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#skz changbin
3raaaachachacha · 2 days ago
2:19 pm
Seo Changbin / 537 words / angst / fluff / suggestive
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
“What do you mean it’s not a good idea?” Your friend raised her voice a little as she placed her food down in front of her, catching the attention of a few others, “I think it’s a good idea and I mean, well look at him! You’d have such a good time with him and from what I've heard, he always makes sure that you get off first.”
You sighed in frustration before averting your eyes to the boy sitting a few tables down with his friends. Changbin. A friend of yours, an extremely good looking friend of yours, who currently had a huge smile plastered on his face, “I don’t think someone like him, would like someone like me, better yet, have sex with me. I’m not, you know, pretty or skinny. I doubt he’d be into someone like me or down to do anything with me. Plus, we’re just friends.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, I hate it when you talk so poorly of yourself. Besides, you never know till you try! So you should ask him later when you meet up for your project,” She replied, packing her things before standing with a mouth full of food, “I gotta run or else I'll be late,” With that, she ran out of the cafeteria and towards her class, leaving you there alone and confused until a new figure made its way to the seat in front of you.
“Why the frown Y/N,” Changbin asked, causing you to jump a little at his sudden appearance.
“Changbin! Hi! Uh, it’s nothing really,” You replied but the look on his face told you he didn't buy it.
Before you could think of something else to say and change the subject, Changbin spoke up, “You wanna go back to mine and finish the project, then maybe, I don’t know, have some fun,” He said with a smirk and wriggle of his eyebrows.
You looked up at him, your face warm with a pink blush before moving your eyes away to avoid his gaze, “What? What do you mean?” You stuttered, knowing for a fact what he was referring to.
“Your friend isn’t exactly the quietest,” He chuckled before placing his hand on your chin to get you to look him in the eyes, “I’m more than down to, you know,” He started before looking around and leaning in close to your ear “Have sex with you, only if you’re comfortable with it. Think of it like a friends with benefit type of thing.”
“With me?” Was all you could muster out in your shock. 
“Of course with you,” He exclaimed with a smile, “Why wouldn’t I? You’re hot and I’ve always wondered how you’d be in bed since you always go on about how you’re deprived of dick.”
You couldn’t help but laugh at Changbin’s comment, loving the way he always made you smile and feel comfortable about yourself, forgetting even for a split second of your insecurities.
“Besides,” He exclaimed, taking a hold of your arm and walking towards the cafeteria doors, “It’s my job to help you see just how beautiful I think you are, and that starts with me appreciating every little thing about you.”
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
- Admin 🌶️
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channiechwn · 23 hours ago
♡— [9.32pm]
— pairing: shy nerd!changbin x gn!reader
— genre: fluff, crushes au????, college / library au
— warnings: none
Tumblr media
changbin’s eyes wavered over your sleeping figure. you were slumped on the table, your head resting on your folded arms as your soft snores sounded throughout the empty library. it was about to be dinner time so the students have already scurried out of the library, leaving the two of you alone.
changbin’s textbook long forgotten as he couldn’t help but to take sneaky glances at you. he sighed. oh how badly he wanted to pick up the courage and ask for your number but every time he tried to do so, his knees would buckle and he would sit back down. but what he did do was inch closer and closer to you.
every 5 minutes, he would sit at the table in front of his previous one, slowly making the distance between the two of you smaller. now, he was just one table away from you.
5 minutes have passed and it was time for him to make a move. unfortunately, his big phat ass bottom accidentally pushed the chair he was sitting on, causing it to drag along the hard marble floors. the noise awakened you from your slumber and you started rubbing your eyes.
upon seeing your groggy state, changbin had no choice but to sit down again, this time hiding behind his book which was so clearly upside down. you, of course noticed and you let out a giggle. changbin, still oblivious, furrowed his eyebrows, pretending to scrutinise the mass of numbers.
he really thought he was being slick. clever. but it was so obvious. how could someone sitting at the farthest corner of the library suddenly appear in front of your table without you noticing? his cute antics made a small smile appear on your face and when changbin noticed, his heart fluttered.
“you come here often?” you asked, pulling out the chair opposite him and plopping down.
“the weather is great huh?” he replied, mentally face palming himself. that was a great start to a conversation. there goes his chances.
“i’m studying math and math is pretty cool, especially when the number has eight numbers in it — just like phone numbers. do you like phone numbers? i have a phone number and ma—” he ‘tried’ to save himself but his flustered state could not get him anywhere. your index finger touched his lip, shushing him as you fished out your phone and passed it to him.
“number?” you asked, making him sigh in relief. thank god for your bravery, he thought.
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mxxndreams · 2 days ago
— He Isn't You —
+ pairing: seo changbin x female reader + genre: angst, unrequited love!au, fashion designer!au, drabble + warnings: none + wordcount: 499 + A/N: Hello, I hope you're doing well. This one is angsty, you knew I had to make one of these full on angst. This is my sixth drabble for Stay Haven’s Monthly Event. Keep an eye out for the rest! Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts through an ask if you feel like it! Happy reading!
Tumblr media
“You know, maybe you should talk to him,” Changbin said, extending an iced americano your way. You watched as he sat on the chair opposite to yours, sipping on his beverage. “I’m sure he would agree to be your… model?”
You nodded and drank some of your coffee, the coldness refreshing you on this extremely hot day. “I don’t think I want him as a model, though… He has… pretty features but…”
“But?” Changbin asked, lifting his eyes from his phone to look at you curiously.
But he isn’t you, part of you wanted to say. You sighed and quickly took another sip, hoping that it would calm you down.
“You’re doing that thing again, Y/N. I can’t read your mind, you know?”
And you were glad he couldn’t. Because if he could, he would be able to tell the reason as to why you were avoiding finishing that sentence, the reason why more often than not, you kept most of your thoughts to yourself.
