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Grogu: Patoo!

Din: Okay, Womp Rat.

Luke: That’s rude, Din.

Din: What? It’s just a pet name.

Luke: He’s calling you Dad and you called him Womp Rat.

Din: He did?

Luke: What do you think he’s trying to say when he goes like Patoo??

Din: I’m… I can’t…

Luke: Grogu, dad can’t talk right now but I’m pretty sure you’re feeling what I’m feeling, yes, those are happy tears.

Din, sobbing: I’m not crying…

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Fennec: What was that?


Fennec: You hear that?


Fennec: That sound…

Din: I hope it’s Luke coming for me…

Fennec: Stop thinking with your little head…

Boba: They say it’s not that little… I’m proud of you, son…

Din: Who’s saying that? Was Luke using the force to know about it?

Fennec: I hate it here.

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You know, sometime all I want is Luke casually hanging out like that around the Temple and Din would just be : 😳😳 bcause damn there is no way this is the same guy who rolled over like 57 dark troopers with a cape and hood on.

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luke is gonna introduce himself to din like this, thinking that everyone in the whole galaxy knows about him, but din is gonna be like “…. ok and? am i supposed to have heard that name before???” because he has no clue what a star war is

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a lantern in the darkness - Din Djarin/Luke Skywalker - Chapter 6

The reunion you were all waiting for… chapter 6 is now up!

Chapter 6

Full Work

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Din: If we were the last two people in the galaxy, would you go out with me?


Luke: Din, we’ve been married for two years now

Din: That wasn’t a yes

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luke will never get used to seeing his husband like that, s’all

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“We need to talk,” he said, ducking behind the ship’s wing and motioning Luke to follow him. He pretended not to see the smile on Luke’s face falter just a bit.

“What is it,” Luke asked, leaning against the hull.

(Fic here.)

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As I am having increasing interactions with my neighbors in our laundry room this covid season:

Dinluke modern apartment au where Luke watches the dilf wash pleather and baby clothes on delicate and is too shy to ask about his kid, until isn’t, and Din watches the soft blonde wash knitted sweaters and Blondie t-shirts on the completely wrong settings and is too nervous to tell him, until he isn’t

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I can’t stop thinking of the idea that Luke is trying really hard to find force sensitive kids, but can’t. Then Din is just hoarding all of them.

Luke: Din?? How?

Din holding a child in each arm, and one on his shoulders: I don’t know. They just keep showing up. I found this one in a tree.

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In the modern AUs, why does no one make Din a bounty hunter?? Like they are a thing in the real world.

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Din,being the himbo he is:*slaps Luke*

Luke:what was that for?!??!?

Din:you said to “hit you one more time” so I did.



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I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m not sure. I’m trying to work through a lot of my WIPs, but I’m also having a bit of a difficult time with writing anxiety lately, compounded by a very busy schedule at work. It makes it difficult to pin exact deadlines on things. I’ll work on something for a bit, get very stuck, and have to switch to something else for a while. On top of that, as I said recently, I often find smut difficult to write, even though I enjoy the challenge it presents to me. It generally takes me longer than other stuff to write.

I’m happy that people are excited about the second chapter–but unfortunately I can’t say anything more definite than that it will be posted as soon as I finish it.

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if u see me mass reblogging art of my favorite ships no you didn’t. mind ur business motherfucker

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Sleeping Beauty au ~ dinluke

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