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#skit requests
bridgyrose · a month ago
Send in requests for your favorite rarepairs
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simplyskit · a month ago
you know i say i take requests but i dont say my limits-
so heres all the things i will draw! and all the things i  wont draw
i will:
draw slight nsfw (breasts, ass, suggestive things, certain kinks, hidden masturbation and sperm )
draw furrys/animals
draw a ship
draw self ships
draw alot of things actually
i wont:
draw sexualization of real people and minors
draw mech
draw super detailed stuff (i would if i could)
draw anything related to politics
draw animal sex
draw full nsfw (cocks, pussy and  two people actually getting down and dirty)
draw realistic 
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bridgyrose · 2 months ago
Well, because of that volume finale, I think its safe to say we all need a little fluff in our lives. Send me some fluff requests and I’ll try to help comfort.
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bridgyrose · 3 months ago
Welp, no surprise here, on another bugs and fallen petals kick. Yall know what to do
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bto300yt · 3 months ago
The Grand Tour + ABUNDALACACA Skit Requested by @thehellartist1996 #gacha #gachaclub #gachacommunity #gachaskit #skit #funny #thegrandtour #abundalacaca #explosion #requested
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bridgyrose · 4 months ago
Since today is a special day, turning anon back on until I get off shift tomorrow. so send in those asks/requests
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king-galaxius · 5 months ago
In living Color - Ice Poe at Christmas.wmv
In living Color – Ice Poe at Christmas.wmv
In living Color – Ice Poe at Christmas.wmv Another Ice Poe Skit, (Added by Request). Ice Poe going door to door at Christmas. David Allan Grier is something else! Enjoy No copyright infringement intended, ok
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bridgyrose · 7 months ago
Im in an angsty mood today. Send me your best angst prompts!
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purples-neverhood-blog05 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@skit-skitty I accept requests here in Tumblr🙂
anyways, I don't think it be romantic between evil Willie and Stephanie cause she's pretty much afraid of Willie's evil/corrupted side😰
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creativeghost51 · 7 months ago
I’ll open drawing requests (not commissions, I don’t draw OCs or complicated stuff for requests) once I finish my backlog of reblogged hazbin drawing ideas/skits. Request something via asks
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bridgyrose · 8 months ago
Im in a rarepairy mood... send in requests for rarepairs. I'll try to get as many done as I can. Bonus points if you send in my favorite rarepairs
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bridgyrose · 8 months ago
Yall should send some Cinder ships or au ideas. Lets give our fall maiden some love
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bridgyrose · 8 months ago
How about a story where Jacques is the one with the brainwashing machine? -anon
Jacques: *walking a young Weiss into a dark room* It’s time for your studies, Weiss.
Weiss: *pouting* But I want to go play!
Jacques: You have more important things to be learning right now instead of playing. 
Weiss: *sighing and walking into the room* Why’s it so dark?
Jacques: To make watching the holoprojector easier on your eyes. 
Weiss: *sitting down at an empty table* Fine…
Jacques: *smirking and flipping a switch as he shut the door* I’ll come back in an hour when your lesson is over.
Weiss: *watching a screen appear in front of her, giving her the history of the SDC* Boring…
Jacques: *opening the door at the end of Weiss’s lesson* Weiss.
Weiss: *standing at attention* Yes father?
Jacques: It’s time for you singing lessons. 
Weiss: *giving a small curtsey* Yes father. 
Jacques: *smiling as he watched Weiss obey without fighting* What did you think of your lesson?
Weiss: It was delightful. 
Jacques: Then we’ll keep it up once a day. We need you ready to run the company when you become of age.
Weiss: *nodding and walking off to her next lesson*
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bridgyrose · 8 months ago
Requests are open. I know I write a lot of angst, but if there are any pairings or au ideas you have, send them in. I do write fluff periodically
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bridgyrose · 9 months ago
Fox: *rushing around a burning Beacon* What the hell is happening around here?
A.D.A: Falling debris ten meters in front of you.
Fox: *stopping for a moment and hearing a crash* Thanks Ada. *using his semblance to find his team* They’ve got to be… here…
A.D.A: Figure approaching.
Fox: *hesitating and using his teamspeak* Neo? Is that you?
Neo: *walking closer to Fox, replying telepathically* It is.
Fox: You need to get out of here. It's not safe-
Neo: I cant. I… have a job to do.
Fox: *confused* What do you mean? I dont want you to get hurt-
Neo: *charging Fox and knocking him over*
Fox: Neo?
Neo: We cant be together anymore. *slowly using her fingers to trace letters around Fox's arm* I have to do this for Roman.
Fox: You have a choice-
Neo: *slamming her foot into Fox's face*
Fox: *coming to on an airship with his team*
Coco: *smiling* You're awake.
Yatsu: *handing lien to Coco* Looks like I lost.
Fox: You bet on if I'd wake up?
Velvet: They bet on when you would. Yatsu thought you'd wale after we landed.
Coco: I bet you'd wake up on the airship. But enough about that, what happened to you? We heard you talking then silence? Yatsu found you on the ground.
Fox: *sighing* Neo…
Yatsu: *putting a hand on Fox's shoulder* Im sorry.
Fox: She… she was part of the group attacking Beacon.
Coco: That… sucks. We'll get payback soon. But for now, let's train to be the best we can.
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bridgyrose · 11 months ago
Send some angsty prompts. I need to blow off some steam
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bridgyrose · 11 months ago
Still accepting skit requests.
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bridgyrose · a year ago
Skit requests are open, preferably want light and soft or fluffy requests
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musing-rose · a year ago
Feel free to ask about AUs. Still got a few requests Im working on, but please feel free to make requests, ask characters questions and so on
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bridgyrose · a year ago
Still accepting any and all AU and skit requests. What if scenarios still included.
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