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#skyward sword
peevishpants · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Link goes on an excavation expedition with Impa, his lab supervisor, and Zelda, a far better student than he. He has no reverence for ancient artifacts. It's just a nice pot isn't it? I could just buy another one at Rupee-rama?
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la-sera · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Light study
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urgrandpasghost · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ghirahim, I didn’t sign up to be your therapist 🙄🙄
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ryssbelle · a day ago
I started playing SS today for the first time in a while and turns out I'm so used to his twili beast human form look I was legit surprised for a second when SS Link didn't have black hair I-
Tumblr media
What are you talking about he does have black hair-
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hyrulehistoria · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arsonisticscholar · 2 days ago
Sksw Zelda?
Tumblr media
I feel like my style doesn’t do her justice she’s so pretty in the game!!
It’s a shame we don’t get to see what she usually wears besides the costume and the white dress (I think)
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skyward-floored · 2 days ago
*me, grabbing and shaking my sister while watching the cutscene where Zelda wakes up* LOOK look at them LOOK AT THEM he CATCHES HER WHEN SHE TRIPS and now they’re HUGGING THEY’RE HUGGING I bet he’s crying that’s why you can’t see his face oh my gosh just LOOK at them they’re holding hands look please look THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS-
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alphagirl404 · a day ago
Super Mario: Can I copy your homework?
Legend of Zelda: Yeah, just change it a bit so it doesn’t look obvious.
Super Mario: Ok
Tumblr media
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peevishpants · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Introduction to Integrals more like Introduction to the New International Transfer Student from Twilight, MIDNA. Beedle's biked to the Twilight Realm before and knows of her, but here's everyone's first impressions of Midna!
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ashe-hallows · 9 hours ago
a pretty fi cause she deserves it <3
Tumblr media
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swordspirits · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
long time no ‘ghirahim in clothes i own’ aka Goth Demon Time! i got a new dress
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angelusmortis77 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
hehehe drew my babe Ghirahim dresses as Midna @flutefemmeart (Instagram/Twitter)
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heroineoftwilight · 2 days ago
You know how in Skyward Sword, Demise’s Essence is absorbed and sealed into the Master Sword?
Tumblr media
What if, in order to break the Curse, the Master Sword would need to be destroyed? Because remains of the great Demise are still left inside. He is not 100% dead.
If that’s true, that has all kinds of implications both for Zelda and Link, but also for the Botw Master Sword constantly breaking...
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cherrylavendertea · 2 days ago
Link, drunk, rolling around on the floor of his dorm: omgggg you're soo sexy come here often
Ghirahim, a literal sword, with no blood: respectfully. For the love of Hylia. Please shut the fuck up
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luckycartzipper · a day ago
So, you know how shoebill birds are probably the inspiration to Loftwings in Skyward Sword?
These guys:
Tumblr media
Yea, these guys, these amazing birds with tall legs, an 8 foot wing span (2.5 m) and a hard beak that they use to decapitate their preys with.
Looks pretty similar to Loftwings, uh?
Well, I was thinking about it and, since Wild's Hyrule is full of wildlife and, since Loftwings existed in Sky's era, then it wouldn't be unusual for shoebills to exist.
It's as if they underwent a process of evolution, where their height was reduced to better fit the surface and to prevent from being hunted and spotted, ence why their colours probably went from bright ones to more dull ones, darker and unsuspicious.
So, imagine that, one night, Sky, the ever wood carver, bird lover he is, shows the Chain a carving he made that depicts a Loftwing. Most specifically, Zelda's. He's been carving it through their journey to, when they arrive in his Hyrule, give it to her as an apology gift, for leaving in a heap of... Well, not even he knows. He just saw purple and run after it. (it turned out to be a portal)
So, as he's showing it, Wild looks up from the food he's preparing, totally obvious to what it is or to who it is, and says:
"Oh, cool. A shoebill. Didn't know you had those in your era." And turns back to the food.
