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#sk8 miya

miya’s got a sense of stile as bad as mine. seriously, who wears neon colored pieces and leather boots? me. miya. we understand other.

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My anxiety is spiking so please have this drabble of a hc of what I’d figure a joe/cherry reveal would be like: 

Joe’s just out of the shower after getting home from S covered completely in bruses and scratches: he’s taken a bad tumble (or rather, an intentional push) and it’s clear as day. He’s skimming through his closet briefly for a shirt of sorts to put on and try not to ache, but he gets a call, from of all people, shadow. He answers, of course.

“what is it?”

and on the other end there’s rambling, about whatever stunt Reki’s gotten into. According to Shadow, he’s snapped, full on at his limit. His attention caught by Langa, but he’s paying him no attention, rather, he’s yelling at Adam, and spewing words of beefing him.

“Idiot.” he mumbles, because of course Reki’s going to stick up for himself, he’s always known him to be the type despite not screaming it. He likes to think that he’s played a role in shaping the kid into more of a man. But he himself hadn’t noticed Reki much more before Langa, which was a slight burden on him knowing he and the other dubbed elites of S had befriended him only after seeing his new friend had definitely left an impact on him.

Shadow goes on, because the tough exterior he puts up is only for kicks, and as much as he hates to say it despite his own tactics, he’d never push the violence Adam does. At some point between his mindless mumbling and screeches of frustration, Miya takes the phone, obviously annoyed and angry.

This time Miya rants. Not about Reki, but about Langa, because what kind of moron just watches his friend get into trouble like that (his own words). 

At some point the shuffled yelling in the background goes on and gets louder, whatever it is, it’s certainly encaptivated Miya’s attention as he’s no longer speaking into the phone.


Someone calls, though it’s painfully obvious for the slipping of an southern canidian accent replacing the ‘e’ sound in Reki with an ‘a.’ 

Then suddenly there’s a quarrel and laughing that wretches ears so bad you wouldn’t need to guess. 

He’d figured this was the type of thing he would need to lend a hand in diffusing (re; being Reki’s self proclaimed role model, though the boy himself probably has countless posters of Tony Hawk.) He’s still pushing shirts back, looking for one quickly so he can dress and ride over to S and see the commotion first hand. 

Then there’s a voice that registers as if it’s next to him, the only thing about it sticking out were the scratches and static coming though the phone speaker, it’s-

“Leave the boy alone, both of them” Kaoru.

And if I don’t?”

A half hearted laugh goes through him, because he can’t tell if he’s worried or not. But he’s definetly realized that the speed at which he flicks away tops at has sped up, then suddenly he stops at a white shirt, the last one in his closet, placed infront of all things, Kaoru’s spare Yukata, the one he insisted in keeping incase he woke up late for work. 

That he does let out a genuine chuckle at. He then grabs the shirt, and pulls out a pair of blue jeans. 

What’s on the phone is a commotion, in the furthest back Kaoru’s yelling at Adam, who’s yelling at Reki, who’s yelling at Langa. Slightly closer, but still muffled enough, Shadow’s yelling at who knows, and the sharpest voice is Miya’s who’s surprisingly (or rather not) also, yelling.


Then he laughs again, because he can’t imagine how tense the atmosphere is, but all that’s going through his head is a hoard of skaters having petty fights.

But Kaoru’s there, and his yukata is in his closet, waiting to be used for when he pushes the pinked hair man out of bed after knowingly let him sleep in for far longer than he should’ve. 

So he hangs up the call, gets dressed, and heads back to S, despite being in complete body pain.

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Ok, so I started whatching sk8 and I physically have to make this comparison. I apologize but it has to be done


Miya is the same character as…



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After a week of blood, sweat and tears, I did it, I finally finished my young Joe and Cherry screencap redraw


(I hate shading so much, wtaf is shading and how tf does one do it)

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Miya: You know I honestly don’t care about any of you. Like all of you could drop into a ditch and die and I won’t feeling anything. You all are irrelevant to me. Period.

Joe: That would have been believable if not for the fact that you are currently helping Langa pick out stuff for a “get well soon” basket he’s making for Reki.

Miya [holding a shopping basket filled to the brim with selfcare items]: That fact is irrelevant.

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Okay let’s get on with this. Sk8 ep 8 analysis (spoilers)

So let’s talk about the worst person in the show. Ad*m. So we see that the reason why he is the way he is, his aunts. That doesn’t excuse his actions though. He seems to be mistaking jealousy and maybe even anger as love that’s why he “loves” Langa (ew bitch he’s a MINOR. Ugh pedos). His love also results in pain. Beating people he shows he “loves them” I feel like there’s going to be more to his character. It’s pretty obvious Tadashi and Ad*m had something between them at some point. I mean Tadashi taught him how to skate and that’s just special in general. And Ad*m treats him horribly. I hope Tadashi beats him in the tournament. I can’t actually see Langa racing against Ad*m again in the end. It just doesn’t feel right. They don’t have anything big to fight out, Assdam just wants to race him again. If anything I can see Cherry, Joe, Tadashi, and Ad*m skating against each other (all to beat ad*m).

