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Lee Know for Beauty+
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MAKNAE ON TOP (2021) – I.N (Feat. Bang Chan, Changbin)
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HAN ⋮⋮⋮ God's Menu ⋮⋮⋮ Dubai Expo (220116)
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Chan: Changbin can be... immature sometimes.
Jisung: Sometimes?! Remember how excited he got when he found out he could drink two caprisuns at once?
Changbin: *holding three caprisuns* Guys, you’re not gonna believe this!
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Trapped in Heaven
Tumblr media
Words: 9,3 k (yeah i went a little overboard)
Member: bad boy!Lee Know
Include: Smut, kissing, car sex, dry humping, breast stimulation, oral stimulation: Fellatio, fingering, cunnilingus. Dirty talk, Orgasm control, unprotected sex
This is my work for the winter collab hosted by the lovely @hwajin.
I'm extremely honoured to be part of this. This was a whole new experience for me and I tried new think which made me so thankful for being here and being able to try something I usually wouldn't.
Disclaimer| When your two best friends were getting married you questioned yourself if there's any chance you'll love someone the same way as they do. Not knowing that your fate already decided to send someone into your life with a bit of a twist.
As you were on your way to the destination, the time wasn't on your side and you were caught in a snowstorm, will you get to your destination on time or not?
Tumblr media
Lee Minho, man you hate that which all your might, despite him with everything you had. The memories go back to the early days when you two had few disapprovals,
The first moment you met him, you knew he would be selfish: you were 3 years old playing out there in the park, your mom giving you some chocolate bar to bite into.
The few months older boy became a thief. Not only did he steal your chocolate bar and exchange it for a hammer toy he also stole your toy car. and since then the hate towards him hasn't disappeared.
Then a few months later you saw him again in your kindergarten. Acting like the world belonged to him, bothering not only you but even others with his smug smirk. He always threw all your toys across the room, making you more angry with each passing minute.
Meeting him again, in the first grade you were sure he was no different. You both were the smartest in your class, trying to be better than the second one every single time. He never stopped being annoying, either by talking to you and teasing the hell out of you to pulling your hair. You were sure he was doing it to distract you, make you fail on all the tests. With every small action he did, you hated him more and more.
Hoping to never see him again, he unpleasantly surprised you. When you met him on the first day of your middle school, sitting on the chair, bubble gum in his mouth and his legs on the table. His smirk was visible, sending the shiver down your body from all the hatress.
Minho was the popular guy in your school, yet you pitied the way he treated all the girls. Made them fall in love and then break their heart into a million pieces. He was the heartbreaker of your school, making it seem like no woman was good enough for him.
Everyone knew he was the bad boy, nothing more than a heartbreaker. He didn't do love, but everyone kept falling for him just like they would fall in love with a work of art.
In your eyes he was arrogant and cold-blooded, Never caring about others feelings. Nothing but a mean heart crusher, the one who always finds a way to fight with you every day.
Like the fire and water, summer and winter. One like the moon and the second like a sun. You two despite each other, more than you thought. Two different minds, never had the same opinion.
It was painfully obvious you two couldn't breathe in the same room. But somehow you two were always put together for any project the school prepared which Minho always left you alone in. Just like a mouse and cat, that's how others would express the relationship between you two.
Your maturity was able to respect him, leave him and never respond to him but it never changed the way you see him at all, Your hate slithers into your veins like a serpent, wrapping itself around your heart.
But there was someone who always stopped you from punching that bunny-like face, Your best friend, the one you could always lean on; Chan Bang was the popular sweetheart of the school and your best friend.
Everyone loved this soft ball of sunshine with strong charisma. Even though he wasn't in the class with you, you somehow end up befriending him; You both shared many memories, from the moment he was your swimming leader to becoming your best friend and you treasured nothing more than those times.
He was amazing, loved by all sides. Smart, talented, handsome and sweet man, one of the special ones. He was more than admired by the whole school. Chan was the type of guy who could do anything he touched. From studying, working on music or sports, he could do it all.
In the past you used to get a lot of bad looks from his fangirls, just because you were his only female best friend. There was a history between you and Chan, but both of you agreed on letting it go, forgetting about the love what there once was.
You were thankful he didn't make the time after the break up embarrassing, the friendship you two had was too beautiful and meaningful to break off. Thankfully you two had stayed, and you both were able to get over the difference between you two.
You admired Chan, not only was he breathtaking from the outside he was also amazing from the inside, his heart of gold was one of the things you treasured the most in this world. He was the one to always be here for you, to calm you down when you felt like the world is falling apart and you're lost in the darkness. Chan was the light you always needed.
With all his positives, it was no wonder he found the love of his life before you. You remember the moment so clearly when he came to you with the smile on his face and hand wrapped around a tall girl's waist.
You were sceptical in the first, worried his love would break his heart like many before her, but all the worries fall down the moment you get to know her more. His girlfriend was amazing, everything about her screamed perfection. Sweet, generous and humble girl who you take like your sister.
She treated you with nothing but respect and love, taking you as her best friend as well.The bond between you and her was strong, Making Chan often wonder who are the true lovers here.
They were the school sweethearts everyone adored. Seeing them together all lovely makes everyone's days brighter, they always brighten up the whole school hall, helping everyone from left to right. She was his sun, Someone he would always turn towards.
His love toward her was special, you could notice it faster than anyone else. The way Chan treated her with all respect, love and kindness. It was the sign that he never wanted to leave her, live his whole life with her, grow old with her.
You were thankful for them, they were the sweetest school couple anyone could ever meet. Although you shared so many times with them they never made you feel left out, like the third wheel and you loved them for it.
The moment you heard the news from them, you cried: Happy Chan finally took the next step to marry his future Mrs. Bang. Since the beginning you were taken as their right hand, not only the brides bridesmaids but also Chans. They both put their trust into you, need you to help them with everything.
Someone would complain about this, but not you; you were over the moon to help them. To do anything to let these two love birds get what they deserve, endless love. You would run to the end of the world for them.
It was thousands of hours running around; for the last 3 months you didn't do anything else than becoming the wedding planner, being the one who needed to visit every place with the bride. It was a nice time.
Walking around all the shops, picking the most beautiful flowers for the decorations. Designing how the interior of the church should look, you blamed Chan for it. He knew how good your style was and he wanted you to give your soul into it.
Walking in the shop with the white dresses you wondered if you ever got love like theirs too, you were already old enough and all you got was an annoying enemy. You were brought out of your thoughts as your best friend called your name several times to get your attention.
She was standing before you in white sleeveless dress, the long beautiful skirt was so soft and precious, having such luxe attention to detail. Seeing your best friend looking like that made you tear up, she was complete perfection. Buying the dress right away.
Your favourite part of all the preparation was picking the perfect cake, you wanted to decline, let the two love to pick on their own but both of them pull you in, make you help them pick the delicious food.
At the last moment, you helped with the bouquet of flowers. You were trying to find the perfect one, the one which symbolises something more than just their love, and then it clicked in your head. You immediately order the bouquet of Lavender roses.
Although this was their wedding they made you feel like you're part of everything, they showed how much both of them trust you and love you. Looking back at all the memories you couldn't believe the day is coming up soon, the time you invested into them for the past 3 months were running too fast, leaving you breathless.
But you found it all worth it when you hold the envelope with the wedding announcement. You had only one problem, you had no one to go with. As much as you try to find the right love it always slips through your fingers, letting you alone once again.
You had 2 months to find the perfect person to go with, even if it means to bring a friend with you. You wondered if you could go alone but all your friends and the bride herself had different opinions. There was no other choice for you then to find someone you could go with.
Unfortunately you had no luck on your side, all your friends already had plans or significant others to go with. Making you question who stayed alone just like you, you blamed all your friends for telling you to bring someone. Everyone questions you thousands of times.
Although it was something what made you annoyed, you knew they all had a reason, they did it in the hope of your future relationship and you know they didn't mean it in a bad way, they just were too pushy, eager to see you in love.
But your misfortune changed one night, you hoped that you wrote to your long distance friend, telling him information about the wedding and hoping he could go with you. It was late at night and you hoped he would answer your message.
You almost jump out of bed when you read that they're okay with it and they'll be there for you, excited to share some time with you. You smiled, and with the message of thanking them you went to sleep.
Waking up with horror in your eyes, you realise the person you wrote to was an unknown number, groaning as you get out of bed. You don't know what to do now, should you just tell this person it was an accident- they sound pretty excited.
