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#skz au
changbinie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids x greek gods
chan ⁠— poseidon, god of the sea and storms woojin ⁠— zeus, king of the gods, god of the sky minho ⁠— ares, god of war and violence changbin ⁠— hades, god of the dead, lord of the underworld hyunjin ⁠— aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty jisung ⁠— hermes, god of thieves and travellers felix ⁠— apollo, god of the sun and music seungmin ⁠— athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy jeongin ⁠— persephone, goddess of spring and nature
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taelme · a year ago
Tattoo artist!Bang Chan
genre: tattoo artist!au, (fluff, slightly suggestive, this felt like slow burn to me lol) 
pairing/s:  Chan / Reader, ( some of the stray kids appear in this but not all sorry ) 
word count: 20k+ ( again, idk what happened my hand slipped ) 
tw: none!! just slightly suggestive but NO SMUT in this we keep it safe here bc im weak 
a/n: this was a ride....inspired by that one period of time ( PLS 191110 KAMP festival... ) Bang Chan kept wearing that fake lip piercing....n I love Bang Chan but like...I can't write smut for the life of me so this is the best I can do,... I put a mix in there I guess hope u guys like it!! ps gif not mine idk how many times I need to say this 
Tumblr media
“Hi, welcome to peaches, what can I get you?”
You fumbled around in your bag for your wallet, looking up to make eye contact with the boy standing behind the counter, dark brown hair falling over his eyes slightly as he gave you an expectant look.
Taken aback by the sheer appeal of his looks, you avoided his gaze desperately, trying your best to calm yourself down as you wondered just why Felix wasn’t working today.
"Uh…I’ll just uh…I’ll get um. Can I have the peach thing?” you fumbled with your words, your hand going up to your head to scratch at your temple even though it wasn’t itching.
A small huff of laughter escaped the boy, your gaze darting up to look at him, somewhat curious to see what he would look like while laughing, but getting distracted by the shiny silver ring delicately hugging the corner of his lower lip, except this time you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.
“You mean the peach soda?” he quirked an eyebrow, giving you a small smirk.
You noticed a slight accent in the way he spoke, only serving to make you even more confused about just who he was, your mind wandering to possibilities on whether he was one of Felix’s friends from Australia.
Pursing your lips, you nodded quickly without paying attention to what he was asking you, trying to end your exchange quickly before your flushed skin became too obvious, thrusting your money forward and staring intently as he worked quickly at the register.
Holding the change out for you, you’d almost winced when the pads of your fingers brushed against the cool metal of his rings, hearing him thank you, mumbling something else that you couldn’t quite catch.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Name?” he prompted you again.
You made a sound of realization, remembering that this was your first time meeting him so he wouldn’t know your name, “Y/N,” you told him.
He made a small sound of intrigue, “nice name,” he murmured.
Thankfully you’d regained your sense of the situation before he could write your name on the cup, “wait, I’m not having it to-go,” you added quickly, not expecting to earn a chuckle from him.
“I know, sweetie, I asked you about that just know,” he raised his eyebrows at you, “I just wanted to know your name.”
Shoving your coins into your wallet, you thanked him quickly,  hastening your steps to find yourself a seat at the far corner of the room, away from the crowd of students playing board games but not too far away that your friend wouldn’t be able to spot you when they arrived.
Taking your phone out to pretend to fiddle with it, you couldn’t help the furtive ( you hoped, at least ) glances you stole at the said worker, your constant glances at him making you completely oblivious to what was actually going on around you, only snapping out of your thoughts with a start when you heard a loud thud on your table, your head snapping up quickly to spot your friend in the seat before you.
“Sorry I’m late. Did you wait long?” Jisung asked you, his hair in a mess from what you assumed was the cause of the thud.
“Huh?” you frowned, not hearing him quite well from how distracted you were, Jisung’s reply interrupted when you saw the cashier boy walking towards your table.
“Here’s your drink, sweetie,” he smiled, and in your desperation to avoid his gaze once again, you had noticed how only one of his hands was covered in a sleeve, something you knew people tended to do to cover tattoos.
You pretended you weren’t flustered, giving the boy a slight nod and looked elsewhere, fiddling with the straw in the soda, glaring at Jisung when he’d slid the glass from your hand slowly, raising both eyebrows in question while gesturing wildly with his head in the direction the cashier had walked off in.
“Who’s the hottie and why’s he calling you sweetie?” He wiggled his eyebrows, bringing the straw to his lips to take a long sip.
“Firstly, I want to know just as much as you do. Second of all, I don’t even know his name-”
“It’s Chris, I saw his nametag just now when you were too busy staring at God knows what,” Jisung rolled his eyes, leaning back in his seat to casually look at the counter, observing how Chris had brought a little juice box up to his mouth, fiddling with his phone as there were no customers in line.
“Why d’you think Felix suddenly hired him?” Jisung narrowed his eyes at Chris, making you shrug, wondering where Felix was, finding it oddly timely when Felix had chosen that time to enter the café, the bells dangling on top of the door jingling to announce his entrance. 

“He’s here, maybe we can just ask him,” you told Jisung, watching as Felix approached the counter with a wide grin.
Chris placed his phone down quickly, only to relax when he realised it was just Felix.
“Hey,” Felix nodded at Chris, turning to scan the room, waving at you and Jisung upon spotting the both of you.
Jisung waved his hand wildly to beckon Felix to your table, practically pulling him down into a squat next to your table, earning a wide-eyed look of confusion from Felix.
“Hi guys, everything alright?”
“Who is that! Your new hire!” Jisung used his head to nod in Chris’ direction, making Felix turn around in Chris’ direction before a knowing look washed over his face, his mouth curving into an ‘o’ shape, looking very much amused.
“I see you’ve met Chris?”
You nodded, “are you understaffed or something? I thought you said you don’t do part- timers?” You frowned.
Felix shook his head, jutting his lips out in a pout.
“Nope, I’ve been pretty busy these days with classes so I figured I could use some help, plus, he’s a friend of mine so I know I can trust him.” Felix grinned, holding his hands up beside his face in a thumbs up.
“He looks really….” You began, immediately regretting because you were struggling to find the right word to describe Chris’ intimidating aura.
Truth be told, you were just trying not to let how good-looking you thought he was slip. Jisung would surely never let you live it down.
“Scary? Yeah I figured, my parents told me to get him to cover his tattoos so he wouldn’t scare my customers off,” Felix giggled, “but the lip piercing was a little troublesome so I let him keep it on,” he shrugged, your eyes widening at the confirmation that he did indeed have tattoos.
“Trust me….his face is scary enough for that,” you muttered, taking a long sip of your drink in your poor attempt to suppress your curiosity.
Jisung shot you a look, rolling his eyes.
“Please, that ‘sweetie’ he gave you was far from scary and you know it.”
Felix raised an eyebrow at Jisung, turning to give you an amused smile, his hands coming up to cover his mouth (though that didn’t do much in hiding his grin).
“‘Sweetie’?” He giggled, peering over at Chris before shaking his head good-naturedly.
“Yeah, you know, you should tell him not to flirt with your customers,” you huffed, Jisung’s smirk already beginning to unnerve you.
Felix’s response had only unnerved you even more, “trust me, Y/N, he’ll grow on you.”
And grow on you he sure did. Though you weren’t very sure if you would liken him to the kind of unwelcome moss that grows on old buildings or that of a pretty morning glory plant. Though both had its own charm, you just weren’t sure which one Chris fit into. Whatever it was, you were sure he was leaning towards the more unwelcome one for you.
You shot an annoyed look at Chris when he’d turned whatever rave music he had been playing in the café even louder, interrupting the cute café project meeting you were attempting to have with one of your friends Jeongin.
“What? Sorry, I can’t concentrate with all...this,” Jeongin gave you an apologetic frown, using his hand to gesture to the speakers, making you turn to cast Chris an angry glare.
Catching his gaze quickly, he gave you an expectant look, which only served to unnerve you more with how nonchalant he was acting.
“The music” you mouthed, gesturing to the speakers, “is too loud!” you covered your ears and shook your head vigorously, repeating your gestures with your frown directed towards him.
Chris simply shrugged, even going to the extent of pretending to yawn, cupping his hand around his ear and knitting his eyebrows together in a wince.
Curse Felix for having cute asshole friends, you thought.
Frankly, Chris didn’t know why he was being such an ass either. Maybe it was the knowledge that that kid sitting with you was interacting with you more than you ever interacted with Chris. Or maybe it was the way you seemed like you’d dressed up more today, fiddled with your hair more and posed for pictures nicely compared to when you were with Jisung.
Maybe Chris was just a teensy weensy bit jealous.
“I’m really sorry, he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna lower down the volume anytime soon,” you leaned closer to apologize, slightly reassured when he shook his head dismissively at you, though it didn’t rid you completely of your guilt.
“I don’t know why he’s doing this,” you explained further, “I brought you here because the music he usually plays is really good,” you explained.
“It’s really fine, he looks like the kind of guy I wouldn’t mess with’s okay.” Jeongin glanced at Chris’ direction furtively, Chris’ sickly sweet smile seeming to intimidate him.
You scoffed at the way Chris had smiled at Jeongin, turning to give him another apologetic frown.
“I’m so sorry, I know you wanted to discuss our project today...but maybe we can go somewhere more conducive next time?” you tried to sound more hopeful, huffing a sigh of relief when you’d seen him nod reassuringly.
Jeongin had bid you goodbye once he’d decided he had received one too many of Chris’ intense stares, making you free to storm over to the counter, hands on your hips to emphasize your dismay.
Only then did Chris decide to lower down the music volume, turning back to face you with an expectant smile as you heard a calmer michael bublé song playing softly through the speakers.
“What’s your deal, Chan?” you frowned, your fingers finding purchase on the hem of your shirt, telling yourself to stand firm! And Don’t let his dimples sway you!
“I’ve told you a thousand times, you can call me ‘Chan’,” there was an amused lilt to his tone, though he figured you weren’t going to repeat yourself with how firmly you were staring at him.
“What deal?” he murmured pensively, bringing a hand up to fiddle with his lip ring and tilting his head at you so casually that you wondered if teasing people just came naturally to him.
"What’s my deal?” you echoed his question in disbelief, “I couldn’t even hear myself think with how loud the music was just now!” you huffed, your frown only deepening when he looked at you apologetically.
“Sorry, sweetie, couldn’t hear you just now. The other customers felt like the music was too soft,” he pouted, something in his expression making you less upset despite how obviously he was lying.
You’d opened your mouth to retort but fell short of coming up with a good enough comeback, choosing to scoff at him instead.
“You’re really manipulative, you know that?“ you huffed, poking your tongue in your cheek and looking down at the menu on the counter (even though you already knew what you were going to order).
"So….I’ll get you your usual, then?” and apparently, so did he.
Determined not to let yourself get more affected by Chan, and even more determined on not mentioning him for the rest of the duration that you would be at peaches, you buried yourself in your reading, flipping your pages so roughly you had to stop every now and then to check if they tore.
Jisung had joined you halfway, when you had switched from angry-reading to slouching in your seat scrolling through social media.
Shoving his phone on top of your (now closed) books with a loud thump, you leaned forward, peering over your phone to see different drawings and designs on the screen, all in black and white.
“That’s nice, did you draw it?” you asked, pinching and pulling at the screen to zoom on the details of the designs.
Jisung snorted, giving you an all-too-satisfied smile, "my dear friend, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.”
Your eyes widened, “tattoo? Your mom would murder you,” you scoffed.
Jisung shook his head proudly, his eyes wide and insistent, “that’s where you’re wrong.” He smiled proudly, “I asked her already and she’s fine with it as long as I find someone legit to do it.”
Your eyebrows raised, fairly impressed that he had gotten away with it.
“But she’s not paying for it, of course,” he added as an afterthought.
You hated how predictable you were, but at the mention of tattoos, your gaze had wandered over to Chan, who was busy placing a few orders together on a tray. Staring at his sleeve, you figured, he seems like the type that would know about tattoos…right? I mean, considering he has a few of his own.
Don’t say it. don’t say it. don’t say it.
“Maybe you can ask Chan?” you’d winced as the words left your lips, “I mean, he has tattoos, right? Seems like he knows what he’s doing,” you offered, closing your mouth quickly as you saw him approaching your table.
“Oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?” Jisung clapped his hands, head snapping around and startling in his seat when Chan had made his presence known.
“Here you go,” he murmured, pushing your peach soda towards you before turning to Jisung, hugging his tray to his chest, “hey, man. Anything for you today?”
Jisung shook his head, “actually I was wondering, you have tattoos, right?”
You had to refrain from making your embarrassment too obvious, pulling the straw of your drink to your lips to feign disinterest in Chan’s response. Your sips only grew longer when Chan leaned his free hand on the back of your chair, his torso next to your head. Since when did his perfume smell so good?
“Yeah,” he replied confidently, shaking his head slightly to get his hair away from his eyes.
“Do you know anywhere I could get something done? Not anywhere shady, of course,” he asked Chan.
Chan let out a giggle, nodding. “Gimme a sec,” he held his hand up in a signal for Jisung to wait, jogging over to the counter and pulling his backpack out from under the counter, fishing something out before jogging back to your table.
Holding his hand out, he showed the both of you two small palm-sized cards. Taking it from him, you realized that they were business cards.
“This is actually my studio...” he shifted his weight from one leg to the other, folding his arms across his chest around the tray, “I’m like...certified and all, so you don’t have to worry,” he told Jisung.
“But you can check it out first if you’re still unsure. If not I can just find someone else to help you,” he added, gesturing as he spoke.
“Cool,” you murmured, gripping the card tightly between your fingers, making a mental note to do some research on this ship once Chan left.
“Alright, man, thanks so much. I’ll let you know.”
Chan smiled at Jisung, patting him on the back lightly before going off to clear the other tables.
“Says here they have an Instagram,” Jisung murmured, scrutinising the card closely.
Telling you the name of the account, you pulled up a page of the shop, your mouth falling open in shock at the number of people he had following the account, not to mention the number of pictures of peoples tattoos on the account. Starting to scroll through the account’s posts, you realized most if not all of his designs were in black and white.
“Do you want your tattoo to have colour? Cause if you do..I don’t think he really does many colour pieces,” you murmured, angling your phone to face him so he could look at the designs with you.
“Honestly...I might just do one of his designs…they’re a lot nicer than whatever I had in mind,” you laughed at the way he stared blankly at your phone screen.
“Do they tag the people who get the tattoos?” You wondered out loud.
Jisung reached over to tap on the picture, tapping on the account only to be led to what you were very sure was Chan’s account.
You shamelessly scanned the account, noticing he rarely posted photos of himself but mostly of the sky or of scenery (with the occasional post-workout photo), and that there were a little to no actual coloured photos in his feed.
“Are you gonna follow him?” You asked Jisung, seeing him nod and give you a shrug.
“Yeah, why not?” he raised his eyebrows in question as if you were asking a stupid question.
“Follow him with me, so it doesn’t seem like I’m trying to kiss ass or anything,” he tapped on your arm incessantly, tapping on his phone before dragging your hand closer to him so he could press the follow button on Chan’s account.
“Jisung!” You pulled your phone away quickly, looking at him with wide eyes, making his eyes widen as well, looking at you in surprise.
“What? What?”
“I didn’t know you were gonna follow him now! He’s literally right there,” you whispered harshly at him.
Casting you an unamused glance, he held his hands up in a shrug.
“It’s no big deal. He probably won’t even think much of it…. I mean, well…unless you want him to,” his expression turned to a more teasing one, narrowing his eyes at you as he traced a heart in the air with his fingers.
“Oh yeah, speaking of which, I was meaning to ask you, how did your meetup with Jeongin go?” he placed his phone back down on the table, looking at you expectantly.
“Bad,” you groaned, “Couldn’t even hear him half the time because someone was playing the cafe music too loud,” you nodded your head in Chan’s direction.
Jisung winced, “So you guys didn’t get to discuss?”
You shook your head, “I told him we could just meet somewhere more conducive the next time since clearly Chan had a problem hearing me,” you sighed, leaning back in your seat.
“But the music’s fine now, though?”
“Well it wasn’t fine just now, and the dumbest part was that he turned it down after Jeongin left,” you rolled your eyes, knowing that the brown haired boy had no idea you were talking about him as he stood there sipping on his stupid juice box.
“Maybe he did it on purpose,” Jisung offered, making you scoff.
“Beats me, but whatever it is it’s crazy.”
“You’re just mad ‘cause he’s cute.”
You scoffed, huffing at him in disbelief, “no, I’m mad because he ruined my meeting,” your eyes widened in offence.
Jisung narrowed his eyes, letting his imagination run wild, “maybe he wanted to ruin your date,” he conspired, making you roll your eyes.
“One,” you held up a finger, “it wasn’t a date. Two,” you lowered your hand, struggling to find another reason, “you watch too many dramas,” you finally mustered, only serving to fuel Jisung’s entertainment even more.
“It’s easy, Y/N, the next step is to just… slide into his dms, I mean, since you’re already following him.”
You tossed your packet of tissue at him, “shut up, Jisung.”
That same night, you were about to sleep when you’d received a message.
1:39am - r we placing bets on whether he’s trying to thirst trap me –
Attached to the message was a screenshot of Chan’s Instagram page with a selfie that he’d just uploaded, the picture showing Chan’s exposed collarbones and above making your eyes widen and close the image quickly, feeling your cheeks redden at the sudden post, unsure why a simple photo of him was making you flustered to no end.
1:41am -probably-
Was all you could type out, debating in your head whether to open the image again, a part of you wanting to see it again but shaking your head decisively, shoving your phone back underneath your pillow, but the image of Chan with damp hair wearing coloured contacts burned in your head.
You found yourself growing more anxious about possibly seeing Chan the next day if you were going to the book cafe (which you probably were). But Jisung’s reply had you thinking that maybe it was the universe trying to shove and kick you towards Chan.

1:42am - also ive decided n u are coming w me to his shop to get my tat tmr -
You sighed, casually scrolling up in your chat to have a look at Chan’s selfie again before typing out your reply to Jisung.
1:42am -lovely-
Shoving your phone aside, you closed your eyes, hoping the feeling of yourself being drawn to the image would go away quickly.
“Do you even know where the shop is? we’ve been walking for hours,” you whined, earning an eye roll from Jisung who was still faithfully following the google maps directions on his phone.
“First of all, it’s only been 10 minutes. Second of all, I know where it is, look,” he showed you his phone, the automated voice telling him he was about to reach his destination, “ms google says we’re really close by.”
“Okay, fine. Just hurry, I wanna sit down.” you sighed, letting Jisung lead you to a stretch of modern cafés, eventually ending up in front of a neon sign of what looked like a little cartoon snake, the cartoon logo fairly familiar after remembering seeing it on Chan’s Instagram.
Shoving the glass open, you heard small bells identical to those in the cafe signal your entrance. A tall, baby-faced boy wearing thin-rimmed glasses walking out from behind the curtains leading to the back. This boy had piercings too, but the skin exposed by his t-shirt was clean, not marked by any sort of tattoo, giving him a much more innocent appearance as compared to Chan.
“Hey, uh…I booked an appointment here for 2pm?” Jisung spoke, and the tall boy stalked over to their reception area wordlessly, going behind the counter to pull out a thick binder and flipping to the most recent page.
“With Chan?” the boy spoke, earning a nod from you. “Alright. I’m Hyunjin, by the way. Will both of you be getting tattoos?”
Your eyes widened, rushing to protest, “oh, no, no no. Not me, just him. I’m just moral support.” You clarified, earning a snicker from Hyunjin, who nodded in amusement.
“Okay, then,” he shut the binder with a light thud, “Chan’s just finishing up a phone call with another client. He’ll call you when he’s ready but in the meantime you guys can chill here, I guess.” he gestured to the small black leather sofas in the reception area.
You and Jisung did as you were told, the waiting making Jisung more nervous about the nitty gritty details of getting a tattoo.
“Here’s the forms to fill up while you wait,” Hyunjin walked over to pass an electronic tablet to Jisung.
You on the other hand, picked up a binder showing the various designs that the shop had specially come up with that people could choose, showing Jisung a new design every now and then to try to distract him from his nervousness.
“Hey look at this one, this is cute,” you pointed at a cartoon drawing of a kangaroo, flipping to the last page to see that they had pictures and the names of various piercings as well.
Jisung sighed, tone emotionless, “yeah, sure.”
Scrolling through the pictures absently, Jisung leant his head on your shoulder, looking at the binder’s contents with you.
“What about this?” Jisung joked, pointing at the lip piercing, “you could twin with Chan,” he snickered.
You rolled your eyes, “yeah, very funny.”
Sighing, you thought about how Chan looked with the lip piercing, “his lips are really nice…” Your voice trailed off, only realising what you said after. “I mean like, I’m not saying that with any double meaning or whatever I just mean like, you know, generally he has a nice lip shape and a—”
“Yeah save it, we know you have the hots for him.”
You huffed, ignoring Jisung and continuing to flip the pages.
“Wait stop, that one’s nice. I think you’d look good with this one,” he pointed at the picture of the helix piercing.
"This?” you brought your hand up to touch your ear where the piercing would be, “but this is like….the hard part of my ear, won’t it hurt?” you grimaced.
Jisung gave you a look, “c’mon, trust me, I think you’d look great in this….” Jisung lowered his voice, leaning closer to you and glancing at Hyunjin to make sure he wasn’t listening.
“Chan would lose his shit.”
You smacked the binder closed, glaring at Jisung. Holding the binder up threateningly, about to scold him when you heard the beaded curtains move, your head snapping around to spot Chan there, dressed in a black muscle tee and black jeans, dark hair messy on his head.
“Hey guys, Jisung you ready? I’ve already done the stencil so it’s your call,” you waited for Jisung’s answer, too busy gawking at Chan’s tattoo sleeve, now being the first time you weren’t seeing it covered.
Jisung let out a loud sigh, “lemme just go inside and mentally prepare myself first,” he stood up, shaking his head.
Chan held the beaded curtain open for Jisung, letting him walk through first as you took your time to gather your things, not realizing Chan was still holding the curtain open for you.
“Hey, sweetie.” Chan greeted, nodding his head at you with a small smile.
“Hi,” you murmured, suddenly nervous around him, about to sling Jisung’s bag over your shoulder when Chan’s voice cut in.
“Oh, you can actually just leave it here. Hyunjin’ll be here,” you glanced at the boy mentioned who nodded at you before going back to his handphone game.
“Oh, alright then,” you murmured, walking over to where he was.
“I see you’re playing the moral support role today?” Chan let out a small giggle, letting you walk through the curtain before following behind you.
You let out a huff of laughter at the sight of Jisung lying on the chair with his eyes closed, hands clasped as if in prayer.
“Didn’t really have a choice,” you laughed, earning a grim nod from Chan, who put on his gloves and lightly kicked his stool towards the chair Jisung was seated on.
The first thing you noticed about the room was that it was very neat, everything seeming as though it was in its rightful place, giving off a very clean feel to the room, which served to calm you down for some reason. The plants and warm lighting in the room served to add some comfort to the atmosphere.
“Dude, don’t look so deathly, you’re not gonna die. You can take breaks in between if it’s too much,” Chan’s tone was reassuring, which you were thankful for since Jisung really did look pale.
“Okay, you’re right. You know what? I’m not that weak, I can do this,” his eyes shot open, giving Chan a firm nod.
Chan shocked you by giggling, gesturing to a wheeled stool similar to his, “you don’t have to stand, sweetie, you can sit here. This might take a while.”
If you were embarrassed, you didn’t show it, as you padded over to the stool, going next to Jisung and feeling him grab your hand. For a second you were thankful he was so nervous that he couldn’t tease you for Chan’s term of endearment.
Chan had disinfected the area Jisung wanted the tattoo on, a blueish outline of the design transferring onto his skin before he’d started. You appreciated how patient and precise Chan had been to speed up the process, Jisung occasionally squeezing your hand when it hurt.
“How long is this gonna take?” you asked out of curiosity.
“Uhh… this isn’t that big of a piece, so about 2-3 hours? Give and take if he needs breaks in between.”
“So, uh….how long have you been doing this?” you made conversation, the buzzing sound of the tattoo needle growing too loud for your comfort.
Chan’s eyebrows raised, lower lips jutting out in a pout as he thought. “I would say…professionally about 3 years so far?” Your eyebrows raised.
“Started when I was 15,” you furrowed your eyebrows.
“Wait, so you’re 19?” Jisung huffed, almost moving to sit up when he was temporarily distracted by the discovery.
Chan huffed, shaking his head, “don’t move, please. But to answer your question, no. I’m not 19. I started my apprenticeship at 15…” he trailed off, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he concentrated on a particular spot of the tattoo.
Sighing, he leaned back slightly to dab at the perspiration on his temples with his arm, making you tempted to take the cloth and do it for him, “I’m 22.”
Your eyes widened, feeling Jisung squeeze your hand for what you knew wasn’t pain.
“Oh,” you murmured, unsure what Jisung’s little reaction meant.
Chan hummed, “Yeah, Jisung mentioned that you guys were entering uni soon,” he stated, earning an affirmative nod from you.
“Yeah, we’re turning 20 soon,” Jisung murmured, eyes open now, seeming to have adjusted to the pain level.
Now it was Chan’s turn to be surprised. “Interesting,” he murmured.
“Uh-huh” Jisung spoke, and the way his tone sounded was making you nervous, not knowing what nonsense he was about to spout next. “Y/N’s already so old and still doesn’t have a boyfriend.”
Chan flushed at the implication, hoping his shyness wasn’t too obvious. Meanwhile you were trying to convince yourself that you weren’t imagining the pink tint growing more obvious on Chan’s ears.
"Nothing to be ashamed of,” Chan mustered after a short silence, his volume dropping considerably, “I mean, I’m older than you, and at this point of time I’m not dating either.”
Jisung struggled to contain his excitement, thinking of ways that he could get you and Chan alone together, coming up with what he would deem to be the most brilliant idea.
“Hey, Chan. Do you guys do piercings here too?”
“Aren’t you a little too talkative for someone in pain,” you muttered through gritted teeth, shooting a glare at Jisung—which he promptly ignored.
Chan smiled, tilting his head in question, “you’re not even done with your tattoo and you’re already thinking about piercings?” he laughed.
“Not for me, man, for Y/N.”
Chan made a surprised sound, taking his lower lip between his teeth as he focused on a particular part of Jisung’s tattoo, leaning back with a small sigh, “oh, is that so? what kind?”
“Uh…you know the helix one?” you murmured, your hand unconsciously going up to your ear to fidget.
Chan hummed, “yeah, I can do that. You’ve already made up your mind?” You nodded, before realizing he couldn’t see you.
“I guess…will it hurt, though?”
Chan leaned back, shrugging, “Depends, a tiny bit more than your average piercing?”
“Oh…well, then, I guess that doesn’t sound so bad,” you murmured.
Jisung grinned at you, which went unnoticed by Chan, who spoke seriously, filled with concern for your friend, “you’re doing really great, by the way. We’ll probably be done a lot earlier than expected. Just let me do the finishing touches and you’ll be free.”
You fiddled with Jisung’s fingers for the rest of the duration, trying not to be too obvious when you stared at Chan. How his eyebrows would furrow just ever so slightly in his concentration, his tongue peeking out to wet his lips or play with his piercing when he was filling in the shading for Jisung’s tattoo.
Just as the waiting was starting to get even a little unbearable, your leg beginning to bounce restlessly, you saw Chan lean back, a satisfied smile on his face.
“All done,” he smiled, patting Jisung on the shoulder with one hand as he set his equipment aside, taking some cling wrap and wrapping it around Jisung’s wrist.
Releasing a relieved sigh, you silently thanked the heavens that it was over because you really needed to pee.
You’d excused yourself to the washroom as Chan told Jisung about the aftercare tips, coming back to see that Jisung had already paid for his tattoo.
“So uh..” you saw Chan leaning against the doorframe with one hand shoved into his pocket, a few strands of the beaded curtain draped over his shoulder which he fiddled with, “you still up for the piercing? Or would you rather come back another day?” He asked you, bringing a hand up to push his hair out of his forehead, his hair falling back against his forehead gently.
You hummed, taking your phone out to see if you would have any other free periods during this week, realising that the only big period of rest you would have this week would be now, and you figured you would rather adjust to the new piercing over the weekend instead of in the middle of the week.
“Yeah, I guess I’ll just do it today,” you shrugged, glancing at Hyunjin who was eyeing Chan suspiciously, finding the boy’s behaviour to be a little out of the ordinary.
“Cool, I’ll be in the back…just uh… come in and let me know when you’re ready,” he gave you a soft smile, the metal of his lip ring shining as it caught the light in the room.
“Have fun,” Jisung waggled his eyebrows at you once Chan went back, making you frown at him.
“What do you mean ‘have fun’? You’re staying with me,” your expression turned grim when you saw the way he was poorly stifling his laughter, “aren’t you?”
Jisung sucked in a sharp breath, grimacing, “yeah…about that…I actually have to go meet my group mates for something, but you’ll be fine,” he waved a hand at you dismissively, already beginning to backtrack out of the studio.
“Think of it as more time spent with Chan,” Jisung wiggled his eyebrows teasingly, turning quickly to leave the shop, leaving you dumbfounded in your place.
Turning around, you caught Hyunjin’s gaze, seeing the boy narrow his eyes at you, “are you and….Chan….you know…?”
You furrowed your eyebrows, your lips parting upon realising what he meant, shaking your head and waving your hands dismissively.
“Oh my god, no, really.”
Hyunjin raised an eyebrow at you, making you even more flustered that he was acting like he knew something you didn’t.
“No, seriously, nothing’s up. Stop looking at me like that.”
You quickened your footsteps in heading to the backroom, your cheeks flushed and eyes wide as you spotted Chan sitting on his stool, using his phone before looking up when you entered the room, a soft smile appearing on his face.
How can someone who smiles like this be the same person behind that selfie last night, you wondered.
“Ji..sung?” Chan’s voice trailed off, raising his eyebrows in question, setting his phone down on the counter attached to the wall.
“Oh, he actually just left…he had to meet his group members,” you murmured, gesturing outside.
Chan got up from his seat with a small grunt, walking over to you, making you confused as to why he was suddenly walking towards you.
You’d let out a confused hum, your voice coming out softer than intended, watching with wide eyes as he brought his hands up to yours, sighing in relief when he’d simply taken your bag and jacket from you.
“You can just take a seat on the chair if you want, but don’t recline it just sit on the seat,” he instructed, and you did as such, swinging your legs as they hung from the chair, the toe of your shoe grazing the tiled floor occasionally.
“Are you nervous?” He asked, bringing the various equipment he needed on the trolley, rolling it noisily over to where you were.
You nodded, making him laugh.
“Good? Isn’t it bad if I’m too stressed?” Your confusion was evident in your tone, making him shake his head at you.
Chan smiled, “it’s better to be nervous than over confident when it comes to these things.”
He took a new pair of gloves from the box, picking up a mirror from the tray and passing it to you, “hold this for me, hmm?”
Taking the disinfectant wipes, he pushed your hair aside, the constant falling of your hair making him giggle, “sorry can I just uh,” he shifted so he was standing behind you, bunching your hair into a ponytail, his hands brushing against the skin of your neck when he gathered the hair, almost making you shiver.
Securing it with the hairband around his wrist, he looked at you from the front, nodding at his handiwork.
“Sorry,” Chan added as an afterthought, “hope you don’t mind.” He put on his gloves, the metal of his bracelet peeking out from under the latex.
You shook your head, quietly observing his actions through his reflection in the mirror out of sheer anxiousness. Watching carefully as he held your ear with his first two fingers, disinfecting the area of your ear before picking up the marker.
Chan had crouched down slightly, pursing his lips in concentration as he made a tiny dot with the marker on your ear, leaning back so you could have a better look.
“Is this placement okay?” he asked, earning a nod from you.
“Great,” he gave you a close lipped smile, dimples appearing on his cheeks, “wow your ears are really red,” he commented with a laugh.
Laughing half-heartedly in reply, you shrugged, “think it’s cause of the air conditioning,” you lied, not knowing he would take you seriously, walking over to where he’d put your things and grabbing your jacket with his elbows, dropping it onto your lap.
“Sorry, it’d be a lot less awkward if I could use my hands,” he laughed, and you weren’t able to keep yourself from smiling.
After he’d prepared the needle and the studs, you tried not to let your tension be too obvious when he leaned down so he could be more precise. Funnily enough, though you were about to get a piercing, you were less nervous for that as compared to the fact that Chan was so close to you.
“Are you excited to graduate?” he asked you in an attempt to distract you, earning a shrug from you.
“I guess,” you murmured, Chan having successfully directed your attention elsewhere, “a little scared, though.”
“Of?” he asked, his gentle tone prompting you to elaborate.
“I guess I’m not really like…scared, I’m just kind of anxious? like…I don’t really know what to expect,” you laughed, earning a confused sound from him.
“Well if you think about it like that, then of course it’ll be negative,” Chan laughed.
“I mean, I wouldn’t know what it’s like because I didn’t go to uni but you know….maybe if you think of it as like a...i’m doing this so that I can do this in the future kind of thing then it’d be more exciting than scary,” Chan offered, moving to your other ear.
“Well…I guess that’s true,” you murmured, about to continue when you’d felt the needle piercing your skin, letting out a yelp, your hands unconsciously finding purchase on the closest thing to you, which (unfortunately and fortunately for you) was his torso, “why didn’t you give me any warning!” You hissed.
"Too late for a countdown now, huh,” he shrugged, fitting the stud onto your ear.
“All done,” he giggled, stepping away from you to set the needle into a tray for cleaning.
“You know what to do, right? Like…to care for your piercing?” Chan asked you, earning a nod from you.
“So, I’m done here?” You asked, watching Chan as he set his things aside to be sterilized, glancing at the clock on the wall at the side of the room.
“Pretty much,” he hummed, bringing up a hand to adjust his hair.
You hated how much the tension in the room was building, as if the both of you were just holding back on what you’d wanted to say. Almost deciding to walk out before Chan had finally spoken up.
“Are you gonna get dinner with Jisung?” he asked, looking elsewhere and pretending to be busy with throwing his gloves away.
“Nope,” you walked over to where he’d placed your bag, slinging it over your shoulder and taking your phone out to tell Jisung you were done getting the piercing.
“I’m probably just gonna go home and order in, or something,” you murmured, slightly preoccupied with texting to notice the way he’d perked up at the sound of you being free for the evening.
Chan walked through the curtains to the main reception area, leaning over Hyunjin who was sitting at the desk, fishing the tablet for you to fill in the form, murmuring a soft ‘sorry’ to Hyunjin, who was busy playing his phone games.
“Shouldn’t you have given that before she got the piercing,” Hyunjin whispered pointedly, his words going ignored by Chan, who knew very well that he was flustered into forgetting that small detail.
“Just fill these up and you’re all set,” he pushed them over the counter towards you, and you’d typed your details in quickly, eager to get Hyunjin’s suspicious gaze off of you.
“How much do I have to pay you?” You asked, getting ready to fish your wallet from your bag, confused when you heard Chan make a strangled sound of protest.
“Oh, no, it’s fine. Consider it ‘on the house’,” he told you, making Hyunjin’s eyebrows raise in question.
“What? But why? I mean, your shop is doing pretty well, services like that would probably be really expensive, right?” You gripped your wallet tighter, however he didn’t seem like he was giving you an option. Not with the way he was looking at you, that was for sure.
Hyunjin had ended his game already, nudging his glasses higher on his nose bridge. He pressed his lips in a thin, firm line, hoping it would help him stifle his laughter as you continued.
“But I can’t just let you do that, I mean, this is your business, you’d lose a lot of money if you just give people free services like this, you know?”
Chan almost snorted, “trust me, I won’t.”
You wracked your brain for other options on how to persuade him, “okay, but there has to be some other way I can repay you,” you stated, not expecting Chan to reply so quickly.
“How does grabbing dinner with me now sound?” The words flowed from his lips so naturally that even Hyunjin was surprised, not used to seeing his usually shy friend act so confidently around people.
Hyunjin let a small giggle escape him, narrowing his eyes at Chan who had kicked at his chair as a silent threat.
You opened your mouth and closed it back, unable to form a response in your shock, “uh…I um…” you fumbled to find the right words, making Chan let out the tiniest giggle.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he assured you, “I’m just offering, you know...since you said just now that you wouldn’t have dinner at home anyway,” he gestured with his hands as he spoke, the silver chain around his wrist coming to your attention as he moved his hands around.
“No, no..uh,” you swallowed, clearing your throat softly, “yes? Yes, that sounds great, Chan,” you mustered out as confidently as you could.
“Cool, meet you outside, then? Lemme just go and grab my stuff,” he flashed you a small close-lipped smile before walking to the back.
“Bye?” You murmured to Hyunjin, who turned his narrowed eyes away from Chan to direct them towards you instead.
“I swear...there’s definitely something going on with you two…” Hyunjin muttered, tapping at his phone quickly before shaking his head abruptly, “never mind, I won’t harass you about it….yet. Have a good dinner,” his expression changed to a smiling one, waving at you as if nothing happened.
When you’d gone out of the tattoo shop, you only had to wait for barely a minute before you heard the door open behind you, Chan stepping out, now wearing a black leather jacket over his shirt with his bag in hand.
“Did you have any dinner place in mind?” You asked him, seeing him nod.
“Do you like tacos?”
“So, how come you’re working at peaches if you already have that whole setup at your tattoo studio?” You’d asked him during your dinner. You’d both already finished eating but were in no rush to leave, sipping your drinks slowly as an excuse to talk more.
“Felix told me he was looking for someone who could fill in for him part-time for whenever he had to go for classes, so I offered, since I don’t usually take appointments in the morning,” he explained, sipping his drink, fiddling with the straw between his thumb and index finger as he spoke.
“So you work in the afternoon?” he nodded.
“I work from around twelve to seven,” he told you casually, and at the mention of time you’d glanced at your phone, realising it was way before seven when he’d asked you to eat dinner with him.
Your eyebrows furrowed, “wait, then doesn’t that mean that you left work before you were supposed to?”
Chan’s eyes widened momentarily, bringing the straw to his lips ever so slowly, giving you a shrug in feigned nonchalance. “Nope,” he told you calmly, “I leave after my clients are done for the day, and I usually take 1 client a day.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “are you lying right now?” you pretended to disapprove, since you knew you were past the point of saying you didn’t enjoy spending time with Chan.
Chan simply grinned, your heart skipping a beat at the sight of his dimples, hearing him let out an exaggerated sigh, “depends.”
He rest his chin on one of his hands, his fingers going up to fiddle with his lip piercing, only now coming to your notice that he’d changed the jewellery to a bigger silver ring.
“Does that hurt?” you asked, curiosity getting the better of you, making him gesture with his finger to his lips, earning a nod from you.
“Nope,” he said, popping the ‘p’, “I’ve had it for really long so you can like press or tug on it or whatever but it won’t hurt,” he said, his wording making your imagination wander, ears tinting red as you tried to dismiss the thoughts of kissing Chan that popped into your head.
“Your ears are red again,” he pointed out, an amused lilt to his tone, knowing exactly why.
In your distress, you tugged his hair tie off your hair, adjusting your hair so it would cover your ears, narrowing your eyes at him.
“It’s only ‘cause you said it like that,” you huffed.
“Like what?” he raised an eyebrow at you, feigning innocence as he continued, “all I meant was if I pull on it like this it won’t hurt…” he demonstrated by using his index finger and thumb to fiddle with his piercing.
“Unless, that wasn’t what you were thinking?” he teased, leaning closer to you over the table.
You got up abruptly, “we should get going,” you diverted the topic quickly, ignoring Chan’s laughter behind you as you made your way to pay the bill, managing to do so successfully before Chan had made it to the register, earning a pout from him.
“You pay for my piercing, I pay for our dinner. Simple,” you shrugged, walking out of the restaurant and letting him follow behind you.
“Is your place near here?” Chan asked.
Your eyes widened, not understanding why he was asking you that, a million possibilities of reasons why running through your head about what he could possibly have intended from asking that.
Chan realised your internal conflict after a few seconds, his expression flustered when he realised, “no, no! I meant like, how are you going back home since it’s late,” he explained slowly, hands gesturing slowly as he spoke.
You hummed, “I think I might have a bus I can take from here, but it’ll probably take a while,” you shrugged, eyeing him curiously when he’d taken his phone out of his pocket.
“Address?” He asked, and you told him as such, “your place is actually pretty near mine, I stay a couple streets down. Let me see if I can book us a car or something, I reckon it’ll be faster than taking the bus,” he murmured, and you watched him type on his phone quickly before a triumphant smile graced his features.
Letting out a surprised hum, he showed you his phone, “it’s less than 10 dollars if we share a car, do you want to?”
You nodded with a shrug, “sure,” taking your phone from your pocket to check the time, seeing that you’d gotten a text from Jisung.

8:08pm -school starts next week???-
You sighed in realisation, making Chan frown at you curiously.
“What’s wrong?”
You laughed, shaking your head, “nah, it’s nothing. I just realised I’m starting school next week, but I feel like I haven’t done anything during my holidays,” you groaned, turning to Chan with an exaggerated sad look on your face, seeing his eyebrows lift in an expression you would use to comfort a crying child.
“Jisung and I had so many things we planned to do like…go to amusement parks or like….go camping or have a sleepover, but…we just ended up spending all our time at peaches,” you laughed.
“Oh, you guys wanted to go camping?” Chan asked, an idea sparking in his mind when you’d nodded affirmatively at him.
“That’s pretty…coincidental… Hyunjin and I were actually planning on going camping next week, do you wanna come?”
Your eyes widened, not expecting such an opportunity to come so quick for you.
“Really? Where were you guys planning to go?” You asked, and you’d felt his hand gently touch your forearm, the other hand swiping around on his phone before he showed you pictures of what looked like a cabin.
“There’s this place out of town where you can sort of rent the area and you can like, do barbecues and campfires, it’s really nice,” he smiled, “oh, and there’s like this lake nearby the site that looks really really beautiful in the morning. And you don’t even have to pay because Hyunjin’s parents bought a part of it so he can just use it privately,” you nodded, impressed at how convenient and attractive the place sounded.
“But…isn’t it kind of weird if it’s just me going with the both of you? Do you mind if I ask Jisung along too?” You asked hesitantly, a sheepish expression on your face.
Chan laughed, nodding as he wordlessly grabbed your arm, leading you to what you assumed was the car you booked, opening the door for you to go in first before he slid in after you.
You greeted the driver, who had given you a friendly greeting in return as well. One thing you noticed (regrettably or fortunately, you wouldn’t say) was that the back seat was a little cramped, the seats angled in such a way that you would tend to slide towards the middle. Being bigger than you, Chan occupied more space compared to you, causing you to practically be knee to knee when you sat comfortably.
“Also,” Chan yawned, leaning back in his seat, “to answer your question, yes, of course you can ask Jisung to come along. Felix is coming too since he’s been begging me to bring him.”
Chan shoved his hands in the pockets of his jacket, sliding down in his seat. “we’ll probably only stay over for a night so you don’t need to pack much I guess…and Hyunjin can give us a ride to and from the cabin.”
You nodded, covering your mouth when you’d yawned as well. “Great,” you sighed, turning your head to look at him only to see him already looking at you with a tired expression, his gaze darting from your eyes to your ear.
Feeling shy from his staring but too flustered to confront him about it, you simply let your gaze fall to your lap, thinking about the upcoming camping trip.
“I don’t have your number, do I?” He murmured, seeing you shake your head no.
Unlocking your phone, you passed it to him so he could enter his contact, not missing the way he’d put his name as Chan instead of Chris, adding a wolf emoji behind his name.
“Thanks….for the dinner,” you murmured, seeing as you were getting closer to your house, figuring you had better say it now than never.
Chan huffed, “I should be thanking you, for not rejecting the offer,” he told you.
You scoffed, not believing that this was the first time, “I mean, you’re always swarmed at peaches, pretty sure it’s not the first time someone accepted your dinner offers,” you joked, regretting your joke when you saw the way he smiled at you, as if he knew something you didn’t.
“It kind of is….maybe ‘cause I never had the time to….offer to get dinner with all my work going on,” he said casually.
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, your mouth running faster than your mind could process, “so what made you do it this time?” you laughed.
Chan shrugged, leaning forward to rest his head lightly on the headrest of the seat, turning to look at you with an unreadable expression, his voice barely louder than a whisper.
“I don’t know, sweetie. Something about you just seems to keep pulling me in,” he shrugged.
"Why do you keep calling me sweetie?” You let out a nervous huff of laughter, looking elsewhere in fear that looking at him would make you more flustered, not knowing what sort of confidence came over you for you to ask him so boldly.
“Would you rather me call you something else? Honey? Baby—”
“How about my name?” You interrupted before he could go any further, your reaction seemed to have amused him to no end, making him erupt in a fit of giggles.
“Well that’s no fun, is it?” He scrunched his nose up in distaste, making you scoff.
“Why do I get the feeling that you won’t stop even if I asked you to?” you narrowed your eyes at him.
Pushing himself off where he leaned against his seat, he’d leaned dangerously close to you, your heartbeat starting to race at his proximity before he’d abruptly ruffled your hair, leaning back as if nothing happened.
“You are absolutely right,” he had a triumphant smile on his face.
Shaking your head in feigned disapproval, you saw that the car was slowing down, the driver trying to find your apartment complex.
“Yep, you can stop here,” you told the driver, slinging your bag onto your shoulder before waving at Chan.
“Goodnight,” you murmured, smiling out of your sheer shyness that you couldn’t explain (or maybe you could, but just didn’t want to admit it—ignorance is bliss after all).
He gave you a tired smile, tilting his head as he waved at you. You were already getting out of the car, leaning down before you closed the door since he seemed like he was about to say something.
After that day, Chan had started texting you, and you weren’t sure what to make of it, not wanting to misinterpret friendliness for flirting but at the same time not being able to stop yourself from thinking it was as such.
You would see him at peaches, and he would come sit with you during his breaks, and you would spend time lounging at the sofas reading books and sharing funny or interesting things about the book with each other, much to Jisung’s entertainment.
“I see that now you have Chan you don’t need me to accompany you to peaches anymore?” he would tell you, not without a dramatic sigh.
“That’s not true, we just hang out during his breaks,” you shrugged, nervous that Jisung’s questioning would actually make sense.
“And tell me again why you guys don’t just decide to date?” you shushed him, not wanting Felix to overhear your conversation since he was clearing a table near where you and Jisung were sitting.
Felix said he’d given Chan the day off since he had pretty big pieces to do for his clients these few days, which according to Felix would take at least 7 hours each and left Chan feeling dead tired afterwards.
“It’s not up to me,” you shrugged.
Jisung gave you an unamused look, “oh, really.”
You glared at him, “you better not try anything weird when we go camping or I'll really throw you in the lake.”
“Over my dead body,” Jisung stuck his tongue out at you, “I’ll see you guys married before I let you kill me.”
And it seemed Jisung really did mean it, because when the day came for you guys to go camping, you had met with Jisung and Felix outside peaches to wait for Hyunjin and Chan to come pick you guys up, the two boys showing up eventually, with Chan sitting in the passenger’s seat.
Momentarily relieved that you wouldn’t be put in another stressful situation of squeezing in the backseat with Chan, your relief was short-lived when Jisung had eyed the passenger’s seat, executing the first step of his self-proclaimed brilliant plan.
“I want the front seat! Please, I get motion sickness,” he deadpanned, knowing Chan would be worried enough for him to switch seats with him.
Chan had his hood covering his head when he got out of the car, looking more than a little tired as he murmured a soft greeting to you, surprising you when he pulled you into a hug, earning you an excited smile from Jisung who was already seated in the passenger’s seat. He greeted Felix with a hug as well, letting you get into the car before he did, Felix going in after him.
“Sorry, I really wanted to talk to you but I’m really tired, hope you don’t mind if I just take a nap,” he murmured to you, earning a dismissive shake of the head from you.
“No, no, not at all, go ahead,” you assured him, “it’s a pretty long ride anyway, might as well use it.”
You didn’t miss the appreciative smile he gave you before he leaned his head back on the headrest, folding his arms in front of his chest and closing his eyes.
“He didn’t get much sleep last night, was up late doing designs for one of his clients,” Hyunjin murmured after a while when Felix had commented on how Chan had fallen asleep so quickly.
You nodded, figuring some clients would have more specific demands for tattoos since their shop was pretty well known.
Looking out the window as Hyunjin drove, you gawked at how nice the scenery was, preparing yourself for the turn that he was about to make, your body tensing up when you’d felt Chan’s head fall gently against your shoulder, having slid down in his seat after falling asleep.
Not wanting to wake him, you silently hoped your shoulder wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for his head, trying to stay still so you wouldn’t wake him up.
Jisung had turned around to tell you about a ‘wild boar’ he claimed he’d spotted, stopping himself when he saw Chan’s head resting on your shoulder, pressing his lips together.
“I think the universe is helping me execute my plan.” Bringing a first up to his mouth, he pretended to tear up.
Glaring at him, you ignored both him and the way Chan unconsciously leaned into you as he slept, relaxing after a while as you grew to find it comfortable.
“We’re almost here,” Felix told you, giving you an amused look, “pretty comfortable over there, huh?”
You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help the smile from your face, shaking your head.
When Hyunjin had stopped the car, him, Jisung and Felix were already getting out of the car to help shift the things out from the trunk, and you’d shifted your body to the side as carefully as you could, lifting Chan’s head from your shoulder gently, one of your palms against his cheek, a part of your heart fluttering when you felt him lean into your touch.
Snapping out of it, you cleared your throat softly.
“Chan,” you murmured, tapping his hand to wake him, his eyebrows furrowing before his hands came up to rub his eyes, leaning away from your hand.
“Y/N?” He murmured.
“We’re already at the cabin,” you huffed in amusement.
Chan opened his eyes, glancing at his surroundings, “oh, sorry,” he turned away, pushing the door open and getting out quickly, and you swore you saw his ears tint pink, wondering if he was actually shy or if you were just hallucinating.
Once you were out, you saw Jisung waving you over, “help me,” he whined, making you roll your eyes, but you left Chan’s side to go help him bring the cooler of drinks and whatnot into the cabin, Hyunjin choosing now to explain the room situation.
“You guys can choose roomies now, I’m probably rooming with Chan,” Hyunjin raised his hand to announce once you were all in the cabin.
“We’ll take the other room,” Jisung shouted, already grabbing your hand to pull you aside as if you were picking teams in school instead of just deciding roommate situations.
Felix laughed, nodding, “I’ll take the last room then.”
Only when you’d gone into the room you realised that it was already about mid-afternoon, and you had heard Felix shout something about going to play at the lake, hearing shouts of agreement from Hyunjin and Chan.
“Did you bring clothes for swimming?” Jisung asked you, and you answered him with a shake of the head.
“Wasn’t planning on swimming,” you told him.
Jisung looked at you, erupting into boisterous laughter, “shit, me neither….black shirt should do, don’t you think?”
You shook your head, laughing with him, “not like we have much of a choice.”
After getting changed, you’d met up with the rest of them outside the cabin, Hyunjin leading the group of you to a lake near a small waterfall, Felix, Hyunjin and Jisung jumping in first, leaving you and Chan behind.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” you asked Chan.
“I could ask you the same thing,” he gave you a look, “do you know how to swim?”
You nodded confidently…before shrugging, “I know the basics, like floating,” you said to defend your lack of skill.
Chan brought his tattooed arm over his chest to grab his other shoulder, “doesn’t matter, nothing to be ashamed of,” he told you casually, getting into the water and holding a hand out for you to take.
Stepping down carefully, you’d used Chan as a leverage for you to get into the water, almost stumbling when you’d stepped on a particularly slippery part of land, Chan quickly reaching his hands out to your waist to steady you, your face and neck heating up from how flustered you were.
Chan had helped you till you were able to walk on your own, surprising you when you found that the water reached up to your chest.
You heard Jisung call out for a game of chicken, deciding you would split into pairs and the losers would have to cook for later.
“I pick Felix! He’s super light!” Hyunjin called out, raising his hand to make his point known.
You were about to call for Jisung when he’d raised his hands.
“I’m the referee!” he shouted, making you gape at him, knowing this was probably another part of his plan.
“Alright, so me and Y/N are one team,” Chan said, nodding at Jisung.
Turning to you, Chan brushed his hair away from his forehead, wetting his lips before he spoke.  
“You can’t have me on your shoulders, I’m too heavy,” Chan laughed, making you cover your face.
“I can’t believe Jisung,” you muttered to yourself.
“what was that?” Chan asked, already making his way in front of you, and you saw that Felix was already on Hyunjin’s shoulders, the only advantage they had visibly being that Hyunjin was taller.
“Nothing,” you blurted, glaring at Jisung when he gestured for you to hurry up, Chan bending down in front of you to make it easier for you to climb on, his hand going behind your leg to push you up, and you’d settled down quickly, trying to see if you could balance well.
“Is it okay if I put my hands here? Is it stable?” you felt Chan place his hands around your shins, but you still felt like it was pretty wobbly. Either that or you were just in a generally wobbly mood from ending up in this situation with Chan.
“Not really, it still feels like I could fall,” you hummed,  your breath hitching when he’d moved his hands up to place them above your knees, hoping he hadn’t felt the way you tensed up. (He did)
“Is this better?” he asked, making you blurt out a small ‘yeah’, oblivious to the looks Hyunjin and Jisung were exchanging.
“Okay firstly the rules are: have fun, no kicking or biting, once you get knocked off you lose even if you’re still on your partner’s shoulders,” Jisung mustered his best announcer’s voice as he explained the rules.
But a part of you couldn’t focus with the way Felix was taunting you and Chan was drumming his fingers on your thigh.
“Ready?” Jisung lifted his hands as though he were starting a boxing match. “Go!”
You almost screamed with how quickly Hyunjin had advanced, Felix reaching out his hands towards you which you responded instinctively to by holding your hands out in front of you, palms facing him, pushing at his hands.
“Y/N I think the point is to push him off, not hi-five him to death,” Jisung cackled, making Chan laugh as well, Hyunjin moving to splash water in Chan’s direction.
Once Felix had caught hold of your hands, you knew you were in for it, he’d interlocked your fingers, trying to sway you left and right in the hopes that it would make you more wobbly.
“Having a good time on your date up there?” Hyunjin called out sarcastically, starting to get tired of balancing from all of Felix’s movements.
You swore you felt Chan grip your legs tighter from Hyunjin’s statement, making you eager to end the game.
Felix had let his grip loosen almost momentarily in his distraction when he glanced at Chan for his reaction, and you took that as an opportunity to find his weak spot, tickling the area under his wrist, making him draw his hand back quickly with a squeal, all of this happening while Hyunjin was trying to rub his eyes, Felix’s hand on his head making his hair press against his eyes.
Once you saw the opportunity, you prodded at Felix’s side, his ticklish reaction sending him falling off Hyunjin’s shoulders, a loud splash sounding when he landed in the water. Followed by shouts from Jisung and a loud groan from Hyunjin, of course.
“Hyunjin and Felix are on dinner duty, then!” You cheered, your hands going down to Chan’s hair when you almost lost your balance in your excitement, accidentally tugging on his hair, making his hands fly up to yours, having to keep himself from letting his eyes roll back, peeling your hands away from his hair.
“Woah, woah, woah, let’s get you down from there,” Chan laughed nervously, making you realize what you were doing, letting him bend down so you could get off of him, jumping in the water to get used to it again.
You’d made your way over to Felix, wanting to make sure he was okay, seeing him wiping the water from his face, “are you alright?” you asked.
“Look at him, gloating,” Felix pretended to be upset, directing your attention towards Chan, who looked your way, but you looked away immediately when he’d lifted his shirt slightly to keep it from clinging to his skin.
Dear God, you hoped Jisung hadn’t seen that.
“Wow, Chan, okay we get it!” Jisung yelled, making Chan drop his hands, a shy smile on his face.
Jisung looked at you with wide eyes, “did you see that?!” He whispered harshly to you while Chan was busy discussing something with Hyunjin.
Felix gave you a look, “why does he seem like he wanted you to see that?” He pointed at Jisung, making you shake your head, for lack of a better response.
“Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Felix continued, lowering his voice so they wouldn’t hear, “do you guys like…as in like you and is there something going on?” Felix asked, his eyes widening in curiosity.
As you glanced over at the subject of your conversation, making eye contact with Chan as he gave you a soft smile, unknowingly returning the smile before turning back to face Felix.
“What makes you think that?” you murmured, feigning confidence.
“Well, for one, that weird smile thing you guys just did,” Jisung pointed out, making you roll your eyes.
“Doesn’t mean anything, he’s just…really friendly,” you shrugged, frowning when Jisung leant over to whisper something in Felix’s ear, after which he’d left promptly to head over to Hyunjin and Chan.  
Felix looked at you with a teasing smirk, “yeah, very friendly from the looks of it,” he waggled his eyebrows at you suggestively.
About to react defensively (as usual), your attention was diverted from Felix when you heard Hyunjin clear his throat, “hey guys, I think me and Felix will head back to wash up first so we won’t start preparing dinner too late,” you heard scattered murmurs of agreement before Hyunjin had started heading out of the lake.
“Stay with him,” Jisung instructed you urgently, making your eyes widen in confusion, seeing as Chan looked as though he had no plans on leaving the lake.
Increasing his volume, he announced, “I’ll be heading back with them too, you guys can just take your time, I’ll call you guys back when we’re done washing up,” Jisung waved, following behind Felix and Hyunjin.
Hyunjin turned around to wink at you, “have fun,” he drawled, which as much as you tried to ignore, you couldn’t help but read into.
Chan made his way to where you were in the water, tilting his head at you expectantly, “you’re staying here too?” he asked, his unexpected question catching you by surprise.
Nodding slowly, you’d brought your hand to brush against the surface of the water gently, “figured I could use a little break too.”
There was a hint of a smile on Chan’s face, nodding, “you still scared about school?”
You contemplated the question, realising that you were in fact a lot less anxious about school compared to a few weeks ago. “I’m alright, really… what about you?”
Chan shrugged, “usual, I guess,” he led you to an area of the lake that was more calm, the sun beginning to grow less harsh, “if you’re bored waiting for school to start you’re always welcome to come to the studio, you know.”
“Jisung’s been telling me the exact same thing,” you said with a laugh, “says I could get myself a tattoo while i’m at it.”
You hadn’t expected Chan to be so serious about it, “well, you can, you know.”
Shaking your head, you let out a huff of laughter, almost shy under his gaze as you averted your gaze, “oh, no, i’m not really too keen,” you said.
Your words had struck a nerve with Chan, making him wonder if his tattoos were making you uncomfortable. Though he’d bounced back quickly, lighting up with a smile, his dimples showing obviously as he did so.
“My friends and I used to come here a lot…sometimes I would come here just to chill and just like…float around, it’s pretty nice. Especially in the early mornings,” he told you, using his hands to push the water around.
“I don’t really know how to explain it,” he admitted, “it was a really nice feeling.” He told you, though he himself didn’t sound very satisfied with the adjective he’d chosen.
“If you could compare it to a feeling you get when you do something else, what would it be?” you asked out of sheer curiosity, earning a thoughtful hum from him.
“Lemme think about it?” He requested, earning a nod from you before he continued, “you mentioned just now that you knew how to float, right?” he smirked, earning another nose scrunch from you.
“Well, by float I kind of meant like…yeah, you know maybe I kind of exaggerated that a little,” you gave him a sheepish smile.
Chan pressed his lips together in an attempt to stifle his laugh, nodding as you felt him grasp your wrists.
“Do you trust me?” he asked, and you didn’t even have time to feel embarrassed at how quickly you nodded.
I mean, you let this man near your face with a needle, it was a little too late to say you didn’t trust him at this point.
Angling your body so your side was facing him, you felt his hand go behind your back, “relax,” he let out an amused huff, making you sigh, nodding as you tried your best to relax your muscles.
“Now, just like, lean back, and make sure you look up.”
You did as you were told, keeping your hands by your side and your head up facing the sky, all the while feeling his hands behind your back supporting you, a strange feeling of calm washing over you as you looked at the sky which was beginning to set.
Chan noticed it too, the way he felt you relax under his touch, enjoying how calm you looked now, happy that he could share this experience with you.
After you decided you were calm enough, you leaned forward, Chan’s hands instinctively going to the nape of your neck  to steady you as you got up, with you ending up facing him, his hand still gently cupping the nape of your neck, his other hand finding its way onto your waist.
“How was it?” he breathed, a hint of a smile playing at his lips.
“I think I get why you like doing that…it felt…nice,” you murmured, “have you thought of it yet?”
Chan nodded, a strange feeling building within him that he could only describe as warmth, feeling as though something in him was drawing him closer to you without him knowing.
“It’s kind of like...calling you after a long day,” a shy giggle leaving his lips after his statement.
Your breath hitched, the feeling of receiving such personal information rendering you at a loss of words. Unconsciously, there was a feeling of want building inside of you when you could see Chan leaning in, your head unconsciously tilting upwards, not daring to close your eyes yet, and his lips were barely inches away from yours, so close that you really thought that Chan was going to kiss you in the middle of this lake.
Though just as his other hand had went under the water to touch your waist gently, you figured the universe had decided it wasn’t time yet.
“Guys! I’m back! You guys can go shower now!” you jumped when you heard Jisung’s voice, immediately moving away so you could put some distance between you and Chan.
Chan brought his hands up to his ears, pressing and rubbing them firmly, getting out of the lake first to help you get out of the water, all the while Jisung had been eyeing you suspiciously.
The walk back was otherwise silent, with Jisung going off to disturb Felix and Hyunjin while you took a shower. Once you were done, you took your time drying your hair, seeing a text from Jisung come in asking you to hurry up.
Walking over to the barbecue pit you noticed Chan had taken over for Felix, grilling the meat with an ease that had let you know just how much he’d probably done it before.
“That smells really good,” you hummed, seeing Chan look up from the grill to give you a shy smile, nodding at you.
“D’you want some?” he asked, holding a small piece he’d just cut between the tongs, blowing on it before holding it out for you, a hand cupped underneath in case it fell.
Feeling Hyunjin’s gaze on you, as well as Felix and Jisung, you felt put on the spot, leaning over to take the piece between your teeth, letting out a satisfied hum at the taste.
“Alright, sorry to interrupt your…whatever this is, but we’re gonna steal Y/N for a while, so bye,” Jisung waved, linking his arm around your elbow and dragging you away with a very giggly Felix.
“Okay, let’s begin the meeting,” Felix announced authoritatively once you were seated at the campfire area. Jisung joined in on the joke smoothly, “okay, I’ll take minutes.”
“Why am I here, again?” You sighed, fiddling with the side of the foldable chair you were sitting on, crossing your legs to get into a more comfortable position.
Felix giggled, shaking his head before continuing, “important question, what do you think of Chan?”
You scrunched your nose up in distaste, “how am I supposed to answer that objectively?” You whined, seeing Felix nod encouragingly at you.
“No, no, that’s the point! I want you to be as subjective as possible.”
You hummed, “well, I don’t know, I guess, he’s really nice…and considerate?” Most of the time, at least. “He’s…cute? Like you know, the whole…dimples and all,” you shrugged, shuddering at how foreign it felt for you to actually list out the attributes you liked in Chan.
“He’s a real geek too, which is kind of cute, and all,” you mumbled, grimacing at them as a silent plea for them to end your misery.
“If,” Jisung emphasised, “you knew he liked you and whatever, would you get into a relationship with him?”
Felix made an impressed face at Jisung, “oh, that’s a good one. Chan doesn’t really date a lot,” He jut his lips out thoughtfully.
“I guess…I would? I mean,” you hummed in thought, “from what I’ve experienced, I feel like I can trust him? That’s the vibe I get when I’m with him or when we like, you know, call... and all?”
Felix’s lips pulled into a pout, “I feel like we need to call in an expert for this.”
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, “huh? Who?”
Felix tapped his phone, setting it back down and giving you a cheeky smile, the playful glint in his eyes making you nervous.
And you should’ve been, because when you saw Hyunjin walking over you knew you were either in for an interrogation or a whole lot of teasing.
“Alright, Chan’s just setting the table so we don’t have long, what’s up?” Hyunjin nodded his head at Felix, hands in his pockets and a bored expression on his face.
“Has Chan been behaving strange…or like just..different lately?” Jisung asked, making Hyunjin look directly at you, narrowing his eyes at you in realisation.
“I knew it! I knew there was something up,” he cried, making you shush him in fear that Chan would hear.
“What are you talking about?” you shushed him.
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, plopping himself on the seat next to Jisung.
“Let me just tell you,” he sighed deeply, “Chan has been so weird recently. He gets shy at even the slightest mention of you, and don’t think I don’t see how he’s been on his phone more lately.”
