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A sketch of the earlier long-haired Red design. I like to think of this as a pre-game Red, in her early twenties, still trying to make a name for herself. Maybe she’s performing under a different stage name (like Muse or Faye Peridot), and the music’s good, but nothing’s taking off. And then maybe one of her old friends suggest she starts promoting herself with her real nickname and she thinks, Well, let’s give it a shot.

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I’m so excited to learn how to use Krita. I was looking for another drawing program to use other than medibang (because to be honest, there were things about medibang I just did not like) because im currently using autodesk sketchbook.

Autodesk has a lot of cool stuff and was pretty easy for me to use when I was first getting into digital art, but I’ve slowly gotten to where I dont like the lack of a reference window, which in medibang had come in handy when I was drawing someone’s character or redrawing one of mine.

I downloaded Krita because its free, and when I was checking it out the other day, it looked like it had a lot to offer, so im going to try it out. Hopefully I’ll like it and be able to see where it takes me.

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