“I’m just not sure… about the whole model thing. That’s it.”
That was a lie and Changbin could see straight through it. He sighed and leaned back on his chair, placing the phone on the table between the two of you. As he glanced at you, you avoided his gaze. He cleared his throat and searched for your eyes.
“What’s bothering you?”
His question was simple, but it caused a turmoil inside of you. You bit your lower lip, contemplating whether you should lay it all on the table once and for all. Like always, you chose not to do it, you chose to put a smile on your face and ask about the thing that was causing all this confusion inside of you.
“Let’s not talk about it right now. Tell me about Goeun. How are things going between you two?”
Changbin paused and studied you for a moment and you tried your best to keep your fake smile on. He cleared his throat and excitedly started talking about her, and how she was wonderful, great, everything Changbin ever wanted in someone.
Part of you regretted having asked him this question. You wanted to be happy for him, you wanted to ask him more questions, to engage in this conversation. But part of you couldn’t get over the fact that his eyes shined when he talked about her, that his smile widened when her name came from his lips.
And part of you wished that you had that same effect on him. But he didn’t love you as he loved her.
So you knew he wouldn’t. And just like whenever you were in love with someone, you would bury these feelings deep within your heart, hoping that one day they would disappear. Hoping that one day, the smile on your face as Changbin talked about Goeun was real and that these intense feelings you felt for him were no longer there, and all that remained was a good, wonderful, and truthful friendship.
Tumblr media
©mxxndreams 2021 Copying, reposting, translating and/or modifications of my work is strictly prohibited.
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spearb-96 · 18 hours ago
Skz as Boyfriends!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre~ informative lol
A/N~ yep it was requested! Enjoy 친구 <3
Tumblr media
I’ve read many many posts about “skz as your man” and have read many other fics about them and I feel like you guys have, too. I tried to make it different from what you all have been reading so give this a try! Maybe it’s fun…
**There are a lot of boyfriend types and people have come up with hella a lot of names for a certain one. BUT. I tell you there is no specific and a perfect person to fit in that category cause everyone has pros and cons. (Same goes to skz boys) therefore I won’t categorize them in a particular type..*
We all know this guy and you all have read enough of him I think, to know what imma say. (But for special purposes why not..)
This guy is really really serious about relationships and you are probably the one because he just can’t help loving everything about you.
The fact that he is yours even with all the responsibilities and work he has as a leader and idol is a miracle itself. Therefore consider yourself LUCKY to have the most caring and loving man anyone could have.
Dates- He likes movies hence movie nights and date to the theater are often. If not then he likes taking you to a sports event or the beach cause yeah. ( that vibesssssss you know? )
PDA = 3/10 why?, because as mentioned earlier he is responsible for many important things and he doesn’t want to have any misunderstandings about you and dislikes hate in general. That 30% I gave him was because he would only do PDA if really needed.
In Bed things? Umm not often actually but once in a while yes WHILE he would like it I’m sorry I mean LOVE it..
Con? Yep time! Sorry girl but that time you need, it’s hard for him to fulfill every time.
Cute extra info- Doesn’t mention it but secretly likes when you poke his dimple and say he’s cute.
There are these majority conceptions, as I said majority but not all cause there are stays who know that he is a sweet guy deep deep down.😉
If you’re his s/o he will give every bit of him to you and expects the same for you. I would categorize him as a boyfriend wo acts like a mom lol. It maybe hard to digest that information but trust me this feeling I have from my gut I can say that he is also very caring. Although he might not say things like I will be there whenever you need me or even I miss you, care for you, but he doesn't need to say this anyway. As action speak more than words our Minho is the same.
Dates- He likes to balance it between what you like and what he likes as well. If you are a new couple he straight up asks what you prefer. Plus point he likes to take you to cat café if you like cats too.
PDA = 0.5/10 why? honestly speaking this guy literally hates to express his feelings. That .5 is literally him agreeing that he is yours and that's it. (when someone asks that is)
In Bed things? I personally think it depends on his mood and not yours. Yup. Somedays he wants you a lot and somedays he likes his space. I'm not saying he hates cuddling but more than that on days he is either tired or stressed he likes to keep that little limit to what happens next.
Con? Attention... you would literally take his cats away from him to get his attention.
Cute extra info- likes it when you call him and yourself Appa and Eomma to his cats.
Changbin being the puff/ strong guy(sorry that sounded disturbed lol) We all know how babied he likes to be.
Him as a boyfriend is just very natural, I mean from the way he takes you on a fancy date to even putting nail polish on your left hands. Everything is very genuine and he loves it. The Boyfriend to always apologize first.
I find him as someone to take attraction and the next step which is relationship very seriously. ( the person to be very calculative, it can beat Chan honestly..)Knowing that he is afraid to hurt people in any kind of way, to hurt you even as an accident breaks his heart.
Dates- Our Dwaekki loves taking you on dates with loads of food or snacks. A typical Korean restaurant or even food stalls, he loves seeing you eat than to be broken when you might have some kind of sickness due to eating problems.
PDA = 5/10 why? Because he likes your opinion. He is okay with either if you insist on a particular one but slightly leans on less public knowing. Holding hands and probably hugging you wouldn't be a huge problem for him.
In Bed things? he loves it anytime honestly... if he is horney he is getting what he wants and when you are same goes to you.. you'll get what you want..
Cons? Too much aegyo which makes you do things you don’t necessarily want to. (Stay blessed)
Cute extra info- Praise him! (x100) loves it when you say things like " my boyfriend is so strong.." or even " those arms mmm..."
