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I keep forgetting to post my sketches here. I drew R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball grip!

I’m thinking I’m gonna try to transfer or redraw this on canvas and then paint it in oil. Because I miss painting.

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For Trans Day of Visibility or whichever one it is (you’d think I’d be better at it; I am trans), I drew some of my trans characters from the series, Legends of the Sword. You can find it on Amazon (look up Jasper Hunter Howlter or else it doesn’t work).

For now, do not buy the books. Save the money for gas and bills and everything. They’re way too expensive, Amazon isn’t delivering stuff, and you have much better use for your money. Wait until the whole coronavirus thing has blown over. I will fight you.

 Mild spoilers, I guess, but it’s not a huge plot point it’s just a fact of the characters. More spoilers below the tag so read at your own discretion.

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Guardian Draw Night 4 part 1

Electricity eater

While all guardians can gain nutrition and energy from a variety of sources, this particular individual is particularly adapt at metabolizing electricity. They can also create electrical discharges through their tail, which is somewhat biomineralized and contains silver.

Marsupial mole

This humble little guardian is genetically derived from various earth moles, particularly marsupial moles from Australia. Their only real defense is their venomous bite, stinging nose tentacles, and explosive cyst on their backside. Probably talks with an Australian accent.

Open ocean

This guardian is an important marine biologist in the guardian society. They’re well adapted for swimming on the surface of the ocean (but can deep dive as well), and they travel across the oceans of the guardian society’s planet to check up on reefs and various other ecosystems that aren’t in one of the many underwater city districts. They often do this for months on end and only come into port to compare results and submit data. They can’t maneuver on land without the help of biocybernetic prosthetics, not that they’d want to since they enjoy a life at sea. They have an evertable pharynx, respiratory system in their tail, and small hands for interacting with objects.

Surprise me

This guardian resides in the more northern districts of the guardian society. Their thick furry coat (which hides defense quills on their back) protects them well against blizzards. And their cleated hoofs help with traction.

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