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constellation leo

prompt 7:  “Duh, of course it is, because I made it.”

member: changbin
wc: 893 
genre: fluff, mythological / fantasy au, mermaid au, witch / wizard au, established relationship au
note: yes leo is the brightest constellation in the sky and changbin is the brightest star lmao cheesy moves vivi + aw this turned out rlly warm im personally soft am i allowed to say that

Something in your heart leaps greatly when Changbin looks at your work for the first time and instinctively smiles. For as long as you’ve known him, he’s always been the friend to his loved ones who will admire everything that they do but you still feel an intense boost in your confidence when he does the same for you—especially now that he’s yours. 

“They’re beautiful.” He murmurs in awe, brightly glancing back at you seated on a nearby rock before looking up at the night sky again. “So beautiful.” 

“Duh, of course it is, because I made it.” You feign smugness with a playful roll of your eyes, chuckling when the merman then scoffs and splashes water at you with his fiery red tail in retaliation. 

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The way skz realeased so many bops, and still didn’t get nominated… y’all ok there mnet?

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« nothing was strong enough to go agains fate »

☇ WARNING : Fluff overall, mention of death, heart condition, angst, written at the third person, Lee Know’s point of view.

☇ PAIRING : reader x lee know

a/n : This is my first ever fiction and I am thinking of making a royal serie for every member. I absolutely loved writing this, and hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well.

— at your sixteen birthday, you finally need some more protection as you’re about to enter the real word. Being a weak person; the strongest bodyguard of the palace is assigned to protect you with his own life.


Originally posted by strayhags

The princess was turning sixteen this week. Entering this age meant more public apparitions, which significantly meant that she needed more protection. From her young age, she had always been a weakened child, her sickness responsible of such state. She’d have a paler skin, and was not often seen in the palace.

Some rumors had it that she was hiding herself because of her repulsive appearance. This was the way he portrayed her, and probably all the kingdom did.

But it didn’t quite matter, this day, he would be assigned as her personal bodyguard by the king himself. It was very known amongst the palace that Lee Minho was, not only the strongest, but also the most thoughtful and strong minded guard despite his young age.

He was also known as a cold and heartless young man. Rumors were not exactly false, but that was the way he would have been trained his whole life, and probably what made him so strong. Emotions were worthless, the only qualities required for a bodyguard was strength and thoughts.

Despite everything that happened, never would he forget the night he encountered her.

He was in fact supposed to meet her the day after, but fate had its own story to be made, and nothing was strong enough to go against fate.

As he passed by to return to his apartments, he slightly saw a moving shadow on the small garden between the Princess’s place. He stopped, fearing a nocturnal attack. Grabbing his knife, the one he always wore, he approached the moving shadows.

Crossing the glass walls, the moonlight was now providing enough light for him to see not the mercenaries he expected, but instead the princess herself.

She was picking some apples, right next to the fountain. She didn’t seem to have noticed him just yet. She was humming a song, a one he never heard before. The delicate melody seemed particularly peaceful, in fact, the whole scene taking place before his eyes was.

And for the very first time of his life, he mindlessly stepped closer. The princess must have heard him, or at least feel his presence, as she turned around to face him.

The moonlight was reflecting half of her face, and at this very moment, he thought she didn’t look so sick, weak, let alone repulsive. No, in fact, she was the total opposite of not charming. She was breathtaking. The way her long dark hair was slightly curling at the end, the way her visibly sleeping robe swung around her frame in rhythm with the warm breeze.

It was clear at this very moment that whoever thought she was hiding for some physical traits never saw her.

Without even addressing him a word, she handed him an apple. He was too far to grab it, and didn’t even intended to.

Suddenly, he realized he was in front of a royal, and he bowed deeply, hoping to make up for his disrespect until now. The princess remained silent, only a light chuckle was to be heard. It was almost silent ; so quiet that if the slightest wind blew at this moment he would not have been able to hear it.