“I’ve noticed a great increase in thirst traps as well,” Jisung said seriously, clasping his hands together as if he were a reporter.
“Exactly my point!” Hyunjin told Jisung, “my bet, is that he’s been trying to get your attention but he’s doing it in the only way he knows how and that’s being a flirty bitch,” he said simply, leaning back with a nonchalant shrug.
Jisung nodded slowly, turning to Hyunjin, “I didn’t really like you at first...but can I just say...I love you.”
You brushed him off quickly, “are you sure, though? ‘Cause like, I’ve been telling myself for a long time now that I didn’t wanna read too deep into his actions,” you winced.
“Honestly, the best piece of advice I can give you right now is to just read into it.” Hyunjin told you, earning vigorous nods from Jisung and Felix.
“We should probably be heading back now, before Chan starts to get suspicious,” Felix murmured.
This made Hyunjin giggle, “yeah, I told him I was coming here to call you guys.”
Upon reaching back to the small barbecue area, you saw that Chan was already seated, giving you a soft smile when he spotted you.
“Food smells great, thanks guys,” Jisung sighed in satisfaction, him, Felix and Hyunjin having shared some sort of unspoken agreement to let Chan sit next to you, unbeknownst to you.

Suppressing the tension in you that you were feeling whenever Chan had reached over to put things on your plate, you had started eating, all of them falling silent when they ate, which you didn’t mind. But you knew Jisung did, and you wished you could disappear when he’d broken the silence.
“How’s your ear healing?” He asked pointedly over a mouthful of food, earning a confused hum from Felix, whose hand went up to his own ear with a frown.
“Ear? Who’s ear?” Felix followed Jisung’s gaze and realised you had a new piercing on your ear, his eyes widening, “woah, when did you get that done? It looks great! Dude, doesn’t it look great?”
He nudged Chan with his foot, making the older boy turn to you, nodding blankly, though his ears had started to grow redder with every second.
“I did it for her,” he shrugged, his casual demeanour making Felix nod slowly, a small smile appearing on his face as he gave Chan a knowing look.
“Thought you usually let Hyunjin do piercings?” Felix questioned pointedly, amusement laced in his tone.
Chan simply shrugged, pretending to be occupied with his food, “yeah, not always.”
You glared at Felix, telepathically asking him what he was trying to do, seeing him do a little happy dance in his seat, pretending not to notice your glare.
“Are we gonna set up the campfire after this?” Hyunjin asked, seeming to have taken pity on you, earning nods and hums in response. 

“We need to get the firewood from the back first,” Jisung mentioned, giving you a particularly pointed look.
You raised your eyebrows, trying to figure out what he was trying to imply before you realised.
“I can go get it later,” you offered (curse peer pressure), missing the way Hyunjin and Felix looked at Chan, exchanging triumphant looks when Chan had cleared his throat.
“I can go with you, it’s too much to carry on your own,” he proposed smoothly, his gaze meeting yours and his tongue darting out to wet his lips.
“Enjoy your date,” Jisung coughed, making you roll your eyes. You hoped the campfire would be over quickly.
While the rest of them were clearing up and setting up the snacks, you and Chan had gone to go get the firewood.
You would’ve usually found the silence to be quite soothing, with the way you could hear the crickets chirping and the gentle swishing of the lake, not to mention the way the air had gotten cooler from when you’d arrived. However, something about your discussion from just now had made your thoughts spiral into an endless cycle of trying to figure out what every one of his actions meant.
“Are you alright?” You asked abruptly after you noticed he wasn’t making any move to start any conversation.
“What makes you ask that?” He let out a small amused huff.
“I don’t know.. you know, like, Hyunjin told me just now in the car that you didn’t get much sleep these days and stuff…”
Chan gasped, holding his hand up to his mouth in exaggerated shock, “are you actually…worried for me?” He teased.
Scoffing, you ignored his giggles as you replied, “of course, I was. You slept like a log for the whole car ride,” you grit your teeth with feigned annoyance at him.
Chan shook his head calmly, not being able to help the smile from his face at your concern. “Honestly, you don’t have to worry about me. I mean, this is my job. I know that there will be times where I have to be tired to know that i’m moving forward, you know?” He shrugged, making you frown.
“That’s…true, I guess,” you murmured, seeing him step before you to open what looked like a garage door, seeing the firewood there, letting him pass some to you, “but you know…I couldn’t help but worry.”
Chan let out a surprised hum, taking a bunch of firewood in his arms, letting the door fall closed before he locked it back.
“Why? Did you think I wouldn’t take care of myself?” He asked, a small smirk on his face.
You nodded, “obviously, yes.”
Chan shrugged, “guess you have no choice but to take care of me, then.”
Your breath hitched, almost letting your firewood slip from your arms. Regaining your composure with a scoff, you ignored the way he giggled at your flustered expression.
Straightening up, you huffed at him, clenching your firewood tighter, “you’ve got to stop saying things like that.”
“Just….because,” you struggled to form a proper answer, knowing you couldn’t just expose yourself now, thankful that you were already reaching the campfire site.
Felix gave you guys a big wave when he saw you approaching them, cupping his hands around his mouth before yelling, “took you long enough!”
After struggling to light the fire, you’d sat in between Chan and Hyunjin, the warmth from the fire slightly uncomfortable but soothed by the soft wind blowing against your face and neck.
You were surprised to see how fast the sun set here, but strangely it put you in a calmer mood, maybe it was because you couldn’t see as much but you didn’t push the feeling away.
“Here,” you were interrupted from your stargazing when you saw a stick with a roasted marshmallow attached to the tip in front of you.
Looking at it hesitantly, you made a slight sound of uncertainty, feeling too full from your meal for snacks.
Shaking your head no, he gasped, “you have to try them, it’ll be good, I promise,” he nodded encouragingly at you.
Chan brought the stick closer to your lips, and you’d wanted to take it from him but it was already almost pressing against your lips, so you’d given up, ignoring Jisung’s smirk and taking the marshmallow into your mouth.
You gave a small hum at the sweetness, not having expected it to be so soft, smiling unconsciously when you saw the grin that he gave you after seeing your reaction.
After talking with the guys about their stories from the past whenever they came here, well, by they you meant Hyunjin and Chan, but you enjoyed the stories nonetheless. Something about the area holding more of an attractive charm to you.
After some time had passed and the sky had gotten even darker than before, you didn’t miss the way Chan had gotten quieter as time passed, simply smiling along with the stories but his eyes doing nothing to hide his fatigue.
Figuring it was about time to call it a day, you turned to Jisung to mouth ‘I’m tired’.
Jisung gave you a look that mirrored yours, nodding. Thankfully, he’d already made to stand up, Chan turning to give him a curious look.
“Hey, we’re gonna call it a day, you guys are free to continue hanging out if you want,” the rest of the boys nodded, Chan turning to you with a tired smile, reminding you of the car ride you shared, the look on his face making you want to just reach over and cup his cheeks, refraining from doing so by standing up abruptly, nodding.
“Goodnight, sweetie,” he smiled, eyes turning to crescents, making you smile in spite of your embarrassment, practically having to pull Jisung along with you back to the cabin with how much he was giggling.
Flopping onto the bed and getting ready to sleep afterwards, you’d feelt Jisung slip into the bed next to you, turning to face you with narrowed eyes.
“Don’t think I didn’t see what was happening at the lake just now,” he muttered, not being able to help the smile from his face.
“What exactly did you see?” you asked, just wanting to be sure he wasn’t just lying to make you admit to things (as usual).
“Oh yeah? Don’t act as if I didn’t see all of this,” he grabbed the pillow, grasping and looking at it with a hooded gaze, leaning closer only to pull back abruptly, directing his wide-eyed glare at you.
Jisung’s expression soon changed to one that was sheepish, “actually now that i’m thinking of it, maybe I shouldn’t have interrupted you guys,” he hummed, “but maybe it was a good thing too, if not I wouldn’t know what time you guys would return to the cabin,” he snickered, making you scoff.
Rolling your eyes, you’d reached past him to turn off the bedside lamp, “night, Jisung,” you sighed, for lack of a better retort.
You knew Jisung better than to have expected him to reply normally, rolling your eyes when you heard him muster a scarily accurate impression of Chan, “night, sweetie.”
“Shut up, Jisung.”
You weren’t sure what time it was, but all you knew was that when you woke up Jisung was still in bed snoring. Carefully stepping out so you wouldn’t wake him, you stepped out of bed, spotting Felix already huddled around the tv there with Hyunjin.  
“Morning,” Felix greeted, making Hyunjin turn around to greet you with a nod as well.
“Uh-huh,” you yawned, dragging yourself over to them. “What’s the plan for today?”
“Hyunjin and I thought it’d be a fun idea for us to play games today, and since it’s only a few of us I thought it’d be a good chance for you and Chan to, you know…” Felix dropped his voice to a whisper, “bond.”
“Jisung would love that,” you shook your head in dread, your thoughts wandering back to Chan, about to ask where he was.
“He went for a run, if that’s what you’re wondering,” Hyunjin told you with an amused lilt to his tone, making you flush in embarrassment.
“What makes you think I was wondering that?” you scoffed, tilting your chin up defiantly at him, your gaze looking him up and down for added intimidation (not that Hyunjin cared, of course).
Hyunjin merely shrugged, giggling, “pretty sure you know the answer to that yourself.”
You left them in the living room to go take a shower, sitting on the bed when you were done, shaking Jisung awake gently.
Jisung groaned, his hands coming up to rub his eyes, “what time is it?”
“Almost one, please get up. Felix and Hyunjin said we’re gonna play some bonding games today,” you sighed, laughing when you saw the way he stretched his arms out above his head, his eyes scrunching shut.
“Bonding games?” he whined, “the hell? I feel like I’m at a school camp,” he whined.
“He says the winner gets to dine free at peaches for a month,” he perked up at that, sitting up in bed.
“A very good school camp,” he corrected, an impressed hum leaving his lips.
Rolling your eyes, you saw him get up, moving to go to the bathroom to wash up, “I’m gonna go find things to eat,” you hummed, hearing him grunt in response, which you took as your cue to leave, stepping out of the room and walking to the kitchen area.
Fortunately or unfortunately for you, Chan was there, standing leaning against the counter in all of his post-workout glory, dressed in another black sleeveless shirt and shorts, sipping water and using his phone.
“Morning, sweetie,” he greeted with a smile, strangely making you nervous, suddenly unable to make eye contact with him.
“Heard from Hyunjin that we’re staying in the cabin today?” he asked, bringing his water bottle up to his lips to take a long sip.
You nodded, and as if on cue, Felix had entered the house, pushing his damp-looking hair away from his forehead as he walked over to where you were.
“It’s starting to rain outside, so I don’t think outdoor activities are much of an option right now,” he gestured out the window.
Following his gaze to the window you realized that it really was raining, the droplets slowly decorating the window.
“There’s a few board games near the fireplace, we can just play with those,” Chan gestured to the living room and Felix nodded, already making his way over.
“I’m gonna go shower, you guys can start first if you’re all ready,” he called before walking off leaving you and Felix in the living room to fish out the board games from the cupboard. You were surprised to find that they were still in good condition, not having expected them to be anything but dusty after being kept in the cupboard for god-knows-how-long.
“Okay, so we have a few options,” Felix murmured, picking up the games as he spoke, “there’s ‘uno’, there’s ‘monopoly deal’, whatever this is, ‘clue’..” he trailed off once he didn’t recognize whatever the rest of the games were.
“I’m leaning towards ‘uno’,” Felix hummed, considering the games as seriously as you’d ever seen him, not even looking away when you heard one of the doors open, Jisung making his way over to where you guys were, Hyunjin following behind him with a yawn.
“What are those?” Jisung asked.
“Board games, come here, take a look,” you beckoned him and Hyunjin over, seeing them bring a few games of their choice over to the coffee table, the four of you taking your places naturally at each side of the table.
“Should we decide on lunch first? I’m hungry,” Hyunjin suggested, whining and patting his stomach like a child.
Felix had raised his phone up at that, a smug look on his face, “I ordered us some pizza just now because I saw that they delivered here.”
You sighed at the thought of food as you thanked Felix, beginning to grow peckish at the thought of food, directing your attention towards the television in your attempt to find a distraction.
“Does that tv work?” You asked, seeing Hyunjin nod, leaning his arms on the coffee table to support his head as he waited for Felix to distribute the cards in his clumsy, Felix way.
“I watched some movies on it this morning, they’ve only been playing Christmas movies though, the channels are pretty limited.”
“I’m fine with Christmas movies,” you hummed, Jisung sighing deeply beside you.
“I wish it was Christmas.”
Changing your location to the sofa, you made yourself comfortable as Felix chose the channel, Jisung insisting on dimming the lights for the living room to look more cozy, after which he made his way over to where you were seated on the sofa.
“Can I sit here,” Jisung pointed next to you with a pointed look, “or did you already reserve it for your boyfriend.”
Jisung’s head snapped around to see Chan coming into the living room, dressed in a baby blue sweater and black sweatpants, his hair slightly damp and messy on his head. The sight of his smirk flustering you into fixing your gaze on the television.
Jisung’s mouth clamped shut quickly, shaking his head dismissively as Hyunjin struggled to stifle a laugh.
Chan had ‘let’ Jisung sit on the sofa next to you, seating himself on the space on the floor between the coffee table and the sofa in front of where you sat, his proximity causing you to pick up the hint of cologne he was wearing.
“Oh, Christmas movies! Nice,” Chan commented, earning a ‘I know right?’ from Felix, meanwhile Jisung was wiggling his eyebrows at you, using his index finger and thumb to pinch his sweater and pointing at Chan, which you figured was Jisung’s sign language for ‘doesn’t he look good in that sweater?’
Ignoring Jisung for the sake of your sanity, the uno cards went ignored as the group of you focused on the movie. Something about the mood of the movie served to put you in a calm mood, ( or maybe it was Chan’s presence, you couldn’t tell ) so much so that you didn’t realise how quickly time passed until you heard a knock at the door.
You wouldn’t know this but Chan was thankful for his seat in front of you, figuring that if he were seated next to you he wouldn’t have been able to think about anything other than putting his arm around you or something cheesy like that.
Jumping up quickly, Felix offered to take the pizza, coming back to the living room with the boxes and a too-large bottle of sofa, placing it onto the coffee table with a harsh thud.
Hyunjin was quick to start eating, and Chan had turned his head around to look at you, shifting to the left to make space for you on the floor. You know, just out of his consideration.
Giving him an appreciative nod, you reached over to take a slice, not missing the way Chan poured drinks for everyone, silently doing things for them to take care of them, something about it making your heart swell just a little bit more.
“Can we play a game after this? The movie’s getting kind of boring,” Jisung frowned, his tone extra desperate, you should’ve known his intentions when he’d waited until Chan wasn’t looking to shoot you a wink.
Shrugging and murmurs of ‘yeah why not’ or ‘sure’s sounded among the group, Felix turning to Chan with a knowing look on his face.
“This one’s really competitive when it comes to games,” he gestured at Chan with his pizza crust.
Chan lowered his head, a shy smile on his face, his clean hand coming up to touch his ear, though he made no effort to deny Felix’s accusation.
“Really?” You asked, hoping you hadn’t replied too quickly, seeing Hyunjin nod gravely at you.
“I thought I was competitive but that was until I swam with him,” Hyunjin said with a raise of his eyebrows, shaking his head.
“It’s your fault for thinking you could go against him, you of all people knew he won all those medals in the past,” Felix laughed, making Hyunjin let out a stubborn huff.
“Medals?” Jisung hummed thoughtfully, nudging you with his knee.
“Yeah, I was in a lot of swimming competitions when I was younger,” Chan told you, a rather embarrassed expression on his face.
“A lot,” Felix echoed, a strange feeling building inside you from the new-found information, something in you finding the thought of baby Chan swimming absolutely endearing.
“Enough about me,” Chan waved his hand in dismissal, “let’s just play, okay?” Chan changed the topic quickly, making Jisung jeer but moving to clear the table nonetheless.
Once you were all done clearing up and washing your hands, Jisung having made sure to occupy a lot more space so it left you and Chan with little space, you’d returned to the living room, seeing they’d already laid out different games on the table.
You realized they’d decided on playing uno first, leaning over to Jisung with an urgency to your gaze.
“Why are we playing this?” you whispered harshly, panic in your eyes, earning a snort from Jisung, who shielded his cards from you almost immediately. Talk about friendship.
“I’m not teaching it to you again, you never listen to me,” he scolded you, making you frown as he pushed your stack of cards towards you, “face your fate, loser.”
The game had started, all of them seeming to know what was going on, and you hoped it wouldn’t be too obvious that you didn’t know what you were doing, always having to clarify if what you were doing was correct before putting it down, and it was no surprise that you were always at the brunt of the ‘+’ cards, Chan noticing not long into the game that you weren’t necessarily going in with a strategy.
“Uno!” You heard Felix shout, followed by Chan, and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
“Wait, so do you win?” you mumbled, your hand coming up to touch your deck anxiously, peering at the middle stack of cards in confusion.
Chan laughed, “not yet, we still have to clear the last card.”
Nodding slowly, you simply followed the flow of the game, already having given up on winning, especially when Hyunjin yelped, Chan setting down his last card with a triumphant grin on his face.
Your lips parted in shock, about to set your cards down to reshuffle when you heard Jisung call out, “Second best!” and the game proceeded.
Chan leant back and rested his weight on his hands, tilting his head and peering over at your hand, a small giggle leaving him at the neat arrangement of the cards by colour and value.
You lifted the card of your choice slightly, showing it to him, silently asking what he thought, and he leant over to tell you which ones you could put down, and as you continued you were shocked at the rapid rate your hand was decreasing in number.
Your breath hitched, body tensing slightly when Chan had rest a arm on your shoulder, not having noticed how close he was to you until now ( and neither had he ), his left hand going up to either direct you or place the card down for you.
“Why does this feel so different from how I usually play?” you marvelled as he’d basically played for you.
“Maybe because Chan actually knows what he’s doing,” Jisung snickered, earning chuckles from Felix and Hyunjin as you scoffed.
As if by some miracle, Chan had helped you win the second place, earning protests from Felix who insisted that it doesn’t count because Chan played for you, to which you ignored, obviously.
Demanding for a break to regain his composure, Jisung had slumped against the sofa in defeat, and you’d almost instinctively reached over to nudge him when you realised Chan’s arm was still weighing on your shoulder.
He shifted his arm, bringing his hand up to push your hair away from your ear, “sorry, d’you mind? Just wanna check if it’s healing alright.”
You nodded, your gaze following Felix leaving to get more snacks, Hyunjin eyeing you suspiciously.
“Was it alright after we went swimming yesterday?”
You nodded, trying to ignore the way Jisung was tucking his hair behind his ear obviously behind Chan, batting his eyes at you.
“I think you can give it a few more weeks and it should be all healed,” he nodded, bringing his hand off of your shoulder, an unreadable expression on his face, which only served to make you more nervous. Chan wasn’t sure why he’d done this to himself, the urge to just bring you somewhere away from the boys and kiss you starting to become a little suffocating.
"I should probably still visit you, right? Just to be sure,” you murmured, averting your gaze to the bracelet on his wrist.
Chan smiled, his eyebrows lifting slightly in amusement, “you don’t need an excuse to come and see me… ”
And just like that, you dared yourself to meet his gaze again, instantly regretting your action when you saw the way Chan was glancing between your eyes and your lips, the giddy feeling building within you almost making you forget that Hyunjin and Jisung were in the room.
The boys wouldn’t have this, of course, and they’d made their presence known, Jisung’s loud cough making Chan’s gaze dart up, and in your shock you’d immediately put some distance between the both of you, flushing from how reckless you’d almost been. This wasn’t like you.
Standing up, you excused yourself to go to the washroom, Chan seeming to have regained his composure fairly quickly judging by the giggle that had escaped him from seeing how flustered you were.
“Hello?” Hyunjin chided, “we’re still here, you know.”
Chan sighed, “unfortunately.”
This made Jisung gasp, “that’s gross,” he shivered exaggeratedly, turning to Hyunjin, “speaking of which, when should we start heading back?”
Hyunjin glanced at the time as Felix was making his way back to the living room, “I think we can play one or two more games before we start to leave, we already packed up the rest of our stuff last night after you and Y/N went to sleep.”
“I’ve got this family dinner tonight, so I don’t think i’ll be joining you guys for dinner,” Felix pouted, earning a grunt of acknowledgement from Hyunjin.
Jisung pursed his lips, looking as though he were about to say something, finally relaxing his shoulders and shrugging, "I have no excuse. I just want to go home and sleep.”
“What about you, Chan?” Hyunjin asked, earning a shrug from the older boy. “Don’t you still have to finish up that design for next week?” Hyunjin prompted, referring to the client that Chan had been specially dealing with recently.
Chan shook his head, “that can wait till tomorrow,” he sighed.
Meanwhile, in the bathroom, you’d splashed your face with water, hoping that you could lessen the heat you felt from your previous encounter with Chan. Giving yourself a resolute stare in the mirror as you convinced yourself that your cheeks totally weren’t pink right now.
After much convincing, you decided you were spending a little too much time in the washroom, returning to the living room at a reluctant pace, nervous at the sight of the boys all seated there talking and laughing.
“Did you show Jisung that thigh piece you did for that girl?” your eyes widened at Hyunjin’s question.
Thigh piece? You’d reminded yourself that tattoos could be anywhere, even places you would be too flustered to let Chan touch.
Chan was the first to notice that you were back, shooting you an amused smirk once you were seated next to him.
“Are you..better?” he teased, making you roll your eyes, waving him off.
“What are you guys talking about?” you asked, curious yet scared of your possible discovery.
“Chan did this sick piece for this girl, it was huge, it took him like 3 days,” Hyunjin said, words speeding up in his excitement as he took his phone out to show you the design.
Hyunjin had shoved his phone at Felix first, earning a low sound of approval from Felix, “wow, this is so cool.”
You grew more curious as the phone was passed to Jisung, all the while Chan simply smiled shyly, dimples appearing in his satisfaction that his work was being appreciated.
“This whole thing?! Where did she get it on?” Jisung exclaimed, making you furrow your eyebrows, suspicion rising.
Jisung shoved Hyunjin’s phone before you, and you saw a large detailed work that looked like a lady you would see in those scary lara croft movies.
Your eyes widened, a part of you feeling a little intimidated by the image.
“She said she wanted something that was like... a little creepy with like tomb raider vibes so I just went with it,” Chan explained, making you nod thoughtfully, hoping your shock wasn’t too obvious.
“You didn’t answer the question about the placement, though,” Felix spoke up with a curious lilt to his tone, looking down at his thigh and trying to mark out with his hand possible areas to place a tattoo like that.
“It’s a little hard to describe, we spent a while discussing but we eventually decided that we’d put it somewhere here,” Chan leaned over to Felix who had his leg already stretched out, placing a hand at the side of Felix’s upper thigh, marking an area that covered a little bit of the butt and most of the side of his thigh.
“It was crazy, the details were really amazing,” Hyunjin let out a low whistle.
“Thanks,” Chan laughed, making you scrunch your nose, your first thought being how the process would be like, knowing whoever was getting the tattoo would have to be showing quite a bit of skin to get it done. Since when were you so uptight? Snap out of it, it was just a tattoo on her thigh, no big deal.
Though you couldn’t help but turn to Jisung, lowering your volume to a discreet murmur.  
“Does that mean she had to take off her pants?!” you whispered harshly, making Jisung burst into a bout of hearty laughter.
“Is that your concern? because I mean, it’s not like Chan’s gonna tattoo her clothes, right?” Jisung’s chest heaved with how hard he was laughing, his statement catching Chan’s attention, said boy turning to you with an amused look.
“What’s wrong, baby? Are you shy?”
Jisung squealed, and you pitied Hyunjin for sitting next to Jisung because now he was the victim of Jisung’s hits.
You sucked in a sharp breath, feigning confidence by glaring at Chan, though on the inside you already knew you were more than flustered from his comment, wondering what gave him the audacity to be so bold.
“Mayhaps…” Hyunjin gave you a teasing smirk, “jealous?”
Felix’s eyes widened, excitedly tapping his leg in anticipation.
“Shut up,” you waved your hands, shooting a look at Chan, “I’m going to get water,” you murmured, starting to get up when you saw Chan stand up as well.
“I’ll go too,” he said, raising his hands up in defence when he saw you turn around to glare at him, “what? I just wanna look at what snacks we can bring back.”
Sighing, you let him follow behind you to the kitchen, pouring yourself a glass of water while he rummaged in the cupboards for snacks that caught his eye.
Lowering your voice to a murmur so the boys wouldn’t hear, you grit your teeth, “I told you you have to stop saying things like that,” you muttered, holding your glass of water to your lips and leaning against the kitchen counter.
Chan made a confused sound, closing the cupboard while he had a few bags of snacks in his hand, “stuff like what?”
You shot him a look, “you know what i’m talking about. Look, I know it might be fun or whatever for you to flirt but it’s gonna be your problem when I start… feeling some way about it,” you snapped, annoyance taking over you at how even at this moment you still managed to find Chan absolutely attractive.
Chan looked at you with a soft smile on his face, raising his eyebrows slightly at you, “go ahead.” He took a step towards you, making you furrow your eyebrows.
Chan moved closer so he was just about to walk past you, leaning over so his lips were barely touching your ear, and it took you every inch of willpower in you not to flinch away.
“I want it to make you feel something,” he murmured, walking back into the living room nonchalantly after that, leaving you stunned in the kitchen.
“Y/N get your things! We’re leaving soon!” You heard Jisung’s voice snap you from your trance, nodding to yourself and finishing the rest of your water and walking over to your shared room with Jisung.
“Dude! Chan is stressing me out,” you whisper-shouted once you entered the room, seeing Jisung turn around like a deer caught in the headlights.
“What did he say?”
You recounted what happened in the kitchen to Jisung, who was an excited wreck after you were done, clenching his fists next to his head in his sheer inability to contain his excitement.
“He totally likes you, it’s so obvious at this point, what more is there to think about?” he told you matter-of-factly.
Sucking in a sharp breath, carrying your bag on your shoulder and squeezing your eyes shut before opening your eyes harshly, you shook your head.
“I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna say to him when I see him at peaches… can we change our spot?” You shot Jisung a look, though the both of you knew you had no plans whatsoever to change cafes.
“Hey, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”
Surprisingly, that served to be of some consolation for you during the dead silence on the ride back, Chan having fallen asleep again but this time he’d leant against the window so that saved you from more stress, you guessed.
Hyunjin had dropped Felix off at his house for  his family dinner first, followed by Jisung who was insistent on wanting to sleep.
You remembered Chan mentioning to Hyunjin at the start of the ride that he wanted to head to the shop after dinner so you didn’t bother waking him up when you’d reached your house, figuring he should get as much sleep as he can if he was going to be working later on, choosing to text him instead.
5:57pm -hey, didn’t wanna wake u just now so ill say bye to u here instead haha-
Once you were home, you couldn’t help but wonder if Chan was going to call you again today, like how he usually did. But after almost applying shampoo on your body in your distraction you’d decided not to make yourself too anxious about it, choosing to tidy up your house and watch movies to kill time since you wanted to enjoy the rest of your holiday while you could.
Thanks to a little too many romantic comedies, you’d successfully forgotten you were waiting for Chan to call you, already halfway through devouring your ice-cream sundae when you’d startled at the sound of your phone ringing.
Peeking at the caller id, you were almost embarrassed at how quickly you’d answered once you saw Chan’s contact name, putting the phone on speaker on your lap.
“Hey,” you heard him murmur, his tone soft and gentle, yet there was something about it that sounded a little on edge, “hope I didn’t interrupt you when you were about to sleep or anything.”
You shook your head, “oh, no, not at all, I was just... chilling,” you shrugged, picking up your remote to turn the volume down on your tv.
“Are you home?” He asked you, earning an affirmative hum from you.
“Nah, I left the shop a short while ago… ”
You wracked your brain for a response, your mind running wild imagining all the possible ways the conversation could go.
Was he going to ask you about what happened in the kitchen? Or should you have asked him instead?
Whatever it was, the longer you kept silent, the more your heart picked up speed, a part of you growing desperate to confront him and just ask him about it over the phone because you knew you wouldn’t have to face him in real life if you did— no matter how cowardly it was of you.
“Oh, please be careful, it’s really late,” you murmured, wincing at your shitty reply.
You heard him huff on the other line, “oh, yeah. Totally… don’t scold me but…I feel a lot better after hearing your voice.”
Stunned into silence, you were unsure how to react, a nervous laugh leaving your lips, “list—”
“Can—” you’d spoken simultaneously, a laugh escaping you. 

“You go first,” you insisted, scooping the last bits of your ice cream up as you waited anxiously.
“I was actually wondering uh… can we talk? I’m almost at your house.”
Your eyes widened, glancing at the door in shock, placing your ice cream down on the table haphazardly.
“Oh, uh, yeah sure. Of course we can, gimme a sec,” you said, hurriedly putting on the jacket you had draped over the sofa next to you since you weren’t wearing a bra, hearing the knock at your door when you hadn’t even finished slipping your arm through the sleeve yet.
“Just a minute!” You shouted, hanging up the call and jogging over to the door, opening it to reveal Chan.
You’d tensed up almost instantly, the time of the night coupled with  something about the way the light from your house hit him making him look like he was glowing.
“Hey,” you breathed, seeing him give you a close-lipped smile. “Come in,” you ushered him in, closing the door behind him, though he stayed at your door, looking almost scared to walk any further.
“I’m sorry, again, for coming so unannounced it’s just that… this has been, you know, weighing on my mind for the longest time and after what happened in the kitchen earlier today I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry,” he blurted, his hand coming up to grasp the back of his neck, letting go and letting his hand fall back to his side.
You hoped you didn’t look too dumbfounded.
“Sorry? For what?”
“Nah, like… I was thinking about it just now and I realised that I never thought about how I could be like, you know, imposing my feelings on you and I know that just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean you have to feel the same way and I just felt really bad because I never meant to put you on the spot or—”
“Chan, calm down,” you laughed, hands naturally going up to his shoulders to rub them reassuringly.
He nodded, meeting your gaze and sucking in a sharp breath before sighing deeply, “you know what? I’m just gonna say it. I’m sorry, in advance. Just so you know, you can reject me, i’m perfectly fine with it. I just have to tell you this before I lose my mind,” he huffed, heaving another sigh.
“I know it’s no secret but… I like you Y/N.”
Your eyes widened, your smile growing bigger, unable to help yourself because of how endearing it felt to see Chan who usually looked so intimidating and confident suddenly become this rambling wreck before you.
“Me too,” you nodded, suddenly feeling more confident now that you knew how he felt, the knowledge spurring you on.
“I’m sorry—wait, you do?”
You nodded, “I’m surprised you couldn’t tell, I did for a while now… ”
Chan let out a relieved sigh, and you felt his shoulders relax under your touch, his hands going up to cover yours which were placed on his shoulders, grasping them gently, his hands cold to the touch.
“Thank—now I’m glad I came here. I thought hearing your voice would be enough but now that I’m here I’m thinking, seeing you…” his hands peeled yours away from his shoulders, interlocking his fingers with yours, “feeling you,” he took a step closer to you, so close that you could feel the warmth radiating from him.
“Is so much better,” he muttered.
It was as if you were transported back to the lake, with the way you felt him leaning closer to you, and taking a step back, you felt your back hit the door gently, his thumbs smoothing over the back of your hands, making you giggle.
“So, I take it as I’ll be receiving more… ‘dinner offers’?” You said, mustering your last bit of confidence.
Chan let out an amused huff, taking his lower lip between his teeth gently and shaking his head at you. Leaning down, Chan brought your hands up to press them against the door on either side of your head, his head dipping down to your neck, pressing a kiss to your neck, the way just the smallest of gasps left you making him smile.
“You really… drive me crazy, sweetie,” he murmured, the smile practically evident in his tone.
Moving his head higher, he pressed a soft kiss to your jaw, the cold metal of his lip ring making you shiver, pulling away so he was face-to-face with you.
“May I?” He smiled, and you’d wished you could have cupped his face and kissed him right there, and it seemed as though he’d read your mind, letting go of your hands.
Once he did so, you’d taken the opportunity to cup the sides of his face, your hands closer to his ears, pulling him closer and pressing your lips against his.
Feeling Chan smile into the kiss, you’d almost shivered at the feeling of his hands going to your shoulders before running them down slowly to your waist, deepening the kiss as he gave your waist a small squeeze, making you utter a surprised sound, sighing into the kiss as you felt his hands going down to grasp your hips.
“Ice cream?” he hummed after you’d felt him lick your lower lip, making you scoff, not knowing how to respond to him, which had only served to further amuse him.  
Feeling confident, he pulled away only slightly (eliciting a rather disappointed sound from you), surprising you when you felt his teeth nip lightly at your lips, making you pull away, cheeks flushing.
“So,” you ignored his comment, pulling away in your shock, seeing him tilt his head at you with a giddy smile on his face, as if he hadn’t just done whatever he did in the past minute, “I take that as a yes?”
Chan hummed, pressing a hand against your back and pulling you closer to him so your chest was flush against his, smirking at the way your hands had almost come up to cover yourself.
“Kiss me again and I’ll tell you my answer.”
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themoreleeknow · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Genre: flufffff, slytherin!hyunjin & slytherin!reader
Word Count: 3,439
A/N: sorry these are so far in between,, i just have so little motivation to write anymore djkgjkag
it’s finally ya boi's turn!! he's been pretty present in the aus before this one (namely seungmin and minho's)
so through those a lot about him has already been revealed
he's a slytherin boy who loves to tease the frick out of his friends! and takes quite the interest in quidditch
(minho's #1 hype man. sorry chan and jisung but ya boy gotta support his own house)
and for whatever reason, hyunjin is set on not trying out for the team no matter how much minho pesters him
even tho he probably knows the most about quidditch other than the actual team members in his house??? 
i guess that’s what happens when you religiously attend each practice, tryout, and game (as an observer)
even the ones that don’t involve slytherin at all (he’s only allowed in since he has connections in every house)
all of the team captains are probably sick of him being there a l w a y s (even chan smh)
but he does have his reasons as to why he won’t try out
anyway i swear that will be useful for the plot later but lets get on with the Story
you sighed, staring up at the ceiling with your arms supporting your head
ever since you were sorted into slytherin in your first year, you thought your life was practically over
due to the fact you stemmed from a long line of ravenclaw scholars
so you felt kinda like a failure?? disappointment?? even though you still worked hard and got good grades
it just wasn’t the same, and you were scared of letting your family down!!
plus, you could tell that your parents were pretty disappointed about your house even if they didn't outright say it
so you felt the pressure was really on to succeed even more than it would have been if you were put in ravenclaw
you had met hyunjin on the train to hogwarts
you were sitting by yourself, and he noticed you worriedly staring out the window, so he asked if he could sit with you and introduced himself
(that boy prided himself on his ability to cheer people up)
the two of you talked about your aspirations for hogwarts, you revealing your hope to be in ravenclaw to please your family, and him talking about his dream of being a famous quidditch player for slytherin
when the hat sorted hyunjin into slytherin, you could practically feel the joy and excitement radiating off of him!
you were next, and your stomach churned as the hat was placed on your head
it did the whole "this is a tough one" bit before deciding to sort you into slytherin
you felt your heart drop into your stomach, and were ushered to the slytherin table with a shocked expression that nobody really noticed
besides hyunjin, of course, because he knew how much was riding on you being put into ravenclaw
"hey, y/n, on the bright side, we get to be in the same house!" he said with a smile, and you returned it
but he knew you were still unhappy, and that's when he vowed to make your slytherin experience as amazing as he could
he always dragged you to every event to show you that being a slytherin really wasn't that bad!
you were grateful for him tbh! because even though you never showed much enthusiasm, he never gave up
even after yEARS AT HOGWARTS together
like man this boy was determined to make you love slytherin as much as he did
by the time you hit your third year, you finally began to warm up to it, but now in even your fifth year, you still felt sad about it sometimes
now as you know, the slytherin quidditch team is Powerful
and that's one of the things that hyunjin tries to use to hype you up about your house
"c'mon y/n, we have the b e s t quidditch players in the whole school! take minho for example! a whole legend!" he would say, gesturing to minho who would flash finger guns at you
which, you couldn't deny was true. you had seen the team sweep (haha broom puns) the field with the other houses
of course there were times when they lost, but losses were few and far between
one day, hyunjin decided to drag you to the slytherin team practice (telling you it was a surprise where you were going)
"why did you bring me to quidditch practice?" you asked, skeptical as you watched the players getting ready
"minho needs all the support he can get after last season," hyunjin shrugged, "got hit right off his broom and injured real bad, remember?"
you nodded, recalling how hyunjin and his friends all rushed down to the field to help minho
hyunjin led you up to his favourite seats in the bleachers, and you watched as the team took their positions
you had to admit that it was fun to watch even if it was just a practice, your eyes darting between each wizard as they passed the quaffle around
hyunjin sighed and you turned your head to look at him, noticing that his eyes were practically sparkling with admiration
"what is it?" you asked
"they're just so cool..." hyunjin said, his head resting in his palm
you giggled, thinking that he looked like a love stricken teenager
"hyunjin?" you questioned, and he hummed in response. "why won’t you try out?"
the question seemed to surprise him, causing him to actually look at you for the first time since you had gotten there
"you always say it's because you don't have time or whatever, but we both know that's a lie. i mean, you're here all the time!"
hyunjin looked at the floor as he processed your words, running his hand through his hair
"i guess i should tell you the truth. it's kind of embarrassing though," he said, smiling softly at you
"i promise i won't make fun of you," you replied, getting another sigh out of him
"back in our second year, i did try out for the team," he began, surprised that he never told you. "don't look at me like that! i didn't tell anyone."
"not even minho?" he shook his head
"anyway, i was trying out for beater. there were three of us, so obviously one wasn't going to make the cut."
as he explained, you began to get an idea of where the story was going
"the other two had been on the team the last year, and definitely didn't want me to take one of their spots," he laughed through his nose as he spoke, "so they did everything they could to get me out. sent a bludger right at me, and i wasn't fast enough to hit it back."
"did you get hurt!?" you grabbed his arm as if any injury would still be visible
"calm down, y/n! it was three years ago. i'm fine now," he laughed
"clearly you're not fine! you gave up your dream just because some slytherin thugs knocked you down," you said, not realizing you still had a hold on his arm, hugging it to your chest (not that he minded)
"this is why i didn't want to tell you.. you already think slytherin is a bad house to be in. i didn't want to ruin the progress we've made," he said with a smile, gesturing down to his arm with his eyes
you followed his gaze and immediately shoved his arm away, feeling heat flowing up your neck and into your cheeks
this caused him to laugh, before reaching over to squish your cheeks
"you're so cute, y/n!!! especially when you blush because of me~" hyunjin gushed, making you blush even harder before pushing him away
at least his annoying confidence was back
he was never shy about giving you affection, and at this point you had definitely developed feelings for him
you just couldn't tell if he felt the same or if his actions were just a part of his affectionate personality
"who were those guys anyway? i just wanna talk," you said, squinting out at the field
"they've graduated by now, don't worry," hyunjin chuckled, finding your slytherin antics adorable (he always knew you were in the right house)
in fact, you had stood up for him a number of times in the past
one example of this was in your first year, when an older slytherin kid pushed hyunjin to the floor, calling him things like 'nothing but a pretty face,' and 'a disgrace to slytherin.'
you had drawn your wand on the guy, casting the knockback jinx and sending him flying
needless to say, people didn't mess with the two of you much after that
it was that moment in particular that hyunjin realized he was developing a crush
hyunjin was pulled out of his thoughts by you grabbing onto his arm again, pointing out into the field
the quidditch team members were flying back down, surrounding someone lying in the grass
the two of you ran down into the field as fast as you could, you tripping on a stair but hyunjin holding you steady before you could fall
when you made it to the grass, you approached minho who had his hand gripping at his hair out of stress
"minho, what happened?" hyunjin questioned
"it's junhui," minho sighed, "that damn bludger escaped out of the box again and hit his leg," the boy gestured over to junhui on the ground, clutching his leg in agony
"is it broken?" you asked, causing minho to chuckle
"of course it is, those things are no joke," he snapped back, startling you. "ah, sorry, it's just that now isn't the best time for a major injury like this."
you nodded, understanding his stress
"minghao, can you take junhui to the hospital wing?" the team captain said to the lanky boy (slytherin's seeker) who was crouching down next to his friend before walking over to the three of you
"what now?" minho asked him
"well, we're out a beater. if we can't find someone to fill in, we may need to forfeit the opening game tomorrow," he replied
you looked up at hyunjin, who was biting his lip, and you lightly pushed him forward
"hyunjin tried out to be a beater before-"
"-maybe you can train him before the game and he can fill in," you said, gripping tightly onto his arm so he couldn't try to run away
"hyunjin? that's ridiculous, y/n. he's always refused to try out when i asked him," minho said, skeptical
"actually, it's true. i did try out, but something happened so i never told you.." hyunjin confessed, not looking minho or the captain in the eyes as he spoke
"well, i'll take what i can get," the captain said, reaching out his hand to shake hyunjin's "welcome to the team, kid."
minho smiled at his friend who looked like he was in a state of complete shock
the scene had been mostly cleared, as minghao had taken the injured junhui away, and the other team members were back in their positions as if nothing happened
"but we have to start training right away, there isn't much time to get you prepped. hop on a broom and let's go," the captain said before getting on his own broom and flying back up
minho gave hyunjin a firm pat on the shoulder before following his captain, hyunjin watching them fly up in awe
"you coming!?" minho shouted
hyunjin looked at you and shrugged before picking up a broom and joining his new temporary teammates
you watched him from below, shielding your eyes from the sun with a hand, before deciding to go back to your spot on the bleachers (where you were mostly safe)
you smiled to yourself while you watched, your eyes trained on hyunjin's form, because he looked the happiest you had ever seen him
when the practice came to an end, you went back down to meet your friend again (too much going up and down the stairs in one day for your liking)
"you know, you ain't bad, hyun," you heard the captain say as you approached, "i think we've got a fighting chance," he added, giving hyunjin another pat on the arm before leaving
the tall boy was lowkey staring into space, probably still shocked that his lifelong dream was sort of beginning to come true
"yo, earth to hyunjin?" minho waved his hands in front of his face, and he blinked and shook his head in response
"sorry," he muttered, "this is just so surreal."
"well," minho chuckled, "it's getting late, you should take your lover back to the dorms while i finish up here," he wiggled his eyebrows, and you swore you would have puked
"my wh-" he began to question, stopping when he saw you
his face immediately flushed, and you laughed as you had never seen his confidence drain so quickly
"h-hey... w-we're not lovers," he protested
"not yet anyway," minho mumbled under his breath
hyunjin opened his mouth to protest again, but you grabbed his arm and bid the older slytherin farewell before pulling him back towards the school
"we all know!!" minho called as you left, and you half-turned around to stick your tongue out at him (which made hyunjin let out the most adorable giggle you'd ever heard)
"what is he talking about... lovers... pfft, as if!" hyunjin laughed, not sounding very convincing at all
"are you that opposed?" you asked with a pout, letting go of his arm, slightly hurt though you knew he was joking
hyunjin's expression changed into shock instantly at your remark
"wh- n-no! that's not what i meant!" he said as he frantically waved his hands around
your expression didn't change, so he stopped and placed his hands on your shoulders
he suddenly looked very serious, which startled you slightly
"listen, i didn't want to tell you like this," he said, looking into your eyes
you flickered your gaze away from him, feeling the heat rushing to your face again
what was he going to tell you? that he secretly hates you?
his stare was hard, and you couldn't help but look back into his dark eyes
"i really do like you, y/n," hyunjin smiled
"really," he nodded
you honestly didn't know how to respond
"come on, it's getting dark out. we can talk more after the game tomorrow," he grabbed your arm this time, dragging you along with him back to the dorms
the next day went by slowly, with you hardly paying attention in any of your classes
you were too busy thinking about hyunjin's confession (who could blame you???)
everyone was talking about tonight’s quidditch match, and especially about how slytherin had taken in some rookie to fill in for junhui
the talk made you extremely nervous, so you hoped that hyunjin hadn't been phased by any of it
knowing him, it would make him want to prove himself even more
as classes ended, students herded out to the field and began filling up the bleachers
you sat down between your housemates jeongin (close friend of hyunjin and minho), and junhui (who begged the nurses to let him at least watch the game)
the first game of the season was slytherin vs ravenclaw, which did worry you slightly since ravenclaw is notorious for their beaters
(meaning they tended to send a lot of other wizards flying off of their brooms)
but you were confident in hyunjin, as well as the rest of the team
the game started quickly, ravenclaw catching the quaffle first and zooming towards the goals
as the chasers passed it to each other, minho intercepted, immediately throwing it to one of the other slytherin chasers
hyunjin was playing his part well, hitting one of the bludgers away from his teammates with his bat whenever they were hit towards them
the game went on like this for a while, and you watched as minghao and the ravenclaw seeker raced after the golden snitch 
you figured that it had to end soon!! your gaze began to sweep the field, searching for hyunjin again
he was holding his bat up, with his free hand shielding his eyes from the sun
you noticed the bludger coming at him from above, which he was aiming at before hitting it towards the ravenclaw who was holding the quaffle
the ball skimmed the front of their broom, and they let go of the quaffle to regain balance
slytherin immediately swooped in and stole the ball, passing it to minho who was closest to the ravenclaw goal and throwing it into the ring before the keeper could stop him
hyunjin was smiling at his mini victory, clearly not as alert as he should be
you saw the other bludger hurtling toward the boy from behind, and you started to panic as it was about to ram right into him
"come on, hyunjin!!!" you thought, more out loud than intended
as if he had magically heard you, he looked over his shoulder and saw the bludger approaching him
he swerved out of the way and hit it back in the other direction
you felt relieved, the last thing you wanted was for him to be hospitalized on his first ever game
a few moments later, minghao caught the snitch and ended the game
you stood up and cheered with the rest of your house, actually feeling genuinely excited about a victory for the first time ever
as most of the students left to return to their dorms, you stayed behind to wait for hyunjin
when he reached the ground, you ran to him and jumped into him, wrapping your arms around his neck and almost sending you both tumbling down into the grass
hyunjin laughed as he snaked his own arms around your waist
"i'm so proud of you!" you exclaimed, feeling joyful tears well up in your eyes
"i couldn't have done it without you," he smiled into your hair as he hugged you tight
he pulled back to look at your face, and his expression became worried when he noticed the tears
"why are you crying? don't cry! i'm okay, see? and we won!" he panicked, wiping your tears with his hand
"i'm just so happy," you chuckled, shaking your head at his worry
he pulled you into another hug, and you felt like you were melting into his touch
"told ya," minho snorted from behind hyunjin, causing him to let go of you, "lovers."
"oh shut up," you rolled your eyes
"he's not wrong," hyunjin shrugged
your question was cut off by hyunjin softly pushing his lips against yours
it was a quick, yet meaningful kiss, and when he leaned back you placed your hand to your lips in shock
"jeez, at least do it in private," minho laughed, pushing hyunjin playfully
"good idea," hyunjin replied, winking at you as he interlaced his fingers with yours and led you away from the field
the metaphorical gears in your brain were turning into Overdrive
first he indirectly called you lovers and then mr hwang hyunjin kissed! you!
"does this mean...?" you looked up at him as you asked, and he hummed in response
"it does if you want it to," he blushed, swinging your hands back and forth, "i mean, i already confessed."
"well in that case, i like you too, hyunjin."
"i know~"
you lightly punched him at that
the next day, hyunjin excitedly ran up to you in the hallway and scooped you up in his arms
"what's got you so happy?" you asked, his strong grip frankly making it hard for you to breathe
"i just talked with the captain," he said, letting you go
"and he said that if i try out, i could become a full time player next season!"
"that's amazing, jinnie!" as you spoke, he threw his arms around your waist again, this time picking you up and spinning you around
you had never seen him this excited before, but his happiness was contagious
hyunjin had never given up on showing you all of the amazing things about your house
and to be honest, you definitely could now appreciate slytherin for all that it has to offer
but of course the best thing that came out of your house was getting to spend time with the boy who sat with you on the train
(and yes, hyunjin did make the team for the next season)
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changbinie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featured on netflix: get cool (watch title sequence here)
nine friends. one crappy apartment. with everyone else trying to find their place in the world, it can be hard to get ahead. for chan, this means bunking up with his high school best friend and sharing a bathroom with eight other guys. navigating life, love, and work can be a messy business, especially in conditions like these. still, there’s no place he’d rather be. genres: sitcom, tv comedy, mockumentary
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taelme · a year ago
Enemies-to-lovers!Bang Chan
request: Hey! Can i request and enemies to lovers slow burn with bang chan where they dont like each other but theres undeniable chemistry
genre: enemies-to-lovers!au, workplace/office!au, (fluff, slow burn, lots of denial of feelings lol) 
pairing/s: Chan / Reader (ft Seungmin and some ocs!) 
word count: 21k rip I got pretty carried away 
tw: not any prominent ones that I can think of, kind of hints of the whole misogyny in the workplace kind of thing 
a/n: I got super carried away writing this I hope you guys like it haha im currently working on the other requests so do look forward to those!! ill try to put them out as soon as I can~~ all this staying at home is really giving me time to write... ( I HAD TO use this gif I just HAD TO) but yes this was a little hard to find reasons why y/n wld hate chan bc im for the chan is an angel agenda but I ended up having so much fun ok BYE 
Tumblr media
“Hey, you free to get lunch later?” You’d bumped into your friend who worked in the company’s legal department, Seungmin, on a Thursday morning while you were in the pantry preparing coffee and tidbits for your boss. 
You nodded, “uh-huh,” mixing the coffee absently, “what are you doing here?” 
Seungmin shrugged, leaning against the counter as he munched on a cookie, “felt like taking a walk. Things have been pretty busy in the legal department lately.” 
Seungmin gave you a cheeky smile, shrugging, “can’t say, but you’ll find out soon enough.” 
You rolled your eyes, gritting your teeth with feigned menace towards him (his smile stayed unwavering, even sticking his tongue out at you to mock you).
“Who’s that for?” Seungmin gestured to the coffee mugs on the tray. 
“Mr Bang’s supposed to be meeting his nephew or something, he made it seem really important but all he told me was that it’s for his nephew,” you shrugged, glancing down at your two cups of coffee, realisation hitting you. 
“Shit, that just reminded me. He said his nephew doesn’t drink coffee. Do you want this?” You shot Seungmin a pleading look, holding up your now unneeded cup of coffee. 
Seungmin scoffed, taking the mug from you wordlessly, “how exciting your job is, huh,” he deadpanned, sipping the coffee, “wanna reconsider joining the legal department now?” 
You rolled your eyes. 
“I’m perfectly satisfied with my job now, thank you very much.” 
You’d prepared a pot of tea, careful not to spill the water onto the counter as you did so, transferring the pot onto your tray, “and plus, considering the amount of money I get paid for the amount of work I do, I’m more than happy.” 
Seungmin scoffed, “should’ve known it was because of the money.” 
“Alright, I’ve gotta go, see you later,” you said, picking up your tray as Seungmin waved his hand with cookie crumbs on his fingers, the clicking of your heels growing softer as you walked further away. 
Reaching the door of your boss’ office, you’d been able to faintly make out 2 silhouettes through the window from where you stood, composing yourself to make a good impression as you knocked on the door. Hearing your boss grunt, you’d pushed the door open with your shoulder, your gaze focused on the coffee table as you greeted your boss.
Setting the pot of tea on the table, you’d cast a glance at the recipient, your eyes widening when you’d spotted the boy with dyed hair sitting on the plush leather sofa facing your boss, dressed in a clean white button-down and tie, an equally well-ironed pair of pants, his posture relaxed with his legs spread casually. 
His gaze was on you, as if analysing your movements, making you direct your gaze back to your task at hand, setting the saucer with the cup of coffee onto the coffee table, placing the small biscuits your boss liked in the middle of the two. 
Holding the tray close to your chest, you cast a glance at your boss, about to bow in greeting and head back out when his voice had stopped you. 
“Y/N, please, stay here. I’d like to discuss something with you and my nephew.” 
Your eyebrows raised, lips pressed tightly together as you nodded, “oh…cool, alright.” 
“Please, take a seat,” Mr Bang gestured to the space on the sofa next to his nephew, making you seat yourself awkwardly on the other side of the sofa, your body pressing against the armrest as if trying to create as much distance as you could between him and you. 
“So, Chan, this is my secretary, Y/N,” Mr Bang gestured to you, “Y/N, this is my nephew, uh… Chris,” he spoke, the name sounding fairly familiar to you. Chris Bang? You sounded the name over in your head, not being able to connect the dots as to why it was so familiar at this point of time. 
“So, sweetheart, because I’ve been planning on resigning for a while now, I thought I should let you know that I’m planning on handing my position over to Chris.” 
Maybe this was what Seungmin was so busy with. 
You nodded slowly, trying to understand the implications this decision meant for you, “will my contract be terminated, then?” 
Chris glanced at you, as if searching your expression. He found you fairly younger than he’d expected, since his uncle had mentioned earlier that you’d already been working for him for quite some time, going onto 2 years already.
Of course, he didn’t want to underestimate you, but knowing the directors’ reputations regarding secretaries, he wasn’t sure if he could put a label on your abilities without seeing them for himself, first. And to him, he wasn’t quite understanding of why his uncle was so insistent that he needed a secretary, his past experiences with secretaries all being quite unimpressive. 
“That… is unfortunately up to Chris, but ideally your contract will resume as per normal.” 
You glanced back at the boy, who looked at you with an unreadable expression, something about his stare successfully unnerving you, the way he looked at you almost with a certain level of contempt. 
“We’ll be having a company dinner tonight to welcome Chris to the team, it would do the both of you well to get acquainted with each other before the board meeting for ceo elections.” 
You nodded slowly, still clutching the tray close to your chest as you wondered how old he was, the whole ordeal seeming as though it were something out of a movie: a young apathetic heir getting authority over a large corporation at such a young age. Was he even qualified for this position? The rest of the directors were nowhere near his age, well, appearance wise. 
As if having read your mind, your boss spoke, “I’m sure you two will get along just fine, considering you two are so close in age.” 
Your eyes narrowed, something in you not feeling comfortable with this arrangement. Dismissing the thought quickly, you shrugged, figuring it would be a change of scenery from being around the old directors all the time. 
You watched as Chris shrugged.
“We’ll see.” 
“Who?” Seungmin dabbed at his lips with his towel, picking up his glass of water to take a sip, making you frown, still trying to do your research on Chris Bang as far as your browser app would take you. 
“Chris Bang. He’s gonna take over the company from President Bang.” 
Your words seemed to have elicited a giggle from Seungmin, “doesn’t that make them both ‘President Bang’?”
Seungmin ignored your eye roll, continuing, “this was what I was referring to just now, you know. I thought you would’ve known who he was by now,” he told you, making you set your phone down on the table, open on his LinkedIn page that frankly wasn’t giving you much other than stating how very qualified he was for the job. 
“You know, Bang Chan? Ring a bell? That guy that’s been switching departments for God-knows-how-long since last year. The one that got all of us donuts one time,” Seungmin gave you a ‘duh’ look, considerably unamused. 
“Oh,” only then were you realising just who that was. You knew exactly who he was. You’d heard many rumours from the other secretaries on how he was impossibly good at anything he’d set his mind to, his work ethic and standard incomparable to anyone else in the company they’d ever seen. 
Which was why all that switching departments start to make sense to you, since it could’ve been his way of making sure he learnt the ins-and-outs of every department by the time he took over. If that wasn’t just more evidence that he was definitely a crazy workaholic.
At the time, you’d made a passing comment on how you hoped you would never have to be his subordinate, after having heard stories on how intimidating he was whenever it came to work (especially work that was improperly done). Little did you know that your comment would come back to bite you in the ass so soon. 
“Yeah, ‘oh,” Seungmin mimicked you, taking another bite out of his burger, “why d’you seem so…,” Seungmin made a pained groaning sound as he gestured to you for lack of a better word, “about it, anyway? Shouldn’t you be happy? He’s super nice!” 
You scrunched your nose up, locking your phone in your dismay, not wanting to see his face on his stupid profile mocking you with all his stupid qualifications anyway.
“I don’t know, just kind of feels a little sudden. And I hate the feeling of not knowing if I’m gonna be fired since it’s not up to Mr Bang anymore.” 
“Which one?” Seungmin joked, making you scoff, finding it just a little funny. Only a little. 
Seungmin continued, “you’re just mad because him taking over means you actually have to do work.” 
You shot him a glare, your silence being an acknowledgement that he wasn’t entirely wrong. 
“And because I love Mr Bang! He was such a nice old man that checked in on me and gave me life advice. I’m not gonna get any life advice from someone that’s basically my age.” 
Seungmin huffed in amusement, bringing his hand up to cup his mouth as if to divulge a secret, dropping his voice to a strained whisper, “transfer to the legal department.” 
You sighed, “no, I still love my pay.” 
“Then stop sulking! Chris is the nicest guy I’ve met, you’ll be fine. Just show up to the company dinner tonight and fluff him up a bit,” Seungmin shrugged, “it’ll be smooth sailing from then on.” 
You figured you should’ve tried to do a lot better to fluff Chris up during the company dinner, instead of just going over to grill the meat for the directors, under the instruction of President Bang. 
The action itself didn’t sit right with Chris, who didn’t understand why it was so imperative to the directors that you be the one to grill the meat until he realised just why they were keeping you there. 
His own uncle was oblivious of course, simply obliging at any chance he got to show off how capable you were (even if it was just grilling meat), however Chris was quick to notice the way they stared at you as you reached between them to grill the meat, your face feeling hot with the steam from the grill. 
“Y/N is very hardworking, graduated at the top of her class in college,” Mr Bang mentioned pointedly, making Chris’ eyebrows raise in surprise. 
“Really? What did you study?” He spoke, knowing very well you were listening, the other directors not paying any attention to learning your background as they prompted you to pour them a drink. You didn’t miss the way his words were accented, remembering hearing from Seungmin that he’d spent a large chunk of his life in Australia. 
Tipping the bottle, you’d answered (albeit a little preoccupied). 
“Law,” you sat back on your heels, “minored in journalism.” 
Chris frowned, not being able to understand why you would’ve chosen to work here as his uncle’s secretary of all things if you had pretty good prospects on your own. 
“How’d you end up working for my uncle, then?” He voiced, your attention diverted when you’d been prompted by a director to take a shot of your own, clinking your glass obnoxiously and leaving you with no choice, an embarrassed flush on your face. 
Taking the shot, you winced at the burn of the drink, glancing back at Chris, who was still looking at you curiously, wondering how you’d felt under the attention of the directors.  
“Did it as a temp job at first,” you told him, “but I guess I realised halfway that I don’t mind it so much, and it paid me pretty well.” 
Chris hummed, you ‘don’t mind’ this? 
One of the directors let out a grunt of distaste, “you shouldn’t worry about that, doll. The job of a secretary is to look pretty, the pride of the company is in its secretaries,” he said, clearly having already had one-too-many drinks, his words leaving an awful aftertaste on your tongue, his hand going over to grasp your shoulder, his hand going down to your arm and squeezing. 
“I always told her she’d do well as a housewife. That way she wouldn’t have to work and just mooch off her husband.” 
You mustered a smile, setting the bottle of drink down and bowing to them, Chris having lost his appetite at the way you’d just let their comments slide. 
“Maybe she prefers mooching off of the directors, instead,” Chris murmured, his sharp tongue getting the better of him, catching your attention as you were walking past him, making you stop in your tracks.  
Chris’ uncle tut his tongue, nudging the boy harshly, making him raise his hands in surrender. 
“What? Just speaking off of observation.” 
You turned around, a surge of confidence arising in you (from where? You weren’t sure, maybe it was the fact that in your eyes he was still what was standing in between you and your possible severance pay), “excuse me?” 
“I’m sorry, was there any untruth in what I said?” Chris turned, his gaze almost challenging you to speak out against the directors, not knowing that it was only serving to spur you on to speak out against him instead. 
 You scoffed, Chris standing up and awaiting your answer, a voice in you screaming at you not to be intimidated by him, especially with the way his head tilted down ever so slightly, his eyebrows raising expectantly. 
“Didn’t know they would just let any rude petty kid run any company these days,” you narrowed your eyes at him, folding your arms and straightening your posture. 
Seungmin, who was watching from his table with the legal team, grimaced, deeming Chris’ expression to be anything but friendly at the moment. 
“I don’t know, maybe it’s just a little unbelievable to me that I’m supposed to be answering to someone who just got the company handed to him,” your words were coming out faster than you could help it. I mean, you were probably going to get fired anyway, right? Might as well go down with a fight. 
“You don’t know anything about me,” Chris muttered, his voice firm, annoyance laced in his tone. Your words seemed to have triggered a spark in him, annoyed that you were doubting his abilities, blatantly disrespecting him even after knowing he could be your superior. 
Mr Bang had tapped Chris’ calf harshly, “enough, don’t keep y/n from eating.” 
Ignoring his words, Chris had stepped forward, staring you down as the tension had only thickened between the both of you. 
“But then, what would you know, right? What was that again? Right. What are you here for other than to look pretty, hmm?” He tilted his head at you, flashing you a smile that was practically dripping with sarcasm. 
You practically seethed with anger, your fists clenching as you unfolded your arms, your finger coming up to point at him, “you know what? I’d rather eat beansprouts for the rest of my life than work for you.” You scoffed. 
Chris' amused lilt to his smile was only serving to annoy you even more, making you storm over to your table with the other secretaries, all of them casting you looks of concern or shock that you would have confronted him like that. Picking up your jacket, you’d scoffed, casting him one last look before you left, not expecting to see him again afterwards. 
Well, that was the part you were very very wrong about. 
That night, you’d called your boyfriend over to submit him to a seemingly never-ending rant about Chris, getting a text from Seungmin halfway. 
“I mean, isn’t it good, then? That you can find another job?” Your boyfriend tried to reason, pressing a kiss to your neck as you straddled him where he was sitting leaning against your headboard. 
“That’s not the point,” you insisted, pausing to read the text that Seungmin had sent, oblivious to his urgent kisses trailing up to your jaw. 
seungmin (personal)  2:12am -consider yourself lucky. Spoke to Chan just now, make sure you show up to work tomorrow.- 
“The point is that, he’s arrogant. What? Telling me that I’m only here to look pretty?—“ 
“In his defence, you insulted him first.” 
You glared at your boyfriend, “Yeah, fine. But he provoked me first. And I don’t know, something about him just pisses me off,” you tried to reason, your boyfriend’s kisses beginning to distract you from your anger. 
“You know what, maybe you should just give him a shot. Maybe he’s not as bad as he seems?” 
And so you did as Seungmin had instructed, doing what you would’ve always done, grabbing your boss’ morning coffee before going to the office, ‘leisurely’ making your way upstairs as you tried to avoid any possible suit-clad blond-haired man. 
Upon reaching your desk, you’d set your things under your desk, opening your scheduler and doing a quick run through of Mr Bang’s schedule for the day, grabbing the coffee and knocking on the glass doors before entering. 
“Y/N! Just the person I wanted to see.” You nodded, walking over to place his coffee onto his table.
“You have the board meeting in half an hour, sir,” you informed him.  
“Right, thank you. Would you be a dear and be there to serve the refreshments?” 
You nodded, “yeah, sure.” 
“If all goes as planned, Chan- I mean, Chris, will be taking over from next week onwards. So this week will be the last week i’m here.” 
You frowned, “it’s a shame you’re retiring, you know,” your disappointment was evident in your tone.  
Mr Bang simply waved you off, “it’s about time, I’m sure little Chris will do a good job.” 
You’d kept your mouth shut, nodding as he stood up with his coffee cup in hand, looking at you with a smile, “shall we head down a little earlier, then?” 
You nodded, opening the door for him to exit and following him silently to the venue of the board meeting. You were surprised, to say the least, when you’d reached only to find Chris there already, currently in an animated conversation with one of the directors, smiling like you’d never seen before, dimples showing on his cheeks. 
Excusing yourself quickly, you’d gone to the pantry to prepare the drinks, your time here having made you familiar with the respective directors drink preferences. Carrying your tray carefully, you’d pushed the door open with your hip, seeing all the directors seated already, all seeming fairly comfortable around Chris, only serving to make the feeling of dread build in the pit of your stomach. 
Making your way around the table, you’d distributed the drinks to the directors personally, refusing to make eye contact with Chris as you gave him his stupid cup of tea. 
