had a cathartic moment needed to be a tragic hero. He has never come to grips about the decisions he made during the Reign of Amarantha. He is not morally gray 鈥 he does not believe what he has to do was wrong. He never becomes a well-rounded character because the narrative refuses to treat him like a three dimensional human being. That is actually given towards more villainous people like Tamlin. Because Tamlin鈥檚 flaws made him more believable as a person. Rhysand鈥檚 flaws are nonexistent, no character calls him out on them.
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worldsnotsaid5 days ago
Listen, I hate Rhysand but I feel like there鈥檚 not much he could do about the power imbalance between him and Feyre. Alis says that the High Lords ARE power, and we learn that their word is absolute law. Look at literally any high lord鈥擪allias, Tarquin, even Tamlin鈥攁nd there is always going to be a power imbalance as high lords have the most power both magically and politically. What exactly could Rhysand have done to even out that imbalance? What could Tamlin or Tarquin or Kallias do?
It鈥檚 not so much the breadth of power that disturbs me. It鈥檚 the way it is utilized by Rhys and SJM.聽
Rhysand is the聽most powerful High Lord, and this is a fact that he is aware of. He has always known聽that he was the most powerful of all the Lords. So when he made the bargain with Feyre -- one week for the rest of her life -- not聽knowing whether she would fall for him, I absolutely question his intention. Feyre has no power in that situation, and what Rhys does is purely for his own goals. He does this out of jealousy, taunting Tamlin, knowing聽that he is already more powerful, and is aligned with power. Feyre has always believed that Rhys has given her a choice -- but is there really a choice. Because the actions that Rhys takes are dependent on Feyre falling from him.
Her being marked is only seen as lovable when because she ends up as Rhysand鈥檚 wife.
Him drugging her, licking her tears: they all are forgiven because of the direction of the plot. Because what If she hadn鈥檛 fallen for him? Those actions would be seen as monstrous.
Moving away from TAR:
When Rhysand makes Feyre High Lady, he does so under the guise of having her as his equal, but this isn't true. Rhys understands that this isn't true, because he repeatedly withholds information because, and when he is questioned about such decisions, his favorite defense is: it was for the best.聽Kallias and Viviane are in a healthy (as far as we know ) relationship, but that is because she knows her place in their relationship. He does not marry her under the guise of a false sense of power.聽
In a much more sad situation: The Lady of the Autumn Court and Beron are both in a relationship (which is absolutely abusive) but she did not marry him thinking or being told聽that it would be anything different. She is forced to marry that asshole because of their customs regarding breeding and high-rank family. She is stuck in the relationship, but she is not brainwashed to believe that Beron sees her as anything more. The abuse is so clear, even within a few pages, because we know that Beron has always made clear his own twisted hierarchy. There is no illusion that he will ever be a better person. He is an asswipe and the text acknowledges him as the abusive piece of shit he is.
Thesean and his husband are the same (again, as far as we know): He has a husband, who supports him, but is aware of his Husband鈥檚 position of High Lord. He is his partner, and his guard, but not his High Lord. In all of these dynamics (as far as we see), there is a hierarchy, yes, but most of the parties involved are aware of their position in relation to their powerful partners. All, except Feyre. Rhysand plays on the fact that Feyre has come from an abusive relationship, preys on the fact that Feyre will flock to anyone who will give her the freedom she is looking for. Of course, he knows this because he has read her mind and snooped on her through their bond (and bargain). He has insight. Feyre believes their relationship to be equal because Rhysand has always had the illusion of being able to choose. He ensures her a place by his side as an equal but knows that that isn't true because constantly withholds things that may cause Feyre to look at him any other way than what he wants.
imagine the events of the story if Feyre knew they were mates from the start?
Imagine if Feyre didn鈥檛 fall in love with Rhys, even after leaving Tamlin?
Imagine if Tamlin wasn鈥檛 a tool towards Feyre?聽
The actions of Rhysand and the unbalanced power dynamic would be exposed. Because Rhysand鈥檚 insight into Feyre鈥檚 life would look like the intrusion it is. HIs bargain with her would look like the abusive behavior it is. Would it still be a choice if Feyre didn't want it? Rhys always has the capacity to have access to Feyre, even if he doesn't utilize it, it is still there.聽
Hope this makes sense!!
