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#sk8 cherry blossom
tasteslikedamnation · 7 minutes ago
Cherry might be the biggest genius, he literally invented Carla but I also know that the second Miya hands him his Switch, Cherry’s brain stops working, he wouldn't even last one round in Mario Kart
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tasteslikedamnation · 8 minutes ago
Langa "Omg, you're amazing Reki, I swear to skate to infinity with my you implying we're gonna be together forever" Hasegawa, I don't believe you have the right to say that
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reality-phantom · an hour ago
Cherry Blossom + Hasegawa Langa + Joe X Reader Headcanons
Tumblr media
⤷ Cherry Blossom general dating HCs
Tumblr media
⤷ Langa general dating HCs
Tumblr media
⤷ Joe general dating HCs
Tumblr media
❱ ⟣ sakurayashiki kaoru is very sweet — a large gift-giver, for sure
❱ ⟣ he uses his skills in calligraphy for the betterment of gift-giving, and now you practically have a surplus of beautifully written kanji on scrolls, pieces of wood, canvases, and the likes
❱ ⟣ he’s a incredibly gentle and romantic; genuine arguments are sparse and will normally dissolve into mere banter. and since he’s so classy, his favorite type of date is when he treats you out to an expensive dinner, where the both of you can just talk with each other and relax over food
❱ ⟣ nanjo kojiro definitely knows about you, and it is a constant source of entertainment for him. he wouldn’t stand down from either teasing sakurayashiki, or just straight up telling you embarrassing stories of their high school years
❱ ⟣ you thought it was cute, though, because your boyfriend would then get very flustered
❱ ⟣ okay, but he’s also a dumbass. sometimes he isn’t too sure what to do, or how to react to something, and he worries that his natural instincts are wrong. so what does he do? home boy literally asks carla for relationship advice (but he tries to do it discreetly)
❱ ⟣ as for physical affection, it comes fairly natural to him. he won’t deny his need for you touch as he’d pull you closer and embrace you at any time. and, his favor give place to kiss you is either your forehead, or temples — “the most genuinely loving places to kiss,” he once explained to you
❱ ⟣ his kisses are very gentle and genuine; he’s just an incredibly soft man when showing you physical affection
❱ ⟣ he’s also open about his feelings — though depending on how embarrassing he deems his emotions, he may be more hesitant. all he needs is reassurance, however, and he’ll be good to have a hearty talk
❱ ⟣ definitely expect a life of peace and tranquility with him
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❱ ⟣ seeing as hasegawa langa doesn’t put focus anywhere else, you two probably met at S
❱ ⟣ he had seen you skate, or skated with you. either way, no matter how good you were, that familiar heartbeat of exhilaration throbbed against his chest, and he wanted to stake with you more
❱ ⟣ skating with you was genuinely fun, and he enjoyed it. sometimes, he’d even skate with both you and kyan reki, who was also more than happy to have you join them
❱ ⟣ your relationship would be one of learning. you’d teach him how to write and read japanese, and he’d teach you words in english
❱ ⟣ other than that, your relationship was very active, as well. the both of you would often skate together, and hasegawa had even shown interest in teaching you how to snowboard
❱ ⟣ please help him. god, he is so awkward. first of all, he wouldn’t be the one to confess. and if he was, then he was incredibly red and flustered. what most likely happened was that kyan had to give him a lot of encouragement and advice (which, honestly, was not very good advice)
❱ ⟣ but once in a relationship, his shyness is very cute. there’ll be moments where he wants to do or say something, but he isn’t too sure of himself
❱ ⟣ you’ll normally be able to tell when this happens, though, as he’ll get fidgety and less focused on whatever he’s doing
❱ ⟣ he’s not very confident outside of skating, so he definitely needs your reassurance; especially since he’s never been in a romantic relationship before, either
❱ ⟣ but once you get him to loosen up, he’ll ignore all worries and have the time of his life with you
Tumblr media
❱ ⟣ nanjo kojiro drops being a flirt and a womanizer the moment you two start dating, no questions asked
❱ ⟣ sakurayashiki kaoru eventually finds out about your relationship because nanjo literally just shows you off at S, and everywhere he goes. he’s “surprised the gorilla would settle down with someone,” to say the least
❱ ⟣ did i mention how great it would be to date him? he’s a chef — good food for days. not to mention the fact that he absolutely loves cooking for you; as in, he’d willingly go all out to make your favorite food
❱ ⟣ he lets you into his restaurant to eat and talk late after closing hours. sometimes, you run into sakurayashiki there, and nanjo wouldn’t hesitate to kick him out
❱ ⟣ if he gets into a match with someone at S, or just races for fun, he gets really cocky and cheesy. he’d make it a big deal to “dedicate this race to you,” or some show-offy thing like that
❱ ⟣ girls will definitely still fawn over him, but he makes it pretty clear that he’s taken and no longer open to date anyone else
❱ ⟣ in fact, his female fans end up not romanticizing just him anymore, instead beginning to romanticize your relationship. they’d actually gush every time joe would act like your knight in shining armor, ultimately deeming the both of you as the “power couple of S.”
