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#sjm spoilers
Can we acknowledge the fact that in the methods to “help” Nesta the inner circle and Feyre didn’t think it was a good idea to offer her a therapist? Like for fucks sake, the girl is experiencing trauma from her life and the war and you think the best idea is to send her to a war camp?
And also what’s even worse about them making the decision for Nesta is the fact that she never had the ability to choose throughout most of her life. Like how her mother literally groomed her to sell her off into a marriage. (Trigger warring SA) And when she was assaulted by Thomas to which he tried to make her feel like she couldn’t say no to him. Her freedom to choose what she wanted has always been violated by the people around her. And it’s even worse knowing the the same people who claim to care about her are doing the same things as her past abusers did.
Throughout the entire series no one acknowledged the fact that nesta is a victim, instead they treated her like some burden they needed to fix. And for Rhys to have the audacity to judge her after all the shit he’s done is so baffling to me. She did some bad things yeah, but she takes accountability for her actions. Rhys has done far much worse and yet here he still is being seen as some fucking saint.
And don’t even get me started on Cassian who claims to care about her yet always defends Rhys when he’s attacking her. It’s like he’s Rhys’ bitch. You’re her fucking mate, do something about the way she’s being treated. Instead he agrees with everything making her feel like shit. I’ve experienced gaslighting before and it’s unfortunate to see that it’s what he’s doing to her. He’s making her feel guilty for everything, while she’s drowning in her sorrows.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Acosf wasn’t a book about self healing. It was a book about a victim being torn down and forced to change who she was in order to be accepted. This is why it’s so hard to find badass female characters in books who are unapologetically nasty to the people around them. Quite frankly I wanted nesta to stay being the bitch that she originally was - just wanted more depth to it. And other authors have done it so nice before. Like Zoya from the Shadow and Bone series. She’s bitter and an absolute bitch and in the end still stays the way she is, which I love about her.
It’s just makes me so angry looking at books and seeing how much females that aren’t considered kind or nice are put down. Not just in the book but also by the fans. Why does a female character need to be “good” or a “hero” for her to be liked? Why is it when a male character acts like an absolute asshole for no remorse for his actions people eat that up. But when it’s a female it’s suddenly looked down upon. I’m so mad with how Nesta ended up at the end of the book. I’m so tired of these women always being put down and not accepted for who they are. The only time they are accepted is when they “change”.
Ngl I just wanted Nesta to be this anti hero throughout the series. I wanted her to still be horrible but I also wanted explanations for why she did the things she did. I wanted her to be that cruel and vicious person she was always meant to be. I honestly don’t even want her to be part of the inner circle. Why be with a group of people that have insulted you and threatened to kill you?
It’s just so interesting how people treat male characters vs female characters. I’m so tired of seeing my favorite female characters change because of these men.
Sorry for the rant! This got me so heated 😗
I didn’t know you could put this many characters in an ask.
i like this ask tho. For me, i agree. I love cassian but nonnie you are completely correct in saying he acts like Rhys’ bitch. Your also correct in saying ACOSF was not a book about healing. I think I’ve said this before on my blog but the moment I finished ACOSF I was so confused because it felt like I was reading Feyres story from the perspective of a side character. The book was so disappointing.
The cover should’ve been our first warning, her publishing company can eat my ass for that one.
Hate to the publishing company not the artist. I actually do like the cover but not for this series.
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daisybrekker · 22 hours ago
Hi! I just wanna ask, is it true sarah said that only one couple per book for acotar series. I havent found the interview where did she said that? What if the next book contain multiple pov like tog series? I also heard there will be elain azriel and gwyn pov in the next book like seriously?
Hey anon!
Yep, she confirmed that books after ACOFAS will be standalone spinoffs centered around one couple.
As for who's POV these books will be, nothing has been officially confirmed so anything you hear right now is rumours or peoples' opinions but SJM said that by the end of ACOSF "it'll be obvious" so everyone took that differently.
