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jeonginsyang · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
p.o.v: you’re filming your not so little brother mess around on one of the plastic the cars in the playground because your parents asked for proof you’re babysitting him
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multihoe-net · 2 days ago
adulthood pt.2 - y.ji.
Tumblr media
summary: after such a long time of bottled up feelings and a lot of tension, you finally give yourself to your new boyfriend.
pairing: I.N. x female reader
genre: smut, fluff
warnings: unprotected sex, dirty talk, oral (male receiving), usage of “noona”, Jeongin is a tease.
taglist:  @changbinscypher @leagreenly
[part one]
Tumblr media
Jeongin towered your body, kissing you and allowing you to savor his soft lips once again. Your hunger for him increased, making you sit up and unbutton his shirt without breaking the kiss before sliding it down his shoulders. Your hands roamed down his biceps as he trailed wet kisses down your neck, his hand searching for the zipper of your dress to pull it down and throw it away. As soon as he did, you took the opportunity to scan his body carefully with your eyes, biting your lip at the luscious sight. He was way more toned than you imagined. Bare, honey-colored chest on full display, strong arms, and defined abs that you were dying to run your fingers over. A necklace hanging from his neck and adorning beautifully his collarbone. It didn’t take long until Jeongin noticed the way you stared at him with dark and lustful orbs, thing that filled him up with pride.
“Like what you see, noona?” He asked teasingly with a smirk plastered on his face. You felt the arousal that pooled between your legs becoming unbearable in need of him.
But you had other plans.
You stood up from the bed and his eyes followed you, brows pinching together in confusion. Now in front of him, you gently and seductively pushed him to lay on his back against the mattres. Your mouth colliding with his skin, leaving a trail of wet kisses all over his chest and abdomen, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans to pull them off him. He looked down at your actions, not daring to stop you as you stripped him naked. You smirked as soon as his dick landed against his stomach, hard as a rock and temptingly glistening with pearly beads of pre-cum.
Wrapping your hand around his length, you slowly started to pump him as you placed soft kisses from his lips, down his neck, chest and abdomen until you dropped down on your knees. Jeongin sat up, propping up with his elbows to get a better sight as you started to lick on the head of his dick. He sucked in a breath through his teeth, not hesitating to move his hand and tangle his long slender fingers adorned with rings in your hair. Lower lip trapped between his teeth, small moans erupting from his mouth at the feeling of your wet tongue on him.
“N-noona-” He breathed, mind spiralling as you moved your hand up and down his shaft. You didn’t say anything in return, but slid his dick into your mouth without a second thought, twirling your tongue around it and sucking gently, you earned a whimper from him that made your thighs rub together in need of some friction. “Fuck, that feels so good.” He grunted, throwing his head back and pressing his eyes shut briefly before he looked back at you.
You hummed in response, the vibrations made him moan louder and you thanked destiny for the music downstairs that blared from the speakers. You hollowed your cheeks, licking from the shaft to the tip and then pushing him against the back of your throat. Your hand managed to stroke what your mouth was unable to, focusing on the tip with your mouth as you massaged the rest of him. Jeongin finally let himself lay on his back, still throwing his head back against the pillow and involuntarily bucking his hips against your mouth, making you gag slightly.
His sinful sounds filled the room and made it hard for you not to come right then and there. You bobbed your head a few times before you pulled back to catch your breath, soon wrapping your lips around the head again, sucking and licking to make him lose his mind. Jeongin felt his climax approaching mercilessly, and that’s when he decided to pull you away, helping you to stand up by your elbows.
“I never thought you’d be this good to me, noona.” He said, his lips brushing against yours. “So good to me. It’s my turn now. I’ll be so good to you that even when you sleep you'll be yearning to have me inside you.” He promised right before he crashed his lips with yours again. His tongue pressed on yours as he unhooked your bra and started squeezing your breasts, which made you moan against his mouth. His hand roamed down until he met with the waistband of your panties, parting lips with you just for a second to pull them down and throw them away, leaving the both of you completely naked and burning against each other.
Jeongin reattached his lips to your neck, licking and sucking gently, but hard enough to leave reddish-purple marks on your flesh. His hand cupped your cunt before his long fingers started running between your folds, up and down before they finally started circling on your clit.
A strangled moan slipped past your lips, tangling the fingers of your right hand in his silky locks as the other one gripped on the wrist that worked on your slit.
“You’re so wet, baby." He breathed against your ear, nibbling on your earlobe. “Who made you like this, hm? Who's got you so worked up and desperate?” He asked teasingly, ghosting his lips over your jaw.
