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#sjm fandom

Fandom: so, Sarah, who’s the next book about

Sarah: oh, I thought it was pretty obvious


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Me reading SJMs books:

“nothing will ever hurt as much as Rhys dying.”

“nothing will ever hurt as much as Sam dying.”

“nothing will ever hurt as much as Lehaba dying.”

“nothing will ever hurt as much as Gwyn thinking she was at fault for what Hybern did to her and her sister.”

Does SJM drink our tears to survive or something?

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Who wanted more Balthazar?

I really low-key wanted him to join them to the top.

Or at least we get to see the bat boys reaction to an Illyrian who was willing to help the girls. Like their thoughts and what they did about it.

Also, he was kinda hot and in my age range.

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Remember when Aelin left a note in the fake wrydkey for Lorcan to discover.

“Here’s hoping you discover more creative terms than ‘bitch’ to call me when you find this. With all my love, A.A.G.”

Most understated moment in the book😂😂😂

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Rhysand teaching Nyx how to write: *hands Nyx a paper on which he wrote ’Rhysand is my favorite parent’*

Rhysand: copy that down over and over

Rhysand waiting for Feyre to come back from her studio:

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🔥Eris Vanserra anyone? 😏 🔥

This is only a WIP! I’ll be fully colouring this and lining tomorrow. 💖




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(I will stop informing this from the upcoming posts)

“Cassian stared like he hadn’t seen her before ”

Their eyes met, and there was only clear, determined calm—and a challenge. “We’ll do the warm-up, and then we’re moving into some core work.”

She gaped. Her … core?

“Abdominals,” he clarified, and pink washed across his face. He cleared his throat. “Filthy mind.” He flicked her cheek. “Too much smut.”

She batted him away and gestured to the muscles hidden beneath his shirt. “You’re going to make me look like that?”

His low laugh rippled over her body. “No one can look like this but me, Nes.”

Arrogant ass.

“Rhysand and Azriel do,” she said sweetly.

“I’ve got one or two muscles on them.”

“I don’t see it.”

He winked. “Maybe they’re in other places.”

She couldn’t help it. Couldn’t stop it. Not the flash of desire, but the smile that overtook her face. She huffed a laugh.

Cassian stared like he hadn’t seen her before.

His shock was enough that Nesta dropped her smile. “All right,” she said. “Warm-up, then abdominals.”

Probably Cassian


Originally posted by socialboxsports

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My favourite theme in this book is just Cassian saying shit he’s not supposed to

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Help me. istg

I just finished reading acosf and I need someone cry rant to.

I want to know what comes next, I do not feel like waiting who knows how long for another book. (if there’ll even be one, there has to be another one the story isn’t over)

Also this part is super important. I saw somewhere there was an excerpt from Azriel’s perspective in the Books A Million exclusive version of Acosf. I live in Canada and BAM! doesn’t ship here. (The exclusive version was only on American BAM!) So someone please help me, if you have this version of the book I -and others- would highly appreciate if you sent me/posted etc. pictures of it. Unless you’ve seen a post online please send/post the link. If I find someone who’s posted Az’s pov I promise to share the link! Happy reading!!

btw if anyone wants to read Feyre’s pov in acosf from the Indigo exclusive version feel free to message me!

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Considering Cassian later found him the only one whom he could trust with Nesta on the Dance floor

“With that pretty face?” she crooned. “I have a hard time believing that.”

Azriel was nothing short of beautiful. Even with those scarred hands and the shadows that flowed from him like smoke, she’d always found him to be the prettiest of the three males who called themselves brothers.

Cassian slid into the chair opposite hers, his food instantly appearing before him, and said with grating cheer, “Morning, Nesta.”

She threw him an equally saccharine smile. “Good morning, Cassian.”

Azriel’s hazel eyes danced, but he said nothing as he gracefully took his place beside Cassian, a plate of his own food appearing.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” Nesta said to him. She couldn’t remember the last time, actually.

Azriel took a bite of his eggs before replying. “Likewise.” The shadowsinger nodded toward her clothes. “How’s training?” Cassian cut him a sharp look.

Nesta glanced between them. There was no way Azriel didn’t know about yesterday. Cassian had probably gloated about the incident with the stairs, too.

