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#ska doodle
hopelessfaygo · a month ago
Another taglist!
Favorite genres of music: Ska, Heavy metal, Classic rock, Jazz, Punk rock
Favorite artists: Rob zombie, Streetlight manifesto, The Beatles, Miki Maturbata, The Dwarves
The song(s) on repeat: Everything went numb (streetlight manifesto), The girl who loved the monsters (rob zombie), Heres looking at you (the dwarves)
Guilty pleasure genre: Nerdcore, pop, old school, rap
Tagging: @frehleys-space-bear @dilly-doodles and @losers-yurio! <333
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pinkpandaprincess · a month ago
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚. hiya, my name is hannah and welcome to my blog! i am an age regressor that uses agere to cope with mental illness, stress and physical illnesses. this is my safe space that i’ve made and individualized for myself, and as you read my pinned post, you’ll learn a little about me and my regression!
Tumblr media
about my age regression blog: i reblog things that make me happy! a lot of pink, a lot of cute art, etc, as well as stuff centered around my comfort characters and hyper fixations! such as my little pony and sesame street
why i regress: mental illness (chronic anorexia nervosa, ocd), short attention span/ possible adhd, extreme anxiety and depression, stress of growing up too fast, and just a love children’s cartoons and toys and things of the like
Tumblr media
transparent image by @/eraserhead-transparents
ages i regress to: 2-6
Tumblr media
my favorite music genres: new wave, dark wave, goth, ska, post punk, indie/alternative, dance rock, baroque pop; spotify is: hannah
my favorite colors: pastel pink, pastel yellow, brown, mint green, lavender
my favorite animals: red pandas, cats, penguins, pandas, bears
my favorite stims: teething, bouncing leg, holding things, rocking, whistling
my comfort characters: whisper from yokai watch, professor venomous, professor kukui, lord boxman, eraserhead, and tigger from winnie the pooh
my favorite big space activities: photo editing, writing, exercising, debating, listening to music, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts
favorite age regression activities: listening to music, doing puzzles, collecting plushies, books etc, being with my carer, watching cartoons like blues clues and muppet babies, coloring, doodling, singing
my favorite cartoon(s): gravity falls, ok k.o, mickey mouse clubhouse, all scooby doo shows, muppet babies, clarence, the loud house, molang, pokemon, mlp
my favorite snacks: mint chocolate chip ice cream, peanut butter and jelly, cheetos, bananas, chocolate
my favorite visual stims: clay cracking, glitter stims, plushie stims, drink stims
i am: a baby regressor, toddler regressor
likes: hugs, making people laugh, making music playlists, big shirts, loafers, puffer jackets
dislikes: loud noises, rude people, the dark, the cold, socks
my favorite movie(s): coraline, princess and the frog, tangled, cinderella, ponyo
my other blog description: x
my carer/boyfriend: omar, boyfriend of two years and love of my life! he’s super super sweet and tall and smart and funny
i am not: a ddlg blog, cgl blog, p0rn blog
my carrd:
reminder: if you ever need me to tag things, wether it be to find it easier or to filter it out of your dash, let me know! wether it be a word, agere gear, or a brand like my little pony
Tumblr media
my dni: if you are a white nationalist, trump supporter, someone who is transphobic or anti-lgbt, if you operate a nsfw blog—of any kind, if you are pro-anorexia or pro eating disorder, don’t believe in mental illness, support incest, are a pedo
Tumblr media
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suyamashouji · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m bad at remembering to upload art to tumblr as well as twitter lol
ska punk grizzop doodle from a month ago because why not
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virtualofficeku · 2 months ago
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corviii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A sappy lil doodle of my favorite guys
Tumblr media
Ska have I mentioned that I love you
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sergeantbutter · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
low effort bf/keith doodle haha he go “WOW-wow-woooooow mmba-da-da-doodaa mba-da-de-skede-de-do-de-de-do-de-de-do-do-de de-do-de-daaa-de-da-doska ska-se-de-da-do-de-de-doh-dooo scoobudee-ba-pa-paa skeebududadee-debadedo-de-deo dodudeeha schlabadadadeedoske de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-dee-dee-deee deeesh“
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chantilly6761 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
While I was doodling this, Curly and Cube have been running around the plaza the whole time (while K.K. Ska plays in the BG)
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villha1 · 4 months ago
Såklart man ska måla till båda. Doodlade 30 min igen på påse nr 2..tadaaaa. Doodle your kids bag. #doodlethebag
#doodles #skolpåse #doodlethebag #instaskesching #instadoodle #klcdesign #patrickjakobsson #klc @pysslingenforskolor #pysslingenförskolor
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nuclearmime · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Say wassup to Kit-Flip! I became a bit too attached to that silly doodle from earlier so I decided to redesign her into a little tomboy skater OC. I've been feeling nostalgic about skateboarding lately and wanted to pour all that ska-fueled passion into this tiny feline mold. 🛹
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schnrom · 7 months ago
2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod: oh god i’m so bad at music and knowing songs and recognizing them fdhkffkshsfd. it’s probably a hellish blend of like, you listen to one of his playlists on shuffle and there’s heavy screamo metal...then fucking. Vampire Weekend fake-ska. then a very explicit sex jam. then hozier. then some extreme techno dubstep bullshit. he’s the bitch who listens to every genre but really, it’s EVERY genre. armin van buren trance album w/ the astronaut on the cover? idk what it’s called. if i had to pick songs i’d say...god this is hard. how about grotto of adamantine beast (super arrange), bang! (ajr), life itself (glass animals.)