I personally believe that the next book will have Elain as the MC with Azriel as her LI, following the pattern. Especially as SJM also said she's been wanting to explore the stories of the characters who were side characters in the first books. (Nesta, Cassian, Azriel, Elain, etc)
So I don't think it would make sense for Gwyn, a side character who was just introduced, to have a POV before more interesting characters like Mor or Lucien.
As for the interview you're talking about, you can find it on an Elriel thread on Twitter by @elainspotatoes:
Tumblr media
Hope I helped and if you ever have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Have a nice day🌹
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daisybrekker · a day ago
So I read acosf twice and I still don’t see any romance between Az and Gwyn. There’s no attraction between them which is needed in an adult fantasy series. The pov showed she was a lightsinger and the Elriel part of the pov was enough to say they are endgame. I just don’t see how Gwynriel is romantic because he laughed and snorted at her .
Hey anon!
I'll tell you a funny story actually😅
So I pre-ordered ACOSF but unfortunately my copy didn't come before or even on the release date (As you might have seen on social media, many people received their pre-ordered copies way later after the release date) so before I got to read the book, I already saw some spoilers flying around on social media and the main thing I got from them was that Elriel was clearly "destroyed" and that Gwynriel is the new ship, Azriel is in love with Gwyn, etc.
Obviously, I was a bit upset as I liked Elriel from the start but I decided to see what would be my personal opinion on Gwynriel after reading ACOSF and the bonus chapters, and let me tell you, I was never more confused.
There's been no hints that either Gwyn or Azriel are attracted to eachother, no chemistry, no signs of a hidden mating bond. Nothing. So for me it's obvious that most of the fandom simply romanticised every little thing they could just to make a new ship and try to invalidate Elriel. (It's no secret that Elain is a widely hated character in the fandom so obviously many don't want her with Azriel who's a popular favourite)
I mean, do you guys remember how Emerie made a small appearance in ACOFAS and readers started shipping her with Cassian (due to their hatred for Nesta) or with Azriel (due to their hatred for Elain) when she didn't have any sort of romantic moments with either of them? It's the exact same.
The difference between all Elriel and Gwynriel interactions, is that most Elriel moments are romantically coded, meanwhile not a single Gwynriel moment was romantic.
They've blushed in eachother's presence which has romantic connotations
From the beginning, Elain was most comfortable in his presence
He's given her something he never let anyone else touch (Keep in mind that he's lived for 500yrs)
He literally put rocks in his snowballs out of fury for how Rhys basically ordered him to leave Elain alone
He knew he could've died going to Hybern's Camp but he didn't care, he just wanted Elain safe with them
He was the only person to realise that there was nothing wrong with Elain and that she was a seer. (Remember that Madja said that only a mate can sense if something is amiss👀)
When Elain gave him the powder for headaches, Feyre never heard him laugh so joyously before.
He then spent all his nights looking at said powder since then.
He's been confirmed to be an extremely private person, yet he himself initiates contact with Elain (volunteering to show her the garden, etc)
He was uncomfortable at the prospect of giving gifts for the Archeron sisters at the start but then we have him giving Elain a rose necklace (Not just any necklace, but a rose one, clearly showing that he thought about her likes)
Azriel has been shown to be self conscious about his hands, yet we have Elain who calls his hands beautiful. (Yes, Feyre wasn't sure if it was his siphons or hands but considering the context, I believe Elain meant his hands)
Azriel is known as this deadly fae male and we had a scene where Elain "did not balk from him". (Basically disputes the argument that she couldn’t handle his "darkness")
That's obviously not all of them as if I was to write every romantically coded Elriel scene, I'd probably write an essay😅
He doesn't even consider her more than a friend.
No hints that either of them have a romantic attraction towards the other.
When she was about to ask more questions, he interrupted her cause he didn't want to get into details, but with Elain he went onto talking about his wings. (He could've easily just given her a blunt, short answer but he didn't)
"You're the new ribbon" - Just as Gwyn was determined to cut the ribbon first, so too she wanted to wipe the smirk off Azriel's face due to her competitive side, so nothing romantic.