I mean do I need to say how into he is with this??? Damn this man is the most prepared man a girl could have. The type to know everything about relationships... from trending couple fashion to even special not important but cute couple events..( that he probably found randomly scrolling through google)
He knows your anniversary, birthday, your moms birthday, dads and basically your whole family knows him too. He also keeps track of your monthly cycle too cause he likes being responsible for you..
He is the type to get jealous very easily BUT wont admit it when you ask. Likes to braid your hair while learning from YouTube.. Likes to buy you so many colorful cute hair accessories. (loves your hair..)
Dates- we all know this guy is fancy so he likes fancy dates but he can also be the complete opposite.. Fancy~ maybe to a art restaurant or even on a fancy boat cause why not.. Normally though~ likes to take you to an art museum or at night to take you on the roof for star gazing..
PDA = 2/10 why? I've probably given hints on my fictions with Hyunjin about this in particular. He prefers keeping this in private and that 20% is with his members (barely)
In Bed things? This guy couldn’t be more romantic lol. Loves being prepared for this buys every thing you both need… and yeah loves it.
Cons? He buys Kammi more hair clips than you sorry….
Cute extra info- likes when you get mad when he cut his hair lol. I apologize to all the stays I know he is cute every time but that long hair just hits different….
The craziest boyfriend you could have and will only have. You would low key love your relationship with this man I’m telling ya…
You two would have so much fun like toddlers. He is honestly the cutest, funniest, talented etc.. man you get all in one.. ahaha..
Likes to buy you the most stupid things that actually works for a daily living..( that thing he bought to watch on his phone while laying down 😵)
likes to joke around and talk to you a lot.. gurll listen to him he loves it. He likes to value your problems as well so listens to you too.
Dates- likes to watch anime so you two usually have this anime night cuddle sessions but if he were to plan something outside he would prefer to take you to the amusement part lol.
PDA = 8/10 why? honestly he likes showing you off cause he is fond of you. Basically doesn't care what others think... his parents know you, members, friends outside the group, and stays know you exist lol.. 20% i kept for a reason because he doesn't like it when things get out of handle so he wont do anything to the extent..
In bed things? yes he likes it but that turns up into a tickle fight or even a complete cringe but cute moment..
Cons? He might be very sensitive leading to him being upset and you having to apologize...
Cute extra info- loves it when you kiss his cheeks or just play with them in general..
I had to bring this up at some point lol.. stays probably know the video where he says his clothes are boyfriend material lol...and yes i agree hands down!
A boyfriend material in his own way ahaha.. i mean we all know he loves to be cared for and loved. That Bangchan! spoiled little youngbok.. i personally feel or think two ways. Either he likes being cared for by you or he takes care for you since now he gets to be the older one..
Felix likes speaking in English so if you know English he would speak both languages as well. Likes to give you blowjobs cause he fell in love with you lol..
Dates- Shopping malls, window shopping, UNO on a picnic lol all these are his favs and so are yours .. Personally speaking he likes to take you to places where he can take lots of pictures of you..
PDA = 4/10 why? I don't know haha yup its just a feeling where I'm in between of two opposite thoughts.. I fell like he shows you to his members and family but not more than that.. (Olivia is most likely to love you)
In bed things? Likes being pampered and loves it when you lead.. happens pretty often actually..
Cons? yes! he like being touchy and so do you but he does it too much which beats ya.. and jealous really easily! and he lets you know that..
cute extra info- compliment him on his freckles and he will blush literally a tomato 🍅..
Sweet really sweet.. he is the typical Korean boyfriend you'll get haha even better than that.
He just likes to talk to you or even look at you all day and keep that puppy smile on him.. The type to sing you a song to sleep or whenever you ask him to. likes to hear you sing too.. attempts to make you laugh but ends up, giving up.
He likes kissing your eyes when they are closed.. or when you just fell asleep after the song likes to give your eyes quick pecks..
Dates- He likes walks and that's why you go on evening walks and return when it's dark.. likes holding your hands. He likes grocery shopping with you, takes you to the rooftop to talk about life and its shitty problems.. Basically effortless things that make your relationship happy for what it is.
PDA = 1/10 why? I mean do I need to tell you this? he is like Minho but just a little bit more obvious.. Prefers to express his love when you two are alone..(that's it)
In bed things? umm yes but no.. i mean he gives in to your begs but I feel like Seungmin is just too into cute cuddling and these things are only when he is very desperate ..
Cons? not much but maybe ignoring you when you ask if he can buy you ice Cream for the fifty-sixth time..(but gives in anyway)
Cute extra info- He likes when he sees you in his clothes.. but doesn't say it and acts like he doesn't..
Baby, baby, Baby..... he is our baby boyyyy but his savage ass towards his Gurung’s just breaks it all hahaha…
Jk he is actually really cute, caring, sweet and likes to be protective. It may not suit him but yes he likes scolding people if done wrong to you..
You might be older or younger honestly he doesn’t care.. he is very respectful to you either way. He loves you and is very shy too which you find cute.
Dates- Asks you for your opinion or his Hyungs. He still is very inexperienced so he doesn’t know but sometimes likes it when you two spend time on the swings of some random park with fruit juice 🧃..
PDA = 0/10 why? Cause no no no no not even to his members haha he is just too shy and likes to keep his relationship in its own boundaries.
In bed things? Nope please! I’m sorry stays but I just can’t with Jeongin… (no further details he is just so precious to me)
Cons? He understands very late.. like you trying to say you want to cuddle, kiss etc.. without words he won’t get it. Just fucking be straight forward with our baby.
Cute extra info- honestly everything is cute about him so I can’t fit it here sorry… stays use your imagination here…
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behappymyfriend · a day ago
Felix: *from his room* Hurry mate, my neck hurts!
Han: *runs into the main room* Do we have bolt cutters and scissors?!
Bang Chan: *posing, flexing* Scissors are in the kitchen drawer.
Hyunjin: *drawing Bang Chan* Bolt cutters are under my bed.