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worldsnotsaid6 days ago
2/2 But Rhysand? Rhysand had been clearly told by Feyre how she feels. He can even read her mind. But he STILL acts so controlling and abusive despite knowing that it is the opposite of what she wants. They are both abusive, but Rhysand is scarier (not necessarily worse) because he knows exactly what he is doing while Tam did not.
(2/2) Yesss!! your comments are everything.聽
Rhysand is scary because of just how much power he holds over Feyre. Like there are so many times when I felt violated for her聽and she just glosses over or outright defends what Rhysand does to her. The dynamic between Tamlin and Feyre was so damn uncomfortable, but the one between Rhys and Feyre is even worse because how just how much more powerful he is than Tamlin and how aware he is of how he communicates with Feyre. Tamlin denied Feyre of power, but Rhys gives her the false illusion that she has any power in their dynamic. Like a mirage, he coaxes her with sweet words and her past with Tamlin. There is the illusion of choice.聽
Like sure, Feyre can go wherever she wants, but Rhysand and she are bound. She could never leave that dynamic even if she wanted to. Like when he makes that bargain in TAR, he binds her for life, knowing she loves Tamlin. It doesn't matter that he didn't call the bargain into play -- he always has the choice to.聽
The text treats the bargain as something menial, despite the fact that Rhys can watch her through that tattoo. Like if the plot hadn't gone the way it did -- that is a scary dynamic to have. Your abuser always haveing access to you.聽聽
With the weaver, with her pregnancy -- Rhys always has the control.聽
It reminds me of the saying:聽鈥渢hey give you a seat at the table when you can鈥檛 even read the menu.鈥
It鈥檚 a false sense of control that Rhys knowingly dangles because he knows that Feyre has never had any better. That is why he is so angry when she flirts with Tarquin -- because think about it: why should he even have been jealous in the first place? Why not be happy for her to find love again, even when its not with him? Wasn鈥檛 that his whole justification for not calling the bargain into play. Its the way he coaxes her into stealing from Tarquin, even when her instincts tell her he is a good person He cuts off her access to anyone else besides himself, and I just cringe when I think about it.聽
His goal was always to get Feyre, not for her to be free. And Rhys is so much more conniving, more aware and it creeps me out because I have been in dynamic such as, and they scare the hell out of me.聽 I could go one about how scary Rhys is and how he should鈥檝e stayed the villain. I鈥檒l talk about it in my Rhys analysis (pt 2).聽
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worldsnotsaid7 days ago
The Night Court is essentially the America of Prythian.聽
Like look:
they steal from predominantly POC countries
disable countries and then offer then try to swoop in and play hero
misogynistic and homophobic, but present themselves as a people who pride themselves on equality
care nothing for their predominantly POC populations, frequently talk ill/say racist comments towards said POC coded group, but steal their culture and use it for aesthetic聽
assert authority in countries that are not their own.
Like this sounds exactly like what a certain country does. It鈥檚 scary. there鈥檚 way more too lol
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dontgetsalmonella7 days ago
Y鈥檃ll know I like SJM鈥檚 books...
But the fact that fic writers/artists have to draw/write her characters as POC because SJM is basically allergic to making her characters diverse is ridiculous...
Like think of other popular books in the same genre and the diversity of the characters, and compare that to SJM... Literally no POC, plus-size, or LGBT characters and even if she has them, they鈥檙e VERY minor or already dead lol聽
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lectophile8 days ago
Taking a break from studying to bring up an old note on my notes app:
I could live the rest of my mortal life on his lands.
Feyre about the Spring Court/Prythian, p43 ACOTAR
So I just want to know how SJM can be so purposeful and magical with her foreshadowing 鈥 like she specifically said "the rest of my mortal life" 鈥 but so FREAKING TERRIBLE with understanding her characters later on in her series (w ACSF sadly being the culmination of this weakness).
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nestasgalpal9 days ago
I hate that in ACOSF we got such a clear explanation of how all of Nesta鈥檚 problems come down to her not being able to deal with failure, yet the book ends, and she still doesn鈥檛 know what to do with it. In the last scene, she still feels like it was her fault that her father and her didn鈥檛 get along and considers herself unworthy of the love he professed her, as if the reason she despised him in the first place wasn鈥檛 that he was never the father figure, the adult in their lives, that the three of them needed.