Once the meeting had started, you’d dismissed yourself outside the room, a part of you trying to listen in on the board meeting but not being able to hear much through the thick panelled glass. You were surprised when barely half an hour had passed and you’d heard applause in the room, peeping through the window to see Mr Bang give you a signal that you could come in. 
Pushing the door open carefully, you saw the directors practically lining up to congratulate Chris, leaving promptly after looking all-too satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. 
Mr Bang was speaking to Chris as the rest of the directors were leaving, “well, I guess this means my work here is as good as done. I’m sure your parents will be thrilled to hear the news,” he pat Chris on the back. 
You were about to head out with Mr Bang, eager to avoid Chris when you’d heard him speak, “Y/N, I’d like to speak with you for a moment. Is that alright?” He cast a look at his uncle, who waved him off. 
“Of course, she’s not my secretary anymore, remember?” You cast Mr Bang a look of distress, seeing him chuckle before giving you a thumbs up, exiting the room happily.  
You winced, turning around so you were facing Chris, seeing him walk over to where you were, holding out a thick bound stack of papers for you to take. 
“What’s this?” 
"A contract. You can pass it to me by the end of the day once you've made your decision. I trust that you're familiar with reading contracts?" he asked as you stared at the papers, flipping and scanning through the print, realising that his terms were considerably more demanding than his uncle. 
"You'll be able to find an additional attachment where I list what I would expect in a secretary. Feel free to consult me if you're unclear about any of them, though I don't think you would need to." 
Your eyes lingered on the section of the contract, stating that you would be on a year of probation, but that the contract could be terminated whenever he felt appropriate. 
"Whenever you deem appropriate?" you scoffed, looking up at him in disbelief. 
He smiled, "very pretty wording, don't you think?" 
"That's all I wanted to say. Remember, I'll expect your response by the end of the day." 
You stared blankly as he shrugged his jacket off, draping it on one arm. 
"Go ahead, what are you waiting for? You can go for your lunch break now," he urged, before his features pulled into a look of realisation, "oh, forgot. That is, unless you would rather eat...what was that again? Beansprouts?" 
Your mouth opened, making as if to retort before you shut your mouth quickly, your eyes widening as he walked over to you, his gaze intense and serious, a contrast to the demeanour he wore while chatting up the director previously. 
"I can handle myself, you know," you attempted to defend yourself, watching as Chris had shrugged. 
"You have one whole year to prove that to me." 
In that one year of working for Chris, you'd learnt a lot of things. Not only about your position as a secretary, but about Chris, ( not to mention, just exactly how spiteful he could be ).  
1. Sleep was a luxury. 
In your first week as his secretary, Chris had surprised you with the sheer rate of progress he was aiming, and moving at. It was as if all the rumours you'd heard before about his work ethic were a gross understatement of his tenacity. 
You'd been having trouble adjusting to his deadlines, especially since he had entrusted more tasks to you. From surprise presentations, to drafting up proposals and reports, not to mention submitting research to him. To you, it felt as if you were doing half the job for him. 
In short, you had never missed Mr Bang more than you did then. 
Of course, Seungmin being your voice of reason, would shut your rants down, claiming it was ‘about time you do your job’, but of course, you loved to complain. Especially since it was someone you didn't have very fond feelings for that was assigning you the work. You grew increasingly irritated in the time you were adjusting to your sleep schedule, which Chris, and your boyfriend had definitely noticed. 
Because of your changes in brain activity levels, you assumed (google could only diagnose so much), whenever sleep came to you, you welcomed it with open arms.  Since waking up had become even more of a chore to run over to the coffee shop and squeeze yourself between the crowd of working adults and panda-eyed college students to get his very specific breakfast order. 
You'd gone home from a birthday party of your boyfriend and your mutual friend, things having gotten a little...out of hand at your boyfriend's apartment since it'd been so long since you'd been able to spend time together, not with you always falling asleep during video calls or refusing them altogether for the sake of getting your work done. You'd missed him, and something about being apart made you miss his touch. 
Jolting awake, (as if your body had been able to tell that your sleep was too smooth), you'd instantly sensed that something was wrong when you saw the light streaming in from behind the curtains, knowing for a fact that you usually woke up when it was still a little dark out. 
Turning around, you'd fumbled for your phone on the bedside table, letting out a loud gasp when you saw the time. You were already a whole half-hour late. 
Your boyfriend startled, letting out a groan, his arm still lazily draped over your stomach. 
"Did my alarm ring?" you asked, shoving his hand off of you and groaning, slipping out of bed quickly as you put on your clothes from the day before, not having any more time to go back to your apartment and get a fresh change of clothes. 
"I don't know, I didn't hear anything," you heard your boyfriend mumble from where he lay. 
Cursing, you'd ran over to his bathroom, washing your face quickly, a gasp leaving your mouth as you inspected the angry marks on your neck through the mirror. 
"I hate you so much," you tugged up the collar of your turtleneck, successfully hiding the marks when you’d let your hair down. 
Grabbing your things, you'd sprinted downstairs, hailing the first cab you could see and heading to your office. 
Was he going to fire me? You were still on probation, so there was no reason he couldn't, right? 
You'd fixed your hair anxiously as you jogged into the lobby, your shoes clacking noisily against the floor as you ran into the lift, even debating on whether taking the stairs would have been a better idea as the lift went up at an achingly slow pace. 
Finally reaching your floor, you’d made your way to the meeting room, tossing your bags outside the door and entering with your laptop, notebook and pen, keeping your head down and avoiding Chris’ gaze as he was presenting to the room. 
Taking your seat at the only empty seat left, (unfortunately, closer to the front of the room), you’d let out a small sigh. Expecting to hear Chris comment on your tardiness or whatnot, you opened your laptop, picking up on the minutes where you could. 
Keeping your head down, you’d felt your colleague from the marketing team lean over to you as Chris had given everyone some time to analyse what he was showing on the screen, his lack of a comment making you even more anxious. 
“Your hair’s a mess,” she whispered, making you wince, your hand going up to comb your hair into a ponytail in your attempt to look neater, hearing your colleague gasp. 
“Dude! Put your hair back down, your neck,” she whispered, your eyes immediately darting to Chris’ direction, seeing that he was in fact staring at your jaw and neck as well, turning away quickly, the reddening of his ears giving him away.
Your hands let go of your hair as though you were burned, hearing your colleague snicker beside you, “I see someone had fun last night. Was that why you were late, too?” 
You shushed her as Chris cleared his throat, embarrassment flooding your senses as you continued to take minutes, hoping that he wouldn’t be as mad at you if you showed that you were trying your best. Fat chance, but hey, you could dream. 
Chris had started to assign things that he’d wanted the different departments to focus on for the project at hand, flashing a slide of deadlines that you watched people scramble to confirm with their existing information. You were secretly hoping someone would hold him back with a question so that he was too busy to confront you. 
Unfortunately for you, that wasn’t the case today. The meeting ended promptly, Chris leaving you in relative silence as you packed up your things, your colleagues giving you a look of sympathy as you followed him silently out of the room back to your desk. 
“In my office, please,” he murmured. 
You fiddled with your fingers, already anticipating for him to fire you. 
“Can you explain to me what happened this morning?” 
Your eyes widened, not daring to meet his gaze as it flickered between anything in the room other than him, “I uh..I didn’t um…I didn’t hear my alarm ring and nobody woke me up so I overslept.” 
Chris’ stare was unwavering, leaning against his desk and folding his arms, “so is it not your responsibility to make sure you show up to work on time?” 
“No, yeah of course it is—“ 
“Then I would like to see you be accountable for your mistakes,” he continued, “I’m not saying you can’t make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. But if your mistake is what puts an entire room of people at an inconvenience, I would prefer if you were a little more apologetic about it.” 
You’d let a short period of silence fall between the both of you, “I’m sorry,” you mumbled, your gaze fixed firmly on his shoelace, “am I fired?” 
Chris let out a small sigh, shaking his head. “No, but, you know, if you ever let anything like this happen again, I won’t hesitate to fire you,” his voice was stern, annoyed almost. 
“And Y/N, if this,” you looked up at him watching him gesture to his neck with his hand before gesturing back to you, making you cower, tugging your collar further up your neck, “is what’s the issue here. I’d suggest you start prioritising.” 
“Sorry. It won’t happen again, I swear,” you rushed to speak, bowing quickly before exiting the room as fast as you could, wanting to tear your hair out in both annoyance and embarrassment. 
You’d jumped when you heard the sound of your desk speaker, Chris’ voice sounding through the phone, “Is there a problem, Y/N?” 
Your eyes widened, rushing over to your desk phone, shaking your head as you pressed the button to reply, “no, no! Not at all. There was just a… a bug here.” 
Chris huffed, bringing his hand up to hide his amusement, watching you scramble to regain your composure. 
2. Chris was a workaholic 
It was seeing (and experiencing) all the late nights in the office and the erratic pattern of his emails on weekends that drew you to this conclusion. His routine of sleeping late and then proceeding to get up at ungodly hours to either get work done or give up on the idea of a smooth sleep, since you were aware that he tended to have trouble sleeping. Not to mention the way it seemed to you as if the top priority in his life was his work, wanting to do his best to get the company to where he wanted it to be. 
After a few months of working for him, it was very clear to you that your job entailed not only taking care of his work, but taking care of him. 
You were going over to the legal team's office to collect the binders Chan had left to them, seemingly needing one of them now, thankful to have spotted Seungmin along the way as he was leaving his desk. 
Shooting you a look of sympathy, he'd peeked his head out to glance at your area, noticing everyone else in your team had gone home already. 
"Working late again?" 
You were sure you looked horrible, with bags under your eyes and your complexion looking dull from lack of sleep, but well, you had to earn a living, right? 
You shot him a pointed look, "you know the rules, can't go home until the boss goes home," you heaved a pained sigh. 
"You know, I'm starting to wonder if he even has a social life," you thought out loud, earning an amused grunt from Seungmin. 
"I could say the same about you." You ignored his comment. 
"What d'you need?" he asked, though you were already making your way to his superior's desk, grabbing the file and leaving a post-it to say it was with Chris. 
"Nothing, just this." You let out a small grunt at the weight of the binder, your wrists aching from all the filing you'd done that morning and afternoon (you never did notice until now how inefficient Chris' uncle's document organization system was). 
"All the best," he gave you a thumbs up, earning a pitiful pout from you before you'd headed back to Chris' office. 
Knocking on his door, you'd heard him murmur for you to come in, pushing the heavy doors open with your shoulder as you shoved your way through the doors,  placing the binder onto the coffee table where he'd had his documents and laptop laid out haphazardly. 
Chan's hair was a mess, likely from running his hands through it as he worked, his tie discarded and the top few buttons of his shirt undone, looking at you with tired eyes. 
He was about to ask you for some water, but you'd seemed to have read his mind, walking over to the table near his desk and pouring him a glass of warm water from the flask. 
"I'm almost done with the filing, but I'll be outside so you can let me know if you need anything." 
You'd felt your pocket buzz with a notification, momentarily taking your attention away from Chris. 
Chris glanced at the files before looking back at you in thought, stopping you before you could exit the room, "actually, can you help me to write a report on this, I'll need this by tomorrow afternoon." 
Knowing Chris' deadlines, that meant he would've needed it by tomorrow morning, which left you no choice other than to start working on it now. 
Chris picked up a small file with a post-it note stuck onto the file, handing it to you. 
"The points are all there. I would've done it myself but by the looks of it this is gonna take a while more than I expected," he sighed, his hands on his hips as he stared at the pile of papers in front of him in disdain. 
Chris never would've admitted that he'd started preparing the post-it notes for you in case he wasn't able to complete his work in time, since he usually opted to write from his head, but he knew you worked better with structure. He'd only realised after starting to do it that it helped him draft the write-ups more concisely, so of course, the reason was always 'for his own convenience', never creating opportunities for you to think he actually tried accommodating to you. 
"This current arrangement is very un-environmentally friendly," you mumbled, staring at the papers as well. 
"I'll go get this done now," you gave him a nod, exiting his office as you pulled your phone from your pocket, the text from your boyfriend practically glaring at you, asking if you were able to meet that night. 
10:47pm - sorry, working late :( gotta work on a report due tomorrow morning - 
Biting back your disappointment at having to bail on your boyfriend again, you'd nodded resolutely, pulling up your delivery app to order food for Chris before you started on the report lest he start to get irritable because he was hungry. 
And lastly, the point you couldn't quite seem to wrap your head around, was that 
3. He was very nice, just...not so much to you. 
After the oversleeping incident from before, it was safe to say you'd never let a similar mistake repeat itself. You were constantly making sure you were alert and responsive to anything Chris could possibly throw to you (and he knew this too). 
The only downside Chris saw to this, was that it seemed as though your attitude towards the directors hadn't changed. Still swallowing their disgusting comments and serving them with a smile, even if they were looking everywhere but your face. It irked Chris. And it irked him even more that the only one you seemed to serve without a smile, was him. 
Unbeknownst to him, you'd shared the same sentiments. 
"Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on in their head?" you spoke. 
Seungmin snorted, "wait, are you talking about the meme or..." your lack of a response made Seungmin follow your gaze (or glare) to where Chris was seated at the other end of the table, giggling and smiling as he spoke with the other secretaries. 
"Ah," Seungmin nodded, understanding now why your spoon hadn't moved an inch from your bowl, your grip around it almost death-like. 
"What are you so mad about? He's not doing anything?" 
You shot Seungmin a pointed look, your voice lowering to a murmur, "can't you see it? With them he's all rainbows and unicorn shit but with me it's like just smiling would kill him." 
You heard the secretaries letting out giggles and impressed sounds at something Chris had just said, the sound itself enough to make you annoyed. 
Seungmin's eyebrows furrowed, looking at you in scepticism, "you know the secretaries are only being nice because they're interns, right? I heard from one of them that they're actually really scared of him." 
Seungmin brought his chopsticks to his mouth, taking a piece of food from your bowl that he knew you weren't going to eat anyway, "especially after they saw how he spoke to you during the meeting the other day,"
You scoffed, "good to know that I was the warning." 
Your phone buzzed, signalling a text from your boyfriend. Strangely enough, it'd been a while since you'd texted him, since you were busy with work and he was busy with school. 
Ignoring it initially, too distracted by Chris, it wasn't long before you saw his caller ID show up on the screen, getting Seungmin's attention. 
"I think you should answer that," he gestured, making you glance around the table in your hesitance, not knowing if it would be rude to just exit halfway. 
Picking up the phone-call, you'd turned your head, lowering your volume to a murmur, "hello?" 
"Hey, can we talk? I really need to tell you something." 
You winced, "is it urgent? I'm at a team dinner right now." 
Your boyfriend sighed, scoffing, "it really is always work with you, huh." 
"What's that supposed to mean?" 
You glanced at the table, standing up to excuse yourself. Chris's expression read confusion, eavesdropping on a secretary asking what happened, Seungmin replying that it was your boyfriend calling. 
You'd made your way outside the restaurant, Chris glancing in your direction and spotting you walk past the restaurant's windows, a part of him shaking off whatever curiosity that lingered in him as he focused on his conversation. After all, you did tell him you could handle yourself, right? 
Where you were, you'd moved to a quieter spot outside the restaurant, "okay, I can talk now. What's up?" 
You kicked at the ground absently as you awaited his reply. 
"Look, are you free to meet tonight? There's something I need to tell you." 
"Uh..." you glanced into the restaurant, making eye contact with Chris before looking away, "I've got to work later, though. I need to get some research done for this review that i'm behind on, I don't wanna meet you if i'm just gonna end up on my computer while you're there, you know?" 
Your boyfriend nodded, "you know, that's kind of what i wanted to talk to you about." 
"Oh," a feeling of dread was building in your stomach, recognising your boyfriend's tone to be the one he used whenever he was talking about something serious. 
The first time you heard it was when you witnessed him on a work phone-call, the second being how he spoke to your parents the first time they'd met, but this time, you had a feeling you knew what was coming. 
"Let's break up." 
You fell silent, not knowing how to respond to his words. 
"Is it, um.... is it because of my work?" You asked, a part of you not being able to come to terms with the fact that it could have been your fault, "because you know I can't do anything about that." 
Your boyfriend sighed, "I know. I'm just talking about how you've been so emotionally invested in your work you don't even have the energy to maintain this relationship." 
You frowned, "what, what do you want me to do, quit my job? Will that be better for you?" 
"Look, i've been seeing someone," he began. Your heart sank. 
"And i'd be lying if I said that wasn't part of the reason. But... it was only when I started seeing her that I realised... things between us just weren't the same as before." 
Your heart felt heavy, a part of you knowing that he was making it a lot easier to be mad at him by confessing what he did, but another part of you couldn't help but prompt him further. 
"When did it start?" 
"That doesn't matter-" 
You sighed, taking your lower lip between your teeth, "it's fine, I just wanna know." 
"Fine, it was about a month in from you working for your new boss." 
You nodded slowly, still trying to process his words. You weren't quite sure what came over you when you saw Chris exiting the restaurant, turning to face your direction and spotting you in the alley. But it was as if you were so mad at yourself, mad at him, mad at your boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend now), that you'd ended the call, shoving your phone into the pocket of your blazer before heading over to where Chris was. 
"You guys aren't going home?" you heard one of the secretaries ask as you and Chris had approached his car, his driver already sitting in the car and waiting. 
Chris shook his head with a smile, "nope, we're heading back to the office." 
You mustered a smile as you bid them goodbye, you guessed this was probably the best time to bury yourself in your work as a poor coping mechanism after a breakup, as far as movie breakups went.  
The car-ride was silent, despite the pinging of your phone, making you switch it to silent mode halfway, earning a curious look from Chris, though he didn't make to ask you about it. 
Upon reaching the office, the both of you had gone back into your clockwork routine, as you sat in his office working on your computer and scribbling down on your notebook the important details you wanted him to check. Chris found that your background in law and journalism made it a lot easier whenever it came to reading and condensing information, which had only allowed him to trust you more when it came to getting tasks like that done, saving him precious time he could spend working on other things. 
The buzzing of your phone was growing more frequent, though it was as if you were oblivious to it now as you typed away at your computer. 
"Right, can you help to postpone tomorrow afternoon's meeting, and help me to make a reservation at the steak place, 2 people." 
You hadn't made to move, pulling your phone out but having gotten distracted at the multitude of missed calls and texts just because your boyfriend wanted to 'make sure you were okay'. Please. 
"Hello? Can you hear me?" you heard Chris call, snapping you out of your daze as his gaze searched your expression, trying to read your emotions. 
"Sorry, can you repeat that? I didn't hear you." 
Chris sighed, his annoyance at your phone that had lit up with a call again getting the better of him, "you know I don't ask you to stay later just for you to waste my time, you know." 
Your gaze hardened. There it was, the side of Chris that you had the 'privilege' of being at the brunt of, nowhere near the smiley giggly Chris you witnessed at the restaurant just now. 
"I said I was sorry. What do you want me to do?" 
Chris huffed, his gaze darting to your phone as he spoke, "reservation for 2 people tomorrow afternoon, the steak place my mom likes. Postpone tomorrow afternoon's appointment with Director Lee." He told you slowly, his tone as if speaking to a young child, which only served to piss you off even more. 
"Who's calling you?" he asked. 
You shook your head in dismissal, "my...uh..." you weren't sure how to respond, watching dumbly as he made his way to where you were, lifting your phone to read the contact before letting out a huff. 
"Okay, well you can tell your boyfriend that if you're gonna be this distracted at work, you can kiss your night goodbye." 
You inhaled deeply, absolutely upset but knowing there wasn't much you could do about it. You loved your job, even though you hated to admit it. Ever since Chris came in, you were getting a lot more work experience and exposure, especially with how he would make it mandatory for you to attend certain language courses that would help him whenever you accompanied him on networking events or business galas. 
And in that moment, you couldn't help but think back to what he'd said the first time he'd scolded you when he'd told you to figure out your priorities. Maybe your boyfriend called you at the right time, maybe you just weren't ready to focus on things other than your career at this point of time. 
Turning your phone off, you'd made sure Chris saw that it was off, raising your hands up in surrender, "done. I'll book your stupid reservation now." You stalked out before Chris could chime in with a 'watch your tone'. 
You'd been working for Chris for what was coming to 2 years now. The company had been reaping the results of their hard work for a while now, and you were thankful that even though you weren't as busy as before, you still managed to keep your job. Other than the fact that Chris’ hair was now back to dark brown, not much else had changed. 
Although, one tiny change you were starting to wish for was that Chris would at least try to make things a little more bearable for you. 
You were currently at a meeting with the directors where Chris was presenting the overview of the company's performance in the past month. You would have to say you were pretty satisfied with the work you'd both done on that, working a lot more efficiently now compared to when you'd first started out. 
Your silent admiration of the presentation was interrupted when one of the directors summoned you over to ask for a cup of coffee.
Doing as you were told ( much to Chris' dismay ), you'd gone and come back in record time with his hot cup of coffee, bending down and making your way to where the director sat, not wanting to prevent any of them from seeing what Chris was presenting. 
While he was presenting, it didn't take Chris very long to realise why the director had kept asking you for things, your position from where you were squatting next to him making it all-too-easy for him to ogle at you without you noticing. 
For some reason, this seemed to have gotten on Chris' nerves, especially because that director's secretary was simply minding her own business at the back of the room. 
Did Chris think what you were wearing that day was nice? He'd say he didn't but of course he did. But unlike the director, he preferred not to be so blatant about it, especially because you were always so rude towards him. 
You'd tensed momentarily when the director had grabbed your arm, about to get up when you heard Chris' voice get louder. 
"Y/N, I'd appreciate if you would stop distracting the directors and go back to your seat." 
(Later on, Seungmin would be struggling to hold back his laughter in the printing room when Chan told him to tell you to button up your blouse a little more. 
“Why can’t you just tell her yourself?” 
Chan scoffed, “knowing her, she’s just gonna think I was looking at her… chest or something.” 
Seungmin narrowed his eyes at Chan teasingly, “well, were you?” 
Chan waved him off with a groan, “just tell her, okay? The directors are having a field day with her looking like that.”)
You'd almost scoffed at the way the director had immediately let go of you, and you straightened up quickly, heading back to sit with the other secretaries. 
"That was harsh," you heard one of the secretaries murmur to you, making you shrug. 
"Whatever, not like I expected more from him anyway." 
(You did, you totally did. You'd kill for him to be less grating with his words). 
After the meeting, you'd felt a phone ring in your bag, pulling it out to see that Chris' mom was calling, obviously not having been able to reach him. Making your way to where he was, you'd interrupted his packing of his things. 
"Your mom is calling you," you'd told him out of habit, holding his phone out for him to take, jumping slightly when you'd heard one of the directors let out a dismayed grunt. 
"Is that any way to talk to your boss?" 
Your eyes widened, Chris seeming to be enjoying the situation play out before him as you regained your composure, looking back at Chris with a sickly sweet smile on your face. In front of the directors, you couldn't act up like how you usually did when it was just the both of you, so you had no choice but to be all smiles
"President Bang, your mother is calling you," you told him, and if you were annoyed, you didn't show it, having years of practice from dealing with the directors. 
"uh-huh," Chris smirked, taking the phone from your hands and answering it as he gestured for you to help him gather his papers. 
"No, mom. I’ve told you already, i’m really fine with how things are now. I'm not going on another one." 
Not that you cared, but you had to admit you were kind of curious as to what he was so insistently refusing.
"Yes, okay, bye," he hung up, handing the phone back to you. 
You'd tried your best to suppress your curiosity, seeing as he was about to be late for his next meeting with one of his friends if he hadn't hurried. 
Fixing your blouse, you'd carried your laptop in your arm as you walked with him back to his office, with you going into the lift first, Chris having chosen the wrong time to step in as a girl you recognised as one of the interns had done so too, the number of people squeezing into the lift causing her to jerk her arm, her coffee landing unceremoniously on Chris’ tie and shirt. 
Chris let out a hiss at the temperature of the liquid, eliciting a long string of apologies from the girl. You knew that if it was you that had spilled the coffee, he would be going on and on about carelessness now, but the intern obviously wasn’t you, and so you watched in envy as Chris had given her a smile, dismissing her apologies quickly. 
“It’s fine, really. I just hope you still have some coffee left to drink,” he laughed. 
Not only was he not upset, but he was joking with her too? 
You scoffed, rolling your shoulders back as you’d watched the numbers on the elevator rise till it reached your floor, the girl looking scared for her life when you’d cast her a look, bowing to you apologetically. 
“Where did you keep the spare change of clothes?” Chris asked as he’d begun loosening his tie. 
You hadn’t responded as he let you walk before him into his office, making your way over to one of the cupboards at the side of the room and opening it, pulling out a hanger with a nicely ironed set of work clothes. 
“You can go and get changed, I’ll wait here,” you murmured, Chris walking over to where you were and giving you his stained tie. 
God, you hoped his dry-cleaning run wouldn’t make you late for your lunch appointment. 
Looking at his tie, you brought it up closer to your face to inspect the material, it was a well-made tie, you had to say. Not too skinny, the material feeling almost luxurious in your hold, tempting you to put it on in your boredom. 
Hanging it round your neck, you mustered your best ‘Chris accent’.
“You should be accountable for your mistakes! Don’t you know how many people you’re inconveniencing? Now I have a tie that reeks of coffee, look,” you held up the tie with a gasp, “and my secretary’s gonna be late for her lunch meeting!” You pointed accusatorially at the small black penholder that sat on his desk. 
“Yeah! Do you know how much you’re inconveniencing me? I don’t ask you to show up to work to waste my time—“ 
You’d stopped in your tracks when you heard Chris clearing his throat, grimacing as you tried to regain your composure, taking off the tie as quickly as you could, holding it tightly in your palm as you turned to face him. 
“Having fun?” 
“No,” you shot back quickly, not even wanting to ask how long he’d been standing there. 
Walking over to you, he’d handed you his stained shirt, his expression like that of a parent that had caught their kid doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing. 
“You know, sometimes I wish you’d talk back to the directors like how you talk back to me.” 
Your eyes widened, confused at his sudden comment, but not having the time to respond as Chris continued. 
“Get these dry-cleaned over lunch. The stain’ll be harder to get out the longer you wait.” 
You huffed, already walking away from him, “well, when you say it like that I’d might as well go do it now.” 
You'd been keeping yourself busy with replying emails when you heard the elevator ding, the sound of footsteps getting louder before you saw a considerably young, suit-clad man walking towards your desk. 
"I'm here to see Chris? I'm Director Kang," he told you, though you didn't need him to introduce himself, knowing very well who he was. 
"He's in there," you held a finger up to signal him to wait as you picked up your desk telephone, pressing a button to page Chris. 
"Director Kang's here to see you." 
"Okay, send him in."
Chris closed the work he was doing on his desktop, making his way over to the leather couches as he saw his friend enter the room. 
"Yo, when were you planning on telling me about your hot secretary?" 
Chris' eyebrows raised, "didn't think that was something worth mentioning."
"Well, why not?" his friend frowned, his features pulling into one of shock, "wait, don't tell me... you guys are dating?" 
Chris rolled his eyes, "no, we're not. And please, for both our sakes, don't try anything funny with her." 
The director was about to respond, interrupted by your knocking on the door, the door opening slightly so you could enter. 
"Can I get you anything? Like a drink? Coffee? Tea?" you asked. 
The director simply looked at you curiously, sitting with his ankle resting on his other knee, "only if you'd care to join me." 
Chris glared at his friend, shutting him up quickly before he could say anything more, "coffee for him, I don't want a drink."
You nodded, exiting quickly.
"What did you come to tell me about?" 
"Must I have a reason to come and visit my beloved friend?" 
Chris rolled his eyes, "my time is precious." 
This made the director scoff, "is that your excuse now? Anyway, I came to ask if you were going for Brian's wedding next weekend." 
"Oh, yeah, right. He asked me about it last night and I said I would go, you?" 
Director Kang rolled his eyes, "can't, I've got a business trip that weekend." 
Chris hummed in acknowledgement, "that reminds me. I should get a gift for them soon. Who'd he say he was marrying again?" 
"This girl he met at work, she's nice. But, you know, not my type." 
As if that wasn't enough, Director Kang continued, "anyway, are you bringing a date?" 
He was interrupted once again by the sound of your knocking, the door opening as you made your way over to them, bending to place the cup of coffee down onto the table, making Director Kang gesture to you with his head, mouthing 'you should bring her'. 
Waving him off, Chris was eager to get Director Kang’s attention away from you, almost as if wanting to protect you from getting swayed by him, knowing the outcome was never too bright. 
"Y/N, you can go for an early lunch break today." 
Your eyebrows raised, the prospect seeming almost too good to be true. Since when was he so nice? 
"Huh? But I still have some stuff to hand the legal team..." you sounded unsure, though you did consider this to be luck since you were supposed to meet one of your friends from college for lunch today. 
Chris gave you a stern look, waving you off, making you raise your hands in surrender. 
“Okay, okay, I’ll go.” 
On your way out, you’d texted your friend that you were gonna be able to meet earlier, pleasantly surprised when she’d told you she was already in the area and that she was able to head over now. 
You’d managed to drop off Chris’ clothes for dry-cleaning before heading to the restaurant, spotting your friend already seated at your table. 
“Hey! Wow, you look great!” She told you, giving you a hug in greeting. 
“Feel a lot better compared to last year,” you joked, making her frown. 
“Your boss still giving you trouble?” 
Shrugging, you’d taken a seat, “nothing out of the ordinary. Seems like it’s part of his daily routine to annoy me.” 
She laughed, “I ordered our food already, if you don’t mind.” 
Shaking your head, you waved in dismissal, “no, yeah, I don’t mind. Thanks. Anyway, you look pretty good yourself, how’ve you been?” 
You didn’t miss the way she’d leaned closer to you, tucking her hair behind her ear in a pointed gesture, drawing your attention to the large gemstone on her ring. 
Your eyes widened, “no way.” 
She nodded, “I wanted to tell you sooner but you were so busy! I was glad enough I managed to squeeze in this lunch with you,” she told you, making you pout. 
“When’s the wedding?” You asked. 
“Next week. We’re going to have it in this beautiful church out of town, really really nice place,” she told you, “really romantic, too,” she added as an afterthought. 
You let out a deep sigh, “I hope you’re not going where I think you’re going with this.” 
She gave you a scandalised look, pausing as the waiter had come to deliver your food, “first of all, Brian has a lot of good-looking friends!” 
You gave her a look, prompting her to continue, “well, not that I’ve seen all of them but he tells me that a lot of them are single! And you know who else is single…” she pointed her finger towards you with an overly excited glint to her grin. 
“We’ve been through this a million times, Eujin. I’ve tried but it’s really hard to find a guy that’s willing to cope with… you know, my kind of schedule,” you gave her a tired (wistful) sigh, “and with my schedule, I doubt I have the time, not to mention the energy to date.” 
Eujin’s lips twisted into a frown, “but it’s been so long! Don’t you want to get back in the dating scene?” 
You scoffed, cutting into your food harshly before taking a bite. 
“Of course I do. But the last time I went on a date the guy basically shat on me for being a workaholic,” you huffed, “I mean, my boss’ working hours means my working hours, shouldn’t they just shit on him instead? Why is it my fault that he’s basically destroyed what I have left of a social life.” 
Eujin shot you a look of sympathy, “I’d say I pitied you, but it’s not like you can’t get a job anywhere else, you know?” 
You’d kept your mouth shut at that, “I know… it just… I can’t just leave when I’ve already gotten so used to how things work here.” 
Of course that was one reason, but you would never admit that there was a nagging inside of you that didn't trust Chris to look after himself if you weren't here, remembering how he'd overworked himself during a crucial period after he took over the company, and you'd found him passed out on his desk when you showed up to work that day. 
You'd sort of made a silent promise that as much as you didn't like him, you still cared for him in a way. In the way a secretary would care for her boss, totally. 
You decided to change the topic, not wishing to talk about your hopeless love life at the moment. 
“What’s the program gonna be like?” 
Eujin’s eyes lit up, setting her cutlery down as she clasped her hands together, “Okay, so. The plan is for it to be a sort of weekend-long thing,” she told you, holding her finger up. 
“Firstly, on Thursday night we’ll have a little girls night type thing, and then Friday is the rehearsal dinner, Saturday will kind of be a little rest day and then Sunday is the actual wedding,” she said, now holding up four fingers to you. 
Your head was spinning at the (rather enticing) thought of taking basically 4 days off of work, before the dread settled in that you had to ask Chris for permission to take those days off. 
“I hope my boss will let me take time off…” you murmured, already rehearsing in your head possible ways on how you could tell him. 
Eujin gave you a resolute look, “you can do it! If he says no just let me know, I’ll go over to your fancy office and fight whoever he is myself.” 
“How many days?” 
Chris had asked at your desk as he prepared to leave to meet his mom for lunch since she’d happened to be in the business district. 
You fiddled with your pen anxiously, “uh..4 days? Technically 3 and a half. But 2 of those are weekends I just need you to make sure you just don’t bother me on that weekend it’s a really important weekend.” 
Chris narrowed his eyes at you, unsure why you were so insistent on him leaving that weekend alone, nodding slowly. 
Whatever, he figured, she’s just lucky I’m busy that weekend too. 
“I swear I’ll—wait, you’re okay with it?” 
Chris shrugged, straightening his tie, “yeah. I’ve got something on that weekend too.” 
You let out a surprised hum, “oh… cool. Thanks…Mr Bang,” you added as a force of habit, not wanting to risk getting scolded for ‘insubordination’ again just because you didn’t call him by his honorific. 
Chris huffed, leaving before you could see his ears reddening. 
Over lunch, Chris’ mom had been inspecting him carefully as he ate, as if the answer to her worries lay in every piece of sushi he ate. 
“Is there something you’re not telling me? Are you… gay?” She asked, continuing, “because if you are you know you can just tell me, instead of constantly upsetting the girls I try to set you up with.” 
Chris gave her a unamused look, “mom, I’ve told you a thousand times. I would really love to date, but it’s hard to find someone with a similar work ethic as myself, that can keep up with my… lifestyle and who really understands my needs, you know?” 
This made Chris’ mom perk up, “that’s it! Why don’t you just date your secretary!” 
Chris almost choked on his sushi, fumbling to grab his glass of water to calm himself down and compose himself. 
“What,” he spoke between coughs, “gave you that idea?” 
His mom looked at him in disbelief, “whatever you just said, you were basically describing her, no? And plus, we’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about her from your uncle.”
Chris couldn’t help but entertain the possibility in his head. It was true, you did work at a very efficient pace with him, not to mention how spending almost everyday in such close contact with him made you understand his own needs and wants even better than he did on occasions. Chris shook his head, that wasn’t possible, right? You looked as though you’d absolutely hated him half the time, he’d be expecting too much from you if he’d expected you to fall for him. 
Chris shook his head, dismissing the thought from both him and his mom’s minds quickly, “no, mom. I’m fine with how things are between us right now.” 
Chris had let you leave the office earlier on Thursday, (much to your surprise) allowing you to have ample time to pack your bags and get a cab to the destination, Eujin having taken the liberty and helped you book your hotel beforehand. 
Upon reaching, you’d texted Eujin saying you’d reached. 
eujin 6:54pm -yay!! Lets just chill in one of our rooms, we can discuss it in the chatgroup!!- 
Trust her to be excitable even about the smallest things. 
You saw an incoming text from Seungmin. 
seungmin (personal)  6:54pm -what where r u I went over to find u but both u and Chris weren’t here- 
6:55pm -im at a friends wedding, took the weekend off-
seungmin (personal)  6:55pm -wow finally using your employee perks nvm then have fun- 
You’d checked in, marvelling at the cozy yet elegant look of the hotel as you made your way through the lobby, letting the lift take you up to your hotel room floor. 
Changing into more comfortable clothes, you’d seen the group chat saying to gather in Eujin’s room, with mentions of ordering pizza. Considering this was your first weekend away from work in a very, long while, you were determined to make the most of it, heading over to Eujin’s room. 
You hadn’t expected to be welcomed as warmly as you were, hearing comments of ‘we were so happy you could make it!’ Or ‘thank God you could take time off!’, sharing the same sentiments as them as you’d let Eujin pull you onto the bed, the softness of the sheets and pillows instantly making a content sigh leave you. 
“I ordered room service,” Eujin sing-songed, gesturing to the Champagne bottles and whatnot on the tray next to the bed. 
“I’ll have one,” you raised your hand, earning a laugh from one of your friends. 
“Tired from work?”  
You let out a loud groan, nodding. This made Eujin nod gravely, “I swear, if I ever see your boss in real life, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.” 
You scoffed, “you don’t even know what he looks like.” You’d gratefully accepted the glass of champagne that was handed to you. "and plus, he's not that bad, other than the fact that he finds joy in pissing me off. He just works too hard in my opinion." 
You’d spent your time enjoying the once chance you could relax to your heart’s content without feeling dread at having to wake up early the following day, enjoying yourself as you leant against the headboard of the bed, listening to stories about how they’ve been and how all of them were either planning on getting engaged soon, were in long-term relationships or already married. 
“You guys make me wanna get married too,” you pouted, earning bouts of laughter from them. 
“You’d have to actually date to do that, you know,” they told you pointedly, making you sigh. 
“You’re basically married to your job, already,” your friend chimed in, making you laugh. 
“Seems like that, doesn’t it? I was super shocked he’d let me have the weekend off, usually he’d be swarming me with emails about now.” 
“I’m excited to see Brian’s friends tomorrow, maybe there’ll be someone that catches your eye,” Eujin told you, making you shrug. 
“Just out of curiosity, though, what are you looking for in a guy? You know, we could help you keep an eye out too.” 
You hummed, shrugging. 
“I’ve never really thought of a specific…criteria I guess. I guess I’d just like someone that’s kind, looks out for me, doesn't underestimate me...sort of has the same lifestyle as me? Since it’s honestly been really hard to find someone that doesn’t hate my schedule.” 
You'd almost scoffed at the way your brain had refused to picture anyone else other than Chris while you thought about it, figuring it was probably because he was the only guy you were in constant contact with. 
Eujin looked at you resolutely, “we’ll do our best,” she held up a fist in an action to cheer you on. 
You shrugged, You figured maybe going into this with an open mind would do you some good. 
You changed the topic, directing the focus back to Eujin, “whatever, let’s just have fun, it’s your big day soon, let’s just celebrate!”
At the rehearsal dinner, you had yet to arrive, since you’d spent a little longer getting ready, choosing to use your opportunity to dress up a little more, not having the luxury to do so during your usual work days. 
You had texted Eujin that you were on the way with some of the other bridesmaids, her attention directed elsewhere when her fiancé had called her over. 
“Hey, wanted you to meet some of my friends from law school.” 
While being introduced, Eujin couldn’t help but wonder if they were single, remembering your mentioned criteria from the night before. 
“Oh, so are you guys all working in the law sector now?” 
Her husband shook his head, “All of them, except Chan here. He’s the ceo of Bang Mobile Media company.” 
Eujin’s eyes widened, glancing at the brown-haired boy cautiously, as if sizing him up. Y/N worked in a mobile company too, right? If she was remembering this correctly. Was it mobile or broadcasting? 
“Oh, wow. That’s impressive.” 
Eujin had let them introduce themselves more, not being able to help but think that Chan was nice, friendly, and rich on top of that? 
“I don’t get it, how are you single? You’re basically the whole package!” She wondered out loud, making Chan flush, giggling as he shook his head. 
Her husband seemed to have begged to differ, “Chan is incorrigible when it comes to his love life.” 
Eujin raised her eyebrows in surprise, not having expected someone so good-looking to have such a fate, “really? Is there a reason behind that?” 
“He’d never dated much, even back when he was in Australia. He was always super dedicated to his work,” this had served to make Eujin even more positive about this guy’s prospects as a suitor for you. 
“Oh my god, you’re exactly like one of my friends, I should totally introduce her to you when she comes later.” 
“Hey, cut him some slack,” one of his friends had spoken up, “Chan can’t cheat on his job.” 
Eujin felt her phone vibrate signalling a notification, pulling it out to see that you’d arrived already, excusing herself and practically running over to the entrance of the venue. “Chan, you stay put, I have just the perfect girl to introduce you to!” 
“Y/N! You have to come quick, I think I found the perfect guy for you.” 
Your eyes widened, clutching onto the chain of your bag as you followed her into the room. 
“He’s really nice, and friendly, and he’s good-looking! Really cute dimples! And on top of that he’s loaded. I’m so excited for you to meet him.” 
Letting her drag you along, you’d distracted yourself with the atmosphere of the area, wondering just how much it would cost to book a venue like this, tugging down your dress that was hiking up from practically running after Eujin. 
“Hey, I have someone I’d like you to meet. Chan, this is Y/N,” Eujin chirped, the names causing the both of your heads to shoot up, locking eyes with each other as a feeling of doom built in the pit of your stomach. 
Your eyes widened in panic, glancing down at your attire, back to him, who was dressed in a flowy black shirt that you were sure cost more than your one week’s pay, the top few buttons of his shirt undone to reveal a simple silver necklace, and fitted black pants, your gaze landing on the small silver rings on his ears, almost feeling as though you were looking at a different person. 
Chris thought so too, seeming to have the same panic as you as he tried not to let his gaze linger too long on your dress, nodding his head at you in greeting, “nice to uh…meet you.” 
His ears had felt hot as you nodded back at him, almost startling when Eujin had cheered, leaning over to whisper to you, “I’ll make sure you guys get to sit next to each other.” 
You were about to protest when she’d left, leaving you standing at the bar with Chris. 
“So, Y/N, how do you know the bride to be?” 
You gulped, wanting to slap yourself for how your gaze had kept returning to Chris, unable to shake the feeling of needing to be in work-mode now with his presence before you. 
“Oh, uh, we were friends since college,” you answered simply. 
“Cool, did you guys have the same major?” Chris had to stop himself from glaring at his friend, a strange feeling inside of him as he recognised the look on his friend’s face and his posture to be that which he used whenever he was interested in a girl. 
You shook your head, “uh, not quite. I majored in law but she majored in journalism.” You tried to respond as calmly as you could, not being able to shake Chris’ gaze off of you, feeling as though at any moment he was going to call you out for something you weren’t even aware of.
You saw the guy practically light up at the mention of law. 
“Woah, that’s really coincidental. All of us met in law school,” he gestured to the group of them, making you laugh nervously. 
“Where are you guys um… dates?” You asked, immediately regretting the question when you saw the way Chris was practically glaring at you. 
You didn’t understand why he was glaring at you, wasn’t it a valid question? 
“We didn’t bring dates, unfortunately. Did you?” 
You shook your head, making Chris snort. “Does it look like she brought a date? She literally came in alone.” 
You narrowed your eyes at him, unsure where his spitefulness was coming from, especially when his friend was just trying to make conversation with you. 
You scoffed, folding your arms. “Yeah, pity. Maybe I’d have time to date if I wasn’t always so busy running around doing shit for my boss,” you cast a pointed glance at him, bringing a hand up to nonchalantly run it through your hair. 
Chris smirked, two could play at this game.
“Same here, I’d probably have the time to date too if my secretary wasn’t always causing trouble.” 
“Your secretary?” His friend spoke up, “I heard from someone she was pretty cute, and nice too.” 
You’d almost wanted to agree, realising that if you did it would put you in a pretty compromising position, simply acting surprised. 
“If I had a secretary like that, I’d just date her,” one of his friends had spoken up, making your eyes widen, wracking your brain for possible responses. 
“Who knows, are you a workaholic?” You asked pointedly, earning amused grunts and laughs from his friends, “ah… it’d be too bad if I was your secretary, then. I absolutely can’t stand dating workaholics.” 
Chris narrowed his eyes at you, the both of you knowing you were just as bad at him, replying calmly, “oh, you can’t stand dating workaholics? Me neither.” 
You were thankful that Eujin had given you a small break when she'd invited everyone to take their seats so dinner could be served, wincing when you'd ended up sitting next to Chris out of habit, momentarily forgetting that you weren't attending a networking session. 
You'd hoped and prayed that you wouldn't slip up more than you already did. As much as you'd wanted to spite him, he was still your boss, and you knew he'd give you an earful for even the slightest hint of disrespect ( which you were sure you'd surpassed already ). 
Focusing on the gorgeous food they'd served you, you saw the waiter pick up the bottle of wine, pouring it for you. 
Having been oblivious, the waiter was about to pour a glass for Chris as well, making your secretary-instincts kick in, your arm darting across Chris to stop the waiter in time. 
"No, Mr Bang, you shouldn't drink that." 
Chris would have looked fairly amused if he wasn't stressed out by your proximity, with you practically leaning over him to speak to the waiter. 
You'd cursed internally, wincing at the way Chan's friend had looked at you, tilting his head in confusion. 
"Mr Bang? And how do you know his alcohol preference?" 
Chris let out a nervous giggle as you straightened up, "uh...well um know it's a really funny story actually... we're um..." 
Not being able to bear his awkward fumbling any longer, you'd butt in, "We work in the same company. Yeah." 
You were lucky his friend had bought it, simply nodding in understanding, "no wonder, you guys were being so weird just now." 
Chris scoffed, "what weird?" 
You turned around in your chair, pretending to pick up your bag, "stop, you're making it worse," you murmured so he could hear you, making him bring his glass of water to his lips. 
One of your girl friends had spoken up, halfway through the meal, "wait, i just realised. If you guys work in the same office, then you must know her boss right? That dude is crazy. We all thought it was a miracle that she could take time off for the wedding," 
You glared at your friend, trying to subtly shake your head in your attempt to stop her, but she was oblivious, "she doesn't like it when we badmouth him but it's true! Ever since she started working for him it's like her social life just disappeared. Her boss is always her first priority." 
You'd never related more to how people said they wished the ground would swallow you whole. Looking down at your food, you'd tried to remain nonchalant about it, but Chris who was next to you was looking at your friend with wide eyes. 
"Oh, really? What else does she say about him?" 
You laughed nervously, waving your hands in dismissal, "nothing that concerns you."
Chris turned to you, dropping his volume to a murmur, "is that so? because i'm hearing all this and i'm getting the feeling it definitely concerns me." 
You let out a huff of anxious laughter, bringing your glass to your lips, consuming your drink in sips because your boss was sitting next to you, but secretly wishing you could down it all in one go. 
Soon enough, all your anxious sipping had made you reach an empty glass, the waiter coming over to refill it for you, earning an eyebrow raise from Chris. 
"Leave me alone," you huffed. 
Chris simply laughed, "what? I didn't say anything." 
You'd tried to pay attention to the proceedings of the wedding rehearsal, and after dessert was served people had started to mingle around more, the drinks having started to kick in as you'd felt a lot more relaxed. 
It was safe to say Eujin was as well, going around to talk to the guests and thank them for coming out of town for the celebrations. 
Soon enough, you were almost done with your fourth glass, oblivious to the way Chris was looking at you, impressed yet concerned. Feeling skinny arms drape over your shoulders, you turned your head to see none other than Eujin, cooing at you affectionately. 
"Tell your boss a huge thank you for letting you have this weekend. I couldn't even get to see you on my birthday or for the engagement party, but i'm so so glad you're here now." 
You couldn't help but glance at Chris, knowing that you'd missed both of those events because you were helping him with something. The first being when he'd almost overworked himself enough to warrant a visit to the hospital since he hadn't been sleeping or eating well (after that, you swore you'd make sure this man was getting his three meals if you could help it), and the second time being when you had to accompany him to a keynote session out of town. 
You were starting to think maybe there was a little more to unpack behind your reasons why you stayed working for Chris Bang. Your only consolation at this point of time being that the rehearsal dinner was ending soon, meaning that you could finally escape the suffocating tension you were feeling. 
"Wanna hitch a ride back together? I drove here." 
You'd almost declined, feeling as if you didn't have a right to be in his car if it wasn't work-related. Chris had seemed to sense your hesitation, simply not waiting for a reply and walking off, hoping his smile wasn't too obvious when he'd heard you jogging to meet his pace. 
He'd surprised you even more when he'd opened the passenger door for you, shutting it gently after you'd gotten in. 
You'd given in to the comfort of his car almost immediately, more-so when Chris had gone to take something from the boot of his car, getting into the driver's seat and draping the soft blanket over your lap. 
"The drive back's pretty long, might wanna make yourself comfortable." 
And you were comfortable, very comfortable. Chris had started to play some music from his playlist, something about his behaviour almost making you forget that he was the same boss that had worked you to the bone for over a year. 
"I'm sorry," you suddenly spoke, once you were in the city, "about what my friends said," you weren't sure where all your courage was coming from, maybe it was the many glasses of wine, but whatever it was, it was putting Chris in an awfully reflective mood. 
"And what I said," you added as an afterthought. 
Chris took his lower lip between his teeth, shaking his head, “nah, don’t worry about it.”
Obviously, that seemed too good to be true, and you’d looked over at his expression in your attempt to figure out if he was being sincere. He was definitely gonna fire you. 
“I’m not gonna fire you, if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just kind of…like, you know, wondering,” he began, “the uh… engagement party and the birthday party that you um… you know, that you missed. Were they both because of me?” 
You pursed your lips, nodding, “but it wasn’t your fault, you know. The first one was when you’d passed out… you know, at the office, remember?” 
He nodded, prompting you to continue, “the next one was a keynote session that I had to follow you to.” 
Chris gulped, his throat feeling dry all of a sudden. This whole time he wouldn’t have guessed you’d been giving up these things for him from how willing you’d seemed to work. Was this considered neglecting the needs of my employee? Probably. But whatever it was, Chris knew that he was being harsh on you more for his own sake than yours, but he was only starting to realise now that that might not have been such a good tactic.
Chris was already pulling into the hotel, stopping at the valet services as you’d slung your bag over your shoulder, Chris coming out to open your door for you, making you grimace, feeling as though you should've been the one to open it for him. 
Walking into the hotel lobby, you'd glanced at your phone, seeing as Eujin had texted you tomorrow's plans, "did you get the schedule for tomorrow? I can forward it to you-" 
Chris let a giggle escape him, nodding, "you know they would've sent it to me too, right?" 
Your lips parted in realisation, nodding as you went over to press the lift button before he could even reach over to do so, "right, forgot." 
You were sure it was something about your intoxicated state that was making you instinctively go into work mode, whatever relaxation you thought you would be getting on this weekend now seeming all too far from reach. 
"Uh... I can check what time the hotel serves breakfast and arrange for something to be sent to your room if you want-" 
"Y/N," his tone was enough to make you straighten up, goosebumps rising on your skin for some reason. 
Chris was looking at you in amusement, one hand shoved into his pocket, "you're not working, remember? This is your rest weekend." 
Your eyebrows knit in a frown, chewing on your lip as you averted your gaze, "I know but it's just... like I didn't expect to see you here and now that you are I can't help but feel like I'm at work or something," you'd turned to wonder what was taking the elevator so long, watching as the numbers had gone lower and lower, completely skipping your floor and heading to the carpark. 
"You know what? How about this," he began, pausing momentarily when you heard the elevator ding, stepping inside the empty elevator and pushing your floor button, your heart almost stopping when he hadn't made to press any button. 
"You're on the 14th floor too?" He nodded. 
"Anyway, as I was saying. To make things easier for you, let's just pretend we don't know each other, that i'm not your boss, you're not my secretary. We're just... two people that met at a wedding? You don't have to do anything for me as long as we're here, hmm?" he offered, seeming to sense your hesitance 
"Look, I'll go first," he stretched his hand out as if to ask for a handshake, "hello, nice to meet you, i'm Chan." 
He nodded, "my friends call me Chan. People only call me Chris at work." 
You'd brought your hand up slowly, grasping his in yours, the cold metal of his rings against your skin more obvious when he'd given your hand a small squeeze. 
"Nice to meet you, Chan. I'm Y/N?" you tried, looking at him for approval and earning a nod from him, trying your best to ignore the way he was smiling. 
"Yes, that's your name," he laughed. 
Letting go of his hand, you were thankful the elevator had reached your floor without any interruptions, realising just how lucky you were to have not bumped into him earlier on as he'd continued walking with you to your room, gesturing to the door opposite your room with wide eyes. 
"My room's here." 
You made to take out your hotel room key, hearing him clear his throat, and you'd turned around rapidly to face him, strangely eager to know what he was about to say. 
"Say, Y/N, I'd love to, you know, get to know you more. What do you think about getting brunch with me tomorrow?” 
You opened and closed your mouth for lack of a response. This was inappropriate, right? But then again, you weren’t working this weekend. And technically, in this situation, Chan wasn’t your boss. So, there was nothing to lose. 
You nodded, “Yeah. That sounds…nice.” 
“Sounds kind of suspicious if you asked me,” you heard Seungmin’s voice over the speaker, making you sigh. You were already ready, lounging on your bed as if to mentally prepare yourself for a stupid lunch. 
“Right? I don’t know what he’s trying to get out of this.” 
Seungmin knew. But it’s not as if he was going to tell you, no, that was Chan’s job not his. Frankly, he’d had enough of listening to the both of you whine about your apparent personal vendetta against each other. He watched his fair share of movies, Seungmin knew how these things worked. 
“Maybe it’ll give you a chance to actually talk to each other like normal human beings instead of just bickering all the time for no reason.” 
“I have a reason, I’ll have you know.” 
Seungmin scoffed, “really? Enlighten me, then.”
You’d fumbled for a reason, stuttering in your failure to find something that validated your annoyance towards Chan. 
“I don’t know, his dimples are stupid.” 
Seungmin wanted to laugh, “so you’re telling me, you just can’t stand him because of his stupid dimples?” 
Your attention was diverted when you’d felt your phone vibrate, signalling an incoming text from Chan. 
boss  11:20am -meet u outside your hotel room in 10?- 
“Shit, he wants to meet me in 10 minutes.” 
Seungmin shrugged, “10 minutes is more than enough time for you to come up with a less shitty reason why you don’t like him. Or for you to realise that you don’t actually hate him.” 
You scoffed, burying your face into your sheets as you thought of a reason. 
“Okay, I’ve got it. I just don’t like how he treats everyone so nicely and then treats me like I’m some incompetent kid.” 
“You know for a fact he doesn’t think you’re incompetent. He literally trusts you more than he does the other staff.” 
You scoffed, “yeah, whatever. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s so condescending about it, he thinks of me i’m some kid that doesn’t know anything.” 
Seungmin snorted, remembering the incident where Chan had asked him to tell you to button up your blouse after the directors behaviour during a meeting. 
“Oh, he definitely doesn’t see you as a kid,” Seungmin cackled, earning an eye roll from you.
Glancing at the time, you saw how it was almost 11:30, “okay, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later.” 
Ending the call, you’d slung your small bag around your shoulder, giving one last glance at your appearance in the mirror in the bathroom before leaving your hotel room, startling when you’d spotted Chan there. 
Dressed in a black pullover and jeans, Chan smiled at you, bringing a hand up to touch his ear, “morning,” he greeted. 
“Good morning,” you huffed nervously.
He’d already begun walking, making you follow beside him, “did you get a good sleep?” 
His eyebrows raised at your question, nodding at you. His hair was curlier than usual, not styled up like you usually saw. “you?” 
You nodded, following him in silence as you’d gone down the list, realising he’d pressed the ground floor instead of where they were serving food on the 3rd floor. 
“You pressed the wrong floor,” you began, not expecting to see the pleading smile on his face.
“Actually, I was thinking of bringing you to this place nearby, I’ve been there before and it’s pretty good.” 
Your first thought was to wonder if it was expensive, knowing that this time you didn’t have the company card to fall back on. 
“Is it expensive?” You asked, seeing him shrug. 
“Not really.” 
Only when you’d reached the area did you realise how much of an understatement Chan made. The restaurant was a small cozy-looking place that served food that you’d only heard of up till now, located along a line of boutiques selling unusual trinkets and handmade items. 
Upon reaching, you and Chan had been led up upstairs to an outdoor seating area of the restaurant, the view of the scenery accompanied with the breeze instantly putting you in a relaxed mood. 
“Do you like it?” He asked, almost sounding nervous. 
Nodding reassuringly, you’d wanted to run away when you saw the way he’d walked over to where you were, pulling your chair out for you to sit on, making you flush. Never in your life would you have thought your boss would be pulling out your chair for you.
“You know, you don’t have to do that,” you told him, using the menu to hide your face from view, pulling it down slightly to watch how he’d rest his forearm on the table, scanning through the menu with a smirk on his face, his (stupid) dimples appearing on his cheeks. 
“I wanted to. You’d never let me do it for you on any other occasion.” 
You had to admit that there was some truth to what you were saying, choosing to change the subject by telling him you’d decided on what you wanted to eat, choosing something that was still within your budget for the weekend. 
Beckoning the waiter over, Chan pushed his sleeves up to his elbows as he ordered for the both of you, the waiter asking what drinks you would want, a teasing smile on Chan’s face when you’d insisted on water.
“What?” You scoffed, earning a shake of the head from him. 
You’d leant back in your seat, about to tie your hair up into a ponytail, hearing the buzzing of your phone, reading the caller id to see that it was your mom trying to video call you. 
Sitting up quickly, you were about to excuse yourself when Chan had reached over, swiping to answer the call as he lifted the phone, pointing it towards you, his other hand beckoning for you to continue. 
“Hey, mom,” you spoke through gritted teeth, your rubber band between your teeth as you worked quickly to bunch your hair into a ponytail, Chan wanting to slap himself with how his ears had started to feel hot. 
“Hey, honey. Where are you? I called the office but they said you were on leave?” 
You secured your hair, taking the phone from Chan with a grateful murmur of ‘thanks’, making your mother’s eyes narrow, “who are you with?” 
“I’m attending Eujin’s wedding this weekend. I’m just uh…with a friend.” 
Chan looked away to clear his throat, catching your mom’s attention, “guy? I thought you told me you weren’t dating anyone.” 
This had caught Chan’s attention, having remembered Seungmin telling him that you’d broken up with your boyfriend. 
“No, yeah, mom it’s just a friend. Can I call you later?” 
Your mom’s eyebrows lifted, looking at you with a cheeky smile on her face, “oh, oh. Yes, of course you can. Have fun, baby.” 
You hung up quickly, shoving your phone back into your bag, looking up at Chan in question as to why he looked so surprised. 
“Your mom doesn’t know you have a boyfriend?” He asked, as if wanting that confirmation for himself, not feeling comfortable with pursuing his feelings if you were still in a relationship. 
You shook your head, “no uh…I broke up with my boyfriend a long time ago.” 
Chan’s lips pursed, nodding, “oh… sorry.” 
You shook your head, not being able to help a breathy laugh from leaving you, “don’t be. He was…it was for the best.” 
“D’you mind if I ask why? You don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to, I’m just kind of…curious.” 
You shrugged, not feeling as inclined to hide the information, since it was in the past now. 
“Nah he just… our schedules always clashed and I was always too tired by the end of the day to go out to find him and I guess it like, you know, sort of reached a point where I started prioritising my work and it didn’t work out.” 
Chan nodded slowly, the waiter coming over to serve you your food, “go ahead, you can start eating first.” 
You shook your head, insisting on waiting for his food to arrive before starting. “But I’m honestly fine now, it’s been more than a year since we broke up.” 
Chan huffed in amusement, “is that why you said you can’t stand dating workaholics?” 
Your giggles bubbled out of you, “honestly, I only said that to spite you. I’d much rather date someone that understands my schedule and reaches a compromise with me instead of just always expecting me to drop everything at their beck and call.” 
Chan nodded, “I get that. Yeah, work is important and all but… I feel like if you really loved someone you’d find any moment you could to be with them. Well, for me at least.” 
You laughed, “kind of hard, when we spend almost every waking moment with each other.” 
You’d looked up from your food when Chan hadn’t responded, the waiter finally coming over to serve his food, though his expression remained, looking at you as though he’d wanted to say something. 
“yeah,” he huffed eventually, starting to eat his food. 
You’d shocked yourself with how comfortable you were in his presence with the knowledge that you weren’t working. This was what you wanted, wasn’t it? To have Chris treat you nicely like how he did the other employees. Only now you were realising how easy it was to catch feelings for him just from this one change. 
Maybe you were kind of thankful he made it easier for you to hate him previously. 
It was true that you understood him better than most, and that he understood you as well, knowing what got on your nerves and what didn’t, how you worked and how you responded to things. Albeit there were a few things he still didn’t understand, you couldn’t deny that Chan was well-liked in the office for a reason, and you were beginning to experience that reason for yourself. 
Chris had been mulling over what his mother had told him about you, wondering if you were feeling the same tension that he was even as you talked about pointless things that made you wonder why you hadn’t talked about them sooner. 
Not that it was a bad kind of tension (or maybe it was), but it was akin to the feeling of knowing that you would both have to confront a realisation soon. 
“Are you doing anything tonight?” He asked as you were heading back to the car, earning a shrug from you. 
“My friends wanted to have some kind of girls night thing, you?” 
He sighed, nodding, “same, the guys and I are going out for drinks.” 
You shot him a look, “drinks?” 
He laughed, shaking his head, “I can hold my alcohol, I just choose not to drink.” 
Your eyes widened, “and I’m only finding this out now because? Do you remember when I had to drink your drinks for you during the first networking session because you lied to me and told me you couldn’t drink that!”
Chan flushed, “I wasn’t lying, technically. I really couldn’t drink that, I don’t like white wine.” 
You shot him a harmless glare, this time, letting him open the door for you as you got into the passenger’s seat. 
“Don’t drink too much tonight, yeah?” He gave you an amused huff as he started the engine of the car. 
“You too,” you held your pinky out for him to make a promise. 
Chan nodded, linking his pinky with yours as he leaned closer to you, “deal.” 
You’d heard the sound of beeping at your door that night, wondering what all the ruckus was all about, getting out of bed, taking your hotel room key and pausing the show you were watching on your phone, making your way over to your door carefully. 
“Why isn’t the card working?” You heard a tell-tale Australian accent muffled through the door, looking through the peephole to see a head of messy brown hair, looking as though Chan was leaning against the door. 
Opening the door slowly, you’d acted quickly to grab Chan by the shoulders to steady him before he could stumble forward, the confused boy holding up his hotel key and looking at you in confusion. 
“This isn’t my room?” 
You couldn’t help but laugh, turning him around as you’d ushered him a few steps forward to his hotel room door, “this,” you pointed at the door, “is your room, Chan.” 
He giggled, “you called me ‘Chan’.” 
Taking his hand, you scanned his hotel key, bringing him into his room, finding it awfully neat (unlike yours), smoothly guiding him to his bed and letting him flop onto it. 
Letting out a sigh, you couldn’t help but to feel rather endeared, seeing him open his eyes slowly to look at you, tilting his head. 
“Sorry, I promised I wouldn’t drink so much.” 
You shook your head, reaching over him to grab at his blanket, your movements ceasing abruptly when you’d felt his hand on your back as you hovered over him, his hand moving from your back to your head, patting it gently. 
Pulling the blanket up harshly in your panic to cover him, straightening up as quickly as you could. 
“Shut up, go to sleep. Goodnight,” you said, hurriedly exiting the hotel room and going back to your room, closing the door behind you and trying to calm your rapid heartbeat. 
The next time you’d seen him was at the hotel lobby, where you’d agreed to meet him so you could head to the wedding venue together. Chan had come down wearing a nice suit, something you were more used to seeing him in, his hair styled up in a familiar manner. 
Greeting each other, you’d both decided to pretend the night before hadn’t occurred. With you being one of the bridesmaids and Chan being one of the groomsmen, you were separated almost immediately upon reaching the venue, with him having to help his friend while you helped Eujin. 
“A little birdie told me you came together with Chan,” she sing-songed. 
You scoffed, “aren’t brides usually supposed to be freaking out by now?” 
“Don’t change the topic! So, did you guys hang out yesterday?” 
You shrugged, “yeah, I guess we did.” 
She narrowed her eyes at you, “so? Is there a verdict?” 
You went behind her to take her bouquet, handing it to her as you waved her off in dismissal. 
“Too early to tell,” you lied. 
“Stop avoiding the question! Or else I’ll just have to ask Chan myself,” she huffed sulkily, making your eyes widen. 
“No, don’t do that! Okay, fine. It’s good. He’s nice.” 
Even Eujin’s makeup artist was giving you a knowing look now, making you cower under their gaze. 
“Shut up, focus on your wedding, please.” 
You wished you could’ve done some focusing for yourself, with Chan’s friends nudging him when you’d gone to the back of the church to line up with the groomsmen, all of them seeming to have conspired to let you walk with Chan. 
“Why do you look more nervous than the bride?” He teased, holding his arm out for you to take, making you roll your eyes, bringing your hand up to grasp his arm. 
“You’re delusional.” 
Okay, maybe he wasn’t. You wished you could’ve taken your advice, having been distracted throughout almost the entire ceremony, your gaze constantly flickering over to Chan, and you were sure he’d noticed too, with the way he would smirk and avert his gaze to the floor in his attempt to stop himself from laughing. 
