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cryxstalana · 2 days ago
My mother has been trying to lose weight for what seems like forever. She has passed body dysmorphia, poor self esteem, insecurity, and disordered eating down to me; which eventually led to my anorexia.
She’s hopeless. My mother just turned to me after dinner and said “What if I want to throw up my food after I eat? Will that make me lose weight?”
I shrug.
Be careful what you say to your children.
This is how eating disorders are born.
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awalkingldrsong · 16 hours ago
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They have no idea what its like to seek safety in other people
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0cal-until1dissappear · 2 days ago
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I have been losing weight but I know it’s muscle mass. When I try to go back and play sports it’s going to be so un- motivational. but at least im small and skinny right. is it worth my happiness tho?
im tired of being consumed by this. i see all my friends and they just eat without a care in the world and even just watching them is so scary to me. how they just ingest their food without feeling any kind of guilt or strange feeling. what happened to me ? why can’t i enjoy my food and live my life just as they do?
how long is this going to go on for? will it ever get better? or when will the time that i finally just eat when im hungry and don’t when im full? when will i be able to go out to a dinner with my family and actually be present with them instead of trapped in my mind thinking about the calories.
i want it to be better but i can’t let go.
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cckcals · a day ago
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low cal hot chocolate ! - 95 cals
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup boiling water
add cocoa powder and sugar to cup, pour boiling water and stir until dissolved then add milk
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lovelygreentea · 2 days ago
I hate how hanging out with friends revolves around eating , my friend and I were planning on going out for coffee and she asked if I wanted to get lunch too like no i’m trying to STARVE
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