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#skeleton sisters diner au
ivyprism · 16 minutes ago
Okay okay, I won't go on another long pun escaped just ta spare y'all the punishment of hearin em! *Decides ta take a sip of tea as a distraction*
*The pun "haters" in the room death glare you. The pun lovers burst out laughing. Citron is still silent.*
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ivyprism · 22 minutes ago
*blushes a tad at his words but gives a big grin* aww, Sugah that's so sweet of ya. *Smirks a bit an covers my mouth so I don't laugh* well, that's all I needed ta hear.
Cassia + Vapor + Chai + Mist + Cassia + Flare: *Loud groan*
Sienna + Ceylon + Clove + Chive + Cardinal: *Chuckling/laughter*
Citron: *Nothing comes from her mouth. She's covering it in shock*
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ivyprism · 46 minutes ago
I'm still alive! Which is...kinda surprisin??? I've nearly died a lot of time....huh. Sugah am I reckless??? *Faces Cardinal*
Cardinal: Well-
Chive: Yes, you're absolutely reckless.
Sienna: Oh, yeah. 100%.
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ivyprism · 58 minutes ago
*starts fiddlin with my cup* I uh...I actually had a main trait change. My soul use ta be integrity but... *Shrugs* I hear it happens when an intense emotional moment happens sometimes.
Cassia: Well, SOUL Traits usually take their sweet ol' time before deciding how they are.
Sienna: Mhm. It's more common than you think.
Chive: Mhm. H's SOUL is INTEGRITY, but it used to be JUSTICE... although, her SOUL had always been in between the two.
(When I took a test when I was younger, my SOUL was JUSTICE, but now it's INTEGRITY. It was probably because I had a HUGE personality change when I got older.)
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ivyprism · an hour ago
I'm actually a perceverance soul. I just find a way no matter what. *Chuckles nervously*
Cassia: Maybe you have a sub-trait of BRAVERY.
Sienna: Cassia, not all souls have sub-traits.
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ivyprism · an hour ago
*pouts an slightly mumbles* why is that how everyone reacts?...
Cassia: Chief. You want to befriend.... Chief? The angriest skeleton we know?!
Sienna: Other than me.
Cassia: OTHER than Sienna?
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ivyprism · an hour ago
Well I'm kinda hard ta scare off. Did Sugah tell ya I'm tryin ta have tea with Chief?
Cassia: *He chokes on his tea* You'RE WHAT?
Ceylon + Chive: *Burst out laughing*
Clove: Um... You sure you want to do that?
Lulu + Mist: *Already know*
Chai: Oh... You sure?
Sienna: That takes guts.
Flare: What...???
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ivyprism · an hour ago
The hunt, it doesn't seem enjoyable...
Sienna: Oh. You don't know what "The Hunt" is, do you, dear?
Flare: I'm surprised.
Chive: She's been here for a week, Flare.
Chai: A whole week? Most people leave after meeting us.
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ivyprism · an hour ago
*takes a sip of her tea ta calm the unease* I'm sorry y'all had ta do that.
Vapor: Do what?
Citron: *She bows her head to look away*
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ivyprism · an hour ago
*places a hand on Cardinals shoulder* Ta be fair, he's never met me before. Hes a good wolf. I scary one, but a good an loyal one.
Sienna: I raised him back when we were starving. He has a killer sense of smell... Made the hunts easier.
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ivyprism · 2 hours ago
It's a date then. *smiles* now, about tea.
Chive: *He sips his tea* I heard Mishka nearly mauled you.
Cardinal: That dog is a danger to society.
Sienna: Careful, Cardinal... Or I'll sick him on you.
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ivyprism · 2 hours ago
Great! It'll be fun! What day do ya wanna meet up?
Lulu: Next week, Thursday.
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ivyprism · 4 hours ago
*sighs* too bad, I guess the world just isn't ready for how awesome ya are Mist. *Smiles up at her* but I don't wanna go shoppin by myself.
Lulu: I can go... I look mostly normal... And I may be blind in one eye, but I know my way around.
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ivyprism · 6 hours ago
Basilisk: Becomes a crime... Let the corporations make the regulations!
Peach: And hold no one accountable when everything goes wrong.
Inferno: Let the rich and famous-
Carnelian: Get away with murder!
Nebula: Every time a high-priced mouthpiece starts to talk-
Quietus + Punisher: His client gets to walk!
Shive: Tell me, where is the JUSTICE? Is there any JUSTICE?
Song: Where is the Justice from Death Note the Musical.
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ivyprism · 9 hours ago
Would ya like ta come with Mist? *Looks up at her*
Mist: Um...
Sienna: She'd love to but people stare at her.
Vapor: O-Only because she's taller then average!
Flare: She's insecure about it.
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ivyprism · 11 hours ago
*nods* that'll be simple enough. I'll do some grocery shoppin ta get the ingredients.
Mist: I suppose so...
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ivyprism · a day ago
Anythin else? *Looks through the book*
Mist: This stew... *She gestures to a random stew page.*
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ivyprism · a day ago
Huh, I guess that is pretty odd... But I bet it's super good. It'll be an experience.
Mist: Ok...?
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ivyprism · a day ago
Sounds like fun! What's so odd about it?
Mist: I've heard heard of... Frying a steak like fried chicken?
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