Han: *runs into the kitchen* Thanks!
Changbin: .... please tell them to stop uh, "practicing" Red Lights. It's getting dangerous.
Bang Chan: Wait. What?
Hyunjin: *shrugs, still drawing* Practice makes perfect.
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soleilsuhh · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids headcanons * . ・゚✧͏ ͏attractive things they do !
Tumblr media
chan — even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
minho — he uses his phone, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide, elbows resting on his thighs. when you come into the bedroom, his attention quietly diverts from the mindless scrolling to you, his soft and almost-lazy gaze following your movements while you take whatever you need from the room and make your way out the door.
changbin — casual pda. he always wordlessly slings his arm over your shoulder or takes his hand out of his pockets to hold your hand when you walk over to him. small kisses on the back of your hand when he's slightly distracted by his phone but still wants to show you affection while you're waiting for your coffee orders at the cafe. casual back-hugs at concerts or festivals and him leaving a peck on the top or back of your head.
hyunjin — he does this thing where he uses his index finger to lift your chin to make you look at him. it can be something as playful as making you pay your undivided attention when you’re jokingly ignoring him. or sometimes, when he sees you’re sad and upset about something and refusing to talk to him, he does this, his movements gentle, and his face calm as he searches your face then asks, “do you wanna talk about it, sweetheart?”
jisung — he likes leaning on the wall or a door frame when he talks to you, regardless of whether you’re in public or not. something about the lazy, carefree posture and the little tilt of his head while he looks at you does things to your heart. his eyes trail after you as move around the room or when you’re speaking to him and he can’t hear you well, he casually leans in closer to your lips to catch what you’re saying.
felix — his hand on your waist or back but non-sexually. when you’re in his way or blocking his way to something or somewhere, he gently moves you by the waist, casually saying “excuse me, baby” his voice deep and so low that only you can hear it. he also instinctively guides you through crowds by putting his hand on the small of your back.
seungmin — he says things like “come here, babe, watch this with me” when he finds a funny video on tiktok. “tell me about your day,” he says, plopping down on the couch next to you, his body turned completely towards your direction. “here, drink this,” he says, handing you a water bottle. it’s such a small thing but casual commands by him do a few things to your heart.
jeongin — when he feels shy or flustered, he does this thing where he rubs the back of his neck while bending his head down slightly and when he looks back up, he meets your gaze with a sheepish laugh or smile, his eyes twinkling, and his cheeks and ears endearingly flushed.
Tumblr media
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0x1lovebot · a month ago
𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜
Tumblr media
bang chan x fem!reader smau.
synopsis; y/n runs an anonymous twitter fan account for the famous rap trio that goes to her school, 3racha and one day she professes her love and appreciation for bang chan on said account. now chan is on a mission to find out who it is.
featuring members of; stray kids.
genres; fluff, crack, angst.
warnings; language, petty one-sided drama, ladies man! han, probably more as the story progresses.
disclaimer; these are not accurate representations of idols. plz remember that!!
started: august 27, 2021.
Tumblr media
profiles; the 3racha stans | racha gang | hellspawn
0.1; felix i love you.
0.2; blonde dude.
0.3; i'm the best person ever.
0.4; i'll do it for you.
0.5; main character.
0.6; yo shut up.
0.7; hope you guys are ready.
0.8; it's starting. 《written》
0.9; we made friends.
1.0; see you tomorrow.
1.1; happiness restored.
1.2; this isn't good.
1.3; i'm literally gonna start barking.
1.4; it's a date.
1.5; art major.
1.6; you bitches can't fool me.
1.7; the more the merrier.
1.8; i hope they like me.
1.9; detective work.
2.0; spontaneous combustion.
2.1; dinnertime. 《written》
2.2; dots are being connected.
2.3; i was like wtf is this.
2.4; fine whatever.
2.5; thank God for y/n.
2.6; oh.
2.7; not really.
2.8; well shit.
2.9; bang chan hyung.
3.0; thanks for the time limit.
3.1; did someone steal your identity?
3.2; you just be luring people?
3.3; no fighting women, remember?! 《written》
more parts coming soon!!
Tumblr media
© 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. 0x1lovebot.
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lvnbyeol · a month ago
skz - small things with them
「 masterlist 」
a/n: loosely based on their natal charts! <3 cw: mentions of food
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦:˒ Chan◞⁺☆.
he'd be someone who would love talking about his day with you
is always completely immersed in the stories you tell, even if it looks like his doing smth else at the same time
like he'd get confused when you stop talking bc he's been looking at his laptop the entire time
but he's turning to look at you like >:0 "why did you stop? i wanna know what happened next!"
will compliment you everytime he sees you basically
will most likely be loved by your friends
the nervous laugh he does.
always sitting just a tad too close to you
shushing people and giving you room to speak when nobody listens </3
protective gestures. all day every day.
holding a hand above your head when you get in or out of a car
guiding you around with a hand on your waist or on the small of your back
holding doors open and taking your hand when you cross the street
thinks you are the single most precious person on earth
probably has something profound and deep ready to say when someone asks about you
similar to "jeongin was a blank canvas [...]"
would 100% think you are beautiful, but your heart is even better
hyping your up when you have projects coming up
he'd be so impressed when you achieve/do good on smth
he'd go "that's crazy! i knew you could do it!!"
defending you at all costs >:(
doing his annoyed face when people bother you
he's not the tallest in the world but he got the right energy amirite
you two end up being that one couple that can't sleep when they're apart
(everyone else is thinking: chan sleeps?? o.O)
speaking of which, you'd be the couple everbody wants to be
so attentive and affectionate, my heart <///3
skz would adore you let's be real
✦:˒ Minho◞⁺☆.
