laelish · a day ago
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I just update my TKT comic list on the pinned post and realized I’ve done over 50 comics in this series. That’s so many! I also just reached a benchmark of 1500 followers, so I’m very excited about that too!
So the next few comics are going to be them getting married. I mean, sort of. There’s not gonna be the whole typical ceremony. But it’s still going to be sappy and adorable.
Also Boba wasn’t in his own damn show this week, so he’s making a guest appearance in TKT.
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sighborgz · 11 months ago
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in which ezra visits luke’s training camp, and mando never really got around to leaving :’-)
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barissoffee · a month ago
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Merry Christmas
Sabine: Here's a fun idea-we hang up mistletoe, but instead of kissing the person underneath, we have to fight them.
Hera: We are not doing that.
Chopper nodding: Mistlefoe.
Hera: Stop encouraging her!
Stormtrooper: It’s Christmas! Are you all in a Christmas mood?! 
Pryce: Merry crisis. 
Kallus: Jingle bells, jingle bells, single all the way. 
Thrawn: Hoe hoe hoe. 
Stormtrooper: Guys, please.
Kanan singing: All I want for Christmas is youuuu. 
*points at Hera*
Kanan stopping the singing: Actually I want you all year.
Ezra: Sorry about this.
Luke: It’s okay, maybe when we’re married-
Ezra: When we’re-?
Luke: -merry! When we’re very merry Christmas!
Pryce: I hope I get run over.
Stormtrooper: Aw, come on, it’s Christmas! Get in the spirit!
Pryce, sighing: Fine, I wanna get run over by a reindeer.
Chopper: It’s almost time to switch my regular old knives to my fancy Christmas knives.
Ezra: There’s a difference?
Chopper: yeah, the Christmas ones light up.
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amestri · 3 months ago
Luke : I am a bottom, like my father before me
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olqueenhudders · 4 months ago
Edit: ok so I was thinking of a discord server and if ur willing to help just message me and I’ll make us a separated server ♥️
Edit 2: this is what I have so far! Any more for any more (I’m adding shrek and a meme page for no reason whatsoever)
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aureutr · 4 months ago
From a conversation on the Dinluke discord:
The Lars farm is burned down when Luke is 14. Maybe it's the Empire, maybe it's the Hutts, maybe it's some other miscellaneous bad guy. But Luke survives and before Obi-Wan can find him he instead runs across someone else's path. The path of a no-good space pirate scoundrel who, in another timeline, was well known for trying to corrupt Force sensitive youngsters:
Hondo Ohnaka
How they end up running into each other is nebulous but Hondo offers Luke a job on his ship and Luke, not having any other prospects, accepts. Of course Hondo fully intends to double cross this farm boy the moment he gets what he needs out of him. But then it turns out that the kid is a brilliant mechanic and Hondo's ship is in rough shape. And there's just something so familiar about him. Once he actually hears his last name (Hondo has a habit of half-listening and talking over people after all), that cements it. This is his son Skywalker now and the galaxy isn't getting this one. He calls Luke by his last name almost exclusively because he misses annoying the crap out of Anakin (and Obi-Wan but though Luke knew Ben Kenobi he does not know any Obi-Wan).
They proceed to go on all sorts of space adventures. Lots of them involve Luke getting them into tight spots due to his lack of experience, Hondo getting them into tight spots due to his insistence on double crossing people, or Luke talking Hondo out of double-crossing people at the last minute. Luke gets scrappy "street" smarts and also does the Luke Skywalker classic of finding the best in people.
Now, I also think that they would eventually run into the Ghost Crew after maybe a year of traveling together. Kanan would nearly have a heart attack over A) Hondo found another Force sensitive kid B) the kid is the same age as Ezra and they are both the perfect age to feed off of each other's chaos energy and C) the kid's last name is WHAT!?
Kanan becomes Luke's Jedi master reluctantly, since he's still training Ezra, which means that Luke ends up joining the Ghost crew. And Hondo, begrudgingly, sticks around as well. Plenty more chaos to come.