Shouldn’t he be the one that was nervous? He was the one that had shown up drunk at your hotel room. 
After the ceremony had ended and you were all done taking photos with the bride and groom, Chan had offered you a ride to the reception venue, and you’d accepted, not knowing that you would’ve had to squeeze in a car full of his friends too. 
Sitting at the passenger’s seat (thankfully), you’d prayed for the ride to be shorter as his friends had started to question you and Chan. 
“Is there something going on with you two?” 
“None of your business,” Chan sing-songed, only serving to spur his friends on even more, your eyes widening when you’d heard one of his friends murmur.
“Wait, but didn’t he say he had a thing for his secretary?” 
Your hand went up to cover your mouth as discreetly as you could, clutching the bag of your wedding gift for Eujin and her husband and looking out of the window in your attempt to keep your composure. 
Chan had seemed to share your sentiments, his eyes widening as he panicked behind the steering wheel, his mind racing with things he could possibly do to prevent you from hearing what his friends were so freely spouting.
“Oh, did he? Then there can’t be anything going on with her, right?” 
Chan had reached over to turn the volume of the music up, much to your fortune, not knowing if you would’ve been able to handle hearing them talk more about Chan’s love life. 
Eujin wasn’t kidding when she said that she’d make you and Chan sit next to each other, and you’d ended up at a table with Chan nearer to the front, with a few of your friends and their partners. Watching Eujin and her husband enter the hall, you’d been filled with excitement at how happy she had looked, clapping and cheering for them along with the rest of the guests. 
Once they were seated, Eujin and her husband had begun to make their own speeches, thanking the respective groups of people for coming, and you didn’t miss her pointed mention of how she hoped the guests would use this time to get to know each other as well. 
The way Eujin had done things was that dinner was served so that the guests could listen to the speeches and enjoy their meals at the same time, which you didn’t mind since you were absolutely starving. 
You didn’t miss the way Chan had been subtly looking out for you during the dinner, like how he would casually ask if you needed anything whenever he would get up to go to the bar, or how he’d brushed your hair behind your ear so it wouldn’t get into your food (not without a tut of his tongue), earning many surprised looks from your friends which he was oblivious to. 
You figured he was really making use of the ‘let’s pretend we don’t know each other’ thing as an excuse to be nice to you, not that you were complaining.  
You glanced at your phone, skimming over the texts that one of the intern secretaries had sent you to ask you for help, making your friend curious. 
“Is that your boss?” 
You shook your head, “nah it’s just one of the interns asking me for help with something,” you shrugged, setting your utensils down as you swiped into your email app, ready to clarify the problem for her, making Chan furrow his eyebrows in annoyance. 
Reaching over, he’d taken your phone from you, locking it and dropping it back into your bag, ignoring your look of confusion. 
“Hey, I was just gonna email her!” 
“They’re not supposed to be asking you to do things for them while you’re on leave. No working, this is your rest weekend.” 
You’d shut your mouth at that, deciding that it wouldn’t do you any well to go against him, wanting to pull your phone out to just read the emails but dropping your phone back when you saw the look he gave you daring you to continue. 
Your friend had seemed to be fairly amused by your exchange, shooting a look at Chan, “wow, now I’m really glad you’re here. You’re the only one so far that’s managed to stop her from checking on her work when she’s supposed to be resting.” 
You scoffed. Yeah, because the source of your work was sitting right next to you in a stupid suit. 
“Good to know,” he gave you a knowing smile, making you direct your attention back the waiters, seeing that they were serving desserts now. 
“Your friends make me sound like i’m a hard-ass,” he leaned closer to you to murmur, making you smile, nodding. 
“Well, they’re not entirely wrong,” you drawled, making Chan scoff, though not being able to help the laugh from leaving him. 
He nodded slowly, his expression looking fairly amused, “I’ll keep that in mind.” 
You wondered just for a moment if he was only being nice to you for the sake of his own conscience (though Seungmin would beg to differ). And by the late afternoon, you were already starting to feel drowsy from the afternoon weather, the skies darkening as though it were about to rain. Chan had figured it would be good to start heading back. 
After you’d bid goodbye to Eujin, who seemed more than eager for you to leave together with Chan, Chan had offered to drive a few of his friends back to the hotel together with you, and thankfully this time they hadn’t mentioned anything about his love life. 
“Tired?” Chan huffed with a smile, glancing at you momentarily before fixing his gaze back on the road. 
“Yeah,” you murmured, yawning. 
“You should get some sleep when you get back to the hotel.” 
You nodded, “you too.” 
Chan nodded patronisingly, earning a huff from you, too tired to bicker with him. something in him stirring at how he could’ve been acting like this with you a lot earlier if he wasn’t always masking his concern with rude phrasing. 
His mom sure was gonna be excited the next time he updates her. 
You hadn’t gotten as much of a rejuvenating sleep as you would’ve liked, reality having kicked in that you were back to work tomorrow, the feeling lingering unsettlingly in your chest as you tried to make the most of the rest of your night. Somehow, you’d found your way to the lounge in the hotel, though that didn’t help much in lessening your dread for tomorrow seeing as the only other people here were people working on their laptops.
You figured it was not so much of dreading work than dreading Chan’s change in personality once he went back to being your boss. 
Letting your head rest on the stiff cushion of the chair you were sitting on, you’d fiddled with your phone, texting Seungmin about what had happened today. 
You’d almost startled in your seat when you saw someone take a seat next to you, turning to see Chan, his tie long gone as his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, his hair already falling out of place as he simply looked at you. 
Raising your eyebrows in a silent question as to ask why he was here, he scoffed, looking away from you but failing to hide the reddening of his ears, “shut up, I just didn’t feel like sitting with a stranger.” 
You huffed in amusement, “did you take a nap?” 
Chan shook his head, “nah, just finished a conference call.” 
Your eyes widened, “wait, why didn’t you tell me? I was doing nothing this whole time—“ 
Chan shook his head in dismissal, “you were tired. I told you, this is your rest time, I’m not allowed to touch it.” 
You frowned, your mind racing with thoughts on how tomorrow could possibly go, looking at the carpet with a hint of a pout on your face, “yeah, and then tomorrow, everything goes back to normal.” 
Chan inhaled deeply, leaning back in his seat as he turned his head to look at you, his hands clasped and resting on his lap. 
“It doesn’t have to, you know… like…” he shrugged, “if you don’t want it to.” 
Your lips parted, unsure how to respond to the implications of his words, unsure how to even process his words. 
“It’d be… unprofessional for me to continue to act like… this towards my boss.” 
Chan raised an eyebrow at you, shrugging, looking at you with an unreadable expression. 
“I think I’m way past being professional already when it comes to you.” 
You’d sworn the air had felt thicker, something about the way the night mood had felt, or how the music in the lounge had succeeded in relaxing you, but something inside of you was telling you to just do it, to lean forward and kiss him. And probably promptly resign the next day out of embarrassment. 
You stood up quickly, “oh, I think my cab’s here, I have to go,” you lied blatantly, Chan not making any move to stop you, simply lifting a hand to wave you off with a tired smile on his face. 
“Go, go. See you at work tomorrow.” 
“Can’t we ask Y/N to ask him?” The secretaries and interns were currently huddled in the pantry, having gathered to discuss how great it would be to have a field day soon.
“But Y/N’s equally as scary as him!” One of the interns spoke up, making the secretaries hum thoughtfully. 
You’d stepped into the pantry, walking through the secretaries to retrieve a juice packet for Chan. 
“Hey, what’s up?” You asked, one of the secretaries turning to you with a resolute look on her face. 
“Y/N, do you think you could um… like, you know, ask President Bang if we could arrange for a team outing soon? Like a field day or something, just as a break for the staff. We haven’t had one in so long!” 
You tilted your head at them in amusement, “why don’t you guys just ask him? He’s in his office now, I can go tell him you guys wan—“ 
“No, no! It’s different, you’re the only one that can convince him. We tried last month but he’d just told us he’d think about it.” 
You shrugged, nodding, “alright, sure. I’ll go and ask him.” 
Making your way back to his office, you’d tried to ignore your nerves as you knocked on the door, opening it to reveal Chan who was on the phone, holding up a finger to you to signal you to wait. 
Walking over to him, you’d placed the juice packet on his desk in front of him, earning a smile and a grateful nod from him, before he’d switched back to a serious expression. 
“No, yes, of course. We would want nothing more than to ensure a… mutually beneficial agreement between our companies.” 
You didn’t have to ask to know who he was talking to. Chan had been trying to negotiate a deal with one of the shareholders, since they had been trying to propose to get Chan to merge with another prominent electronics company in the industry. 
You knew Chan was more than annoyed, but he had no choice but to be civil with the president of the company since they did have many shares in the company from the time his uncle was in charge. 
“Yes, we can discuss this more in person over lunch, how does that sound? Yep. Alright, bye.” Chan sighed, setting the phone down and leaning his palms on the table, supporting himself with a pained look on his face, looking up at you with a pout. 
“I really don’t like him.” 
Chan sighed, “same here.” 
“Anyway, I’m glad you came here, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something.” 
“What?” You asked, watching as he’d fiddled with the papers on his desk. 
“Uh… I won’t ask you to handle things outside of work for me anymore.” 
Your eyes widened, “is this because of what my friends said? Because I’m honestly fine it doesn’t matter,” you shook your head, seeing him scrunch his nose. 
“It may not matter to you but I’m personally not fine with it,” he pressed his lips together. “Really, I mean it. Whatever I ask you to help me with from here on is only gonna be work-related.” 
You nodded. Was he trying to distance himself from me? Was it because of the trip? 
Your lips pulled into a frown, nodding more to yourself than to him, “okay…uh anyway I wanted to ask you um… the secretaries were wondering if we could have like a field day or something soon? Like just as a small break for the staff?” 
Chan shot you a look, knowing they’d asked you to ask him. 
“Do you want that?” He asked, earning a nod from you. 
“Yeah, I guess. It’d be fun to just have a day for staff bonding and all…” 
Chan shrugged, “alright, tell them to go ahead and arrange it.” 
Your eyes widened, finding the exchange to have went a lot more smoother than expected. 
“Will you be needing me for anything else?” 
He looked at you as if in thought, taking his lower lip between his teeth and letting it go, shaking his head, “other than to help me book an appointment with President Kim, nothing else.” 
You nodded slowly, exiting the room. 
By only asking you for work-related things, you’d expected your work-load to decrease, but it seemed as though you were currently having the most uneventful day you’d ever had. Other than drafting proposals for the President of the electronics company, there wasn’t much on your plate. 
You’d figured you would’ve been a lot busier tending to Chan’s requests but the boy had barely come out of his office, the only times he did being to head to the washroom, barely casting a glance in your direction when he walked past you. 
As if that wasn’t strange enough, he’d even let you have a longer lunch break, much to Seungmin’s amusement. 
“Doesn’t being in the legal team sound a lot more enticing now? At least you’d be doing something there.” 
You rolled your eyes, “I still have quite a bit of research to do, so no thank you.” 
“Admit it, you’re only staying because you can’t bear to leave Chan.” 
You’d almost choked on your drink, patting your chest to regain your composure, “where the hell did you get that idea from?” 
Seungmin scoffed, “you act like you didn’t call me a thousand times during the trip to tell me about things he did.” 
You’d fallen silent at that, averting your gaze. 
“Whatever,” you scoffed. 
“Isn’t it misconduct, though? If I were to date him.” 
Seungmin shook his head with an amused snort leaving him, “what are we in, the stone ages? Go wild, literally nobody cares. They’ll probably be happy if you manage to get him to be less of a hard-ass,” Seungmin told you, glancing into his cup to see how much drink he had left, “god knows when was the last time he got laid.” 
You flushed, shoving Seungmin, “how can you say that?” 
“What? It’s true!” 
You gave him a dismayed glare, standing up with a sigh as you straightened out your skirt, glancing at the time on your phone. 
“I should probably be heading back now, I’ve got work to do,” you gave Seungmin a pointed look, pulling him up from the bench. 
“I don’t wanna go back to work,” Seungmin let out a loud strangled sound of protest, his shoes stomping on the wooden panelled floor of the rooftop. 
You giggled, a teasing smile on your face, “weren’t you the one saying the legal team was what again? Enticing?” 
Seungmin pouted, pressing the elevator button, abruptly flailing his limbs in a mini outburst before straightening up and composing himself. 
“Fine, I’m fine. Enjoy your stupid office romance with Chan.” 
You rolled your eyes. 
Chan had a consultation with the legal team later that afternoon regarding the issue with the shareholder, and you’d been all-too-distracted during the meeting as you thought about what your possible ‘action-plan’ regarding your situation with Chan was. 
Taking down notes during the meeting, you’d let your train of thought wander, almost doodling onto your notebook, with one hand supporting your head on the table before you heard the legal advisor from the shareholder’s side speak up, a guttural groan leaving him. 
Looking up with an annoyed furrow of your eyebrows, you heard him lean back in his chair, “what does a man need to do to get a drink around here?” 
“You,” the man pointed a finger at you, “go and make yourself useful, sweetheart. Get me a cup of coffee.” 
Chan’s eyebrows knit into a frown, looking at the legal consultant with clear disdain on his face, looking at you to gauge your reaction. Already expecting you to do what you always did, get up with a smile and come back with the man’s coffee, Chan figured he was too annoyed by it to let you do just that. 
About to speak up to the man, you'd shocked Chan when you narrowed your eyes at him, giving him a sweet smile, "sorry, that's not my job here. Since you're not contributing much to the discussion, why don't you make your legs useful and head right over there and get yourself some water." 
You huffed, staring him down as he glared at you, directing his gaze to Chan. "Are you just gonna let her talk to me like that? I'd fire such a rude brat if I were you. Who's your supervisor, I'm gonna make sure he hears of this." 
Chan did his best to conceal his smile, simply turning his chair ever so slightly to give you a small smile, "that would be me, and I heard it loud and clear. Now, shall we continue with the meeting?" 
You’d been spending hours at your desk, distractedly doing research as you’d kept trying to peep into Chan’s office to figure out what he was doing, to no avail. (Chan had put the blinds down halfway through the day since he couldn’t stop staring outside at your desk either). 
You were technically done with your work, and Chan did mention that you were free to go home once you were done. On any other occasion this would have been considered a miracle, and you wouldn’t have hesitated to go home. But now, there was a nagging feeling in your heart that you couldn’t just leave him here, especially with how stressed out he was because of the business with the shareholder. You didn’t trust him not to spend the whole night here. 
Glancing at the time, you saw that it was already past 10, deciding that you would give him some time to make an appearance before you left, just to make sure he was alive and breathing inside his office. 
Distracting yourself with replying emails, even playing more than a few rounds of a word-search game on your phone, you figured he would’ve come out by now, but there was still not a sound coming from inside the room. 
Once the clock had almost struck 11, you figured you’d might as well go in and check on him for yourself. Going over to the pantry to make a hot drink, you’d walked back to his office, your grip tight on the saucer in your anxiousness. 
Inhaling deeply and breathing out with a resolute nod, you knocked on the door of his office, waiting a while only to be met with silence. 
Pushing open the door slightly, you’d tried again. 
“Mr Bang, is it okay if I come in?”
Upon receiving no response yet again, you’d pushed open the door fully, your eyes widening in realisation when you saw him seated at his desk, fast asleep on the chair. 
Walking over to the leather sofa as quietly as you could, you’d picked up the blanket from the sofa, making your way over to where he was, setting the hot drink onto his desk and making to drape the blanket over him. 
Only when you were adjusting the blanket did he stir awake, making your fight-or-flight instincts kick in, strangely embarrassed if he were to catch you doing such a gesture for him. 
Blinking slowly, his eyebrows furrowed before his gaze had landed on you. 
“I thought you’d gone home already?” He pouted, making you fumble to find an excuse why you’d stayed behind. 
“Sorry, Mr Bang, I was—”
He gave you a lazy smile, shaking his head, “none of that ‘Mr Bang’, nonsense. How come you haven’t left yet?” 
You pressed your lips together firmly, pulling your hands away from the blanket as you tried to straighten up, sighing softly. 
“I couldn’t leave… for some reason. I kind of wanted to make sure you were okay, since I barely saw you the whole day.” 
Chan’s satisfied smile had grew, nodding at you as if prompting you to continue. 
“but I’ll go soon. I guess,” you blurted, “unless like you know, you need me for something, then I’m fine with staying.” You stopped yourself, nodding before you could embarrass yourself any further. 
You couldn’t help but let your breath hitch when he’d reached out to grab your hand. 
“Thank you, for checking up on me,” he murmured, his close proximity making your gaze dart to his lips, averting your gaze quickly. 
“Did you not come out of your office on purpose?” You narrowed your eyes at him, hating the way your heart was doing flips at the way he grinned, his dimples showing cutely. 
You were about to pull back out of your own internal panic, but Chan’s grip on your hand was firm. 
“I’m sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t ask you for anything that wasn’t work related from now on. But It’s killing me, because you were sitting outside the whole day and I couldn’t do anything about it…” he paused, tilting his head as he searched your expression. 
“You can refuse, but I just need you to do one little thing for me,” he murmured,  pulling you forward so you’d ended up seated on his lap, your arms going out to grasp his shoulders to steady yourself. 
“What do you need me to do?” You asked, your voice a mere murmur with how the tension was absolutely suffocating you, wanting nothing more than to just close the gap between the both of you. 
Chan’s hand went up to your chin, running his thumb over your lower lip as they unconsciously parted, “close your eyes.” 
Chan couldn’t help but smirk at the way you’d done so obediently, his hand going to where your neck met your jaw, leaning closer to press his lips against yours. 
Almost as if it was second nature, he’d let his other hand grasp your hip, his thumb rubbing the area soothingly. Tilting his head to kiss you deeper, you’d practically sighed into the kiss, your hands wrapping around his neck loosely as you felt him smile into the kiss. 
“I’m glad it’s you,” he murmured against your lips, his tongue swiping against your lower lip making you let out a surprised hum, not being able to help your smile as well. 
“We should stop,” you pulled away, breathless. 
You shook your head, “I could kiss you for hours. It’s already so close to midnight.” 
Chan glanced at the clock apathetically, looking at you and shrugging, his hand running up and down your side. 
“So be it, then,” he said, pulling you back to meet his lips. 
“Is it just me, or has President Bang been a lot less moody these days,” Seungmin heard one of his colleagues in the legal team asking her desk-mate, making her colleague nod gravely. 
The mention of President Bang had him glancing towards his office, spotting your desk empty and figuring you were inside his office. 
“Definitely. At first I thought it was just me, but he’s been a lot less harsh to Y/N as well,” she agreed. 
“Don’t you think so, Seungmin?” 
And almost as if on cue, you’d exited his office, pulling your hair out of your ponytail to readjust it, looking around as if scanning the area to see if anyone had seen you. 
Locking eyes with Seungmin, you shot him a wink, straightening out your blouse as you’d gone back to sit down at your desk. 
Seungmin scoffed, not being able to help the smile on his face as he rolled his eyes, “yeah, I think I know why.” 
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taelme · a year ago
request: Hey :) I just really want to read something about Hyunjin if that's fine with you. I'm kind of a sucker for this whole enemies to lovers thing too lol but it would also be super cool if it could be something with fantasy. I don't really know 😅 I think if you're going to write it it would be good anyway. genre: enemies-to-lovers!au (kind of, i feel like it wasnt that extreme but more of a dislike-to-lovers lol), demigod!au (fluff, slight angst? its rly not much, a lot of confusion on reader’s part) pairing/s: Hyunjin / Reader (fem) (ft some skz, nct and got7 members!) word count: 18k+ tw: mentions of blood and (sword)fighting a/n: thank you to anon for being so patient again...its really taken me really long to think of something for this haha i kind of wanted to tap on Hyunjin’s like personality a little more for this like the side of him that’s very like in tune with his emotions or whatnot but idk if i emphasised that a lot but thats just a fun fact lol anyway there was a whole lot of thought exposition in this but this was very much a mix of information based off my existing knowledge of greek gods and the percy jackson series but i hope i explained it clearly enough so even if you’re not familiar with it you won’t be too confused while reading! 
Tumblr media
You wondered if you should’ve been scared when you’d awoken to the sound of your friend Jeongin waltzing into your cabin, the echo of ‘​love is a many splendored thing​’ coming from his lips as he meandered his way around the much more intimidating daughters of ​Ares​ in your room.
“Didn’t know they still allowed you in here,” you huffed, rolling your eyes but not without the small smile playing at your lips as you rolled over, sighing into your pillow and making space for Jeongin to flop belly-down onto your bed.
Ignoring your comment (not without sticking his tongue out at you for good measure), Jeongin’s smile had only grown as he supported his head with his hands.
You huffed, bringing a hand up to rub at your eyes, not being able to find it in you to be annoyed that he’d interrupted your sleep, “are you just gonna smile at me or are you gonna ​actually​ tell me what happened?”
Jeongin wrinkled his nose slightly, “guess,” he whispered.
“You...” you frowned, rolling over onto your back, hugging your pillow closer to your head, your eyebrows knitting into a thoughtful frown, “finished your painting?”
Shaking his head, Jeongin hummed, “​better​.”
“Better?” you echoed, “did you get elected for something... or something?” you yawned, trying your luck at this point, having close to no idea what he was so smiley about.
Jeongin rolled his eyes, though his grin remained, a small giggle leaving him, “give up?”
You nodded, “yeah, give up.”
“​Someone​’​s​ back in the ​Poseidon​ cabin for the summer.”
You figured you might as well milk it while you could, pretending to not know who Jeongin was referring to as you pouted, “Who? Chan?”
Jeongin rolled his eyes, ​again​, “don’t play dumb, you know who i’m talking about.”
You sighed, stretching your arms out above your head, dumping your act of ignorance (acting was never your strong suit anyway), “and what do you expect me to do about that?”
“​You​ don’t have to do anything, technically,” Jeongin shrugged, “he’ll probably approach you first.”
You made a face, not liking Jeongin’s implication at all.
Jaehyun​ was just a friend you’d made from a few years before. Sure, he was friendly, and Jeongin did always point out the fact that he’d always somehow end up in the same area as the both of you, but you never read into it, having never felt anything romantic towards him at all in your time knowing him. After all, even if you wanted to, the last you heard (if the Aphrodite sisters were to be trusted for gossip) was that he had a girlfriend back home.
“Not funny, Jeongin.”
Jeongin scoffed, “who said I was trying to be funny?” he tried, failing to hold his expression of feigned offence as a bout of giggles escaped him, “okay, fine, maybe I was, but still, you have to admit that you know it’s gonna happen at one point.”
“What’s gonna happen?” you said with a scoff, sitting up in your bed as you let out another yawn.
Jeongin narrowed his eyes at you, “you know what i’m talking about,” he shrugged, making you groan. Trust him to be ​specific.​
Getting out of bed, you brought a hand up to rub your shoulder, rolling your shoulders back with a wince, “I didn’t think he was gonna come back, honestly.”
Jeongin shook his head insistently, “think about it, if he already graduated... he’s probably only back because...” Jeongin gestured towards you, his eyes wide and full of implication.
“Shut up, Jeongin,” you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped you in spite of the part of you that was very much averse to his implication.
“Anyway, what are your plans later?” you asked him, eager to divert his attention elsewhere, earning a long hum from him.
You turned to see him fiddling with the corner of your bed sheet, frowning at the faint sound of rock music he could hear coming from the other rooms.
“Haven’t decided,” he sighed deeply, “might go back and finish up my painting... you?” You’d walked around your bed, “probably go and train or something,” you shrugged.
Jeongin made it a point to yawn loudly, “shouldn’t have expected anything else. Why don’t you join me one of these days after the game’s over?”
“Yeah, of course I will, I just wanna get... used to it before the game. It’s been ​ages​ since I touched my sword,” you made to pick up your things to freshen up, Jeongin deciding that would be his cue to leave, bidding you goodbye (but not without a smothering hug).
Don’t get you wrong, you were ​thankful​ for Jeongin. A son of Hebe, he’d been at the camp longer than you had, and he’d taken the liberty of befriending you after a particularly amusing run-in during a game the previous summer where you’d accidentally torn a hole in his pants with your sword at a pretty unfavourable area.
Not to mention how the boy was one of the few that dared to tread within ​Ares​ grounds. Being the son of the goddess of​ youth,​ you should’ve figured it was natural for him to be so personable to others (not to mention the fascinating way he looked so ​youthful​), but you were thankful for it nonetheless. Not many people considered it a ​want​ to look past the barbed wire and screaming red motifs that seemed to surround the children of the god of ​war.​
Though a part of you wished you could’ve joined Jeongin for a peaceful morning doing art while overlooking the lake, you were a little glad you didn’t, because as you sparred, you remembered just what felt so freeing about being in the field, a sense of anticipation building within you as you thought about the first capture-the-flag game of the summer coming up in a few days.
“Did you hear?” Yuta, another son of Ares, had asked you while the both of you practiced your archery.
You sighed, rolling your neck back before narrowing your eyes at the target again, “hear what?”
“Wait, look, look there, the new ​Aphrodite​ kid. Heard he was claimed a few days ago,” Yuta nodding his head towards the direction of the mess hall, and you spotted a small group of boys and girls making their way towards the mess hall.
It wasn’t hard to tell they were Aphrodite’s children, from the way they dressed so elegantly, to the way they carried themselves, as if nothing in the world could shake them or put a single hair out of place.
Something about the effortless nature of it all seemed so ​unreal​ to you, especially since you were stood there with your flyaway hair sticking out no matter how much you tried to keep it in place.
“Can’t say I didn’t see it coming, something about him was always more... ​mesmerising​,” Yuta continued, with yourself busy observing the group of them.
“That one? Wasn’t he already here for a while already?” you gestured to one of them who was walking in the middle, rolling the sleeves of their shirt to their elbows with a sheer grace you couldn’t understand, his hair slightly longer than you’d remembered seeing it the previous summer.
Hyunjin was his name, if you remembered what Jeongin said correctly. Who were you kidding, ​of course you remembered​.
The daughters of Ares in your bunk talked about him all the time, even if they didn’t show it. Almost every day you’d hear new things about him, as if it was your daily dose of the ​news​. Something about him being a dancer, or something about a song he was listening to, even what movie he watched recently, none of which you bothered to actually commit to memory like they did.
Widely admired,​ was the term to describe it. You guessed you could understand why, his looks were pleasing to the eye, but there wasn’t much else you could draw from his personality, so you figured that was it for you. After seeing his sisters, and how... ​lovely​ they could be at times, you didn’t think there was much else to figure out.
“No, ​idiot,​ the other one walking at the front, he’s basically ​glowing​,” Yuta clicked his tongue in annoyance, and your eyes had landed on the boy, shorter and definitely younger than Hyunjin, but no less beautiful. Looking even closer, you realised he ​was​ glowing, unmistakably a very Aphrodite​ way of claiming him as her son.
You frowned, turning back to Yuta, “that’s a lot prettier than how Ares claimed us, isn’t it?” you laughed, “why are you so interested anyway? It’s not the first time you’re seeing someone get claimed,” you dismissed him, drawing another arrow and firing it at the target, a small smile of satisfaction on your face when it hit the center.
Yuta shrugged, his hand coming up to flick his hair away from his eyes, “dunno, just thought it was cool. Since that means he’ll be on our side for the games too,” he explained, clearly having abandoned his archery practice with the way he’d let his bow hang loose next to his side, swinging it as he stood next to you with a hand on his hip.
“I don’t have very high hopes for that,” you murmured, shooting another arrow at the target, Yuta letting out an impressed low whistle at the thud, “they don’t strike me as the... fighting type.”
Yuta rolled his eyes, “are you done soon? I’m hungry,” he frowned, “and by the way, I'd be careful what I say about Aphrodite’s kids.”
You flashed him a tight-lipped smile, sceptical about his insistence, “what are they gonna do, smolder​ me to death?”
Yuta rolled his eyes, a scoff leaving him, “well they probably ​could.​ Look, if anything, I'm more afraid of their powers than ​Poseidon’s​ kids.”
You couldn’t help yourself from the face you made at the mention of the water-wielding demigods, earning a small grunt of amusement from Yuta, only then realising what he could’ve gotten from your expression.
About to interject, Yuta had continued, “I’m guessing you heard Jaehyun’s back?”
You sighed deeply, recalling your conversation with Jeongin that morning, nodding as you made your way back to the Ares cabins with Yuta strolling calmly next to you. Keeping your footsteps brisk, you dumped your armour onto the floor next to your bunk while Yuta did so with his as well, meeting him back at the door and leaving the cabin just as quickly as you came, still having not found an answer to Yuta’s question.
Though as you were busy forming a response to him, you felt yourself getting annoyed, or heavily​ annoyed for that matter, turning to Yuta with a scowl.
“Stop doing that,” you scolded him, making him raise his hands in a shrug, feigning nonchalance.
“What? You didn’t answer my question,” he defended, making you narrow your eyes at him, relieved when the feelings of anger and annoyance had diffused out of you within a matter of seconds.
“Thank you,” you sighed.
If you had to choose, that was one of your least favourite amongst Ares’ ​gifts.​ Sure, being skilled at fighting and the strength you had was a pro, of course. But being able to manipulate someone’s feelings of rage and fear was ​not​ something you found very necessary.
Unless you were Yuta, of course, and used it for the sake of getting someone’s attention.
“Why does everyone keep telling me about Jaehyun?” you blurted eventually, making Yuta shoot you a pointed look.
“He’s a ​legend,​ it’s basically our ​duty​ to talk about him,” Yuta snickered, grabbing your hand to pull you towards the mess hall as if deciding that your speed wasn’t fast enough for him.
“What’s so exciting about him?” you scoffed, letting Yuta lead you to a table where you saw your friends already seated, not missing the way Yuta had shoved you aside with his hip in his attempt to be seated closer to Ten, one of the sons of Aphrodite.
Seeming to have forgotten about Jaehyun, Yuta had focused on his conversation with Ten, leaving you to eat in peace.
“Hey, just came from practice?” you heard Seungmin ask you, taking a seat facing you while you tried to ignore the way Hyunjin had taken a seat next to Ten at the same time, his proximity making it harder for you ​not​ to look at him.
Turning to the said son of Athena, you nodded (albeit distractedly), earning a soft smile from him, “same here. Are you excited?”
Assuming he was referring to the games, you offered him a small shrug, “I guess, kind of curious to see how the new Ares kids handle it,” you tried your best to remain nonchalant even though you could hear Yuta asking the newer Aphrodite kid what he liked about being one of Aphrodite’s sons.
Seungmin nodded thoughtfully, “yeah, I saw some of them just now at the arena, but I doubt you’d have to worry, you could take half the Hermes kids on your own,” Seungmin laughed, making you wave him off.
Seungmin had seemed to find Ten and Yuta’s discussion interesting as well, turning his head to listen in as you brought your cup to your lips, frowning as you tried to pick up on what they were talking about.
You couldn’t help yourself from letting your gaze flicker between Ten and Hyunjin, hearing Ten cut in and explain something about acting cute and effortlessly getting people to do what you want them to do, all while you saw Hyunjin turning to ask one of Apollo’s daughters next to him if she had a tissue, the girl seeming almost ​compelled​ as she stood up and made her way to the far end of the table to grab a small packet of tissues for Hyunjin.
You had to refrain from scoffing, turning back to Ten with a sweet smile, your tone as lighthearted as it could be, “guess people just do things for you if you’re ​pretty,​ right?”
Ten seemed to have no qualms in agreeing with you, nodding at you with a smirk, “exactly.”
Hyunjin heard you of course, not knowing if that was a hint of spitefulness he detected in your tone, and you didn’t miss the way he’d looked up to meet your eyes, something about his gaze almost making it hard for you to look away, but you did. Scanning your attire, Hyunjin couldn’t help the small huff that left his lips.
Daughter of Ares​, he should’ve figured ​abrasive​ words would’ve come with the package.
Deciding to dismiss it, Hyunjin turned back to Chan who was seated in front of him, rejoining whatever conversation they were having about swimming in the lake with ease. He would just forget about it, it wasn’t like picking a fight with the ​war​ god’s child was part of his agenda for the day.
Well, of course, that was until the time came to play capture-the-flag and Hyunjin found himself so ​unfortunately​ partnered with you to guard the flag. ​He should’ve just stayed with his sisters to cheer on the players.
You didn’t try to hide the fact that you were displeased, shooting a wide-eyed look at your Head Counselor Jaebum, who had simply dismissed you with a wave when you’d pulled him aside with a very annoyed glare on your face.
“Why can’t I guard with Yuta? I thought Aphrodite wasn’t playing,” you murmured harshly, fixing your armour roughly as you gripped the handle of your sword tightly, your heart sinking when you saw the way Jaebum had simply smiled, reaching his hand out to shove your helmet onto your head, flicking the red hairs that stuck out from the top with a laugh.
“There’s no time for you to complain, trust me, Hyunjin’s good,” he dismissed your hesitance, waving you off as he began to head elsewhere with the rest, “you’d better guard it properly,” he warned before leaving with the rest, the clinking of their shields against their armour growing softer the further they went.
Grabbing the flag from the floor with a huff, you’d started heading towards the lake, shoving the flag harshly through the pebbles to secure it in the ground, a small huff of annoyance leaving you as you squinted up at the sky, the summer heat annoying you even more.
Not being able to find it in you to relax, especially with the knowledge that Hyunjin was here, you paced around the flag, your hand placed protectively above your scabbard, the other hand on your hip as you eyed your surroundings.
Hyunjin on the other hand, seemed unaffected, and you heard the rustling of the pebbles as he sat down, his sword next to him and his hands behind him supporting his weight. To anyone else, he would’ve looked completely at ease, his head lifted to face the sky, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the warmth. 
Though his ease didn’t last for long, the constant crunching of the pebbles and the annoyed scoffs that left your lips every now and then drawing his attention back to you.
Hyunjin never really liked ​Ares​, he momentarily wondered if you were similar in the aspects he disliked as well, since the behaviour you were displaying right now was very...​not​ typical of an Ares.
“Are all Ares demigods as high-strung as you?” Hyunjin furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance, “your pacing’s gonna give us away.”
Your head whipped around quickly, scoffing at him, “yeah, well, excuse me for feeling responsible for the flag,” you huffed.
Hyunjin didn’t understand why you took the games so seriously, (frankly you didn’t either), but you both figured it was the streak of Ares in you that made you feel competitive, but nonetheless, Hyunjin wasn’t amused.
“It’s not just ​your responsibility, you know. Jaebum literally asked me to guard it with you.”
You let out a half-hearted laugh, your words coming out in choppy bursts as if there were a million other things in your head that were fighting to be said, “yeah, well, I guess you could say that’s why i’m even more on edge.”
Hyunjin narrowed his eyes at you, wanting you to look in his direction but you didn’t seem to be giving him the time of day, your eyes still searching the woods in front of you for any sign of someone else.
“Look,” Hyunjin felt himself growing annoyed, “I don’t know what you have against me but now’s not exactly the time to be angry at ​me​.”
You hadn’t realised, but your agitated state had been unconsciously manipulating Hyunjin’s feelings, making him more annoyed the more he saw you pace.
“Jaebum’s being stupid. He shouldn’t have put you here with me,” you sighed, more to yourself than to Hyunjin.
“You don’t trust me,” Hyunjin murmured, his tone giving away his surprise (or lack thereof), already moving to stand up, dusting the dirt off of his pants as he kept his gaze fixed on you.
You turned to face him, unaffected by his presence unlike the other day, now, Hyunjin noticed your gaze was much firmer.
“Yes, I don’t,” you told him, “forgive me for saying this but, you and your siblings don't necessarily have a very good track record when it comes to combat.”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, folding his arms over his chest, “​yeah, well,​ ” he mimicked your tone from before, “​brute force​ isn’t the only way you can win, you know.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, wondering for a moment what exactly were the gifts that aphrodite had bestowed on her children to warrant such confidence from Hyunjin. You figured he was just trying to divert your attention from the fact that they really weren’t one to fight.
“So, i’m right? You don’t fight?”
You wouldn’t usually have been so... ​annoying,​ maybe it was your annoyance at Jaebum making itself known to Hyunjin, and in turn making Hyunjin annoyed at you as well.
Hyunjin took a small step closer to you, holding himself at arms length as he got a good look at your eyes.
Pretty, you thought, but probably not what you should’ve been focusing on at the moment.
And you really shouldn’t have, because you surely hadn’t expected Hyunjin to pull his sword from where it was on the ground abruptly, pointing it right at your throat, the slightest of smiles on his face, almost as if he was curious to see if you’d really lived up to what people said about you.
“I don’t know who you heard that from,” Hyunjin had an amused smirk on his face, something about him wanting to prove himself to you for some reason. The idea of protecting the flag already pushed to the ​far back​ of his mind.
You glanced down at the blade before you, pulling it ever so slowly out from its scabbard as you met his gaze again, something about it hardening when you could practically feel him challenging you.
There wasn’t a single sound between the both of you other than the sound of the wind blowing the trees and the lake flowing beside you. Clenching your jaw, you’d brought your sword up to push him out of the way with a grunt, seeing him dodge deftly when you swung it at his arm.
As if you weren’t already angered enough, you were shocked at how well he had been going against you, not paying much attention to what you were doing at this point, casting mindless swings and driving your elbow down on his shoulder, a small grunt leaving Hyunjin.
Swinging his sword at your back, you’d caught it with your sword, pushing back against him with as much force as you could muster, your swords coming in between the both of you, stuck there with the sheer force you were both applying.
Hyunjin had to admit that you were definitely stronger than him, almost giving up but too stubborn to do so, his other hand coming up to grab at your forearm, pushing your sword out of the way before his hand with his sword came up towards you.
Grabbing his hand quick enough, you’d shoved him away from you, bending to avoid another swing before turning, roughly bringing your sword to swing at him, hitting his chest and causing him to stumble back slightly, though what surprised you was how determined he was.
Regaining his stance quickly, as you dropped your shield angrily, he’d swung his sword just as you did, your swords colliding loudly as he brought his other hand to your hand, ripping your sword from your hand quicker than you could process and tossing it aside, his own sword coming to your throat once again, his other grand gripping onto your free hand firmly.
With how focused you were on fighting each other, the both of you hadn’t even realised Jaebum’s presence there, the said head counselor quietly observing you as Hyunjin tried to use his ​charmspeak​ on you. Being one of the (very few) children of Aphrodite that had this ability, Jaebum couldn’t help but be curious as to how this would play out.
You contemplated trying to summon your sword back, but as you were about to, he’d spoken up, distracting you.
“Pick up the flag,” he told you, in what you assumed was the most ​enchanting​ tone you’d heard from him, moreso with the way he was looking at you.
Hyunjin’s face was mere inches away from you, gripping your wrist even despite the gash you’d made on his palm, too absorbed in his motive to pay any attention to the pain. Something about his gaze had unsettled you, the pleasant smell of his perfume almost seeming out of place with the strong demeanour he was showing you now, making you curious as to what else there was about him that you were getting wrong in your head.
And he waited, he waited for your eyes to glaze over and for you to obediently walk over to the flag and pick it up without a single bit of defiance like how everyone else did. ​Except you didn’t.
His request had caught you off guard, making you furrow your eyebrows as your lips parted in confusion, “why the hell would I do that?”
Shoving his hand holding his sword away from you, you huffed, turning to see Jaebum and a few of the newer Ares and Athena kids standing there in shock. Well, at least ​most​ of them were in shock, Jaebum’s expression was all-too-amused.
Hyunjin stood, dumbfounded at the fact that his power hadn’t worked on you, turning to face Jaebum with his lips in a pout as Jaebum cleared his throat.
Ignoring the annoyed furrow to your brow, Jaebum brought a hand up to rub his exposed arm over his tattoo, “we... won...” he stopped to let a small laugh escape him, “you guys can bring the flag back.”
You huffed, moving to pick up your sword, shoving it into your scabbard, still confused at the fact that Hyunjin had just asked you to pick up the flag for no reason after what he did.
Turning back to Hyunjin, you saw him about to open his mouth, wanting to ask if you were going to take the flag with how he gestured to it.
Shaking your head as you were already making your way back, you said, “take the stupid flag, I don’t want it.”
It was only when you were with the rest in the amphitheatre did you realise Hyunjin had made an impression on you in more ways than just through surprising you.
You were making your way through the crowd to find Jeongin when you’d spotted Jaehyun, his hair messy and slightly damp with perspiration, giving you a friendly smile as he lifted his glass to you.
You saw him making his way over to you, his armour long discarded as he stood in his long sleeved t-shirt and cargo pants, pushing his hair back only to make it even messier.
“Hey, it was a good game just now, where were you?” he asked. 
“Oh, I was just guarding the flag.”
Jaehyun nodded, a hum of understanding leaving him. Bringing his cup up to his lips, his gaze darted to your arm, his eyes widening as a sharp hiss left him, “hey, that’s a pretty bad cut, how’d you get that?”
You frowned, your eyebrows raising, a hum of confusion leaving you. Only realising when Jaehyun had reached a hand out to grasp your elbow gently, lifting your arm gently to draw your attention to the gash on your arm, the blood having gotten onto your shirt without you realising.
“Oh,” you hummed, shaking your head in dismissal at Jaehyun, “no it’s fine, it doesn’t hurt. I’ll just get Jeongin to help me patch it up later.”
Jaehyun’s forehead creased slightly as his eyebrows lifted, “really? I can help you with it now, if you want,” he offered, a soft smile on his face.
Turning to look over at where Jeongin and Yuta were seated at one of the steps of the ampitheatre, you tried not to let their knowing smiles fluster you, turning back to Jaehyun with a shake of the head.
“It’s fine, don’t wanna trouble you, but thanks for offering,” you assured him.
“What brings you back?” you asked, your curiosity getting the better of you, seeing his smile widen, giving you a shrug.
“For fun, honestly. I’m on break at university anyway, so I figured I might as well.”
Your lips parted in realisation, nodding slowly, “your girlfriend didn’t mind you leaving?”
He shook his head, “yeah, she was going back home to visit her family anyway,” you nodded, sighing in relief with the knowledge that he still had a girlfriend so whatever Jeongin said was baseless.
Jaehyun glanced behind you, spotting Yuta and Jeongin sitting at the steps, pressing his lips together so his dimples showed, “shouldn’t keep you any longer, your friends are waiting. See you later,” he had a hand gently on your shoulder, pulling it back to give you a small wave before you’d left to join Yuta and Jeongin at the steps.
“​Ouch,” Yuta hissed, eyeing your arm, “who did that?” he nodded his head towards your arm, drawing Jeongin’s attention to the wound.
You huffed, gesturing towards the group of Aphrodite’s children gathered closer to the fire, “Hyunjin,” you offered half-heartedly.
Jeongin’s eyes widened, “Hyunjin? But why? Wasn’t he on your side?”
Yuta’s attention was still searching the group of them, observing the way Hyunjin had a little bit of bandage peeking out from the arm of his sleeveless shirt, a small scratch on his cheek and his palm wrapped with a bandage as well.
“Are you sure it wasn’t someone trying to get the flag?” Jeongin prompted, as if trying to wrack his brain to recall anybody from his side to making it that far over to your side.
“No,” you shook your head, leaning back in your seat with a sigh as you brought your cup to your lips, “just him.”
“What? Why would he do that, though?” Jeongin hummed. You knew he was friends with Hyunjin, so his confusion was catching you even more off guard.
You shook your head, “I’d rather... not talk about it right now,” you sighed, “can you help me with this?” you turned to Jeongin, gesturing to your arm.
You missed the look Jeongin cast Hyunjin’s way, nodding at you as he stood up, probably going to get the first-aid box he kept in his cabin. Yuta cast a brief glance in your direction before letting out a snort.
“I can ​feel​ how annoyed you are,” Yuta drawled, jokingly, of course.
You drew your gaze away from Hyunjin, turning to look at Yuta, “I’m not ​annoyed,​ ” you murmured, “just... surprised.”
Yuta quirked an eyebrow at you, “pleasantly surprised?” You waved him off, “don’t get too carried away.”
Daring yourself to look back at Hyunjin, you’d surprised yourself when you noticed he was looking in your direction as well, drawing his gaze away with a certain calmness to his gesture that made you almost unable to look away. Something about it still felt so... ​unsettling​ to you.
From what you knew, Aphrodite was the goddess of love, of beauty, but what you saw from Hyunjin was a whole other side of that, beauty ​with​ a certain kind of strength you weren’t used to witnessing. An almost unassuming kind of strength, something about it only making you more curious about him. 
But after your interaction with him today, you weren’t so sure that you wanted to cause more problems for yourself. You figured if you just stayed out of his way, you would probably still be able to ensure yourself a peaceful summer. That was the ​plan​, at least.
What you didn’t realise was that camp half-blood was a ​lot​ smaller than you thought it was, especially with how often you were running into Hyunjin after that day.
You were on your way to The Forge, since you’d come up with a plan to forge a sword this week, feeling in need of something that suited your own tastes more. In other words, ​you were bored out of your mind.
However, on your way to the place, you’d bumped into Hyunjin as you were making your way past the mess hall, unconsciously frowning at the sight of him, making him scoff, walking beside you with that same air of elegance he always carried himself with (a contrary to you who was trying to walk faster than him in your own unspoken ​petty​ competition).
Hyunjin wasn’t sure why he was entertaining your competition, also trying to walk quicker than you, his hair bouncing lightly atop his head as he walked briskly, making you realise halfway how stupid the both of you probably looked, halting your footsteps halfway to turn to him with narrowed eyes.
“Stop,” you told him firmly, making his eyes widen, his hand raising to point a finger at himself. 
“​Me​?” Hyunjin scoffed, “you started it first.”
You opened your mouth to speak, closing it quickly, curious to why he was heading in the same direction as you, “stop following me.”
Though your question came out in a rather roundabout way, you figured that was the extent your pride allowed you to go to for now.
Hyunjin folded his arms, unsure why you were so proficient at bringing out the petty side of him, “​you​ stop following ​me,​ ” he shot back, his height making him look more intimidating despite his expression showing nothing but child-like stubbornness (similarly to yours).
“I’m not, I’m going to The Forge!”
“I’m going to the Stables!” He shot back at the same time as you, as if it were even a competition to answer first.
Hyunjin hummed,​ so you were going to The Forge.​ 
The information made Hyunjin curious as to what you were planning on making or fixing there, though he didn’t want to pursue it, still upset that the wound you inflicted on his hand made it hard for him to ride the pegasi.
Whereas you had to stop yourself from thinking about what an ​elegant​ thing riding ​pegasi​ would be, especially if it was Hyunjin doing it. 
Pushing the thought to the back of your head, you huffed, leaving him to continue on your way to the Forge, his footsteps behind you barely audible until you’d both parted ways.
And so it continued. You would alternate between joining Jeongin to do some painting or sculpting and working on your sword, yet somehow you would always manage to run into Hyunjin one way or another.
For a moment, you thought this was some sort of punishment from your father for calling him a whiny bitch​, warranting Hyunjin’s presence wherever you went.
It was either on your way to the Forge, or even when you would turn while painting to stare at the lake only to spot Hyunjin sitting at the corner of the area sculpting something with clay, it seemed as though wherever you went, misfortune in the form of a certain Aphrodite-born boy would follow.
What irked you the most wasn’t the way he would make even ​spilling paint ​look graceful, or the way his contagious laugh would echo loudly around the area, or how his silver ring would clink against the glass water jar distractingly to the beat of whatever song he was listening to as he worked. Instead, it was his ​response​ (or lack thereof) whenever you would meet eyes, how he didn’t have the same reaction everyone else did. How instead of looking away he would keep his gaze firm, yet ​gentle.​ How he didn’t seem... ​scared.​
Hyunjin knew this too, how everyone tended to stay away from Ares demigods in general due to their tendency to make people feel angry or upset and result in fights between campers, but Hyunjin was curious. ​He couldn’t help himself.​ He’d tried his powers on other Ares children before and they worked, so why were ​you​ the exception?
He was down at the Lake, his usual spot he would go to whenever he wanted to relax or clear his mind, since no one else really came here in the night, trying to clear his mind of thoughts of you, having been ​tormented ​by them for the whole day as he tried his ​charmspeak​ on different people just to make sure he wasn’t ​broken​ or anything.
Though it seemed even the lake was no exception to you, something in him feeling as though he wasn’t the only one there, and being proven right when he’d lifted his head from looking at his journal, turning to see you sitting not too far from where he was. Except this time you looked a little... ​different​.
Hyunjin wasn’t sure if it was the softness of the moonlight, but something about the way you looked now with your hands supporting your weight behind you as you looked at the water sloshing around in the lake, moving your foot right and left lazily with your hair flowing freely with the wind and a serene expression on your face. Something about it was very different from the picture of a daughter of Ares that he’d painted in his head. If he didn’t know who you were, he would never have guessed your father was the angry, aggressive, battle-driven god among the olympians, finding something about it awfully refreshing.
Hyunjin had averted his gaze quickly, his hand coming up to grasp at his neck, wincing at the pain from turning his head too quickly.
Drumming his fingers on his journal lightly, Hyunjin slid it into the pocket of his jacket, not knowing you’d already seen him when you came here. He’d contemplated on starting a conversation with you, wondering if it was worth the energy since it’d probably just end up in another petty fight between the both of you.
Deciding against it in the end, Hyunjin stood up with a small sigh, his hand coming up to run his fingers through his hair as he trudged through the sandy ground before he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket, walking past you when you’d spoken up.
“Didn’t they tell you?” you murmured, a slight teasing lilt to your tone, though it was sleepier than Hyunjin was used to hearing it.
Hyunjin turned his head to face you, his eyebrows raised in question, and a part of you just sighed at how unlucky you were that you had run into Hyunjin here too of all places.
“Tell me what?” he asked.
Hyunjin had a feeling you were about to crack a joke, with the way you tried (and failed) to contain your smile as you turned to look at him, a certain softness to your smile that came with sheer relaxation.
“You can see your reflection in the lake better in the daytime,” you grinned, making Hyunjin scoff, though he couldn’t help his amusement.
He shook his head at you, a forced laugh leaving him, “very funny, but i’m not ​Narcissus.​”
There was a small pause that fell between the both of you, your arms coming up over your head in a stretch, a small yawn leaving you. Hyunjin hadn’t left yet, making you wonder if it was because he was surprised to see you here.
“I didn’t follow you here,” you added, “if that’s what you’re wondering.” You know, ​just for good measure.
Trust you to be straightforward,​ he thought.
Hyunjin figured he’d might as well take the opportunity to tease you as well, hoping it would help him regain whatever upper hand he thought he had in the exchange.
“Yeah, ​sure,​” he drawled, turning and walking away before you could see his satisfied smile at your yelp of protest.
You were a little more excited than usual today, it’d been two weeks since you’d started forging your sword and today would be when you would be able to take it back and use it, the summer sun having started to set by the time you were done.
You were proud of it, frankly. It may have looked like any other sword, but the way it felt was different, it was less prone to wear during rough use as compared to your previous sword, the blade made to be sharper and sturdier. Not to mention how the handle was a perfect fit for your hand. Though you wished you’d had the power of conjuring up a weapon like some of the other children of Ares did, your powers were rather limited to just summoning your weapons and manipulating their material.
It was as if Ares knew you weren’t the ​most c​areful with your things.
You’d spotted one of the sons of Hermes, Minho, making their way into the armory as you were leaving, not bothering to greet him as you crossed paths. You knew who he was very well, and what a reputation he had for pranks in the camp, though you’d fortunately never been at the brunt of any.
But that didn’t change the fact that you were feeling just the slightest bit hesitant, at first, something almost prompting you to bring it back to the Cabin first before you went for dinner but eventually you figured it was fine. It was only for a short period of time anyway. You doubted people would want to steal swords in a place like ​this​.
Meeting your friends at the mess hall for dinner, Jeongin eyed you suspiciously when he’d caught you smiling at your soup for the fifth time that meal.
“Something good happen?” he asked, making you nod eagerly.
“Guess,” you told him, seeing his lower lip jut out in a thoughtful pout, his hand coming up to touch his chin before his eyes had widened, his smile growing.
“No,” you narrowed your eyes at him in warning, making him burst into giggles, his hand raising in surrender.
“Okay, fine, fine...” he hummed, “oh! You finished your sword?” he asked, earning a nod from you.
“Just finished it this afternoon, it’s in the workshop now but i’m gonna go get it later,” you told him, biting into your food with a satisfied sigh.
Jeongin made a sound of awe, his excitement written all over his features, “can I go with you? I wanna see it.”
You nodded, “yeah sure.”
“Is Yuta coming too?” he asked, earning a shake of the head from you.
“Nope,” you told him, “he’s going over to the Aphrodite cabin for some party,” a small giggle leaving you as you recalled how excited Yuta was to hang out with Ten.
“Aphrodite cabin, huh,” Jeongin snickered, making you nod knowingly.
“I know,” you sighed, bringing your cup to your lips to finish the rest of your drink.
Jeongin tossed his used tissue onto his now-empty tray, “well I’m ready to go, you?” he asked, glancing at you for confirmation.
Giving him a nod, you’d both cleared your trays and made your way out of the mess hall, though as you were on your way out, you couldn’t help but notice the stares you were getting from the other campers as you made your way past the cabins. You’d dismissed their stares quickly, thinking nothing of it until Jeongin had let out a small hum of discomfort.
“Is it just me, or...” he grimaced, clearing his throat, “are they staring?” he asked you, twisting his ring around his index finger.
You nodded, giving him a small shrug as you brushed your flyaway hairs away from your face, the wind blowing it haphazardly around.
“Thought so, but it’s alright, I mean. As far as I know we’re fine ‘cause ​Jaebum​ hasn’t summoned us anywhere yet,” you huffed, already nearing the workshop when you’d seen a small group of people gathered there, one being Minho, who was currently crouched over something you couldn’t quite see.
“What’s that?” Jeongin murmured, more to himself than anything.
You watched as Minho had slowly emerged from his crouching position, looking at you with pleading eyes and his hands waving in front of him almost as if in reassurance, a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.
“Y/N, I can explain, I’m really sorry I don’t know what happened I was just doing my own thing and I didn’t know that I was actually—”
“What happened?” you cut him off, his rambling only making your anxiousness grow. Looking at him with confusion written all over your features, you hoped dearly that your suspicions would be proved wrong.
Jeongin watched with horror in his wide eyes as Minho had pulled out what looked like your (now cut up) sword.
Furrowing your eyebrows, you looked back at Minho You were sure your sword wasn’t as hard or brittle enough to have broken like this, you would’ve known, you’d consulted the many sons and daughters of ​Hephaestus​ that had come and gone from The Forge while you worked and researched on what would be best for your sword. You were sure ​they, t​he sons of a blacksmith of all people, extremely skilled at crafting, wouldn’t have allowed you to make a sword that could get damaged so easily.
“How... did this happen?” you asked him, oblivious to the way the people there were looking on curiously, eager to see if you would live up to the typical Ares tendencies and go into a fit of blind rage.
“I thought this was my sword and I was gonna melt it down to cut it but then I realised too late that it wasn’t mine,” he admitted, his tone sounding too remorseful for you to be more angry at him.
Now ​that,​ you could believe.
You looked back at the sword and back at him, not wanting to look at your sword any longer as you inhaled deeply, hearing someone murmur that you looked as though you could ​kill​ Minho.
Jeongin heard it too, ​felt i​t even, the sheer anticipation from the crowd that you would prove them right that the ​apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.​ They didn’t believe you were capable of controlling your temper, not when all your other siblings couldn’t. And you were glad you realised it, that if you acted on your anger right now, you wouldn’t be doing anything other than perpetuating their image of you as someone that so predictably ​craved war.​
A silence fell between you and Minho, aside from the hushed whispers and murmuring that could be heard from the other campers around you, feeling Jeongin’s hand touch your shoulder gently.
You shook your head, hoping you came across as more reassuring than wanting to kill Minho, a small murmur of an ‘okay’ leaving you before you’d turned away from him, leaving with Jeongin without another word.
Of course, your reaction came to the other campers as a shock, none of them having seen you display such an eerie calmness before. They were sure if the same thing had been done to Yuta, he wouldn’t have held back on showing just how upset he was, but you’d reacted in the least typically Ares way imaginable.
And Hyunjin thought so too.
He had been bored out of his mind waiting for the sons of ​Dionysus​ to show up with the drinks, sitting leisurely on the plush sofa in the big living room as he fiddled with his hair, glancing at the door every now and then as he pretended to be interested in whatever gossip his sisters were divulging amongst themselves.
“Did you hear?” one of them tapped on Hyunjin’s arm incessantly, making him turn to them with a bored expression, his fingers touching his ear absently as he prompted them to continue.
“Minho just had a run-in with Y/N,” she told him, her eyes beaming with excitement as though the information she shared was life-or-death, in a very ​entertainment channel​ kind of way.
Hyunjin frowned at the mention of your name, already trying to picture how that would’ve gone down, wondering if you’d pummeled Minho and had been the reason behind his absence at the party.
Well, that was until Minho had walked into the Aphrodite cabin looking absolutely unscathed, and Hyunjin decided that maybe he ​did​ want to know what happened.
“What happened?” he shifted in his seat, trying to appear nonchalant with his hand supporting the side of his head even despite his bubbling curiosity.
His sister had wasted no time in telling the story, “Minho broke Y/N’s sword because he thought it was his sword, and then when she was going to go get it he told her about it and she looked really angry​,” she told him, nodding gravely.
“You were there?” Hyunjin asked, his frown deepening, wondering for a moment what he was doing during that time.​ Probably lazing on his bed,​ he figured.
His sister’s mouth had shut quickly, her gaze darting to the ceiling, “well... no, I wasn’t, but that’s what I heard from Ten, who heard it from- okay, nevermind, the important part was that she looked angry, okay?”
Hyunjin knew about Minho’s... ​penchant​ for pranks, usually not bothering about them since they were pretty minor. But even ​he​ thought this went a little too far. ​You’d been working on that sword for what... a little more than two weeks?​ If Hyunjin were in your position, he was sure he would’ve been upset too.
“So... did she like... fight him or something?” he asked his sister, earning a shake of the head from her, which had only surprised him even more.
Hyunjin’s eyebrows raised, “really,” he mustered distractedly, glancing over at Minho who had looked absolutely unaffected, laughing at something Ten had just said.
“She just... left?” Hyunjin asked for confirmation again, not being able to wrap his head around the unpredictability of your reaction. ​Nothing about you seemed predictable to him, so far.
Maybe your offhand comments, or your skill with weaponry, ​sure,​ that was predictable, but even from that day playing capture-the-flag, Hyunjin knew there was something in you that was very much ​Ares​, and very much ​not.​
He wouldn’t have expected such a reaction from someone as strong-willed as you, but then again, as he thought more about it on his way to where Minho was, he thought that maybe he should have expected it. There was something akin to a quiet strength about your reaction, to him.
“Oh, hey,” Minho greeted Hyunjin with a nod in the kitchen as he poured himself another drink, Hyunjin letting out a deep breath he hadn’t even known he was holding.
“Why’d you do that to Y/N’s sword?” he’d asked abruptly, shocking himself with the imperative nature of his tone, and Minho didn’t mask his shock either, the boy looking at Hyunjin as if he’d grown another head.
“Look, I don’t usually give a shit about your pranks but... don’t you have to admit that was a little too much?” his tone had calmed down considerably, maintaining his calm exterior as he gave Minho a small shrug.
Minho let out a snort, nodding slowly, “dude... you know I didn’t ​actually​ destroy it, right?”
Hyunjin’s lips parted in surprise, his tongue peeking out to wet his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair again, the whole situation proving to be ​very​ unnecessary to him. It seemed, whenever it came to you Hyunjin always found himself feeling emotions he wasn’t used to feeling, things like defensiveness, annoyance, though nothing about it was unwelcome to him, strangely. That part, he had yet to figure out fully.
“Then why’d you do it?” Hyunjin wondered out loud.
Minho shrugged, “wanted to see if she was as temperamental as the rest of them. Think about it, she’s never really...​lost​ her temper like the rest of them.”
“Why do you care anyway?” Minho continued, “I didn’t recall anything about you two being friends,” Hyunjin was caught off guard by the implication.
Looking elsewhere, Hyunjin let out a small scoff, “I ​don’t,​ okay? I just... felt bad for her,” he tried to reason, “she worked hard on that sword.”
Shrugging, Hyunjin let out another huff of disbelief, removing his jacket with how stuffy it started to feel in the house.
“Whatever, why am I even explaining this to you,” he muttered, “where’d you put the actual sword?”
Minho eyed Hyunjin curiously, shaking his head with a small smile on his face as he gestured outside the house, “it’s still in the workshop.”
Sighing deeply, Hyunjin rolled his eyes at his own expense, giving Minho a firm pat on the shoulder before he left, his mind a swarm of reasons why he ​shouldn’t​ have been doing this, even stopping himself in front of The Forge to just be ​absolutely​ sure he was going to go out of his way to deliver a sword to someone he wasn’t on the best terms with.
But he did anyway, and that was what ended Hyunjin up holding your sword in its sheath and grimacing non-stop along with his annoyed mumbles on his very hesitant path towards the lake where he figured you would be.
Sure enough, Hyunjin had sighed in relief when he’d spotted you sitting at your usual spot, your knees propped up closer to your chest and your arms folded and resting upon them, your back facing him.
Shaking whatever hesitance there was left in him, Hyunjin cleared his throat, sighing when you hadn’t turned around.
You weren’t in the mood to have another bickering session with Hyunjin, as a matter of fact, already upset enough at the fact that you not only had to make another sword for yourself, but that the other campers probably just viewed you as some sort of ticking time bomb that they couldn’t wait to set off.
About to take another step towards you, you’d sighed, one of your hands going to pick at the hem of your pants, “shouldn’t you be busy shooting ​love arrows​ or something?” you huffed.
Hyunjin’s eyes widened, freezing in place behind you, “how’d you know it was me?”
You shrugged, not wanting to admit that it was the same pleasant floral scent that brought back your memory of that day playing capture-the-flag that had let you know it was him, the scent being somehow unmistakably ​Hyunjin​ that your mind seemed to have automatically associated the two together.
“And again,” he huffed, “just because Aphrodite’s my mom doesn’t mean i’m ​cupid.​” 
You hummed patronisingly, “what do you want?”
Hyunjin sighed, making his way in front of you, holding your sword out in front of you, your eyes narrowing at him as you took the sword from him slowly.
“It’s yours,” he murmured, “it wasn’t actually destroyed.”
If Hyunjin had expected to receive an appreciative expression of thanks, maybe he should’ve gone to someone else. 
You stood up abruptly, a small gasp leaving you.
“Were ​you​ the one behind all of this?” your brows furrowed in annoyance, pointing your sword at him with its sheath still on, making Hyunjin step back slightly.
Hyunjin’s eyes widened in shock, a scoff leaving him despite his hands finding their way beside his head in a gesture of surrender, “why are you getting mad at me? I didn’t do anything, I was just returning this to you,” he defended himself.
Maybe Hyunjin was just unlucky,​ he thought, if only you would have reacted this way to Minho instead of him.
“How do I know you weren’t the one that planned all of this?” you’d almost moved to jab your sword towards him, Hyunjin having anticipated your move and grabbed your sword by it’s sheath, his other hand coming to your wrist and pushing it away from him, ripping the sword from your grip and holding it over his head.
“Excuse you, I left a party just to go and get this hunk of metal and return it to you,” he narrowed his eyes at you, “and ​this​ is how you thank me?”
You frowned, confusion prominent in your features as you dropped your hands to your sides limply, “why would ​you​ do that?”
Frankly not knowing the reason either, Hyunjin opened and closed his mouth as he fumbled for an answer, tilting his chin up in defiance when he scoffed eventually.
“Fine, if you don’t want this I can just go throw it in the lake or something—”
You stopped him quickly, a yelp of protest leaving you as your hand found its way around his wrist.
Hyunjin hadn’t missed the pleading look in your eyes that flashed for just a second, his grip around your sword loosening as he let you take it back, slightly amused at the way you’d let out an annoyed huff, holding your sword protectively next to you.
“You’re so annoying,” you mumbled grumpily, “didn’t know someone that came from the goddess of love could be such a ​pain in the ass.​ ”
Hyunjin raised an eyebrow at you, something about him finding your expression akin to that of a child as you sulked, not being able to help himself from prodding you further in retaliation. 
Taking a step closer to you, Hyunjin licked his lips as he tried to think of a response, taking his lower lip between his teeth and letting it go with a slowness that had only served to heighten the tension of the silence.
