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just-jellicle-stuff · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
cute skimbledots moment :)
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 6 days ago
i have some mungojerrie and rumpleteazer angst id like to drop (this is for my hcs btw but yall are more than welcome to use it lol I'm using it for my fic)
Jerrie and Teazer wandered off and got lost as kittens and ever since have been lost on the streets. They couldn't find their way back and have been trying to find the junkyard or their father's train, anything. Eventually they started working for Macavity as a last resort. They told Macavity all the time about finding their home and family. Macavity didn't like them, but hated the idea of the leaving bc he'd be out of two henchcats. He also didn't want anyone with connections to his family to tell them the extent of what he was doing. Jerrie got promoted to Macs 2nd in command and took his job more seriously. He kinda forgot about looking for home, being so caught in his work, but Teazer never forgot. One night Jerrie and Teazer had a huge fight about staying with Macavity or finding their family. Macavity overhead and had a solution of his own. He basically put a spell on Jerrie to make him think he never had a family or a home to begin with. When Teazer talked to Jerrie, she knew something was off. Macavity found her and put her under the same spell. Because of thinking she and her brother were orphans like Macavity had told her, she felt hopeless. Like she had nothing to live for. This was their life and there would never be anyone more for them. Jerrie went on like usually not getting Teazers sadness about being orphans. He was free to do what he wanted, they didn't need a family.
Over time, Jerrie and Teazer decided together to escape from Macavity bc of how horribly he treated both of them. They ran for a while finding a train station and hoped they could hide out there. They ran into another cat who acted like he knew them. They had no idea who he was. The cats heart broke a little as he explained that his name was Skimbleshanks and he was their father, but they didn't remember him. He tried talking about their mom and other cats in the yard, but it was all news to them. He knew they were his and his mates kids by looking at them and convinced them he wasn't gonna hurt them and to come back to the junkyard with them. They were desperate for a place to live and oddly enough trusted the strange cat, so they followed. They got there and met their mom, Jennyanydots, who tried to jog their memory too, but it was no use. They hadn't never heard of the junkyard, their parents, or their childhood friends. Everyone else was upset about this. It was normal to lose memories but not the fact you had a family and home. You wouldn't forget something like that at the time they went missing. They were old enough to remember.
(bonus and self indulgent,,idea I had)
So bc theyre all baffled by how they forgot, the call in the tribes physic twins, Coricopat and Tantomile. They basically look into their mind to see what's missing or what made them forget. Miley takes Teazer (the twins are separated) and tells her that Macavity made her forget and doesn't take it well at all. If anything she hates him more and has a personal vendetta against him. After that Teazer and Miley became close friends and hung out together often. Cori and Jerrie have a similar conversation and reaction, but Cori also sees how harsh Jerrie could be to Teazer for screwing up or goofing off. Jerrie never realized how bad he treated her, and Cori comforts him saying it's not entirely his fault and that Macavity wanted that to happen. Cori and Jerrie talk for a while and eventually become best friends who may or may not be crushing hard on each other
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Hear me out,
Jennyanydots and Skimbleshanks are expecting a litter of kittens. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and she looses them. Of course both cats go onto a depression. Constantly thinking about the kittens.
So it happens that one day, someone discovers a couple of kittens. Little Victoria and Little Cryptid Misto. Of course, they're all terrified at first because of Cryptid Misto, but Skimbleshanks lays his eyes on the kittens and falls in love. Declaring he'll take them home and raiss them. Jennyanydots is also thrilled to have the babies no matter what they look like and raise them like normal.