As you told your story to your school friends while having lunch, they all laughed at you, having way too much fun with your story. You had to agree with your friends that the best thing is to let this mysterious person come along with you, you could meet someone new and it's a good opportunity to click with this person. As you read the message again they seemed so sweet, that it actually made you thankful you wrote them.
Laughing with them you didn't register that a certain someone was talking about the person who sent him a wedding invitation, smiling to himself as he was happy to talk and see you again. Full of excitement as he was counting down the days to the wedding.
Since then you talked to this person back and forth, He made you smile with every message he sent. There was one thing what worried you, they didn't want to share any personal information with you, you didn't know their name or others things. You knew him only under the nickname "Rhino".
Although they were screaming red flags to you, you still wanted to meet this person who seemed to be the same age as you and that calmed you down.
The day of meetings was slowly approaching and you were excited yet worried, in the month you knew this person you started to like them. They were like no one you ever met before; kind, caring, understanding and lovely.
They seemed to be genuinely interested in you too, making you wonder how much one message changed your life. They came out of nowhere to create heaven in hell for you.
You breathed in and out as you looked into the mirror, standing in your dress and checking your make up one more time before you decide it time to go. Telling your friend that if you didn't text her she should call the police, although you trusted the person you were about to meet you wanted to be safe if anything. Taking your coat you closed and locked the main door.
Slowly you get to the location you should meet the mysterious person, looking around you meet a lot of people. Wondering if he is around you decided to check the place. Not seeing them around, you sighed. You decided to wait for an hour , thinking that this person was just late and they were.
The moment you wanted to give up, You saw him, he was wearing the blue rose on his left side, signalling he's the one you've been looking for. You froze, it was a person you never expected to see.
It was like a cold water was poured at you, you never wanted to disappear faster than now. Funny how fate can go this way, attach two strings to people and keep them coming back together, letting you meet your worst enemy once again.
You never believed in fate, but all the time you met him, had a class with him. It was like someone was playing with you, Changing your story line to a cliché one. In no way you wanted to believe that Minho was the person you talked to, the person you liked so much. Suddenly it felt like all your likeness towards him disappeared, you could never love someone who hates you as much as you hate him.
Wondering if this was some kind of joke from him, that he accepted you just to come laugh into your face and leave you alone. With everything you had you wanted to decline the truth.
Closing your eyes you hoped you wouldn't see him when you opened them, only to be disappointed when you saw him smirking at you. You sign when you realise he's the one you'll spend the next few hours in a car with.
Minho was on his way towards you, his cat like eyes were shining like he just saw the most precious thing. He was different but you weren't ready to trust him yet, coming closer to you he bowed down taking your hand in his, his breath tickled you softly "good day, beautiful" he told you as he was kissing your hand.
Saying that you were shocked was an underestimate. If something told you the person before you was your long time enemy nobody even you wouldn't believe it. He was a different person, he seemed like someone you could so easily like.
You were slowly getting under his magic, not knowing how this even happened. It was awkward for you but Minho tried his best to make you feel comfortable.
This man was confusing you so much, one moment he acted like he hated you and now here he is looking like he wants to love you for the rest of his life. You weren't sure if you wanted to ask him about it, although you hated him to the bones you wanted to be polite before all those people.
Minho noticed you were in shock, he was silently cursing himself for all the times he treated you badly, the truth was he always liked you. You were someone he looked up to, adored. But he noticed his actions pushed you away from him, the moment he got your message he knew this was an opportunity to show you his different side.
He felt so close yet so far, he didn't know how well you would take this. But what could he do then to shoot his try. So far you seemed to take his presence in a good way, but it didn't help him from feeling anxious.
His heart beated faster as he was praying for you to not hear it or notice how much he's sweating. It wasn't on a daily basis that a woman could make Minho sweat, but you wasn't no one to him.
Hope he can make everything better today and clear his name, hurtful action he did towards you. He smiled at you, silently wrapped his hand around yours as he bringed you into his car, ready to drive to your destination.
As you two sit in his car, you look around at all the details of his modern car. You notice how much space there was, the smell or the soft car seat. You softly smiled as Minho sat in the driver’s seat, gripped the wheel and started the engine.
As you two were on your way, The awkward silence took place between you both. You didn't know what to think, his niceness brought you unsettling feelings.
Deciding to let it slide, you looked out the window, seeing the beautiful view of trees and family houses. Minho looked at you a few times and then started on the road again.
But he couldn't not say a few of his remarks to you in hope of sparking conversation with you, "Are you going to talk to me or cat got your tongue" here he was again, the old, annoying Minho was back.
You breathed in and out, just by one sentence he could make your blood boil. Not showing him how annoyed he was able to make you, you just smiled at him " What do you need from me right now?"
Minho was pulled back, he knew this would be harder than anything but he was ready to break the ice between you and him. "Come on, sweetheart. Didn't you miss me?" His question made your mouth shut, the truth was that the month he wasn't bothering you, you indeed missed the way he was always around you, annoying you and playing with your heart.
You smirked, laughing softly "why should i miss someone so annoying like you? You had to fall on your head to actually think that" Minho looked like he wanted to say something more but decided not to, paying his attention to the road again.
He didn't take long to break the silence again, " are you really going to act so cold towards me? Damn, I could stay outside and it would still be more warm than you" he's words get under your skin, he knows exactly what to do to push you over the edge.'' If I may remind you there's a difference between being cold and hating someone".
Since then you didn't hear a word leave his mouth, making you satisfied that you were successfully able to shut him up. He was causing you headache and you didn't wanted to hear another stupid sentence from him.
You enjoyed the silence between you two, it was so calming and so unusual when it comes to being around Minho. But as you know it couldn't stay like that forever.
As Minho opened his mouth again ready to say something, you immediately stopped him "Can you shut up, my head is starting to hurt" Minho laughed at your words, ready to take you down "Oh no, is it because your brain lacks some vitamin IQ?" You really couldn't help but roll your eyes, he was unbelievable.
Feeling tired, your eyes started to close. Leaving Minho only with his thoughts. He found you adorable, you seemed so calm and comfortable in your sleep. He never wanted to wake you up.
He was looking at you this whole time, almost unnoticing the radio telling important news. Shocked by what he heard, he immediately brought the volume up to listen more carefully.
"Ladies and gentlemen, with all respect, we announce a strong winter storm that is expected to bring snow and freezing rain. Please, we demand that everyone stay in the house or don't drive, the meteorologists expect the snow storm to stop in 5 hours. If anyone need any help please don't hesitate to call 911"
Before he could do anything his car stopped moving, the cold temperature made the car freeze and all what was working was the radio and the heating. He tried to not panic and think rationally.
Looking to the side you were still sleeping. He could see you were trembling, the cold getting to you. Although Minho always looked like he was cold and uncaring, he was worried for you. Without thinking he decided to step out to get into his car trunk to take the blanket out for you.
As you were slowly waking up he stole the blanket, not wanting you to know he took care of you while you were out. You rub your eyes, looking confused when you notice you two were not moving. Looking out of the window it didn't look like the destination you were supposed to get to.
Minho softly put his hand on your shoulder "Look like you're stuck with me, darling. There's a snow storm which will take 5 hours to stop" you groaned. You didn't want to spend more time with him than was needed.
You both were silent for some time, listening to the songs and not looking at each other. As the time passed by you both noticed that the car's energy was going down fastly, there was nothing to do then turn down the heating for the car to have energy once you both can continue in your travel.
You looked at him and scoffed, obviously you thought he cared only about himself as you saw the blanket around him. Trying to inconspicuously steal it. He laughed at you but didn't share his warmth with you. "First you steal my heart now you want my blanket" He mumbled under his nose.
You couldn't handle the coldness anymore, your teeth crushing against each other because of the freezing. All it took was asking him to share his blanket but you were too stubborn.
He looked at you, noticing how much you were trembling. Feeling bad, he took the blanket in the first place and offered it to you. "We can share it" He pointed towards the blanket around him. You frowned "With you? Never" truth was you were freezing but it was better than being under one blanket with him. He shook his head "Stop being an idiot, it's better than dying from hypothermia" without asking you he put the blanket around you two.
You melted under the warmth the blanket give to you. As you two talked you noticed he was different from all the time he talked to you, maybe you just misunderstood him. He seemed like a nice, sweet guy and you liked this side of him so much more.
Like this he was someone you would willingly give your heart to. But we don't live in a fairytale, and although he was more bearable than ever before you never forget all the hate you have towards him.
You wanted to question him why he was acting like this, confusing you and your heart. You always know he was no good but that didn't make you pull away from the danger.