❱ ⟣ if you did want to lessen your relationship’s public exposure, then he wouldn’t hesitate to comply, either. he’d gladly stop it all if it was making you uncomfortable
❱ ⟣ fights aren’t often, but they aren’t nonexistent, either. he’s still a stubborn and confident man, but he does know when to back down if he needs to. the last thing he wants is for your day to end with a rotten atmosphere
❱ ⟣ because nanjo’s really a sweetheart, and he just feels really lucky to be with you
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my favorite men 💕
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akiiramenaii · an hour ago
Cherry: Don't worry, you've got everything you need to defeat Adam.
Langa: The power to believe in myself?
Cherry: No, a knife.
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akiiramenaii · 2 hours ago
Cherry: Let me see what you have.
Langa: A knife!
Cherry: Okay, have fu-
Joe: NO!
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akiiramenaii · 2 hours ago
Adam: If I die, my funeral is going to be the biggest party ever and you’re all invited
Joe: If?
Cherry: Great, the only party I’ve ever been invited to and he might not even die.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was too funny not to post. (Disclaimer if you try the drink and die or get immediate cavities it is not my fault. I have never tried it and I made it up off the top of my head)
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t-mulxifandom · 2 hours ago
i’m just
my brain missed a few words reading some tags
instead of reading #matchablossom #sk8theinfinity i read
✨matcha blossom the infinity✨
that’s the anime i’m thinkin about
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elysiumtower · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kojiro Nanjo/Joe and Kaoru Sakurayashiki/Cherry Blossom  from Sk8 The Infinity have been accepted!
Elysium is a small, brand new 18+ Multifandom Discord Roleplay set in an enormous, isolated tower where magical technology, virtual reality, cyberpunk, and solarpunk blend into one. The mysterious Artificial Intelligence running the Tower has pulled you from your own worlds and trapped you inside. Will you find love, a home, a chance to start a new life, or an opportunity to claw your way to power whatever the cost? We welcome both light slice-of-life and romance stories, as well as darker, angsty adventures. What you make of Elysium is up to you.
We are now OPEN for a “Soft Launch!” We will be inviting anyone who’d like to pick up a character on our Requested list. In addition, we have 3 open spots for anyone who’d like to apply for any other character from any comic, animated show, anime, or video game (no life action shows, please)!
Home| Premise | Rules| Requested Characters | Masterlist
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i-am-very-not-aight · 3 hours ago
*the gang figuring out what to do about Adam*
Cherry: Oh, I have an idea.
Langa, litterally the only one of them who doesn't want to brutally murder Adam: No violence.
Cherry: ...I no longer have an idea
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tasteslikedamnation · 4 hours ago
Langas mum: You're grounded, no leaving the house.
Langa: What about school?
His mum: Fine. Then no phone.
Langa: I barely ever use it.
His mum:
His mum: Then no.... *viciously grins* No Reki
Reki: No Reki?
His mum: No Reki.
Langa: *gasps*
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cheeseuii · 4 hours ago
Joe: I am so handsome. Breathe if you agree.
Reki: Oh my god, help! Cherry isn't breathing!
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tasteslikedamnation · 4 hours ago
Stranger about Joe: Excuse me, is this man bothering you?
Cherry: Yes. Defenitely. But he's my husband so I basically signed up for this
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k----a27s · 4 hours ago
The SK8 Infinity (This Makes My 30th Anime Within 1 Month. . .)
They Act Like A Married Couple Prove Me Wrong
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also Starbucks What-
Tumblr media
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