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scorpiofangirl1109 · 9 days ago
My Cats OC Part 66
please read parts 1-5 of the mini series before reading this part! 
part 1- 
part 2- 
part 3- 
part 4- 
part 5-
hello everyone! welcome to part 66 of my series on kiki! this is part six of my kiki mini series!
this will be continuing off of part 5! 
kiki was hysterical as skimbles and jenny gently took her over to their den a little bit. the young kitten didn’t know that the whole point of this was to mainly give her parents sometime to take care of themselves. but also to show her that she would be ok and safe with other she trusted. 
the young kitten was sobbing hysterically as her grandpa skimbles was taking her to his and jenny’s den. if skimbles had not been holding kiki, she would have bolted and made a beeline back to the den she shared with her parents to try and be with them. 
once inside the den, jenny sat down and skimbles gently put kiki on jenny’s lap. they were very patient and willing to sit there for hours if it took that long to get kiki to calm down and not upset. 
it was hard for jenny and skimbles to see kiki so hysterical about being separated from her parents, even if it was just for a few hours as it was clear kiki was not ready to be away from munkustrap and demeter for a single night right now. 
jenny held the crying kiki close to her and gently shushed her and started to rock her. she had done this plenty of times when kiki was a newborn kitten and it had always helped kiki calm down then. the queen was certain it would work now. 
right after kiki’s biological mother had left, she had been a very fussy kitten and would cry often. and she would want to be held at all times, getting upset if someone put her down. 
so to help kiki jenny started to sing a song to kiki. singing always helped kiki calm down or go to sleep so the queen hoped this would help kiki right now. she continued to rock kiki slowly. 
jenny sings to kiki as she rocks the kitten. this was the song she had started to sing to kiki when she was a newborn kitten being very fussy or was crying. the queen hoped this helped kiki stop crying. 
it does not take long for kiki calm down and soon she was not crying anymore. the kitten sniffled for a moment and soon snuggled close to jenny, even burying her face into jenny’s  chest which made the elder queen smiled and she gave the kitten a  few affectionate nuzzles. 
skimbles was watching all of this smiling, glad to see kiki start to calm down. the pair had seen the effect that graciette’s return had on kiki and it was hard for them to see the little kitten, whom they treated as a their grandchild, see shaken up and upset. 
but hopefully they could at least see her smile a bit as that would help them see the little kitten they loved so much. because her smile truly could make their day better. 
skimbles came over sitting next to jenny and kiki and her takes one of kiki’s paws and cups it in his own. he then starts to tell her a story. he has so many stories for kiki. even though she has heard almost all of them, skimbles always manages to think of a new one kiki has not heard before. 
kiki listens to skimbles as he tells her the story as he held her paw and she remained in jenny’s arms. she listens attentively, as she always did when skimbles was telling her story. 
soon enough kiki warms up a bit, she smiles softly and she is ok with being away from her parents for a bit. jenny and skimbles are thrilled to see kiki’s smile again and they even tickle her slightly which causes giggles from the young kitten. 
there are moments kiki gets a bit anxious and looks around for her parents. but skimbles and jenny are able to reassure her that she is perfectly safe with them and they won’t let anything happen to her. 
that night, they return a very sleepy kiki to her parents after they feed her some dinner. munkustrap and demeter are happy to see kiki calmed down, a much different sight from this morning. munkustrap puts kiki in her bed and it is not long before the kitten is sound asleep. 
they are thankful for jenny and skimbles for being to have kiki for a bit. the couple not realizing how much they had needed some time for themselves until kiki was with jenny and skimbes. 
jenny and skimbles tell them it is no problem at all and they always love having little kiki with them. they are glad to have some granny and grandpa time with kiki and are happy they were able to help kiki in a small ways they truly love her a lot. 
(link to the lullaby jenny sings to kiki, feed the birds from mary poppins- ) 
alright that is part 66! let me know what you guys thought. i will see you all for part 67! i am thinking this mini series is coming to end in 1/2 updates so keep an eye out for that!   i hope you all enjoyed this update!
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Skimbleshanks: You can’t just keep adopting every stray kitten you meet!
Jennyanydots: Watch me!
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 13 days ago
Jenny writes and hides little "i love you" notes for Skimble, Jerrie, and Teazer
and that's just cannon
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 14 days ago
Are Skimble and Jenny the biological parents of Mungo and Rumple? Or are they adopted?
In my hc, they're the biological parents lol. I have stuff I wanna do with all of them for a story but I might post it here too someday later lol
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 14 days ago
I'd love some ideas bc I wanna write something for them, do yall have any Skimbledots family (Skimble, Jenny, Jerrie, and Teazer) hcs?