“What about you, then? I’m ​sure y​ou live up to what they say about Ares children ​craving​ fights and anger, right?” You couldn’t help but feel as though he were challenging you, as if he wanted you to prove him wrong, a feeling in his gut telling him that you would. He was confident in that, (also because he kind of hoped you would).
You’d met Hyunjin’s gaze, his words seeming to have struck a chord with you, a small pause ensuing before you’d shook your head slowly, averting your gaze from him, your gaze unconsciously flickering to the sky as a brief thought had crossed your mind on whether Ares would be angry at you for saying what you were about to say.
But you didn’t think you really cared.
“I don’t... fight without reason, okay?” you cursed yourself mentally for the way your words came out as a mumble, missing the small hint of a smile playing at Hyunjin’s lips, something making you want to look up at him.
Hyunjin nodded at you, liking the answer you gave him for the first time, “good. Me too.”
You’d met his gaze, finally, the sloshing of the lake behind you and the coolness of the summer night almost drowning out your next words.
“Good,” you murmured, “let’s... not give each other a reason, then.”
Shocking you with his reaction, Hyunjin had nodded, turning away as he tried to stifle his smile, his hand coming up to run his fingers through his hair again, only to have it fall softly back against his head.
“Go,” you murmured, not being able to tolerate the tension any longer, “join back your party.”
Hyunjin quirked an eyebrow at you, though he nodded nonetheless, a strange feeling within him after the interaction you’d just shared.
Leaving without another word, you turned your sword around in your hands, thankful to Hyunjin for doing something like that for you even though you’d been nothing but unfriendly to him recently, figuring that this could have been a ​peace offering​ of some sort.
And just for a moment, you thought, maybe he wasn’t as bad as you thought he was.
And maybe you were right about the whole ​peace offering t​hing, since after that day, it was safe to say that Hyunjin and you hadn’t bickered like you did before, tolerating each other’s presence whenever you would both be at the lake at the same time in the night, greeting each other with curt nods when you would walk past each other.
You were having dinner at the mess hall before another game of capture-the-flag that would start at 6 o’clock. Jaehyun had found his way to your table and seated himself next to you, so you were seated in between him and Jeongin, with Chan, Yuta and another son of Ares sitting in front of you.
Hyunjin was seated next to the newer Ares kid, minding his own business as he ate his food, his sisters on his other side talking about the pegasi riding lessons as Hyunjin tried his best to pay attention to the conversation you were having.
You’d been talking about some sort of event the camp was holding in the amphitheatre soon, something like a movie night. In other words, simply an excuse for the older kids to ask for dates to watch a movie with them.
“Are you gonna ask anyone?” Chan had asked Jaehyun, making Jeongin give you a look that was a little too obvious for your liking. 
You weren’t able to see Jaehyun’s reaction, since you were seated next to him, not that you cared much about it anyway since you knew it wouldn’t have meant anything.
Choosing to keep your gaze fixed on your food, you prodded at it with your fork as you waited for Jaehyun’s response, almost sighing when he’d cleared his throat, shrugging, “dunno, I guess.”
You missed the way Hyunjin’s gaze wandered from Jaehyun to Jeongin, to you, his mind running wild with possible reasons why Jeongin looked like Jaehyun had just told a joke instead of the response he just gave.
He recalled hearing from his sister the other day that Jaehyun had broken up with his girlfriend from back home, something stirring in him when he’d considered the thought that maybe Jaehyun had his eyes set on you. Not that Hyunjin was in any position to have a problem about it, of course, Jaehyun was free to like whoever he wanted, but something in Hyunjin almost wished for a moment that the feeling in his gut would be wrong for once.
Dismissing the thought quickly, he’d averted his gaze from Jaehyun, focusing on finishing his drink instead.
You looked up briefly to cast a glare at Jeongin, thankful to Yuta who had spoken up, uninterested in the topic of who Jaehyun’s choice of date was.
“Who says we have to bring dates? Why don’t we just go as a group of friends?” Yuta shrugged, Chan letting out a small giggle in response.
“That would be cute, I don’t mind that,” he agreed, Hyunjin nodding in agreement.
“Can I join? I’d rather not let my sisters try to matchmake me again this time,” Hyunjin grimaced, making you unintentionally perk up at the mention of matchmaking, wondering who they had in mind that would be a good fit for him, running through your mental list as you continued to prod at your food.
“Oh yeah, cause you guys are like children of ​cupid​ or something, right?” the boy snickered, something about his tone striking a nerve with you.
Did he really think a god as ​unpredictable​ and destructive as ​Ares​ was any better?
You had to refrain from rolling your eyes, “​Aphrodite,” you quipped sternly, “it’s not that hard to remember.”
Jeongin had to stifle his laughter, and you continued to prod at your food, missing the small smile on Hyunjin’s face when you went back to eating as if you didn’t just say what you said.
The boy had immediately quietened down, afraid that he would warrant another chiding from you if he made another mistake, Jaehyun nudging you with an amused smile on his face.
“Go easy on the kid, he’s not familiar with how it works here yet.”
You huffed, unsure why you had felt so defensive over it as well. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t teased Hyunjin about it before. But maybe that was what irked you about the boy’s statement, how his tone sounded ​mocking​ almost, as if it wasn’t something to be proud of to be born from Aphrodite.
Sighing, you’d stood up, ready to get ready for the capture-the-flag game, turning to Jaehyun and scrunching your nose in distaste, “he’s gotta learn at some point.”
The sun was already beginning to set when you’d started the game, the sky growing darker the more the both of you made your way through the forest, keeping your footsteps as quiet as you could as Hyunjin walked with you.
Hyunjin and yourself had been on a separate path to find the other team’s flag, the both of you having been split up from the rest after being bombarded with a group of Hermes’ children.
“Should we go that way?” Hyunjin asked, pointing in the direction of the lake, making you shake your head.
“No, they probably have a bunch of Poseidon’s kids standing by there, and I don’t know about you, but I really ​don’t​ wanna end up fighting Chan.”
Hyunjin let out a small huff, halfway to a giggle, a small pause ensuing as you stepped over a branch, turning to gesture to the branch as a warning to Hyunjin, hearing him murmur a small thanks to you. Something between the both of you felt more comfortable now, less hostile definitely, but something about it still felt tense, you just couldn’t exactly place the cause of the tension.
“Can I ask you a question?” Hyunjin asked, pulling you from your thoughts, his voice soft but loud enough for you to hear.
You nodded, “what?” you prompted, turning when you’d felt a movement, relaxing when you realised it was just a dove.
“You’re not very fond of your dad, are you?” he asked, making you inhale deeply, huffing through your nose.
You turned to him with a sceptical look on your face, “are ​you?​ ” you scoffed.
“So, i’ll take that as a no?”
You paused, giving him a small nod.
Hyunjin hummed softly, reaching a hand up to push the overhanging leaf out of the way before it could hit your head without you realising.
“Can I ask why?” he hummed, his footsteps delicately treading on the ground softly in contrast with you who were simply walking normally.
You shrugged, “guess it never really felt like I ​fit​ into the ideals he wants in his children? You know? Like all that... ​destruction​ and ​aggression​ without reason, it just didn’t feel right to me,” you shrugged.
Hyunjin hummed, as if prompting you to continue, slightly distracted when he contemplated if he should offer his helmet to you since you didn’t have one.
“It felt kind of weird, to be honest, when he claimed me,” you shared, thankful that Hyunjin made you feel as though you could share these things with him without being attacked for not respecting your father. “It kind of felt like it was wrong.”
Hyunjin let out a small giggle at that, a small sound of disagreement leaving him, “I wouldn’t say totally​ wrong,” he offered, making your eyebrows raise in question, curious to hear what he had to say.
“You know, you’re strong-willed, passionate about what you want, good at combat,” he told you, making you huff in your attempt to suppress the strange feeling within you at Hyunjin’s words. Hyunjin himself felt as though such words were foreign to him, or maybe it was the intention behind the words. He wasn’t sure.
“Thanks,” you murmured softly, the way your voice had come out as a mere squeak making you scrunch your nose up in distaste.
“What about you?” you asked, hearing a confused hum leave him.
“Am I fond of my mom?”
You turned to nod at him, seeing him shrug, “yeah, I guess. I guess the only downside I can think of is how we’re not the most... ​skilled​ at combat.”
You didn’t see it, but Hyunjin had to stop himself from letting his smile grow too big, especially because he knew his words had struck a chord with you.
Your breath hitched, feeling almost guilty hearing his words, not being able to help yourself from turning to him, stopping in your tracks in the middle of the path you were on.
“Sorry,” you told him, seeing him tilt his head at you, an expectant smirk on his face. 
“For what?”
You shrugged, averting your gaze as you knocked your shield against his gently, embarrassment taking over you at the awkward gesture, “you know, for... underestimating you.”
Daring yourself to meet his gaze, you were surprised to say the least, when he’d simply smiled at you, his tongue moving to graze over his canine, “apology accepted.”
About to move forward, Hyunjin had stopped you abruptly, his hand on your wrist with urgency in the gesture, his voice dropping to a whisper, “Jaehyun.”
You wrinkled your nose in dismay, shaking your head, “probably means we’re near.”
You heard footsteps growing louder, not having expected Jaehyun to be alone, but you should’ve known he wasn’t, especially when you’d heard footsteps behind you, spotting Chan with Jaehyun, and the flag not far behind them.
“I’ll take Chan,” Hyunjin told you quicker than you could react, already wielding his sword as he proceeded to duel with Chan, while Jaehyun made his way slowly over to you, gripping his trident (a gift from Poseidon himself, he was very proud to inform whoever ) and using it to smack against the ground with small thuds as he grew closer.
“Fancy meeting you here,” he gave you a grin, his dimples showing cutely.
You rolled your eyes, not being able to stop yourself from smiling.
“Yeah, Jaebum didn’t put me on flag duty today, but I see you didn’t get so lucky?” you murmured, already pulling your sword out, the sound of Hyunjin and Chan fighting behind you making you wonder just where everyone else was, having expected them to reach the flag before you and Hyunjin could.
Jaehyun scoffed, “hey, I ​love​ flag duty.”
Already going into your ready stance, you wanted to laugh when Jaehyun had done so as well, not being able to take him very seriously from knowing him for so long.
And so you swung your sword, managing to nick him on the arm before your sword collided with his trident, though you tried to ignore the intimidating sharpness of its prongs as you continued to try your best, to dodge his swings and use your difference in size to your advantage. It was a blur to you, the whole process, like it usually was.
You figured it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, where you would get lost in the fighting that you wouldn’t even have time to think before you acted, your body seeming to move naturally with its one goal of getting your opponent out of the way.
Maybe you’d thank Ares for ​that​ detail.
After you realised Hyunjin had stopped fighting Chan, you’d let yourself get distracted by wondering how he’d managed to get Chan to give up so easily, giving Jaehyun the opportunity to deliver a particularly strong blow to your shoulder.
Stumbling back, your back hitting the tree behind you as Jaehyun brought his trident up, your hand grasping the spear tightly as you tried to pull it away from your neck, though Jaehyun had an advantage with his stance, holding it against your neck and caging you in place, the tip of one of the pointed ends nicking you just below your jaw when you’d moved particularly abruptly.
Hyunjin had noticed of course, but after he’d managed to get Chan to leave with his Charmspeak​, you realised he was free to go get the flag.
So when you saw him coming behind Jaehyun, you used your hand to gesture to the flag, Hyunjin thankfully having gotten the hint and making a break towards the flag, more people having gathered as Jaehyun had let go of you finally, watching with a smile as Hyunjin had claimed the flag, looking at you with a dazed smile on his face.
Jaehyun helped you up from where you leaned against the tree, “he’s pretty good, isn’t he?” you heard him say.
“Who?” you frowned.
Jaehyun nodded his head towards Hyunjin, who was gracefully accepting the praise from the other campers as he made his way towards where you were.
You huffed, nodding, “yeah,” you murmured, “sure is.”
You were too tired to join for the celebration after the game, finding your way back to the Lake. (With how much you went there, people would have thought you were a daughter of Poseidon if not for the red motifs on your attire).
Having asked Jeongin if you could meet him later on after you showered for him to help you clean up your cuts like you would both usually do, you heard soft footsteps behind you, sighing in relief that Jeongin was finally here.
Only when the smell of that distinct flowery scent had grown stronger did you realise that was definitely not Jeongin, your suspicions proven when you saw Hyunjin seat himself down next to you, his hair wet and in a new change of clothes, having freshened up as well, glancing down to see a first-aid box in his hands.
But not any first-aid box, you realised, when you spotted the little stickers on the side of the opening, ​Jeongin’s​ first-aid box.
“Hope you don’t mind, Jeongin said he had to get something done,” Hyunjin’s hands came up to pull the neck of his white shirt higher, his bracelet sliding down on his arm, “may I?” he asked, your mouth still sealed shut in your uncertainty on how to respond.
You nodded belatedly, seeing him already taking out some antiseptic cream from the box with a small cotton bud, “oh, uh, no yeah, that’s fine.”
You took the liberty of taking an ice pack from Jeongin’s box, pressing it against the area where your neck met your shoulder, sighing softly, and maybe even cursing Jaehyun in your head for practically ramming your back into that tree just now.
“I didn’t know you were still injured,” Hyunjin murmured, looking at your neck and then back down at his hands, “thought you would’ve just asked Jaehyun to heal you or something.” His voice came out in mumbles as he concentrated on getting the tube open.
Hyunjin figured with how comfortable you looked around Jaehyun that you wouldn’t have hesitated to accept his help, especially since no one liked to live with their injuries if they could help it, but Hyunjin had to dismiss the thought quickly when he started to think about how closeby the Lake was to the Poseidon cabin, wondering if that was the reason behind your constant presence here.
Pursing your lips, you shook your head, a small laugh escaping you, “I don’t really wanna do that unless it’s super serious,” you began.
Hyunjin hummed, “sorry can you like, look there a little?” he gestured to your right, making you turn to your right, side-eyeing Hyunjin at the little giggle that left him.
“No, like,” you’d tensed up when you felt his hand reach forward to tilt your chin up gently, exposing your cut better to him, wincing slightly when the cotton bud had touched your cut.
“You were saying?” Hyunjin prompted you, making you hum in confusion before realising he was referring to the whole healing thing.
You shrugged, “I don’t know, I guess when you’re a demigod and even things like healing can be done just like that, everything can become really... ​instantaneous​,” you explained, “guess it’s nice to have slow moments like these that kind of feel more like, normal and stuff,” your laughter came out in a small burst, feeling strangely embarrassed to be telling Hyunjin something that felt so stupid when it came out of your mouth.
“Scarring?” Hyunjin laughed, making you shoot him a pointed look, “I'm kidding. I get it.” he smiled, not knowing what came over him to decide to continue, “besides, if Jaehyun healed you, I wouldn’t get to be here right now,” he huffed.
You turned to him, trying to decipher what he meant by that yet at the same time feeling as if you knew, Hyunjin’s gaze fixed on your neck as he placed a small bandage over your cut there, his fingers grazing over the skin there in a way that made you freeze in place, something about his movements and gestures feeling as though they were balancing on the line between intentional and unintentional.
Hyunjin’s gaze shifted to your eyes, offering you a small (and slightly belated smile) before his gaze fell to your forearm, sucking in a sharp breath when he saw the wound, grimacing.
“I’m starting to think I should’ve let you fight Chan instead of Jaehyun,” he laughed, beginning to apply the cream with gentle touches to your arm, his neck craned over your arm, his hair falling over his eyes in a way that made you want to reach your hand out and run your hands through it to push it back, shocking yourself at your thought.
“It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt,” you assured him, making him shake his head.
“Kind of think it would’ve been more for myself than for you,” he huffed, once again confusing you with the implication behind his words.
Pulling out a medium-sized dressing for your wound, he’d pressed it against your wound, securing it before his hands returned to his lap, Hyunjin almost forgetting himself for a moment with the tension he was feeling.
“All done,” he gave you a small smile, his shoulders relaxing as a barely-audible sigh left his lips, about to put the supplies back into the first-aid box when you’d stopped him, not knowing why your body seemed to be moving against your rational thought.
Your other hand came up to take the box from his hands slowly, shaking your head at him, “you’re injured too,” you pointed out, seeing his eyes widen and his lips part, a small scoff leaving him.
“It’s nothing,” he assured you, though his tone didn’t sound very convincing, a part of him simply refusing for the sake of refusing, “you don’t have to,” he tried again, knowing once again that his charmspeak didn’t work when you’d shook your head insistently.
“It’s ​something,​” you dismissed him, though a small smile found its way onto your face as Hyunjin had wordlessly tugged the sleeve of his shirt up to expose the cut on his arm to you.
Hyunjin had to admit being in such close proximity to you was definitely making him more tense than he was used to being, especially more so now that he knew he couldn’t depend on his abilities​ to make himself seem more likeable to you. Though Hyunjin would argue that it was refreshing, since sometimes he found that he would say things offhandedly and end up using his abilities on accident, but he couldn’t lie that it made him very, ​very​ nervous.
“You came out pretty unharmed,” you murmured with an impressed hint to your tone, “considering you went against Chan.”
Hyunjin shrugged, flushing slightly, masking his shyness with an exaggerated yelp when you’d touched the cotton bud to his wound, flinching back and making you laugh.
“Don’t be dramatic, you were fine when I did it the first time,” you scoffed, seeing him calm down from his act but the smile had lingered on his face nonetheless.
“Yeah, well... I was just lucky he didn’t have a trident too.”
Hyunjin pressed his lips together in a firm line, not having noticed whatever you were doing to his arm because he was too busy looking at your face.
You couldn’t pay too much attention to it, continuing to ramble to take your mind off of how much Hyunjin’s presence made you nervous, especially with the way you could feel him looking at you.
“How did you do that, by the way?” you asked, remembering how you’d seen Chan walk away from Hyunjin halfway when they were fighting, something about the image having popped into your head when you were treating his cut.
Hyunjin raised an eyebrow, “do what?”
You touched the skin above his cut on accident, seeing him flinch back slightly, “sorry,” you gave him a sheepish smile, “I mean, you know, he just suddenly... ​left​ halfway, like he just stopped fighting you.”
Hyunjin’s lips parted in realisation, a hum of understanding leaving him, “it was uh... my charmspeak.”
The frown on your face must’ve adequately expressed your confusion, since Hyunjin continued.
“I guess you could say it’s one of the gifts from Aphrodite? That I can sort of like... hypnotize someone into doing what I want them to do.”
Your eyes widened, not having realised Hyunjin was capable of such a thing, starting to understand why Yuta had mentioned fearing their powers more than those of Poseidon’s children.
“That’s... cool,” you hummed, “I was surprised you even used it, you know, considering you were already taking him on pretty well even without the uh... hypno powers,” you waved your hands in front of your eyes for emphasis, making him wrinkle his nose, not seeming to be very convinced.
You scoffed at how modest he was being, shaking your head, “no, seriously. Jaehyun said so too,” you told him, “you’re a good fighter.”
Hyunjin pursed his lips, hoping the moonlight wouldn’t give away the heat creeping up on his cheeks, unsure why he was so flattered by your comment, especially since it wasn’t the first time he was hearing it. Maybe since it was his first time hearing ​you,​ of all people, saying it.
“Thanks,” he murmured, a small smile playing at his lips.
“You know, since Aphrodite doesn’t usually play in the war games,” you continued, “I have to admit it was kind of... nice,” you glanced at him briefly for a reaction, the slight quirk in his eyebrow making you rush to continue, “you know, not saying it was nice to fight you but like....nice to fight ​with​ you.”
“Thanks,” he murmured finally, making your shoulders relax unconsciously in your relief, “I uh, thought it was nice too.”
You pressed your lips into a firm line, taking a bandage from the first aid box and scooting closer to Hyunjin just slightly, wrapping the bandage around his arm carefully, Hyunjin’s other hand on his lap as he observed your movements carefully.
You thought about how you would’ve never expected yourself to be so comfortable with Hyunjin, figuring one thing that helped you get to this point was since you’d been spending majority of the summer around each other, thinking back to how you felt like your dislike towards him had started to dissipate after that day he’d returned you his sword. A part of you did still feel bad for not thanking him properly for that.
“Thanks, by the way,” you mumbled, “for that day, when you helped me get back my sword.”
You weren’t sure why you were feeling so drawn to him. You were supposed to be ​strong​ for crying out loud. Everything about your interactions with him had just felt so ​new t​ o you, and they did to him too (though he was better at hiding it than you were). You couldn’t understand why all Hyunjin had to do was just sit there and that was all it took to make you anxious and too nervous to look him in the eyes.
But finally, you’d mustered whatever courage you had within you to do just that, after you were done wrapping his wound up, watching silently as he brought his sleeve back down, refraining from reaching over to grasp your hand before you could withdraw it. Though once you’d met his gaze, you’d felt trapped, almost, something in you not being able to look away.
“You’re welcome,” he told you, his tone gentle and melodic, something so ​him​ that you couldn’t find a better response but to nod.
You saw his gaze flicker to your lips just briefly before looking back at your eyes, making you unknowingly do so as well, the silence between the both of you feeling almost suffocating and making you tap-out first.
Turning away quickly, you’d picked the first-aid box off of the floor, pretending to be interested in closing it as Hyunjin regained his composure, standing up and dusting off the dirt on his pants.
Hyunjin debated on helping you up, wondering if you would accept his hand if he were to offer it, his mental back-and-forth making him lose the opportunity quickly when you’d simply stood up on your own, dusting the dirt from your pants. Hyunjin pressing his lips together in a firm line to hide his disappointment at himself.
“I’ll uh... walk you back to your cabin?” he asked, earning a small nod from you.
You could still hear people nearby in the amphitheatre celebrating, thankful that they were either too drunk or too caught up in their conversations to notice you and Hyunjin walking towards the Ares cabins.
Once you’d reached, you turned to Hyunjin, giving him a small smile, and he wondered how you could look so out of place standing in front of the deep red cabin in front of him with its barbed wire perimeter and the intimidating Ares brothers that were eyeing Hyunjin suspiciously from the window, yet somehow managing to look right at home. And he was growing to like that.
“What?” you asked, a slight furrow in your brow when Hyunjin had let his gaze linger a little too long without saying anything.
Hyunjin gave you a soft smile, shaking his head as he tucked his hands into his pockets, “nothing. Bye.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, though you couldn’t help the smile from your face as well, nodding slowly, “bye.”
Things between you and Hyunjin after that day were... ​different​ to say the least. It’d almost been an unspoken thing for the both of you to meet at the Lake in the evening and talk about whatever it was that was in your minds before he would walk you back to the cabin.
Jaebum ​loved​ to situate himself at the front porch to ‘read’ whenever it would be time for you to come back, his knowing smile always serving to unnerve you.
Hyunjin was a good friend, you came to realise. Talking to him was different, different from talking to your Ares brothers who were so insistent on putting up a tough front all the time, (aside from those days Yuta would show up in your room wanting to watch a sad movie), or talking to Jeongin because your conversations would usually revolve around mindless things or become all too philosophical to be discussed while sober.
But Hyunjin, talking to him felt ​balanced,​ in a sense. Something about how his personality brought out a side of you that you never really paid much attention to, the part that freely loved things and appreciated the ​nowness​ of things without always anticipating what was about to happen next or what you had to prepare for. How just being at the lake with him had made your nights feel longer and allowed you to relish in it, not having to be caught up with the activities of the day when you were there with him.
You figured another reason could be because talking with him didn’t feel like he was just waiting for his turn to speak or give his opinion, it was very clear to you whenever he had those days where he’d simply wanted to listen to what was weighing on your mind and help you through that, without you having to ask him first.
And maybe it was that which warmed your heart, because as the days passed, you felt yourself starting to see Hyunjin differently. How you would find yourself looking out for him without even realising, getting the feeling of wanting to make him happy, or observing little details about him that you wouldn’t have bothered to notice about Yuta or Jeongin.
It was one particular day at the mess hall that made you realise just how in trouble you were.
You were all back on that dreaded conversation topic of the movie night, hearing that someone had tried asking Jaehyun to go with them but getting turned down instead, the information seeming to stir childish scandal amongst your friends as they all tried to tease information out of Jaehyun as to why this was so.
“C’mon, why’d you say no? It’s not as if you were gonna ask someone else, right?” Chan laughed, Hyunjin perking up when Jaehyun had laughed, rolling his eyes.
“Yeah? Says who? What if I wanted to ask Y/N?” Jaehyun gestured to you, bringing his drink to his lips nonchalantly.
You knew he was just using you as an example, but Hyunjin didn’t.
Looking at you with his eyes wide in surprise, his gaze flickered between you and Jaehyun as he tried to make sense of what was happening, something in him almost deflating at the thought that Jaehyun could have been interested in you.
You couldn’t help but glance at Hyunjin in a small panic, hoping he wouldn’t misread what Jaehyun said​. Why were you even worried about what he would think?
As calmly as you could, you let out a small scoff, “forget it, I wouldn’t go with you even if you asked,” you stuck your tongue out at Jaehyun, Hyunjin not knowing whether to take it as a joke or not, but he didn’t have much time to think about it before Chan had turned to him.
“Didn’t someone ask you too?” Chan asked, having recalled seeing one of the daughters of Poseidon approaching Hyunjin the day before when he was conducting a pegasi riding lesson at the stables.
You looked at Hyunjin with evident surprise in your features, since he’d definitely excluded that little detail when he told you about his day the previous evening, surprising yourself even further when you’d pictured the scene in your head, wondering how he would’ve reacted.
Hyunjin cast you a brief glance, meeting your eyes and averting his gaze just as quickly to fixate it on Chan, nodding with as casual a shrug as he could muster, “yeah,” he answered simply.
You couldn’t help yourself, “and?” you blurted before you could stop yourself, catching Hyunjin off guard with the expectancy of your tone.
Jeongin eyed you suspiciously, though it went ignored by you as you focused on waiting for Hyunjin’s answer, watching as he let go of the tissue he was holding in his hands, bringing his drink up to his lips, almost raising his hands in surrender (but thankfully not doing so).
“Said no,” he shrugged, taking a long sip of his drink, eyeing you for a reaction over the rim of his cup.
You nodded slowly, a short hum of understanding leaving you as you turned back to Jeongin, making eye contact with the boy who was looking at you with a look that said he definitely was going to ask you about this later.
And he did, soon enough.
Lying on your bed on his back, Jeongin was busy pulling his knee to his chest in his attempt to do some ‘​yoga in bed​’ that he’d come across online. 
“What’s up with you and Hyunjin?”
“What do you mean, ‘whats up with me and Hyunjin’?” you huffed, hoping he wouldn’t read into your flustered expression as you turned away from him, concentrating on folding your freshly done laundry.
Jeongin rolled his eyes, letting go of his leg before pulling the other one towards his chest with a small grunt, “I ​mean​, what’s going on with you and Hyunjin?” he said again, making sure to enunciate his words pointedly.
You shrugged, “nothing, we’re friends,” you told him plainly (though not plain enough to please Jeongin), “that’s what’s going on.”
Straightening his leg, Jeongin lowered it down, stretching his hands over his head with a yawn, “then what was with your face when Chan said someone asked him out?”
You let out a high-pitched hum, making a wrong fold on your shirt, “well aren’t you an observant little thing,” you cooed, re-doing the fold.
“Don’t avoid the question,” Jeongin laughed, straightening up in his seat and looking at you with wide eyes, “why are you being so weird about it?”
You sighed, bunching up your shirt in your hands as you looked at him, “I don’t know what it is, okay? It’s just that... these days whenever i’m with him I keep thinking about how nice he looks or how good his stupid flower perfume smells or how he just, I don’t know, chooses his words so well,” you frowned.
“It’s weird, like, even ​I​ think it’s weird, because I don’t usually pay attention to things like that, but suddenly when it comes to him—” you inhaled deeply, stopping yourself short as you looked at Jeongin in desperation. “If it’s not some kind of magic, I don’t know what to make of it.”
Jeongin snorted, giving you a shrug.
“I’d ​love​ to just say you’re losing it, but I heard Aphrodite kids have a reputation for that, you know?”
You frowned, standing up to make your way towards where he was, “for what?” You slumped down on your bed next to him with your arms stretched out above you, rolling over until your shoulder was against his hip, a tired sigh leaving you.
“You know, the whole like... ​love voodoo​ shit,” Jeongin prompted, your confused expression making him groan, “it’s like what you guys can do with anger and fear but they do it with pleasant​ feelings instead.”
Your frown deepened, not having realised Hyunjin was capable of doing something like that.
“I thought it was only the charmspeak?” you frowned, seeing Jeongin roll his eyes.
“You say it as if Ares only gave you guys one ability.”
You snorted, “wouldn’t have put it past him,” you shifted your body to support your head with your hand, “has it happened before?”
Jeongin hummed, nodding matter-of-factly, “yeah, ​duh.​ ”
“Then, do you think that’s what’s happening to me?” you wondered out loud, bringing your legs up to hug your knees to your chest with a sigh, trying to wrack your brain for reasons why Hyunjin would manipulate your feelings like that. ​Did he not trust you?
Giving you a shrug, Jeongin laid back on his back, “dunno, maybe you can test it out or something. See if what you’re feeling is heightened when you’re talking to him, you know?”
You hummed, nodding slowly. You still didn’t know what would compel Hyunjin to do something like that, wondering if you weren’t on as good terms as you thought you were, deciding that for now, observing him was your best bet to figuring out just exactly what he wanted from you.
Hyunjin was stressing himself out too, but not quite over the same reasons that you were.
While you were trying to come to terms with the fact that you were finding him a little ​too pleasant to be normal, Hyunjin had been trying to come to terms with the fact that Jaehyun probably found you as pleasant as he did (or something along those lines).
He’d already passed the point of figuring out whether or not he liked you.​ He knew that for sure.
Whether it was because he was more in tune with his feelings of love or just him tending to trust his feelings more, he didn’t really pinpoint a specific cause. All he knew was that he had found himself completely enamoured with you, drawn to you in ways that made him question if ​his mother​ had a hand in this.
What he was more concerned with now, was coming to terms with the fact that you may not have felt the same way.
It was in the small things, like how he would let himself read into the looks or the inside jokes that Jaehyun shared, or how he couldn’t help but feel as though you would feel more comfortable with Jaehyun judging from your conversations and how naturally they flowed. Not that his conversations with you didn’t feel natural as well, Hyunjin just couldn’t help but ​worry​.
And this was new to him, these feelings of heightened worry or anxiousness that somehow you managed to bring out in him, though Hyunjin had to say that it wasn’t that bad, because with the anxiousness, he realised just how much he liked you. But nonetheless, as previously said, he really couldn’t help but worry.
Even now (or ​especially​ now), as Hyunjin was seated behind you in the amphitheater during the movie night, watching some sort of pirated romantic movie that, if anything, only made him more anxious about you, he couldn’t help the glances he would steal at Jaehyun every now and then. As if by some unlucky stroke of fate, he would always seem to turn to look at you at a part where Jaehyun would be whispering something that would elicit a laugh from you, something about the feeling of helplessness mixed with just a ​tinge​ of jealousy making Hyunjin’s stomach churn.
But what Hyunjin didn’t know was that you weren’t actually as amused as he thought you were.
What he didn’t see, past the giggling and inside jokes, was that your leg was bouncing incessantly in your seat, how your eyes were dead fixed on the movie playing but not being able to focus on anything other than the fact that even the way the male lead dressed had reminded you of Hyunjin.
You were trying your ​best,​ to ignore the sounds of agreement or giggles that would leave Hyunjin whenever Yuta would hum about the beauty of the leads, or the way Hyunjin would lean forward every so often to ask for another handful of popcorn. And he wouldn’t just ask, he would make sure his lips were barely centimeters away from your ear and that his voice was as enchanting as it was in the forest during your first encounter with him.
And then the scent of his perfume would flood your senses and your mind would be practically yelling at you that all you had to do was just turn ​ever so slightly​ and your face would be right in front of his.
But the keyword was ​trying​.
You ​couldn’t​ ignore it, with every instance, you were growing increasingly convinced that this was just Hyunjin’s way of messing with you and manipulating your feelings for reasons unbeknownst to you.
And as time passed, you were getting ​tired​ of feeling so strongly towards him when you frankly couldn’t do anything about it (it wasn’t as if you could just turn around and kiss him ​now,​ that would be too much implication and too little reasonable explanation on your part).
But your tipping point was a particularly tense scene in the movie when the lead couple had shared a moment, looking into each other's eyes and the male lead saying something stupid that you couldn’t bring yourself to remember, before sharing a deep kiss.
And of all moments, Hyunjin had chosen ​that​ moment to lean forward for what you felt was the thousandth time, “Y/N,” he whispered, “can I have the—”
You shoved the popcorn box behind you into his hands, a deep sigh leaving you, “here. Take it.”
Jeongin shared a look with Hyunjin, the younger boy’s hand coming up to stifle his smile when you stood up abruptly, deciding that what would do you good right now is some fresh air, or just... air where you could focus on anything ​other​ than Hyunjin.
Your sudden decision had caught Hyunjin off guard, frowning at you in confusion when you declared that you ‘needed some air’, stalking off in what Hyunjin assumed was the direction of the lake.
Turning to Jeongin, Hyunjin was about to speak when Jeongin had beat him to it, a definitive ‘yes’ leaving him.
Yuta let out a chuckle when Hyunjin had only looked more confused. 
“‘Yes’ what?”
Jaehyun turned to cast a knowing smile towards Hyunjin, making him even more confused to begin to process it.
“I’m guessing you wanted to ask where Y/N was going, but then I think you already know the answer to that,” Yuta pressed his lips together in a poor attempt to contain his smile.
“So, the next question would be whether to go after her, and my answer is yes,” Jeongin finished simply, Hyunjin’s lips parting and closing.
Scoffing, Hyunjin shook his head, “who said I was gonna ask about her?” he folded his arms, even though he had already begun to stand up, making Jeongin giggle.
Jeongin brought his hand up to shove Hyunjin out of the way, “dude, just go. You’re gonna make me miss the rest of this movie.”
You were sitting down closer to the water, thankful for the sound of the rushing water that managed to soothe you, running your fingers through your hair in a half-hearted attempt to tame it from being blown about by the breeze, giving up at one point and simply huffing, staring at the rocks as though it would give you an answer to why you were so riled up.
But what irked you even more was that even here, you seemed to be so wrapped up in your thoughts of Hyunjin that you swore you could smell that same flowery scent even here. Cursing him mentally that whatever love voodoo he was doing was strong enough to make you think of him even when you were trying everything in your power ​not to.
Well, that was until you heard someone clear their throat gently behind you, a soft, “hey,” leaving them.
So the flowery scent was real.
You huffed in annoyance, “whatever you’re doing, you have to stop it now.”
Hyunjin frowned, making his way closer to you, “I’m not ​doing​ anything,” he told you, standing in front of you now, crouching into a squat so he could be at eye-level with you.
“Don’t play dumb, just ​undo​ it,” you tried again, not understanding how even when you wanted to be annoyed at him now, you couldn’t help but find the confusion on his face more than just a little endearing, your gaze softening for just a brief moment when you caught a good look at his face.
Hyunjin shook his head, his hands coming up beside his head in surrender, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about,” he insisted, making you groan.
“Jeongin told me, okay? That you and the other Aphrodite children can manipulate feelings of love, I need you to stop making me feel like this,” you told him plainly, your eyes searching his face in desperation hoping that he would at least take pity on you and stop playing dumb.
Hyunjin’s eyes widened, his forehead creasing slightly when he frowned, “that’s... not possible.” 
You scoffed, seeing him rest one of his knees on the ground to balance himself, “what do you mean it’s ‘​not possible​’? Of course it’s possible, if you can do it, you can undo it, right?”
Hyunjin wanted to laugh, a small exasperated scoff leaving him, unsure what to make of this entire situation, “​I mean,” ​he struggled to contain his amusement, having passed the point of exasperation, “it’s not possible because it ​doesn’t work​ on you.”
Your frown had deepened, your lower lip unknowingly forming a pout as your eyes searched his expression for any sign that he may have been joking.
“Doesn’t work?” you panicked, unsure what to make of his words, “That doesn’t make sense, what do you mean it ​doesn’t work​? How can it n​ot w​ork?” your lips parted in confusion, Hyunjin getting tired of squatting and sitting before you instead.
Hyunjin couldn’t help but smile, shaking his head, “I’m just as confused as you, okay? I really don’t know, maybe Ares gave you a thick skull too,” he raised his hands in defence, a small bout of laughter leaving him, seemingly satisfied with his own joke.
Scoffing, you folded your arms, a small silence ensuing, somehow not being able to wrap your head around your newfound information, “explain.”
Hyunjin tilted his head at you, his elbow on his knee to support his head as he looked at you with an expression you couldn’t place, “do you remember? That first day we played capture-the-flag and I told you to pick up the flag?”
You nodded, remembering that moment very well, how firm his gaze was, how sweet his tone sounded, how his proximity made you feel as though you couldn’t move, “I remember.”
“That was me trying to use my ​charmspeak​ on you, and ​failing​.”
You remembered the confusion you felt when he’d asked you to pick up the flag, your annoyance overpowering you and possibly being the reason why his abilities hadn’t worked.
“Ever since then, I realised it was ​never​ going to work on you,” he murmured, “and believe me, I would’ve known if it did. Which is why i’m telling you now,” he told you, his pace slowing down as his gaze stayed intent, enunciating his words clearly for you to hear.
Hyunjin leaned closer to you, taking his lower lip between his teeth with a small pause before letting it go, his lips curving into a small smile, “that whatever you want me to undo, I ​can’t​ undo it.”
Only then did you realise the gravity of the situation, that whatever you were feeling towards Hyunjin was all coming from you, and that as much as you should’ve known, you still couldn’t help the wave of relief that washed over you at the knowledge that it was ​real.
Hyunjin had taken in a deep breath before you, patiently giving you the time you needed to process whatever he’d told you, amused at the fact that you looked as though you wanted to hide.
“I don’t really... know how to explain this to you,” you admitted, seeing Hyunjin bring his hand up to cover his mouth, stifling his smile while trying to maintain a serious expression.
Hyunjin shook his head, “you can explain it however you want, you can ​not​ explain it too, if you want.”
You frowned, figuring he’d probably felt embarrassed for you, standing up and pressing your lips tightly into a firm line, a silent way of telling him that you’d wanted to leave, Hyunjin giving you an understanding nod.
Deciding that you just needed to regain your composure, you nodded, giving him an apologetic smile before you left.
You’d obviously consulted Jeongin in the time between that and your next meeting, the said boy claiming that he would never have seen it coming if you’d asked him a month before. Though he was no less supportive, the other daughters of Ares seemed to agree with him as well, all of them singing praises to you about Hyunjin and why you shouldn’t ‘miss this opportunity’.
Which was what ended you up at the Lake again that night, hugging your jacket closer to yourself to protect yourself against the cold breeze.
Staring at Hyunjin’s back, you took a deep breath as you made your way towards where he was seated at your usual spot, dressed in a simple shirt and sweatpants, not looking bothered at all by the cold.
“Hey,” he murmured, hearing the soft crunching of the pebbles under your shoes growing louder, a small smile on his face as you took a seat next to him, something about him not feeling as nervous as he’d expected himself to be.
Mustering a small hum in reply, you gulped, taking in a deep breath as you thought of where to start.
“Had a good day today?” you started, missing the way Hyunjin had quirked an eyebrow at you in his amusement.
He nodded, “average. Didn’t see you at dinner,” he mentioned, turning his head to look at you, silently questioning your sudden politeness.
“Yeah... wasn’t hungry. Was with Jaehyun and Jeongin at the arena.”
At the mention of Jaehyun, Hyunjin pursed his lips, his smile slowly disappearing as he nodded slowly in understanding.
“Does he like you?” he blurted abruptly, his words making your eyes widen. Once again, Hyunjin found himself ​wishing​ that Aphrodite would give him more confidence for once, especially in a time like this.
You shook your head, his words having shocked you into laughter, “oh, no, he doesn’t. He’s dating someone back home.”
“Really? But I heard from one of my sisters that—” 
You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped you, “your sisters? I heard it from Jaehyun himself. Trust me. He’s not interested.” 
Hyunjin had visibly relaxed, “oh...” his tongue peeked out to wet his lips, “good.” 
Turning to him, you’d raised an eyebrow at him, “good?”
He nodded, a small huff of laughter escaping him, “yeah, good. Honestly, I don’t think I'd stand a chance if he was involved.”
“What makes you say that?” you couldn’t help but laugh, in disbelief that he sounded almost threatened​ by Jaehyun.
Shrugging, Hyunjin shifted in his seat, bringing his hands behind him to support his weight, “you know, ​everybody​ loves him.”
You had to refrain from scoffing, “I think everyone loves ​you ​too.”
Hyunjin didn’t bother stopping himself, saying the first thing that had come to mind. 
“Including you?” ​Maybe Aphrodite heard him.
Your head whipped around to look at him, lips parting in shock as you met his gaze again, something about it exuding a kind of certainty that you weren’t used to being on the receiving end of, something about the fact that it was coming from Hyunjin making a warmth spread through your chest, once again reminding you that as delicate as the thought of Aphrodite was, Hyunjin never failed to show you that where there was beauty, there also came a lot of ​strength​.
You gave him a firm nod.
“Including me.”
A smile played at Hyunjin’s lips, “I’m glad you decided to meet me here.”
You huffed, “I had to,” you told him, “I had so many things I wanted to say to you, but now that i’m here it’s like... nothings coming to my head.”
Hyunjin’s smile grew, and it was such a ​Hyunjin​ thing to see. How he didn’t bother to contain his happiness, especially now, “what about you say the first thing that comes to your mind right now?”
You didn’t hesitate.
“I would say I’m thankful that whatever i’m feeling isn’t just because of magic,” you averted your gaze briefly, daring yourself to hold his gaze no matter how foreign your words felt as they left your lips, “because it’s the first time it’s ever felt so... you know, ​real.​ ”
Hyunjin nodded, “I know i’m supposed to be like... ​familiar​ with love and everything but,” Hyunjin paused, finding his gaze lingering on your lips a little too long.
“Me too,” he finished.
You knew you weren’t hallucinating when you’d seen Hyunjin leaning closer to you, his hand behind him supporting his weight as he drew closer to you, your eyes slowly closing as Hyunjin’s lips were barely next to yours, being able to feel his breath just ghosting over your lips, something about it almost sending shivers down your spine.
Your heart wasn’t beating fast, your chest didn’t feel tight, this wasn’t like anything you were used to reading about it novels or witnessing in movies, or even hearing from your friends, no. Something about this moment had felt so ​comforting​, that with each second it had only managed to draw you in even more.
“May I?” his voice came out as barely above a whisper, your breath hitching at the way you’d felt as though you were hanging from a string, the anxiety from not having done this before but the urge to just go ahead with it because it had felt so ​natural​.
And soon enough, you’d felt his lips press gently against yours, sighing a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding as you let yourself follow his lead, feeling his hand move to touch the side of your head gently, the warmth from his hand flooding into your cheeks as you felt his hair brushing against your forehead with a featherlike pressure. It was as if every tiny detail was making itself known to you with the sole purpose of making you feel as if you were in some sort of perfect situation.
Almost deepening the kiss, Hyunjin stopped himself, pulling away almost reluctantly as his thumb grazed over your lower lip gently, his eyes looking dazed and unlike anything you’d seen before.
Feeling breathless and hazy, Hyunjin had let out a small huff, a smile making itself known on his face as he caressed your cheek softly, pressing another soft kiss to your lips, standing up as if nothing had happened, though you didn’t miss the way how this time he’d held a hand out for you to take.
Accepting his hand, he helped you up, but he hadn’t let go. Instead, he’d stepped just slightly closer to you, interlocking his fingers with yours as he turned to give you a smile, his eyes forming cute crescents and exuding pure relaxed happiness, something you were glad to have grown so accustomed to seeing ​and​ experiencing with him.
“What?” you asked, not being able to help yourself from feeling shy under his gaze. 
“Walk you back to your cabin?”
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jiminbbyboy · 20 days ago
between the lines: b.c (m)
Tumblr media
feat: Bang Chan x f.reader
arranged Marriage au
word count: 12.5k
↳ After being used a nothing more then a pawn to gain the upper hand on Chan. They’re left in a strained marriage and only one way out.
warnings: angst, sexual content: unprotected sex, oral (fem receiving), breeding kink, nickname such as princess
an: if anyone is interested in any other arranged marriage stories with any of the other stray kids feel free to let me know. 
Tumblr media
He didn’t love you and you were aware of that. He never wanted to marry you to begin with. You were nothing more than a bargaining chip used against him.
Laying in your shared bed, his back was to you as you stared at his bare skin. You’re on your seventh month of marriage and he won’t even touch you. You only share the same bed because the “guest” room in his penthouse is used as his library/office.
In the months you’ve been married he’s kissed you once, and that was at the end of your vows. The only slight sign of effect he shows is when you’re forced to attend events together. He’ll hold your hand to make a show of your marriage. To anyone on the outside looking in, your marriage seems great. The prodigal son Bang Chan married the heiress to one the biggest banks in the city.
Your marriage was forced when your father stepped in between Chan and his attempts to buy new land. Chan’s father was in debt to your family. The debt was too much for Chan to pay off without losing half his fortunes so your father gave him another option. Marry his only child, you. Your father mentioned that Chan must remain married to you for a minimum of ten years. There was a single loophole that could cut that time in half, and that was to give your father a grandchild. A new heir to the fortune.
Before your marriage to Chan you weren’t even sure if you even wanted children, but since getting married you were wondering if you should try to have a child in a couple years to cut Chan’s suffering in half. Anytime you thought about being intimate with Chan with the intentions of making a child, you quickly remember he can barely touch you. There’s no way he could stomach making a child with you.
Looking at the bright alarm clock sitting on your nightstand you see the clock reads two in the morning. Slowly you crawl out of bed attempting to not wake your sleeping husband. Your feet touch the cool dark hardwood floor sending a shiver down your spine. Walking over toward your closet you step into your slippers and pull on a silk robe.
Heading off to the kitchen you work on making yourself a cup of tea. Reaching into the cupboard you pull out your favorite light blue mug. It’s the first mug you drank out of when you moved into your shared home. This mug has always given you a sense of comfort.
After pouring yourself a cup of tea you move to the living room sitting on the overpriced couch that sits under the window that looks out into the city below you. You sit cross legged and let out a heavy sigh. You feel so conflicted, most nights you haven’t been able to sleep recently. Your life by all means is perfect, the only problem is you’re in a loveless marriage. That is a lie, you are indeed in love with your husband, he just doesn’t love you. You aren’t even sure if he even likes being around you. You can’t explain why you fell in love with him, maybe it stems from your crush you had on him before you got married.
Chan isn’t mean to you, by any means. He’s just quite cold. Whenever he’s home he’s quite distant. The only time you really ever spend time together is when you’re sharing a bed.
You hand clutch your light blue cup as you stare at the warm liquid. You feel so overwhelmed by everything. There’s an emptiness in your chest that you can’t seem to fill. You can’t help but wonder if you'll feel this way for the next nine and half years of your life.
You hear footsteps and you look up to find your husband.
“Why are you up?” he says walking into the living room. He’s dressed in only a low hanging pair of sweatpants that is showing off his little happy trail.
“I can’t sleep,” you sigh.
“You haven’t really been sleeping at all recently,” he says, pushing his hand through his fluffy curls. It’s clear even though it doesn’t seem like he pays attention to what you do, he's actually aware of what you’re doing.
“I have a lot on my mind,” you bring the blue mug up to your lips and take a sip of your tea.
“Do you need to talk about it,” he sits down on the chair that is near the couch you’re sitting on.
“No I don’t need to burden you,” he’s never cared about what’s going on in your life. You aren’t sure why he would care now.
You both sit there in silence for a long moment. Things feel so awkward between you, and you hate it. You never planned on being in a marriage where it’s clear your husband is never going to love you.
“Chan,” you say softly, staring at the brown liquid in your cup.
“Have you thought about the five year exit plan instead of waiting the ten years?” You aren’t sure why you said it that way, but it’s probably because you feel awkward bringing up the idea of having sex with your husband.
His warm eyes go wide as he stares at you in disbelief for a moment. His lips pursed together as he stared at you.
“Do you want an honest answer?” His face softens.
You know whatever he says is probably going to hurt, but you know what he’s been thinking about, “yes.”
“Yeah. I’ve thought about it a lot. I don’t think it’s fair to you.”
You suddenly feel so strange. You’re surprised he’s even taken your feelings into consideration.
“I don’t think any of this is fair to you,” you sigh.
“It’s not, but I can’t knock you up and leave you with a piece of me so I can try to get out of this marriage early,” his statement is meant to come off as sweet, but part of it hurts. Maybe because it’s a reminder that he doesn’t ever plan on loving you.
“If you want to try for a child, to walk away early I won’t ask you to stick around after you’re able to divorce me,” you sit the blue cup on the coffee table in front of you.
“What?” His voice raises as he stares at you, “I know we don’t have a normal marriage, but I want you to know that if we make the choice to have a child I won’t do that. I’m not a coward, I’m also not an asshole. I would never use you to conceive a child, just to toss you to the side.”
“Chan, if you want to have a child to try to get out of this early I want you to know I’m okay with that. I know it might be asking a lot because we aren’t intimate in any way, but could do insemination if that would make you more comfortable.”
“Please stop. You make it sound like the thought of us having sex is disgusting,” he sounds completely annoyed.
“It doesn’t disgust me. I just thought it might make you more comfortable.”
He stands up quickly and shakes his head, “YN, let’s have this conversation at another time. Let’s go to bed.”
“Okay,” you say meekly before following him to your bedroom.
Laying in bed again, this time you’re facing away from him. For some reason you can’t help but cry. Maybe because it’s clear he doesn’t return your feelings.
“YN?” He says softly.
You pause for a long moment deciding to pretend you’re asleep.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all this. I think it’s clear you think I hate you, but I want you to know I don’t. I’ll be honest I didn’t want to get married, and we don’t have a conventional marriage,” he pauses for a long moment. “But you don’t disgust me or anything like that. I think you’re a kind person, and you didn’t deserve to get put into this situation with me.” Tears slide down your cheek as you listen to him tell you how he’s really feeling. “Please don’t cry. I feel like in the last seven months you have shed too many tears over me.”
“You clearly don’t want this marriage and we have nine more years of this,” you sniffle back tears, not bother trying to hide the fact that you’re crying.
“We’ll figure this out,” you feel the bed start to move behind you. You’re completely caught off guard when he wraps his arm around your soft tummy and holds you against him for the first time.
You desperately want to tell him you love him, but you won’t. You openly cry as he holds you. For the first time ever he holds as you fall asleep.
When the sun comes up you wake up and find Chan gone. The thoughts of last night seem like a distant memory. Padding across the dark hardwood floor you walk into the living room to find your cup from last night still on the coffee table but now accompanied with a note next to it.
Sorry I had to leave before you woke up, I had to go to work. When I get home I would like to talk some more. After last night it’s become clear to me we need to work as a team. We’re husband and wife and we shouldn’t be strangers. - Chan
7 months ago
Walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress that would have been a dream of yours to wear if it was a different situation. You force a smile in a room filled with people. Your eyes look on Chan’s as he stares at you with an undistinguishable look. Stopping in front of him you zone out as the man who is officiating the wedding starts to speak. Chan’s eyes lock on yours and suddenly you see nothing more than sadness.
You’re so focused on the man in front of you, you barely hear the man officiating your wedding ask for Chan to say his vows.
“I Bang Chan promise to look after you, provide for you and support you no matter what. I will care and love and protect you,” Your stomach turns as you listen to him lie about loving you. He doesn’t want this marriage and he doesn’t plan on loving you.
When it’s your turn to say your vows you take a deep breath blinking back the tears that are threatening to fall. “I YN, promise to love and cherish you. I’ll be there for you no matter what,” your vows were short. You didn’t know how else you could lie to yourself and everyone else in the room.
The rest of the ceremony continues and you see Chan still has the same sad look in his eyes. Closing your eyes tightly you push back the tears that keep threatening to fall.
When it finally becomes time to say “I do” Chan rushes to say it like he’s trying to end his suffering.
“I do,” you say softly, just ready for this show to be over.
“You may now kiss the bride.”
Chan audibly swallows as he steps towards you. Closing your eyes you wait for his next move. His hand gently rests on your cheek pushing away the stray tear that’s fallen. Leaning towards you he presses his lips to yours. He lingers there for a moment staying still before he starts to move his lips against yours.
There’s a tightening feeling in your chest as you kiss your husband. He pulls away from you and gives you a forced smile as he takes your hand.
Your wedding reception is nothing but a show of your fake marriage. To anyone on the outside looking in other than your immediate family and close friends this looks like a perfectly normal wedding. Your husband is holding your hand leading you around the room introducing you as his wife. A handful of people have asked why you had such a short engagement. Chan made a little story about a whirlwind romance and this just made sense.
Your first dance leaves you with that empty feeling in your chest once again. His hands are resting on your hips as your arms are wrapped around his neck standing close to him.
Looking at the ground you try not to make eye contact with Chan any longer then you need to.
“It will be over soon,” he whispers, catching your attention. Looking up at him you sigh.
“We have ten years of this.”
“At least the wedding is over soon,” he says softly.
He was right, the wedding was over in a couple hours. Walking into the suite your parents booked for you. You paused and slipped your heels off. The door shuts behind you and you glance back at your now husband. You walk over to the dresser where a bottle of champagne sits. Picking the bottle up you hold it out towards Chan who’s taking his tie off.
“Did you want to drink?” he asks.
“I thought maybe you would want to.”
That night there wasn’t any wedding night sex or anything close to that. After sharing a glass of champagne the most sexual thing that happened was Chan unzipped your dress so you could take a shower. That night you didn’t even share a bed. Chan slept on the couch and you slept alone in the large bed. This was the first night you fell asleep crying over your now husband.
You aren’t exactly sure how he plans on making your marriage work like a team. Up until last night you barely even spoke. Something happened last night that tugged on the seams on your marriage and things have suddenly started unraveling.
Sitting in your office at your father's bank you stare at the paperwork on your desk. You work in the investment loans department. The first time you ever saw your husband was when he walked past your office for a meeting with your father. You had no clue about the debt his father had left to him. You didn’t know the first time he walked past you in a navy suit that he was your future husband.
Your whole day at work you constantly seemed to think about Chan, and what he could possibly want to talk about.
The day passed by in blur. You decided to make dinner for your husband so you could sit down to talk. With a glass of wine in front of you. You sit down at the expensive table in your dining room. An hour passed when Chan should have been home. Dinner is now cold as you stare at the meal you worked hard on. Pulling your plate close to you. You start eating your dinner alone in silence as anger and sadness starts to set in.
Your three glasses of wine into the bottle when you’ve put away Chan’s dinner. Laying on the couch you try your hardest to keep a level head and tell yourself you shouldn’t be hurt that he’s late, but the longer you lay there. The madder you get.
After your fourth glass of wine you’ve opted for sleeping on the couch.
Around eleven at night the front door finally opens and your husband walks in to find you asleep on the couch with a half drank bottle of wine on the coffee table. Walking over to the couch he picks up your sleeping body and carries you off to your room.
You wake up to the feeling of him laying you down on your bed. Your eyes pop open and you can’t push away the anger and hurt you feel as you look at your husband.
“I made dinner for you. I waited for you.”
“I’m sorry I had business to attend to,” he sighs with a guilty feeling in his stomach.
“I’m tired of all this,” you whisper. “I’m tired of waiting for you. I’m tired of feeling lonely.” You roll over so your back is to your husband.
He moves so he’s standing on your side of the bed. He hates that he’s caused you this much pain.
“YN,” he says standing near his side of the closet. There’s a guilty look on his face as he starts to loosen his tie.
“Chan, what could you possibly want? It’s all too clear that this marriage is nothing but an inconvenience to you. I’m really sorry I’m a burden but I can’t do anything about it,” tears slide down your cheek as you finally let him know how you truly feel.
A heavy sigh passes his lips as he pulls his tie off.
“I’m just tired of this. All this fucking hurts. I’ve felt lonely my entire life, but this is different. Before I was lonely because I didn’t fit into my parents high society life. I feel lonely now because it’s clear I don’t fit into your life.”
His head drops as the feeling of being a disappointment washes over your husband.
“Can you please put a bed in your library? I would prefer we don’t share a bed anymore,” you roll over once again turning your back to Chan.
“I don’t want to do that,” he says barely loud enough for you to hear him.
The room feels different as you lay there crying. You hear Chan walk around the room getting ready for bed. Ten minutes later your eyes open as the bed in front of you dips. You start to roll over to turn your back to him, but before you can move he reaches out stopping you.
“I’m an idiot. I’m aware I haven’t made this easy on you and I’m sorry. We’re a team here and I want to fix things between us. If we’re gonna be married, maybe we could at least be friends. I hate that you keep crying over me.”
You stare at him silently. There is so much you want to say to him, but you know you can’t. The man laying in bed next to you isn’t the villain in this situation. He’s a man who held power and your father felt threatened by him so he used you as a bargaining chip to gain the upper hand. Your husband, the man you share a bed with may not love you, but it’s clear he’s sorry you’ve been a casualty of this war. Even though he’s clearly sorry about hurting your feelings, one thing has become clear: you now must put up walls to protect your heart.
Four months later
Things between you and Chan are slightly different. He spends more time at home and when he’s home he’s been attempting to talk to you more. Things between you are still very awkward to say the least.
The closest thing you’ve had to intimacy since that night is he holds your hand at a company party and public events.
Tonight is nothing but one of those company events except this time your parents are also attending. You’re dressed in an elaborate black beaded dress as you stand next to your husband who is dressed for this black tie event. Your eyes wander through the sea of nameless people flaunting their money at this event. Taking a deep breath a heavy sigh passes your lips.
Your husband reaches down, taking your hand in his. You glance over at him and he squeezes your hand gently.
“It’s almost over,” he whispers, leaning in close to you. It’s the same sentence he whispered to you at your wedding.
“I hate these events,” you look over at him.
“I know you do,” he drags his thumb across your hand.
“If it’s not the Bang’s,” your mother's voice catches you and your husband's attention.
“Mother,” you instinctively grip your husband's hand.
“How's my beautiful daughter and her husband?” your mother walks over with a glass of champagne in her hand. Your mother excels at attending these types of events. You were born into money so these types of situations are second nature to her.
“Mother we’re doing well,” you slightly lie. You aren’t exactly sure where you and Chan stand at the moment. In the four months that have passed things are still strained.
“Your father and I have a gift for your anniversary.”
There’s a piece of you that has buried the idea of your anniversary deep inside your brain. Why would you celebrate something that doesn’t matter to your husband? It's just another day you tell yourself.
“Oh you do?” Chan finally speaks up.
“Honey,” your mother walks away to grab your father. She pulls him back still carrying her glass of champagne.
“Tell your daughter and Chan what we have for them.”
“Well YN and Chan we bought you plane tickets and booked you a villa to go on an anniversary trip together.”
“Chan is very busy with work there is no way we could go,” you quickly say. You know Chan has no desire to go on a vacation with you
“I could take time off.” Chan says as he drags his thumb across your skin again.
You stand there completely confused on why he would want to go on this trip. Your husband continues to make small talk with your parents before your father is dragged off to talk to someone else.
After the conversation with your parents everything seems like a blur as you overthink your whole conversation with your parents. Why would Chan possibly want to go on this trip with you?
It’s five minutes to midnight when you arrive home. You take off your heels at the door and take them in your hand heading off to your room. Walking off to the closet you put your heels away. Standing in your bedroom you turn around to find your husband standing in your room. He pushed his finger through his fluffy hair as his warm eyes locked on yours.
“Can you help me unzip this?” You pull your hair away from the zipper. He steps towards you and places his hand gently on your waist. A nervous feeling bubbles in your stomach as his hand lingers there for a long moment. You hear him swallow loudly as he stands behind you.
“Chan?” You say softly. Not even sure what else you should say.
“Happy anniversary,” he says softly. Your eyes shoot over to the clock on the wall to see that it’s one minute past midnight and officially your anniversary.
You coldly say, “it’s just another day.”
“Go on that anniversary trip with me,” he says as he slowly unzips your dress.
“Why?” You can’t seem to understand why he wants to go on this trip.
“I think it would be good for us to spend some one on one time together.”
You step away from and look at him completely confused on what is going on in his mind. He’s never once asked for you to go away with him. You spent your entire honeymoon alone while he took care of business.
“I spent our honeymoon alone. I would prefer not to do that again. Besides you have work you have to attend to, and I also have my own job,” you hold your dress up and walk off towards the bathroom where you have your pajamas waiting for you.
Standing in the master bathroom you shut the door and let out a heavy sigh as you let the expensive dress fall to the floor. You change into a comfy shirt and a pair of sleep shorts before you go through your nightly routine removing the evidence of your party you just attended. Hanging the dress on the back of the door you look at it for a long moment before walking out of the bathroom. You find your husband sitting on your side of the bed in nothing but a pair of boxers. The sight of his exposed body makes you swallow, at how beautiful he is. It’s not fair that the beautiful man you’re forced to be married to won’t ever see you in a sexual manner. It is unusual for him to sleep in only boxers. Normally he sleeps in sweatpants or lounge pants.
Your eyes lock on his warm ones and it’s clear he’s waiting for you.
“Please go on this trip with me,” he finally speaks up.
“Because I told you four months ago I want to make this work. It’s clear things between us are still strained and maybe this could help us,” he stands up and walks towards you.
“Our anniversary doesn’t mean anything. It’s just another day,” you’re attempting to keep your walls built up protecting your damaged heart.
“It could mean something,” he reaches up and pushes a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
Stepping back you shake your head, “please don’t say things to me you don’t actually mean.”
He knows deep down inside that no matter what he does he hurts you. He’s trying his hardest right now but nothing seems to be working.
Walking away from him you crawl under the covers and turn on your side so your back is to him. The bed dips behind you and quickly feel his warm body near yours.
“Please go on this trip with me.”
“Chan,” you let out a heavy sigh.
“I won’t work the whole time I’m there. It will just be us,” he says, reaching out resting his hand on your arm.
“If I agree to go. Can we maybe start trying to do the five year exit plan?”
The room is suddenly silent. You’ve never heard silence quite this loud before. You hear your husband swallow and take a deep breath.
“If you want a baby that badly to get out of this marriage, I’ll do whatever you want.” He sounds sad as he speaks to you. The bed moves behind as he moves so his back is to yours.
You fall asleep knowing that both of you are hurt and neither of you know how to fix this.
The following morning things between you and your husband feel tense. You wake up alone in bed, and expect to find him gone for the day. Walking into the kitchen you’re shocked to find your husband cooking breakfast. He’s dressed in just a pair of lounge pants and slippers. He turns around a smile as he sees you.
“Good morning,” he says as he pours you a cup of coffee.
“I made breakfast, I think we need to sit down and have a long talk.”
You look at the clock to see that your husband definitely should not be home right now. His work day was supposed to start over an hour ago.
You sit down at the table taking your cup of coffee. You can't help the little smile that forms on your lips at the fact he used your favorite cup. He walks into the dining area and places a plate in front of you. He sits down at the table across from you.
“I’ve thought about a lot of things since last night,” he says.
“About what?”
“Well first I think it’s clear you can’t stand the thought of being in this marriage for another nine years. So I think it’s only right if I just pay your father the money I owe him.”
“Wait Chan that would take over half your fortune,” you put the cup down on the table and look at your husband in shock. If he was to walk away from this marriage he would lose almost everything. You couldn’t ever live with yourself if he gave it all up for you.
“It’s not fair to you that the only way to end this early is to have a child,” he says, picking up his chopsticks.
“Chan is the thought of having sex with me really that repulsive that you would give up everything you worked for instead of having a child with me?” He’s wounded your pride without even trying at this point.
“YN I don’t think you realize that the reason I have been against this has nothing to do with having sex with you. I would take you right now on this table and wouldn’t have to think twice about it. You might not think I’m attracted to you, but I am. I’m hesitant because I don’t want you to have to feel like you would be alone with our child.”
His first sentence felt like a sucker punch to your stomach. You weren’t prepared for his response at all.
“I wouldn’t feel like I’m doing it alone. Even if we conceived a child today I would at least have you around for a few years of the child’s life. I also don’t think you’re the type of man that would abandon me fully. I just think if we had this child and then divorced you could at least move on and date women you’re interested in.”
You look down at the beautiful breakfast he’s made for you.
“Here’s the deal then. We’re gonna go on that trip and then I’ll put a baby in you if it will make you happy.”
Your stomach does a little flip as you look up quickly and knit your brows together processing what he just said to you.
“Okay I’ll go on this trip with you.”
The statement of Chan saying “ he would put a baby in you” left you feeling strange. The thought of having sex with your husband was hanging over your head leaving you feeling strange.
