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#sketch art

Age defiant was this spruce and spirited citizen slinking blithely past the burgundy red doors of her enigmatic country dwelling.

As her olive skin neatly curved fingers

slid over an intermittently scratched carbon black handrail she had only the haziest of inklings of what is in store on this typical Mediterranean day with its samba infused energising heat.

Her home was both an opulent refuge and showpiece garden.

Chippings in broad aggregation were much in evidence at this point as Martina Field heard a sparse crunch under her platform heel sandals.

Gravel size from granule to boulder did not daunt this optimistic lady.

Stereotypes made poor text for someone who was all too willing to spurn such spurious notions.

As for her surrounding garden the word paradise wouldn’t even begin to do it justice.

Pools that trickled mystically in the sun part camouflage part

The West Himalayan Birch tree with its stunning chalk-white bark providing delicate shade and of course her brand new car a Mazda which her family and friends had purchased for her.

Martina, after all, had just passed her driving test on the umpteenth attempt.

In many ways this vehicle was a new lease of life for her.

This car was special in other ways, not least the glove compartment.

Martina kept her good luck charms, amulets, chokers, pendants, family photographs, assorted diaries, personal letters and naturally for her a special pair of designer velvet gloves.

For this reason she referred to this part of her car as the Velvet Glove Compartment.

As her husband had passed away two years earlier and remaining family had spread to the four corners of the earth

Martina now had cultivated a relationship with what was left to her.

Most people her age had long since died.

This made Martina very aware of her own mortality when driving confidently down the avenue out on to the main road.

For the first time she could observe the moist laden shrubs, sun scorched paddocks, hedges with their tangled briars and the appetising squashed berries.

Young boys and girls holding hands, rubbing noses, their joyful adolescent giggles dashing up country lanes.

Martina had this smirk on her face because it reminded her of her own youth.

“Better watch that road in front, Martina, focus on what you are doing.”

Martina could have sworn it was her husband Alvin’s voice.

“We used to be like that at their age.

Even later and beyond.”

Alvin’s sonorous tone circulating in her head.

“One of your charming faults was how your mind wandered rather like your driving.

Those beautiful oyster pearl eyes were always somewhere else.”

Alvin’s madcap laugh trailing away in Martina’s head as she navigated the pitfalls of those cracks and craters in front of her.

“How I wish all the family were with me now.

I really miss them.” Martina thought with the good luck charms rattling in her compartment.

Suddenly an irate driver yelled.

“Watch where you are going…. you fool.

You’re a danger.”

This motorist didn’t look much younger than Martina.

He smirked ironically when speeding off.

She thought he looked like her late husband.

Maybe she was hallucinating.

By the same token she squinted at a young lady on her driving test.

“Heart goes out to her. Hope it doesn’t take her as long as I to pass.”

Martina again.

Driving through the bewildering array of roundabouts and junctions she gained in confidence.

But something told her to return home.

It may have been Alvin’s whisper or intuition

The other motorists were reckless at this point.

“I’m being directed by something but I’ll go home.

It’s been a good day.” The stoic Martina.

The return journey had no word to describe it.

She was a puppet of an other worldly force.

This envelope or shroud descended as she continued home at a steady pace.

The prompt had a familiar ring.

Martina was soon to discover what it was.

The local postman was about to close the wrought Iron gate to her house when Martina stopped.

“Tom, you have something for me.”

She said.

The postman handed her a large padded envelope.

It was in her daughter’s handwriting.

Martina opened the envelope and read the letter.

Something slipped to the car floor.

“ Dear Mother.

We miss you terribly.

Enclosed please find money for a smart phone.

We can skype and see each other on screen.”

Martina’s heart dropped.

The page on the floor read.

“By the way we are coming for Christmas.

Thought you’d love that.

Maybe you’ll pick us up at airport now you are on wheels.”

At that point the glove compartment opened and the charms, family photos popped out.

Martina cried as she stepped on the page!

Photograph and literary piece by mantrabay copyright protected

#blog at @creedatelier

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Working on a new animatic. 

Last time, there was a lot of angry Techno. This time, it’s a lot of evil smile Techno.

49 notes

Sketch commission for LoneLycaon on Twitter of his character as a striped hyena

2 notes

Have a work in progress. Currently working on a redraw of a doodle I found from 2016. Something about it caught my eye and screamed that I should redo it with Haru’s current design. 

Keep reading

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This was supposed to be a quick doodle but it took nearly 3 hours JWJWKDN

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So recently I’ve been watching a lot of art youtube to learn some new techniques or look at different styles and… well, some of the channels I watch have “Same Face Syndrome” which is basically when an artist is kinda stunted to only drawing one type of face, usually with female characters.

Seeing that, I got super worried that I was doing that to my characters, so I sketched up five of my ladies. (These aren’t all my female characters they’re just the ones i’ve been drawing a lot lately.) And thanks to doing this, that anxiety is gone! So… Yay

1 notes

Don’t hesitate to send me somethings you would like to me to sketch..

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“These designs have been around for a while, they were the first days of the current year!”

- I wanted to portray more of the Lótus in an untransformed way, something I loved doing, including Iris Crush on it…- // w // -
- I really imagine her being a very desired girl by guys in Andros! LOL, so much so that Iris himself could be nervous and calculating thinking that this feeling would not help much, with Lótus himself not wanting to have a fixed relationship (and letting that be quite clear..)

2 notes

Don’t hesitate to send me somethings you would like to me to sketch..

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I’m working on a little animated/gif for Blueberry/Swap sans. Its just him smiling, and I’ll probably add something to it too when I can^^

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“I was once weak and helpless. But thanks to Lord Valorious, I am strong in the force!”

Sheytii. The third apprentice of Darth Valorious, Emperor of the Sith. She is said to rival Darth Rexus in strength but her knowledge succeeded his when she broke into the temple of Darth Anjanath. She was 6 years old when Valorious discovered her hidden potential. He did not hinder her from the search of knowledge. As so discovering deep secrets of the force. Old and even older.

As Darth Valorious spreads his influence throughout the galaxy, his loyal followers grow in numbers. Few are chosen to be his one of his apprentices. But only one could take over the mantle of Emperor. And Sheytii grows stronger by the second, making Valorious more powerful.

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The little lion makes her appearance!

I made this drawing of Ciri as a birthday present last December (should have uploaded it sooner, but Christmas break!)

Although I only read the first book from the witcher at the moment, try to make it closer to their description of it than the videogames.

Wish you like it!

Cirilla of Cintra from The witcher

By the way, I have created a Twitter account (in English, sometimes also in Spanish) in case you want to follow me on my daily adventures!

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Clean headshot sketch of a dark skin black woman with long blue hair covering the left eye, and brown eyes. Background is pale blue

[image has alt text]

First piece I’ve done on procreate pocket since I was like 12-13?

Imagine if I hadn’t dropped it those years ago…would I be a procreate master?

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