he'd know you better than you'd know yourself
you ask him if you should get this or that and he goes "you're gonna hate both in like a week"
and you can't even be mad bc he's right D:
physical affection is taken seriously in private
and as a reason to tease you in front of others
would love bothering you
but he thinks you look cute when you're mad (so winwin ig? hah)
always walks up from behind and either slings his arm around your shoulder or takes your hand way more firm than he needs to
god forbid you ever forget one of his cat's names
observes you from afar, especially in group settings
feeling slightly drained? social battery runs out?
you haven't even finished the thought and lino pops up next to you, jacket on and car keys ready
"ready to go? :D"
he just wants to go home can't blame him
also: "don't tell the boys i did that"
always gets you food too when he finds smth on the way
like he walks past felix and some baked goods? you bet he takes (at least) two so you can have one as well
third-wheeling when he hangs out with jisung :(
consoling hyunjin when lino stuffed his mouth with tissues again
he'd be open to spend all his time with you, he'd take you anywhere
thinks of you as his home, your presence is very comforting to him
staring down the members when he thinks they go too far with the jokes
wordless touches of reassurance
like a hand on the upper arm, a nudge with the knee or shoulder, even small glances that tell the other what you think
gets shy when you compliment him sincerely
would give you the sideeye when you wear his sweater but he loves it secretly
would never turn down your physical affection
would share the amount of cat hair he carries on his clothes
✦:˒ Changbin◞⁺☆.
doing everything together
knowing your food & drink orders for every place by heart
cuddling. lots of it.
in public, he's a bit more reserved with the pda, but is still touching you in some way
likes to use you as either the scapegoat or the holy grail
"i didn't break the cup, it was y/n!"
vs. "but y/n said i can do it, there's nothing wrong with it!!"
gets shy shy shy when you show affection back but he also loves it so pls don't stop
would brag about you a lot
just randomly brings up stuff about you
changbin: omg you know what my s/o passed a super important exam yesterday they're so cool and smart
he'd order take out with you and would get unreasonably happy about it each time
writing songs about you but they're all hidden away bc he's ShY
carrying things for you, opening things for you
being the best shoulder to cry on
ready to fight anyone that would make you cry though
likes domestic dates where he can be lazy for once
would try sneaking inside jokes or little messages in some songs
would love annoying you for no reason
always tries to impress you with the most mundance things
he'd be great at advice and comfort tho
he always had the sweetest things to say, even if he has a small blush on his cheeks as he tells you how lovable you are <3
would hype you up !! so much !!
so you better do that to him too
bc boy deserves some more attention
the type to get you flowers randomly
or some expensive stuff
maybe he just wants you two to match
but it's adorable
✦:˒ Hyunjin◞⁺☆.
buying books for the two of you
sharing clothes and getting dressed together
you'd give each other advice for how to wear certain pieces
aesthetic coffee dates? hmm yes
doing his hair for him </3
him learning how to do hair and doing yours too !
out of the members who'd tease you, he'd be the absolut sweetest about it
holding hands everywhere you go
fixing your hair for you
comforting each other after a bad day </3
i think he's someone who likes to talk about deeper stuff, so this will be a thing !
lots of back hugs bc it's cute
lots of couple selfies !!
you could open a whole instagram account together, that's how many pictures he likes to take
reassuring him when he gets so hard on himself :(
always touching each other in some way, even if it's just your knees when you sit down
you guys are like the best duo, always together and slaying n stuff
hearing his laugh and instantly going :]
he'd feed you, don't worry!
would be super supportive too, like crazy !
when you do a project or smth he would print a pic of you and hang it on the wall over his bed
maybe for comedic purposes it would be either super tiny or way too big
but that could be my imagination running wild hehe
boy would do so much for you <//3
he'd literally give you his heart to show his love :(
✦:˒ Jisung◞⁺☆.
sharing headphones when you both feel like tapping out
basically could use one spotify account together bc all your playlists are shared
high-fiving you whenever you say something sassy or funny
his loudass laugh coming out so much </3
being the fun couple of the group
like you guys instantly light up the party together, even if you are on the quieter side
idk if he still watches nat geo documentaries but i'd bringe the shit out of that with him
cheetahs are, in fact, really fast !
he'd be so cute, planning little dates with you all the time </3
he'd go like "i saw this pretty spot with a bench in the park, we should spend the day there"
libra venus energy, every date would feel like straight out of a romcom
he'd hold your hand for reassurance, it would ground his raging thoughts
watching movies together and he is already planning to do the exact same overdramatic and cheesy things to you as the male lead does
teasiiiiing you sm </3
but like, cute and lovingly
imitating your voice 24/7
whining to you when he's tired
he does like the smallest things for you
like replacing your keys every time you don't put them next to the door, cleaning up after you when you're done with your makeup, peeling/cutting fruits before giving them to you
would LOVE teaching you some producing or writing stuff
he'd go all heart-eyes if you have something artistic you like to do too!
also surprisingly, comfortable silence would be one of his favourite things
just chilling together and listening to music
"can you pls come with me, i don't wanna go alone!🥺"
✦:˒ Felix◞⁺☆.
being his harshest critic when it comes to his baking
but also his biggest supporter
practicing singing together, even if you suck <3
always mentioning the other when something fun comes up
"aah, y/n would've loved that!"
always gravitating towards you
wherever you stand, he just pops up next to you
gets all giddy when he sees you after a while apart
"felix i was just at the grocery store"
"but i am so happy that you're back !! :D <3"
sharing everything and anything you see
i am talking pretty things, memes, fashion inspo, ANYTHING !