“You did.” You responded. “I’m soaking for you.”
Jeongin moved his hand away from your core and brought it to your mouth, tapping on your lips for the entrance you quickly granted. As soon as your lips parted, he slid his two digits into your warm mouth, enjoying the way you salaciously sucked and twirled your tongue around them.
“Fuck me, Innie.” You moaned.
“You’re so hot.” He groaned. “I want you to be mine, and mine only.” He added, trailing his hand down your bare torso, but this time sliding his two large fingers on your entrance. You gasped and arched your back at the sudden pleasure. He started moving his fingers in and out of you, feeling you clench and enclose them tightly.
“What did you say, noona? I think I didn’t hear you. Louder.”
“Make me yours, please. I want you.” You pleaded. He finally stopped kissing your neck and sat up, pulling away his fingers. You looked up at him, panting, his eyes were darker than ever as he brought his fingers this time to his lips and licked them clean, not breaking eye contact with you.
Holy shit. He was a total demon.
“You’re sweeter than any dessert I’ve ever tasted.” He spoke. “I’ll make sure to eat you out next time, but right now I need you around me.” He added, standing in front of you and spreading your legs open for him, pumping on his shaft as his eyes wandered around the room.
You frowned.
“What is it?”
He looked back at you, an apologetic smile appearing on his lips.
“I don’t have a condom.”
You chuckled.
“I’m on the pill.”
He sighed in relief, grinning afterwards.
“Fucking yes.”
That was the last thing he said before you had him positioning himself at your entrance. He grabbed his cock with his hand and slid his cock inside of you, letting out a soft groan that harmonized with your moan. He stilled for a moment to let you adjust as your legs wrapped around his waist. You drinked him in, mouth watering at the sight and feeling of his burning skin against yours. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and he buried his face in the crook of your neck, starting to thrust his hips slowly, hands landing on one of your breasts again and massaging it, his thumb pinching and flicking your sensitive but while supporting his weight with one of his elbows.
“Fuck. You’re so tight.” He growled, making you buck your hips against him to meet his thrusts, gaining more moans from his mouth. You clenched around him, the sound of his moans made your body burning hot.
“Harder, please!” You begged, digging your nails on his biceps.
He complied. His thrusts became stronger and faster, making you both a moaning mess. Jeongin started placing open-mouthed kisses on your neck, breath ragged against your skin until the pleasure was too much he couldn’t focus on anything anymore. Filthy words and praises started rolling from his tongue, accompanied with curses under his breath and the erotic mention of your name.
"Noona, I want you to ride me." He whispered. His words sending shivers down your body and setting it aflame. He grabbed you by the waist and switched your positions, leaving you on top of him and straddling his lap. You wanted to look at his handsome face contorting in bliss, you wanted to watch his face when those pretty moans left his lips, and that’s what made you enjoy the idea even more since he had been in charge for a while. He looked at you with hooded eyes, chest rising and lowering in pants. Clasping your hand around his length, you put him back in and sat down on his girth. He gasped as his hands flew to your hips, helping you rock your them against hit, instantly hitting the right spots. You supported yourself with your hands on top of his chest, keeping a smooth pace.
“Shit. You take me so well, you feel so good.” He grunted, sliding his hands up to knead on your breasts. Whimpers leaving your mouth and teeth sinking on your lips as you enjoyed the view underneath you.
When his climax started to approach, his moans became louder. His eyes pressed shut and his beautiful and swollen lips agape. The expressions and sounds he made took you to the edge.
"I'm so close baby, so close." You cried out.
"Cum for me, noona. All over me." He hissed, triggering you orgasm and making you cum on him. The feeling of your walls tightening was all he needed to reach his peak, releasing his warm seed inside of you along with a throaty groan. Your movements became sloppy and he thrusted against you to help you both to ride out of your highs.
Exhausted, you collapsed on top of his now sweaty chest. He wrapped his arm around you as he tried to catch his breath. You looked at him, melting as soon as he smiled and his dimples showed up, foxy eyes making your chest swell. And oh my gosh, was he beautiful. He was the prettiest human you had ever seen, not to mention that his after sex look made him at least a thousand times more ethereal.
“I’m so in love with you, noona.”
You smiled tiredly, brushing his bangs away from his forehead with your fingers, placing a soft kiss on his lips.
“You made me feel amazing.” You responded. “I’m all yours.”
He cupped your face with his hands,kissing you again.
“All mine.”
