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#sjm fandom
thesurielships · a year ago
This is when Rhys fell in love
Tumblr media
“I think I fell in love with you,” Rhys murmured, stroking a finger down my arm, “the moment I realized you were cleaving those bones to make a trap for the Middengard Wyrm. Or maybe the moment you flipped me off for mocking you. It reminded me so much of Cassian. For the first time in decades, I wanted to laugh.”
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polysorscha · a year ago
a beginner’s guide to fandom racists
This is by no stretch of the imagination a finished list, nor will it probably ever be. But over my years in Tumblr I’ve started to Notice some Things...
Basic Racist
“so NO poc characters can die????”
purposely misinterprets your argument
“blackwashing exists too. if mj can be black then aang can be white”
“why don’t they just make a NEW black superhero/princess/franchise?”
“stop making fun of xyz writer; they’re probably a much better writer than you’ll ever be”
alternatively “have you written a book? then you can’t have any opinion whatsoever”
alternatively “if you want to see diverse characters then write your own story instead of complaining”
“you should be grateful for the one side poc who died in the first episode”
“imagine if i said the same thing about poc. that’s reverse racism”
Smug/Oppressed Racist
makes several posts expressing their dismay and sadness after being called out for racism
assumes victim position whenever possible
lowkey/highkey an anti-anti
thinks and acts like they are oppressed by the existence of antis
*approaching their mutual of color (or a blogger of color in their community) after writing/reblogging a problematic post* “hey just wondering, why did you block me?”
makes fic/edits/headcanons/art that relies on racist stereotypes and characterization
“i miss the days when you could just be racist write whatever fic/like whatever character/post whatever headcanons without people getting mad :/”
“some people just don’t know how to have FUN!”
“don’t you have anything better to do than run a HATE BLOG about this poor writer?”
part of a network of white mutuals and followers who supportively affirm each other that they’re Not Racist
refuses to acknowledge anything you say unless it’s written in standard white grammar and falsely cheery affect
Schrodinger’s Woke
usually a white lady
has some posts about intersectionality on their blog
doesn’t support any movies/shows/books written by and for poc
never reblogs bloggers of color
alternatively, only reblogs bloggers of color who agree with their opinion (which 90% of the other poc in the fandom disagree with)
goes hard in calling out misogyny, but “can excuse” the racism of the author
alternatively, *about a problematic white female character* “you have to excuse the racism in her narrative. just because there’s racism in it doesn’t mean she’s not a feminist hero. it’s not her fault that the writers wrote it that way”
generally expecting all fans to put the representation of white women before any other representation in terms of importance
“why can’t this strong woc just be single?! she’s awesome without a man”
selectively calls out racism in fandom/content when it makes their preferred character/blogger look better in comparison to the “more racist” character/blogger
repeats what bloggers of color say but in a cheery tone and more watered down; gets heaps of praise from mutuals and followers for being a woke queen
assumes position of authority on all social justice issues, especially concerning gender (and sexuality if they are lgbtq+)
“the writer knows what they’re doing. i give them the benefit of the doubt because we don’t know how the story will turn out in the end”
may or may not have written elaborate posts about racism and race theory
definitely stans at least one extremely problematic white author and defends them and their “genius” to the death
thinks that calling out white cis/het women for their racism/homophobia/transphobia is sexist
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vanserrasvalkyrie · a year ago
Rowan teaching Dorian magic: Keep making snowballs. Perfect.
Rowan teaching Aelin:
Tumblr media
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thesurielships · 2 years ago
The thing about Sjm's books is that they affect you in ways you may not notice at first.
I read Throne of Glass a couple of weeks ago, and when Celaena kept telling herself "I will not be afraid", I thought oh whatever get on with it.
But just now I had to talk to someone that scares the shit out of me, and I found myself thinking "I am tired of being scared. I will not be afraid." And I remembered how Celaena got over her fear and accomplished so many things, and it helped. I went and talked to that person, and I got what I wanted.
And a while back, I was having a hard time getting over a past trauma of mine that somehow just came back to the surface, and reading about Feyre's struggle in ACOMAF helped a lot. "Only you can decide what breaks you" is one of my favorite quotes ever.
So thank you, Sarah J Maas, for creating such inspirational and real female protagonists.
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maastrash · 2 years ago
Friendly Reminder
Cassian is NOT stupid. He is not some stupid jock with no common sense. He is an intelligent commander of the Night Court’s Armies and known as the Lord of Bloodshed for a reason. I am tired of seeing posts where he is portrayed as an idiot. Let’s not degrade him like that. He is a jokester, but he is smart, selfless, and brave and he deserves respect. Thank you. 
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thesurielships · 2 years ago
She had mountains of unread books sitting in her rooms but didn’t feel like reading any of them.
Sarah J Maas - Crown of Midnight
If this is not the most relatable quote ever, then I don't know what is.
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axhicleos · 6 months ago
People really be out there saying Azriel is the caring one and Cassian the wild one when Cassian spent all his early mornings slowly training Feyre to combat and Azriel straight up pushed her off a rock when she asked him to teach her how to fly
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“Hypaxia met his stare again and smiled slightly. An invitation and challenge. Her magic simmered through him, over his forehead.
Sandriel had informed the Asteri— so they’d kill Bryce. His Bryce. Hunt’s attention narrowed on the back of Sandriel’s neck.
And he rose to his feet as Hypaxia’s magic dissolved the halo from his brow.”
the fandom:
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bookstantrash · a year ago
Tumblr media
If that doesn’t represent the ACOTAR fandom right now I don’t know what does
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