Of course, the showdown with Vader goes a BIT differently when you have Hondo screaming "Ezra! Skywalker! Look out!" from the sidelines and Vader has to do a hard reboot sequence because A) is that HONDO!? B) SKYWALKER!?
This also puts Luke in Ahsoka's and Rex's paths and I am soft for anything that has them meeting. <3
Anyway this is not necessarily Skybridger but it could super easily be that too if you wanted.
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multifandomnonsense · 2 months ago
Ezra: I told Luke his ears turn red when he lies
Din: why?
Ezra: watch this
Ezra: hey Luke are you in love with us?
Luke, covering his ears: no
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gil-estel · 3 months ago
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families, memories, and palps-induced trauma
(turns out Luke's still working through some stuff, too)
[ pages 1-10 ] [ pages 11-20 ] [ pages 21-?? ]
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rosedosed · 3 months ago
I just met you thanks to a comment in a skybridger fic in ao3 and right now you have me as a follower 🛐🛐🛐🛐
AWW Thank you!! 💛💛 Welcome to my circus! mind your step, ignore the gun-toting clowns
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endlessfandomverse · 5 months ago
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evening in the temple
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laelish · 4 months ago
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This is everyone but Luke’s favorite game.
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zareleonis · 6 months ago
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was rereading the single scrap of skybridger content and im crying because i FORGOT luke said depa would probably be proud of kanan 😭
also emotional at luke calling them "the fabled spectre cell" EZRA AND FAMILY ARE LEGENDS!!! SKYBRIDGER EXISTS
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lantaniel · 7 months ago
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they are cinnamon rolls, your honor
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Gay stuff, because why not?
Kanan: Hera I-
Hera: There is no “I” in this relationship Kanan, only “we”.
Kanan: Alright then Hera, “we” are bisexual.
Hera: Damn right we are.
*Ezra outside the wren manor with a sign that says “prom?”*
Tristan: Oh, my god yes!
Ezra: No, tell Sabine!
Tristan: Sabine, I'm going prom with your boyfriend !
Kallus: Zeb, your boyfriend is hotter than mine.
Zeb: Huh? But you’re my-
*Zeb realizes what Kallus meant*
Kanan: Ezra come out, we are already late!
Ezra: I'm gay!
Kanan: ... Not what I meant, but I still support you!
*When they were bounty hunters*
Sabine: Why are the Empire hate us?
Ketsu: Maybe they are homophobic.
Sabine: We aren’t gay.
Ketsu: We aren’t?
Ezra: So what's your type?
Luke: Carefree, blue head, dumb, forcesensitive.
Ezra: Hey, that sounds like me! Too bad I'm a boy though...
Luke: ... Did I mention dumb?
Ezra: Yep!
Luke: Okay, just making sure.
Zeb: Kanan, I'm gay.
Kanan: Oh, Okay.
Ezra: I'm gay too!
Kanan: ...
Kanan: Who am I going to give terrible advice about how to get a girlfriend, if my kids likes boys?
Sabine: Don't worry dad, I like girls.
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bythevay · 10 months ago
i don't know if you're still doing requests, but if you are, have you ever drawn skybridger (luke skywalker and ezra)?? i'd love to see them in your style!!!
Tumblr media
I always do requests when I have the time! Personally I don’t ship them but you can interpret it any way you like. They would totally be best bros tho I also never drew Luke before so be kind xD 
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olqueenhudders · 4 months ago
When I have a slight inconvenience:
I guess it’s time to dream up another plot line/read fanfic
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skywalker-swift · 6 months ago
The fact that when maul and Ezra opened the two holocrons that Ezra saw the twin suns, the symbol of Luke… that’s soulmate energy your honor
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multifandomnonsense · a month ago
R2: *screams*
Chopper: *screams louder to establish dominance*
Luke: Should we stop them?
Ezra: No, I wanna see who wins
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gil-estel · 3 months ago
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navigator!ezra, skybridger, etc etc pages 11-20
[ pages 1-10 ] [ pages 11-20 ] [ pages 21-?? ]
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