I hate that SJM bothered to include the grandmother in her story, telling us that not only does Nesta鈥檚 issue with failing come from how she was raised to be the embodiment of perfection, but also that when she did wrong things she was expected to excel at, she got physically punished by her governess aka grandmother. From a very young age, Nesta was taught that every mistake, no matter how little or how big, was failure, and the consequences for that were pain. That makes Nesta鈥檚 coping mechanisms so much more comprehensible, because all of them are literally physical punishments she puts herself through, consciously or not.
She abused alcohol, spent her time in the closest thing to a dangerous place she could find in Velaris, neglected her hygiene (not just because of her trauma with the Cauldron, but in general terms by wearing dirty clothes) and slep with so many males everyone should have seen the red flag. And there is nothing wrong with having one-night stands, but we are talking about a character that specifically avoided that kind of contact with men/male in the past and put safety above all but changed 180潞 in less than a month after the war. Everything she does as a consequence of trauma and feeling of failure is physical, damaging and self-inflicted.
And so the book ends, and nobody got to the bottom of why she did any of that, not even Nesta herself seemed to connect the dots between being punished when failing as a kid and punishing her body herself when failing now and thinking it鈥檚 what she deserves. Nesta still feels like that about most of the things that happened in her life. The only difference is that now her trauma is not visible. I could buy the聽鈥渙h, but it鈥檚 only the beginnign for her鈥 discourse, but honestly? There were over 700 pages of聽鈥渉ealing journey鈥 and the source of literally all her problems wasn鈥檛 even addressed. And if we didn鈥檛 get Nesta healing (not owning up her mistakes, but actually recovering from any of them) on page in the one book that is about her, then I hardly doubt we are gonna get to see it happening in someone else鈥檚 story.
And I hate that.
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worldsnotsaid9 days ago
I absolutely abhor when people say that people aren鈥檛聽鈥渃ritical of Nesta鈥 or that we聽鈥渄on鈥檛 see her flaws鈥 -- actually, we do, that is why聽we flock to Nesta in the first place. (1) The text is already critical of Nesta. Her mistakes are constantly thrown in the reader鈥檚 face, she is degraded, her trauma is degraded. All of that is already given within the text. (2) Her flaws and mistakes are pretty minimal in the grand scheme of things: she didn鈥檛 hunt and she鈥檚 mean. That鈥檚 it. She honestly redeemed herself when she allowed her home to be overrun with Fae. Nesta and Elain saved Prythian -- Feyre literally is the cause of the Summer Court聽 skirmish and destroyed a court full of innocent people. Nesta and Elain have never done anything on that scale.聽
They earned their redemption way before the end of this series. (3) Nesta didn鈥檛 like Feyre and that鈥檚 okay. Feyre did not love her sisters in the beginning, and that is okay. Feyre literally laments every five seconds in her narration about how she hates that she made that promise to her mother. She felt obligated to take of them, she did not want to. Again, Feyre only does certain things to move the plot forward. She does not even like her family (is literally the cause of their [kind of] deaths at the hands of Hybern).聽
Nesta is super different from my own personality, but I still felt sorry for her, because while Feyre is given the courtesy of understading, Nesta (and even Elain) are not. They are always defined by their mistakes more than naught. No one chastises Feyre for her actions against Prythian, about her bigotry (weirdly towards her own people?), and selfishness. Nesta, even after Silver Flames, is still called a bitch, still shit on by the fandom, still invalidated by her own struggles even before Hybern.聽
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worldsnotsaid12 days ago
You know what actively concerns me? Why does Rhysand鈥檚 court only consist of the Inner Circle? There should realistically be way more people involved in keeping the court together. Vassal-like providences maybe? Other Nobility? Like he should not only be actively engaging with Keir, Devlon and the IC. And every King/Lord isn鈥檛 going to like their vassals, that does not mean you have the right to just disrespect them. We get mention of courtiers and a 鈥渃ourt鈥 but we don鈥檛 actively see that in any of the main courts (Spring and Night). Like, we get mention of a lot of couriers leaving after Tamlin became high lord, but we never actively see the function of them in any of the courts.