And Sky is just standing there quiet, trying to understand what he meant with that, and shrieks before asking:
"A shoe-what? Wild, this is a Loftwing... Wait a minute, you have Loftwings in your era?" He's totally perplexed by the possibility of seeing some kind of legacy left by Skylofters in far away eras, but it comes down a few minutes after, when Wild explains.
"Loftwing? I have never heard that name and I have to say that we don't have them. But we do have showbill birds and those look a lot like that carving. Oh, wait, I have a picture in my slate. Hold up a minute." So, he takes his slate out of his waist holder thingy, scrolls through it and then hurls it around for Sky and the others to see. (the picture is the one above)
And. And Sky is just. Perplexed and emotive, because what he was seeing was a miniature Loftwing, much like how the juvenils looked, but fully formed. It made him realise that maybe, just maybe, Skylofters had left more than just a name to the land. They'd left Loftwings, in smaller size, that contributed to the ecosystem of Hyrule in one of the timelines Time had drafted upon using the ocarina of time.
He didn't sleep that night.
Instead, he carved another Loftwing, this one flying, wings outstretched and beak opened in a screech. HIS Loftwing.
He passed out mid stroke of the knife against wood, yearning of home.
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silentprincess17 · 2 days ago
Happy Birthday Braids!
The following is dedicated to my dear friend @braidy-maidy​. I think it’s been nearly... 6 months? 7? Something like that since we’ve become Zelink friends and seeing as it’s your birthday today I wrote a little something for you combining the two things I know you love: SS Zelink and metaphors. I hope you have a great day and this brings a smile to your face! (don’t kill me but I did do a lil foreshadowing angst but... it’s me, how else would you know who is writing ;) )
The sun and breeze, in a moment of peace
Link blinked, and let the sun soak into his skin. He hadn’t taken a single extra moment to rest during the course of his journey, only sleeping if he was close to collapsing from exhaustion. He reasoned it wouldn’t do Zelda any good if he got himself killed. So a weapon he willingly became, focused on one goal.
And now in the quiet moments after it all, he could truly try to digest what had happened to him. He had come to realise that whilst the flow of time would always be cruel, at least now he could enjoy the seconds instead of flail at watching them storm past.
He could, for example, enjoy staring through the gap in the roof of the Sealed Temple, where he currently was, a sleeping Zelda enveloped over his chest, tighter than the chain mail he once religiously wore.
With that flicker of light catching him in the eye, he suddenly realised the sun shone brighter in Skyloft. Maybe that was because there were no clouds in the way. It was pure sky, sun, and blocks of land suspended in midair. Skyloft was the living testament to Hylia… no… Zelda’s powerful and everlasting construction. It hadn’t crumbled like Lanayru had, ending in sand and dust.
A gentle breeze wafted over his hair and swept the direction of his thoughts back to the sun. It struck him that he had never felt the heat as strongly in Skyloft as he had on the Surface. Perhaps it was because the wind buffeted everything and everyone in Skyloft, so the sun was strangely less powerful up close than it was further away.
He had come to realise both were beautiful. And truth be told, he only came to appreciate such simplicities more after… well… after everything else that had happened in the past year.
He had seen so much. Talked to so many beings. Traversed across so many terrains. Seen and experienced so much. Breathed, walked, ran, fought, through water, sky, and land until, until… until he could find the only person that lit up his day brighter than the sun herself.
And he could only thank the Goddesses that he was able to be here, on the Surface, in Faron Woods, at long last reunited, holding onto her tightly after it all. Slowly stroking through her hair, as she dozed the afternoon away, both of them sequestered into a nook at the bottom of the trunk of the Tree of Life.
His sun was back with him, his aim fulfilled, his axis back in orbit, and despite all the changes and all hardship it had taken, he wouldn’t change a thing.
For even now, she was still his Zelda because destiny could never separate them. It never would, thanks to Demise’s curse. He wasn’t afraid of facing the evil again because come rain or shine, he would succeed. How would the Goddesses ever choose otherwise?
He and Zelda were fated for time.
And what greater blessing was that?
To have his sun with him, forevermore.  
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