the type to text you he loves you at 3 am, completely sober
facetiming him would be so fun
it's either him being all pretty and cute
or he'd keep the phone WAY too close to his face
you're just talking to his eye the entire time
also lowkey falling asleep together on the call
also someone who'd do the tiniest things for you
like charging your phone when you forgot, carrying snacks everywhere in case you got hungry, also carrying chapstick and other stuff
you can't tell me this boy wouldn't love doing cottage core things
picnic in the park? uhm yEs?! baking bread together? you already know! adopting 2048347 animals? why are you even asking !!
he'd cuddle you so much :(
always touches you in some way, he'd try to be sneaky if you don't like to do it in public that much
now that i am thinking about it he'd be the golden retriever type of boyfriend
so how can you not love him?
would be so supportive and tooth-achingly sweet :')
✦:˒ Seungmin◞⁺☆.
trying every coffee shop you can find together
trying to perfect THE homemade coffee !!
playfully nagging you when your stuff is in the way and comparing you to the members <//3
"you are messier than jisung, hyunjin and changbin combined!! >:("
picking fluff from your coat, or your face, or wherever it may rest
fixing your hair for you too
would sing all. the. time.
practicing at 4am and you have to tackle him to bed so he'd stop
teasing you too :')
he's the type to do regular reality checks to you
you're like "this is cute, i should get it!"
and he'd go "you have like, five of those."
like yes but that is NOT THE POINT RN !
he'd also totally be someone who would playfully argue with you till the bitter end
hugs you in private a lot
which would be so full of warmth and comfort :')
gives the best advice ever too :(
would be the best listener, trying to work through your problems so attentively
quiz him about any facts about you and he'd get every single one right
would be the type to bring you drinks and food at random times
like you just pass each other in the hallway and he'd hand you a plate of fruit
like??? wow ily
would totally be down for hand holding! but not a lot more :(
but let's take what we get folks! the boy would still adore you
he's just not ready to be teased to death
would literally be the perfect boyfriend and you can fight me on this
the preppy type and he LIVES it with you </3
✦:˒ Jeongin◞⁺☆.
anything fun he'd find, you'd always be the first to know
calling you an asshole and then slipping his hands in yours
knowing exactly what shows you like and dislike, same with food and games
playing through story games together and completing it feels like you lived through the whole thing yourselves
eating. together. all. the. damn. time !
awkward bro energy but also calls you cute sometimes
would tease you basically anytime you two interact
like try holding his hand and he'd just drag you everywhere with him
try hugging him and he suddenly feels the urge to walk and turn any chance he gets
also the type to call you at 3 am
but he'd be more like "the hyungs are annoying me, is your bed still free?"
would be so so so shy when you give him compliments
likes your attention more than he'd admit
would get random moments where he feels cuddly with you </3
calls you just to settle an argument with the others
the type so subconsciously gravitate towards you and not noticing
but the others notice don't worry
he'd love doing things with you
like exploring the city, going on weird dates, visiting random tourists spots and acting like you aren't from seoul
people do that right idk
knows exactly how to annoy you and will use it against you
like he'd be the reason you discover how far up your heartrate can actually go
thank u jeongin
© lvnbyeol
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chogiwow · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy birthday dear leo boi <3
okay, first of all can we please collectvely ignore that this entire set is in different qualities :'D that said, it's finally my fav leo boi's b'day and i wish him a very happy one and more to come <3 thank you for being a part of stray kids and mostly, thank you for meaning so much to me ;-; you've always been a hard worker, passionate about everything you do and an amazing person :D i hope this year shines bright for you and you enjoy your life to the fullest! happy, happy, happy birthday binnie <3
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domseungie · 16 days ago
pajama shorts - s.cb
Tumblr media
genre smut, minors dni
theme dom!changbin x sub!reader, non-idol!au, fwb trope?, binnie is your brothers best friend hehe
warnings include dirty talk, degradation, fingering, slight!exhibitionism, choking, daddy kink?, edging
you spent your morning alone, sitting downstairs in the kitchen eating breakfast while enjoying the silence. it didnt last long once you heard foot steps making their way downstairs. you noticed you heard what sounded like two pairs of steps.
you met eyes with your brother, jisung, who was in his work uniform. “morning” he says, as he starts to make himself coffee. you went to speak but was cut off quickly when you caught a glimpse of seo changbin.
 “hey y/n” he slightly smirks. you were a tiny bit in shock given that one, you have had a crush on changbin ever since you could remember and two, you had no idea he was in your house in the first place.
“i gotta head out so im not late, but changbin will leave later okay” jisung smiles, you return the warm smile to your brother and nod. when jisung leaves you suddenly started to hold your breath the tension made it feel like you were breathing too heavily.
luckily changbin was facing away from you as he made his breakfast so he couldnt see red flushing upon your cheeks, but somehow it was like he sensed it.
 “staring problem?” he asks, his cocky self not even attempting to turn your way. “fuck off” you hissed, continuing to toss the cereal around in your bowl with a spoon. “ah is that how you talk to people in the mornings?” he coughs, walking towards the center bar you sat at.
“no just you” you smile sarcastically, rolling your eyes. “ah okay okay, i see how it is” he nods, diving into his food. you kept looking at changbin through the corners of your eyes, they trailed up and down. 
you couldnt help but stare at his toned muscles that werent covered thanks to his muscle tee or the way his shorts rode up his big thighs.
you suddenly notice changbin look your way, you cleared your throat before snapping your head another direction, attempting to hide your face that was now on fire. changbin turned his entire body towards you, not even trying to hide the way his eyes scanned your figure.