He's known her for 2yrs and never felt any weird sense of longing, etc. that mates have which disputes the "Gwynriel mate theory"
He literally gave her a necklace that he bought when he thought about Elain. It has a rose because it represents her. It's not "Gwyn's necklace"
His shadows danced around her breath, not her. This could hint at her being a lightsinger.
It's pretty obvious to me what SJM wrote as romantic and what she didn't, but people can ship what they want. At the end, one side of the "ship war" will be extremely disappointed and it's clear what one it'll be. (Hint, hint: The ship starts with a G😉)
Have a nice day🌹
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notmewrongbitch · a day ago
Of the many things that went unresolved during ACOSF I think one that bothers me the most is that it was never acknowledged Cassian taking the blame for Rhysand's plan.
If u don't remember, in the Intervention when they told Nesta the ultimatum, she looked at Cassian and accused him of this being his idea and he immediately agreed (when the plan was Rhysand's)
Idk I thought it would have more development. Like maybe she was pissed one day and started cursing him and blaming him for being there and then puff someone idk maybe Azriel or even Riceman himself appeared and told her that he actually lied, that it had been his idea. And then later that day or later in the story she would question him in why did he lie or why did he let her blame him
Bla bla bla
Court of missed opportunities indeed
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contains acosf spoilers
Feyre: *tells everyone she’s pregnant*
No one:
Feyre: *rubbing her 8 cells of fetus in her completely flat stomach* 
Tumblr media
(via GIFER)
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Rereading ACOMAF and ACOWAR, and the inner circle really just does not care about the women in the court of nightmares.
If you follow me you know my blog is usually messy and stan Twitter-ish, but this genuinely pisses me off.
I know there are “laws” and “rules” that say it’s illegal to SA and or r*pe someone.
But, laws are nothing if they aren’t enforced.
When laws are not enforced they are simple suggestions.
The Ic, rhysand in particular, seem concerned about these issues when it comes to Illyria or Velaris, but not the court of nightmares. And since he only shows up once and while to “scare” his citizens, which is a werid thing to do btw, they’re probably only enforced when he’s there.
ofc acotar isn’t real but I mean- food for thought Ig
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Feyre: heres some soup I made just for you. I didn’t have enough time to make it from scratch like I would have liked to, since you came so suddenly. But I even put my tears in it while I listened to your story about why you didn’t tell me about the bond sooner, Rhysand, I love you so much and I hope you accept this bond and want it as much as I do.
Nesta: heres a fuckin stale ass piece of bread I found on the ground, take it or leave it, peasant
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cocoscomments · 9 days ago
I can’t wait to read how the Valkyries further develop into their own warrior unit. 
Gwyn, Nesta and Emerie trainers/ generals.  
The Valkyries going on missions and rescuing females from the dangerous situations they are in. Maybe they even set up an orphanage helping to place children in loving homes.  
We see them develop other ways to help people heal from trauma. The Valkyries seek out to help the broken and not all who come to their doors become or train to be Valkyries but those who come do leave feeling a little more whole.  
They become the leading experts in all forms of healing (Valkyries come from all types of backgrounds it could be possible). 
Their own battle cries/ hand shakes. 
Different rituals and rights of passages and everything else in-between.
I would read a book solely on the Valkyries of Prythian. When is Merrill publishing her book? And can I get Gwyn’s chapters? 
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imakeangelscry · 9 days ago
I felt very represented by Cassian in ACoSF 🤷🏼‍♀️
Tumblr media
Dumb doodle by me :)
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What's gonna happen to all the feyre/rhysand/feysand stans when they finally grow up and realise their internalised misogyny? An emotional breakdown methinks
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daisybrekker · 11 days ago
Near the beginning of acosf Rhys is talking about how he needs a courtier in plain sight and we know Cassian didn't exactly succeed.. who else could it be.. not "sweet" "gentle" "harmless" Elain, who is always seen as the quiet pretty doll in the background.. y'know.. who sneaked up on Nesta and is a Seer, who deliberately dressed down in the Court of Nightmares to make Nesta stand out. Naaaaaaah that won't make sense, no no
Hey anon!