She sipped from her tea. “Training is fantastic. Absolutely riveting.”

Azriel’s mouth curled up at the corner. “I hope you’re not giving my brother a hard time.”

She set down her teacup. “Is that a threat, Shadowsinger?”

Cassian took a long drink from his own tea. Drained it to the dregs.

Azriel said coolly, “I don’t need to resort to threats.” The shadows coiled around him, snakes ready to strike.

Nesta gave him a smile, holding his stare. “Neither do I.”

She leaned back in her chair and said to Cassian, who was frowning at both of them, “I want to train with him instead.”

She could have sworn Cassian went still. Interesting.

Azriel coughed into his tea.

Cassian drummed his fingers on the table. “I think you’ll find that Az is even less forgiving than I am.”

“With that pretty face?” she crooned. “I have a hard time believing that.”

Azriel ducked his head, focusing on his food.

“You want to train with Az,” Cassian said tightly, “then go ahead.” He appeared thoughtful for a moment, his eyes lighting before he added, “Though I doubt that you’ll survive a lesson with him, when you can’t manage to walk down a hundred stairs without being so sore the next morning that you’re unable to get out of your chair.”

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Okay, in the last few days I finally had a chance to sit down and fully plan out how I am going to approach the entirety of this fan fic, specifically how I plant to do the different povs. Because of this, I have had to make a few changes to how I am publishing this scene. It was originally a two part scene, but now I have condensed it into one post rather than two.

I am sorry for any confusion. I am very new to this type of thing, so I am still figuring things out. I appreciate your patience as I fumble my way through this process. Thanks!

Title: Questions and Answers

A very romantic, and slightly steamy, dinner date between Azriel and Gwyn.

Azriel X Gwyn

Warnings: Mostly fluff, but has a little bit of steam

Word Count: 4,719


If you would like to be tagged in updates, please let me know

Tags: @chloepereyra | @lovelyladymayyy | @azrielsshadowsdanceforgwyn | @corrdolium | @ayshasn | @remellarome | @inejjg | @azrielsgirl | @gisellefigue08 | @acourtofmidnightsnacks | @bookishgeekygirl | @ddsworldofbooks | @67impalagirl13 | @illyrian-valkyrie | @arinbelle | @bittermuire | @cauldron-blessedarcheron1 

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Remember how Eris mentioned something about the three sacred mountains.

…..Eris shrugged, and Nesta knew Cassian monitored his every breath. “There are three of them, you know. Sister peaks. This one, the mountain called the Prison, and the one the Illyrian brutes call Ramiel. All bald, barren mountains at odds with those around them.”……

They are sister peaks.

Well, The Prison was where Feyre was and Ramiel was where Nesta was.

Both the sisters were trapped.

What if Elain’s story takes place in the third mountain ? Like she is trapped there at some point . After all, it’s name not being mentioned must be foreshadowing 👀

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I need a fanfic with Nesta and Cassian’s mating ceremony and later Cassian getting jealous and possessive over his mate

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I’m a simple person, I see a side character in a Sarah J Mass story, and I love them more than half the main characters. It’s easy.

Look at all my favorite children:

Danika Fendyr

Lucien Vanserra



(Except in TOG, where my favorite character is Manon… duh lol)

But at all times, I’m just wondering “where is Lucien? Where is Gywn? Are they ok? Is Hypaxia ok? Danika, I love you sweetie”

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Someone please message me so we can scream about this I have so many thoughts

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Spoilers Ahead!!!!!

I truly, truly loved this book.

I could go on and on about the plot or the sex scenes or the witty banter, but I think the brilliance of Maas’ writing shines through in one essential aspect of the book: her portrayal of Nesta. Nesta is a difficult character to like. She is prickly and rude and cold and unrelenting. The perfect external factor for the development of another character, for example, Feyre. It’s one thing to write about how one’s cold behavior might affect a loved one. But in my opinion, it’s an entirely different thing, a harder thing, to write about how that cold person got to be who they are and what happens to them if they are pushed over the edge, forced to confront the people they’ve hurt and the bridges they’ve burned.