Tumblr media
The sunlight entered your bedroom straight through your window, hitting your closed eyes and waking you up. You stretched your body and turned your head, eyes landing on the man next to you. He was peacefully sleeping on his back, a hand resting on his torso and his head slightly turned towards you. His breath was steady, relaxed, innocent. Almost as if your bodies hadn’t been like two poles united by passion.
You turned your body to lay on your side, propping on your elbow and resting your head on the palm of your hand. You stared at him lovingly, he was so mesmerizing, flawless and hypnotizing you so effortlessly. His skin was glowing with the rays of sun, looking soft like a porcelain doll, velvetish and tempting to the touch.
A smile formed on your lips, feeling an overwhelming wave of love filling your chest at the memories from the night before. Now that you had come to terms with your true feelings, you realized those said feelings were a lot stronger than you would’ve thought.
You moved your left hand and brought it to his hair, crading your fingers through it gently and brushing his bangs to the side with your fingers. Your touch was as subtle as possible, trying not to wake him up.
“I never knew I could feel this much.” You admitted quietly, smiling as you admired his existence. “Turns out you ended up awakening my feelings and now I feel like I’m head over heels. What am I supposed to do now that you’re laying beside me and I still can’t get enough of it?” You added. Your heart burned inside your chest, you were shocked by how fast things had changed, escalated.
Surprisingly, a smile formed on his lips. Your brows furrowed together until he opened his eyes and looked at you. Before you could say something else, he sat up and pushed you to lay on your back, hovering over you, cupping your face with his hands. A beautiful grin adorned with his dimples was plastered on his face, his eyes turned into a little crescent, glowing moons.
“Hi." He smiled, his thumb caressing your cheek. “I can’t get enough of you either. Don’t worry, if there’s someone head over heels here, that’s me. There’s no world around me, the only thing I see is you.”
You felt the heat covering your cheeks and the butterflies in your stomach taking flight. You placed your hand on top of his, dragging your fingers slowly, caressing his arm as well. A big smile forming on your lips, biting the lower one in a failed try to stop yourself from smiling.
“Since when are you awake?” You asked.
He hummed, looking away like he was deep in thought.
“It’s been a while.” He confessed, looking back at you. “But you know what? I’m glad I didn’t say anything.” He continued, placing a kiss on top of your nose. “I love you, noona.” He added.
You sucked air between your teeth as you cupped his face as well.
“I love you too.” You admitted. “You’re so pretty, fuck.” You added, making him chuckle before he leaned in and pressed his lips against yours in a warm kiss.
You two kissed, smiling and chuckling in between kisses. Sparks going all over your body, until you heard the door swing open.
“y/n, do you know where Je-” You heard Felix’s voice coming from the entrance of your room, startling the both of you and making Jeongin jump off you.
Felix’s eyes widened in shock, but it didn’t compare to the horror in yours and Jeongin’s face.
“Felix, why don’t you knock on the fucking door?” You shouted, covering yourself with the white sheets.
“What the fuck is this?” Felix asked, ignoring your question as he looked at the both of you, betrayal in his features, clearly mad especially at Jeongin who was now standing in his underwear next to the bed, then he shook his head. “Hell no. I’m out.” He said, turning around and storming out of your room.
Jeongin looked at you with concern. You sighed.
“I think we better get dressed and meet downstairs.” You said. Jeongin nodded in agreement.
You stood up from your bed and washed up, dressing in a pair of shorts and a random top you found in your closet. When you made your way downstairs, Jeongin was leaning against the doorframe of the living room, with a not so happy Felix sitting on the couch without looking back at him.
“I tried to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to listen,” Jeongin said to you. You rubbed his arm gently and offered an apologetic smile at him.
“It’s okay. I’ll talk to him and we can meet later, okay?”
Jeongin gave you a small smile and a nod, leaning down to place a soft peck on your forehead before he grabbed his stuff and walked out of the house.
You turned your attention back to your brother, taking a deep breath and entering the room to stand in front of him.
“This is not the way you were supposed to know.” You said, arms folded in front of your chest.
“Know what? That my best friend was fucking my sister?” He said, not looking back at you as he scrolled down on his phone.
“Gosh Felix, don’t be so vulgar. It’s not like that.” You said, sitting on the empty spot next to him. He looked up and cocked a brow at you.
“Two people naked on the same bed, one of them all over the other one, hands roaming down their bodies...” He hummed. “Yeah, I think that’s exactly how it is.” He continued. “Since when do you like him? You’ve been rejecting him since I can remember.”
You sighed.
“I... I always liked him, Felix. I was just trying to deny it to myself.”
He frowned.