Talking to him was a nice way to spend the time you had, you learned so much more about him in a few minutes than in your whole life. He was still the cocky guy you knew but he was also a strong, open-minded person, dad of three cats.
There was a moment of silence between you two, the difference was that this one wasn't awkward it was calm peaceful silence you both enjoyed.
Minho softly takes your hand in his, his eyes looking into yours eyes to find out if you listen to him or not. Nodding to assure him you were, he started to talk "I know I don't have an excuse for how I was treating you, till you came into my life I didn't know what love was. I couldn't find a way to express my feelings.
Looking back i know i did it the wrong way but I can't change the past all i hope for is you giving me a chance to prove you i am a good man" .His words made your heart flutter, you never felt this way towards him.
Caressing his hand you looked into his eyes "Although I can't forget what you did and how you treated me I'm willing to try again, to understand that you're different than my mind made you be" his eyes shined with thousands stars.
He brought his hand towards your cheek, tracing your lips asking for permission. He slowly leaned towards you waiting for your reaction, making you lean closer to him as well.
There was just a small gap between yours lips, wanting nothing more than to finally get kissed Minho pushed his lips against your bringing them into a passionate kiss.
Your heart was beating fast, you felt a rush of emotions. Your senses were responding strongly, your blood pressure was increasing, feeling a sense of peace like you almost could relive the moment for the rest of your life.
With one kiss, with one touch the fire inside you ignites, burning his sign into your heart. You couldn't breath under the influx of feelings.
The feeling which was deep down inside your heart, the feeling covered to protect you from all the pain it could cause was coming out like a tsunami, it was drowning you.
The earthquake which changed your whole life, He opened your heart towards him. From now on you wanted to be close to him, you felt like you would die without him. All your emotions were rushing to your head.
First feeling you felt was pain, an impulse to cry; you didn't want to fall in love, not with him. But you didn't pick who the person you give your heart will be, it's the beautiful yet painful fact about love, we won't be able to run away from the inevitable.
And although you were sad about it, the second feeling coming along was relief: relief that he likes you back, ease that he will catch you if you fall.
It was love you never saw coming, love you so tried to never think about. The enemies could never go together, but after all there's a thin border between love and hate.
You knew this was wrong, all the warning of him breaking your heart rushed to your head but what could you do, you were already under his spell; Dizzy and bewitched in his hunger.
He chains your heart to his love, leaving his mark without any doubt. Even if the love would hurt you, you'll be his, forever close to him. He was all you needed now, all you wanted. Nobody could make you feel more in love then him, you have no reason to fight against your feelings anymore.
Minho made eye contact to deepen your connection, glancing at your lips and then back up to your eyes, watching you do the same. Leaning in, he presses his lips against yours, needing you to feel alive, you responding to the wave of love right away.
He give you a few closed-mouth kisses, alternating between light brushes of his lips and more powerful hungry kisses. He brushed his tongue against your lower lip, making you open your mouth as your eyes closed.
Getting lost in the space of you two. He slid his tongue inside your mouth giving you open-mouthed kisses. His hands couldn't help themselves as theirs wrap around your waist. Slowly bringing you to sit on his thighs.
Taking it slowly and gently, he was allowing the intensity to build, leaving you speechless. His hands started to wander around your body, squeezing your chest, caressing your neck as he brought your hand up to your cheek and later into your hair, pulling you closer.
His tongue was exploring your mouth, exploring every small detail inside. Brushing against your tongue several times. As he felt you were close to running out of oxygen he pulled away, leaning his head against yours.
"Since we all stuck here I know a way how we could make the time go fast" You couldn't unnotice how Minho's lips curved up into a smirk. His lips were pink and swollen from all the connection.
"I hope you're not implying what i think you're implying" Your eyebrows raised, something inside you hoped he would think about the same. Hoping his mind was similar to yours.
"Depends on what you're thinking I'm implying" he whispered into your ear as he let out a soft chuckle in the end, making you weak in your knees. He started slowly, kissing your earlobe. Going down to your neck.
Sitting on his lap Minho wraps his hands around your waist, kissing him deeply you grind your lower body against him. Making him open his mouth,as you take it as an opportunity to push your tongue into his mouth. Your tongue rolling over in passionate lovers' fights.
You move more, your sensitive area against his, causing friction even through the clothes you both wear, making Minho groan in ecstasy.
The connection was so special, neither of you didn't know how good something so simple felt. You groaned as your body leaned back, Minho helping you thrust against him with his arms. It was like a bad habit, you both couldn't get enough of it.
Two bodies lost in the fire and passion. Enjoying the contact of their company, You felt the friction much stronger, your body burning. Being so close yet so far Minho stopped you. He wanted your first time with him to be much more special and he didn't plan to let you come so soon.
Breathing in and out, you helped him to lean back on the car seat, taking his trousers down, with every move down you kissed him, leaving Minho only in his boxers. Caressing his thighs you softly pull them apart from each other. Finding a place for yourself between his legs.
You started slowly, kissing his inner thigh. Not planning to give him the much needed delight so soon. Leaning up to touch his bare toned abs, giving them soft kisses before licking them a few times, Although Minho didn't expect that it only added up to his arousal.
Coming back down you lightly stroke his dick through the underwear, making him shiver from all the enjoyment. Teasing him, you decide to go further as you lightly squeeze and scrape his tentacles through his pants.
As you decided that you played with him enough. You wanted to bring him more pleasure, pulling his underwear down you gulped, you never saw someone so addictive: his dick was curving slightly upwards with the right thickness to hold it in your hands and it was definitely longer than anything you saw before, just the view made your saliva run down from a corner of your mouth. He was just too perfect to be true.
You touched him so slowly, slowly like the petals falling from a rose. Making Minho lean his head back, your teasing touch did such wonders to him. He couldn't even imagine how good it'll be to have your tight walls around his erection.
Your hand wrapped around him, moving it up and down in a slow motion, there was no need to rush. As you slowly rubbed him your nails scratch his length, making Minho lose his coolness, his hitched breath break out.
Minho had people touching him like that before but nobody could feel him even near as good as you did. He loved you for a long time and that was his reason to push away all the other girls, he fucked them to forget you but didn't date them because he knew nobody could take your place.
He was lost in your touches, drowning in them. Loving every single movement you did, lustful for every stroke you gave him. Every move you made was unforgettable, so slow yet impactful, he could never get enough.
" I think I've seen this scene a lot in my dreams" you smirked, knowing that the bad boy dreamed about you before, it made you lose control stroking him a little bit faster, causing Minho to choke on his saliva as he was trying to moan even louder.
In no time you felt his muscle tightening, his erection tingling in sensation. Not realising how close he truly is you stroke his tip a few times. Feeling him so close you stopped, receiving only deep dangerous glare from him.
Before you knew what happened you were under him, your jeans down, immediately in one swift move. Minho smirking above you "Now now, how did the tables turned kitten" he kissed you with everything he got, he poured all his love into the one kiss he give you.
Leaning away he went down on you, pecking every spot in his way, your neck when he stay for a while to mark you, cover you in his love to indicate you're his, moving down to your belly, leaving your needy spot out, he kissed your inner thigh instead, continuing down to your ankle.
You groaned, you did know you were playing a game with the devil but you hoped he would be less sinful than you, than again you knew he would always be like that, the confident guy who doesn't stray away from teasing.
With all the slow movement, the tension becomes more and more unbearable, your core screaming in need of his touch. You wanted him, needed him right now right there.
You groaned as he kissed you so close to your sensitive area, you smirked knowing exactly how to push his buttons "why don't you teach me how to love you instead of hating you?" As expected your words pushed Minho over the edge, pulling your panties down on the ground.
His fingers running against your fold, collecting your wetness. You could feel his lips against your clit giving you small impactful kisses, too intimate for you to take it, making you leave your first uncontrollable moans tonight.
Without a warning he pushed his index and middle finger inside you, bringing a tonne of hotness your way. His fingers moving in and out while his mouth kissed every deep part of you, sucking on your clit, his tongue rolling over and over again.
With all the pleasure, every thrust inside you, you feel how you become more and more desperate to reach the edge. Focusing on his fingers inside you, you never expected to be in this moment, never expected someone who always was your enemy to become the love of your life.
You felt the love he was giving you, this wasn't just fuck and run to you it was something deeper, something more connected and intimate.
Your breathing get faster as you feel your walls cling around his fingers, your muscles tightening. Your vocals couldn't resist anymore, falling under the ecstasy of love, hearing your loud moan made Minho feel even more tight, ready to bring you all the pleasure with his dick.