I am so sorry for replying so late but sometimes I get so many notifications that it's quite easy to miss some asks that I get🤦‍♀️
But yes! That's another reason why Elain will clearly be a key element for the next book!
Also, if I may add:
Her two new best friends are literally Azriel's spies and I doubt that's a coincidence👀
The Feysand bonus from ACOSF was pure foreshadowing for how Elain will "get her hands dirty" soon. It was also mentioned that they've "not yet seen all she has to offer" which hints at Elain getting rid of that "useless" image as the antis like to call her
Our girl literally "stepped out of a shadow" to fatally injure the King of Hybern. Cmon...
Feyre conquered UTM, Nesta conquered Ramiel, what could Elain conquer? The Prison
It all links my friends, it all links :)
Anyway, if you ever have any more asks, feel free to send them!
Have a nice day🌹
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daardyrnitta · 11 days ago
I just finished reading “A court of silver flames”. Yes, I know I am late out and have not been posting about the book, as I hoped to avoid any and all spoilers about it. I failed utterly, but ever the less I have so many feelings and questions. Heads up to those who have not read the book yet and is trying to avoid spoilers. - Seeing things from the perspectives of Cassian and Nesta gave another view on things. Especially, with Nesta reflecting a lot on her childhood, living in poverty, her relationship with her mother and father, her experiences with Tomas, and her relationship with her sisters particularly Feyre. - It is quite clear that Nesta is very affected by her ptsd and has in the beginning of book found cooping mechanisms which are harmful to her, to her health, to her relationships etc. But she - with a firm push from Feyre and the inner circle - slowly starts finding new and healthy coping mechanisms and finding a new purpose in life and her own found family in form of Gwyn and Emerie. - The scene where Nesta has the dreadful nightmare after scrying and Rhys peers into her head and discovers how much she is affected by her trauma. That she too is working her way through some things. - Nesta making her own friends outside the inner circle. Her relationship with Gwyn and Emerie and they slowly together open up over a shared interest in books and work through their traumas in a healthy way. Them becoming sisters and going through the Rite together. - Nesta seeing a way to help the priestesses overcome their trauma through training. How she fights for them. Channeling their fears in a healthy way to overcome their traumas. Never again to become victims. - The development of Cassian and Nesta’s relationship. His respect for her and where she is in regards to her own trauma. - Azriel and Nesta. “You’re the new ribbon, Az”. - It hurt to be honest that Elain and Nesta’s relationship had taken a turn, but Elain admitting to knowing what Nesta has done and why. In a way, while it did hurt, I think it was good for Elain to stand a bit more on her own. - Nyx having wings. The fear and feeling of hopelessness. But Nesta giving up the majority of her powers to save Feyre, Nyx and Rhys. Her calling Rhys her brother (even if it just was in her head). - Eris hinting so much. I kind of want SJM to write a book about him. I mean there is so many unanswered questions. Anyone else? - Nesta’s realisation about the trauma Feyre suffered at the hands of Tamlin. Her standing up to Tamlin who once terrified her. - The scene where Elain tells about Nesta winning a duke out of spite at the mere age of 14. - Lanthys basically saying Cassian and Nesta were mates. - Azriel’s gift for Nesta, so bloody adorable. - Nesta owning the pain she has inflicted. Her making up with Amren who then welcomed her to the court. - Beron torturing Eris. What is wrong with him? I mean besides everything. - Nesta healing and accepting herself. Her and Cassian being mates.
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aquafaith · 12 days ago
TW // sexual assault.
How come when the kelpie forces a kiss on Nesta it's [rightfully] portrayed as sexual assault and traumatic, but when Rhysand does it to Feyre he just gets away with it because he "apologises" and tells a sob story?
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