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bag-of-broadway-snacks · 16 days ago
Guys, Skimbledots as Misto’s parents okay.
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storyweaverofgondor · 26 days ago
Skimbleshanks: Jenny, why do you keep misspelling my name?
Jennyanydots: *Quickly trying to hide papers covered in various risque versions of Skimble’s name* I’m dyslexic?
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demons-incorrect-alw · 27 days ago
Jennyanydots: And now it's time to send in our cute little secret weapon.
Skimbleshanks: I'm ready, Jenny. I love the nickname.
Jennyanydots: No, Skimble, not you. I was talking about Cheddar. *gestures to mouse*
Skimbleshanks: Oh, right, obviously.
Jennyanydots: Over the past month, I've had him trained to retrieve small items. And now, boy, it's time to make Mommy proud.
Skimbleshanks: Yes, ma’am.
Jennyanydots: I could not have been more clearly talking to the mouse.
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bag-of-broadway-snacks · a month ago
Incorrect Cats
Jennyanydots: Alright girls, I'm going out with Jellylorum tonight so be good for daddy! Bombalurina: Yay! Ice cream and Mac and cheese dinner! Jennyanydots:... Skimbleshanks: Bomba, do you remember when daddy said that was a secret?
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bag-of-broadway-snacks · a month ago
Tumblr media
Underrated: These too old idiots waving at each other in the middle of the song. Like, Skimble baby, you saw her 2 minutes ago.
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bag-of-broadway-snacks · a month ago
I love your hc for Gus, Gus Jr. and Jelly for Tecklenburg and would love to hear if you have any others! You have some very interesting ideas and I'm curious to know what else you've got!
Awe thanks! I have quite a few. I’ll try to categorize them for you. -The Jellicle Circus was at one time a human circus, but it burned down. Old Deuteronomy was a circus cat who ended up being left behind and he decided to stay and create his own circus of only cats. -Grizabella came to the circus after getting lost by her rich owners. She stayed with them for quite a while, her and Deuteronomy fell in love and had their three kittens. But then Griz’s owners found her and she chose to go home with them. Unfortunately for her, they fell on hard times and had to get rid of her again. But when she wanted to return to the Jellciles, they rejected her since she left her kittens. -Macavity lit a fire at the beginning of the show because Munkustrap is specifically terrified of fire. -Old Deut’s staff represents leadership. Macavity stole it and thus declared himself leader. This was enough to help Munkustrap get over his fear and fight Macavity for the circus. -Skimbleshanks met Old Deuteronomy at a train station. The two became good friends and Skimble joined the circus. It took a long time, but he eventually got the circus’ old kiddy train up and running and earned his name as ‘The cat of the railway train’ -Jennyanydots is often mistaken for a tom cat. She’s very well known as the bearded queen but that doesn’t make her embrace her womanhood any less. Her tiny husband will murder anyone who makes fun of her. -The staff Munkustrap uses during Pekes and Pollicles is his training staff that he’s had since he was very little that he used to mimic Old Deut. -Coricopat and Tantomile and Jennyanydot’s adopted babies. -Pouncival found his red hat when he was little and has never stopped wearing it. Gus cheerfully makes a lot of remarks about how the color red reminds him of communism. -Most of the swing cats were abandoned kitties who were taken in and given a home. -Skimbleshanks hates Bustopher Jones in this version. (Idk why he just seems put out with him all the time during that number) -Rum Tum Tugger looks a lot like his mother, and thus Old Deut tended to spoil him. But he makes sure that Tugger at least semi-respects Munkustrap. -The whole circus is magic in its own way.