Sitting in the airport with Chan sitting next to you, you couldn’t believe you actually agreed to go on this trip. Chan is scrolling through his phone as you’re waiting to board your flight.
“How long are we going to be gone?” you ask.
“Seven days.”
In the whole time you’ve been married Chan has barely taken any time off. He even works a lot of weekends. You couldn’t believe that he would possibly take seven days off of work for this vacation.
Boarding the plane you sit next to your husband in first class and wonder if this trip can actually do anything to help your marriage. One year of marriage and you still feel lonely. The aching feeling in your chest is a reminder your husband doesn’t love you.
The plan takes off and without even thinking Chan reaches out taking your hand in yours. Gently squeezing your hand almost as a friendly reminder he remembers you don’t like flying. The plane ride to your vacation is long. Arriving at the beautiful beach resort you’re escorted by a host to a beautiful private villa.
You walk around the villa taking in its beauty. You notice right away there is only one bed. There’s a nervous feeling in your stomach wondering if Chan plans on trying to conceive a child on this vacation. A sad look is on your face as you let out another sigh.
“Do you hate me?” He lets out a heavy sigh as he sits down on the bed.
Your eyebrows knit together in confusion as you process his statement.
“I understand I haven’t made this easy. I know in the beginning I wasn’t around much and when I was home I was cold. I didn’t mean to be, but to be honest I didn’t know what to do. Before all this we didn’t know a lot about each other. Sure we used to see each other at events and we made small talk here and there, but we didn’t know each other,” he sounds so conflicted as he speaks to you.
“You know the first time we met you hit on me?” you sit down on the bed next to him.
“That was before I knew who your father was.” Chan remembers the first time he saw you. You were standing at an event your mother was hosting. You were dressed in a blush colored dress. You were standing away from the sea of people off in your own little world. He went over to speak to you and hit on you, he stopped the moment your father walked over and properly introduced you two.
“The first time we met was intoxicating to me. You were the first man who ever seemed to show me attention at those events. Knowing who my father is scared a lot of men off. I mean he clearly scared you off the second he came over,” you nervously play with the edge of your sweater.
“I wish I could go back in time and treat you better. I would try my hardest not to be so distant.”
“I think we both would change a lot of things,” you say.
“Let’s work on changing those things now.”
Chan stands up watching you for a moment with his hands shoved into his pockets. “Did you maybe want to go down to the pool?” he asks, catching your attention?
“Like go swimming?” the last time you went on your honeymoon with your husband he didn’t go to the pool once with you. You spent your whole trip alone.
Grabbing your suitcase you rummage through finding your mint colored two piece you brought. Walking off to the bathroom you get changed. You stare in the mirror and tell yourself that this trip is gonna help you and Chan’s relationship.
Walking out into the main area you find Chan standing there in his swimsuit. You can’t help but let your eyes roam his tone body.
“Ready?” He gives you a smile holding his hand out.
Hesitantly you take his hand. He leads you out of the villa towards the quiet pool area. There’s only a few people around, none of them near the area Chan leads you towards. He stops at a cabana that has his name on it.
“Did you want a drink before we swim?” he asks, sitting his phone down on a table by two lounge chairs.
“No I’m okay,” you say looking down at your hand as he still holds on to you.
“Let’s go swimming,” he says.
He leads the way towards the swallow end of the water. The water is warm as you step in. Chan releases your hand as you step and start walking further into the warmth. You stop once the water is right below your shoulders. Chan follows you and stops right in front of you.
“I should have spent more time with you on our honeymoon,” he says, stepping closer to you. “Do you think things would be any different if we did spend our honeymoon together?”
“Honestly, probably not. Spending a vacation together in the beginning wouldn't make you suddenly in love with me.”
“From this moment on, we need to be a team,” he says standing right in front of you.
“What does being a team involve?” You tilt your head to the side wondering what exactly he means.
“Well first of all. If I hurt your feelings you need to tell me. Also we’re gonna start trying to have a baby.”
“Okay. If you can fully try, I can try.”
He reaches out resting his hand on your hip underwater standing right in front of you. You can’t help the warm feeling in your stomach as he stares at you.
“Can we order room service tonight? I’m quite tired,” you ask.
“Yeah we can.”
You spend the afternoon hanging in the pool before both of your stomachs start to growl. Heading back to your room you decide to take a shower while Chan orders room service for the both of you.
Walking out in the main area you find Chan looking through a travel book. He’s now dressed in just a pair of sweatpants.
“What do you think about heading to the beach tomorrow?” he asks, setting the book down on the coffee table in front of him.
“That could be fun,” you're shocked he’s actually following through with his promise to spend the whole trip with you.
“I ordered dinner for us. It should be here within the next half hour.”
It’s not long before dinner arrives and Chan suggests sitting on the bed and eating while watching a tv show together. During this trip this is the most one on one time you’ve spent with your husband. You’ve never done something so casual together. After eating dinner you lay down having a hard time focusing on the show. Your mind seems to be everywhere.
Laying flat on your back in bed you stare at the ceiling awkwardly. The bed shifts next to you and Chan lays down next to you. Reaching across the bed Chan takes your hand in his. Looking over at him he gives you a soft smile.
“Did you want to start trying tomorrow?” He finally asked the question that seemed to be eating you alive.
“Yes,” you don’t even think about it. You just respond.
“Okay, I’m ready whenever you are.”
You stay silent, unsure of what you should even say.
“Are you nervous?” he asks, gently squeezing your hand.
“Yeah I am,” there's a nervous feeling bubbling in your stomach.
“Please don’t be. I promise I’ll take care of you.”
You know deep down inside that even if Chan doesn’t love you, he would never do anything to hurt you or leave you feeling uncomfortable. It’s been quite awhile since you had sex and there is a nervous feeling lingering over your head at the thought of having sex with Chan. What if you’re so terrible at it he never wants to touch you again.
“Can we cuddle?” He asks, snapping you out of your thoughts.
Glancing over at him you see him smile at you, “yeah.” Rolling over on your side you close your eyes thinking about all the ways your marriage seems to be suddenly changing. Chan moves behind you pulling your body flush against his. His hand rests on your soft stomach as he holds you close. Ever so gently he presses a soft kiss to your shoulder.
“Thank you for coming on this trip with me,” he says.
The next day Chan had a lot of things planned for your day. You couldn’t lie, you were happy he had your day planned so you didn’t have to think about the impending activity that we’re going to happen between the two of you at the end of the night.
Your morning started with breakfast in a cafe at the resort. Then Chan led you into town to do some shopping. Things between you feel so easy and you aren’t sure how to feel about that. There’s an uneasy feeling in your stomach that tells you this isn’t how things are gonna be forever. This is just a temporary fix.
The afternoon is spent laying out on the private beach right outside your villa.
“Do you want to go in the water?” Chan asks, leaning up on his elbow.
“I don’t want to get my hair wet.”
“Come, we’ll try to make sure you don’t get your hair wet,” he hops up and holds out his hand for you.
Walking into the chilled water you pause giving yourself a moment to adjust. Chan steps behind you resting his hand on your lower back. Walking further into the water Chan walks right behind you. Standing in the clear blue water you look around and smile at the beauty around you. Looking over at Chan you find him staring at you.
“It’s beautiful,” he says.
“It’s stunning.” He moves so he’s standing right behind you as a wave comes towards you. You’re knocked back against your husband's chest.
You quickly step away from him with your face burning with embarrassment. You step away from him, giving yourself distance from him.
“Oh so now you’re all shy?” He raises his eyebrow stepping towards you.
“You’re acting all shy suddenly that you fell into me?”
“It’s not like that. It’s not like you want to hold me anyway,” you aren’t sure if you’re mad or not.
“Believe me I would hold you if you would let me,” he laughs.
Biting your bottom lip you turn to walk away from him acting offended by his comment.
“YN,” he shouts as you pick up your pace. “Please don’t be mad,” he reaches for your waist, stopping you in your tracks.
“Chan,” you sigh.
“I didn’t mean it,” he wasted no time picking up bridal style carrying you out of the water.
“Chan put me down,” you wiggle in his hold.
“You don’t get to run away from me,” he says, stepping fully out of the water. Sitting you down on the sand you stare at him at a loss of even what you should say. There’s a concerned look on his face. He reaches forward pushing wet strains of hair out of your face. There’s something drawing you to him that you can’t quite explain. The man standing in front of you isn’t your cold husband who didn’t spend any time with you on your honeymoon. This is a different man who clearly is trying.
Without even thinking he leans forward pressing his lips to yours for a kiss. This is the first time you’ve ever felt his lips since you said “I do.” With one hand on your cheek, and the other on your hip, his soft lips move against yours. You have a hand resting on his forearm as your lips move together. This kiss is nothing like the one she shared at your wedding. This one has you seeing stars as your lips dance. Pulling away taking a deep breath you can’t help the burning feeling taking over your cheeks as you stare at your husband. The soft smile on his face is enough to make you melt. His dimples are showing as he stands there almost in awe of what just happened.
“I wasn’t mad at you,” you whisper.
“Okay good, I can’t stand the thought of me making you mad anymore,” his hand still lingers on your cheek.
“I’ll try not to get mad at you,” reaching down to take his hand in yours. His eyes can’t help but smile at how perfectly your hands fit together.
After your day at the beach Chan asked for you to get dressed up. He planned a beautiful candle lit dinner with just the two of you near the beach.
The dinner itself was absolutely wonderful, but your mind couldn’t focus on the dinner. You could only think about what was going to happen after you finished eating. Tonight was the night you and your husband were going to have sex for the first time and you couldn’t lie you’re nervous.
Leading you back to your villa, Chan's fingers are laced with yours. Holding his hand has become second nature at this point. You barely gave it a second thought.
Walking into the villa Chan stops the second he shuts the door. “Did you still want to try tonight?”
Biting your bottom lip you nod your head.
“I’m going to go change,” you release his hand and walk off to the bathroom.
Standing in front of the mirror you turn on the sink hoping to block out the sounds of your voice as you softly say to yourself, “you can do this. It’s just sex.” You’re well aware this isn’t just normal sex. This is your attempts at hyping yourself to have sex on a first date or something like that. This is you having sex with your husband for the first time.
Stripping away your clothes you’re left in just your lacy bra and underwear. Hanging on the back of the door you had black silk robe. Pulling the robe on you look at yourself in the mirror once again telling yourself you can do this.
Walking out into the bedroom Chan is nowhere to be seen. A nervous feeling quickly washes over you at the idea that maybe he changed his mind. The sound of footsteps catches your attention. Turning you see Chan walking back in.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, noticing the panicked look on your face.
“You weren’t here, I thought you changed your mind,” you sigh.
He steps closer to you, placing his hand gently under your chin, “I’m not going anywhere. Why don’t you sit down.”
Sitting on the edge of the bed you stare at your husband. This whole situation seems too formal and uncomfortable.
“I’m clean by the way,” he lets out a sigh as he loosens his tie.
You hadn’t even thought about the fact that you would have to ask him about his sexual history before you had sex.
“I’ve never had sex without a condom,” he says as he lays his tie on top of the dresser he’s standing by.
“I haven’t either,” the tips of your ears burn. You’ve never been a person who couldn openly talk about sex.
He works on unbuttoning his dress shirt as he stands by the dresser. You can’t help but stare at him taking in the sight of his toned stomach.
“Please don’t get mad at me, but when was the last time you had sex?” Your husband as he removes his pants leaving him in just his boxers.
“About a year and half before we got married when I was in college,” you can’t help but feel awkward mentioning how long it had been. “What about you?” You’re almost scared to ask. You know deep down inside he isn’t the type of man that would ever cheat on you.
“A week before I proposed.”
You close your eyes and realize that your father told him nine days before he proposed, about your arrangement. There’s a bubbling feeling in your chest you can’t seem to understand as you stare at him.
“I have another question to ask that might embarrass you,” he pauses for a moment, making you feel suddenly nervous. “When was the last time you touched yourself?”
A burning feeling washes over your cheeks as your ear burn, “um,” you stutter. “It’s been over six months. I tried but I couldn’t really get anywhere with it.”
“Okay I’m just curious.”
“What about you?” You aren’t sure why you asked him this.
“I did a couple nights ago,” he says standing right in front of you.
“What did you think about?” you don’t know what possessed you to ask him this.
“You,” he reaches down, taking your hand helping you stand up. You're dressed in a silk robe that ties tightly around your waist. His hand rests on the knot holding your robe together. “I’ve thought only about you. We might not act like a normal married couple but I haven’t thought about anyone else.”
“Can I kiss you? It seems a little strange to jump right into making a baby without kissing,” he smiles at you gently tugging on the knot releasing the silk belt holding your robe together.
Leaning forward he closes the gap between you. His lips move against your softly. His hands rest on your lower back pulling you closer to him. Reaching up you rested your hand on his cheek. His lips are soft with the faint taste of mint. This kiss is nothing like you have ever experienced before with your husband. One of your hands rests on his chest while the other grips your silk robe.
Pulling away a smile tugs at his lips, “I need you to trust me tonight.”
“Is this where I find out you like it rough or something?” you aren’t sure why you say that. This is your awkward attempt at lightening the mood.
He lets out a small laugh, “I wouldn’t say no to being rough, but that’s not how this is gonna go. We’re gonna take it slow. This is our first time together, I’m gonna treat you like the princess you are.”
“Are you calling me a princess because that's what other people like to call me?” You have been called princess most of your life. Being the heiress to your fathers fortune people have always assumed everything had been handed to you.
“No, I’m calling you a princess because you’re my princess tonight. You’re my wife and I’m gonna treat you right.”
“Okay,” you step back trying to push away the nervous feeling in your stomach.
“You have no clue how badly I want you,” he steps closer to you again. He reaches up and pushes your robe off your shoulder leaving you standing there in just your bra and underwear. “Can you turn around?” His voice is low. Silently you turn around closing your eyes. A moment passes before he’s pressed up behind you. He reaches up and pushes the straps of your bra down. Ever so slowly he leans down and presses his lips to your exposed shoulder. One of his hands wrap around and rest on your stomach holding you close to him as he leaves a trail of wet kisses up your neck. Biting your bottom lip you take in the feeling of your husband's hand slowly moving up your stomach.
“Can I touch you?” he whispers.
“Yea,” you sigh.
His strong hand moves to trade your breast in his hand. He ever so gently grasp you over your bra. Biting your bottom lip you hold back a moan.
He pulls away and unclasps your bra effortlessly. He pushes the straps of your shoulders and the lace bra falls to the floor. He steps close to you again and this time you’re all too aware of his hardening length pressed against your back. One hand rests on your stomach while the other takes your breast in his hand again. This time he massages your breast earning a moan from you.
“You sound so pretty,” he whispers with his lips against your neck. Without even thinking, roll your body back against him. “Oh princess,” he groans as his hand moves down to the top of your lace underwear. “Please tell me I can touch you.”
“Chan you can do whatever you want. Remember we’re trying to make a baby and normally that involves touching.” You’re trying to think logically about this. You know deep down inside that Chan is only doing this because you’ve begged him to have a child.
He quickly pulls away from you and you suddenly miss his touch. He moves so he stands in front of you. He puts his hand under your chin and lifts your face so you’re staring into his warm eyes, “I’m not just doing this to make a baby with you. I’m doing this because I want to be with you.”
“Okay then show me what you want to do,” you’re trying to sound confident.
“Take your underwear off and lay on the bed.”
Taking your underwear off, you move to the bed and sit there watching as Chan watches you intently. “Princess, I want to get you ready for what is to come. I also am dying to know how you taste.”
Laying on the bed you look down at Chan’s head between your legs. When you agreed to try for a baby, never in your right mind did you think that before he had sex with you he was ask to go down on you. His tongue laps at your sensitive bundle of nerves as his index finger moves in out of you. His finger is hooked hitting just the right spot inside you that makes your stomach feel like it’s in knots. You haven’t been touched like this in years. Your fingers tangle in his curls holding his face close to your core as he continues to pump two fingers in and out of you.
“Chan, Chan,” you chant his name like a prayer. The coil in your stomach continues to tighten as you’re on the brink of finding your first release in years.
His eyes locked in yours as he continues his work on your core. Moaning his name you find your release. You fingers release his curls he pulls away smirking at you as his thumb does lazy circles on your clit as you ride out your high.
“You taste just as good as I thought you would,” reaching up he wipes his mouth.
Your chest rises and falls and you lay your head back on the pillow. Closing your eyes you’re in complete bliss. Your eyes slowly open as you watch him step off the bed and remove his boxers. Your eyes roam his beautiful body and you can’t help but stare at his hardened length.
“You’re so beautiful,” you whisper, not sure if he heard you.
Crawling onto the bed he sits on his knees between your parred legs. “Are you ready?” He gently rubs your thigh.
Silently you nod.
Hovering over you he stares at you and softly smiles. Slowly he reaches between you and lines himself up with your entrance. He rolls his hips into you stretching slowly. With his pelvis flush against your watches you carefully as your face scrunches slightly as you adjust to the discomfort. You want to reach up and touch him, but you feel slightly awkward.
“Hey?” he catches your attention.
“What’s going on in your head?” he smiles at you as he stays still.
“I haven’t done this in a long time, and we’ve never done this. I’m just not sure what I should do.”
“You can touch me, or even yourself. Don’t overthink this,” he leans forward pressing his lips to your for a soft kiss. Your hands run up and down his muscular back. His soft skin is enticing to you. His hips roll into yours stretching you slowly. The stretching feeling is uncomfortable at first but with each roll of his hips the discomfort eases away.
A soft moan passes your lips as he drops down to his elbows hovering over your. His lips connect to yours for a lust filled kiss. You can’t help but moan against his lips.
With each roll of his hips a feeling of electricity runs through your body. Your fingers roan his back, holding on to him tightly.
He pulls away resting on his hands. His eyes are lust filled as he stares at you. “You feel so good,” he groans.
“Chan,” you moan, you don’t think your brain knows any other words than your husband's name.
“I’m gonna put a baby in you,” he snaps his hips into yours.“We should've done this a while ago.”
There’s something about the way he’s talking to you that turns you on. Spreading your legs wider he moves up to rest on his knees while he continues to thrust into you. One hand grips your hip while grips your thigh. He licks his lip as his eyes are locked in yours.
You reach up, taking your breast in your hand while the other grips the expensive cotton sheets. Biting your bottom lip you try your hardest not to scream his name.
He groans with each snap of his hips. The hand that was on your hip moves to play with your sensitive clit as he thrust in and out of you.
“Princess, you feel so good,” he moans. Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine your husband’s moans would sound so intoxicating.
“Chan I’m close,” you moan.
“Then cum for me baby,” he groans.
Wordlessly you nod desperate for your release. You're taken back by his sweet name he calls you. He snaps his hips into yours a few more times before your release takes over. Moaning his name loudly, throwing your head back. A warm wave washes over you as your walls pull him in. His hands grip your hips thrusting into you slowly.
“Can I cum inside you?” He sounds frantic chasing his own release.
You nod your head rapidly as your chest rises and falls rapidly. “Please,” you beg.
His pace picks up as he holds on to you desperately. His thrust becomes more frantic as he finds his release inside you. He stills as he paints your walls. His breathing is heavy as his eyes are held closed tightly. His bottom lip is captured between his teeth. Reaching up you take his hand pulling him down to you. He stays inside you as he lies on top of you. Your arms are wrapped around him holding him close.
“We should've done that a long time ago,” he slowly removes himself from you and lies on the bed next to you.
Laying there you close your eyes trying to process what all this means for your relationship with your husband. Chan slowly crawls off the bed and you can’t help but panic that he’s regretting what just happened. Quickly you sit up and frantically watch your husband.
“Relax, I’m just gonna clean myself up real quick,” he gives you a small smile.
Laying back down you feel a sense of relief washes over you. Moments later Chan walks back into the room and cleans up his release that leaked out of you. He grabs a pillow standing by the bed, “can you lift your hips for me?”
You lift your hips and he slides the pillow under your butt. He crawls into bed next to you laying on his side.
“How do you feel?” he asks.
“Okay. That was really nice,” you can’t help but smile.
“We’ll do round two after a little while. Let’s rest for now,” he leans forward pressing a kiss to your lips for a soft kiss.
The rest of your vacation consisted of having sex all over your villa. Round two took place on the bed but after that Chan took you on any surface he could. You hadn’t showered once alone. Since your first night together Chan couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Your afternoons spent either at the pool or at the beach Chan either was holding your hand on touching you. He couldn’t seem to get enough of you, and to be honest you couldn’t get enough of him.
The night before you leave you’re standing in the shower alone for the first time. Chan was busy doing something in the living area on his laptop and you took the moment away to shower. Standing under the warm water you rub the mango scent body wash on your body.
The glass door opens and your husband steps into the steam filled shower. Looking at him you find him smiling.
“Did you sneak away from me?” He steps towards you.
“No, but I thought I might shower and try to get clean before you joined,” you laughed, shaking your head.
“When we get home I have a gala I have to attend in two weeks. Will you go with me?” he reaches out, grabbing your hand.
You aren’t sure why he’s asking you to join him. Since your marriage you’ve attended every single event he’s had to go to. Since being married he hasn’t gone alone one.
“Chan, I've gone to every event with you.”
“I know, but can we make this a date?” He pulls you closer to him.
“Oh,” you are now standing right in front of him. One of his hands rests on your neck. “Okay.”
Leaning down he presses his lips to yours for a lust  filled kiss. Reaching between you, you take his soft length in your hand and pump him slowly until he’s hardening in your hand. He moans against your lips as you continue to pump him.
“I’m gonna take you one more time in this shower before we leave,” he sighs, pulling away from you.
“Turn around and rest your hands on the wall,” he says.
Silently you follow his command. You bend over putting your butt out towards him. He puts his hardened length flush against your butt and rolls his hips against yours a few times.
You can’t help but moan at the feeling.
“Princess, reach between your legs and touch yourself,” he groans. He steps back and pumps his length while he watches you touch yourself. His eyes are locked on you lost in a haze of lust. “Tell me when you’re wet enough.”
“Okay,” you sigh.
You do quick circles on your clit hoping that your husband will soon touch you. Your breathing becomes desperate.
“Channie,” you moan.
“You ready Princess?”
“Yes please.”
He grabs your hip with one hand while the other moves his length through your wet folds. You gasp as he pushes into you slowly. He stills for a moment gripping your hips.
“Chan?” You look over your shoulder.
“Yeah baby?”
“You can go quickly if you want.”
“Okay,” he smirks.
His hips snap into yours at a quick pace. Your hands are pressed against the cool marble wall. He leans forwards pressing his lips to your spine as he works at a quick pace.
In your whole life you’ve never had as much sex as you have had on this trip. Your body craves Chan at this point and you couldn’t seem to get enough of him, and he craved you just as much.
The room was filled with the sound of skin hitting skin, and Chan moans. You were desperate for your release with each snap of his hips.
“Baby touch yourself,” he groaned, tightening his grip on your hips. You followed his command reaching between your lefts to touch yourself pushing you closer and closer to the edge. You cum practically screaming his name. He lifts you from the wall lifting your leg hooking your knee over his arm as he continues to thrust into you. His other hand roughly massaged your breast. Leaning your head back on his shoulder you moaned, riding out your high as he pounds into you.
He snaps his hips into you one last time before painting your walls. Gently he sets your leg down wrapping his arms around your stomach holding you close to him. He places a trail of kisses on your neck as he rides out his own orgasm.
“I think I’m going to have to wash my body again,” he can’t help but laugh at your statement.
Two Weeks later
Standing in the middle of the ballroom Chan is standing in front of you with one hand on your waist while he holds a glass of champagne in the other. He’s talked to all the people he needed to talk to, and now you seem to have his full attention.
“I was thinking about taking a couple days off next week,” he says, catching your attention. You’ve literally just returned from your trip and he’s already talking about taking more time off.
Cocking your eyebrow you’re shocked by his statement. Before your anniversary trip you and Chan never went on trips. “Why?”
“According to your cycle, that's when you’re supposed to be ovulating.”
“You want to take time off just we can have sex?” you can’t help but let out a small laugh. You discovered that once you agreed to go on that anniversary trip with Chan that before leaving he did a lot of research about conception and tracking your cycle.
“We can do more then just have sex, but yeah we would definitely have a lot of sex during that time,” you can’t help but notice the tips of his ear turning red suddenly seeming embarrassed.
“Okay, I’ll let the office know I’m taking time off.”
He leans down gently pressing his lips to yours for a soft kiss. The moment you’re sharing with your husband makes you forget about all the people at the busy gala.
“Sweetheart, look at your daughter and her husband,” your mother’s voice catches both you and Chan’s attention. You look over to see your mother walking towards you. You had no clue your parents would be at this event.
“Hello mother,” you smile pulling away from your husband.
“You two look way more cozy then normal,” she says.
“I’m just enjoying my wife’s company,” Chan says, resting his hand on your lower back.
“I think that trip was a great idea,” she smiles clearly, noticing how different things seem.
“Yeah I was nice to get away with YN,” Chan says before finishing off his champagne. “It was nice to not think about work while we were away. The only thing I had to think about was spending time with my wife,” he beams.
“If you’ll excuse us mother, Chan and I were just getting ready to leave,” you reach down taking his hand.
“Oh you’re leaving early, have a safe trip home.” Taking your husband’s hand you lead Chan away from your mother heading towards the exit. Chan hasn’t said anything, he's just following your lead until you stop out in the beautiful rose garden.
“Did you want me to call our car?” he says, finally speaking up.
“Yes please. I would rather spend time with you then all these people,” you sigh.
Arriving home you fully expected Chan to have you naked the moment you entered your penthouse. You’re shocked when he walks into the kitchen and pulls out a tub of ice cream from the freezer.
You take off your heels leaving them by the front door. Walking into the kitchen you watch him scoop two bowls of ice cream.
“I was fully expecting for you to have me naked and pinned against the door,” you joke.
He raises his eyebrow, “I mean if you want I can have you naked on the kitchen counter.”
“No, it's fine. I didn’t expect for us to eat ice cream when we got home.”
“You know that I enjoy spending time with you with our clothes on right? I know we have sex like at least five times a week, and don’t get me wrong I love it. But I also like doing mundane things with you like sitting at the table all dressed up eating ice cream.”
You realize that most of your time you spend with Chan normally leads to you both being naked. Since coming home two weeks ago Chan has basically fucked you everywhere in the penthouse. Your first time once returning home Chan requests it be slow and in your bed. While round two took place with you bent over the kitchen table.
Hell there was even one day you had to go to Chan’s office to drop something off and you ended up under his desk giving him head before he bent you over his ripping your underwear in the process.
You couldn’t lie you throughly enjoyed your sex life with your husband and he even tried new things on to see if you liked them, ultimately you enjoyed the little moment with him. Sitting at the dinner table and talking or watching a movie together.
“I like spending time with you too.”
“Maybe if you really can’t get enough of me after we eat ice cream, I’ll lay you on the table and eat you out,” smirks causing your cheeks to burn.
Two months later
Sitting on your bathroom floor you stare at a pregnancy test, this is your third pregnancy test that has read negative. Closing your eyes you take a deep breath. Your eyes are threatening to shed tears at your disappointment. You never thought this would be this hard. You assumed that you and Chan wouldn’t have to be having sex basically everyday at this point. There’s this little voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re broken. That something is wrong with you. The bathroom door slowly opens and Chan steps in the bathroom. He dressed in his work clothes looking handsome as ever.
His warm eyes lock on the pregnancy test in your hands, he takes his suit jacket off sitting it on the counter across from you.
“It’s not working,” you whisper with your voice shaking.
He sits down on the marble floor next to you. He takes the stick from you and stares at it for a moment, before sitting it on the floor. “This just means we have to keep trying.”
“Aren’t you tired of trying?” that nasty little voice eating at you can’t help but wonder if he’s grown bored of you yet.
“No I’m not tired of trying,” his large hand rests on your knee. “How about we take a bubble bath together, and then I’ll take you to bed.”
“Chan, is this attempt at you trying to seduce me?”
His thumb drags across your skin slowly, “is it working?”
“What if I’m broken?”
“You’re not broken. Come on, let's go take a bath.”
Chan runs a bath for you before helping you stand up and wipes away your tears. He gently removes your clothes whispering to you how pretty you are.
The warm lavender scented water is doing nothing to push away the nasty thoughts eating away at you. You're resting against your husband as he holds you close. Leaning your head back against his shoulder a heavy sigh passes your lips.
“What if I can’t have kids?”
His one arm is wrapped around your stomach holding you close to him. The other hand is resting on your thigh.
“Do you want my honest answer?” He presses a gentle kiss to your shoulder.
“Yes, you said we’re a team. I want you to be honest with me.”
“If you can’t have kids it's okay, because even if you have a baby…” he pauses. “I’m not leaving you at the five year mark. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t plan on leaving at the ten year mark either,” he pours his heart out to you.
“Why not, you’re allowed to leave and find someone to love,” you can’t seem to imagine why he would want to stick around. He made it clear when you first got married he had no interest in being with you.
“Are you really that dense?” He groans behind you.
“What do you mean?”
“I love you, and I want to stay married. If we can’t have kids we’ll figure it out later. But I want you to know that this baby isn’t for us to end our marriage quicker.”
“Chan,” your eyes are brimming with tears.
“Unless you want to end it, and if you do I just ask that you try to love me before you walk away. I know the first year I wasn’t a good husband but these last three month have been everything to me. I love getting to spend time with you. I love that I can touch you and hold you whenever I want. I might be selfish, but I don’t want this to ever end.”
“You really love me?”
“Of course I do. I haven’t ever lied to you, and I won’t start now. I also don’t want you getting any idea that i'm fine with staying married just because we have sex now. The sex is great, but that’s not why I love you. I love you because of who you are,” gently leaning you forward. Before you can even say anything he’s stepping out of the bath. He grabs a towel wrapping it around his waist. He stands there staring at you for a moment. “Can we please talk about this not in the bathroom?”
Silently you nod, reaching to unplug the bath. Stepping out Chan hands you a towel. You quickly dry off and Chan hands you your favorite blush colored robe that was hanging on the back of the door. He walks out of the bathroom and you take a moment trying to gather yourself. Walking into your bedroom you find Chan sitting on your bed in a pair of boxers.
“I’ve loved you for a long time Chan, but I thought it was going to be one-sided forever,” you finally say, breaking the silence that’s formed between you.
“So even if we can’t have a baby you’ll stay with me?” Ask, sounding hopeful.
“I’ll stay with you as long as you treat me like you have been since our anniversary trip,” you sit down next to him.
“Okay, good because I want what we have now,” he smiles, leaning over to press his lips to yours.
Things with Chan might have not started out perfectly. You were both forced into something neither of you fully wanted, but the universe had a way of making things work out. You’re unsure if you’ll ever actually be able to have a kid, but after your talk with Chan you know he loves you and has no plans on leaving you. After that night you both agree to pause on trying to have a baby. Chan tells you he wants to spend more time with you and at your three year wedding anniversary he wants to renew your vows.
As time passes with Chan you’ve gone through spurts of time trying to conceive but with no luck. On your third wedding anniversary you renew your vows in front of all your friends and family.
By the fifth year of your marriage Chan has taken you on countless trips, but for your fifth anniversary you end up in the same villa that changed your marriage forever.
Laying in bed in the same villa where everything changed you’re curled up in bed with your husband. He gently presses his lips to shoulder and whispers, “I would do anything in the world for you.”
“Is that your way of saying you love me?” You can’t help but smile.
“I thought it was obvious I loved you?”
“Will you still be married to me in five years?” you asked, already knowing his answer.
“Please tell me that’s a stupid question,” he releases you from his hold.
Rolling onto your back you look at your husband and smile, “but I can’t give you an heir to your fortune.” Even though Chan has told you multiple times he doesn’t care if you have kids or not. There’s a guilty feeling that eats away at you.
“Princess if you want a baby we can try IVF or adopt. I’ll do anything to make you happy,” he reaches over pushing your hair behind your ear.
“Maybe we can talk about it later down the line,” you smile. “Right now I just want you.”
“Princess you have me until my last breath,” he leans down pressing his lips to yours.
It doesn’t matter what the future holds, you know that you’ll always have Chan by your side.
Tumblr media
an: please me know what you all think  I have been working on a variation of this story since around January if you’re interested in my skz stories let me know.
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themoreleeknow · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff!! slytherin chaser!minho, ravenclaw!y/n
Word Count: 4,380
A/N: i had a lot of fun with this one (’:
minho is definitely one of the more popular students, especially within slytherin (along with his bud hyunjin)
both of minho's parents are muggles, so he feels like he has a lot to prove?
obviously he's doing an alright job since typically muggleborns aren't the most popular of students
and yet here he is, the ladies want him, the boys want to be like him, what can he say
he's definitely smug af about it, but deep down he's really insecure about his background
not that he doesn't love his muggle family, of course he does, but it can be hard
especially since he missed out on lot of magic related stuff as a young child (though his extensive knowledge on muggle things intrigues the heck out of his non-muggle friends)
he studies fairly hard, but he doesn't get the best grades so he's highkey stressed about that constantly
he turned to quidditch to relieve some of that stress
though the game is dangerous, it's his favourite pastime. he loves the intensity of it, it gives him the best adrenaline rush imaginable
he took an interest in the sport in his first year, but didn't try out until third year because his parents wanted him to bring his grades up first
so he worked his ass off in school, and then worked his ass off in tryouts and training
and now he's slytherin's best chaser. in fact, he's probably the best chaser in the school
he always drags his housemates hyunjin and jeongin to practice even though they don't play
they both love the sport though, and hyunjin seems to really have an interest in it, coming to almost every practice to watch
minho tried to hard to convince him to try out but alas
anyway, slytherin's quidditch team was truly a force to be reckoned with
but minho always got super nervous if he couldn't see any of his friends in the bleachers.. he needed their moral support
he was relentless out on the field though, even when up against his friends on the other teams (chan and jisung are also on the quidditch teams for their respective houses)
thankfully he didn't usually run into jisung because the hufflepuff boy is a seeker, but he often came face to face with chan, keeper for gryffindor
he's definitely left chan bruised up quite a few times but he’s a good sport about it bc after all, it’s just a game
so, the last quidditch game of the season was approaching, but exam season was at the same time
thus, minho was working himself to death trying to practice his sport and also study for his exams, but his grades weren't showing for it
professor flitwick eventually pulled minho aside because his grades in his class were getting dangerously low
"i suggest you get a tutor, or you'll be kicked off the quidditch team next year."
those words: literally minho's worst nightmare
"but sir, i don't know anyone who could tutor me-" minho tried but flitwick interrupted
"y/n l/n!" he called you over, "i'd like you to tutor mr. lee here. he's falling behind on his charms skills."
minho looked between you and the professor and opened his mouth to protest but was only shushed again
"y/l/n is top of the class, mr. lee. i believe it is in your best interest."
minho scoffed bc like, wow he didn't even ask you if you'd be okay with it but sure
he smiled awkwardly at you, while you stood there looking shocked
you were just sitting there, taking your notes, minding your own business, and now you'd have to practically babysit this slytherin boy
but as you looked past his house colours on his tie, you realized that he wasn't just any slytherin boy. this was lee minho. the most talented quidditch chaser in the whole school???
your introverted ravenclaw ass was definitely in for a wild ride
now of course you had been to quidditch games before, but you never really went unless it was a ravenclaw game because your housemates forced you- you preferred to stay in and study though
so you were aware of how good at the sport minho was. you'd seen him in action a few times, always whooping ravenclaw's ass tbh rip
but not only that, bc you heard girls swooning over him all the time. at first you didn't understand why. after all, he WAS just a muggleborn who happened to have a talent for quidditch. nothing special??
at least that was until you saw him. not on the quidditch field where he was darting around and you could only see from a distance, but actually SAW him up close
you couldn't deny that he was extremely good looking. from then on you understood why people were always after him, but you still didn't change your mind about going to quidditch games
not for a good looking boy! you needed to focus on your studies!!
buuuuut the focusing on your studies thing might be slightly more difficult now considering you now had to TUTOR LEE MINHO
you nodded to flitwick and told minho to meet you in the library after classes, which he agreed to since there wasn't quidditch practice today
so as classes ended, you gathered your stuff for flitwick's class and headed down to the library, begrudgingly since you'd rather study in peace
but hey, maybe bouncing ideas off of a study partner might help in the long run? you tried to stay optimistic
you sat down at an empty table when you arrived, since you didn't see minho anywhere
you began to study on your own, and half an hour passed before you saw movement across from you out of the corner of your eye
"sorry i'm late," he grinned at you before gesturing to the entrance to the library, where a group of girls stood waving at him, "duty calls."
you scoffed and rolled your eyes. guess you were wrong to be optimistic, and as expected, this guy was full of himself
he sensed your annoyance and opened his books
"so what's first, tutor?" he smiled at you. his smile was probably the most beautiful one you had ever seen, but you wouldn't admit that
his smile grew wider when he realized you were staring at him
"y/n???" minho giggled, waving his hands in front of your face, "see something ya like, huh?"
you quickly hid behind your book so that he couldn’t see your blushing face (but honey, he saw and he thought it was adorable)
"how are you with the revealing charm?" you asked
"revealing charm. right here," you said, slamming down your book and pointing at the words on the page
"oh, i..." you smirked, obviously he had no clue. you took out a piece of blank parchment and wrote something down in invisible ink for him to practice on
"aparecium!" minho said, flicking his wand at the paper. nothing. he tried again 3 more times, but still nothing
you offered to help but he refused because of his pride, so you just watched him until you couldn't bear to anymore
"please for the love of Merlin let me help you. you're pronouncing it wrong," you huffed before enunciating it, "AH-par-EE-see-um."
he copied exactly how you said it, and ink which read a simple "hello" showed up on the paper
minho jumped up from his chair shouting "yES!!!" which earned him a bunch of annoyed stares and a scolding from the librarian
you chuckled quietly to yourself, thinking it quite ironic that such a charming boy needed help in a charms class
he really was adorable... but no
bad y/n
you can't fall for lee minho... after all, he had swarms of girls after him!!
the two of you decided to call it a night and try another one tomorrow, but you told him to try some on his own that night
he tried his best, tho he didn't get very far
he would occasionally ask you for help in class or if he bumped into in the hallway (making some other girls envious af), so naturally you got to know each other a little better
a few days later, he had another study session with you after class
he had followed your advice to keep at practicing, but he got 0 sleep and 0 progress that night
he showed up to the library early to hopefully get ahead, since he also had quidditch practice in about 2 hours
when you got there, you spotted minho sitting alone at a table, his hand in his hair as he stared down the book in front of him
you thought he definitely looked stressed. you almost felt bad
"staring harder at the information won’t help you absorb it, you know," you said as you placed your books on the table and sat down across from him
he jumped, almost forgetting you were meeting him for tutoring
"ah, yeah i guess you're right. i'm just trying to make sense of all this." you kind of admired his determination
upon closer inspection you saw that he was wearing glasses... had he always had those? 
definitely not or else you would have noticed. after all they were circular and adorable
"did you get any sleep at all last night?" you asked, noticing he looked kinda out of it
"not even a little bit," he smiled lazily, "oh yeah, i have quidditch practice in an hour, so i can't stay long. the final is coming up you know."
you nodded sadly, now you really felt bad for the poor guy. he was clearly overworking himself
"you'll come right?" he said, and you looked at him questioningly, "to the game i mean. it's next week," his lazy smile grew wider, and you swore you felt your heart flutter
"i'm not sure..." you managed to reply
"pleaseeee! you should come to practice with me today too, maybe it'll help you make up your mind!" he said excitedly
"fine, but lets at least learn some charms first," you sighed, giving in
to be honest, you'd never been to a quidditch practice before so you were kind of excited. you just hoped you wouldn't get in the way or something
you successfully taught minho another charm before packing up your things. then minho happily dragged you to the practice
how he managed to still be so bright on such little rest, you would never understand
"hey, lee!" the boy you assumed was the slytherin captain called as you both approached, "this your girlfriend? a ravenclaw, huh?"
"u-uh, this is y/n!" now it was minho's turn to be flustered. ok seriously how is everything he does adorable???
"oh! that girl you've been talking about!" another slytherin said, causing you to jump
damn slytherins, you thought. you can never hear them coming
but wait, did he just say that minho had been talking about you? you??????
minho elbowed the boy before mumbling something that sounded like "ignore him."
"also y/n, can you hold these for me?" minho asked, taking off his glasses. you nodded and he handed them to you
he mounted his broom and waved to you with a smile as he took off to join his teammates
"come on y/n, let's go sit!" the slytherin who startled you grabbed your arm and dragged you up to one of the bleachers
"what's your name by the way?" you questioned as you sat beside him
"it's hyunjin! i'm minho's best friend," he said proudly
"and.. what was it you said back there? he talks about... me??"
"pfft yeah, minho talks about you all the time. the dude's crazy for you," his words made you blush, but he didn't notice because his eyes were focused on the field
you???? minho was interested in YOU?????
"the quidditch team and our group of friends never hear the end of it, really," hyunjin added, still watching the field
you turned to the field as well, watching the slytherin team pass the quaffle around
your eyes were trained on minho's form the whole time, and hyunjin chuckled when he noticed
you caught hyunjin flashing a thumbs up to minho out of the corner of your eye, and the quaffle nearly hit minho in the face due to his lack of attention
you looked down at the glasses, turning them in your hand as you admired them
who knew a pair of round glasses could intrigue you so much
practice continued on as usual until it was almost time to go back to the dorms
minho insisted on walking you back to the ravenclaw common room, even though you could clearly manage on your own
"so, you'll come, wont you?" minho asked, a glint of hopefulness in his eyes
you knew he was talking about the game next week
"yeah, i suppose," you replied, smiling softly up at him, your response making that beautiful smile of his grow even wider
he leaned down and gave you a quick peck on your cheek before walking away back in the direction of the slytherin dorms (definitely blushing the whole time)
you stood there, quite surprised, watching him from behind, your hand touching your cheek where his lips had just been
you practically ran up to your dorm, trying your best to hold off your squeals until you reached your pillow
one of the most popular boys in the whole school had just kissed your cheek!!! THE lee minho had just kissed your cheek!!!!!
lying in bed, you stared up at the ceiling, thinking about minho. his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his lips, until you eventually dozed off
you couldn't believe you had actually fallen for his charming ass
over the next couple of days, the two of you were practically inseparable
and minho had passed his charms exam with flying colours thanks to your tutoring
tbh you just enjoyed each others' company, even though you never thought that would be possible what with him being a rowdy slytherin and you a quiet ravenclaw
but you noticed a lot of stares directed at you, and not good ones
it was always that group of girls from your first day at the library, and they'd glare at you and minho (mostly you tho) every time you were together
but i mean.. what did you expect? minho was popular and you weren't
he was something special and you weren't (in your mind, not in minho's)
one of the girls actually lived in the same dorm as you, so she would glare at you practically 24/7. she also left a note on your bed warning you to stay away from him?? you were in shock
so you started distancing yourself from the notorious slytherin boy
you had started avoiding him 2 days ago, and the quidditch final was tomorrow so naturally minho was getting really nervous
your second class of the day was potions, and you would rush back to the ravenclaw common room right after so that you could avoid minho, who would be leaving herbology at the same time
as you were walking, you saw him
he was leaving mr. longbottom's class with hyunjin, they were both laughing and it looked like they were shooting finger guns at someone inside the class??
you'd never understand slytherin boys
but then you realized that they were coming your way
minho had seen you, since he waved to hyunjin before walking after you
oh shit
you sped up, not looking back even though you heard him call your name
at some point he had lost you in the crowd, you safely making it into the common room (to which minho could not enter)
but he caught his friend woojin as he was about to enter
"woojin!" minho called as he ran up to him, out of breath
"doing some indoor cardio?" woojin joked
minho waved his hand at him before placing both hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath
"it's y/n. she's been acting weird and wont talk to me," he pouted as he stood up
"so... you want ME to talk to her???" woojin asked and minho nodded hopefully
woojin sighed and agreed, wondering why he was suddenly the love expert amongst ravenclaw (re: seungmin's au)
minho thanked him before running off again for quidditch practice
you were the only one in the common room right now, so you were startled when woojin walked in
"oh, hey woojin," you smiled
"hey y/n... can we talk for a sec?"
"what is it?" you sat up on the couch, somewhat worried for what he would say, while woojin sat down beside you 
"look, i know you've been avoiding minho, and i'd like to know why." you frowned at his words
"i-its nothing, really!" you tried
woojin then pulled a folded up piece of parchment from the pocket of his robes, and you gasped. it was the note that girl had left you
"how did you get that!?" you questioned
"i'm head boy, y/n. you can't hide anything from me."
you looked down, suddenly interested in your black dress shoes
"you're still going to the game tomorrow, yeah?" he said
"but woojin, i-"
"i'll find a way to take care of this," woojin said, talking about the note (or more importantly, the girl behind it). "you just worry about cheering minho on, okay?"
you didn't respond, still thinking about that girl
"please y/n, that kid will be completely lost without you," he was very compelling in his 'argument'
"okay fine," you sighed, and woojin smiled brightly, patting you on the shoulder before going up to his dorm
when classes ended the next day, you went straight to the quidditch field and immediately spotted the slytherin team getting ready, as well as moral support hyunjin and jeongin standing off to the side
you ran up to the two, chuckling to yourself since minho hadn't noticed you yet
it was cloudy, and you were praying that it wouldn’t rain too much during the game
"did i miss much?" you asked
"nah. lover boy is just stretching," jeongin said with a smile. that boy sure loved teasing his friends
the team mounted their brooms and hyunjin placed his arm around your shoulders 
"it's almost time, let's go get some good seats!"
as he dragged you away, minho looked over to his friends and smiled widely as you were with them
the team flew up into the field, and minho gained confidence upon seeing you in the bleachers in between hyunjin and jeongin
the gryffindor team made their way into the field as well, and you recognized their captain and keeper as chan, one of minho's friends who you had met once
professor hooch made her way to the middle of the field with the trunk containing the balls as the players took their positions
she set the bludgers and the golden snitch free, and was about to throw the quaffle when the rain started
the match started as hooch threw the quaffle into the air, and the crowd went wild
as you watched minho dart around the field, throwing and catching the quaffle with a look of pure determination on his face, you felt your heart race
he really was something
as the game went on, with slytherin in the lead but gryffindor catching up fast (score: 90:60), the rain continued to get harder, turning into a storm
the wind was blowing strong, and you wondered how the players were able to stay in control, but you guess this is what they're trained for
the sudden thunder and lightning made you jump
hyunjin noticed the worried expression on your face, and he patted your back to comfort you
"don't worry, he's played games in this weather before."
but the rain was getting so bad that you could barely see anymore, besides the bright green and red robes flashing around
if the audience could barely see you couldn’t imagine what it was like on the field
minho was squinting, trying to see his teammates through the rain, and he didn't notice the bludger flying right towards him, with no beaters in sight
in a flash, the bludger slammed into his broomstick, breaking it almost in half, the wood falling down to the ground below him and causing him to lose his balance
minho slipped off the broom, only holding on to it with his left hand, the rest of his body dangling from it
but the broom was slippery from the rain, and he was slowly slipping 
you were covering your mouth with your hands, not knowing what to do
even hyunjin and jeongin looked nervous, which didn't help
minho tried to pull himself up, but the broom was too slippery and broken for him to hoist himself up
his hand slipped off of the broom, and minho fell to the ground below
you and the two slytherin boys immediately rushed down from the bleachers to get to the boy, and as you ran out into the field you heard the announcement that the slytherin seeker had caught the golden snitch, ending the game
everything was a blur as professors rushed into the field after the three of you to get to minho, who was unconscious in the grass, and took him to the nurses
when he came to, minho was in a bed in the medical wing of the school, and you were there along with his friends
you had his hand grasped in yours, and you were looking at him with worried eyes
when you saw his eyes open, you frantically placed a hand on his forehead to check his temperature
"rough game, huh?" minho mumbled, trying to laugh, but coughing instead
the nurse came to check him over, telling him that he had broken his left leg and arm from the impact of the fall, and that he was lucky he wasn't higher up. also that he would be all healed in no time
“what happened, anyway?” minho asked
“your broom got hit by a rogue bludger and-” jeongin started to explain, but minho waved his hand and cut him off
“not that! i meant with the game!” he said
“oh, right. slytherin won!” jeongin exclaimed happily and minho laid his head back on his pillow, feeling relieved
"as it turns out," woojin began, "that ravenclaw girl bewitched the bludger so that it would go straight for minho," he said, looking right at you as he spoke
your eyes changed from being filled with happiness to with anger, and minho squeezed your hand
you had forgotten that you were even holding it because it felt so right, so normal, resting in yours
“i’m fine y/n, so don't worry,” minho said with that gorgeous smile of his. he was always so happy
little did you know that his happiness naturally came when he was around you
“i told you i’d take care of it,” woojin said, placing his hand on your shoulder before whispering into your ear that he had already brought it to the headmaster
which caused you to giggle, because you knew that girl would finally get what she deserved
the nurse then told everyone to get going and let minho rest for a while longer, and that he should be fine to return to classes tomorrow
so you all left, but you already missed the feeling of holding his hand in yours, and so did he
when you got back to the common room, you sat on the couch, trying to study, but your mind kept wandering
you thought about your upcoming exams, the quidditch game you just witnessed, how slytherin were probably celebrating their win right now, and most importantly, you thought about minho
some people say that when you think about someone a lot, it’s because they’re thinking about you too
you really hoped that were true
it was getting close to curfew, so you got up to go to your dorm when you heard someone say your name
“y/n, someone’s here to see you,” woojin said, giving you a wink before going up to his own dorm
you rushed out of the common room, eyes lighting up when you saw the boy with his green and silver striped tie
you practically jumped into his arms, causing him to flinch from the pain of his still healing arm, but he hugged you back as hard as he could
“you’re okay!” you exclaimed
“of course i am. I’m lee minho after all,” he said, smirking into your hair, the remark causing you to pull back from the hug and punch his (not previously broken) arm
you both laughed, each of you thinking the other had the most beautiful laugh they had ever heard
he shifted on his feet, and opened his mouth to speak
“so, do you want to like, i dunno, go on a date with me?” minho asked, feeling the heat rushing up to his face
“of course i do!” you smiled, “you are lee minho after all,” you remarked playfully, and the joke caused you both to laugh again
you looked down at your shoes, suddenly feeling somewhat nervous
minho reached out to touch your face, causing you to look back up at him, before he leaned down and planted a quick, shy kiss on your lips
you placed your hands on his shoulders and returned the favour, the kiss lasting longer this time
when you broke the kiss, you both a bit of a blushing mess, you realized how late it was getting
you didn’t want him to get scolded, especially when his house would be celebrating without him right as you spoke
“see you tomorrow?” you smiled hopefully, and he nodded
“see you tomorrow, y/n,” minho said with a wave before heading back to his common room
you placed your hand over your heart as he walked away, noting how incredibly fast it was beating, before going up to your dorm and laying down in bed
you forced yourself to sleep earlier than usual, rather than studying late into the night
that way, tomorrow would come faster
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changbinie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
JULY 8th, 1983: the YELLOW WOOD case begins with the disappearance of HJ, followed soon by the rest of his friends, a group of delinquents known as the stray kids.
with limited evidence and only the trees as witnesses, the police are forced to label the investigation a cold-case. the townspeople are left with many questions unanswered - what happened in those woods? how could nine people vanish without a trace?
and, most importantly, where did they go?
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taelme · a year ago
Vampire!Bang Chan
genre: childhood friends-to-lovers!au, vampire!au, (fluff, mild angst, slow burn, slightly suggestive)
pairing/s: Chan / Reader (ft Minho and Mingyu don't ask me why I just thought they would fit) 
word count: 20k (I didn't realise this would be as long as it is rip) 
tw: mentions of blood and fighting, coarse language
a/n: hope u guys have as much fun reading this as I had writing it!! its a little different from the usual vampire aus, kind of modern? in a way? but yes ! anyway requests are currently open! so do feel free to request~~ 
Tumblr media
"Honey, you know it's not like...they haven't been in our neighbourhood before," your mom eyed your new neighbour suspiciously, something in the way she spoke and the way she held herself seeming too familiar to dismiss.
"You can't be serious..." your dad glanced nervously between the woman and their child, a pale curly haired boy who was currently making their way over to where you were in the classroom, wanting to play with the same toys as you, "they have a kid!" your father tried to reason.
"Va-" your mom lowered her voice, "vampires can have children...I've seen it happen before."
Your mom kept her gaze (or glare, it was a very fine line now) fixed firmly onto the neighbours.
"And don't think I haven't noticed how the blood bags in the hospital have been disappearing ever since they moved in."
"I mean, yeah. Of course they're disappearing, because we have to use them? For the patients?" Your dad shrugged, his grip tightening around his camera hanging from his neck, feelings of anxiousness building within him as well (even if he was dead set on not showing it).
Your mom glared at your dad.
"I'm gonna go confront them."
"W-What? Why? Where's all this aggression coming from? What if they kill us?"
Your mom rolled her eyes.
"They can't. I'm gonna strike a deal with them," she shrugged, "think about it, honey. Their kid is the same age as ours. And if anything, it's been ages since there were vampires living in our town, we've got to deal with it head-on to handle it effectively."
Your dad grimaced, reaching out a hand quickly to grasp at your mom’s wrist as she made to walk over to the woman. He looked as though he'd wanted to say something else to dissuade her, but the look in your mom’s eyes was too resolute to bargain with.
"Okay fine, but I’ll be close behind, alright? If anything's wrong just give me a signal and I’ll come over."
Your mom grinned, nodding firmly before making her way over to the woman who was currently fanning herself with a brochure given by the teachers.
Smiling at your mom in greeting, your mom returned the smile, "Mrs Bang, right?"
The woman nodded, giving your mom a friendly smile as her child ran up to her.
“Some weather, isn't it? Little Chan's having a bit of a hard time adapting," she laughed as she used a small cloth to wipe the boy's sweat from his face and neck, patting the curly-haired boy on the back and directing his attention to your mother.
"Say hi, honey,” she prompted her son.
The boy looked up, his slightly downturned eyes making his expression puppy-like, giving your mother a shy wave.
Your mom bent down to be on eye level with the boy.
“Is he? You sure seem to be doing fine, you probably don't feel a thing, do you?" your mom cooed, hoping her words would strike a chord with the woman.
"Go and play with your friends, Channie," she nudged her son in the direction of the other children, straightening up and looking at your mom with an oddly unnerving smile.
"What do you want?" her tone was a stark contrast from her expression, enough to make your mother's heart rate pick up at the thought that her assumptions were more than just that. Should she be this happy that there was an annoyed potentially lethal specimen standing right in front of her? Debatable.
"Shouldn't I be asking you that question? You know, why come here of all places? There aren’t many people for you to....negotiate with." Your mother narrowed her eyes at the woman, folding her arms over her chest.
Your dad, who was watching closely from afar, had recognised her body language as her go-to attempt to look intimidating, wincing at the thought of the kind of conversation they could be having that would warrant such a 'power pose' (as your mother liked to call it).
Looking over to where you were, playing with the new neighbour's son, he could overhear you asking the boy for his favourite colour, preparing to make a birthday cake out of Lego for him.
Well, at least your kids seemed to be getting along.
Your dad watched for a short while, how you played with the curly haired boy, and how the boy seemed to be rather shy, though that didn't seem to deter you from dragging him into your many shenanigans.
This made your dad’s anxiousness grow slightly, deciding that it was about time to go over to your new neighbour and your mom to make his presence as head doctor known. Though, your mom’s conversation seemed to have ended prematurely, the said woman strolling calmly back to your father before he could intervene.
"Do I wanna know how it went?" your dad grimaced upon seeing the triumphant smile on your mom’s face.
"Yes, you do. It went absolutely great! We're having dinner tomorrow night to discuss our arrangement in more detail."
"And this arrangement is...?"
Your dad was interrupted by the presence of your new neighbours who had taken a seat next to your mom, your teacher's voice drowning out the rest of the noise.
"Parents, could you please take your seats now? The briefing will be starting soon."
You had caught the eye of your parents who were waving you over, making sure you grabbed Chan's hand to bring him over to where both your parents were seated.
"She's usually pretty unfriendly with strangers," your dad tried to make conversation with Chan’s dad, earning a nod from him.
“Yeah, Chan’s a bit shy with his peers too. But she seems to be including him pretty well.”
Your dad laughed nervously, “huh…. yeah,” he felt a slap to his shoulder, turning to see Chan’s father looking at him almost endearingly.
“Looking forward to this friendship with you.”
“Come to think of it, he’s not that bad, don’t you think?” You hummed, gesturing to your television where you were currently watching one of the vampire romance movies they were playing that night, shifting in your seat so you could tap Chan on the thigh, urging him to look up from his phone.
“Which one? The vampire dude?” Chan made a face at you. He never really paid attention to the show (well, not as much as you did, at least), the only things he remembered about it being that there were witches inside and a lot of people died.
“Yeah that one,” you pointed at the screen, “I thought he was a really big asshole at first, but now that I’m seeing more of him, he doesn’t seem all that bad. I think falling in love with the girl kind of like...reawakened the part of him that actually cares about things,” you laughed.
Chan shook his head, practically giggling in endearment at how invested you were in the show, “are you sure you’re not just saying that ‘cause you think he’s cute?”
You gasped, shoving Chan, shifting in your seat so you could lean against his shoulder.

“You know me so well,” you felt Chan’s shoulders shake as he laughed, bringing a hand over your shoulder to rest on the back of the sofa comfortably, allowing you to lean against him more.
“Come on, that’s totally impossible,” Chan laughed, gesturing to the scene on the tv where the vampire had pushed a big truck out of the way to protect someone in the truck’s way.
You rolled your eyes, shoving him lightly, “yeah? Says who?” You challenged, though you knew it was a little extreme for that to be possible as well.
“Physics,” he justified, making you shush him with a hand over his mouth before he went on another one of his rampages.
“Alright, alright, it’s not possible, don’t ruin the show for me.”
Removing your hand from his mouth, he’d continued watching with you in silence, before he’d suddenly asked you a question.
“Don’t you think I’d be cuter than him if I was a vampire?” Chan pouted, nudging at your head gently with his shoulder to get your attention, pushing his beanie up slightly.
“Come to think of it, I’ve never seen those vampires in movies have bleached hair before,” you teased in an attempt to calm yourself down, knowing for yourself your answer to his question was yes. However, your response only served to make his pout grow.
“Answer the question!” He whined, a giggle escaping his lips as he grasped your arm.
“You? A vampire?” You laughed, a hand flying over your mouth in a poor attempt to stifle your laughter.
Chan scoffed in disbelief.
“I don’t see why I can’t pass off as one if he can!” Chan pointed at the screen sulkily, making you shake your head.
“You’d never survive as a vampire who has to hunt on their own. You can barely hurt a fly,” you scrunched your nose at the thought, bursting into another fit of giggles when you felt Chan muss your hair, feigning hurt over your statement (but knowing all too well that you were right).
“You still didn’t answer if I’d be cuter or not.”
Rolling your eyes, you stuck your tongue out at him, “Invalid comparison, no comment,” your poorly stifled laughter had only made the both of you erupt into giggles, Chan shaking his head at you.
Once your laughter had died down, you let out a tired sigh.  
“D’you remember how our parents used to always talk about how vampires used to live in our town in the past?” You hummed, letting your train of thought steer away from the show.
Chan had a feeling he knew where your thought process was heading.
“You believe them, don’t you?”
“And you don’t?” you raised your eyebrows, lifting your head off his shoulders to look at him expectantly, curious to hear his reasoning even though you’ve probably heard it a thousand times already.
“I mean, it’s just a little hard to believe because of how it's portrayed in such a…fantasy kind of way in the media. And it just...doesn’t really make sense to me. As much as I hear the stories from our parents and all it’s kind of hard to find a biological explanation for it that I can actually accept.”
You shot him an amused look, your nose scrunching as you smiled.
“I still can’t believe you can even try to think about something like vampires scientifically,” you snickered, earning a shrug from him.
“You know who I always thought would be a vampire if there were any in our neighbourhood?” You continued, stopping to yawn as you awaited Chan’s indication that he was listening.
“That guy whose dad is in the town council,” your voice dropped to a mumble, “the one that basically threatened me to go to prom with him.”  
Chan pursed his lips, knowing who you were referring to even without you mentioning his name. He felt a pang of jealousy in his heart at the mention of that guy, but dismissed it quickly, knowing that you shared the same sentiments as he did, there was nothing to be jealous of.
“He’s the one that’s in the swim team our school always goes against, right?” Chan’s hand shifted from the back of the sofa to grasp your shoulder, squeezing gently as he rubbed your arm soothingly. Chan didn’t have to pretend to ask you for affirmation, he knew who you were referring to, a part of him just did it as a silent confirmation that you were sure you wanted to talk about him.
You nodded.
“There’s always been something off about him. He just really makes me...uncomfortable. Not that I’m saying all vampires are bad, more of like a…he’d fit the description if you asked me to think of those evil vampires in movies. You get what I mean, right?” you looked at him seriously, and Chan struggled to contain his smile, finding you absolutely cute but not wanting you to think he wasn’t respecting how you felt.
“The vibe I get whenever he tries to talk to me...just” you shuddered, “feels like he’s not even human.”
Chan nodded, remembering how shaken up you got on one occasion after one of his swim meets when that guy approached you.
You’d only told Chan about it a month after, and since Chan was Chan, he’d simply comforted you, telling you that you shouldn’t have kept it in for so long. But at the same time, you were thankful that you had someone as balanced as Chan to comfort you when you needed.
After all, Chan was never one to resort to violence.
“Let’s….not talk about him, kind of don’t wanna go to sleep thinking about him,” Chan huffed, making you let out a small giggle.
“Yeah, wouldn’t want you dreaming of him, would we?” You joked, earning a groan of agreement from Chan.
You’d felt his thumb rub your arm gently, his left hand checking the time on his phone, seeing that it was almost 2 in the morning.
“Are you tired? I kind of wanna pass out soon,” Chan yawned, earning a vigorous nod from you.
Leaning over to turn the tv off, you headed upstairs with Chan, walking into the bathroom and pushing Chan’s cup containing the toothbrush he used whenever he stayed over at your house to the unoccupied area of your sink. You’d already started to brush your teeth, seeing Chan walk into the bathroom shortly after with a tired smile on his face, noticing he'd taken his hoodie off.
“Your hair’s getting long,” your words were muffled around your toothbrush as you reached a hand up to touch his fluffy hair, which seemed even more curly now that you were seeing it in the light, having only seen it covered by his beanie for the whole day.
Chan couldn’t help the smile from his face as you did so, trying to distract himself with squeezing toothpaste onto his toothbrush, putting his toothbrush in his mouth with a grin directed at you through the mirror, his dimples showing cutely.
“I was thinking of dying it back to black,” he stopped brushing halfway to tell you, earning a sound of surprise from you.
Rinsing your mouth, you straightened up quickly to nod at him.
“You should, your hair would look just like it did when you were a kid,” you stepped into the shower to wash your face so that Chan could have more space at the sink.
“Is that a good thing?” Chan laughed.
You rolled your eyes, “of course it is, you looked so cute when you were a kid.”
Before Chan could react to your backhanded compliment, you continued, “when’s your next swim meet?”
“About a month from now?” He paused to rinse his mouth, starting to wash his face, speaking even as his eyes were closed.
“Who are you gonna be up against?” You asked, rinsing the face wash off of your face and stepping out again, Chan handing you a towel as he rinsed his own face as well, your routine flowing naturally from how regularly you would sleep over at each other’s houses.
“Who else?” He sighed.
You winced, stepping out of your bathroom before Chan, letting him turn off the lights as you slipped into your bed, and without even thinking, you had slung your arm around Chan’s waist, snuggling closer to him with your face pressing against his back.
“How’s swim meet preparation been?” You yawned.
Chan hummed, letting one of his hands cover your hand at his stomach, interlocking his fingers with yours as he rubbed the back of your hand gently. You’d found it strange how the action made you shy, dismissing the thought quickly as you took deep breaths.
“Can you breathe? Am I suffocating you?” Chan laughed, finding your sudden heavy breathing rather amusing, but most of all rather ticklish against his back.
You immediately stopped, not realising you were holding your breath, “uh-huh. Breathing’s fine.”
Chan smiled, “anyway, my dad’s been having me on this new diet and exercise plan, wants me to bulk up or something.”
You let out an amused snort, “I'm guessing this is a complaint?"
Chan nodded, even though he was pretty sure you couldn't see him, feeling your face against his back.
"Sure is. Honestly, I’m pretty sure he's only making me do all of this because he's been trying to get me as interested in exercising as him.”