Once he got his upper body up, he noticed she had put the apple back in the little basket she was carrying. Why would a royal be picking up apples at such an hour of the night ?

“Do not tell what you just witnessed to anyone, I beg, for am I getting severely punished for it if that was to be known.”

At these cold words she left. It was strange, the way she exited the room, he thought. Her moves were so silent, it was almost as she was never there in the first place. Turning around, he finally headed to the place he was supposed to join half an hour before, heart a little shook by the first encounter he just had.

In no time, he was with the princess for most of his time. He learned a little bit more about her, and her condition.

She suffered from a weak heart, making it hard for her to breathe sometimes.

He got enough time to acknowledge another fact : she didn’t look sick at all. The night of their encounter, the warm coldness he witnessed, he never, not even a bit, saw that part of her again. She was in fact a very joyful being, which if he had to be fairly honest, he didn’t quite understand.

He had enough time by now to see by himself the lonely life she was suffering from. The only people she had to see were her governess, that was not the sweetest nor the warmest person alive, and her bodyguards. Most of them were middle-aged men, with who she barely interacted with.

The governess was very strict, to be fair. That was probably the person she did not want him to tell about the garden. And he quite understood why.

She was lonely, he thought, but he was never the one to start conversing with her. It was her, that, from time to time, when the feeling was too unbearable, initiated some conversation. To be utterly honest about it, it couldn’t quite be called a conversation. It was more of her Highness talking while Minho was listening. He would reply, some rare times, but never much more than “I agree, her highness is right, and for when he felt like talking, I can join you on this point”. But these briefs interactions seemed to make her somewhat happy. What a lonely person indeed, he thought.

It was some months after her seventeenth birthday. As per tradition, the kingdom was preparing for the “candle night”. It was a one night festivity during which the people would lighten up candles and lanterns that would flew up the sky. All this in tribute to all the past kings and queens that had done so much for the kingdom to be prosperous.

Being a festivity in honor of the royal family, it was natural for them to show, and take part of it. The king would lighten a lantern, the queen a candle, and the princess was expected to interact with the people.

As the first Candle Night of the princess, the interactions were more than expected amongst the people. It would even be the first time they would see their future queen. Being such an occasion, it wasn’t really needed to state how it made the night dangerous. Minho had to stay close to the princess’s side, and never let her out of his sight. It would be the perfect time for revolutionary people to act, needless to say she would be the first and easiest target.

As they arrived at the central place, Minho couldn’t take his eyes off the princess. Not in a duty way, to be honest. It was the first time he would see her that way. Her eyes held more stars than the starry sky itself. It was the second time he thought she was breathtaking. Her long hair was tucked behind her ears, and she was dressed with the prettiest silk dress he has ever seen. It was a pale green and white, with some golden ornaments.

He followed her around from up close, his stare always wandering around to whoever would dare to try any move. Any stupid move.

“Minho, look!”

Her voice caught him off guard, and when he raised his head up, he could have sworn he stopped breathing for some time. Her hair was slowly twirling around behind her, some strands of hair made their way on her face. Behind her, the lanterns were going up in the starry night. Everything was luminous, but the brightest element of the canvas was her, standing in the middle, arms wide open, a smile parting her lips. It wasn’t like any smile he witnessed from now, it was a smile that reached her eyes. Beautiful. No, ethereal.

How can such a creature exist in this world ?

Taking his eyes off of her was impossible. He didn’t want to, in fact. He wanted to remember that scene forever. The night he saw what happiness was. How beautiful a real smile could look.

He would protect her, no matter what, so that he could keep witnessing those special moments. It was fine by him, not being part of the frame, watching from afar. It was fine. As long as he would be able to see her, it was fine.

The night came to an end, and Minho couldn’t help but being a little bit saddened by this fact. No one had tried anything, the people seemed to love their future queen. It was, overall, a good night.

The weeks following were not as great, the state of the princess had worsen a bit, and she was now not allowed to leave her room. She was sneaky and thoughtful, and she would always leave at night, to find comfort in the small garden next her apartments. Minho only let her go because he thought it would be great for her to breathe fresh air, he also liked the fact that she thought she was outsmarting him.