How big was UTM? How did the dynamics work when they were there? We get mention that some people from CoM migrated to Velaris before it was cut off from the rest of the court, and even get a mention that every person in Velaris aren鈥檛 good people, but how do the nobility + couriers function between the rest of the Night Court? Why doesn鈥檛 Rhys allow access between CoM and Velaris? Considering it is implied that Rhys鈥檚 ancestors weren鈥檛 good people, why is Velaris even heralded as a good place? Wouldn鈥檛 it have just been a hub for the privileged and nobility? How long has Rhys even been High Lord? When did his family die? Like there is so much that is missing from the story my head hurts because what Rhys tells Feyre is literally not supported by the text. Like how is Velaris good when Rhys ancestors were horrible, slave-owing people? Why wouldn鈥檛 they be just as bigoted as the rest of the NC? Jeez. Oh, and how did Keir not actively know where Rhys and co would go? Isn鈥檛 Keir Rhysand鈥檚 father鈥 brother? How does he not know about Velaris? Why did Rhys think it was a good idea to trap a group of people (or at least continue to) Under that Mountain?
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acosfisfeysandpropaganda12 days ago
Bro if Feyre was that pressed about Tamlin鈥檚 high taxes what is she gonna do when she finds out about literally everywhere in the Night Court besides little twinkle town (Velaris)馃檴馃き馃檭
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worldsnotsaid13 days ago
Rhysand Analysis (kinda) -- (part 1.5)
This is not the full analysis, it鈥檚 just me mindlessly going over how bad of a planner/leader Rhysand is. I鈥檒l continue tomorrow with his analysis聽 + I鈥檒l post my second portion of ACOSF analysis. Sorry for typos!
tw abuse, violence
So, in case you noticed, I absolutely hate Rhysand at this point of the novel. I hated him so much and I wanted him to die a very gruesome and horrible death. You know why? Because his actions are so impossibly stupid and harmful that it makes my head spin.聽
(1) Reputations are earned. Actions speak way louder than words, and Rhysand鈥檚 speak louder than his excuses. You literally can鈥檛 absolve yourself because you had聽鈥済ood intentions.鈥 You can鈥檛 disregard the impact/consequences of your actions because you meant well by them.聽Rhysand waits literally until the last moment to attack Amarantha. His only motivation is that Feyre is dying, so he says fuck it, and decides to go out with a bang. Tamlin gets so much flack for not doing anything despite the fact that Feyre herself states that he literally can鈥檛 do anything. Not only does Amarantha still grip his power, but Tamlin is literally bleeding out on the floor with a wound to his heart. And this scene gets totally retconned in MAF because 鈥 angst?聽
(2) I just want to explain how stupid Rhysand鈥檚 plans are: (a) he has mobility, limited, but is mobile nonetheless. Mind you, Rhysand uses Amarantha, becomes her crony, just for the little extra power he can get in maneuvering in her court鈥nd then he just doesn鈥檛 use it. Disclaimer: Canonically, Rhysand is a victim of abuse, no matter his goals, I must acknowledge that he is a victim of assault. I hate the bastard, but I cannot invalidate his own struggles in text. That being said, Rhysand knows that Tamlin may be they鈥檙e only hope he admits as much: 鈥淭hen she cursed Tamlin. And my other great enemy became the one loophole that might free us all,鈥 (ACOMAF, Sarah J Maas), but then he does nothing to help, nothing at all. His reasoning for coming to Tamlin was to bully this man, which is extremely stupid. I鈥檇 also like to point out that Rhysand attitude/beef with Tamlin is literally super one-sided because Tamlin literally never just sits around thinking about ways to antagonize Rhysand. Rhysand is literally the older man. Tamlin is annoying and stupid too, but his strategies are way more idk鈥trategic? Rhys is supposed to be the courier but his plans are all literally counter intuitive. He aligns himself with Amarantha, but just goes around enforcing and killing on her behalf, antagonizing Tamlin when it just backfires because it scares Feyre away. Abuses Feyre and puts her in a public eye, so it would be even harder to sneak her out (even if there was a chance). Makes enemies of the High Lords even though it would make wayyyy more logical sense to scheme with them (and not that vague shit with Tarquin). Never reached out to Kallias after the killing of the children so that they could be rest assured, and possibly ally with the Night Court. Again, this is literally the dumbest leader in the history of everything. Meanwhile Tamlin is actively trying to get Feyre to fall in love with him and The Summer Court was secretly planning rebellion. I hate Tamlin in the beginning of MAF, but he was not wrong when he said it was important to keep a good image after UTM, to look strong because we know that Hybern is coming, that descension is brewing. (It鈥檚 funny because this is literally Feyre and Rhysand鈥檚 reasoning for locking Nesta up 鈥攐ops! Doesn鈥檛 that sound familiar).