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Thank💞 man today’s been weird lol but I hope this takes my mind off it! Honestly and with the commission thing the person who commissioned me was being a bit rude and inappropriate so f u n. I half tempted to give them their money back and just stop talking to them. Also I’m sorry the hc thing is short, I wasted up my energy but going on a rant about my oc-

  • Okay so literally I want to do the skeever one so bad-
  • Literally if he held a skeever he would be in fear💞
  • Like it’s an oversized more feral rat with a lot of diseases- so he wouldn’t like it at all
  • Honestly I don’t know how anyone would convince him to hold one but my god is he terrified
  • He is mostly scared of it biting him because who wouldn’t tbh, but he doesn’t want to be seen as weak in front of his s/o so he does it anyway
  • If it bites him, he will fus ro dah it at a fucking wall
  • He won’t pet it, he will only hold it for like 5 seconds before wanting to sanitize his entire body
  • Okay he really hates them, which is kinda valid? But also not-
  • However normal rats are okay but those little giant shit ones shall pay for their crimes against humanity

Alright I am going to go off about one of my LDB’s and Miraak because honestly they are an interesting duo. So my LDB her name is Marael and she’s very…interesting to say the least. With her and Miraak she was determined to get him out of there, she didn’t have a reason besides making a powerful ally. Literally she didn’t care what happened to solsthiem she just wanted a powerful ally and maybe friend- but basically mora fecking stabbed him do she cut off his tentacle that stabbed him and just ran out of there with his dying body. However she literally forgot how hard it would be to get him back into reality, and not to mention mora was trying to drag her back with his damn acid tentacles.

Literally she gave up all of her dragon souls and some of her own to take him out of Apocritha. However she did enter the book in Neloths tower so when she came back Neloth was ready to kill her because she brought Miraak into his home. However she literally was knocked out because she hit her head when she came out of the book, because it literally exploded her out of it- so sis was knocked out- basically Neloth just trapped Miraak in a small area until Marael was ready to kick some ass. However she didn’t. So that’s how she got him out- it’s not really lore friendly but sometimes we just have to say fuck it.

But the weirdest thing was when they went to skyrim- literally before the fight she told the companions about him so if they ever saw him it would be on sight- so when they saw him in the market place they decided to go feral but without the werewolf. Also this post is getting long so uh yeah

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Hewwo have a doodle of the bastard. I’m in the middle of reworking their look. Not by much tbh, just softening their throat/belly color & changing up how his horn & body types are. Also ditched the stray arm feathers & have it where they go all the way down their back like a mane lol

also slowly finding a voice claim for them! So far i’m leaning towards Sam Elliot’s acting of Butch [the papa trex] from the Good Dinosaur…but in a younger, late to mid 20s kinda sense?? idk how to describe it. Rough country voice w/ the natural Argonian scratch??

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Y’all ever have a commission to do but then mf art block hits you- and then you want to work on a different drawing because AHHHHHHHHHHH

Also someone please send in Miraak hc asks- please I am but simple simp that needs a prompt- also I want to make comic but I can’t fucking draw Miraak and I HATE IT HERE-

Also I crave to rant more about my ocs so feel free to ask anything about them-

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