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I’m backkkkk :333

And welcome to my skulls collection :)))



Now I’m working on my next skulls collection and presented to you late on just you wait :)))

(P/s: tmr i’ve my Mid - Exams so i better get ready ;-;)


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I was pretty stuck on this prompt for a while. I researched a ton of rituals which was fun in itself but I was hesitant to draw most of them… That was until I came across documentaries on Tibetan sky burials. I think it’s a beautiful and interesting funeral practice where it showcases the circle of life. TBH I’d rather have my corpse be devoured by vultures than worms any day!

Drawtober - Prompt 5: Ancient Rituals

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Spooky Pattern
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas 8x8".                
Charles Morgenstern, 2020.                              

Artwork for sale at

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