the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to: pretty sure this is canon (though I think he might have been drunk at the time? idk i never played the demos) but he 100% falls asleep in the uncomfortable campsite chairs, doesn’t make it to the tent, no one puts him in there, wakes up to sun with a really sore back and complains the entire time (tbf if they tried to pick up him he would kick them.)
the game they'd destroy everyone else at: stupid self-projection time: anything turn-based. only ignis surpasses him, but ignis has the grace not to use cheese strategies most of the time. noctis gets stuck on a boss while using cheats/looking shit up and prompto beats it easily first try. you search up Eosian Etrian Odyssey Ur-Devil n find a youtube channel called quicksilvershots titled “accordian illiad 2 untold knights of yore six-turn ur-devil kill infinite chase survivalist technique only three party members” all lowercase just like that with a fuckton of emojis at the end.
the emoticon they’d use most often: :pleading_eyes: and again i’m pretty sure it’s canon that he peppers in ^.^ ^_^ :3 :) :D everywhere
what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep: for the most part, he’s normal. doesn’t really sleep well, or in places he’s supposed to, so used to being kinda groggy and pretending he’s not. deprive him of sleep for 72+ hours like final fantasy 15 will have you do for level grinding and he’s stupid snappy and petty. has stolen noct’s fishing bait to try and force him to get them to go to a motel. “ohhhh boy guess we can’t stop here-!” “where the FUCK is it prompto.”
their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.: apple ciiiderrr
how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump: treats himself like he’s a kid again. when did you last eat, prompto? how much sleep did you get, prompto? is it your bedtime, prompto? I think when in the Main Group or in the World of Ruin he knocks that habit off, instead forcing himself through the pain to the point of passing out. it takes a few years to start treating himself gently again, like a tamagotchi.
what they wanted to be when they grew up: i think he always wanted to be a photographer-he never saw himself as a hunter or royal-adjacent even when he became noct’s bodyguard.
their favorite kind of weather: sunny, with just a little bit of clouds in the sky-perfect lighting for a good shot, most of the time.
thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?): idk what those last two words mean but he’s canonically a good singer fkjhfkjdhsd. you can hear him make up little nonsense songs in-game and it’s so cute and his voice actor does the occasional song cover now and then i think. obviously doesn’t sound the same as the singing voice his character has but it’s interesting. autistic prompto rights, he stims by singing/humming from time to time (it helps that it’s less conspicuous than other stims, espec. since he talks so much anyways.)
how/what they like to draw or doodle: doesn’t really doodle on purpose. it’s absentminded if he happens to have a pencil and is always related to whatever bullshit train of thought he’s on. shitty doodles include: noctis, a chocobo, the tomb of the kings, the meteor, luna, notebooks, pryna, gladio’s abs, food, noctis’ ass-alllright throwing this paper away now!
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pinkydoodlepoodle · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
【Guest Vocal on Are You Ready? Vol.4】
Neil P
Neil P from Long Beach, CA (born and raised in Detroit) !!
Neil P is a multiple musician and artist. He has his own band, called “DOWNTOWN BROWN”. PDP had a long tour with DTB in 2016, from CA to NY. That was the first long tour for PDP and very fun tour, thanks to DTB.
DOWNTOWN BROWN is produced by the bass player of Fishbone. Their sound comes from rock, heavy metal, punk, ska, funk, pop… very variety!! And also he is doing his own works, like podcast, called “SUPcast”.
Neil P sang “Are You Ready?” and added some cool improvised shouts!! You can hear his ‘Yeah, Yeah’, ‘Pinky Doodle Poodle’ etc,shouts on the song. We love it !!
We are looking forward to the gigs with them in the near future.
Check out Neil P’ works, there are so many though!! It’s worth checking them.
Neil P Instagram
Neil P YouTube channel
Neil P Twitter
DOWNTOWN BROWN Facebook page
“Are You Ready?” pre-order link
“Samsara” download link
Race With The Devil
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adhdo5 · 9 months ago
🎶 - What kind of music does your OC listen to? and 💫 - Why did you make your OC? for Claire and/or Irene
🎶 - What kind of music does your OC listen to?
Claire: 80s synthpop and ska. It just. Blasts Africa by Toto at top volume while barreling through a blizzard
Irene: She only listens to ASMR. She will not take constructive criticism 
💫 - Why did you make your OC? 
Claire: I was in a car driving over the snowy overpass and had ski clothes on my mind and the idea for HHverse was born 
Irene: I was doodling and I drew a blob with eyes and a mouth and was like... her name is Irene
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thepenpalhub · a year ago
penpals wanted :)
name: Zali
age: 16
location: australia
heyy, so I'm interested in art, I'm usually drawing so if you want to do snail mail I'll probably send you little doodles here and there. I'm super into music, I play piano and guitar and I sing, I've started to write some of my own songs too! I also love writing.
I'm into a lot of genres of music, alternative rock, indie, ska, kpop, disco lmao, I mean I'm basically into anything and everything and I love getting to know new bands and artists.
overall I'm a bit of a sarcastic crackhead that is ready to throw hands at anyone who hurts my friends... but who is also rly soft and just wants to be cuddled lmao.
I don't mind if you want to do snail mail or email, I'm cool with either, I do prefer people that are 15+, I don't care what gender you are, just looking for some new friends :)
also if you're interested in being penpals then just message me on tumblr and we can go from there! 
- @hyunjinhugs
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feeshies · a year ago
Tumblr media
felt nostalgic so i doodled this winx club oc i made a while back. her name is radia and she has radiation powers (of course). she loves ska
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