“this is what you sleep in? maybe i should start having sleep overs with you instead of hannie” his hand reaches down to your thigh, playing with the end of your frilly shorts.
you took a deep breath, shuffling in your chair, signaling to changbin that his words were affecting you. “and the socks? fuck, its like you know what im into or something baby” you looked down at your socks that came up and hugged your thighs tightly.
your bottom lip found its way between your teeth, and you couldnt find yourself to look up at him. he stood up to move his chair behind yours. “w-what are you doing?” you look back at him. “shhh baby, let daddy take care of you yeah? just be quite cause we arent alone” you gulped, remembering that your parents were still sleeping and could wake up anytime soon.
he caresses your thigh and you find yourself opening up for him immedietly. “greedy arent we?” he whispers, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up. “put your hands back like this” he guides your arms to link behind the back of your chair, holding your own hands, so nothing would be in his way.
one of his hands wrap around your throat and the other makes his way down into your underwear, feeling how wet you were. “fuck, i havent even gotten the chance to do anything and you get like this? do i affect you that much?”
you wanted to speak but said nothing. “hey!” the hand around your neck slightly tightens its grip, earning a small whine from you. “i asked you a question, now fucking answer it.”
you swallow hard before speaking “yes daddy, you did this to me, you always make me feel like this.”
you werent even going to try to act tough anymore, you couldnt resist his touch, and it didnt help how sensitive you are in the mornings. with that he slowly started rubbing circles onto your clit, causing a loud moan to escape.
“hey slut, if im gonna please this pretty pussy of yours you better fucking keep quiet” he commanded. his words and sudden actions made your head fall back onto his shoulder, eyes squeezing shut. 
“binnie pl-please” you whined. “please what honey? speak up, you are a big girl arent you?” he knew what you wanted, but he wanted to hear you say it. “put them- ah your fingers please put them in” you panted.
“so responsive for daddy huh? thats my girl” he says, sliding off your pretty pajama shorts. he didnt even take it easy on you as he slammed three fingers into you.
your mouth gaped open, but his free hand covered it as you your scream was muffled. your hand found its way to his wrist, squeezing as tight as you could.
“you are screaming at my fingers, but this isnt even half of what my cock can do to this pussy” he whispers in your ear, before sucking on your earlobes. “f-fuck binnie please faster before someone wakes up” you groan, attempting to buck your hips up.
“ah but isnt that the fun part baby? knowing we could get caught like this? i think your parents should know their innocent little girl isnt so innocent anymore” your head shakes.
“no please just faster, i wanna cum” you whine. your back started arching, your ass lifting from the chair as changbin pumped his fingers at an inhumane speed. your legs started to shake and a huge knot formed into your stomach. 
you have pleased yourself before but your fingers could never affect you even half as much as he was now. “you wanna come on daddy’s fingers huh?” he asks.
you nod, not being able to properly form words. “well you shouldnt have gotten a bad attitude with me earlier, brat” suddenly you felt empty. which made you whine. “hey what the fuck!” you hit his chest. his smile dropped and his hand found its way around your neck again.
“dont you dare hit me like that” he shoves his fingers into your mouth. “now suck” you stared at him with puppy eyes as you sucked on his fingers, tasting yourself. “yeah good girl, there you go”
he removes his fingers and uses them to lift your chin. “ill be back to sleepover tonight if you wanna continue this, thats if you wanna be a good girl?” he cocks his head to the side. you smile nodding, and changbin leans foreward kissing your forehead before exiting the kitchen, leaving you in awe at what the fuck just happened.
domseungie© 2021
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lixesque · a month ago
lip balm
➤ going into the bathroom while your brother’s best friend is showering isn’t weird... right?
➤ seo changbin x reader, fluff & comedy; (non-sexual) nudity, cursing
➤ 1.6k words
➤ a/n: this is based on something that happened in a movie whose title i cannot recall... but the scene stuck with me so here we are
The knock on your door goes unnoticed, as does the call of your name; you’re having an excellent imaginary concert in your bedroom, whisper-yelling the lyrics to your favourite song as if your life depended on it. You “hit” the high note, turn to face your door, at the grand finale of the song, open your eyes, and—
You shriek, start and slip in your socked feet all at once, landing squarely on your ass. Your shock leaves you in a wheezing exhale. “What the fuck?”
Seo Changbin is leaned up against your doorway. His arms are crossed over his chest, head tilted against the doorframe, dark eyes watching you in amusement. “Hey.”
“You—I—” you pull your headphones out of your ears “—how did you even—”
“I knocked,” Changbin informs you, still watching you on the floor. “You were just having too much of a good time to notice.”
You feel yourself grow hot at his words, the way he delivers them with that lazy smirk still on his face. “Yeah, well, sorry for enjoying my free time.”
Changbin extends a hand down towards you, and you reluctantly take it, allowing him to help you up. “Don’t apologize.” His hand lingers in yours for just a second longer than it should. “I enjoyed the view.”
You remove your hand from his and take a step back. “You’re welcome, then,” you grumble. Changbin reassumes his position in your doorway and your brow knits in confusion. “I thought you were meeting up with Jisung after practice.”
“We finished early,” Changbin says casually. “And Jisung is still in the shower.”
“Ugh.” You roll your eyes—you did not want to know what he was doing in there.
“Speaking of showering…” Changbin hooks a thumb backwards, across the hall to the opposing doorway—the bathroom. “Can I use the one up here? Practice made me sweaty and gross.”
You nod. “Sure.” It wouldn’t have been the first time Changbin had showered in your house—he was around almost every day, and seemed to be just as comfortable in making use of any and all parts of your house.
Changbin offers you a sly grin before backing up across the hall. “Don’t let me interrupt your fun—your fans are waiting.”
“Ha-ha.” You roll your eyes before shutting the door and curling up on your bed. Somehow, it seemed more embarrassing to hold a mini-concert with the knowledge that Changbin was in your house. You hear the water turn on across the hall, indicating that Changbin was in the shower. Jisung was probably going to get pissed about suddenly getting cold water.
After a couple minutes of mindless scrolling through various social media apps, you find yourself running your fingers over your lips. You frown; your lips are dry and cracked. You really needed lip balm.