Minho softly pushes you back, your back leaning on the car seat, spreading your legs wide apart, awaiting Minho's presence. He moved closer to you, finding his spot between your things as his hands wrapped around your waist to give him better access to thrust into you.
Striking himself several times he put his tip towards your hole, pushing in just a bit to taste the water. Leaning closer to you he kissed your neck several times as he inserted his long erection inside you, making you both moan loudly.
He pulled in and out a few times, making you adjust and get used to him being inside you. His erection hits the deepest part of you, gasping at the new exciting feeling in your entrance.
Minho groaned, feeling your tight walls around his thick dick made him feel in heaven "I've been thinking about seeing you naked since you stepped into my car" his voice brings shivers down your body, making you get goosebumps because of his passionate love.
His thrust was so delicate, so fast yet so slow, gentle but fierce. With every touch you feel more of the heat, fire which ignites the devil inside you. He was irresistible, nothing but a desirable thing you always needed. Minho was able to bring your fantasy about him further than you ever imagined.
Wrapping your hands around his neck, you bring him closer. Letting him kiss your soft lips one more time, moving your hips against him to get more of the pleasurable, intimate feeling.
His words made your ears read "If i knew you were this good i would fuck you sooner. Tell me once you'll be close, kitten" you were only able to nod at his request.
He was making you lightheaded, his touch was like a dream coming true, every touch of his burns your skin with the fire called love. Overflowing and overwhelming, that's what it was. Him making love to you was unreal. You were losing yourself in the wonderland of pure bliss.
He squats and dips his dick in and out of you. Your eyes closed as he harshly pounded into you. He was like a wild animal, loving the heat. Minho was seeing only red and he would stop only when he felt your walls tightly wrapped around him.
The sound of skin slapping together filled the car, together with your and his moans. Driving Minho crazy, he was less than human now, less than an ordinary mortal. He'd chain your heart and now he needed to fuck, cover you with his scent, to tell the world "She's mine. Stay away"
He felt nothing but love and lust, he wanted to show you his all, the love he got for you, the best of him only you could see. He was feeling alive, drived by the love for you. He was lost but so stable under your control.
Just with one touch you were under his spell, under his body which called you so loudly. He was all you wanted, everything you needed. He was like the oxygen you needed to be able to breathe.
Wanting him closer than ever, you bend your knees and put them on your lover's waist, giving him more access to move, thrust inside you more freely. Bringing another way of heat and pleasure your way as he moved faster than before.
You find yourself lost in his powerful trust. You moaned with every thrust he made, screaming the devil's name.
Minho only smirked knowing he made the woman he loved feel this good, hearing you scream his name like that while he was occupied with the tight hole of yours. It made his confidence boost to the moon. He wanted nothing more than to please you and he was glad to know he's doing it the right way.
Moaning, as your eyes rolled back you let your hands scratch his back as they were on their way down to his full ass, squeezin it a few times. Minho blinked down at you, you could see he was enjoying himself.
You felt a familiar knot taking place in your stomach. Knowing you're once again close, you push your hand against Minho's chest. with a hitched breath you were able to mumble "I'm close..", Making Minho slow down till he wasn't moving at all.
Pulling out you pouted at the lost connection, but you felt the warm feeling immediately back when you felt Minho's tongue against your clit. Pushing your hand into his hair to bring him closer.
Minho was eating you out like he was starving and you were the only delicious food which could satisfy him. He loved the taste of your wetness, the way his tongue could play with your entrance, licking it up to your clit, circling around it like your little bulb like it was the most tasteful thing.
He couldn't get enough of you, addicted to the way you moaned his name. You were shocked how fastly he could bring you to orgasm, as you tugged on his hair he knew exactly what you meant.
His eyes connect with you, a dark dangerous gaze could enchant you. "I wonder how many times I can deny your orgasm, why don't we try a new record huh?" His breath brought cold air towards your hole, making you shiver.
Leaving you to breath in and out, calming yourself a little before he went between your legs again. Making you gasp at the feeling, you knew Minho was good in all of this, but you didn't expect him to excel, he was a master in pleasuring you. If this was something he'll do every day you could get used to it, now when you have him you couldn't let it slide through your fingers.
Your eyes widen as his tongue rolls between your folds. His technique was insine, full of excitement. Leaving you breathless, speechless because of how good he was.
You were completely addicted to him; intoxicated, drunk on him. He made you unable to move. He was like a paradise you could be stuck in forever. You were completely and utterly in love with him.
He was different, like nobody before him. He could make you see the moon and start with just one touch, one lick. How convulse you with all the pleasure. Your head was spinning in all the love he was giving to your hole and you loved every second of it. While your breath was shaking, praise came out of your mouth "Gosh, that's good, baby, keep doing that", you wanted him to know how good he made you feel.
Minho picks up on his speed, licking all around your intimate, sensitive area. He was enjoying himself, just looking at him made you more wet. His dark hair which used to be styled perfectly was messy now, falling into his face.
His eyes were focusing on one target, you. This all was no longer just a game to him, his hunger controlled him, his tongue dominating. It was all about you, and something about that made you come closer to the edge fastly.
He pushed his head fastly away as he noticed your legs shaking, awaiting your orgasm which never came. You glared at him, you were becoming desperate.
Nobody ever was as cruel as Minho. Your fast breath was slowing down and you decided to take things into your hands. Just like that you switched the sides with him, making Minho stay underneath you.
He sat down, his body leaned back, resting against the seat. Lifting his feet on the tips of toes and spreading them apart, letting you sit down on him with your back towards him.
You tilt your body slightly forward as you throw your head back, leaving a space for Minho's hand to wrap around your breast and his other hand touching your clit, as he pounded into you from underneath.
Striving towards the pleasure and delight, as you were touching his naked boy and feeling him inside you. As you were the one in the lead you started to move slowly, holding Minho's tights down so as not to move.
He groaned, not accepting the fact he isn't the one to lead your pleasure anymore. Smirking as he was still able to play with your breasts. He started with small light touches circling around your breast and brushes over your areola. Taking your nipple into his hands, pinching it softly. His hand wrapped around you or squeezed your breast.
Now when he made you all work up, he started moving his fingers over your nipples, which brought a wave of erection your way. He started to run your nipples slowly, increasing speed and pressure. His touch made you feel like you were in heaven.
You moved a bit on his erection, bringing your hips up and down to roll over his dick. Making you both moan in the bliss you felt. You shake your ass, making Minho cry out of the pleasurable experience. You were way too good at this stuff. He wraps his hand around your waist, stopping you for a moment. " Turn around kitten, i wanna see how you look so fucked out"
As he wished you moved around, facing him. Your legs are bent and open apart so his knees are between yours. Holding your hands around his neck, you bring him closer to you as you offer him to kiss you, leaning your head backwards a little.
He puts his hands on your breast, caresses them and kisses your neck gently. Starting slow and low, he put a few kisses down right above your shoulder. He was switching between light kisses and using his tongue against your bare skin.
Making you move closer to him, not getting enough of the pleasure. He blows on your sensitive area, stimulating all the nerves in your neck, making your breath quicken. Ending it all with a delicious kiss right under your ear.
His attention switched back to your nipples as he licked it and used his hand to pinch your nipple, sending a rush of sensation throughout your body. He was playing around with pressure, finding out the harder the pinch was the better reaction he got out of you.
He seemed to understand the assignment of your needs perfectly, not limiting himself only to pinching your nipple. He tries giving it a slight twist or pull, trying to see what gives you the most pleasure.
With such a small amount of touch he was able to bring you close to the edge of your orgasm, pulling his hand away to bring you back. Pulling you down against his dick instead.
As Minho was facing you, he decided to spice up the position you both were in, putting your legs on his hips. "Do you like using my dick as your toy, princess?" His question seemed so full of himself yet so arousing.
You were shocked to see Minho still wanting to keep going. You wonder how good his stamina actually was, he seemed like someone who could go on for forever.
Grabbing your ass, he pushes you more against his dick, getting a few shaking breaths out of you. He had a sinful impact on you, changing you into his prey, someone he could play with all he wanted.
Minho bringing his head towards your ass, squeezing it and slapping it a few times. The slap to your but aches in beautiful pain, leaving a red mark behind.
He took over completely again, all your hopes of taking the lead disappeared into thin air. You couldn't ever stand a chance against his dominant side, he was the winner. Bouncing inside you fastly, like he never did before. Bringing you all the way down to his testicles. He growled "I'm gonna make you come so hard you can't remember your name".
