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gale-gentlepenguina month ago
You know I feel really bad for Skype.
Like legit, for YEARS they had the hold on video calls.
Like people used it as a verb. "Im skyping my friend later."
And then pandemic hit and Zoom takes off. No one uses skype anymore.
Now its a 'Zoom call'
Imagine being Skype, your brand was a VERB and then dropping the ball so much
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Fetus dnp trying to dye phils hair?
Love ur art btw 馃枻馃枻
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o wo ty for the msg and the drawing idea!
this prolly happened right?
i have a bunch more asks now so ty for ur patience as i get through them.
(edit: omgosh pls click on gif to see it in better quality i didnt realize how much tumblr killed the image :'3)
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simranboldcpl4 months ago
Hey Folks,
Wanna enjoy this weekend with my seducing beauty on the CAM.
Whatsaap me on +919817300347 and enjoy the beauty.
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6brooklyn95 months ago
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Just call me mamacite=) Dm for more.
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missynexxtdoor17 days ago
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25 Mins Sexting with Custom Pics & Vids During @ $21 馃槇 馃挦
Kik - Cumdumpster631 馃
Cash App Accepted 鉁
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ceresartsy10 months ago
Tumblr media
Modern Hinny 2.0
Okay so I decided to remake this one as many people told me I got Ginny's eye color wrong the first time (eventhough I had Bonnie Wright in mind while doing it), I thought you guys were right and deserved a more loyal portrayal of book Ginny, so here we are, with pretty brown eyed Ginny instead of blue/greenish one! (This version is still on my IG for those interested lol)
Thank you again for all your love and support on my latest pieces, you're la cr猫me de la cr猫me friends 馃槈馃槝馃拫馃挄
Take care!~ 馃樂鉁
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simranboldcpl5 months ago
Hey Folks,
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Wanna enjoy ur weekend with my HoT and seductive CAM Sessions than WhatsApp +919817300347 and enjoy the weekend with hot curvy figure.
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