聽 You know what Rhysand does? In the time of high tensions, after everyone one is just getting back to their courts and preparing for possible war? He causes chaos among the High Lords: Kidnaps Feyre (though it would be understandable is he weren鈥檛 her abuser as well), steals from Tarquin (a possible ally), keeps all of the High Lords in the dark about the severity of the war all the way up until like the middle of the last book, destroys (feyre does this, but he supports) the Spring Court and by association, Summer Court, because Spring has to ally with Hybern to save its people. Further, the Night Court blows Tamlin鈥檚 cover, threatens other High Lords (Beron, Tamlin, and Tarquin), thereby almost shattering those alliances. Do you see how DUMB of a leader Rhysand is, how his plans works against Prythian? I didn鈥檛 know who was possibly dumber, Rhys or Feyre (I鈥檓 going with Rhys bc he is literally 500).聽 Rhys + co鈥檚 very stupid, reckless search for the cauldron/book literally draws the attention of the King of Hybern. And again: instead of allying with the high lords, Rhys doesn鈥檛 because he can鈥檛 trust them. That makes no sense, considering the fact that they should be apprehensive about Rhys, the man who literally worked for Hybern for over fifty years. How does he feel this way towards them? How does this attitude even makes sense!! Tell me Sarah!
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acotar-shit-thoughts13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*not my post just saw this on r/webtoons and I think their complaints are pretty much my exact thoughts on ACOTAR and how much hope I had that it didn't rely on bad tropes (I love tropes but there's a way to do it).
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worldsnotsaid13 days ago
Rhysand Analysis --聽鈥淧retender鈥 (pt.1)
I finished one of my exams (and got an A!!) so I鈥檓 going to write one post I鈥檝e been wanting to write for awhile. That is鈥 a character analysis on one of my most hated characters in all of literary history 鈥 Rhysand.
tw: abuse, s*x*al assault, violence, gaslighting. Rhysand does a lot of deplorable things, so please enter this post with caution because some of the subjects are heavy. beware of typos!
Let鈥檚 Talk About Rhysand in ACOTAR #1
The first time we meet Rhysand is about half way through the first book, when he is saving Feyre from her would be assailants. He is described immediately as 鈥渉e most beautiful man I鈥檇 ever seen,鈥 (ACOTAR, Sarah J Maas).
We don鈥檛 learn much about him, only getting tidbits that he hates the Spring Court, and that he is from another court. It鈥檚 not a bad entrance, and though I knew what route the story was going to take after such an introduction, I couldn鈥檛 say I was against it because I didn鈥檛 really know who he was as a character. But fuck it went from zero to fucking a hundred very quickly.聽
The narrative doesn鈥檛 pay him much mind after his first introduction and we don鈥檛 see him again until near the end of the novel and this it what he does:
(1) Rhysand assaults Feyre with his Magic:
鈥淎gainst my volition, my body straightened, every muscle going taut, my bones straining. Magic, but deeper than that. Power that seized everything inside me and took control: even my blood flowed where he willed it. I couldn鈥檛 move. An invisible, talon-tipped hand scraped against my mind. And I knew鈥攐ne push, one swipe of those mental claws, and who I was would cease to exist,鈥 (ACOTAR, Sarah J Maas).
(2) Rhysand invades Feyre鈥檚 mind 鈥 humiliates her in front of Lucien and Tamlin so much so that it nearly left her sobbing on the floor:
鈥淚鈥檇 forgotten that human minds are as easy to shatter as eggshells,鈥 Rhysand said, and ran a finger across the base of my throat. I shuddered, my eyes burning. 鈥淟ook at how delightful she is鈥攍ook how she鈥檚 trying not to cry out in terror. It would be quick, I promise.鈥 Had I retained any semblance of control over my body, I might have vomited.鈥
Now, in MAF, this gets explain away as Rhysand putting on a shield, for Prythian, for the world. BUT, that literally makes no sense in this scene and in the other scenes I will discuss.