“Aren’t you already, though?” You laughed, earning a shrug from him, as he turned to face you, his hand going back to playing with yours as he closed his eyes.
Struggling to keep your tone as steady as you could, you replied, "whatever it is, I'll be there to cheer you on. Win or lose."
Chan bit his lip, immensely thankful now that the light was dim enough that you weren't able to see his face clearly, dismissing the heat creeping onto his cheeks and the pounding of his heart to be due to how touching your words were to him.
Running his thumb over your knuckles, you didn't have to hear it to know Chan was thankful.
"Hopefully, I'll win, of course."
You scoffed, “goodnight, Chan."
You heard him hum, mumbling a soft "Night," before you lay in silence till you fell asleep.
"Chan? Chan, dude," Minho nudged the boy seated next to him.
Chan was struggling to focus in class. To him, he was hearing everything except whatever his teacher was explaining at the front of the hall. Things ranging from the low humming of the air conditioning to the hushed whispers of students that Chan couldn't even spot were beginning to sound deafening.
"Huh?" Chan turned his head to face his classmate Minho, who was seated at the table next to him, leaning over with his paper in hand.
"Did you get the answer for this question?"
Chan glanced at his worksheet, nodding and handing his worksheet to Minho to copy the correct answer, bringing his hands up to massage his temples, sighing as he shook his head.
What's wrong with you? just focus!
Chan rolled his eyes in frustration, giving Minho a small nod as he took his paper back, his leg starting to bounce and his hands beginning to fidget, twirling his pen only to stop seconds after because the sound simply added to the jumbled mess of noise in his brain.
“They should really fix that speaker,” Chan sighed, leaning back in his seat in slight resignation to the fact that he wasn’t getting rid of his headache anytime soon, wondering if it were possible that his head would just burst from how much it was pounding.
“Huh? Which speaker?” Minho frowned, making Chan’s mouth fall agape.
“You don’t hear it? It’s making this really loud buzzing sound!” Chan pointed with his pen to the speaker at the front of the hall, glaring at it as if it were buzzing on purpose.
Minho eyed Chan curiously, “dude…I’m really sorry but I’m not hearing what you’re hearing...”
Chan shook his head, “It’s fine, maybe I’m just hearing something else.”
"Are you meeting Y/N later?" he asked Chan, earning a nod from him.
"What are you guys gonna do?"
Chan's eyebrows lifted in confusion, "nothing?" he dragged out the word in his uncertainty on what Minho was asking him about.
Minho rolled his eyes, "how unromantic."
Chan sputtered, wanting to be upset but at the same time not quite knowing what he was getting upset about.
"What do you expect us to do? Have a candlelight dinner on a school day?"
Minho remained unamused, "I mean, you said you liked her, right? Why aren't you doing anything about it?"
Chan tapped his pen on his paper, taking down the answer for the new question on the screen as he replied Minho.
"Key word, I like her. It's not necessarily very mutual right now."
Minho groaned, "obviously you wouldn't know because you're not even trying to find out."
Chan gave Minho his best distressed expression, which only made him sigh, shaking his head.
"Whatever, it's not like you'd have the guts to confess to her without my help anyway."
Chan shot Minho a dirty look, returning his attention back to the screen, still struggling to place the various sounds he was hearing as his teacher's voice blared through the speakers.
He figured it would go away by lunch, but when he’d walked into the cafeteria, it only got worse.
You spotted Chan standing stunned at one of the pillars near the water cooler in the cafeteria, holding his bag strap tightly in his hand as he scrunched his eyes shut, shaking his head firmly as he opened his eyes again, spotting you immediately after.
Dressed in his usual all black attire (not that you’d expected anything else from him), he’d slumped onto the seat of the bench you were sitting at, giving you a pitiful pained expression, tugging his hood over his head as he murmured a greeting to you.
Looking at him curiously as you munched on your lunch, you tilted your head at him, “what’s with the face?”
“Okay, I don’t know if I’m just going crazy but…I literally can’t focus today,” he sighed, pulling out his bottle which you assumed was his protein shake.
“What do you mean?” You hummed, “also, is this the thing your dad’s been making you drink?” You gestured to the bottle, earning a grim nod from him.
Pulling it closer to yourself, you took a whiff of its contents, resisting the urge to hurl once you’d done so, immediately cringing and pushing it back to him.
“Oh, man. Life’s hard.”
Chan mirrored your expression as he took the shake back from you.
“Anyway, I don’t know. Just now in class it was like every single sound was suddenly super loud and clear, I could barely single out my teacher’s voice. Even now it’s really hard for me to not pay attention to all these conversations around us,” he frowned, making you hum in thought.
Bringing a hand to your chin thoughtfully, you narrowed your eyes before shrugging abruptly.
“I don’t know, maybe it’s like ADHD or something,” you shrugged.
“You think so? It was so bad I actually considered that for a second…like mostly the inattention,” he shrugged.
“Maybe you should ask your mom if you could get checked if it doesn't go away by next week,” you suggested, earning a half-hearted shrug from him.
Chan focused on downing the rest of his strange protein shake at one go, not wanting to prolong his suffering, letting out a loud groan when he was done.
“D’you have any plans after school?” He asked, earning a shake of the head from you.
Chan thought back to what Minho said during class, wondering if he should try to create opportunities (or excuses) to hang out with you more.
“Oh, you know, my mom's asking if you wanna join us for dinner..." Chan's gaze searched your expression.
"You know, since your parents are working late at the hospital today," he added as an afterthought.
Mental note to tell mom Y/N is coming over.
You grinned at that, having always liked Chan’s mother’s cooking, giving him a vigorous nod.
"I finish pretty early today, though. So, I might head home first and shower or something,” you spoke around your mouthful of food, earning a sound of distaste from Chan.
Swallowing your food with a sheepish grin, you continued, "you have training today, right?"
He nodded, stealing a piece of meat from your plate, "But don't worry about me, I'll just meet you at my house after I'm done."
"Hey, babe,” your mom had met your dad at the vending machine at the hospital lift lobby while she was on the way to another patient's room.
Looking up and spotting your mom, your dad gave her an exaggerated look of pain, “just got out of surgery.” He heaved a sigh as he bent over to wait for his drink to fall to the bottom of the machine.
“Poor you. Anyway, I haven't heard from Chan's mom whether they got the…extract packets yet, you did deliver them, didn't you?"
Your dad's hand stopped mid-grab at the can of drink, the realisation that he indeed hadn't delivered them yet almost causing the can to slip from his hand.
He could picture the box sitting on the countertop in the kitchen, he'd even taken it out of the cooler fridge in the morning since he'd wanted to drop by Chan's house to deliver it to his parents before going to work that afternoon.
"Uh...yeah," his voice cracked as he replied your mother, giving her a more confident nod and clearing his throat.
"Yeah, you know I think they probably haven't seen it yet. I can ask Y/N to help us check, she told us she'd be going over to their house for dinner."
Your dad had managed to successfully divert your mom's attention away from the blood bags, letting out a snort at the mention of dinner.
"I still can't believe they do those family dinner things, once Chan's father tried describing the taste of steak to me and I couldn't get it out of my head whenever I saw him cooking it."
Your dad gave her a knowing look.
"You know they do it more for Chan than anything," he explained, “plus, he's got a pretty big appetite."
Your mom frowned, "I guess that makes sense. It'll be easier to tell if his tastes are changing."
Your dad nodded in agreement, “especially now. Remember what they said the other day? That he would probably start showing symptoms of a transition around this period of his life."
His expression was grim as he spoke, unsure what that would imply for you since you were in such close contact with Chan, who currently had no idea about anything to do with vampires.
"I have to go, we can talk about this another time," giving your dad an apologetic smile, your mom left promptly after.
Heaving a sigh of relief, your dad pulled his phone from his pocket to send you a text before he forgot.
dad 3:42pm - r u at home?-
Your reply came in shortly after
3:42pm - yeah i am, whats the stuff on the counter? R they the extract packets for Chan's family?-
dad 3:43pm - yes can u put them in the fridge quickly please! can u be a dear and pass it to them when you go over for dinner?- 3:43pm - and dont tell your mother i forgot!-
3:44pm -alrighty-
You thought nothing of it, simply doing as you were told since it was a common occurrence for your parents to gift Chan's family with things like this, you know, with Chan's parents being fairly health conscious and your own parents being doctors.
Glancing at the time, you were confident that you had a few hours to kill, proceeding to think of countless things you could do in an attempt to satisfy your boredom.
You’d spent majority of your time lazing on your bed contemplating on getting work done (which you eventually decided against), choosing to watch a movie to kill time before dinner, putting on whatever you could find on Netflix. You didn’t really care what the movie was about, simply wanting something to play in the background so you wouldn’t feel so bored.
Gradually, though, you’d found yourself growing jittery, increasingly excited and impatient for Chan to be done with his training so you could hang out with him, not knowing that he was already done, having hitched a ride home with his dad.
You were almost about to fall asleep to the protagonist of the movie’s monologue when the buzzing of your phone had woken you up, jumping slightly from the shock. Squinting at the bright screen of your phone, you read the text from Chan that just came in.
Chan 6:38pm -im home alr, gna take a shower but u can come over ill be done rly quick-
You yawned, sliding out of bed and putting on a sweater over your shirt, shoving your phone into your pocket and making your way to your kitchen in your half-asleep daze.
Heaving the box of extract packets out from the cooler fridge and setting it on the counter, you reached over to grab your keys and shove them into the other pocket of your sweatpants before you left the house, kicking the door closed behind you.
Knocking on the door, you’d tried to shift the box higher in your arms, supporting it with your leg as you waited for someone to open the door.
Soon enough, the door opened to reveal Chan’s mom, a flowery apron wrapped around her torso, her eyes widening as she saw you, a loud squeal leaving her lips as you greeted her.
“Y/N! Here, here, let me get that for you.”
She lifted the box you were struggling to carry with apparent ease, setting it aside before giving you a big hug, giving you a tight squeeze before pulling away, her hands coming up to cup your face, smoothing your hair down from where it got messy from the wind.
“Do you want to take a seat at the dining table first? Chan should be down soon,” she told you, not waiting for your reply before she went behind you, lightly pushing you into the kitchen where you’d spotted Chan’s dad with a similar apron on.
“Is that Y/N?” His dad turned, giving you a warm wave with his spatula, urging you to sit down at the dining table while you waited for the food to be done. You figured you were waiting for Chan to be done as well, being able to hear the faint sound of a hairdryer from upstairs as you walked to the dining area.
You’d sat and waited patiently after many (failed) attempts at trying to help them set the table, spotting Chan coming down the stairs as his parents were getting seated.
Dressed in a black sweater, his hair looking freshly dried and fluffy, you spotted Chan entering the dining room, the smile he was giving you looking awfully giddy as he took a seat next to you.
Your stomach almost growled at the sight of the food on your plate, thankful for Chan’s mom’s queue for everyone to start eating, and you dug in almost immediately, letting out a small sigh at the taste of the food.
“Wow, this tastes really good,” you praised, earning a chorus of ‘go ahead! Eat more!’ From his parents.
Chan momentarily wondered if it was the protein shake that was making his appetite wonky, deciding to just dismiss his reluctant feelings and swallow the food, figuring that maybe he just wasn’t in the mood for lamb chops today.
“How’ve you been, Y/N?” Chan’s dad asked you, and you would’ve almost spoken through your mouthful of food if not for the warning look Chan gave you.
Hurriedly swallowing your food, you smiled, “honestly, things have been pretty boring. There’s not much going on other than homework and lessons,” you let out a huff of amusement.
Chan nodded in agreement, “right, I forgot you didn’t join any clubs.”
“What about you, Chan? You’ve got a swim meet soon, right?”
He nodded, prompting his mom to continue.
“Has your body been feeling okay? Any changes in appetite? You know, it’s important to be in your best condition during competition season.”
Chan’s dad inspected his face for any sign of affirmation as his mother spoke, both parents feeling anxious at their son’s imminent transition and obviously not knowing how to approach it since it was, after all, their first and only child.
Chan shrugged, unsure how to explain this to his parents since he’d grown so used to competitions since he was a child, but he was only seeming to notice changes now.
You perked up at the mention of changes, nudging Chan with your elbow, making him turn to you with an expectant look, “you should tell her about the hearing thing.”
"What hearing thing?"
Chan shook his head in dismissal, but you hadn't waited for him to continue, knowing he would downplay it like how he always did when he didn't want his parents to worry.
"He was saying how he found it hard to focus because he can hear so many things and keeps getting distracted," you began, missing the knowing look Chan's mom had cast towards her husband.
Chan’s dad was quick to respond, “your mom used to go through something similar, but don’t worry, it'll go away after a while."
Chan raised his eyebrows in question but nodded nonetheless.
That night after dinner, you had both adjourned to Chan’s room, the comforting smell upon entering, that you couldn’t describe as anything other than Chan, instantly putting you in a relaxed mood.
You'd flopped belly-down onto Chan's bed, closing your eyes and letting a satisfied sigh escape your lips while the said boy was bringing his homework over to where you were, pushing you so you rolled over to make space for him.
You opened your eyes with a pout that he'd made you roll over, leaning over to inspect the papers before flopping back down on his bed.
"What's that?" you asked.
"Chemistry homework," he murmured, twirling his pen between his fingers as he glared at the questions, filling in answers with ease.
Chan let out an amused huff, his tongue sticking out slightly to wet his lips before he spoke, "do you still need a tutor? I can help you if you need."
You let out a sigh, rolling over so you were lying on your back now, your head next to Chan's textbook, his flipping causing his knuckles to graze your face lightly, the sensation almost causing Chan to pull back his hand instinctively.
"It's a little late for that, already have one. And thanks to him my chemistry is kind of improving,"
"Who?" there was an edge to Chan's voice that you found interesting, not knowing why this information was so important to him.
"Mingyu?” You answered, your hesitance making it sound like more of a question than an answer, “he's my lab partner."
Chan clenched his jaw, nodding. It wasn't any secret that you'd mentioned that Mingyu was 'charismatic' countless times before, but it wasn't as if you meant anything by it.
To you, it was the same as admiring an actor on tv.  But of course, Chan knew that. Which was why he surprised himself with how jealous he was getting at the mere thought of Mingyu tutoring you, getting carried away by thinking of all the opportunities he would get to joke with you or to see the small satisfied smile you would always have on your face after getting a question right. He was getting unusually sulky.
It was just chemistry, wasn't it? There was no reason to feel threatened.
Yet, Chan couldn't shake from his mind the possibility of you being attracted to Mingyu on a deeper level, something Chan wished he could achieve.
He'd caught you off guard when he glanced at you, his expression almost unreadable. As Chan leant over ever so slightly, you felt your heart rate pick up, the racing of your heartbeat loud as ever in your ears, almost making it hard to breathe (or maybe it was how nice he smelled, you weren't sure).
"Why didn't you ask me?" he teased, making your eyes widen, shoving him further away in your panic.
"Y-you know, it just never crossed my mind! And plus, like, you know, it's easier 'cause Mingyu's my lab partner," you fumbled for an excuse, your mind picturing Chan tutoring you instead of Mingyu, feeling strangely shy at the thought.
What was wrong with you? it's just tutoring, it's not that romantic.
Chan huffed, dimples appearing on his face as he smirked, shaking his head at you.
"You say it like you don't spend hours lying on my bed doing nothing almost every day," He sighed, his hand that was next to your head clenching tighter on his textbook, hoping he was just hallucinating when he thought he could hear the quick thumping of your heart.
In your panic, you'd gotten up from the bed abruptly, removing your sweater from how warm you'd gotten after whateverjust happened.
"Is that a new perfume you're wearing?" he mumbled absentmindedly once you'd removed your sweater, his gaze still fixed on his worksheets, penning down an answer as he awaited your reply.
"Nope, it's the one I've always been using," you told him, hearing him hum in surprise.
"Really? That's weird. I remember it smelling good when you started wearing it, but I never remembered it smelling this good," he laughed.
Rolling your eyes, you stretched your arm out so your wrist was exposed just below his nose. Taking a whiff, Chan winced at the sudden dull ache at his gums, at the same time it was like his other senses were dulled, the only thing he was able to focus on being the sudden urge to….eat?  
Gripping your wrist firmly, you watched with wide eyes as he brought your wrist down away from his face, trying to figure out why his appetite was only coming back now.
Maybe he really wasn't in the mood for lamb chops today.
"I'm kinda hungry, might go and grab something from the kitchen. You want anything?" you shook your head.
Leaving you (very confused) in his room, Chan had gone downstairs to the kitchen, his heavy footsteps getting the attention of his mom who was seated at the sofa, “Chan, dear can you help me throw this away in the kitchen?”
He made his way over to where his mom was seated, seeing that she was waving a now-empty packet of the concentrated extract packets your parents always gave them, humming in acknowledgement as he took the packet from her hands.
Bringing it over to the kitchen, Chan threw it into the bin, pulling the fridge open, only then realising that he’d gotten a bit of the extract on his fingers, bringing his thumb to his mouth to suck it off.
Then, there it was again. That dull ache in his gums, except this time he felt as though he’d found a taste similar to whatever he thought he was craving, the sweetness of the extract surprising him, since he remembered trying it in the past once when his parents weren’t home and only remembering it to have tasted horrible.
Maybe they changed the manufacturer.

Chan shrugged, deciding to take one of the packets from the fridge discreetly and head back upstairs. Entering the room, Chan spotted you lying on the same spot he’d left you in, staring curiously at his Chemistry homework.
“Why do your questions look so much harder?”
Chan scoffed, “maybe Mingyu needs to tutor you more,” he sing-songed, and you told yourself not to imagine the spitefulness to his tone.
Tearing an opening in the packet with his teeth and taking as sip of the extract, Chan almost let out a groan, looking at the packet with his eyebrows raised, still not being able to understand how it could taste so different from what he remembered.
“What’s that?”
“It’s the red ginseng thing your parents gave us,” he murmured, taking bigger sips of the extract, gulping it down as easily as if it were water, making your eyebrows furrow in confusion.
“Isn’t it really bitter?” You made a face of disgust, earning a vigorous shake of the head from him.
“No, not at all. You wanna try?” Chan held the packet in front of you, and taking it from his hands, you’d taken a small sip, the liquid immediately being rejected by your taste buds, the packet long forgotten as your hands flew up to cover your mouth before you could spit it out, getting up quickly to run to his bathroom, spitting out whatever you had in your mouth into the sink, finding the awful metallic taste of the liquid lingering on your tongue.
You weren’t sure if you were overreacting, but you’d got the sensing that what was in that packet was definitely not red ginseng, your mind naturally wandering to the most extreme possibility you could think of at the moment.
But that wouldn’t make sense, would it? You dismissed the thought quickly, figuring it would be too much of a coincidence, turning the tap on to rinse the liquid down the sink, not wanting to look at it any longer.
You almost hadn’t noticed Chan’s presence at the door of the bathroom, “are you okay? What happened? Did you like, choke or something?” He asked, concern laced in his tone and expression.
You shook your head, hiding your conflicting thoughts with a laugh, “I really…don’t think I can drink that stuff.”
You rinsed your mouth and brushed your teeth in your desperate attempt to get rid of the metallic taste, turning to face Chan afterwards, who had his lips pulled into a thoughtful pout.
“That was really gross, I still feel like throwing up,” you groaned, watching Chan finish the rest of the packet and dispose of it in the trash.
“Maybe you should rest, do you want some water?”
You nodded profusely, pouting sulkily at him, “yes, please. Thank you.”
Chan had made his way downstairs again, this time, when he was on his way back upstairs with a glass of water for you, he’d bumped into his dad who looked as though he were about to knock on his bedroom door.
“Oh, Chan, can I um speak to you for a minute?”
Chan shrugged, letting his dad lead him to his parent’s room, where his mom was seated on the bed, inspecting the contents of a small palm-sized box she was holding.
Sitting on the bed next to his mom, Chan’s dad stood next to them as his mom began, “your dad and I were thinking it was about time we give you this, since you’re growing up now.”
Chan accepted the box from his mom, opening it and seeing a thick rimmed engraved ring, with a translucent gem sitting nicely embedded in the ring.
“It’s for protection. Your dad’s parents gave one to him and me when we got married, and it’s been serving us well ever since. We need you to make sure you have it on you at all times, is that alright?”
“Oh…” Chan glanced briefly at his parent’s hands, inspecting their own individual rings, “protection?”
“Yes, we believe there’s a sort of… luck about the ring. Which is why it’s very important that you wear it," she stressed.
Chan felt as though he were in some sort of fantasy movie, having only seen these things in the likes of Harry Potter movies, nodding dumbly along with whatever his parents were saying.
“Alright, I uh…I’ll go back to my room now, Y/N’s probably waited really long already...” He stood up, holding the box tightly in his hand as he left the room.
"What was that?!" Chan's mom whispered harshly at his dad once Chan left the room, shuddering as she recalled their awkward presenting of Chan's ring.
"I thought parenting was hard but I didn't know it was gonna feel this weird too," Chan's mom sighed.
"I think we did pretty well," he shrugged.
And Chan thought they did well too, until he was walking back to his room and the swarm of questions started to flood his mind:
Was the ring water resistant? What about swim meets, would he have to take it off then? But his parents said wear it ‘all the time’, so didn’t that mean he couldn’t take it off?
Chan was ready to tell you everything that had happened, hoping you would indulge him and his many questions like you always did for each other, opening the door as he spoke, “I have a question-”
Chan stopped himself when he’d heard the light snoring coming from where you lay on the bed, your head nuzzled into his hoodie that he’d left there. Letting a soft huff escape his lips, he’d set the cup of water on the bedside table, walking around you and clearing the bed of his worksheets and textbooks, tucking an arm ever so slowly beneath your knees and behind your back to carefully shift your position so your head would be on the pillow.
Taking his laptop and bringing it over to the bedside table, Chan got into bed, carefully peeling his hoodie away from your face, seeing you frown in your sleep, rolling over only to have your face press against his side, a deep sigh leaving you, Chan momentarily tensing when he felt your hand sling over his waist, hugging him as though he were a bolster.
Taking deep breaths, Chan pulled his laptop onto his lap, clicking on his Netflix tab with a sigh, anticipating a long night ahead.
“Woah,” you gasped, gaping as you stared at the timer in your hands, the sloshing of water in the pool drowned out by your shock.
Chan's head surfaced from the pool, pushing his (rather freshly dyed and cut) hair away from his forehead as he looked at you, his hand going up to wipe the water from his face.
"How'd I do?"
You sputtered, too shocked to form words as you showed him his timing.
"That's literally...your fastest one yet."
Chan's eyes widened at the sight of the timing, staring at you with his eyebrows raised, "H... how did this even..." he sounded breathless, earning a nod of agreement from you.
"I don't think I’ve seen anyone swim this fast, what are you, a vampire?" you laughed, earning a splash of water in your direction.
"You know, I'm pretty convinced it's all the gymming and the whole diet plan thing.” Chan noticed your unamused expression, making him huff and roll his eyes.
Wading over to where you sat at the edge of the pool, he brought his arms to rest against the edge, using his arms to gesture as he spoke.
"No, like, seriously hear me out. Ever since I started like eating the protein shakes and whatever and I’ve been taking the red ginseng stuff too, and I feel great, like everything seems a lot…more intense?” Chan tried to explain, earning an intrigued hum from you.
“Like, it’s as if my senses are like…heightened. Do you know what I mean?” He continued, and you couldn’t help but think of all the stories your parents would tell you about vampires, about how common it used to be in the town back when her parents were children, looking at Chan who was busy touching the ring on his finger.
Chan’s parents seemed absolutely normal, it wouldn’t make sense, would it? Dismissing the thought quickly, Chan had noticed you staring at his hands, looking away and clearing his throat loudly in an attempt to get you out of whatever trance you were in.
You opened and closed your mouth, fumbling to swipe out of your timer app to do a quick search on the benefits of red ginseng.
“I mean, I did hear that red ginseng has a ton of benefits,” you shrugged, scrolling through the results, mindlessly naming the benefits to him as you tried not to stare at him getting out of the pool.
Maybe the gymming was starting to show, especially now that you were seeing him while he wasn’t drowning himself in his one-size-too-big hoodies. Looking away as he grabbed his towel, he rubbed the towel against his hair as he stretched his free hand out to you.
“Are you gonna tell your dad about your new timing? When’s the deadline for you to submit it to the swimming people?” You asked, grasping his hand and letting him pull you swiftly off of the ground, again surprising you with the ease at which he did so.  
“We’re past the deadline already, the competition's in a few days, I doubt they’d accept any more changes in entries this close to the competition,” he laughed.
Your lips made an o shape, a low impressed sound leaving you, “ohh, the other swimmers are really gonna be shocked, then. I don’t even remember your rival being this good.”
Chan shot you a pointed look, knowing you were referring to the town council member’s son, “he’s not my rival, Y/N,” Chan shook his head at you with a smile, and oh, how Chan it was of him to say that.
You rolled your eyes.
"Yeah, whatever, the bane of my existence, then. Speaking of which, he replied to my post the other day,” you murmured.
“Oh yeah? What did he say?” Chan grabbed his backpack, beginning to walk with you to the shower rooms. Pulling out your phone, you’d scrolled through your camera roll to find the screenshot of the post where you’d taken a picture of the pool, captioning it that you were still waiting for Chan to finish practicing so you could go and eat.
Chan squinted his eyes, trying to read the reply that guy had left on your post, “tell Chan not to work too hard to get his ass beat for me babe,” Chan rolled his eyes after reading the comment.
“I took a screenshot to show you before I deleted his comment,” you laughed, shoving your phone back into your pocket.
And as usual, Chan replied graciously, “don’t let him get to you,” he told you, setting his things down at the bench near the doors of the locker room.
You bit your tongue, knowing that Chan was right that he still bothered you, and showing Chan his stupid comments wasn't going to make him any more bothered about it than you were because that was just how Chan was.
Patient, forgiving, no-violence Chan. Maybe that was what you liked so much about him, how he made you feel balanced, safe. And picturing him as a vampire was not doing anything for this already-formed judgement of Chan, afraid that it might change if it turned out to be true.
“Wait for me a little bit longer? I’m gonna take a quick shower,” Chan gave you a pleading look, even though he knew you would say yes.
And though you knew it too, you didn’t miss the opportunity to give him your best look of annoyance, making him rush to reassure you.
“Really, really, I swear. I’ll be quick. Sit tight,” he told you, entering the locker rooms as you were left to scroll through your social media.
True to his word, he was done quickly, and you'd made your way out of the indoor hall, unfortunately having to squeeze together with the crowd of students who were all rushing to go home as well.
You walked ahead of Chan, making your way through the halls when you suddenly felt a hand grip your wrist firmly, turning to see a rather uncomfortable-looking Chan, who had his other hand covering his mouth, the dull ache in his gums returning as the students pushed past the both of you.
"Hey, you okay?" your eyebrows were knit in concern, watching as his glazed-over gaze met yours, nodding a little belatedly.
"Yeah," he let out a controlled breath, "just gotta get out of here, feel like I can't breathe."
You'd never known Chan was claustrophobic, the newfound information making you grip his hand tighter and quicken your pace so you were out of the school gates in no time.
You heard him let out a deep sigh, his hand still grasping yours firmly, turning your head to watch closely as he brought a hand up to touch his teeth, feeling almost as though he were hallucinating when he'd felt his canines become more blunt, if that were possible (even though he was absolutely sure he'd cut his thumb on them the day before when he was inspecting his teeth in the mirror to find possible reasons behind his toothache).
"What happened just now? Are you okay?"
Chan shook his head, "nah it was nothing just.... happens when I'm in crowds, makes me feel really giddy and breathless, almost like I ran 50 laps without a sip of water."
You nodded in understanding, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. Could this have been...bloodlust?
"Maybe it's because I didn't cool down after practice," he shrugged, and for now, you accepted that answer.
Chan was practically humming with excitement when it was competition day, having drank the red ginseng every day since the last time he’d met you to practice, and you were the same, sitting in the spectators stand with some people who you recognised to be Chan’s classmates, who had invited you to sit with them since they’d seen you come in late.
You recognized one of them to be Minho, who you knew Chan was close to, and the both of you had managed to get along quite well whenever you talked, and you were glad he was here, providing you snacks and making conversation with you, even updating you on the events and the people whenever you were lost without you having to ask.
While you were waiting for the swim meet to start, you'd made conversation with Minho, delving into simple topics like what you studied and what you were planning on studying in the future and things like that.
"I bumped into Chan just now when I was on my way here," Minho mentioned casually, "has he been kind of weird lately?"
You raised an eyebrow at Minho's question, wondering what behaviour Chan showcased to make him think that way.
"Weird like how?"
"Like, I don't know. I asked you because he seemed a lot more energetic, thought you guys were finally dating or something."
You scoffed; your attention momentarily diverted as you heard the horn blast to commence the first swimming event.
"What made you think that?" you let out a nervous laugh, making him shrug, watching the swimmers with a satisfied smile on his face.
"No reason."
You watched in anticipation as the swimmers for the next event (which was Chan’s first event of the day), walked up to their respective lanes, with Chan in the middle lane.
"That guy keeps staring in our direction," Minho murmured.
Your frowned, "which guy?"
Minho gestured with his hand in the direction of the swimmers, "Chan's rival."
Your eyes lit up, "I'm not the only one who thinks they're rivals!" you cheered, only then realizing what Minho had said. "Wait, he's looking?"
You let go of your hesitance to cast a glance at the direction of the town council member's son, you realized that he was indeed looking in your direction, casting you a wink when you'd met his gaze.
Looking away immediately, your expression hardened, not wanting to show any sign of being affected by what he had done, simply giving Minho a shrug, "never liked him very much."
Minho let out an amused grunt, "same."
Watching the swimmers intently, you waited as Chan had participated for the breaststroke, and freestyle events, his last one being the Individual medley, where he'd essentially have to do four different types of swimming strokes. Though you knew Chan's timing for yourself, you couldn't help the nervousness that crept up on you once the event started, knowing Chan used to be weaker in his backstroke, not knowing if he'd improved.
But Chan had proven you wrong when you saw how fast he was swimming, finishing a lot faster than the other players.
"Woah." Minho's eyes were wide, turning to share a look of amazement with you.
You couldn't help but notice the dirty looks the council member's son was casting towards Chan, even going to the extent of spouting a few comments to try to throw Chan off, to which the boy would always respond by staring straight ahead, refusing to entertain him.
This wasn't to say Chan wasn't annoyed, no, he was very much annoyed. He just didn’t feel a need to react, not wanting his own personal feelings to get in the way of his performance. Like you always said, classic Chan.
The crowd cheered loudly when the event was over, and you cheered even louder knowing that this meant Chan was officially done with his events and that he could finally rest.
But before you could celebrate with him by watching a movie and snacking at his house, you had to sit through the wrapping up of the ceremony, unable to sit still through the prize ceremony (which seemed as though it lasted forever).
Figuring you might as well put your restlessness to good use, you tried taking pictures of Chan as he received his medals, zooming in as much as your phone allowed to get a good view of him. Minho seemed to sense your struggle with getting good photos of him, laughing at your lack of common sense.
"Why don't you just walk over there and take them? You'd get a much better view compared to here," Minho suggested, earning an impressed hum from you.  Going over to the balcony of the spectator stand in your attempt to take better pictures of Chan, trying to ignore the way he looked absolutely radiant from where he’d stood at the top of the stand, or trying to ignore how he would wave his hand in dismissal as he covered his smile, probably refusing another compliment from the Guest-of-Honour. But most of all, trying not to let your heart flutter at the tiny wave he gave you when he spotted you at the balcony.
After the ceremony had ended, you’d went back to your seat, focusing on filtering your pictures of Chan, favouriting the good ones so you could send it to him, feeling someone tap your shoulder, looking up to see that it was Minho.
“We're gonna head out first, will you be alright?"
You nodded profusely, waving a hand in dismissal.
“Yeah! Yeah, of course, go ahead,” you told him and his other friends quickly, earning an appreciative smile from them.
“Thanks, tell Chan we said congrats!” They beamed, leaving you to continue editing your pictures of Chan.
You were surprised at the crowd that lingered, not missing the way you heard some of them saying they were just waiting for Chan to come out so they could congratulate him before leaving, and soon enough you heard hushed whispers, assuming Chan had arrived. 

Waiting for him to greet you, you’d looked up with a smile when you felt the tap on your shoulder. However, your smile immediately dropped when you saw who was actually in front of you.
Your blood ran cold, almost freezing up in place as you saw the smile he gave you, “hey, babe. Stayed to wait for me?”
In your attempt to look unintimidated, you’d scoffed, “nope,” you looked elsewhere, not daring to look him in the eye and letting your gaze falter.
You’d shifted away when he’d taken a seat next to you on the bench, his hand going up to grasp your shoulder, pushing your hair away from your shoulder to reveal more of your neck.
“What’s got you all angsty? All I wanted was to say hi,” he shrugged, one of his hands going to grasp your forearm, making you shake your hand out of his grip. You would've expected more courtesy from a council member's son.
“You’ve said hi, now I’d appreciate if you could leave me alone.”
You’d almost shivered when he brought a hand up to pinch your ear, flinching away and absolutely hating the dirty feeling that lingered when he removed his hand, all you could think of was that you were desperate for Chan to show up, not trusting your own ability to retort.
“Hmm, I have to say, Y/N. The more you play hard to get, the more it’s reeling me in,” he laughed, making you stand up abruptly, taking a step away from him, oblivious to the fact that Chan had heard your conversation, making his way up to the spectator stand as quickly as he could.
“I’m not playing…hard to get,” you took a deep breath in, clenching your fists and desperately trying to reduce the trembling of your voice.
“Whatever you say, babe,” he shrugged, leaving you to regulate your breathing as he sat at the spectators stands at the bottom of the section.
“Y/N,” you heard the voice you were so thankful to hear, turning to see Chan standing there, giving you a warm smile as he gave you a wave, his other hand full of his bouquet of flowers and his bag.
You heaved a sigh of relief, giving him a smile, hoping he hadn’t seen your interaction with that guy but knowing deep down he probably did.
Chan made his way to stand at the aisle next to where you sat, your hand reaching out to grab his free hand, relishing in the feeling of safety that washed over you instantly, feeling him swaying your hands gently as you resisted the urge to close your eyes.
“You did so well just now! I have so many videos, it was amazing,” you told him, seeing him shake his head, maintaining his modesty, never one to receive compliments very well.
“I was honestly really surprised myself,” he laughed, his free hand going up to grasp the back of his neck, pulling the hood of his jacket over his head in an attempt to hide his red ears.
Chan had unconsciously looked over to where the guy was sitting with his friends, noticing that they were looking in your direction as well, the guy letting out a scoff before gesturing to the both of you.
“Oh, I get it now, so the reason why she’s been so hesitant is basically ‘cause Chris’ got her on a leash,” he sneered, making Chan furrow his eyebrows.
You sensed his change in demeanour, frowning as you looked up at him, “hey, what’s wrong?”
Chan shook his head at first, figuring it wouldn’t do him or you any good if he were to get angry, choosing to ignore it as you stood up, your hands going to cup his face as you tried to place what emotion he was feeling. Your action had almost calmed Chan down, but it had also seemed to elicit a reaction from the guy’s group of friends as well.
“I don’t blame him, if it were me I’d want that all to myself too, I mean look at her, shit, she’d look so much hotter if she wasn’t always covering herself up,” one of his friends had sputtered out with a laugh, making the guy sigh loudly in agreement with his friend.
“Makes you wanna take it off for her yourself, doesn’t it?”
Chan’s expression hardened, making your eyebrows raise, concerned as to why he was suddenly looking so upset.
“What did you just say?” Chan’s tone was stern, making your eyes widen.
“Me?” Chan had peeled your hands off of his face, giving you a small smile as he tried to suppress his anger.
“Nothing, hey, can you go wait for me at the lobby first? I just need to grab something quick and then we can go,” he told you, making you a little confused at the sudden switch in his behaviour again but nodding nonetheless, wanting to get out of this place as soon as you could.
Once Chan was sure you were out of sight, he made his way to where the guy and his friends were sitting, staring them down as he found himself acting faster than his brain could process.
“I’d appreciate it if you keep your disgusting comments to yourself,” Chan snarled, his fists clenching at his sides.

This had only seemed to amuse the council member’s son, who raised a challenging eyebrow at Chan.
“What comments?”
Chan was practically seething with anger, his jaw clenching with the amount of sheer restraint he was trying to maintain not to lash out at the boy in front of him, finding it strange that he was feeling this way since he usually didn’t get so riled up from his comments.
“Don’t play dumb with me. I saw the way you acted towards her. Couldn’t you tell that she was uncomfortable?”
“Didn’t seem like it to me,” the boy drawled, “oh but, we do have a question for you. Is Y/N as good at using her mouth for doing things other than running it?” He looked at Chan, the lift of his eyebrows almost daring Chan to snap.
Chan let out a deep breath through his nose, his fists clenching at his sides.
“Comments like what you just said about Y/N, she’s not comfortable with it, and neither am I. So, I’d really appreciate it if you showed some decency and at least tried to keep such comments to yourself.”
The guy made an expression of realisation, turning to his friends to snicker.
“I completely understand," the guy stood up, his hand coming up to push at Chan's shoulder, forcing him to stumble back slightly. Bringing a hand up to slap Chan across the face, patting his cheek harshly after to prolong the sting.
“Chris here's just getting all emotional trying to protect his little pet, I completely under-“
Chan wasn’t sure what came over him in that moment, all he knew was that he really wanted to put that guy in his place, and he didn't care if he was gonna have to face the damn town council for it if it meant that he would stop going after you.
Throwing his first punch to the boy's face, managing to trigger a nosebleed as he stumbled onto the floor, fumbling to grab his seat to find some stability after the impact of Chan's punch.
Chan wanted to stop at that, since you were probably wondering where he was and why he was taking so long. However, something about the way the blood dripping from the boy's nose had smelled was making Chan hazier than he already was.
"What the fuck was that for, dude?" he sputtered, getting up and swinging a punch towards Chan, which Chan had seemed as though he hadn't felt, simply narrowing his eyes at the boy.
It was as though he was going in and out of focus, not even realising how far he'd gotten into the fight as the people in the swimming complex had gaped at the scene.
Chan, fighting? it didn't seem like it was real, especially not with the way the guy's friends had joined in in an attempt to defend their friend but yet Chan had seemed immune to the pain, his frustration getting the better of him.
"Hey, dude, don't think you can just run away after doing that," his friends threatened, grabbing Chan's arms as they tried to prevent Chan from leaving.
Meanwhile, in the lobby, you were busy trying to identify all the flowers in Chan's bouquet when you'd heard a commotion coming from the swimming area, hearing the large double doors open to reveal a few guys from Chan's swimming team that you knew the faces of but not their names, running over to you with panic-stricken expressions.
"Hey, uh, I think you should come with us, it’s Chris.”
You frowned, already following them with brisk footsteps, a sick feeling in your stomach growing as you tried to picture what could’ve possibly been going on.
“What happened?”
Pushing open the door leading to the swimming area, your eyes searched desperately to find Chan in the crowd.
“He got into a fight with uh-”
Upon spotting Chan in the crowd, your heart sank, “him.”
You saw people trying to break up the fight, yet also hesitant to do so in fear of the council member's son. You ran over to where he was, your hands shaking from anxiousness and your heart pounding so hard you could hear it, pushing your way through the crowd and flinching when you saw that guy grip Chan by the collar, as the rest of his friends had pulled Chan's hands behind him. Chan shoved his friends backwards, freeing his hands from their grip with apparent ease before taking the boy's hand that was grabbing his collar, pulling it away from his chest, making you wonder how hard Chan was gripping him for him to immediately cower in fear, desperately trying to pull Chan’s hand off of his.
“Chan!” You called, and you saw the guy turn to you, a look in his eyes begging you to stop Chan that you couldn’t help but pity.
Deciding it was now or never, you intercepted, pushing the guy away from Chan and grabbing Chan’s arms, successfully managing to direct his gaze to yours, and you almost sighed in relief when you saw his gaze soften, his expression changing to that of a kicked puppy, his haziness mixed with confusion at the sight of you.
The crowd had started to disperse, and you led Chan out of the swimming area, away from prying eyes. Mindlessly following you, he hadn’t uttered a word even as you left the school gates, too shocked to notice that the wounds on his knuckles were already healing, all he could process now being that he felt so embarrassed that he’d let himself act out like that, that he’d let his anger get the better of him even after all the times he told you not to let what he says get to you. Only now managing to let the haziness fade off now as you were walking briskly in front of him, the reality of the situation beginning to sink in.
“Are you mad at me?” You were shocked at the way his tone sounded so defeated, so afraid to hear your answer.
You shrugged, your hand still gripping his tightly. Glancing at his hand discreetly while walking, you noticed the smoothness of his previously bruised knuckles. His wounds were healing.
“Should I be?”
You didn’t know what the fight was about, or how it started, and frankly you didn’t really care at this point of time. All you knew was that you saw the way his expression looked when you stopped him, and you knew you wanted to make sure that he was okay.
“I’m sorry,” he stopped you before you reached the street you both lived on, his gaze directed towards anywhere but you.
“I don’t know what came over me, I just…got really angry and before I knew it you were stopping me,” he sighed, feeling as though he could cry thinking of how easy it was for him to underestimate his strength.
You nodded, “I know, it’s not like you to get into physical fights like these,” you murmured, regretting your choice of words when you saw him look even more upset.
Giving you a nod, he continued, “yeah…it isn’t.”
Chan felt like burying his face in a pillow and screaming, there was no way you’d be able to see him in the same light as before, all he’d shown to you was that he was reckless, and from what he was sure of, there was no way that was part of traits you looked for in a guy.
“I’m really…really sorry,” you heard him say, starting to walk again, and you were starting to grow worried at how Chan seemed as though he were beginning to shut down, knowing that it was best to give him his space to collect his thoughts now.
You’d walked the rest of the way with him to his house in an uncomfortably tense silence. Your phone was lighting up non-stop with notifications from different people, sending you the video someone had taken of the fight and telling you to look at it. While you were holding up your phone, Chan had caught a glimpse of the contents of the messages, only serving to make him feel even worse about himself.
Entering his house, Chan had let go of your hand silently after giving it a reassuring squeeze.
“I’m gonna go upstairs,” Chan gave you a sad smile before heading upstairs, ignoring the calls of his mother who was currently in the living room typing on her computer.
“Y/N, honey. What happened? Is Chan alright?”
Setting her laptop on the sofa cushion, she’d gotten up to approach you, casting a concerned glance upstairs.
You let out a nervous laugh, “uh... I guess? He’s not really okay, per se. It’s more of like a…” you trailed off in your rambling, unsure how to approach the topic.
You lowered your voice, “he kind of got into a fight at school,” you murmured, earning a wide-eyed look from his mom.
She opened and closed her mouth in lack of a response, tilting her head in disbelief, “fight?”
You huffed in nervousness.
“Yeah, I know, it’s pretty…out of character. But he seemed really upset about it, and I thought it was better if you knew… you know, before the school calls you about it and all," you shrugged, “or the town council, you really never know,” you added as an afterthought.
She let out a small sigh, nodding, “thanks for telling me, dear. I'll have a chat with him, are you going up?"
You shook your head quickly.
"Oh, nah, it's fine. I think it'd be better if I let him have his space...and stuff," you huffed, flashing Chan's mom a polite smile before leaving the house.
Meanwhile, Chan had taken the longest shower of his life, hoping the water would drown out the sound of you and his mom talking downstairs. He'd been in the shower long enough that his mom had turned off the water heater, Chan taking that as his queue that it was about time to stop prolonging his shower to delay facing his worries.
Once he was out of the shower, Chan wasn't sure why he'd expected to see you in his room, letting out a deep sigh when he was met with the opposite.
Checking his phone in the hope that you could’ve messaged him, he was surprised when he saw that he really did have a notification from you.
He scrolled past the pictures and videos from his swim meet, immediately reading the string of messages you'd sent:
7:34pm -text me so I know you’re okay :(- 7:37pm -and before you ask me again, I’m really not mad at you- 7:37pm -let me know if you need to talk, alright? Rest well-
Chan was about to reply you, hearing a knock at his door and hearing his mom whispering harshly outside to whom could only be his dad.
Chan 8:00pm -thanks, u shld get some rest too-
Chan watched as his bedroom door opened, his parents entering his room with serious expressions that only made him dread what kind of conversation they were about to have even more. Not that his parents had ever lectured him before, but he knew that this circumstance was different.
“Hey, honey, how are you feeling?” His mom began, sitting next to where he was sitting leaning against the headboard, his dad walking over to his desk table, picking up the packet of red ginseng Chan had forgotten he’d left there.
“Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot to tell you I’ve kind of been drinking the red ginseng extract,” Chan sighed, making his mom suck in a sharp breath.
“Right, that’s kind of what we wanted to talk to you about, honey. That’s…not red ginseng,” his mom began, pressing her lips together firmly before mustering a casual smile.
“Okay, remember how mom and dad used to tell you and Y/N stories about vampires in this town?”
Chan felt himself freeze up, his gaze immediately falling onto his ring, unsure if he was reading too much into what his mom was saying.
“There’s no other way to tell you this, Chan, your mom and I, we’re vampires,” Chan’s eyes widened, staring blankly at his parents as his dad continued.
“Your mom was turned after you were born, so we thought initially that you might not show the same traits as all vampires, but we only found out after you were born that you would only develop the traits later on in your life, which is…now.”
Chan felt as though he were dreaming, that this was just another story that he heard that he would share with you later on, except it wasn’t, because his parents had started to name the traits, and only then did Chan realise how much he’d been misidentifying his traits, potentially putting the people around him in danger.
“And uh…Y/N’s parents know, of course, since they’ve been providing us with the blood.”
“Does Y/N know?” Chan frowned.
His mom shook her head hesitantly, “we don’t…think so, from what we know she still doesn’t know.”
Chan inhaled deeply, feeling as though the weight on his chest had only gotten heavier. He hadn’t even told you he liked you yet, and now he had to tell you he was a vampire of all things too?
“And about the blood, usually one bag is enough to last you for a week, but we're thinking the reason you might be finding it a little hard to control your bloodlust is because you've been drinking it so regularly that your body, especially because you’re still adjusting, just needs more, do you understand?"
Chan felt like he was gonna be sick, this whole time he had been drinking blood? He recalled the time he'd let you try it and you'd almost puked at the taste; Chan hadn't found it weird then but now that he knew this, he felt veryuncomfortable.
"Is it…human blood?"
His dad nodded his head. “The hospital has a system where people donate their blood for the sake of this arrangement, similarly to how they did in the past when there were more vampires in the town. And it’s ensured that the people are taken care of and allowed to recover after donating.”
Now Chan really felt sick, not being able to quite process the events that had been occurring the past few weeks in a new light.
He thought about the fight that had happened, how hazy he was because all he could think about was how thirsty he was and how giddy with frustration that was making him feel, only now he could actually place what he was craving.
"Which is also why we gave you the ring, it's to protect you from the sun. If you don't wear it when you go out, you could pretty much burn to death." Chan’s dad shot a look at his mom for her bluntness, having been able to sense how shocked his son was.
Chan's eyes widened in shock, his hand instinctively going to touch his ring.
"Are we missing anything out?" Chan's mom turned to his dad to ask, earning a delayed shake of his head.
"I don't think so, but Chan, if you have any questions about it please come to your mom and I, we really...we were afraid of how you'd adjust to the changes so we just wanna make sure you're okay."
Chan nodded, still feeling as though his head was spinning with the sheer weight of the information he was suddenly receiving.
"I think I just need some time to get used to it, but I'll be fine...hopefully," he let out a half-hearted laugh.
Chan's dad mouthed to his mom while he was busy zoning out 'we should leave him alone'
Taking the queue to leave, Chan's mom patted his leg gently, "we'll go now, then. Goodnight, honey."
Giving them a small smile, Chan waited for them to leave before he could flop back onto his pillow with a groan.
That night, your parents had returned home earlier than usual, having eaten dinner already, you’d sat yourself on the recliner in your living room, debating on whether or not to watch the video that you now had multiple copies of saved in your phone from the sheer multitude of times it was sent to you.
Deciding to click on it, you went to the comments first, hoping it would give you a little insight on what the contents of the video were.
You scrolled through the comments.
‘wow he’s such an asshole, if I were that guy I wldve beat him up too’
‘is he talking abt y/n???’
‘I was there at the fight… he didn’t do anything wrong...I would’ve been mad if I heard someone talking abt my friend like that too’  
You let out a sigh, deciding to click on the video and turn the volume up so you could hear what he said, a strong feeling of discomfort building in you as you heard what that boy had said about you, flinching in shock when you saw the way Chan had punched him, the impact sending the boy stumbling to the ground.
You’d continued watching with wide eyes, the recording only stopping after you had intervened, setting your phone down with a small sigh, resting your head in your hands and closing your eyes, trying to process what had happened.
Chan was definitely going to get suspended because of you.
“Y/N?” You raised your head slowly, spotting your dad entering the living room with a bowl of fruits, going over to sit on the sofa closest to you, holding the bowl out for you to take.
You mustered a smile as you took the bowl from him, deciding against telling him about what had happened, not wanting to trouble your dad after his long day at work.
“Thanks. How was your day?” You asked him before he could direct the question to you, seeing him give you a knowing look.
“Got called in to treat this boy’s injuries today, boy called for the head doctor specifically because his dad was a council member,” your heart sank, wondering how badly he was injured since you’d left the scene so hastily. So much for not telling him what happened.
“The kid came in with a broken wrist, nose and ribs,” your dad continued, making you wince at the thought of the amount of strength Chan would’ve had to have to cause such injuries just from what you saw in the video. “So, you know. As a doctor, I have to ask how it happened, right?”
Your eyes widened, “dad, you have to understand, Chan really doesn't usually get into fights like this, I wasn’t there when it happened, I tried to stop him as fast as I cou—"
“I’m not mad at Chan, honey.”
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, “you’re…not?”
Your dad smiled, shaking his head, “I mean, of course, as a medical practitioner I should be against all sorts of violence, but…I understand why Chan did it. Hell, even your mom wanted to pummel that poor boy, you should’ve seen his face when he realised who we were. I’ve watched Chan grow up, I know he’s a good kid.”
You couldn’t help but laugh, shaking your head as you were able to picture your mom’s reaction.
Your mom had finished washing up, making her way downstairs to join you and your father in the living room, “are you guys talking about that stupid boy we saw in the hospital today?”
She’d huffed in annoyance as your dad nodded, taking a seat next to your dad as she munched on the remaining fruits your dad had left over for her.
“We saw the video,” your mom said, earning a grimace from you.
“I really didn’t like the things he said about you, baby. But I’m glad Chan was there to stand up for you when we couldn’t,” she told you seriously, “I have to say, I’m really glad you and Chan have each other.”
“How is he, anyway?”
You shrugged, “a mess, basically. He feels really bad for hitting the guy, thought he could use some space, so we haven’t talked much after I brought him home.”
Your mom scoffed, “yeah well that boy deserved it.”
Your dad gave her a warning look, letting out a small sigh.
“Chan’s a good kid,” he said, more to remind himself than anything, his previous reservations about how safe you would be around Chan beginning to dissipate. If today wasn’t enough evidence, it was clear that you were the last person Chan would want to hurt. Instead, you were the one he would go out on a limb for to protect.
You frowned. You knew Chan was a good kid, of course you knew that, he was your closest friend. You’d seen him grow from being too shy to even introduce himself to the class to someone who was strong, stood for what he believed in, and unashamed to be generous with his love (although he was still a little shy).
Knowing Chan, you couldn’t imagine the kind of inner conflict he was going through now, wanting to comfort him but at the same time knowing he needed space to think. If he was a vampire, how much of him would change? So far, all you saw were physical changes, but you were starting to wonder if there were actually changes taking place that you couldn’t see, changes that could’ve made him act up like how he did today.
“What’s with that expression, baby?”
You shook your head, “nothing…actually, do you remember all the stories you used to tell us about vampires?”
You missed the look your mom and dad had exchanged, shifting your position on the recliner so you were sitting on your legs, hearing them hum in affirmation.
“Uh-huh, what about them?”
You pursed your lips, a part of you knowing you had to ask but another part of you having an inkling on what reply they were going to give you, figuring you’d might as well ask now so you could stop theorising about it.
“I have a question, but it requires you to answer me with complete honesty, okay?”
“About what, dear?” Your dad asked.
You took a deep breath,
“Chan…is he like,” you huffed in amusement, finding the situation to feel all too unreal yet extremely real at the same time, “is he a vampire?”
You hadn’t seen Chan for the next few days, hearing from Chan’s mom that he was still resting and that he’d been suspended for a week after the fight. Sure, you’d text, but it was never more than asking what you did in school or telling him what he’d missed in lessons. It was as if neither of you wanted to talk about the fight, especially Chan.
You were waiting for him to reach out to you first, and it was only a matter of days before he did, sending you a text on whether you wanted to hang out that evening.
3:38pm -wanna come over to my place instead? We can watch the latest episodes of my vampire show-
You had texted him, and Chan was determined not to let the whole vampire situation deter him. He would have to face it at one point, anyway.
Chan 3:40pm -sure thing-
In the time that Chan was waiting for you to get home, he was busy trying to rehearse how to act.
Do I bring dinner there? But if I bring dinner there I won’t wanna eat it and she’s gonna sense something is up. Unless I just act really well?
Chan dismissed the thought. He couldn’t help but wonder if things would be awkward for the both of you since you were so used to seeing each other regularly. And would you be able to sense that things were off? Chan always whined about your vampire show, you didn’t even notice how compliant he was being this time, simply focused on how much you wanted to see him and make sure he was doing okay.
Chan had taken a shower in a poor attempt to make himself feel less stressed, changing into his black hoodie and sweatpants when he saw your text saying he could come over already, and that you ordered take out.
He’d also noticed another text from his mom
Mom 6:01pm -make sure to eat, alright? you haven’t eaten since your game day-
Chan sighed, replying his mother to appease her and going over to your house. Upon knocking on your door, you wondered why Chan hadn’t just let himself in like he always did, but you jogged over to the door nonetheless, hoping you didn’t look overly excited when you saw him.
If you did, it was gone quickly. Chan looked as though he hadn’t slept in days, looking more tired than anything, giving you a small smile when he saw you.
“You look tired, Chan,” you frowned, and out of habit, you’d brought your hands up to cup his face, your eyes filled with concern, which only served to make Chan even more shy under your gaze, knowing his…eating habits weren’t the easiest thing to explain to you at this point.
Bringing his hands up to grasp at your wrists, he gave you a reassuring smile, “I’m fine, Y/N, don’t worry about me.”
You removed your hands from his face, closing the door behind him and locking it before you’d gone to the living room, where he saw that the food you ordered was already sitting on the coffee table (as if he hadn’t been able to smell it the moment he stood outside your door).
“How’s house arrest?” You joked.
Chan let out a groan, “boring. I’ve already done all the homework so there’s literally nothing else for me to do.”
“What a nerd,” you scrunched your nose up, making him scoff, a satisfied smile appearing on your face as your comment elicited a smile from him.
You flipped open the pizza box and took a slice for yourself as your free hand switched the television on, “well, I must be your lifesaver, then, for asking you to come over. Though I wasn’t expecting you to say yes,” you shot him a knowing look, “you always make fun of my vampire show.”
Chan shrugged, letting out a high-pitched sound in his hesitance, “you know, I guess it’s not that bad,” he shrugged.
You hadn’t questioned Chan on why he wasn’t eating, not wanting to put him on the spot. You’d explained to him the context of the show when he’d asked, finding him awfully quiet while watching the show, a drastic absence of his usual comments on how it was unrealistic. Chan knowing very well that it was possible now.
When an episode of your show had ended, you’d gone to dispose of the pizza box and kept the leftovers in case your parents wanted something to snack on when they came back from the hospital. Washing your hands and cutting some fruits before returning to the living room.
In a momentary lapse of judgement, you’d offered Chan a forkful of fruit, only realising the absurdity of the question afterwards, but not being able to withdraw your offer without it seeming weird. Chan knew this as well, simply leaning over and biting the fruit off of your fork, swallowing it down after barely chewing it.
“Sweet,” he murmured, frankly not knowing whether it was sweet or not with how quickly he’d swallowed it.
You’d let the next episode play, looking as though you were watching the show intently but frankly not being able to focus on anything other than Chan’s presence next to you. It was strange, almost upsetting, how he’d suddenly not dared to wrap his arm around your shoulder like he usually did, or rest his hand on one of your legs so you could let him play with your fingers absently like how he usually did. Now all he did was fiddle with his own fingers as he sat restlessly in his seat.
“Are you…staying over?” You asked, preparing yourself for the disappointment of him saying no.
“Can I?” He asked, turning to look at you with an expression similar to that of a child asking for extra sweets.
You let out a huff, not being able to understand why he felt the need to ask you after so many years of doing so yet knowing why at the same time.
“Of course, you can. You don’t even need to ask,” you shifted your body on the sofa so you were facing him a little more, supporting your elbow on the sofa cushion as you continued to eat your fruits.
“Thanks for this, by the way,” he told you, making you furrow your eyebrows, giving him a confused frown.
“For what?”
“For inviting me over.”
You’d almost forgotten the show was playing, a loud commotion from the show dragging your attention away from Chan temporarily, the both of you having only being able to focus on this conversation you were having with each other.
“You were the one that wanted to hang out first, I should be thanking you” You murmured, seeing him poke his tongue in his cheek before shaking his head slowly.
“I didn’t wanna show up uninvited...and all…. didn’t sit right with me after…whatever happened. Felt like you needed your space too,” he shrugged, knowing you were just as shaken up as he was from your interaction with the guy, something you were still unaware that Chan had seen.
You couldn’t help but smile, “you’re always invited, alright? You could show up at 4am unannounced and I’d still let you in,” you laughed, seeing a hint of a smile playing at his lips.
“Thank you,” he took in a deep breath, “I was starting to come up with any excuse I could to come over.”
Chan huffed, his gaze searching yours for an expression he could place, “I really needed any excuse to see you.”
You felt as though you couldn’t move, averting your gaze from Chan so you would stop glancing at his lips. You just weren’t sure what was coming over you, all of a sudden feeling so enamoured of him as he was sitting in front of you, filled with so much unadulterated affection towards him that you’d just really wanted to kiss him.
You’d wished you could slap yourself, here you were having a nice comforting moment with Chan, yet you couldn’t stand the fact that he was sitting so far away from you. That wasn’t how these things usually worked, was it?

“Lets…continue watching the show,” you blurted, thankful he hadn’t refuted.
And so you did, except this time, you both did what you always did, snuggle up against Chan as his hand rested comfortably around you, his other hand playing with your fingers, pressing the pads of his fingers against your fingertips and smoothing his thumb over your knuckles, his actions exuding warmth.
And as habitual your actions were, somehow, they felt extremely new, the warmth and comfort Chan made you feel slowly lulling you to sleep, your show long forgotten by the both of you.
Chan had woken up when he heard the crack of thunder outside the window, not knowing how the both of you had ended up falling asleep, your head bent at what looked like an uncomfortable angle as you were fast asleep, your hand grasping Chan’s.
Chan had carefully lifted himself from the sofa, slipping his hands under you to lift you up, almost hissing when you’d stirred awake, your eyes opening to blink at him groggily. Chan decided to pull you all the way up into a standing position, his hand coming up to smooth your hair down, eliciting a tired smile from you. You’d wanted to turn your head, halting halfway when you felt a sore pain in your neck, Chan immediately knowing it was from your bad sleeping posture.
“Are you okay?” His hand gently massaged your neck at where your hand was, “let’s get you upstairs, hmm?”
You’d frowned, emotions heightened in your half-asleep daze.
“I missed you,” you frowned, as if you were only realising it now as he was standing before you, especially because there was a part of you that was afraid he wasn’t going to be there when you woke up and that you’d just dreamed up this meeting of yours.
“You’re always so…. nice to me,” you sighed, sleepiness taking over and causing you to let your head rest against his chest. Chan was thankful you weren’t awake enough to notice how flustered he was, letting his hand continue to gently rub at your neck.
“I care about you a lot too, you know?” you mumbled, making Chan halt his actions. His eyebrows raising in surprise, unsure how to react.
“You must be really tired, let’s get you upstairs so you can sleep,” his tone was gentle, leading you upstairs and into your room, as you slipped under the covers and waited for him to do so as well, stretching his arm out so you could come closer, wrapping your arm around his waist as your head pressed against his chest. Chan held you close to himself, too tired to pay any heed to the way his fangs ached, suppressing his hunger for your sake.
Chan wasn’t sure what came over him to warrant his next sentence, “what if I said I liked you?”
You smiled, already slipping into that foggy period between sleep and wakefulness, “I’d be glad.”
Chan’s eyes widened.
“You’re joking, right?” He asked. Figuring he was too late when he was only met with your light snoring in reply.
"I knew you'd cave," Minho's smug tone echoed in Chan's bedroom, earning an eye roll from Chan.
"Yeah, alright. Fine, so what do you think? Is it a good idea?" Chan brushed Minho's comment aside, already whipping his sketchbook out in his assumption that Minho would acknowledge the ingenuity of his idea.
"Absolutely not," Minho burst into a fit of giggles.
Chan scoffed, his hand halting before he could write anything down on the sketchbook.
"Why not?" he whined, setting his pen down on his sketchbook with a heavy sigh, leaning back in his chair to run his hands through his hair in frustration.
"Are you hearing yourself? You really think she’s gonna swoon if you re-enact some scene from some rom com you're not even a hundred percent sure she's seen before?"
Chan pouted. The idea seemed pretty romantic in his head, the whole 'love actually' sketchbook scene. There were many pros to it in Chan's eyes: Firstly, that he wouldn't have to speak, and secondly, that he would be able to plan his words beforehand. And Thirdly, it was certified as ‘romantic’ by the general public, so there was a higher chance of you thinking it was romantic too, in Chan’s opinion.
However, Minho had only seemed to see the cons.
"First of all, didn't the sketchbook guy get friend-zoned? Secondly, stop hiding behind these movie moments, this is like the 5th romantic movie related confession scene you've brought up in this one conversation."
"Then what do you suggest I do? Stand outside her window and shout out my love for her?"
Minho snorted, "okay, slow down, Romeo. Take this systematically. What kind of things does Y/N like?"
Chan's answers came from the top of his head, "I don't know?! Cute vampires?"
Minho guffawed, his laughter muffled obnoxiously over the phone, "well that's perfect, then, isn't it? You're already a vampire, get her a bit tipsy and she'll probably think you're cute too!"
Chan huffed, "ha, ha, very funny. This is giving me a headache."
Minho let out an intrigued hum, "headache?"
Chan sighed, "yeah, jokes aside, my head's been hurting since the morning."
Minho frowned, a short period of silence on his side of the line before he questioned, "are you seriously still not eating?"
Chan fell silent, not wanting to pursue the topic and end up getting another lecture from Minho. He was the only one that knew about it other than his parents, but in moments like this, Chan wished he hadn't told someone as sharp as Minho.
"No comment," Chan murmured.
Chan heard Minho let out a deep sigh, his following words falling on deaf ears when he saw your contact pop up on his phone screen.
y/n 10:14pm -wyd? kind of need ur help-
Chan replied quickly.
10:14pm -nothing much, want me to come over?-
y/n 10:14pm -yes pls that’d be great thank u-
That was all Chan needed you to say for him to get ready to go over.
"Hey, Minho, thanks for the help. I'm going to her house now, I'll talk to you another time."
Minho let out a displeased grunt, "yeah, yeah. Whatever, go."
Chan couldn't help the smile from his face, grabbing his jacket and heading downstairs.
“Where are you going, honey?” His mom asked, wondering why her son looked so happy to be heading out in the middle of the night.
“Y/N’s house, I’ll be late, bye!” he called, which Chan’s mom took as ‘I’ll be staying over’, in other words.  
Letting himself into your house with his spare key, Chan had heard the sound of your voice coming from the living room.
”Chan, I'm over here," you called.
Walking into your living room, Chan had spotted you sitting on the floor at the coffee table, leaning against the sofa with your eyes closed.
He'd noticed the haphazard layout of what he assumed was schoolwork splayed across the expanse of the coffee table, along with the almost empty cup of tea sitting at the edge of the table, making a ring on one of your discarded pieces of writing.
"What's the damage?" Chan huffed in amusement, his dimples appearing as you opened your eyes to look at him tiredly.
"I've been avoiding these questions for like basically half the day, but I really tried doing it and I really can't seem to figure it out," you lamented, stretching your hand out to beckon Chan over, eyeing him as he peeked over at the contents of the worksheets, figuring he couldn't miss this opportunity to tease you once he saw what it was.
"Chemistry, huh? Why didn't you ask Mingyu?"
