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sevishungry · a day ago
“i’m not scared of dying when it’s happening this slow”
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🫧 don’t report just block 🫧
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nxcalxries · 2 days ago
i want to be as light as a butterfly.
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bonebutterfly66 · a day ago
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This is so disgusting and embarrassing but these are my before and after pics I got sent to a clinic for over 5 months and gained sm weight there :/ now I’ve finally lost some again but still not happy!!
Anyway at least you can see a lil difference it’s all possible if you just keep your mouth closed and have self control!!🎀
These are almost 15kg and 2 months difference it’s going to slow any tips??🐽
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urfavhoneybee · 2 days ago
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can’t wait to look all cute and small in big clothing <3
side note (tw self stats) i’m almost hitting the 120s <3 maybe i’ll get to the lower 120s by november? hopefully
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confusedqueer420 · 2 days ago
gonna be starting this tomorrow!! ill update daily if i remember lmao
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pr3ttyl1ttleb0y · 2 days ago
shitty moderately ugly inspo reminder!!
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sidneyana · a day ago
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Th1nsp0 dump!! 💓
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sk1nny-vibes · 18 hours ago
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I want people to look at me and wonder what happened
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dyingtogetth1n · 2 days ago
Th!nspiration ✨
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iwantodissapear2 · a day ago
how to lose weight on holidays
During summer, it can be really hard to lose weight for teenagers because you don't have school, your parents are around and they might notice your disordered eating habits. I'm going to make a list of tips I have, let me know if you want me to make a part 2/be more specific about some things
main rules:
don't count calories. They might notice, and it can be really hard if you're in another country/go out to eat too often
drink A LOT of water. As much as you can. At least 3L a day.
GET ENOUGH SLEEP. A lack of sleep is linked to poorer food choices, increased hunger and calorie intake, decreased physical activity, and ultimately, weight gain.
walk at least 10k steps a day. Even if it's just walking in circles in your room at the end of the day, going for a walk in your hotel, or around your neighbourhood, you need to get those 10k steps.
when you go out to eat, always take the "lightest" option. Whatever seems more low cal. Salads are usually the best but be careful because sometimes the dressing can make one simple salad go from 200cals to 600. Avoid oil.
no desserts
start every morning with a cup of black coffee, if you don't like it, drink green tea instead
if you're hungry, COKE ZERO. (this is the appetite suppressant that works best for me, but if you know something else you can drink that instead)
if you're out at the beach,... in the afternoon and someone offers you snacks, you can say yes but only to fresh fruit. Fruit is going to be your biggest safe food in holidays
skip at least 1 meal a day (if you can). I recommend breakfast, since usually I wake up late and my parents never tell me anything about skipping breakfast
If you're spending your holidays in your hometown, try to make plans with your friends, and don't eat with them. Or lie and say you're going for lunch/dinner with friends and go for long walks instead
offer to cook for your family! Fresh salads are excellent dishes in summer and you can find many low cal salads. I might post some of my favourites soon
hope this helps!! I lost my old account with over 1k followers but I post a lot of body checks, tips and just help if you need it through dms. So follow for more ig :)
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purgingdoll · a day ago
am I the only one who never tried rlly dieting?? I just straight up starve
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nxcalxries · 11 hours ago
hii guys!! do you want me to post any list for exercise for diffrent body parts and how much calories do they burn??
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thinnerandbitter · 2 days ago
Calorie update <3
I’ve been regularly eating 800 cals lately and losing around 5lbs a week.
I’m considering dropping to 600 cals daily so I can try to lose closer to 8lbs a week but I’m nervous I’ll binge if I go lower.
A few months ago I was very serious and was able to do this but I moved and now I don’t have access to all the low cal foods I used to have and it’s made it harder.
Any advice or tips would help! Maybe I could try drinking more water or low cal drinks to substitute larger meals?
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ange1444 · 2 days ago
Nothing worse than eating below your calorie goal and wanting to binge the left over calories
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bonebutterfly66 · 13 hours ago
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Still a long way to go but here’s another before and after🎀☁️
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confusedqueer420 · 22 hours ago
day 1 <3
today my budget was 500 cals! it was a bit difficult as i didnt know my dinner was so many cals but i worked it all off later by playing just dance, which was surprisingly effective?? like i played for 25 minutes and burnt 234 cals!! if youre struggling with motivation id definitely recommend just dance <3
- 355 ml can of diet coke {0 cals}
- didnt have anything lol
- 250 g basmati microwavable rice {429 cals 😶}
- two roasted chicken legs {331 cals}
- sweetcorn {27 cals}
- didnt have any today (which was hard but i had a high cal dinner so)
- walking {19 cals}
- gloria song workout {74 cals}
- just dance {234 cals}
total cals
- 460 cals <3
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deadlydollsstuff · 2 days ago
Lost fucking 19.8 ibs 😭🤌🏻
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