(1) Rhysand is alone. There is no one watching him, no one around. He dis not have to do this. Could鈥檝e just ignored that Feyre was there, pretended like he didn鈥檛 see the plate in front of Lucien. We get no indication that Amarantha would have know, and considering the fact that Rhysand does do things that go against Amarantha and she doesn鈥檛 find out, makes me believe that Rhysand has some level of privacy.聽
(2) In one part, Rhysand explains that he asked for her name for selfish reasons, and then tries to say that he knew she was lying but didn鈥檛 press. That makes no sense considering fact that he basically mind r*ped her. He states, 鈥淏ut I was so selfish鈥擨 was so stupidly selfish that I couldn鈥檛 walk away without knowing your name,鈥 (ACOMAF, Sarah J Mass).
(3): Rhysand works against himself. His reasoning for coming to the Spring Court were purely for his own聽 volition as he talks about he wanted to hurt and humiliate Tamlin. Not work with him, maybe scheme with him, but humiliate him. Rhysand states, 鈥淚 was prepared to mock him, maybe pick a fight,鈥 (ACOMAF, Sarah J Mass). Rhysand has the mobility to move between courts, could have schemed with Tamlin and helped Prythian and instead choses, in a time of great oppression, to bully Tamlin for something that happened nearly what? 300 years ago? (The is is just an estimate). (a) Tamlin didn鈥檛 kill his mother and sister, he only told their location thinking Rhysand was going to be there (b) Rhysand and his father ALREADY killed all three of Tamlin鈥檚 brother + his mother + his father. Rhysand doesn鈥檛 have to forgive Tamlin, but I鈥檓 absolutely judging him for being 500+ and still enacted weird violence against Tamlin. I also think it鈥檚 weird that we never get Tamlin鈥檚 version of events, never get his backstory or motivations. ALSO, what is with this alignment of evil? Tamlin is evil because his family is evil and that Is his legacy. Thats ridiculous. But any who, Rhysand, being 鈥榯he most powerful high lord,鈥 does absolutely nothing. While CoM suffered, the majority of the Night Court is relatively unharmed. Meanwhile, Amarantha put the citizens of the Spring Court in concentration camps. Rhysand willingly aids Amarantha in this reign of tyranny, his only motivation is keeping his court safe. Even the fact that Rhysand lead Amarantha to the CoM so that she could kill its citizens is deplorable. Surely, every single person born in the CoM can鈥檛 be evil. This theme of being destined/aligned with evil is completely disgusting.聽
(4) Feyre is already afraid, and it is because Rhysand scares her that she doesn鈥檛 say 鈥業 love you鈥 to Tamlin in the first place. Why didn鈥檛 Rhysand see how the curse played out? and at what point does 鈥榩retending鈥 cross over to real violence. Is states, 鈥淪o I watched your first trial. Pretending鈥攁lways pretending to be that person you hated.,鈥 (ACOMAF, Sarah J Maas), but he still did those things to her, still hurt and abused her. That is not pretending. I haven鈥檛 even gotten to his behavior Under The Mountain. And just to compare, Amarantha didn鈥檛 even 鈥榟ate鈥 Feyre, she was just a means to an end. Does that Justify Amarantha鈥檚 behavior? Hell no.聽
After this initial scene, I knew there was no way in hell I would ever like Rhysand, not even as a morally grey character. You can鈥檛 be morally grey AND self-righteous.聽
Please handle this section with care, I talk about what Rhys does to Feyre UTM, and there will be some quotes that are unsavory.
Rhys UTM:
Harms Feyre Physically: No body was in there. Feyre already fears him. There is literally no justification for this. AT ALL. I don鈥檛 know why SJM has Rhysand behave this way when she knew she wanted him to be the MC. For the love of God WHYYY. Like if you knew you knew Feylin wasn鈥檛 endgame, why would you have him do this god awful stuff? Because Rhysand is unforgivable.