Now for Langa and Reki throught this episode. Once again I don’t think Reki and Langa should get together YET. Both of them (especially Reki) need to grow a little bit mentally. If they got together now it probably wouldn’t be a very “healthy” relationship, I don’t know how to word it but if Reki needs to focus on himself and mental problems he’s not going to be the best partner because he can’t give Langa the attention he needs and Langa is someone he’ll keep comparing himself to. But that’s just what we see during this episode. And it’s just my own opinion, it might change after the next episode, we’ll see. But we do see Reki sitting at the table (can we talk about how attractive he is in that scene?) and realizing he can still be supportive at least with making boards for people and I just hope that he doesn’t stop skating because of it (he already hasn’t been and we know that because of what his sister said) and he’s noticeably not as happy since he stopped skating (and yes talking to Langa but come on guys that’s not the only reason) because he’s always genuinely loved skating and Ad*m truly scared him and I believe Langa did too. Now Langa, we see him get really excited at S when he thought Reki was there but no it was Assdam. You can see Langa doesn’t feel as excited as he did before. He’s not getting lost in it anymore and that’s probably because Reki his best friend who GOT him into skating wasn’t there. It’s so different when you don’t have - oh holy shit. Guys what if their dynamic turns into the Tadashi and Ad*m dynamic. Reki got Langa into skating just like Tadashi got Ad*m into skating. They both have something between them. Reki is thinking of just helping build boards and such like Tadashi sits in the car and does stuff and helps ad*m. Now that could be possible BUT I don’t think Langa will be creepy or weird like Ad*m. It would be awesome to see them replace them as a better duo. Anyway, it’s different when you don’t have the person who started you on skating with you. I’ve been there. It just kinda loses its fun sparkle at first. Also, Langa could really like Reki, but it could honestly be a misunderstanding of the word “like” because the wiki says he’s a little oblivious. I do think he acts likes Reki though even if he doesn’t realize realize it yet. Also we love supportive moms (wish I had one). Honestly I think the main thing everyone wants to see for the following episodes is just that Ad*m gets his ass handed to him. Also the when Ad*m says he’ll find his “Eve” (that scene was nerve racking ngl. Also young cherry 😍) I do believe Tadashi used to be his Eve or will be his Eve and take him away from the “garden” which is S. Because in the Bible Eve listened to the devil and took a bite of the fruit and offered it to Adam. So in some thoughts it was Eve who got them kicked out of the garden. So Tadashi could totally be his Eve in a different sense then Ad*m thinks. I guess we’ll just have to see.

let me know what you think! Sorry this was long winded or not very understandable.

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miya chinen icons!!

i’ve been sitting on these for kind of a while but here they are! i plan to make more sk8 icons in the future

please reblog/like if you save <33

requests are open if you’d like a different character/different colors!!

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hey guys if you’re not around miya’s age/an adult please do not simp for him or make gross art of him! if you do, you’re as bad as ad*m 😁😁😁

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So I’ve been wondering

Does anyone else with the sk8♾ dub

And if so did everyone elses have episode 4 dub? Because for me it won’t show up maybe it wasn’t released I’m not really sure (if they didn’t release I wonder why)

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lmao at the time of writing this its a day after I actually saw the episode I was just busy with school stuff to post on Tumblr. anyways

This is the General Overview Post! Episode 8 is where the tournament finally begins. There’s Langa pining, Adam backstory, Reki being sad, Miya and Shadow interaction and ararhebjf there’s so much to talk about in this episode!!1

I really like how they didn’t just magically solve Reki and Langa’s issues in this episode, instead building on it by showing how both of them are affected by it. This is good writing here folks, even got my friend who thought Sk8 was 5/10 to bring it up to a 7/10 (I highly disagree sk8 is easily 8.5/10 or even a 9) 


This episode had a great balance between drama, action and humour! Each emotionally heavy scene had a cool skating scene or funny moment to ease the tension. Like the screenshot above of Kojiro and Kaoru fighting like a married couple lol.  

No character was put to waste here. Even Inspector Kamata got a cameo. She’s kind of a minor character right now and, like Tadashi, is relevant more so to Adam rather than the main gang. I’m a bit disappointed at how little she’s been shown but then again this show is about skateboarding, not politics. I really enjoy how she’s taken seriously in the show. She’s the one responsible for calling Ainosuke out on his bullshit and shutting down his shady political plans. Bonus points for being creeped out by Adam’s tap dancing shit after asking what h’ors de oeuvres were idk man. 


This line is so cool I love her smmm I want her to be more plot relevant, maybe show up at the abandoned mine and be surprised. She’s such a powerful female character and I’m glad she exists. 

Kudos to the Sk8 writing team and director for fleshing out Adam’s life and making him a more developed character instead of just being that obnoxious villain. Well, he still is, but now we understand why he’s like that. Kinda tragic actually… his aunts are terrible. He thinks hurting others means he loves them. I don’t sympathise with him, he’s a cruel, manipulative, narcissistic dickhead, but I can at least understand why he does the things he does. 


the only Adam I will accept is this one, before he became bad.

I also enjoy how Shadow and Miya’s dynamic is expressed in the show. They have an uncle and nephew vibe, Shadow and Miya do make fun of Reki, but they don’t intend to hurt his feelings. Shadow said some pretty insensitive things but it’s pretty clear he doesn’t mean any harm. I think it’s part of the persona.


Miya wanting to help Reki is so sweet, especially since he’s been through something similar. His friends got jealous and bitter bc Miya was so much better than them at skateboarding, and now Reki is ignoring Langa over his own insecurities. Miya sees that and wants to help make it better bc he doesn’t want  Langa to go through the same thing he did. I love my catboy son. I also adore Shadow breaking from his edgy persona to give some responsible adult advice. He and Miya’s relationship needs to be talked about more bc I think it’s really wholesome how they hang out together. Old man shadow and little boy Miya! 

in conclusion episode 8 is fantastic and it’s a great set up for future conflict later in the series. there’s also a lot of satisfying moments which I will blab about in parts 2 and 3!

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