He saturates you with intimacy and passion, making you completely at the mercy of his shackles. He takes your breath away, making your eyes roll back. You were so lost in your world that you weren't even able to understand his words anymore.
You were so close to the finish line, the sensations spread throughout your whole body as the pleasure built slowly and gradually, pushing you towards the edge.
You weren't sure if you'll be able to take it, after all the teasing you felt your orgasm stronger than ever before. His last few thrust brings you over, feeling a powerful climax that comes in waves. It felt like sweat, tears and roses to you, it was the most heavy yet sweet culmination.
While you were at your highest you felt that Minho was close too. It was time to reward him, bring him over the edge and show him the best of his life you decided to pull him out.
He cried in pain but you soothe him immediately when you took his erection into your mouth.
You started with kissing the tip of his penis, going to his head and then moving down to the underside with the tip of your tongue, you had him completely under your control.
Teasing him slowly, You move up and down the shaft with a few lights, gentle kisses before licking the rest.
Giving hum gentle licks on the frenulum with your tongue tip. You flick it back and forth, even up and down. Creating goosebumps all over his body. Creeping your lips over his tip. The heat from your mouth and your breath make him throb with anticipation.
His talking becomes irrelevant and incomprehensible, his animal groans taking the domination. At this point Minho was begging you to take him into your mouth.
As if you heard him, you licked his length one last time before pushing him into your mouth. Deep throating his whole length.
The way you suck on his dick, your head popping into the rhythm makes Minho feel like in paradise, lost and found again in the heaven you brought to him.
He was close, you could feel that. With your eyes on him you begged him "I want you to look in my eyes when you finish".
His muscles increase its tension even more. His hip started to move, taking over him. As you sucked on him you could taste and see clear fluid coming from him.
Knowing how close he was to you picking up on your speed, Minho reached his ejaculation. He was at the point of no registration as his edge moment occurred in a set of rapid-fire. His pelvic thrust against you as he comes into your mouth, sending waves of pleasure into Minho's chest and brain. coming into your mouth, you swallow it all.
After his ejaculation Minho's dick was starting to lose erection, leaving two sweaty, panting bodies. Minho brought you closer, like it was even possible. He kissed your temple as his words brought blush and warmth into your chest, praising you from left and right. Telling you how much he loves you.
Your breathing was calming down, you felt energetic before but after all this enjoyment around, you became tired. Leaning against Minho's chest as he played with your hair, he kissed the top of your head "try to get some rest, sweetheart. You'll need it" as you hear his words and you bring yourself into the world of dreams.
Minho smiled down at your sleeping form, now you were in his arms and he could be more happy. He promised himself to thank the snowstorm later, for making you his. He never felt as much happiness as he did in the past few hours with you. You were like an Angel he never noticed before.
You both had the last hour before the storm disappeared, the last hour to stay in the warmth of each other. Minho's eyes were slowly closing, not being able to fight joining you in the Dreamland.
Two lovers sleep in the car, while the snowflakes fall down more and more slowly. They were like the lovers' love; soft, passionate, powerful. Ready to take over the world.
You both wake up when you hear the radio talking about the storm being away. The beautiful sun shining into your eyes. You smiled at your side, seeing your new love brightly smile at you too. Wrapping your hands in his, you both finally continued on your way.
Getting to the wedding destination takes you some time but you both shorten it by talking and laughing together. Having a good time with each other.
You never expected to find love in a snowstorm but you were more than thankful you did, we always find something beautiful in the worst situation, just like you find your reason to live.
It was funny how fate really worked, making enemies become lovers. This love seemed like it would never work but love isn't about feeling, it is about two imperfect people never giving up on each other. He was your heaven on earth. Someone who comes into your life unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise and changes your life forever.
Losing yourself in your mind, you felt the car stopping, you both were finally at the finish line. Arriving at your destination, Minho gets out first to open the doors for you and takes your hand in his. You both arrive exactly on time as you fastly find your place on the side of the aisle, Minho standing behind you.
Chan looked at you both in wonder, needing an explanation from you later on. The music started to play as all eyes turned towards the bride, shining and looking stunning. You could notice how Chan wanted to cry, he looked like he never saw someone more beautiful.
You felt your hand being wrapped in Minhos, feeling warm in your chest. Waiting for the lovers to say their 'i do' you hoped to be in this situation with Minho one day, although your heart started to belong to him not long ago you knew he was someone you wanted to spend the rest of your day with.
Clapping when the lovers sealed their love with a kiss, you hoped they'll last. It was a beautiful moment that brought tears to your eyes.
As everyone was leaving the ceremony to go have fun with the just married couple. You stayed behind, looking around for all the details you helped organise. Minho wrapped his hand around your waist as he kissed your neck from behind, "I'm not really into weddings but I can't wait for ours" you smiled shily, he was so different showing you the softest side of him only you could see.
One day you'll get used to this Minho, calling him more than just your boyfriend. Eventually even you two will have your happy ending. Loving each other and growing old together.
It was time for dinner, looking around, you notice your best friends coming towards you. They have bright smiles on their faces, looking between you and Minho back and forth. As you both greet them and congratulate them on the marriage. You notice Minho being way too close with Chan, laughing and talking together like an old best friend.
Everything was slowly clicking in your head, you gasped, not expecting your own friend to betray you like that. You bet your all he was the reason you end up going with Minho. In the end you were thankful he pushed you two to get together, you were blind towards the love Minho was trying to give you, but that won't happen anymore. Not now, not ever again.
Eating all the delicious food you talked to Chan's parents, introducing your new boyfriend to them. They were happy for you, telling you how good of a man Minho looks like, not knowing the truth and past you two had.
After the dinner all the girls gathered together, it was the time for the bride to throw her bouquet of flowers, picking the next one who gets married. Minho pushed you to the front, just to annoy you.
What you both didn't expect was the bouquet to fly straight towards you, landing right before your feets. You were shocked, the same emotion was portrayed on Minho's face.
Everyone was congratulating you, yet you didn't pay any attention to them. It was all on Minho which was smirking on you from afar. Maybe the wedding will come sooner than you thought..
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starrylinowrites · 9 hours ago
mellow morning | 2 | chan
pairing- female reader x chan, special feature by felix!, short felix x reader
summary- you deleted the song your boyfriend had been working on for months just a few days before he had to present it to his superiors.
or, the part where chan regrets
genre- angst, fluff
requested- yes
tw- swearing, angst, mentions of breaking up, fluffy ending, crying, a whole load of it, kissing.
taglist-  @channieclair @qtieskz  @dreamescapeswriting​  @sungmon-xx​ @kamepty​ @anikolova9 
part one, masterlist, taglist, 
Tumblr media
the anger rushing through his mind came to small stops, for a few mere seconds before it picked itself up all over again and he felt rage bubble harder than before.
with a jolt he realised that you’d just walked out of the house with only your phone and wallet and little to nothing to protect you from the cold winter wind of the night. he snatched up a shawl from the sofa before rushing out after you.
unfortunately, he couldn’t find you in the streets. his realisation had come too late and your feet had been too quick.
the streetlights seemed like spotlights but he couldn’t see anything he wanted to. he couldn’t see you.
he let out a deep exhale, his breath forming mist in the air. 
“it’s probably best for her and me. i wouldn’t want her near when I am not angry.”
“its her fault anyway.”
he sated his concerns for the night and headed back inside, slamming the door shut in ebbing anger.
you took long steps in the dark, wrapping your arms around your shivering figure. you were angry, angry at yourself and sorry, sorry towards chan. 
you cursed yourself for not taking something to wear in the cold but luckily, the person you were going to lived awfully near to your place. 
you were upset and while you felt like breaking inside, you were not crying. granted, deep breaths sometimes broke and a light gasp made it clear to you that you were not in a right state of mind.
with a huge sigh of relief, you entered the apartment building thanks to the visitor pass felix had gotten made for you. 
a press on the intercom was all it took for the large oak door to open and a messy haired felix stood on the other side. 
“y/n?” He tilted his head, taking in your appearance. “what’s wrong little one?’ 
he’d seen your name check in to the society and he’d smiled immediately, eager to meet you but when he saw you through his intercom, his heart dropped to his stomach and he punched the open door command quicker than ever.
he stepped forward hastily, pulling your shivering figure inside. “get in first.” 
his warm arms captured you and he rubbed your cold arms in order to warm you up. walking over to the couch, he sat you down before giving your forehead a quick kiss and rushing inside.
as soon as his warmth left you, the shivers began again and a lump formed in your throat.