Dresses Feyre Up in nothing but two scaps of clothing and makes her dance. He does this specifically to piss of Tamlin. Again, using Feyre as a play toy to fuel his (one-sided) beef with Tamlin. The text states, 鈥淩hysand had said that he wanted to tell him at the right moment, that he鈥檇 wanted to hurt Tamlin by revealing the bargain I鈥檇 made. Prick. Scheming, wretched prick,鈥 (ACOTAR, Sarah J Mass). I mind you Rhysand has no logical reason for doing this outside of jealousy. And the other explanation he gives, to make Amarantha angry makes no sense because he already hates her and she is probably assaulting him as well.聽 Rhysand literally has no valid reason for doing this, none that I would be willing to forgive.聽
Trigger Warning!!! The next scene I discuss is heavy: Rhysand then drugs Feyre and makes her dance until she vomits. He then makes her sleep in her very cold cell with nothing but those scarps of clothing.: 鈥淗e smiled, and extended the goblet again. 鈥淒rink. You鈥檒l need it.鈥 ( ACOTAR, Sarah J Maas). This is presented as something she needed. But that it not a defense the when you are actively drugging some while you make them dance on you s*xually (that is assault). He then sends her to her cell where we get this: 鈥淚 awoke in my cell, still clad in that handkerchief he called a dress. Everything was spinning so badly that I barely made it to the corner before I vomited. Again. And again. When I鈥檇 emptied my stomach, I crawled to the opposite corner of the cell and collapsed,鈥 (ACOTAR). Not only is she still freezing, but she is throwing up her food (and mind you she鈥檚 not getting much) because of the wine. Lucien has be the one to help her. Also, Feyre doesn鈥檛 even know what was done to her. That Rhysand did that to her in front of all those people. That鈥檚 disgusting because RHYSAND DID NOT HAVE TO DO IT. this development does not help them out, at all.聽
(I鈥檒l continue later with the ending of TAR and the beginning of MAF)
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worldsnotsaid14 days ago
ACOTAR -- Feyre, The Perfect Victim (PT.6)
ACOTAR -- Feyre, The Perfect Victim (PT.6)
My Lucien portion is long. I think this is because Lucien is another character (like Rhysand) who points out all of the flaws in Feyre鈥檚 character. So, I鈥檓 gonna do a piece about both Rhys and Lucien together. This portion is again about mainly just Feyre as a character.
Beware of typos -- please tell me if something reads weird. I was typing really fast!
tw: abuse, violence, assault. enter with care.
As I talked about before, one of the biggest gripes I have with the creation of Feyre鈥檚 character is the fact that she is one big plot point. Feyre could never exist as her own individual person without the aid of other characters. A lot of people relate to Feyre because she is an empty-space, a black canvas. She can be imposed upon. Rhysand is a big indicator of this. When she is around him, most people enjoy their interaction because her character literally mimics his own. Rhys is snarky, Feyre becomes snarky. The same with Lucien. Lucien is full of color, and has a bright personality, and in TAR, when Feyre is around him, that is the Feyre we see. With Tamlin, their interactions are a bit more dull because Tamlin isn鈥檛 as strong as a character and Feyre literally just exists. A lot of the development we see with Tamlin and Feyre is Tamlin telling Feyre about the world. The audience is learning with her, but their is nothing more to there relationship. Like I said, I see Feyre鈥檚 allure to Tamlin (he鈥檚 different, magical, and mysterious) BUT there is little to no allure for Tamlin to love Feyre. Though you could argue the same, say that Tamlin fell in love with Feyre because she was different and mysterious to him, she is still just dull. There romance doesn鈥檛 work because Tamlin isn鈥檛 a strong enough character for Feyre to mimic.聽
Even someone like Elain could even exist on her own, because though characterization is a bit flimsy, there are traits that go beyond just being a plot point. She鈥檚 a follower, good with people, and usually, no matter who she is talking to, this characterization stays consistent. Nesta and Amren are the same, they both 鈥榰sually鈥 respond to situations in way that stays partially true to the way they have been characterized. Feyre is not this way. When SJM鈥檚 goal was to vilify indvidual鈥檚 like Tamlin, Nesta, and to some extent, Elain, Feyre becomes the antithesis to their character. When Tamlin enacts the Tithe, Feyre is overly concerned with the politics and the wraiths (which again was so dumb because Tamlin is just collecting dues and/or taxes), but when Feyre leaves the Spring Court and then comes back in WAR, she cares nothing for the citizens, using them only to get revenge on Tamlin. When Feyre hunts in the woods for Nesta, Elain, and Mr. Archeron, there is no kindness, no want, no real reason she has to hunt 鈥 her role here is just to reflect her predicament, but does nothing to flesh out her character. For example, say Elain was the one who hunted in the woods, she would still be that meek individual, the same with Nesta. You don鈥檛 develop a personality, you already have one. Being poor, impoverished, or depression does not take away attributes that are already there. Elain and Nesta are and have been they way they are since they were children. Feyre is just there. She feels obligated to take of her family because of her mother鈥檚 promise, but this makes no sense considering that Feyre had a nonexistent relationship with her mother.