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scorpiofangirl1109 · a month ago
My Cats OC Part 15
part 14- 
hello everyone! i am posting another update for my cats oc series! the previous post will be linked above. 
for this update i thought of a cute idea. in parts 13 and 14 i discussed kiki’s relationship with jennyanydots and skimbleshanks. and how they really helped munkustrap when he became a single parent and were frequent babysitters for kiki, even letting kiki spend the night with them in their den sometimes. and the kitten affectionately calls these two granny jenny and grandpa skimbles. 
so i thought it would be fun to do a  cute headcanon about kiki going over to a sleepover at her granny jenny and grandpa skimbles’ den. 
kiki obviously adores her granny jenny and grandpa skimbles, so whenever she gets the chance to have a sleepover at their den she gets so excited. the kitten will often ask her father if she can go over early because she is so excited to have some fun with her granny and grandpa. or she will even ask jenny and skimbles if she can have a sleepover at their den if it has been a while. 
when munkustrap drops her off at jenny and skimbles’ den kiki always give her father a big hug and nuzzle before she goes. munkustrap will return these actions but also give kiki a quick kiss on the head as kiki tells her dad that she loves him before she rushes over to her granny jenny and grandpa skimbles to have fun. 
once kiki is inside the den with skimbles and jenny, the kitten will usually end up doing some sort of fun thing with them. such as a game with them or learning some more crocheting with jenny. this always makes kiki smile and that smile rarely ever leaves her face when around her granny jenny or grandpa skimbles in general. 
of course because they are grandparents to kiki jenny and skimbles cannot help but spoil kiki a little bit such as having kiki’s favorite food for her when she comes over and of course the kitten loves this. after dinner kiki will get to play a game with skimbles and jenny. even though she usually has a bedtime kiki will do her best to stay awake as long as possible as she wants to spend as much time with her granny jenny and grandpa skimbles as much as possible. ‘
but eventually kiki starts getting tired and yawning so jenny and skimbles get her to bed with the promise of stories and a song before she goes to sleep. skimbles will always tell kiki one of his famous stories, even if it is one kiki has heard many times before she will listen attentively and fight off sleep as much as possible. jenny will then sing a song to kiki which will put kiki to sleep no matter how much she tries to fight it. 
in the morning kiki will have breakfast with jenny and skimbles and munkustrap always comes to get her not long after breakfast is finished. kiki is always sad it leave her granny jenny and grandpa skimbles after having so much fun with them, but the duo always give her a big  hug and tell her she will see them very soon. 
alright that is it part 15! what did you guys think? i got all the fluffy feelings writing this! for the next part i am thinking of focusing on kiki’s relationship with another jellicle whom she is really close to. as always if you have any requests or questions my inbox is open! until then, i will see you all next time!
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fandom-trash-goblin · a month ago
for the headcanon thing (sorry if youve done any of these before). skimbleshanks and jennyanydots or mungojerrie and coricopat?
Jenny and Skimble:
They are so so sappy
Jenny is the dom
MungoJerrie and Electra are their kids
Skimble takes his family on trips to Scotland often
Jenny’s family always let Skimble inside and the stationmaster loves Jenny
The two had an open relationship for a while but closed it off to get married
JellyLorum is the godmother of all their kids
MungoJerrie and CoricoPat:
CoricoPat never ever reads Jerrie’s mind because Jerrie’s brain just goes everywhere all the time
Tantomile doesn’t know what to think about Jerrie, she thinks he’s wild
CoricoPat is the dom
Jerrie worries that his past with Macavity will put CoricoPat in danger sometimes but he never does
RumpelTeazer adores CoricoPat and always tries to get him to read her mind but she’s the same as Jerrie so he never will
CoricoPat is really good at cooking and Jerrie will set the entire yard on fire if he cooks so CoricoPat does everything
They probably have a zillion babies when they’re older
That’s all folks!
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bag-of-broadway-snacks · a month ago
Tumblr media
I was pretty proud of myself for this. Decided to subject ya’ll.
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bag-of-broadway-snacks · a month ago
Cats Kilworth au head canons.