“here!” you heard felix run back with a huge hoodie and blanket in his hands. “Wear this.” he sat down beside you, pulling the hoodie over you. “SKZ WORLD TOUR : DISTRICT 9 UNLOCK” it read, in small white letters in the front.
he threw the blanket over you, pushing it up to your chin and let out a deep breath, putting his hands on your knees. “what’s wrong little one?” he asked you once more, his eyes now downcast and dull. 
worry coated his features and he could not help but wonder what had shaken you up so badly.
“i-“ you took a deep breath, the argument and the disappointed anger on chan’s face flashed before you and you bit our lip. tears now welled up in your eyes and spilled out.
“fuck.” felix muttered, reaching over and putting an arm around you. 
“i had a fight with chan.” you mumbled, shaking in between your sobs. “and he told me he didn’t want to see me.”
felix’s eyes softened, ah, it was just a lovers spat. his heart relaxed, knowing you and chan, you’ll probably make up before the night ended.
it was a rare sight though, for felix atleast who’d been your best friend from high school and chan’s trainee then band mate. the two of you rarely fought, and on those occasions you both made up within hours.
“oh, y/n,” he cooed, rubbing your back soothingly. “i know you both. don’t worry, chan will be here anytime now and it will all be fine.”
your red cheeks and nose, messed up liner and shivering figure, made him nothing but uneasy. “its, its not so easy this time felix.” you cried, soft sobs cracking through and the blanket fell down from your chest to your lap.
felix waved a nonchalant hand and gave a shrug. “aw come on y/n, i’ve known you both for years-“
“i deleted his new song felix.” You whispered, so incredibly low that you weren’t sure if he could hear it.
felix’s parted lips and wide eyes told you he could. “you deleted, a song he made?” he knew this was now definitely serious.
“See.” You pointed out. “He deserves to be angry at me. And I deserve the pain I am in right now.”
“Oh hush y/n.” He frowned. “So what? You deleted a song. Big deal, that’s no reason for him to kick you out on a cold night?” He sat up straighter. “Ill knock some sense into him. Let me get you some tea first.”
“No lix,” you held him by his wrist. “Don’t. I don’t want to disappoint him more. He needs space and honestly, we both do.” With pleading eyes, you looked up at him. ‘Please don’t tell him anything for now, he needs to be as faraway from me as possible, and so do I.”
Felix opened his mouth to protest, but upon seeing your expression, he closed his lips and closed your hand with his.
 “Okay little one, as you say.” He smiled, bringing his hand to your cheek and caressing it softly. “At least let me get you some tea and you can stay as long as you want okay? You know which room you can take.” 
You smiled softly, nodding.
Chan sat in front of his laptop with tired eyes. This would be the 8th all nighter he’d be pulling in the last ten days. 
The digital screen almost seemed like it was mocking him as he repeatedly tried to restore the song he’d made.
Fucking hell.
It was gone.
For good.
So was the composition, the lyrics, the arrangement and the whole production of it.
Resisting the urge to smash his laptop into two, he decided to throw the cushion beside him. It landed with a disappointing thump to the floor.
He’d been so excited for this songs’s release. He had worked hard on it, slaving away really to make it perfect. And now, all of it was gone.
Because of a stupid mistake. His thoughts then morphed to you and as angry as he was, he couldn’t help but wonder how you were.
He checked the time, 1 am and picked up his phone before he could stop himself. 
Pick up, pick up, pick up
And you didn’t. His heart filled with a horrible feeling of dread, you were safe right? You were, were warm right now right? Were you, crying now? Sad?
His heart dropped to depth he didn’t know were possible and he cursed and dialled you once more. 
Met with nothing.
Radio silence on both side.
He cursed, then dialled once more. His panicked frustration grew with every beep of the tele static.
Nine tries later, you answered with a meek hello.
“What the fuck y/n? Why aren’t you answering my calls?” His worry turned to angry concern and he couldn’t control his words as they spilled out.
“I thought you wanted space-“
“Well I also wanted you to not deleted my song but look where we are.” His eyes widened as he realised what he’d blurted out in a moment of vulnerability and licked his lips. “I- uh- uh did not mean tha-“
“Save it chan.” You deadpanned, angry at both of you. 
Why did he even call if he just wanted to argue further? 
“I get that I made a mistake and I am sorry aren’t I?” You told him, firmer in your tone.
“Well apologising isn’t gonna bring the song back now is it?” Chan shot back, all his exhaustion and stress dripping into his words and he mistook his irritation for anger.
“Well then I am fucking sorry for apologising and trying to give you space.” You hung up after that, not wanting to trouble the two of you any further.
A deep sadness held your heart as you wiped your face with your hand, the small trembles proving just how horrible you felt.
Chan felt his heart drop as you hung up, his hands itching to throw his phone away in anger. Gripping it in his hand, he brushed away the tear that had fallen down.
The fact that you just swore proved how distressed you were. You who wouldn’t swear vocally no matter what happened, just swore as loud as you could to his ears. 
He gripped his head, fingers threading in his hair. 
What the fuck was wrong with him?
Why did he say all that?
Sighing, he decided to sleep the frustration off. There was no point in trying to talk to you now, you both needed to calm down. Maybe he’ll also come up with an excuse for the superiors tomorrow.
Felix frowned when he woke up next morning. A tray of two cups of coffee in his hands as he knocked on your door. With a bitter expression, he walked into your room after hearing you say come in.
“How’re you today little one?” He greeted you, smiling as you tried to send one back.
He could see that you’d barely slept at night, evident by the fatigue on your face. 
“Morning, Im alright, and you lix?” 
“Just peachy.” He grinned, reaching over to give your forehead a peck. 
“Does chan know you’re here?” He asked and the shake of your head told him no. “That idiot, he didn’t call me either. Does he not care about where you are?” Felix tsked. “He is gonna get it from me today at work.”
“I think, he doesn’t care about me.” You whispered, “not anymore.”
When Felix leaned forward, a tentative expression on his face. “What do you mean?”
You smiled sadly, breathing in the coffee scent. “I think it’s a fight for good. I think we will break up this time.”
The day at the company was little tense, with members noticing an obvious tension emanating from chan.
“Something wrong Felix?” Chan pulled Felix aside after the group meeting. “You seemed, uncomfortable, more so with me?” 
It was true, Felix cut chan off every time he tried to speak, rolled his eyes often at his words and let out small scoffs at his suggestions.
“Well I wouldn’t know, I mean, being rude to someone else for not a huge reason is something you-“ Felix began, ready for a huge debate.
“How is she doing Felix.” Chan interrupted him and Felix blinked twice. 
“How is she Felix?’
“You, knew?”
Chan smiled sadly, looking down at his feet. “Of course I knew, I think you’re forgetting where I used to live before dating her. I still get check in messages, I know if anything happens, she goes to you.”
Felix bit his lip, Chan did care about you, and his suspicions had been wrong.
‘So, is she alright?” Chan asked once more and the concern in his eyes broke Felix’s heart. 
Maybe it was evident on Felix’s face, or maybe chan knew you too well, but the shadows covering chan eyes now told Felix that chan knew and regretted.
“She thinks you both will break up.” Felix let out slowly, unable to meet chan’s eyes.
“What?” Chan yelled, unable to hide his shock. “Is she that sad?”
“Of fucking course you dick! You literally kicked her out of your home!” Felix doubled back at him. 
“I was angry! I lost control of my emotions and I know I Shouldn’t have done that!” Chan ran his fingers through his hair. “She’d deleted the most important song of this comeback!”
“The song you’d written for her.” Felix added, a certain emotion in his eyes. “You made her cry, over a song meant for her.”
Chan gulped, feeling a constrictive feeling in his throat. 
“Fuck I messed up, I should,”
“Go, talk. Now.” Felix patted his back, ushering him to go to his place. ‘Here are my keys. Go.”
“Hey Lix, back so soon?” You sniffed, arising out of your blanket burrito with your book.
The book slipped from your hands, dropping onto the couch as you noticed chan opening the door instead.
You immediately felt the urge to run over to him, throw your arms around him and brush his exhaustion away yet you steeled yourself, and forced yourself to remain still.
You both stood silent for a minute, unable to talk or look at each other.
“Im sorry-“ You both began at the same time, effectively shutting each other up but then a small sigh broke you both apart.
“I am so sorry y/n, baby I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, kicking you out like that-“
You shook your head, getting up and interrupting him. “I am the one at fault. I was the one who destroyed your song-“
“So what, I’ll make another, after all, it was your song, technically you deleted something that was yours.” Chan breathed, walking to you.