Nesta has done just that. The death of her father bring Nesta to a fundamental breaking point. She’s spent so much time rejecting her father. Rejecting him because she thought his inability to provide for his daughters meant he was rejecting them too, that he didn’t care for them. But he died loving them. And she can’t understand how anyone could love her, after everything she’s done. Everything she’s believed about him has been a lie. To punish herself, she throws herself into a cycle of self-destructive behavior.

She drinks and has sex with strangers and lashes out when people try to get too close. Day by day, minute by minute, her sense self worth and respect diminishes. She loses her identity and purpose. She loses her spark and her will to live.

So fast-forward to Acosf, our girl is not doing well. It’s been a year of destructive behavior and her sisters have had enough. She’s booted off to the camp with Cassian and starts her journey of healing and growth. I’m not gonna give a run by run, but I want to mention a parts that really resonated with me/I appreciated, because they show the depth and difficulty of Nesta’s journey.

1) The mountain scene/chapter 58. When Nesta hits her breaking point. When she lets out all her feelings, admitting her guilt and her self-hatred. Damn. In an earlier book Feyre speculates that Nesta feels things more deeply than others. This book makes that obvious. Nesta’s ability to feel is just as fierce as she is.

Which is why the aspect of self-hate in this book is so extreme. She truly feels it. She truly doesn’t believe herself deserving of other peoples’ love. She doesn’t feel entitled to happiness. So she deprives herself of both. In chapter 58, she reveals that though she’s always felt something for Cassian, she didn’t think she deserved him, didn’t deserve how good he made her feel. So she pushed him away, like she pushed everyone who might offer her kindness or compassion or anything else she doesn’t deserve. Sometimes when she lashes out at people, she thinks, “Why did I do that?!”- showing that even when she’s not consciously trying to push people away, she does anyway. It’s a vicious cycle. She hates herself. She pushes people away because she doesn’t think she deserves them. In doing this, she hurts people, which causes her to hate herself even more. Strong, raw, and honest writing. It brought me to tears.

2) Cassian!!! Nesta and Cassian are beautiful opposites. He wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t care if people know it. She wears a mask of ice. He’s unabashed. She’s proud. He’s open. She’s calculating. Their dynamic is iconic.

But what I love most about their relationship is his never-ending support for her. He believes in her ability to overcome her trauma when literally no one else does. Not even her sisters. There was a point where I was hoping maybe Elain would come and support Nesta, hold her while she sorted out her pain and rebuilt herself. But only Cassian was truly there to see it through. It was Cassian who cracked her open, and helped her heal. There were moments between them that were so real, so reflective of a couple in which one of them was dealing with trauma. Like when Cassian wanted to hold Nesta, and take away the burden she had to bare, but stopped himself because he knew only she could heal herself. Or the times he slipped and insulted her out of frustration. I felt like I was watching an actual, real-life emotional conflict unfold. He wasn’t alway perfect, but he was willing to listen and understand. And that was enough.

3) The friendships. How freaking iconic was the Women-warrior league with Gwen and Emerie. We love women who learn to heal from their traumas and reclaim their lives. it’s just *chefs kiss*

4) The dancing part. When Nesta reclaimed her joy. She reconnected with a lost part of her identity, and embraced it, an essential part of her rebirth. Plus, it made me want to get up and spin.

Overall note:

An incredible book. It’s so easy to love noble characters. Characters who sacrifice their well-being for their family and radiate honor and courage. It’s harder to like the prickly, complicated ones. But Sarah J Maas did such justice to Nesta’s complex character, that I feel like I appreciate her more than the more “noble” ones. Maybe because they’re more realistic. So often, like Nesta, we are our own poison. We are the result of our own ill-judgments and decisions. We can relate to the imperfectness of Nesta. We can rally behind this notion of “I’m the problem, but I have the strength inside me to fix it.”

- (Sidenote: I will say, I didn’t like how the IC handled the situation. It almost seemed like Feyre and the others were too caught up in their own lives to realize how far off the deep end Nesta had gotten, until she spent a lot of money. Then they were like “this is for the best cause we care about you” like girl you could have cared about her three months ago when she was just as bad. They were pretty rude with that goodbye too. But I kind of think thats because they didn’t realize the full extent of her mental suffering. Like if they knew how little she valued her own life and wanted to end it then maybe Feyre wouldn’t have told her that she didn’t have a life.)

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