聽 Funny enough,聽 I can describe Nesta and Elain 鈥 hell even Mr. Archeron, but I cant鈥檛 even begin to start with Feyre because her characterization is literally dependent on who she is talking to and what the plot demands. Her emotions when handling certain things is way too manufactured. I mentioned before that no one can control how their trauma effects them, which I absolutely stand by. But Feyre鈥檚 trauma is not handled in a way that feels realistic. Feyre spends about a year and a half depressed after UTM, but heals within a 2-3 month span and falls passionately in love with Rhys (someone who is literally the author of her abuse) and then commits war crimes with him. We can make the argument that she isn鈥檛 fully healed, but how do you go from freeing a whole continent, to being with someone (who despite his intention) has literally aided in that oppression. Feyre goes from one extreme to another. It鈥檚 so unrealistic, It鈥檚 nearly laughable. Trauma doesn鈥檛 just come and go when you want to, and it sure as hell doesn鈥檛 just go away because you fall in love. Feyre should still be apprehensive about Rhysand, she should have questions about the way he went about doing things. But she doesn鈥檛. You know why? Because she never questions the plot, only exists to move the plot forward. Things happen to her, she is reactionary. The only decisions we see her actively make are (1) sabotaging the Spring Court (2) lying and stealing from Tarquin (3) attacking Beron (4) and hunting in the woods. And even out of that list (I鈥檓 sure there might be more, but bear with me lol), her decision to act on them are so inconsistent with her characterization and plot it鈥檚 crazy. Feyre won鈥檛 except jewelry from Tamlin, but will except five mansions from Rhys. She won鈥檛 forgive Tamlin (as she should of course, he is an abuser), but choses to forgive Rhysand (who is also an abuser). She is against being ordered around, but invades Tarquins mind. Accepts Veleris Citizens as her own, but is mad at Spring Court citizens because they adored her. Says she doesn鈥檛 want to be Lady or High Lady, and then becomes High Lady in the same book.聽
You see how inconsistent that is? A lot of these happen in the span of what 鈥 a few months? SJM uses Trauma as a plot point and I find that absolutely disgusting. She implies that Rhys is a s*x assault survivor, but has him assault Feyre 鈥 and then uses this to empower Feyre? It鈥檚 so weird, and since Feyre only exists as a canvas for the people she interacts with, its harder to see the flaws. Feyre isn鈥檛 fleshed out at all, and never will be.聽
Again I鈥檒l use Elain, because it wouldn鈥檛 be fair to use Nesta (lol). If Elain had went through the trials that Feyre did, this book would be totally different. Elain isn鈥檛 a blank slate, we have some qualities thats sort of define her, so if she were to make an action like destroy the Spring Court or sabotage the Summer Court, the reader would chastise her because we know that deviates from the person she is. If Elain accepted the houses from Rhys, we鈥檇 probably understand because we know that Elain isn鈥檛 necessarily someone who eschews wealth. She thrives in it. If Nesta were to switch places with Feyre, again, we would see the flaws in the plot. (Just for the sake of this example), if Nesta fell in love with Tamlin, and he鈥檇 done those things to her, then I would understand her destroying the Spring Court, I wouldn鈥檛 agree with it, but I would know it aligned with her characterization, it would make sense. She is a stubborn, scornful person, so we鈥檇 expect her to do something like this. She would move, and the plot would follow along. Feyre is not like this. Her character only does things because that is what is needed of her for the plot, she never moves it, it moves her.聽
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nesta-stan14 days ago
Do you guys remember when LUCIEN was supposed to be the snarky, sarcastic, I might almost kill you, hottie?
Now he's just like this cinnamon roll child.
I really hope if we get more of him we can see that side of him again, it's been too long.
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enquires-state-building15 days ago
anyone else kind of annoyed at the prevalence of getting married = having children in ya books cough SJM cough I just find it really annoying that like as soon as a couple gets married they immediately (or sometime soon) announce a pregnancy and it鈥檚 always supposed to be this big reveal but it鈥檚 like to the point where it鈥檚 predictable, and I鈥檓 just? Not a fan? like I am not here for the realities of child rearing I am here for the fae beauty and kickass fight scenes. I don鈥檛 want to read about how you almost died in childbirth or how there鈥檚 something wrong with the pregnancy shit like that, like thank you, but this is not the fantastical escapism I signed up for when I opened this young adult or new adult book. It鈥檚 just not it. Anyways. I digress.聽
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