You blinked, letting him come closer. “What?”
He nodded. “I wasn’t angry at the fact that you deleted the song, I was angry at the fact that, you deleted a song I’d made for you, about you.” He mumbled, now closer to your standing figure.
With tentative steps, he took your hand in his and his familiar touch made your eyes tear up.
“Oh god, I am so sorry-“
Chan stopped you from speaking with his lips, caressing yours slowly as he conveyed all he couldn’t. You could feel his pain, anger, guilt and regret wash away, replacing itself with apologies and forgiveness.
“We won’t break up, not over something as insignificant as this, not ever.” Chan mumbled in between the kiss and pulled you closer. “We will fight but we will always talk it out okay? I am sorry, I promise I won’t ever lash out like that again.”
You smiled. “I can’t have you promise that, we’re humans, we all get angry, we all lash out, we all have bad days. Just, just don’t push me away the next time that happens. We’ll get over the tough times together please?”
Chan nodded, smiling in awe at you understanding and fondly gazed into your eyes. 
“I am sorry Channie, I won’t use your laptop again, I’ll just tell you to check things for me instead.” 
He kissed you once more. “Its okay baby, we both did wrong, but we both apologised and we are now understanding each other.”
“YOU BITCH-“ A loud slam was heard as changbin shot open the door to felix’s apartment, making you and chan jump in surprise.
“What is it changbin-“ Chan began, frowning when chnagbin threw a small black box inside a foam pouch towards him.
Chan caught it with ease. “What?”
“YOU FUCKING IDIOT THAT DISK HAS A BACKUP FOR ALL THE SONGS!” He yelled, exasperated at his leader. He laughed amusedly before turning to you. “Y/n, I suggest you leave this idiot and date me instead. I unlike someone, have half a brain to BACKUP important stuff.” He sighed to which you gave a wide eyed reaction. “When Felix told me why you ran back this early, I knew I had to knock some sense into you you prick.”
“Wow.” You slowly turned to chan, who was standing with parted lips.
“Looks like you have a lot of making up to do huh chan? Y/n’s gonna kick your ass now. I wanna see, do it y/n!” 
“Actually,” You chuckled, rubbing chan’s arm affectionately. “I’d rather hear the song now. Right Channie.”
Chan smiled, cooing at you to which Changbin scoffed.
“You both are crazy for each other, I should’ve sent Felix here instead.”
a/n- unedited and written on a different device (not my usual one) so the captialisation is different than usual.
hope you enjoyed it!
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spicyimagineifs · 17 hours ago
Let Me Love You
➟ pairing(s): Han & Reader
➟ genre(s): Angst and Fluff
➟ word count: 892
➟ warnings: None
Tumblr media
"Has anyone talked to Y/N today?" Han asked looking up from his phone. A chorus of 'nos' sounded from his friends. "Yesterday then?" Again, no one spoke to you. He scrolled through social media and was disturbed by your lack of updates. "When was the last time they called anyone?" he asked the room.
"I'll ring them up," Bang Chan said, "they're probably holed up and making kissy faces with their boyfriend." He typed in your phone number, not needing a saved contact. Crinkling his nose he left you a voice message. Felix tapped his friend's leg and showed him an updated photo. Your boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, posted a photo with his new partner. "Oh, shit," he said to himself.
"Maybe that's why they aren't answering," Felix thought. Chan agreed and called you a second and third time.
"What do you want Chan?" you rasped into the phone the fourth time he called. You sniffled and wiped tears from your face. Something was wrong, and he knew it. You never called him Chan.
"I just wanted to check on you," he said softly. "We were worried about you. Haven't heard from you in a few days." All the boys huddled around Chan and his phone as he increased the call volume, making it easier for them to hear.
"I'm great Chris," you lied. "Why wouldn't I be ok," you gasped, "Because I got dumped like yesterday's trash? Because he moved on after 2 days?" Your chest contracted every passing second and it was harder to breathe. "I'm so tired," you sobbed into the phone, unable to control it anymore, "I'm so tired of breaking down and having to pick myself back up. I'm tired of being the second choice. I'm so, so tired Chris."
The sound of you crying on the other end of the line broke everyone's heart. No one knew what to say. Chan looked around at the somber faces surrounding him. "Where is Han?" he asked. Everyone swapped glances and shook their head.
You flung your phone to the other end of the room and pulled your blanket over your head. Curling into yourself, you groaned and tried to ignore the knock on your door. Sadly, the longer you ignored it, the louder it got. Suddenly, it stopped, but you heard keys in your door and footsteps in your house. A few minutes later, there was a light knock on your door.
"Y/N," you heard a voice call, "Are you sleeping?" Even though every fiber of your being wanted to tell him to leave, you pulled the blanket from your face.
"I'm awake Ji-Sung," you said. He sighed in relief and opened your door gently. You turned on your bedside light and rubbed your eyes. "I only told you where that key was in case of emergencies."
"It was an emergency," he tried to lighten the mood, "I brought you ice cream. " Taking one look at you, his heart broke. "Hey," he said softly, sitting at the end of your bed. "Wanna talk?" Tears stung your eyes and he could see your lip tremble. He stretched his arms out and you launched yourself into them. Cradling your head against his shoulder, he rocked you side to side.
"What's wrong with me?" you cried into his shirt. "What is so wrong with me that I can't be loved?" He pulled away and cupped your face, searching for some sign that you were joking.
"What are you talking about?" he whispered. "Why do you think you're not loved? Do you not see how the guys look at you? You are their literal sunshine. Our day doesn't start until you arrive." He swept the tears on your cheek away with his thumbs. "Do you not see how I look at you?" His voice was so soft and nervous. You brought your eyes up to meet his.
"How," you asked, "Like a clown? I'm so pathetic."
"Why can't you see yourself the way I see you," he said, smoothing your hair behind your ear. "So what, you hit a rough patch. You are smart and successful. Beautiful and funny. You're not pathetic."
"Sounds like you've given this a lot of thought," you laughed dryly.
"Only since you walked into our practice room, with Chan. Your laugh was so infectious," he admitted. After three years of loving you from a distance, he decided this was the time to shoot his shot. "I was so jealous. I wanted you to laugh with me like that. All I could think was 'Wow, how do I get someone like that'?"
"You don't want someone like me," you told him. He pulled your face closer to his and touched his forehead to yours.
"Oh," he sighed, "But I do. I do. I want the person that makes everyone laugh. I want the person that looks effortlessly beautiful. I want the person that kicks my ass in video games. I want the person that holds me while watching horror movies. I want that person. I want you."
"Sungie," you muttered, "You don't want me. I'm broken, no good."
"Let me pick you up. Let me help you put yourself back together," he pleaded. "Let me love you."
"I don't even love myself," you admitted. "How can you?"
"Because I see how marvelous you are, even if you don't," he told you. "I'm not going to give up on this. Give me a chance, Y/N. I'm not going anywhere." He brushed his lips against yours and to his delight you didn't pull away.
"Han Ji-Sung," you chuckled, "You are a fool. This is probably the worst idea you ever had." He smirked and kissed you again.
"Or the greatest idea I ever had," he countered.
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HAN ✦ Dubai Expo (220116)
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Lee Know with pink hair for @971003 💗
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Felix: I really hate the fact that you’re taller than me.
Hyunjin: Trust me, there’s an advantage in you being down there.
Felix: Which one?
Hyunjin: When I hug you, you can listen to my heart which only beats for you.
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(@𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚢𝚔𝚒𝚍𝚜)   -  𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚝 !     𝙵𝚛𝚘𝚖;  𝙷𝚊𝚗 & 𝙵𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚡      [𝟸𝟸𝟶𝟷𝟷𝟾]
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i guess i’ve always been a star type 💫
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Lonesome Nights || Teaser
Tumblr media
Lee Minho x fem!Reader, slight Hwang Hyunjin x fem!Reader
An arranged marriage was not the future you wanted. But with your father's company facing collapse, you have to make sacrifices for the sake of your entire family. You were to marry the CEO of the Lee Corporation. The maverick, mysterious Lee Minho.
Genre: slow-burn (?) romance, hate-to-love relationship(you "hate" him at first), there will be smut!!! (my first time attempting to write smut) kinda but not really love triangle?? (you sorta had a thing with hyunjin)
word count: over 15k is my guess rn...could be longer, also debating if i should split it into parts...but we'll see when i'm done (currently 17k in chinese, which is about 8.5k in english and i'm barely halfway done so......)
release date: idk man, hopefully this week??
the actual teaser:
"Y/N, my dear daughter... You know Daddy didn't want to do this either."
