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#skincare freak
lunamoonsa month ago
good morning !! i am awake early n i hope u all have beautiful days and are giving so many reasons to smile bc u deserve happiness so heckin' much 馃挍
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thefuckingstory27 days ago
can鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 15 mins till a whole new lorde album...perhaps i will cry
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barbienightmare7 months ago
Tumblr media
first post on this page i wonder where this tumblr page lead me to
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starfiyah9 months ago
man idk i just think if you鈥檙e super into skincare.... like SUPER into skincare, like you actually watch skincare youtubers and you have a 10 step routine and you鈥檙e the kind of person who will give unprompted skincare advice to your friends.. u need a new hobby
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thanks to @itsjaili for telling me about this, because it is freaking delightful.
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positivewlwvibes2 years ago
hi! first of all LOVE your hair - hello, gay fabulousness! second, what are ur skincare and makeup routines? :)
oh goodness gracious thank you so much
Cerave Salicylic Acid Face wash
The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%
Niacinamide and Zinc (whole face) and Caffeine (just under eyes)
Most days I don鈥檛 do much makeup, but when I do I wear mostly tarte cosmetics because they鈥檙e gluten free and non-animal tested!
Same as AM except no antioxidant (during the winter I use Retinoid here in the PM) minus the sunscreen obviously and then I use this peel every once in a while when I鈥檓 noticing some textural irregularities. I do the peel at night and then skip the salicylic acid the next day and use this cleanser instead of the Cerave one!
I freaking love the Ordinary because their stuff is super affordable and it works really well!
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milk-and-exsanguination2 years ago
So here's the tea. I have contact dermatitis, and honestly, it really sucks. Basically, my skin is hypersensitive, and if I touch irritants or allergens my skin responds as if I just touched poison ivy. Even things as simple as hand sanitizer and most soaps and lotions make my skin break out in painful rashes but honestly? Its the social aspect that sucks the most. I feel so bad when I get weird looks for turning down hand sanitizer or when everyone goes to play with a cute dog and I have to stay as far away as possible in hopes of avoiding an allergic reaction. I unfortunately ALSO have eczema, so between those skin problems I've heard variations of "you need lotion!" Countless times. As if I haven't tried lotion. Face masks at parties? If you wanna see my face break out in rashes and hives. And don't even get me started on cleaning supplies. And yeah, there are creams and ointments and stuff that help, but they leave residues and are messy and mean that I can't touch anything for what feels like forever.
Anywho sorry for my rant. I got a cool face mask today from a friend that my skin would have had an awful reaction too and then lster today I was thinking about soap. So yeah.
P.S. despite the date I promise it's not a prank
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flipphonegoth2 years ago
i love making myself broke the day after i get paid so i have no option but to starve
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yuzuruswanyu2 years ago
Everyone: Don鈥檛 wear makeup every day! Your skin will thank you!
Me: *doesn鈥檛 wear makeup*
My skin: what the fuck is the bullshit???? *queue horrible breakouts and oily skin with uncomfortable dry patches*
Me: 馃槕
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larryismybabyhoney6 months ago
At least showing her skin care off is kind of influence-y? I'll give her points for that and like giving some kind of info despite it not being super aesthetically interesting
I mean yeah sure...but her fans were begging her for one and now they are like ummm it鈥檚 expensive so well nope and also the info she is writing there is like idk really basic. 0 things about what skin she have or anything more about this products just like it鈥檚 good swipe up
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slavicafirea year ago
unnaturally clear skin freaks me out, I'm not going to lie. and I am talking both about airbrushing and photo editing and seventeen steps skincare routines with acids and bleaching, hundred rules of 'never touch your face' and 'never allow sun to touch your face', obsessions about avoiding wrinkles and spots and freckles, makeup covering every pore and unevenness. it's harmful and strange and gets rid of such a wide variety of wonderful and human characteristics, and just makes your face look seven times more boring
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i-mmunity25 days ago
bf dream hcs
summary: lil things you鈥檇 get in the boyfriend dream package <3
pairing: dream x fem!reader
Tumblr media
i feel like the first date would be a home date after pushing sapnap out of the house so you guys had a few hours to yourself, and so he wouldn鈥檛 get embarrassed in front of the cute girl he鈥檚 been talking to.
like maybe a movie night with him showing off his cooking skills that he鈥檚 so proud of.
movie night 100%
the result of your playful argument being a good ol鈥 disney movie
say the movie has a cheesy duet in it.. y鈥檃ll are singing it.
with the darkness of the room and the glow of the tv shining on your faces it was definitely a night to remember.
y鈥檃ll started dating a month or 2 after that but you guys hung out a ton of times in between that.
you guys don鈥檛 live together or anything as you quite like having your own privacy but who鈥檚 to say that won鈥檛 happen in the future ;)
you both spend a bunch of time at each other鈥檚 houses and absolutely adore each other鈥檚 pets (if you have one)
with the amount of days you spend at dream鈥檚, sapnap was bound to love you as well.
you two formed a super close bond and dream gets so so happy whenever you 3 do stuff together :)
i feel like dream would wait a little to announce your relationship to the fans but once he does sapnap never shuts up about you on his own streams-
y/n this. y/n did that. dude y/n is the best!
are constant things heard from sapnap鈥檚 mouth.
you do alt stream鈥檚 with dream sometimes when you鈥檙e over and don鈥檛 know what to do.
you鈥檒l usually just end up doing buzzfeed quizzes or q&a鈥檚 with chat
patches loves you
sometimes more than dream and he gets all babyish about it bc you鈥檙e HIS!!!
he would definitely teach you how to play certain games even you already knew how to just as an excuse for you to sit in his lap
clingy ass mf
he just loves having some sort of hold on you at all times just as a reminder that you鈥檙e there
you鈥檙e cooking? hands on your waist from behind watching you.
driving? hand on your thigh or just holding hands. etc.
you鈥檙e his photographer 100%
honestly a blessing 馃専
i mean who wouldn鈥檛 wanna take pictures of their hot ass faceless bf??
twitter loves you- like they never shut up about you even though they don鈥檛 know what you look like but even the slightest noise from you on stream.. they freak out.
i think you guys would definitely have a shared playlist but you would definitely complain about some of the songs he adds to it- like boy this is a love song playlist why the fuck did you add chase atlantic????
i feel like some times he has a hard time focusing on things like how he was talking about how he had a fidget spinner on his desk to help with his adhd some times you would sort鈥檝e ground him in a way?
obviously you鈥檙e not gonna cure his adhd but if you ALSO have adhd you tend to ramble a lot about the things you like especially hyperfixations i feel like he would drop everything just to watch you talk?
he鈥檚 super sweet but overworks himself A LOT
you would definitely have to drag him to bed some nights and calm him down.
just like how he would do anything for you, you would do anything for him.
he tends to follow you around your apartment a lot just watching you do things. like cooking, doing your makeup or skincare, etc.
whenever he face reveals, he would constantly beg you to do irl streams with him-
鈥淐ooking Stream with my GF!鈥
..that stream was messy.. but gave the editors lots and lots of cute clips to edit
y鈥檃ll are a power couple to say the least but.. you have your faults.
if you have any mental problems, sometimes you tend to push him away and at first he thought you were mad at him but he鈥檚 gotten used to it.
he has alarms on his phone as a reminder for you to take your medication
he tries his best to be quiet or even help you if you鈥檙e studying for an exam.
he tries to be really patient with you bc you some times can go off on him bc you鈥檙e stressed.
he cares about you like A LOT
but in general, he just genuinely admires you and it鈥檚 adorable.
Tumblr media
for @d1zzynsfw <3
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