You sift through your things in your room for a couple seconds. Realistically, there’s not many places where you’d put your lip balm—on your bedside table, on top of the dresser, maybe on top of the bookcase.
You stand in the middle of your room and frown. You clearly remember putting on lip balm before you went to bed last night, after you brushed your teeth. So if your balm wasn’t in your room… your eyes widen and you smack your forehead lightly. It was in the bathroom across the hall. You debate for a couple of seconds—Changbin couldn’t take that long in the shower. You might be able to wait until he’s done.
You gnaw on your bottom lip and immediately wince. Nope. Definitely can’t wait.
With a resigned sigh, you open your door and cross the hall. You only pause for a second before knocking loudly on the bathroom door. “Hey, Changbin?”
No answer. You sigh and open the door a crack, poking your head inside the bathroom. The steam from the hot shower spills out of the door as you peer around it—the white curtain is drawn, so you can’t see him showering, but your voice squeaks when you call his name again.
The water stops, and then Changbin pokes his head out from behind the curtain to see you. He’s pinned the shower curtain to the wall just beneath his chin, so the only part of him you can see now is his face—his lips are swollen and cheeks are flushed from the heat of the shower. His black hair is slicked back, his bangs falling haphazardly to the sides of his face and dripping water on the floor.
He smirks. Asshole. “Hey.”
“Hi. Uh, I just need to”—you motion towards the counter—“grab my lip balm.”
Changbin’s eyes flit to the counter and back to you. “Sure.”
He disappears back inside the shower, and the water starts up again. You cautiously move into the bathroom, letting the door click shut behind you, and approach the counter to begin rifling through your stuff. After a couple seconds of searching, you find the tube and grin. “Got it!”
“Woo hoo!” Changbin calls over the water.
You laugh and approach the door, and to your horror, the doorknob begins to turn.
“Y/N? Are you in there?” Jisung’s voice is accusatory from the hallway.
Your eyes widen as you glance between the shower and the door. Jisung didn’t know Changbin was here, so if you explained to him that you were in the bathroom while Changbin was in the shower, you would get a lifetime of weird looks from him—something you were not willing to deal with. “I’m, uh—in the shower!”
“I’m coming in!”
The knob turns even further, and before you can fully comprehend what you’re doing, your hands are yanking the shower curtain back, and your socked feet are absolutely soaked with hot water. The steam gets even more pervasive, misting over your skin and clothes as you yank the shower curtain shut again.
Then you look forward, towards the showerhead, and meet Changbin’s eyes. They’re wide with surprise and shock, and his lips part to speak. “Wh—”
Your hand flies up and you press your palm flat against his mouth, causing him to take a step backward into the stream of water. His eyes scrunch shut and he pushes back against your hand, stepping closer to you. You keep your eyes locked on his and shake your head slightly, keeping your hand sealed over his mouth.
“Y/N?” Jisung calls from outside the shower. He’s now in the bathroom, just as annoying and accusatory as ever. “You’re stealing all the hot water!”
Changbin’s eyes widen just a fraction—in either realization or horror, you don’t know. “Yeah, well, you’d been in there for half an hour already,” you argue. You had no idea if that was true or not—you just needed to get him to leave. “If I’d waited until you were done the water would have been icy.”
“You’re gonna pay for this,” Jisung says threateningly. “I don’t know how, but you’re gonna pay.”
Changbin arches his brow at you suggestively, and you feel his lips form an O under your palm. You yank your palm away from him, and he mouths I’ll protect you. Your brow creases, and he smirks again, crossing his arms over his chest—no. You will not look any lower than his chest.
“Hey,” Jisung says from outside. “You hear me? You’re gonna pay.”
“Dude, you—made me get shampoo in my eye,” you stammer. You fixate your gaze on the ceiling, at how the grout is kind of uneven in the corners, on anything that is not Changbin naked in the shower in front of you.
Jisung snorts. “Serves you right. See ya.”
Three long seconds, and then you hear the door to the bathroom click shut. You feel yourself relax and exhale, your fingers curling around your tube of lip balm.
You close your eyes and let your head tilt back just enough to hit against the wall of the shower behind you. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I—”
“Nah, it’s okay.”
Changbin’s response is so nonchalant it actually makes you look at him. “What do you mean, it’s okay? You’re literally naked, and I walked in on you, and—”
“I mean, it was surprising,” he interrupts you. “But… I didn’t mind it.”
You feel yourself flush as you choose to look at the shower curtain. “Still.”
Changbin chuckles lightly as he turns around to face the showerhead, letting the streams of water hit his face. You allow yourself to watch his hands as they reach up to massage his scalp, and then your gaze drifts just fractionally downward, to his shoulders—damn, he had nice shoulders—then his back, and just a little further down to his—
“Enjoying the view?”
Your eyes snap back up to his head; Changbin’s watching you over his shoulder, a cheeky, cocky grin on his face. “I—uh—what?”
Changbin laughs and turns his head so he’s facing the shower again; his back is still to you. “So staring at my dick is weird, but you’re okay with staring at my ass? Interesting.”
His tone is light and playful, but his words have a way of making you flounder. “I wasn’t staring,” you protest weakly.
“Mmhmm.” Changbin glances at you over his shoulder one more time. “Are you planning on getting out anytime soon, or…?”
“Huh? Oh!” You damn near trip as you step out of the shower, allowing the shower curtain to fall back into place. You grimace at the feeling of your wet socks against the floor and peel them off your feet. “Sorry.”
“Wouldn’t have minded if you’d stayed,” Changbin calls over the water.
“Have a good shower!” you call back with finality as you grip the door handle. It’s only when you’re in your room that you allow yourself a moment of relaxation.
You'd never tell him, but he did have a nice ass.
copyright 2021 lixesque, all rights reserved
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