The moment you heard those words on the other end of the phone, you knew what was about to happen next was definitely not going to be any good. You held your breath and continued to listen.
"Our company has been... Not in very good shape. As you know, the economy has been terrible lately, and it's really hard to keep the company afloat." Your father sounded a little embarrassed. For him to say such a thing, the company must be in very bad shape indeed. Why else would your arrogant father be pleading with you like he is doing now? "So, Y/N-ah, for the sake of the company, for the sake of the tens of thousands of people up and down the company, and for the sake of me and your mother......"
"I want you to marry Lee Minho from the Lee Corporation."
Lee Minho, the current CEO of Lee Corporation, a great talented man known almost to everyone in Seoul's economic circles. He inherited the company after the passing of his parents due to an accident a few years ago. You still recall that a few years ago, everyone, including your parents, thought that the Lee Corporation was going to be doomed. After all, even though Lee Minho was a genius, he was only a twenty-year-old boy. But to everyone's surprise, not only did the Lee Corporation not collapse, it grew more and more prosperous.
Although you were theoretically the heir to your father's company, you had no interest in managing the company at all. There were many people in your father's company who desired the CEO position, and you believed that they could do a thousand times better than you. Of course, now that the company was facing bankruptcy, the number of people who desired the position should be much less. To be honest, when your father first said "for the company", you thought he was going to sell the company, or some other business decision. You didn't expect it to be about you marrying Lee Minho, regardless of your willingness to do so in the first place, how could Lee Minho be interested in you?
"You want me to marry him for business? Father, this is 2022, not 1822. How on earth did you think of doing something like that? Besides, no way would Lee Minho agree. He is-"
"He has already agreed and is meeting you the day after tomorrow." Your father interrupted you, "We are currently thinking of having you get your marriage certificate next month, but of course, the sooner the better."
You were immediately dumbfounded by this statement, unable to say a word.
The Lee Minho, the Lee Minho of the Lee Corporation, why? How could he agree to such a completely unprofitable thing? You couldn't understand it at all.
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ya'll see this
Back Door - Dubai Expo (220116)
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M!!!! i know you’re not taking requests but i had an idea for a skz reaction and i thought i’d send it your way just in case~
so basically… reader can’t speak korean and asks [insert member] “hey what does xxx mean?” and it’s basically an insult. and they get very offended FOR THEM like “where did you hear that? who on earth said that to you?”
and… idk you can decide what happens next~
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Seungmin x Fem!Reader/ OT8 X Fem!Reader
GENRE: fluffy, humor? boys shocked that the reader says the word
A/N: I know you said a reaction but while I was sitting and waiting for everyone to leave this morning I wanted to do a small imagine for it! I hope thats okay! <3
WARNING: I don't know Korean(im trying) so the Korean used is from google and it's probably wrong...But I hope you like this 🥺 Again if you still like a reaction please let me know and I'll work on a reaction the next time I open requests.
Tumblr media
Your eyes glanced over every word on the page in front of you, trying to wrap your head around the Hangul you'd scribbled down onto a piece of paper you found in your pocket. You didn't know if your handwriting was the problem or if you had heard the woman in the store wrong but you couldn't find what the word meant.
That morning you had been out getting some ingredients to cook with for the boys, your apartment was being redecorated and Seungmin had offered you to go and sleep at the dorms with him and the rest of the guys. In doing so you wanted to make sure that you were the perfect house guest that they could have asked for. Going out of your way to cook and clean for them every day and night while you were staying with them. You didn't want to become a burden by being there all of the time and decided it was best that you make yourself useful to them.
All of you had been friends since you began dating Seungmin a couple of years ago and you'd gotten close with each other. Befriending each of the boys and spending time with them whenever you were able to. Chan and Felix were always there helping you study Korean as you weren't completely fluent in the language just yet and right now you could have done with their help.
You'd been out shopping when a woman called you a word you didn't understand, you had no idea why she had called you it though. All you had been doing was shopping around the market for fresh vegetables when you had accidentally bumped into her. Apologising on the spot almost immediately but it hadn't been good enough as she'd spoken to you with such a calm tone you knew it was something you wanted to know the meaning off. You'd grabbed the first piece of paper you could find and jotted down what she had said to you.
Tumblr media
Tapping your foot against the side of the table you kept reading through the dictionary trying to figure out what the word could possibly mean. The thought of texting any of the boys to ask was playing in the back of your mind but you knew that they were busy today. They had been preparing for a show that was coming up later in the week and you weren't going to interrupt that because you were struggling with your second language.
"Baby?" Seungmin called out as he walked into the dorms, glancing around the porch to see if you were actually home. Your shoes were waiting there so he smiled in relief, all afternoon he had been dreaming of coming home to the smell of your cooking and open arms. He could smell the cooking but you weren't there waiting for him, he glanced down at his phone to check if it was later than he had originally thought but it wasn't.
"Yn..." He called out again, taking off his coat and shoes before carefully putting them away and going to look for you. The light in the kitchen was on and as he walked closer he could see you sitting there, hunched over with your nose in a book.
"Good read?" He chuckled as he came over to you, pressing a kiss on top of your head as you whined a little turning your body to look at him.
"Hi, good day?" You questioned as you slowly got up from the chair and hugged Seungmin tightly in your arms. The door to the dorms opened again and in walked the boys, all of them coming to the kitchen to see what it was that smelled so good in the dorms.
"Gross, I didn't come for PDA." Jeongin mumbled as he stole a can of coke from the fridge and sat down in the chair opposite to where you had been sitting.
"Studying Korean?" Felix questioned as he saw the books that were open on the table, you let out a sigh and nodded hyour head.
"I was trying to figure out a word. Maybe you'll know it?" You looked between Chan and Felix and then over at all of the boys that were now listening in to the conversation.
"I'll start dishing food." Minho called out as he walked over to the oven, starting to get bowls out as he poured some of the stew into each bowl.
"What's the word?" Seungmin questioned as he looked at you, your hands searched for the scrap piece of paper and you nodded doing your best to read it and say it the way you had heard earlier in the day.
"What does, 문외한 매춘부 mean?" Filthy Prostitute, You looked at the paper when you heard a smash of a bowl hitting the floor, followed by curse words from Minho as he burnt his foot on the hot food that he'd dropped. Your eyes glued onto him,
"You okay-"
"Where did you hear that?!" Chan cried out in a panicked tone glancing at you and then down to the paper that you were holding. All of the boys were so shocked to hear those words falling from your lips as though they meant nothing,
"What does it mean?" Your voice was filled with concern as all of them looked offended for you, Seungmin looked enraged at the thought of someone saying this in front of you.
"Where did you hear it?" He questioned a little calmly as the others helped Minho clean up.
"Who said it to you?!" He snapped this time as he looked at you, complete sadness in his eyes making you whimper a little.
"I-I bumped into someone earlier, when I apologised she said it...I thought it was nice, she said it so calmly." You explained as Seungmin shook his head at you, still in shock that someone had even thought of uttering those words to you.
"What does it mean?" You asked once again as they all turned to look away from you. None of them wanted to be the one to tell you what it meant.
"Filthy prostitute..." Jeongin said slowly as he received a small slap around the back of the head from Hyunjin, scolding him for speaking it out loud.
"O-Oh...Oh." You slowly sat down at the table as you stared down at all of the books in front of you. Wondering what you could have possibly done to offend someone so much to warrant that being said to you.
"She's not worth it baby...Come on," Seungmin whispered as he helped you up but it didn't help. It still stung to know that someone would call you that right to your face when they didn't even know who you were.
Rest assured the boys were going to do everything that they could that night to make you feel better, Seungmin going above and beyond to cheer you up as best as he could.
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Tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @justbangtanthingz @stillwithlix @lolalee24 @lenorelove @yubinism
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guys he's shedding
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Lee know sent videos on bbl 2/3
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like or rb
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🛒 𖧧 ៸ ݁ 𖥻 hey, hey, new post : (🏐) ˖ ♡ ̷゙ ?
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⫽ ⋆ ࣪🥛 ࣪𖥻 Olá, eu fiz um pack de fontes p/ vocês! todas estão disponíveis no "Dafont" !! ( by : @veluvberry 🐢)
⫽ ⋆ ࣪🥛 ࣪𖥻 Hello, I made a font pack for you! all are available on "Dafont" !! (by: @veluvberry 🐢)
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