“Why wouldn’t you tell me? Did I have to find out this way? Was it necessary?”
You shook your head.
“It all happened yesterday...”
He looked at you, brows still furrowed until realization hit him.
“Yesterday?” He asked. “Fuck, I left you two alone.” He said, running his palm over his face before he looked at you dead in the eyes. “y/n, did he force you or something?”
“Felix, what the fuck? Of course not!” You assured. “You’re talking as if you didn’t know him.”
“It’s just... So sudden. I don’t know what to think.”
“Felix...” You grabbed his hand between yours, smiling. “Jeongin has been the sweetest with me. He would never hurt me.”
“Yeah, I mean... He’s been in love with you since forever.” He agreed, looking down at your hands.
“Then don’t you think he deserves a chance? Or would you rather have me dating someone else who none of us know if I’d get hurt by?”
He shook his head.
“No. I know he would treat you right. I’m just mad that you never told me how you felt. You always treated him like a brother, and now it seems like everything was different. I was fooled because you didn’t trust me. You both hid this from me.”
“I’m sorry about that... As I said, I hadn't even faced my feelings either, until last night.” You repeated. “I like him. I want to date him, be with him.”
Felix looked at you and sighed.
“If that’s what makes you happy, then okay.” He said. “Although this means he’s going to be your favorite now.”
You grinned, wrapping him in a tight hug. You turned your head and placed a kiss on his cheek.
“Don’t be silly, you will always be my baby brother. I love you and that’s never gonna change. Besides, he’s not my brother, he’s my boyfriend. You should go and talk to him, let him know that it’s all good.”
He rubbed your back.
“Will do.”
You pulled back and stood up from your seat, ready to go and make breakfast.
“Oh, and next time make sure to lock the door. I’m going to have nightmares.” He said before you exited the room.
“Why nightmares?”
“I don’t want to think that my best friend is fucking my sister.”
“Oh and he’s so good at it.” You teased. His face scrunched up in disgust.
“Oh god, please stop.” He said, feeling goosebumps. “That’s gross.”
You bursted into laughter as he walked to the door to leave.
Tumblr media
Jeongin and Felix were now sitting on a bench at the park. None of them saying a word or making eye contact.
“I’m sorry.” Jeongin finally said. “I just want you to know that I don’t plan to be just a one-night stand for her.”
Felix turned his head to look at his friend.
“You better not.” He warned. “I hope you treat her right.”
Jeongin smiled.
“You know better than anyone how much I like her.” He said. “I would never do anything to her other than give her love.”
Felix smiled back.
“Then it’s all good for us. I guess we need to find another thing to tease you with.” He chuckled, making Jeongin laugh as well.
“As long as you never mention the room incident.”
Felix shook his head.
“Don’t mention it, I want to erase that from my mind.”
Jeongin laughed and stood up, Felix did as well.
“Thank you.” Jeongin said, stretching out his hand.
Felix smiled, accepting his hand and shaking it, giving him a quick hug with a palm on his back.
“It’s all good, brother.”
That's how the two made their way back to your house, joking around like nothing ever happened. You heard the door cracking open, making you stand up and peek your head on the doorframe. Jeongin grinned at you as soon as he saw you, and you ran to him and wrapped your arms around his neck in a tight hug. His arms wrapped around your waist, caressing your lower back as you buried your face in the crook of his neck.
Felix clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes.
"You're acting as if you haven't seen each other in a week."
You turned your head to look at him and stuck your tongue out, making Jeongin chuckle.
"Jealous jerk." You teased.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever, just don't do filthy stuff on our couch. I'll take a nap. See you later." He said, waving goodbye and making his way upstairs.
You looked into Jeongin’s eyes, poking his dimple with your finger.
"You're seriously so pretty." You said. "Even prettier than me." You added, pouting.
Jeongin chuckled.
"No one is prettier than you, my noona." He assured. You smiled and tangled your fingers in his hair, pressing your lips against his.
"I'm sorry for taking so long to accept you." You said against his mouth. "I'll make sure to repay you all the wasted time."
He kissed you back. Once. Twice. Thrice, feeling him smile against your lips. He was so happy he couldn't believe it was real. The person who stole his heart years ago had finally looked his way, and he would make sure to always show you how proud he was that you were his.
"Don't worry, noona. It was worth the wait." He said, making your heart melt and causing you to start showering his face with kisses, both of you chuckling.
You regretted making him suffer for so long. He was perfect for you and you were sure you could never get tired of him. Your boyfriend.
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stray-but-okay · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I like The View right now
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