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#sky art

I had this really weird dream last night where I was a part of a cult where we all dressed as Sir Enchantment but I was actually the REAL Sir Enchantment and no one knew that the real Sir Enchantment (me) actually looked like that without his turban and other accessories.

And that he also had hair that touched the ground…

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Bathtime with Forest Mama

And Listen, before any of you give me crap about how I’m a pedophile, PARENTS DO DO THIS!! It’s actually very common!

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She wants to take me down because one of the reasons being my OC has gotten the favor of all the elders.

The other simple being she’s just spoiled rotten and a snob.

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*Laughing* Yes! A lot!

And it happens most often with the Valley Twins because they’re the most popular and they’re OOB Room is the easiest to get to.

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