He would always be behind though. Discreetly watching for her. It was his duty, after all. And he wouldn’t allow the princess to get hurt because he let her disobey royal’s orders.

And it was just a night like these. The princess was by the fountain, watching the little fishes while he stood behind. It had something calming, he thought, watching this scene unfold before his eyes.

“Minho ?”

He was a bit startled as the soft voice called his name. Something in her way of talking that night held sadness.

“Do you think I would make a great queen ? I have heard everything that had been said about me. I know I am over sensitive, miss Joy always tells me so, but I really get hurt by these sayings. Being born with a disability is not easy. And how can a queen lead her people if she can’t even leave her bed ? I have had these thoughts for some time now.”

He kept his gaze on her, she was smiling. It had nothing to do with the smile he saw during the Candles Night, though. No it was a sad one, expressing the feeling better than tears could have been.

“I think you would be a great queen. Your people seem to genuinely like you. It is easy to get attached to someone like you.”

He stopped. Did he really said this ? He must have gone mad, that was not a proper way to talk to a princess.

She chuckled a bit, as if she heard his inner thoughts. “Please, keep going. Do not filter your words, I ask, for do I need an utterly honest opinion right now.”

He coughed a little bit, in an attempt to get rid of the embarrassment, and kept going. “There is nothing wrong with being sensitive and in any way does it appear as a childlike-behavior. I strongly believe, no, I am convinced that sensibility is a quality required for a good queen. How could an insensitive person understand the needs of the people ? That doesn’t make any sense in my opinion. As for your heart condition, your highness, it stays a condition and in any way describe you as a person. I can assure you of that, for have I never witnessed a person more alive than you in my whole life. It might sometimes worsen, but it also gets better. You are born a queen, your highness and I am convinced you will be one.”

The place stayed quiet after these words. The only audible sounds were the locusts singings. It was peaceful, and for some reason it always was when they were together.

“Minho, I think I…”

The princess stopped mid sentence, not letting such indecent words she was about to say leave her lips. She was impulsive, but she knew the boundaries, and when not to cross them.

“Let’s sleep, your Highness, every doubt will be washed away once you will wake up.”

It was a rainy day, a winter one. Minho was wandering around the palace. He had spent three winters with the princess by now, and it was always a peaceful and joyful time. He was able to see her sneak in the garden on snowing days and play with the cold condescended water. It was great, seeing her having a great time. He joined her , one day, as she wouldn’t stop asking. He was under her orders, after all, it was natural to do as she asks.

But this winter was different. He was, as day passed by, witnessing the colors draining away from her face. Dying was the princess. And never had he thought he would be that affected by it. He also discovered a new part of himself by that time : he was a coward. He would let the other bodyguards stay with her while he just wandered around. That was selfish, he knew, but seeing her in that state was painful. Deep down, he wanted to be by her side, but he was afraid at the idea of ending hurt.

His thoughts contradicted each other, indeed, in one hand he was afraid she would leave without him being able to see her, leaving him behind with only faint memories, in another, he would like it better to remember her as a joyful being than a close to death person.

How selfish, he knew. Because if he was that afraid, he couldn’t even imagine how scared she must have been.

And so, just by these thoughts, he decided that he needed to be by her side. It would be unfair, he thought, only being here when she was okay. His duty was to protect her no matter what, and even though he couldn’t protect her from her own fate, he could at least provide her some comfort.

Heartless, was Minho known amongst the place, and it was not only rumors. He really was heartless, thinking only about duty at such times.

He entered her place for the first time in weeks. Her gaze was now on him. He felt extremely small, and guilty. He left her, after all. She made it clear before, that his presence comforted her. Maybe it was because he was the only bodyguard that was only three years older than her.

“You finally heard that I was not yet dead.”

