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go outside

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Skates for Beginners

Click on this link :

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“Told ya, zoomer!”

This is a fanart of one of my favorite character in stranger things: max!

Oh, I can’t wait for season 4! Is there anyone who’s also a fan of stranger things? Which season is your favorite? Let me know!

I draw children illustration and cartoons! Kindly visit my gig on fiverr

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SKY TOUCH, Shift Run is a fun addictive hyper-casual game. Just Click to Adjust Angle and Shift Direction, New Addictive Concept. Have Fun with Run, Jump, roll, Skater, Make Stunts. How to play: Click and hold the left mouse button to play the game. , Click and hold the left mouse button to play the game Or use space to play the game, 1 Player, Adventure, Casual, Fun, Girl, Hypercasual, run,…


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Some of my favourite scenes from episode 3

Feel free to use or share just remember to credit/tag me please!

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Wheelee Board, skateboard of the future!


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I give you Miya Chinen! I just watched episode 3 of Sk8 The Infinity and I really like his character! Again pls feel free to use :3

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