eSo if you don’t know, the Kilworth 2019 production of cats was very ww2 based. The set an all the costumes reflected that. I strongly recommend looking the designs up because they’re really cool. (and they inspired theses soo) -Jennyanydots was a teacher once upon a time. When the war started up she joined the army as a nurse. While on active duty she met Skimbleshanks who had left his job as a conductor to join the army as well. The two fell in love and when they left the army got married. -Old Deuteronomy is a WW1 vet. He was drafted when his sons were very young (Tugger only two) and when he returned he discovered Grizabella had abandoned the boys. They were in the care of a young woman named Jellylorum and her father in law named Gus. The two had taken care of the kids in order to do their part, as Jellylorum’s husband had also went away to war. Later, when the Jellicle’s became a group who took shelter in the subways, Deuteronomy was chosen as the community leader thanks to his war expertise. -Munkustrap joined the military in order to follow in his father’s footsteps but was unable to continue because of health reasons. He received an honorable discharge but was always ashamed of it. -Demeter was a ‘lady of the night’ so to speak. She had to make money somehow, and incidentally got pregnant by Macavity. She told him but he completely rejected her at first. When Munkustrap arrived home from war he found out about what his brother did and invited Demeter and her sister to stay with his family so he could right his brother’s wrongs. Macavity found out and got extremely jealous. -Admetus, Electra, and Carbucketty are all children of Jellylorum and Asparagus Jr. While Admetus aims to be a civilized gentlemen, his young siblings are feral children. This is because, after their home town was bombed everyone in the Jellicle tribe went to live in the underground train station. In those circumstances Jellylorum could barely manage to raise her young kids to be prim and proper. -Mistofelees is a milkman, but also the person who gathers rations for the group. Rum Tum Tugger swears he’s magical, and tells stories about it to entertain the kids, but the adults have no idea if he's just making them up or not.
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1998 Film Rumpleteazer Rewatch: What’ve We Learned Today?
Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie are twins, the only two kittens of their litter who happen to look nearly identical, despite being of opposite genders. Other cats don’t have much trouble telling them apart, since Jerrie is obviously a tom and Teazer is obviously a queen, but those differences aren’t so obvious to humans and their owners usually can’t tell them apart. Since they’re almost always together, knowing which one they’re addressing has never been much of an issue anyway.
Teazer and Jerrie belong to a wealthy family in Victoria Grove, Kensington. Their house is big and full of expensive things. From the perspective of cats, what humans consider expensive just means things that send humans into hysterics if they’re broken or stolen. The twins find these reactions hilarious and what does an empty vase actually do anyway, so they enjoy destroying and/or stealing expensive objects to watch the fireworks. They rarely ever steal from other cats, though they like to play pranks every now and again.
Their humans have completely given up on controlling them. At least they have a lot of crazy stories to tell at dinner parties.
As for their cat family, the twins are the children of Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots who, though not exactly a couple, are very fond of each other and have had at least two litters of kittens together. Jenny’s human family, not wanting more than one cat, sold the kittens when they were old enough to a family who paid a lot for them, because they look a bit like tiger cubs and that makes them interesting. Skimble, having more freedom of mobility than Jenny, was the parent who was able to visit the kittens more often, leading to him becoming the favorite. The kittens always loved the idea of traveling and wanted to join Skimble on his trains, but he refused, since he knew they’d cause an absolute ruckus.
As for Teazer as a separate entity from Jerrie, they actually have almost completely separate sets of friends. Teazer’s best friends are Etcetera and Victoria. Both are around a year younger than her, so she’s had plenty of time to be a bad influence on them. They’re an equally bad influence on her. Teazer was never boy crazy before the kittens hit puberty, but when they did, all her two best friends ever seemed to talk about was toms and Teazer went right along with it. She wants to impress toms to impress her friends, especially Victoria, whom she may or may not have a crush on.
Teazer is most likely bi. She has multiple crushes at once and can’t stay focused on any one of them for very long, which is probably why she can’t get a date. Even by polyamorous cat standards, she’s got a short attention span. She’s a Tugger fangirl, but she also has a bit of a crush on Munkustrap, who is fun to troll, along with her crush on Victoria. When she’s with her queen friends, she’s a hormonal teenager like they are, but when her brother is around, she’d rather spend her time stealing from humans than fussing over toms. Neither side of her is in any way fake. She’s both those things and has no idea how any of it is possible. No one does.
After Munkustrap fought Macavity, Teazer and Electra bonded, due to being right next to each other when it all happened. Electra is another daughter of Jennyanydots, so the two are half-sisters, but they weren’t raised together, so they sometimes forget that.
From one twin to the other, the next rewatch will be for Mungojerrie.
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