She laughed. It was a fake, bitter laugh. It was an habit he understood as years passed : she often replaced her emotions with another in an attempt to hide it ; like the smile she gave him when she was clearly sad. He was now understandably of how this worked, it was easy for him to get her real emotions. This time it was a mix of sadness, fear, anger and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

“Heartless they say. But I really am just a coward.” These few words escaped his mouth. He didn’t regret them, no. These words needed to be said out loud.

“Yes, I witnessed it.” She laughed. It was a real laugh now, or at least he thought it was.

Silence filled the room.

“My dear, thank you for have you been a companion to my lonely self for four years now. I am sorry for the time I forced you to play with me in the middle of the night in the freezing snow. I deeply apologize as well for all these nights you stayed up by my side in the garden. My friend, I only have great memories with you. You were a partner, a friend, a companion, a parent and…”

He looked at her, but she gazed at the window next to her bed, watching the snowflakes fall.

"And I think I have fallen in love. This is silly, given the circumstances and our positions, but I did.”

He still wasn’t looking at him, as a thick silence filled the room. What exactly could he say that would not go beyond the boundaries ?

“I don’t deserve such feelings, your Highness. I was always glad I had to be by your side. Never have I seen it as a duty, no matter how much I kept saying it. Your Highness, I told you I was a coward, therefore I would ask you not to talk about yourself as a dead person. It would ease so much of my pain”

She turned her head around, locking gaze with him.

"Please, Minho, answer me. Do you feel the same as I do ?”

Her voice was quiet, almost like a sight.

“I do, your Highness. I did ever since our first encounter, I fear.”

His voice was just as low. These were quiet confessions, that would, in fact, never be heard by anyone else.

“My dear Minho, would you, just once call my name ? It would be the first time I would hear it from someone else than Miss Joy.”

“ I am utterly in love with you, Y/N.”

At this very moment, the honest smile he saw so rarely on her face appeared again.

It was also the last time he was able to see it.

Not my gif, credit to strayhags

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[3:44 pm]

Part 2 ig?

You settle down on your couch and click on Gamer!Chan’s stream. You still haven’t told him that you watch his lives, just because… well it was kinda embarrassing if he found out.

For fun you decided to open Among Us while the stream loaded. You had specially changed your name to candyboo for Halloween, and were pretty proud of how clever it sounded. not really lol

Chan’s intro played, and he greeted the viewers with his signature smile.

“Hey guys! Happy halloween! Look!” He pointed at the wall behind him. “I decorated Wally with black and orange banners! And see? I have a lil’ pumpkin! Her name’s Amber,” he chuckles sheepishly.

You decide to create a game and wait for players to come in. It takes a few minutes before a couple of players enter, but they weren’t enough to start the game. You wait a bit more.

“Okay guys! Today I was thinking, instead of creating a game as usual,” he rubs his hands together, “I’m gonna surprise some lucky players and join a game!”

You chuckle at his words and wait for the last few players to join. What if he joined my game huh?

Chan hums. “Choosing a game… and entered!”

chrispy97 has joined the game


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Okay so as far as I can see, Changbin has not only a LOT of potential, he is also easily keeping up with a lot of the others who are competing.

I know these were auditions, and many of them weren’t even giving 50% so they can later rise the quality up, but neither did he, we all know what he is capable of. His freestyle was good. At least as good as some of the others I saw for smtm9. Which is also a thing of taste I guess.

And also;

I know being an idol rapper is a sensitive topic for many underground rappers, but he has the right flow, the right talent and the right mind to have a real chance. His vibe fits. I am happy to see more of him tbh

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Part 2 of the requested “the spy and the mafia”

Warnings: smut, degradation, name calling, vibrator(is this a warning idk), slapping, oral and fingering (both f. receiving), face riding, boob job

Pairings: dom!Hyunjinxsub!reader, sub!Jisungxdom!reader

Word count: 3.1k


After what happened on your first day of work, you went back to the company and told them you can’t to this anymore after what you saw. They of course asked you what happened but you just told them you didn’t want to talk about it. There was no safe for work explanation of what happened.

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