Your eyes widened, looking blankly at him as he scooched over closer to you, picking up the paper with your circled, un-done questions.
"I...I don't know," you murmured, shrugging. You were too tired to think straight at this point, simply speaking off your mind in reply to Chan's question.
"Guess you were the first person that crossed my mind to call."
Chan had lifted the paper higher to hide his face from you, his smile growing as his shyness doubled, giving you a thoughtful hum.
Chan gestured to your first circled question, “this one is solved pretty much the same as the previous question. You got the answer at first, why'd you erase it?" he laughed, gesturing to your angry pencil scribbles next to the question, making you frown.
"That was correct? What the-"
"And for this question, you have to use this equation," he scribbled next to the question, "It's really similar to the one you used but you have to use this because the question mentions this," his words weren't making sense to you because of the tapping of the pen on the paper when he gestured between the equation, the questions and your scribbles.
"Are you following me?" Chan asked, seeing your delayed reaction of removing your gaze from your paper to give him a wide-eyed look. He knew you weren't listening, and that you'd ask him how to do the questions again later on while you were doing it, Chan just couldn't help but want to tease you, especially with how tired and sleepy you looked, practically begging for cuddles.
"Uh-huh," you nodded.
“As for this one, I think you should read the question out loud,” there was a slight smirk at his lips, handing the paper over to you as you read out the question slowly, only then realising what you missed out, looking at him with a sheepish expression.
After you’d done the questions, you’d wanted to go get a refill for your tea.
“Do you want anything?” You yawned, earning a shake of the head from him.
“Alright, I’ll be quick,” you told him, bringing your cup over to the kitchen. The hot water jug was full, since you’d just filled it before you started doing your work.
However, in your haste to pick it up, you felt a sharp pain in your wrist, reflexively dropping the jug back onto the table, knocking the teacup off of the counter in the process, causing it to break into shards against the tiled floor.
In your haste to pick the pieces up, you’d underestimated the crack on the glass, which nicked your palm painfully, making you let go of the glass as you sucked in a sharp breath.
Chan had gone over to the kitchen the moment he heard the teacup shattering, going over to help you clean up but stopping in his tracks when he’d smelled the blood from the cut, feeling the now-familiar ache in his gums.
Was not feeding for more than 2 weeks a good idea? In retrospect, probably not, Chan was realising now, as he struggled to suppress his thirst as he looked upon the scene.
“Wait, wait, don’t move,” his words were muffled by the hand covering his mouth, and only then did you realise the blood had started to drip slightly down your wrist.
You’d taken a step back, trying to stop the bleeding with a cloth as Chan helped you clear up the glass, disposing of it quickly.
He’d kept his mouth closed the entire time, not wanting to risk anything as he insisted on helping you to tend to your wound.
“Chan, it’s fine I can do it myself,” you dismissed, earning a stern look from him.
“With one hand? I don’t think so. Look, just sit here, let me do it for you,” he told you with his back facing you as he took the first-aid kit out of the overhead shelves, making you sit at the dining table.
Pulling his shirt up to cover his nose as you washed your hand, you couldn’t help but find his determination to cover his mouth rather amusing.
“Did they teach you this in first-aid training?” You joked, trying to stifle your laughter as he narrowed his eyes at you.
You didn’t miss the hazy look in Chan’s eyes as he was taking the ointment out from the first-aid kit, staring at your hand and visibly gulping.
“Chan,” you called, drawing his gaze away from your cut, only then realising that he wasn’t doing anything.
“Oh, right, sorry.”
Shaking his head, he’d squeezed the ointment on the cotton bud, applying it on your cut as gently as he could, his hands moving quickly to grab the gauze to cover the cut with, disposing of the cotton bud and returning the first-aid kit to its original place, walking past you to sit at the dinner table, his hands going back up to cover his mouth, not even noticing he was staring at your hand with a far-too-glazed-over-to-be-normal look.
“Chan, are you okay?”
He averted his gaze almost reluctantly from your hand, looking at you with wide eyes, his hands still covering his mouth.
“Yeah, just…yeah…”
“You look even more tired than you did the other day, are you sure you’re okay?”
Chan shook his head, “nah, yeah, I’m really fine.”
You had to stop yourself from looking too amused, standing up to walk over to your fridge, where your parents kept the other smaller box of extract packets that they hadn’t given Chan’s family yet. Taking one out of the box, Chan’s eyes widened as you brought it over to him, pushing it towards him.
“You look like you could use it, you know… all those… revitalising properties.”
Chan shook his head firmly, “no, no, really it’s fine.”
“I’m serious, Chan. Just drink it.”
Chan looked at you curiously, wanting to figure out what you were trying to do but at the same time not being able to resist the temptation of his food right in front of him.
He thought back to how dangerous it could have been for you if he had less self-control than he did just now, deciding it was in his and your best intentions to eat now.
Reaching over hesitantly, Chan had grabbed the packet from the table top, bringing it slowly to his mouth, “don’t look, please.”
“Why not? We’ve eaten in front of each other a thousand times,” you laughed.
Chan shook his head, “no I’m kind of like...a messy eater.”
You entertained him for now, looking away briefly but looking back at him just as quick, watching intently as he brought the packet up to his lips. Chan felt the ache in his gums return, ripping a slightly-too-big opening in the packet with his teeth in his haste, beginning to drink from the packet.
Chan was sure it was because of how he hadn’t fed in so long, but something about him was starting to feel so, so hungry.
You were absolutely fascinated, watching as he drained the packet quickly, almost letting out a moan at how satisfied he was.
He was still hungry. Pulling the packet away from his lips, he hadn’t noticed the blood lingering at the corner of his lips, his pupils looking blown and his face was already beginning to look less tired.
“Can I uh…can I have another one, please?” His voice was hoarse, making him clear his throat and look at you expectantly.
You nodded, standing up and walking over to the fridge, Chan following behind you like a lost puppy, his hand on your back impatiently while you were retrieving the packet, a slight heat creeping up in your cheeks at his proximity.
Clicking your tongue at him in feigned annoyance as you handed him the next packet, you hoisted yourself up onto the counter as he stood facing you, leaning against the chair of the dining table.
Too hungry to be shy at this point, Chan bit off another opening in the packet, squeezing the packet as he drank, draining it just as quickly as he did to the previous packet, a bit of the blood getting on his fingers and his lips in his greed.
You weren’t sure why the sight of him was so endearing to you. It was as if nothing was different, that after all this was still Chan standing before you, shy, stupid Chan.
You’d taken a few tissues from the box behind you on the counter, reaching over to wipe his mouth, gently grazing his fangs as you did so.
Holding out one of your hands, you let out a disgruntled noise as he brought his fingers to his lips instead, sucking the remaining blood from his fingers.
“You know, I know, don’t you?” You bit your lip, amusement in your tone.
“Huh?” He frowned in confusion as he brought his hand away from his mouth slowly, not missing the way he'd checked if he missed any blood out. Chan's downturned eyes and pout making you bring your hands up to cup his face, squishing his cheeks slightly.
“That you’re a vampire.”
Chan’s eyes widened in realisation, tensing up at your words, his mouth falling slightly agape in shock.
“What? You really think I would’ve just fed you red ginseng in the middle of the night? And that I wouldn’t have been able to tell with your fangs on full display in front of me now?”
Chan had closed his mouth quickly, opening them again when he was sure they had retracted, averting his gaze as much as he could, even though your hands on his cheeks were begging him to look at you, Chan almost leaning into your touch despite the feeling of your gauze against his cheek.
“Are you…grossed out? Cause I can totally understand that…”
You laughed, shaking your head as you let your thumb caress his cheek gently, “I…. don’t really care.”
“But like, I drink human blood now! That’s like… basically cannibalism!”
You hummed thoughtfully to entertain him, “now that you’re a vampire, it’s not quite cannibalism, is it?”
“Y/N, you can’t seriously not think of me differently—”
You shook your head, making him stop mid-sentence, “honestly, I knew for a while now. From the time I helped you train for your swim meet. But… after observing you, kind of, for a while, I realised that nothing really changed about you.”
"What do you mean nothing changed? so many things changed, I became stronger, faster, my eating preferences changed, I have fangs now-"
You rolled your eyes with a laugh, "you know that's not what I mean. I mean you're still...  you! You still wouldn't hurt anyone if you had a choice, you're always looking out for others before yourself. And don't even try to lie, I know you probably haven't been eating ever since you found out you were a vampire because you feel bad."
Chan frowned, hating how you were right because that meant he had less reasons to deter you now, yet at the same time glad that this was so, since he didn't really want to deter you in the first place, he just wasn't sure whether he could believe what you were implying.
You shrugged, pulling your hands away from his face to rest on your lap, “you’re still the Chan I know and love,” you smiled, not believing you uttered those words for yourself, and now it was your turn for your hands to cover your mouth in shock.
Chan couldn't comprehend how lightly you were taking it, a part of him practically able to hear Minho calling him an idiot for not professing his love for you then and there.
"You don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t…love a vampire, it’s too dangerous. Didn’t you see how injured that guy got? It’s just not logical, I probably still don’t know the full extent of my strength!” Chan shook his head, finding the situation too good to be true.
You rolled your eyes, groaning, “shut up, Chan. If your mom could love a vampire when she was a human, why can't I?"
This had shut him up quickly, the urge to kiss you only growing. Your words implied romantic love, but Chan couldn't quite seem to come to terms with that.
Chan's gaze was unwavering, tilting his head at you, "you...huh?"
You shook your head, getting off of the counter as you let out a dramatic sigh, "fine, Chan. If you don't believe me there's really nothing else for me to do."
You had already begun walking away, leaving Chan speechless in the kitchen, following after you quickly once he'd realised what you said.
Finding you at your previous seat in the living room, you were packing up your worksheets as best as you could without hurting your hand too much.
Chan made his way over to kneel next to you, an unreadable expression on his face.
"I saw the video, you know," you told Chan abruptly, in your haste to find ways to prove to him that you meant what you said.
Chan had fallen silent, sitting on his knees as he rest his elbow on the sofa to support himself.
"I'm sorry he said those things about you," Chan muttered.
Letting go of your papers and looking at him with a childlike smile, you shook your head, "you got angry and stood up for me, that's enough for me."
Chan felt something stir in himself, feeling a sudden surge of confidence in him as compared to the usual uncertainty he felt approaching you.
“You really mean what you said?” He asked you, earning a nod from you, “fine,” he murmured, a certain hint of determination in his tone.
“It’s not gonna be easy, though…it’s gonna be really hard,” he told you, “and we’re gonna have to work at this everyday…but I wanna do that because I want you.”
You pressed your lips together in a tight line, trying your best not to burst out laughing at how adorable Chan was.
“Are you seriously…quoting ‘The Notebook’ right now?”
Chan’s lips parted in shock, again being able to hear Minho tell him ‘I told you it was a bad idea’, but before he could cower in embarrassment, he’d felt you take his hand gently, “that was really cute, Chan but….I’d like to hear it from you, and not one of those rom coms you’ve watched with me a thousand times.”
Chan huffed, “fine,” he took in a deep breath,
"I really, really like you," he murmured, before deciding that that wasn't enough to express how he felt.
"No, honestly? I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you. Like, if I knew anything about love...this would be it."
You were at a loss for words, looking at him blankly as he stopped leaning against the sofa, looking at you for any form of affirmation or acknowledgement.
"I.." you began, "I think this would be it for me too," you mumbled, your confidence from before dissipating, seeming to have been transferred to Chan as he gave you a confident smile, grabbing your good hand as he pulled you closer to him.
"I really want to kiss you right now," he told you, his dimples appearing with his smile as his hand made its way to your neck.
"Never thought I’d say this but... me too," you smiled.
Chan took that as his cue to pull you even closer to him, pressing his lips against yours, your arms wrapping around his neck for stability, almost feeling overwhelmed when Chan deepened the kiss.
Too distracted by each other, it'd felt like it was just this moment that was all you could focus on, feeling Chan push you further back, his hand going to the floor behind you so as not to hurt you when your back came into contact with the floor, which you couldn’t help but laugh at, even in his haste Chan could think about things like you hurting your back.
Chan was straddling you now, yet careful not to put too much of his weight on you, your hands absently running through his hair, knowing Chan was a sucker for you playing with his hair.
Chan was beginning to get lost in the kiss, and you swore you'd felt something sharp poking at your lower lip, hearing him hum softly as his hand behind your waist pulled you towards him, making your back arch slightly. Feeling a slight pain at your lower lip, you made a surprised sound when you felt his tongue lick your lower lip, almost absolutely certain he'd drawn blood, making you flick his head in a silent warning.
Your heart stopped when you heard the door unlocking, tapping Chan on the back quickly in an attempt to warn him, the said boy not budging until the door had opened, making you shove the nearest thing you could find between the both of your faces, in this case, it was a pillow from the sofa.
"Y/N, we heard Chan was-"
You shoved Chan off of you quickly, hoping your parents hadn't seen anything, but wanting to wince at the sight of messy haired Chan with a pillow shoved against his mouth and you, whose shirt was riding up and lower lip was an angry red.
Your mom pressed her lips together tightly in an attempt to hide her smile, Chan hearing her whisper to your dad that they should let you two be alone, making the heat in his cheeks worsen.
Your dad raised an eyebrow at Chan, who still had the pillow against his face as he bowed his head slightly in greeting towards your parents.
"There’s uh... pizza in the fridge if you guys want," you attempted to lessen your embarrassment, which wasn't very well working with how your parents were cooing at Chan.
"We'll... be upstairs. You're a good kid, Chan," your dad gave him a pointed look, smirking as he headed upstairs with your mom.
"Aren't you supposed to be the one with super hearing?!" you whispered harshly, making Chan give you a sheepish look, his hand going up to run his fingers through his hair, only serving to make it messier.
You reached over to pull the pillow from his face, only realising now why he hadn't done so sooner, spotting two clear tears in the pillowcase, right at the 'o' in 'home' that your mom had embroidered on the pillow.
"Sorry, got a little bit carried away," he admitted.
You gasped, "this is my mom's favourite pillow..."
Chan made an 'o' shape with his mouth in realisation, before turning back to you.
"I guess I could sew it back?"
You exchanged a look with Chan, the both of you knowing very well that a) Chan had no idea how to sew, and b) there was no way you could fix the hole he made in the embroidery with his beginner skills.
You'd erupted into a fit of laughter, the shyness from the events prior only hitting you now.
Taking the pillow from him, you tossed it aside, "we'll worry about that tomorrow, I'm too tired to worry about it now."
Chan glanced at you before looking at the pillow, pursing his lips as if in deep thought, making you let out an amused huff.
"What is it now?"
"Are you too tired to continue where we left off?"
"This embroidery is beautiful!"
Chan's parents were over for tea, with you at the kitchen preparing drinks for them and Chan in the living room with the rest of them.
"Did you do this yourself?" Chan gulped when he saw his mom pick up the 'home sweet home' pillow from the sofa, earning a nod from your mom.
"Wait a second," your mom's gaze had instantly spotted the holes on the pillow, narrowing her gaze at the letter 'o'.
"Y/N? What happened to my pillow?" she called over to you in the kitchen.
Almost snorting in amusement, you shrugged, bringing the drinks back to the living room.
"I don't know, why don't you ask Chan?"
Chan shot you a wide-eyed look, furrowing his eyebrows in warning before looking back at your mom sweetly.
"Oh, yeah, sorry that was my fault. I uh... I fell and uh... it got like caught on my ring," he held his hand up to show the ridges of his ring the pillow could've gotten torn on.
Chan's mom shot him a knowing look.
“You fell?" her tone was sceptical as she watched Chan fumble with his words.
"Oh, dear. Please be more careful next time, I really like this pillow."
You held back a laugh as you handed Chan his drink, noticing his fangs peek out as he took a sip, "awfully similar in width, don't you think?" you whispered, holding the pillow up near his face.
"Yes, please be more careful, honey," Chan's mom gave him a pointed look.
Chan nudged you, smiling innocently at your parents, "yep, we'll be more careful."
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jisungsjheekies · a year ago
Kitten’s Little Secret
Genre: Smut
Word count: 1.8k
Warnings: Dom!Chan, sub!reader, daddy kink, hand kink, lots of teasing, dirty talk, swearing, choking, overstimulation, multiple orgasms
Requested: Yes (for my girl @channiesmixtape 😉)
Tumblr media
The two of you were having a chill day at home, neither of you having to work because it was Saturday. You’d been sitting on the couch, watching movies with Chan, your back against his chest. His arms wrapped securely around your waist as he laced his fingers with yours.
By that point, you’d lost interest in the movie and started playing with his hands. Chan looked down at you with an amused smile before turning his attention back to the TV. At first, it started off innocent as you ran your thumb across his palm, drawing little shapes into the skin with your finger, but then your mind began to drift.
You flipped his hand over in yours, your index finger tracing over the veins in his hands. Getting lost in your thoughts, you began to imagine the things Chan could do with his hands, more specifically, what he could do to you. The idea had you squeezing your thighs together. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Chan as he watched you, the movie completely forgotten.
The more you studied his hands, the more you imagined. You wondered what they’d looked like trailing down your bare body, rubbing over your slit before he inserted two fingers, curling them against the spot that had you crying. You wondered what they’d look like pulling your hair into a makeshift pony as he forced your mouth down his cock, causing you to gag as spit and precum spilled out from the sides of your lips. You wondered what they’d look like wrapped around your throat as he fucked you against the shower wall.
You’d always had a thing for his hands, they were so beautiful and honestly, a weakness of yours, but Chan didn’t know that and you were too embarrassed to mention it to him, knowing he’d more than likely tease you. Still, you couldn’t help but bite your lip at the dirty thoughts that continued to cross your mind. Chan could tell you were getting worked up, watching the way you continued to fidget in his lap and your grip tightened on his hand. He had an idea of what you were thinking but he needed to test his theory, so he subtly flexed his hand so that the veins would become more prominent. His suspicions were proven correct when a small gasp escaped your mouth.
“I fucking knew it.” You froze instantly, his hand falling out of your grip as you stared back at the tv.
“Hmmmm,” You hummed in response, pretending to be as nonchalant as possible. Chan laughed at your failed attempt to recover from you basically eye fucking his hands.
“Oh don’t go modest on me now,” Chan smirked, “You’re shit at hiding stuff.” You turned your head to the side to look up at him with wide eyes, pulling your lip between your teeth nervously. “Honestly I don’t know how I didn’t realize it before. I’ve seen the way you look at me, at my hands, but I always thought it was an innocent thing. How foolish of me.” You looked away, your cheeks burning in embarrassment but Chan had other plans. Quicker than you could register, he flipped the two of you on the couch, his body now hovering over yours. Your pupils were blown wide with excitement as you stared up at your boyfriend.
“So kitten,” Chan whispered in your ear, causing you to shudder, “when were you gonna tell me?”
“I wasn’t,” You mumbled quietly.
“Then how will I be able to fulfill your fantasies if you keep them a secret?” You perked up at that, causing Chan to chuckle at you. “That’s what I thought.”
“You’re just going to tease me though,” You groaned.
“Oh you can count on that but that doesn’t mean I won’t still make you feel good,” Chan cocked a brow at you before leaning next to your ear, “tell me what you want kitten.” You shivered from the pet name, Chan drew back to look at your face. This was your chance to get what you’ve always wanted, were you really going to let your embarrassment ruin those chances? Fuck no. 
“Touch me,” You said, hiding your face in the couch. Chan’s hand grabbed your jaw to turn your head back towards him, a serious look on his face.
“Ask nicely,” Chan commanded, watching as you squirmed under him, looking up at him with your big doe eyes. The sight made Chan want to fuck you right then and there. 
“Please touch me daddy.”
As soon as those words slipped past your lips, Chan’s cock twitched in his pants, his grip tightening on your jaw as he leaned in front of your face. A devilish smile crossed his features.
“And where would you like for me to touch you?” He asked. “Here?” Chan ran a hand down your arm. “Here?” His hand slid across your stomach. “Here?” He gripped your high. “Or here?” His hand landed between your thighs, cupping your center. You jolted from the contact, a chorus of whines and moans spilling past your lips.
“Fuck! There daddy, please!” You begged, falling further and further apart the more he touched you. His fingers brushed ever so lightly over your clothed core, your hips bucking up in an attempt to meet his hand.
“Hmmmm I don’t know kitten. Daddy doesn’t like when you keep secrets from him,” Chan pretended to withdraw his hand. 
And you began to panic, “I’m sorry! I won’t do it again, I swear.” He looked at you with a triumphant smile.
“Good girl,” Chan said, his hands moved to pull your pants and underwear down along with your shirt, leaving you bare and open for him. “So beautiful,” He hummed. His hands moved gracefully over the skin of your stomach, traveling further towards where you craved him most.
“Tell me, is this what you want kitten?” Chan asked, entering two fingers into your core, your arousal allowing him to do so without difficulty. You failed to form a coherent response as a whine escaped your mouth, your back arching off the couch. He set a slow pace to begin with, watching the way you rocked your hips into his hands for more pleasure. With his free hand, he rubbed circles into the skin of your inner thigh before trailing up your body, enclosing over one of your breasts. Massaging the flesh, he used his thumb and index finger to tweak your nipple at the same time he curled his fingers. Your hands tightly clutched the couch as you gasped, squeezing your eyes shut from the pleasure.
“Does my kitten like to be fucked by her daddy’s fingers?” You clenched around his fingers, moaning loudly. “You look so pretty like this, taking my fingers so well.” You could feel your high approaching, the pit of your stomach tightening the faster he pumped his fingers inside your dripping entrance. Chan curled his fingers against your sweet spot with every thrust of his hand, his thumb moving to rub figure eights against your clit to add to your pleasure, while his other hand alternated between your breasts. You were so close to the edge but you needed more.
“Choke me daddy,” You moaned, too consumed in the pleasure to be embarrassed at your request.
“Fuck,” Chan groaned,his eyes darkening at your sinful words and without hesitation, he gladly accepted your request. Enclosing his hand around your throat, he squeezed it tight enough to where you could still breathe, your eyes rolling to the back of your head from the feeling. Pressing his thumb harder against you clit, he thrust and curled his fingers inside you a few more times before you snapped. Stars flashed behind your eyelids as you screamed Chan’s name, cumming harder than you ever have before. He continued to pump his fingers at the same pace, riding out your high. When the overstimulation began to kick in, you lifted your hand to push him away, signaling to him that you were good now, but when Chan refused to stop, you opened your eyes to see him staring straight into yours. The look on his face caused you to gasp, his pupils were nearly black as a sinful smile stretched across his face.
“If you like my hands so much, let’s see how much more you can take,” Chan announced as your eyes went wide with shock. The pain of the overstimulation quickly fading into pleasure as you squeeze your eyes shut.
“Oh fuck,” You moaned, your thoughts consumed with Chan and his incredible hands. You could already feel your second orgasm approaching, much faster than the first, and Chan knew that, considering the way you tightened around his fingers so much that he had difficulty thrusting them inside you. An idea popped inside his head as he moved his hand from around your throat.
“Look at me kitten,” Chan ordered, your eyes opening instantly. Two of his fingers rested on top of your bottom lip as he said, “suck.” Opening your mouth, you wrapped your lips around his fingers, sucking and swirling your tongue around them, your eyes still locked with his. Chan groaned, watching the way your not-so-innocent mouth took his fingers. With that thought in mind, he shoved his fingers further in your mouth, prompting your gag reflex as your throat tightened. Chan leaned in close next to your ear before slowly whispering, “cum for me.”
Your second orgasm washed over you even harder than the first had, a chorus of moans and whimpers slipping from around his fingers that remained inside your mouth. Chan watched the beautiful sight below him as you fell apart, your eyes screwing shut from your blissful orgasm. Chan slowly retrieved his hand from your aching core, lifting them to his mouth to get a taste of you. You looked at him with half lidded eyes as he sucked your arousal from his own fingers. You swore you could have cum a third time just from the sight of it. Your chest rose and fell as you tried to regain your breath, your body feeling as if it were on fire from the previous events.
“Do you see what happens when you tell me what you want kitten? You could’ve had this sooner if you’d just asked,” Chan said. Too tired to form words at the moment, you just nodded, a smile forming on his lips. Chan shifted his body over yours slightly and that’s when you felt it. Shifting your gaze down, you noticed the bulge straining against the fabric of his jeans. When you looked back up at him, he was already smirking at you and before you knew it, Chan had pulled you up to straddle his lap, his hand snaking up towards your neck again. Leaning forward, his lips hovered ever so slightly over your lips as he looked you dead in the eyes and said, “My turn kitten.”
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thekpopcloud · 2 years ago
stray kids dating age range
requested by anon
this is 100% my own thoughts so don’t come at me for it :)
Tumblr media
(gif not mine! credit to owner!)
Bang Chan (97 liner): 1995 - 2000
Woojin (97 liner): 1995 - 1999
Lee Know/Minho (98 liner): 1996 - 2000
Changbin (99 liner): 1998 - 2000
Hyunjin (00 liner): 1998 - 2002
Jisung/Han (00 liner): 1999 - 2003
Felix (00 liner): 1998- 2002
Seungmin (00 liner): 1999 - 2002
I.N/Jeongin (01 liner): 1999 - 2003
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rigged · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids ✗ alice in borderland (2020)
“welcome, players. the game will commence shortly.”
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jisungsjheekies · a year ago
The Night We Met
Genre: Soulmate, fluff, a little angst
Word count: 3.6k
Warnings: Swearing, anxiety
Requested: Yes
Soulmate connection: born with a tattoo of the date you first meet your soulmate - Y/N’s is 22/09/19
A/N: I originally had this idea for the group TXT but decided it would fit well with Jisung. Inspired by Lord Huron’s The Night We Met. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Beep Beep Beep Be—
You slammed your hand to the side of your bed, putting an end to the dreadful noise. Sunlight peeked through the window blinds, beaming straight into your eyes. You groaned, pulling a pillow over your eyes. You had almost fallen back asleep when your alarm started going off again. Grabbing the phone, you saw “Minhoe” flash across the screen. You answered, holding it up to your ear as you closed your eyes again.
“Where the fuck are you?? You were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago!” your best friend whisper-yelled through the phone. Your eyes widened as you pulled the phone from your ear to see the time. 10:15 am.
“SHIT,” you yelled, bringing the phone back to your ear, “I’m on my way!!”
In full panic mode, you ended the call, jumping out of bed and running to your closet to grab your uniform. Looking somewhat presentable, you grabbed your bag and rushed out of your apartment. The coffee shop was only a few blocks away from your apartment, so it should only take you ten minutes to get there if you ran. Your feet moved faster than you could process as you bolted down the streets to work. You silently prayed to yourself that your boss wouldn’t be too mad. You were always on time for every shift. Maybe he would like this one slip-up go for the sake of you. Minho would no doubt be mad at you, considering he would have to pick up your slack and work twice as hard. You rounded the street corner, just down the road from the coffee shop. 
Consumed with your own thoughts, you collided with another person as you collapsed to the ground. Disoriented, you reached to collect the items that had spilled from your bag, a hand reaching out in front of your face to grab your attention. You looked up at the person--a guy who wore a grey hoodie and black mask, the only visible part of his face was his eyes. The most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen. Dark like chocolate, you could stare into his eyes for hours. You swore you could see stars within them. 
“Miss?” The guy waved a hand in front of your face, bringing you back to reality.
“What?” You asked.
“I asked if you were okay,” he said, hand still extended out to you. He gestured for you to grab it so he could help you from the ground. Placing your smaller hand in his, he lifted you from the ground.
“I’m okay, thank you. I’m so sorry for running into you, I’m kinda in a hurry” You rambled, giving the guy an apologetic look. 
“It’s okay.” He just smiled down at you before looking down at your hands. You blushed, realizing you still hadn’t let go as you quickly withdrew your hand.
“I should get going. I’m already late” You announced, slowly backing away from him, “I’m sorry again for running into you!”
“I didn’t catch your--” He started to say but you were already halfway down the street, “name.”
You burst through the door of the coffee shop, startling a few of the customers. Most of them were regulars so once they recognized you, they smiled before continuing on with whatever they were doing. You made eye contact with Minho behind the counter as he stared at you impatiently. You gave him an apologetic look as you rushed to the back to put away your things, wrapping an apron around your waist. You joined Minho behind the counter.
“What took you so long?” Minho grumbled.
“I ran into someone on the street. Literally” You explained to your best friend. Part of him wanted to laugh at you but he was already annoyed so he rolled his eyes instead.
“I’m sorry, I owe you one” You apologized, not wanting him to be upset with you. 
“Yeah, yeah. You’re on register,” Minho informed you as he resumed his position by the espresso machine. Getting straight to work, you made the extra effort to work even harder to make Minho’s job a little easier, especially after he covered for you. You were tidying up your workspace when a customer approached the counter. Looking up with a smile, you nearly choked.
“Hey, it’s you!” The same guy from earlier on the street pointed at you. You smiled awkwardly, nodding your head. He was accompanied by two of his friends, all of them wearing masks to cover their faces.
“What can I get for you?” you asked politely.
The tallest of the three stepped forward first, “Large iced americano please.”
“Make that two,” the next one said. You noticed he had a different accent compared to the other two.
“Correction: make that three,” the guy from the street said, making you let out a small laugh. Putting their orders in, you told them the total, watching as the dreamy-eyed guy handed you twenty dollar bill. You put the money in the register before handing him back his change. Extending your hand out, you noticed the one with the accent staring at the mark on your arm. You pulled your hand back quickly, hiding the mark from view.
“Your order will be out shortly,” you told them before turning to give the order to Minho, who was staring at you with wide eyes. Dismissing his gaze, you helped Minho prepare the guys’ drinks. You could hear hushed whispers from the other side of the counter as you poured each drink. Turning around, you passed the drinks to the guys with a smile as they bowed in thanks. For a moment they lingered, staring at you. You avoided their watchful gaze as you tended to another customer. Stealing a glance from the corner of your eye, you noticed the guys’ hesitation before they turned to leave the coffee shop.
Once all customers had been tended to, Minho hurriedly pulled you to the side.
“Oh my god Y/N did you see it?” Minho asked you excitedly. You stared at him, furrowing your brows in confusion. 
“What are you talking about?” Minho--literally--facepalmed at your obliviousness.
“Are you kidding me? You didn’t see that guy’s mark?” He deadpanned at you.
“No I’m not kidding! What guy? What mark?” You asked, still confused.
“The one in the grey hoodie! He had a mark on his wrist!” Minho shouted loudly, you shushed him when he gained some unwanted attention from the customers.
“The guy has a mark, so what?” You said uninterested.
Minho groaned, placing his hands on your shoulders as he leaned in close, “The same mark as you dumbass!” Your eyes went wide as panic filled your body.
“What? How do you know that?” You questioned your best friend.
“When he handed you the money, his sleeve slid up and I saw it.” 
“How are you so sure that it was the same as mine?” You didn’t want to get your hopes up if Minho was wrong about this.
“How stupid can you be? Our marks tell us the day we’ll meet our soulmate right?” Minho said, waiting for you to nod along. “Y/N are you aware of what today is?”
You shook your head no, pulling the phone from your pocket to glance at the date. Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head as you glanced up at Minho in a panic, “I was in such a hurry from being late this morning that the date slipped from my mind.”
“We’ve done nothing but stare down every person possible for either of our marks since the day we became friends. I’m well aware of what to look for at this point and because I knew what today was, I made sure to be on the lookout for you. Y/N that guy had YOUR mark!”
It made sense if you thought about it--today was the day you would meet your soulmate and you’d had two different encounters with him. Was it a sign? Was that guy really your soulmate?
“Minho, what if I never see him again? I didn’t even get his name,” you cried to your best friend, but he just reassured you with a smile.
“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.”
“How can you be so sure of that?” You asked, slightly more hopeful than you were before.
“Because his friends were looking at your mark. I saw them whispering to each other before they left.” Minho patted you on the shoulder before pulling you back to your stations, “You’ll see him again.” A smile adorned your face at the thought. How were you supposed to stay sane in the meantime? Every time the bell sounded above the door, you head would dart up in hopes of seeing him walk through but your smile deflated more and more each time. You tried to busy yourself with simple tasks when you weren’t tending to customers--wiping the counters and tables, refilling customer’s drinks, sweeping the floors--but how were you supposed to do that until the end of your shift at 8pm? Eventually you’d run out of things to do and be left alone with your thoughts. 
Inside the studio, Jisung and Chan sat hunched over the desk, working on some tracks as Hyunjin sat behind them in a chair, phone in hand as he scrolled through social media. He’d only tagged along to get out of the dorms--the rest of the members staying back to sleep or play video games on their day off. He began to regret coming with the members as they’d been at it for hours, wanting to get as much done for this album, even though they should be resting instead. Hyunjin had fallen asleep for a bit before waking up and offering to go grab them all something to eat. 
“Speed up the bass just slightly,” Jisung told Chan. He did what Jisung said, leaning back in his chair as they listened along. Nodding his head in approval, Chan nudged Jisung with his elbow.
“Good thinking. I think it’s ready now,” Chan announced just as Hyunjin returned, bag of food in one hand and a tray of drinks in the other. They decided it was a good time for a break as Hyunjin passed out the food, Chan grabbing a drink for each of them. With a tray of food on his lap, Chan turned in his chair to face Jisung. “Are we going to talk about it now?” he asked, grabbing Hyunjin’s attention rather quickly.
“I’d rather we didn’t,” Jisung mumbled, scrolling through his phone to avoid his members’ stares.
“We have to at some point--might as well do it now” Hyunjin said. Jisung knew they’d have this conversation whether he wanted to or not. Sighing, he put his phone away and looked up, giving them his attention.
“Are you going to go see her?” Chan asked. Jisung shook his head no as Chan and Hyunjin shared a look of confusion.
“Why not?” Hyunjin questioned him.
“Why should I?” Jisung shrugged his shoulders.
“Why should you?” Chan asked, “Because that girl is your soulmate, that’s why!”
“You’re scared aren’t you?” Hyunjin narrowed his eyes at Jisung, seeing the way his member grew anxious the more they talked about you.
“What? Scared? Of course not!” Jisung rambled nervously. Hyunjin raised a brow at him. “Okay yes I’m scared!”
“Why?” Chan asked curiously.
“What if she doesn’t want anything to do with me?” Jisung admitted.
“Because you’re an idol? That’s what you’re worried about?” Jisung nodded, Hyunjin sighed in understanding.
“Jisung, you do remember I was once in your position right?” Hyunjin began, “When I met my soulmate, I was scared too. And, I had every reason to be, considering she hated me, but I did whatever I could to change that. Now look at us.”
He has a point, Jisung thought. You were destined to be together, so maybe you’d give him a chance if he tried. Worse case scenario, you’d hate him and never speak to him again. But he wouldn’t know that until he went to see you. Glancing at his members, Jisung stood from his chair.
“Where are you going?” Chan asked him.
“To see her,” Jisung said, peeking at the time on his phone, 7:39pm, before running out of the studio, praying to the gods that you were still at work.
The last hour of your shift seemed to drag on forever, as only a few college students were scattered around the shop, each drowning down multiple cups of coffee as they studied. Minho had left about two hours ago, leaving you alone in the shop until the next employee came to take over for you. Peering up at the clock on the wall, you sighed in defeat, giving up all hope of seeing the guy ever again. You only had twenty more minutes until you could go home. You wanted nothing more than to be able to crawl under your covers, watch Netflix, and cry until the ache in your heart had subsided.
For the remaining twenty minutes, you wiped down the espresso machine for the third time that day, taking your time as your coworker arrived to relieve you for the day.
“Hey, Y/N! Busy day?” your coworker, Woojin asked, wrapping an apron around his waist. You smiled, removing your own.
“Hey, Woo. Eh not really, college students have been filtering in and out for most of the afternoon. It should be an easy shift for you,” you informed him. He nodded, bidding you goodbye as you collected your things, pulling on your jacket. You hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave the coffee shop just yet. Something was holding you back, the potential chance of seeing him again, but you knew better. If he wanted to see you again, he probably would have come several hours ago. You felt foolish for thinking he’d come back for you. What if he was disappointed when he saw you? Maybe that’s why he never came. Sighing, you exited the coffee shop, giving the building one final look before tucking your head down and starting on your walk home.
Or maybe he wasn’t the one you hoped he was. Minho could’ve been wrong, too caught up in the excitement of finding your soulmate for you. You tried to think of all the people you’d encountered throughout the day that could’ve been possible soulmates, but only one stood out from the rest. Even if he didn’t want you, you at least wanted to know your soulmate’s name. You prayed that you’d encounter him at least one more time. You didn’t care how. 
It happened before you could even process the situation. Your back hit the ground as a figure knocked you down, landing on top of you.
“Miss I’m so sor-”
“It’s you!” you gasped, looking into the eyes of the one you’d waited all day for. At the sound of your voice, the guy’s head snapped to look you dead in the eyes.
“You,” the guy whispered. For a moment, the two of you stared at each other before the guy shook his head.
“We have to stop meeting like this,” he laughed, causing you to laugh as well, before he lifted himself off you, realizing the two of you were still on the ground. He reached a hand out to help you up as you both brushed off your clothes.
“I was actually on my way to the coffee shop to find you,” he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.
“You were?” you asked, surprise evident in your voice.
“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you,” he smiled before biting his lip. “Actually, I needed to ask you something, too.” He rocked back and forth on his heels, tucking his hands in his pockets to hide the fact that they were shaking. You could feel the nervousness radiating off of him, his eyes darting between yours and the ground.
“Okay.” You offered him a warm smile in hopes of easing his nerves.
“Can I see your mark?” He closed his eyes as soon as he asked the question. He waited for you to reject him and walk away, but it never came. Instead, you lifted your sleeve, revealing your mark to him. When he opened his eyes, they immediately fell upon the mark.
“So it’s true,” he whispered. After a moment, you broke his stare. 
“May I see yours?” you asked calmly, but on the inside you were freaking out. You felt as if your heart would burst out of your chest from the anticipation. You knew, deep down, that he was the one but you needed to see it to confirm your thoughts. He slowly pulled his sleeve up, revealing his own mark--an exact match to yours. It felt as if all air had escaped your lungs as you looked up at him, too many emotions swimming through your eyes.
“Can I see your face?” you asked. He still wore the same mask from earlier, hiding everything but his eyes. You’d been dying to know what he looked like all day. Again he hesitated, looking at you nervously before he sighed.
“No. Not here at least,” he told you. Your smile faltered for a second before an idea popped into your head.
“What if we went somewhere else?” you offered. You refused to give up now, not when you were so close.
“Like where?” he asked. You could suggest your apartment but you weren’t sure you were comfortable with that, considering you didn’t know anything about him yet. There weren’t many secluded places that stayed open late on a Sunday night.
“The coffee shop stays open 24/7, so how about there?” you suggested. The guy nodded his head as the two of you walked the short distance back to the coffee shop in a comfortable silence. When you entered the building, Woojin gave you a confused look but you just gave him a smile. You found an empty table secluded at the side of the building, the two of you sitting down across from one another. You patiently waited for him to remove the mask from his face, not wanting to overwhelm him with demands. Holding his breath, he reached up to pull the mask off as well as his hood, giving you a full view of him. He looked up at you nervously, holding his hands in a tight fist on top of the table.
“You look familiar,” you said, tilting your head to the side as you stare at him, “Have you ever been in the coffee shop before?” He shook his head no. “Then where have I seen you before?” you wondered out loud.
“Probably on TV,” the guy admitted. Your eyes went wide as you remembered something.
“Wait--you’re that guy from that group! Stray Kids, right? I’ve played your songs in here before,” you told him excitedly. A small smile crossed his face at your comment before he nodded in agreement.
“That would be me,” he said. “I’m Jisung.” 
Jisung--now you finally had a name to match the face.
“What’s your name?” Jisung asked you. 
“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He smiled, his compliment causing your cheeks to flush. You mumbled ‘shut up’ under your breath, causing him to laugh. You swore that it was the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard. Everything about him was perfect: his eyes, his voice, his smile, his laugh. You thanked the gods above for giving you this beautiful human being.
“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again” You told him sadly. Jisung could feel his heart drop at the sadness in your voice. The two of you had barely met and he’d already caused you pain. Guilty was an understatement.
“I was scared you would reject me,” Jisung admitted, lowering his head to avoid your gaze.
“Because you’re famous?” you asked, watching as he nodded. “Why should that matter?”
“Dating an idol isn’t easy. I’m sure you’re aware of the way people tend to react--they can be really cruel.”
“I’m well aware of that, but again, why should that matter?” Jisung was at a loss for words, unable to answer your question. “Tell me Jisung, would you treat me well? Would you be there to hold me when I feel like everything’s falling apart? Would you do everything you could to keep me safe and happy?”
“Yes, of course I would,” Jisung answered wholeheartedly.
“I will be there for you when being an idol becomes too stressful. I will be there for you to make sure you eat and rest properly. I will be there for you to make sure you are always happy and safe. That, Jisung, is the only thing that matters,” you finished your speech with a smile. Jisung returned your smile, releasing a breath that he didn’t know he’d been holding in.
“I feel so stupid,” he laughed. You looked at him in confusion.
“Because I was worried about nothing. You’re practically perfect,” he said, giggling when you became all flustered. “Let me take you out.”
“When?” You asked, excited to spend more time with him.
“Now,” Jisung answered immediately. 
Well, he’s persistent, you thought.
“Okay,” You agreed, causing a bright smile to flash across his face. Whatever he had in mind for the night, you knew it would be one that you’d never forget. Jisung reached for your hand across the table, lacing your fingers with his.
“It’s a date.”
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for the weekend. | bang chan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⁍ pairing — bang chan x reader ⁍ genre — fluff & smut  ⁍ word count — 4.8k words ⁍ details — established relationship, producer!chan, choreographer!reader, lots of cuddles and kissing, oral (m. receiving), dirty talk, d/s undertones, mention of the word “cockslut”, chan worship, you’re both really in love ⁍ a/n — hello! i’m a new writing blog for skz. :D this is my first work here, so i’d love to hear your thoughts. i accept criticism, but please be nice i am trying my best ㅠㅠ part 2 is here! thank you to everyone who let me know that they wanted a part 2! ♥️ ⁍ summary — After a long week of hard work, you finally spend a weekend with Chan.
Tumblr media
Friday - 2:03 am
 Your footsteps are light and quick as you rush down the hall, duffel bag bumping against your back as it bounces from your movements. 
You were sweaty, sticky, and overall about to pass out, but there was a wide grin on your face once you stopped in front of a very familiar studio door.
You had just finished helping create a choreography for an idol group, a whole day of repeating dance moves and drawing positions on papers. 
Your out was supposed to be at 7, but you had done overtime with the intent to clear your schedule tomorrow. You would have to do overtime on Monday again, but that didn’t matter right now.
All that matters was the boy behind this door who was working just as hard as you are.
Inside, Chan was hunched over his desk, headphones in, hand cramping as he furiously jots down some notes. 
He wasn’t required to stay in, no, he could’ve left hours ago and be asleep right now. But going home without you always bothered him, so he had decided to stay until his girlfriend was finished. 
He knew you felt the same, though. You once told him that you would just be tossing and turning in bed if you went home without him. When the tables are turned and he was the one doing the overtime, you would doze on a chair beside him while he worked, or spend some time at the studio yourself.
Chan had checked the time just a few minutes ago, and he knew that you were already on your way here. Unfortunately, he had made the mistake of starting on a new project while waiting, so it would bother him if he left this unfinished while he rested at home. 
So now he was cramming, rushing to finish at least a draft. 
 You, on the other side of the door, didn’t bother with knocking, and just pushed the door open slowly. 
 Your eyes immediately find your boyfriend’s busy form; Chan’s hair was covered by a reversed snapback, basketball short clad legs tucked Indian style on top of his chair. 
 You feel a tug on your heartstrings as you watch Chan work hard for the sake of a free day tomorrow, a free day for you two.
 You smile at the way Chan taps the pen on the desk to an unfamiliar beat or taps it to the snapback on his head, before going back to writing again. 
 Chan also does these annoyed puffs of breath every few seconds, something you found to be very endearing ever since the first day you met. 
 When Chan groans in frustration, you finally walk inside and shut the door behind you, dropping your duffel bag on the floor.
 Chan freezes and stops writing when he feels arms wrapping around his neck, but the feeling is immediately gone when his brain registers that it’s his baby. 
 You press small close mouthed kisses on Chan’s cheek before you nuzzle your head against the crook between Chan’s neck and shoulder, and a smile blooms on Chan’s face.
 “Sorry,” Chan mutters, yanking his earphones down when you stop kissing him and pull away. You don’t answer. Instead, you remove Chan’s snapback from his head and card your fingers through his hair gently. 
 Chan sighs contentedly, eyes slipping shut as he leans his head back on the chair, following the flow of your fingers. He opens his eyes again when you lean down and press a kiss to his lips, 
 his nose, 
 and then his forehead. 
 You grin at him, and despite being in an unflattering upside down angle, Chan thinks you look absolutely gorgeous like this.
 Barefaced, happy, and in love.
 “It’s okay, Channie,” you finally say, after seconds of just gazing at each other lovingly passes. “I know you’re doing it for our vacation, anyway.”
 Chan lets out a small laugh as you fix the cap back on his head. “It’s just two days, baby.” 
 “Two days of sleeping, eating, and maybe some sex? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a heavenly vacation to me.” You babble unashamedly, hands sliding down Chan’s torso to massage his pecs— making him squirm and laugh— before you slide them up again to massage his shoulder joints. 
 Chan sighs as he lets the feeling of your fingers relieving the aches wash over him, but then he catches sight of the mess of papers on his desk, and a frustrated frown replaces his smile.
 “Will you wait for me?” Chan asks hopefully. Though deep inside, he kind of already knew the answer.
 Still, his heart starts to beat too fast and his stomach fills with too many butterflies when you wrap your arms around his neck again, pressing your cheek against Chan’s own as you mutter, “of course. You know I always will.”
 And then you seal the promise with a kiss. Chan pretends he doesn’t chase after your lips when you pull away.
 He goes back to work with you still wrapped around him, and after a few moments, you start to shift. Chan’s free hand quickly darts up to your arms that are slowly loosening, so you stay still, alarmed. 
 “Stay.” Chan mumbles distractedly, eyes darting hurriedly across the papers. It’s selfish, yes, making you stand behind him for God knows how long, but Chan had always worked better when you were this close. 
 You would have seen the embarrassed blush that dotted across Chan’s cheeks if you weren’t so flustered yourself, hiding your face in Chan’s shoulder blades again when you fail to suppress a wide grin. 
 So you busy yourself with basking in Chan’s warmth instead, squeezing Chan tight every once in a while just to see him squirm and attempt to glare at you. 
 Suddenly, all your sore muscles from dancing were gone, and you were content to stand behind your boyfriend for as long as he wanted you to. 
 When Chan is finally finished and you’ve shut off all the lights, locked the door and gathered all your belongings— Chan throws an arm around your shoulder while you wrap your own arm around your boyfriend’s waist. 
 You both giggle, talk in stage whispers, and stumble down the corridor like drunken fools despite being completely sober. You hold onto each other like it was your last time to do so, as if you were reassuring yourselves that the other is still there.
 For extra measure, Chan presses his lips against your temple, whispering a sweet “I love you, Y/N. So so, so much.” that only the two of you could hear as you go out into the cold night, wrapped in each other’s warmth. 
 The streetlights look like stars in his eyes, and you ask yourself again how lucky you are to have fallen in love with Bang Chan.
Tumblr media
Saturday - 2:54 pm
 3:16 am, you and Chan are pressed against each other as you settle into a deep sleep, blankets tucked around your bodies to shield yourselves from the cold. 
 4:23 am, you accidentally kick the blanket off the bed, leaving the both of you exposed to the cold temperature of the room. You shiver in your sleep. 
 Chan wakes up long enough to grumble about the blanket and do a half assed search around the room, just to end up pulling you closer to his chest and wrap both his arms around you. It doesn’t do much for Chan himself, but you stop shivering then, so Chan falls back asleep with a smile on his face.
 8:44 am, Chan’s phone rings. The ringtone almost rivals Chan’s snores, and the combination of the two sounds force you to wake up, annoyed. Chan was in the middle of the bed, arms and legs splayed out, while you were on top of him, cheek pressed against his chest. 
 You only have the energy to lift your head up, glare at the sun peeking from behind the curtain and at Chan’s phone, before you drop your head back on Chan’s chest heavily, startling the said boy awake. 
 Chan stops mid snore and the sound is so funny that you feel a smile tug on your lips, but then his  phone rings again.
 “Yah, Chan-ah,” you whine, wiggling upwards to bury your face in Chan’s neck. “Make it stop.”
 “Sorry babe,” Chan groans, trying to blink the sleep away from his eyes as he cups the back of your head. His free hand reaches for his phone on the nightstand, pressing it to his ear after 3 sad attempts of hitting the answer button. 
 Your hearing is muffled because of your position and Chan’s hand covering your head, and you only manage to hear a “no, no, we can’t, we’re sleeping in. Sorry Bin,” before you drown out the conversation entirely, the vibrations of Chan’s voice lulling you back to sleep. 
 Finally, at 2:54 pm, you wake up again, but this time you’re really awake. 
 Your stomach is grumbling and you’re so hungry it‘s starting to hurt. You try to move, but find yourself unable to because of the limbs restricting from doing so.
 This time, one of Chan’s legs is on top of you, covering your lower half entirely. Chan’s head is lying on the pillow, and there’s drool on his chin and it’s gross, so you use the sleeve of your shirt to wipe it quickly. Thankfully he didn’t drool on your hair.
 Chan’s holding your other arm to his own chest as if it was a teddy bear, his body curled into your side snugly. When you lean back slightly to take a proper look at him, Chan’s nose twitches like a rabbit and the grip on your arm tightens. You snort.
 “Chan. Channie,” you mutter before you bury your face in Chan’s hair, squeezing the sleeping boy in an attempt to wake him up gently. 
 Chan lets out a grunt, but doesn’t do much to prove he’s really awake. You sigh. 
 What the hell are you supposed to do now?
 It takes you more than a few attempts, but you finally release your arm from Chan’s grip. However, just when you were about to start working on his leg, Chan suddenly slips his own arm under you, turning you over so you end up on top of him again. He does it so easily that it startles you, cheeks burning red at the sudden display of strength.
 “It’s our day off, give me one more hour.” Chan grumbles. He was still half asleep so most of his sentence was incoherent, but if anyone was an expert in sleepy Chan language, it was you.
 You glance at the wall clock on the other side of the room, grimacing once you realize why you were starving. “Shit. We really wasted the whole day away by sleeping, dude. It’s 3 pm.”
 “Stop calling me dude.” He huffs. “And it’s a vacation, Y/N. Let me sleep. Let us sleep.” 
 You pout when you get your own words thrown back at you, and then it’s as if Chan has a sixth sense for your pouting, because he’s suddenly lifting his head up to press a kiss to your chin, eyes still closed.
 You’re guessing he was aiming for your lips, but he was fighting a hard battle between properly kissing you and falling back asleep. It was endearing.
 “Love you,” Chan mutters groggily, and was about to drop his head back on the pillow when you stop him with a proper kiss to the lips. It’s a very awkward angle, but you both blush and giggle as if it’s your first kiss.
 “Mmmmhm,” Chan pulls away after a few seconds of close mouthed kisses, eyes now blinking open as he frowns at you. “Don’t kiss me. Morning breath.”
 You giggle, leaning up on your elbows to take a proper look at him, heart squeezing at the way his lips were pouted. His bed head looked like a bird’s nest and his eyes were swollen. You couldn’t resist pressing another peck to his lips at the sight.
 “But I just did.” You grin, cupping Chan’s cheek as you press small, rapid kisses on his face. “Besides, it’s afternoon.”
 Chan rolls his eyes, pretending as if he wasn’t chasing your lips with every kiss. And you giggle again, because you were giddy that Chan is finally awake and you were in love with him, and those two don’t really connect, but whatever. 
 Barely a minute passes before Chan’s eyes start to slip shut again, and it’s only then that you realize you’ve been running your hand through your boyfriend’s hair unconsciously.
 “The day’s over, anyway,” Chan places a hand at the back of your head, gently leading you to his neck. He presses a kiss to your forehead then yawns, fingernails scratching your scalp gently to lure you into going back to sleep. “Let’s just stay in bed.”
 And you, you were so tempted to say yes, especially with how warm and comfortable you were in the love of your life’s arms, but then your stomach starts to wail like a dying animal, and both you and Chan wince.
 “I heard it.”
 You laugh, a loud, refreshing sound that makes Chan’s heart pump wildly, and you feel his lips form into a smile when he presses a kiss to your forehead again, longer this time.
 Chan then wraps both of his arms around your waist, turning you both over to the side. Your arms come up to lock around Chan’s neck, and your eyes meet when you look up. 
 Chan’s eyes were twinkling, and you’re not so sure if it’s because of the light behind you.
 “Hello,” Chan says casually, and you make a sound between huffing and laughing.
 “Will you at least let me go so I can make breakfast?”
 “It’s already afternoon,” Chan half-heartedly reasons, his arms tightening around you as he leans down to press another kiss to your nose.
 “Breakfast time is any time. Whoever thinks otherwise should be jailed.” 
 Chan ignores you, busy pressing a few more pecks to your cheeks, nudging your nose with his own. 
 You whine. “Come on, baby. You need to eat. I know you’re hungry too.”
 And Chan is, but he doesn’t want to leave the bed yet. He’s not pouting, he swears he isn’t, but he knows he’s making a face because you were smiling all amusedly at him again, like you were surprised he was acting this way.
 Who could blame him, really? He had a whole day off, a beautiful girl in his arms, and unlimited kisses to give and receive. Why would he leave this warm bubble without a fight?
 Chan tightens his grip and rolls again, and you were getting out of breath from laughing and trying to push him away. Your boyfriend pins you down on the bed, holding your hands above your head and intertwining your fingers together.
 “Hello,” Chan says again, grinning down at your flushed face.
 The sudden displays of strength kept catching you off guard, and your face was reddening for a multitude of reasons.
 “Hi,” you reply, albeit breathlessly, and you tilt your head up as a way of asking for a kiss. 
 Chan leans down slowly, too slowly for your liking, so you groan loudly. Chan laughs but finally presses your lips together, subconsciously loosening his grip on your hands. You free them from his grasp to cup his cheeks. 
 You can feel Chan smile against your own lips, and you only go as far as nibbling on the other’s bottom lip before you decide something and push him back.
 “Y/N,” Chan whines, chasing after you again, but you stop him with a finger to his chest and a quick peck to the lips. He stops, clearly confused.
 You push him back further, making him fall onto his side. He seems to catch on when you start straddling him, knees on other sides of his hips.
 “Oh.” Chan gapes, eyes blinking up at you stupidly. You laugh.
 “Yeah, oh.” 
 You drag the hem of his shirt up, deliberately scratching your nails against the hard muscles of his abs. Chan groans at that, hips bucking up involuntarily.
 As he busies himself with taking his shirt off properly, you start to press open mouthed kisses down his chest, tongue laving against the prominent lines of his stomach. You start sucking near the navel, leaving a big, deep purple hickey that contrasts heavily against his pale white skin.
 Chan hadn’t said anything since you started, but he was leaning back on his elbows, dark eyes following your every move. You felt the way his eyes followed the curve of your body as you adjusted to kneeling so you could move further down, making you shiver. It was almost like he was touching you with how intense his stare was. But his hands stayed at his sides, calm and waiting to strike.
 You knew that would change soon.
 There was already a noticeable bulge by the time you got down to his crotch, making you bite back a smile. You know Chan could feel your amusement because he uses his feet to tickle you at your side, making you laugh.
 “Get on with it, pretty.” His tone was playful, but his hooded eyes were saying otherwise.
 You listened obediently though, because at the end of the day, all you really wanted was to be good for Chan. All you wanted was to pleasure him, to make him feel good, to let him know that you wanted him to be happy. 
 And if a mindblowing orgasm from a morning wood blowjob was the way to success… well.
 You don’t waste any time in taking off his boxers, desperate to see the cock you loved. It wasn’t a secret that you were a bit of a cockslut, but it was technically Chan’s fault. When he slid his cock in you the first time and made you cum so hard you almost passed out, you were ruined for anybody else ever.
 You loved him inside you, loved him pounding so deep into you you felt the head of his cock in your cervix, and also loved him when he took it slow and let you feel every inch— every vein that lined along his fat cock. You loved when you were at his mercy.
 But you also loved when you had that same cock in your mouth, filling you all the way to your throat. You were guessing you had a bit of an oral fixation, since sometimes you craved the weight of it at random times of the day. You just wanted his cock in your mouth, and you knew Chan was more than happy to oblige.
 Chan’s sizeable cock slapped up against his stomach when you finally took away its confines, precum smearing against his skin. Chan’s fingers tighten against the sheets when you lean forward and kitten-licked that same precum off, his cock bumping against your cheek.
 “Baby,” he exhaled, brows furrowing. “Are you playing games right now?”
 “No,” you answer, but as soon as the word left your mouth, you flattened your tongue and licked a thick stripe up at the side of his cock, making Chan groan and throw his head back.
 You swirl your tongue around the angry purple tip of his cock, letting his precum coat your tongue. But you don’t swallow it, not yet. You let the liquids fall back onto his cock, using it as lubricant for your hand that comes up to stroke him. 
 Chan grunted, bucking up into the tight space of your hand as his head lolled forward. He watches you with lidded eyes, and you tilt your head so he could feel the hot exhale of your breath on his cock. Predictably, you felt it twitch.
 A hand comes to cup the back of your head, and you look up through your lashes to see Chan licking his lips and swallowing. 
 “Come on,” he urges, hand sliding down to tilt your head up. He slides his thumb into your mouth and your lips close around it immediately, sucking. Chan shudders. “Be good for me.”
 And you obey.
 As soon as Chan’s thumb slipped out of your mouth, you replaced it with his cock, tongue flattening as you took half of him in your mouth. Your lips stretched obscenely, Chan’s girth and length stretching your mouth to its limits. 
 But instead of deterring you, it only made you moan. You already felt so full even if you hadn’t taken his entire cock in your mouth yet, almost gagging when you felt the tip nudge the back of your throat. Your eyes flick up, watching as Chan’s jaw tightened, eyes fluttering shut for a moment.
 You bob your head up and down slowly, understanding that Chan was letting you take the lead. His hand stayed cupped at the back off your head, a reassuring constant as you did your best to breathe through your nose. 
 The slick sounds your mouth was making echoed along with Chan’s muttered curses in your quiet room, the only other sound being the traffic outside.
 “Shit. Shit,” Chan exhaled, chest heaving. He was always much more sensitive in the morning. “Your mouth, baby. That fucking mouth.”
 And much more noisier.
 “So good for me.” Chan whispers, voice rough and heated. He brushes the back of his hand against your hollowed cheeks, then cards his fingers through your hair so he could see your face properly. “Look at you, my cock in your mouth first thing in the morning. What a sight.”
 You moan at his words, and the vibrations that come from your throat make him twitch in your mouth. Chan refrains from bucking his hips, but he slips up sometimes when gets too lost in the pleasure. There’s an apology on his lips every time, but you shut him up quickly with a harsh suck to his throbbing cock.
 You know he’s close when the twitching gets more frequent and his thighs start tensing around your head, his hand going from tugging on your hair instead of just resting there. Chan gets quieter as well, his nasty praises trailing off to grunts and broken moans.
 Your jaw was aching, but the quiet gasps of your name spurs you on more than you’d like to admit. Because as much as you loved to be under Chan’s mercy, something about him losing his mind over your mouth and saying your name like it was his last prayer did things to you. The slick heat between your legs reminded you of it.
 His pleasure was your pleasure.
 You’re forcibly pulled off when Chan tugs your head back, and you’re just about to complain when Chan suddenly sits up and grabs his cock with his free hand, keeping the tip of it in your mouth. 
 “Look at me.” He hisses, and you obey immediately. 
 You look up at him through your lashes, suckling at the head of his cock as much as he let you. He jerks himself off quickly, using your spit as lube and groaning at the lewd sight of your lips wrapped around him and the feeling of your tongue insistently brushing against the underside of his cock.
 “I’m gonna cum, baby, shit-“ he grunts through gritted teeth, and you squirm as you watch his abs and arms flex with each movement. 
 Chan had his head thrown back now, sweat dripping down his throat and his pale skin reddening as he got closer and closer to his release. 
 “I’m gonna cum in this pretty mouth. This perfect mouth, only mine to use, hm? Just mine and mine alone, fuck- god, fuck!“
 You tug Chan’s hand away and swallow his cock down your mouth again as soon as the first spurt of his cum hits your tongue, making him flinch. 
He’s clearly torn between tugging your head away due to  the oversensitivity, or pushing his cock farther down your mouth. His hand flexes in your hair, unsure of what to do. 
 You decide for him.
 Your throat works against him, struggling to swallow his cum and keep his cock in your mouth at the same time. You were determined to milk his whole orgasm out of him, and you weren’t going to stop until he was dry and shaking. The moans Chan lets out this time are almost close to whimpers as he falls back against the mattress, hips bucking uselessly. 
 “Y/N,” he whines, gasping for breath, and you rub your hands up and down his hips to ground him. You clean him up slowly, aware that the oversensitivity must be bordering on pain now.
 Chan groans, arms coming up to hide his reddened face.  “Baby, enough, please. Come here, come up, I want a kiss. Please.”
 You bite back a smile as you pull off his cock, sucking one last hickey to his navel and reveling in his stuttered moan. You crawl up the bed slowly, kissing the exposed part of Chan’s chin; the only area that wasn’t covered by his arms.
 “Good?” You ask, sitting on his stomach now.
 “Good?” He squawks, disbelief written all over his face when he pulls his arms away. His face was still red, as well as the upper parts of his chest. “Good?! You- god, I can’t believe you. Come here, you little minx.”
 He growls, pulling you into a bruising kiss. Your hands come up to cup his cheeks again, moaning as he bit on your lips and sucked on your tongue like a starving man. Chan’s hands grope your breasts through your shirt, thumbing your slowly hardening nipples and making you squirm. 
 When he pulls away from the kiss and trails his lips down your neck, his hands move lower as well. He hooked his thumbs in your shorts, one second from pulling them down and having his way with you. But-
 Speaking of starving.
 “Channie,” you whine, stopping his hands. He freezes immediately, pulling back to look at you. Concern was written all over his face, and you would have cooed if you didn’t have more pressing matters at hand. 
 You frowned. “I’m really hungry.”
 Chan gapes at you, stunned. He blinks rapidly, eyes going from your frowning face to his hands by your shorts. “I- are you- do you not want me to return the favor? You just gave me the best orgasm of my life.”
 You snort, knowing he was exaggerating, but Chan looked dead serious. You roll your eyes then, locking your lips in a heated kiss again for a few seconds to satiate your needy boyfriend. You keep your forehead pressed together when you pull back slightly to look in his dazed eyes, still filled with want. 
 You drag the tip of your index finger across his lip, smirking. “I’ll make you a deal. If you put some food in my stomach, I promise I’ll let you fuck me six ways to sunday.” You grind down, making him hiss. “It’s been too long since you made me cry, no?”
 Chan’s eyes darkened. You licked your lips.
 But then, the next thing you know, the world was upside down, and you were being carried outside your bedroom over your boyfriend’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
 “Bang Chan!” You squeak, heart pounding wildly in your chest. “Put me down, you crazy idiot! What the hell are you doing!”
 “Putting some food in your stomach.” Chan replied simply, like that was the answer to all your questions. “No take backs.”
 You pause for a second, then find yourself laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Chan was still naked. You smack his ass repeatedly, making him yelp on the way to the kitchen. 
 “You’re insane.” You laugh as he finally sets you down on the kitchen counter, wrapping your arms around his neck when he squeezes himself in between your thighs.
 “You love me.” He giggles, looking too smug for your own liking. But then his face softens, and you blink in surprise when he presses a soft kiss to your lips,
 then your nose,
 then your forehead,
 then your lips again.
 “And I love you . More than anything.”
 It’s the softest kiss you’ve shared since you woke up, and that was saying something. You look up at Chan, dazed at the sudden switch of mood. He was looking at you tenderly, eyes twinkling as he smiled, dimples popping out.
 Your heart pounded in your chest again, beating so hard you felt like it was going to come out of you. You love him. You were so in love with Bang Chan that it hurt, and you wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of your life in his arms, just like this. Always.
 “Now,” Chan grinned wide, stepping back as he clapped his hands twice. He was looking very determined, arms crossed and bulging over his chest as he looked around the kitchen. 
 Your eyes meet, and your breath catches in your throat when he smirks.
 “Time to fulfill my part of the deal so we can get on with yours.”
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